All 4120 Albums From 2005
06-061000 Funerals · Portrait of a Dream
??-??100 Suns · Deception, Calculate What You Can't See
01-??12:06 · Compulsion / Control
??-??12 Ton Sledge · Nothing to Gain
10-241349 · Hellfire
04-251917 · Neo-ritual
11-07206和思想者 · 殇恨轮回 (Lost Eternal)
01-042nCuk · Cabulisme
04-152nCuk · Dysfunction of Brain
??-??2 Son Multitud · III Mother Baker
08-162 Ton Predator · Untitled
05-??30 Years Too Late · Bigger than Shania
05-??3 Headed Moses · Ribs and Guts (10 Unholy Tracks from 1412 Rebel Drive)
??-??4Arm · 13 Scars
??-??5/5/2000 · Reflektionen Musique
??-??7th Overture · 70x7
??-??AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow · Four Songs from Us
09-05Aabsinthe · The Loss of Illusions
??-??Aanyl Pane · Fear the Umlaut
??-??Aanyl Pane · Prison Bitch
??-??Aaron Pearson · Aaron Pearson
04-17Abdicate · Consequences of Indulgence
10-??Abhor · Vehementia
12-27Abhorrance · The Right Disease
03-??Abhorred · Wallowing in Utter Chaos
09-13Abigail · Ultimate Unholy Death
09-26Abigail's Mercy · Salvation
11-20Abigail Eternal · Tears of Passion
12-27Abitabyss · Requiem du secteur primaire
06-15Abnorm · I'm a Monster
04-17Aborted · The Archaic Abattoir
01-24Abramis Brama · Rubicon
07-??Abrogation · 1487
09-06The Absence · From Your Grave
??-??Absent · Audi ... Vide ... Sile
??-??Absenta · Ajenjo, Artemisa...
??-??Absenth · Love Is Dead
09-26Absolute Steel · Womanizer
08-22Absolutus · Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus
12-20Absonus Noctis · Penumbral Inorgantia
06-19Abstract · Fragmenthea
04-05Absurd · Blutgericht
08-31Abyss Lord · Fragments of Insanity
??-??Abyssmal Nocturne · From the Astral Abyss
02-??Abyss of Darkness · Dusk of Gods
08-02Abîme · Échos de gloire
??-??Accursed · Macrocosm
10-??The Accursed · Seasons of the Scythe
??-??Accursed · Ненависть к человеческому роду
??-??Accursed · Обречённый на ад
??-??Accursed Dawn · Manifest Damnation
07-14The Accüsed · Oh Martha!
08-12Acero de Guerra · Leyendas de acero - Por siempre guerreros
??-??Ace the Raven · Fortress of Apathy
??-??Acetonizer · Пластилин
04-??Acid King · III
08-??Acirema · With Deepest Regrets
05-14Acrimonious · Crisis de odio
??-??Acrimönia · Parasite
10-??Acrostic · Kids Playing Thrash
06-06Acrybia · Come Back to the Womb
09-22Action! · Guilty Rose
??-??Action · Weeping of Angels
09-23Act of God · The Place of Worship
12-21Act of God · ...časem zapomenutí...
??-??Adeslave · No Rhyme or Reason
05-30Ad Hominem · Climax of Hatred
04-16Adonay · My World
??-??Adoniram · Мой демон
10-04Adora · Safeguard the Helpless
??-??Ador Dorath · Symbols
09-30Adorior · Author of Incest
09-11Adramelch · Broken History
06-01Adramelech · Terror of Thousand Faces
07-23Adrian Raso · Black Mamba
??-??Ad Ruinas · Synaesthesia
??-??Ad Vacuum · Sweet & Sour
??-??Adversary of Existence · Lamb of Disease
??-??AEIOU · F.H.T.
09-20Aeon · Bleeding the False
??-??Aeon of Death · Disdain
??-??Aeons ov Frost · Iridescent Fear
09-28Aes Dana · Formors
06-??Aetherius Obscuritas · Kínzó harag
??-??Aeturnus Dominion · Semper Tyranis
??-??Afflitus · Promises You Can't Keep
03-25After All · The Vermin Breed
??-??After All Over · New Hope Is Dead
??-??After Dark · Destroyers of the Planet Earth
09-08After Forever · Remagine
??-??Afterlife · Dignity or Death
02-??Afterlife · From the Outside in E Minor
01-11Aftershok · Burning Chrome
??-??Agabus · Last Way Left
09-09Against Nature · Appease
10-25Against Nature · Panoply
??-??Agankast · Dance of the Dead
??-??Age of Agony · War, Hate, Blasphemy
10-04Age of Thor · Beyond the Bloodred Horizon
12-??Aggressive Disorder · Aggression Is a State of Mind
02-26Agnosis · Zero
05-24The Agony Scene · The Darkest Red
??-??Agora · Zona de silencio
??-??Agoraphobia · Sick
08-09A Gruesome Find · Minions Engage
04-30Ahriman · Ködkín ösvény - Mistpain Path
07-18Ai Muro · Thrashed and Stoned
??-??AinMatter · Discovering Power
10-??Akarid · Back into the Dark Ages
09-20Akashic · A Brand New Day
??-??Akeldam · Ab Aeternum
05-30Akerbeltz · Never Deny from the Powers of Sorcery
10-10Akercocke · Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
09-21Akira Takasaki · Maca
??-??Albatrhoz · La visión de los profetas
09-02A Legend Falls · Analyzing Tactics of the Morally Dead & Dying
??-??Alegory · Mind Control
12-01Aleph · In Tenebra
06-24Aletheian · Dying Vine
04-22Alex Masi · In the Name of Beethoven
??-??Alfa · Grande Trono Branco
01-11Alhambra · A Far Cry to You ~明日への約束~
12-06Alhana · Tündértánc
??-??Alice's Garden · Across the Water
01-??Alienation Mental · Psychopathicolorspectrum
??-??Alien Squad · Order Not Government
06-28A Life Once Lost · Hunter
10-??Alignak · Mainlining Goats Blood
??-??Alkehol · Kocovina
02-14Allegory · Allegory
09-19Allen - Lande · The Battle
03-28Allfather · Weapon of Ascension
??-??Allfather-Odinn · Allfather Odinn
??-??All Hallow's Evil · No One Is Forgiven
05-??All Hell · Transmitter
??-??Alma Mons · Chapter I
01-24Alogia · Secret Spheres of Art
09-12Aloop · Global Crisis
07-12A Love Ends Suicide · The Cycle of Hope
??-??A Lower Deep · Trinity
11-25Alta Densidad · Fenix
07-09Altus Mortem · Sentenced Era
12-10Altus Ultionis · Diabolica Ars Profunditatis
??-??Alughana · Yabal
07-08Ambehr · Spider's Web
02-??Ambrazura · Kravia
02-??Ambryo · Ambryo
??-??Amen · The Eyes of Truth Are Always Watching You
11-22Amenophis · Chapter II - The Element of Torture
01-??Amenra · Mass II: Sermons
05-??Amenra · Mass III
11-16Amethista · Realitale
??-??Amethyst · Amethyst
??-??Amidst the Withering · Ars Moriendi
01-??Amok · Amok
05-13Ámok · Szent vér
12-12Among the Missing · Disorder of the Templar
??-??Amon Ra · Incarnatio
10-04Amoral · Decrowning
??-??Amoricide · The Essence of Evil
??-??Amorticure · Die Reise
??-??Amos · A Matter of Time
05-??Amputated Genitals · Human Meat Gluttony
??-??Amsvartnit · Phantasya
03-24Amuk · Interpretasi
12-20Amuk · Interpretasi ++
01-12AN · Revelation I: World Minus Population
??-??Anabanta · Letanias capítulo prohibido
??-??Anachronaeon · The New Dawn
09-??Anael · On Wings of Mercury
11-15Analog · Ulica Wolności
02-28Anal Vomit · Demoniac Flagellations
??-??Anatolian Wisdom · Towards the Darkness of Anatolia
10-01Anatomia · Dissected Humanity
12-08Ancestral Curse · Machine of Death
07-01Ancestral Legacy · Of Magic Illusions
??-??Ancestral Malediction · Huge Blackness
02-??Andralls · Inner Trauma
05-09Andras · ...of Old Wisdom
07-12Andrew W. Bordoni · Eclectica
??-??Andy James · Machine
??-??Angava · Wasted Time
06-20Angel · A Woman's Diary - Chapter I
??-??Angel 7 · Серебряное небо
02-17Angel Dissection · Necrogenesis - Machines of Divinity and Dismemberment
??-??Angel Eyes · Something to Do with Death
07-??Angel Grinder · Angel Grinder
??-??Angel Nocturno · El dragón
??-??Angelot · Guerreros
09-03Angelrust · Heart Turned Cold
10-02Angels of Armageddon · Golgotha
01-01Angerwound · Time Of No Time
??-??Angra Mainyu · Hellraiser
03-10Angst · In Hoc Signo Vinces
??-??Anguish Force · City of Ice
11-08Anima Inmortalis · Everlasting
??-??Animal Hate · Bells of Acheron
10-21Animetal · Animetal Marathon VII
08-23Animosity · Empires
04-21Animus · Poems for the Aching, Swords for the Infuriated
09-29Animus Herilis · Recipere Ferum
08-20Anksddronenn · Wenn einst der Ahnen finstrer Zorn daemmert
??-??Annabel · Crucify Him
07-29Annihilate the Hero · Images of Disgust
11-14Annihilator · Schizo Deluxe
??-??Anonymous Souls · Condolences
??-??Anopheles · Malaria
??-??Anorimoi · Kings of Feta
05-25Another Messiah · Dark Dreams, My Child
??-??Ansia · Aprendiendo a vivir
??-??Antagonist · The Architecture of Discord
05-01Antagony · Rebirth
??-??Antares · The Last Sunset
??-??Antares · Mind Collectors
01-05Antestor · The Forsaken
??-??Anthemon · Kadavreski
??-??Antibody · Consigned to Oblivion
07-05The Anti Doctrine · A Worldwide Elite and Its Downfall
11-01Antigama · Zeroland
??-??Antim Grahan · Tales from the Darkened Woods
03-??Antiquus · Ramayana
04-20Antisemitex · No Hope, No Future... Just W.A.R.!
05-05Antithese · Antithese III
??-??Antraks · Nastiest Rotten View
??-??Anubis Gate · A Perfect Forever
10-04Anubiz · 17
??-??Anxiety · To Whom It May Concern
??-??Anónimos · Anónimos
??-??Aonikenk · A mi Argentina
??-??Aorta · Schwarze Narben
07-26A Perfect Murder · Strength Through Vengeance
10-29Aphelon · Scorn Shall Prevail
11-01Aphoom Zhah · Symbol of New Aeon
12-??Aplanadora · Tributo a Black Sabbath
??-??Apnea · Tainted Purity
01-24Apocalyptica · Apocalyptica
??-??Apokalyptic Raids · The Third Storm - World War III
08-??Apokatastasia · Shedding
03-??Apokefale · Interior Chaos
05-04Apophis · I Am Your Blindness
??-??Apoplexy · Medical Malpractitioners of Pathological Perversions and Clinical Cannibalism
09-19Apostasy · Devilution
11-22Apotheosys · The Fall and the Triumph
??-??APVTH · Resurrection
11-03Aquaria · Luxaeterna
11-16Arafel · Second Strike: Through the Flame of the Ages
03-14Arakain · Warning!
10-02Arallu · The Demon from the Ancient World
08-05Aras · Dead Soul in the Cage
05-15Aras · Holy Black Metal
02-18Aras · Whispers of Insanity
04-29Araxa · Strach
??-??Arcadia · Fracture Concrete
09-28Arcadia · Tales of Fantasia
02-05The Arcane · Birth from Division
11-07Arcane Dimension · In Ecstacy and Sorrow
03-19Archaios · Out of the Shadows
07-26Arch Enemy · Doomsday Machine
06-25Archeon · End of the Weakness
??-??Archon · Birthmachine
??-??Arcthuris · Ruf des Zerfalls
03-26Arctic Blaze · See the Light
09-19Arcturus · Sideshow Symphonies
04-27Arditi · Spirit of Sacrifice
08-08Area51 · Ankh
07-15Argath · Societatis Draconistrarum
09-19Argema · Láska na jednu noc
04-??Argonath · Lost in Moria
10-??Ariadna Project · Mundos paralelos
04-06Arise · The Beautiful New World
??-??Arise · Distorted
02-01Arje · Buscando horizontes
??-??Arjé · Buscando horizontes
11-09Arkham · The Missioners
??-??Arkham 13 · Born to Bring Death
??-??Arkhe · Virtual Landscape
??-??Armagedom · Apogeu da Insanidade, Crepúsculo da Humanidade
11-??Armaggedon · Imperium wird durch das Blut wieder aufleben
01-31Armia · Ultima Thule
08-??Armistice · Roots of Evil
??-??ArnoCorps · The Greatest Band of All Time
09-05The Arrs · la douleur est la même
05-10Ars Amandi · Camino al destino
10-31Arsebreed · Munching the Rotten
11-??Arterial Pressure · Human Brain
11-30Artery Eruption · Gouging Out Eyes of Mutilated Infants
11-30Arteus · Por la senda de los sueños
09-??Arthemis · Back from the Heat
06-20Artimus Pyledriver · Artimus Pyledriver
06-??The Art of Blasphemy · Use Your Idols!!!
07-??Art of Darkness · System Phoeto
03-10Art of Haven · Gondolatok
??-??Art of Nox · Apathy
11-17Aryan Art · ...и въпреки всичко, България ще пребъде
??-??Aryavarta · The Signs of the Times
03-??Arzén · Na skle maľované
??-??ASA · The Brutal Poetry of Existence
11-22Ascension Theory · Answers
11-11Asche des Lebens · Ins Schattenreich
09-23Asche des Lebens · Wir - Das verkannte Leiden
??-??ASG · Feeling Good Is Good Enough
??-??Asgarth · Garrasia
??-??Asgaut · Village
??-??Asgeirr · Diktat Allianz
??-??Asguard · Dreamslave
02-??Ashdautas · Shadow Plays of Grief and Pain
??-??Ashen Light · Причащение огнём
07-11Ashes · Hymns to a Grey Sky
02-11Ashura · At the Dawn of Your Deterioration
04-01Aside from a Day · Divine Proportion
06-14As I Lay Dying · Shadows Are Security
??-??Askew · The Guests Are Gone
??-??Aslan · The Wait
07-??Aspire · Quest Eternal
??-??Assacre · Fantastic Illusions Worth Dying For
06-??As Sahar · Jaann
04-18Assassin · The Club
12-??Astaroth · Kapłani strachu
11-30Astaroth · Organic Perpetual Hatework
??-??Asteria · The First Lights
02-09Astral Doors · Evil Is Forever
10-08Astrodust · Jégbe zárt világ
03-14Astrofaes · ...Those Whose Past Is Immortal
04-19Asva · Futurists Against the Ocean
04-16A Switch Below · Signs of Impact
09-30Asylum · Murder of the Mind
??-??Ata D’arc · Call of Peace
04-20Atakhama · Existence Indifferent
06-??Ataraxie · Slow Transcending Agony
??-??A-Team · Parasite
??-??Atenas · Distorsionando la realidad
01-19Ater Draconis · Ater Draconis
07-15Athanorr · Burning the World
??-??Athena · Athena
??-??Atlantic · Follow Your Dream
12-12Atlantis · Tears of Fire
??-??Atlas Dying · Images Inward
??-??Atman · Djirli Ika
??-??The Atmosfear · Lost Pain
??-??Atomesquad · The Stronghold
10-10A Tortured Soul · Tomorrow's Door
11-16A Traitor like Judas · Nightmare Inc.
10-??Atrium Noctis · The Eyes of Medusa
??-??Atromorta · Cheshire Catharsis
??-??Atromorta · Whispers
05-17Atsphear · New Line System
??-??Att Livitunn · Latinoamérica
??-??Atto IV · A parte
04-11At Vance · Chained
02-22At War with Self · Torn Between Dimensions
??-??Audiopsicótica · Illuminati
07-18Audiovision · The Calling
??-??Aura Hiemis · Terra Umbrarum - Ruin & Misery
??-??Aurora Black · Burial in the Sea
??-??Auticada · Aurea
04-09Autopsy Torment · Graveyard Creatures
??-??Autumns Eyes · Abandoned Expression
??-??Autumn Spirits · Hawk of Light
05-05Avalanch · El hijo pródigo
02-15Avalanch · Mother Earth
05-??Aven Aura · The Shadow of Idols
03-21Avenger of Blood · Complete Annihilation
07-26Averse Sefira · Tetragrammatical Astygmata
10-21Avian · From the Depths of Time
01-??Avulsed · Gorespattered Suicide
??-??Avvento · Il primo giorno
??-??Await Rottenness · The Chaos Eternal
??-??Awaken · Cast Off Skin
09-12The Awakening · Countdown to Misanthropy
??-??The Awakening · Lost in Humanity
??-??Awie · Santai...
11-08Axehammer · Windrider
05-06Axenstar · The Inquisition
12-01Axiom · A Moment of Insanity
03-28The Axis of Perdition · Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital
10-??Axis Powers · Pure Slaughter
11-??AZA · The New Power
06-14Azaghal · Codex Antitheus
08-??Azahel's Fortress · Secrets of the Forest
??-??Azazel · Na-Amah
12-18Aziola Cry · Ellipsis
06-17Azken Garrasia · Sorgin zorrotz
08-16Azrael's Bane · Wings of Innocence
10-31Azure · King of Stars - Bearer of Dark
12-10Baboon Rising · Friendly Agrarian Tower
??-??Backwoods Payback · Book One
??-??Bacteria · Cansado de luchar
01-07Bag of Humans · Bag of Humans
??-??Bahal · Gazing at the Winter Moon
??-??Bajo Sueños · El final del silencio
10-??Balance of Silence · The Path of Fate
03-23Balflare · Thousands of Winters of Flames
12-??Balfor · Знамение
06-14Balrog · On the Throne of Demolition
06-02Baptism · Morbid Wings of Sathanas
??-??Baptiste Brun · Hypnosis
01-02Barathrum · Anno Aspera: 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth
10-12Barbarity · Hell Is Here
02-28Barbatos · Fury and Fear, Flesh and Bone
??-??Baron d'Estigny · Be in the Depths of Despair
09-??Barritus · Zest for Life
??-??Barsoom · Under the Moons of Mars
05-27Bastaerdschwaerd · Mvsyk voir by des haertfvvr
??-??Bastard · Break the Silence
??-??Bastardsword · Made in Germany
12-30Batalion d'Amour · Niya
??-??Baton Rogue Morgue · The Funeral
??-??Battalion · Winter Campaign
??-??Battlecry · Battlecry
07-25Battlelore · Third Age of the Sun
10-??Battleroar · Age of Chaos
09-13Battletorn · Evil Chains
01-05Bayi · Aborted
??-??Bazooka · Hidup
06-06Beastcraft · Into the Burning Pit of Hell
03-28Beatrìk · Requiem of December
??-??Beautiful Ashes · Hunter of Souls
??-??Beautiful Cafillery · Optimismus
08-30Becoming the Archetype · Terminate Damnation
??-??Bed Sores · Talented Race
??-??Beforce · Creation
??-??Before Eden · The Legacy of Gaia
??-??Behead Christ · Do You Want Our Blood??!!!
03-04Beheaded · Ominous Bloodline
05-10Bekhira · L'Elu du mal
??-??Belagothmmorde · The Hand
??-??Beliar · Verderben
??-??The Belonging · Setting the Scene
02-28Belphegor · Goatreich - Fleshcult
05-??Belzec · The Art of Holocaust
03-08Belëf · Infection Purification
09-24Bendover · Roll Over! Play Dead!
??-??Ben Jackson Group · All Over You
11-07Beprasmybė · Banalybė
??-??Beraca · Beraca
12-13The Berzerker · World of Lies
09-05Beseech · Sunless Days
10-??Bestial · Phalanx of Genocide
11-??Bestial Deform · Stop the Christianity!
07-25Bestial Devastation · Splatter Mania
06-??Bestiar · Lethal Venom
02-??Bete Noire · From Hell to Earth
05-19Betzefer · Down Low
08-29Bewitched · Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return
??-??Beyond Dawn · We're Down with Species of Any Kind
??-??Beyond Fallen · Lost in the Shadows
11-??Beyon-D-Lusion · Intuispection
03-27Beyond Shadows · Descent to Damnation
10-15Beyond the Labyrinth · Signs
10-??Beyond the Ninth Wave · Beyond the Ninth Wave
03-29Beyond Twilight · Section X
??-??Beyond Within · Evil Minds
??-??BG Rock · Да обгърнем света
??-??B.G.T. · The Inner Death
09-10Bhelliom · Within Nowhere
??-??Bible of the Devil · Brutality, Majesty, Eternity
??-??Biff Steel · Denyalator
11-??Big History · Perpetuum Mobile
11-13Bile · Camp Blood
10-27Bilocate · Dysphoria
04-13BioChrist · Vile Human Consumption
06-06Biomechanical · The Empires of the Worlds
??-??Bishop · Rock On
05-30Biss · Face-Off
05-20Bitterness · Autumn's Fall
??-??Black Alliance · Barbed Wire Prince
??-??Black Angel · From the Darkness
??-??Black Astrology · Kingdom of Ghosts
??-??Black Boned Angel · Heavens Blaze Forth the Death of Princes
01-27Black Circle · The Distant Wind...
07-12The Black Dahlia Murder · Miasma
08-12The Black Death · Spreading the Plague of Black Metal
06-05Black Death Ritual · Profound Echoes of the End
09-30BlackDust · Days of Devotion
??-??Black Dust · Une vieille et drame histoire acte I
05-26Black Empire · Into the Jails of Past
12-15Black Funeral · Ordog
??-??Black Harvest · Mute
07-20Black Harvest · White Light Came Down
??-??Black Hawk · Twentyfive
05-27Blackhole · Hero
??-??Black Jade · ...of Forest and Fire...
03-08Black Label Society · Mafia
10-26The Black League · A Place Called Bad
??-??Black Leaves · Ivy and Moonlight
06-27Black Majesty · Silent Company
03-25Black Masquerade · Spread Your Wings
05-??Black Mass · Conquering Legions of Astaroth
12-10Blackmass · Gloria Diaboli
05-23Black Messiah · Oath of a Warrior
??-??Black Noise Cannon · Unsaved: The Reality of the Silent War
05-15Black Omen · When Pure Darkness Covers False World of Light
12-01Blackpuzzle · No Bulletproof Soul
08-05Black Seas of Infinity · Within Daathian Chasms
04-??Black Shadow · Зов смерти
12-31Black Steel · Hellhammer
??-??Black Sun · Tyrant from a Foreign Land
??-??Blackthorns · Regression to Blackest Form
06-11Blackthrone · Black Metal Juggernaut
01-??Black Trinity · Demonic Pleasures
??-??Blackulla · Satanism Has Killed Christians on the Earth
01-18Black Warrant · Silent Wish
??-??Black Warrior · Последний суд
03-11Black Witchery · Upheaval of Satanic Might
09-21Blake · Planetizer
??-??Blastcorps · Glorified
05-??Blasthrash · No Traces Left Behind
06-??Bleak · Austere
??-??Bleeding Eyes · No God!
11-30The Bleeding Sun · The Earthquake Machine
08-??Bleed of Hate · New Blood... More Victims...
05-24Blessing the Hogs · The Twelve Gauge Solution
06-29Bless the Silence · Dark Splendor
10-14Blinded Rain · Time?
04-17Blindness · Life-Saving Device
05-13Blind Stare · Symphony of Delusions
07-04Blitzkrieg · Sins and Greed
??-??Bloden-Wedd · Eye of Horus
09-??Blodfest · Krakes blod
11-08Blodulv · III - Burial
12-16Bloodbound · Nosferatu
05-09Bloodchurn · Ravenous Consumption
04-28Bloodcow · Railroad City
10-31Blood Cult · We Who Walk Behind the Rows
??-??Bloodening · Wargames
??-??Bloodfeast · Autophobia
05-10Blood Haven · Religious Suffocation
??-??Blood Hunt · The Dark Chronicles of the Bloody Mirror -II. (Two)
09-09Blood IV · Gain
03-07Bloodoline · Storm & Brilliance
??-??Blood Rain · The Clouds Are Coming...
12-23Blood Rainbow · Smelteries of Damnation
02-21Blood Red Throne · Altered Genesis
04-??Blood Ritual · Black Grimoire
10-26Bloodshed · March of the Undead
08-18Blood Stain Child · Idolator
08-10Blood Storm · Sirian Storm
04-??Blood Thirsty Demons · Let the War Begin
10-30Blood Tribe · Burning Darkness
08-??Bloody · Slow Death
01-01Bloody Maria · Still Alive
??-??Bloody Wings · Our Faith Has Yielded....
??-??Bloomred · Inside Veins
08-21Blot Mine · Ashcloud
??-??Blue Hail · Blue Hail
03-??Blutaar · Sklaventod für Verrat
??-??Bluteszorn · De Odio Mortuorum in Viventes
??-??Bodragaz · Clear
??-??Body Part Trophy Case · Killing Without a Motive
??-??Bog Morok · Stadiae II
??-??Bolchevikes · África
??-??Bolchevikes · Guantanamo
??-??Bolesno Grinje · Pobjeda je naša
11-14Bolt Thrower · Those Once Loyal
??-??Bombensturm · Machtwerk
??-??Bomb Scare Crew · Reign of the Sharks
??-??Bonesaw · American Desecration
09-27Bongzilla · Amerijuanican
07-??Boodie Hester · Hanta Virus
04-24Boodie Hester · Raining Hell
??-??Boomerang · Balance of Hate
??-??Borgo Pass · Nervosa
02-28Boris · Dronevil
11-12Boris · Pink
06-29Boris · Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura"
04-23Born Dead · Vamos
04-19Born from Pain · In Love with the End
??-??Borrowers · Prawo życia
06-??Borâtorii · Lepădatu', profeția si ciudosul
04-??Borâtorii · Martorii lui Izvoru'
??-??Bottom · You'r Next
??-??Bound for Tomb · Scourge
03-??Bound in Human Flesh · Sick Lust for Revenge
12-??Bowels Out · Enlightenment Through Dismemberment
11-11Bow Wow · Era
??-??Braindamage · War Against the alMighty
01-08Braindeadz · Hang 'Em Highschool
04-04Brainstorm · Liquid Monster
07-23Breath of Sorrows · Carved Emotions
04-05Breath of Sorrows · Through Darkness to Battle I Ride
05-30Brecha · En libertad
12-??Bregma · Miedo de ser
08-09Brick Bath · American Currency
04-20Brief Respite · Lullaby to the Moon
04-06Brigada Totenkopf · Tiempos de lealtad
10-??Brocken Moon · Mondfinsternis
??-??The Broderick · Your Extinction, My Survival
??-??Broken Bones · Time for Anger, Not Justice
06-06The Broken Circle · The Beginning
??-??The Bronx Casket Co. · Hellectric
??-??Brown Escape · Hot the Brown...Hot!
05-23Bruce Dickinson · Tyranny of Souls
05-23Brume d'Automne · Fiers et victorieux
??-??Brutal Begude · Radikal Musik
06-17Brutal God · Days of Terror
12-??Brutal Murder · Intracranial Total Insanity
02-??Brutal Thin · Nuevo catálogo sobre demonología moderna
??-??Brutanal · Carnage Torture
??-??Brynhead · Maska
10-25Buckethead · Enter the Chicken
12-02Buckethead · Inbred Mountain
11-22Buckethead · Kaleidoscalp
??-??Buenos Aires · Volumen 5
12-??Buffalo · Karma
??-??Bullfuck · Sex, Drugs and Fucking What?
08-16Bullistic · Chronicles of Love & Hate
03-??Burial Hordes · War, Revenge and Total Annihilation
??-??Buriana · Buriana
02-18Buried Inside · Chronoclast
??-??Burn Blue Sky · Burn Blue Sky
11-??The Burning · Demon Resurrection
??-??Burning Cities · 1111
05-13Burning Saviours · Burning Saviours
??-??Burning Seas · Sweet Coma
??-??Burn Victim · Baptized in Gasoline
10-16Burst · Origo
10-31Bury the Pariah · Sociopathic Undergarment: The Metal Album
11-19Butelka · Radio dla polaków
05-19Butterfly Temple · Время Мары
10-10By Brute Force · Rituals of Death
01-05By Dawn Cursed · Cataloguing the Demons Part I
10-03By Dawn Cursed · Cataloguing the Demons Part II
02-22By Night · Burn the Flags
??-??Bywar · Heretic Signs
07-12Byzantine · ...and They Shall Take Up Serpents
02-??Bäd Influence · Fe4r
10-12Cadaveric Crematorium · Serial Grinder
??-??Caedes · Blood, War, Perversion
12-??Caillech · Flames of Annwn
??-??California Smile · Quos Deus Vult Perdere Pruis Dementat
11-14Callenish Circle · [Pitch.Black.Effects]
??-??Calmsite · Elvisdeath
07-20Calvarium · Morbido letargo
10-11Camilla Rhodes · Like the Word Love on the Lips of a Harlot
??-??Camorristas · Unexpected the Year of Zero Tolerance
04-??Camp Jason · Welcome to Camp Jason
06-20Cancer · Spirit in Flames
05-02Candlemass · Candlemass
04-13Candy Cane · Leave Me Out
??-??Canis Luna · Lux Aeternum
09-06Cannae · Gold Becomes Sacrifice
??-??Cannibal Giant · Kill and Destroy
06-06Cannon · Back in Business
??-??Canterbury · Endurance
10-31Capricorns · Ruder Forms Survive
??-??Captured! by Robots · The Ten Commandments / Get Fit With...
07-21Cardiant · Midday Moon
??-??Carina Alfie · Intuición
05-29Carnage · Suicide Apocalypse
01-25C.A.R.N.E. · Sexy Fat
06-27Carnival in Coal · Collection Prestige
06-17Carnivorous Vagina · Bagno di sangue
??-??Carpathian Gate · At the Gate of the Unholy Forest
??-??Carpatia · Infant Brutality
07-01Carrion Crawler · Rot Crumble Collapse
??-??Carthaun · Einheit
12-??Cast Away · Cast Away
??-??Castaway · Come Back to Me
05-22Castigador · From the Bowels of Hell
??-??Cast the Stone · Dark Winds Descending
06-27Casus Belli · In the Name of Rose
??-??Catabasis · Contains Scenes of Mind Peril
05-??Catafalque · Unique
04-25Catamenia · Winternight Tragedies
??-??Cathalepsy · Fight in the Sky
??-??Cathanion · Automation LTD
03-??Catharsis · Крылья
09-26Cathedral · The Garden of Unearthly Delights
11-01Catheter · Dimension 303
??-??Caustic · The Horror Cult
01-??Celebratum · Instinct
07-??Celestial Crown · A Veiled Empire
??-??Cellar People · Cellar People
02-??Cemetary · Phantasma
06-27Centinex · World Declension
08-??Centurions Ghost · A Sign of Things to Come
10-21Centvrion · Invulnerable
03-15Cephalic Carnage · Anomalies
06-24Cerberus · The Cage of Existence
05-28Cerebral Effusion · Smashed and Splattered Organs
01-18Cerebral Onslaught · The Modern Dark Age
05-28Cerebrum · Bloodred
10-31Ceremonial Castings · Immortal Black Art
??-??Ceremonial Execution · Death Shall Set Us Free
06-06Cerimonial Sacred · Our War Is Only Against Hell
08-??Cessate · Shattered Hopes
11-04Chain Collector · The Masquerade
02-05Chainsaw · The Journey into the Heart of Darkness
04-??Chainsaw Dissection · Blood, Gore, and Grindcore
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · Corpse Fixation
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · Exhuming the Mephitic Deceased
11-??Chainsaw Dissection · Malodorous Decomposition
08-31Chainsaw Dissection · Obliteration
04-??Chainsaw Dissection · Punishment by Dismemberment
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · Sanguinary Disseverance
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · Zombie Decimation
12-15Chaoswave · The White Noise Within
12-??Chaotic Hope · Graveyard of Human Spirit
03-05Chapter Seven · Metamorphosis
08-31Charon · Songs for the Sinners
??-??Chemical Burn · Bury Your Demons
??-??Chiaroscura · A Place to Call My Own
09-14Children of Bodom · Are You Dead Yet?
??-??Children of Tragedy · An Orchestration in Hysteria
02-07Children of Wrath · Call of Sin
07-22Chimaera · Myths and Legends
07-03Chimaera · Stygian
08-09Chimaira · Chimaira
06-12Chloroform Creations · Where There's Shit There's Bound to Be Flies
??-??Choke Chain · The Taste of Flesh
??-??Chokeslam · Hillbilly
07-13Choronzon · New World Chaos
07-15Choronzon · Panic Pandemic
??-??Chosen by Force · Chosen by Force
07-04Christian Epidemic · Könnyek könyve / Tome of Tears
11-14ChristInvertion · Hail Desecration!
??-??Chthonian Appanage · The Weary
??-??Chugo · Dragon's Claw
11-??Church of El Duce · The Devil's Hand
??-??Church of Misanthropy · Jesuswinger
10-21Châlice · Shotgun Alley
02-28Cianide · Hell's Rebirth
??-??Circe · Divinikon Chaos
??-??Circle · Mountain
??-??Circle · Tulikoira
03-21Circle II Circle · The Middle of Nowhere
07-12Circle of Dead Children · Zero Comfort Margin
07-12Circle of Fear · When Dementia Sets In
06-06Circus Maximus · The 1st Chapter
12-11Cities of Sleep · Nachtschicht-Ende
??-??Citizen · Manifesto for the New Patriot
??-??City of God · A New Spiritual Mountain
06-??Clagg · Let the Galaxy Burn
05-??Clamus · Influences
08-23The Classic Struggle · Feel like Hell
??-??Claustrofobia · Fulminant
10-??The Claymore · Monument
03-06Cliteater · Eat Clit or Die
??-??Clitpeeler · Blood and Cum Drenched Teenage Necro Gore Porn
12-??Coalition · Tortured by Eternal Dream
??-??Coal Mine Canary · Coal Mine Canary
04-28Cobalt · War Metal
09-03Cobalto · Elemental
06-13Code · Nouveau Gloaming
07-04Co-Exist · Surgical Removal of the Teeth, Toenails and Drilling of the Kneecaps
05-31Coffins · Mortuary in Darkness
06-14Cold Colours · The Burden of Hope
05-13Cold Fire · Stain of Blood
05-??Collapsar · Collapsar
??-??Collateral Bleeding · Diary 2: Emotional Angry
??-??Color of Darkness · Eye in the Sky
??-??Colourfast · Counter Blast
11-20Comatose Vigil · Not a Gleam of Hope
02-21Communic · Conspiracy in Mind
??-??Concept · The Divine Cage
10-17Confessor · Unraveled
??-??Confronto · Causa Mortis
??-??Conscience · Half-Sick of Shadows
09-18Construcdead · The Grand Machinery
04-07Consume · They Shall Suffer
03-??Consummatum Est · Funeral Procession
??-??Contempt · ...and Another Sickness Dinner
02-13Continuo Renacer · Continuo Renacer
??-??Contorted · Edge of Darkness
05-02Contradiction · The Voice of Hatred
??-??Contrasto · 17
07-??Contrive · The Meaning Unseen
??-??Cookie Mongoloid · Blood and Cookies
06-20Coprofago · Unorthodox Creative Criteria
08-08The Cops · Crispy Hexagons
01-??Corbã · Eternidade
??-??Core9 · Visions
??-??Corona Borealis · Awaking the Winter Sun
??-??Corporal Punishment · Nonconformism
04-??Corporal Raid · Regressive Development
11-??Corpse Carving · Grotesque Goratorium: Disemboweled Gorific Feast
??-??Corpsedecay · My Own Mutilated Son
05-28Corpsefucking Art · War of the Toilet Gear
??-??Corpsepain · The Dark Saga of the Nibelungs
01-31Corpsepain · Fühle den Schmerz
10-24Corpsing · Watching the Thinker
08-05Corpus Christii · The Torment Continues
04-05Corrosion of Conformity · In the Arms of God
09-29Corrupted · El mundo frío
11-28Corruption · Virgin's Milk
12-30Corruption Inc. · Unbroken
12-03Cortisol · Meat
09-24Corwen · Im Schatten des Lichts
??-??Count de Nocte · Luctisonus Dolor
04-??Countess · Spawn of Steel
01-15The Coventry Sacrifice · Abomination
01-15The Coventry Sacrifice · Creation
??-??Covet the Knife · The Things You Didn't Know Would've Killed You
12-28Cowhandler · Home on the Range
04-16Crackwhore · Inner Piece
09-17Craft · Fuck the Universe
08-??Craniotomy · Cut a Piece for Your Hunger
08-24Crashdïet · Rest in Sleaze
12-16Crash Test · Crash'em All
??-??Crawl of the Dark · Barbaric Battle in Dark War
01-??Creamface · Tied Down and Fucked Hard
??-??Creative Urge · On Patrol
??-??Creeping Vengeance · The Diary
04-??Cremaster · Boletus Satanas
07-19Crematorium · The Process of Endtime
??-??Creozoth · Creozoth
??-??Crepar · Sedientos de poder
??-??Crepitus · Crepitus
12-31Crepuscularia · Buried and Forgotten
09-14The Crescents · Neo Metalnesque
05-09The Crest · Vain City Chronicles
??-??Crimen Exceptum · Der Wille zur Macht
09-05Criminal · Sicario
10-10Crimsonfire · Crimsonfire
09-20Crimson Head · Bad Song
??-??Crimson Massacre · The Luster of Pandemonium
??-??Crimson Moon · Under the Serpentine Spell
??-??Criogenia · Immortal Disease
05-17Criterion · The Dominant
10-08Critical State · Poet of the Lost Dreams
??-??Crize · The New Beginning
02-??Crossbow · Break the Ice
03-18Crossfire · Aggression Treaty
05-25Cross Hard · Eclipse from East
??-??Cross Shaped Disgrace · Follow the Voices
08-14Crow'sClaw · Battlefield 1987
12-30Crow'sClaw · Broken Phantasm
02-08Crowbar · Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
06-??Crown of Aggression · Dwelling in the Vastlands of Sodom
11-22Crowpath · Son of Sulphur
05-30Crucified Barbara · In Distortion We Trust
10-25Crucifix Default · Defaced by Crucifix
??-??Crucifixion · Nocturnal Existance
??-??Cruelty Master · Spiral Spirit
??-??Cruentus · Asantusta Aatma
06-01Cruor Deum · Recubo Mos to Order - Lies Shall Command
??-??Crux Dissimulata · Expédition punitive
??-??Crux Dissimulata · Les lauriers sont coupés
??-??Cruz de Hierro · Crossroads
11-30Cryfemal · Perpetua fúnebre gloria
10-17Cryogen · Premonition
05-30Cryonic Temple · In Thy Power
11-01The Crypt · Weapons Recollected
08-01Crypte · Subliminal Depression
08-25Crypticus · Dedicated to the Impure
05-09Cryptic Warning · Sanity's Aberration
03-29Cryptic Wintermoon · Of Shadows... and the Dark Things You Fear
10-18Cryptopsy · Once Was Not
08-29Crystal Ball · Time Walker
??-??Crystal Castle · Ghostland of the North
04-01Crystal Eyes · Confessions of the Maker
04-05Cuatro Gatos · Esférica
??-??Cuatro X · Hatefront
??-??Cuchilla Grande · Purificación
07-??Cuervo · Cuervo
02-17Cult of Daath · Slit Throats and Ritual Nights
02-10Curse of Disobedience · Reflections
??-??Curt Shaw · Curt Shaw
06-13Custard · Wheels of Time
??-??Cutthroat · Cutthroat
??-??Cutthroat · Morbid Mental Disorder
??-??Cutthroat · Ten of Seven
??-??Cyanide Breed · Shoutout to Satan
09-30Cylidian · Bringing Down the Machine
09-??Cyril Lepizzera · Eternity
07-16Cyrish · Pay the Piper
12-05Cyruss · Hate/Human
09-28D · The Name of the Rose
09-??Dad They Broke Me · Dad They Broke Me
10-??Daemonheim · Schlachtfeld
??-??Daga · Daga
12-??Dagor · Non Symbolic Art
??-??Dama Negra · Sabbath
12-28Damien Steele · Damien Steele
??-??Damien Thorne · Haunted Mind
02-??DamnNation · Mentally Trapped
??-??Daniel J · Losing Time
??-??Dan Lorenzo · Cut from a Different Cloth
05-28Dantesco · De la mano de la muerte
05-27Dark Ages · Twilight of Europe
06-27Darkane · Layers of Lies
??-??Dark Art · Lucifers Soul
??-??Dark Blessing · Frozen Throne
??-??Darkdark · Buried Beneath
09-??Dark Day Dungeon · By Blood Undone
01-22Dark Deception · Spiritual War
??-??Dark Domination · Let Satan Speak Through Our Lips
??-??Dark Earth · The Sombre Land
02-19DarkEmpire · Tracks on the Bloody Sands
??-??Darkest Hate Warfront · Satanik Annihilation Kommando
06-28Darkest Hour · Undoing Ruin
10-25Darkestrah · Embrace of Memory
10-28Dark Funeral · Attera Totus Sanctus
??-??Dark Fury · Slavonic Thunder
09-21Dark Illusion · Beyond the Shadows
04-??Darkling · Sin King
04-01Dark Mirror ov Tragedy · Dark Mirror ov Tragedy
09-26Darkmoon · ...of Bitterness and Hate
02-28Dark Moor · Beyond the Sea
??-??Dark-N · Loading Complete
03-??Darkness by Oath · Confidential World of Lies
09-13Darkness Eternal · Misanthropic Annihilation
??-??Dark Nova · Sivilla
01-??Dark Obscenity · Through Funeral Whispers
??-??Dark Period · Az élet előtt s a halál után
05-??Dark Princess · Without You
??-??Dark Psychosis · Obsessed by Shadows
10-01Dark Sanctuary · Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part I)
??-??Dark Secret · Death...
01-24Darkseed · Ultimate Darkness
??-??Darkshines · Where
??-??Dark Side · Gehena
??-??Dark Sky · Living & Dying
11-19Darkspace · Dark Space II
08-30Dark Storm · Infernal Tyrant
02-21Dark Suns · Existence
03-??Darkthule · Wolforder
01-24Dark Tranquillity · Character
07-09Dark Wing · Xenoginesis
??-??Dark Wisdom · Unabhängigkeit
11-??Darvulia · L'Alliance des venins
12-15Darzamat · Transkarpatia
??-??Davide Dal Bò · Ascolta
12-08David T. Chastain · Prisoner of Time
10-30Dawn of Azazel · Sedition
??-??Dawn of Defiance · The Obscure Awakening
08-29Dawn of Relic · Night on Earth
10-21DawnRider · Fate Is Calling (Pt. I)
11-??Daylight Torn · Revelation: 3.10
??-??Dbeality · Dbeality
??-??DDC · The End of Days
??-??Dead and Buried · The Company I Keep
05-??Dead by Dawn · A Blind Is Leading a Blind
11-16Dead by Dawn · The Coming Plague
01-??Dead Christ Cult · Stigma
??-??Dead Christ Cult · Христосмерть
??-??Dead Grey · Towards Nothing...
??-??Dead Head · Haatland
01-01Dead in Christ · Funeral for the Flesh
08-22Deadless · Unbound
06-27Deadlock · Earth.Revolt
??-??Dead Nature · Pure Impressions
??-??Dead of Night · Dead of Night
03-13Dead of Winter · At the Helm of the Abyss
??-??Deadpoint · Days of Struggle
??-??Dead Rabbits · Sin Eater
??-??Dead Raven Choir · Fire Mouth
03-??Dead Reptile Shrine · A Journey Through the Darkest of Forests
??-??Deadsea · Desiderata
11-11Deadsoul Tribe · The Dead Word
09-??Deadspawn · Eradication
07-18Deadwalk · Walk the Way of Death
??-??Dead Whore River · D.W.R.
??-??Deafness · Gates of Tyranny
02-??Deaf Symphony · Black Garden
09-19Death Beast · The Wakening
??-??Death Before Dishonor · Panzerjäger 38
05-16Deathbound · Doomsday Comfort
10-12Deathchain · Deathrash Assault
07-??Deathcrush · Mutilating the Christian Faith
??-??Deathgate Arkanum · Totenwerke
??-??Death in Blood · Funeral of Faith
??-??Death Instincts · From Russia with Hate
??-??Death Rotten Decay · Dead Rotten Decay
??-??Deaths Head · Hatreds Disciples
12-01Death Silence · A Whisper in the Storm
07-01Deathspawned Destroyer · WarBloodMassacre
??-??Deathstrokardia · Dziewięć
??-??Deathtiny · the Dusk
09-15Death Triumphant · Obscure Origin
10-17Debauchery · Torture Pit
04-04Debris Inc. · Debris Inc.
??-??Debustrol · Přerushit
11-17Decadence · The Creature
02-28Decadence · Decadence
08-08Decay of Light · The Source of All Dark
??-??Decay of Society · Apostasy
05-??Deceased · As the Weird Travel On
05-??Deceiver · Riding with the Reaper
11-17December's Cold Winter · Decaying Recollections
10-31Decrepit Cauldron · Wirklichkeit Altera Pars
??-??Dedicated for Life · By All Means
05-17Deeds of Flesh · Crown of Souls
05-??Deeper Than That · The Threat That Comes from Within
10-24Deep Purple · Rapture of the Deep
07-28Deep Well of Horror · Drone
01-??Defacing · Spitting Savagery
??-??Defeat · From Far Away
12-??Defender · Tiszta szívvel
??-??Deflagration · The Pain You Can't Forget
03-20Defleshed · Reclaim the Beat
11-15Deflore · Human Indu[b]strial
04-15Deformed · Project Torture 005
??-??Dehydrated · The Dismal Millenium
12-17Deinmortem · Furia
01-09Dekadenz · Elektronoid
??-??Delian League · Truth in Chaos
06-25Delirium · A Day After Die...
07-22Delphian · Oracle
??-??Delpht · Living in Fantasy
??-??Demencia · A Place to Die
04-15Demise · Torture Garden
??-??Demiurg · Attack from the Other Side
05-30Demiurg · From the Throne of Darkness
01-01Demiurge · Call of the Undead
??-??Demiurge · The Tomb
05-16Demon · Better the Devil You Know!
10-17Demonbreed · Closer to God
??-??Demonibus · Космогония смерти
12-24Demonic Chorals · Power of Immortal Hatred
10-20Demonic Resurrection · A Darkness Descends
??-??Demonism · Reflections
11-06Demonizer · The Essence of War
10-05Demonology · The Veil of Perception
??-??Demons · Enslaved
06-27Demons & Wizards · Touched by the Crimson King
11-22Demonsryche · Demonsryche
??-??Dena-Zet · Узник свободы
03-06Deneb · A Path Without Destination
05-??Denied · 7 Times Your Sin
??-??Denison Fernandes · Extreme Day
??-??Denizen · Audio Paintings
??-??Denun · Toluken
??-??Depravity · The Evocation of Chaos
??-??Depredation · Ruhrpottmetal
11-11Depression · Das Relikt
03-09Derdian · New Era Pt. 1
05-11Der Golem · La muerte (por fin)
??-??Desarme · Es tu error
08-22Desaster · Angelwhore
01-??Desecrate · Desecrate
03-28Desecration · Process of Decay
11-25Deshock · Submind
05-31Desolation · Crucifucked
01-??Desolation · The Stone Oracles
03-21Despised Icon · The Healing Process
09-??Destinity · Synthetic Existence
05-10Destiny · Beyond All Sense 2005
??-??Destiny Calling · Destiny Calling
??-??Destroyself · 4 promile tribut
??-??Destroyself · Destroyself
08-22Destruction · Inventor of Evil
??-??Destruction's End · Prepare to Die
09-11Destruction of Violence · Bringing Out the Death
12-??Deterioration · Obliteration of Infectious Beings
09-12Detonation · Portals to Uphobia
12-12Deus Diabolus · The Warrior of the Setting Sun
??-??Deva Noctua Entropia · Be Sinking in Marshland
02-16Devastator · The End
??-??Devastator · Thrash 'n' War
08-09Deviant · Larvaeon
11-09The Deviant · Ravenous Deathworship
04-??Deviated Presence · Eerie Sphere
06-28DevilDriver · The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
??-??Devilish Distance · The Black Mountain Call
04-26Devilish Era · The Deiphobic Syndrome
??-??Devil Lee Rot · At Hell's Deep
??-??Devilyn · XI
??-??Devotam · Para Sempre Guerreiro da Luz
??-??Devoured Decapitation · Ammunition for the Land Battle
11-11Devourment · Butcher the Weak
06-20Dew-Scented · Issue VI
12-17Dezember · Naturalism
??-??D.F.C. · O Mal que Vem para Pior
12-02Diablo Red · Rojos
01-??Diabolic Wood · Racconti dal bosco nero
11-16Diabolo · Diabolique
??-??Diabula Rasa · Techno Gothica
03-21Diamanthian · The Infinite Descent
02-??Diamond Head · All Will Be Revealed
??-??Diamond Lane · Cut to the Chase
11-30Diapsiquir · Virus STN
??-??Diatribe · A Product of Hate
11-??DiceRoll · Dirt in the Eyes
05-??Dictatoreyes · Gegen alles
05-13Die Alone · The Arcane Suicide Movement
??-??Diebomb · A Theme of Murder
06-09Diedro los Diablos · Hymns for Infernal Destruction
??-??Diesel Theory · Diesel Theory
10-??Dies Nefastus · Воспоминания
??-??Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind · Am Ufer des Sees
03-04The Difference · Lost in Mass Confusion
??-??Different State · More than Music
??-??Different State · The Power of Silence
04-22Different World · Wonderful World
08-18Diktátor · Vigyázz, jön a vadász!
02-19Dimaension X · End of an Era
11-04Dimensional Psychosis · Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum
05-13Dimension X · So... This Is Earth
02-19Dimenssion · ...hacia lo desconocido
08-20Dimhymn · Djävulens tid är kommen
05-30Dimhymn · Fördärvets maskineri
11-11Dimmu Borgir · Stormblåst MMV
??-??Dinky Dau · En blanco
??-??Dirge · The Art of Betrayal
??-??Dirt Merchant · Bad News Travels Fast
10-30DIS · The Paradigm Contingency Plan
03-14Disbelief · 66Sick
06-07Disciple · Disciple
07-23The Disciples of Zoldon · War on Peace and Happiness
05-30Disease · 5th Wave, Endless
07-??Disfigured Corpse · Mankind Collapse
??-??Disgorge · Parallels of Infinite Torture
??-??Disgrace and Terror · Shadows of Violence
??-??Disharmonic Fields · Killing Hopes
??-??Disharmony · Reversed Involution
??-??Disharmony · Soundtrack to Paranoid Minds
??-??Dished · Reason of Suffering
10-??Disinter · Hell Gate
06-??Disinterment · Graveyard Fornication
03-21Disiplin · Anti-Life
??-??Disjointed · The Imminent End
02-??Diskriminator · Devolution
??-??Dislocation · Inexorable Devastation
12-10Dismal Divinity · Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
06-06Disruption · Face the Wall
06-25Dissenter · Furor Arma Ministrat
05-13Dissimulation · Prakeikimas
??-??Dissolved · Victim of Revenge
??-??Distant Warning · For All Eternity
??-??Distream · Eyes of Malice
10-05Distruzione · Malicidium
??-??Ditchliquor · Ditchliquor
08-01Dividing Line · Dividing Line
05-11Divine Empire · Method of Execution
11-08DivineFire · Hero
??-??Divine Nightmare · The Cold Light of Dawn
??-??Divine Tragedy · The Awakening
06-28The Divining · Reprisal
05-21Division 19 · Iisakin kirkko
04-01Djinn · Nemesis
??-??Docnargath · Misantropia
??-??Dogmahollow · Modus Operandi
01-01Dol Amroth · Fair and Desperate
07-02Domain · Last Days of Utopia
??-??Dom Dracul · Attack on the Crucified
10-21Domina Noctis · Nocturnalight
12-15Domination Black · Fearbringer
02-08Domination Through Impurity · Essence of Brutality
07-05Dominici · O₃ A Trilogy - Part 1
08-19Donnerkopf · Krachmaschine
??-??Dook · Archaic
??-??Doomdozer · Decomposition
10-31Doomeastvan · You Will Die
04-25Doomed and Disgusting · Satan's Nightmare
08-09Doomriders · Black Thunder
??-??Doomsday Ceremony · Apocaliptic Celebration
??-??Do or Die · Tradition
01-15Doppelgänger · Dancing
05-01DorEterna · Provenience
01-08Dork · Black Hole
06-24Dork · Fish: Les démos 2002-2003 remis à neuf
11-18Dornenreich · Hexenwind
01-29Dornfall · Dornfall
??-??Dorris.De · Captured in Change
??-??Dorsal Atlântica · Antes do Fim, Depois do Fim
08-03Double Dealer · Fate & Destiny
??-??Downdriven · Destroy to Create
??-??Down Factor · Murder the World
??-??Downright Malice · Perpetual Return
??-??Downspell · Afterbirth
??-??The Downspiral to Hell · Thorn
10-28Dozer · Through the Eyes of Heathens
??-??Draco Hypnalis · Weavers of Unrest
01-24Draconian · Arcane Rain Fell
05-19Draconian Order · In Absence of Light
??-??Dragenfly · In the Beginning
??-??Dragon's Eye · The Newborn Killer
??-??Dragonfly · Falling Down
??-??Dragonheart · Vengeance in Black
12-07Dragonland · Starfall
09-26Dragonlord · Black Wings of Destiny
05-09Dragonslayer · Sed de mal
04-22Draist Avagnon · Frog You
09-??Drakher · Primal Machine
05-04Drama · Winds Choir Opera
09-15Drastus · Roars from the Old Serpent's Paradise
05-??Drayvarg · Последний путь
12-09Dreadnaught · Dirty Music
??-??Dreadscape · The Dawn of Obliteration
05-18Dreamaker · Enclosed
11-21Dreamland · Future's Calling
06-15Dreamlike Horror · Delightful Suicides
03-15Dream Master · Dream Master
02-23Dreamtale · Difference
06-07Dream Theater · Octavarium
08-24Dr. Mastermind · Sin Sandwich
??-??Drowned in Blood · The Warfare Continues
??-??Drown in Blood · Blood Red Path
??-??Drowning · Apocalypse Unsealed
??-??Drown Retarded Children · Demented Continuum
12-??Dr. Sin · Listen to the Doctors
03-13Drudkh · Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road)
04-20Drug Honkey · Hail Satan
06-28Drunk Horse · In Tongues
05-14Dryade · Inscape
??-??Dryrot · God(s)Eyze
??-??Drysocket · Individual Acts of Violence
08-02Duister Maanlicht · Over ketters heksen en ander gespuis
??-??Durandal · La peste brune
10-25Dusk · Carpathian Darkness
05-??Dusk · The Darksoul's Scream
06-01Dusk Chapel · Almost Forgotten Experience
08-12The Duskfall · Lifetime Supply of Guilt
11-14Duskmachine · The Final Fall
04-13Dustar-3 · Try! Try! Try!
08-??Dvorhead · House of Pain
08-29Dyecrest · This Is My World
??-??Dyed in the Wool · Dyed in the Wool
??-??Dyers Eve · Smell the Fear
??-??Dygitals · Imagine
??-??The Dying Effect · Bleed the Night
07-26The Dying Light · The Killing Plan
05-30Dying Wish · D.Y.I.N.G. W.I.S.H.
??-??Dynamic Lights · Shape
??-??Dysmorfic · Suffer and Die
11-26Dystortion Fx · Scream
02-01Dyve · Dust of an Age
??-??Dzelzs Vilks · Kur vakara zvaigzne lec
??-??Dörwish · Dörwish
01-01Død Ulv · Born of Hell
12-13Død Ulv · Covered in the Blood of Men
05-30Dām · Purity: The Darwinian Paradox
10-11Early Man · Closing In
09-06Earth · Hex; or Printing in the Infernal Method
??-??Earth A.D. · On the Surface
??-??Earthride · Vampire Circus
??-??Echoes of Silence · Within Dark Waters
??-??Eciton · Oppressed
??-??Eclipse Eternal · Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire
??-??Ecliptica · The Hidden Legend
12-20Ecryptus · The Continuum
??-??Ectospazz · Pitchforks & Pussy
??-??Edane · Time to Rock
11-11Eddie Ojeda · Axes 2 Axes
07-02Edenbeast · Shortcuts of Erotic Violence
??-??Eden Burns · Eden Burns
??-??Edge of Forever · Let the Demon Rock 'n' Roll
11-02Edge of Spirit · Rebirth
11-01Edén · Polvo de diamantes
03-01Effigy of Gods · Aurora
??-??Egraine · Once Lost... Now Found
05-23Eichenschild · Das Ende vom Lied
12-02Eikenskaden · There Is No Light at the End of the Tunnel
09-29Eisblut · Schlachtwerk
03-03Ek · Ek
??-??Ekasia · Midwinter Ricketiness
??-??Ekpyrosis · Irrational
??-??Electric Earth · Vol II - Words Unspoken
??-??Electric Hellessence · Electric Hellessence
11-??Electric Magma · Snail the Wah
??-??Electric Punishment · Inverted Messages
08-05Electrozombies · Electrozombies
05-13Elegacy · Impressions
05-21Elegeion · The Last Moment
03-08Elephant · Sands of Mortality
11-08Elfonía · This Sonic Landscape
05-28Elgibbor · Halal
08-19Elias Viljanen · The Leadstar
01-??Elijah's Tomb · Elijah's Tomb
??-??El Que Saluda Con Fuego · Un gesto sin voz
03-29El Santo · Metamorphosis
04-01Elvaron · The Buried Crown
??-??El Vasco · Corazón de rock and roll
07-??Elvenfire · Scenes from the Crusade
03-21Elwing · War
06-01Elysian Blaze · Cold Walls and Apparitions
??-??The Elysian Fields · Suffering G.O.D. Almighty
12-20Elysium · Godfather
05-23Emancer · The Menace Within
12-19Embalming Theatre · The World Is a Stage... for Murder!
04-25Embedded · A Severity Divine
??-??Embellish · Black Tears and Deep Songs for Lost Lovers
06-06Embodied · Destined to Burn
??-??Embraced by Hatred · Down to Concrete
??-??Embrio · Gabriel's Grief
??-??Emerald Sky · Rock & Roll Icon
11-11Emerald Sun · The Story Begins
01-31Emit · A Sword of Death for the Prince
??-??Emphysema · Cheeses Christ
10-??Empty · The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair
??-??Encarnación · Encarnación
09-24Encyclia · Mortal Gods
10-01The End 666 · Terror Inside
??-??Endangered Reign · Unborn Legacies
11-23En Declin · Trama
08-??Endless Pain · Born in Violence
03-12End of Days · Dedicated to the Extreme
08-22End of Green · Dead End Dreaming
07-25End of Level Boss · Prologue
08-01Endstille · Navigator
12-13End-Time Illusion · So Below
09-26Enemy Unknown · Alert Status: RED
05-20Engine Driven Cultivators · Rattletrap
09-??Engine Maniacs · Let Those Who Ride Decide
03-??Engine-V · Broken World
??-??Engorge · Cold Black Ejaculation
??-??Enhärjarna · Sprit, knogjärn och trekronor
03-??En las Espesas Nieblas · De memorias y destinos
04-04Enmity · Illuminations of Vile Engorgement
??-??Enneade · Remembrance
??-??Ensamhet · Les siècles se sont ecoulés
09-24Enter Twilight · The Inner Verse
??-??Enthraller · Slaves and Gods
02-05Entreat. · Deincubation
??-??Entropia · Takte mòrbid
12-02Entropy · Existence Defined by Nothing
10-??Entwerter · ...und das ist erst der Anfang
??-??E.O.L. · Dark Conspiracy
10-17Ephel Duath · Pain Necessary to Know
04-21Epica · Consign to Oblivion
09-08Epica · The Score - An Epic Journey
02-22Epidemic Scorn · The Beginning...
05-31Episode 13 · Tabula Rasa
??-??Epitaf · Piraňa
10-04Epithalium · Ausrottung
03-08Epoch of Unlight · The Continuum Hypothesis
02-14Equilibrium · Turis Fratyr
??-??Equitant · Konstruckteur
??-??Equitant · Zeit
12-02Ered · Born in a Frozen Hell
??-??Ereshkigal · The Raping of the Divine
??-??Erg Noor · Seasons..
??-??Eric Meyer · Expansion
??-??Eric Meyer · Fused
04-10Erik Larson · Faith, Hope, Love
09-12Erottica · Erotticism
??-??Escape · Breakin' the Silence
??-??Escapetor · Moments...
04-19The Esoteric · With the Sureness of Sleepwalking
??-??Espada Negra · Kingdom of Fear
??-??Espíritu de Hierro · Hasta las últimas consecuencias...!
??-??E.S.T. · Подъёмъ!
10-03The Eternal · Sleep of Reason
03-??The Eternal Blade · The Eternal Blade
07-22Eternal Elysium · Searching Low & High
01-01Eternal Grave · Obras de una mente enferma
06-01Eternal Mourning · Daimonion
03-29Eternal Oath · Wither
02-21Eternal Reign · Forbidden Path
08-01The Eternal Suffering · In Darkness We Shall Reign
01-??Eternight · Eternight
11-??Eternity · Mare Nostrum
01-07Eternity Void · Torrents of Devastation
??-??Eternya · Somewhere in This Night
10-??Ethereal · Towers of Isolation
01-??Ethereal Blue · Black Heart Process
11-28Ethereal Woods · In the Forest of Arden
??-??Eugenik · Tag des Raben
??-??Eutanazia · Crinque le volume
09-30Evanescent Soul · Convent of Suffering
02-22Evemaster · MMIV Lacrimae Mundi
10-01Event Horizon X · Far Across the Wasteland
06-27EverEve · Tried & Failed
02-28Everwood · Mind Games
09-12Evildoer · Terror Audio
??-??Evilfeast · Funeral Sorcery
05-24Evil Incarnate · Waiting for His Return
04-25Evil Masquerade · Theatrical Madness
07-14Evohé · Tellus Mater
03-21Evoken · Antithesis of Light
??-??Evolution · About That Time
??-??Ewiges Reich · Krieg, Hass, Tod
08-29Ewigkeit · Conspiritus
11-??Exawatt · Time Frames
06-17Excalion · Primal Exhale
??-??Excess · Крылья ангела
07-11Excessum · Death Redemption
??-??Exchased · Behind the Void
??-??Excrete! · Vulva Infernale
??-??Ex Delirium · Transhuman
??-??Execrate · Aggressor
05-10Exequias · Despertando
??-??Exhale · Festerfiction
09-06Exhausted Prayer · Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow
08-10Exhuman · Sentence Delivered
08-30Exhumed · Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated
12-12E.X.I.T. · Past or Future?
01-17Exmortem · Nihilistic Contentment
10-04Exodus · Shovel Headed Kill Machine
??-??Experience X · Mirror of Perception Part I - Coma Vigil
??-??Experiment Sound Project · The Miracle in a Stranger Land
??-??Expose Your Hate · Hatecult
06-06Exsanguinator · Chronology
08-01Exsequiale · In Nomine Dei Luciferi Excelsi
??-??Extinción Cerebral · Virtualizer
02-21Extol · The Blueprint Dives
11-11Extrema · Set the World on Fire
06-07Extreme Violence · Ecstasy in Pain
06-17Extrovert · Разбудив океан
06-24Exulcerate · Remnants of a Cannibalistic Debauchery
02-??Exuvia · Se adormecen las mentes
02-15Eyefear · 9 Elements of Inner Vision
??-??Eyeless · Gloomy Day
12-05The Eyes · Pursuing the Misfortune
??-??Eyes of Fire · Killing Evil
07-08Eyetolegy · Construction
??-??F5 · A Drug for All Seasons
11-04Face Down · The Will to Power
??-??Faced Reality · Schweig
??-??Faceless Hulk · Same Jerks, Different Shirts
03-09Face of Agony · The Die Is Cast
10-??Faces of Gore · Splatterhead
??-??FaceWreck · The Legend of: Tommy Jones
??-??FaceWreck · Little Troublemaker
??-??Faded · Essences
??-??Faeces · Severe Hypoxia
08-??Fahrenheit · Uncharted Dreams
12-??Faith · Sorg
??-??F.A.I.T.H. · От искусства в ненависть
10-15Falchion · Legacy of Heathens
05-02Falconer · Grime vs. Grandeur
11-25Falkenbach · Heralding - The Fireblade
??-??Fallacy · Dark Zone
10-01Fallen Angel · Sueños del pasado
04-19Fallen Fucking Angels · Fat Totalitarian Metal
??-??Fallen Hallow · The Belief in Olden Ways
09-06Fallen Sanctuary · Theories of Ruin
07-14Fallen Seraph · A Significant Kill
04-01Fallen Souls · God Is Dead
12-07Fall of the Leafe · Vantage
08-??Fanatic · Complexities
??-??Fanatic · Thick
??-??Fantasm · Ведьмы
04-05Fantômas · Suspended Animation
??-??Far'n'High · Day Off
03-29Far Beyond · An Angel's Requiem
??-??Farzad Golpayegani · Two
??-??Fase Down · Blitz of Anguish
05-17Fast Eddie · Teen Sensation
10-??Fatal X · Demons
??-??Fateless Tears · In Memory's Shadow
10-29Fates Prophecy · 24th Century
04-20Fat Monsters · ...И целого мира мало
12-02Faze · Shine
??-??Feanor · Invencible
??-??Fearbringer · Simula et Dissimula
10-17Fearer · Backfire
08-24Fear Factory · Transgression
09-17Fearless · Don't Stop the Rocking
07-26Fear My Thoughts · Hell Sweet Hell
11-01Fear of Eternity · Toward the Castle
??-??Fears Missing · Fears Missing
??-??Fear Traders · Obsession
04-??Feldgrau · Mechanized Misanthropy
09-16Felony · First Works
06-17Fenris · Ordeal
11-21Festercyst · The Autopsy Archives
??-??Fetal Decay · Your Enemy Is You
??-??Fetocide · Redefine
??-??Fieldaway · Reise in die Nacht
??-??Fiend · Staring Down a Monster
12-31Fierce Allegiance · Into the Fire
05-24Figure of Six · Step One
10-??Filacteria · Paz interior
??-??Fil di Ferro · It Will Be Passion
10-01Filii Nigrantium Infernalium · Fellatrix Discordia Pantokrator
12-17Filter · 古墓狼 (Tomb's Wolf)
08-??Final Eve · A Eulogy for the Gifted
09-20Final Fall · Never Healing
??-??The Final Season · Contrasts
02-??Finist · Awakening
10-18Fireball Ministry · Their Rock Is Not Our Rock
09-03Fireborn · the World Crumbles
??-??Fire for Effect · Fire for Effect
10-??Fire Steel · Breaking the Glass
??-??Firestorm · Time for Revenge
08-??Firestorm · Twins of Fate
09-??Fire Trails · ThirdMoon
01-24Firewind · Forged by Fire
04-18The Firstborn · The Unclenching of Fists
??-??The First Lie · Displaced Paranoia
04-28Fist · Storm
03-29Fjoergyn · Ernte im Herbst
??-??Fjällstorm · Midnattssolen
11-07F.K.Ü. · Sometimes They Come Back... to Mosh
04-??Flame · Into the Age of Fire
12-23Flametal · The Elder
03-10Flashpoint · Lazer Love
??-??Flaskavsae · Celestial
??-??Flatline · Massive Aggressive
12-01Flegethon · Behind a Side of Times
??-??Flesh · Dödsångest
05-??Fleshdoll · [W.O.A.R.G]
??-??Flesh for the Beast · Devouring
11-30Flesh Grinder · Coroner's Inquest Suit
11-22Fleshless · To Kill for Skin
11-14Fleshrot · Gore-a-Holic
03-24Flight of the Jesus Dog · Untitled
??-??Flord · The Next Level
07-26Flotsam and Jetsam · Dreams of Death
04-27Flugel des Stahles · Moemetal
05-19F.O.B. · Default
??-??Foeticide · Embrace of Death
??-??Fogcrawler · Welcome to Your Suffering
??-??Folkvang · On the Wings of Destiny
??-??Food Metal · Food Metal
07-14Forau Obscura · Wrath
06-??Force Fed Flesh · The Human Virus
03-29Force of Evil · Black Empire
02-??Forensick · Reign of Survival Horror
02-05Forest · В пламени славы / In the Flame of Glory
05-02Forest of Fog · Nebelhymnen
??-??Forever Dead · Cycles of Tragedy
09-26Forever Slave · Alice's Inferno
02-12Forever Tormented · Engaging Broken Ruins
??-??Forgetting Tomorrow · The Essential
??-??Forgotten Souls · Maeth
??-??Forka · Feel Your Suicide
04-24Forn Valdyrheim · Reminisce Eternity
11-01Forsaken · Dominaeon
??-??Fort Royal · Двери
03-09Forty Drunks · Main Thing
??-??Fortytwo · Solid
06-11Forêt Morte · Cold Requiem
03-??Four Question Marks · Aleph
??-??Fourth Dimension · One Way Trip
05-??Four Ways · ...from the Ashes...
01-18Fozzy · All That Remains
08-12Fragile Vastness · A Tribute to Life
??-??Fragment · The Masquerade
??-??Frakass · Boucliers contre boucliers
03-01Frameshift · An Absence of Empathy
07-22Francesco Fareri · Forbidden Dimension
??-??Franck Ridel Project · Prophecy
04-01Frank Serafine · Nightmare
02-07Frantic Bleep · The Sense Apparatus
04-25Freak Kitchen · Organic
10-21Freak Neil Inc. · Characters
09-09Freaksxx · Cannibal Carnibal
03-21Freedom Call · The Circle of Life
??-??Frimost · Chaos in Their Flesh
??-??From Forgotten Being · Black Cataclysm
08-??Frost · Out in the Cold
??-??Frostbite · Dodenwinter
12-27Frostbite · Dood aan alles
12-??Frost like Ashes · Tophet
??-??Frostmoon Eclipse · Dead and Forever Gone
??-??Frown · Lovesinspain
11-19Frozen Mist · Cemetery Rain II: The Melodic Darkness Diary
05-06Frozen Mist · Resonate
08-21Frozen Mist · Traverse thru Realms of Nevermore
12-26Frozen Mist · Weeping Redolence
02-18Frozen Mist · Winterasylum
08-15Frozen Scars · Ancient Slaves
03-28Fruit Tree · Sunset
??-??Fuck Off and Die! · No Peace. No Love. No Whores. No God.
??-??Fuerza Extrema · Cortes asesinos
04-??Fulci · Dead Lights Red Sky
??-??Full Circle · Behind the Wall
??-??Fullmoon · Awake of Moon
??-??Fulmini Scarlatti · Absolum
01-16Fumihiko Kitsutaka · Never Ending Story
06-??Funeral · Muerte a la bestia
10-31Funeral Eve · Revenge
04-??Funeral Revolt · The Perfect Sin
??-??Funerary Ward · Recording Machine
??-??Furious Zoo · Furioso II
11-??The Furor · Advance Australia Warfare
12-??Fury UK · My Tomorrow
??-??Fyrdung · Revolution
07-29Gaia Epicus · Symphony of Glory
01-08Galeon · Cannons
12-05Galgeras · Booswichterij
10-31Galloglass · Heavenseeker
03-23Galneryus · Advance to the Fall
09-01Gama Bomb · Survival of the Fastest
??-??Gammadion · The Fuse Is Lit
10-11Gamma Ray · Majestic
04-18Gammoth · Blunt Force Trauma
10-19Gamy · Mosh! Mosh!! Mosh!!!
??-??Ganymed · Superdriven
11-10Ganzmord · Monolithic in Darkness
??-??Garden of Eden · Búcsú az Édentöl
08-15Gargoyle · 龍風
09-06Garrsinn · Tree of Sound Escape
09-15Gary Suicidal Kids Commando · Ainsi passe la gloire du monde
04-05GasHead · Knuckles avec Sombreros
??-??Gaszimmer · Dominazione di eternità
05-12Gatekeeper · Gatekeeper
10-??Gates of Dawn · Into the White Light
02-15Gathering Darkness · Beholders of the Pain Planet
??-??Gauhaert · Ygwaet Gwyr Gwynn Novi
??-??The Gault · Even as All Before Us
11-14Gaurithoth · Perverse
??-??Gaute Fjellheim · Draumkvedet Promo
??-??Geasa · Godslaughter
??-??Geboren · Hampa
05-10Geezer · Ohmwork
03-23Gehenna · WW
09-??Geimhre · Mollachd
07-10Gelap · Demon Threatening Kresna
10-??Generation of Vipers · Grace
??-??Genesis of Pain · Posthumous
??-??Genocide · Age of Kataklysm
09-15Gerion · Sueño de guerrero
06-27Gestapo 666 · Black Gestapo Metal
05-??Geïst · Patina
09-26Ghamorean · Plaguempire
??-??Ghastrah Proxiima · Essence of Oak
??-??Ghost Orgy · Lullabies for Lunatics
09-??Ghremdrakk · Sterrenpracht
05-06Gianluca Ferro · Involution
09-24Gigatron · Hitthrashhit (El disco fantasma)
10-24Gigatron · Mar de cuernos (The Platinum Years)
06-06Gjallarhorn · Nordheim
05-11G.L.A.S. · 18
11-08Glass Wolfe · Predator
??-??Gleis 3 · Kinder
??-??Global Warning · Enemy Within
09-29Gloom · Dystopia
07-??Gloomy Betrayal · Damnation
04-30Glorior Belli · Ô Laudate Dominvs
10-09Glory in Decay · Midgets Gone Mad
??-??Glow · Gone, but Never Forgotten
??-??Goat Bleeder · In Satan We Trust
01-??Goatfucker · Holocaust of Earth
08-??Goatlust · A New Darkness
01-24Goat of Mendes · A Book of Shadows
11-30Goatwar · We Are Heretics
??-??Goblin Cock · Bagged and Boarded
05-15G.O.D. · The Bass Production
04-08G.O.D. · The Pit
04-25G.O.D. · Still Breathing
05-28Godcursed · Domain
07-18Goddess of Desire · Awaken Pagan Gods
??-??God eripmaV · God eripmaV
04-25God.Fear.None · Envy
09-20God Forbid · IV: Constitution of Treason
??-??Godhelpus · Dissection Amphitheater
05-23Godiva · Call Me Under 666
10-28God Scard · ...and We Could Have It All...
09-27Gojira · From Mars to Sirius
??-??Golgotha · New Life
05-??Gonorrhoea · Schizoprenia like Syndrome
??-??Good God · Doorway to Hell
05-09Gorath · Elite
02-05Gore · Necrotic Feast
11-??Gored · The Beauty's Hand
??-??Gored · Incinerate the Vanquished
10-28Gorefest · La Muerte
??-??Goregast · Viva el animal
06-13Gorerotted · A New Dawn for the Dead
??-??Gorthaur · Dawn of Winter
??-??Go Smack Alice · Slapped
01-27Gostwind · 10,000 Years Ago
??-??Gothic Fate · Illuminati
12-19Goth Romance · Visible
08-30Gotmoor · Pain Provider
05-23Grabnebelfürsten · Schwarz gegen Weiß
05-??Grafenwald · Kommando Motherfuck
06-19Grafzerk · Nja mesille
12-20Grand Belial's Key · Kosherat
11-??Grand Bite · Profetas del fin
??-??Grand Lux · Iron Will
06-14Grand Magus · Wolf's Return
??-??Grannyfist · Fisting Granny
08-18Graupel · Auf alten Wegen...
01-17Grave Digger · The Last Supper
03-30Grave Flowers · Incarcerated Sorrows
10-25Graveland · Fire Chariot of Destruction
12-01Graven · The Shadows Eternal Call
11-04GraveSideService · GraveSideService
01-11Graveworm · (N)Utopia
04-30Gravewürm · Under the Banner of War
06-??Graveyard BBQ · Greatest Hits Volume I
10-08Graymalkin · A Master's Discipline
??-??Greatdayforup · Flores de Sangre
??-??Greedy Invalid · Meaning of Life
02-25Green Carnation · The Quiet Offspring
??-??Green Division · A holnap szemén
11-09Grendel · Beowulf
05-30Grey · The First Shade of
05-25Grief of War · A Mounting Crisis... As Their Fury Got Released
04-25Griffin · Lifeforce
10-03Grimfist · 10 Steps to Hell
07-??Grimmdrasil · The Grimm Tree of Life
02-??Grimmdrasil · Hybernium
11-??Grimmdrasil · Sleeping Rationale
02-05Grimness · Increase Humanity Disgust
??-??Grimstone · Unbroken
??-??Grind Corps · Esprit de Grind Corps
10-25Grinded Nig · Shriek of the Mutilated
03-??Grind Inc. · Executed
09-06Grom · We Are True, We Are Hate
??-??Gromm · Счастье - это когда тебя нет... (Happiness - It's When You Are Dead...)
04-28Groundcrew · Civilizations
05-15Groza · Life. After Life
04-26Gräfenstein · Silence Endless
??-??The Guardian · Open Your Eyes
??-??Guardiani di Frontiera · Guardiani di frontiera
??-??Guerreros del Metal · Satanás va a la iglesia
??-??Guided Cradle · Guided Cradle
10-28Gun Barrel · Bombard Your Soul
??-??Gurthang · Unfinished Tales
02-19Gutlock · In Conclusion the Abstinence
??-??The Gut of Madness · Black Paradise
03-??Gutted · Human Race Deserves to Die
??-??Gwrando · On a River of Blood
??-??Gypsy Rose · Gypsy Rose
11-01Hacavitz · Venganza
??-??Hacride · Deviant Current Signal
11-19Hades Inc. · Downcast
??-??Hadotor · Genocidio al judeocristianismo
??-??Haine Noire · Nous ne sommes rien
??-??Hallion · Rhythm n' Bruise
??-??Hallowed Curse · Symphony of Illusion
05-14Hallows Eve · Evil Never Dies
04-??Hamarr · Am Opfersteine
12-26Hamka · Unearth
08-30Hamlet · Syberia
03-07HammerFall · Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
??-??Hammerhead · Headonizm
10-??Hammerwhore · Hammerwhore
08-25Hangover · Shit Happens
05-??Hantaoma · Malombra
06-12Hapax · Epílogo
??-??Happy Face · Le Tigre
??-??Hard Maple · On the Way
??-??Hardwired · Geographic Anomaly
06-17Harkonin · Sermons of Anguish
11-10Harry Boschini · Signus
??-??Harvestman · Lashing the Rye
05-13Harvist · Lightning Storm in the Veins...
10-25Hate · Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred
11-??Hatecraft · Lost Consolation
02-12Hate Engine · Only Fire Can Cleanse Them
06-27Hate Eternal · I, Monarch
??-??Hatefist · HateFist
07-18Hate Forest · Sorrow
03-21HateFrame · Sign of Demise
12-20Hate Profile · Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile
09-26HateSphere · The Sickness Within
??-??Hatred Angel · On the Throne of Blasphemy
11-11Hatred Divine · Blindfolded Eyes
??-??Haust · Ride the Relapse
02-15HavocHate · Cycle of Pain
??-??HavocS · Forgotten Field
08-??Headmeat · Mass Sociogenic Illness
08-01Hearse · The Last Ordeal
??-??Heather Leather · Princess Leather
??-??Heaven Ablaze · Enlightened by Darkness
10-??HeavenFalls · Reality in Chaos
10-08Heavenly Bride · Wonder
??-??Heavynessiah · Dreamers Glorious Fate
05-??Hebephrenic · Hebephrenic
01-01Hecate · Oppressed by Sorrow
01-31Hedfirst · Scarismatic
10-21Heed · The Call
08-22Hegemoon · Tron zła
12-21Heiden · Tinne
03-11Heidevolk · De strijdlust is geboren
??-??Heiligs Blechle · Black Steel
12-??Heimdalls Wacht · Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm
12-02Hel · Falland Vörandi
??-??Hel's Crusade · Depths of Mind
09-26Helangår · Schlafes Bruder
10-10Helevorn · Fragments
01-10Helgrind · Denial
??-??Helicon · Olvidar el pasado
03-30Hell 'n' Back · Demo'n Supremacy
12-07Hell 'n' Back · Sacred Wind
10-15Helland · Del 8-14
??-??Hellborne · Fuck You
11-18Hell Dörmer · Cemetery Blues
11-28Hellfire · Billion Dollar Cranium
??-??Hellfire · Requiem for My Bride
10-24Hellfueled · Born II Rock
11-??Hellgoat · Blasphemy from Serpent Tongues
??-??Hell Hound · Confederate Steel
??-??Hell Icon · In Umbra Spectare Magnificentia Tuus et Obedientia Me Pronuntiam
??-??Hell Icon · Judex Ergo Cum Sedebit Quidquid Latet Apperebit Nil Invultum Remanebit
??-??Hellirion · Mávnutí kouzelným proutkem
07-17HellLight · In Memory of the Old Spirits
04-07Hell Militia · Canonisation of the Foul Spirit
10-28Helloween · Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy
11-??Hellsaw · Spiritual Twilight
??-??Hellshock · Shadows of the Afterworld
??-??Hell Terrorist · Human Terroristik Satanization
05-25Hell-Train · En pie de guerra
04-20Hellveto · Klątwa
11-20Hellveto · Prelude to Dying
04-19Hell Within · Asylum of the Human Predator
10-24Helrunar · Frostnacht
12-??Helwulf · Wolves of War and Blood
12-??Hemafrost · Terror Eyes
08-28Hemnur · Satanic Hellride
12-15Henceforth · Henceforth
10-25Heol Telwen · An Deiz Ruz
04-01Herald · Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast
12-20Her Enchantment · Darkest
10-15The Heretic · Gospel Songs in E Minor
11-??Heretic's Fork · Neanderthal Ballet
??-??Heretics · Wisdom from the Ancient Altars
10-??Hermetic Vastness · Expediction to Unknown
??-??Hermit Age · Sinnocence
??-??Heroes Laid to Rest · Scatter the Ashes
??-??Hetroertzen · Rex Averno
08-31Hevein · Sound over Matter
??-??Hevius · Derrière la lumière...
02-18Hexenhammer · Divine New Horrors
??-??Hezzakya · Drug Metal
02-??Hidden · Alexisstar Morphalite
??-??Hidden in Eternity · On the Ninth Day
08-15Hidden in the Fog · Damokles
??-??Hidden Path · Before Our Eyes
??-??Hielo Negro · Donde nacen los vientos
??-??Hiems · Cold Void Journey
05-30Hieronymus Bosch · Artificial Emotions
11-??Highest Place · Dilemma's
09-26Highland Glory · Forever Endeavour
02-01High on Fire · Blessed Black Wings
08-31Hills of Sefiroth · Fly High the Hated Black Flag
05-31Hills of Sefiroth · The Neglected Ancestry
01-26Himinbjorg · Europa
??-??Hinder · Proclivity
??-??Hindsight 20/20 · Desecration
??-??Hipnoid · Chaos
03-15Hirpus · Ianuaria
04-??Hithlum · In the Land of Mordor, Where the Shadows Lie
??-??Hobb's End · Spirit Bell
10-??Holocausto · De Volta ao Front
??-??Holocross · Hypercaust
??-??Holy Blood · Волны танцуют
??-??Holy Death · The Knight, Death and the Devil
02-??Holy Dragons · Волки Одина
05-11Holy Moses · Strength Power Will Passion
??-??Homunculus · In the Forest of Ravening Wolves
??-??Hope · Light of the Salvation
??-??Hopelessness · Broken Tears in Solitude
??-??Hordagaard · Trollskap
??-??Hordak · War Has Just Begun
??-??Hordes of Yore · Of Splendour and Ruin
04-05Horn · Jahreszeiten
09-08Horna · Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne
??-??Horricane · The Lynch-Lawyers
02-07Horrorscope · The Crushing Design
09-12Hortus Animae · The Blow of Furious Winds...
05-25Hostill · Hostill
06-??Hour of Penance · Pageantry for Martyrs
10-30Hromovlad · Vládca lesov, skalných stien
??-??Hugi · Solarliod
??-??Hukum Karma · Belenggu Hidup
??-??Humanasaur · Bedlam Easy Listening
??-??Human Error · Evolution Is Obsolete
05-02Human Ground · Human Ground
01-??Human Mincer · Devoured Flesh
??-??Human Mind Secrets · Between the Flesh and the Spirit
??-??Human Pesticide · Mutilated in a Bathtub
05-23Hunter · T.E.L.I...
??-??Hunters · Break the Rules
09-20Hurd · Зүйрлэх аргагүй
11-14Hyades · Abuse Your Illusions
06-??Hypnos · Rabble Mänifesto
05-26Hypnosis · Hypnosis
09-05Hypocrisy · Virus
11-10Hyponic · The Noise of Time
03-20Hyskal · Insight
03-17Hysteria · Hysteria
??-??Hyubris · Hyubris
10-10Höllentor · Blessed Are the Strong, Cursed Are the Weak
01-??Icarian · A las puertas del cielo
07-30Icaro · Tiempo perdido?
10-25Icarus Witch · Capture the Magic
03-29Ichabod · Reaching Empyrean
??-??Icon · Blindzone
??-??Iconocaust · The Natural Evolution of Metal
03-??Iconoclasm · Iconoclastic Warfare
??-??Iconoclast · The Jesus Disease
06-01Icos · Walk with Me
11-01IC Rex · Sielun kadotuksen sinfonia
12-08Idi Bihotz · Odola sutan
??-??Idiom · Principles of the Human Metronomy
??-??Ignot · Batec
??-??I Klatus · Borningroom
05-??Ildhur · The Wandering
11-25Ilium · Permian Dusk
01-03Illegiance · Disease and Disorder
05-01Ill-Fated · Last Decision
09-25Illidiance · Insane Mytheries to Demise
??-??Illyrian · Hellfire
??-??Il Sangue · Elegia 4: Still Desolation
03-21Imagika · Devils on Both Sides
03-25Imaginery · Long Lost Pride
03-31Imari Tones · Hero of the Light
09-30Imari Tones · Heterogeneous Species
10-01Imari Tones · Reluctant Savior
??-??Imbrue · Cado Datur Verbs
02-05Immolation · Harnessing Ruin
??-??Immortal Dominion · Awakening: The Revelation
09-??Immured · Fake New World
09-04Imoned · Golden Sphere but Humble
04-??Impale · Damnation 666
03-08Impaled · Death After Life
??-??Impaler · Death.All.Nation
10-31Impaler · Habeas Corpus
??-??Impious · The Life Ended in Disaster
04-15Impulso de Tánatos · Brain Putrefaction
03-21In Aeternum · Dawn of a New Aeon
08-??In Articulo Mortis · The Time Has Come
12-31Inchoate · Sterile
09-18Indian · The Unquiet Sky
01-03Indicium · Colours of Life
09-26In Disgrace · Define Death
10-25In Element · Evolution: Begins in Chaos
??-??Inepsy · City Weapons
04-15Infamous Plague · New Beginnings of a Dark Mind
??-??Infected Noise · Out of Control
??-??Infectious MG 42 · Imperator Mundi
04-28Infectoria · They Just Wouldn't Listen
??-??Infer · In Cold Being
07-10Inferi · The Awakening of the Black Hordes
03-23Inferia · Release for Burial Orgies
??-??Inferius · Caligastia
??-??Infernal Legion · Your Prayers Mean Nothing
12-05Infernal Method · Architecture of Instinct
??-??Infernal Poetry · Beholding the Unpure
05-18Infernal War · Terrorfront
10-10Inferno · ...Воскресни...
??-??Infernorama · A Symphony for the Heartless
03-10Infernum · Farewell
01-26Infested · ...Until It Breaks Down Again
06-05Infinight · Sea of Knowledge
10-24Infinited Hate · Heaven Termination
??-??Infinity · Enter Thy Labyrinth of Hell
10-24Infliction · The Silencer
10-07Ingurgitate · Bleeding His Sacred Kingship
??-??Ingurgitating Oblivion · Voyage Towards Abhorrence
10-25In Heaven · Darchangel
06-21Inhuman · Exeunt Armageddon
09-??Inmemoriam · Tiempo de acusar
??-??In Name and Blood · Dead Water
02-18Inner Chaos · Different Stories
??-??Innersight · My Little Demon
06-20In-Quest · The Comatose Quandaries
10-31Inquest · Scalped Alive!!!
??-??Inquisitor · Inquisitor
??-??Insan3 · Insanity Through Nightmares
01-??Insane · Wait and Pray
??-??Insane Devotion · Slaves Will Serve
04-??Insania · Face Your Agony
10-18Insidious Decrepancy · The Inerrancy of Profanation
02-14Insignium · In die Abgründe
??-??Insolence · Destroying Your Dream
??-??In Spite · Land of Steel Cage
10-15Intaglio · Инталия
??-??Interitus · Frozen Darkness
05-??Interlock · Crisis/./Reinvention
07-??Internal Evisceration · Rotting Child of the Puswomb
11-??Intestinal Disgorge · A Cockwork Whore Binge
03-25Intestinal Infection · Zombie Fuck
??-??In tha Umbra · Nigrium Nigrius Nigro
??-??In Tomorrows Shadow · Displaying the Elegy
05-20In Tormentata Quiete · In tormentata quiete
??-??Introspección · Revealed
??-??Invading Chapel · Gothic Is Just About Music
07-12Iommi · Fused
11-??I.O.S.T. · Greetings from Tchernobyl
06-13Ira · The Body and the Soil
??-??Ira Divina · No Mais Profundo do Espiritual Revelado
11-28Irate · New York Metal
??-??Iratus Dominus · Dispatch the Incarnation of God
??-??Irencros · Alchemy of Destruction
11-03Ironhead · Livin' like We Wanna Die
03-??Iron Mask · Hordes of the Brave
08-28Iron Thumb · マグネットパワープラス思考
03-??Iron Youth · Faith Is Stronger Than Fire
09-??Irredemption · Hordes of Anger
??-??Irreverence · War Was Won
07-07Isacaarum · Shibari Kata and Other Practices
??-??I Shit on Your Face · Anal Barbeque
??-??I-Six · An Epic of Hate
03-14Isole · Forevermore
??-??Isten Háta Mögött · A szokásos hátborzongató kora reggeli ordítás
06-??Istidraj · Singakult Black Metal
11-21ISZW · 13Constellations
06-29Ithdabquth Qliphoth · Ithdabquth Qliphoth
01-18Iuvenes · Towards Sources of Honour and Pride
02-28Ivanhoe · Walk in Mindfields
09-09Ivory Gates · Status Quo
01-01Ivory Knight · Unconscience
02-??Izgoi · Hyms... It Is to Him
08-??Izgoi · Погребальный костёр ушедших поколений
??-??The Jack · Twarze (2005)
??-??Jack'ost · Spirit of Us
04-25Jack Frost · Wannadie Songs
09-09Jack Havoc · Merritt A.D.
05-03Jacobs Dream · Drama of the Ages
??-??Jailor · Evil Corrupts
03-29James LaBrie · Elements of Persuasion
09-13Jasad · Annihilate the Enemy
04-29Jason Goes to Hell · Warning: Ignorance 120%
??-??Jasun Tipton · Seduction
06-16Jekyll · The Message for Hyde
11-29Jeremy · The 2nd Advent
??-??Jeriko · Jeriko
11-21Jesus Chrysler Superskunk · ...the Loudest No!
??-??Jesus Cröst · Fehlentscheidung
02-01JesusMartyr · The JesusMartyr
11-??Jihad · Strategi Setan
06-05Jimi Mitchell · I'm for Real
??-??Jinbara · Suatu Evolusi
10-17Johnny Truant · In the Library of Horrific Events
03-01John Petrucci · Suspended Animation
??-??The Joke? · Cockroach
??-??The Jones · The Meaning of Senses - Part 1
12-21JonnyX and the Groadies · JonnyX and the Groadies
11-11Jormgrun · Stillhet
??-??Jotunheim · Grim Hordes of Ravens
??-??Jotünns · Ahsk Fortii - Askav Porvat
06-??JT Bruce · Anomalous Material
04-29Judah First · Devil's Dice
02-28Judas Priest · Angel of Retribution
??-??Justin Georgewitz · Justin Georgewitz 1
02-28Kaamos · Lucifer Rising
09-26Kadenzza · The Second Renaissance
??-??Kaer Morhen · Season Witch
09-01Kahtmayan · Exir
11-21Kaizen · Sink
04-04Kalapács · Keresztes háború
??-??Kaleb · The Great British Invention
06-10Kaledon · Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter 3: The Way of the Light
12-31Kali Yuga · Kali Yuga
??-??Kamandag · Basag na Salamin
08-24Kamara · Synti, tuomio, katumus
08-??Kamar Mayat · Mati Tak Bertuhan
03-15Kamelot · The Black Halo
??-??Kamikaze · Kamikaze
10-??Kaos Rising · Cold Years to Come
01-10Kaothic · Order to Chaos
??-??Kapel Maister · Into Salvation
09-25Kaptain Sun · Blood, Rock n' Roll & Black Angels
04-27Karelia · Raise
08-08Karelian Warcry · Kylmä rautainen
??-??Karma · Leave Now!!!
??-??Karma Depth · Resilience
??-??Karmak · Entropía
10-24Kat · Mind Cannibals
01-??Kataplexia · Catastrophic Scenes
06-??Katarsis · Tierra de hombres
05-31Kataxu · Hunger of Elements
02-03Kathaarian · Cryptic Temples of the Ancient Cult
04-15Kathaarsys · Portrait of Wind and Sorrow
??-??Katona Zászló · Rovott a múlt
04-??Kawir · Arai
06-13Kayser · Kaiserhof
??-??Kedaton · Terlahir Kembali
07-??Keitzer · Suicide Anthology
03-??Kekal · Acidity
??-??Keltensturm · Mein Thron auf euren Leibern
??-??Ken Snyder · Nevermore
01-21Kettenhund · Vita Noir
??-??KeyDragon · Jonquils & Daffodils
??-??KeyDragon · Uncontrollable Forces
05-01Keymaster · The Lords of Everything
05-14Khafra · Misantropía
10-14Khert-Neter · Images of Khepri
02-??Khigh · Wise Hedonist
11-10Khold · Krek
07-01Khors · The Flame of Eternity's Decline
09-20Kidd Nasty · Out of Control
??-??Kidd Nasty · Voodoo Messiah
??-??Kiju · demo(N)cracy
01-28Kiko Loureiro · No Gravity
??-??Kiko Loureiro · No Gravity Playback Version
??-??Kilhumanity · Killing
06-03Kilju · Kilju
??-??Kill by Numbers · We Held Hands and Counted the Dead
??-??Killen · Speak No Evil
??-??Killer · Immortal
??-??The Killing · América sangrienta
??-??Killing Spree · Deception Betrayal Revenge
04-??Killjoy · Enemigo
??-??Kill Switch · What Doesn't Kill Us
11-01Kill Syndicate · World Suicide
11-22Kill the Client · Escalation of Hostility
??-??Kill the Kristians · The Final Solution
05-09Kill the Thrill · Tellurique
03-08Killwhitneydead · So Pretty So Plastic
??-??Kilpatient M.D. · Bodies
??-??Kimera · The Night Out of Time
??-??Kingdom of Dis · Rise from Ash
07-13King Leoric · Thunderforce
11-02King of Darkness · K.O.D.
01-??Kingscrossing · Kingscrossing
03-28Kinrick · Sense Your Darkness
05-04Kiuas · The Spirit of Ukko
02-07Klabautamann · Der Ort
??-??Knight Errant · Divan
??-??Knock Out · Dům nesplněných přání
11-07Knut · Terraformer
??-??KOAMA · Brought to This World
??-??Kolbenfresser · Schwarze Tage, weiße Nächte
??-??Kontra · Kontramundo
05-15Korihor · Bastardo
02-01Korpiklaani · Voice of Wilderness
??-??KosmoKhaos · The Experiment - Music Written in State of Moral Drunk
03-23Kotiteollisuus · 7
02-06Koziak · Mask of the World
??-??Krad · Cereal Killer
04-??Kraden · Doomsday
??-??Kraden · Forge of Evil Creations
12-??Kraft · The Ruins of Time
??-??Kragens · Seeds of Pain
??-??Kranius · Evilution
01-11Kreator · Enemy of God
??-??Kremate · Death: In the Name Of
07-??Kreuzweg Ost · Edelrost
04-03Krieg · Sono lo scherno
08-18Kriegsmaschine · Altered States of Divinity
05-10Krimparturr · ma'Hovtay'
10-24Kristendom · Awakening the Chaos
07-20Kroda · До небокраю життя...
11-??Kromlek · Kveldridhur
??-??Krvavá Práce · Kult krvelačný kosy
04-05Kryoburn · Enigmatic Existence
07-25Krypteria · In Medias Res
01-31Krypteria · Liberatio
??-??Krysaor · Krysaor
10-??Krystal Tears · A Brand New Life
10-24Kryzalid · Second Life
??-??Krüger · Душа изувера
09-??Ktarsis · Diseñando el alma
06-28Kult ov Azazel · The World, the Flesh & the Devil
07-??Kult Shock · Roses and Hell
??-??Kurgan's Bane · Camouflaged in Static
??-??Kuturlat · NecroRitual
??-??Kyla · Glory of Negativity
04-22Kylesa · To Walk a Middle Course
01-26Kylähullut · Turpa täynnä
01-14Kàvron's · Enkavrona2
09-??Kältetod · Leere
04-16L'Esprit du Clan · Chapitre II - Révérence
04-??L'Estard · Baptized in Blood
12-25Labatut · X-Termination
??-??Labyrinthus Noctis · Forever Fallen Darkness
03-04Labÿrinth · Freeman
05-05La Candida Virgen · Power of Pain
??-??Lack There Of · Faults of the Flesh
11-09Lady Winter · The Rain Can't Be Forever
03-30Lafrontera · In All of You
??-??Lahar · Provide & Conquer
09-19Lakupaavi · Raah raah blääh
03-??Lalu · Oniric Metal
??-??La Maldad · La teoría del caos
??-??Lament Configuration · Demonic Incantations
01-24Lanfear · Another Golden Rage
11-??Langsuyr · Asyik
12-14La Pestilencia · Productos desaparecidos
??-??Lapis Niger · New Order of Chaos
??-??Lapsus Dei · Beyond the Truth
02-??La Resistance · No Other Days
11-11Lars Eric Mattsson · Earthbound
05-20Lars Eric Mattsson · War
??-??Lashmush · Chapter Nine
??-??Last Dayz · Prisoner
09-10Last Mistake · Fuoco vs Terra
04-23Last Prophecy · Destination Unknown
02-08Last Prophecy · Sin mirar atrás
??-??The Last Season · Called It Civilization
??-??The Last Warning · Face2Face
07-12Last Will · Incompletion
04-??Lathe · Now or Never
04-18Lay Down Rotten · Cold Constructed
07-04Lazarus Blackstar · Revelations
05-30Leaves' Eyes · Vinland Saga
??-??Led to Slaughter · Malign
09-23Lee Hyun Suk · Myself
05-23Lee Z · Shadowland
??-??Lef de Bard · Ópera
10-??Left to Vanish · Buried Alive in a Grave of Your Own Mistakes
06-15Legion · Shadow of the King
10-??Legion of Darkness · Cantus
09-30Legion of Doom · God Is Dead
??-??Legion of Hate · Symphony of Painful Mysteries
08-??The Legion of Hetheria · Choices...
??-??Leichenschlacht · Treue und Ehre
10-??Leiden · Dualité
02-19Lemuria · Tales, Ale and Fire
06-28Leng Tch'e · The Process of Elimination
??-??Lenhador · The Fall of the Wood
??-??Leprosy · Beyond Recognition
??-??Letargy Dream · Спи спокойно...
03-??Leukorrhea · Breeding Salvation
06-01Leviathan · A Silhouette in Splinters
06-20The Leviathan's Mandible · Only a Ghost of a Smile
02-??Levitation · Let It Be Known
03-12Leyenda · Quintaesencia
09-30Leyenda Urbana · Leyenda Urbana
??-??Liar · Murder Manifesto
09-??Liar Symphony · Choose Your Side
04-18Licht- und Schattensaiten · Sonnenwind
08-01Life's Decay · Anleva
??-??Life Against Death · North America Is Built on Slavery
01-02LifeForce · Lifeforce
06-14Life of Agony · Broken Valley
12-03Lifetimes · Risen
02-02Life Will Be Good Again · Prayers for the Sick
02-25Light? · Mirrors
??-??Lightseekers · Last Mission
05-17Light This City · Remains of the Gods
10-03LIK · Besvärtade Strofer
??-??Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Meditation I
??-??Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Meditation II
??-??Lincoln Love Log · Are You BBQ
??-??Lincoln Love Log · Illnoise 2-Piece BBQ
05-07Lindisfarne · Heading the Attack
11-12Lingam · Seized by Loved Mother
04-29Liquid Horizon · Urban Legends
04-??Liquid Violence · 1000 Mile Stare
09-11Listeria · Full of Fire
??-??Lithany · Lithany
06-10Little Dead Bertha · Way of Blind
??-??Livercage · I Was a Highlander
01-22Loader · Mind for a View
10-21Locomotive Breath · Change of Track
09-22Locus Mortis · Inter Uterum et Loculum
??-??Longing for Dawn · One Lonely Path
12-03Longobardeath · Ki l'è dür
01-31Long Time Dead · Universal Cry for Help
??-??Loonatikk · Ocean Pearls
11-21Lord Belial · Nocturnal Beast
??-??Lord Divine · Donde yace el mal
09-11Lord of Mushrooms · Seven Deadly Songs
??-??Lord Satanael · Lord Satanael
??-??Lords of Darkness · Death's Addictions
02-06Lord Vampyr · De Vampyrica Philosophia
03-??Lorien · From the Forest to the Havens
05-24Losa · The Perfect Moment
04-25Losing Sun · Inertia
05-09Los Natas · München Sessions
07-24Lost Eden · Brutal Destiny
04-25Lost in Tears · To No Avail
02-25Lost Soul · Chaostream
??-??Lost Souls Division · Ghosts of Our Time
??-??Lothlöryen · Of Bards and Madmen
04-06Loudness · Racing -English Version-
??-??Lovos · Humanidad
07-15Luay Rifai · Serendipity
12-15Lucifugum · The Supreme Art of Genocide
04-28Lucifugum · Vector33
??-??Lucika · Unnerving Depth of Black
12-31Lugubrum · Heilige dwazen
??-??Luke Fortini · Luke Fortini
??-??Lullaby · Lament of a Vampire
09-07Lullacry · Vol. 4
04-25Lumsk · Troll
06-08Luna Field · Diva
09-30Lunar Aurora · Mond
10-??Lunarsphere · Barriers of Infinity
??-??Lunatics on Parole · Rise
??-??LunchBeat · Navždy spolu
06-27Lurker of Chalice · Lurker of Chalice
??-??Lust · Genesis of a Satanic Race
??-??The Lust · My Dear Emptiness
??-??Lusus Naturae · Portraits of Sin
??-??Luxúria de Lillith · A Volúpia Infernal
03-??Lycanthropian Carnage · Instinctual Violence
10-??Lycanthropy's Spell · Glorification of the Night
03-??Lycanthropy's Spell · Misanthropic Visions
??-??Lych Gate · Ancient Hate
??-??Lydian Sea · Architect of Humanity
08-08Lyfthrasyr · The Final Resurrection
01-29Lyijykomppania · Harmaita säveliä
01-17Lyriel · Prisonworld
??-??Lüger · Kill, Worship, Die
??-??Macabra · The Amazing Bitterness Taste
08-01Macabre Blasphemy · World Scream
01-21Macabre Omen · The Ancient Returns
09-24Macabre Visions · Beneath the Trapdoor
03-29Macbeth · Malae Artes
04-04Machetazo · Sinfonías del terror ciego
08-10The Machete · Regression
??-??Machina Infernus · In Your Darkest Dreams
05-14Machine Called Man · 2.004
08-22Machine Men · Elegies
??-??Madking Ludwig · Madking Ludwig
??-??Mad Laughter · The Shined
??-??Madman Mundt · For a Day or a Lifetime
03-02Madwork · Overflow
08-15Mael Mórdha · Cluain Tarḃ
06-06Maestro · Diary of a Vampire
04-18Magellan · Symphony for a Misanthrope
??-??Maggot Shoes · A Shoe Full of Maggots
11-14Magika · Lejos de Dios
05-28Magnificat · Opus Nigrum Overture
12-23Magnified Eye · Transition
??-??Mahatma · The Endless Struggle Against Time
02-15Mahavatar · Go with the No!
??-??Maholix · Skinhunter
09-12Maintain · Reveal Our Disguise to an Infinite Abyss
10-17Majestic Vanguard · Beyond the Moon
06-23Make a Change... Kill Yourself · Make a Change... Kill Yourself
??-??Malacara · Mi rebelión
??-??Malas · Conquest
08-18Malcuidant · L'Hymne de la Ghilde
02-14Maledictive Pigs · Soul Surgery
02-12Malefactor · A Collection of Broken Dreams from the Common Man
??-??Malevolentia · Contes et nouvelles macabres
??-??Malice 420 · Caucasian Psychosis
??-??Malicious Death · War and Power
09-20Malignant Monster · Foul Play
04-??Malignant Tumour · Burninhell
??-??Malignari · Fields of the Fallen
10-12Malmonde · Eva
07-11Malnàtt · Carmina Pagana
11-12Malpractice · Deviation from the Flow
??-??Malsain · They Never Die
06-??Malvento · Memoriae Mali
??-??Mandragora · At the End
03-??Mandrake · The Balance of Blue
10-15Manetheren · The Absence of Light
05-31Mangled · Witness Disposal Program
09-07Maniaca · Necropolis
06-13Manifest · Half Past Violence
07-25Manilla Road · Gates of Fire
??-??Mankillsman · Mankillsman
01-27Manntis · Sleep in Your Grave
??-??The Mansion of Soul Drain · In Memoriam
??-??Manthas · Declaration of Decadence
??-??Marbas Kult · Art of War, Heart of Whore
01-??Marblebog · Forestheart
06-??Marblebog · Wind of Moors
08-17Marc Rizzo · Colossal Myopia
04-01Mario G.M. · Climbo
??-??Mark B Schuster · Monster Me
??-??Mars Creation · The Fifth Church
??-??Mars Creation · Serpent of Hell
??-??Mars Creation · Sortiss of the Pass
??-??Mars Creation · Suffer and Die
??-??Martial Barrage · Call of the Serapeum
??-??Martiria · The Age of the Return
04-08Martyrium · The Carnage Lit by Darkness
??-??Masahipo · Shining Again
11-01Masqim Xul · Plague of Our Age
09-27The Mass · Perfect Picture of Wisdom and Boldness
10-??Massacration · Gates of Metal Fried Chicken of Death
??-??Massakre · Crematorium
11-21Master · Four More Years of Terror
01-24Masterplan · Aeronautics
09-05Mastic Scum · Mind
10-01Mastifal · Carnívora
??-??Masturbace · Teplo domova vychází z pochvy
06-26Mater Monstifera · Zrozen z hříchu
08-29Mathias · The Blue Album
??-??Matrero · Reflejo de un sentir
04-01Mausoleia · Being
08-24Maverick · Maverick
??-??Maxine Petrucci · Titania
??-??Mazafakt · Gabriel's Lullaby
03-29Maze of Torment · Hammers of Mayhem
??-??M.D.K. · Splatterguts
??-??Mea Culpa · World Inc.
10-31The Meads of Asphodel · Damascus Steel
??-??Meatcurtain · The Unrelenting Machine
09-26Mech · Mech
11-04Mechina · The Assembly of Tyrants
??-??Medieville · Insanity Echoes
??-??Medusa Touch · ...Someone to Take You There
12-01Megattack · Save the Nations
??-??Melancholic Art · Força Black Metal Pampeano
??-??Melancholy · Abeyance
08-20Melancolia · The Dark Reflection of Your Soul
??-??Melodiam · Incursión
09-27Melvins · Sieg Howdy
06-03Mendozza · HMCS Uganda
??-??Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon · Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon
09-06Mensrea · Mensrea
05-18Mental Care Foundation · Alcohol Anthems
11-18Mentors · Over the Top
07-??Mephisto · Metal of Death
??-??Mercy No More · Imigh sa Diabhal
12-??Merfild · Black Metal
07-??Merfild · Damned Blood
??-??Meridian Zero · Doors of Creation
07-20Merkabah · Shadows Never Forget
11-11Merkury · Merkury
05-23Meshuggah · Catch Thirtythree
??-??Meslamtaea · New Era
06-15Mesmerize · Stainless
??-??Mesmerized · Coronation
08-15Mesrine · I Choose Murder
10-24Mess Age · Rejected Burden
11-04Messaline · Guerres pudiques
??-??Messenger · Mivé fajul a világ
??-??Metal Child · New Adventures
??-??Metalinda · Biológia
??-??Metal Inquisitor · Doomsday for the Heretic
04-25Metalium · Demons of Insanity - Chapter Five
12-22Metallisk Esel Hives · Apni Bahen Day Doo Chudwanay Kay Liya Abb Mujhay
12-01Metalsteel · Taste the Sin
??-??Metal Wings · Hellbreaker
??-??Metamorphose · 1134 1135
??-??Metamorphosis · Then All Was Silent
01-13Metaroth · Meta Non Grata
02-17Methadrone · Retrogression
11-11Metsatöll · Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218
05-23Metus · Di niente facciamo parte
10-27Michael Angelo Batio · Hands Without Shadows
??-??Michael Gapys · The Strike
??-??Mico de Noche · Balls Deep
??-??Midgard · Born from Ashes
??-??Midgard · From Ashes...
03-??Midgard.upgraded · Dismembered
??-??Midget Parade · Soothing Sounds for a Pleasant Evening
05-27Midian · Conformation
08-??Midian · In the Winter Lies the Warmth
05-01Midian · The Land of Northern Demons
01-??Midian · Memories of Discord
05-10Midian · To Walk the Bloodstained Vastlands
01-31Midnattsol · Where Twilight Dwells
06-??Midwinter Storm · The Captive Soul and the Divine Perception
06-??Midwinter Storm · Desolation's Rest
03-??Midwinter Storm · In Search of the Foreverworlds
04-??Midwinter Storm · The Prophet and the Jackal
10-??Midwinter Storm · The View from Elysium
??-??Milimétrica · Milimétrica
??-??Miloš Dodo Doležal · Nejvyšší vibrace
??-??Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay · 7
??-??Mindatory · Mindatory
01-17Mindcrime · Tourniquet Sleep
??-??Mind Eclipse · Utopia: Formula of God
06-??Mindflair · Stagnation
??-??Mindflowers · Nuances
??-??Mind Gate · Spiral
05-09Mindgrinder · Riot Detonator
10-31Mindly Rotten · The Most Exquisite Agonies
??-??Mind Ripper · Kahos Humana
01-??Mind Snare · From Blood to Dust
03-??Mind Whispers · Beyond the Scarlet Opening
09-27Minsk · Out of a Center Which Is Neither Dead nor Alive
??-??Mirador · The Azrael Tales
09-12Misanthrope · Metal Hurlant
07-20Misanthrope Count Mercyful · Life Is Gone
??-??Misanthropic Art · Homicides
06-28Misantropical Painforest · Winds Saturate with Inhumane Longing
??-??Miserable Hermit · Miserable Hermit
12-17Misleading Ways · Dekade Mensch
04-12Missionary · The Absent Epoch
12-29Missionary · Paolian Wolves
??-??Mission of One · Show Me the Way
07-??The Mistral · Infected Souls
06-20Mistress · In Disgust We Trust
05-??Mistweaver · Age of Darkness
??-??Mixomatosis · Sang corrupta
04-14MMFHL · All Hail the Machine
??-??Moat · The Sun Is Destroying Us All
??-??Mobilizer · Kembali Kepada Tuhan
10-01Mob Scene · Borgata
03-21Moby Dick · Se nap se hold
04-16Moder · Fields of Devastation
??-??Modessa · Cause of Infection
??-??Moksha · Supersilver Haze
??-??Molar · En algún lugar
??-??Monarch · 666
??-??Monarch · Monarch
??-??Monastery · Thrashing Pictures
12-23Monkey Head · 난 개야!
03-10The Monolith Deathcult · The White Crematorium
04-25Monolithe · Monolithe II
11-29Monster · Harder, Thicker & Longer
??-??Monsters Among Us · A Night at the Massacre
??-??Moonfire · Verumon
08-08Moonfog · Porážka jatočných zvierat
11-??Moonlight · DownWords
07-05Moonlight Awakening · Even in My Dreams
11-22Moonshine · Moonshine
04-22Moonshine · Songs of Requiem
02-23Moonsorrow · Verisäkeet
02-02Moontower · Antichrist Supremacy Domain
??-??Moonville · Silver Screen
??-??Morality Check · Morality Check
04-23Moray Eel · Psycho: Delusion
09-26Morbid Mind · Ragin' Deep Inside
??-??Morbius · Sojourns Through the Septiac
10-01Morbus · The Beginning of the Lascivious Addiction
05-15Morbusdown · Stumm
07-??Morbus Kronn · Morbus Kronn
??-??Morcegos · 50TH Curse
??-??Morcrof · Machshevet Habriá (Myths and Conjectures of Creation)
06-??Morda · Azerion
04-18Morgana Lefay · Grand Materia
05-12Morgart · Die Schlacht (In acht Sinfonien)
??-??Morgue's Last Choice · HallmaSSSeenkasvaja
04-18Morgul · All Dead Here...
08-27Morgus Down · Eternal Fire
09-26Moriarti and the Sith · Skinwalker
??-??Moribund Oblivion · Machine Brain
10-??Morior Ergo Sum · Inheritors of Avernus
??-??Mork Skog · Obscure
09-12Morning · Hour of Joy
??-??Morose Months of Melancholy · Гнів арійських богів
??-??Morpheus · Élet és halál
09-30Morrah · Experiment in Blood
07-11Morrigan · Headcult
03-18Morrigu · ...Blood Shall Be Spilled...
??-??Mors Omnia Solvit · Hurt
04-05Mors Principium Est · The Unborn
??-??Mors Tua · Fortress
??-??Mortal Agony · Receptive for Chaos
09-20Mortal Decay · Cadaver Art
??-??Mortal Enemy · Suppressed Aggression
??-??Mortal Illusion · Voices
04-25Mortal Love · I Have Lost...
??-??Mortal Torment · At One with Oblivion
07-19Mortal Treason · Sunrise over a Sea of Blood
04-04Mortaris · Campaign Against the Holy Empire
10-31Morte Incandescente · Coffin Desecrators
??-??Mortem · Corpsophagia
04-13Mortem · De Natura Daemonum
??-??Mortem Obire · Nueva degeneración
??-??Mortifer · Verlangen, Wanhoop and Treurnis
10-??Mortifilia · Redemption
??-??Mosaik · Schicksal
09-23Moses Bandwidth · Behind the Darkness
12-23Moss · Cthonic Rites
??-??Mostomalta · Intersticio
??-??Mother Goose · Victim of Malice
??-??Mother of Sin · Apathy
08-??Motive · Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist
10-03Motorband · Satisfakce
??-??Motus Tenebrae · Wayside
03-16Mournful Congregation · The Monad of Creation
03-29Mourning Beloveth · A Murderous Circus
??-??Mr. Hyde · Escape from Time
??-??Mr. Jumbo · Metaluett
??-??Mr. Mama · Fikkas
??-??Mr. Powerfull · Metal Thunder
02-??Mr. Silent · The Maniac of Silent Viola
??-??M.S.I. · Dream the Serenade
06-09M.T.F. · New Life
10-14Mucopus · Mulch?!?
07-??Muculords · Carpe Diem
01-05Mucus Membrane · Shades Below
06-09Mudslide · Blues
06-25Muluc Pax · Muluc Pax
08-29Municipal Waste · Hazardous Mutation
??-??Muntah Kawat · Perlahan... Pasti Mati
07-05Muntum Tzeck · Everlasting Armageddon
??-??Music Distroyer · As I Rule in Hell
04-27Mustan Kuun Lapset · Talvenranta
06-01Mustasch · Powerhouse
05-18Must Missa · The Target of Hate
07-19Muthurlode · Muthurlode
??-??My Craving · No Mercy for Broken Hearts
05-01My Demons Diversity · My Demons Diversity
??-??My Enchantment · Sinphonic
??-??My Fate · Kill the Light
??-??My First Knife · Kyrie Eleison
09-19My Insanity · Scattered Soul Puzzle
??-??Myon · Slideshow
??-??Myopia · Enter Insect Masterplan
??-??My Plague · Mechanical Infection
??-??Myproof · Shining Stardust
01-31My Sixth Shadow · Lovefading Innocence
08-??Mysterious Eclipse · ...and the Long Night Fell, No Morning Followed
10-14The Mystery · Scars
08-19The Mystery Hall · The Voyager Through the Void
??-??Mystherium · Ouroboros
07-09Mystica · Human Mutants
??-??Myth 410 · Remember
??-??Mythological Cold Towers · The Vanished Pantheon
??-??M.Z. · Romantic
11-14Mägo de Oz · Gaia II: La voz dormida
09-28Månegarm · Vredens tid
11-14Mörk Gryning · Mörk Gryning
09-30Mørkriket · Hassgard
01-14Mütiilation · Rattenkönig
12-01Nacht · Nachtnebel
??-??Nachtfalke · As the Wolves Died
??-??Nachtgeblüt · Strange Ways to Ancient Times
04-??Nachtkult · Der Sieg des stolzen Blutes
??-??Nachtzehrer · Thiodwitnir
??-??Nadir · Tenacity
06-15Nadja · Bliss Torn from Emptiness
04-18Nadja · Bodycage
10-17Nadja · Truth Becomes Death
06-17Naer Mataron · Discipline Manifesto
10-10Nafak · Melodías del armagedón
??-??Nafalgar · Panzerreich
06-20Naglfar · Pariah
??-??Nagtegaal · Ayekantun
11-23Naildown · World Domination
??-??Nailed · A Pure World Is a Dead World
??-??Najand · Silence, Agony, Death!
08-09Nameless One · A Moment in Time
??-??Namtar · Bloody Chunks of Christ
??-??Nangarri · The Endless Pursuit of the Truth
06-??Nanowar of Steel · Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay!
04-25Napalm Death · The Code Is Red... Long Live the Code
07-??Narath · Feindblut
01-??Narath · Plague
08-??Narath · Portraits
04-??Narath · Vergessenheit
??-??Nar Mattaru · Пробуждение
05-01Natastor · Natastor
08-08Native FX · Fusion of Styles
??-??Natrium · The Day of Pain
??-??Nattas · At Ease with the Beast
06-20Nattefrost · Terrorist (Nekronaut Pt. I)
??-??Navar · 1621
??-??Nazzaq · Screams of Terror
??-??ND · Убей любовь
03-21Neaera · The Rising Tide of Oblivion
??-??Near Life · Of Love and Illusions
09-18Nebelhorn · Gen Helwegs Grund
11-??Necramyth · Unwritten Prophecy
07-??Necroart · The Opium Visions
07-15Necroccultus · Encircling the Mysterious Necrorevelation
01-31Necrodaemon · Prophecy of the Decadent
04-16Necrofiles · Necroprofiles
11-??Necrofili · Necrofili
??-??Necrogenous · Desolant Morbidity
??-??Necrogrind · Necrogrind
??-??Necroid · Natural Disharmonies
??-??Necrolatreia · Руны войны
??-??Necron · La mort au bout du rêve
??-??Necron · Necron
06-21Necronomicon · II : Born Again
04-18Necrophagia · Harvest Ritual Volume I
??-??Necrophilia · Necrophilia
??-??Necropsia · Die Fucking Bastard
10-31Necrosanity · Survival
??-??Necroshine · From the Deepest Hate
09-15Necrotesticvs · Necrotesticvs - Part I
11-14Necrotic Flesh · Postmortem Pleasures
??-??Necrotic Trust · Dry Our Fears
02-05Necrotized Flesh · Burning Christ
08-22Necrozzz · Лихо
??-??Necryptic · Sickness Sets In
05-17Nec Timide · Krew i chwała
??-??Needful Things · Dead Point
10-??Nefarium · Praesidium
09-24NEFormat · Breathe with Hatred
03-19Negative Face · Stín
??-??Negative Harmony · Corrossion Beneath the Flesh
11-14Negator · Die eisernen Verse
12-12Negligent Collateral Collapse · Sick Atoms
11-??Negramagia · Trashmutación
??-??Neila · Unclean
04-15neNasty · ...Сны жестоки
??-??Neocosmic · New Cosmic Order
??-??Neocracy · Burning an Empire
??-??Nequicia · Desorden mental
02-??Nerve · Blackened Chpt. 1
05-17Nerve Gas Tragedy · Written in the Blood of the Dead
??-??Nethescerial · Elder Congregation
09-13Neuraxis · Trilateral Progression
10-??Neuropathia · Satan Is a Cunt
07-29Neurosis · Subversivos espirituales
01-28Neverborn · Madness, My Friend
05-16Never Comes Silence · One Second Eternity
??-??Neverlight Horizon · Dehumanized
07-25Nevermore · This Godless Endeavor
12-12The New Breed · Evolution
10-27NewBreed · If I Were the Rain
06-17Newk · Greed
??-??New Mexican Erection · Co-Dependent
06-17Nicodemus · Vanity Is a Virtue
07-??Nicolas Waldo · Ark of the Covenant
??-??Nicronomodez · Dimensi Kesunyian
06-27Nidingr · Sorrow Infinite and Darkness
06-03Nightchains · Metal to the Bone
??-??Nightingale · Nightfall Overture
??-??Nightly Gale · Illusion of Evil
11-07Nightmare · The Dominion Gate
??-??Nightmare Prophecy · Connivance
11-07Nightmission · No Saints in Black
04-05Nightrage · Descent into Chaos
09-11Nightscape · Symphony of the Night
01-01Nihil · Expérimentations des détenus
04-23Nihilist · Another Dispersion of Hate
09-09Nihilistikrypt · Required Sacrifices
05-24Nile · Annihilation of the Wicked
??-??Nine Vapor · Chordate
03-10Ninnagesh · In Times Before the Light...When the Devil Was God
??-??Nitrolyt · StRypped
??-??Niños Morgue · Perpetual Punishment
05-??Nocheni · Entre el cielo y el infierno
??-??No Creeps · Time to Differ
04-25Nocta · Wicked Woman
??-??Noctambulant Orchestra · Древние сны
04-25Nocte Obducta · Nektar - Teil 2: Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher
08-??Noctifer · Manifesta Superbia
02-28Nocturnal · Arrival of the Carnivore
??-??Nocturnal Eclipse · Arcane Tales of a Night Spectral Voyage
??-??Nocturnal Fear · Fog of War
04-13Nocturnal Feelings · Nocturnal Attack
09-19Nocturnal Rites · Grand Illusion
??-??Nodes of Ranvier · The Years to Come
05-30Noekk · The Water Sprite
08-18Noia · Mind Oppression
10-??Noisear · Red Tape Agenda
??-??Noisear · Submit to the Subliminal
??-??Noisecult · End of Days
05-27Noisehunter · Rock Shower
??-??Nokthe · Decadenza
12-15Noktiis Eterna · Les larmes du tyran
03-??Nokturnal Mortum · Weltanschauung
02-21Nomans Land · Hammerfrost
09-30Nomenmortis · Exterminating the Bastard Forces
05-15Nominon · Recremation
??-??No Más No · Aquel que tanto odias
07-27None More Evil · Whore
03-21Non Finire Mai · Katzenjammer
10-24Non-Human Level · Non-Human Level
12-21Non Immemor Mei · Реквием опавших листьев
01-??Non Opus Dei · Sem al Diavol va porti al mal
10-24Non Opus Dei · VI: The Satanachist's Credo
10-17Noplacetohide · Zukunft
??-??Nordglanz · Heldenreich
03-15Norselaw · Macabre Skies
??-??Northwinds · Chimeres
??-??Nortt · Ligfærd
??-??Nostra Turma · Bloodart
04-??Nosvrolok · Maledictum Parasytus
04-04Not Fragile · Time to Wonder
??-??Notturna · Le tue ali
11-??Noturna · Diablerie
04-13Noumena · Absence
10-08Nova Art · The Art of Nova
??-??novAct · Tales from the Soul (To Those Who Understand)
03-08Novembers Doom · The Pale Haunt Departure
01-??No.Way! · Visions Impossible
08-29Nuclear Assault · Third World Genocide
10-29Nuclear Punishment · Nuclear Punishment
??-??Nucleon · Rytíř Nucleon
??-??Numic · Recrudescent Feed
??-??Nympha · Moan
12-05O Anjo Exterminador · Tetragrammaton
10-29Obdurated · Living in Failure
??-??Obiat · Emotionally Driven Disturbulence
07-18Obituary · Frozen in Time
??-??Oblivion Awaits · Where the Muses Dwell
08-03Oblomov · Mighty Cosmic Dances
03-25Obnounce · Remnants of Humanity
05-??Obscura Nox Hibernis · Il male primitivo
06-15Obscurant · First Degree Suicide
10-20Obscureism · Journey of a Lost Spirit
04-28Obscure Vortex · Was einst war...
??-??Obszön Geschöpf · Tomb of the Dead
09-01Obtest · Iš kartos į kartą
11-28The Ocean · Aeolian
11-10Ocean · Here Where Nothing Grows
??-??Ocelot · Rychlá smrt
12-??Octagon · Artisans of Cruelty
05-09Octavia Sperati · Winter Enclosure
09-??October's End · Grief Stricken
04-05October 31 · No Survivors
02-02October Falls · Marras
02-02Ocultan · Profanation
??-??Odal · ...wilde Kraft
03-04Odious Mortem · Devouring the Prophecy
??-??The Odours · Stench Chants
08-29Odroerir · Götterlieder
??-??Odyssey · Odyssey
??-??The O-Larn Project · The Olarn Classic
08-29The Old Dead Tree · The Perpetual Motion
09-22Old Goat · Slaves of War
??-??Old Grandad · Hocus Corpus
10-17Old Man's Child · Vermin
02-??Old Throne · Jezor Horra - Deuz Caedere
06-20Old Wainds · Oбжигающий холодный
09-??Olive · The Awaking
??-??Oliver Gerke · Oliver Gerke's Film und Theatersoundtracks
??-??Oliver Gerke · Oliver Gerke's Hard'n'Heavys
??-??Oliver Gerke · Oliver Gerke's Rock-Hits
02-15Om · Variations on a Theme
03-12Omegalord · Hammer Down
??-??Omega Tribe · No End
01-10Ominous · Intercorpse
08-16On a Pale Horse · On a Pale Horse
06-21On Broken Wings · It's All a Long Goodbye
05-08Ondskapt · Dödens evangelium
11-04One Slack Mind · 80 Is the New 100
03-03Onfall · Through These Days of Steel
11-15Onirik · Songs for the Apocalipse
??-??Open Rebuke · Stupid
05-??Operation Winter Mist · Imperial Grand Strategy
08-29Opeth · Ghost Reveries
07-30Opfer Rassenhass · Fierté ancestrale
??-??Ophelia's Nightmare · Foramen
10-31Opposition Party · Zombified
02-21Opus Draconis · Satanic Truth About False Union
05-25Oracle Sun · Deep Inside
??-??Oraculum · Propaganda del suicidio
04-26Orakle · Uni aux cimes
??-??Orant · V očích šelmy
11-??Ora Pro Nobis · Redención
??-??Orchidea · Země se točí
02-15Order of Nine · Season of Reign
01-24Order of the Ebon Hand · XV: The Devil
10-01Ordnance · 斗争 / Struggle
07-10Ordo Draconis · Camera Obscura Pt. 1: The Star Chamber Reviews
07-10Ordo Draconis · Camera Obscura Pt. 2: A View with a Room
??-??Ordos · Emergency Landing
??-??Organ · Volume of Hate
09-15Orgone · Straight to Hell
08-??Orifice · Milk My Cock
03-15Origin · Echoes of Decimation
08-??Origin of Silence · Mirage World Revival
??-??Orion Belt · Orion Belt
??-??Orpheo · Echoes
10-01Orthanc · Aux enfants de Thulée
??-??Oráculo · The Victory
12-??Oráculo · Wisdom
??-??Osirion · Har Sabbat
07-09Osiris Rising · Diluting The Gene Pool
03-15Osmi putnik · Živ i ponosan
09-13Ossian · A szabadság fantomja
10-21Osyris · A Lesson in Senselessness
??-??Otargos · Ten-Eyed Nemesis
??-??The Other Side of the Sky · Rorschach
03-13Othyrworld · Beyond into the Night of Day
??-??Ottar · Anathema
??-??Our Survival Depends on Us · Jumping Once Too Often into the Ocean That Had Always Been Our Inspiration
03-07Outcast · First Call/Last Warning
??-??Out for Blood · Love Lies, Bleeding...
06-??Outrage · A Mute Reminder
??-??Ovall · Cruise Control
??-??Overdrive · On Wizard Ridge
03-22Overkill · ReliXIV
??-??Overload · Inkább hős...
01-20Overload · Never Again
05-09Overmars · Affliction, Endocrine... Vertigo
??-??Oversoul · Me[n]tal Medication
12-??Overture · Back to Life
11-16Ozirisz · The Sin
11-01Ozzy Osbourne · Under Cover
??-??Pachamama · Pachamama
04-18Pagan's Mind · Enigmatic: Calling
03-18Pagan Hellfire · In Desolation, in Ruins
??-??Pagan Spirit · The Latent Doctrine
05-17Paimon · Metamorphine
03-21Pain · Dancing with the Dead
02-11Pain Factor · 8 Seconds
02-??Pain Link · The Burden of Sin
??-??Pale · Beneath the Tree of Wisdom
05-12Pandemia · Riven
??-??Pandrea · Instituția supremă
07-??Pandæmonium · Return to Reality
09-??Panic · Mis momentos de obscuridad
05-10PanicZone · Rise of the Damned
03-02Pantheist · Amartia
05-27Pantheon · Aryan Rebirth
04-19Pantommind · Shade of Fate
03-17Paradise Lost · Paradise Lost
04-18Paragon · Revenge
06-27Paragon Impure · To Gaius (For the Delivery of Agrippina)
??-??Pariah Theory · Tabula Raza
11-04Parricide · Patogen
??-??Parryzide · Violated Humanity
08-08Passage · Passage
??-??The Past Alive · What You Need
08-08Pastor Brad · The King Has Come
11-05Pastor Brad · Shred
06-06Pastor Brad · Telecaster
12-21Past Redemption · Forever Burning Scorn
??-??Patan · Acero
08-01Pathetic Madness · Destroying the Harmony
10-05Path of No Return · Black Nights Coming
04-08Pathogen · Bloodline
10-03Paths of Possession · Promises in Blood
??-??Paura · Youkillusweovercome
08-??Pavementsaw · Da indi in qua mi four le serpi amiche
??-??PC Death Squad · Too Fat for Love
06-26Pelican · The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
??-??Penance · The Road Revisited
??-??Penetrator · Penetrator
04-??Pentacle · Under the Black Cross
??-??Pentacost · Lost Within a Dream
??-??Pentatonik · II
08-12Perception Is the World · Qualia
11-01Perfidy Biblical · Decorations of Pantheon
12-15Peril · The Desert
07-??Perishing Mankind · Fall of Men
11-20Pernicious Hate · Disgrace World
01-28Perpetual · Overlord's Perpetual
10-??Perpetual Dreams · Arena
07-??Perpetual Dusk · Supreme Black Victory
01-11Perseidan · New Method of Virtual Fiction
??-??Perverse Monastyr · Five Years in Blindness
11-21Perzonal War · When Times Turn Red
03-31Pest · In Total Contempt
02-28Pesthauch · Sacrifice at Dawn
07-??Pestiferous · Deep Dark Seasons
07-25Pestilential Shadows · Embrace After Death (The Fate of All That Lives II)
04-??Pestis · Bollwerke des Hasses
??-??Phackner · No lo ves?
03-15Phalogore · Child Burner
02-28Phantom Lord · Imperial Fall
09-??Phantom Lords · Temple of Metal
11-07Phantom-X · Rise of the Phantom
??-??Pharaoh Overlord · #3
07-16Phex · Transfixion
??-??Phil Hatchet · Phil Hatchet
02-21Philosopher · Thoughts
05-30P.H.O.B.O.S. · Tectonics
11-01Phonetica · Words Are Weapons
??-??Phorkyas · Endzeit
04-??Piel de Serpiente · Encenderé tu fuego
??-??Pigsty · Pigs Are Back
07-26Pillory · No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool
03-18Pitch Black · Thrash Killing Machine
09-25Plague · Higher Moral Ground
??-??Plague Bearer · Views of a World
??-??Plague Bringer · As the Ghosts Collect, the Corpses Rest
??-??Plan 4 · Cambio de piel
??-??Planet 13 · One Way Ticket
12-05Planet Gemini · Wizards Blood
02-24Platitude · Silence Speaks
05-01Plugger · Plugger
11-??Poetic Justice · Evidence
??-??Pogost · Вечно спящим...
02-18Pogrom 1147 · Black Metal Complete
05-07Poostew · Struggle
10-??Porfyria · Duality
02-??The Porno Pandas · Pandamoneum
01-30Portikus · Virtual World
08-10Posthumous Blasphemer · Crucified Humiliation
??-??Potter's Field · Potter's Field
??-??Potters Field · Generation Genocide
04-??Power Crue · Night... Mares
01-06Power Gates · Shout at the Evil
07-18Powergod · That's Metal Lesson II - Long Live the Loud
??-??Power Plant · Vortex
??-??Power Project · Dinosaurs
??-??Power Quest · Magic Never Dies
04-04Powerwolf · Return in Bloodred
??-??P.P.P. · Under Tombstone
??-??Praemonere · A Vision Forewarned
??-??Prayer's Eye · Next Decade
??-??Precipice · Absolution-Introspection
06-06Presto Ballet · Peace Among the Ruins
??-??Pretorius · Bury the Hatchet
11-04PreTrash · Mission Accomplished
07-21Prevalent Resistance · Dynamics of Creation
09-19Prey · The Hunter
10-18Priestess · Hello Master
10-15Primal Fear · Seven Seals
02-07Primordial · The Gathering Wilderness
07-09Procer Veneficus · Argo Navis
08-??Procer Veneficus · Deathwanderings
11-??Procer Veneficus · Of Starfire and Blackshadows Crawling
??-??Proceus · Heaven of Northern Ice
??-??Profanation · Dead Body Fuck
07-??Profanator · Libido Clerico
??-??Profane · Say What You Will
12-27Profanos · Tiempos de miseria
04-??Profesor Lefebvre · Genio y figura
??-??Pro-Fé-Cia · Hechos de metal
01-01Program 4 · Loading Devastation
??-??Project: Storm · Stratagem
??-??Project Creation · Floating World
10-05The Project Hate MCMXCIX · Armageddon March Eternal (Symphonies of Slit Wrists)
??-??The Project Hate MCMXCIX · Deadmarch: Initiation of Blasphemy
??-??Prometeum · Muribunde angelis
06-14Pro-Pain · Prophets of Doom
06-06Prostitute Disfigurement · Left in Grisly Fashion
??-??Protest · Гнева ярое пламя
??-??Protest Urban · The Only Problem in This Case Is the Solution
01-25The Provenance · How Would You Like to Be Spat At
??-??Psicosis · The Crippled Machine That Moves the World
12-02Psicosis · Premonition
11-??Puerco del Desierto · Puerco del Desierto
??-??Pulsar · Civilization
10-??Pulsion · Arkanum
09-??Punch'n'Judy · Spring ! Time
??-??Pursuit · Quest
11-30Pustulated · Haematoma
??-??Pustulus · Mortem
11-30Putrid Pile · The Pleasure in Suffering
??-??Pvrenchymv · Invention E1
09-05PX-Pain · Denying the Consequences
01-15Pylaghian · Marginación nativa
02-??Pyre · Behold a Pale Horse
??-??Pysiedius · Rebirth
01-25Pyuria · Calliphora Vomitoria Introitus
??-??Pyöveli · The New Renaissance of Speed & Thrash Metal
??-??Płomień Północy · Duchy ciemności skrywane w sercach
??-??Quake · Volume One
??-??Quehanna · Quehanna
05-24Quell · One Man's Struggle with the English Language
11-21R230 · Nuclear Religion
??-??Radical Corps · State of Emergency
??-??Raging Force · Raging Force
??-??Railsplitter · Sunday Morning at the Church of the Head Crushing Riff
??-??Raimund Burke · Get It
??-??The Rain · Ellipsis
07-11Rain · Pura sangre
??-??Rain Delay · As I Bequeath My Yesterday
05-06Raintime · Tales from Sadness
03-??Raising Fear · Mythos
??-??Raising Messiah · Raising Messiah
11-29Rakün · Morbid Tails
11-25Ram · Forced Entry
??-??Ramhorn · Crystal Vanity
12-13Rampage · Crimson Frost
??-??Ramzes · ...CDN
05-30Ram-Zet · Intra
??-??Rancorous · In the Circle of Throne
??-??Rapid Fire · Brace Yourself
03-07Raptor · Worship the Goat
03-09Rapture · Silent Stage
04-26Rata Blanca · La llave de la puerta secreta
??-??Rattleface · Hard Times
??-??Raud-Ants · Karjasepõli
01-15Ravage · Get Fucking Slaughtered
10-04Ravage · Spectral Rider
??-??Ravenlord · Łowca
??-??Raven Throne · Великая тень Чернобога
??-??Raza Odiada · Igual que ayer
??-??Razor's Edge · Revelation
11-18Razorback · Criminal Justice
??-??Razor Ride · Nuclear Monstrosity
??-??Reacción · Fuerza plena
??-??Reactor · Updaterror
??-??Realized · 21st Century Terminal World
09-02Realm of Carnivora · Noblefilth Enigma
05-??Reap · Therefor We Are
11-09Rebelhead · Fightback
05-30Rebellion · Sagas of Iceland - The History of the Vikings - Volume I
08-08Rebel Without a Clue · Rebel Without a Clue
??-??Recapture · ...Straight from Hell
10-31Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal · Former Human Sergeant
02-21Reckless Tide · Repent or Seal Your Fate
01-15Reckon with One · In Human Need
??-??Recrucide · Rebellion
03-02Rectify · Have Mercy...
07-01Red Ankh · Bronze
05-17The Red Chord · Clients
04-19The Red Death · External Frames of Reference
06-21Redemption · The Fullness of Time
??-??The Red King · Somniferum
??-??Redrum · Bloody Sonnets
09-01Redrum · War, Blood & Honour
08-15Red Stars Parade · Disko
09-09Redwood Blues · The Pace of the Ordeal
??-??Reek of Shits · Deface Mind
??-??Reexamine · Laughing Dolls in the Purple Sunshine
05-??Refuge · Denied
??-??Regnum Umbra Ignis · Unforetelling Philosophism
09-??Regret · Rust
09-??Reich · Reich
10-??Reign · Massive Grooves
11-03Reign of Decay · Perceptions of Reality
??-??Rekion · 瓦礫音
06-28Relentless · Tempest of Torment
07-??Relic · Mystik Eye
??-??Rellik · Heritage of Abomination
??-??Remains · El cuerpo de los condenados
??-??Remember Twilight · Zerrissen
09-30Remembrance · Frail Visions
??-??Remorse · Harc!
12-??Renascent · Through Darkness
??-??Rentgen · Intrusion from Hell
??-??Reo · Condenados a vivir
03-01Reprobation · The Colour of Gore
09-19Requiem · Requiem Forever
??-??Respawn Inc. · Only Ashes Remain
??-??Ressonância Mórfica · Agregados Onimodos Malditos
??-??Resurrected · Past Scars Aria
04-28Resuscitator · A Warrior's Death
03-12Retaliate · Why We Hate
??-??Retarded Noise Squad · Plastic Surgery and World Domination
??-??Retribution · Retribution
12-24Revelation of Doom · Unholy Goatfuck
02-??Revelation Project · Revelation Project
09-23Revenge · EXplicit
06-11Revenge · Metal Warriors
05-24The Revenge Project · The Dawn of Nothingness
09-01Reverence · Industrial Mental Concept
06-15Reverend Bizarre · II: Crush the Insects
??-??Reverend Kill · Reverend Kill
03-21Reviver · Reviver
??-??Revolucion · Revolución
??-??Revulva · Sunset on Humanity
03-23Rex Devs · Zodiaco
??-??Rex Inferi · Like a Hurricane
10-??R.H.D. · Xô Governo
04-02Ribspreader · Congregating the Sick
03-29Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey · The Astral Episode
11-??Ricochet · Zarah - A Teartown Story
??-??Rictus Grin · Living the Dream
05-10Ride Inc. · The Music
??-??Riff · Metaloterapie
??-??Right Stripped · Plaguing Words
06-08Rigor Sardonicous · Apocalypsis Damnare
01-17Ringworm · Justice Replaced by Revenge
04-18Rising Dust · Rising Dust
07-??Rising Moon · They Are as Us
07-30Rising the Beyond · Demon's Night
10-25Rites of Thy Degringolade · An Ode to Sin
02-12Rites to Sacrifice · Rites to Sacrifice
06-20Ritual Carnage · I, Infidel
06-14Ritual Killer · Upon the Threshold of Hell
??-??Riven · Mausoleum
12-12Rivendell · Farewell: The Last Dawn
10-31Riverside · Second Life Syndrome
??-??Rizon · Evolution
??-??Roadhorse · Dámage à Trois
??-??Roadkill · Merlin
09-01Roanoke · Stormbringer
04-04Rob Rock · Holy Hell
??-??Rocket Queen · Ground Zero
??-??Rogosonic · Leave the World Alone
??-??R.O.J.O. · R.O.J.O.
??-??Rollin Wallowin · Hinni benned
10-??Ron 5 · Cuentos, hazañas & héroes
??-??Rosa de Saron · Casa dos Espelhos
??-??Rot · God Is a Holy Fuck
09-28Rotten · Fall of Mankind
??-??Rotten Cross · Architecture of Pagan Tragedies
11-??Rotten Penetration · Horrorous State of Anatomical Decomposition
01-05Rotten Sound · Exit
06-06Royal Hunt · Paper Blood
03-31Rudra · Brahmavidya: Primordial I
??-??Ruin · Aggressive Magnetism
01-04Ruination · Beyond
04-24Ruine · Mémoire de guerre
08-15Ruins · Spun Forth as Dark Nets
10-11Rumpelstiltskin Grinder · Buried in the Front Yard
07-11Runamok · Dance of the Dead
01-31Runemagick · Envenom
??-??Runenblut · Die Stimme des Blutes
02-21Running Wild · Rogues en Vogue
04-26Russell Allen's Atomic Soul · Russell Allen's Atomic Soul
??-??Rutah · Hate from Days Long Past
05-25Rutthna · Doomsdaylight
02-14Rytmihäiriö · Saatana on herra
03-04Sabaton · Primo Victoria
01-26Saber Tiger · Indignation
??-??Sachta · Anosognosie
11-01Sacra Arcana · Titkos szertartás
??-??Sacred Oath · A Crystal Revision
??-??Sacrification · Judgement Hymns
??-??Sacrifice · Pangumbaraning Sukma
??-??Sacrificial Totem · Kurghan
??-??Sacrificia Mortuorum · Les Vents de l'oubli
11-28Sacrificium · Escaping the Stupor
??-??Sadistic Kill · Cirugia cerebral Calibre 38
09-26Sadiztik Impaler · Sadiztik Syonan-To Supremacy
??-??Sadolust · Violent Fetish
??-??Sadom · Tertius
??-??Saevus Somnia · Black Knight's Prophecy
06-27Saidian · For Those Who Walk the Path Forlorn
??-??Saint Spirit · The Ways of Faith
01-??Salacious Gods · Piene
09-??Salem · Andares de victoria
??-??Sali · Unbreakable
01-14Saltus · Imperium słońca
??-??Samartary · Bestial Thrash Invasion
10-25Samchung · Way of Men
12-15Sammath Naur · Self-Proclaimed Existence
??-??Sam Yelda · My Revelation
??-??Sanata Vopilif · The Pig
06-06Sanctimony · Devil and Men
??-??Sanctuera · Lélekvándor
02-28Sandalinas · Living on the Edge
03-12Sangara · Симфония зла
??-??Sanguinarian · Haunting Echoes
09-06Sanity in Death · Sanity in Death
09-30Santa Maria · Жизнь на грани
??-??Santhyricorion · Praising a Frozen Horizon of Blazing Thrones
??-??Santuario · Santuario
03-18Saprophytes · Marionette
01-18Sapthuran · Hatred
12-??Sapthuran · To the Edge of Land
??-??Sarakt · Саракт
11-28Saratoga · Tierra de lobos
??-??Sarcoma Inc. · The Dark Prophecy
06-27Sargatanas Reign · Bloodwork - Techniques of Torture
09-30Sargeist · Disciple of the Heinous Path
??-??Sargon · Transcriptions
11-28Sarrgh · Black Hate and Doom
02-01Sarx · Nail Through Head
10-31Satan · Arcana
??-??Satan's Laughing Generation · Deep Sea Quarantine
??-??SatanicBlack · Angels of Blood
??-??Satanic Sega Genesis · Zombie Horde
06-30Satanic Warmaster · Carelian Satanist Madness
01-10Satanizer · War Cult Domain
??-??Satan Sluts · Satan Sluts
07-20Satans Sign of War · Satans Sign of War
09-25Satarial · Tanz mit... Tod...
06-27Satariel · Hydra
10-31Sathanas · Entering the Diabolic Trinity
??-??Satyriasis · Satyriasis
08-29Savage Circus · Dreamland Manor
01-01Savagery · Cataclysmic Genocide
04-04Scaar · The Second Incision
11-21Scala Mercalli · 12th Level
??-??Scalping Screen · ...Blood Out
??-??Scarlet · Looks Like We Made It...What Happened to You?
03-??Scars of Chaos · Daemonic Alchemy
02-07Scar Symmetry · Symmetric in Design
04-04Scenes · Call Us at the Number You Provide
06-20Scent of Death · Woven in the Book of Hate
12-09Sceptic · Internal Complexity
??-??Schattenheer · Schattenheer
12-03Schau Essen · Winner ?
02-14Schizoid · Asylum
07-18Schiztome · The Art of Dying
??-??Scopata di Morte · Nice Day for a Walk in the Graveyard
10-08Scorched · Forever Dying Sun
??-??Scrambled Defuncts · Hackled in Gore
??-??Screaming Shadows · In the Name of God
??-??Scroto · Rusted Vascular Hood!
09-05Scum · Gospels for the Sick
12-10Scumshot · Raise
??-??Sea of Desperation · To My Beloved...
05-23Sear · Begin the Celebrations of Sin
09-??Searing I · Bloodshred
02-08Searing Meadow · Corroding from Inside
11-25Seasons in Black · Deadtime Stories
??-??Seasonsky · Time Again
??-??Second End · Dobrá rána
11-??Second Silence · Inmisericorde
05-30Secret Sphere · Heart & Anger
07-20Secrets She Kept · Requiems to Midnight, Woe
??-??Sedative · Inconscience
??-??Seigneur de la Guerre · Seigneur de la guerre
??-??Seizure · The Hateflow Virus
??-??Sekar Jagad · ...Kidung Tangis Roman Kegelapan...
04-16Semargl · Attack on God
10-24Semen Datura · Vineta Part I
??-??Senmuth · Kami-no-Miti
??-??Senmuth · NewOldLive
??-??Senmuth · No More Sense
??-??Senmuth · Oracle Octave Part I: Orion Mystery
??-??Senmuth · Oracle Octave Part II: Sirius Mystery
??-??Senmuth · RXG-242-11
??-??Senmuth · Слишком долго и пусто...
??-??Sense of Reality · Absorbed in Thoughts
05-25Sentenced · The Funeral Album
10-??Sentient · SinesthesiA
??-??Separation of Self · Caldera
??-??Septima · Mysteria
??-??Septimo Angel · Batalla divina
04-14Sequence · Plague Solstice Part 1
10-30Serious Grind · First of All...
??-??Serpens · The Cult
05-18Serpens Cauda · Enemy Within
05-25Serpent · Cradle of Insanity
??-??Serpenterium · The Withered Spirit of a Shattered Reality
??-??Serpents Kiss · Serpents Kiss
??-??Serrated Scalpel · Teeming Gallows
??-??Serrucho · Erotic Diarrea Voodoo
??-??Serrucho · La gusanera
03-??Seven Angels · The Faceless Man
04-??The Seventh Cross · Scorched by the Flames of Vengeance
??-??Seventh Evidence · Air Pockets
02-01Seventh Heaven · The Gate of Seventh Heaven
06-22Seventh Wonder · Become
12-??Seven Witches · Amped
??-??Seven Year Existence · Execute Erase
07-??Severance · From Which I Rise
??-??Severed Hand · Keep Your Wives Inside
11-07Severe Torture · Fall of the Despised
??-??Severus · The Process for Elimination
05-05Sevices · ...
??-??Sexit · Tvoja tvár
03-02Sex Machineguns · Heavy Metal Thunder
04-18Seyminhol · Septentrion's Walk
12-01Señor X · Sin anestesia
12-27Shaarimoth · Current 11
01-01Shaded Enmity · Thought & Remembrance
02-28Shadow Cut · Pictures of Death
06-07Shadow Gallery · Room V
11-24Shadow Host · Curse of the Angeleye
01-01Shadow of Doom · The 2nd Chapter
??-??Shadowside · Theatre of Shadows
06-04Shadows Within · Suffering of Truth
11-07Shady Glimpse · Fear of the Thrash Box
08-??Shagnum · Shagnum
02-03Shaitan Mazar · Catalyst of Amalgamation
09-30Shakra · Fall
05-23Shaman · Reason
02-22Shamelady · The Winter Days Were Nights
??-??Shatter · Power in Us
??-??Shatter · Thousand Scars
??-??Shattered · The Dimmest Light of Hope
11-22Shattered Realm · From the Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing
??-??The Shattering · The Shattering Begins
01-28Shaxul · Shaxul
06-??Sheavy · Republic?
05-02Shihad · Love Is the New Hate
03-16Shining · IV - The Eerie Cold
11-22Shining Star · Enter Eternity
07-25Shival Vah · Decay of Our Nation
??-??Shockcode · Time to Talk
??-??Shock Opera · Sands of Time
??-??Short Fuse · Hate Brought to This Place Called Home
08-??Shrapnel · Sturm
??-??Sibet · Vzhůru ke hvězdám
03-21Sicknote · Rudenia
??-??Sick of Society · Life Lines
01-15Sick Sins · Atari Eyes
??-??Side Winder · Mother Earth
09-??Siebenbürgen · Darker Designs & Images
05-15Sieged Mind · Eternal...
??-??Sieges Even · The Art of Navigating by the Stars
04-??Sierpe · Sierpe
10-30Sifilis · Sifilisación
??-??SIG:AR:TYR · Sailing the Seas of Fate
10-31Sigh · Gallows Gallery
??-??Sigma Draconis · Vae Victis - It Will End in Blood
02-10Signs of Darkness · The 17th Floor
01-27Silberbach · Inferno
11-22Silencer · Death of Awe
??-??Silent · Seed of Destruction
??-??Silent Confusion · The Gods and the Leaders
06-30Silent Cry · Darklife
??-??Silent Decay · World of Lies
05-04Silentium · Awakening of My Nightmares
05-16Silent Winter · A Plague to Come
??-??Silva Nigra · Černý kult
06-11Silver Chrome · Forward Soul
09-11Simone Fiorletta · Parallel Worlds
09-24S.I.N. · Equilibrium
09-27Sinate · Beyond Human
12-??Sindios · Modern Plagues
03-01Sinful · Омут
05-13Sinisthra · Last of the Stories of Long Past Glories
??-??Sinocence · Black Still Life Pose
11-25Sin of Angels · From the Ashes
06-03Sin Origin · In the Presence of a Dread Magician
03-01Sinpularctos · The Voidance of Man
??-??Sintech · Silence
08-26Sirocco · Nemed: An Tríu Creathán
??-??Sittin' Idol · Gallery
02-14Six Degrees of Separation · Triotus, Tricephalus and Tribadism
03-21Six Feet Under · 13
??-??Six Flying Putanas · Six Flying Putanas
??-??Six Foot Deathtrap · Vindication
07-18Six Reasons to Kill · Reborn
??-??Sixth Gate · Sixth Gate
06-??Sjerp · Žatva
07-12SJK · The Metal Chronicles Part I
11-06Skalibur · El retorno del dragón
08-03Skeleton Crew · Unmuted System
12-??Skeleton Proof Tanks · Conflagration
??-??Skell · Skell
??-??Skeptical Minds · Rent to Kill
??-??Skidbladnir · The Jackdaw's Flight
??-??Skin Casket · The Greatest Threat
05-??Skinned · Spawn of Insanity
09-05Skitzo · Heavy Shit
06-??Skull · Beer, Metal, Spikes
??-??Skull Baby · Songs from a Wicked Heart
03-21Skullbreaker · Total Thrash Terror
??-??Skulldrag · Skulldrag
10-07Skullkin · South Inflicting Torment
12-??Skullpl8 · Dead Inside
05-??Skulls and Flames · Dead Area Paranoia
10-17Skumring · De glemte tider
??-??SkyFall · Sigh Society Impact
11-07Skylark · Fairytales
05-05Sky Valley · To the Gods of the Green Light
12-14Skyward · Skyward
03-14Slagmark · Eradication
??-??Slakte · Torke av bordet
??-??Slaves for Scores · Inertia
04-??Slave Whipping Blasphemy · A Kall to Whips
02-??Slechtvalk · At the Dawn of War
02-26Sledge · Desert of Souls
??-??Sleepin' Brains · First Dream
??-??Sleepwalker Sun · Sleepwalker Sun
04-12Sleipnir · The Path of Destruction
??-??Slik Helvetika · Slik Helvetica
05-21Slit · Cronaca Nera
??-??Slitting Puppets · Time Destroys
08-??Slomatics · Flooding the Weir
07-??Sloth · 8215 or a Bucket of Clothes
11-??Sloth · Day to Day
10-??Sloth · Toil and Fritter
04-28Slough Feg · Atavism
05-25Slowgate · Nordic Rage
05-25Slowmotion Apocalypse · My Own Private Armageddon
07-??Slug · Not for Sale
??-??Slugathor · Circle of Death
??-??Slutfreax · Down 'n' Dirty
??-??Snake Ride Rodeo · 107
08-19Snowblood · Being and Becoming
??-??Snowite · Heather
07-19Soilent Green · Confrontation
02-28Soilwork · Stabbing the Drama
04-20Sol Asunder · Asunder the Surface
09-01Soldier · Rebellion Bullets
??-??Soldier · Sins of the Warrior
10-18Solefald · Red for Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey Part I
??-??Solemnity · Shockwave of Steel
12-16Solfernus · Hysteria in Coma
10-31Solgrav · Auringon hauta
12-02Solicitude · Alteration
??-??Solidification · Vendetta Driven
02-07Sombre Chemin · Doctrine
07-??Sombre Présage · Murmures funèbres perdus dans la brume
??-??Sombriu · Profundezas
??-??Sonheillon · Evilheart
??-??Sonic Pulsar · Out of Place
09-13Sonic Syndicate · Eden Fire
??-??Sons of Jonathas · The Death Dealer
12-15Sons of Nihil · Unfolding Destiny
02-15Sons of Otis · X
11-??Sons of Slaughter · The Extermination Strain
03-01Sorg Innkallelse · The Everlasting Path
??-??Sorrogate · Spinalonga
06-??Sorrow and Tears · Az örökkévalóság emlékei
??-??S.O.S. · Punto di ritorno
??-??Sotahuuto · Sotahuuto
??-??Soulblaze · Soulblaze
??-??Soulburner · When Sanity Is Lost
05-23Soul Demise · Blind
10-04Soulfly · Dark Ages
01-24Soulgrind · The Origins of the Paganblood
??-??Soul Less Divine · The Black Dawn
09-20Soulrest · Transformation to Nothingness
06-??Soul Sacrifice · Stranded Hate
06-20Soulskinner · Tomorrow Never Comes
??-??Souls on Fire · Fire Demons
03-??Soul Takers · Tides
??-??Sound Cancer · The Plague of the Century
01-01Sourground · Shades & Echoes
??-??Southern Flame · Alcoholocaust
??-??Southern Whiskey Rebellion · On Guard Until Seal Is Broken
02-??Spalter · Sinnesflut
??-??Spasm · Lust for Feculent Orgasm
10-07Spawned by Rot · Beyond Random Torture
09-01Spearhead · Deathless Steel Command
??-??Special Move · The Game of Death
10-28Spectre Dragon · Beyond Creation
07-04Spectrum · A las puertas del delirio
06-05Speculum Mortis · 1348
05-24Spellbound · Incoming Destiny
??-??Spellcast · Moonrise
09-25Spell Forest · Lucifer Rex
03-29Spheric Universe Experience · Mental Torments
01-25Sphinx · Paraiso en la eternidad
??-??Spiegel · Portrait of a Human Soul
09-??Spire · One Moment Passed Nothing
06-20Spiritual Beggars · Demons
??-??Spiritum · Volumen I
07-??Spite Extreme Wing · Kosmokrator
01-06Spittin Jonah · Sphere of Resistance
11-08Splatter · Splatter
11-20Splitzen · Splitzen
??-??Spoilshroud · Apotheosis of the Next Configuration
??-??Sprattus · Soy Lucifer
09-12Squash Bowels · Love Songs
03-??SSORC · Infidel Eternal
04-28Stab! Stab! Stab! · Hell's Coming with Me
??-??Staccato · The Man Who Dared
02-14Stage Two · Stage Two
??-??Stagnatus · Agonization
??-??Stained Glass Torture · Tomorrow... All Hell Breaks Loose
03-02Stam1na · Stam1na
??-??Stand Aside · A Black Death Dawns
??-??Stardrive · Rust
01-10StarGazer · The Scream That Tore the Sky
05-02Starkweather · Croatoan
??-??State of Integrity · The Fourth Season of Revelations
??-??Steel Moon · Power for the Def Old Man
02-22SteelReign · East of Eden
??-??Stemcell · Stric 9
11-15STEMM · Songs for the Incurable Heart
??-??Stench of Death · Retrospect
10-??Stentorian · Protimuhurte
09-25Steve Bello · Jupiter Return
09-20Steve Cone · So.Lo
07-01St. Hood · Sanctified
06-12Stickoxydal · The Perverted Position of Interiors
??-??Stigma · Cutted by Chainsaw
12-24Stigma · The Failure of Me
01-??Stigma · Live in Solitude
08-19Stigmatic Chorus · Autodafe...
05-03Still Remains · Of Love and Lunacy
02-??Stillrise · The Blackest Dawn
01-??Stonegard · Arrows
??-??Stone Head · Rest in Peace
??-??Stone in Egypt · Swinging Dead in Summerwind
04-27StoneLake · Reincarnation
05-12Stone Metal Fire · Never Say Die
??-??Stonewall Noise Orchestra · Vol. 1
??-??Storm · Rebirth
??-??Storm · Storm
??-??Stormage · Balance of Power
09-02Stormbringer · Don't Think... Obey!
11-08Stormcrow · Enslaved in Darkness
12-??StormCrow · No Fear of Tomorrow
11-15Storm Legion · The Eye of the Prophet
09-05Stormnatt · Resurrection ov the Kult
??-??Stormrider · Shipwrecked
11-04The Storyteller · Underworld
05-??Straight Land · Refractory
??-??Strange Flesh · Dead, Empty Souls
03-22Strapping Young Lad · Alien
09-05Stratovarius · Stratovarius
??-??Stratus · Stratus
03-03Stravaganzza · Sentimientos
10-24Stream of Passion · Embrace the Storm
??-??Street Machine · Cena pravdy
??-??S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Invaders from Gnars
??-??Stress · A tűz még ég
05-??Striborg · Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation
11-30Striborg · Trepidation
11-08Stride · Imagine
08-16Stryper · Reborn
12-24Sturmfront · Behind the Gate of Darkness
01-24Sturmgeist · Meister Mephisto
05-30Styggmyr · Hellish Blasphemy
12-10Stygian Shore · Tree of Life
05-01Stíny plamenů · Železo krvácí
08-10Subliminal Crusher · Antithesis
??-??Subotovsky - Trombini · Metal Project
??-??Subtera · Apocalypsed
06-21Subterranean Masquerade · Suspended Animation Dreams
01-??Sucker Head · Hipertensi
06-??Suffocated Art · Demonically Inspired
01-11Suhrim · The Cunt Collector
02-??Suicidal · Vengeance
03-28Suicide Watch · Global Warning
06-??Suiciety · Icy Death Live
04-25Suidakra · Command to Charge
01-11Summers End · Summer's End
03-10Summon · Fallen
10-17Sunn O))) · Black One
??-??Sunoi · Within the Depths of a Dream... A Moment's Respite
03-21Sunride · The End Justifies the Means
04-25Sunterra · Graceful Tunes
??-??S.U.P. · Imago
04-25Super Heavy Goat Ass · 60,000 Years
??-??Superior Blood · Way to Perfection
02-??Superstatic Revolution · Goodbye Mr Wanton
??-??Supervillain · Earthquake Machine
??-??Suplecs · Powtin' on the Outside Pawty on the Inside
??-??Suppuration · Pain and Suffering
??-??Supraload · Hype Divine
03-28Supreme Majesty · Elements of Creation
04-03Supremos · Seed of Destruction
10-??Surgical Dissection · Disgust
10-24Suspyre · The Silvery Image
07-12Suzukiton · Service Repair Handbook
??-??Svald · Loyal(e) mutinerie
10-??Svardenvyrd · Obyčej slunovratu
10-31Svartskogg · Helvete 666
09-28Svartsyn · Bloodline
11-??Svenia · Black Heart
08-24Swallow the Sun · Ghosts of Loss
03-14Swan Christy · A Decent Album
01-??Swanwing · Ages
07-12Swarm of the Lotus · The Sirens of Silence
12-31Sweet Heart of a Berzerk · Why?
06-01Switchback · Fear
??-??Switchblade · The End of All Once Known
04-15Sword · Lord by Fire
??-??Sworn · Visionary Control
??-??Sykdom · Mjollnir
04-01Symbiontic · Vaya
01-??Symbols · Faces
11-25Symbyosis · On the Wings of Phoenix
??-??Symphony of Sorrow · Symphony of Hatred
11-21The SymphOnyx · Opus 1:Limbu
09-05Symphorce · Godspeed
??-??Syndrom · Primitive Future
??-??Syndrome · Syndrome
07-23Synesthesia · Relatos de una evolución
??-??Sypnosys · 8 Pieces for Dead's Eyes
??-??Syrek · Aum
11-14Szeg · Szeg II
??-??Sámán · Sámán
??-??Sói Đen · Chiến tranh và hòa bình
12-30Sólstafir · Masterpiece of Bitterness
02-28Taake · Hordalands doedskvad
12-??Tabernarios · Tabernarios
10-24Taint · The Ruin of Nová Roma
09-01Taketh · Freakshow
10-??Talamyus · As Long as It Flows...
05-??Tallboy Shotgun · Tallboy Shotgun
10-??Tanatossis · La cultura de la muerte
09-06Tandjent · No One Will Hear Us
??-??Tanker · Everleave
06-27Tarantula · Metalmorphosis
06-??Taste of Insanity · The Great Escape
05-02Taunusheim · Nebelkämpfe
02-??Tavaron · Suizid
04-??Tears for the Dead Gods · Tears for the Dead Gods
??-??Teaser · Gusts of Anger
12-12Temple of Baal · Traitors to Mankind
??-??Temple of Blood · Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind
02-27Temple of Brutality · Lethal Agenda
??-??Templo de Fogo · Sonho Real
11-14Tenebre · Heart's Blood
09-30Tenochtitlan · Эпоха пятого солнца (Epoch of the Fifth Sun)
09-06The Tenth Circle · Of War and Reflection
03-??Tephra · Tephra
04-22Terminally Your Aborted Ghost · Slowly Peeling the Flesh from the Inside of a Folded Hand
??-??Terror 2000 · Terror for Sale
??-??Terror by the Lake · Zombie Overlord
04-06Teräsbetoni · Metallitotuus
06-??Tetriconia · Eve
04-25Thanateros · Into the Otherworld
05-26Tharaphita · Primeval Force
10-23The9thCell · Lone-Lee
11-10Theatres des Vampires · Pleasure and Pain
03-31Thee Plague of Gentlemen · Primula Pestis
??-??Theodore Ziras · Euroforce
10-31Theriomorphic · Enter the Mighty Theriomorphic
01-??Therm.Eye.Flame · To Evolution?!
07-11Thesyre · Duality
09-26Thiasos Dionysos · Satyr
06-21Thine Eyes Bleed · In the Wake of Separation
07-07Third Degree · Outstay
??-??Thisharmony · Claroscuro
11-15This Solemn Vow · Behind the Second Curtain
07-12Thor · Thor Against the World
08-??Thorgen · Chemin des dames
??-??Thornafire · Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation
03-31Thorns of Ivy · From Grace to Tragedy
03-28Thou Art Lord · Orgia Daemonicum
04-07Thralldom · Black Sun Resistance
??-??Threnody · Control
??-??Throb of Offal · Moss Funeral
04-??Thronar · For Death and Glory
02-23Throndt · Throndt
??-??Throne of Anguish · Beholder
10-??Throneum · Pestilent Death
??-??Throttle Z · Beyond the Zone
10-25Through the Eyes of the Dead · Bloodlust
06-28Throwdown · Vendetta
??-??Throw Up · Esclave
??-??Thunderbold · Iron Neck
??-??Thunderfist · Loud, Fast, Rock and Roll!
??-??Thunderkraft · Знамя победы
06-07Thunderlip · Thunderlip
??-??The Thunderlords · Noisy Songs for Noisy Kids
04-18Thunderstone · Tools of Destruction
09-??Thundertale · Rising Power
??-??Thy Altar · Christrotten
??-??Thy Darkest Night · Into Everlasting Winter
11-11Thy Hastur · Lost Paradise
10-03Thy Majestie · Jeanne d'Arc
02-28Thy Nemesis · Christcrushing Anthems
??-??Thyoneus · Simple morir
11-16Thyrane · Travesty of Heavenly Essence
11-21Thyrfing · Farsotstider
06-18Thy Wicked · Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt...
??-??Thy Worshiper · Signum
12-??Tiananogue · Future Retrospective
02-25Tides · Resurface
??-??Tilaris · Were Stars Are Born
05-30Timeless Miracle · Into the Enchanted Chamber
08-13Time Not Forgotten · If They Hide in the Forest, Burn the Trees
08-??Time of Death · The Last Breath of the Dying
??-??Time to Burn · Starting Point
??-??Titanium · Sangre de Rocker
??-??Titan Mountain · Dark Portal
??-??Titan Mountain · Everlasting Cult
??-??Titan Mountain · Mystic Journey
??-??Titkolt Ellenállás · Így létezem
09-20Tiwaz · T-Stamped Spear
08-12Tjolgtjar · Voices from the Center of Earth
10-31TNT · All the Way to the Sun
03-04To/Die/For · IV
??-??To Be Eaten · Dead Man Seize
??-??Toby Knapp · Polarizing Lines
07-07Todfeind · Die Jagd hat begonnen
02-21Todtgelichter · Was bleibt...
11-25Tom Abella · Tinitus
12-12Tomb · Tomb
02-07Tombthroat · Out of the Tomb
??-??Ton · Thirteen Angels
06-06Toner Low · Toner Low
??-??Tongue of Razors · Tongue of Razors
08-20Tonnage · The Fujita Scale
07-05Tony Flores · Blazing Solo's
11-18Tony Martin · Scream
12-12!T.O.O.H.! · Order and Punishment
05-20Torben Enevoldsen · Flying Solo
03-08Torche · Torche
01-28Torian · Dreams Under Ice
09-??Torke · Torke
??-??Torment · Forgive the Ignorant
04-18Torment · Tormentation
??-??Tormenta · Cuando parten los elegidos
04-26Tormented · Tormented
09-??Torn Asunder · Recollections
??-??Torquemada · Delirium
11-11Torture · Eisenknecht
01-??Torture Cell · Wounds of Devotion
??-??Torture Eternal · Mentally Killed Before the Birth
02-09Torturium · Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds
??-??Torturor · Torturor
02-17Total Devastation · Reclusion
08-25Totem · Day Before the End
06-27Totenmond · TonbergUrtod
??-??Tough · Creation of Insanity
??-??Tower of Wankers · So Far, So Crud
05-13Towersound · Towersound
11-28Toxic · Intoxicated
05-02Toxicarm · Speed 'n Heavy
10-31Toxic Holocaust · Hell on Earth
??-??Toxic Poison · Cold Hate...Hot Blood
12-05Toxocara · Imminent Repulsion (Suffice to Prevent)
02-28Trail of Tears · Free Fall into Fear
??-??Traksion · Laberinto
10-08Trancemission · Mine
??-??Transgresor · Fidelidad
??-??Transito Libre · Sherezada
10-10Trapjaw · Virushuman
08-25Trauma · DetermiNation
??-??Traxtor · Pemberontakan Masa Hitam
04-12Trenchfoot · Bleeding for the Sake of Bleeding
11-21Trendkill · No Longer Buried
??-??Trendkill Method · Methodistortion
05-31Trephine · Trephine
11-01Tribes of Neurot · Meridian
07-??Tribune · Home Sweet Hell
06-22Tribuzy · Execution
??-??Trideral · Dualidad
??-??Triekonos · From the Top to the Ground
??-??Trinakrius · Sancta Inquisitio
09-09Trioxin · Outbreak
??-??Trist · Tiefenrausch (Ein Abstieg in fünf Stufen)
02-01Tristania · Ashes
03-15Trivium · Ascendancy
??-??Trogdor · Daeth Metal
03-15Trollfest · Willkommen Folk tell Drekka Fest!
??-??Trollskogen · Totenwache
??-??Tron · Tron Bloody Tron
03-28Trooper · Desant
??-??Truculence · Three in the Pink...One in the Stink
??-??The True Endless · A Climb to Eternity
??-??The True Frost · Eternal Strife
08-26Truth Corroded · Our Enemy Is the Weapon
??-??Try Redemption · Prey for Us Sinners
??-??Trémolo · Rosas negras
??-??Tublatanka · Patriot
??-??Tuborg · Tady žijem
10-11Tumulus · Средокресие / Sredokresie
05-10Tundra · Ansia
04-25Tunes of Dawn · How Is This Going to End
05-??Tungsten · If Death Doesn't Change You... Nothing Will
??-??Tunrida · Imperial
02-09Tuoni · Elävät & kuolleet
??-??Turrigenous · Bastard Songs
??-??TVirus · Guitar Vibrato
05-??Twelve Gauge · The City Is Burning
08-17Twilight · Twilight
??-??Twilight Odyssey · Twilight Odyssey
??-??Twisted Fate · Oblivion
??-??Twisted Harmony · In the Dawn of the Day
02-??Twyster · Xplode
03-??Typhus · Profound Blasphemous Proclamation
10-03Tyranny · Tides of Awakening
05-25Tyrant · Grimoires
??-??The Tyrant Lizard Kings · Attack of the Tyrant Lizard Kings
??-??Tálesien · The Blind Carpenter
??-??Tűzmadár · Jégkorszak
01-??Uaral · Sounds of Pain...
??-??Udainsakr · Lucida Intervalla
09-30U.D.O. · Mission No. X
11-15Ufomammut · Lucifer Songs
12-02Uhrilehto · Ihmisvihan eliitti
09-20UI-70 · Summertime Memories
05-04UI-70 · 妖蝶乱舞 ~ Deadly Dancing Butterfly ~
03-??Ulfhethnar · Essence of Superiority
04-17Ulfhethnar · Von deutscher Art
??-??Ulterior · Sudden Death Comes
??-??Ultrathrash · Unbalancing the Furies
06-03Ultra Vulture · Warship
06-06Ulver · Blood Inside
01-15Umbah · Alien Beauty
05-11Umbra Nihil · Gnoia
??-??Umbrtka · Paměti špinavé lávky
??-??Unaussprechlichen Kulten · Wake Up in the Night of Walpurgis
11-12Unburied · Blasphemy, Through Dismal Actions
02-??Unburied · Welcome to Your Graveyard
03-??Uncertainty Principle · Music of the Spheres
01-28Unchained · Unchained
08-24Uncut Despite · Evolution Reverse
06-20Under Eden · The Savage Circle
??-??Underneath · Perceptions
07-30Undertaker of the Damned · The Falling of the Parody of Misery
??-??Under the Drone · Keep It Shred
??-??Undish · A Gift of Flying
??-??Unforsaken · Not Alone
??-??Unfragment · Vices and Verses
08-??Unholy Grave · Nostalgia
??-??Unholy Scripture · Passion of the Antichrist
02-10Unholy Storm · Our Ancient Vision
05-30Unicorn · The 13th Sign
11-01Union · Christ Agony
12-21United · Nine
??-??Unithia · Boanerges
??-??Unithia · Serenity of Death
06-13Unlight · Inferno
05-25Unshine · Earth Magick
02-25Unterwald · Nos anciens rituels
??-??Untory · Indifferent
10-31Upwards of Endtime · Upwards of Endtime
??-??Urban Violence · Urban Violence
03-??Urfaust · Verräterischer, nichtswürdiger Geist
??-??Urgent · Out of Time
??-??Urgrund · Unchangeable Fate
??-??Urizen · Autocratopolis
??-??Urt · Varjuring
07-18Usipian · Dead Corner of the Eye
02-18Usurper · Cryptobeast
01-27Uvall · Obsidian Torment
??-??Uwe Heepen · Falling in Your Mind
??-??Uzias · J.V.D.
05-24V:28 · SoulSaviour
07-11Vain Rachell · Venal Vagaries
12-14Valalorn · Northern Legends
??-??Valas · Spleen
??-??Vale of Tears · Destined for Desolation
07-28Valhalla · The Aftermath
??-??Valhalla · Waktu
??-??Valhom · Desolation
06-07Valient Thorr · Total Universe Man
??-??Valkiria · Epika
??-??Valkyrian · ...of Boredom and Sorrow
??-??Valquiria · Efímera malicia inspiratoria
06-21Vanguard · Succumbra
??-??Vanilla Rex · Parallel Worlds
08-24Vanishing Point · Embrace the Silence
10-18Vanquished · Black Northern Storm
07-11Vargsang · Throne of the Forgotten
??-??Variant Strain · Infect the Infantile Dream
??-??Vaveyla · Abandoned like a Lighthouse
06-17Vazal · Age of Chaos
??-??Veda · Mental Pabulum
??-??Vedonist · Awaking to Immortality
??-??Velonnic Sin · Ritual
03-??Vendaval · Mi otra mitad
??-??Vendavall · Viento fuerte del sur
??-??Venice in Vain · Venice in Vain
10-??Verbal Narcotic · Dead Heaven
09-23Verdict · Generation: Genocide
07-11Verdunkeln · Verdunkeln
11-07Vermis · Liturgy of the Annihilated
10-18Very Bad Things · Unimaginable Consequences
04-25Vesania · God the Lux
??-??Vesen · Ugly
12-15Vespers Descent · Visions in Verse
??-??Vesuvius · Merciless Disease
??-??Veuliah · Deep Visions of Unreality
09-??Victim · Truth?
09-16Vigil · Let Death Descend upon...
??-??Vigilia Mortum · Bloody Remorse
??-??VII Arcano · Nothingod
04-20Viikate · Unholan urut
??-??Vike Tare · The Tide of Revelation
??-??Vikindin · Snatched from Mother's Teat
10-31Viking Skull · Born in Hell
09-23Vile · The New Age of Chaos
09-??Vindex · Power Forge
09-08Vinterriket · Der letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen
08-30Violent Devoties · Entwined by Vengeance
07-31Violent Marv · Synesthesia
05-25Violent Storm · Violent Storm
??-??Violet Moon · Morbid Visions
07-18Virgin Snatch · Art of Lying
??-??Virtigo · Systematic Suicide
08-29The Vision Bleak · Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem
10-07Vision Divine · The Perfect Machine
12-07Visual Cliff · Freedom Within
??-??Vis Vires · Inside the Hate
07-20Vitalij Kuprij · The Modern European Tradition
12-16Vitalij Kuprij · Revenge
02-13Vociferian · Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul
??-??Vociferian · Triumphant Usurper Beast
10-??Voiceless Void · Vampire - Another Side of Death
??-??Void · Autumn Nothingness
09-26Volbeat · The Strength / The Sound / The Songs
??-??Volksgeist · Triumph of the Death
??-??Volná linka · Kdo si hraje, nezlobí
??-??Voltage · I Am Your Friend Mr. President
03-??Vomigod · VG-05
10-18Vomit the Soul · Portraits of Inhuman Abominations
01-21Vopo's · The Price of Being Young
??-??Vorax · La oscuridad
03-??Vordr · II
11-22Vore · Maleficus
??-??Vorongrai · Immagnifico
09-??Vortex · Imminence of Death
11-??Vortex · Welcome to Metalland
10-??Vrani Volosa · Where the Heart Burns
08-01Vrolok · Soul Amputation
11-21Vultos Vociferos · Ao Eterno Abismo
01-20Vulture · Test of Fire
10-??Vuotare · Dysphoric Undertones
01-20Våld · Våldshandlingar
??-??Vélfragor · The Dark Exile
08-18Vörnagar · The Bleeding Holocaust
??-??Wackhanalija · Это (Часть пятая: В ненависти ко всему)
12-16Waffen SS · The New Dawn of White Power
10-26The Wake · Death-a-Holic
04-01Wake Up on Fire · Wake Up on Fire
02-10Waking Judea · The Desolate
07-??Wall of Silents · Wall of Silents
??-??Wall of Sleep · Sun Faced Apostles
12-??Walpurgisnacht · Die derwaert gaen en keeren niet
09-21Waltari · Blood Sample
??-??W. Angel's Conquest · Frozen Sky
??-??War · Holy War
??-??Warblade · The Phantom Blaze
04-19Warchild · Looking Back
02-01Warcry · ¿Dónde está la luz?
02-28Wargasm · Manhunt
10-18Warghoul · Rat Kultura
11-22Warmachine · The Beginning of the End
07-06Warmen · Accept the Fact
??-??Warnerve · No One Survives
??-??Warren Appleby · Monsters Among Us
??-??Warren Robert · Thoughts and Realities
??-??War Torn · The Sanctuary of Moral Turpitude
04-27Wasara · Meistä on maa täysi
10-25Watchmaker · Erased from the Memory of Man
09-06Watch Them Die · Bastard Son
04-??Wayland · Furia y fuego
06-03The Way of All Flesh · Condemned at Our Creation
04-26We're All Gonna Die · The Wreck of the Minot
??-??Weaken the Adversary · Burn Me Alive
12-13W.E.B. · Don't Wake Futility
02-10Web · World Wild Web
??-??Wehrhammer · ...sonst werdet ihr ihn ernten
11-19Weirdland · Weavers of Fate
??-??We Must Build · Commit The First Murder
10-25Werewolf · The Temple of Fullmoon
??-??Werwolf · Necrosphere
??-??Wet Animal · Wet Animal
??-??Wetwork · Synod
08-06When Day Descends · Transcend
??-??When Love Finishes · Destruction Technique of an Established Order
??-??Whisper · Whisper
12-20Whispering Gallery · Shades of Sorrow
03-15Whore · Doing It for the Kids
09-01WhoreMastery · The Cunt Chronicles
??-??Whores of Tijuana · Whores of Tijuana
??-??Widomar · Het land der Katharer
06-28Widow · On Fire
06-16Wigrid · Die Asche eines Lebens
??-??Wild Carol · the Forest
??-??Wild Willy's Gang · Camouflage
04-25Windfall · Infector
??-??Windrow · The Seventh Prophecy
??-??Winds of Creation · Septem
06-27Winds of Plague · A Cold Day in Hell
04-20Wingdom · Reality