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16 May 10 from Pies 13
I suggest Xploding Plastix.
23 July 05 from jer 12
I don't have Faking The Books yet, but after one listen to Lali Puna's Tridecoder, I'm a fan. Big thanks to James (hey, he's posting here now! Cool!) for lending me both that one and Ms. John Soda's No P or D, which strikes me as a perfect if-you-like-Lali-Puna-then-try-this type recommendation.  

Now to give The Books' Thought For Food another listen...
21 July 05 from Ian Mathers 11
Cool! Glad you like him. Symbol was released on the smaller Lo recordings as opposed to Leaf; a friend who works for Boomkatalog tells me Leaf passed on it because they thought it was a bit too unserious or something. It's great, though.
20 July 05 from glenn mcdonald 10
Ian's recommendation of Susumu Yokota turned out well, too. I couldn't find a copy of Symbol on first pass, but I got Grinning Cat and am quickly hooked.  

Poking around for Yokota stuff also revealed that I needed Faking the Books by Lali Puna.  

29 June 05 from glenn mcdonald 8
Flipping through the CDs on a listening station at Spiral Records in Tokyo I came across a weird cool thing that after some laborious cross-referencing I finally figured out was the 13 & God record that Jake recommended, which I'd foolishly ignored due to previous failures attempting to like Anticon projects. Sometimes you have to go halfway around the world to get yourself to listen to the things people told you at home...
9 June 05 from andrew 9
Just quickly, I'd echo all the comments about The Books and I also think 'Lemon of pink' is the best place to start with them. Two other albums I love almost as much as 'Lemon...' are Fennesz's 'Endless summer' and Isan's 'Lucky cat'. I'm pretty new to electronica too, and all of these are albums that have served as a bit of a gateway for me.
26 May 05 from glenn mcdonald 8
I've been filling in my Amon Tobin collection one thing per shopping trip, but at this point I have everything except Bricolage and Permutations. I agree that the game soundtrack is way better than such a thing has any right to be. I think the Verbal EP might be my favorite at the moment, but I've only listened to Supermodified a couple of times.  

I've been avoiding revisiting Hood because I got rid of a whole stack of their records and I'll be sad if it turns out I should have kept them. But that's not much of a reason. I know the three Orbs and never developed much emotional attachment to any of them. Don't know Merck, so that's next on my research list.  

After two plays of each I'm sure I like Big Beautiful Sky a lot and pretty sure I like Puppy fairly well. After one time through the whole Underworld retrospective I'm not sure whether I've completely come around to them or not.
26 May 05 from Dave Walker 7
I'm assuming that you've gone and grabbed the last few Tobin things already (the Splinter Cell soundtrack [one of my favorites so far this year], the Verbal remixes disc, In From Out Where, Supermodified)...  

I'm a big fan of the Merck label ( and if you're an Emusic subscriber they have quite a bit of posted material there.
26 May 05 from Jake 6
If you like DJ Shadow, check out RJD2. Underworld, Prefuse 73, Books, Caribou/Manitoba, and Four Tet are all excellent recommendations. Fans of Underworld and other old(er) school electronica are usually also fans of Orbital, the Orb, and William Orbit.  

Hood's Outside Closer is something that I'm willing to bet Glenn would greatly enjoy. Their previous album, Cold House, features members of the underground hip-hop collective Anticon, who have also recently collaborated with the Notwist on an amazing new album called 13 & God.
24 May 05 from Chris Gerth 5
I'm not familiar with Amon Tobin's work, but I'll toss a couple of electronic recommendations out there nonetheless. Definitely check out The Books, everything is great although my favorite is The Lemon of Pink. I have yet to hear Four Tet's latest, but I love everything he's done so far. Hood's latest Outside Closer is stuffed full of wonderful sounds, as is Caribou’s (ex Manitoba) latest The Milk Of Human Kindness. Going back a bit, A Strangely Isolated Place from Ulrich Schnauss is beautiful and I like the Neon Golden by The Notwist.
20 May 05 from glenn mcdonald 1
Excellent! Fluke and Venus Hum sound great, and go straight onto my shopping list. And Underworld looks like it'll be the first thing from the Great Purge that I give in and repurchase. I got rid of Aphex Twin and Autechre records, too, but I don't seemed to have warmed to either of those yet, so they can stay gone for now. Squarepusher is a little too jazzy. And I found the Headphone Science site, but hated everything I tried. Pretty good hit rate on suggestions with so little to go on, though.  

So thanks!
20 May 05 from Scott Parkerson 4
Nice track; I really like the stuttering cut-up sound of it. I had only heard of Amon Tobin up to this point (and Prefuse 73 sounds familiar... perhaps I downloaded something off of Music (for Robots) at one time?).  

Current electronic music, eh? Well, most of these are current in the sense that they are from the last 10 years. Which may not be current enough. Oh well.  

I really enjoy Autechre, which is, well, noisy to the extreme in places, but somehow manages to be melodic. Their career started off in ambient territory and wound up more noise/experimental as time passed. All of their albums are far better listened to in headphones than, say, in the background.  

Squarepusher's Hard Normal Daddy is a nice slice of jazzy drum+bass. Underworld's entire output* is quality, especially dubnobasswithmyheadman and Second Toughest in the Infants. Fluke's most recent album, Puppy is pretty good too.  

On the pop side of things, I really loved Venus Hum's Big Beautiful Sky when it came out a couple of years ago.  

Finally, if you really want to get a huge sampling of electronic music, you should really look no further than Ishkur's Guide. It's quite exhaustive, even if a bit silly in places.  

Do be sure to read his definition of "electronica". :)  

* I may be odd, but I actually liked Underworld's pre-dance-music phase (c.f. Underneath the Radar), even if it was pretty goofy stuff. This may or may not ruin my credibility.
20 May 05 from Ian Mathers 3
Jeeze, your taste in various genres has always been idiosyncratic enough that it's hard for me to predict what you'll love and what you'll hate. But as a general thing, have you looked into some of the big names - particularly Aphex Twin (whose work is very scattered quality-wise, but the "...I Care Because You Do" LP will always be classic)?  

I'm assuming if you're mildly obsessed with Tobin you've heard his "Supermodified" album, which is arguably his best work (although I enjoy the Splinter Cell soundtrack a surprising amount), but I think to start pointing you to other artists I'd need to have you describe what it is you love about his music. The only thing that occurs off the top of my head is an album released last year by a guy who goes by the name Headphone Science called "We Remain Faded" that I really like. It's pretty hard to find, I think, if you wanted I would be more than willing to send you a few tracks because I know if you liked it you'd buy it.
20 May 05 from Aaron 2
I don't remember what Amon Tobin's own stuff is like well enough to recommend anything, but if you like that remix, you might well like Prefuse 73 himself, and... hm. There's Pest (on Ninja Tune, not the Canadians)... Machine Drum (I like the first album, which is more breakbeat; you might prefer the other two)... and the Books are much calmer, but if you haven't heard them, you should-- you can stream all three of their albums at  

These recommendations are probably all slightly off, since it's the fringe of what I like.
19 May 05 from glenn mcdonald 1
OK, so my attempts to work my way into current electronica have been unevenly successful as a whole, but I've become mildly obsessed with Amon Tobin (like this). Usually one entry point is enough to lead me to a dozen other things, but in this case so far it hasn't been. DJ Shadow. But what else? If you know, and you have wandered here, I'd be grateful for advice.
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