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13 February 06 from glenn mcdonald 2
The In Flames record is out now, and massive. I have it on metal rotation with last year's To/Die/For album IV (no actual US release yet), a 2004 Entwine album called diEversity that I'd somehow missed, and the Dir en grey album Withering to death., which just came in my most recent import batch from Japan.  

And if the title Mindcrime II sends chills through you by its very existence, then clear your calendar for March 14th.
25 January 06 from glenn mcdonald 2
My 2006 is officially underway with this. Plus, metal-wise, there's a new In Flames album (Come Clarity) coming February 7, and supposedly a new (!) Celtic Frost album called Monotheist due out in "the spring".
24 January 06 from whalemusic 4
Definitely looking forward to a new Weakerthans record this year as well as that Final Fantasy disc and the new DFA1979. Also, Broken Social Scene, the Blue Aeroplanes, whom I used to really love once upon a time, and Islands – Return to the Sea.  

The one I’m looking forward to the most right now, however, is Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, which will be out in early March. Cannot wait.
23 January 06 from jer 3
I fully expect the upcoming Loud Family, Weakerthans and Now It's Overhead albums, whenever they actually do materialize, to be among the defining events of my 2006, but for albums that actually do have definitive release dates set, I am looking forward to the following:  

Jenny Lewis, Rabbit Fur Coat (tomorrow!)
Electric President, s/t (also tomorrow--but already available for streaming on
Belle + Sebastian, The Life Pursuit (February 7)
Mates of State, Bring it Back (March 26)
Final Fantasy, He Poos Clouds (May 2--still enough time for to come to his senses and change that title)  

And though I did love Silent Alarm, I'd be a lot more pumped abouot whatever the Bloc Party have coming out next had the "Two More Years" single they just put out not been such a letdown. The new Scissor Sisters and Futureheads albums, though, I'm quite pumped for.
23 January 06 from glenn mcdonald 2
- Belle & Sebastian's The Life Pursuits, due in February.
- Christine Fellows' Paper Anniversary, US release in March.
- The Cardigans' Super Extra Gravity, US release TBA.
- The Loud Family's What If It Works?, date TBA.
22 January 06 from Bertson 1
So now that we're well into the new year, what's everyone looking forward to for this year? Personally, I think the biggest one I'm waiting for this year is the new Weakerthans album that's supposed to come out. I haven't heard anything about a release yet, but the band said in a story last year that they should have a new one out in 2006.  

I'm also really looking forward to the new Built to Spill album, and Bloc Party are supposed to be putting out their second album later this year. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a new Radiohead album either.
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