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9 November 05 from Scott Parkerson 3
Lali Puna...duly noted; will have to check them out.  

As for what has become of bis? Look no further than Data Panik. I'm keeping my eye on them.
9 November 05 from glenn mcdonald 2
I kind of see what you mean about the bis resemblance, but Ladytron seem colder and less playful than I imagined bis becoming. But I'm not sure I could coherently explain why I'm basically neutral on Ladytron but enthusiastically in favor of Lali Puna.
18 October 05 from Scott Parkerson 1
I just heard Ladytron's newest single, "Destroy Everything You Touch", (can be found over at 3hive, here). I love the heck out of it, but it kept reminding me of another band that was once reviewed at TWAS:  


Specifically, this is what I imagine bis would have sounded like if they had followed up Return to Central with something besides a dance remix album of sorts.  


(Personally, I miss bis. I didn't really listen to them until about three months before they announced their demise.)
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