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29 December 06 from petrarch 1
Hello vf people, I posted about a while back and I have a follow-up. After trading out over 80 CDs and receiving about the same back, I am still a believer in lala as a great place to get rid of unwanted CDs and gradually replace them with things you might want. There have been a lot of improvements, but it still isn't perfect. For example, you can now request the art be included but they only require the front booklet. Still I get about 90% with front and back. Also promos are not allowed to be traded (officially anyway). If you want to join, let me know if you have any questions.  

More to the point, I have my own station there, called Morph Radio (I am called petRock there). It is a gradual journey through genres. Adjacent songs feel comfortable together, but you gradually find yourself far from where you started. You don't have to be a member to listen. Just go here a click the big circle with the arrow in it:  

Happy New Year to all, and glenn I hope all is well with you and Bethany.
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