All 5301 Albums From 2008
09-01'Neath · The Small Untruths
??-??13 Winters · Dark Palace of Waterfalls
??-??1KillEmbrace · Kainism
12-16237 · Dead Risen
??-??2nd Sight · Second Sight
??-??2 Son Multitud · IV
05-153Lunas · Try to Kill Me
09-26403 Forbiddena · Heart
??-??50lb.Head · The Valiant Pursuite of Nothing
10-135150 · Colors
03-155:45 · Notwehr
??-??5grs · Access Denied
02-185ive · Hesperus
11-245 Star Grave · Corpse Breed Syndrome
??-??5 Стихий · Феникс
06-217 Seals · Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass
06-??7th Nemesis · Archetype of Natural Violence
01-019Horizon · Endstartend
??-??:Tremor · Зло / Evil
10-??Aamunkajo · Unen päättyessä
01-??Aanal Beehemoth · The Forest Paranoid
02-19Aarni · Tohcoth
03-08Aavas · Sepulcretum
??-??Abacinate · Ruination
??-??Abaddon · Armageddon
08-09Abaddon · Fuerzas ancestrales
??-??Abaddon RD · Animal bizarro
??-??Abaroth · Enter the Kingdom of Night
08-26Abgabba · The Morgue, the Merrier
10-28Abigail Williams · In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns
01-??Abnormity · Come Get Some
09-25Abnormyndeffect · Betwin
??-??Abolishment · Abolishment of Flesh
06-27Abominant · Warblast
05-??Abomino Aetas · Sower of Death
06-20Aborted · Strychnine.213
12-29Aborted Fetus · Goresoaked Clinical Accidents
08-16Abort Mastication · Orgs
11-17About: Blank · Somewhere Between Survive and Kill
10-31Abrahel · Abrahel
07-22A Breath Before Surfacing · Death Is Swallowed in Victory
06-16A Brutal Confession · A Brutal Confession
??-??Absence of the Sacred · Era of the Apostate
??-??Absinth · A Day with the Knowledge
12-28Absolom · Lay Down Dying
??-??Absolute of Malignity · Absolute of Malignity
??-??Absolute Vengeance · Beneath the Flesh
03-24Absolution · The Revelation Diaries
03-05Abstract · The Pantomime in Neosolium
??-??Abstract Rapture · Democadencia
01-??Abstract Spirit · Liquid Dimensions Change
02-09Absum · Eznerapsart led oicsnocbus onamu
03-??Absurd · Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg
07-05Abused Majesty · ...So Man Created God in His Own Image
05-13Abysmal Dawn · Programmed to Consume
06-01Abysmal Fall · Immaculate Deception
06-30Abysmalia · Portals to Psychotic Inertia
02-13Abyssmal Sorrow · Lament
02-01Abyssphere · Images and Masks
??-??Abyssum · The Black Sky of the Night
12-10Abyssum · Poizon of God
12-31Acantha · Eternal Punishment
??-??Acariya · Acariya
??-??Acephala · Infraction Cerebral Occupation
??-??Acetylene · Les Aiguilles du temps...
08-??Acheronian Dirge · Sex Nex Quod Odium
02-??Achokarlos · Parametric Milk
07-07Acid Drinkers · Verses of Steel
??-??Acidez · No hay futuro
10-24Acid Witch · Witchtanic Hellucinations
11-17Ackros · The Multiverse
05-03Acronos · Mystical Warrior
11-17Across Tundras · Lonesome Wails from the Weeping Willow
02-12Across Tundras · Western Sky Ride
10-11Acrybia · Atria Mortis (Rigor Mortis 2) Soundtrack
12-06Acrybia · Entelechia (Songs of Modern Werewolves)
04-04Acrybia · Rigor Mortis Soundtrack
??-??Adam Johnston · Masquerade of Life
02-04Ad Astra · Crust of Ego
12-10Adastra · Death or Domination
10-25Addicted · Land Full of Secrets
??-??Addicted · Recipe for the Sick
05-15The Adept · Catostrophic Ecstacy
05-05Adgar · Tiempos de cambio
04-20A.D. Massacre · Insignificance
??-??Ad Noctum · Arrogance
03-13Adonai Sathanas · Maan van onheil
11-21Adorned Brood · Noor
06-08Adrana · Perturbatio
11-17Adrenaline · Castrum Doloris
??-??Adrenaline Kings · Last Days of Ancient Rome
10-10Adrenicide · Natural Born Thrashers
06-14Adumus · Invincible Black Order
05-24Adversam · Proclama
05-15ADX · Division blindée
04-25Aeba · Kodex V
02-29AEON · An Extravagance of Norm
07-22Aeon Aethereal · Parasite Halls
11-29Aeon of Horus · The Embodiment of Darkness and Light
07-25Aeons of Eclipse · The Hour of Desolation
??-??Aeons ov Frost · Cold Front
07-30Aequitas a Noctem · Descent into Darkness
02-??Aesir · Aesir
??-??Aeterna Hystoria · Legends of Ausphaal
10-24Aeveron · Existential Dead End
01-22A Forest of Stars · The Corpse of Rebirth
??-??After Dusk · Hybris
06-??Aftermath · Tides of Sorrow
??-??Aftersundown · Generasi Kaum Terpuruk
??-??Aftersundown · The Meaningless Trial
07-13Aftersundown · Nukik Itu Indah
??-??Aftersundown · Positive Dogma
??-??Aftertayst · Self Execution
07-22After the Burial · Rareform
05-05Agabus · Mitakuye
10-10Against Nature · Accumulus
01-12Against Nature · Much in Little
09-13Against Nature · Natural Blue
05-09Agamendon · Nuclear Rodeo
11-14Agathocles · Grind Is Protest
06-10Agenda of Swine · Waves of Human Suffering
??-??Age of Agony · Follow the Way of Hate
??-??Agga · AGGA
11-02Aggresion · Murmúrios Blasfêmicos
09-11Aggressive Evil · Behaviors of the Unjust
11-01Aggressor · Live Eternally
??-??Aggressor · Rape the Willing
??-??Aghonya · Oxygen
??-??Aghro Maynins · The Traveler of the Black Winds of the Night
??-??Aglaomorpha · Sopor Urbanica
01-31Aglarond · Embraced by Darkness
11-??Agnus Dei · Renacer
??-??Agon · Violence Procreation
??-??Agonizer · Still Alive
??-??Agora · Silencio acústico
06-12Agoraphobia · The Fire Inside
??-??Agorhy · Ruptura
08-08Agrypnie · Exit
02-15Aguynguerran · Perverting the Nazarene Cult
??-??A Hellish Digest · Lifecide
09-13Ahnengrab · Ahnengrab
??-??A II R · A II R
02-18Airged L'amh · Ode to Salvation
05-??Aiwass · Sufferage Universal
07-??Akash · Resurrección
02-11A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light · A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light
07-19Akphaezya · Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity
06-21Akrival · Vitriolic
??-??Akromusto · Arctic Ural River
03-??Akromusto · Depressive Infernal Aura
06-??Akromusto · Disappearance 160|809
??-??Akromusto · Razor.Hate.Satan
04-01Alabarda · Alabarda
06-20Alabaster Morgue · Alabaster Morgue
??-??Álaghom · Evolución mental
04-??Alarme · Starving Wolves & Death Machine Inc.
11-??Albatroz · El camino del tiempo
??-??Alchem · Shadows
??-??Alcoholika la Christo · Santificato
06-25Alcoholokaust · Satan Inside
09-??Aldebaran · El jardín del olvido
01-25Alestorm · Captain Morgan's Revenge
??-??Alexandria · Shapes of Consciousness
02-25Alghazanth · Wreath of Thevetat
07-05Aliaj · Scar
02-??Alien Deviant Circus · Satanic Djihad
05-11Alieson · Wizard ~混沌を統べる魔術師と月虹の傀儡~
10-15Alieson · YUA~贖罪の荒野へ誘われし少女~ adventus
??-??A Life Less Alive · Time to Kill
07-??Alignak · O.T.A.H. Vol.1 - Lords of the Southern Darkness
??-??Alison Hell · Goret
09-19Alkehol · Johoho!
04-23Alkemyst · Through Painful Lanes
??-??Allerjen · No Guts, No Glory
11-30Alley · The Weed
06-07All Hallow's Evil · With Regrets...
??-??All Hell · Knarkbrand
??-??Allocen · Time's Traveller
07-20The Allseeing I · Holodemiurgia
09-05All Shall Perish · Awaken the Dreamers
09-16All That Remains · Overcome
10-30Alltheniko · Devasterpiece
09-24Almah · Fragile Equality
??-??Almas Militares · Batalla en el séptimo cielo
??-??Almetal · Primer golpe
10-25Almost Dead · Internal Chaos
02-??Almost Human · Courage to Humility
03-22Almost Is Nothing · Wings of Deliverance
03-08Almôra · Kıyamet Senfonisi
02-19Alpha Galates · A Stimulus for Reason
??-??Altercated · All for Satan
??-??Amalgama · When the Dust Settles
08-??Amarok · Blasphemous Edictum
06-06Amaseffer · Exodus - Slaves for Life
??-??Amatory · The Bleeding Rose
01-30Amberian Dawn · River of Tuoni
10-16Amederia · Sometimes We Have Wings...
05-??Amenra · Mass IIII
10-20The Amenta · n0n
11-27Amenti · An Angel Dies in My Eyes
??-??Amigazo · Love Kills Everyone
11-08Amnesty · Compelled to Kill
08-07Amnion · Cryptic Wanderings
??-??Amnos · Dia de Trevas
08-??Amok · Downhill Without Brakes
09-29Amon Amarth · Twilight of the Thunder God
09-01Amon Din · Where the Dreams No Longer Exist
??-??Amorphous · Return from the Dead
03-17Amystery · Grim Satanic Blessing
12-01Anabioz · Through Darkness
09-25AnaDies · Prevail
10-??Anael · From Arcane Fires
04-13Anaemia · Osiris
??-??Anality · Fale zubi
05-20The Analyst · Summoning the Wretched
11-20Ananta · In Media Res
04-29Anaphylactic Shock · 2000 Years
02-17Ana-Spy'z · 向日葵の記憶
08-25Anathema · Hindsight
??-??Anatolian Wisdom · Where the Iblis Dwells
12-15Anatomy · Overtreatment
12-12Anautopsy · So Good to See You
??-??Ancestor · Hell Fuckin' Metal
08-19Ancestors · Neptune with Fire
04-14Ancestors Blood · Return of the Ancient Ones
??-??Ancestral Volkhves · Perun do vas!!!
05-03Ancient Existence · Death Fucking Metal
04-06Ancient Sacrifice · In the Name of Death
08-01Ancient Skin · Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus...
??-??Ancient Wound · Undead Storm
11-10Ancient Wrath · Darkness upon the Face of the Depth
11-29And Hell Followed With · Domain
06-28Andras · Iron Way
07-??Andre Tonelli · Power World Fantastic
??-??Andrew Danso · Blue Hat Thinking
04-18Android Soul · Disappointing Paradise
09-16Andromeda · The Immunity Zone
12-06Andromeda · Melodías del ocaso perdido
??-??Anestesya · Cruel Fear
09-21Aneurysma · Spiritual Plague
05-06A New Dawn · Falling from Grace
07-20Anfauglir · Hymns over Anfauglith
08-29Angband · Rising from Apadana
01-26Angel's Sperm · Triumph of Perversion
05-23Angel Blake · The Descended
09-26Angeldark · Angélique
??-??Angelic Deficiency · Casting the First Stone
12-24Angel Massacre · The Blood of Fallen Angels
??-??Angelrust · The Nightmare Unfolds
12-??Angelus · Halhatatlantalanítás
07-18Angst for the Memories · Bitter Taste of Regret
06-27Angst Skvadron · Flukt
??-??Anguish Force · III: Invincible Imperium Italicum
10-25Anhedonia · Der Schrei der Natur
08-22Anima · The Daily Grind
12-29Animae Capronii · And Hourglass of Lifetime
08-??Animae Capronii · Bloody Snow Colour Space, Still Time Stands
06-??Animae Capronii · Creepy Black Walk on the Land
03-??Animae Capronii · Harmony of the Decease Lady
07-??Animae Capronii · Red Shot One, No Two, Three, Four, Thousands!
02-??Animae Capronii · Saaroth - True muntagnunn Black Metal
09-??Animae Capronii · Under Dying Willow Sit Skeleton with Schyte
05-??Animae Capronii · White Death Sleeps Above These Lands
??-??Animal · Virus
11-??Animals Killing People · Kentucky Fried Killing
11-14Anima Sementis · Sermons of Lies
06-06Animus · Hallucinations: Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand and Clouds of Dust
01-31Animus Mortis · Atrabilis (Residues from Verb & Flesh)
??-??AnJ · Russian Roulette
02-01Anken · Te Varvo
07-01Ankhagram · Under Ruins
01-08Ankor · Al fin descansar
01-18Anlace · Bleeding Your Hate
01-??Anmod · Monstrosity per Defectum
04-14Annotations of an Autopsy · Before the Throne of Infection
10-28Anomally · Once in Hell...
11-18Anonymus · Musique barbare
??-??Anorimoi · 17 κατσαρίδες
11-28Another Life · Memories from Nothing
07-14Ansata · Crux Ansata
04-21Ansur · Warring Factions
09-30Antagonist · Exist
10-29Anthem · Black Empire
??-??Anticipate · Killing for a Living
03-??Antidepressive Delivery · Chain of Foods
??-??Antiklerical · Justicia . Nunc . Reget . Imperia
??-??Antim Grahan · In Thy Ambience ov Malevolence
??-??Antipop · Freedom in Papua
??-??Antiquus Scriptum · Immortalis Factus
07-28Anton · Bestiario
??-??Anubis Unbound · Through Cursed Eyes
10-01Anwynn · Voices of Perdition
??-??Anónimos · Pesadillas
10-31Aorlhac · À la croisée des vents
05-29Aosoth · Aosoth
01-12Aparathus · Attic of Disembowelment
10-20Aparathus · Loathe Exert Interplay
04-24Apathy Noir · A Silent Nowhere
??-??Aphelion · Franticode
05-??Apocalypse Now · Empires Fall
06-06Apocalyptic Visions · Leave None Living
04-??Apokefale · Apokefale
12-15Apoptosis · From Fall to Winter Solstice
10-??Apostle of Solitude · Sincerest Misery
??-??Apotheosys · With the Vengeance of Gods
07-12Apothis · Reflections and Symmetry
09-??Appalachian Terror Unit · Greenwashing
08-21Appalachian Winter · Silence Before the Great Mountain Wind
08-18Appearance of Nothing · Wasted Time
09-27April · Anthems for the Rejected
??-??April Fish · Lingue: Materia d'esame
??-??Apócrypha · Convicción salvaje
01-31Aquilon · Immobile
??-??Arachnids · Kaal Bhairav
01-25Arathorn · Treue & Verrat
04-25Arathyr · Curse Man's Blame
??-??Arbiter of Conceit · Eradico Consenescus Inritus
??-??Arcadia · Hijos del sol
02-28Arcana · Raspail
07-07Arcana Imperia · Hymns of Infinite Decay
01-14The Arcane Order · In the Wake of Collisions
??-??Arcanus Tenebrae · Odium in Homines
??-??Arcas · A New Dawn
??-??Architype · Trinity
04-27Archon Legion · March of the Inquisitors
05-??Archons · The Consequences of Silence
06-21Arckanum · Antikosmos
04-24Arcorais · Beyond the Facades
12-05Arctic Flame · Declaration
08-31Arditi · Omne Ensis Impera
03-05Area51 · Daemonicus
11-20Ares · The Advent
05-25Ares · Ares
04-01Ares · Dawn of Destruction
??-??Arges · The Forest of the Damned Souls
03-03Arghoslent · Hornets of the Pogrom
??-??Argonath · Frost
11-26Argument Soul · Conflict of Crisis
02-08Arhont · Arhont
07-18Arias · Legions
07-01Ariday · "10​.​000 kms​.​"
06-09Ari Koivunen · Becoming
11-17Arkaitor · U Namthang
06-16Arkan · Hilal
04-??Arkangel · Is Your Enemy
??-??Arkangel · MMVII
??-??Arkenstone · Dead Human Resource
??-??Arkeronn · My World
??-??Arkham Asylum · Noreturn Sickness
04-??Arkhanhell · Arkhanhell
11-29The Arkitecht · Hyperstructure
??-??Armadura · Batalla en el cielo
??-??Armagedom · Sem Esperanças
??-??Armalion · Krok do neznáma
03-??Armanenschaft · Psychedelic Winter
??-??Armath Sargon · Opus Apocalypsis Rex
12-16Armatus · Armee der schwarzen Stiefel
11-??Armazilla · Texasweed
??-??Armd. · Armd.
05-24Armored Assassin · Damaged Youth
02-01Armored Uprise · Fan the Fury
08-10Arnion · Fall like Rain
12-05Arondight · Myths and Legends
11-??Arphaxat · Loudun la maudite
03-??Arqum Iqbal · Jam Session
04-??Arrasa · Buscando respuestas
09-??The Arrow · Lady Nite
08-29Ars Diavoli · Pro Nihilo Esse
??-??Arsea · Dreaming a New World
12-12Arsenal · Dogmas de terror
04-15Arsis · We Are the Nightmare
06-15Ars Moriendi · L'Oppression du rien
09-26Artas · The Healing
01-18Artefact · Ruins
??-??Arterial Pressure · Shadow's Embrace
08-??Arterial Spray · This Is Party Violence
07-10Arthemis · Black Society
12-02Artica · Thought Patterns of an Uncivilized Businessman
06-??Artirilium · Unschuld
09-28Art of Haven · Életkép
??-??Arum · Occult Cataclysm - The New Era Rises
05-??Arzén · S tebou či bez teba
10-31A Sailor's Grave · Eponymous Bastards
12-21Asathor · Die Wölfe heulen wieder
05-27Ascend · Ample Fire Within
03-23Aschmicrosa · Hecata
11-11As Eden Burns · The Great Celestial Delusion
04-??Asedio · Asedio
??-??Asfixia · Máscaras de la moral religiosa
03-??Asgard Warriors · Pido a Dios
??-??Asgård · On the Verge
04-23Ashen Epitaph · Somewhere Behind the Nervecell
07-04Ashen Light · Реальная жизнь - жизнь здесь и сейчас!
??-??Ashen Reign · Immortality
02-03Ashen Relic · Prelude to Eternal Night
??-??Ashes of Decay · Ressurect
05-17Ashes of Utopia · Slayer's Dance
11-22Ash to Dust · Ash to Dust
??-??Aside from a Day · Manufactured Landscape
11-28Ásmegin · Arv
03-08Asphyxia · Asphyxia
05-18ASRA · The Way of All Flesh
05-11Asriel · Reincarnat
10-13Asriel · メルヴに堕ちる歎きの天使
10-13Asriel · 悪夢奏でる涙の旋律
05-11Asriel · 禁断を呪いし儚き幻想
11-11As Sahar · Tir
03-24Assailant · Wicked Dream
09-12Assaulter · Salvation like Destruction
??-??Assault F.Y.C. · Hate Fueled Sin
05-09Assedium · Fighting for the Flame
04-01Assignment · Disunion Denied
04-17Ass to Mouth · Kiss Ass
02-01Astarium · On the Edge of Chasm
??-??Astaroth · L'ère des châtiments
??-??Astarte Syriaca · Darkened Light
??-??Astathica · Death, Ignorance and Destruction
??-??Asterion · Nihil Perpetuum
10-28As They Sleep · Blacken the Sun
06-10A Storm of Light · And We Wept the Black Ocean Within
??-??Astral Aeon · Allegories of Light
09-21Astral Sleep · Unawakening
??-??Astreas Domains · Via Astralis
04-04Astrodust · A kezdet a vég
04-12Asva · What You Don't Know Is Frontier
05-17Ataraxie · Anhédonie
??-??Ataxia · Ataxia
??-??Ataxia.F · Ataxia.F
??-??A Temple of Mirrors · Human eRace
05-01Aterra · Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
07-04Athaxia · El fin de la inocencia
??-??The Athiarchists · Don't Be Another Part of the Herd
04-22Athos · Crossing the River of Charon
03-10A Thousand Knives of Fire · The Last Train to Scornsville
08-08A Thousand Shields · The Gateway
??-??Atis · Huañuyacta
11-??Atland · Opera Prima
10-15Atlantida · Hoy no me toca morir
??-??Atman · L'assassí de Venus
??-??Atomic Clock · Atomic Clock
09-24Atomizer · Caustic Music for the Spiritually Bankrupt
05-24A Trail of Horror · A Trail of Horror
02-22Atras Cineris · Monolith
02-29Atrocity · Werk 80 II
04-21Atrox · Binocular
02-13Attackhead · Voices in the Dark
11-24Attax · Dice of Your Life
??-??At the Edge of Reality · The Future
10-06Attica Rage · Ruin Nation
??-??Attonitus · Opus I - Von Blitz und Donner
08-01Audio Blossom · Faust
08-29Audio Kollaps · Panzer
??-??Aufbruch · Aufbruch
??-??Aufgegeben · Closed Gates
??-??Aufgegeben · Sturmschrei
05-16Aura · A Different View from the Same Side
??-??Aura+ · Spomen park
09-??Aura Hiemis · While the Rest of the World Sleep...
08-25Aura Noir · Hades Rise
11-??Aura of Aquila · Ghostly Evening Light
??-??Aurora Black · And the Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow
06-03Aurora Forrest · Requiem for the Living
??-??Auspicium · Valde Atra Mare
03-01Austere · Minimalist Appalachian Darkness
02-01Austhral · Tocado a Vento
??-??Australwave · PureClastic
07-22Austrian Death Machine · Total Brutal
??-??Autism · Вечность и дольше...
07-22Auvernia · Towards Eternity
??-??Avalon · Bajo el velo de la ilusión
01-25Avantasia · The Scarecrow
??-??Avatar · A szabadság felé
01-??Avenger of Blood · Death Brigade
02-12Averse Sefira · Advent Parallax
??-??Avoid · Лики мёртвой зимы
04-08Avsky · Malignant
01-23Avsolutized... · Den svarta våndans genealogi
01-26A((wake)) · Northern Lights
02-??Awakening · The Raven's Ballad
09-??A Waste of Talent · Psycodelic Steamtrain
10-24Axel Rudi Pell · Tales of the Crown
11-25Axiom · A Means to an End
07-??Axxelation · Warriors
11-04Ayat · Six Years of Dormant Hatred
??-??Ayin Aleph · II
01-28Ayreon · 01011001
12-29Ayutrica · Ende der Träumerei (エンデ デア トロイメライ)
03-03Azaghal · Omega
??-??Azeroth · II
06-08Azmaveth · Strong as Death
11-20Azotth · Die After Pain Arrives
??-??Azrael's Progeny · Abyogenesis
12-13Azrail · Primordial
11-20Aztra · Memoria
12-??B-612 · B-612
06-06Baal · Confusion of Tongues
??-??Baalberith · For the Glory of Blasphemic Supremacy
10-15Baboon Rising · The Rising Cost of Metal
02-12Babylon Mystery Orchestra · Axis of Evil
05-??Baby Stab Horror · In the Name of Satan
08-12Bahimiron · Southern Nihilizm
??-??Baixo Calão · Tu Crías
11-??Bajel · Heavy Metal Opera
04-23Balflare · Sleeping Hollow
07-??Balkan · Demons, Beasts and Madmen
11-02Balor · Fraternity of the Goat
??-??Banaspati · Headless Warrior
08-18Banishment · Cleansing the Infirm
02-28Banner of Wrath · Through a Decade of Wrath
12-23Baphomet's Blood · Second Strike
01-01Baphometic · Ancient Age of the Nocturnal Sun
06-15Baphomets Horns · Perpetrators of Genocide
02-04Baptism · Grim Arts of Melancholy
10-27Barbarity · Grotesque Contradiction
11-??Barbarroja · Rompiendo cadenas
12-11Barbaryan · Gram / Das Lied von Blut und Eisen
01-01Barbatos 666 · Hellstorm
11-08Barkhouse · Secret Sunshine
09-01Basca · Hijos de / Tierras nefastas
01-12Baskíria · Onogur
08-22Bassaium · Pandemic
01-25Bassinvaders · Hellbassbeaters
11-11Bast · Země vlků
??-??Bastardator · Identify the Dead
04-01Bastard Christ · War Invoking Die
03-25Bastard Nation · Birth of a Nation
10-04Bastard of the Skies · Bastard of the Skies
04-21The Batallion · Stronghold of Men
??-??Bat Castle · The Book
10-17Bathed in Blood · Kill Now, Question Later
??-??Baton Rogue Morgue · Let the Suckers Bleed
04-15Battalion · Welcome to the Warzone
02-28Battle Dagorath · Eternal Throne
10-22Battlefield · Battlefield
??-??Battlehawk · Blazing Battle Road
09-24Battlelore · The Last Alliance
04-24Battleroar · To Death and Beyond...
08-26Battue · New World Disorder
??-??Beast Petrify · Intrication
10-18Beautician · What Not to Hear
11-25Becoming the Archetype · Dichotomy
07-10Beelzeb · An Emotional State in Black
10-10Beer Pressure · Fuck the Police!
??-??Be Fading Fast · Victims
10-29Before the Dawn · Soundscape of Silence
??-??Behelmod · Magus Mors Mortis
02-08Behexen · My Soul for His Glory
08-??Behind Enemy Lines · Behind Enemy Lines
09-??Being Killed · Kill Yourself
01-03Being Killed · Massacre of the Living
09-09Beithíoch · Aisling Ḋorċa
??-??Belching Beet · Out of Sight
11-28Bellgrave · Evil Mood
06-27Belligerence · Out:Red
??-??The Belonging · Ashes of the Fallen Throne
04-11Belphegor · Bondage Goat Zombie
??-??Beltane · Expressionist
12-15Beltane · Mirror of Rotten God
09-19Beltane · ...Through Darker Seasons
02-04Benea Reach · Alleviat
06-15Beneath the Flesh · Desecration
10-28Beneath the Massacre · Dystopia
06-24Beneath the Sky · The Day the Music Died
12-??Beneath Utopia · The Forgotten Art of Saying No
08-22Benediction · Killing Music
01-11Benedictum · Seasons of Tragedy
10-20Benighted in Sodom · In Hora Maledictus - Part I
01-02Bergrizen · Verzweiflung
10-10Bergrizen · Wintereintritt
03-??Berial · Zmartwychwstanie
09-01The Berzerker · The Reawakening
??-??Beside · Against Ourselves
04-25Beta Popes · White Hate
05-07Bete Noire · Stardust Chaos Armaggedon
11-13Beto Vazquez Infinity · Darkmind
03-29Betray the Emissary · In Memory of Me...
??-??Better Decision · Wasted Dream
02-04Beyond Death · HappySick
09-29Beyond Eternity · Greetings from the Dead World
??-??Beyond Mortal Dreams · From Hell
09-29Beyond Perception · The Final Descend
??-??Beyond Serenity · The End
??-??Beyond the Labyrinth · Castles in the Sand
??-??Beyond the Scar · Ruination
08-05Bhelliom · The Colossal Tragedy
11-08Bible of the Devil · Freedom Metal
12-23Big Boss · Doomy Ballads
??-??Big Coffin Hunters · Drive Another Nail
03-01Billy Crystal Meth · Meth Metal
07-06Bilocate · Sudden Death Syndrome
02-11Biomechanical · Cannibalised
??-??Biorhythm · Roots of a Mountain
11-11Biosick · Oneeleven
12-05Birch Hill Dam · Birch Hill Dam
11-30Birdflesh · The Farmers' Wrath
01-28Birds of Prey · Sulfur & Semen
02-??Bismukh · Black Mental
09-30Bison · Quiet Earth
09-15Bitachi · Bitachi
01-27Bitachi · The Colour
03-29Bitachi · Last Sound
12-02Bitachi · Приземлённость
05-05Bitches Sin · Uduvudu
??-??Bitchslicer · Part IV: Sex with Sharks
??-??Bittencourt Project · Brainworms I
??-??The Black · Alongside Death
05-??Black Achemoth · Revealing the Somber Powers of Hell
07-26Black Age · The Point of No Return
12-31Black Altar · Death Fanaticism
12-20Black Anal Goat Vomit · Heaven
05-01Black Anima · Dark by Design
09-??Black Anima · White Noise
10-10Black Anvil · Time Insults the Mind
05-28Black Asylum · Truths of the Blood
11-01Black Autumn · Rivers of Dead Leaves
08-26Black Boned Angel · The Endless Coming into Life
02-18Black Comedy · Instigator
02-??Black Crane · Leaving the Nest
07-24Blackcrowned · My Will Is My Hammer
02-??Black Curtains · Forgotten Suns
02-18Blackdeath · Vortex
05-21Black Diamond · Mourning for Me
??-??Black Epiphany · Mocking the Dead
??-??Black Fire · Between the Eternal Flames of Black Fire
06-23Black Flame · Imperivm
10-02Black Hawk · The Invasion
??-??Black Hill · Aerobeat
04-??Blackhorned · Lost in a Twilight World
??-??Blackhorned Saga · Lathspell
??-??Blackjack Blades · The Way of the Blade
03-15Blacklist Ltd. · B
10-01Black Lotus · Harvest of Seasons
02-08Blackmass · Nemesis
06-05Black Pearl · I Am Killed
05-??Blackpuzzle · Universal Super Swamp
??-??Black Rain · License to Thrill
02-04Black Ramstein · Steinophobic
??-??The Black Regiment · Winter's End
10-??Black Reign · Sovereign
??-??Black Ritual · 1000 Yard Stare
05-19Black River · Black River
10-??Black Seas of Infinity · Hieros-Gamos
03-02Black Seas of Infinity · The Wordless Aeon Has Awakened
??-??Black Shadow · Война - негасимое бездны пламя!
07-??Black Shape of Nexus · Microbarome Meetings
11-03Black Sheep Wall · I Am God Songs
??-??BlackShore · (Railway to) BlackShore
??-??Black Soul · Anticristian Warriors
07-??Black Succubi · Black Succubi
07-01Black Sun · Paralyser
03-18Black Tide · Light from Above
02-05Black Tusk · Passage Through Purgatory
12-06Blackwind · Demain, l'apocalypse
05-19Blackwinds · Flesh Inferno
07-05BlackWine · The Shadow
??-??Black Wings · Sacred Shiver
??-??Blackworld · Blackworld
11-25Blade of the Ripper · Taste the Blade
02-22Bladesmith · Legion of Swords
??-??Bladzam · El ocaso del tiempo muerto
11-12Blake · Sa7urnus
??-??Blamage · Exit Absolut
12-??Blasart · The Art of Blasphemy
??-??Blasphemer · Executioner
12-16Blasphemer · On the Inexistence of God
11-24Blasphemic Cruelty · Devil's Mayhem
09-15Blasphemophagher · Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse
01-??Blasphemous · Incineration of the Cult
??-??Blasthrash · Violence Just for Fun
??-??Blastmasters · Twisted Metal
07-07Blaze Bayley · The Man Who Would Not Die
07-10Blaze Inside · Pure Potenciality
07-26Blaze of Sorrow · L'ultimo respiro
03-07Bleed · Bleed the People
05-??Bleeding Corpse · Resurrection of Murder
09-30Bleeding Through · Declaration
??-??Blessed Sacrament · Bestial Bloodshed
08-11Blessures de l'Âme · Libre parmi les captifs
??-??Blind Defeat · Moments in Time
07-08Blind Dog · Captain Dog Logs Out
08-18Blindead · Autoscopia / Murder in Phazes
??-??Blinded by Rage · Here's to the Wreckage
04-23Blinded Rain · Destination Unknown
07-27Blind Image · Psychobabble
08-06Blindman · Subconscious in Xperience
??-??Bloated Pig · Bloated Pig
??-??Blodskald · Vidundret
06-01The Blood · Punk@TheOpera
10-??Blood & Iron · Heimwehr Schlesien
07-01Bloodattack · Beast Enough to Stand This Hate
05-02Bloodbanner · If They Win... Only Our Dead Are Free
05-??Bloodbanner · Radiated Ressurektion
01-17Bloodbanner · Unholy Thrash Kommandos
10-06Bloodbath · The Fathomless Mastery
09-??Blood Ceremony · Blood Ceremony
??-??Bloodclot! · Burn Babylon Burn!
??-??Blood from Above · Musical Warfare
??-??Blood Infected · Death and Suffering
??-??Bloodline Severed · Visions Revealed
??-??Bloodlost · Hellcome
11-01Blood Money · One Nation Under Hate
06-??Blood of the Black Owl · A Feral Spirit
??-??Blood Order Company · Blood Order Company
??-??Blood Red Angel · Abyssland
04-15Bloodrunner · Total Annihilation
??-??Bloodshed · After Midnight
10-17Bloodshot · Murder the World
??-??Blood Spilt as Water · Condemned
??-??Blood Stained · III - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
11-18Blood Stained Dusk · Black Faith Inquisition
07-25Bloodstained Memory · Meet Your Maker
11-??Bloodsworn · All hyllest til Satan
12-01Bloodwritten · Iniquity Intensity Insanity
07-??Bloody · Engines of Sin
12-??Bloody Virgin · Preserve Innocence
08-16Blorgalakt · Blorgalakt
07-??Blowback · All and Even More
??-??Blowback · Morning Wood
03-01Blow Job · One Shot Left
??-??Blueberry · Дорога в вечность
??-??Blue Skies Bring Tears · Anomaly
07-06Blunt Trauma · Blunt Trauma
07-04Blustery Caveat · Payback in Brutality
04-20Blutige Nacht · Malevolent Dawn
12-??Blutrache · Todessehnsucht
06-??Blutwurst Breath · Electrics
05-??Blóðtrú · The Death of the Spirit
09-19Bob Catley · Immortal
??-??Bob Katsionis · Noemon
??-??Bodragaz · Awaken
12-03Bodybag · Curriculum Mortae
??-??Bohema · Eternal Slaves
06-30Bohemian Grove · Age of Retrogression
??-??Boiler · Atüla der Druckluftkönig
05-05Boiling Blood · Flat Out
10-24Bokor · Vermin Soul
03-??Bokrug · Ancient Horrors and Bloody Visions
03-03Boltdown · Omnicide
07-14Bomb and Scary · Black Wishing Well
05-12Bonded by Blood · Feed the Beast
??-??Bone Deep · Snap
04-28Bongripper · Hate Ashbury
10-14Book of Black Earth · Horoskopus
02-01Boomerang · Sounds of Sirens
09-12Borealis · World of Silence
03-31Borgazûr · 2P3: Alchemists Earth of Aeon A.C.
03-07Boris · Smile
11-??Born from Pain · Survival
??-??Born in Winter · Paper and Roses
??-??Borow · Крестили = распяли
02-23Borroza · Fantasma
??-??Bosnia · Nazarene Hallucinations
11-13The Bottle Doom Lazy Band · Blood for the Bloodking
??-??Bowtome · Killer
??-??Bradford · The Ninth Ring
02-27The Braincase · The Braincase
07-07Brainchoke · Introspective
03-31Braindead · Disturbing the Peace
12-28Brain Dead · In the Deep of Vortex
02-04Brain Drill · Apocalyptic Feasting
??-??Brainless · Defenders of Ignörance
01-25Brainstorm · Downburst
04-??Braintoy · Vehicles
??-??The Brainwash · Psychophony
05-01Brave · Monuments
??-??Breaking Wheel · Breaking Wheel
06-20Breed Machine · Renaissance
01-22Brennuvarg · Grim Moonless Nights
??-??Brennuvarg · ...of Isolation
??-??Brewhemoth · Brewhemoth
??-??Brian Maillard · Melody in Captivity
12-17Broadmoor · By the Water
02-04Brocken Moon · Das Märchen vom Schnee
05-16Broderick Gray · Metal Machine
06-02Broderick Gray · Realms of Fire
02-20Brokel · Rebirth of the Unholy
08-15Broken Ohms · Nocturnal Emissions
??-??The Broken Sun · The Beginning of the Bitter End
08-23Brother Love Kain · Brother Love Kain
10-14Brother Von Doom · Relentless
04-08Brown Jenkins · Angel Eyes
10-09Brumous · SINderella
06-02Brutal Morticí­nio · Despertar dos Chacais... O Outono dos Povos
09-25Brutal Rebirth · Hate over All
09-22Brutal Slaughter · Seth's Rise
09-04Brute Force · Force Fed
??-??B.T.R. · Deja Vu
03-01Bucium · Voievozii
09-17Buckethead · Albino Slug
??-??Buffalo · 30 días de oscuridad
01-??Buio Omega · Planet of Tombs
??-??Bulldozer Breed · Bulls in a Mosh
09-05Bullet · Bite the Bullet
11-08Bulletsize · Bulletsize
11-14Bulletwolf · Double Shots of Rock and Roll
??-??Bullworth · Day by Day
06-04Burden A.D. · Anno Dominator
11-14Burden of Life · Ashes of Existence
??-??Burial Hordes · Devotion to Unholy Creed
08-??Burial Stone · Lángoló tó
03-31Burned Alive · Unleash the Darkness
07-07Burner · Resurrection
04-24Burning Black · Prisoners of Steel
10-03Burning Cross · Burning Cross
08-18Burning Emotion · Feel the Emotion
??-??Burning Hate · This Is the End of Our Days
01-26Burning Shadows · Into the Primordial
03-24Burning Skies · Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption
10-28Burning the Masses · Mind Control
09-22Burst · Lazarus Bird
02-03Bursting · ...and Don't Deliver Us from Temptation
??-??Burying the Trend · The Roots from Within
04-07Burzukh · End Game
01-01Butelka · DemonArchia
??-??Buzrael · Diavolo Sounds Live Sessions
01-??Byrgen · Verrottung Begräbnis
08-01By the Horns · Destroy the Horizon
01-22Byzantine · Oblivion Beckons
??-??Büfo · Moderni ja maailman tuho
12-01Cachexic · The Contagious Strain
04-28Cadaveric Crematorium · Grindpeace
01-16Cadaveric Engorgement · Plague Bearer
03-30Cadaver Mutilator · Anger Castles
04-28Cadaverous Condition · Destroying the Night Sky
??-??Caddis · Caddis
11-??Caed Dhu · By tych co nami władną postrącać z ołtarzy
03-12Cain's Dinasty · Legacy of Blood
03-15Caldera · Mist Through Your Consciousness
??-??Calibre 38 · Perseverancia
10-01Calibre Zero · Jugando con fuego
??-??Calidad · Searching for Release
??-??Calliophis · Doomsday
02-15Call of Thousands · Into the Coming Storm
08-12Caltrop · World Class
06-02Camel of Doom · The Diviners Sage
??-??Camilla Rhodes · The Onyx Sun
??-??Camoz · The Fusion
02-06Cannabis Corpse · Tube of the Resinated
??-??Canniblast · Blasticide
09-??Cannon · Metal Style
07-19Canobliss · Psychothermia
06-10Canvas Solaris · The Atomized Dream
07-??Capitis Damnare · Black Stigmatized - The Order of Worship and Death
07-01Capitollium · Bloodfall of Flesh
07-28Capricorns · River, Bear Your Bones
04-08Capricornus · The Cosmic Inner Circle
03-28Captain Cleanoff · Symphonies of Slackness
04-18Carach Angren · Lammendam
??-??Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim · Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim
??-??Carcharodon · Macho Metal
02-16Carcharoth · Desolated Battlefields
06-12Carcharoth · From the Cavern Come
??-??Carcharoth · Urdung
09-??Carcharoth Λ.V. · Tharbad Nan Tarmenel
04-14Cardiac Arrest · Cadaverous Presence
??-??Carnagia · Blood Machine
08-25Carnal Decay · Chopping Off the Head
03-??Carnal Lust · Dawn of the Hatred
06-24Carnifex · The Diseased and the Poisoned
??-??Carnivorous Vagina · Strage cannibale
08-26Carnophage · Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare
10-31Carpatos · In the Ruins of Desire
??-??Carrion Wraith · Carrion Wraith
07-??Carro Bomba · Nervoso
11-??Carromato · Carromato
03-01Carthaun · Blutt und Threnen
10-01Casket · Upright Decay
05-??Casketgarden · Incompleteness in Absence
02-??Cassandra Syndrome · Of Patriots and Tyrants
12-01Cast Away · Mind Domination
??-??Castigare · Regarder sans voir
07-05Castrofate · Cataclysmic Insanity
06-27Catafalc · Still Suffering
11-30Catalano · Only a Dream
05-13Catalepsy · Iniquity
10-24Catamenia · VIII: The Time Unchained
05-15Cataplexy · ...Lunar Eclipse, Chaos to the Ruin...
03-20Cataract · Cataract
06-??Catastrofear · Endless Error
01-29Catastrophic · Pathology of Murder
??-??Catatonic Atrocity · Eradication of Humanity
04-??Catch 22 · Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution
04-25Cathedral Stivhet · Kuu kovertuu alla Perkheleen
01-16Caught in the Between · Equilibrium
??-??The Cauldron Born · I Bleed Death
03-24Cavalera Conspiracy · Inflikted
??-??Cave Canem! · Inter Bella
08-06Caym · Thriving on Chaos
09-30Caïna · Temporary Antennae
05-??Cease.and.Desist · Bliss
10-01Celelalte Cuvinte · Stem
04-09Celeste · Nihiliste(s)
01-23Celestia · Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis
04-07Celestial Bloodshed · Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed
??-??Cella'Door · Endland
10-??Cellbound · Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere
06-24Celtibeers · Sin miedo
03-05Celtic Legacy · Guardian of Eternity
??-??Cemetery Dust · Power of the Hypocrite
05-16Cemetery Rapist · Children of the Porn
02-04Centinela · Claustrofobia
11-25Centrica · Centrica
11-07Cephalic Impurity · Perverted Surgical Concept
??-??Cerebral Turbulency · Segregace K 0
05-09Ceremonial Castings · Salem 1692
??-??Cervoholics · Immortal
08-26Cessation of Life · Path of Totality
11-20Cesspool of Vermin · Beastial Necrophilia
10-??Cethegus · Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
??-??Chacal · El camino del indio
05-21Chain Collector · Unrestrained
06-16Chainsaw · Acoustic Strings Quartet
??-??Changes · Orichalcum
09-12Chaos Divine · Avalon
09-01Chaosfear · Image of Disorder
02-??Chaos Legions · Hanging
06-07ChaosUC · Bleed the Walls
11-25Chaoswave · Dead Eye Dreaming
04-30Chaosweaver · Puppetmaster of Pandemonium
??-??Chaotic Symmetry · Ερπώμενοι
08-29Charing Cross · We Are...
07-08Chattbox · Into the Deep
08-01Checkpoint Charlie · Ordinary Madness
??-??Chemistry · Perfumes
??-??Chickenhawk · Chickenhawk
04-09Children of Bodom · Blooddrunk
10-??Children of the New Sun · Children of the New Sun
07-11Chilling Dawn · Gefion
06-23Chingalera · Dose
??-??Chiraw · Dark Frequencies
??-??Choke · Manifest from Sudamerica
05-??Chokehold · The Sweet Sense of Genocide
??-??Chokeout · Flatline
12-09Cholernik · Seven Hundred Ninety-Three
04-03Choriachi · Mope Variations / Dope Radiations
??-??Choronzon · Evocation of Sandstorms
12-??Chris Caffery · House of Insanity
11-15Christ Agony · Condemnation
07-17Chrome Division · Booze, Broads and Beelzebub
10-??Chromium · Confessions of a Hero
??-??Chronic Aggression · Third Eye Shattered
07-??Chronic Torment · Wind of Infections
??-??Chronix · Among You
04-??Chullpa · Iconos de destrucción
??-??Churches Burn · Adversary
05-15Cinis · The Last Days of Ouroboros
??-??Ciomporock · 29Ore
10-15Circle · Hollywood
04-25Circle II Circle · Delusions of Grandeur
05-??Circle of Death · Apocalypse
08-??Cirrhosis · Drinks from Hell
09-12Ciryam · Człowiek motyl
??-??Citadel · Игра света и тени
09-27Claim the Throne · Only the Brave Return
09-11Clapatria · Fall
09-02The Classic Struggle · Bring Back the Glory
12-28Claudio Minotti's Liturgy of War · Passage to Dawn
09-20Claymore · Prolonged Active Antagonism
11-21The Claymore · Sygn
??-??Clean State · Dead Angel Factory
08-19Clearwater Deathblow · Parasite Cleansing
08-??Clenched Fist · Tribute to the Brave Ones
07-28Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire · Omega Drunk on the Blood of Alpha
03-28Cliteater · Scream Bloody Clit
01-??Clitoridus Invaginatus · Putrid Pussy Warehouse
10-31Cloak of Displacement · This Is the Only Way
12-12Cloakwheel · This Crooked Path You've Drawn
10-27Closer · A Darker Kind of Salvation
08-18Cloudscape · Global Drama
05-01Cloven Hoof · The Definitive Part One
05-30Clusterhead · Times of No Trust
??-??Cocaine Cowboys · Slaughter the Poser
06-06Codename:Wingless · Scar/red
06-18Codeon · Source
06-20Code Red · The Art of Trinity
06-24Coffins · Buried Death
??-??Colder Than Moon · Freeliar
10-29Cold Northern Vengeance · Domination and Servitude
05-13Coldworker · Rotting Paradise
03-24ColdWorld · Melancholie²
05-17Collapse Within · Worldwide Extinction
03-28Collapsing System · Collapsing System
04-??Collide · All That Oppress
??-??Colossus · ...and the Rift of the Pan-Dimensional Undergods
07-07Coming Fall · Kill the Lights
03-28Commander · The Enemies We Create
??-??Commando · Sudden Invasion
11-13Commercial Faith · When Nothing Becomes Everything
05-05Common Grave · Il male di vivere
05-30Communic · Payment of Existence
04-15Complete Failure · Perversions of Guilt
04-09Compression · Battle of the Ants
??-??Comunidad del Metal · Alabarte bello es
07-23Concerto Moon · Rise from Ashes
08-??Concrete Experience · Aude Aliquid Dignum
03-22Concubia Nocte · Sekerou Peruna a kladivom Thora
04-20Condemned to Suffer · A Bullet or a Knife
??-??Confronto · Sanctuarium
09-23Conifer · Crown Fire
08-15Conniption · A Method to Madness
06-19Conorach · Tales from the Tavern
??-??The Conquering · A Home We Lost
03-08Conquest · End of Days
05-03Consciousness Removal Project · Consciousness Removal Project
04-02Consecration · Aux
11-??Conspiracy · Endtime Requiem
08-07Conspirator · Exorcism
??-??Consumned · MANipulation
12-??Contaminant · The Masquerade
09-05Context · Human Devolution
05-05Contortion · Masteroiece of Domination
08-01Contrast · Stille
03-03Contrast the Water · Forge of Rage
??-??Cool Head Klan · Szép hazám útjain
05-??Copremesis · Muay Thai Ladyboys
09-??Coprophagia · 糞ったれ人生
04-01Corelyn · Inside the Core
08-11Core of Nation · Machine World
11-28Coronatus · Porta Obscura
08-14Corporate Death · Terminate Existence
03-24Corporation 187 · Newcomers of Sin
10-??Corpsefucking Art · Zombiefuck
12-04Corpus · The Rise
??-??Corrupted Melody · Inner I
03-09Cor Scorpii · Monument
??-??Corubo · Ypykuera
10-01Cosmic Atrophy · Codex Incubo
04-18Cosmics · The Cosmic Year
05-06Cough · Sigillum Luciferi
??-??Count von Count · Hey Asshole
??-??Coït · Between the Lines
10-20Cradle of Filth · Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder
04-15Cradle to Grave · Texas Medicine
09-??Cranial Damage · Warballs
??-??Cranial Seepage · Disgusting Malformity
??-??Cranium · Phantasmagoria
06-11Crawling Death · New Murder Art
??-??Crazer · Peace Enforcement
10-??Created to Kill · Worship or Die
11-08Creature · Feindtbild
10-14Crehated · Anthems of Hate
02-08Cremated Lives · Bloodluster
02-01Crematory · Pray
05-30Crikey · Future of the Loss
07-28Crimes of Passion · Crimes of Passion
10-??Criminal Element · Guilty as Charged
??-??Crimson Orchid · A Chosen Path
11-07Crimson Sleep · Fragile
10-10Cripple Bastards · Variante alla morte
??-??Criptal · El amanecer de la esperanza
12-13Crisalida · Raco
12-01Crisis de Fe · Nunca llueve eternamente
11-28Crisis Never Ends · Kill or Cure
??-??Cristabel · Physical Hairesy
11-01Critical State · Theater of Pain
11-24Crocell · The God We Drowned
08-29Crom · Vengeance
??-??The Cromptons · Red
10-27Cronian · Enterprise
08-12Cross Examination · Menace II Sobriety
10-13Crossingate · Looted Passion
12-29Crow'sClaw · Brutal Games for Reminding of Death
05-25Crow'sClaw · Crossfire Barrage
??-??Crowmen · The Amok Diary
12-24Crown of Angmar · Ertenal Torment
01-13Crown of Glory · A Deep Breath of Life
11-25Crowpath · One with Filth
??-??Crucervix · Blood
08-11Crucifix · Threnody of the Crucifix
07-??Crucifixion · Desecration of a Wretched Kind
??-??C.R.U.C.I.F.I.X.S. · Apocaliptesis
02-16Cruel · Ekvilibrium
??-??Cruella D'ville · Showdown in Tinsel Town
??-??Crusade · Resilience
07-07Crushing Axes · Bloodfield in Hell
11-21Cryonic Temple · Immortal
??-??The Crypt · Bestialmente
07-25Cryptic Frost · The Wilderness
03-20Cryptic Tales · VII Dogmata of Mercy
11-19Cryptic Throne · Apocalyptic Extermination
??-??Crypticus · They Called Me Mad!
05-26Cryptopsy · The Unspoken King
??-??Crysalid · Come Closer
11-21Crystal Eyes · Chained
05-16Crystallion · Hattin
01-10Crystal Mess · Dark Corners
05-15CrystalMoors · Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem
03-09C-T Prevail · Mean Season
05-02Ctulu · Freie Geister
??-??Cubensis · Metaphysical Impact
??-??Cuff · Cuff Em' All
11-13Cultes des Ghoules · Häxan
10-31Cultes des Goules · The House at the Water
06-16Cult of Luna · Eternal Kingdom
10-01Cultura Tres · La cura
01-12Cumbeast · Gourmet of Ill Shit
11-22Cursed as Angels · The Hanging Tree
10-??Cursed Cemetery · Dead Souls Madness
03-31Curse Your Name · Curse Your Name
08-29Custard · Forces Remain
08-08Cyaegha · Steps of Descent
07-02Cyanosis · Conceiving Abhorrence
??-??Cyber Cross · Ira
08-27The Cycle · A Total Eclipse of the Sun
04-19Cyclone · Cyclone
06-??Cyclophenia · Billion Dying Suns
11-17Cynic · Traced in Air
04-15Cynicism · A Taste of Hate
12-12Cypecore · Innocent
12-17Cyphosis · Gods Torned
09-09Cyril Lepizzera Group Arianrod · Smile Has the Death
04-30D'erlanger · The Price of Being a Rose Is Loneliness
??-??Dacast · Smooth as a Riot
??-??Daddó · The Other Side
09-23Daedalean Complex · Eponym
04-20Daementia · ...and So the Rain Falls
09-??Daemusinem · Diabolical Carnage
10-10Dagoba · Face the Colossus
??-??Dagon · In Desolationem per Nefandum
01-06Dagorlad · Herald of Doom
08-??Dagoth · Prophecy
05-23Dakrya · Monumento
07-??Daksinroy · Dystopia
04-14Dalriada · Szelek
01-14Damage Done · Reborn
10-31Damned Grave · Pure Fucking Hatred
??-??Damnesia · Damnesia
11-15Damnitahl · Doomsday Encoded Within
05-??Damn Your Idols · Damn Your Idols
02-19Danava · UnonoU
11-11Dance Club Massacre · Circle of Death
04-??Daniel Bautista · 15
06-??Daniel Bautista · Beethoven
02-??Daniel Bautista · Recycle Bin
??-??Daniel Dark · Soldiers Home
05-30Dan Keying · Black Swan
01-01Dantalion · Call of the Broken Souls
04-24Dantesco · Pagano
12-01Dargoron · Raskršće snova
02-22Dark Age · Minus Exitus
??-??Darkager · Silence Times Arrival
10-24Darkane · Demonic Art
??-??Dark Art · Reincarnations
??-??Darkat · Spill Your Human Blood for Shaitan
??-??The Dark Beyond · The Sea of Grey
11-28Dark Buddha Rising · Ritual IX
11-25Dark Century · Days of the Mosh
??-??Dark Dimension · На костях прогнившей догмы
??-??Dark Eden · Frightful Chronicles of Human Nature
09-11Dark Eden · Jehovah's Sickness
04-??Darkemist · Relief
05-05Dark Empire · Humanity Dethroned
??-??Darker Shores · Hail Sarnia!
08-31Darkestrah · The Great Silk Road
04-26Darkest Reign · Here Comes the Pain
08-27Dark Filth Fraternity · Breathe Again
05-??Darkflight · Perfectly Calm
03-11Dark Fortress · Eidolon
01-??Dark Fury · Fortress of Eagles
??-??Dark Insanity · Catastrophe
07-22Dark Intentions · Destined to Burn
??-??Dark Interment · Наши боги дремлют в нас
??-??Darklands · The Children of the Night
02-27Darklight · Light from the Dark
??-??The Dark Lords of Stonehurst · SerpentWitch
11-01Dark Metamorphosis · An Infinite Reverie
12-01Dark Metamorphosis · The Crimson Thirst
10-10Dark Metamorphosis · The Dark Project
12-25Dark Metamorphosis · Twilight Manifesto
12-01Darkness over Depth · 横云·踏月
06-08Dark Quarterer · Symbols
??-??Dark Ritual · Under Ravenwings
??-??Dark Secret Love · Dark Secret Love
??-??Darkshines · Love Is Never Ending
06-27Dark Sky · Empty Faces
??-??Dark Soul Project · Requiescat in Pace
05-30Darkspace · Dark Space III
03-15Dark Sphere · Dark Sphere
09-29Darksun · Libera Me
02-25Dark Suns · Grave Human Genuine
10-20Darkthrone · Dark Thrones and Black Flags
06-08Darktrance · Ghosts in the Shells
??-??Darrell Deese · Blood from a Rose
??-??Darrell Deese · Rise of the Dead
03-23Dar Sangre · Un corazón por cada ciudad
09-??Dave Byron · Uno
07-??Dave Cardwell · Gone
04-25Davidian · Hear Their Cries
??-??David Malinich · Ele-mental Instru-metal
06-21Dawnless · While Hope Remains
09-??Dawn of Correction · Dead Hand Control
08-22Dawn of Destiny · Rebellion in Heaven
11-14Dawn of Winter · The Peaceful Dead
??-??Daycore · The Beginning of Purgatory
05-05The Day Everything Became Nothing · Brutal
06-24Daylight Dies · Lost to the Living
??-??Day of Atonement · Hari Penebusan Dosa
10-15The Day of the Beast · The Day of the Beast
10-17Days of Betrayal · Decapitated for Research
??-??DCLXVI · У грозы
??-??DEA · El lamento de los condenados
??-??Dead and Buried · Bear Witness
??-??Dead and Forgotten · Strix Sive de Ludificatione Daemonum
06-24Deadbird · Twilight Ritual
??-??Deadblood · Satanic Bloody Drunken Thrash
??-??Dead Carnations · Memories of Yesterday
04-08Dead Child · Attack
01-30Dead Congregation · Graves of the Archangels
??-??Dead Dawn Rising · Dead Dawn Rising
02-22Dead Emotions · Pathways to Catharsis
??-??Deadflesh · World War III
??-??Dead for Days · Disassociated from Reality
04-12Dead in Christ · Summer of Murders
09-13Dead Jesus · ...God and the Devil
11-17Deadlock · Manifesto
10-10Deadly Carnage · Decadenza
11-??Deadly Spawn · From Beyond the Dark
??-??Deadmarsh · To the Sky
??-??Dead Mountain Mouth · Unveil
04-07Deadnight · Messenger of Death
02-20Dead of Night · Till I'm Dead at All
07-09Dead Reptile Shrine · Burning Black Infinity
??-??Deadringer · Deadringer, Vol. 2
11-08Dead Rising · Reign of Misery
??-??Dead Serial Killers · Kill People
05-19Dead Shape Figure · The Grand Karoshi
??-??Dead Silence · Grymlore
02-19Dead to Fall · Are You Serious?
11-16Dead Vertical · Infecting the World
02-25Deadweight · Origins of Darkness
01-31Deaf Aid · Pictured Pain
09-??Deafest · Weakened
04-??Deaflock · Reality of False Pasts
??-??Deal with It · End Time Prophecies
??-??Dean Cascione · Guitar Chop Shop
??-??Dean Clea & Emir Hot · The Quarterworlds of Fantasia
12-08Death and Glory · Wotans Söhne
02-26Death Angel · Killing Season
10-13Deathcamp Project · Well-Known Pleasures
10-01Deathchain · Death Eternal
??-??Death Chant · Sloppy Seconds
05-??DeathCrawl · The End Is Not Near Enough
02-13Deathgate Arkanum · Stillhallen
??-??Death Is Eternal · Unholy Sanctuary
03-21DeathMatch · ..............Begin
06-28Deathmoor · Mors Ultima Ratio
??-??Deathmøle · ???
04-04The Death of Her Money · Spirit of the Stairwell
??-??Deathonator · No Heaven on Earth
02-29Deathrow · Gateways to Oblivion
??-??Deaths Head · Kriegslied
??-??Death Slave · Valley of Mirror
09-13Death Valley Dragline · Beyond the Sunn
04-08Debauchery · Continue to Kill
04-26Debt of Nature · Dreams Kill on Command
08-20Decadence · Bitter Rain
??-??Decadent Roots · Suffer the Rapture
??-??Decapitado · Si quieren paz acaben con ellos
12-27Decapitated Christ · Antikristian Extreme Dekapitation
??-??Decay · The Surfacing
09-01Decayed · The Black Metal Flame
03-06Decaying Purity · Phases of Dimensional Torture
??-??Deceiver · Thrashing Heavy Metal
12-30December's Cold Winter · Ablaze All Shrines
??-??Dechrist · The Powers of Alcohol
07-05Decomposed God · Bestiality
12-18Decrepitaph · Condemned Cathedral
01-29Decrepit Birth · Diminishing Between Worlds
09-27Decrepity · The Decaying of Evolution
06-05Dedicated for Life · Another Dawn
04-15Dedicted · Argonauts
11-18Deeds of Flesh · Of What's to Come
??-??Dee N Dee · Words
??-??Deep Vein · Symbols for the Dead
06-30The Defaced · Anomaly
10-18Defaced · Nightmare
??-??Def Con One · Blood Soaks the Floor
??-??Defeated · Znovu živí
??-??Deflagration · A Call to Arms
05-05Def Leppard · Songs from the Sparkle Lounge
08-08Defloration · Necrotic Nightmares
03-??Deflore · Egodrive
12-10Defuntos · A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas
11-16Defy the Laws of Tradition · Till Death Us Part
02-04Degradead · Til Death Do Us Apart
04-28Deicide · Till Death Do Us Part
??-??Deja Vu · Decibel Disease
01-25Dekadent · The Deliverance of the Fall
06-02Deletion · Deletion
05-16Delirium · Los signos del Fauno
04-??Deliver Us from Evil · Behold a Pale Horse
??-??Delorean · Edge of Existence
10-??Delta · Crashbreaker
03-??Delusive Dawn · Enter the Gates
??-??Demencia · Metal Distortion
10-02Demencia Mortalis · No God Is Here
??-??Demented · Psychoanalysis of Eternal Pain
??-??Dementor · Faithless
11-25Demise of All Reason · Destroying Noumena
04-28Demiurg · The Hate Chamber
11-14Demogorgon · Christ Is a Lie
??-??Demogorgon · Dawn of a New Age
04-23Demogorgon · Naenie
09-04Demogorgon · За гранью сомнений
01-25Demolition · Relict IV
??-??Demon's Flesh · Oh, Lord, Amen
??-??Demoncide · Misericordiae
??-??Demoncrusher · Violencia exponencial
11-30Demonic Forest · Endless Silence of Desolation
03-??Demonic Halocaust · Shadows of the Winter Beings
??-??Demonicon · Hymns of Apostasy
08-27Demonizer · Triumphator
??-??DemonsQuest · Under the Dark Sky
06-19Demonstealer · ...and Chaos Will Reign...
10-28The Demonstration · Accidents with Intelligence
09-12Demontool · Soleil rouge
01-14Deneb · Exoriare Aliquis Nostris ex Ossibus Ultor
10-??The Denial · Claws
11-??Denial · Trail of Devastation
10-??Denied · New Army for the Old Revolution
06-02Denied · ...When the Slate Becomes Diamonds
07-01Denim and Leather · Watch Out!!!
??-??Dennis Develin · Love Is for the Other Guys
07-??Denounce · Deep Wood, Shallow Grave
04-14Den Saakaldte · Øl, mørke og depresjon
??-??Deny the Urge · Blackbox of Human Sorrow
04-28Depressor · Empty
12-31Deprogrammazione · Non esiste
02-??Depths of Desecration · Sounds of Destruction
05-09Depths of Tartarus · Protogonos
??-??D.E.R. · Quando a Esperança Desaba
02-15Deranged · The Redlight Murder Case
01-05Derelict Sermon · Wardycurse
12-12Der Galgen · Willkommen auf die Todesstrafe!
??-??Desangre · Sólo carnicería
??-??Descanso Eterno · Argentavis Magnificens
??-??Descarga · Lejos del mundo
07-25Descending · Enter Annihilation
10-15Desecration · Forensix
09-22Desert of Ice · Heaven Shall Bleed
??-??Desert Storm · Desert Storm
??-??Desgraça Maldita · Lástimas & Pragas
08-22Desilence · Wreck the Silence
11-08Desolatevoid · No Sign of Better Times
02-29Despairation · A Requiem in Winter's Hue
??-??Desterrador · Extraños ritos
01-??Destierro · Espejismos de la miseria
02-12Destinity · The Inside
??-??Destroyed by Voices · Riots in Paradise: 2012
01-??Destroyer · На пороге смерти...
??-??Destroyself · Neosymbolic
07-19Destroy the Colossus · Centuries
08-29Destruction · D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
11-22Destructive Behavior · The Fear Within
07-07Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland · Cutterclit
05-20Deterior · Antimonument
10-??Deterioration · The Diminishing Populace
??-??Deterioration · Psychopathological Condition: Dozens of Women Lay Dead
??-??Deterioration · Vultures of Mortal Agony
04-26Dethless · Splitter
12-01The Dethroners · Overdriven Silence
03-03Detonator666 · Supremacy & Tyranny
02-04Detrimentum · Embracing This Deformity
08-20Detroit Metal City · 魔界遊戯
06-18Deus.exe · Transhuman
06-06Deus Inversus · Legion Is Our Name
08-13Deuteronomium · From the Midst of the Battle
08-??Devast · Art of Extermination
02-28Devastator · Conjuring Evil
06-14Devastator · Savage Wasteland
12-15Devian · God to the Illfated
01-29The Devil and the Sea · Heart vs. Spine
01-??Devilish Impressions · Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon
??-??Devillac · Three Hours to Coma
??-??Devil Manmade · Born of Nothing
05-06Devils of Belgrade · Tracks of the Cloven Hoof
10-??Dewarsteiner · Ethylic Lovestories
04-11Dezperadoz · An Eye for an Eye
??-??Dharma · Heavenly Hell
??-??Dhul Karnain · Dos cuernos
05-14Diablo · Icaros
11-07Diabolical · The Gallery of Bleeding Art
03-20Diabolical North Klanum · Time for Darkness
??-??Diachronia · Chaos Eternal
04-04Diamoth · Distorkion
??-??Diathra · My Endless Sorrow
??-??Dichotic · The Deepest Rise
10-27Dictator · Dysangelist
08-29Die Apokalyptischen Reiter · Licht
??-??Diebomb · The Dark...No Heart
08-09Die Entweihung · Hypnotic Dreams
02-24Die Entweihung · Осквернение
11-29Diemantic · Turn a Blind Eye
??-??Dies Nefastus · Сьвітаньне па-над руінамі
09-22Diesto · Isle of Marauder
??-??Die You · Antagonist
??-??Difenacum · País de sordos
08-18Digital Autopsy · The Self-Inflicted Sickness
08-27Dignity · Project Destiny
10-22Diken · İsyan
09-21Dimaension X · 1st iZ Lazt - The Daevellation Suite
01-19Dimaension X · I Am Become Dævël
08-19Dimaension X · Ugotllathath - The Sound of the End of the Universe
12-17Dimansion · Room One
??-??Dimensões Distorcidas · Dimensões Distorcidas
08-20Diminishing Light · Inherited by Earth
12-05Dimmz · This Is Life
??-??Dimolasyus · The Room Forgotten by Time
02-26Diphtheria · To Wait for Fire
01-01Dirty Game · Flame of Loneliness
02-17Dirty Shadow · You Never Know
01-08DIS · Opus 2
05-10Disaster · The Battle Escalates
??-??Discharge · Disensitise
10-21Disciple · Southern Hospitality
12-26Discipline-M · Zerogod
06-20Discombobulation · Roman's Melancholia
06-01Disdained · We All Reek
??-??Disease · A Circular Decade in Motion
??-??Disembodiment · Visions of Apocalyptic Ruin
05-20Disembowel · Symptoms of Decline
07-18Disfigured · Blistering of the Mouth
10-10Disgod · Sanguine Scales
??-??Disgust · Crucifucked
12-19Dishammer · Vintage Addiction
??-??Dislocation · Soulgrinders from the Stars
03-??Disloyal · Prophecy
02-18Dismember · Dismember
07-??Disobey · The Death of Obedience
05-30Disrepute · Hunting the Scum
??-??Disrupted Inc. · Take Another Look
??-??Dissentient Revolt · A Thousand Honey Voices
10-06Dissimulation · Atiduokit mirusius
04-01Dissolving of Prodigy · Štvanice
07-05Dissonant · Copy Burn Distribute Repeat
01-??Distaste · Of Abyss-Hearts and Falsity...
12-08Distinct Cult · Blood Stained Lies
??-??Distort · Terror Against Greed
04-20Distorted · Voices from Within
??-??Distorted Cognitions · Incipient/Proletariat
??-??Distortion · Cornish Metal
??-??Disturbing Foresights · De-Grunged
09-??Divine · Anger Thy Giveth
10-24Divine:Zero · The Day God Left
05-15DivineFire · Farewell
??-??Divine Insanity · Zły władca
05-26Divine Lust · The Bitterest Flavours
??-??Divine Pustulence · Tortured, Raped and Sacrificed to Satan
10-09Divine Side · Dive Inside...
12-18Divine Symphony · The History
09-23Divine Temptation · Sin
??-??Divinus · Change of Icons
11-??Divizion S-187 · В милосердии отказано!
??-??DNA · Zvonobití
12-??DNS · System Synthesis
??-??Doctor Livingstone · Notes du paradis - Whoop Whoop Whee Whee
??-??D.O.G.S. of Pray · The Rise
04-11Dokken · Lightning Strikes Again
??-??Doldrums · Doldrums
??-??Dol Guldur · Shadows Fall
12-25Dol Theeta · The Universe Expands
10-22Domina Noctis · Second Rose
12-??Dominia · Judgement of Tormented Souls
04-22Dominici · O₃ A Trilogy - Part 3
??-??Dominni · Quem Dirá o Tempo?
03-??Dominus Inferi · Age of Darkness
10-15Doom:VS · Dead Words Speak
10-01Doomas · Seven Sins
??-??Doomed · Downfall (Remake)
09-??Doomsday Machine Schematic · Grind Opening
??-??Do or Die · Pray for Them
04-12Doppelgänger · 12 Steps to Inhumanity
??-??Dorian Opera · No Secrets
05-09Dornenreich · In Luft geritzt
06-14Dorso · Espacium
??-??Dos Dias de Sangre · Día de los muertos
??-??Doubleblack · Unnecessary Protector
05-28Double Dragon · Devastator
06-14Download · We Only Bleed for Family
06-06Downriver · Seethin' Heathen
05-30Downscarred · The Flower and the Fall
??-??The Downspiral to Hell · The Advent of Neurosis
??-??Downstone · Hinderance
04-12Downtime · To Perish the Pantomime
11-??Dozer · Beyond Colossal
06-12Drachen · In the Beginning
01-01Draco Donnovan · Black Emotions Hate
??-??Draco Donnovan · Hate for All!
02-29Draconian · Turning Season Within
03-??Draconis Infernum · Death in My Veins
04-01Dragobrath · And Mountains Openeth Eyes...
08-25DragonForce · Ultra Beatdown
08-16Dragon Guardian · 遙かなる契り
12-05Dragonsfire · Visions of Fire
02-??Dragonwind · Beyond the Cold
04-15Drain the Dragon · Demon of My Nights
01-??DrammaGothica · IRA
09-17Draugnim · Northwind's Ire
??-??Draupnir · In Culpa Versari
06-??Dreamer · Bait Suci
03-??Dream Master · Waiting for the End
??-??Dream of Nebiros · Bizarre Passage 98-03
02-29DreamSteel · You
06-04Dreamtale · Phoenix
02-29Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland · Reversing Time
??-??Drenched in Blood · New Apocalypse
??-??Dr. Heathen Scum · Lady Killer
??-??Driven A.D. · Facing the End
09-26Driver · Sons of Thunder
12-??Dr. K & the Gore Cession · At the Right Side of Evil
08-01Dr. K & the Gore Cession · The Brownien Project
06-??Dr. Know · Killing for God
09-29The Drowning · This Bleak Descent
06-28Drowning the Light · The Serpents Reign
??-??Drueida · Into the House of Evil
07-14Drug Honkey · Death Dub
01-??Dröne · Bleak
02-04Dulcamara · Anatómicamente imperfecto
09-05Dumpyourload · Dumpyourload
??-??Dunghill · To the Core
02-08Dungortheb · Waiting for Silence
??-??Dunwich · Heilagmanoth
06-06Durhaka · Gerbang Kematian
??-??Dusk · Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum...
??-??Dusken · Πυριμανής
07-10Dust · Receive the Frequency
05-02Dustsucker · Diabolo Domination
02-??Dusty Miller · The Grand Sleep
??-??D-Wall · Godfood
07-28Dwellers of the Twilight · Grey
01-26The Dying · Triumph of Tragedy
12-02Dying Daylight · Luminous Dreams
07-15Dying Messiah · Anarchy by Any Means Necessary
??-??Dying Season · Random Cells of Chaos
??-??Dying Sun · Last Light of a Dying Sun
??-??Dying to Bleed · The Decaying Process
01-01Dying to Live · Slaves of a Different Kind
03-03Dylath-Leen · Semeïon
??-??Dynahead · Antigen
11-23Dyroxium · Irrational Landscapes
04-??Dyscord · Dakota
12-03Dysentery · From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh
04-09Dyslesia · In Veins, Hearts and Minds
10-25Dysthymia · The Shivering Opus
02-11Dystopia · Dystopia
07-07Dyve · Inside
??-??Dzelzs Vilks · Uijā, uijā, nikni vilki
01-14Dämon · Unveröffentlicht
01-05Därath · El crucero del tiempo Pt. 1 & 2
01-02Déborah · Soteria
01-04Défaillance · Contemplation misanthropique de l'humanité...
??-??Désillusion · Esprit maudit
11-18Dødsferd · Death Set the Beginning of My Journey
01-09E · mortElämä
03-10Eagleheart · Moment of Life
05-??Early Grave · Tomorrow I Am You
02-15Earth · The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
03-12Earthshaker · Quarter
12-??Eat the Living · Braaiiins
11-??Ebola Beach Party · Callboys from Hell
03-28Ebony Ark · When the City Is Quiet
10-06Ecce Hommo · Ad Astra per Aspera
??-??Ecce Mors · Destruction of Morale
06-21Echidna · Insidious Awakening
??-??Echoes of Devastation · My Cold Reign
06-06Echoes of Silence · The Book Of Night
01-01Echopeople · A Soldier's Fortune
03-??Eclipse Eternal · Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species
12-05Ecliptica · Impetus
06-??Eczema · La decadencia del ser
??-??Edad de Piedra, Producto de la Tierra · El final
??-??Edelweiss · Evangelium
10-22Eden's Curse · The Second Coming
??-??Eden's Way · IV
01-??Eden A.D. · Cycles of Relevance
12-03Eden Beast · Passivity Causes Genocide
04-25Edenbridge · MyEarthDream
09-22Eden Burns · ...Forever Yours.
??-??Eden Demise · ...the Takeover
10-01EdenSands · Living Kills
04-25Eden weint im Grab · Trauermarsch nach Neotopia
12-16Edgar Allan Poe · Legado de una tragedia
11-14Edguy · Tinnitus Sanctus
10-31E.D.I.E.H. · A Chase in the Night
??-??Editor · Pod parou
10-01Edén · Sombras de un adiós
05-23Eerie Sin · The Price of Our Hate
02-22E-Force · Modified Poison
02-28Efreet · God of Fire
??-??Egality · A Contingency
11-23Ego Fall · 蒙古精神 / Spirit of Mongolia
??-??Ego Project · Ego
03-29Egzekuthor · Bądź jak metal
09-22Ehnahre · The Man Closing Up
09-09Eindig · Doodschrift
??-??Einsamkeit mit Mihr · Nostalgic Delusion's
09-19Eisregen · Knochenkult
12-01Ekove Efrits · Suicidal Rebirth
10-18Ekpyrosis · All You Can Eat
10-21Ekpyrosis · Mensch aus Gold
01-18El Cerdo · Our Bellies Sluggish with Goat Meat
??-??Elder · Elder
04-??Eldrig · Mysterion
11-11Eleanor · A Circle of Lament
??-??Electric Mud Generator · To the Disdain of Polyhymnia
08-01Electrozombies · He visto
11-20Elegia · Almas en pena
12-12Elektradrive · Living 4
04-30Element · Under the Influence
??-??Elemento.6 · Sinfonías de muerte
??-??Elemment · Libre al fin
01-17Elephant · The Extinction Paradox
08-??El Estigio · Tulcán
??-??Elevator Death Squad · Manifesto
11-28Elffor · From the Throne of Hate (Alternate Version)
04-04Elffor · Son of the Shades (Alternate Version)
03-08Elgibbor · Fireland
09-??Elgibbor · Repent or Perish
12-22El Hijo de la Aurora · Lemuria
12-12Eli · Darkness Will Fall
??-??Eligorium · My Hate...
04-09Elimi · Summoned from Ashes
09-28Eliminator · Breaking the Wheel
08-18Elite · We Own the Mountains
03-15Elivagar · Heirs of the Ancient Tales
11-18Elliott's Keep · In Medias Res
09-15El Páramo · El Páramo
06-07El Reno Renardo · El Reno Renardo y el Reino de la Cagalera de Bisbal
02-15Eluveitie · Slania
??-??El Vasco · Afuera, en la ciudad
11-14Elvenking · Two Tragedy Poets (...and a Caravan of Weird Figures)
06-??Elvenpath · Spyrol
04-11Elvira Madigan · Regent Sie - Shedevils of Demonlore (Of Blood, Crosses & Biblewars)
06-10Elysia · Lion of Judas
04-??Emancer · Twilight and Randomness
11-04The Embalmed · The Embalmed
??-??Embracing Carpathian Mourning · Nightmare
??-??Embrio · Prophets of Doom
??-??Embryonic Cells · Black Seas
02-??Embryonic Devourment · Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy
04-01Embryotomy · Disassemble the Dethroned
09-08Emerald Sky · Shadows of Darkness
??-??Emerna · Constellation
04-04Emeth · Telesis
04-20Eminence · The God of All Mistakes
03-21Emir Hot · Sevdah Metal
06-02Empheris · Regain Heaven
??-??Empty Shell · Soul Surgery
12-15Empyrean · Quiet​us
09-09Empyrios · The Glorious Sickness
??-??Empyros · The Spectre of Ballantre
03-01Enclave · Paradise of Putrefaction
??-??End All · 'Til My Eyes Go Black
01-??EndangeredFeces · Plethora of Waste
??-??Enddarm · Die gelbessende Todesoma
??-??Endless Agony · Killing Machine
05-28Endless Blizzard · Remember Your Death
??-??Endless Funeral · A Second Beginning
??-??Endless Pain · De-Generation War
08-22End of Green · The Sick's Sense
11-29End of Man · Power, Corruption and Lies
??-??The End of Six Thousand Years · I§olation
04-23End of You · Mimesis
07-08End-Time Illusion · Eminent Profane
06-13Enemy Is Us · Venomized
??-??Enemy Mind · Enemy Mind
??-??Enemynside · In the Middle of Nowhere
09-22Enemy of Myself · The Fury
07-??Enemy Within · Just Another Scar
11-18Enforcer · Into the Night
??-??E.N.G.E.L. · Reina el caos
11-29Enigma · Laberinto
??-??Enoid · My Hate for This World
??-??Enojado · Till the Distance Is Complete
09-29Enslaved · Vertebrae
??-??Enter Hell · Eternal Black Metal
07-??Enterrado Vivo · Infected
??-??Enterro · Nunc Scio Tenebris Lux
11-??Enthrallment · Immerse into Bloody Bliss
??-??Entrance · Entre dos mundos
12-18Entropia · Lust for Apocalypse
03-??Ephemeral Promise · Ephemeral Promise
11-04Ephrat · No Ones Words
12-06Epic Future · Epic Future
01-06Epiclore · Labyrinth Alpha
??-??Epicrise · Twin'$ Contrac€ption
??-??Epidemic · Architect of My Own Destruction
02-22Epidemy · Rány osudu
10-05Episode 13 · Pitch Black
09-??Epod · Fucked with Explosives
01-09Epping Forest · Everblasting Struggle
12-27Epsylon · The Gift
06-27Equilibrium · Sagas
06-15Equitant · Technik
05-30Eraser · Erased Memories
??-??Eraze · Hand of Iron
04-11Erben des Zorns · Hasswerk I
03-01Ereb Altor · By Honour
??-??Eren Kömürlü · Çöl Gecesi
10-30Eric VanLandingham · Meet My Demons
11-15Error · Stronger than Hate
12-??Erynies · Resilience
06-06Escadron · Tide of the Fallen
06-16Esoteric · The Maniacal Vale
09-01Esqarial · Burned Ground Strategy
08-15Estampida · Sin rencor
??-??Estigma · Tortura eterna
??-??Estrum · A Comforting Psychosis
??-??Eternal Crossing · Until the Last Drop
03-16Eternal Darkness DCLXVI · The Great Battle of the Apocalypse
03-17Eternal Lord · Blessed Be This Nightmare
01-01Eternal Mystery · The Ultimate Death Sentence
10-??The Eternal Night · Our Failed Human Existence
??-??Eternal Tragedy · Forever
11-15Eterna Scomunica · Whisper of Fall
09-??Eternity · Alma errante
??-??Eternity Remains · Uncurbed
10-??Eterzs Bcount Eessem · 1948
??-??Ethelyn · Traces into Eternity
12-12E-Thereal · The Acts of God
??-??Ethereal · Unequality
05-25Ethereal Omen · Relics of the Ash
01-31Ethereal Woods · Kenilworth
02-01Etherial · The Language of Grief
??-??Etheric Void · Ceremonial Edict for Extermination Machinery
??-??Etherna · Etherna
05-05Ethernal · Grim Ethernity
??-??Ethernos · Oscura ciudad
04-21Ethersens · Ordinary Days
??-??Etrusgrave · Masters of Fate
02-02Etánisis · El último guerrero
02-25Euphorya · Nihil
11-11Evarest · Fear
05-18Evelyn · Awareness of Death
09-19Evergrey · Torn
??-??Eversor · My Consciousness Was Burnt in Madness
04-01Evil Bebos · The Dead Language
01-20Evil Darkness · Malignant Supremacy
09-10Evildays · Life Pain Death
06-??Evilfeast · Lost Horizons of Wisdom
12-28Evillive · The Cold Absence of Sound
12-24Evil Masquerade · Fade to Black
10-10Evilosity · Sickening Display of Redemption
10-31Evil Survives · Metal Vengeance
??-??Eviscerated · Eviscerated
10-31Evocation · Dead Calm Chaos
04-??Evocation · Take Your Soul
09-17Evoke Thy Lords · Escape to the Dreamlands
01-??Evolution · Marcator Project
03-27Evthanazia · The Hate Exhumation
10-31The Exalted Piledriver · Metal Manifesto
11-01Excambau · Então se Explica
08-29Excelsis · The Standing Stone
??-??Excess Pressure · Of Dreams and Nightmares
02-22Exciter · Thrash, Speed, Burn
??-??Excruciating Thoughts · Archaic
10-??Excuse for Pain · Delivering Brutality
??-??Execrate · All of One
05-13Execration · A Feast for the Wretched
08-20Execration · Syndicate of Lethargy
??-??Execrator · The Butchery
07-10Executed · Sorrow and Death
??-??Executioner · Arrival of the Executioner
??-??Exegesys · La guerra continua
??-??Exequia · Earth of Agony
04-??Exetheris · Timeless Mysteries
08-??Exhumer · Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion
09-27Exile · 2012: The Future Is Now
02-15ExInferis · Hidjama
??-??Existentialism · Inversion of Evolution
??-??Existentialism · Progression to Primates
??-??Exit Strategy · United State of Amnesia
08-11Exit Wounds · Exit Wounds
??-??Ex Libris · Amygdala
10-27Exmortem · Funeral Phantoms
07-29Exmortus · In Hatred's Flame
10-28Exodus · Let There Be Blood
09-23Exorcism · All Shall Be Enslaved
08-08Exordium · In Wrath Principle
04-10Exordium · Super Casu Heresis Quondam Combuste Fuerunt
12-??Exoskeleton · Plutonian Herd
03-04Expedition Delta · Expedition Delta
01-26Explosicum · Conflict
06-06Exsanguinator · Pathology
02-15Exscidium · Fénix
??-??Exsecror Vecordia · Nosferatu sinfonía a la demencia
10-??The Extinct Dreams · Ars Moriendi
??-??Extreme Neuron Noise · Extreme Neuron Noise
12-01Extreme Noise Terror · Law of Retaliation
08-18Extrovert · Making the Ocean Awake
01-??Eyeconoclast · Unassigned Death Chapter
11-07Eyefear · The Unseen
04-28Eye of Emptiness · Insignificant Humanity
02-03Eärendil · De la gloria al poder
08-19F5 · The Reckoning
10-30Faal · Abhorrence-Salvation
01-31Facebreaker · Dead, Rotten and Hungry
03-14Face Down Hero · Where All This Anger Grows
10-24Faced Reality · Tanz der Toten
09-??Facehugger · Fingerprints of the Gods
11-11The Faceless · Planetary Duality
05-20Faceless and Descending · Betrayed
07-??Faceless and Descending · Descent into the Aeons
03-??Faceless and Descending · What No Man Can Conquer
??-??Faces of Madness · Locus Horrendus
04-01Facial Climax · A Face of Gray Pulchritude
08-01Faction Zero · Faction Zero
03-29Facto Alfa · A contra destino
08-13Factory of Dreams · Poles
06-29Faded Embrace · Faded Embrace
06-04Faded Grave · Ghosts of Another Plane
??-??Faint · Obelisc of the Heretic
05-23Fairytale Abuse · Perversions of Angel VI
05-16Faith · Blessed?
11-01Faith Factor · Against a Darkened Sky
04-28Faithful Darkness · In Shadows Lies Utopia
02-05Faithxtractor · Razing the World of Myth
09-19Falchion · Chronicles of the Dead
05-06Falcon · Die Wontcha
09-02Falconer · Among Beggars and Thieves
01-18Falk · LCDXVI Lux Facta ex...
09-??Fallen Angels · Rise from Ashes
10-05Fallen Fucking Angels · Everything Concernin' Pork
09-15Fallen into Shadow · The Mutilation Sessions
11-21Fallen Man · Mercenary
04-??Fall of the Idols · The Séance
07-20Falls of Rauros · Hail Wind and Hewn Oak
??-??False Oath · Pre-Empt
06-19Falstad · Innespering - I
??-??Famine · Famine
05-27The Famine · The Raven and the Reaping
??-??Famous-X · Deal with the Devil
12-17Fantasy Opus · Beyond Eternity
??-??Far from Mind · 33: The Light Album
??-??Far from Mind · 33: The Night Album
10-??Farshid Arabi · سکوت راوی
12-05Farther Paint · Lose Control
??-??Farzad Golpayegani · Three
??-??Fastidio! · Fracaso: Crónicas del sector 3
11-07Fatal Impact · Law of Repulsion
05-01Fatality · Metal as Hell!: Chapter I
02-15Fatal Smile · World Domination
04-28Fate · Vultures
09-30Fateless Tears · My Doom Box
07-22Father Befouled · Obscurus Nex Cultus
09-??Fatum · Неприкаянный
05-??Faustcoven · Rising from Below the Earth
07-21Fear My Thoughts · Isolation
08-??Fear the Skyline · Max Mustermann
07-05Fear Verona · Fear Verona
09-??Feastem · Fear in Concrete
??-??Fecal Bacteria · The Story of the Sound from Hell
??-??Fecifectum · A Doutrina do Terror
12-24Fekaliza Thor · Tribute to Vasil Žuló
06-13Feline Melinda · Morning Dew
??-??Fenrir · Guerreros de plata
12-12Ferrotale · We Are Enemies
02-01Fetid Zombie · Pleasures of the Scalpel
04-04Feto in Fetus · Far from the Truth
??-??Fierce Allegiance · The Meaning of Sacrifice
??-??Fiftywatthead · Fogcutter
02-19Fight Amp · Hungry for Nothing
04-07Fightcast · Breeding a Divinity
04-18Figure of Six · Aion
08-01Fimbultyr · Gryende tidevarv
03-01Fimbulvet · Der Ruf in goldene Hallen
02-02Fimbulvetr · Augenblick und Ewigkeit
??-??Final Answer · Visual Maze
??-??Final Curse · Constructing the Destructive
??-??Final Drive · The Firebrand Sessions
11-12The Final Harvest · The End
??-??Final Thrash · In the Basement
08-06Finnugor · Fame et Morte
10-02Firbholg · Ashes of War
01-08Fireaxe · Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess
??-??Fire from Inside · Healty Therapy... (For a Cool Reality)
??-??Fire in the Hall · Last Man Standing
04-??Fireland · Fireland
??-??Fire of Revenge · Burning Madness
04-25Fires of Babylon · Fires of Babylon
01-18Firestorm · Amigos para siempre
11-24Firestorm · Web of Deceit
??-??Fire Throne · Day of Darkness and Blackness
03-25Firewind · The Premonition
??-??Fire Within · Fire Within
12-11The Firstborn · The Noble Search
??-??First Church of Mud · Dark Humanity
04-01First Fight Down · First Fight Down
??-??The First Lie · towards: INFINITY
04-04Firth of Damnation · Carpe Diem
07-12Firth of Damnation · Crossing the Unhallowed Path
10-31Fission · Pain Parade
07-31Fistula · Burdened by Your Existence
03-26Fistula · Inverted Black Star
03-25Fistula · Lessons in Lamentation
10-31Five Will Die · Slung from a Tree
??-??Flagelum Dei · Destroying Your Beliefs
07-13Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation · Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
01-23Flame of War · Europa; or, The Spirit Among the Ruins
01-23Flametal · Master of the Aire
06-??Flammentod · Chattenkrieg
??-??Flashover · Superior
07-29Flatline · Pave the Way
05-16The Flaw · Different Kinds of Truth
02-23Flesh · Worship the Soul of Disgust
05-15Flesh Consumed · ...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate...
??-??Fleshgore · Wake Up for Freedom
05-29Flesh Grinder · Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization
??-??Fleshkraft · First Harvest
05-12Fleshless · Hate Is Born
??-??Fleshrobot · Attention: Full-Throttle
01-15FleshTorture · Physical and Mental Intensity by the Torture
09-17Flower Travellin' Band · We Are Here
10-20Flowing Tears · Thy Kingdom Gone
??-??Fluid · Iots
11-16F.O.B. · The Dice
04-11Foeticide · Inside My Blood
11-??Folkearth · Fatherland
01-21Folkearth · Father of Victory
06-18Folkearth · Songs of Yore
06-27Folkodia · Odes from the Past
04-24Folkstone · Folkstone
12-17Followbane · My Solitude
05-??Fomento · Either Caesars or Nothing
12-21For Blood · From the Ashes
12-10The Force · Possessed by Metal
03-25Force Majeure · Frozen Chambers
??-??Forecast · Sacred Fear
02-11Forefather · Steadfast
09-??The Forensic · The Becoming
12-09Foreshadow · Nations of Failure
??-??Forest of Demons · Forest of Demons
11-19Forest of Shadows · Six Waves of Woe
??-??Forever Mourning · Emerging from the Shadows
03-08Forevers' Fallen Grace · Herald of Twilight
04-04Forever Slave · Tales for Bad Girls
09-16Forgotten Chaos · Golden Rules of the Underground
08-16Forgotten Eden · Eden
06-26Forgotten Realm · Power and Glory
??-??Forgotten Souls · Nine Syndromes
01-06Forktung · The Inevitable
??-??Forsaken Music · 1
05-??Fortaleza · La fortaleza de la soledad
03-04Forteresse · Les hivers de notre époque
04-01For Today · Ekklesia
04-06Fortuna Fugaz · Fortuna Fugaz
01-01Força Macabra · Aqui é o Inferno
11-??Foudre Noire · The Dark Gods
05-02Four Question Marks · Titan
??-??F.P.G.S. · Am Abgrund
06-06Fraction of Chaos · War of the worlds
06-14Fracture Point · Inherit the Downfall
??-??Fragile Nova · One Day Beyond
04-19Frailty · Lost Lifeless Lights
07-01Frank Serafine · The Colour of a Mind
07-11Fratello Metallo · Misteri
??-??Frayd · Reprogram / Resurrection
??-??Freedom · Violate Propriety
10-15Freedom Gray · Blackout Diary
09-14Freedom Hawk · Sunlight
01-18Freighter · Freighter
03-??Frequency · Compassion Denied
03-??Frogskin · Frogskin
??-??From Mind to Hands · Iron Abysses
04-21Frostgrave · Hymn of the Dead
02-08Frozen Darkness · Suprématie sataniste
04-26Frozen Mist · Dark Seasons of Sorrow
??-??Frozenpath · Apocalyptic Winter
08-01Frozen Scars · Binary Life Injection
07-22Fuck the Facts · Disgorge Mexico
12-07F.U.C.T. · Retain to the Aggro
03-01Full Value · Full Metal Value
07-17Funebre · Indictment About the World of Man
09-22Funeral · As the Light Does the Shadow
03-??Funeral Fornication · Murder Cult Eidolon
10-??Funeral Fornication · Paganheart
05-??Funeral Inception · H.A.T.E.
05-27The Funeral Pyre · Wounds
01-28Funeral Throne · Nihil Sine Diabolvs
01-31Funerarium · Nocthule
10-16Fungus Inc. · Rott 'n' Roll
04-15Furia Animal · Palabras
06-16Furia Eterna · Hijos de la nada
??-??Furia Genética · La hora final
02-15Furious Barking · Theory of Diversity
??-??Furious Zoo · Furioso IV
04-20Furor · Those Chords Made Chaos
??-??Further Lo · A New Form of Suicide
??-??Furva Ambiguitas · In Articulo Mortis
07-04Fuurlen Kourpuultii · Hail Sex
05-16Fäff in Fire · Imaginationland
??-??Fénix · Svět je zlej
??-??Földrengés · Kór
10-26Förgjord · Ajasta ikuisuuteen
??-??GAF · Mongofied
12-08Gaia Epicus · Damnation
08-16Gaia Prelude · Promised Land
??-??Gaina · С кем ты играешь и поёшь?!
06-13Gallactus · Nine Mile Woods
09-29Gallileous · Ego Sum Censore Deuum
02-01Gallows Pole · IV
05-08Gallows the Villain · 尊き日々の詩
09-10Galneryus · Reincarnation
06-09Galskap · Manifest der Verdammnis
06-09Gama Bomb · Citizen Brain
??-??Game Over · Eclectric (full version)
10-08Gamy · Radical Mosh Disaster
04-??Gandillion · The 4th Nightingale
04-??Gangbang Gestapo · Gangbang Gestapo
??-??Gang Loco · No Better Tomorrow
??-??Gangrena · Putrefacción
02-26Ganon · As Above, So Below
??-??Gardarika · Купава
10-??Garden Wall · Aliena(c)tion
03-07Gargotheron · Black Metal Supreme
08-15Gary Suicidal Kids Commando · Par la douleur, la joie
12-25Gashulla 呀修羅 · Exclamation of Angel
08-24Gastonia · La nimiedad de la existencia
??-??Gate · Machinacje
07-18Gatecrusher · Words on Empty Drafts
??-??Gates of Dawn · Parasite
05-19The Gates of Slumber · Conqueror
01-01Gates of Winter · Lux Aeterna
??-??Gauchos de Acero · Sembrando el metal
??-??Gayang Kulintangan Revolt · Lambayad Naga do Totuvong
??-??Geburah · Sephirot
11-28Geheimnis · Dunkelheit
02-??Geimhre · Noidagh
11-??Gelap · Gerbang Timur
06-??Gelgamesh · Last Breath of the Dying One
??-??Genetic Temper · Genetic Temper
??-??Genocide · Propaganda 1939-1973
??-??The Genocide of All · the World Dies
02-17Gen Äther · The Final Sleep
03-31Geordi La Force · Aulophobia
??-??The Georgian Skull · Mother Armageddon, Healing Apocalypse
??-??Geoxtigma · Fusión terrenal
09-??Gergovia · Memento mori
??-??Germanen Blut · Wandelnd in der Einsamkeit abgrundtiefer Gedanken
10-31Geryon · Aspirations of a Great Demise
??-??Get Away · Ruins of Wrath
??-??Gevurahel · Un obscuro ego celestial
12-12Ghamorean · Eon Eschatos
12-??Ghast · May the Curse Bind
10-27Ghaust · Ghaust
02-??Ghost in the Machine · Ghost in the Machine
12-13Ghouls · Until It Bleeds
??-??Ghül · Los horrores de la tumba
09-26Gift of Prophecy · Act I: The Host
07-22Gigan · The Order of the False Eye
??-??Giktor Velu · Bud av krieg
10-24Girlschool · Legacy
??-??Giuseppe Silvestri · La rosa del deserto
??-??Gladiator · Hlavu maj hore
11-10Glasgow Grin · Saints of the Greatest Sin
08-08Glass Mind · Haunting Regrets
??-??Glauk · Quintessencial Blood
??-??Gloomy Betrayal · The Epic of Ulfhednars
05-26Gloomy Grim · Under the Spell of the Unlight
03-12Gloria Morti · Eryx
??-??Glowsun · The Sundering
??-??Gnaw Their Tongues · An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood
??-??Gnieu · Kola spradviecznaje (Eternal Wheel)
11-26Goathemy · Torn
05-16Goatron · The House of the Goat
??-??Goblin Gore · Körfűrész
05-23God's Second Son · Planta 4°
08-26Godcursed · The Blood Door
07-26Godemiché · Dexing & Dreaming
05-26God.Fear.None · Vultures
04-04GodHateCode · Aeons
??-??God of Shamisen · Dragon String Attack
04-??Godslave · Bound by Chains
05-01Gods of Emptiness · Consumption Is Freedom?
10-25Godwatt · The Hard Ride of Mr. Slumber
04-21Godyva · Planetarium
09-17Godzilla on Demand · Funeral Hill
10-13Gojira · The Way of All Flesh
09-??Golers · Backwoods Messages
02-21Goliath Bird Eater · Pentagon Black
11-26Gone Postal · In the Depths of Despair
06-09Gonga · II: Transmigration
12-24Gontyna Kry · Arystokracja ducha
09-??Gontyna Kry · The Blood of Our Fathers
05-19Gorath · Misotheism
03-18Gored · Human
01-??Goreinhaled · The Art of Sickness
11-28Goreobscenity · Macabre Violent Instinct
09-13Gore Suffering · El olvido de Dios
07-??Goretrust · Last Revolution
09-25Gorevent · Abnormal Exaggeration
08-01Gorg & Cie · Welcome to the Nuts
11-07Gorilla Monsoon · Extermination Hammer
03-25Gort · Sixth Day's Cancer
05-15Gortuary · Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation
05-12Gout · Audio Crucifixion
08-20Gout · More Evil Than Satan
12-09Gout · Seizure Lab
01-??Grab · Plague
??-??Grace · 13 Steps
??-??Graffias · Pone, Diabolus, Custodiam!
??-??Graffias · Tatalia
06-24Grailknights · Alliance
02-26Gramary · Suffocation
06-13Grand Magus · Iron Will
02-01Grantig · So muss es sein
??-??Gravdal · Sadist
04-21Grave · Dominion VIII
06-06Grave Desecrator · Sign of Doom
03-26Grave Forsaken · Destined for Ascension
08-01GraveSideService · Masters in Lunacy
09-07Gravestorm · Kings of Desecration
11-11Grayceon · This Grand Show
??-??Grayskull · Sinners and Fiends
04-23Greifenstein · Von Inneren Welten
10-22Grendel · A Change Through Destruction
05-14Grendel · See the Light
12-??Grenouer · Lifelong Days
09-20Grey · Sisters of the Wyrd
??-??Grey November · D'automne
06-??Gride · Horizont událostí
06-20Gridlink · Amber Gray
??-??Grim · Viril Mephisto Demons in the Flesh
02-12Grimbane · Let the Empires Fall
05-15Grimfaith · Grime
11-22Grim Funeral · A Grim Funeral to the Soul of This World
10-25Grim Landscape · Satan Leads My Sword
09-18Grim Monolith · Mooncrowned
11-23Grimmstine · Grimmstine
11-21Grimness · Trust in Decay
11-24Grimness 69 · Illheaven Hells
??-??Grimorium Verum · Grimorium Verum
06-06Grimorium Verum · Retaliation
07-??Grim Sköll · The Eleven Rivers of Hverlmir
04-??Grind Inc. · Sudden State of Hate
??-??GripShifter · Audible Hallucinations
??-??Grnd 0 · Destroyer/Creator
05-14Gromm · Sacrilegium
10-01Gromritual · Totalna mržnja
07-27Ground Inch · Dragging Half a Million Tons
04-??Ground Zero System · Molotov
??-??Growth · Crazy World
06-15Gruesome Fate · Die in Pain
02-29Gruesome Fate · No Prayers
03-11Gruesome Stuff Relish · Horror Rises from the Tomb
04-26Gruntslug · Amok
09-??Guilhotina · Guilhotina
??-??Guilles · Is This How You Envisioned Your Life?
10-27Guillotine · Blood Money
11-28Gulch of Rot · Gulch of Rot
12-03GumoManiacs · Priest of Lucifer
04-11Gun Barrel · Outlaw Invasion
??-??Gungnir · Strength Through Grind
03-06Gunslinger · Earthquake in E Minor
10-24Gunther Weezul · Sons of Perdition
??-??Gwrando · Gwrando
02-08Gwydion · Ŷnys Mön
06-20Gypsy Rose · Another World
??-??Gyöngyvér · Világok virága
12-??Gälernå · Galerna
11-28Hackman · Enterprises
07-25Hackneyed · Death Prevails
09-??Haelm · Nos es Bellum
08-29Haggard · Tales of Ithiria
05-12Hail of Bullets · ...of Frost and War
11-11Halcyon Way · A Manifesto for Domination
01-04Halgadom · Heimstatt
08-??Hallows Eve · The Neverending Sleep
05-??Hammer · Shoax
??-??Hammered Grunts · Hammered Grunts
10-31Hammerlord · Hammerlord
06-03Hammersmith · Temperature's Rising
10-27Hammers of Misfortune · Fields / Church of Broken Glass
??-??Handy Black · Kronologi Mutiara Hitam
09-24Hangar · Last Time Was Just the Beginning...
07-??Hanged · II
10-??Hanging Doll · Reason & Madness
10-21Hank Williams III · Damn Right, Rebel Proud
??-??Hanternoz · Metal kozh
02-05Hanzel und Gretyl · 2012: Zwanzig Zwölf
??-??Hapax · Mentes en blanco
10-03Happy Days · Defeated by Life
??-??Happy Days · Melancholic Memories
??-??Happy Face · Rage vs Wisdom
??-??Hara Kiri · Hara Kiri
05-??Hardcore Factor · In Hardcore
??-??Harllequin · Archangel Asylum
??-??Harlots · Betrayer
07-29Harlow · Now and Then
10-31Harmony · Chapter II: Aftermath
??-??Harness · Unseen
??-??Harvest the Murdered · Dawn of the Harvest
02-25Harvist · Wolfskin Clad
??-??Harvyst · Lysergency Resolute
12-12Hassrausch · Satangott
04-23Hasszorn · Tiefblicke
08-22Hasteblood · F60.31
05-27Hatchet · Awaiting Evil
02-04Hate · Morphosis
02-18Hate Eternal · Fury & Flames
01-30Hateform · Dominance
11-12Hateful Agony · In the Name of God
01-??HateHordes · Winter Holocaust
??-??Hate Machine · Methods of Extinction
09-20Hate Rising · Unleashed Chaos...The Beginning of the New Kingdom
03-??Hate Squad · Degüello Wartunes
01-21Hatred · Blasphemous Deliverance
11-21Hatred · Madhouse Symphonies
03-??Hatred Slave · Kill All Humans
??-??Hauk · No Mercy for the Slain
08-19The Haunted · Versus
06-16Haust · Ride the Relapse
??-??Havarax · No Access to the Divine
03-28Havoc · Elimination Process
02-04Havoc Unit · h.IV+ (Hoarse Industrial Viremia)
12-12Havok · Rebuilding Sodom
??-??HB · Frozen Inside
04-??HB · Piikki lihassa
04-13Headbangers Nightmare · Cover 'Em All
??-??Head Case · Head Case
05-23Headhunter · Parasite of Society
05-27Head on Collision · Ritual Sacrifice
??-??Headquakes · Headquakes
05-30Headshot · As Above, So Below
04-20Headstone · 4
08-10Heartless · Suicidal Engagement
07-15Heathendom · Nescience
10-12Heathen Hammer · Kinship Destiny
07-26Heaven Ablaze · Proclamation Armageddon
??-??Heavenlust · Gate of Endless Dreams
07-13Heavenly Kingdom · Tears from the Sky
07-04Heaven Rain · Far and Forever
01-25Heaven Shall Burn · Iconoclast
06-28Heavensore · Asmodai
09-22Heavenwood · Redemption
??-??Heavy Cross · Fan X
??-??Heavy Metal Kids · Warhammer Songs Vol. 1
01-16Heavy Metal Perse · Eripura
06-06Hebosagil · Colossal
03-??Hecatombe · Hate 'n Rage
05-26Hectic Patterns · Random
??-??Hedras Ramos · New Sounds
01-21Hegemon · Contemptus Mundi
??-??Heibarger · Heibarger
03-31Heidevolk · Walhalla wacht
04-30Heimat · Sibbevader
04-??Heimdalls Wacht · Ut de graute olle Tied - Deel I
10-??Heirdrain · Beskyttelse, styrke og besettelse
02-??Heirdrain · Darkness, Hopelessness, Grimness
08-??Heirdrain · Misanthropy
06-??Heirdrain · Omega & Theta
02-??Heirdrain · Pathetic Human
04-08Heirdrain · Purity of Death
04-??Heirdrain · Souffrance incessante
03-28Helangår · [kwIn’tes sens]
07-04Helfahrt · Wiedergang
10-20Helgrind · Religious Persecution
04-21Helheim · Kaoskult
08-02Helker · Resistir
12-??Hell:On · Re:Born
09-??Hellacaust · Disgust
04-07Hell Baron's Wrath · Inner Force
12-08Hell-Born · Darkness
10-31Hellbroth · The Reign of Saturn - Book One: Our Stigmatic Apocrypha
01-04HellButcher · Blasphemy, Metal, War and Destruction
08-18Hellfire · Bleed for the Cause
09-09Hellhound · Metal Fire from Hell
02-20Hellish War · Heroes of Tomorrow
05-??HellLight · Funeral Doom
09-??Hellrazor · In the Wild
??-??Hell Rides North · Born & Raised
??-??Hell Society · Sedate the World
??-??Hell Terrorist · SVA (Suicidal Violence Ahead)
12-??Hell Torment · Opening the Gates of Hell
09-09Helltrain · Rock 'n' Roll Devil
05-01Hell United · HornoKracy
01-19Hellven · Divine Dichotomy
10-13Hellveto · Neoheresy
??-??Helm of Awe · Tell Them the Story
??-??Helshare · War Without Enemy
10-13Helslakt · D'une mélomanie perverse au Leitmotiv d'Helslakt
09-26Helstar · The King of Hell
11-09Helvete · Alcohol, Drugs and Fucking Hell
01-20Helvete · Warmasters
??-??Hematovore · Nokturnal Grave Decorator
03-18Hemlock · No Time for Sorrow
11-07Hereafter · Terrorstrial
??-??Herege · Herege
05-16Herem · Pulsa diNura
10-??Heresy of Thieves · The Montana Complex
01-11Heritage · Crisis of Human Race
11-17Hermh · Cold+Blood+Messiah
08-01Herode · Death of Vengeance
04-04Herrschaft · Tesla
02-18Her Whisper · The Great Unifier
12-??Hesperia · In Honorem Herois - Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis Pars II
??-??Hetman · Hetman i Goście
07-02Hexagram · Rhymes for the Hated
??-??Hexah · HeXaH
10-06Hexen · Dark Crucible
08-05Hexen · State of Insurgency
08-30Hexenwald · Nordland Okkult Mysterium
12-10Hibria · The Skull Collectors
03-14Hidden Agenda · Underneath Unleashed
??-??Hidden Path · Time Will Tell
04-06Hidden Silence · Black Hearted Spiritual
01-??Hielo Negro · Purgatorio bar
??-??Hieronymus Bosch · Equivoke
01-17Highgate · Highgate
08-29High Tension · Meanstreak
12-23Highway · Predicción fatal
??-??Highway Chile · Keeper of the Earth
04-??Hildi · Cult of Forsaken
06-20Hildr Valkyrie · Shield Brothers of Valhalla
01-28Hindvir · Roth Cingetos Taxonaria
??-??Hipnos · Introducción
??-??Hiram · Hiram
08-05His Witness · Kingdom Come
10-10Hivesmasher · Ascension into Dismal Stages
10-??Hjarnidaudi · Niklas Kvarforth Presents: Hjarnidaudi
06-30HMR · Против всех
07-11Hokum · Pi
03-01Holdaar · Путь к солнцу
12-30Holdaar · Рождение героя
05-30Hollenthon · Opus Magnum
11-17The Hollow Earth Theory · Rise of Agartha
09-06Hollow Grief · Hollow Grief
09-01Hollow Haze · The Hanged Man
??-??Hollowshell · Deadlights
06-30Holy Blood · The Patriot
??-??Holy Deception · Close to the End
04-??Holyland · L.I.F.E.
09-12Holy Martyr · Hellenic Warrior Spirit
09-26Holy Moses · Agony of Death
11-??Holy Pain · Among Religions
??-??Homicide · They Work for Me
10-01Hooded Menace · Fulfill the Curse
11-25Hope for the Dying · Hope for the Dying
10-16Horcas · Reviviendo huestes
11-03Horda · Tíz élet
??-??Hordagaard · Arv
??-??Horde Casket · Landscape of Cadavers
??-??Horde Thor · Fatherland
09-13Horizon 8 · Horizon 8
??-??The Horn · Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol. 9
03-20Horn · Naturkraft
11-??Horna · Sanojesi äärelle
??-??Horncrown · Tales from the Dungeon Halls and Forgotten Realms
01-??Horned Almighty · Contaminating the Divine
??-??Horrorshow · Skeleton Crew
04-??Horrors of the Black Museum · Gold from the Sea
??-??Horrorthrone · Рождение нового зла
10-03HorseFace · The Horsafix
??-??Horytnica · Horytnica
10-25Hor Zapor · Его пивное величество
09-30HOS · Deathtiny
01-07Hospital of Death · Beer, Bitches, Blood
??-??Hostile · Hostile
05-02Hostile Inc. · Qiyamat
10-07Hot Buttered Anal · Lies
??-??Hotel Wrecking City Traders · Black Yolk
02-23Hour of Penance · The Vile Conception
??-??Howitzer · Rise to Power
02-13Howling Syn · A Taste of Modern Evil
05-??Hudson Cadorini · Turbination
??-??Human · Decomposing Life
??-??Humanasaur · III
??-??Human Carnage · Rest in Pieces
12-25Human Cyborg Relations · Ghosts of Smoke
10-17Human Effluence · Mass Engorgement
01-20Human Filleted · Hideous Sculptures of the Dead
10-??Human Filleted · Packaged Human Meat
04-25Human Fortress · Eternal Empire
02-08Human Incineration · Aggression in the Face of Apathy
12-15Human Mastication · Grotesque Mastication of Putrid Innards
12-26Human Mincer · Degradation Paradox
05-31Human Paranoid · Stillborn Resurrection
??-??Human Taxidermy · The Distinction of Extinction
??-??Human Waste · Windows Above Other Worlds
??-??Humator · Anger Castles
??-??Hunaz · Unser Wald
??-??Hungarica · Demokratúra
??-??Hush · Erotic Game
12-09Hyatari · They Will Surface
08-08Hybrid · The 8th Plague
02-29Hybrid Circle · Post-Murder Reflections
??-??Hybrid Exoneration · Biomechanical Subplanetar Armageddon
03-??Hybrid Heaven · The Textures of Spirit
03-05Hybrid Machinima · Let the Darkness Return
09-??Hybrid Viscery · Regression
11-03Hydria · Mirror of Tears
05-12Hydrophobia · Human Shredder
09-??Hypnosis · The Synthetic Light of Hope
05-09Hypocrisy · Catch 22 V2.0.08
08-05Hypomanie · Sehnsucht
02-22Hysteria · Future of Destruction
??-??Hystheresy · Insane Dreams
01-25Hämatom · Wut
08-04Hävy Roxx · Garden of Delight
??-??Hæresiarchs of Dis · Overture
03-23Hřbitov · Smrti vstříc
10-01I'm in a Coffin · One Final Action
??-??I Am Havoc · I Am Havoc
??-??Ibogaïne · React
06-27Ice Ages · Buried Silence
09-05Iced Earth · The Crucible of Man - Something Wicked Part 2
01-01Icedhead · Can You Feel It?
04-26Ice Vinland · Vinland Saga
10-22Icewind Blast · Necropolis
09-09Ichabod · Doxology
02-08IC Rex · Valonkantajan alkemia
08-??ID:Vision · Plazmadkaos
12-01Ideas · Főnix / Phoenix
02-22Idols Are Dead · Mean
11-25If He Dies, He Dies · The Rise....The Fall
??-??IG-Elit · BreDTch
01-??Igni et Ferro · Amor Fati
??-??Ignis Atrum · Bellum
02-16Ignis Fatuus · Słowiańska trwoga wiecznych
04-??Ihresgleichen · Meister der Illusion
05-26Ihsahn · angL
06-20II · Metempsychosis
05-??II · Mémoires
??-??I Klatus · Surveillance and Worship
??-??Ildverden · Path to Eternal Frost and Fire
03-28Illdisposed · The Prestige
01-??Illuminata · From the Chalice of Dreams
01-06Illuminatus · The Wrath of the Lambs
07-??Illusionation · In Illusion's Land
12-16Ill Vision · Rise of the Underground
06-??Ilmatar · Forgotten Tears
04-25Imagika · Feast for the Hated
02-01Imari Tones · Japanese Pop
??-??Imbolc · Il ritorno della luce
10-02Immaculate Fatality · Immaculate Fatality
06-01Immanis · The Carnage Footprint
??-??Immer · Ash to Ash & Dust to Dust
??-??Imminent Psychosis · Ruthless
??-??Immoler · D.V.T.
??-??Immoralist · Progressive Demise
09-26Immortal Sin · Sealed in Sin
08-??Im Nebel · Vitriol
??-??Imortela · Nesmrtelný
03-04Imparage · Depraved Disposition
11-14Impavida · Eerie Sceneries
??-??Imperial · Imperial
??-??Imperial Baphomet · Sob o Olhar do Soberano
08-??Imperial Dusk · The Book of Morbid Tales from a Darkened Past
12-03Imperthean · The Sounds Above
09-29Implosion · Lucidity in Quietus
??-??Imposer · Behold Demons
04-28Inactive Messiah · Sinful Nation
05-21InAllSenses · The Experience
12-18Inanna · Converging Ages
01-10Inarborat · Inarborat
02-29In Arkadia · Blind Oppression
01-01Inayah · The Source
??-??Inbred · The Retrieval of Beauty
??-??Incarnate · Embrace the Horror
??-??Incarnate · Incarnate
10-25Incarnation · Stainless Perfect Murder
03-14In Chains · Demolition Business
04-??Inchiuvatu · Miseria
05-04Incide · War of Fire
10-17Incinerate · Anatomize
04-07Incoming Cerebral Overdrive · Cerebral heART
04-25Incrave · Dead End
03-28Incubator · LieBisslieder
08-15In Dead Cold · Annuit Coeptis
03-24Indian · The Sycophant
??-??Indolenz · Fleisch
12-08In Dread Response · From the Oceanic Graves
??-??Inercia · En la trinchera
03-18Inexist · Навстречу мечте
09-01inExordium · inExordium
??-??Infailtration · Sweet Juice
10-01Infamia · Sueño o realidad
06-22Infaust · Blutbad & Melancholie
08-01Infected Brain · II
??-??Infected Flesh · The Ascension of the Abysmal Aberration
07-26Infer · Anti-Human
05-03Infernal Doom · Freedom by Death
02-06Infernal Hate · Upset
12-??Infernal Kingdom · The Black Throne of Hell
12-27Infernal Moon · Wine Poured into the Cup of Death
12-14Infernal Necromancy · Infernal Necromancy
??-??Infernal Scourge · Infernal Folklore
??-??Infernal War 666 · Hail to the Gods of That World
06-06Inferni · Ritual infernal
??-??Inferno · Uctívání temné zuřivosti
??-??Infernoise · The Chainsaw's Law
??-??Infested Mind · The Demise of Reality
08-29Infestus · Chroniken des Ablebens
12-15Infidel · Destruction of Mecca
10-02Infinite Horizon · Soul Reducer
02-??Infinitum · Behold Eradication
10-31Infinity · The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows
??-??Infirmor · Subconsciente
??-??Infirmor · Subconscious
04-01In Flames · A Sense of Purpose
??-??Infornal FuckЪ · Алкоголизм сильнее гравитации
??-??Infravision · This Epileptic Serenity
11-07Ingrimm · Todgeweiht
01-??Inhearted · Deduced to Purgatory
03-??Inhepsie · Orbe
01-??Inhuman Hate · Merciless Misanthropic
04-12Injustice · Melancholeric
??-??Inkarnit · Behold the Revelations
05-02In League with Satan · In League with Satan
??-??In Loving Memory · Tragedy & Moon
11-24In Malice's Wake · Eternal Nightfall
01-02In Mourning · Shrouded Divine
05-19Innerfire · Of Legends & Allegiance
??-??Innersight · Daylight Dream
07-??Inner Turbulence · Môrderkrieger
09-01Innocens · FREE /us/
05-23Inocula · Suntelia Aeon
12-16Inordem · Destrucción mutua asegurada
10-??In Other Climes · The Final Threat
??-??In.Ovo · Across Ancient Seas
04-??Inquested · The Red Chambers
10-??INRI · Efigies de maldad
10-??Insane · Addicted
??-??Insanita · Crimson Messiah
06-??Inside Me · Against Adversity
??-??Inside Process · Shade the Sun
07-07Insidious · Digital Disdain
??-??Insight · The Son of a New Spirit
12-22In Solitude · In Solitude
05-25In Staid Grace · Tribulation
12-12Instinct · Instinct
05-26The Institution · Into the Chaos
??-??Instrumetalist · Solus Bruit
10-28Insurrection · Prologue
??-??Intended Victim · An Inversion of Worlds
??-??In Tenebriz · Fields of Grey
04-04Interregnum · Bloodlust
09-01Intestinal Alien Reflux · Exogenocide
10-24Intestinal Disgorge · Sociopath
12-20Intestine Baalism · Ultimate Instinct
05-16In tha Umbra · Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings like an Eagle and Soar the Winds of Chaos
01-??Into Dagorlad · Apostasie
08-22Into Eternity · The Incurable Tragedy
09-??Intolerant · Reasons for Unrest
04-13Into the Void · Black Dawn
09-16Intronaut · Prehistoricisms
09-05Invasion · Made in Heaven
02-10Invasion · Stand Against This World
01-??Invazija · Ničija zemlja
03-11In Vein · Into Your Vein
11-20Inverno Eterno · Póstumo
??-??Inverted Trifixion · The Black Empire of the Lord of Lies
??-??Invicta Veritas · Armistice
09-01In Virtue · Delusions of Grandeur
??-??Invitus · Invitus
10-01Inward Escape · Madness: The Fifth Season
05-24In Your Face · Legion of the Night
11-21Inzest · Grotesque New World
05-13Iota · Tales
??-??Iponah · Obsessed
01-01Ira · Fighthing For The Land
??-??Ira · Gloria eterna
01-18Irae · Hellnation
05-05Irate Architect · Visitors
04-30Iraven · Of Tears and Blood
01-25Irem · Bearer of Cosmic Blasphemy
03-09Iron Attack! · Cave Attack!
08-16Iron Attack! · Dead Heat Refrain
08-13Iron Attack! · Devil's Daughter
12-30Iron Attack! · Thunder Concert
09-01Iron Dragon · Open the Gates
12-??Ironfist · Weapon of Mass Sexxxtruction
04-08Iron Giant · Creator of Scars
09-03Ironsword · Overlords of Chaos
??-??Iron Thrones · Visions of Light
10-14Ironweed · Indian Ladder
11-24Iron Woods · The Journey to the Paganism
03-16Ironwork · Threads
12-24Irritate · Ten Stabs of Demented Violence
07-??Isa · Eindeloos
02-15Iseghaal · Iuvavum Black Metal Demon
05-05I Shalt Become · Requiem
09-29Iskald · Revelations of Reckoning Day
08-??Isle of Avalon · Isle of Avalon
02-27Ismini · Black Swan
12-22Isolationist · Home Is the Safest Place to Be
01-25Isole · Bliss of Solitude
07-21Isor · The Zebra Theory
10-01Israthoum · Monument of Brimstone
10-??Isten Háta Mögött · A kényelmetlen lemez
08-??Isthmus · Land Bridge
12-??Ithdabquth Qliphoth · Fyre Walk with Me
09-26Ivanhoe · Lifeline
02-19Ivebeenshot · Doza
11-14Ivenberg · Leben heisst Sterben
??-??Ivo Petrović · Ivo Petrović
??-??Ivory · Silent Screams Through a Broken Mirror
12-??Ivory · Time for Revenge
02-29Izegrim · Tribute to Totalitarianism
??-??Jabladav · Drunk as Duck
??-??Jabladav · Primland
??-??Jack's Family · One Big Disguise
08-22Jack Frost · My Own Private Hell
??-??Jacknife · A Plague of People
03-14Jack Slater · Blut/Macht/Frei
??-??Jack Starr · Take It to the Bank
04-??Jacobs Dream · Dominion of Darkness
03-??Jahresringe · Die Zeit spielt den Wunden zu
??-??Jail. · At the Crossroads
03-??Jallion's Power Metal · Evolución
??-??Jameson · Down for the Count
??-??Jammerskrik · Innlemmet i mørke
10-??Janvs · Vega
10-03Jarell · Hidden Side
09-08Jarojupe · Next Step
??-??Javelina · Javelina
03-26Jayce Landberg · Break the Spell
10-24J.C.Jess · Wake of the Dead
??-??Jebbal-Sag · Victims of the Time
08-22Jeff Loomis · Zero Order Phase
07-25Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion · Till Death Tear Us Part
09-23Jeremy · Quo Vadis, Domine?
01-08Jero Ramiro · Tenebrarium
03-??Jester's Reign · Jester's Reign
05-01Jesus Ain't in Poland · Holobscene
??-??Jesus Cröst · ToT
03-12Jesus Mullet · Waiting for the Next Wagon
02-29Jex Thoth · Jex Thoth
??-??JFKFC · J.F.K.F.C
07-10Jig-Ai · Katana Orgy
08-08Jimi Mitchell · The Intimidator
??-??Jimmy Strain · Emotion Frequency
??-??Jimmy Williams · Acquiescence
??-??Jinbara · Suara Kita
??-??Jinx · Metal Invaders
??-??John B. · Row
??-??John Dee · Angelus Novus
??-??John Doe · Osmoplasy
06-03Johnny Truant · No Tears for the Creatures
04-11Joint Depression · Into Something New
07-24The Jones · Quiet Moments
03-21Jon Oliva's Pain · Global Warning
06-06Jorn · Lonely Are the Brave
??-??Jose del Rio · Acoustic Evolution & Selected Pieces
10-19Jose Rubio · Castles in the Moon
07-03JST · Instrumetal II
11-??JT Bruce · Universica
03-18Jucifer · L'Autrichienne
06-16Judas Priest · Nostradamus
??-??Judecca · A Whispered Prophecy
12-??Juggernaut · Architects of Deceit
??-??Juggernott · Trenchcrawler
??-??Juglans Regia · Visioni parallele
??-??Julgamento · Julgamento
06-09Jupiter Society · First Contact // Last Warning
??-??Justabeli · Hell War
06-??Jute Gyte · Old Ways
01-??Jute Gyte · Thanatron
04-11K626 · Seven Deadly
06-20Kaemon · The Duece
01-??Kagan · Slovensko bojište
??-??Kagan · Приче са Алатира
05-??Kain · Cuestión de principios
02-04Kaira · Хищница
??-??Kaiser and the Machines of Creation · Intraspection
05-13Kalapács · Mítosz
??-??Kaleb · Legion
09-??Kaledon · Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter V: A New Era Begins
04-23Kalmah · For the Revolution
03-20Kamaedzitca · Пяруне
09-26Kampfar · Heimgang
??-??Kampfbund · Mythes et combats pour l'Europe
??-??Kam Talium · Make Us Stronger
??-??Kannabis · No comemos guerra
04-21Karelia · Restless
05-??Karg · Von den Winden der Sehnsucht
06-??Kargvint · Seelenwerks Fortgang
??-??Karmic Link · No Light but Rather Darkness Visible
06-06Karna · Forever in Darkness
12-??Karnarium · Karnarium
01-??Karnysera · La voix du mal
03-01Karysun · Interceptor
05-23Kataklysm · Prevail
06-??Kataplexia · Supreme Authority
11-01Katedra · Ugnikalnis
09-29Kathaaria · The Complex Void of Negativity
08-29Katra · Beast Within
11-30Kauan · Tietäjän laulu
07-??Kaviar Kavalier · Bukkake Express
??-??Kavla · Surreal
01-03Kawir · Ophiolatreia
05-06Kayo Dot · Blue Lambency Downward
??-??Keeper · Keeper
06-06Keep of Kalessin · Kolossus
08-01Keflar · Shake the Earth
??-??Keith Miller · Over the Abyss
??-??Keitzer · As the World Burns
12-25Kekal · Audible Minority
05-20Keldian · Journey of Souls
??-??Kelley's Heroes · Kelley's Heroes
??-??Kemper · All Fallen Angels Alive
11-28Kerbenok · O
11-28Kernel Zero · Bloodstained Prophecy
??-??The Kerosene Man · Wuss
??-??Kevorkian's Angels · Disorder Is in Order
??-??KeyDragon · Dragon Mythos
09-15Key of Mythras · Hail the Reaper
??-??Khaliyeh · Khaliyeh
??-??Khapra · The Day of the Digger Wasp
07-??Kharma · Between the Lines
11-??Khazad Dhum · Human Breeds Evil
12-??Khigh · Copylefted Rightovers
06-09Khold · Hundre år gammal
12-??Khors · Mysticism
03-18Khous · Taupaden bidetik
??-??Khyral · Triggered by Hate
??-??Killbot Zero · Microtopia
10-30The Killer Dolphin with Rabies · Be Human
10-??Killin' Kind · Metal Rage
03-01Killing Roots · Black Water Death Grip
??-??Killix · End Game
10-28Kill the Client · Cleptocracy
04-02Kilpi · IV
08-02King · Sufferance Obsolescent
01-27King Back · One Wish
12-19Kingdom · The Return
10-20Kingdom · Unholy Graveyard
??-??Kingdom of Shad · Vehemence
02-19Kingdom of Sorrow · Kingdom of Sorrow
??-??Kintral · Introversion from Insane Sceneries
??-??Kirchenbrand · Abgründe
07-18Kissin' Dynamite · Steel of Swabia
03-12Kiuas · The New Dark Age
10-20Kivimetsän Druidi · Shadowheart
06-20Klage · Die Weihe des Eises - Eine Grossweise
02-08Klone · All Seeing Eye
01-??Kludde · In den vergetelheid
??-??Knelt Rote · From Without
??-??Knightmare · Knightmare
06-24Knights of the Abyss · Shades
??-??Knochenfell · Kommando Vernichtung
??-??Knock Out · Kouzlo žetonů
??-??The Knuts · Mein Wellensittich Kinski
??-??Komat · Prokletí
12-01Kommandant · Stormlegion
01-18Komunal · Hitam Semesta
??-??Komunál · MMVIII
05-02Kopor-Show · Megyek tovább...
??-??Korog · Mumus
03-21Korpiklaani · Korven kuningas
05-23Korupture · The Book of Time
??-??Kosta Vreto · Skin on Strings
??-??Kosto and Full · A.D.I.C.T.O.M.I.A
08-13Kotiteollisuus · Sotakoira
??-??Koza Noztra · Koza Noztra
07-11Kozeljnik · Sigil Rust
06-??Kraanium · Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity
??-??Kraden · Thorns of Flesh
??-??Kraljevski Apartman · Čuvar tajni
07-11Krallice · Krallice
??-??Kratherion · Necrouroboros XXXIII
06-??Kreagen · Evolution of Sorrow
08-05Krisiun · Southern Storm
??-??Krleš · Perunovo requiem
??-??Krotalus · Blood Offerings
05-08Kruk · Endkampf
01-12Krusher · Forward
03-04Krv · Ponor
04-25Krypt · Preludes to Death
06-21Krypteia · Phantoms of the Void
05-15Kryptos · The Ark of Gemini
10-11Kryzees · The Wheel of Fate
??-??Krízis · Száműzött
03-10Ktulu · Show caníbal
??-??Kubla Khan · Six Sex Six
01-07Kulto Maldito · Kulto a la bestia
05-29Kult Shock · Satanic Blaze
08-02Kurai · Mantra
03-22Kurgan · ...И замерзают травы зелёные
??-??Kurikinton Fox · Foxy Code
04-09Kutschurft · Zolang de voorhuid strekt
03-12Kypck · Черно
??-??L'Acéphale · Malefeasance
05-??L'Estard · Driven into Slaughter
10-03Laberinto · Laberinto featuring Osdorp Posse ‎– The World Might Suck
08-30La Chambre Ardente · Le premier Triptyque de l'Apocalypse
06-25Lacrimas Profundere · Songs for the Last View
06-06La Cuenta · La Cuenta
10-01Lafrontera · Humenace
05-15Lahar · Oběti doby
03-28Lahylat · Visiones
10-10Laid in Ashes · Solitary Ghostride
03-25Lair of the Minotaur · War Metal Battle Master
??-??Lamented Despondency · Ornaments of Death
??-??Lamento Funebre · Odas muertas
09-01The Lamp of Thoth · Portents, Omens & Doom
10-27Landmine Marathon · Rusted Eyes Awake
07-04Land of Tales · Land of Tales
??-??Land of Tears · World of Pain
??-??Lands of Past · Call of the Depths
08-22Lanfear · X to the Power of Ten
09-22Lantlôs · Lantlôs
??-??Lanz · Incinerator: The New Church
02-01La Perra Parda y la Camada Lechosa · Pornometal
03-??Lapidate · Sex Sells but Who's Paying
??-??Lapsus · Moments of Aberration
??-??Larin · World of Pain
03-21Lars Eric Mattsson · Dream Child
??-??Lasen · Sin embargo el instinto
??-??Laserguys · Ho' Ho' Ho'
??-??La Sombre Inquisition · Herakosiojhexekontahexaphobie
??-??The Last Felony · Aeon of Suffering
11-11Last House on the Left · Among Flies
09-26Last Minute to Jaffna · Volume I
06-??The Last Supper · Workingman's Doom
02-01Lathspell · Elegia
08-30The Law · Distorted Anthems from the Suburbs
??-??Law of the Rope · Beasts Will Have You
??-??Law of the Rope · The Book of Three
03-26Leadhaze · Black Water Path
??-??Leannan Shee · Leannan Shee
??-??Leather Nun America · Absence of Light
10-21Lecherous Nocturne · The Age of Miracles Has Passed
02-18Lechery · Violator
12-27Led Astray · One Million Bullets
10-01Led to the Grave · Led to the Grave
??-??Left Hand Path · Banner n' Salvation
08-12Left in Ruins · Straight Out of Hell
07-22Left to Vanish · Versus the Throne
01-??Lefutray · Frente al fin
??-??Legacy · tRUST
10-??Legacy of Blood · Murder Hymn
11-03Legacy of Disorder · Legacy of Disorder
??-??Legacy of Fire · The Circus of the Unfortunate
??-??Legacy of Hate · Unmitigated Evil
??-??Legion · Ejecutor
10-20Legion of Doom · The Horned Made Flesh
12-19Legion of the Damned · Cult of the Dead
11-13Legions of Chaos · Edge of Sanity
05-29Leichenbrand · Nur der Tod ist ewiglich
11-19Leif Edling · Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy
??-??Leithian · Voces de libertad
10-31Leize · Sólo para ti
03-??Les Bâtards du Nord · La terre nous appelle
01-01Lestat · Las flores del mal
??-??Letallis · World Awakened
12-29Letargy Dream · 2
??-??Lethal Fire · Rain of Fire
07-??Let It Flow · Meanings
06-??Letter 7 · Follow the Light
03-??Let the Night Roar · Let the Night Roar
04-19Letum Ascensus · Reflections of Torment
01-25Leverage · Blind Fire
03-24Leviathan · Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
??-??Leviathan · Through the Unholy Rules We Shall Rise
02-08The Leviathan's Mandible · Dead Verses
12-01Lich King · Toxic Zombie Onslaught
12-??Lick My Scars · Отражая тени
??-??Life's Cold Grip · Our Predicament
09-22Life's Decay · Eklaasera
06-??Life's Illness · Vita est Aegrotatio MMVIII
12-13Life Against Death · Parasitic Inhabitance
07-08Lifeform · The Cold
??-??Life Is My Enemy · Life - Death - Infinity
06-??Lifeless · Beyond the Threshold of Death
10-10Lifelover · Konkurs
05-30Lifend · Devihate
09-26Lifetimes · Self-Enemy
12-01Light of Candle · Beyond
11-11Light This City · Stormchaser
??-??Like a Kind of Matador · Halfway to Dangerous
??-??Line Up Your Lies · At Times of Peace Prepare for War
05-30Linseed · Linseed
12-??Lions of Tsavo · [Firelung]
11-07Liquid Optimism · War of I
??-??Liquid Shadows · in a Deep Dream
05-16Litany · Aphesis: The Sapience of Dying
12-16Lithica · Invokation of Satan Within
10-15Livarkahil · First Act of Violence
??-??Livercage · Lord of the Bastard
04-20Livevil · The End of Ideology
01-??Lizard Crash · Lizard Crash
12-31The Lizard Queen · The Lizard Queen
??-??Lobotomia · Extinção
02-01Loch Ness · Sæormur
??-??Lockersludge · In Living Fear
??-??Loco · Seelenreiter
??-??Locomotive · Malleus Carnalis
??-??Locura · Draconian Measures
??-??Locust on the Saddle · The Alphamantis
12-13Logos · A través de los tiempos
??-??Lokurah · When the End Comes
03-07Lonewolf · Made in Hell
??-??Longobardeath · Bonarda bastarda!!!
09-29Lord Agheros · As a Sin
08-24Lord Belial · The Black Curse
10-29Lordi · Deadache
??-??Lord Piggy · Desvirginación sangrienta
08-??Lord Sanguinary · Fog in the Sea
??-??Lord Shades · The Downfall of Fire-Enmek
09-08Lords of Bastard · Lords of Bastard
09-??Lords of Bukkake · Lords of Bukkake
??-??Lord Vassago · Grand Mechanic
11-06Lord Vicar · Fear No Pain
??-??Lorican · Tohu Va-Vohu
10-20Losing Sun · Perspective
??-??Lossfea · Lightning in the Dark
03-13Loss of Control · Ricin for Lethe, Tropics of Cancer
08-01Lost Above Ether · When the Last Feather Fell
??-??Lostbone · Lostbone
02-22Lost Dreams · End of Time
09-??Lost in Blue · Lost in Blue
11-01Lost Legion · Glory or Death
11-??Lost Life · Wrecked Human Deathcult
??-??Lost Souls Divided · Road of Progression
03-08Lost World Order · This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!
12-??Lothlöryen · Some Ways Back No More
01-14Loud'n'Proud · Wish
02-20Loudness · Metal Mad
??-??Lou Guerriero · Visionary
??-??Love Forsaken · The Thirsty Roots of Purgatory
10-18Low Chi · Deadly Honest
05-21Lower Than Zero · Apocalypse Is the Cure
??-??L.S.D.A.P. · History Is Rotten
01-01Luciation · Narcodemonical
10-13Lucifugum · Acme Adeptum
03-30Lucky Funeral · Lucky Funeral
10-01Lugburz Sleed · Epoch of Former Times
05-01Lugubrum · Albino de Congo
03-01Luis Wasques · Behind the Sun
09-10Lujuria · Licantrofilia
08-08Luke Offield · The Inconsiderate Nature of Insects
10-05Luna Obscura · Feltia
04-07Lunarium · Journeys, Fables & Lore
??-??Lunar Reign · Magnum Opus
10-04Lunarsea · Route Code Selector
04-25Lupus Nocturnus · Suicidal Thoughts Pt. I
09-23The Lurking Corpses · Smells like the Dead
12-??Luror · Cease to Live
11-01Lustmord · After Death
??-??Luthien · Sangre y cenizas
??-??Luthier · Sobreviviendo a la vida
09-20Luthor · Circles End
??-??Lux in Tenebræ · Cenizas
04-04Lysis · Illusion of Sunset
??-??Lysistrata · The Darkness of 1000 Years
02-19Lándevir · Inmortal
01-15Lápide · Over the Grave
07-25Lääz Rockit · Left for Dead
05-??Machetazo · Mundo cripta
??-??Machete · Dirty Piggy
03-07Machina Deus Ex · Figurines
02-13Machinae Supremacy · Overworld
05-19Machinery · The Passing
??-??Madame Guillotine · 1936
03-26Madam Rey · Madam Madam
02-22Made of Hate · Bullet in Your Head
06-??Madking Ludwig · Seven Stairways
06-19Mad Mav · Ancestry of All Evil
06-20Mad Mav · Black Sheep
06-22Mad Mav · Bloody Fingers
06-22Mad Mav · Bloody Synphony
07-05Mad Mav · Diggin' It Out
06-28Mad Mav · Pandora's Cry
10-??Mad Max · Here We Are
09-16Maelstrom · The Shores at Dawn
07-15Maggot Shoes · [f]EAR tERRORism
11-28Magica · Wolves and Witches
10-14Magician · Tales of the Magician
??-??Magma · maqueta
??-??Magnos · Gritos
??-??Magnum Cross · Revelation Unleashed
01-??Malachi · Malachi
11-??Malachi · Wither to Cover the Tread
03-??Malasömbra · Círculo mágico
08-??Maledictum · Inhumana muerte negra
11-??Maleficentia · Revelation from the Ancestral Whisper
07-23Maleficio · Under the Black Veil
08-06Malefic Order · Raging Evil Desekration
03-03Maleficum Orgia · Maleficum Orgia
??-??Malevolent · Gripping the Grinding of Reality
05-02Malicia · Conciencia
11-??Malicious Damage · Apostles of the Apocalypse
05-15Malignant Tumour · In Full Swing
09-01Maligno · Universevil
05-30Malnàtt · La voce dei morti
03-19Malpractice · Triangular
03-14Malus · The Beauty of Doom
11-??Mamaleek · Fever Dream
03-??Mamaleek · Mamaleek
??-??Mammoth Grinder · Rage and Ruin
08-23ManBearPig · ManBearPig
11-09Manetheren · Solitary Remnants
??-??Maniac Saint · One
04-26Manifest · Find a New Place
??-??Manik Thorns · Ritual Dolor Atavista
02-29Manilla Road · Voyager
11-25Man Made Man · Your Punishment Begins
09-10Mannepenis · Smegma
06-??Manticore · Congregation of the Wolf
07-30The Mantors · Lust Muscle
10-??Mantra · Blackened Cross
??-??Mantra · Devastado
09-06The Many · Everybody Loves to Have Fun
12-21Maras · Раскол
03-06Marauder · Face the Mirror
??-??Marble · A.t.G.o.d.
01-01Marcos Rodríguez · MRM
04-14Mar de Grises · Draining the Waterheart
04-28Marionette · Spite
04-20Marks of Sin · Under the Influence
09-20Marquis · Terzieler
??-??Mars · Reign of Suns
??-??Mars Creation · As I Return
??-??Mars Creation · At War at North Here I Go
??-??Mars Creation · The Fifth Commander
??-??Mars Creation · Here I Come to Hell
??-??Mars Creation · I Came from Hell
??-??Marsh · Life's Contradiction
11-03Marshall Law · Razorhead
10-13Martiria · Time of Truth
03-03Martriden · The Unsettling Dark
03-12Marty Friedman · Future Addict
??-??Martyrd · Maniac
01-03Martyrs Melancholy · Mourning Requiems
10-17Maruta · In Narcosis
??-??María Escarlata · El misterio
02-17Masa Saitoh Masa · 日章
12-18Masquerade of Shadows · The Haunted Manor
05-30Masquerage · Moonlight Time
06-??Mass Destruction · Neurotoxin
10-20Massemord · Massemord
05-12Massemord · The Whore of Hate
12-30Massenhinrichtung · Go Beyond Gist
??-??Matahero · Matahero
06-23Materia Prima · Вечность и покой
07-04Mathyr · Kryos
09-06Matter of Habit · Matter of Habit
06-02Matthew Mills · Neoclassical Spirit
09-??Matus · Visiones paganas
??-??The Mausoleums · Blackened Fawns Cleanse the Earth with Fire
??-??Maxine Petrucci · Don't Hate Me
10-20May Result · Слава смрти
??-??Mazo · Mentenegra
05-08Meathook · Infernal Torture
??-??Meatshank · Fucking Metal
06-05Meat Slicer · Slipping on the Guts
10-31Meat Yard · Splatter Porn
11-17Mechanical Poet · Eidoline: The Arrakeen Code
02-01Mechanix · Mechanix
12-??Mechanix · Underground fenevad
12-??Medea · Декаданс
09-17Medeia · Cult
06-20Megalith · Gipfelstürmer / Storming the Summit
??-??Megazetor · Dying Process
??-??Mehafelon · Anti-Social Terror Metal
02-05Mekanix · Rise of the Mekanix
05-14Melancholy · Capsula
07-22Melencolia Estatica · Letum
11-02Melodius Deite · Dream On
09-27Meltdown · The Quietus
07-08Melvins · Nude with Boots
08-19Memoira · Memoira
??-??Memoria · Ambivalent Ecstasy
09-15Memory Garden · Carnage Carnival
03-11Menace Ruine · Cult of Ruins
10-14Menace Ruine · The Die Is Cast
04-30Menahem · Angels and Shadows
??-??Mencea · Dark Matter - Energy Noir
12-05Menchen · Red Rock
08-23Mendacity · Mendacity
??-??Mendoza · The Last Dragon
05-23Mennen · Planet Black
05-01Mensrea · Media Coil Interrupt
09-27Mephisto · Apices Abyssus
03-17Mercenary · Architect of Lies
05-20Merciless Death · Realm of Terror
07-??Mercuryio · The Mercuryio Projectile
??-??MercyKill · The Order of War
01-01Mercyless · No hay paz
??-??Merit · Tempus Fugit
10-28Merlot · Insipid Emaciation
??-??Mesacny Tien · Carpathian Night
03-07Meshuggah · obZen
12-17Messenger · I'm Talking to You
04-30Messenger · Isten tervez, ember végez
09-23Metal Church · This Present Wasteland
??-??Metal Detektor · H.O.T. (Hold On Tight)
02-22Metalium · Incubus - Chapter Seven
??-??Metalkimista · La cruz del alquimista
11-15Metal Law · Lawbreaker
09-12Metallica · Death Magnetic
??-??The Metal Shakespeare Company · The Metal Shakespeare Company
??-??MetalTower · Ology
??-??Metal Witch · Risen from the Grave
06-28Metanoon · Dark Assassin
08-19Metatronik · Tortured Mind
04-15Metempsicosis · Alpha
04-07Methadrone · Sterility
09-??Meti Bhuvah · Meti Bhuvah
02-24Metsatöll · Iivakivi
05-10MG66 · In the House of Liv
??-??MG71 · Condemned
08-13Mgła · Groza
05-10Miasthenia · Supremacia Ancestral
06-??Michael Vescera · A Sign of Things to Come
11-11Mictlantecuhtli · Warriors of the Black Sun
03-28Midnattsol · Nordlys
05-??Midnight Idöls · Nightrulers
10-17The Midnight Society · Dead of Night
09-26Miezul Nopții · Impromptus
??-??The Militants · One Nation Under Death
08-25Millennia · The Hour of Despair
??-??Mills of God · Call of the Eastern Moon
09-??Millstone · Project Millstone
04-18Mind's Eye · 1994 / The Afterglow
02-02Mind Assault · Stigma
06-23Mind-A-Stray · Ultimaterial
??-??Mindbreaker · Mindbreaker
08-15Mindead · Abandon All Hope
??-??Mindflow · Destructive Device
??-??Mind Gravel · Temple of Supremacy
10-13Mindrer · Lunar Obsessed
07-??Mindwarp Chamber · Delusional Reality
08-08Mind Whispers · Ite Misa Est...
04-07Minhyriath · Gondolyn
09-11Minister Bonesaw · The Rising of the Bonesaw
01-11Minsk Security · Rebornation
??-??Minus Blindness · Choleric the Aversion
04-15Minushuman · Watch the World Die
05-24Mirada de Angel · Las siete puertas
08-26The Mirimar Disaster · Volumes
01-01Mirror · The Ancient
03-01Mirror · Solstice​/​Equinox
02-01Mirror · We Are Nature
09-23Mirror of Dead Faces · Lamentation
04-14Mirrorthrone · Gangrene
01-21Misanthrope · IrremeDIABLE
??-??Misanthrope Count Mercyful · Last Living Man
04-13Misanthropenum · Nether Dimension
01-01The Misanthrope Project · Your World Is Sickening
06-28Misanthropic Art · Lifeless Nothing
02-??Misanthropic Desire · Vita Servitus Est
??-??Misericordia · Misericordia - Circumspectus
??-??Misery · Fifteen Years of Aggression
02-29Misery's Omen · Hope Dies
09-30Misery Index · Traitors
03-04Misery Machine · Epiphany
01-25Misery Speaks · Catalogue of Carnage
07-21Mission of One · Mission of One
04-03Mitochondrion · Archaeaeon
05-17Mitosis · Un motivo de existencia
02-08M.O.B. · The Greatest Enemy
??-??Mobile Deathcamp · Black Swamp Rising
12-27Modar · Lost Firdausy
04-22Moderna · U2422
11-28The Modern Age Slavery · Damned to Blindness
??-??Mogh · Black Magick Me(n)tal
??-??Mogh · Xvaetvadathah
07-15Moho · Chotacabra
04-??Moksha · Moksha
10-30Moloch · A Journey to the Vyrdin
??-??Moloch · Galdr
10-20Moloch · Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit
04-15Molotov Solution · Molotov Solution
??-??Molphar · Lake of Fire
??-??M.O.M. Hunters · Meat and Greed
12-??Monarch · Mer Morte
07-05Mondstille · Am Ende...
05-??Mongolian Death Worm · Alien Worm Enslavement
07-22The Mongoloids · Time Trials
??-??Mongoloid Witchcraft · Fetus of Our Demise
12-12Monolit · Arcana Balkanica
02-15The Monolith Deathcult · III - Trivmvirate
03-??Mons Veneris · Vicit Sathanas Pater... Eum Sequamur
05-16MoodSlime · When It Turns to Wrath
01-01Mooncry · Legacy of Hope
10-26Moonlight · Evocation
03-10Moonlight Fear · Nereida
03-25Moonlyght · Shining
05-07MoonMadness · All in Between
06-03Moonshine · Eternal
05-19Moonspell · Night Eternal
??-??Morante · Danza al viento
??-??Morante · El vigilante nocturno
07-11Morbiddust · War Are Forever
??-??Morbidness · Demon Apocalypse
03-09Morbosidad · Profana la Cruz del Nazareno
02-25Mord · Necrosodomic Abyss
12-01Mord'A'Stigmata · Überrealistic
??-??Mordab · Darker Than Grave
04-25Mordheim · Depressive Tears ov Dementia
??-??Mordhell · Grim, Old and Evil
??-??Mordor · Mórbida obsesión
06-02The More I See · The Unholy Feast
12-08Morgen Mist · Dazzle Frost
??-??Morgoroth · Summer Die's Beneath the Cloud's
11-11Morgue's Last Choice · Seedetrakti päev
12-01Moribund Oblivion · K.I.N. / Killer Is Nowhere
??-??Moriendum Omnibus · Breathe Deep the Still Air of Death Remembered
11-30Morkhgrat · Morkhgrat
??-??Morlok · The End Times
09-03Morning · Moments of Truth
09-01The Morning Star · Revolution Blues
10-23Mors Vincit Omnia · Opprobrium
06-30Mort · Raw & Cold
09-??Mortal Dezire · Mortal Dezire
07-??Mortal Fungus · Back to the Lombrosary
05-02Mortal Intention · Abglanz
??-??Mortal Madness · Immortally Insane
07-17Mortar · Mortar
??-??Mortiferous Scorn · The Perfect Impurity
02-21Mortifer Rage · Murderous Ritual
12-11Mortifier · Underground Noise
08-??Mortifilia · Embrace
??-??Mortigor · Barbarian Darkness
08-05Mortjuri · ...desoulate
10-01Mortuary Ancestor · The Reincarnation
03-03Mortuary Media · Teeth
01-??Mortuum · Satanic Pledge
04-05Moses Bandwidth · Shifin Ablazes Stigmata
11-28Moshcircus · Pandora's Box
02-15Moshquito · Behind the Mask
05-26Moss · Sub Templum
??-??Motherload · Seven
05-??MotherStone · Biolence
08-29Motörhead · Motörizer
04-??Mourned by Flies · Signs of Life
04-10Mournful Gust · The Frankness Eve
05-13Mourning Beloveth · A Disease for the Ages
02-25Mourning Caress · Inner Exile
07-22Mouth of the Architect · Quietly
10-25Mozergush · Mozergush
??-??Mr. Ego · Mythology
10-12Mr. Pity · Israeli Wall
11-??Mr. Scarecrow · 30 Silver Pieces
08-21Mudslide · Four Anvils
??-??Mudu Camé · Missile
03-31Mugshot · Piercing Random Lives
04-25Murder Manifest · Mental Surgery
06-??Murderplan · Let's Roll
11-??Murk · All Is Löst
10-20Murkrat · MurkRat
04-24Mutala · Cloning Wicked Minds
05-24Muthas Pride · Four Years
??-??Mutilanova · Fragments
??-??Mutinys Fold · Day of Deliverance
01-01Muunnos · Svartarv
05-17Myatan · Dreams of God and Men
02-23My Cold Embrace · Hausgeist
11-??My Darkest Time · End of My Darkest Time
??-??My Disgrace · Rise
02-13MyGrain · Signs of Existence
09-25Myhybris · The Sweet Melody of Resilience
09-20Myndsnare · Conditioned: Human
??-??My Nothing · ...Too Much Funeral Misery
??-??Myproof · Pupil of Astraea
10-31Myra · The Venom It Drips
10-01Myrkvar · Als een woeste horde
??-??Myrkvids Draumar · We Are War
??-??Myrrdin · Glomung Ofer se Weald
04-14My Shameful · Descend
11-11My Silent Wake · A Garland of Tears
05-26Mysteria · Temple of the Scorn
??-??Mysterum · Kicked in the Tabernacles
05-30The Mystery · Soulcatcher
06-06Mystica · Dreams in Real Forms
12-09Mystification & Repugnance · Reliefing Verses
??-??Mystons · Black Book
??-??Mystria · The Dark Crusade
??-??Mystura · Joke Horror
??-??Mythos Nord · Die Segel gesetzt
03-21My Uncle the Wolf · My Uncle the Wolf
10-03MÜL · Rites of Doom
07-25Mörker · Höstmakter
06-28Mörkret · The Point of No Return
12-15Mörkö · IV
12-27Möse · Halfway to Nowhere
06-24Mötley Crüe · Saints of Los Angeles
05-02Nachtgeschrei · Hoffnungsschimmer
06-10Nachtmystium · Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. I
??-??Nacion · Nación sin voz
??-??Nadir · Those Who Bought the Rain
01-29Nadja · Bliss Torn from Emptiness
07-??Nadja · The Bungled & the Botched
04-08Nadja · Desire in Uneasiness
04-03Nadja · Skin Turns to Glass
05-19Naer Mataron · Praetorians
04-04Naetu · The Burning Lands
??-??Nafrat · Through Imminent Visions
??-??Nagyrev · The Inner Eve
12-20Nahual · The Scaffold of the Dead
??-??Nail · Nail
05-05Nailed · Hatred, Failure & the Extinction of Mankind
??-??Nailed Coil · Trail of Yesterday
06-30Nailgunner · Apocalypse. Now or Never
10-??Nancial · Meaning of Life
09-01Natan · Het zicht van de dood
??-??Nathania · The Weight of Obligation
??-??Native in Black · At the Mystic Gates of Eternal Winter
02-01Nativo · ¡Y que!
11-24Nator · Evil or Divine
03-01Nattlig Stjerne · Sifah the Mermaid
10-13Natural Spirit · Sita Rosa
12-20Nauthisuruz · _
12-03Nauthisuruz · State of Mind
06-14Nauthisuruz · Visions
??-??Nazir · La voz del trueno
05-30Near Life · Misery in Paradise
??-??Nebiros · Kurwa Satana
09-??Nebiros · Más que vencedor
??-??Nebulosa · Sublime estado
05-??Necator · 06.06.06
09-01Nechochwen · Algonkian Mythos
08-06Necroabortion · Brutal Misanthropy
11-15Necroblaspheme · Destination: Nulle Part
01-10NecroCarcass · The Fifth Stage
??-??Necrofiles · Pekelnej rock 'n' roll
09-27Necrofrost · Blackeon Lightharvest
05-14Necroid · Nefarious Destiny
??-??Necrolatreia · Зов северной тьмы
11-04Necronoclast · Haven
12-15Necronomicon · Revenge of the Beast
05-20Necroparthenophagy · Laiad Chis Ananael
06-09Necropolis · There Is a Place
01-10Necropsy · Bestial Anatomy
09-16Necropsya · Devastated by Time
04-30Necrorgasm · Blissful Manslaughter
06-30Necroshine · New Era of Chaos
05-07Necrostorm · Necrostorm
12-??Necrotic · Among the Nauseating Depravity
03-30Necrotic · Necrotic
12-??Necrotic Woods · Exaltation of Death
02-19Necrovation · Breed Deadness Blood
07-14Necryptic · All This Blood
01-28Nefarium · Haeretichristus
11-20Nefastum · Full Misantropia at Chaos World
06-24Negative Reaction · Tales from the Insomniac
09-04Negatum · Suizid - Der Gedanken Schattenspiele
06-03Negramagia · Años de Sol
??-??Neithal · Residuum
??-??Neither · Unobtainium
??-??Nekrasov · The Form of Thought from Beast
03-05Nekrofrost · Soundtrack of Suicide Part 1: The Holocaust of Humanity
05-08Nektra · Packetize(d)
??-??Nemesiah · Mass Hysteria
??-??Nenia · Memorie Statiche
04-01Neo Inferno 262 · Hacking the Holy Code
08-08Neonatal Death · Severe Facial Reconstruction
11-21Neon Dream · Metropolitan West
10-10NeonGod · Disease Inc.
09-25Nepente · Atonements
04-11Neptune · Acts of Supremacy
09-30Neronia · Blue Circles
04-01Nervecell · Preaching Venom
??-??Nerveless · Continuance of the Moment
07-18Netherbird · The Ghost Collector
10-21Nethervoid · Sirens of the Blistering Light
03-13Nettlethrone · Dissonant Progression
??-??Neues Reich · Deutsches Volk erhebe dich
07-22Neuraxis · The Thin Line Between
02-29Neuronia · The Winter of My Heart
06-06Neuropathia · Satan Owns Your Stereo
01-08NeverDie · Forgotten World
11-28Never Die Alone · Havoc
07-??NeverDream · Souls - 26 April 1986
??-??Never Ending Hate · Hellcome
??-??Never Face Defeat · Changing Times
??-??Neviah Nevi · By the Blood of Their Feet
08-05New Beginning · Death Has a Darker Day
03-09New Ditty · Full Frontal
10-31The New Plague · Insatiable
02-23New World Depression · Unseal Pandora's Curse
07-29Nick Layton · Storming the Castle
??-??Nico's Alchemy · Fundamental Darkness
??-??Niflheim · Once upon a Cow
12-10Nightbringer · Death and the Black Work
02-08NightFall · Kao da ničeg nije bilo
04-28Nightly Gale · Imprint
03-??Night of Suicide · Unanswered
10-31Nightshade · Autumnal Equinox
11-07NightShade · The Beginning of Eradication
06-??Nightshade · Stand and Be True
06-13Night Silence · Black Utopia
??-??Nightward · Adrenaline 12
09-20Nihdrym · Kosmosophia
??-??Nihil · The Canvas of Anamnezis
03-07Nihil Nocturne · Entheogen
09-23Nimrod B.C. · Return to Babylon
??-??Ninnagesh · Oculta
??-??Ninth Circle · The Power of One
11-25Nitrous · Outlaw Racer
11-??Nivathe · Enveloped in a Diseased Abyss
02-05Njiqahdda · Ints | Nji | Verfatu
04-??Njiqahdda · Mal Esk Varii Aan
06-??Njiqahdda · Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn.
12-05Nocte Obducta · Sequenzen einer Wanderung
??-??Noctiluca · Back to the Soul System
11-??Noctis · Elegies Vol. II
11-24Nocturnal Depression · Reflections of a Sad Soul
07-15Nocturnal Fear · Code of Violence
??-??Nocturnal Winter · Sadomarsonáculo
10-12Nocturnum · Phoenix
??-??NoDrama · I Mind
02-22Noekk · The Minstrel's Curse
03-24No Emotions · My Will
??-??No Flag · Spit English or Die
02-16Noir Macabre · Victory (Darkness Reigns Forever)
??-??Noisear · Pyroclastic Annhiallation
02-04Noisemaster · The Return
08-??Noise of Minority · You Reap What We Sow
??-??Nokta · Lifetime Part II
??-??Nokthe · Anno Zero
??-??Nomadic · Babylon Shitstem
07-15Nomad Son · First Light
09-09No Mercy · Spark of Creation
??-??Nomore164 · Revenge
??-??No More Hate · No More Hate
12-??No One Gets Out Alive · Vomit and Guts
06-30No Quarter Given · The Embodiment Begins
??-??No Race · Tears of Nature
??-??Nord · Dood
02-??Nordafrost · Back to the Shores of Grey
08-??Nordor · Honoris Causa - Τιμης Ενεκεν
12-24Nordvrede · Hammerprofeti
??-??No Remorse No Retreat · To Glory We Ride
09-19No Return · Manipulated Mind
12-17Norifumi Shima · From the Womb to the Tomb
??-??Norman · Yli erämaan
06-30North · What You Were
12-22North Black · Aura of Our Sins
07-18North Black · Howl Zombie
11-13North Black · Mental Deviations of Soul
09-24North Black · Обломки душ нейтрального горя
11-19Northdark · D.T.S.T.
02-25Norther · N
07-29Northern Ash · The Age of Irrationality
04-09Northern Oak · Tales from Rivelin
03-??Northwail · Enigma
03-13Nosdrama · Burning Black
??-??The Nosebleed Connection · God, the Loser. The World Is Yours
??-??Nosferatu · Empire of Vampire
04-29No Souls Lost · Hostis Humani Generis
??-??Nostradamus · Ancient Future
03-10Nosvyr · The Inner Dying Mind
??-??Nota Profana · Violent Whispers
03-07Notbiwak · The Veils of Cryptgorge
??-??Nouvelle Gaia · El arte de engendrar el miedo
12-??Nova Prospekt · Silent in Chaos
06-25Novistador · Novistador
??-??Nox Ater · Land of Terror
09-01Nox Inferi · Adverse Spheres
10-30Nsane · Catharsis
06-02Nuclear · Ten Broken Codes
02-12Nuclear Desecration · Desecrated Temple of Impurity
??-??Nuclear Skull · The Vengeful Legions
11-21Nuclear Vomit · Obora
02-22Nucleus Torn · Knell
03-??Nuestros Derechos · Struggling with the Dark
11-11Nueva Etica · 3L1T3
??-??Nuevo Poder · Power Trio
??-??Nuisance of Majority · Three Words for Blood
??-??Nuits Eternelles · Noche eterna
11-10Nuke · Soul Injection
01-26Nuse · Forever Starts Today
??-??Nyctophobia · The Nightmare
??-??Nyctophobia · Vom Abgrund des Menschlichen Seins
05-20Nyktalgia · Peisithanatos
??-??Nymphalis · Отступник
??-??Nächtlich Thränet · Painking
02-08Nåstrond · Muspellz synir
10-20Níobeth · The Shining Harmony of Universe
12-25Nûr · Futile Transcendence of the Cursed Ones
01-05Nü World Disorder · Dude, Where's My Grave?
06-28Oakenshield · Gylfaginning
10-02The Oath · 4
08-21Oathean · Regarding All the Sadness of the World
06-21Oath of an Exile · Oath of an Exile
01-20Obametal Rising · ゴッド・オブ・サンダー(God of Thunder)
??-??Obduktion · II
??-??Obe · Against Burning Skies
12-??Obereit · Падающий свет
01-??Obereit · Рок
??-??Obidil · Stardust
08-11Oblivion · Quitessence
07-??Oblivion Awaits · Winter Is Coming
09-29Oblivion Machine · Unnatural & Wrong
09-08Obscure · On Formaldehyde
05-22Obscuro · Where Obscurity Dwells
05-??Obstinacy · Inner Massacre
??-??Obstruktor · The Light Of True Madness
04-04Obtest · Gyvybės medis
07-16Occultum Lapidem · Voces en la oscuridad
11-11Ocean · Pantheon of the Lesser
??-??Ocean Bed · Nothing Is Real
10-22Ocean of Ghosts · Life in the Desert
09-22Oceans of Sadness · The Arrogance of Ignorance
??-??Ocelot · Fuckers
??-??Ocoai · Breatherman
11-27Oconnor · Naturaleza muerta
06-21October Falls · The Womb of Primordial Nature
10-16OD'SAHE · Philosophy ov Selfdestruction
06-??Odal · Zornes Heimat
12-??Odar · Zavjet dalekom snu
11-09Odd Crew · We Are What We Are
04-17Öde · Schimmenwoud
??-??Oden's Raven · Tod der Welt
05-??Odin's Court · Deathanity
03-05Oerjgrinder · Grind My Bitch Up
06-20Oferd · Oferd
09-29Ofermod · Tiamtü
??-??Of Fallen Crosses · Dismantling Her Six Arms
??-??Offalmincer · Filicide at Feretory
04-??Ogre · Plague of the Planet
??-??Old Throne · Lvcifer
09-29Old Wainds · Смерть север культ
09-22Oliver Weers · Get Ready
??-??Omen Faculty · eXtinction
05-23Omenomejodas · Intenso extremo
??-??Omerta · The Cycle of Suffering
08-15Ominous Grim · Gaze into the Mirror Dark
09-22Omnium Gatherum · The Redshift
03-04On a Pale Horse · A Generation of Vipers
10-28Once Dead · Visions of Hell
01-15Once Nothing · First Came the Law
??-??Once Was Silence · Death Notes
01-14The One · I, Master
03-30One Bullet Left · One Bullet Left
10-24One Hour Hell · Product of Massmurder
10-24One Man Army and the Undead Quartet · Grim Tales
06-14Ö-Nirik · Incoherence
04-22Only Human · The Dismantling
03-07Onsetcold · Onsetcold
05-09Onyx Eyes · Delights and Tears
??-??Opensight · Prosthetic Soul
10-24Operatika Element · The Calling
??-??Operation Counterstrike · Botheration!
02-15Operation Downfall · Virulent
05-30Opeth · Watershed
01-21Ophiolatry · Transmutation
11-03Opprobrium · Mandatory Evac
??-??Opãq · The Doldrums
05-23Opéra · A Refill with Pain and Hatred
08-01The Oracle · A Tragedy in Twilight: The Apotheosis of the Mad
12-22Oracle of the Void · Further Steps to a Perfect World
??-??Oracles Oath · A Dragons Tale
05-26Orakle · Tourments & Perdition
??-??Orate · Subconsciente
05-18Orbseven · The Linear Divide
10-03Orchidectomy · A Prelate's Attrition
??-??Orchidia · El rosari d'aurora
02-20Orcivus · Consummatum Est
02-22Orden Ogan · Vale
10-13Order of Ennead · Order of Ennead
04-01Order of Nine · A Means to Know End
09-??Order of the Vulture · Death Disciple
??-??Order of the White Hand · Through Woods and Fog
04-06Order of Týr · The Wizard's War
12-??Ordinul Negru · Lifeless
??-??Ordnance · Rock City
08-20Ordog · Life Is Too Short for Learning to Live
01-26Ordo Templi Orientis · Where Eternally Autumn Winds Blow
06-??Orenda · A Tale of a Tortured Soul
06-23Orghia · The Dusk
04-01Origin · Antithesis
03-18Orion · Hymns of Satanic Praise
11-22Orion's Reign · Nuclear Winter
10-24Orlog · Elysion
05-??Oroz · Prljava igra
07-23Orphan · Aborted by Birth
05-09Orphan Hate · Blinded by Illusions
03-??Orrery · Nine Odes to Oblivion
07-20Osairis · Osiris
??-??Osamenta · Libertario
06-18Osirion · Reconquista
10-07Ossadogva · IA Ancient One
02-01Ossein · Declination
03-08Ossein · Osaka
09-08Ossian · Küldetés
??-??Our Darkest Day · Wounds
10-??Our Final Chapter · Kill the Silence
08-22Outburst · Aggression
10-31The Outburst · Entertainment
10-??Outcast · Self-Injected Reality
11-11Outlaw Order · Dragging Down the Enforcer
??-??Out of Channel · Проза
05-??Outrage · Order in the Court
08-19Overcast · Reborn to Kill Again
01-27Overdrive · Let the Metal Do the Talking
03-??Overdrive · Overdrive
??-??Overload · The Procession of Tartaros
04-19Over Ride · Turning Point
07-??Over the Coals · Closed Eyes at Sunrise
07-??Overtures · Beyond the Waterfall
07-01Ovif · Devast
??-??Oxnkiller · The Oxercist
??-??Oxus · Carnage in E Minor
??-??Pablo Mendoza · My Destiny
02-18Pagan · Monument of Depression
06-01Pagan Hellfire · Solidarity
07-01Paganini · Medicine Man
11-10Paganizer · Carnage Junkie
10-10Pagan Poetry · The Wasteland of Black Haze
??-??Pagan Spirit · Hlasy vzývajúce starú vieru
01-12Paganus · Paganus
10-31Pain · Cynic Paradise
09-26Paincraze · Hellbound
09-27Paindivision · One Path
04-11Palace · Divine Intervention
02-??Palingenesys · Burdening the Dead
??-??Palmer · This One Goes to Eleven
08-08Panacea · Chamber of Devils
??-??Panaceah · Spiral of Time
02-25Panchrysia · Deathcult Salvation
12-05Pandemonium · Whispers
05-01Panopticon · Panopticon
10-15Pantheist · Journey Through Lands Unknown
??-??Panzer'Faust · Alles
08-13Panzerfaust · Angel of Hatred and Despair
04-12Panzerfaust · The Dark Age of Militant Paganism
07-23Panzram Division · Dräpatid
02-20Parabstruse · Old Sentimental
04-??Paradigma · Nueva luz
01-18Paradox · Electrify
11-14Paragon · Screenslaves
10-21Paragon Belial · Nosferathu Sathanis
09-01Paranormal Activity · ReMind Brothers
04-27Parasite Hilton · Cymothoa Exigua
01-??Parasytic · Hymn
09-??Parental Advisory · The Wither Process
??-??Pareo Mortuus · Biaeothanatus
06-??Paria · VerminRace
02-??Pariaus · Damnata Memoris
04-??Paroxysm · Alles kann, nichts muss
11-18Parthak · Red Sorrow
??-??The Partisan Turbine · The Partisan Turbine
11-07Past M.D. · Part Time Rebellion
??-??Pastor Brad · Heavenly Shred
??-??Pastor Brad · Shredded Sweet
07-07Patan · Conquista
12-22Path of Annihilation · Salvation
06-??Pathogen · Blasphemous Communion
??-??Pathology · Incisions of Perverse Debauchery
07-??Pathology Stench · Meatall
??-??The Pathos of Clytaemnestra · Chronicles of the Diseased
11-??Patriarch · Mankind = The Virus
??-??Patryk deRosa · The Keeper
??-??Patryk deRosa · PdR
09-24Pcyst · RedFalls
09-04Pecho e' Fierro · Alma criolla
??-??Peep Show · Out for Blood
11-04Pegataur · Eternal Flight
02-13Pek · Preaching Evil
04-15Pelvic Fury · Non-Euclidean Nightmare
??-??Pendergast Forest · Into the Bowels of the Forest
??-??Pentavia · Mandirigma
12-17Pentsign · Какофонический марш тьмы
05-16Peregrine · The Agrarian Curse
04-05Perennial Quest · Persistence
??-??Perfect Engine · Down Low
10-26Perfidious Doom · The Illusion Within Creation
01-24Perfidy Biblical · Generation from Dense Lords
??-??Pergamen · Nechutné divadlo poetického komba Pergamen
??-??Pergamum · Feel Life's Fear
??-??Perimeter · Odium Humani Generis
09-30Perishment · Cult of Disaster
12-14Permafrost · Vergewaltigt & Verflucht
??-??Personal Signet · Badtime Stories
??-??Persophone · Rise ... Fall
07-22Perspective X IV · Shadow of Doubt
03-??Perterricrepus · The Dark Age of the Carpathia
02-07Perversity · Beyond the Reach of Heaven
12-18Perversor · Cult of Destruction
??-??Pervertum Obscurum · Within the Maelstrom of Fire
05-30Perzonal War · Bloodline
01-21Pest · Rest in Morbid Darkness
??-??Pestheim · From Ancient Dark Times
01-18Pestnebel · Reich der Schatten
07-??Pete Laramee · Childhood Memories
??-??Petrol Bomb · Deathride to Hell
??-??Phaenomena · The Praise of Madness
04-??Phantom Lord · Rules
04-24Pharaoh · Be Gone
09-??Phazm · Cornerstone of the Macabre
??-??Phenix · Immortal Flame
12-01Philistine · Black Hymnal
10-28Phobia · 22 Random Acts of Violence
08-28P.H.O.B.O.S. · Anœdipal
12-16Phrygian Gates · Black Lines
06-14The Phöeniix · The Tragedy of Cleopatra
10-??Piarevaracien · Торны шлях
09-??Piel de Serpiente · El veneno se extiende
03-28Pin-Up Went Down · 2 Unlimited
12-12Piraña · Destructive Animal Revolution
??-??The Pit · Disrupted Human Symmetry
05-06Pitch Black Forecast · Absentee
09-30Pitiful Reign · Visual Violence
??-??Pit of Doom · Misanthropic
??-??The Plague · Autoerotic Electrification
01-29Plague Bringer · Life Songs in a Land of Death
03-??Planar Evil · Mankind Way of Life
08-04Planet Gemini · Wicked
04-21Planet of Zeus · Eleven the Hard Way
08-04Planks · Planks
12-01Plasma · Designing the End
12-12Plastic Gods · Quadriplegiac
02-15Pledge Defiance · Creophagous
09-22P.L.F. · Crushing Fury of Bastardization
11-07Plowshare · Life Must Disappear
08-08Pod People · Mons Animae Mortuorum
04-23Pohjoinen Kuri · Suurmiehet puhuvat
??-??Poison Arts · Rising Sun
08-27Poisonblack · A Dead Heavy Day
05-??Polaris · Praise the Lords
05-??Pombagira · The Crooked Path
07-??Poppy Seed Grinder · Humanophobia
02-29Population Reduction · Each Birth a New Disaster
11-05Porno Coma · Porn to Die
04-03Portrait · Portrait
??-??Poseidons Anger · War of the Gods
??-??Posession · Memento Mori
??-??Possuído pelo Cão · Possessed in the Circle Pit
??-??Postal · Отражение зла
12-29Posthumous Blasphemer · Fracture the Worship
11-??Postmortem · Constant Hate
09-12Potmos Hetoimos · Kingdoms
??-??Potters Field · The Human Condition
10-18Powerdrive · Steel Roots
??-??Power Fuse · Power Fuse
03-26Power Quest · Master of Illusion
03-28Powers Court · The Red Mist of Endenmore
08-28Powersurge · Aprostut Juddho
03-28PowerWorld · PowerWorld
08-01Praeter Caelestis · Ghost of Gods
09-06Praetorius · Taste Death
10-08Prayer of the Dying · From the Mouth of the Passing
??-??Prelude 2 Infinity · Opus Number One - Hyper Mania
06-25Preludium · Raping Mankind Disorder
??-??Pre-Rapture · Blood Covenant
??-??Presence · Evil Rose
01-25President Evil · Hell in a Box
07-??Presto Ballet · The Lost Art of Time Travel
10-11Prevalent Resistance · Eternal Return
09-15Prey for Nothing · Violence Divine
02-??Prey for Sleep · ...a Bitter Beginning
??-??The Price of Hate · The Price of Hate
??-??Primate · Human Pinata
03-28Prime Sinister · United in Violence
??-??Primitivo · Primitivo
04-15Prion · Impressions
08-01Pripegal · Ziemia gromadzi prochy
08-01Procer Veneficus · Saltwater and Glassmoon
01-30Proclamation · Messiah of Darkness and Impurity
09-18Profecia · Campos de sangre
??-??Profetas · Almas en silencio
01-25Profezia · Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem
06-13Profond Barathre · Un voile de poussière
03-11Profundis Tenebrarum · Pathogenesis
07-19Prog Nois · Prog Nois
09-20ProgressiveXperience · 21st Century Brain Damage
??-??Prohibitory · Battle Hymns from the Serpent Land
??-??Project-43 · Ticket to Infinity
03-12Pronoia · Siniestresia
01-25Proofed · American Metal a Blend
08-22Pro-Pain · No End in Sight
11-15Prophecy · Legions of Violence
??-??Prophilax · Coito Ergo Sum
05-06Proscriptor · 726
??-??Prospect · Chronicles of Men
01-07Prostitute Disfigurement · Descendants of Depravity
04-08Protestant · The Hate. The Hollow.
??-??Provocation · Towards Total Annihilation
??-??Prozak · Circo del horror
??-??Prön Flåvürdik · Opus3 the Motown Years
07-19Psicosis · Times of Hate / Times of Domination
01-28Psilocybe Larvae · Non-Existence
01-22Psychiatric Regurgitation · Vaginal Fluid: The Sweet Taste of Revenge
02-??Psychobolia · Fisting You All
??-??Psychomanthium · Blueprint for Murder
??-??Psychopathic Sadism · Teach Me to Kill
09-??Psychopathic Terror · 230204
??-??Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Perversions with the Exhumed
09-26Psycroptic · Ob(Servant)
12-??Publex · Borderline
09-12Pulver · Pulver
??-??Pulverized Emotions · Towards What
??-??Punished · Grind Show
??-??Pure Grain · Direction of Aggression
01-??Purest · Renascence
05-30Purgatory · Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour of Chaos
11-06Purulent Jacuzzi · Stench of the Drowned Carrion
08-23Pussylovers · Pussylovers
10-04Puta Realidad · Conciencia o muerte
09-17Putrefaktion Society · Wellcome to Putrid World
05-15Putrefied · Gore-ific
10-31Putrescence · Sledgehammer Holocaust
09-??Putrevore · Morphed from Deadbreath
02-??Putrid Skull · Feasting the Goretesque
01-01Pvrenchymv · Shaping the Invisible
02-15Pyometra · Don't Go in the Woods
05-30Pyramaze · Immortal
??-??Pyramidium · Alternate Reality Machine
04-22Pyramids · Pyramids
??-??Pyramid Theorem · Voyage to the Star
??-??Pysiedius · Butchery and Apathy
04-12Quadrivium · Adversus
09-19Queiron · The Shepherd of Tophet
??-??Quest for Blood · Quest for Blood
09-16Quinta Essentia · Archetypal Transformation
??-??Qumran · Dark Days of the World
08-??Rademassaker · Primitive Death Attack
02-20Radigost · A Stellar Kingdom
??-??Radio Criminals · Radio Criminals
??-??Radogost · W cieniu wielkiego dębu
02-22Rage · Carved in Stone
06-28Rage from Within · Loyalty Before Dishonor
12-19Raging Mob · Raging Mob
??-??Rahway · Snitches Get Stiches
12-05Raimund Burke · Into My Arena
04-04Rain · Dad Is Dead
08-20The Rain · Yhtä kuin voitto
10-18Rain Delay · We Forget
??-??Ramming Speed · Brainwreck
11-??Rammish Succus · Slaughter of Love in Hogpen
??-??Ramon Zarate · Ramon Zarate
??-??Random Conflict · Invisible City
??-??Random Eyes · Invisible
02-??RandomWalk · Redemption
??-??Raped God 666 · The Executioner
06-27Rapidforce · Burst Under Pressure
??-??Raptor Corpse · Ashes from the Dark and Revolution Is Just the Beginning
05-01Rapture · Sinister Creation
08-21Rata Blanca · El reino olvidado
??-??Rator · Possessed
12-03Rattlehead · Midnight Hunter - Regenesis of Another Dimension
04-19Rattlehead · Step Inside for the Slaughter
04-24Rauhnacht · Von unholden Wesen und nächtlichem Spuk
09-13Ravage · Violent Offense
05-??Ravenbanner · ...and Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past
??-??Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle · A Ascensão da Arrogância, Ódio e Intolerância
10-03Ravenheart · Valley of the Damned
09-18Raventale · Давно ушедших дней
11-15Raven Throne · Тенью сквозь смерть
04-??Raxa · MezoVedic
11-??Razor Wire Shrine · The Power of Negative Thinking
??-??Realm-X · Comprehension of Self
??-??Rebel Devil · Against You
??-??Rebelion · Thanatos
10-??Rebelium · Stab
06-02Rebreather · Sunflower
06-20The Reckoning · Counterblast
07-23Reckoning Storm · Age of Peril
03-??Re-Creation · Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End
03-13Recrudescence · Tracking the Decline of Human Society
11-01Recueil Morbide · A Neverending Fight
??-??Recycle to the Soil · Transitions of Creation
03-05Red Ankh · Blue
01-06Red Ankh · Gray
01-22The Red Death · Godmakers
06-07Red Descending · Where Dreams Come to Die
09-15Redemption Unnamed · Silent Shadows
10-??Red Fang · Red Fang
??-??The RedFlux · An Inminent Decline
12-02Red Gem of Hades · Aggressive Dissension
03-18Red I Flight · The Years
04-12Redimoni · Into the Coiling Arms of Mayhem
04-30Red Mourning · Time to Go
??-??Red Right Hand · Plotting Your Death
11-06The Red Shore · Unconsecrated
09-29Red to Grey · Admissions
09-26Reflection · When Shadows Fall
03-12Reflexion · Dead to the Past, Blind for Tomorrow
??-??Regain the Heart Condemned · Global Chemotherapy
??-??Rehumanize · Human Depravity
??-??Reichsblood · 1020
06-??Reino Ermitaño · Rituales interiores
05-30ReinXeed · The Light
??-??Rektális Szerzetes Rend · Skizoszar
10-31Relicts · 12 on the Richter Scale
10-28Reload · Crime Theories
04-05Remain · Where Evil Lies
01-28Remasculate · Perversemonger
04-14Remembrance · Silencing the Moments...
07-07Remmirath · Polis Rouge
10-06Remorse · D.Ü.H.
??-??Remorse · Zero
10-30Renegade · Straight to the Top
10-18Rentgen · Já už vím
??-??Repaid in Blood · Follow the Blood Trail
05-31Replica · Riven by Grief
11-05Reprisal Scars · Killing Art of Self-Deception
??-??Reptile · Reptile
09-09Requiem Eternam · Medieval Times
04-30Requiem Laus · The Eternal Plague
10-??Resilence · The Strongest Decides
04-08Resistance · Two Sides of a Modern World
??-??Resistant Culture · All One Struggle
08-??Resonance Room · Unspoken
??-??Rest in Peace · Oceans of Time
06-27Resurrection · Mistaken for Dead
??-??R.E.T. · New Feelings
01-15Retaliation · The Cost of Redemption
??-??Reth · Precursors to Extinction
??-??Retro Grave · Again
06-18Revelation · Release
11-10Revenant Falls · Chapter III
10-08Revenge · From Hell
02-25Revenge · Infiltration.Downfall.Death
01-15Revenge · Unbankable
12-??The Revenge Project · Through Blood and Ashes
04-18Reverend Kill · His Blood, Our Victory
07-09Reversion · King of Deceit
??-??Revmatic · Cold Blooded Demon
02-12Revocation · Empire of the Obscene
06-06Revolution Renaissance · New Era
03-24Rexor · Ain
12-??ReyToro · Rey Toro II
??-??Rhevange · Unleash the Power
11-??Rhino · Dead Throne Monarch
04-22Riddle of Meander · Orcus
??-??Right Before Summer · O'laka Hemi-ja ma Homa
??-??Rigor Mortis · Affascinante carne morta
??-??Rigor Mortis · Bienvenidos a la ceremonia