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7 January 08 from 37
i do not know how to put videos on my ipod nano?
16 June 07 from James 36
My Ipod video does not turn off. When the battery dies and I charge it, it turns rite back on. What do I do?
10 March 07 from Natalie 35
I have a question about an ipod 20gb. Can I save the music that is already on the ipod? And if so where and how in the world can I do that without losing all the music
28 February 07 from Annie 34
My iPod froze. What do I do?
25 February 07 from Steve G 33
I have run into the same problem you mention (just flipping through song titles) more than once. With an older iPod, it turned out to be its death knell. But for my 5th generation iPod with video, I found that restoring the iPod completely (which is a big pain, depending on how many songs you have on it) solved the problem. But there are lower-level fixes you might be able to use instead.  

Check out Apple's iPod help page (Google apple ipod help and I'm sure it'll be one of the top hits) for their suggested five steps to fixing general iPod schizophrenia. "Restore" is, I believe, the last (because most drastic) step, before the unwritten 6th step, "rebuy".  

Again, it did fix the problems I was having (which included putting the wrong album art up when playing songs) but it took forever (a full 24 hours, to the nearest 3 minutes, to resync 9830 songs).  

Good luck!
23 February 07 from confused chick 32
i got an ipod for christmas 2006 and up until now it was fine and now all the ipod plays is just 1 song and if i try to put on another song it just flicks through all the songs without me doing anything and it doesn't play.
help me what do i do?????
25 December 06 from KG 31
i just got my ipod about a month ago. and have had no prblems untill today. i went to update my ipod and it wouldnt it said that itunes detected a corruptued ipod. when i unhooked my ipod it was frozen. PLEASE tell me what i need to fix this problem.
5 November 06 from Alfred 30
ahhhrghh, so anoying, my ipod constantly displays a file with an excalmation point next 2 it, ive tried everything on the appple website and put it into disk mode. I even restored it. It says @leave ipod conected while it restores' the ding sound come as it disconects from the computor and restarts but when it comes back on it just does exactly the same thing!!
16 September 06 from omar 29
dear i need help for some one ho now to save ny music in my ipod if i restore my ipod
14 September 06 from 28
my computer crashed and i had to reinstall a new XP windows and all new programs. i downloaded the itunes program. how do i copy my songs from the IPOD back into the new libray on itunes? click and drag did not do it. select all, copy and paste did not do it either. i don't want to start a new library and download all my songs all over again. is there a way i can back up my songs from the IPOD to somewhere either to a CD or Library
30 August 06 from Carlos 27
Hi, I've got the second generation iPod, the one with the touch wheel. Whenever I press any buttons on it, the apple logo appears on the screen, and then a strange icon appears after that. The icon is the end of the cable that goes into the bottom of the iPod, with an arrow. I've tried everything and nothing works. After this strange icon appears, the screen goes blank. Does anyone know what is going on and what I have to do to make my iPod work?  

Thank you.
23 August 06 from lyndal 26
Was hoping to find the help i need but no luck so far, although everyone else's problems are very interesting. Mine is simple: I moved to another country, hence a new PC. I recharge my ipod mini using a power outlet rather than the computer. How can i add to the tunes on my ipod without having to start all over again, bearing in mind this is a different computer? When i moved i sold all my CDs, so i really don't want to lose what's already on the ipod. I have my itunes library in zip folders.
1 August 06 from sarah 25
Help! I was just uninstalling nortons antivirus because It wasnt working properly, and its uninstalled some "files" on I Tunes, when I went to open I Tunes a error message pops up saying "I Tunes cannot run because some of its required fields are missing please reinstall I Tunes" and ive tried re installing it, but I had to uninstall it first, which I did,and then I Reinstalled it and now the same message is still appearing, I dont know what to do, and most importantly I am freaked out that I might have deleted all my 2000 songs... If I do manage to somehow retrieve I Tunes will I get all my songs back? Please say yes!!! I will cry otherwise
31 July 06 from ray 24
can u plz help me. i convert a video onto my ipod but when i play the video on my ipod ther is no sound . can someone plz tell me what im doin rong tanks
21 July 06 from glenn mcdonald 23
I don't know what to add to this.
21 July 06 from torrey 22
replaceing the battery and other things in your ipod video is easy just get a puddy nife and crack it open. there are tutorials on line too but there for the nano and 1st 2nd and 3rd models. once you get the idea on how to do it its pretty easy every thing in side is self explanatory for most people.  

21 July 06 from 22
I tried to make a homade battery pack for my video ipod and now its brooken and when i restore it, it doesn't work!
19 July 06 from 21
I don't know how to download videos onto my Ipod and it really bugs me.
19 July 06 from Brittany 20
I got a new computer and I lost the cd that came with my video ipod. Is there a program that i can download or can i get a new cd or something? HELP!!!!!!!!!
12 July 06 from DJ 19
I was stuck in the stars / ratings mode also and tried searching the web and came upon this page. I finally found my answer at apple.com here:
24 June 06 from Monty 18
Sad to say but the two times my ipod(4th gen 40gb) has frozen, it has been "cured" by knocking it pretty hard and dropping it about 10-12 inches from the ground(after trying all the stuff apple recomends first-of course). Quality hi-tech instrument.
21 June 06 from glenn mcdonald 15
It's a pretty sad sign that this page continues to be a prominent search result for sad owners of sad iPods. Even more sadly, I have no magic cure for any of these sadnesses. My note on the 15th still represents my only advice for you.
21 June 06 from Ellie 17
o i forgot to state that its an ipod mini x x
21 June 06 from Ellie 17
I brought my ipod about 4 months ago and iv never had any problems with it. until about a week ago i plugged my ipod into my computer as normal and it told me i had to restore my ipod back to factory setting or i couldnt add anymore music to it and to follow the simple instructions.  

so i did so and now i cant even turn my ipod on, i have a weird picture on the screen of my ipod all the time showin a plug bein plugged in but its a foren plug ( like two slots).  

iv tryed everything... resetting my ipod (holding down the menu and play button ) but still nothing it shows the apple sign then goes off or back to the weird picture of a plug. Does anyone have any ideas or am i goin to be ipodless.?  

Please help x x
19 June 06 from glenn mcdonald 15
Claire, what are the exact numbers you're seeing?
19 June 06 from Claire P 16
Well my problem seems to be foxing everyone. I recently bought the new 30GB ipod. I previously had a mini, hence about 4GB of songs. Ive installed these songs on my new ipod but its saying I have taken up twice the capacity. It definetly hasnt installed the library twice. I cant find any FAQs anywhere on this problem. Before I restore my ipod, has anyone experieneced this before or know where I can go to find out more. Cheers!
15 June 06 from glenn mcdonald 15
You have my sincere empathy. It sounds like you've already done some troubleshooting steps, but here's Apple's official compendium of solutions, in case there's something there you haven't tried yet:  

iPod Troubleshooting  

There are also some reports, not personally verified by me, that the hard-drive models (i.e., not a Shuffle or Nano) can sometimes be freed from the state of Sadness (particularly when Sadness is accompanied by a quiet clicking sound) by smacking them a little, or dropping them two or three inches onto your desk or (presumably) some similar surface. I accept absolutely no credit or responsibility for any results from actually trying this, and emphasize for the record that I am merely stating the existence of an assertion, not confirming or endorsing it.
15 June 06 from Ashley 14
ok yesterday i was listening to my ipod and it froze. i already knew how to reset it because this kind of thing happened before. But this time when i went to reset it the apple came up on the screen like is usually does but then it never came back on. i tried charging it and doing other things but it still only shows the apple on the screen. what do i do????? please help!!!
14 June 06 from Nate 13
I have exactly the same probelm with holly, what do I do?
14 June 06 from holly 12
yesterday.. i was listening to my ipod and it froze... naturally.. i went to the support site, and they told me to reset it.. when i tried that.. it gave me an unhappy ipod icon.. so i tried to put it in disk mode so that i could restore it and it won't go past the apple screen without giving me the sad icon whatever i do.. the site wasn't helpful.. do i have to send it in? any suggestions?
4 April 06 from davel 11
I've run into this same problem, and for me just pushing the center button cycles through the "Now Playing" screens. It will go back to the normal mode if you press the center button and hold it for a couple of seconds. Press it again and it goes to the diamond/fastforward mode, then again it goes to the dots. It's the holding it a couple of seconds that's important for this.
15 March 06 from glenn mcdonald 5
Did you try pushing the center button a few times, as Steve described below?
15 March 06 from nick 10
hi i brought a new ipod nano yesterday...in which it showed progress bar and volume bar  

but next day it is showing some dots in place of volume and progress bars  

plz i need suggestions
13 March 06 from glenn mcdonald 5
Amusingly, in almost every day's stat report "iPod help" is now one of the top two or three query strings that bring people to this site. In the interest of not recapitulating either the ethics or mechanics of getting stuff off an iPod here, I note these other people's well-researched investigations of the topic:  

How to Get Music off Your iPod (Engagdet)
Two-way Street: Moving Music Off the iPod (Playlist)  

[There's also some strange moral about content and searching here. As I write this, a Google search on "ipod help" returns this thread as the eleventh result (and seventh by site), and it's the first one under which Google's "summary" text is readable and helpful-looking.  

Search for "ipod help" on Yahoo, on the other hand, and this thread doesn't come up until #97. I think Google's ranking is actually stranger than Yahoo's, but the difference between the two seems stranger to me than either.  

Now, how will the insertion of those two links and/or this meta-digression affect things?]
13 March 06 from RM 9
Music loaded on my iPod with a Mac; anyway to get that music onto my PC ???
7 March 06 from Rick 8
Download Senuti for mac, or there are many other apps that allow you to do this.
14 February 06 from mt 7
I have downloaded a friends library into my ipod nano. Can I import this into my library and conbine the two?
31 January 06 from Steve Grossberg 6
I have the newest version iPod, and I've found that on occasion the screen will get stuck in "stars" (ratings) mode, where I push the center button and the picture on the screen slides over to reveal...the ratings screen again. It's obnoxious, but only mildly so, as I've always found that I can get back the the regular "running time" screen after pushing the center button four or five times. Then it seems to cycle through the screens in the normal order, until some uncertain future time when it gets stuck in ratings mode again.  

I've never seen it get stuck on any of the other screens, so far...
27 January 06 from glenn mcdonald 5
I think what you're seeing are the little dividers for star ratings. If you turn the dial, do stars appear? If you push the middle button, does the mode change to volume and/or time?  

My older iPod doesn't do this, but I've seen it on newer ones...
26 January 06 from john 4
you know how there is a blue progress type bar for the volume of the ipod. Mine has diasappeared and has been replaced by four small circles in a straight line. anybody know how i can bring the progress volume bar back?
30 August 05 from JosefK 3
Eeek! I meant, "Many thanks, glenn!" Sorry about that.
30 August 05 from JosefK 3
All this iPod help is excellent. Many thanks, glen!  

God, how I hate consumer electronics, and how they hate me! I've noticed that people who love their computer/iPod/what-have-you never seem to run into these problems. And then there are people like me, who want to love them but can't ever get anything to work. Tell me they're not alive. Tell me they can't read my mind. They're vindictive sons of bitches, snickering to each other behind my back.  

And just as I type that, my computer executes its revenge by spontaneously reboo
30 August 05 from glenn mcdonald 2
The simplest way to handle this, to me, is to use the checkboxes in iTunes. Uncheck anything you don't want on the iPod. You can also set iTunes to sync only the contents of a specific playlist, but with the checkbox approach you still get all your playlists on the iPod, which I like better.  

And yeah, some Smart Playlists might help you decide what to uncheck. Or you could just start unchecking, and stop when the not-enough-space error goes away...
29 August 05 from spinlps 1
OK. So I have a 10GB, third generation iPod with the four buttons and my library far exceeds this limit. I've been manually managing the iPod which can be a total PITA. So, I have a couple of questions:  

1 - Is there a way to automatically update / sync iTunes / iPod metatdata (rating, times played, etc...) while also managing the iPod manually?  

2 - Is there a better, more efficient way to manage the iPod manually when library size > iPod capacity? Perhaps playlists for newly added, highest rated, etc...?  

How do others handle? And yes, a larger capacity iPod is on the horizon, but even then my library will be close to exceeding the 40GB unit.
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