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22 March 18 from glenn mcdonald 2
The name of that one is a little arbitrary, and it's definitely more minimal than dub, but I hear the echoes of dub's boominess in it, so that's the idea. STNS, in particular, is a pretty good fit.  

Not sure why Kygo was in there, though. I cleaned it up a little...
13 March 18 from nolcs 1
Hi, I'm kinda of a techno nerd.
I was searching for some of my favourite producers and find out that most of them were in the Minimal Dub genre.
This is strange for various reasons:  

1.- I had never heard of that genre, only about Dub Techno (and Minimal Techno of course), wich is a really mellow kind of music, almost similar to Ambient.  

2.- Most of the producers I looked for (SNTS, Perc, Ansome, Surgeon, Truss, etc) do hard/dark/industrial Techno, which is quite different from Dub Techno.  

3.- There is some actual Dub Techno in there, wich seems logical given the name Minimal Dub, but KYGO is also listed... That's the oddest of all.  

I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this.  

Thanks for your time.  

P.D.: Don't get me wrong, I f*cking love ENaO, I think you are a genius and a big inspiration for me since I'm a newbie developer.
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