All 5012 Albums From 2007
??-??$ilverdollar · Evil Never Sleeps
08-01'Neath · The Spiders Sleep
07-??+3 Broadsword · 666 Sided Dice
??-??13 Killings · Serenity's Ebony Dream
??-??13Nerve · Needless
05-1218 Wheels of Justice · Deceive Them All
06-??1917 · Vox Fatum
??-??1Down · 1 Down
05-071Enemy3 · The Warning
??-??1n54n0 · Drain
??-??26 Beers · 26 Beers
09-2929/09 · La Violence thérapeutique
??-??2 Headed Chang · Deliver Us...
11-233 Headed Monster · 3 Headed Monster
10-313 Headed Moses · Dragging the Lake
06-263 Inches of Blood · Fire Up the Blades
??-??403 Forbiddena · N.E.W.S.
04-??44Mag · Past Sins
12-315150 · 5150 Lead the Way
04-??5 Symbols · ...About Me, Maybe About You...
??-??666 · Ave Satan!
05-2366crusher · Truth Unmasked
01-097000 Dying Rats · Season in Hell
03-227th Reign · 7th Reign
??-??7th Seal · Conspiracies of Thieves
05-218 Foot Sativa · Poison of Ages
04-??9 Days Down · A Sign of Things to Come
12-??9th Plague · Apocatastasis Reversed
??-??:Tremor · С днём рождения, милая (Happy Birthday, Darling)
??-??A+ · A+2
10-??Aabsinthe · In Search of Light
04-??Aaron Pearson · Ridin' the River
09-18Aastyra · Aastral Projections
07-23Abandon All Hope · Where Life and Death Meet
06-04Abandoned · Thrash You!
03-26ABBand · Nech si to projít hlavou
??-??Abhor · In Nostrum Maleficium
05-02Abigor · Fractal Possession
08-14Abjury · Still Breathing in the Mass Grave
12-26Ablaze · Reaperbahn
03-18Abnormal · Shifted the Shape
12-20Abominable Putridity · In the End of Human Existence
10-11Aboriorth · Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague
02-19Aborted · Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
03-15Aborted Existence · Until Then, What's to Believe?
01-??Aborted Jesus · Carnival of Gonorrhea
10-22Abrasive · Awakening of Lust
03-26Abscess · Horrorhammer
08-07The Absence · Riders of the Plague
03-07Absentation · Mental Battle Resurrection
??-??Abstinenz · Altes Blut
??-??Abstract Essence · Aftermath
??-??Abstract Shadows · Symphony of Hakel
01-25Absurd Conflict · Point of Crisis
06-23Abusiveness · Hybris
??-??Aby-Kem · Azken guda
??-??Abysmal Grief · Abysmal Grief
08-04Abyss Angel · Descent into the Abyss
??-??Access Denied · Beyond Growning Pains
03-02Accid Reign · Awaken
03-09Acephalous · Divine Purity
??-??Acero · En pie de guerra
??-??Acherontas · Tat Tvam Asi (Universal Omniscience)
??-??Acolyte · Oceans of Blood
??-??Acoma · New World Order
??-??Acrid Tones · A New Chapter
??-??Acrimönia · Beethoven Is Dead
10-20Acrybia · Death, Birth and Marriage
??-??Acrylate · SS 106 the Killing Road
11-07Action! · Mystic Blue
02-??Adamind · Balance
06-06Adastra · The Last Sunset
11-??Adastreia · That Which Lies Within
11-13A Day of Pigs · Lecherous
??-??A.D.H.E.R. · De otras tierras
06-19Admiral Browning · Dead Pets
??-??Adoration · Vague Vision
??-??Adrenicide · Raging Full On
??-??Adrian Raso · C'est la vie
10-03Adversary · Singularity
09-05Adversity · Adversaries of Humanity
??-??Advertencia · Al escuchar tu voz
03-01Adytum · Echoes of Refuge
09-03Aeon · Rise to Dominate
??-??Aesir · Final Holocaust
03-08Aesma Daeva · Dawn of the New Athens
07-10Aetherius · All That I Need to Survive
??-??Aetherius Obscuritas · Víziók
07-03Aevlord · History of a New Mankind
??-??Affliction · Execution Is Necessary
07-06Afgrund · Svarta dagar
04-20After Forever · After Forever
??-??The Afterlife · Insanity
08-??After Omega · After Omega
??-??After the Bombs · Relentless Onslaught
02-24Against Nature · The Anxiety of Influence
09-27Against Nature · Unfolded
06-12Against the Plagues · The Architecture of Oppression
??-??Agankast · Walking with Angels - Running with Devils
??-??Agarwean · Among the Death Behind
05-??Agathothodion · Kan Guds Gjort
10-??A.G.E · The Scar of Lead
08-31Agent Steel · Alienigma
??-??Age of Carnage · Blackrain City
03-27Age of Evil · Living a Sick Dream
??-??Age of Illusion · Tragic Kingdom
01-11Age of Nemesis · Terra Incognita
06-??Aggression Tales · Scribbles in Blood
??-??Agnus Meatplow · Drink and Destroy
06-07Agonhymn · Doom Jazz
07-20The Agonist · Once Only Imagined
08-04Agonizer · Birth / The End
10-23The Agony Scene · Get Damned
12-15A Gruesome Find · Of Blood and Nobility
??-??Ahnkou · Father of Time
09-30Ahoora · All in Blood with You
??-??Ahriman · Sacrificios para el trono de Ahriman
11-23Aigro Mucifelam · Lost Sounds Depraved
05-25Ai Muro · City of Scars
03-??Airut · Langennut
09-05Ajattara · Kalmanto
??-??Ak//47 · Barricades Close the Street But Open the Way
??-??Akashah · Barbarous
09-??Akbal · Cegado
10-31Akela · Fattyúdal
??-??Akerbel Kropos · Consumiendo infelices
05-28Akercocke · Antichrist
06-21Akhramort · The Dungeon of Pessimism
11-25Akhramort · Vlad Tepes
09-26Akira Takasaki · Black Brown
04-05Akromusto · Satan Hunt for Sex Slaves
09-02Akromusto · Ventgard Turned
05-14Aktiv Dödshjälp · 4:48
??-??Akuma · Shrouds of the Final Nothing
06-02Al'Virius · Beyond the Human Nation
03-06Alabama Thunderpussy · Open Fire
??-??Alastor · A New Blood
08-??Alastor · Noble North
02-23Al Atkins · Demon Deceiver
01-03Alatyr · Alatyr
08-03Alcest · Souvenirs d'un autre monde
01-31Alchemist · Disaster Area
08-??Alchemist · Tripsis
??-??Alcohol · Ezen a szinten
05-17Aldebaran · Dwellers in Twilight
??-??Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto · Orden & Caos
??-??Alek · Ritual
??-??Aletheia · Radiance
??-??Alfa Eridano Akhernar · Aberrant Hate Icon
02-05Algol · The Wisdom Lost
12-12Alhambra · Fadista
06-01Alice in Thunderland · Into the Darkest Night
09-18A Life Once Lost · Iron Gag
??-??Alioth · 12 historias
10-18Alkimya · The Other Side
11-19Alkonost · Каменного сердца кровь
02-22Alkonost · Песни вечного древа
05-11Allen - Lande · The Revenge
03-18Allerjen · Surrender and Be Destroyed
10-19All Its Grace · The Swarm of Decay
07-10The Allknowing · Ours for the Taking
04-03All Out War · Assassins in the House of God
??-??All Shall Die · The Inferno
06-??Alltheniko · We Will Fight!
??-??Alluminia · Power on Self Test
04-01Allvater · Vater
03-??Allvaters Zorn · Geburt
??-??Almost · Mundo de sombras
??-??Almost Dead · Almost Dead
??-??Almost Is Nothing · Ways to Spend the End of Days
??-??A Lower Deep · Black Marys
05-28Al Sirat · Warhead
10-19Altar of Giallo · A Bloodfeast for the Dead
02-??Altharya · The Oasis Fib, a Cosmic Sail
12-15Altona · Altona
12-29Amagortis · Pre-Natal Cannibalism
08-01Amalek · Die Rückkehr Wotans
06-26Amaran's Plight · Voice in the Light
05-18Amatris · Imprisoned
09-26Amazing Maze · Amazing Maze
06-28Ambehr · Чёрная дорога
??-??Ambryo · Dead End Street
07-07Amen Corner · Lucification
10-31Amenti · Under the Dying Sun
??-??Amentia · Burn to Hate
??-??Amerhon · Traveller in Life
??-??American Rust · Dog's Hair Sacrament
07-07A.M.E.S. · Postmortem Rites
??-??Ammunition · Final Rage
12-??Amnesia · 93 motivos
??-??Amok · Negative World
10-??Among the Decayed · Dead Rising
??-??Among the Missing · Cease to Exist
??-??Amon Ra · Slaves to the Moon
08-15Amoral · Reptile Ride
??-??Amor e Morte · About These Thornless Wilds
08-31Amorphis · Silent Waters
10-02Amplified Heat · How Do You Like the Sound of That
04-08Amplifire · Back at the Front
??-??Amputated Christ · Her Cries, Her Blood, Crimson Frost
??-??Amputated Christ · Lost Rites of Mankind
08-14Ampütator · Deathcult Barbaric Hell
01-??Amset · Suspiria (Anatomía del miedo)
04-03Amuk · Bertemu Ruas...
??-??Amyris · ProgressIIProcess
04-02Amystery · Extermination, Followed by Cryptic Silence
02-14Amüza · Dear Perfect Hysteria
10-29Anaal Nathrakh · Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here
10-19Anabanta · Letanias capítulo II - La pesadilla
??-??Anachronaeon · As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies
11-24Anagnorisis · Overton Trees
01-26Anal Dissected Angel · Castrate the People
??-??Anal Grind · Anal Cannibal
??-??Anality · Gnojenje
??-??Analog Machine · Analog Machine
05-09Anal Penetration · Spray for Jesus
11-28Anal Vomit · Depravation
02-26Anaphora · Après les rêves
??-??Anax · Return to Hell
08-22Ancara · Beyond the Dark
09-??Ancestral · The Ancient Curse
??-??Ancesttral · The Famous Unknown
02-21Anchang · Memphis
11-23Ancient Creation · Evolution Bound
02-02Ancient Existence · Hate Is the Law
09-15Ancient Necropsy · Apocalyptic Empire
??-??Ancient Season · Sudden Fading Lost
09-21And Harmony Dies · Flames Everywhere
08-22Andre Matos · Time to Be Free
??-??Andrew W. Bordoni · Andrew Bordoni & Friends
??-??Andromeda · Versiones acústicas
05-21Andy James · In the Wake of Chaos
08-??Aneurysm · Shades
04-??Angantyr · Hævn
??-??Angel · Último despertar
04-??Angelblood · Mambo Mange
05-04Angelcorpse · Of Lucifer and Lightning
03-26Angel House · World on Fire
??-??Angels of Deception · Pestilence
09-10Angelus Apatrida · Give 'Em War
01-02Angelus Mortis · Venerable Grey Epitaph
11-04Angerpath · Forgotten World
??-??Angher · Hidden Truth
??-??Angkor · Infectus I.N.R.I
??-??Angra Mainyu · Versunkenheit
??-??Angélida · Decanimae
??-??An Handful of Dust · I'll Show You My Fear
??-??Anima · Anima
??-??Anima Adversa · El otro yo
01-??Anima Damnata · Atrocious Disfigurement of the Redeemer's Corpse at the Graveyard of Humanity
08-??Animae Capronii · Bizzarre Signs of Capronii
10-??Animae Capronii · Black Magik Rehearsal
11-??Animae Capronii · Miasma ermetico
05-??Animae Capronii · Reign of the Wolf
??-??Animal Hate · ...a Witch Shall Be Born
12-15Animal Mother · No Rules
??-??Animas Negras · La orden del cristal
07-16Animations · Animations
10-02Animosity · Animal
06-18AnJ · With Honor to Live
??-??AnJ · Параллельные миры, часть первая
??-??Anjos de Salém · A Saga
05-17Ankhagram · Neverending Sorrow
??-??Annihilate the Hero · Betrothing Dejection
04-16Annihilator · Metal
02-27Annunaki · Throne of the Annunaki
12-22Annúlond · Battles, Singing and Ale Drinking
??-??Anomaly · The Silence Finds the Lost Words
11-11Anomaly in Effigy · Birthright
03-27Anomaly in Effigy · Conception
11-03Anonima Sequestri · Unsafe, Insane, & Forced
05-01Another Side · The Songs of Tired Steps from Another Side
??-??ANS · The Process of Stoking Out
01-05Antarktis Utopia · 030550
06-12Anterior · This Age of Silence
07-21Anthelion · 沐血再臨 (Bloodshed Rebefallen)
03-25Anthems of Gomorrah · Gebrechlichkeit
??-??A.N.T.I. · ReBirth
??-??A.N.T.I. · R.e.D.E.A.T.H.
05-15Antigama · Resonance
08-10Antologija · Nemiri
03-??Antropoid · Danger
??-??Antévirus · Pandaemia
08-17Anubis Gate · Andromeda Unchained
11-20Anubiz · Unruh
??-??Anus Tumor · Be Openminded
??-??Anvil · This Is Thirteen
12-10Anwech · My Frozen Dream Slept Too Eternally...
??-??Apaculus · Rebirth of Machines
??-??Apathetic Discharge · Hell's Eclipse
06-12A Perfect Murder · War of Aggression
02-14Aphses · Mental Distress
09-17Apocalyptica · Worlds Collide
01-10Apocrypha · The Summit of Creation
02-05Apocryphal Voice · Stilltrapped
??-??Apostisy · Famine of a Thousand Frozen Years
??-??A Prelude to Tragedy · Shadows of the Past
01-13Apriaca · The Philosophers Legacy
02-07April · Tidelines
??-??Aquaria · Shambala
07-07Arachnid · Compelled to Distort
04-11Arachnotaur · Slo=w Pertinacious Threnody on the Abnegation of Succour
11-??Aragorn · La historia prohibida
??-??Aras · Depressive Rebellion
12-??Arbitrary Element · Process of Extermination
06-13Arbitrator · Children of Apocalypse
??-??Arcadia · Cold Cold Bodies
10-24Arcadia · Flight to the Rainbow
01-19Arcana Coelestia · Ubi secreta colunt
02-10Arcane · ...Ashes
02-17Arcanum · What If You Die Tomorrow...
01-01Archaic Horror · Terrene Eschaton
11-30Archaic Revival · Pagan Evolution
09-21Arch Enemy · Rise of the Tyrant
??-??Archons · Distant Moons
09-??Arda · Море исчезающих времён
03-??Area 54 · Bring Out Your Dead
??-??Argema · Čas se zbláznil
??-??Argento Tucma · Ni liberales, ni marxistas...¡¡Nacionalistas!!
03-01Arghon · Equilibrium
10-??Ariadna Project · Parallel Worlds
05-28Ari Koivunen · Fuel for the Fire
04-30A-Rise · No One Said It Would Be Easy
10-30Arise and Ruin · The Final Dawn
02-12Arise from Oblivion · Does Time Have an End?
04-01Arkaik · Existential Chaos
06-??Arkania · Espíritu irrompible
05-17Arkha Sva · Gloria Satanae
05-28Arkhon Infaustus · Orthodoxyn
??-??Arkus · Prodejná
??-??Armadura · Armadura 7
??-??Armagedon · El imperio del mal
10-01Armaros · Godless Empire
??-??Armath Sargon · Veripolku
12-12Armentar · Baptism by Hate
12-28Armory · The Dawn of Enlightenment
??-??Army of Flying Robots · Life Is Cheap
11-??Arpeghy · Sueños oscuros
??-??The Arrs · Trinité
04-??Ars Amatoria · The Symphonic Rock Opera
12-22Ars Goetia · Anachoreta
??-??Ars Inferi · I Am One with Night
04-??Ars Macabra · Hate Induced Trance
04-??Ars Manifestia · The Enchanting Dark's Arrival
12-03Ars Nefanda · Et in Arcadia ego
06-05ART 238 · Empire of the Atom: A Scienterrific Tale
08-03Arte Sacra · Formula
07-23Artisian · Na Beiste bho'n Talamh
11-??Artisian · Seargte le Reothadh
11-30Artless · Reflection
??-??The Art of Blasphemy · Penitence
07-27Art of Fear · Facing Hell
01-16Art of Simplicity · Caught in This Iless Storm
??-??Arturo Cardenas · Volare hasta ti
??-??Arvest · Слёзы пылающей осени
03-25Aryanas · Dawn of a Noble Era
05-15Asag · Asag
06-01Asbel · Elegist - Hymns for Lost Souls
??-??Asche des Lebens · Equilibrium
04-23Asche des Lebens · In der Dämmerung
07-27Aschmicrosa · Possessed
10-??Ascoculto · El comegente
??-??Asema · Your Silence Is Golden
??-??Asfixia · The World Is Over
09-11ASG · Win Us Over
??-??Asguard · Dreamslave... Awakening
05-14Ashes · Yggdrasil
08-??Ashes of Atrocity · Behind the Silent Facade
08-??Ashes of Destiny · Desolate Figures
09-25Ashes of Eden · The Human: Conditioned
08-08Ash Pool · World Turns on Its Hinge
09-??Ashram · Wild Path of Sorrow
06-01Ash Slater · Inception
10-26Ashtaroth · Darkness and Beyond
10-12Ashura · Legacy of Hatred
08-21As I Lay Dying · An Ocean Between Us
12-10As I Suffer Silently · Mourning for Her Loss
??-??As It Burns · Global Ruin
12-01Aska · Absolute Power
08-20Aska · Där vanvett gror
??-??Aslan · Weight of the World
01-04As Light Dies · A Step Through the Reflection
10-08Asriel · Requiem
04-29Asriel · 夢の繭紡ぐ盲目の輪舞
01-??Assassinated · Excathedra
05-25Astaarth · Gloria Burgundia
02-26Astarte · Demonized
11-01Astral Division · Spadyum
09-14Astral Doors · New Revelation
10-05Astray · Silence Is Not an Option
11-09Astrofaes · Idea. Form. Essence...
??-??Asynja · Through the Misty Air
11-16Atargatis · Nova
09-18Atavist · II: Ruined
??-??A Temple of Mirrors · Fistful of Guns
04-13Athanor · 666% Necrotic Black Metal
02-10Atheistc · The End of the Christian Age
03-07Athos · The Awakening of Athos
06-26Athrenody · Crazed Development
??-??Atlanthea · Mandragora Tree
10-??Atlantis · Atlantis
08-10At Odds with God · Earning Damnation
??-??Atomica · Hilfe!
02-07Atomic Tornado · Tornado Eye
02-06Atopie · Des Herbstes Pesthauch
09-28A Tortured Soul · Kiss of the Thorn
10-26Atritas · Medium Antigod
10-30Atrocious Abnormality · Echoes of the Rotting
??-??Attack of Rage · Grindpeace
??-??Attack of the Mad Axeman · Grind the Enimal
07-24At the Throne of Judgment · The Arcanum Order
03-17Attic Symphony · II - Cold, Vast and Severe...
??-??Attonitus · In Taverna Cerritus
??-??A tu Puta Kara · Movido por el odio
06-29At Vance · VII
04-??At War with Self · Acts of God
09-28Audiopain · The Switch to Turn Off Mankind
??-??Augustine · Cinematic Masquerade
07-??Aurum · Without Time
11-14Auspex · Resolutio
07-??Austere · Withering Illusions and Desolation
03-08The Austrasian Goat · The Austrasian Goat
05-07Autumn · My New Time
10-30The Autumn Offering · Fear Will Cast No Shadow
??-??Autumns Eyes · The Awakening of the Sleeping King
04-16Autumn Tears · The Hallowing
10-15Ava Inferi · The Silhouette
11-05Avalanch · Muerte y vida
10-24Avatar · Schlacht
07-??Avgrum · Vorago Obscurum
09-17Avichi · The Divine Tragedy
??-??A Vision Grotesque · King of the Massacre
01-03Avoid · Into Languish and Decay
05-22Avsky · Mass Destruction
06-15Awake · Illumination
01-??Awaken · Mortal & Fragile
05-10A Well Thought Tragedy · The Persona
??-??Awful · Unjustified Violent Reactions
03-01AX · Extirpation
10-01Axel Rudi Pell · Diamonds Unlocked
??-??Axon · War Anthems
02-16Axus Bliss · Prophecies
11-16Axxis · Doom of Destiny
??-??Ayat Akrass · Como uma Tela Pintada com o Nosso Sangue
06-??Ayman · The Scheubi and Nobru Effect
06-07Azazel · Black War
12-05Aziola Cry · Ghost Conversations
01-29Azrael · Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat
03-??Azrael · Libre
11-30Azterion · Destructural
??-??Aztra · Raíces
07-07Azure Emote · Chronicles of an Aging Mammal
09-24Azuth · Mare Tenebrum
??-??Azygous · Whiskey Driven Hate Machine
??-??Baal · Hatemachine
??-??Back from Ashes · Broken
??-??Backhoe Butchery · Mailbox Full of Mouse-Traps
01-??Backmask · Dark Fiber
??-??Backslash · Trip of Pain
??-??Backwoods Payback · Backwoods Payback
??-??Bad Blood · Bad Blood
11-24Bad Erection · Captured in a Feeling
??-??Bad Face · Emotions Burn
??-??Badge of Apathy · Badge of Apathy
??-??Bad Influence · The Ride
05-??Bad January · Independence
??-??Bad to the Bone · Ash to Ash
??-??Bad Victim · Střepina
08-24Balance Interruption · Nuclear War for Rescue
??-??Balkan · War Falcon
10-22Balrog · Ars Talionis - The Art of Retaliation
06-??Bandanos · We Crush Your Mind with the Thrash Inside
??-??Barabbas · Golgotha
01-22Barastir · Battlehymns of Hate
04-20Barbara · Peger
10-??Barbarian · Heavy metal resurrección
06-02Barbarroja · Barbarroja
??-??Barilari · Canciones doradas
??-??BaRok-Projekto · Bataltemp´
09-04Baroness · Red Album
03-??Barren · Satanic Homicidal Inebriation
??-??Bartok · The Search
??-??Barzakh · In a Meaning the Note
??-??Basca · Resucita
??-??Baton Rogue Morgue · Expect No Mercy
??-??Battle Bratt · II - Forged in Steel
06-01Battlecrown · Chronicles of Nosgoth
??-??Battle Cry · Xuxuy
12-27Battlefront · Battlefront
02-26Battlelore · Evernight
05-29Battlemaster · Warthirsting & Winterbound
??-??Battletorn · Terminal Dawn
04-03Bayi · The Rape Album
??-??B.B.R. · Předvoj smrti
04-21Be'lakor · The Frail Tide
10-31Beastcraft · Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen
10-13Beast in the Field · Goat Isle Seance
12-??Beautiful Cafillery · Reciprocal Transfusion
06-18Becoming the Archetype · The Physics of Fire
08-07Becoming the Martyr · It Seems More Likely Sickeness
??-??Bee · Meniti Mimpi
04-04Before the Dawn · Deadlight
??-??Before the Fall · From Mutism to Riddance
06-30Before the Rain · ...One Day Less
??-??Beggars Ball · 1321
??-??Begravelse · In the Path of Pestilence
??-??Behelal · Metamorphosis
07-02Behemoth · The Apostasy
01-23Behind Enemy Lines · One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God
02-12Behind Them · Scowling Truth
10-16Behold the Arctopus · Skullgrid
??-??Beissert · Nothin' Left to Luv!
12-07Belenos · Chemins de souffrance
06-06Beleth · Nieuchronne widmo śmierci
06-22Beltane · Jera
12-29Beltane · Jera 2
08-09Benatnash · War Prophecies
??-??The Beneath · So Came the Decimation
02-20Beneath the Massacre · Mechanics of Dysfunction
01-23Beneath the Sky · What Demons Do to Saints
10-15Benighted · Icon
??-??Benighted in Sodom · Plague Overlord
12-21Ben Kuzay · In the Halls of the Punisher
01-18Be Persecuted · I.I
07-07Bereavement · The Advent of Loss
05-02Bergraven · Dödsvisioner
02-10Bergthron · Leben und Lebenswille
??-??Bersaeker's · Resumen de la locura
??-??Berserker · Blood of the Warriors
02-12The Berzerker · Animosity
04-18Besatt · Triumph of Antichrist
06-26Besieged · Atlantis
10-03Bestial Devastation · Your Vagina Is Sick...
06-15Bestialized · Annihilating the Judeo-Christian Generations
08-20Bestial Mockery · Slaying the Life
04-30Bestial Raids · Reversed Black Trinity
04-??Bestiar · Inferno Invert
02-12Bete Noire · A Path to Purity and Darkness
09-23Bete Noire · Machination: The Bloodthrone and the Echochamber
03-16Bethor · The Return of Darkness and Evil (A Tribute to Bathory)
06-06Betrayer · Eye for an Eye, Lie for Lie
??-??Betrayer · Revolusi
??-??Between the Frost · Realms of Desolation
11-26Bewitched · Dragonflight 2007
??-??Beyond Darkness · Tortured with Your Love
04-??Beyond Fallen · Mindfire
11-19Beyond Fatal · Universal Diabolical
??-??Beyond Terror Beyond Grace · Extinction|Salvation
05-01Beyond the Sixth Seal · The Resurrection of Everything Tough
03-06Big Business · Here Come the Waterworks
09-21Bile Nephrosis · Capital
06-??Bilskirnir · Wotansvolk
07-06Birushanah · 赤い闇 (Akai Yami)
03-06Bishop · Steel Gods
12-20Bitachi · eXperiMetal
02-??Bitchslicer · III: Lycanthropic Fellatio
??-??Bitrayer · Denying Ignorance
04-20Black Albatross · The Green Walls
04-??Black Angels · Welcome to the Black
02-27Black Aurora · Polar Night
11-01Black Autumn · Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom
??-??Black Betty · Black Betty
??-??Black Buffalo · Windyville Massacre...Scalped Earth
??-??The Black Chain · I Only Love You When You're Out Your Face
10-30Black Cobra · Feather and Stone
??-??Black Countess · Feetish
09-18The Black Dahlia Murder · Nocturnal
??-??Blackdamp · BlackDamp
10-01Black Debbath · Black Debbath hyller kvinnen!
08-21Black Dementia · Dictum of Negation
12-14Blackest Dawn · Fear of the Apocalypse
??-??Black Forest · Black Forest
04-16Black Funeral · Waters of Weeping
01-12Black Hawk · Dragonride
02-16Black Horizons · A Dream's Funeral
04-21Black Horizonz · Khavoid
01-01Blackhorned · Dawn of Doom
05-02Black Howling · Alma... uma Floresta de Dor
??-??Black Jade · Helvetica Diabolica
??-??Black Knight · The Beast Inside
??-??Black like Vengeance · Empty as the Day
06-01Black Majesty · Tomorrowland
09-12Black Masquerade · Holy and Bright
01-??Black Omen · Sinphony
05-??Black Rainbows · Twilight in the Desert
??-??Black Sand · Infected
04-12Black Seas of Infinity · AMRITA - The Quintessence
10-03Black Shadow · Смерть овцеподобным выродкам...
06-??Black Shape of Nexus · Black Shape of Nexus
??-??Black Side · De que manera terminar
??-??Black Simphony · Power of Destiny
??-??Black Soul · New Testament
??-??Black Stone Ritual · Black Stone Ritual
03-15BlackStream · Presenze
??-??Black Sun · Hour of the Wolf
03-??Blacksunrise · Engulf the World in Frozen Flames
08-01Black Symphony · No. 3: Sowing the Seeds of Destruction
09-15Black Symphony · No 4
01-23Blackthru · Iš tamsos...
05-26Black Tooth Grin · Fallout
07-05Black Torment · Satanic Holocaust
05-19Blackwatch · Blackwatch
??-??Black Widow USA · Soldiers from Hell
02-??Black Wood · Cineris ex Devotus Iussum
??-??Blakagir · Carpathian Art of Sin
??-??Blamage · Vzpoura otroků
09-??Blashyrkh · The True Darkness
06-01Blaze · Blaze
03-25Blckwvs · 012
??-??Bleak Crowd · One Shot for the Glory
11-14B.L.E.E.D. · Provoking Images
09-22Blessmon · Under the Storm of Hate
??-??Bless the Fallen · The Eclectic Sounds of a City Painted Black and White
??-??Blindado · Distorsión
10-02Blind by Midnight · A Saint to Nothing
05-15Blinded by Faith · Weapons of Mass Distraction
10-25Blind Petition · Bloody Reunion
09-24Blind Tharm · Morbid Visions
??-??Bliss · ...and I Smile
??-??Blitzkrieg · In Gedenken an...
08-10Blitzkrieg · Theatre of the Damned
??-??Blizzard · The Fortress
06-10Blodfest · I kong Skjolds navn
12-24Blodsrit · Hinterland
10-01Blokke · La pena capital
06-08Blood & Iron · Blood & Iron
01-01Blood Before Tears · Time to Fight
05-??Bloodbound · Book of the Dead
??-??Blood Covenant · Blood of the New Covenant
08-21Bloodcow · Bloodcow III: Hail Xenu
11-09Blooddawn · Metallic Warfare
04-28Blood Duster · Lyden nå
07-28Bloodfeast · Feasting on Dead
04-??Blood Freak · Multiplex Massacre
??-??Bloodhunt · The Final Betrayal
06-04Blood Island Raiders · Blood Island Raiders
03-06Bloodjinn · This Machine Runs on Empty
??-??Bloodline to Zero · Spawn of Discordancy
04-19Bloodlords · Les lames ensanglantées
12-07Blood of Kingu · De Occulta Philosophia
09-22Blood of Martyrs · Ex Nihilo
01-??Blood of the Black Owl · Blood of the Black Owl
09-28Blood Redemption · Shadowbreed
08-27Blood Red Throne · Come Death
??-??Bloodscorn · Through the Gates of Hell
??-??Blood Sessions · Conflicts of Interest
03-01Bloodshedd · Eye of the Pessimist
05-10Blood Shit · Blood Shit's Greatest Shits Vol.1
??-??Bloodsoaked Vengeance · Revenge Is Best Served with Blood
??-??BloodSpit · Until We Shrink to Nothing
05-11Bloodstain · Baptism of Fire
07-18Blood Stain Child · Mozaíq
09-22Bloodthirst · Let Him Die
??-??Blood Thirsty Demons · Mortal Remains
??-??Blood Tribe · 1369: The Death and Dying Chapters
03-05Blood Tsunami · Thrash Metal
11-??Bloodwraith · Exhibit of the Ill Fated
04-24Bloody Panda · Pheromone
04-17Bloody Sign · Explosion of Elements
10-31Bloody Wrath · Parcourant le couloir de la mort ensanglanté
09-18Blotted Science · The Machinations of Dementia
??-??Blue Collar War · Locked in the Box
05-14Blut aus Nord · Odinist - The Destruction of Reason by Illumination
10-??Bluteszorn · Victory of the Dead
12-22Blutklinge · Reflection of a Bleak Mind
02-07Blutwald · Blutwerk
02-21Blüdwülf · Cryptic Revelations
04-20Boarders · The World Hates Me
??-??The Body Beneath · Compelled to Suffer
05-18Body Core · Decrepit Within
10-02Body of Scars · Body of Scars
??-??Body Soil · Body Soil
??-??Bogamber · Nevjerovanje
??-??Bog Morok · Syn.Thesis
01-29Bokor · Anomia1
??-??Bolesno Grinje · Nitko nas ne vidi... ali mi ipak postojimo
??-??The Bombs of Enduring Freedom · The Bombs of Enduring Freedom
??-??Bombstrike · Born into This
02-24Bombthreat · Breeding Ground of War
02-27Bone Awl · Meaningless Leaning Mess
??-??Bone Shaker · Bang...You're Dead
??-??Boneshaker · Ride Me in Hell
11-06Bongripper · Heroin
06-20Bongripper · Hippie Killer
10-??Boozing Truckers · One More
??-??Borgne · II
01-20Borgne · III
07-21Born in Winter · Waiting in the Dark
03-12Borox · Annihilation of the Generation
04-??Bound by Blasphemy · Apocalypse Is Nigh
02-13Bound by Entrails · For Valhall's Sorrow
07-28BrainDead · Shut Up & Kill Yourself
??-??Brain Heart Infusion · The Fugitive
11-??Breakdown · Time to Kill
12-18Breakdust · Mutilated Earth
03-26Breaker · Sombra del miedo
07-??Break Your Fist · Break Your Fist
07-03Breathilizör · Fallen Corn Messenger of Winter Doom Six: Return to Bobler's Index
??-??The Breathing Process · In Waking: Divinity
??-??Breath of Chaos · Shapeless Forsaken Spirits
??-??Breath of Chaos · Veil of Sorrow
03-12Breed · Breed
??-??Brett Miller · Druid Green
??-??Briargh · Kanttrug
05-22Brief Respite · Uneveness
07-03Bringing Down Broadway · It's All Gone South
12-??Brob · Empty Life
01-30Broken Dagger · Chain of Command
09-??Broken Melody · Face the World
06-??Broken Oath · Given Half a Chance
09-18Brown Brigade · Into the Mouth of Badd(d)ness
06-09Brumous · Crepuscule
??-??Brutal God · Hell
12-14Brutart · Mimic
04-27B.S.U.R. · Renn um dein Leben
05-31Buckethead · Acoustic Shards
10-30Buckethead · Cyborg Slunks
10-30Buckethead · Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot
02-21Buckethead · In Search of The
03-01Buckethead · Pepper's Ghost
03-01Buckshot Facelift · Universal Goat Tilt
??-??Bull Doza · Celebration
07-??Bullets for Baby · The Longest Year
??-??Bullistic · Ride the Line
11-??Bunkerfall · Fluch der Existenz
??-??Bunkerfall · Silbernes Blut
??-??Burdegun · Absolute Fucking Hardcore
03-30Burden of Grief · Death End Road
??-??Burden of Life · Burden of Life
06-18Burial Chamber Trio · Burial Chamber Trio
10-??Burned in Effigy · Burned in Effigy
01-23Burnin' Gaze · Perception
11-09The Burning · Storm the Walls
??-??Burning Blood · Absolute Hate from Hell
05-25Burning Butthairs · Impulse to Exhume
11-??Burning Darkness · 7 Holy Crosses
02-??Burning Darkness · The Cantarian Curse
??-??Burning Midget · Texas Blood
10-??Burning Saviours · Nymphs & Weavers
12-14Burning Steel · Age of Death
01-11Burning the Day · Dawn of Thorns
09-28Burn the Masses · Blast Humanity
10-25Bury My Sins · King of All Fears
06-01Burzukh · Orion
??-??Busta Hoota · More Than Meets the Eye
08-21The Butchers Hand · Out for Blood
??-??Buzrael · Imanust the Hour of Death
10-04Buzzer · Buzzraiser
10-18By Blood Alone · Seas of Blood
11-01By Brute Force · With Intent to Destroy
12-??Byron Nemeth · The Force Within
03-20Bywar · Twelve Devil's Graveyards
11-02Böhse Onkelz · Onkelz wie wir (Neuaufnahme)
08-31C-187 · Collision
??-??Caacrinolas · Vargtimmen
09-25Cabalistic · To End All Suffering
10-??Cachexic · Skybomb
07-20Cacodaemon · Tales of Demoncy
05-21Cadaveria · In Your Blood
??-??Cadaveric · Resurrection
04-01Cadaver Incubador · Colección de humanos
02-??Cadaver Mutilator · Carnasyum
??-??Cadaveryne · Fathering the Apocalypse
??-??Cadena Perpetua · Violador
??-??Caer Ibormeith · Flesh and Blood
12-30Cafagiem · Wegalus
??-??Cafeterasub · Espíritu virus
05-22Cage · Hell Destroyer
??-??Cain · Trivmvira
10-03Cales · Savage Blood
05-25Caliban · The Awakening
??-??Calibern · Insane
02-??California Love · Reaping the Whirlwind
09-??Caliginous · Reap the Atrocity
??-??Call the Paramedics · You Better Bring a Helmet
??-??Calvados · Религия славы
09-01Calvarium Funestus · Opus Domine Satanus
06-22Candlemass · King of the Grey Islands
??-??Candy Cane · Fay-ra-Doowra
06-17Candy Drugers · Candy Drugers
07-21Canobliss · Liberation of Dissonance
06-05Canvas Solaris · Cortical Tectonics
??-??Caos Sphere · Hell Is Here
03-20Caravellus · Lighthouse and Shed
??-??Cardamon · The Primrose Path
10-01Cardiac · Levantando a los muertos
??-??Cardiac Noose · Bled to the Bone
11-??Cardinal · Sin Machine
??-??Carina Alfie · Electric Fuzz
??-??Carlos Lichman · Firestorm
??-??Carmilla Morte · Svegliare di Carmilla
04-15Carnage · Sórdido engendro
06-04Carnal · Undefinable
05-21Carnal Forge · Testify for My Victims
09-18Carnevil · Panic Machine
07-12Carnifex · Dead in My Arms
??-??Carolina Cadenazzo · Fases
09-12Caroline Blue · Not for the Innocent
03-30Casketnail · Memories of a Better Time
??-??Cassandra Cross · Alter Ego
??-??Castaway · Exposure to the Pain of Suffering
07-13Castillion · Triumph and Tragedy
06-28Castillos de Cristal · Venceré
07-07Cast in Silence · First
04-20Castrofate · Awakening of the Beast
??-??Casual Silence · Lost in Life
04-23Catabolignes · Demonio Filosófo
07-07Catafalque · Dialectique
??-??Catarrhal · Putressence
08-??Catch 22 · Soulreaper Vol.1
??-??Category V · Enter the Tornado
03-??Catholicon · Treatise on the Abyss
??-??Cattle Extermination · Hours to Collision
06-??The Cauldron Born · I Am My Own Satan
05-18Cauterized · Fury17
02-23The Cauterized · Hung Be the Heavens with Black
??-??Cavalince · Embryonic
06-01Caveat · Red
06-19Caïna · Mourner
??-??Cebren-Khal · A Mass of Despair
06-12Celebrant · Spawn of Chaos
??-??Celestial Dawn · Disorder
01-01Celtibeers · Celtibeers
??-??Cemetery Rapist · Your Daughters Twat Filled with My Cock
07-??Cemetery Urn · Urn of Blood
05-05Cem Köksal · Siyah Beyaz Masallar
09-01Cenotaph · Reincarnation in Gorextasy
??-??The Center of X · Living Free Again
08-??Centurions Ghost · The Great Work
05-25Cephalic Carnage · Xenosapien
01-01Cephalotripsy · Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies
04-03Cerberus · Dispute the Truth
05-02Cerberus · Fear No Decay
04-20Cerebral Engorgement · Devour the Children
??-??Ceremony of Opposites · Death's Dominion
03-20Cervix · Contemplating Death
??-??Cesio · 6 horas
??-??Cesspool · Trisomy 21 the Origin of Downsyndrome
04-??CETI · (...) Perfecto Mundo (...)
01-05Chainfire · Details
11-09Chain Lightning · Bolt from the Blue
??-??Chain Reaction · Vicious Circle
03-03Chainsaw · The Announcement
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · The Devils Carnage
??-??Change Over · Their War - Our Grief
06-14Chaos Blood · Fragments of a Shattered Skull
??-??Chaosfear · One Step Behind Anger
09-26Chaos Moon · Languor into Echoes, Beyond
07-30Chaos Moon · Origin of Apparition
01-??Chaosphere · Reign in Chaos
??-??Chaos Within · Hellmanifesto
05-21Charger · Spill Your Guts
07-17Charnel Valley · The Igneous Race
??-??Charon's Call · Eternal Sin
??-??Chewbacca · Disaster Area
12-09Chibi Rari · にまいめ
03-16Chimaera · Rebirth - Death Won't Stay Us
03-06Chimaira · Resurrection
09-13Chingalera · In the Shadow of the Black Palm Tree
12-15Choir of Carnage · Cathedral
01-??Chokeout · Suffocating the World
12-25Cholernik · MAMDM
03-23Chris Caffery · Pins and Needles
06-16Christicide · Christicide
??-??Chrome Rt. · Rázós dolgok
07-??Chronic Torment · Dream of the Dead
??-??Chronological Decay · Knee Deep in Maggots
09-11Chryseis · Presence of the Past
03-28Chthonian · Of Beatings and the Silence in Between
05-03Church of Misanthropy · To Die for Satan
07-31Church of Misery · Vol. 1
08-10Châlice · Bare
05-15Ciementificio · Rosso sangue bianco ossa
??-??Cien Reyes · Sinfonía de la creación
??-??Ciment · Vzývali Satana ogaři z Kychové, gdyž měli na poli už všecko hotové
??-??Cinical · Cinical III
09-11Circle · Katapult
05-27Circle · Panic
??-??Circle · Tower
??-??Circle of Agony · Jaws
03-21Circle of Ouroborus · Streams
??-??Circle of Ouroborus · Veneration
??-??Circle of Pain · Our Darkest Hour
??-??Circle of Pestilence · Bubonic Plague
??-??Circle of Witches · The Holyman's Girlfriend
09-04Circus Maximus · Isolate
??-??Cirith Gorgor · Cirith Gorgor
08-22The Citadel · Brothers of Grief
06-15Civilization One · Revolution Rising
11-10Clagg · Where Dead Gods Sleep
10-??Clanrock · Flight of the Phoenix
??-??Claudio Cordero · Enlace
??-??Climate · Blindfolded
12-??Clinicamente Morti · 7
??-??Cluster Fuck · Mindcrawler
??-??Clutch Mental Hospital · Sonic the Hedgefuck
11-12The CNK · L'Hymne à la joie
??-??The C.O.A.S.T. · The C.O.A.S.T.
07-24Cobalt · Eater of Birds
??-??Cobalto · Metamorphic
??-??Cobi's Death · Demoncracy
??-??Cobra · The Strong Arm of the Rock
05-21Cockney Rejects · Unforgiven
12-??Code Red · Wolves of Warfield
11-09The Codex · The Codex
10-31Coerced into Battle · Enemy Mine
12-22Coffin Birth · The Miracle of Death
??-??Coldblood · Under the Blade I Die
??-??Coldcast · Coldcast
10-12Cold Grave · Infernal
10-15Coldun · Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas?
??-??Coldwar · Bloodfire Sunset
07-07Cold War Survivor · Bloodworth
??-??Collapsar · Integers
09-??Collapse 7 · Supernova Overdrive
10-??Collapsing Sun · Dawn
??-??Colorblind Aggression · Alien Messiah
11-14Colosseum · Chapter 1: Delirium
??-??Colp · Fake
02-21Combat · Ruination
??-??Come Sleep · The Burden of Ballast
??-??Common yet Forbidden · The Struggle
06-18Compos Mentis · Gehennesis
??-??Comunità Fenice Nera · La fondazione
03-12Comédie Macabre · Blasphemia
??-??Concealment · Leak
11-09Concept of God · Visions
??-??Conchadors · Strange
01-20Condemned · Desecrate the Vile
10-02Condemned · Nemesis
07-??Confessions of a Lifetime · Where the Ashes Lie
??-??Conjüratör · Erosplattered
??-??Conquer by Supremacy · True. North. Strong
??-??The Conquering · Relentless Intrusions into Infrastructures of Gods
??-??Conqueror · Fallen Angel
??-??Conquest of Steel · Hammer & Fist
??-??Consortium Project · Consortium Project IV - Children of Tomorrow
??-??The Conspiracy · The Dark Journey
03-06Conspiracy Assassins · Equal Opportunity Destroyer
07-13Constricted · Wide Awake & Breathing
??-??Consumed by Fury · Consumed by Fury
04-??Consummatum · Post Mortem
03-26Control Human Delete · Terminal World Perspective
??-??Coprostasis · 35 Minutes of Skull-Smash-Terror Metal
??-??Coram Deo · Евангелион
03-25Core of Hell · Angel of Destiny
02-23Cornerstone · Two Tales of One Tomorrow
09-21Coronatus · Lux Noctis
11-07Corporal Mortification · With Black Wings They Rise
08-25Corprophemia · Arrived in Pieces
07-??Corpse Grinder · Hail to Death Metal Legion
??-??Corpsing · The Stench of Humanity
06-19Corpulate · Boundless Expansion
09-19Corpus Christii · Rising
09-06Corpus Mortale · A New Species of Deviant
??-??Corrupt the Righteous · Hell of a World
??-??Corsario Negro · Pide lo que quieras
12-26Cortecuellos · Violent Assassinz
??-??Corvus · 8 Years Limit
12-??Corvus · En tu ausencia
10-07Corwen · 0307
??-??Cosmic Dream · Omnipotent
05-??Cosmosquad · Acid Test
12-??Cotard Delusion · Le délire de négation
12-10Countdown · Break Rise Blowing
01-17Counter-World Experience · Leaving Lotus
11-01Countess · Blazing Flames of War
01-23The County Medical Examiners · Olidous Operettas
12-10Crackdust · Dented Reality
??-??Crackmind · Call MIND-1-1
10-03Crashdïet · The Unattractive Revolution
??-??Crawling Quiet · The Interlude
02-01Creature · Dying Nation
??-??Credo · Jak chutná moc
??-??Creeping · Funeral Crawl
03-??Cremaster · Pumpernikel
11-09Crest of Darkness · Give Us the Power to Do Your Evil
03-14Crimen · Somos hippies ¿Y que?
08-10Crimson Bloodthorns · The Return of Lucifer
07-??Crimson Steel · Crimson Warhead
03-15Crimson Tears · The Dark Awakening
07-16Crionics · Neuthrone
04-06Cripper · Freak Inside
05-03Cripta · Necesito estar en pie
??-??Cristal · Heroes of the Night
01-??Criterivm · Lágrimas
??-??Critical Damage · Destiny Rules...
??-??Critical Madness · Killable
03-??Croatan · There Can Be Only Two
??-??Crom · Hot Sumerian Nights
12-31Crow'sClaw · Frozen Frog
01-01Crow'sClaw · Scythe of Hell
05-??Crown of Consequence · Testament of Torture
11-20Crucervix · My Dark Angel
??-??Crucial Conflict · Blood of Sacrifice
??-??Crucifice · Generation Hex
??-??Cruention · Rudis et Indigesta Moles
04-28Crusader · SkinClad
??-??Cruz Guardian · Heavy Metal Oaxaca Mex.
??-??Cryfemal · Apoteosis oculta
??-??Crying Steel · The Steel Is Back!
11-03Cry of Silence · Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy
01-25Cryonic · Evil Mind
??-??Cryopsis · Perception of Light
11-05Cryptic Frost · The Lost Graves
03-31Cryptic Voice · Access Denied
??-??Cryptorium · The Torchbearer
07-25Crystal Abyss · Word of the Darkest Ages
11-16Crystal Ball · Secrets
??-??Crystalic · Watch Us Deteriorate
01-19Crystalium · Doxa o Revelation
??-??Crystal Lake · Terror Machine
02-25Crystal Viper · The Curse of Crystal Viper
09-01Ctanic · Plague ov Satan / 666
??-??Cthulhu · The Kingdom Emerges
??-??Cuentos de los Hermanos Grind · Los cantipuercos
??-??Cuernos de Chivo · Ultra violencia
??-??Cult of Azrael · Into the Black Void
01-??Cultus · Hymns of Descending
05-24Cumulo Nimbus · Stunde der Wahrheit
03-19Cuntscrape · Thrush Bang Mania
08-24Cupola · Mistaken by Design
12-17The Curf · I
??-??Curse · Wintercold
05-22The Cursed · Room Full of Sinners
06-??Cursed Ruin · At the Hour of Necromancy
??-??Curse of Instinct · Apocalypse
??-??Cutterred Flesh · Torture Is Medicine
08-01Cut Your Throat · Cut Your Throat
??-??Cyan Bloodbane · La última misión
??-??Cyber Machines · Live Our Lifelessness
??-??Cyneris · Ultracosmos
04-??Cypher Seer · Awakening Day
02-??Cyronic Mute · System Failure
02-14Cyruss · Hate Songs
07-17Czaar · Too Drunk to Think
??-??Côte d'Aver · Masticated Flesh
11-07D · Neo Culture ~Beyond the World~
03-14D'erlanger · Lazzaro
??-??Dad the Plow · The Heavy
??-??Daedalion · Sainte folie - Erige un empire
04-01Daemonheim · Hexentanz
03-27Dagon · Paranormal Ichthyology
07-??Dagor · Attack of the Warmachine
??-??Dahlgren Prophecy · Gnarlitivity
06-15Daimonion · Daimonion
10-24Daleth · Lusitania
03-12Dalriada · Kikelet
02-25Dam · Sangre
12-08Damage OverDose · In Killing Form
12-05Dammerung · Black Arrows of Hatred
01-05Damnatur · One True Black Religion
??-??Danishmendt · Eaux-fortes
05-31Danny Tanner · The Finest Grind
??-??Dante · The Inner Circle
??-??Dark Aladas · Muestra los dientes
06-11Dark Ambition · Tears of Daewongoon
??-??Dark Angels · Symphony of Bridal Veil
??-??Darkat · Tetrahedron
11-02Dark Autumn · Honor Through Bloodshed
??-??Dark Buddha Rising · I
02-??Dark Crescent · Marching Through the Luminity
??-??Dark Days · Screaming in Horror
??-??Dark Dream · Behind Dead Eyes
??-??Dark Elf · Mar de sueños
01-12Dark Endless · Verlierer
09-21Darkest Hate Warfront · The Aftermath
07-10Darkest Hour · Deliver Us
01-23Darkestrah · Epos
07-??Dark Faith · Terrains Vagues
??-??Darkfall · Hatred Is Purity
12-??Dark Fount · A Sapless Leave Withering in the Night Fog
??-??Dark Fury · Final Solution
??-??Dark Horror · Los Muertos
??-??Dark IV · Chapter II - Isolation
10-??Darkkam · Raíces de la noche
03-10Dark Mirror · Visions of Pain
11-09Darkmoon · Apocalyptic Syndrome
02-21Dark Moor · Tarot
04-??Darkness Ablaze · Darkness Ablaze
??-??Darkphase · Darphane
12-16Dark Princess · Жестокая игра
10-25Dark Ravage · Dawn of a New World
06-19Darkside · Amber: Skeletal Journeys Through the Void
09-21Darksun · The Dark Side
11-14Dark the Suns · In Darkness Comes Beauty
09-24Darkthrone · F.O.A.D.
04-24Dark Tranquillity · Fiction
05-28Darkwater · Calling the Earth to Witness
??-??Darrell Deese · The Lost
??-??Das War · Mindless Contraption
03-01Dauntless · Execute the Fact
07-??Dave Byron · Entrance to Paradise
04-??Dave Byron · Melia
07-27Dave Justo · Aura
08-31David Readman · David Readman
07-06David Shankle Group · Hellborn
??-??David T. Chastain · Countdown to Infinity
01-08Dawn of Ashes · The Crypt Injection
09-20Dawn of Demise · Hate Takes Its Form
08-03Dawn of Destiny · ...Begins
??-??Dawn of Tears · Descent
11-01Dawnrider · Alpha Chapter
05-21Daydreamer · Daydreamer
05-28Daysend · The Warning
03-08Days of Grace · Painter
10-13Day Turns Night · Another Day in Hell
10-31DC4 · Explode
??-??DCLXVI · Еретик
??-??D-Compose · Ancestral-Inhuman-Thoughtless
??-??De/Test · Hate Kills
??-??Deacons Lodge · Ira Furor Brevis Est
11-??The Dead · The Dead
03-05Dead Beyond Buried · Condemned to Misery
10-19Deadborn · Stigma Eternal
??-??Dead Broke · Path of the Plague
??-??Dead Cowboyz · Exhumed
??-??Deadechoes · HATEternity
??-??Dead-end Track · Dead-end Track
06-06Dead Existence · Dead Existence
05-??Dead Eyed Sleeper · In Memory of Mankind
??-??Dead for Ten Weeks · Bloodline Detriment
10-27Dead Inside · Dead Inside
12-15Dead in the Face · Hammer Rage
05-07Dead in the Water · Echoes... in the Ruins
04-13Deadlock · Wolves
??-??Dead Man's Root · Mouth Breather
09-??Dead Means Nothing · Seeds of Hate
??-??Dead Meat · A Cry for Help
03-17Dead Poetry · Fragile
??-??Dead Raven Choir · My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind
01-17Deadriver Wasteland · They Die We Fight
07-02Dead Root · Les cendres sacrées
10-19Deadsea · Deadsea
05-22The Dead See · Through the Veil
09-11Deadsoul Tribe · A Lullaby for the Devil
01-13Dead Syndicate · The Carrion Creed
??-??Dead Theory · Teriak Siksa Bathin
11-19Dead to This World · First Strike for Spiritual Renewance
??-??Deafening Silence · Backlash
02-15Death and Glory · Den Ahnen zum Gruße
02-17Deathblow · Thicker Than Blood
01-10Deathbound · We Deserve Much Worse
12-09Deathbringer · Homo Divisus
??-??Death by Names · Into the Black Heavens
??-??Deathcaller · Incoming Annihilation
05-23Deathchain · Cult of Death
07-16Deathcult · Cult of the Dragon
??-??Death Embrace · Necrofear
02-??Deathevokation · The Chalice of Ages
03-26Deathfall · Reborn
12-15Death Heaven · Viral Apocalypse
??-??Death Instincts · Madness 33
10-25Deathless Anguish · Demise Inception
02-07Deathlike Silence · Vigor Mortis
10-17Deathmarch · Deathmarch
??-??Deathmøle · Long Songs
??-??Deathning · Deathning
08-??Deathrow · Primordial Lifecode
07-16Deathspell Omega · Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
??-??Deathstyle · Deathstyle
??-??Death Tower · Osveta prirode
??-??Deathvalves · Wild Rock n' Roll Obsession
03-23Debauchery · Back in Blood
??-??Debri · The Life of Death
12-10Decapitados · Madre locura
04-25Decayed · Hexagram (Honour et Fidelitas)
05-02Decayed Forest · The Emptiness of Existence
03-31Deception · Nails Sticking Offensive
??-??Deceptive Silence · Regret
04-23Decimation · Entering the Celestial Ruins
??-??Decimator · Killing Tendency
??-??Decompose · Zombie
??-??Decon · The Birth of Tragedy
08-21Deconformity · From the End to Inseminate
??-??Decoy · Call of the Wild
??-??Decoy Inc. · Demons
11-30Dedication · The Enemy Within
05-31Dedkor · Dedkor
04-??Deep in Hate · Only the Strong Survive
02-??Deep-pression · The Critical State of Loneliness
04-30De Facto · Karizma
03-08Defeated Sanity · Psalms of the Moribund
??-??Defectdead · The Plague
??-??Defect Noises · Error
02-??Defender · Más
??-??Defiler · Bloodlines
03-09Defloration · The Bone Collection
04-09The Deformity · Waiting for a Sign
11-27Defuntos · Sangue Morto
03-10Degeneracy · Degeneracy
10-10Degrees of Sanity · Deviation
??-??Dehonest · Mind's Labyrinth
07-17Deimos · Dead::Set::Soul
10-26Deinonychus · Warfare Machines
07-24Dekapitator · The Storm Before the Calm
01-15Delight · Breaking Ground
05-07Delirium's Dawn · Between Rage...and Madness
08-08De Lirium's Order · Diagnosis
06-06Delirium X Tremens · CreHated from No_Thing
04-24Deliverance · As Above - So Below
??-??Delivers · Their Name Liveth for Evermore
04-20Delphian · Unravel
05-02Delta · Black & Cold
08-??Demencia · Tales from the Other Side
04-04Dementia 13 · Human Hunting Season
08-??Demether · Beautiful
05-30Demigod · Let Chaos Prevail
10-08Demiricous · Two (Poverty)
06-04Demis · Ethereal Travel
10-19Demise Empire · Unholy Grail
02-23Demiurg · Breath of the Demiurg
09-??Demiurg · Królestwo mrocznego lasu
10-23Demon Dog Sperm · Hopeless
04-??Demonical · Servants of the Unlight
07-??Demonic Halocaust · Hymms of the Unholy War
??-??Demon of the Past · Demon of the Past
07-13Demons · Goetia
??-??Dena-Zet · Героин
10-16Denial Fiend · They Rise
06-01Denight · Above and Beyond
??-??Denizen · Introversion
??-??Denots · Dissonance in D backwards
??-??Dentïst · Fleischkraft
04-18Denying Nazarene · Obliterating the Christian Devotion
??-??Deofel · Apošni rytuał
10-31Departed · Reservations at Dorcia's
09-17Depressed Mode · Ghosts of Devotion
11-01Depressive Reality · Las Sombras
08-21De Profundis · Beyond Redemption
08-28Derdian · New Era Pt. 2 - War of the Gods
02-??Der Henker · Annihilation in Blasphemy
09-07Desaster · Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
??-??Descension Rate · Deadly Elegance
10-??Descent · This Violent Reality
??-??Descerebration · The Crusaders 666 X
10-10Descomunal · Invalorable
??-??Desecrate the Hour · Between the Vines of Destruction
??-??Desolate · ...and Hell Shall Rise
02-??Desolate Ways · Tearful
07-??Desolation · Lexicon V
??-??Desolationance · Separate
03-22Desperado · 44 Minutes Left Before Smelling like a Disgusting Person
04-15Despise · Fragments of Reprisal
05-21Despised Icon · The Ills of Modern Man
??-??Destitute · Burial of Hope
05-15The Destro · As the Coil Unwinds
05-??Destroyer · Байкер
??-??Destroy Humanity Now · Celebration of Extinction
01-19Destruction · Thrash Anthems
10-30Destructor · Forever in Leather
??-??Destructor · Saludando a la hermandad
11-02Deterioration · The Killings Will Continue, as My Victims Decompose
09-25Dethklok · The Dethalbum
??-??Dethroner · Bringer of Desolation
04-30Detonation · Emission Phase
??-??Devastación · Resistiendo al engaño
??-??Devastathor · Metaloxetini Grindoridum
10-31Devastation Inc. · Withdrawn into the Abyss Within
03-19Devastator · Alcoholic Invasion
07-??Devastator · Beyond Massacre
05-01Devastator · Morbid Force
10-07Devathorn · Diadema
02-??Deventter · The 7th Dimension
10-22Devian · Ninewinged Serpent
??-??Deviancy · Storms of Darkness
02-20Devil · Devil Metal Attack
??-??Devil Accuser · Eyes of Fire
07-19DevilDriver · The Last Kind Words
??-??Devilish · Possession
??-??Devilish Distance · Under the Shroud of Lie
??-??Deville · Come Heavy Sleep
09-05Devil-May-Care · Wrong Life Philosophy
06-20Devil on Earth · Hunting, Shooting, Slashing and Thrashing
06-??Devil Riding Shotgun · Devil Riding Shotgun
??-??Devilry · Rites for the Spring of Supremacy
05-21Devin Townsend · Ziltoid the Omniscient
02-01Devious · Domain
??-??Devoid · One Voice
??-??Devotus Regnum · Centuries Conversely
??-??Devoured Decapitation · My Realm Darkness
03-30Dew-Scented · Incinerate
??-??Dextra Sinister · Divine Pride
??-??Dextra Sinister · Living in Eternal Shadows
??-??Deznuke · Deznuke
06-04DGM · Different Shapes
??-??Dhune · Medusa
08-??Diablo Red · Lower the Troll
07-07Diabolic Intent · The Cold Path of Man
??-??Diabolus Infame · Waiting in the Abyss
??-??Dialectic Soul · Terpsychora
07-30Diamond Head · What's in Your Head?
??-??diapAson · Frozen Trees
??-??Dictator · Moving Inward Us
??-??Diebomb · Epic
12-21Die Pigeon Die · Ripped from V to A
10-19Dies Ater · Odium's Spring
??-??Diesel-Humm! · Stop the War
??-??Die Silently · Fabrication of Darkness
03-31Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind · Blut
??-??Dig for Mary · Dig for Mary
06-??Dig That Body Up, It's Alive · A Corpse Is Forever
??-??Diktátor · Három királyok
05-21Diluvium · From Always
10-14Dimaension X · Aetherial Art of Decay
07-18Dimaension X · Ambient
??-??Dimension · Ego
??-??Dimension 34 · The Release of Me
06-18Dimension F3H · Does the Pain Excite You?
07-13Dimension X · Implications of a Genetic Defense
08-22Dimension Zero · He Who Shall Not Bleed
02-??Dimentianon · Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum
04-24Dimmu Borgir · In Sorte Diaboli
??-??Diphteria · Gateways to My Hell
05-??Direwolf · Beyond the Lands of Human Existence
09-24Dirge · Wings of Lead over Dormant Seas
??-??Dirty Talking · Nic nám není svaté
??-??Disarray · Edge of My Demise
??-??Disasters · We Are DisasterS (promo album)
05-09Disavowed · Stagnated Existence
02-23Disbelief · Navigator
10-17Discard · Carrion
??-??Discern · To Praise with Persecution
06-??Dischord · Sounds of a Broken Nation
08-25Discidium · In Reprisal
??-??The Disciples of Zoldon · Blackened Theological Tome
??-??Discreate · Absent of Light
11-??Disembowled Corpse · Chronic Disembowelment
??-??Disenchant · Minds Corrupted
??-??Disfigured Bitch · Beaten to Death
??-??Disförijä · Kūbinis metras žarnų pakeliui į Jonavą
??-??Disgorgement of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration · Hospital Holocaust
04-06Disguise · Late
11-01Disgusted · Chapter I : In the Name of the Death
??-??Disinterment · Indecent Obesity
04-01Diskord · Doomscapes
06-01Dismal · Neptuno
??-??Dismembering Nightmare · Grind Your Face Off
03-28Dispersia · Memento
??-??Disphere · Abscience
06-19Dissector · Zombie Panic
??-??Disseized · Fighting the Flails
07-??Dissent · By Any Means Necessary
??-??Dissident Saint · The Rise
06-15Dissolution · Dying. Dead. Undead.
??-??Dissonath · Destruction Statement
01-08Dissouled · Spreading the Guts
??-??Distress · Others
12-19Disturbed Angel · Bring Me Your Dream
??-??Disörder · Wolvenstein
??-??Ditchwater · Strong Now Stained
06-18Dithyrambs · Free to Be Filthy
02-20Divina Inferis · Aura Damnation
08-27Divine Heresy · Bleed the Fifth
12-15Divine Noise Attack · Creating the End
01-16Divine Pustulence · Human Monsters
??-??Divine Tragedy · Final Dawn
07-28Divinity · Allegory
05-02Division by Zero · Tyranny of Therapy
05-06Djabah · Danhomè
??-??Djizoes · In the Papers
??-??Docile · Babylon Ablaze
07-??Dockalfar · The War
??-??Doctor Livingstone · Notre niveau est trop élevé pour que vous, misérables créatures bipèdes pour lesquelles nous n'éprouvons que du mépris, puissiez porter un jugement à l'encontre de nos délicieuses créations
??-??Dog Eats Flesh · Amelioration
04-27The Dogma · A Good Day to Die
??-??Dogma · Renaciendo a través de las caídas
??-??Dol Amroth · Around Europe in Ten Songs
??-??Domesticide · Good Is Dead
02-12Domine · Ancient Spirit Rising
02-26Dominici · O₃ A Trilogy - Part 2
??-??Dominion · Psychotic
10-??Domus Blasphem · Invade the Church
04-01Domus Blasphem · Perturbando la civilización cristiana
??-??Donnergroll · Das Donnerduett (A Tribute to Myrkvid)
??-??Doominhated · Doom and Hate
06-??Doominhated · Inferno Caput Mundi
07-07Doomsday · Ante las ruinas de una utopía
??-??Doomshade · Doomshade
06-22DoomSword · My Name Will Live On
??-??Dopamean · The Closing
??-??Dormant · Beneath the Mighty Oak
02-23Dorn · Spiegel der Unendlichkeit
05-07Dornfall · Précieux secret
03-??Double Cross · Double Cross I
04-25Double Dealer · Desert of Lost Souls
09-25Down · Down III: Over the Under
06-29Down Below · Sinfony²³
??-??Down for Go(o)d · Here, No One Can Hear You...
??-??Down for Life · Simponi Kebisingan Babi Neraka
11-06Down from the Wound · Agony Through Rituals of Self Purification
05-14Down in a Hole · Road
01-30Downlord · Random Dictionary of the Damned
??-??Downnever · En silencios largos
09-18Down the Drain · Dying Inside
??-??D-Ozz · Дети порока
07-??Draco Donnovan · Verdwaald en alleen
09-11Draco Hypnalis · Imagination
??-??Dragon's Eye · Świat kropli III
12-31Dragon Guardian · 聖邪のドラゴン
03-05Dragonslayer · Cronos
06-??Dragonwind · Thrones of Redemption
12-04Draugluin · The Deep Ones
10-29Drautran · Throne of the Depths
06-26Drawn and Quartered · Merciless Hammer of Lucifer
11-10Dread · Dread
??-??Dread · Ideology of the Damned
02-??Dreadful · Daily Terror
08-01Dream Chaser · Rebirth
??-??The Dreaming Dead · Collective Suicide
01-26Dreamland · Eye for an Eye
10-25Dreamlord · Dreamlord
??-??Dream Moon · From Oblivion to Damnation
09-21Dreamscape · 5th Season
??-??DreamScar · Stories of the Beautiful and Violent
06-04Dream Theater · Systematic Chaos
??-??Dreamzfate · Rize
??-??Dredd · Archivos del crimen
02-16Drone · Head-On Collision
??-??Dropface · Indignation: A Declaration of Aggression
03-23Drowned Out · Plague
04-06Drowning the Light · A World Long Dead
04-16Drowning the Light · Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride
04-06Drowning the Light · Through the Noose of Existance
04-06Drowning the Light · To the End of Time
08-??Dr. Sin · Bravo
08-31Drudkh · Відчуженість (Estrangement)
??-??Drug Induced Coma · The Eight Ways of Making Magick
04-18Dryad's Tree · Comfort in Silence
??-??Drysocket · Broken Visions
09-10Dröne · Colours: Pentapus
09-20Dröne · Colours: Traumascope
04-??Drünken Bastards · Posercrusher
??-??DTA · Invidious
04-13Dublin Death Patrol · DDP 4 Life
??-??Dulcerth · My Malice
??-??Dunce · Divine Power
??-??Dungeon Master · Quest of the Ages
??-??Dunwich · Kill Co.
05-04Dusk · Pray for Death
06-16Dusken · Hateful
10-26The Duskfall · The Dying Wonders of the World
11-07Dustar-3 · オレタチイケメン [二枚目]
02-23Duster69 · Angel King
??-??Dust Is Everywhere · Attics and Catacombs
??-??DwellingSouls · The Embrace and the Awakening
03-06Dying Fetus · War of Attrition
10-12Dying Humanity · Fallen Paradise
08-01Dying Messiah · The Church of the Selfish
05-17Dying Passion · Relief
??-??Dying Season · Dismiss Your Demons
05-25Dysanchely · Nausea
07-??Dysfigure · In the Shadows of Deception
01-??Dyslucsic · God Looks Down on Your Sort
07-03Dystopia · Incompetence Drive
??-??Dystopya · Always Remember Me
??-??Dzelzs Vilks · Sārtā rītausma
03-13Dååth · The Hinderers
03-26Dødheimsgard · Supervillain Outcast
10-09Dødsferd · Cursing Your Will to Live
01-29Dødsferd · Fucking Your Creation
01-30Død Ulv · Fenrir
12-??Dünedain · La luz de mi oscuridad
01-10Dām · The Difference Engine
05-05Eardelete · Zombielogy
05-25Ear-Shot · The Pain
09-??Earth Flight · Earth Flight
02-21Earthshaker · Aim
??-??Ebola · The End of Darkness
07-06Ebola · Infernal Revelation
??-??Ebonmortis · Reconstruction by Force
01-??Ecchymosis · Ecchymosis
02-20Echoes of Eternity · The Forgotten Goddess
01-30Echoes of Silence · Our Godless Empire
08-13Echoes of Silence · Realms of Nightshade Abyss
03-09Echoes of Silence · Silent Whispers
07-04Eclectika · The Last Blue Bird
04-10Ecnephias · Dominium Noctis
08-24Eden's Curse · Eden's Curse
??-??Eden's Onslaught · Eden's Onslaught
??-??Edge · Through the Void
02-02Edgecrusher · Forever Failure
11-02Edge of Thorns · Masquerading of the Wicked
03-23Eeriness · Paths
04-??Efaistos · Renaissance
05-??Egmont · All for Evil One
02-15Egoist · Dead Egg
??-??EgoNoir · Der Pfad zum Fluss
10-22Eicca Toppinen · Music for the Movie 'Black Ice'
06-20Eidyllion · Secretos
??-??Eight Hands for Kali · Himalayan Necromantia
09-12Eilera · Fusion
??-??Eingar · Quickening Sun
12-??Eisenwinter · Verkommen, entartet und verreckt
09-28Eisheilig · Auf dem Weg in deine Welt
04-27Eisregen · Blutbahnen
??-??Ekasia · Hybrid Scorn
??-??Ekser · Patterns of Reprisal
04-16Elan · Impulso vital
??-??E-Lane · Encircled
09-16Elbereth · Gaueko ilargia
09-??Elbow Drop · I Love Tupa-Tupa GxCx
05-??Elctrikchair · CitiCorpse
06-19El Cuervo de Poe · Vox Corvus - La voz del cuervo
09-29El Dragon · Resistir
09-??Eldrig · Everlasting War Divinity
??-??Eldrig · Kali
04-20Eldritch · Blackenday
??-??Electric Hellessence · Rollin Generator
01-??Electric Magma · Coconut Bangers Ball
11-12Electric Wizard · Witchcult Today
06-22Electro Baby · Electro Baby
12-??Electrocute · Pirates of Thrash
01-15Element · Aeons Past
??-??Element · Cybernetic Human
08-21The Element · Mind Sludge
10-31Element of Eclipse · Broken Strings
04-23Elend · A World in Their Screams
03-27Elenium · Caught in a Wheel
02-15Elephant · The Ivory Heavenscape
??-??Elevare · World...Desert?
04-13Elexorien · Elexorien
05-04Elffor · Into the Dark Forest... (Alternate Version)
??-??Elficus · For the Troubled Minds, It Whispers
02-20Elgibbor · Satan Is Defeated
10-??Elgibbor · Stronger than Hell
10-01Elisabetha · Über das Prinzip der Unschuld
01-05Elision · Things Are Far from Okay
??-??Ella · Rama-Rama
09-10Elnordia · Insight
02-24El Patron · Running Quickly Toward the Battle Line
09-29El Patrón · Proyecto discordia
??-??El Reno Renardo · El Reno Renardo
??-??El Thule · Green Magic
10-??Elvaron · Gravitation Control System
09-14Elvenking · The Scythe
12-12El Viejo · Emisario del mañana
??-??Elysium · Private Hell
??-??Emaciation · Earth Odyssey
??-??Embers · The Gods Are Traitors
04-01Embers of Euphoria · Embers of Euphoria
??-??Embraced by Hatred · Real Recognize Real
03-??Embrace of Thorns · ...for I See Death in Their Eyes...
??-??Embrace the Day · Tomorrow May Never Come
??-??Embryonic Cells · Before the Storm
??-??Emerald · Hymns to Steel
03-23Emerald Sun · Escape from Twilight
05-??Emerna · The Beauties of Nought
08-??Emerna · Mortem Animalium
??-??Eminenz · Eminenz
02-10Emmos · Your World Is a Warfield
??-??Emotional Baggage · Certified
03-01Empheris · Ancient Necrostorms
11-23Empire · Chasing Shadows
10-07Emptiness · Oblivion
07-07Empyrean Eclipse · Illumination Undone
01-16Empyrios · ...and the Rest Is Silence
11-14Enchained Souls · Silentium Aeternus
02-12The End · Elementary
07-06Enderrocks · Fills del Xúquer
??-??Endişe · Küresel Hipnoz
10-06Endless Dismal Moan · Ruin
??-??Endless Pride · Ballad & Demos
??-??End of Days · Hell Through Blind Eyes
05-21End of Level Boss · Inside the Difference Engine
09-30Endoras · Blood on the Horizon
10-15Endstille · Endstilles Reich
??-??Enemy of My Enemy · Walk Down This Highway
12-07Enemy of the Sun · Shadows
01-10Enfado · Mejorar del maníaco discografía no 1st
??-??Enfeeble · Too Ugly to Show It!
??-??Enforcer · Violent Speed Assault
07-10Engineer · The Dregs
01-26Engine of Pain · I Am Your Enemy
??-??Engraved · Messiahs of a New Age
??-??Enigmatik · Slitherin
??-??Enlightened by Darkness · Buried Beneath
08-01Enochian Theory · A Monument to the Death of an Idea
03-28Enoid · Dodssyklus
??-??Enough to Kill · A Reason For
10-??Ensambled · El septimo día
04-27Ensiferum · Victory Songs
08-03Enslavement of Beauty · Mere Contemplations
10-01Enthroned · Tetra Karcist
??-??Entirety · Proud
06-25Entombed · Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments
07-31Entruce · H.E.L.L.
05-??Entwerter · The Mortal Engine
03-??Envenom Ascension · Murkland
??-??Envision · Beyond Consequence
10-05EoB · Zweidimensional
??-??Eon · Envision | A Fragmented Drama
??-??EOS · End of Days
07-23Ephel Duath · Pain Remixes the Known
01-04Ephus · Transitions
08-28Epica · The Divine Conspiracy
05-10Epicedium · Intoxicated Intercourse
??-??Epic - The Iron Philharmonic · Aurora Australis
03-??Epidemic Disease · Infernal Empire
??-??Epidemic Scorn · System of Sickness
07-22Epinikion · Epinikion
07-22Epinikion · Epinikion
08-21Epitaf · Noc duchů
??-??Epitafio · Dying Out
??-??Epitaph · Barbaric Regulation
05-??Epitome of Frail · Leaving the Past Behind
09-28Equimanthorn · Exalted Are the 7 Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal
??-??Equinoxio · Punishment of Souls
02-05Era Vulgaris · What Stirs Within
??-??Erebo · Conquered by the Faith
??-??Erg Noor · The Story
10-??Erhabenheit · Missgediehen
05-01Errant Society · Rage and Madness
??-??Erszebeth · La condesa inmortal
11-01Erythrioblastosis Fetalis · Fetal Stench
??-??Escape · The Begining of the End
??-??Escarlata · Somos leyenda
06-??Esenia · El templo de las mareas
12-??Essence of Existence · Terra Mentis
11-05The Esseness Project · The Esseness Project
??-??Estirpe Imperial · Sin miedo
04-14Estuary · The Craft of Contradiction
12-01Eternal Burden · Dominion of Peremption
??-??Eternal Deformity · Frozen Circus
06-??Eternal Demise · The Rawness of Soul
??-??Eternal Fall · Under the Mind's Sheet
??-??Eternal Fear · Evil Deeds
10-09Eternal Flight · Under the Sign of Will
06-19Eternal Legacy · The Coming of the Tempest
??-??Eternal Madness · Abad Kegilaan
01-??Eternal Mystery · Bruised for Our Transgressions
??-??Eternal Rest · The Four Winds of Evilness
04-??Eternal Sex and War · Abuse or Be Used
06-13Eternity · Funeral Mass
12-20Ether · Depraved, Repressed, Feelings
??-??Ethere · Ethere
??-??Ethereal Architect · Dissension
01-10Ethereal Pandemonium · Lost 'n' Sound
06-25Etheric Void · Threnodies of Death Ritual Rites
??-??Eutanasia · Exterminio
??-??Euterpia · Between Darkness and Light
01-15Evadne · The 13th Condition
06-??Evanderholyfield · Evanderholyfield
01-26Evelyn · Screams from the Asylum
??-??The Eventide · Eventide
04-17Even Vast · Teach Me How to Bleed
??-??Eversor · Follow Your Destiny
06-06Everwood · The Raven's Nest
??-??Everything Falls Dark · Dawn of Darkness
06-22Evidence One · The Sky Is the Limit
??-??Evig Natt · I Am Silence
02-22Evil Angel · Unholy Fight for Metal
??-??Evil Code · Bajo tierra
08-27Evile · Enter the Grave
06-??Evil Entourage · Dominion
12-14Evilheart · Storm of Annihilation
10-17Eviscerated · Gorging on Rotting Entrails
04-27Evocation · Tales from the Tomb
11-20Evoken · A Caress of the Void
12-25Evolucija · Baklja slobode
??-??Evolution · Welcome to War
??-??Ewige Wiederkehr · Heldenschicksal
02-07Ewig Frost · Blue Septime Winters
09-10Ex Aenima · Streamline [0.00 sec.]
08-08Exalted · We Are the Grim Throng
03-02Excalion · Waterlines
??-??Excruciate · Bound and Gagged
01-12Excruciation · Angels to Some, Demons to Others
04-??Excuse for Pain · Designed for Grinding
01-31Ex Dementia · Thou Shall Repulse
04-20Exemption · The Rabbit Hole
04-18Exesion · Promise Waste and Rot
??-??Exhope · Mad Kind
??-??Exhort · Remains from the Dawn
??-??The Exile · Exile Is Eternal
??-??Exiled · Blood Sea
??-??Existentialism · A Doctrine into Hate
06-19Exit to Eternity · Coming Down
12-20Ex Kathedra · This Is Where
10-28Exodus · The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
??-??Exorcet · Invasión
07-??Exordium · Cyanide Dreams
10-??Explomass · Origin of the Shiver
09-03Exsecratus · Tainted Dreams
09-07Exsequiale · Ritual Satânico
07-17Exterminance · Vomiting the Trinity
??-??Exterminio · Homicide in First Degree
02-26Extremely Rotten Flesh · The End
09-12Extrovert · Серебряная нить, или Там, где заканчивается явь...
08-27Exventer · Bioconveyor of Instincts
??-??Eye Beyond Sight · Dies ad Quem
06-??Eyefear · A World Full of Grey
01-22Eyeless · The Game of Fear
08-17Eyes of Eden · Faith
??-??Eyes of Fire · Musical Orgasms
11-01Ezurate · Blasphemous Hierarchy
??-??Face Down Hero · Opinion Converter
??-??Faceless Hulk · Knowledgeable Ignorance
11-30Faceshift · Reconcile
09-07Fagyhamu · Frostashes
03-30Fahrenheit 212 · Neues vom Hexer
10-31Fallen into Shadow · Suffering
01-01Fallen Man · Reborn
??-??Fallen Saints · Brilliant Remains
??-??Fallen Skies · Dawn of a Dark Age
??-??Falling to Pieces · Left to Rust
??-??Fall of Eden · Dawn of a New Age
01-05The Fall of Every Season · From Below
11-01Fall of Serenity · The Crossfire
08-20Fall of the Leafe · Aerolithe
11-01False in Truth · Denial of Facts
07-07F.A.M. · Bullet(in)
02-13Famine · Famine
02-26Fanatic · Panexypnos Dimiourgia
??-??Fantasy Engines · Energy Worlds
06-13Far Beyond Driven · Reflections of Humanity
02-21Farmakon · Robin
10-29Farsot · IIII
11-20Fastkill · Nuclear Thrashing Attack
??-??Fasylive · Vengeance
05-15Fatal · Barbarism
06-11Fatal Injury · Fatal Injury
??-??Fatality · ...Closer to Hell
03-01Fatal Recoil · Malicious
??-??Fate in Spiral · Can You Find the Answer
??-??Fateless Tears · NightBorn
??-??Fate of Pyre · TodGeburt
??-??Fatherland · Imperium
10-??Fat Monsters · Останови террор
??-??Fauna · The Hunt
??-??Fearlight · Наш завет
01-15Fear My Thoughts · Vulcanus
??-??Fear Nature · Have Mercy
??-??Fear of Fours · Never Heaven
10-??Fearscape · Scent of Divine Blood
09-23Feast Eternal · With Fire
01-12Feast for the Crows · When All Seems to Be Burned
??-??Feast of Corpses · Sickness of Mankind
??-??FeedForward · Barefoot & Naked
??-??Feilfødt · Vi er søppel
08-??Fekaliza Thor · First Decade of Fekalization
10-27Ferox · Insides Out at the Mortuary Getes
03-10Festering Saliva · Realm of the Forgotten
06-10Festung Nebelburg · Gabreta Hyle
01-01Fetocide · Repetitive Patterns
??-??Feuersturm · Apokalypse
??-??Fiendish Gloom · Only Death Is Forever
??-??Filthy Jim · Night Killers
??-??Filthy Teens · Target: Deceased
03-30Fimbulthier · The Battle Begins
11-27Final Stage · Through the Mirror
??-??Final Stand · Final Stand II
06-09Final Underground · Stop Breathing
??-??Fingernails · Destroy Western World
08-??Finngálkn · Horns Against Heaven
03-28Finntroll · Ur jordens djup
12-01Finnugor · My Sick Files
07-06Finsterforst · Weltenkraft
??-??Finsternis · Sea of Blood
09-28Fireborn · A Deadly Premonition
??-??Fire for Effect · Inner Dimensional Chaos
10-??Fire Shadow · Fire Shadow
??-??First Aid · Infection
10-03Firth of Damnation · Carpe Noctum
06-29Fjoergyn · Sade et Masoch
08-??Flagelation · Prostitute of Darkness
??-??Flagellation · First Step to Armagedddon
12-07Flagellum Dei · Under the Might...
02-??Flame of War · The Flames Are Rising
05-??Flamma Ignis · La muerte ha salido de cacería
05-01Flaskavsae · Philosophies
??-??Flatline · The Process of Healing
08-05Flegethon · The Art of Regeneration
09-17Fleshcrawl · Structures of Death
??-??Flesh Divine · Twisted Perception
??-??Flesh Factor · Tag Your Dead
08-??Flesh for the Beast · Scavengers of the Damned
10-??Fleshpress · Pillars
??-??Fleshrobot · Peacounterism
??-??Floating Goat · The Vultures Arrive
10-01Floating Worlds · Only a Dream, Can Kill a Dream...
05-28Folkearth · Drakkars in the Mist
12-12Followbane · Final Letter from...
??-??Fonops · Illumination
??-??Fools Faith · Undone
10-??Footprints in the Custard · Oh God, It's Warm
??-??Forbidden Son · The Balance of All Good and Evil
10-22The Foreshadowing · Days of Nothing
06-04Forest of Doom · Ancient Woods of Darkness
03-??Forest of Impaled · Rise and Conquer
??-??Forever Ends Tonight · Wayfarers
06-12Forever in Terror · Restless in the Tides
06-22Forever It Shall Be · Reluming the Embers
04-23Forgive-Me-Not · Suicide Service
??-??Forgodsfake · Life or Debt
08-15Forgotten Agony · Forgotten Legend of Asmodeus
09-11Forgotten Darkness · Nekrolog
??-??Forgotten Daylight · Fall of My Life
04-17Forgotten Sunrise · Willand
01-24Forgotten Tomb · Negative Megalomania
06-??Forgotten Woods · Race of Cain
12-20Formaline · Tales from the Morgue
07-05Formorket · Into the Frozen Shadows
04-23Fornication · D N hAte
09-15For Ruin · December
??-??For Selena and Sin · Overdosed on You
05-01Fortress · Együtt veletek
02-02Fortíð · Völuspá Part II: The Arrival of Fenris
06-27Foscor · The Smile of the Sad Ones
03-06Fountain of Tears · Fate
11-16Fountain of Youth · Love Letdown
09-??Fourth Monarchy · Amphilochia
12-03Fractured Insanity · When Mankind Becomes Diseased...
08-27Fragile Art · Axiom
07-10Fragment. · Monolith
??-??Fragment of Euthanasia · Since I Found
10-??Fraise · A New Beginning
03-23Francesco Fareri · Secrets Within
??-??Francis Soto · Metalapolis Part 1
05-28Frangar · Totalitarian War
??-??Frank Caruso · Kaleidoscope
??-??Frankenbok · Murder of Songs
03-01Frank Serafine · Dream Imagery
12-24Frantic Machine · The Beginning
07-10Freaklabel · Monolith
04-20Freedom Call · Dimensions
07-??Free Key Bit Chess · Kiss My Ass
11-01Freevil · Freevil Burning
??-??The Freezing Fog · March Forth to Victory
01-23Freya · Lift the Curse
02-14From Ashes · As the Leaves Fall
12-17From Beyond · All Thrash Breaks Loose
06-30From Beyond · Sounds of the Grave
??-??Frost · Black Shining
03-05Frost · Nefarius
01-12Frostbitten Kingdom · Through Nightfall Storms and Sunless Dawns
01-??Frostfinsternis · Am Horizont die letzten Strahlen
??-??Frostgrim · Hasserben
09-09Frostmoon Eclipse · Another Face of Hell
03-23Frostthrone · Black Winter
12-22Frozen · Cloning Angels
12-??Frozen · In Time
04-??Frozen Scars · Silver Sound Forest
01-01Frozen Scars · Time
??-??Frozen Tears · Nights of Violence
04-24The Fucking Champs · VI
08-14The Fucking Wrath · Season of Evil
??-??Fuck Off and Die! · Anti All
??-??Fucktory-X · Blood on Rust
??-??Fuego Sagrado · Rendirse jamás
08-21Full Blown Chaos · Heavy Lies the Crown
??-??Fullmoon · Face
??-??Funeral Fog · Channelling Ancient Shadows
12-22Funeral Forest · Hateful Visions
07-10Funeralium · Funeralium
??-??Funeral of the Sun · The Enchanted Forests of Autumn
07-16Funeral Winds · Nexion Xul - The Cursed Bloodline
??-??Furia · Furia
04-??Furia · Martwa polska jesień
08-25The Furious Horde · World Aghast
11-23Fury n Grace · Tales of the Grotesque and the Arabesque
10-??Fury UK · Face of Adversity
02-05Furze · UTD
08-29Future Disorder · Sounds of Catastrophe
??-??Fyrdung · Hyperborea
09-18G6PD · Grand Murder
??-??Gabriels · The Legend of a Prince
01-24Gaia's Vestige · Sekai no Ato (La traccia del mondo)
01-26Gaia Epicus · Victory
??-??Gaia Metal · Espíritu y tierra
12-26Galactica Phantom · From the New Galaxy
??-??Galactic Industry · Remake
06-??Galadriel · Renascence of Ancient Spirit
??-??Gale · Föhn Winds
09-24Gallhammer · Ill Innocence
08-22Galneryus · One for All - All for One
??-??Galvanic · Legacy Chain
11-19Gamma Ray · Land of the Free II
??-??Gangrena Febrosa · Abominaciones quirúrgicas
07-27Gardarika · Волкодав
??-??Garden of Eden · Feel Me
??-??Garden of Eden · Mondd tovább - Vampires of Eden
07-15Gargoyle · 刃 ~Yaiba~
10-16GasHead · The Isolationist
11-16Gash Hound · The Left-hand Path
??-??Gate to Infinity · Precognition
??-??Gatling · Gatling
04-04G-Clad · The Fast Food for Racists Camp
01-??General Lee · Hannibal ad Portas
10-23Generation of Vipers · Dead Circle
??-??Genital Grinder · Compulsive Severing Art
02-16Genius: A Rock Opera · Episode 3: The Final Surprise
09-28Genocide · Apocalyptic Visions
??-??Geoffe Hein & Frozen Ghost · Eternal Sleep
??-??George Bellas · Planetary Alignment
??-??Gerbophilia · Militeratogène
06-??Gergovia · Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
01-19Gernotshagen · Märe aus wäldernen Hallen
05-02Gestapo 666 · Nostalgiah
??-??Gestos Grosseiros · Countdown to Kill
??-??Gevaudan · A Requiem for the Dead, a Deity for the Living
02-20Gexerott · Grim Arcane Winds
??-??Ghardenäll · The Battles of Warriors
??-??Ghord · Underworld in Mourning
09-17Ghost Brigade · Guided by Fire
10-31Ghost Guard · Hollow Be Thy Name
06-19Ghremdrakk · Je m'exalte
03-05Gillman · Inevitable
02-02Gire · Gire
??-??Giuseppe Silvestri · Giuseppe Silvestri
10-??Glacial Fear · Filthy Planet
??-??Gladiator · ...ako predtým
??-??Glass Spires · Glass Spires
??-??Gleis 3 · Licht und Schatten
11-10Gloominous Doom · Doomed If You Do, Doomed If You Don't
03-08Gloomy Sunday · Beyond Good and Evil
07-09Glorifying Dying · Carnival
06-19Glorior Belli · Manifesting the Raging Beast
06-19Glorious Death · The Dawn of Darkness
??-??Glory Opera · Equilibrium
??-??Glug · Made in America
09-08Gnaw Their Tongues · Reeking Pained and Shuddering
??-??Gnoma · Muerte sepultada
??-??Goat Bleeder · Legions of Perdition
03-01Goatfucker · Through a Malefic Storm of Torment
07-??Goathead · Rise ov the Infernal Black Light
01-25Goatmoon · Finnish Steel Storm
10-22Goat the Head · Simian Supremacy
??-??Goblin · Sewn Together...Torn Apart
??-??God's Desire · Gatzol Rider
??-??Godbotherer · Dog Pitch Screaming
10-23Godcursed · Past Life Strife
09-28Godiva · Destruction
??-??Godless Cruelty · Gott... im Chaos gestorben
05-12Godless Crusade · Dawn of the Last Day
07-17Godless Rising · Battle Lords
07-??Godless Symptoms · Crossover
??-??God Machine · The Law of Retaliation
03-??Godphobia · On Your Knees
09-??Godsend · The Inhuman Saviour
??-??Godsize · Hymns for the Fallen
??-??God Size Hate · Again We Bleed
09-05Godsplague · H8
06-15Godüs · Phantomgrave: I Am the Catacombs
??-??Golden Gorilla · Golden Gorilla
??-??Goldenseed · Collector of Illusions
12-01Gonoreas · Plead Not Guilty
??-??Good Spirit · Тёмные окна
??-??G.O.R.E · Never Sober Level
09-11Goreality · Perverse Depraved Indifference
08-03Gorefest · Rise to Ruin
??-??Goregast · La revancha
??-??Goremonger · Porn Reels from da Cornfieldz
03-30Goresoerd · Goremarket Mid-Prices
10-??Gorgeous Frankenstein · Gorgeous Frankenstein
??-??Gorgons Eyes · Inglorious Birth
03-??Goryptic · From Blast to Collapse
??-??Gospel of the Future · Gospel of the Future
02-??Gospel of the Horns · Realm of the Damned
??-??Gothic Sky · Реальности чёрного рыцаря
07-18Gout · Lesbian Medicine
??-??G.P.I. · Anomaly
06-08Grabak · Agash Daeva
01-26Grand Lux · Carved in Stone
??-??Grang · Grang
01-12Grave Digger · Liberty or Death
06-06Graveheart · Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost
04-20Grave in the Sky · Cutlery Hits China: English for the Hearing Impaired
03-25Graveland · Will Stronger than Death
05-02Gravetemple · The Holy Down
05-25Graveworm · Collateral Defect
06-??Graveyard BBQ · Greatest Hits Volume II
??-??Graveyard Ghost · Omega
12-22Gravity · Into Oblivion
??-??Grayceon · Grayceon
??-??Great Sorrow · New Day Comes
05-12Greedy Invalid · Dancing Little Flames
10-??Greenland · Thule
11-05The Grieving Process · Assimilated Deformation
03-26Griffin · The Ultimate Demise
12-29Griffin L.O.G. · Viva la Inquisición
07-16Grima Morstua · Illustratio per Horribilem Obscuritatem
01-22Grimfaug · Defloration of Life's Essence
08-29Grimlair · Inside
01-20Grimlair · Locked Up and Forgotten
??-??Grimlord · Blood Runneth Over
04-28Grimm · Heksenkringen
08-31Grimmark · Grimmark
08-??Grimmdrasil · The Shadow of the Universe
02-??Grim Monolith · Grim Monolith
??-??Grindboroks · Suffer Disorder
??-??Grinding Silence · Demonstration of Silence
12-24Grind Minded · Domestic Violence
12-20Gris · Il était une forêt...
??-??Grom · March of Voices of Dead Souls
12-01Gromritual · Winter Requiems
??-??Grosad · Time of Devastation
11-27Gross Misconduct · The Process of Indoctrination
11-01Grotesque · Museum of Human Disease
12-10Grotesque Hysterectomy · Reek
11-??Growl · Rotten Womb
01-??Groza · Geçmişin Kasvetli İzleri
08-17Gräfenstein · Death Born
12-19Grívf · Yggdrasil
12-??Guahaihoque · The Return of the Ancient Gods
??-??Guantanamo Bay City Rollers · Alcoholocaust
??-??The Guardian · Renovation
??-??Guided Cradle · You Will Not Survive
05-??Guillotine · Metal in the Vein
??-??Guillotine Terror · Kronos
04-??Guilty of Reason · When Reason Disperses the Darkness of Pride
??-??Guitbox · Sleepless Dreams
07-14Gunship 666 · Kamikaze
06-21G.U.T. · My Only Drug Is Madness
??-??Gut Bucket · Reign in Mud
04-03Guttural Engorgement · The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh
??-??Guttural Forms · Rivers of Excrement
??-??Gutworm · Disfigured Narcissus
03-??Gwyllion · Awakening the Dream
??-??Gyöngyvér · Lacrimosa
??-??Habitance · In the Remains of Structure
10-01Haboryn · Welcome to the Suffering
06-25Hacavitz · Katun
05-29Hackman · The New Normal
07-17Hacksaw to the Throat · Wastelands
03-02Hacride · Amoeba
09-10Haemophagia · From Sickness to Cult
??-??Haereticus · Our Legions Fight Religions
??-??Hagen · The Last Breathing
11-??Hahn Kult · Odes for the Sea
07-17Hail!Hornet · Hail!Hornet
12-25Hairy Hole · My Ex-Girlfriend Loves Hairy Holes
09-??Hakenkreuz · Axis of Cosmos
??-??Hallways of the Always · A Mastubatory Aid for the Enthusiastically Violent
??-??The Handsome Beasts · Rock and a Hard Place
07-18Hangar · The Reason of Your Conviction
11-28Hanged · I
02-28Hanging Garden · Inherit the Eden
??-??Hangman · The Gallows
09-??Hangman's Chair · (A Lament for...) The Addicts
??-??Harakiri · Instinto animal
??-??Hardcore Factor · Hardcore Bloody Hardcore
10-01Hard Echo · Mouth of the Sun
03-01Hardfaced · More Than Hate
04-??Hard Gear · Muddy Black
06-??Hardingrock · Grimen
06-13Hard Venom · A Brief Repose Amidst the Screams of Torture
??-??Hard Way · The War Without Chances of Victory
06-06Hargonath · Hargonath
??-??Hargos · Shadows of Violence
??-??Harmahis · Occurrence
11-??Harmorage · Berserker
??-??Harpazo · Arrebatamento
09-21The Harrowed · The Harrowed
??-??Hasses Warter · Perdido
10-13Hatchery · Birth of a Bomb
??-??H.A.T.E. · Metal Forever
11-24Hate · Pandemonium
10-??Hatecraft · Black Poetry
??-??Hate Fool · Legal Through Brutality
??-??Hateful Aggresion · Hateful Aggresion
08-18Hate Induced Coma · The Komasutra
05-01Hatepulse · Core of the Soulless
03-12Haterush · Baptised in Fire
04-27HateSphere · Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
03-21Hathor · Ancient
07-??Hatred Angel · I Don't Wanna Die...
??-??The Hatred Machine · Symbol of Black
01-??Havoc · Icon of Destruction - Atrocity Divine
08-29HavocS · Dawn of a Dream
09-01Hayagriva · Red Heaven
03-??Headcrusher · I Felt This Before
12-??Headhaunter · Fueled by Chaos
??-??Headhunter D.C. · God's Spreading Cancer
10-31Headstone · The Joint Chiefs of Stash
09-21Heart of Cygnus · Utopia
08-07Heart of Sun · Heart of Sun
??-??Heave · Final Day
12-??Heavenblast · Flash Back
11-19Heavy Lord · Chained to the World
??-??Hedfirst · Godforsaken
??-??Hedon Cries · Affliction's Fiction
??-??Heel · Evil Days
??-??Heia · Magia Negra
03-02Heiden · Era 2 ... ve vírech poznání...
10-15Heirdrain · Batna
10-31Heirdrain · Drengr Viking
11-??Heirdrain · Viking's Land
04-28Heir of Destiny · A New Day
04-06Hel · Tristheim
02-09Helcaraxë · Triumph and Revenge
11-??Helland · Album VI
02-12Helland · I ein dal tå stein
05-18The Hell Candidates · Bring to War
??-??Hell Dörmer · Space Age Rocket Rage
10-??Hellebaard · Duisternis
11-15Hellfire · Hellfire
05-04Hellfueled · Memories in Black
08-21Hellghast · The Epoch of Subjugation
??-??Hellion · Profecías
12-20Hellishthrone · Light a Candle for the Dead...and a Torch to Burn Their Corpses
??-??Hellium · New World Order
02-??Hellixxir · War Within
12-06Hellkommander · Death to My Enemies
??-??Hellowed · The Night of the Reaper
10-29Helloween · Gambling with the Devil
??-??Hell Patrol · Psihodēlija
11-??Hellrazer · Hellrazer
??-??Hellrealm · Chaos and Fear and Death
08-??Hellsaw · Phantasm
??-??Hellscape · Downwards
??-??Hellvetic Frost · Misanthropic Devotion
06-04Hellveto · 966
05-21Hell Within · Shadows of Vanity
04-10Hellyeah · Hellyeah
02-09Helritt · Trotzend dem Niedergang
10-29Helrunar · Baldr ok íss
11-23Helstar · Sins of the Past
04-??Helvetespine · Frykten og mennesket
??-??Hemi · Fire in the Sky
10-??Hemoragy · Jesus King of Wine
10-08Heorot · Ragnarök
09-07Heralder · Twilight Kingdom
??-??Heraldry · Delirium
06-01Herbst · I: Prolog
11-25Hercules Castro · Singularity
??-??Herlighet · A Warrior Never Dies
??-??Herrumbre · Tierra Madre
11-05Herética · Aún hay quien llora
??-??Hestia · Inmortal
06-??Hetzer · The Rise of Abaddon
06-06H.E.W.D.A.T. · Satanic March of Death
08-30Hexenkult · Durch rabenschwarze Nacht
??-??Hexentomb · Far. Beyond
05-04Hexenwood · Regevándor
??-??Hicsos · Technologic Pain
??-??Hidalgo · Infragilis
02-20The Hidden Hand · The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote
05-11Hidden Timbre · Hidden Timbre
12-15High'n Dry · The Return
10-08Higher Council of Mars · Home
09-18High on Fire · Death Is This Communion
11-14Hilastherion · Taken from Darkness
06-16Hilderog · 66,6°-norð
02-16Hills of Sefiroth · A Draught of the Seas of Iniquity
02-24Himmel Strasse · Bleeding Scars
09-18Himsa · Summon in Thunder
10-??Hipermenorrea · Lymphadenectomy for Carcinoma of the Esophagus and Gastroesophageal Junction
??-??His Name in Vain · All Must End
??-??The Hixon · Truth Has Been Burned
01-01Hizaki Grace Project · Dignity of Crest
??-??H.M.P. · Heavy Metal Poetry
??-??Hok-key · Всё Нок-kеy
??-??Holdaar · Противление
06-12Hold Person · Lost Memories
09-26Hollow Corp. · Cloister of Radiance
??-??Hollowmind · Soundscape of Emotions
12-08Hollowtone · Dead Man's End
09-21Holmgang · Gengangerens kvad
11-13Holy Dragons · Лабиринт иллюзий
04-27Holy Martyr · Still at War
??-??Homestell · Désillusions
??-??Hope · Battle Within
06-16Hope Has Failed Us · Epitaphs and Eulogies
07-17Horcrux · Death Will Find Me Alive
01-01Hordagaard · Djeveldyrkar
??-??Hordagaard · Poltergeist
??-??Hormigón Armado · Hormigón armado
07-??The Horn · The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Volume 7
11-??The Horn · The Book of the Dead Vol.8
03-??The Horn · The Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol.5
05-05The Horn · The Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol.6: Spell 125
09-??The Horn · The Wisdom of the Ancients
06-15Horna · Sotahuuto
02-19Horna · Ääniä yössä
09-12Horrida · Budź się
10-??Horror · Come with Me
??-??Horrorshow · Fall of Man
12-15Horse Called War · Becoming
07-04Horsemen · Kill You One More Time
02-??Horst · Delineating the Lugubrious
10-??Hortor · Decapitación absoluta al falso profeta
03-31Hostile Calm · Hostile Calm
04-27Hot Buttered Anal · Please Kill Me
11-??The Hounds of Hasselvander · The Hounds of Hasselvander
04-21The Hourglass · Resurrection of the Horrid Dream
12-04Hour of Thirteen · Hour of 13
??-??House of Low Culture · Chinatown Squalls
??-??House of Low Culture · Hollywood Squalls
??-??The Howl · Next Report 2:35
10-30The Howling Wind · Pestilence & Peril
09-29How Sad a Fate · Anemic
06-25Hozzen · Pessimistic
??-??Hrimthursen · Bestie Mensch
03-09Hrizg · Oaken Path of Grief
10-12Hromovlad · Ohňa hlad, vody chlad
??-??H-Tray · Distressing Report
03-24Huldrefolk · Eeuwenhout
03-15Huma · Luchando a muerte
03-14Human Artifacts · The Principles of Sickness
??-??Humanasaur · Monster Saviour Song
06-??Human Ashtray · The Hate Rebirth
01-09Human Bloodfeast · She Cums Gutted
08-09The Human Condition · From the Cell
??-??Humanend · Break the Chains
10-??Human Excoriation · Virulent Infestation
05-14Humanfly · II
04-??Human Rejection · Torture of Decimation
09-28Human Zoo · Over the Horizon
??-??Hungarica · Nem keresek új hazát
09-03Hurtlocker · Embrace the Fall
??-??Husere Grav · Haunted Tomb / The Great Empty
01-26Hyades · And the Worst Is Yet to Come
05-31Hybrid · The Will to Create
??-??Hydrogen · Now Is No More
10-19Hyems · Antinomie
11-??Hyleon · the Name of the Further
12-05Hyperborea · Cryogenic Somnia
??-??Hyperion · Monochrome
02-24Hypothermia · Rakbladsvalsen
??-??Hysteria · Prodavač stínů
12-07Häive · Mieli maassa
12-12Høst · Del En | Høst
12-01Ian Keith Hafner · Ian Keith Hafner
02-??Icarian · Renacer
09-11Icarus Witch · Songs for the Lost
09-07Iced Earth · Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part 1
07-07Icedhead · Rotten to the Core
??-??Icedhead · The World We Behold
12-01Ice Dragon · Ice Dragon
??-??Ice Vinland · Vinland Saga
08-16Iciclan · Frozen Dimensions
??-??Iconocaust · The Reckoning of Man
08-15Icos · Fragments of Sirens
??-??Ictus · Imperivm
03-16Icy Steel · Icy Steel
10-08I Declare War · Amidst the Bloodshed
09-04Idol and the Whip · Revelator
07-10If But for One · Through the Storm
09-11Ignitor · Road of Bones
??-??Ikarian · Phantom Minds
??-??Ildverden · Ildverden
12-??Ilium · Vespertilion
??-??Illidiance · Nexaeon
04-22Illness · Black Schizophrenic Metal
07-10Illogicist · The Insight Eye
??-??Illogo · When Liquids Stay Dry
??-??The Ill over Death · Steric
08-14Ill Vision · Music to Hate People To
06-17Imindain · And the Living Shall Envy the Dead...
09-??Immaculate · Pure Evil
06-??Immaculate · Thrash, Kill 'n' Deströy
??-??Immanis · War Machine
11-01Immemoratus · Astral Enigma
??-??Immodus · Horizon Alpha
05-10Immolation · Shadows in the Light
??-??Immortal Rites · Api dari Timur
08-18Immortal Rites · For Tyrant's Sake
06-01Immortal Souls · Wintereich
11-05Impaled · The Last Gasp
10-24Impaled Nazarene · Manifest
09-04Impending Doom · Nailed. Dead. Risen.
??-??Impera · Break the Chains
03-23Imperia · Queen of Light
??-??Imperial Dusk · Black Priest of Satanic Blood Rituals
??-??Imperious Rex · The Beast
07-02Imperium Dekadenz · Dämmerung der Szenarien
04-10Impetuous Rage · Inverted Redemption
07-27Impiety · Formidonis Nex Cultus
01-26Impious · Holy Murder Masquerade
08-15Impious Havoc · MaleficiuM
04-25Impious Havoc · Manifestations of Plague and War
11-01Imprint · A.R.T
??-??Impromtus ad Mortem · Infortunio
01-29Impure · Hemicorporectomy
05-??Impurity · Of Lust and War
09-03In Battle · Kingdom of Fear
07-15Incendiant · Incendiant
??-??Incineration · A Course in Anger Management
03-??Incineration · Blasphemous Theologies
??-??The Incineration · Сквозь фальшь
11-17In Death I Become · The Splendour of Emptiness
10-30In Defence · Don't Know How to Break Dance
10-25Indian · Slights and Abuse
??-??Indout · Secrets and Lies
??-??Indricothere · Indricothere
10-??Industrial Estate · Human...Values...Destroy
06-25Inepsy · Kingdom of Insanity
??-??Inepsy · No Speed Limit for Destruction
10-??In Eternum · Return of Darkness
05-??Infanticide · Extinction Scheme
10-19Infection Code · Intimacy
01-01Infectious MG 42 · Escaped from USA
??-??Infektor · Falsa realidad
03-15Inferi · Divinity in War
03-??Inferia · Fucking Is a Great Way to Get to Know New People
10-??Inferis · In the Path of Malignant Spirits
03-06Infernaeon · A Symphony of Suffering
??-??Infernal Chaos · Vision of Disorder
??-??Infernal Death · Чёрный пир
??-??Infernal Overkill · Intoxicated
01-29Infernal Revulsion · Devastate Under Hallucination
02-09Infernal Rites · My Immortal Coffin
08-??Infernal Stronghold · Excommunicated
10-01Infernal Tenebra · The Essence of Chaos
??-??Infernal Torture · Into Black Nights
03-26Infernal War · Redesekration: The Gospel of Hatred and Apotheosis of Genocide
??-??Inferno Requiem · 幽冥夜怪話 (Gloomy Night Stories)
??-??Infest · Anger Will Remain
02-??Infest · Feel the Rage
??-??Infested Blood · Tribute to Apocalypse
??-??Infested Mind · Soaked in Blood
09-14Infestum · Ta Natas
12-03Infinited Hate · Orchestra of Sickness
??-??Infinity Minus One · Infernal Machine
??-??Infirmor · Adelanto del 1er
??-??Infuneral · Sepulchral Monument
10-??Ingrimm · Ihr sollt brennen
??-??Inhumane Deathcult · To Hell with Your Soul
01-16Inhuman Hate · Propagation of Chaos
04-19Inhume · Chaos Dissection Order
??-??Initial Point · Gates of Ivory
06-11In Lingua Mortua · Bellowing Sea - Racked by Tempest
08-24In Memory · Glyptic
??-??Inmitten des Waldes · Den Vätern zum Gedächtnis
08-25Inner Aggression · Beginning of an Inner War
??-??Inner Chaos · Instant Replay
01-11Innersight · 9 & ?
??-??Innertheatre · Xgotten Room
09-??Inocculta · Before Withering
04-02Inquisition · Nefarious Dismal Orations
12-21Inquisição · One More Battle
02-20I.N.R.I · Ultra Sonic Hatestorm
??-??Insaintfication · Diseased
??-??Insane · Finite Number of Exits?!
06-15Insania · Agony - Gift of Life
03-21Insania · Rock'n'Freud
??-??Insanita · Thrill of the Kill
??-??Insanity · Antikommerz
??-??In Satans Paradise · Driller Killer
10-27Insect · Domesticated by (the) Disease
10-??Insect Warfare · World Extermination
03-07Insert Remedy · A State of Constant Change
??-??Inside · Impaled by Your Soul
01-??Inside Four Walls · Inside Four Walls
10-15Inside You · Night Hunt
??-??In-Sight · Endorsed by Hate
09-26Insision · Ikon
02-21In Slumber · Scars: Incomplete
08-08Insolence · Audio War
11-19InSomnius Dei · Illusions of Silence
??-??Instinct of Aggression · Beyond All Control
11-??Insurrect · Fucking Infinity
03-30Intense · As Our Army Grows
??-??Interior of Death · Anisotropy
10-??Interitus · Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit
08-??Intestinal Disgorge · Vagina
??-??Intethod · Intethod
12-31Inthyflesh · Lechery Maledictions and Grieving Adjures to the Concerns of Flesh
01-27In Tomorrows Shadow · Disillusioned
10-??Intrust · Fire from the Skies
??-??In Tyrannos · Die Maske fällt!
??-??In Utero Cannibalism · Psychotic Killing Lust
??-??Invading Chapel · Cursed by System
03-29In Vain · The Latter Rain
04-24Inveracity · Extermination of Millions
??-??Invicta · Industrial Strength
03-??Ioannis Anastassakis · Suspension of Disbelief
11-10Ira Regia · Espejismo y realidad
06-01Irdorath · Götterdämmerung (Zorn der Elemente)
09-28I-Remain · Brutality of Terror
12-31Iron Attack! · Evil Mountain
12-24Iron Attack! · Iron Attack!
08-17Iron Attack! · Unleashed in the East
??-??Iron Dragon · Iron Dragon
06-29Iron Fire · Blade of Triumph
03-14Ironfist · Feel
07-21Iron Head · Iron Head
??-??Iron Horses · Titan 'n' Bones
10-31Ironica · Consequences
06-04Iron Savior · Megatropolis
??-??Iron Thumb · 完全変態
10-19Irreversible · Sins
12-??Iscariota · Pół na pół
??-??Isilma · Silent Dreamers
12-14Ism of Karawan · Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
11-05Isolation · Lockdown
??-??Istnienie · Eibeic az Ermu
05-28Itsi · The Diary of a Psycho
??-??Iuramentum · The Awakening
09-05Ivory Moon · Human Nature
07-28Ivory Night · Machine
09-08Ixion's Wheel · Vicycle Seasons
12-22IXXI · Assorted Armament
06-15IXXI · IXXI
08-15Ixxion · Ixxion
??-??Izuver · Defrozen
??-??Jabladav · 3K HUM
??-??Jabladav · Black as Pitch
10-30The Jack · Święta pieśń hipokryzji
11-15Jadallys · Labyrinthes
??-??Jagannah · Thedious
08-27Janvs · Fvlgvres
??-??Japanese Hell Beast · Her Children Were All Chubby and Gay
10-12Japanische Kampfhörspiele · Rauchen und Yoga
??-??Jaws · A Metal Tribute to Aliens
02-20J.C.Jess · Matter in Your Hand
08-21Jean Grey · Apophis 2029
10-30Jekyll · The Lyrical for Hyde
12-03Jelonek · Jelonek
04-21Jeriko · Instinto
02-20Jesu · Conqueror
12-27Jesus Joshua 24:15 · 3 - The Hard Way
??-??JesusMartyr · The Black Waters
??-??Jethzabel · Vision
??-??Jet Trail · Edge of Existence
10-18Jill's Project · Alice Tales
04-29Jill's Project · The Expansion
06-26Jill's Project · Nosferatu
??-??Jimmy Williams · Sonic Divergence
09-03Jin · Breaking the Sky
??-??Jinbara · Patah Pusing
05-15Job for a Cowboy · Genesis
??-??Joe La Mouk · Un recueil de merdes
??-??Johann Wolfgang Pozoj · Birth of Pozoj
09-??John Macaluso & Union Radio · The Radio Waves Goodbye
10-21John Nash · Dominion
??-??Johnny Gruesome · Gruesome
02-19Joint Depression · Savage Infinity
06-15Joop Wolters · Out of Order
11-??Jordan Rudess · The Road Home
01-27Jorn · Unlocking the Past
02-26Joshua van der Stam's Anaconda · Kai Kai Vilu
04-19Jotunheim · Jotunheim
11-??Judgement · The Bitter End
03-??Juggernaut · Anthems to Burn
11-03Juicio de Dios · Mares de dolor
06-25Junky Waltz · Counterfeit Justice
11-??Just One Fix · The Price of $ellvation
06-??Jute Gyte · Arakan
07-??K3 · Under a Spell
05-??Kabal · Kabal
??-??Kabala · Acero
??-??Kadavrik · Until the Die Is Cast
02-14Kaemon · When Kingdoms Burn
03-14Kaihoro · Boulder
??-??Kaihorro · Beneath the Glass
??-??Kailash · Kailash
09-??Kaira · Колесо Фортуны
12-??Kaiserreich · KRRH
04-23Kalashnikov · Oh Yeah Motherfucker!
05-14Kalot Enbolot · MCCCXLVII
01-11Kamala · Kamala
06-04Kamelot · Ghost Opera
??-??Kamilla · Nothing's Left
??-??Kampf · Above All
07-19Kandaon · Bria Getae
??-??Kanthaka · The World Is Changed
11-11Kaosritual · Svøpt morgenrød
05-14Kapein · Aeon of Rust
01-11Karensdag · Ett par jävla dar
10-03Karna · The Haunted: Age of Destruction
??-??Karnal · Raptus
??-??Kaross · Molossus
??-??Karpatia · Nové svítání
04-20Karras · The Bright Side of Death
??-??Kartikeya · The Battle Begins
10-16Katagory V · Hymns of Dissension
??-??Katarak · Ajaran Sesat
03-11Kathaarsys · Verses in Vain
02-28Katra · Katra
08-04Kauan · Lumikuuro
03-19Keen of the Crow · Hyborea
03-15Kekal · The Habit of Fire
05-31Keldark · Slow Trip to Destruction Part II
02-27Keldian · Heaven's Gate
09-??Ken Snyder · Progressive by Nature
03-15Kenòs · The Craving
??-??Kerion · Holy Creatures Quest
12-01Ketha · III-ia
05-28Ketum · Monetary Chronicles
??-??Kevin M. Buck · Euphoric Darkness
??-??KeyDragon · Dragon Pond
??-??KeyDragon · Legends of the Dragon
02-13Keys of the Light · Keys of the Light
??-??KGB · Hieroglyph of a Moment
??-??Khemeïa · Melhadenso
??-??Khepri · Dominion
09-05Khillem · Vill
08-??Khrinj · Rise of the Unnameable
??-??Khyral · Eternal Nightmare
??-??Kiborg · Лжегуманизм
09-29Kid Bludo · Up & Away
??-??Kilhumanity · Dejected
05-25Kill · Inverted Funeral
06-22Killchain · One More Victim
04-14Killers · À l'ombre des vautours
06-30Killing Chapel · High on Homicide
06-02Killing Frost · Falling from the Sky
03-21Kill the Romance · Take Another Life
06-05Killwhitneydead · Hell to Pay
06-05Killwhitneydead · Nothing Less Nothing More
??-??Kilmara · Hunting Dreams
02-??Kilpatient M.D. · Character Witness
11-28Kim Kyung-Ho · Infinity
??-??Kinetic · Corrosion
06-26King Diamond · Give Me Your Soul... Please
10-21Kingfisher Sky · Hallway of Dreams
??-??King Fungus · Euro Elections Mega Jam
04-22King Goblin · Goblin King
??-??King Size · Whisper
08-31Kings Ransom · HeadCrusher
01-12The Knell · Harm
??-??Knight Area · Under a New Sign
08-08Knights of Round · Eternity
09-09Knights of the Abyss · Juggernaut
07-02Knockdown · Violence for Violence
??-??KOAMA · Silence of the Damned
03-23Kobus! · Swaar metaal
09-04Koga · El gran aliento de la tierra
10-20Kogai · Hagakure
12-15Kohatred · Feel the Silence
10-22Koma · Sakeo
07-07Kongh · Counting Heartbeats
??-??Kormeth · Contradict
06-26Korpiklaani · Tervaskanto
??-??Korrozão · Mecanismo do Horror
09-03Korvus · ...In the Name of Lucifer...
04-11Kotipelto · Serenity
??-??Kouichi Ogawa · Lone Brave
10-12Kragens · Infight
??-??Kraneos · Uno fuerte
??-??Kraner · Humanidad sin salvación
01-08Kratornas · Over the Fourth Part of the Earth
08-13Krepuskul · Umbre de vise
??-??Krest · Apocollapsys
06-28Krig · Feed Me
03-16Krisis · Golpe de estado
12-17The Kristet Utseende · Frälsningsprocessens andliga inferno
01-29Kroda · Похорон сонця (Fimbulvinter)
07-31Krohm · The Haunting Presence
03-16Kromlek · Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors
??-??Kronk · "Spill Your Guts" etc...
04-01Kronos · The Hellenic Terror
??-??Kruagre · 750cc Export Fear
??-??Krucipüsk · Ahoj
04-10Kruger · Redemption Through Looseness
01-??The Krushers · Omonimo
04-??Krv · Ukleta zemljo
01-19Krypteria · Bloodangel's Cry
03-12Kryptic Mist · Rape My Soul
07-26Krypton · Mă prefac în ploi
??-??Krysaor · Untitled
12-20Kryterium · Control
??-??Krönös · Mil doscientas sensaciones
11-02Krüger · Скалы и сталь
??-??Kult ofenzivy · Symfonie oceli
11-28Kylähullut · Peräaukko sivistyksessä
07-24Kyrbgrinder · Defiance
??-??Kyrie Eleison · the Arms of Decadence
??-??Kyshar · Karma of the Messiah
01-??Kythrone · Kult des Todes
02-??L'Espera · L'espera
??-??L'Esprit du Clan · Chapitre III - Corpus Delicti
11-03L'Ordre du Temple · In Hoc Signo Vinces
02-26Labÿrinth · 6 Days to Nowhere
05-04La Division Mentale · L'Extase des fous
10-??Laeta Mors · Deafening Silence
02-26Laethora · March of the Parasite
10-??Lahannya · Shotgun Reality
01-26La Hermandad · Reflejos de realidad
04-26Lake of Tears · Moons and Mushrooms
??-??Lammashta · Anonymous
??-??La Naranja · El ojo en la cerradura
01-??La Orden del Kaos · ¡Agarraos los empastes!
10-31Lapida · Lapida
??-??Larry Zavala · Volumen 3
??-??Laserguys · Laserguys
11-15Lashmush · Antidestiny
03-19Last Mistake · Last Mistake
??-??La-Ventura · A New Beginning
11-05Lay Down Rotten · Reconquering the Pit
03-30Layment · Declaration
04-20Lazarus A.D. · The Onslaught
11-19Lazarus Blackstar · Funeral Voyeur
??-??Lazarus Complex · Soundtrack to My Demise
??-??Leather Nun America · Tools of the New Church
11-01Leatherwolf · New World Asylum
??-??Legacy · As Skies Grow Darker
12-07Legenda Aurea · Sedna
09-??Legion666 · Black Goat Armageddon
01-05Legion of the Damned · Sons of the Jackal
08-23Legion Sacra · Tears in Darkness
07-??The Legions Are Me · Blood Spattered Sheets
08-24Le Grand Guignol · The Great Maddening
??-??Leguano · One Way to Go
10-??Leichenbrand · Dorn
07-06Leichenbrand · Ein Schneesturm kommt
??-??Leichenschlacht · Niedergang
??-??Leicohtica · The Balance of Fire
??-??Leider · Furia
03-09Leng Tch'e · Marasmus
11-??Lenhador · Crescente Entropia Universal
11-??Lento · Earthen
??-??Leprosectory · Leprosectory
03-27Lesbian · Power Hor
08-??Lesmentor · ...sable et soumise...
02-27Les Ékorchés · Les Ékorchés
??-??Letal Solaris · Of Sights and Nightmares
??-??Lethal · Annihilation Agenda
12-??Lethal Force · For Tomorrow We Die
??-??Letter 7 · Salt of the Earth
??-??The Lexall Group · Immortel
09-07Lex Vegas · Death of a Gentleman
03-05Leyenda · A medianoche
??-??Liberdade Suprema · Palavra de Salvação
??-??Libitum · Sue Iudicium
11-10Lich King · Necromantic Maelstrom
12-??Licht- und Schattensaiten · Geisterwald
01-24Lies Beneath · The Eidolon
??-??Lies in the Sand · T.W.O
09-15Life's Decay · Szilentia
02-24Lifelover · Erotik
??-??Life Will Be Good Again · Life Will Be Good Again
06-24Ligature · Attack of the Megaleanasaurus
12-??Light? · Свет?
04-25Lightning · Brave Heart
04-11Lightning Swords of Death · The Golden Plague
??-??Light of Dark · Beyond Darkness and Hell We Come
01-22LIK · Lekamen illusionen kallet
11-05Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · D.R.O.N.E.R.E.X.I.A.
03-12Lilith · Monolith
08-28Limb from Limb · Death. Famine. Plague.
06-13Limb from Limb · Rip Him from His Fucking Throne
10-23Limbonic Art · Legacy of Evil
06-15Lion's Share · Emotional Coma
02-28Lionsgate · Lionsgate
??-??Liquid Horizon · Revolutions
??-??Liquid Sky · Identity
10-23Liquid Trio Experiment · Spontaneous Combustion
??-??The Little Gauss Elementary School Massacre · The Little Gauss Elementary School Massacre
05-29Liva · De Insulis
??-??LiveEvil · Arctangel
03-22Livercage · Impaled and Forgotten
12-09Livercage · Pick Up That Axe and Cut Them Down
08-12Livercage · Strung Up and Left to Rot
10-01The Living Fields · The Living Fields
11-05Lizzy Borden · Appointment with Death
12-27Llaxsay · After
11-04Locus Mortis · Voust
01-13Loinen · Loinen
06-04Loits · Must album
??-??LoNero · Relentless
10-31Lonesome October · I and the Dusk
04-13Longed for Fusion · Salvation
03-09Longing for Dawn · A Treacherous Ascension
??-??Longobardeath · Polenta violenta!!!
10-05Long Pig · Barren
12-11Looking 4 a Name · Tetragram
09-27Looking for an Answer · Extinción
??-??Lo-Pan · Sasquanaut
08-22Lord · Ascendence
02-??Lord Agheros · Hymn
04-30Lord Belial · Revelation - The 7th Seal
11-??Lordchain · Finding Balance
06-01Lord Devastador · The Golden Spirit of Hate
??-??Lord Divine · Disgrace
06-15Lord Foul · For the Supreme Satan's Hate and Glory of the Occult Warriors
??-??LordSphere · Aura of Prison
??-??Lord Wind · Forgotten Monumental Songs
03-27Lo-Ruhamah · The Glory of God
??-??Losna · Wild Hallucinations
??-??Los Pepes · Контролируя страх
08-06Loss · Hate Infected
??-??The Lost Anthology · Silence Is Golden
01-15Lost at Last · In Darkness
03-19Lost Eden · Cycle Repeats
??-??Lost Emotions · Essence
??-??Lost Emotions · Something
10-27Lost in Munin · New Horizon
03-??Lost Life · Odium (The Downfall of the Bleeding Hearts)
??-??Lost with You · Life Metal
07-11Lotus Circle · Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods
??-??Low End · Grind to the Bone
??-??Lucera · Colombian Blackmetal
??-??Luciation · Infernalistic Flames of Luciftias
??-??Lucifer's Legion · Verses of Unholy Blasphemy
10-06The Lucifer Principle · Pitch Black Dawn
09-01Lucifer Was · The Divine Tree
10-23Lucifugum · Sectane Satani
02-??Lugburz · Endbringer
01-??Lugburz · Mind Flayer
03-06Lugubrum · De ware hond
02-26Lumsk · Det vilde Kor
??-??Luna Aeterna · Тайна
02-09Lunacy · Time Is the Enemy
01-08Lunar Aurora · Andacht
04-13Lunar Eclipse · Morbid Visions
??-??Lunatic Gods · Ante Portas
??-??Lust · Possessed
09-??Lustful · Profane
02-13Lustmord · Mutilated Agony
01-15Lutece · ...and Ancestors Still Remain
09-19Lutemkrat · The Last Survivor
07-14Lux Luciferi · Purity of Enmity
??-??Luzabril · Cazador de sueños
??-??Lvzbel · Tentaciones
??-??Lycanthrope · Monster Nature
??-??Lyckwyd · Lies
??-??Lydian Sea · Invisible Reign
??-??Lydian Sea · Portraits of Thought
11-30Lyfthrasyr · The Recent Foresight
09-24Lyken21 · Mindstream
11-08Lymphatic Phlegm · Show-Off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self Display
??-??Lyr Drowning · Blind from Birth
06-??Lönndom · Fälen från norr
08-01Lörihen · Bajo la cruz
12-09MAB · Decay
11-16Macbeth · Superangelic Hate Bringers
09-05The Machete · Untrue
04-20Machete Dildo · As I Fuck Her I Gut Her
03-27Machine Head · The Blackening
08-24Machinemade God · Masked
02-19Machine Men · Circus of Fools
03-09M.A.D. · Warning!
??-??Madame Guillotine · L'Esprit du mal
02-28Madhouse · Everything Kills
02-23Mad Max · White Sands
03-19Mael Mórdha · Gealtacht Mael Mórdha
??-??Maelstrom · Bang in Your Ears
??-??Maelstrom · Immortal Fairytales
??-??Magellan · Innocent God
02-??Magellan Dream · Death of a Moon
10-19Magica · Hereafter
04-17Magister Dixit · My Anger Is an Eternal Field of Demonized Mercenaries
??-??Magma · Hagyaték
05-??Magnacult · Synoré
11-27Magnertron · Underground Sounds
??-??Magnus Rising · Counting the Numbers
03-16Magwi · Devil Circus
10-01Mahatma · Perseverance
??-??Maintain · With a Vengeance
01-01Maitreya · New World Prophecy
10-24Majster Kat · Svätá zvrhlosť
07-31The Makai · The End of All You Know
06-11Make a Change... Kill Yourself · II
??-??Mala Medicina · A pura sangre
06-26Malastrana · Manipulate Your Mind
??-??Malediction 666 · Abysmal Wrath
08-20Malefice · Entities
??-??Maleficent · Bleedover
07-17Malevolent Creation · Doomsday X
07-01Malevolus · The Dark Time Will Be Arise
09-17Malfeitor · Unio Mystica Maxima
03-??Malicia · Raíces
11-??Malicious Curse · Healter Skelter
??-??Malicious Damage · Sickness Amongst the Pure
08-07Malignancy · Inhuman Grotesqueries
04-??Malignum · Cosmovisión
12-??Malignus Goat · Crucificação
05-22Malkuth · Mutus Liber
01-26Malnàtt · Happy Days
12-27Malodorous · Amaranthine Redolence
??-??Ma.Lo.Ga · Ciudad grito
05-07Malsain · The Disease
11-07Malummeh · Revival
07-03Malvento · Clavi (Figendi Ritus)
12-06Malvoisie · Necro Molestor
02-18Mamilla · On the Track
??-??Mamut · Mamut
??-??Manditory · Lend Me Your Ears
??-??Mandown · Terror in a Plastic World
11-30Mandrake · Mary Celeste
05-07Manes · How the World Came to an End
12-10Mania · The Death of Birth
??-??Manias · ...and Blood Soaked the World
11-26Manifest · Hedonism
??-??Manipulation · The Future of Immortality
07-20Manitou · No Signs of Wisdom
03-29Man Must Die · The Human Condition
??-??Mannepenis · Voldtar små barn?
09-03Manngard · European Cowards
03-20Man of Sorrows · Man of Sorrows
07-02Man of the Hour · Destroy the Machines of Slaughter
04-??Manos · Genocide
02-23Manowar · Gods of War
??-??The Mansion of Soul Drain · Dominion
??-??Manstopper · Ultimate Inferno
10-01Mantak · Sabahell's Blasphemer
05-15Manticora · The Black Circus Part 2 - Disclosure
??-??Mantris · Existence
09-03Manufacturer's Pride · Faustian Evangelion
01-31Maple Cross · Heimo
??-??March into the Sea · Church of the Voidswimmer
10-08March of Hate · Atitudes Massacrantes
09-03The March of Seasons · My Winter
07-31Marc Rizzo · The Ultimate Devotion
04-27Marduk · Rom 5:12
01-25Mare Frigoris · The Odyssey
06-10Margenta · Династия посвящённых
03-??Markize · Transparence
10-18Maroon · The Cold Heart of the Sun
??-??Mars Creation · Attack the Priest
??-??Mars Creation · Mysterious Grave of the Fog ~ Has He Return
??-??Mars Creation · Virgin of God
??-??Martyrium Christi · We Will Kill... for You!
10-01Martyrs Shrine · Martyrs Shrine
11-28Martyrum Omnium · War Code
04-01Mary Bell · Mary Bell
03-23MarysCreek · Some Kind of Hate
??-??Masectomy · La última tiranía
02-21Masquerage · Work-Holic-Fool
06-25Mass · Crack of Dawn
??-??Mass Destruction · Bon Appetit
08-25Massemord · Aatsel
02-03Massemord · Let the World Burn
08-04Massenvernichtung · Im Dienste des Morddoms
02-26Mass Infection · Atonement for Iniquity
02-27Massive Charge · Silence
12-23Massive Killing · Somsok
11-??Mass Murder Machine · Land of Confused Sins
??-??Mastaba · II.XI.
05-11Master · Slaves to Society
02-23Masterplan · MK II
??-??Masters of Luxury · Welcome to Opulence
11-28Masterstroke · Sleep
06-06Masturhate · Drenched in Lies
??-??Matacavalo · Matando no Peito
09-10Matriarch · Revered unto the Ages
??-??Matthew Mills · NeoClassical Rock Guitar Part 2
??-??Matthias Steele · Resurrection
10-??Matus · Don Juan Matus
??-??The Mausoleums · I Am the Mausoleum
04-16Mayhem · Ordo ad Chao
04-27Maze of Torment · Hidden Cruelty
01-01Meat · A New Medicine
10-24Mechanical Organic · Disrepair, Pt. One - Permafrost Dreams
02-15Mechanical Poet · Creepy Tales for Freaky Children
10-01Mechanical Poet · Who Did It to Michelle Waters?
??-??Mechanix · Ultrazúzda
??-??Mechanization · Holon
11-??Meden Agan · Illusions
??-??Mediador · Uma Verdade, um só Caminho
05-14Megadeth · United Abominations
05-12Megalomania 999 · The Thoughtprovoking Theatre
08-31Mehida · Blood & Water
08-24Mekong Delta · Lurking Fear
05-11Meldrum · Blowin' Up the Machine
??-??Melissa · Dancing Depression
??-??Melodiam · DesangrArte
??-??Melodramus · 30 Silver Pieces
??-??Melody Maker · The Revenge from Bleeding Lolita
08-18Meltdown · Executioner
??-??Meltem · Insanity
11-16Mely · ...Leave and Enter Empty Rooms...
??-??Membaris · Into Nevermore
10-01Memoria · Memorioquia​:​Auradeutung
??-??Memorized Dreams · End of Innocence
10-01Mena Brinno · Icy Muse
??-??Menagerie · In Moderation
02-16Mendeed · The Dead Live by Love
??-??Mendoza · Another Rock'n'Roll Swindle
08-??Mendozza · White Rhino
02-??Men Eater · Hellstone
04-22Menhir · Hildebrandslied
??-??Mental Amputation · Utter Subordination
??-??Mental Transformation · Chaos Conjuration
01-23Mephisto · Tyrant's Return
??-??Merca · El Vil Metal de
08-31Mercury Fang · Ignition
11-30Merkabah · The Realm of All Secrets
09-27Mescalero · Mescalero
02-10Mesmerised · Obnoxiosus
06-17Mesrine · Unidentified
02-23Messiah's Kiss · Dragonheart
??-??Messick · A Worm in a World of Titans
10-10Metal Child · End Is Near
??-??Metal Child · Svi za jednog
??-??Metalinda · №13
02-20Metalium · Nothing to Undo - Chapter Six
??-??Metal King · Any Warrior Dies Without Honour
01-27Metal Law · Night of the Wolf
??-??Metal Reign · 8 Fingers of Whiskey
??-??Metalsteel · Bad in Bed
01-13Metal-X · Scream in Thunder
08-13Metamorphosis · Creation in Reverse
??-??Metatronik · eYe 2.1
??-??Methodic · A Monument to Nothing
08-31Metralla · Fuego en las mentes
??-??Metro Society · A Journey in Paris
??-??MG-15 · El album negro / The Black Album
??-??MG71 · Laid to Rest
06-??Mhorgl · The Sacrificial Flame
04-30Miasma · Spirit Death
??-??Miazma · Pius Horror
??-??Michael Knight · Electric Horrorland
03-23Middian · Age Eternal
??-??Midgard · Malo je vremena
??-??Midnight Hero · MHII
05-07Midnight Reign · Never Look Back
??-??Midnight Scream · Shadowplay
04-21Midwinter · The Glassy Waters
10-19Miezul Nopții · Absint
10-15Mike Dimareli Artical · Horizon
12-06Minas Morgul · Aus Blut gemacht
09-14Mind's Eye · A Gentleman's Hurricane
??-??Mind Eclipse · Relict
??-??Mind Furnace · A Shadow at the Gallows
??-??Mind of Doll · Low Life Heroes
07-02Mindsnare · Disturb the Hive
??-??Mind Wax · Stolen Thoughts
12-??Minion · Out of the Carnage... Let Me Back In
09-17Ministry · The Last Sucker
04-18Minotauri · II
02-26Minsk · The Ritual Fires of Abandonment
11-23Minstrelix · Memoirs
05-02Mir · Waltz of Lunatic Fringe
??-??The Mirage · Viviendo rock & roll
03-19The Mirimar Disaster · The Mirimar Disaster
??-??Misanthropia · Soul Cancer
03-16Misanthropic · Reborn
??-??Misanthropic Path · A Bluntly Description of the Present
11-30Misbegotten · Keeping Promises
01-??Misbegotten · To End All Lies
??-??Misery · On Demon Wings
10-10Misery Inc. · BreedGreedBreed
??-??Mistheria · Solo Piano
??-??Mistica Power · Juicio final
04-23Mistress · The Glory Bitches of Doghead
06-??Mistress of the Dead · White Roses, White Coffin
??-??Misty Ways · Endless Dreams
04-16Mithras · Behind the Shadows Lie Madness
??-??Mithril · Deep Damp Dark
??-??Mitigate · Welcome to Our World
??-??Mitika · Mitika
11-26Mixomatosis · Neurofibroma mixoide
??-??Mnich · Nine Shapes of Death
10-09M.O.D. · Red, White & Screwed
07-01Modar · In My Meditation Time
05-07Moder · Ewiger Tod
11-26Moderix · Antiteos
12-??The Moebius Curve · Deus ex Machina
??-??Mogh · Desperate Existence
03-28Moi dix Mois · Dixanadu
05-01Moker · Translating the Pain
11-28Mokoma · Luihin ja ytimiin
05-08Moloch · Meine alte Melancholie
09-07Moloch · Traurer
??-??Moment of Violence · Lofat
03-??Monarch · Die Tonight
12-11Monarque · Fier hérétique
??-??Mongolian Death Worm · It Must Feed
03-19Monogono · Amuk
??-??Monoliyth · Imminent Demise
11-29Monolyth · Catch the Sun
??-??Monsterworks · Spacial Operations
04-05Monstrosity · Spiritual Apocalypse
01-05Monstrum · VIII dzień tygodnia
??-??Montreal · Post-crucifixión
08-23Moonfog · Cadaveric Changes
02-27Moonfrost · ...Towards the Twilight Realm
03-26Moonlight Agony · Silent Waters
02-23Moonlight Comedy · Dorothy
??-??Moon of Soul · Ébredés
01-15Moonsorrow · V: Hävitetty
10-12Moonspell · Under Satanæ
??-??Morality Check · To Each His Own
01-18Moravius · King's Grave
12-21Moray Firth · A Paradigm Shift
01-??Morbid Axe · Grind Up Your Ass
04-21Morbid Tales · Psychotic Mind Dance
12-01Morcegos · Badly Done Division of Breaking
??-??Morcegos · Darkness Stone Under the Eternal Storm Age
??-??Morcegos · God like Us
??-??Morda · My Will Supreme
09-07Mordgrim · Flesh and the Devil
??-??Moredhel · Metamorphose
03-19Morgana Lefay · Aberrations of the Mind
12-10Morgart · Die Türme
08-12Morggorm · The Eye of Gorsha Dimmag
??-??Morgue's Last Choice · Killer Fungus
03-06Moria · No Light Ahead
05-16Morian · Sentinels of the Sun
08-??Moribund Oblivion · Time to Face
12-??Morion · Insomnia
02-13Moriorr · Masochrist
08-11The Morningside · The Wind, the Trees and the Shadows of the Past
??-??Morpheus · Extermination of the Dominant Species
12-??Morpheus · III.
04-18Morrigan · The Damned
03-02Mors Principium Est · Liberation = Termination
09-??Mortaes · Obsessive Visions
??-??Mortal Fear · Chroptění o pomoc
02-22Mortalized · Deathville
04-20Mortal Remains · Next Level
??-??Mortal Sin · An Absence of Faith
??-??Mortar · M33
??-??Morticus · Satanista suprema
??-??Mortiferous Scorn · Rotting
03-31Mortofobia · Campos de muerte
??-??Mortok · Blut und Gier
09-21Morto Kacho · Morto Kacho
??-??Mortridden · Declaration of War
01-15Mortualia · Mortualia
??-??Mortus Poetry · Deity
03-07Mortuus · De Contemplanda Morte; De Reverencie Laboribus ac Adorationis
??-??Mortuus Caelum · Ventus Infesto
01-08Mortuus Infradaemoni · Daemon Qui Fecit Terram
12-01Moses Bandwidth · Arabian Dreams with the Final Requiem
??-??Motus Deus · Las primeras luces
??-??Motus Tenebrae · Soul Expression
01-01Mountain of Power · Mountain of Power
01-10Mourning Dawn · Mourning Dawn
03-??Mourtoria · Under the Blood
??-??Mouthful of Flies · Ten: Negative: Sixes
??-??Mozergush · Fairytale Alcotrips
07-09Mpire · Mpire
??-??Mr. Jumbo · Coconut Symphony
??-??Mr. Mann · A Side B Side
06-??Mucopus · Undimensional
??-??Mudlark · Mudlark
??-??Mudslide · City of Gold and Lead
06-26Mudslide · Dark Prophet
03-08Mudslide · Mudslide
??-??Muluc Pax · Xuul Katun
??-??Mummlox · Enter the Area
06-11Municipal Waste · The Art of Partying
??-??Muntum Tzeck · Terrorism State
??-??Murat Net · Selamiçeşme Blues
12-01Murder · Dying
??-??MurderWorld · Out of the Ashes
11-??Murk · Unholy Presences
??-??Music Distroyer · Patience
11-12Muspelheim · Muspelheim
07-20Muspellheim · Violent by Design
08-??Mustan Kuun Lapset · Viimeinen laulu kuolemasta
05-18Mustasch · Latest Version of the Truth
06-25Must Missa · Martyr of Wrath
06-14Mutated · Enslavsion
??-??Mutated · Mulletor - Business in Front, Party in Back
??-??My Dark Mind · Angelclaws
??-??My Dark Mind · Forgiveness
??-??My Dark Mind · Twilight
01-??My First Knife · Gorethodox Violent Rapture of Self-Mutilation
01-07Myon · Frameworks
08-09Myopia · Nyght
11-01My Pet Demon · Raise the Flag
09-09Myrath · Hope
04-23My Silent Wake · The Anatomy of Melancholy
??-??Mystere Man · Libérez ma conscience
09-??Mysterious Noise · Lost in the Desert
??-??Mysterium Iniquitatis · Mysterium Iniquitatis II - Carmina
10-19Mystic Prophecy · Satanic Curses
07-??Myth & Symbol · Myth & Symbol
02-03Mythosis · Counter Fate Illusions
??-??Mytile Vey Lorth · Disillusion
01-??M.Z. · Nostalgic Heroes
??-??Mzoraxc · Nordland
11-06Mägo de Oz · La ciudad de los árboles
07-13Mäniac · Fast and Deadly
05-18Månegarm · Vargstenen
09-29Mörkret · Chaos to the Order
04-04Mørke Riket · ..Through Landscapes of Ashes
??-??Mørkheim · Danske hymner til mørket
06-22Mørkriket · Hellwards
09-??Mütiilation · Sorrow Galaxies
??-??Nabaath · Back of Beyond
03-??Nachtblut · Das erste Abendmahl
07-07Nachtfalke · Following the Wanderers Path
10-05Nadja · Radiance of Shadows
02-10Nadja · Thaumogenesis
03-13Nadja · Touched (re-recorded)
03-30Nae'blis · Sketches of Reality
04-02Naglfar · Harvest
01-26Nahemah · The Second Philosophy
03-14Naildown · Dreamcrusher
11-29Nailed to Obscurity · Abyss
??-??Nailer · Seed of Insanity
12-23Najand · Acid Rain of Angel's Cries...
10-22Najand · Khazan
??-??Naked · Get Naked
??-??Naked Shit · The Legend of the High Town Crow
06-??The Name · We Are
07-??Narath · Fury
08-23Nardorn · Terrorcaust: Sons of the Bleeding Nature
08-17Nargaroth · Semper Fidelis
09-21Nargothrond · Following the Frostpaths of the Hyperborean Landscapes
02-??Narkan · Larvario
08-15Narrow House · Sounds of Solitude
11-16Narthex · Flatness of Life
??-??Nasakrat · Prologue
01-01Nascent · Nascent
??-??Nasson · Dying Tears
09-14Nastrandir · Zwischen Horizonten
09-10Natassievila · Iter Lethalis
01-10Nathan P. Holly · The Dreamer
??-??The National Cemetery Orchestra · Monument
11-??Nation Beyond · The Aftermath Odyssey
02-02Natrium Muriaticum · Hispania Anticristo-The Satanicon
07-02Nattas · Inde Deus Abest
??-??NatterVrede · Nocturnal Frost
??-??Nattesorg · Born Again
09-23Nattlig Stjerne · Hundra: L'inganno della notte
08-13Nattlig Stjerne · Princesse Hvitebjorn
01-31Nattsmyg · När solen slocknar
01-20Naumachia · Callous Kagathos
11-18Nausea · Shuffle Among Causes
08-08Nauthisuruz · Sanity Funeral
08-24Neaera · Armamentarium
??-??Neanderthal · Is Hard to Believe
11-26Nebelhorn · Fjordland Sagas
??-??Necrobiosis · The Evolution of Sickness
??-??Necrodamus · No Rest for the Wizard
08-10Necrodead · Path to Death
10-06Necrodeath · Draculea
??-??Necrogrind · The Bloody Way
11-19Necromantia · The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven
08-??Necromessiah · Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad
05-03Necronoclast · Monument
11-20Necronoclast · The Plague
03-??Necronomichrist · Harlequin Fetus
09-??Necrophagous · Dying Rites
01-??Necropolis · The Dead Season
??-??Necropsya · Roars
02-03Necros Christos · Trivne Impvrity Rites
09-29Necrotic Flesh · Gore Gourmet
??-??Necrotized Flesh · Ego
??-??Necrowitch · Raising the Flag of Hell
04-??Nefastoreth · In Tenebris Radiorum
05-14Negativity · Please Kill Yourself
01-01Negativity · Self-Destruction Process
06-11Negligence · Options of a Trapped Mind
10-20Nekrasov · Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days
01-01Nekrokaos · Chaos II
02-20Nekrokrist SS · Suicide
06-20Nekros Pervertor · Chapter 1 - Prelusion to Dementia
11-14Nekrotika · Nekrotikill Dominion
06-21Nemesea · In Control
04-14Nemesis · The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Metal
08-28Nemus · Volontà dell'essere
02-17Neoandertals · Neanderthals Were Master Butchers
??-??Neocracy · Red Circles
??-??Neokhrome · Downfall / Collapse
11-02Neomenia · Luna nueva
02-??Nephwrack · The Once and Future King
01-20Nerlich · Defabricated Process
09-04Nerthus · The Crowned's Reunion
09-??Nerumia · I Don't Understand
??-??Nerve · Getting Nervous
01-??Nervengas · Alpha Germania
01-??Nest · Trail of the Unwary
??-??Neurasthenia · Possessed
05-08Neurosis · Given to the Rising
04-13Neurosis · Masters of Thrash
??-??Neurotic Machinery · Catalept
??-??Neutral Shock · Undying Breed
??-??Neverborn · 1000 Miles of Hell
08-08Nevergreen · Erős mint a halál / Strong as Death
03-23Neverland · Schizophrenia
07-08Neverlight Horizon · No Heaven... Only Torment
??-??Nevertrust · Incoming Society
03-??NewBreed · Child of the Sun
11-22Newk · Glorious Warrior
07-23Nex · Zero
??-??Next Waste Dimension · Rewire Reality
04-??Nexus 6 · A Strange Habitat
12-25Nexxt · Addicted to Sin
??-??Nicolas Waldo · The Secret Place
01-31Nicole · Sivu syyttömistä
??-??Nicronomodez · Nightmare Industries
??-??Nidsang · The Mark of Death
11-19Nifelheim · Envoy of Lucifer
06-04Nightingale · White Darkness
01-09Nightjar · Thru the Shadows
10-??Nightmare · Genetic Disorder
03-12Nightrage · A New Disease Is Born
10-19Night Soil · Living in Oblivion
??-??Nightstorm · A Sight to the Revelation
09-26Nightwish · Dark Passion Play
??-??Nihil · X-X-XXVIII
07-23Nihill · Krach
10-??Nihil Obstat · Todeskrampf
07-01Nihilosaur · The End Is Within Sight
09-15Nihternnes · The Dawning of a New Era
03-06N.I.L. · N.I.L.
07-17Nile · Ithyphallic
02-28Nine · It's Your Funeral
??-??The Nine Orders of Angels · Contrapasso
08-??Nineveh · Nineveh
??-??Nirah · Wadi El-Muluk
02-23Nitberg · Donnerwetter, Donnerwyrd
04-20Nitemare Hippie Children · Corruption of the Ameriwhore
11-20Njiqahdda · Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu
09-??Njiqahdda · Njimajikal Arts
06-06Noble Savage · Killing for Glory
??-??Nocivo · Al límite
??-??No Creeps · Nice Noise
07-03Nocternity · Terrorchestra
??-??Noctis · Darkened Era
04-03Noctis · Elegies Vol. I
??-??Noctis · Noctis
??-??Nocturnal Alliance · What Makes That Evil Tick...?
??-??Nocturnal Amentia · Sun Not Rise Never
07-03Nocturnal Breed · Fields of Rot
02-21Nocturnal Depression · Soundtrack for a Suicide - Opus II
??-??Nocturnal Empire · Genocide
??-??Nocturnal Feelings · Consecration of Evil Forces
12-05Nocturnal Graves · Satan's Cross
05-28Nocturnal Rites · The 8th Sin
??-??Nocturnal Sin · Nastier...
01-23Nocturnia · Espejismos
07-24Nodes of Ranvier · Defined by Struggle
03-01Nofuck · Existenzminimum
03-??No Grace · Unplugged im Casablanca
??-??Noia · Pure Scorn
??-??Noiratasya · Wajah Pesona Timur...Kiasan Dendam Abadi
10-10Noisecult · Volume III - Vociferous
??-??Noism · ±
??-??Noiszart · A New Beginning
??-??Nokta · Lifetime Part I
??-??Nol · 9
03-27No Love Lost · Unleash the Shackled
06-13Nomad · The Independence of Observation Choice
??-??Nomad Soul · Pale Horizons
??-??No Mercy · Tribute to Yngwie J. Malmsteen
04-17Nominon · Terra Necrosis
??-??No More Fear · Ethnoprison
02-24Non-Divine · Asylum 45
07-30None Valueless Art · Forlorn in a Dying World...
06-29Nonexistence · Nihil
10-25Non Opus Dei · Constant Flow
11-14Nord · Black Dimensions
08-18Nordglanz · Völkischer Schwarzmetall
02-23Nordicwinter · Threnody
12-14Nordic Wolf · Cosmical Existence
08-07Nordreich · Auf heimischen Pfaden
??-??Nordreich · Verschlungene Pfade
03-21No Remission · Without the Shedding of Blood
08-18Norman K. Anderson · Master of Illusion
03-07Norseman · Lightbringer
05-01North · Ruins
??-??North Black · Ветры боли
06-05Northdark · Nostalgia
05-11Northdark · Toward the Emptiness
06-??Northdark · Ебать вашего бога!
10-??Northern Blood · The Blaze
08-04Northern Breeze · Sailing to the North
??-??Northern Terror · Blacker Than Black
06-04Northern Wind · Arctic Fortress
12-29Nortt · Galgenfrist
??-??Nosferatu · The Sign of the Undead
01-17Nostradameus · Pathway
07-18Not Fragile · Scratch the Surface
??-??Nothingness · Among the Nebula
??-??Nova Epica · In Regression
??-??Nova Prospekt · Into the Light
09-23Nova Prospekt · Virtuosity
02-20Novembers Doom · The Novella Reservoir
11-05Novembre · The Blue
02-19Nox · Ixaxaar
06-19Nuclear Blast Allstars · Into the Light
09-21Nuclear Blast Allstars · Out of the Dark
??-??Nuevo Poder · Vivo
12-??Nuit Noire · Fantomatic Plenitude
09-??Null Dynamo · Hadean Eon
12-03Numen · Numen
??-??Numic · One Above the Heretics
06-??Nunslaughter · Hex
05-??Nux Vomica · A Civilized World
11-29Nyia · More Than You Expect
07-11Nykteros · Upon Twilight
??-??Nymeria · Facing the Dragon
07-10Oakhelm · Betwixt and Between
03-??The Oath · The End of Times
01-16The Oath · To Valhall We Ride
??-??Obereit · Кровь слаще мёда!
08-27Obituary · Xecutioner's Return
12-10Obligatorisk Tortyr · Återförödelse
10-18Oblige · Expectants
??-??Oblique Rain · Isohyet
05-28Obliteration · Perpetual Decay
09-21Oblivio · Dreams Are Distant Memories
??-??Oblivion · Mirrors of Oblivion
??-??Oblivion 999 · Illusions Painted for Me Alone
02-17Obnounce · Supreme Domination
08-01Obscene Gesture · Living in Profanity
06-06Obscure · Shedded Blood
??-??Obscure 13 · Wurmessen
06-??Obscure Anachronism · Transcending Mundane Obstacles
04-27Obscurity · Schlachten & Legenden
02-06Obscurus Advocam · Verbia Daemonicus
??-??Obskura · Souls of Pain
11-06Obstruction · Vadak földje
02-??Occidens · Glorification of the Antichrist
11-02The Ocean · Precambrian
04-??Oceans of Sadness · Mirror Palace
07-??Octagon · Death Fetish
05-21Octavia Sperati · Grace Submerged
??-??Ocultan · Regnum Infernalis
11-03Odd Goo · A New God Will Rise
07-14Oddskabbcatz · Triumph of Death
??-??Odeon · Traumruinen
04-23Odious · Mirror of Vibrations
04-24Odious Mortem · Cryptic Implosion
08-23Odor Mortis · Coagula
11-??Oestre · La piste des larmes
??-??Of Dreams and Madness · Of Dreams and Madness
05-28Officium Triste · Giving Yourself Away
??-??Offtopic · Sin miedo
10-01Of Human Bondage · The Goat Sessions Volume III: Salvation, at One with Hell
09-01Oh Shit They're Going to Kill Us · Oh Shit They're Going to Kill Us
09-01Ohtar · Human Fuel of Death
05-01Okosu · Apeirophobia
09-17The Old Dead Tree · The Water Fields
09-11Old Memories · Posludium of Annihalation
06-21Olympos Mons · Medievil
10-31Om · Pilgrimage
06-16Omega Massif · Geisterstadt
10-31Omen Faculty · Beginning of Emancipation
03-26Ominous Grief · Nothing in Remembrance
02-12Omitir · Old Temple of Depression
01-13Omnium · Omnium
04-02Omnium Gatherum · Stuck Here on Snakes Way
02-27On Broken Wings · Going Down
06-16Once Pure · Closing the Chapter
03-07One Man Army and the Undead Quartet · Error in Evolution
06-??One Soul · Open Your Eyes
??-??One Step Beyond · Beyond Good and Evil
09-22Onirik · Spectre
03-05Onslaught · Killing Peace
06-01Ontogeny · Pillars of Perversion
03-15Onward · The Neverending Sun
??-??Onward to Olympas · The End of the Beginning
??-??Onyricon · Aprendo la mente
12-??Ophidian Forest · Redbad
10-05Ophis · Stream of Misery
02-23Ophydian · The Perfect Symbiosis
??-??Opportunity · เปลวปฐพี
??-??Opticollide · Eleven
??-??Oracle · Darkness Within
05-21Orange Goblin · Healing Through Fire
09-18The Order · Metal Casino
10-23The Ordher · Weaponize
03-21Ordinul Negru · The Black Order
12-01Ordinul Negru · My Soul from the Forest
??-??Ordoxe · Magnum Opus
07-03Orenda · The Funeral
10-??Orgone · The Goliath
??-??Orient · Sex Machine
??-??Orifice · These Are the Flowers That I Love to Smell
10-30Orion · Angel of Dust
??-??Orion Belt · Canes Venatici
??-??Orisha Shakpana · Misanthropic Warfare
??-??Ork · Planet 666
??-??Ormus · God's Grief
??-??Ornaments of Agony · Зовлонгийн угалз
??-??Ornias · Death Bringer
??-??Oros · Stench of Vaginal Liquid on Human Embryo
10-09Orthodox · Amanecer en puerta oscura
??-??Orthodox · Из праха к мирозданию
??-??ORVKKL · XC
??-??Oscuridad · Demoniac Throne
10-21Oscuro Diciembre · A tus pies
09-10Ossian · Örök tűz
??-??OSV · Mission One
04-15Otargos · Kinetic Zero
??-??Our Darkest Day · The Reign Will Come
??-??Outrage · Against the Stream
??-??Outrage · L'ignorance, c'est Votre sentence
??-??Overdawn · Bleeding Wounds
??-??Overhate · God in a Trench
10-09Overkill · Immortalis
03-30Overlife · El despertar
??-??Overload · The Dark Side of Ambition
02-14Overload · Heartbreak System
08-??Overloaded · Regeneration
10-26Overmars · Born Again
01-01Overproof Groove · Overproof Groove
01-??Over the Coals · Declaration
??-??Overthrone · Declarations of Secession
12-08O.X. · Без номера
06-05Oxbow · The Narcotic Story
??-??Ox vs. Thunderbird · Worshiper
05-22Ozzy Osbourne · Black Rain
05-18P:O:B · Crossing Over
10-26Pactum · Desecration Is the Cult We Belong
07-01Pagalguenna · Dreams
10-??Pagan · Oz : In Transcendence
11-09Pagan's Mind · God's Equation
??-??Pagana Usurpacion · Rito ancestral
06-06Pagan Heritage · Forn Sed
??-??Paganos · Infierno real
05-04Pain · Psalms of Extinction
03-14Pain Confessor · Purgatory of the Second Sun
08-13Paindivision · Pain Division
??-??Painful Defloration · Musica Non Grata
01-30Pain of Salvation · Scarsick
10-22Pain Principle · Waiting for the Flies
10-31Painstruck · Hell's Wrath in God's Fury
03-14Pajavasara · Rautatie
11-16Palace Terrace · Flying Through Infinity
04-23Pale Divine · Cemetery Earth
01-24Palm · Palm
??-??Pancho Villa · Campanas del Diablo
06-05Pandemonium · Hellspawn
??-??Pandora 101 · Sealed Penance
??-??Pandrea · Muget de zimbru
10-??Pangea · Time
04-20Panic Cell · What Doesn't Kill Us
??-??The Pant · Straight Way to Hell
05-19Pantheon · Empire of Madness
04-02Pantheon I · The Wanderer and His Shadow
06-20Pantokrator · Aurum
06-30Panychida · Paganized
??-??Panzer · Generación del Alkithran
06-??Panzerfrost · Explicit Grimness
03-??Panzerschreck · Losing Grip
06-15Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis · Aromatica germenexcitación en orgías de viscosa y amarga putrefacción
05-21Paradise Lost · In Requiem
06-??Paragon · Forgotten Prophecies
??-??Paralisis · Cegado del mal
??-??Parallaxe · Soundtrack
??-??Paranoia · Paranoia
??-??Paranoid · Tearing Away
06-09Paranoiz · Paranoiz
07-17Parasophisma · A Variable Invariability Varied in Dependency on Variations Caused by the Invariability of Invariability Remains the Same When All the Variations of Fractals of Delight Have Been Done
10-23Paroxysm · Scars of the Art
??-??Pascal Allaigre · Altitude
??-??Patecabra · El horror
08-27Path of No Return · The Absinthe Dreams
10-23Pathosray · Pathosray
10-15Paths of Possession · The End of the Hour
??-??Paulo Barros · K:arma 6
??-??Paura · Reverse the Flow
03-01Pcyst · BloodThrone
??-??Pecho e' Fierro · Pecho e' fierro
??-??Pegasus · The First Cut
05-22Pelican · City of Echoes
03-22Pencil Lead Syringe · Suffocated and Embalmed
12-24Peordh · Glaring from Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost
11-14Perfect Chaos · The Eightbound Five
03-09Perishing Mankind · Wonderland
03-??Permanent Midnight · Permanent Midnight
03-15Perpetual · Perpetual
??-??Perpetual Burn · Perpetual Burn
11-04Perpetual Never · Rewritten in Stone
??-??Perseo · No es tan sencillo
05-12Persephone's Dream · Pyre of Dreams
06-??Pertness · Seven Times Eternity
05-03Perunica · Triumf odwiecznych prawd
01-??Perverse Monastyr · Perverse Monastyr
06-18Peste Noire · Folkfuck folie
12-??Pestreiter · Der Virus Mensch
06-09Phallic Decapitant · The Chronicles of Japanese Bear Dad
11-??Phalluskult · Filet Wellington
08-07Phantoms · Crashablanca
01-08Philadelphia · Őrült játék
10-??Phlebotomy · Beauty of Atrocity
03-25Phoenix Reign · Destination Unknown
12-03Phuse · The Smell of Old Folk
12-01Pica Fierce · Pica Fierce
03-12Picture the End · They Swarmed like Locusts
06-12Pig Destroyer · Phantom Limb
10-29Pig Irön · The Paths of Glory... Lead But to the Grave
??-??Pigto · Muddy Bodies of Semen and Blood
02-10Pimentola · Misantropolis
03-23Pink Cream 69 · In10sity
??-??Piranah · Orchestrated Noise
??-??Pirania · Between Dream and Nightmare
??-??Pist · Release
09-11Pistöns · We're Pistöns
07-27Pitch Black · Designed to Dislike
??-??Pithon · Placeres de la carne
04-??P.K.I.K.T. · Prie Neries
??-??Placenta · Human Abyss
??-??Plague Bearer · Narration of Thunder
08-10Plague of Shadows · Seven Bodies, Eight Graves
??-??Plague Rages · Subordinados pela Peste
??-??Plaguesayer · Plaguesayer
??-??Plan 4 · Dos caras
10-31Planet Gemini · Cauldron of Fuzz V: Sometimes It Comes Back
05-18Planet X · Quantum
04-01Plasma · Creeping! Crushing! Crawling!
??-??Plastilinovy Jinn · Rock
06-??Playground Rust · Playground Rust
12-??Pleurisy · Seizure
07-??P.L.F. · Pulverizing Lethal Force
02-12Plutonium · One Size Fits All
04-26Poder Oculto · Hacia la libertad
01-08Poetic Justice · Salvation
??-??Point Blank Rage · The Sound of Resistance
09-??Point of View · Dissillusioned
??-??PoisonGod · Daemoncracy
12-17Pokolgép · Pokoli mesék
09-19The Poodles · Sweet Trade
11-11Pornocracy · Terms for Destruction
09-11Portal · Outre'
??-??Portal Way · Portal Way
??-??Posguerra · Planeta 3
01-01Positiva · Centaur's Ride
??-??Post Mortem · Antiguo portal de Nergal
09-01PostNecrum · Estruendo de legiones
07-01Potergeist · Southwards
09-12Potmos Hetoimos · Dance with Divinity
06-01Potmos Hetoimos · Suffering the Storm
??-??Potters Field · Loss of Innocence
08-24Poverty's No Crime · Save My Soul
10-08Power · Roll the Dice
??-??Power 5 · Symbol
??-??Power from Hell · Sadismo
03-31Powerful · Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
??-??Power Plant · Dead Computerized Zombies
05-07Powerwolf · Lupus Dei
12-17Poète Maudit · Hiver québécois d'antan
05-??Praeda · Metaltek Piracy
04-15Prayer of the Dying · Structures of a Dying Matter
??-??Pray for Redemption · Purification of the Unhallowed
10-??Predator · Homo Infimus
??-??Predatory Violence · Predatory Violence
??-??Predisposed · Beyond the Sun
??-??Prellude · Máquina do Tempo
??-??Presto Vivace · The Enigma of the Parable
12-12Presto Vivace · L'amour éternel
05-11Preternatural · Statical
10-12Prevalent Resistance · To Live Again and Dominate
09-21Primal Age · A Hell Romance
09-21Primal Fear · New Religion
10-01Primitai · Through the Gates of Hell
04-24Primitive Graven Image · Traversing the Awesome Night
11-16Primordial · To the Nameless Dead
05-13Prisoner · Let Loose
06-05Pristina · Boner Jams '07: The Harpooned Heart
08-14Procer Veneficus · The Cold Gloaming
05-14Profanatica · Profanatitas de Domonatia
06-22Profanation · Lustful Screams of Torture
03-??The Profane · Chaosbreed
03-27Profugus Mortis · So It Begins
??-??Profusions · Trials to Deception
05-25ProgressiveXperience · X
??-??Progtronic · Evolve
??-??Prohibited · Prohibited
??-??Project-43 · Silence the Quiet
03-??Project: Failing Flesh · The Conjoined
04-01Project-Brain-Storm · Pain
11-20Project Creation · Dawn on Pyther
09-15The Project Hate MCMXCIX · In Hora Mortis Nostræ
05-18Promile · Thrash Ponk Punk
11-30Promises · In the Pharmacy
10-02Prong · Power of the Damager
03-30Pro-Pain · Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade
02-05The Prophecy · Revelations
03-03Prophesia · Eye of the Storm
08-09Prosecutor · Misanthropic Nihilistic Terror
11-19The Proselyte · The Proselyte
??-??Prosperity Denied · Consciousless
12-25Proteus · Personal Narrative of Cognitive Dreamscapes
??-??Proton Burst · La casa de Bernarda Alba
05-03Pseudostratiffied Epithelium · Dolonia
07-??Psychomancer · Butchered
??-??Psychostatus · Collapse of Mind
05-??Psychotic Despair · Psychotic Despair
05-07Psychotic Eyes · Psychotic Eyes
??-??Psychotic Gardening · Hürdür
??-??Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Haunted Catacombs
??-??Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Pulverizing Prostitutes for Pig Feed
??-??Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Spewing Forth Vomiting Gore
04-20P-Troll · Butcher Twister
01-31Puissance · Grace of God
09-07Pukelization · Storm of Resurrection
09-28Puky Spoon · Damned - Ein Leben, ein Schicksal
11-27Pulling Teeth · Martyr Immortal
06-06Pulmonary Fibrosis · Organ Maggots
??-??Pummeled About the Face · Unorthodox Anthology
??-??Punch'n'Judy · Punch On!
07-??Punish · Dawn of the Martyr
12-15Punished Earth · Tetrahydrocannabinol
06-??Pure Evil · Chapter II: Sacrifice
??-??Pure Grain · Born Without a Conscience
08-18Pure Hate · This Is the War
08-25Pure Hatred · Choking on the Sweet Air of Freedom
05-29Purity · The Rise of the Fallen
03-??Pustulus · Beyond Light and Darkness
??-??Putrefied Flesh · The Homage to Amnesty
??-??Putrescence · Fatal White Pustules upon Septic Organs
09-01Putrid Inbred · Scavenger
06-28Putridity · Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism
01-23Pyrexia · Age of the Wicked
08-31Pyromesh · Omnia
11-21Pyuria · Oubliette Ontology
??-??Q-Box · Pentenridian Space Cowboys
??-??QuarterBlind · Bleeding the Guilty
??-??Quasar · Tales of Arcana
11-13Queensrÿche · Take Cover
12-01Quercus · Postvorta
03-??Questions · Fight for What You Believe
10-05Quijote · Expectorate Vomit
09-10Quo Vadis · Babel
12-11R230 · The Force of Hate
09-28R:I:P · ...Out to R:I:P All Nations!!!
06-26Raate · Sielu, linna
01-??Rabid · Annihilation
??-??Rafflesia · Embrace the Final Day
??-??Ragor · Закат кровавым мечом
03-29Raices Torcidas · Digital Metal Flesh
06-??Rain · Замок дьявола
08-??Rainshadow · End Songs
??-??Rain Shadow · Invaze prvního stínu
08-07Raintime · Flies & Lies
05-25Rainwound · Shrouded Destiny
01-31Raise the Shield · Release Yourself
??-??Rajasinga · Pandora
04-30Ramesses · Misanthropic Alchemy
??-??Ramhorn · Damaged Equilibrium
10-??Rancorous · Infernal Coldness
11-17Randall Flagg · Warning: Contains Audio
??-??Random Conflict · Annihilation Generation
06-??The Ransack · Azrael
??-??Raptor · Raptor
??-??Raspatul · Devils in Renewed Birth
??-??Ratzinger · State Enemy
04-18Rauta · Haudanmaa
??-??Raven Blayde · On Black Wings
04-30Ravencult · Temples of Torment
06-??Ravendusk · Astroblack Advent
??-??Ravenous · Four Steps into Fear
06-15Rawboned · Member of Society
04-??Raw Hatred · Hung Again like a Bitch
06-15RawkFist · Stories
??-??Raxa · Rabinal Achi
08-??Razones Concientes · Dejando huella
04-20Razorback · Deadringer
06-??Razorshape · Live with It
??-??Reaccionarios · Restableciendo lo abolido
12-??Reactive Black · Upcoming Evil
06-??Realms and Evolution · Mutation
12-06Reanima · Забудь как жить
05-11Reap · The World's Destructive Rulers
??-??Reaper of Souls · El fin del silencio
07-07Reapers · World in Chains
02-23Rebellion · Miklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume II
??-??Rebirth · The Process of Obliteration
05-27The Rebirth of Humanity · In the Hands of Agony
07-24The Red Chord · Prey for Eyes
03-20Reddition · Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
??-??Redeemer · Anno Domini
??-??Redeemer · Double Edge Sword
04-03Redemption · The Origins of Ruin
??-??Redemptor · None Pointless Balance
02-19Red Harvest · A Greater Darkness
04-??Redif · I Died There... and Was Here Born (Там я умер... здесь родился)
08-22Redline · Ignition
09-28Redrum · Mephisto Opressor
08-24Redrum · No Turning Back
05-??Redrum · Sworn upon the Cross
12-22Redrum · World de Termination
03-??Reflections of Mortality · So It Begins
??-??Reichsblood · Моя ярость
??-??Reinaras · Eternamente
10-28Released Anger · Faces of Fate
03-24Relic · Trust
05-19Remembrance · Beyond the Scope of Reason
10-??Remove the Veil · Another Way Home
04-13Renacer · En versiones Vol. 1
??-??Reo · Phobia
??-??Repeated Trauma · Insanity Complex
??-??Replika · Nem hiszek
06-01The Republic of Desire · REALpolitik
??-??Repulsive Carnivorism · Extremely Mangled Roadkill
??-??Repulsores · Proliferação do Mal
03-23Requiem · Premier Killing League
01-02Requiem Aeternam · Requiem Aeternam
07-01Requiem Eternam · In Memorium...
??-??Resigned to Fate · Hands Tied Down
??-??Resistencia · En las venas
??-??Resolution15 · Resolution 15
??-??Respawn Inc. · Stone Cold World
??-??Restless · Hariku Lebih Hitam dari Gelapnya Malam...
01-??Resurrection of Hate · Submission or Faith
10-??Retrodemon · Demonstration
10-17Revelation of Doom · Shemhamforash
??-??Revel Decay · Eternal Decay
??-??Revenant · Retrieving Honor and Hatred
09-18Revenant Dead · Imperial Rape March
09-03Revenant Falls · Haunted Aeons
10-20The Revenants · Hand of Midnight
03-03Revenge · Rage and Revenge
??-??Revengia · Eraser
10-17Reverence · Chamber of Divine Elaboration
08-08Reverend Bizarre · III: So Long Suckers
11-26Reverie · Introspection
10-31Reverie · Isolation
??-??Revolting Breed · Rise Against
10-21Revoltons · Lost Remembrance
03-20Rev Seven · Heavy Laden Vol. 1
03-20Rev Seven · Heavy Laden Vol. 2
04-19Rex Devs · Ser de seres
02-??Rhesus · Espiral de dolor
05-??Rhino · Breed the Chosen One
??-??Rictus Grin · Resurrection
02-19Ride for Revenge · The King of Snakes
08-22Ride the Sky · New Protection
??-??The Right Wing Conspiracy · Give War a Chance!
04-??The Rigor Mortis · Vaginal Gutting
??-??Ring of Scars · ...Things of the Past
08-21Ringworm · The Ninth Circle: The Venomous Grand Design
05-14Rise to Addiction · A New Shade of Black for the Soul
09-29Risingfall · Symphony of Storms
11-09Rising Hate · Memories Belong to the Dead
01-10Rising Pain · Existence Is Futile
05-25Ritual Steel · Invincible Warriors
09-20Riul Doamnei · Apocryphal
08-??The River Runs Black · Turn of the Tides
09-24Riverside · Rapid Eye Movement
05-26Rmisery · Time of Death
11-09Roadkill · God Bless America
01-01Roadkill XIII · The Chronicles
??-??Roadrash/Skellington · Oblivion
10-26Road to Ruin · Road to Ruin
08-17Robert Rodrigo · Half Finger on the Moon
09-23Rob Rock · Garden of Chaos
03-16Rocksinn · Destroyed for Future
03-20Rocksinn · Vol.2
04-24Rodosvet · Бойня словена
11-16Roger Staffelbach's Angel of Eden · The End of Never
09-13Rogna · Internment
??-??Romasanta · El lenguaje del dolor
??-??Romboló · Köd
??-??Rome Apart · Others
04-??Roncsipar · Antimonumentum
09-01Rooky · Extended
04-13Root · Daemon Viam Invenient
??-??Roper · Gallows Hill
09-05Rosa Antica · Seven
??-??Rosa de Saron · Rosa de Saron Acústico
12-19Rosario Panzarella · Coffee
02-12Rose Kemp · A Hand Full of Hurricanes
09-12Rosenguard · Requiem for the Innocent
05-??Rose Rose · Cheaper Dream
??-??Rotor · Acélba zárva
??-??Rotten Animals · The Uncreation
??-??Rotten Head · Reborned from the Flesh
01-22Rotting Christ · Theogonia
??-??The Roxx · Unleash Your Demon
10-31Roy Stone · Master of Doom
??-??Roy Stone · Metal Rules
02-??Rude Awakening · A Tribute to Thin Lizzy
03-??Rue the Day · The Machine
??-??Ruin · Hands of Enmity
11-09Runamok · Freak Business
06-03Runaway Totem · Esameron
09-03Runemagick · Dawn of the End
05-01Rush · Snakes & Arrows
07-25Rust & Regret · The Bunker
10-??Rusted Chains · Rusted Chains
04-20Rutah · Welcome to the End of Days
02-20Rwake · Voices of Omens
01-??Rūsa · Uz pērkoņkrēsliem
??-??Sabachthani · Miserable Endings
02-17Sabacthani · A Rising from Here
08-25Sabaothic Cherubim · Beyond the Baphomet
03-16Sabaton · Metalizer
12-17Sabbah Navahthani · Sabbah Navahthani
10-01Sabnack · Ars Notoria
07-28Sabre · Burning Wheels
12-15Sacramental Awakened · Turned to Stone
02-14Sacrasphemy · Kryomechanik
??-??Sacrecy · Sacrecy
??-??Sacred 13 · Remanence
07-31Sacred Heart · Shake
??-??Sacred Legacy · Apocalypse
04-17Sacred Oath · Darkness Visible
09-01Sacred Rite · Resurrection
05-23Sacred Storm · Man Versus Machine
02-15Sacrifice · Burning Rage
12-06The Sacrificed · The DaVinci Hoax
09-??Sacrificia Mortuorum · Maturum Est
??-??Sacrist · The Substance of Illusion
??-??Sacristy · Masters of Baphometic Devastation
07-22Sacro · Contemplación 2 part
??-??Sacro · Memories
06-11Sad · A Curse in Disguise
09-08Sadael · Being
11-21Sadael · Contemplation
11-01Sadael · The Ghost
04-07Sadael · You Are There
01-01Sadhara · To Hell, with Sympathy
04-17Sadist · Sadist
09-12Sadistic Mutilation · Psychopath's Aberrations
09-??Sadomator · Goats Brew Alcolust
??-??Sadotank · Alcoholic Hellnoise
03-31Sad Siberia · In the Ruins of Sad Siberia
02-27Sadville · Make Ready the Cross
??-??Sael · Ocean
04-12Safeer-e Arsh · کویر درون (The Desert Inside)
??-??Safer · Otra realidad
02-??Sagittarius · Noaidi - A Twisted Lovestory
06-14Sahon · Brutality Compelled
11-09Salamandra · Faces of Chimera
06-??Salem · Necessary Evil
??-??Salem Orchid · Death Be Thy Crown
10-12Salhem · Connexion Animale
??-??Sali · Eternal Steel
07-31Salute · Above the Law
05-11Salvaged · I Am Phoenix
06-01Samael · Solar Soul
03-15Samhain · Samhain
??-??Sam Kazerooni · Delve
??-??Samorra · Religion of the Unbroken
??-??Samsara · The Emptiness
11-02Samsas Traum · Heiliges Herz - Das Schwert deiner Sonne
11-02Samsas Traum · Wenn schwarzer Regen
02-15Sanctimony · Hell in Stereo
04-24Sanctity · Road to Bloodshed
??-??Sanctuar · Ființe alese
12-03Sang-Freud · More
??-??Sanguinary · Firestorm
02-17Sanguinus · Awaiting the Crow
??-??Santa Sangre · Ebony
02-03Santo Greal · Memorias
04-??Santuario · Escoge tu eternidad
10-08Saratoga · VII
04-04Sarcofagus · Core Values
??-??Sarcoma · Visceral
04-??Sargh · Spawn of the Underdark
02-26Sarpanitum · Despoilment of Origin
01-01Sarratum · Firewell
??-??Sarvari · Arcadian Nightly Mysteries
04-04Sarvela · Rage
??-??Satan · Perpetua
05-01S.A.T.A.N. · Unfinished Chapter of S.A.T.A.N's Comment to Reality
05-??Satan's Basement · Cerebral Apocalypse
??-??Satan's Goat · Sodomized by Satan
??-??Satanel · Nato dal fuoco
03-25Satanica · After Christ, the Devil Comes
??-??Satanic Bat · Tales from the Southland, Tales from the Sea
09-01Satanic Christ · Opus Secretus
10-31Satanic Corpse · Allegiance of Darkness
05-28Satanic Dirge · Tribulation
??-??Satanic Impalement · Ageless Frozen Souls
05-??Satanic Impalement · Devil Metal
04-01Satanizer · The Throne of All Plagues
09-??Sathanas · Crowned Infernal
??-??Sathanas · Hex Nefarious
12-07Satyr · Aulos
07-01Satyros · Satyros
02-09Sauron · The Channeling Void
12-24Sauron · Hornology
??-??Savage Wizdom · No Time for Mercy
07-07Savant · No Hope
??-??Save · Megapolis
12-01Save Us · Te quiero a ti
??-??Sawlegen · Stories from an Old Empire
03-05Saxon · The Inner Sanctum
06-13Saħħar · Magija Sewda
03-05SBS · Tik mėnulio šviesa...
12-31Scald · Fluke
??-??Scalibur · Saldrás vencedor
09-??Scapegoat · Disciples of Warfare
??-??Scarecrow · Progressive Nightmare
02-12Scariot · Momentum Shift
09-17Scarlet Sins · Scarlet Sins
10-22Scarpoint · The Silence We Deserve
??-??Scars · Scars
??-??Scarscab · Soulblood
05-??Scars of Chaos · Humanitarian War Machine
06-??Scars of Suffering · The Chronicles of Pain
04-02Scarve · The Undercurrent
??-??Scatus · A Batalha Final
03-30Scelus · All Fucking Day
09-30Scelus · Digitus Impudicus
02-19Scent of Flesh · Deform in Torture
06-??Schattenvald · I
09-01Schattenvald · II
??-??Schistosoma · The Lost Ones
03-??Schizo · Cicatriz Black
02-02Sclera · Impaled Visions
08-??Scorange · Shadows
11-13S-Core · Gust of Rage
05-14Scorpions · Humanity - Hour I
??-??Scourged Flesh · Bury the Lies
??-??Scratching Soil · Separatism
01-??Screaming Bloody Sluts · Damageupthatpussy
02-??Screaming Bloody Sluts · Fuckinggoingtoletyouhaveit
??-??Scum · Re-Evolution
??-??Scutternash · Resurrection Fever
??-??Scythes · Deathscreamer
07-03Sea of Bones · The Harvest
10-02Sea of Desperation · Dread Poems of the Fall
03-07Sear · Lamentations of Destruction
09-24Sear Bliss · The Arcane Odyssey
07-??Searing Skull · Inlandsis
??-??Seasons of the Wolf · Once in a Blue Moon
04-30SeaWitch · Fall of Autumn
11-20Sebastian Bach · Angel Down
06-17Second Side · Second Side
11-30Second Thief · Threshold
??-??Secret Läw · Project of a New World
??-??Sectas · Voices of the Damaged
09-08Seeking Obscure · Seeking Obscure
01-27Seelenschmerz · Der Augen glanz... verloren
??-??See My Solution · Puzzles like You
??-??Sein und Zeit · Soldiers of the Eternal Flame
11-25Sekhmet · Last Stand
??-??Sekhmet · Okularis Infernum
??-??Self-Destruction · Ember
??-??Selknam · Gente de la rama aparte
08-29Semargl · Manifest
06-??Semen Across Lips · Parabstruse
??-??Senmuth · Ancalimon: Gates of Odemyr
03-16Senmuth · Bark of Ra
??-??Senmuth · Calendar Complex
??-??Senmuth · Contextual
??-??Senmuth · Er Hu Peret Em Heru
04-02Senmuth · Evolution: Exodus
??-??Senmuth · Internal Images
06-??Senmuth · Morning Depth of the Sunlight & Emptiness Inside Reason
??-??Senmuth · Nature
09-23Senmuth · Planetary Dust
??-??Senmuth · Ra Dhi
06-??Senmuth · Rain Eclipse
05-21The Senseless · In the Realm of the Senseless
09-15Sense Never Came · Farewell Letter - Last March to Eternity
??-??Sense of Reality · 37 - Revolution
??-??Sensles · Monkeys Won't Look Back
??-??Separation · Rise of Kings
10-06Separation of Self · Resolve
02-26Sepia Dreamer · The Sublime
??-??Septical Mind · Infernal Delights
??-??Septicmen · Negative
??-??Septimo Angel · Hasta la eternidad
02-??Sepulchral Cries · Misery Exhibits
12-06Sequence · Plague Solstice Part 2
01-16The Sequence of Prime · The Sequence of Prime
03-??Seraphim · As a First Child's Cry