All 5509 Albums From 2009
08-22$uicide $olution · Shake Well Before Abuse
05-??1000 Vierges · 1000 Vierges
??-??11:11 · You've Been Warned
10-??The 11th Hour · Burden of Grief
05-251349 · Revelations of the Black Flame
01-301389 · Ledena pustoš
10-051389 · Povratak
08-201389 · Zima
07-1413 Killings · The Spectacle
01-2016 · Bridges to Burn
02-1016 Stitches · In the Tunnel
11-27220 Voltios · 220 Voltios
08-??23rd Grade of Evil · What Will Remain When We Are Gone
10-033,14... · Неизбежность
??-??3D in Your Face · See Me Now
08-313 Inches of Blood · Here Waits Thy Doom
08-073 Times Driven · Wake Up
??-??40 oz. Fist · No Need to Make a Scene
09-1644 Magnum · 44 Magnum
??-??45-70 · Get Ready to Bleed
??-??4Mag Nitrous · Southern Wisdom & Know-How
02-085150 · Advance
05-055150 · シンフォニック東方
12-305150 · シンフォニック東方Ⅱ
??-??5m3 · 5m3
01-195th Dawn · Evolving Toward Oblivion
04-2869 Chambers · War on the Inside
??-??7 Months · In Time...
08-187 Pages of Silence · Реквием
06-047th Reign · Fallen Empires
10-059 · 9
??-??9 Horas · Cuando el sol arde
04-259MM · Quo Vadis
??-??:Tremor · Chotko
06-??[In Mute] · Aeternum
02-01Aabsynthum · Non Forms... Regressus ad Originem
??-??Aaronsrod · Afterlife
??-??Aasverus · L.U.A.R.
08-??Aathma · The Call of Shivá
01-20ABACABB · Survivalist
??-??Abaddon · Tell to Your God I Have Won Again
07-17Abaddon Incarnate · Cascade
10-09Abandon · The Dead End
06-27ABBand · Deratizer
12-02Abdicate · Forged in Ruin
04-24Abdicate · Infinite Spectrum
??-??Aberrancy · Against Sun Society
05-01Abgabba · T-Minus
09-08Abgott · Godfather in Black
??-??Abgrund · Final Destination
??-??Abi Gail · Hard & Heavy
02-16Abigail's Mercy · After the Fall
??-??Ablach · Aon (One)
01-21Ablaze in Hatred · The Quietude Plains
??-??A.B.M.S. 696 · Armagedda 696
08-25The Abodox · Up the Excalibur
06-12Abracadavre · Todesking
05-29Abramis Brama · Smakar söndag
??-??Abraxis · Abraxis
04-04Abril · Abril IV
01-09Abrogation · Sarggeburt
10-06Absence of Despair · In Dark Times
03-19Absentia · Heaven Still Burns
03-02Absentia Lunae · Historia Nobis Assentietvr
12-12Abstract Essence · Manifest
03-??Abstracto · La razón es por lo que nos extinguimos
10-10Abstract Spirit · Tragedy and Weeds
02-16Absu · Absu
12-10Absum · Odnadraug ertlo el eznerappa
11-02Abysmal Grief · Misfortune
04-08Abysmalia · Quid Humanum Est
04-24Abysmal Torment · Omnicide
06-06Abyssal · Blindness
12-30Abyzz · Empusa
06-13Acceptus Noctifer · Amores de Ofício
??-??Access Denied · The Memorial
08-18The Accüsed · The Curse of Martha Splatterhead
??-??Acefalia · Acefalia
??-??Aceldama · Seduce, Deceive & Lead Astray
05-??Acendra · Metal
06-??Achernar · Spectral Universe
04-30Acheron · The Final Conflict: Last Days of God
06-??Achokarlos · Forget All You Know
09-14Acid Rain · The Descending Line
??-??Acirema · American Nightmare
??-??A.c.o.D · Point Zero
08-10Acrimonious · Purulence
02-02Across Tundras · Herds of the Fathomless Valleys
11-23Acrybia · Great International Disaster Year
??-??Acryptylyse · Oktober Myst
02-02Adagio · Archangels in Black
03-13Adamantivm · Adamantivm
05-20Adamantra · Revival
??-??Adam R. Bissing · Believing Is Seeing
02-08Ad Arma · Völkermord
09-??Ade · Prooemivm Sangvine
03-06Ad Hominem · Dictator - A Monument of Glory
??-??Adimiron · When Reality Wakes Up
09-29Ad Inferna · Trance-n-Dance
06-05Admiral of Black · The Hand of Chaos
01-25Ad Noctem Funeriis · ...of Evil and Torment
??-??Ador Dorath · Bestiari
01-31Adrenaphine · Lake of the Dead
08-14Adrenicide · Kill
??-??Adrian English · A.D.D.
??-??Ad Ruinas · Oneiric Nightscapes
05-30Ad Vesperum · Monument
??-??Aegirson · Sons of Etheria
09-22Aeons · Ultraviolet
05-01Aeon Zen · A Mind's Portrait
??-??Aerial View · Illusions of Control
??-??Aesir · Herencia blanca
??-??Aesth · Deep Within the Core
05-29Aeternitas · Rappacinis Tochter - Gesamtwerk
05-04Aetheres · Dark Wisdom's Domain
10-27Aetherius Obscuritas · Black Medicine / Fekete orvosság
12-07Affliction Gate · Aeon of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)
07-01Afflictis Lentae · Saint Office
05-19Afgrund · Vid helvetets grindar
03-29After All · Cult of Sin
??-??After Dark I Bleed · The Call of the Haunted
09-15After the Burial · Rareform
12-06Agael · Hybris
03-06Against Nature · Action at a Distance
10-04Agathocles · Obey Their Rules
03-20Agathodaimon · Phoenix
??-??Age of Ruin · One Thousand Needles
09-01Aggression · MoshPirit
??-??Aggressive Agricultor · Pig's Not Dead
04-??Agnosia · Trace Decay
02-20The Agonist · Lullabies for the Dormant Mind
07-22Agony · The Devil's Breath
??-??The Agony Experiment · The Agony Experiment
03-30Agrath · The Fall of Mankind
??-??Agregator · Emberség
06-08Agrippa93 · Beneath the Cypress Tree
01-01Aguirre · Calvaire
07-24Ahab · The Divinity of Oceans
03-29Ahamoth Aeternus · Великая тьма Ахамот
05-??A Hanging · Food for Rats
??-??Aherusia · And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces
07-21A Hill to Die Upon · Infinite Titanic Immortal
??-??Aima · Zeta Landscape
04-06Airborn · Legend of Madog
02-16Aisling · Stone of Light
??-??Aittala · Bed of Thorns
01-17Aiwass · Before Satan - After Satan
04-22Ajattara · Noitumaa
??-??Akarid · Massacre
??-??Akeldam · Gritos de guerra
??-??Akelot Tük · Exodus of Drama
10-19Akhlys · Supplication
04-24Akrea · Lebenslinie
??-??Akroma · Seth
02-??Alaja · Chaos Theory
04-20Alas Negras · Bella Morte
??-??Alastor · Day of Decay
05-02Alastor · Spaaazm
??-??Albedrío · A quien corresponda
??-??Albez Duz · Albez Duz
??-??Album · The Album
??-??Alchera · Sueño de oscuridad
06-05Alcohol · Házam egy kocsma
11-19Alda · Alda
04-20Alegionnaire · Realms
03-14Aleph · Seven Steps of Stone
05-27Alestorm · Black Sails at Midnight
01-??Alfa Zero · Alfa Zero
??-??Alhma Mater · Heurística
??-??Alibi for a Murder · A Moment of Annihilation
11-01Alicate · World of Anger
09-29Alice in Chains · Black Gives Way to Blue
02-17Alienated · Lonely Hearts Killers
??-??Alien Crucifixion · Relics of a Dark Star
05-09Alieson · Black Ribbon~最愛を滅ぼす双の絆~
??-??Alieson · Rabbit~冥王に仕えし繋囚の花嫁~
10-11Alieson · Worlds End ~忘却され行く命の記憶~
??-??A Life Less Alive · More Heads Severed
07-04Alight · Don't Fear the Revenge
06-??Alioth · 30° norte
??-??Alive · Solo recuerdos
10-10Alkoholizer · Drunk or Dead...
03-??Allhelluja · Breath Your Soul
08-??Alliance · Stand in My Way
05-??All Left Drowning · Struggle for Survival
??-??Alma Eterna · Alma en la eternidad
05-01AlNamrood · استفحل الثأر
??-??Al Otro Lado · De sueños y verdades
01-02Altar · Historia medieval - Batalla del ángel y el dragón
08-28Altaria · Unholy
11-23Altar of Flesh · Vilified
05-??Altar of Oblivion · Sinews of Anguish
04-17Altar of Plagues · White Tomb
??-??Altaïr · Légend'ère
10-01Altvater · Chroniken
03-27Alverg · Elde
11-01Always Fallen · Reflection
02-06Amadeüs · Caminos del alma
02-24Amalgama · Amalgama
??-??Amalgama · Last Hero
??-??Amaltea · Sigo en pie
03-26Amantyde · Bleeding Miles
??-??Amartia · Delicately
09-17Amaryllis · Inquietum est Cor
09-01Amazarak · Ascensão do Anticristo
08-11Ambassador Gun · When in Hell
04-22Amberian Dawn · The Clouds of Northland Thunder
??-??Amduatum · Seas of Emptiness
03-10Amesoeurs · Amesoeurs
07-05Amethista · GrimOrion
09-??Ammit · Armageddon Cobra
??-??Amocoma · Go to Hell
05-06Amoral · Show Your Colors
05-29Amorphis · Skyforger
09-18Amort · Winter Tales
03-21Amortez · Anno Diabolica
06-05Amprage · Stuck in a Moment
11-02Amputated · Wading Through Rancid Offal
06-??Amputated Genitals · Family Bloodbath
??-??Ampütator · Intolerance Deathsquads
??-??Am Tuat · Inmotion
06-29Anaal Nathrakh · In the Constellation of the Black Widow
??-??Anabanta · El pozo de los deseos
??-??Anabanta · Hermanos de sangre (La iniciación)
02-12Anachronos · Aqui y afuera
05-08Anaka · The Glorified Crusade
??-??Ana Kefr · Volume 1
01-27Anal Blasphemy · Bestial Black Metal Filth
??-??Analgesia · Era of the Storytellers
10-20The Anal Treatment XXXperience · Inhuman Anal Exploration
09-01Anal Vomit · Gathering of the Putrid Demons
??-??Ananke · Diary of an Illusion
12-??Anarion · Beneath It All
10-26Anarkhon · Into the Autopsy
07-25Anarkía · Teoría del caos
??-??Anathema's Blessing · Anathema's Blessing
10-21Ancara · Chasing Shadows
10-06Ancestors · Of Sound Mind
03-25Ancestral · The Beginning
01-14Ancient Dome · Human Key
??-??Andacht · Chapter I
??-??Andeavor · The Darkest Tear
05-??Andralls · Andralls
09-26Andre Matos · Mentalize
09-12And Utero Dominae · Minor Evolutions
10-03Anemonia · Moonlit Numina
??-??Aneurisma · Army of Apocalypse
??-??Anfel · In Memory About...
11-24Angelcide · Twilight Carnage
??-??Angel de Metal · Grita libertad
01-20Angelgoat · U slavu Satane
11-20Angel House · The Gun, the Love & the Cross
05-08Angeli di Pietra · Storm over Scaldis
??-??Angelize · City of Innocence
??-??Angelize Project · Between Heaven and Earth
10-10Angel of Disease · Hypercube
10-10Angelrage · Omega
??-??Angelreich · The Plague
08-??Angelus · Dos
??-??Angeluz · Memorias
??-??Anger · Confessions of a Political Bastards
11-16Anger as Art · Disfigure
04-22Angerkill · New Lights First Kiss
12-28Angerpoint · Different Point of Anger
??-??Angertea · Twenty-Eight Ways to Bleed
??-??Anger Without Reason · Rage
09-27The Angle Obscure · Silence Is Our Canvas
09-01Angmar · Zurück in die Unterwelt
11-??Anguish Force · Created 4 Self-Destruction
11-??Anguish Force · RRR 1988-1997
??-??Anima Adversa · El grito en el cielo
09-??Animae Capronii · Black Swans Cry Blood-red Tears Under the White Moon
03-01Animae Capronii · Shadow, Shining Petals in the Air at Serenity Lake
??-??Anima Infernalis · Walk in the Perdition of a Lost World
12-07Animations · Reset Your Soul
12-22Animo Aeger · Impuls
05-15Anlace · Transmutación
??-??Anonymous Era · The Lost Ones
??-??Anonymous Souls · Agony
09-22Anorimoi · Καλά να πάθεις
??-??Another Victory · Pray for Your Death
??-??Anoxia · Empire of Intolerance
08-??ANS · Pressure Cracks
02-23Ansiado · Viajando a la eternidad
??-??Ansuz · Ansuz
07-21Antagony · Days of Night
??-??Antarktis Utopia · Traitors
08-24Anthems of Gomorrah · Angela's Ashes
02-16Anthropia · The Chain Reaction
??-??Anthurium · Cinematic Visions
??-??A.N.T.I. · Depressant
??-??Anticlockwise · Non Linear Dynamical Systems
08-??Anticosm · Against the Cosmos
06-??Antidemon · Satanichaos
12-04Anti-Freeze · Planetarium
03-02Antigama · Warning
??-??Anti-Human Thesis · The Perfect Message
08-11Antimelodix · Hellfuck 2009
03-01Antim Grahan · The Ruin of Immortals
02-??Antinomus · Black Metal Is Dead
03-04Antiphrasis · Terror Management
09-??The Antiprism · The Antiprism
??-??Antithese · Antithese IV
??-??Antropofectus · The Age of Real Death Metal (Opus I)
02-10Antrum Mortis · Funeral Supremacy
09-??Antípoda · Manifesto
03-30Anubis Gate · The Detached
??-??The Anunnaki · The Anunnaki
09-29Anvil Chorus · The Killing Sun
??-??Anvil ov Qliphoth · Sabbathickal Rehearsal 30.V.2009 a.b
04-??Anxiety · Imaginary Chaos
12-11Anámnesis · Perdición
10-01Anónimo · Anónimo
04-07Aone · The Age of Aquarius
??-??Aorta · Sin temor a continuar
??-??Aorta · Stille Omen
10-19Aosoth · Ashes of Angels
06-13Apathy · A Decade of Violence
06-06Apati · Eufori
03-??Ape · Survival of the Fittest
11-06Apeiron · Among the Lost
??-??Aplanadora · Ejecución
02-??Apnea · Tempest of Eternity
03-16Apocalyptic · Ilusiones morbosas
04-10Apocrypha · Into the Grave
12-??Apolion · Death Grows into Sperm
07-02Apostate · Эпоха возрождения
08-21Appalachian Winter · Winter Eternal
12-10Apparatia · The Aggregate of Melancholia
11-24Apparition · Sakra Devanam Indra
01-31Approached by a God · Diseased and Burned to Rest
??-??April Morning · 9 Candles, Black Fire
06-27Aquila · Imperium
04-02Arachna Signorum · Осколки зимы
??-??Arachne · Hate and Pain
??-??Arachos · Epitome
03-20Arakain · Restart
03-31Arallu · Desert Battles - Descending to the Sands
10-05AraPacis · Consequences of Dreams
09-09Ararat · Música de la resistencia
04-04Arcana Coelestia · Le mirage de l'idéal
09-21Arcane · Chronicles of the Waking Dream
05-01Arcane Grail · आर्याष्टाङ्गो मार्गो: Ninefold Path to the Innocence
09-01Arcanum · Control of Insanity
07-29Arcanus Tenebrae · Summa Essentia Obscura
??-??Arceye · The Divide Between Chaos and Order
03-??Archai · On Serpentine Roads
??-??Archangel · The Akallabeth
04-??Archangel · La Vogue Noire
09-25Arch Enemy · The Root of All Evil
??-??Archetype · Rise of the Blood Slaughter
02-07Archgoat · The Light-Devouring Darkness
02-13Arch Goat of Sodomy · Arch Goat of Sodomy
12-25Architecture of Aggression · Acts of God: 4000 Years of Phallusy
02-14Arch of Hell · One Day
??-??Archívum · Szabadságharc
05-29Arckanum · ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ
03-08Arcthuris · Children of Nibiru
12-??Arctic Spirits · Pissutsit
??-??Arcángel · Al amparo del infierno
10-31Aregrada · Apocalipsis
??-??Arena X · Por Cima das Águas
??-??Ares · Kill/Gore/Sledge
02-22Aresz · Bash!!
08-??Argento Tucma · La batalla de Tucumán
06-06Argharus · Pleištas
01-01Argonaut · Black Album
03-14Argos · Ángeles, hombres y demonios
05-27Argus · Argus
10-??Arian Vaejah · Арьяварта
??-??Árido · Esculpidos por el sol
03-22Arise · The Reckoning
02-17Arise and Ruin · Night Storms Hailfire
11-30Arise Within · Curse of Disobedience
??-??Arise Within · The Season of the Locust
10-12Arizmenda · Within the Vacuum of Infinity...
04-23Arión · Cabalgando el heavy metal
07-14Arkaea · Years in the Darkness
11-13Arkana · Expelled from Paradise
??-??Arkania · Eterna
08-02Arkham 13 · Blood Fiend
06-13Arkngthand · Songs of Ice and Fire
09-??Armaga · In the Ruins
04-01Armageddon · Egyptian Suite
02-16Armagedon · Death Then Nothing
03-09Armaggedon · I.N.R.I. (I, Nazarene, Recognize My Impurity)
??-??Armath Sargon · Dark and Dead Visions of Fallen Souls
??-??Armath Sargon · Winter of Tears and Path of Blood
09-14Armed for Apocalypse · Defeat
01-28Armia · Der Prozess
11-27Armia · Freak
12-02Armour · Armour
06-30Arnaud Krakowka · Parallel Dimensions
03-31Arpia · Racconto d'inverno
02-??The Arrival of Satan · Vexing Verses
05-04The Arrs · Héros assassin
11-28Ars Magna · Caminos tortuosos
01-15Ars Manifestia · The Red Behind
04-??Ars Nova · Ars Nova
09-28Art Cube · Luxurious cube
01-??Artefix Fraudis · The Scarlet Womb
??-??Artery · Avoid the Unknown
11-16Artery Eruption · Driving My Fist Through Her Chest
03-04Arthemesia · a.O.a.
03-??Arthur Falcone' Stargazer · The Genesis of the Prophecy
06-15Artillery · When Death Comes
08-17Artillery Breath · Inhuman
11-13Art in Exile · Æon Somnia
04-26Art of Haven · Ébredés
04-16Art of Silence · When Nature Storms
12-11Arvas · Blessed from Below... Ad Sathanas Noctum
??-??Aryan Art · Ще позволим ли да погребат родината ни?
11-??Aryan Art · ...и берем плодовете на нашето нехайство
11-14Arès · About Metal
05-08Asaru · Dead Eyes Still See
03-26Ascend the Fallen · The Offering
04-19Asche des Lebens · Schwarze Mythen
07-07Aschmicrosa · The Darkness Inside Me
08-20Asedio · Somos nada
09-24Asenblut · Aufbruch
??-??Asense · The Cold Nightmares of Belphegor: Tempest in Seven Regions
03-20As Forever Fades · From Tragedy
??-??Asgar · Wiederkehr
07-??Ashaena · Cei născuți din pământ
12-29Ashen Light · Кровь Апокалипсиса
03-20Ashent · Deconstructive
11-??Ashes · Runeworks
05-??Ashes of a Lifetime · When All Goes Up in Flames
10-12Ashes You Leave · Songs of the Lost
11-21Ash Inheritance · Devastated by Fire
02-13Ashra · Luchador
12-11Ash Slater · Perdition
??-??Askariz · El legado
06-06Askival · Eternity
12-02As Memory Dies · Transmutate
04-12Asmodi · Sapere Aude
01-01Asmodée · Chlorosis
12-??Asomvel · Kamikaze
11-07A Sorrowful Dream · Toward Nothingness
06-19Asphyx · Death...The Brutal Way
07-03Asphyxiate · Anatomy of Perfect Bestiality
??-??Aspire · In Defiance of Fortune
05-05Asriel · Quo Vadis
05-27Asriel · Unveil
10-11Asriel · 永遠に捧げし凍てつく眠り
??-??As Sanity Fades · Gefangen
??-??Assassinate the Following... · Massacre of the North
01-01Assaulter · Freaks Inside...
??-??Ass Flavour · Dirty Procedure
??-??As Silence Breaks · As Silence Breaks
12-11Assorted Nails · War, Death, Destruction and Chocolate
??-??Astafix · End Ever
09-12Astarot · Falling Down
04-22Astel Oscora · Wormshire
06-03Asteria · Les Lumières
07-??As They Looked to the Sky · Pestilence Rhymes with People
12-12Asthma · Most Evil
09-22A Storm of Light · Forgive Us Our Trespasses
02-20Astra · From Within
02-27Astral Luminous · Lunaric Tide
12-20Astral Oath · Hidden Path
11-02Astras · Maze of Time
??-??Astrath · Flow of Nature
12-03Astrum · Apocalyptic Dawn
05-29As We Fight · Meet Your Maker
06-28Asylum · Magna Mana Fetish
10-??Asylum Pyre · Natural Instinct?
07-03As You Drown · Reflection
??-??AtasBawah · Anger Reign Supreme
05-20Ater · Oltre la vetta
10-09Athanator · Architect of Disaster
06-06Atheistc · Killing My Religion
??-??Athem · The Extended Mind
12-??Athlos · In the Shroud of Legendry: Hellenic Myths of Gods and Heroes
07-17Athrium · Thy Kingdom Gone
10-30Atiar · Atiar
12-01Atis · Paranoia
11-30Atlantida · Put u večnost
10-20The Atlas Moth · A Glorified Piece of Blue-Sky
11-17Atmosfear · Zenith
01-18Atomic · Snow Crimson
10-17Atomic Curse · Mortal Dawn of Lust
02-09Atomic Roar · The Warfare Merchants
03-20A Transylvanian Funeral · A Transylvanian Funeral
06-01Atra Universum · Atra Universum
??-??Atraveho · Atraveho
11-20Atritas · Celestial Decay
??-??Atrocious Depression · Gonarks Lair
07-31Atrocity · Let War Rage
??-??Atrophy · Lexical Occultation 1.618: The Veil from Beyond
??-??Attack Force · Agressão Compulsiva
??-??Attack of the Mad Axeman · Scumdogs of the Forest
09-18At Vance · Ride the Sky
08-18At War · Infidel
11-??At War with Self · A Familiar Path
09-04Augrimmer · From the Lone Winters Cold
07-17Augury · Fragmentary Evidence
11-02Aura Azul · Aura Azul
01-??Au Revoir · Keys of Misery
07-10Au Sacre des Nuits · Anti-humain
12-19Auspicium · Death Will Claim Us All
12-31Austere · Dust
01-09Austere · Meditations
02-27Austere · To Lay like Old Ashes
07-13Austerity · Austerity
09-29Austrian Death Machine · Double Brutal
06-12Autarcie · S.I.D.A. (Sédition. Isolement. Déliquescence. Autarcie)
02-13Autumn · Altitude
11-10Autumnal Reaper · Rise of the Raging Death
06-12Autumnblaze · Perdition Diaries
??-??Autumn Hour · Dethroned
02-17Autumnia · O'Funeralia
03-10Autumn in Frost · Autumn in Frost
06-09The Autumn Offering · Requiem
05-25Ava Inferi · Blood of Bacchus
11-11Avatar · Avatar
??-??Avatar · Icons
09-??Avenger · Feast of Anger / Joy of Despair
??-??Avenging Angels · Shrouded in Mystery
09-??Avernal · Miss Mesías
02-27Avian · Ashes and Madness
04-17Avicularia · Born to Be Vile
08-20A Vision Grotesque · Metaphysical Hypnosis
06-07Avitas · Saga of the Nationalist
10-??Avith · Heir of Agitation
08-22Avstand · Guess What's Burning
12-01Avulse · Granted but Grace from This World
06-??Avulsed · Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)
09-30Awaiting Fear · Dead Inside
??-??Awaiting the Apocalypse · Tribulation
04-29Awaiting the Autopsy · Couldn't Tell the Bodies Apart
05-25Awake by Design · Sentiment
05-23Awake the Suffering · Inside the Mind We Die
04-10A Waking Nightmare · ...and the Tides Shall Freeze
??-??Axaxaxas Mlö · Axaxaxas Mlö
06-03Axegressor · Command
??-??Axewielder · The Nightcrew
??-??Axiom · Truths Denied
01-19The Axis of Perdition · Urfe
04-18Axis Powers · Marching Towards Destruction
08-28Axxis · Utopia
??-??Ayman · From 6:00 to 7:00
12-30Ayutrica · The Rose Garden of Nightmare (薔薇庭園は悪夢を見る)
09-28Azaghal · Teraphim
05-25Azarath · Praise the Beast
08-??Azordon · Azordon
07-??Azordon · Hateblood
10-12Azrael's Bane · Modern Day Babylon
03-23Azziard · 1916
??-??Backyard Burial · Symptoms of Psychopathology
09-07Bad Actor · Portrait of Finality
05-09Bad Luck Rides on Wheels · Bad Luck Rides on Wheels
04-21Baekdoosan · Return of the King
02-??Bael · Pacto con el Diablo
09-28Bahal · Striges
??-??Bakteria · Defecate! Suffocate! Mutilate! Masturbate!
??-??Balberith · Triumph ov Beastial Dominator (Years ov Hatred & Vengeance)
03-17Baliset · A Time for Rust
06-26Balnasar · Ein kalter Nachtgedanke
12-17Banda de la Muerte · Banda de la Muerte
??-??Baneworth · Borderline
09-09Bang-Doll · Showtime!!!
07-18Banished Force · Alienation
02-28Bann · Æschatologia
12-19Baphomet's Blood · Metal Damnation
01-??Baptised in Ice · Ironhorn
??-??The Baptism · Cause of Birth
??-??The Baptism · Excess and Moral Decay
??-??Baptized in Blood · Gutterbound
11-01Barback · À contre courant
??-??Barbarian · Hell Is Back on Earth
03-06Barbarian Prophecies · Condemned Land... The War Begins
??-??Barbarians · Dawn of Brotherhood
09-15Barbariön · Feast on the Beast
07-23Barbaros · Amalu n'Zik
09-??Barbarous Pomerania · Duch 300 z Rany
03-19Bare Infinity · Always Forever
??-??Barilari · Abuso de poder
10-13Baroness · Blue Record
05-02Barque of Dante · Final Victory
??-??Barricade · Urban Chaos
10-01Barr-Nevai · The Rainbow Supremacy
??-??Bastard · Dementia and Filth
06-01Bastardi · Decrepit Souls
11-22Bastardo · Skip.the.Present
09-??Bastard Peels · Keine Bilder
10-17Baton Rogue Morgue · High End of the Season
06-??Battlecry · Today Belongs to Us
03-31Battlefields · Thresholds of Imbalance
09-12Battlerage · Blood, Fire, Steel
05-??Battletorn · Reflect the Filth
05-25Battlewitch · Wessex Steel
??-??The Battle Within · Day of Reckoning
10-10Bauda · Oniirica
11-??Bazöoka · Toxic Warriors
03-13Beast in the Field · Lechuguilla
10-19The Beast of the Apocalypse · A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar
??-??The Beast of the Apocalypse · The First Four Trumpets
08-18Becoming · Sonic Revelations
??-??Beeroth · Total Annihilation of Leviatan Legions
08-15Beethoven R. · Más vale tarde... que nunca!
??-??Before the Torn · Burying Saints
??-??Beg for Life · Doomed
??-??Beginning of the End · If You're Going Through Hell... Keep Going
09-23Begoated · The Morbid Death of God
10-15Beheaded Zombie · Счастье для всех
08-07Behemoth · Evangelion
04-09Beherit · Engram
12-01Beholder · The Awakening
??-??Behold! The Monolith · Behold! The Monolith
05-15Belenos · Errances oniriques
05-??Belial · Diabology
03-17Believer · Gabriel
??-??Bel O Kan · Birth of a Queen
10-09Belphegor · Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn
12-18Beltane · Darkhovse
??-??Beltezehara · Batalha
02-??Bemdesar · Por la victoria de Satanás!!!
04-??The Beneath · City of Light
11-01Beneath the Genocide · Tides
06-21Beneath the Red Dawn · Reverence Obscure
10-??Benighted in Sodom · In Hora Maledictus - Part II
06-21Ben Kuzay · Perpetual Reign
12-01Be Persecuted · End Leaving
05-18The Bereaved · Daylight Deception
06-23Bergraven · Till makabert väsen
??-??Bergrizen · Autism
11-08Berkaial · Eternal Curse
01-31Bestia · Ronkade parved
??-??Bestial Curse · Masters of Mayhem
03-04Bestial Holocaust · Temple of Damnation
12-??Bestial Possession · Duros, ebrios y lujuriosos
04-30Bestila · Hon na čarodějnice
07-22Bete Noire · The Gathering of Elemental Incarnations
06-12Bethlehem · A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear
12-28Bethroned · Clash of Pride
02-06Betoken · Venom Empire
11-??Between the Lines · Back to Life
04-04Between Worlds · Intrusions
10-23Beu Ribe · Exodus
04-06Beyond · Thrash
??-??Beyond Agony · Embrace the Inferno
??-??Beyond Black · Absence of Color
01-12Beyond the Dream · The Sin Against the Sinners
10-03Beyond the Grave · The Human Tide
01-30Beyond Ye Grave · Raping the Creation of God
05-??Beyond Your Ritual · Leaving the Veil
08-04Bhayanak Maut · Untitled
??-??Bibilic Blood · Z'Ha'Doom
06-15Bibleblack · The Black Swan Epilogue
03-31Big Business · Mind the Drift
12-30Binal Cord · Spirituality
12-15Binary Code · Suspension of Disbelief
02-11Biodroid · Message of Insane
04-28Birds of Prey · The Hellpreacher
10-10Birth · Empty World
??-??Birthmark · Crying the Demon
??-??Bison · Thunderbeast
09-09Bitachi · 7st
11-19Bitachi · Heroin
05-31Bitachi · Mental Disease
01-24Bitachi · Фиолетовый
??-??Bitchfire · Bitchfire
06-19Bitcho · Toybox
05-12Bitterness · Genociety
09-12Black Aggie · Regreso a las sombras
06-25Black Albatross · Book of Kings
03-10Black Angels · Changes (The Last Decade)
??-??Black Angels · Rock of 80's
12-18Black Anima · Undecim
??-??Black Bleeding · The Great Satan
08-17Black Boned Angel · Verdun
09-12Black Bones · Pirates of the Coast
09-29Black Cobra · Chronomega
09-09Black Curtains · The Shape of Life to Come
09-15The Black Dahlia Murder · Deflorate
11-21Black Fate · Deliverance of Soul
03-20Blackguard · Profugus Mortis
10-01Black Hand Throne · Black Hand Throne
??-??Black Hell · How the Rest Was Lost
09-07Blackhole · Dead Hearts
??-??Blackholicus · Megaforte
07-??Black Infinity · 666 Metal
07-??Black Knight Symfonia · Heavenly Chaos
04-15The Black League · Ghost Brothel
04-10Black Market Ministry · Voices of the Coming Plague
04-21Black Math Horseman · Wyllt
03-12Black Messiah · First War of the World
??-??Black Metal Box · Black Metal Box
08-25Black Moor · The Conquering
11-01Black Norse · Real Mud Fake Blood
??-??Blackout · Buma Yeah!
04-02Black Pestilence · Vice
07-14Black Pyramid · Black Pyramid
12-05Black Rain · Black Rain
09-21Black River · Black'n'Roll
??-??Blackroses · March of Time
08-??Black Seas of Infinity · Sing the Song of Isis
??-??Black Side · Evolución
??-??Black Souls Death · Black Moon
12-01Blackspell · A Spell for Darkness...
??-??Black Stench · Black Stench
03-27Black Sun Aeon · Darkness Walks Beside Me
11-??Black Tear · Final Silence
11-24Black Territory · This Is Black Territory
11-30Blackthorn · Gossamer Witchcraft
12-26Blackthorn · Аранеум
??-??Blacktooth · Desensitize
09-05Black Tooth Grin · Blossom & Decay
06-04Black Tora · Rise of the Tora
06-14Black Torment · Nights of the Black Moon
12-18Black Vulture · Nossas Virtudes
09-25Black War · Winter Sorrow
11-16Black Wreath · A Pyre of Lost Dreams
??-??Blade of Death · Remains of Eternity
12-04Blasphemous Creation · Diabolical Kingdom
10-31Blasphemous Crucifixion · Crude Burial
??-??Blasphemy · Guerra asimétrica
??-??Blasphemy Reborn · Cast Out of Heaven
07-20Blastanus · Odd
04-04Blasted · Alchemy
??-??Blastmat · National Policy
01-26Blastomycosis · The Putrid Smell Within
03-30Blazing Dog · Metallic Beast
03-25Blckwvs · 0130
01-??Bleed · From Tears and Blood
07-27Bleed from Within · Humanity
09-28Bleeding Fist · Bestial Kruzifix666ion
08-08Bleed Out · Master of Destiny
??-??Blessiddoom · Dystopium
??-??Bless the Silence · In Our Cosmos
03-20Blind Hate · Cruel Impeccable Horrific Killer
11-07Blind Image · More Than Human
03-01The Blinding Light · Junebug
10-30Blind Rover · 10 лет скитаний
06-??Blind to Faith · The Seven Fat Years Are Over
02-20Bliss of Flesh · Emaciated Deity
08-07Blizzard · The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon
07-??Blodfest · Den flyr ej ilden...
09-15Blodsband · Kamp och seger
02-27Blodsrit · Supreme Misanthropy MMVIII
07-03Blood & Iron · Dynamite World
10-27Blood and Brutality · Unrestrained Aggression
01-??Bloodbanner · Apokalypse Lightning Strike
04-26Bloodbound · Tabula Rasa
11-??Blooddawn · The Enlightenment
05-05Blooddawn · Funeral (for a Despised Icon)
07-30Blood Engine · Driven by the Blood
02-25Bloodfeast · Mea Culpa
05-26Bloodhorse · Horizoner
07-17Bloodline · Hate Procession
08-01Bloodline · Unholy Villain
05-01Bloodline Severed · Visions Revealed
04-??Blood Mortized · Blood Mortized
??-??Blood of the Prophets · A Prayer for Vengeance
01-??Blood Pollution · Armed You!
08-29Blood Redemption · Picking Up the Pieces of a Broken Past
06-01Blood Red Throne · Souls of Damnation
05-15Blood Runs Deep · These Thoughts About Suicide
10-20Bloodshedd · Spare No One
06-??Bloodsin · Tales from the Dissecting Table
04-21Bloodsoaked · Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories
12-08Blood-Stained · Infected
06-??Bloodstream Parade · The Apocalypse: In Retrospect
11-14Bloodthirst · Sanctity Denied
03-10Blood Thirsty Demons · Occultum Lapidem
09-09Blood Troopers · Disrespect
04-27Blood Tsunami · Grand Feast for Vultures
02-27Bloodvoid · Bloodvoid
02-27Bloodwork · The Final End Principle
04-04Bloody Lair · Vzestup zla
08-11Bloody Panda · Summon
11-30Bloody Weep · Hate Era
??-??Blow · Droneosphere
11-30Blowback · 800 Miles
06-13Blud Klot · Tied Up for Butchery
03-??Blue Deers · A Little Low Dry Garret
02-23Blut aus Nord · Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars
07-15Blutnacht · Forêts sicambres
07-20Blutvial · I Speak of the Devil
??-??Boanerges · Hora novena
??-??Bolesno Grinje · Krvave ruke - krvavi novac
04-24Bombnation · H.A.Z.M.A.T.
06-12Bone Gnawer · Feast of Flesh
10-29Bonesaw · Sawtopsy
??-??Boneshaker · Start the Race
??-??Bone Shaker · Union
08-21Bong · Bethmoora
02-22Bong · Bong
10-26Borgia · Ecclesia
03-31Borgne · IV
02-12Borguildhur · Undiminished
12-04Borislav Mitic · The Absolute
03-14Born Anew · No More Days like Yesterday
10-26Bornholm · March for Glory and Revenge
05-29Born of Sin · Imperfect Breed of Humanity
11-26Borow · Reflection in...
08-19Borrutarh · Unholy Ancient Forests ov Prussia
10-26Bosque · Passage
05-??Bother · Bothered
08-01Bothers · No Way Out
09-29Bound by Entrails · The Oath to Forbear and the Burden of Inheritance
12-29Bound in Human Flesh · Systematic Destruction
10-31Boy Gore · The Whole Gorey Story​.​.​.
??-??Braindamage · The Impostor
??-??Braindead · The Werewolf Rises
10-16Brainstorm · Memorial Roots
03-??Brainwash · The Three Headed Psychogoat
03-??Breath of Death · Dawn of the Dead
07-19Breath of Sorrows · Ossuary Ritual
07-11Breed of Scorn · Zero Point Mantra
??-??Breno Teixeira Trio · Ignited!
03-26Brente Engler · Svart vitenskap
04-12Brente Engler · Verden med ende
01-21Brewtality · Thrashed
05-25Briar Rose · Roses Are Rare, Violence Is True
10-??Bride · Tsar Bomba
01-01Bridge to Solace · House of the Dying Sun
10-15Brigada Totenkopf · Ajuste de cuentas
06-06Bright Ophidia · Set Your Madness Free
02-??Bring Your Own Knife · End
02-16Briongloid · Fragile Moments
04-08Broderick Gray · Serenity
04-20The Broken Circle · ...and Burn It for All
03-??Broken Edge · Kaos/Fear
09-??Broken Flesh · Forever in Flames
05-20Broken Mirrors · Seven Years...
04-??Brotherhood of Sleep · Brotherhood of Sleep
11-24Brown Jenkins · Death Obsession
??-??Brujo · Оборотень
11-23Brulvahnatu · Uterine Acid Swishes
04-05Brumous · Karma
10-10Brunet Bull · Bull Shit #1
12-21Brutal Hand · Purgatory's Rage
04-14Brutal Truth · Evolution Through Revolution
11-06Brutal Unrest · Hellcatraz
??-??Brutal War · War Armageddon
02-27Brutanal · Seven Deadly Tracks
??-??Bråkin Bråk · Bråkin Bråk
05-01Buckethead · A Real Diamond in the Rough
06-01Buckethead · Forensic Follies
09-24Buckethead · Needle in a Slunk Stack
01-30Buckethead · Slaughterhouse on the Prairie
??-??Bucket of Trouble · Wake Me When I'm Dead
??-??Buckshot · Triskelion
08-01Buckshot Facelift · Anchors of the Armless Gods
02-14Bud Tribe · Roll the Bone
06-11Bulldozer · Unexpected Fate
12-21Bulletridden · Songs Written Before Jumping Out of an Eight Storey Window
10-??Bulwark · Variance
09-15Bunkur · Nullify
06-??Burial · Divinity Through Eradication
03-17Burial Mist · Morbid Screams from the Frozen Forests
??-??Burial Ritual · Tower of Silence
03-??Buried Future · Symphony of Unnecessary Surgery
03-03Buried Inside · Spoils of Failure
11-07Burn · Universal Justice
??-??Burned Within · As You Burn Within Me
02-27The Burning · Rewakening
11-20Burning Black · MechanicHell
??-??Burning Church Forest · Book 1
10-06Burning Church Forest · Book 2
??-??Burning Fallus · The Working Class Rock
04-21Burning Human · Resurrection Through Fire
??-??Burning of I · Nowhere Is a Destination
02-27Burning Point · Empyre
??-??Burning Tears · Tales from a Disturbed Soul
01-??Burning the Day · Blacklisted
04-07Burning the Memory · So Long the Dreamer
05-16Burn Still · Burn Still
08-18Burnt by the Sun · Heart of Darkness
06-??Burn Without Me · A Tale of Modern Ruin
07-??Burn Without Me · Holy Blade of Death
??-??Burzukh · The Abyss
08-18Cable · The Failed Convict
12-01Cabra Negra · Ultimate Sacrifice
02-21Caducity · Destination: Caducity
12-12Caedere · Clones of Industry
??-??Caer Ibormeith · The Sea, the Eye
12-05Caesarum · Genesis Dementiae
05-22Cage · Science of Annihilation
04-04Cain · The Master Clockwork
08-27Cain's Offering · Gather the Faithful
11-02Cales · KRF
08-24Caliban · Say Hello to Tragedy
11-06Calibre Zero · Inmune
06-04Caliginosity · In Celebration of the Serpent
02-18Callisto · Providence
07-01Call of Decision · Chapter of Hate
08-20Calth · Fight for a New Become
12-10Calvary Death · Serpent
01-??Camazotz · Follow the Dead
06-??Camazotz · In Nature We All Return
05-05Camlann · Caladbolg
09-??Camlann · Heaven's Feel
03-01Camos · Kaim 666
04-03Candlemass · Death Magic Doom
??-??Candy Cane · Jaula
08-24Canis Dirus · A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore
??-??Cannibal Accident · Cannibal Accident
02-02Cannibal Corpse · Evisceration Plague
10-13Canopy · Will and Perception
01-26Cantata Sangui · On Rituals and Correspondence in Constructed Realities
06-29Cantenebra · I
06-13Capitis Damnare · Ex Regnum Spiritus in Manifestus
07-05Cara Neir · Part I / Part II
??-??Caravan of Souls · Tales of Destiny (Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End)
06-15Carcariass · E-xtinction
07-??Carcharoth Λ.V. · Λntiversvm (Throvgh the Corridors ov Dead Space)
??-??Carcinomic · Metastasis
??-??Cardiac Noose · Get Back Home
11-25Cardiant · Tomorrow's Daylight
02-27Carignan · Masturbatorium
??-??Carina Alfie · The Light Side
09-25Carnal · Re-Creation
09-25Carnal Deity · 2012
03-22Carnal Leftovers · Papyral Slashing
??-??Carnival Madness · Keraaminen neitioikeus
11-14Caroozer · Boozeman Trail
04-16Carpet Room · Soulless
??-??Cart Wheel · ChroNOlogic
05-??Cassandra · Alcatraz
??-??Castifas · Journey Through the Darkness Path
07-05Castrofate · iHuman
??-??Casual Silence · Acoustic Fields
05-02Cataphraktus · Atervist
04-21Catapult the Smoke · Unearthed
??-??Cataracta · Face of Chaos
03-26Cathedral Stivhet · Drakuls Voivod Laws
12-25Catholicon · Of Ages Past
01-19Cattle Decapitation · The Harvest Floor
04-??Catuvolcus · Vae Victis
04-06Cauldron · Chained to the Nite
??-??Caustic Felon · Downtown
??-??The Cauterized · Reborn in Blood
06-06Cautiva · Human
09-14Cavador · tumbas
??-??Caverno · Macabro presagio
06-01Celeste · Misanthrope(s)
03-18Celesty · Vendetta
??-??Celtica · Sueños de gloria
??-??Cement Rain · Escaping from the Apocalyptic City
01-26Cemetery of Scream · Frozen Images
11-??Cemetery Rapist · Non-Consensual Psychotropic Ovary Pounding
04-21Cemican · Ometiliztli
10-02Centaur · The Origin of Sin
??-??Centauro · Esta pelea es a muerte
03-02Centaurus-A · Side Effects Expected
11-30Centinela · Teoría de la fidelidad
08-08Central Disorder · The Awakening
07-17Cephalectomy · An Epitaph to Tranquility
01-19Cephyrius · Zerbrochen
01-12Cerebral Incubation · Asphyxiating on Excrement
08-18Cerebrum · Spectral Extravagance
12-??Cesare Sannino · Heavy Metal Magic
03-??Ch'aska · Pururauca
04-25Chained · Grateful Sinner
03-16Chain Reaction · Vicious Circle
02-23Chainsaw · Evilution
02-??Chainsaw · Metal Missionary
04-??Chainsaw · Zombie Holocaust
04-21Chainsaw Dissection · Eviscerated by a Ravenous Cannibal
??-??Chainsaw Dissection · Mutilate the Decapitated
11-06Chains ov Beleth · Katabasis
??-??Chainwreck · A Season of Hates Perfection
??-??Chantry · The Emancipation of Elizabeth
01-28Chaos Core · Born in Silence
07-05Chaosfrost · Врата пустоты
08-26Chaos Inception · Collision with Oblivion
10-08Chaos Invocation · In Bloodline with the Snake
10-30Chaossphere · Condition Zero
01-31Chaosstar · Lifetime
06-09Chaos Synopsis · Kvlt ov Dementia
??-??Charagnanna · A.R.A.M.A.
??-??Chased Crime · Disarticulated
??-??Chased Through the Woods · Deeper by the Day
09-15The Chasm · Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm
12-02Chemical Assault · What the Fuck?
01-??Chemistry Room · Butterfly Effect
12-20Chernolesie · Svarte vinger av vinden
??-??Cherubin · Under the Shadow of Heaven
05-12Children · Hard Times Hangin at the End of the World
04-21Chimaira · The Infection
06-??Choked by Own Vomits · Shit Autopsy
10-06Cholernik · Freyr's Ætt
12-20Choruse · Singgasana Keangkuhan
08-03Christ Hate · Christ Hate
10-01Christmess · Mystical Alien
06-??Chronic Torment · Demons of Chaos
01-09Chronos · Chronos
??-??Churches Burn · O.H.F.U
04-20Church of Misery · Houses of the Unholy
??-??Churlish Porter · What Lies Beyond
12-31Cimmerian · Awakened in the Shadows of Midgard
05-??Cipher · Chaos Sign
05-02Circadian Skizm · Symbiant Circle
08-27Circle of Ouroborus · Islands
07-19Circle of Ouroborus · Tree of Knowledge
09-03Cirrha Niva · For Moments Never Done
12-17Citadellion · Adventurers of Taeloth
12-21Citi · Citi
??-??Civil Unrest · Ravaging the Purity
07-10Clagg · Lord of the Deep
11-16Clairvoyant · Time's Crime
01-12Clairvoyants · Word to the Wise
09-15Clampdown · Vision of Splendor
??-??Clamus · Frontière
11-15Claudio Minotti's Liturgy of War · Tales from the Abyss
09-21Claustrofobia · I See Red
08-26Claws · Absorbed in the Nethervoid
06-09The Cleansing · Poisoned Legacy
02-17Cloudburst · Do Me a Favour and Die
??-??Coalission · Alienado
10-30Coathanger Abortion · Dying Breed
03-17Cobalt · Gin
12-??Cobi's Death · Slaughter the Corrupt
03-25Cocobat · Searching for Change
09-26Coda · Vocanda
06-01Code · Resplendent Grotesque
06-15Code for Silence · D.ecaying M.atter - O.rganic N.emesis
10-31Codex Inferis · ...Damage Completed
12-07Coffin Fuck · Fuck Christmas
10-12Cog · Culling
12-25Coils of the Serpent · City of Steel
??-??Cojones · Sunrise
??-??Cold Empty Universe · Constantly Creating Myself in the Space of Life
03-13The Cold Existence · Sombre Gates
02-20ColdSpell · Infinite Stargaze
10-29Coldspot · Heldenlos
??-??Cold Void · Through the Path of Sin
10-23Collateral Damage · Collateral Damage
11-17Collibus · Leave It All Behind
01-14Colosseum · Chapter 2: Numquam
03-10Comando Etílico · Comando Etílico
??-??Command6 · Evolution?
11-??Commandment · Brutal Carnage
07-??Commandment · No Mercy
??-??Common Dead · Common Dead
07-17Common Grave · Embedded Coding
10-??The Company Corvette · The Company Meeting
05-15Complete Failure · Heal No Evil
06-22Compos Mentis · Our Kingdom of Decay
03-09Comédie Macabre · Deathperantis
??-??Concrete Block · Life Is Brutal
08-26Condemnation · Abyssies of Anguish
08-??Condemned to Live · Nuke First... Ask Questions Later
02-17Conducting from the Grave · When Legends Become Dust
02-20Conflict · Прототип
03-21Conquest of Steel · Storm Sword: Rise of the Dread Queen
03-01Conspiracy · Concordat
07-03Constancia · Lost and Gone
08-21Construcdead · Endless Echo
??-??Consumado · Consumado es
12-20Consume the Fetus · Raped in the Outhouse
??-??Contempt · Blasphemy
05-15Continuum · Lifeless Ocean
08-07Contracultura · Inmortal
09-25Contradiction · The Essence of Anger
02-05Controlled Chaos · Against the Fall of Night
10-10ControlState · The Powerhouse
03-20Convent · Abandon Your Lord
01-12Coram Lethe · ...a Splendid Chaos
??-??Corazón Guerrero · Inmortal
09-22Cormorant · Metazoa
12-18Coronatus · Fabula Magna
??-??Corova · Sequence of a March
??-??Corporal Jigsore · Religious Genocide
??-??Corporate-ID · Mount Rock
??-??Corpsegore · Remains of Flesh
09-01Corpsepain · Horror Circus
02-13Corpses Exhumed · Corpses Exhumed
06-27Corpse Vapour · Xeno - Intelligent Design
02-17Corpus Christi · The Darker Shades of White
04-11Corrodal · Xei
05-16Corroded · Eleven Shades of Black
11-13Corroosion · Punish the Mind
??-??Corrupt Defile · Death Inherit the Earth
??-??Corubo · Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei
06-12Counterweight · Show Me the Path...
??-??Counter-World Experience · Metronomicon
08-31Count Raven · Mammons War
??-??Cover Her Face · Carmen ex Cado Sanctus
04-??Covet Chaos · Trailblazer in Space
02-27Coxinhell · Another World Part 1
12-??Crackmind · Born Again Crackmind
09-09Cranial Incisored · Lipan's Kinetic
??-??Craniotomy · Catharsis
07-03Crash the System · The Crowning
08-21Craterface · ...More Thrash for Ya Gash
??-??Crawling Quiet · Between Shadows And Light
08-04Creatures · I, Lucifer
04-30Cremaster · No Nie No No
05-08Crescent Shield · The Stars of Never Seen
05-13Crib45 · Metamorphosis
??-??Crimes · Sottoterra
02-25Crimfall · As the Path Unfolds...
02-27Criminal · White Hell
??-??Criminal Hate · Ataraxia
05-29Crimson Cult · Crimson Cult
04-03Crimson Falls · Fragments of Awareness
11-??Crimson Frost · Demiurge
??-??Criogenia · Even Worst
06-19Cripper · Devil Reveals
01-27Cripta Oculta · Sangue do Novo Amanhecer
08-??Crises · Coral Dreams
03-19Cristal or Nite · Aterui
02-13Cristalys · Suréminence
??-??Critical Madness · Panoptikum
02-27Cropment · Dead Soil
??-??Cross Borns · A fiú és a sárkány (The Boy and the Dragon)
09-02Cross My Blessed Hands · Memento Mori
08-15Crow'sClaw · Blacker Than the Blackest Black
07-21Crown of Sins · To Faith Away
04-17Crown the Lost · Blind Faith Loyalty
??-??Crows of Doom · Arise of the Berserk
02-27Crucified Barbara · 'Til Death Do Us Party
09-22Crucifist · Demon-Haunted World
??-??Crude Bastard · Corpses in the Paradise
??-??Cruor-Lid · A.M. (Atravesando muros)
01-21Crushing Axes · Viking Winter
09-??Cruszt · Ego Sum Deus
??-??Cruzdiablo · Megalodoom
07-03Cryfemal · Increíbles tormentos
09-??Crying Blood · Animae Damnatae
??-??Crymurder · Above Us the Waves
07-??Cry of Silence · Wandering Through Pagan Times
09-19Cryptic Wintermoon · Fear
09-06Cryptik Howling · Them
06-05Cryptor Morbious Family · Hypnotic Way to Hurt
03-??Crystal Lake · Safe
10-23Crystallion · Hundred Days
02-15Crystal Viper · Metal Nation
03-24Csejthe · La mort du prince noir
??-??Cssaba · Toxic CSSABA
02-23Cuatro Gatos · El sueño de la razón
10-01Cubre · Live for Need
??-??Cuernos de Chivo · Deshumanización
??-??Cuff · Covered in Resin
01-10Cuff · The Durtyshwa Massacre
04-20Cuff · Universal Punishment
06-12Culling the Weak · Culling the Weak
07-21Culted · Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep
10-31Cultes des Goules · The Story of Dagon
05-05Culto Profano · Inferno
09-28The Cumshots · A Life Less Necessary
10-09Cumulo Nimbus · Totensonntag
11-27Cuntscrape · Papsmear Campaign
??-??Cursed Anguish · In Awe of Agony
08-31Cursed Carnival · Taste the Fear
10-31Cursed Nihil · Cursed Nihil
??-??Custom71 · ...y caiga quien caiga
05-??Cyborg · The Last Thing You'll See
09-16The Cycle · Metal Circus
04-21Cycle of Pain · Cycle of Pain
12-05Cyneris · Lightmare
10-01Cynical Bastard · Act of Aggression
03-16Cyrium · Entre tormentas
02-25D · Genetic World
11-11D'erlanger · D'erlanger
06-25D_Drive · Something to Drink?
01-29Daedalus · The Never Ending Illusion
??-??Daemon · Misanthropie
05-29Daemonicus · Host of Rotting Flesh
01-??Daemonolith · By Order of Decimation
02-??DaggerSpawn · Suffering upon the Throne of Depravity
04-21Dagon · Terraphobic
08-28Dagor Dagorath · Yetzer Ha'ra
??-??Dale · Screaming for Silence
02-01Dalit · Dalit
09-28Dalriada · Arany-album
03-21Damaged Justice · IRIS
??-??Damarill · I of the Storm
05-25The Damnation · Evilution
03-30Damnation Army · Circle of the Brave
09-20Damned Creed · Enslaved Thoughts
03-28Damned Grave · Blaspheme Culte
04-20Damned Spirits' Dance · Weird Constellations
??-??Damngod · Non Serviam
02-??Daniel Bautista · Madera y bronce
05-28Daniel Telis Project · The New Sound
01-25Dan Johansen · The Tablets of Gilgamesh
11-15Darge · 絶望 (Desespero)
09-19Dargolf Metzgore · Blood Rush
06-??Dark's War · Mortal Prayers... Malebolge!
11-13Dark Age · Acedia
12-15Dark Arena · Flowing Black
06-14Darkat · Remembrance of Nekalah's Honor, the Cry of Fatherlands
10-??The Dark Beyond · The Fire Within
09-09DarkBlack · The Sellsword
11-29Dark Buddha Rising · Entheomorphosis
05-26Dark Castle · Spirited Migration
07-??Dark Celebration · Phlegeton: The Transcendence of Demon Lords
07-??Darkcell · Bone with Hatred
??-??Dark Diamonds · Das Gift
10-31Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult · Saldorian Spell
03-20Darker Half · Duality
06-23Darkest Hour · The Eternal Return
04-??The Darkest Red · Destroy & Rebuild
??-??Darkest Seed · The Scars That Never Heal
06-28Dark Evolution · Dark Evolution
??-??Dark Faith · ...My Revenge
01-30Dark Forest · Dark Forest
11-18Dark Funeral · Angelus Exuro pro Eternus
01-01Dark Fury · The Price of Treason
11-27Dark Illusion · Where the Eagles Fly
07-21Dark Lay Still · Through Hell...
02-23Darkling · Metal Reborn
03-??Dark Managarm · Victorious March
??-??Dark Metamorphosis · The Cult of Draclecarde
??-??Dark Metamorphosis · Death, Silence Me
??-??Dark Metamorphosis · Forgive Me Not
??-??Dark Metamorphosis · Human Again
??-??Dark Metamorphosis · The Last Temptation of Draclecarde
03-01Dark Metamorphosis · Stains of Mortality
??-??Dark Metamorphosis · Waiting to Rot
11-13Dark Mirror · Portrait of Evil
09-01Dark Mirror ov Tragedy · The Pregnant of Despair
07-??Darkmoon Warrior · Crown of Snakes
01-10Dark Moor · Autumnal
07-21Darkness Before Dawn · King's to You
03-27Darkness by Oath · Fear Yourself
06-09Darkness Dynamite · The Astonishing Fury of Mankind
06-06DarknessEternal · Drowning in Mediocrity
01-02DarknessEternal · Raging Blizzard of Hatred
??-??Darkness Rites · The Accuser
??-??Dark Nightmare · The Human Liberty
11-16Darkology · Altered Reflections
04-??Dark Remains · A Construct to Obliterate
09-20DarkRise · Built
12-04Dark Sanctuary · Dark Sanctuary
10-26Dark Sensation · Trendkill
??-??Darkside of Innocence · Infernum Liberus EST
11-14DarkSoul · Dethroned Mankind
03-11Dark the Suns · All Ends in Silence
09-09Darktrance · Beyond the Gates of Insanity
02-14Dark Wisdom · Imperial Wolves
??-??Dark Woods · In the Protection of the Strong Tower
08-28Darzamat · Solfernus' Path
02-25Dauntless · Death Row Poet
04-01David Brewster · The Outer Sanctum
03-??David C. Hopkins · New Religion
??-??David Galas · The Happiest Days of My Life
??-??David Malinich · David Malinich
09-15Davola · Dichotomy
02-??Dawn After Death · Trapped in a Dream
10-13Dawn of Azazel · Relentless
??-??Dawn of Despair · Dead Heart
09-25Dawn of Destiny · Human Fragility
08-21Dawn of Oblivion · The Final Chapter
05-21Dawnrider · Two
04-20Dawn Under Eclipse · From End to End
??-??Days of Loss · Life Is Decay
07-13Day Turns Night · Fallen Legacy
12-14Daäth Shadow · Crowns for Kings
05-06D Creation · Silent Echoes
11-13DD Rand · Thunder on the Tundra
06-19Dead · In the Bondage of Vice
??-??The Dead · Ritual Executions
05-18Dead? · Dead?
01-??Dead Christ Cult · Your Absurd Life
11-11Dead End · Metamorphosis
??-??Dead Entities' Realm · To Reconciled Solitude
05-15Dead Eyed Sleeper · Through Forests of Nonentities
??-??Dead Flesh · Returning from Decay
02-16Dead Head · Depression Tank
10-30The Dead Lay Waiting · We Rise
10-??Dead Letter Opener · Lumen
04-??Deadly Carrion · ...Как прекрасен этот мир - Беседы о жизни и смерти
??-??Deadly Curse · Renegade
??-??Deadly Fate · Secret Land
??-??Dead Man · The Way of the Blade
01-28Dead Man's Hand · The Combination
??-??Dead Moons Grey · Smokey Mountain Way
??-??Dead Mountain · Desperately Seeking Satan
08-19Deadpool · Idle Hands
??-??Dead Rites · Reborn
07-21Deadriver Wasteland · Plotting Merciless Retribution
03-09DeadSquad · Horror Vision
11-12Dead Trooper · Cynicist
??-??Deafening Silence · Fear Is a Mind Killer
08-14Deafest · Eroding Peaks
??-??Deals Death · Internal Demons
08-28Deathalizer · It Dwells Within
10-06DeathBlow · First World Wasteland
03-25Death Chant · Death Chant
03-13Deathcult · The Living, the Dying and the Damned
01-??Deathead · An Offering to the Gods
03-21Death in Torture · Tortured Soul
??-??Deathlike Dissonance · The First to Die
01-28Deathlike Silence · Saturday Night Evil
06-01Deathmoor · Salvo Honoris Morte
06-17Deathmøle · Amps
03-01Death over Threat · Sangre
03-23Death Scythe · Killing for Pleasure
01-??Deathterror · War on TV
05-25Death Worm · Death Worm
04-03Debauchery · Rockers & War
??-??Debris of Ancestor · Terror of Jaran Eblek
03-21Debustrol · Rwanda
10-14Decadence · Chargepoint
06-??Decadenze · Beyond Obsession
??-??Decapitados · La pus de la mentira
07-12The Decapitated Midgets · 30 Ways to Die
??-??The Decapitated Midgets · Gurgling Olympics
11-??Decemberance · Inside
02-10Dechristianisierung Europas · Blutende Winter
11-06Decius · Lord of Mercy
??-??Decline · Metal Rock Macabro
07-03Decrepidemic · The Void of Un-Existence
??-??Decrepit Cadaver · Putrid Stench of Psychotic Acts
01-19Deep Inside · Dark Again
06-??Deep-pression · A Void of a Morning
??-??Deep Sense · A Contagion of Fear
09-??Defacer · Beyond the Mountains
01-16Defamer · Chasm
09-07Defect Designer · Wax
10-19Defiance · The Prophecy
??-??Deforme · La verdadera historia de la humanidad
06-??Deformed · Concealed Alterations
03-06Defueld · Defueld
12-??Defuntos · Nada é Eterno
02-20Degradead · Out of Body Experience
10-31Deiphago · Filipino Antichrist
03-20Delain · April Rain
11-13Delany · Blaze and Ashes
01-??Delchia · Termodinamika
07-??Delictum Initiale · Betrayal of Main Thought
07-22Delirion · Silent Symphony
??-??Delirium · All These Years of Dying...
09-??Delirium's Dawn · The Rebirth of Osiris
10-15Delta Force II · Personal Vietnam
06-12Delyria · Regression in Mind
01-20De Magia Veterum · Migdal Bavel
01-??Demaniacal · Clan of the Unorthodox
??-??Dementaria · Violencia extrema
??-??Demented Retarded · Sister's Menstruation
??-??Demention · Password - Truth
??-??Demento · Unruh
??-??Demgoroth · Besessen
??-??Demis · Senspiration: From the Senses to the Soul
08-15Demise · Mode:Terror
??-??Demiurgo · Los ancianos del Zohar
??-??Demoledor · Masticando bronca
02-04Demolished · Defleshing the Innocent
??-??Demolitia · Wreckoning
??-??Demolition Faction · Hasten the Apocalypse
07-01Demon Angels · Insane
04-??Demon Dagger · Cain Complex
05-15Demonical · Hellsworn
04-03Demonic Cremator · Blizzards of Hate
03-15Demonic Forest · Frost Strenght
11-??Demonic Forest · Secret Order from the Grim Temples
02-01Demonic Inhabitants · Kill Everybody and Destroy the World
06-09Demonic Slaughter · Cold Disease of Reality
10-20Demonium · Nothing Is Truth Everything Is Allowed
??-??Demons Within · Desecration of Angels
09-25Demorian · Back to the Glorious Past
??-??Denia · No Life After Love
03-27Denial · Catacombs of the Grotesque
02-01Denizen · Snatches into Uproad
01-31Den Saakaldte · All Hail Pessimism
03-??Deorc · Negative Cathexis to Life
05-01Depravity · Litanies for the World to Suffer
02-04Depressed Mode · ..for Death..
09-01Depressio Aeterna · Suicidio in una foresta dimenticata
04-10Depressive Years · Failing to Confront Suicidal Thoughts
12-09Depressor · Chernobyl NPP Disaster Part I
09-12Depressor · Decisions...
10-09Depresy · Morph - Near Death Experiences
03-09Depth Beyond One's · Red Lines Entwined
02-25Derek Sherinian · Molecular Heinosity
04-26Derelict · Unspoken Words
04-??Der Galgen · Böses Los
12-06Desarme · Involución
03-01Descendant · First Assault
02-??Descent · Whom the Gods Would Destroy
??-??Desecration Rites · Hallowed Depravity
??-??Deseret · El despertar del genocida
03-06Desert Sin · The Edge of Horizon
04-29Desert Storm · Invaze bláznů
??-??Desolate Heaven · Ваши боги мертвы
08-??Desolate Ways · Last Moons
??-??Desolation · Anguish
??-??Desolation · Corruption
??-??Desolation · Desolation
12-30Desperado · II
09-22Despised Icon · Day of Mourning
03-13Despite · In Your Despite
03-27Despondency · Revelation IV (Rise of the Nemesis)
??-??Desquizofrenia · Contra la mente de todos sus cuerpos
12-01Destination Void · Xibalba
10-10Destined to Decay · Life Goes On Without Me
06-24Destrage · Urban Being
09-25Destriers Gait · Hung, Drawn and Quartered
10-13The Destro · Harmony of Discord
01-06Destroy Destroy Destroy · Battle Sluts
??-??Destroyer · Sacrament of Shred
06-??Destroyer · В поддельном мире
??-??Destroyself · Terrores magicos
09-20Destruktor · Nailed
06-15Deströyer 666 · Defiance
??-??Desyre · Warning of the Night
01-27Deterior · Cleanse
05-01Deterioration · The Power of Positive Thinking
09-08Dethklok · Dethalbum II
08-14Dethlehem · The Ghorusalem Codex Vol I: Enthroned upon a Spire
08-15Deus Ex Machina · I, Human
06-01Deus Irae · Un nuevo día
09-29Devar · Alternate Endings
12-??Devastathor · Ovar B
??-??Devastation Now · Chaos Conflict
02-17Devastator · The Summoning
??-??Devastator · Underground 'n' Roll
??-??Deventter · Lead... On
01-03Deviant Souls · Hour of Need
10-??Deviant Surgeons · Venomous... The Demondome Symphony
04-24Deviated Presence · Fractured Mind
03-09Deviator · Mighty Black Inner Flame
??-??Devil Accuser · Ghost
07-14DevilDriver · Pray for Villains
06-15Deville · Hail the Black Sky
05-11Devils Whorehouse · Blood & Ashes
10-??Devil to Pay · Heavily Ever After
11-16Devin Townsend Project · Addicted
05-25Devin Townsend Project · Ki
08-31Devious · Vision
04-25Devoid · A Murder of Crows
06-26Devourment · Unleash the Carnivore
01-??Dewfall · V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
??-??DGM · FrAme
10-??Dhampyr · Back Wards, Blue Rooms
01-19Dhul Karnain · Demonios de la guerra
03-30Diablo Blvd · The Greater God
10-??Diablo Swing Orchestra · Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious
05-25Diabolical Principles · Beyond the Horizon
??-??Diabolic Force · March to Calvary
12-??Diagon · Satan mit uns
08-21Dialectic Soul · Painsoul
11-13Diamanthian · Arcana Doctrina
03-21Diamatregon · Crossroad
??-??Diamoth · Respite
01-30Dice of Fate · Living for the Thrills
04-25Dickless Tracy · Halls of Sickness
02-13Diebomb · Doom Music
10-31Die Hard · Nihilistic Vision
03-19Diementia · Tears of Blood
??-??Diesear · The Inner Sear
04-03Dievision · Black Deep Drown
11-16The Difference · When Light Uncovers Grey
06-??Diktátor · A hét vezér
11-10Dim7 · Dim World
04-29Dimaension X · The Doom 2 Variations
05-29Dimaension X · Gothambia Redux
09-22Dimaension X · Laws of Repulsion
09-01Dimaension X · Light at the End of the Tunnel
08-14Dimensional Psychosis · Architecture of Realities
??-??Diminishment · Brimstone Demise
10-23Dimlight · Obtenebration
??-??Dinning Out · Menghempas Lelah
05-18Diocletian · Doom Cult
??-??Dionis · Кукловод
??-??Diphteria · Claustrophobic
09-01Dirge Within · Force Fed Lies
??-??Dirt · Suicide Blues
??-??Dirty Talking · Částice zla
01-31Dirty Woman · Demon Lover
05-05Disappearer · The Clearing
12-09Disarmonia Mundi · The Isolation Game
04-24Disaster Peace · Disaster Peace
09-??Disastrous · Slavery of Disgusting Torture
04-17Disbelief · Protected Hell
??-??Discard the Body · Discard the Body
??-??Discard the Body · To the Graves
05-27Disease · Defeating Scheme - Becoming Divine
??-??Disgorgement · Chamber of Depravity
??-??Disidente Inmortal · Aquellos inmortales
08-03Disinfect · Screams of Pleasure
09-17Diskarial · Warpath to Eternity
09-??Dismal Lapse · Eon Fragmentation
04-15Dismantle · Satanic Force
??-??Dismata · Understand
??-??Dismenorrea · D.I.S.M.E.N.O.R.R.E.A.
05-22Disparaged · The Wrath of God
01-04Disposed to Mirth · Menschenhai
11-06Dispotion · Dead End Hostage Crisis
10-08DisQuieT · The Truth
01-01Dissona · Ten Masks
??-??Distorted Cognitions · Incipient/Mørkhet
??-??Distorted Impalement · Straight in Your Face
??-??Distraught · Unnatural Display of Art
08-28Distributor · Depth of Perception
??-??Disturbed Angel · Heartbeat from a Nightmare
11-??Disturwatio · Disparo
09-??Ditchcreeper · Rotting Repugnancy
??-??Diva Satanica · In the Reign of Death... I Monarch
05-??Dividing Line · Vanitas
07-24Divine Heresy · Bringer of Plagues
??-??Divine Storm · Destruction of Darkness
??-??Divine Tragedy · Evilution
??-??Dizgusted · Waltz with the Demon
??-??Doctrine X · Mind Control
12-??Doedsfald · Dødslængsel - Døden er kun begyndelsen
05-01Doga · Karikatury
04-01Doghouse Gallows · Dodgy Deals
04-27Dogma · Sound Therapy
09-11Dog-Mag · Welcome to the Darkside
06-29Dogma Inc. · Before and After
??-??D.O.H. · Days over Hell
04-??Dollar Llama · Under the Hurricane
03-13Domain · The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow
03-16Dominance · Echoes of Human Decay
??-??Dominus Legion · Demonio
06-27Do Not Dream · Schattenwelten
??-??Doomdozer · Soul Solution
??-??Doomenicus · Sacred
03-20Doom Lit Sky · Archaic Immolation
03-13Doomraiser · Erasing the Remembrance
09-29Doomriders · Darkness Come Alive
??-??DopeSick · Domestic Violence
??-??Dopethrone · Demonsmoke
06-17Dorgmooth · Бездна
01-23Doro · Fear No Evil
??-??Doubts Cast Shadows · The Downfall
06-26Down Below · Wildes Herz
12-21Downcast · Confessions of the End
??-??Downfall · By Any Means
03-25Downhell · Karma
02-20Down in a Hole · Fight, I Fight Alone
??-??Downtrodden · Dark September
02-04DPOS!!! · 30 Beautiful Pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven
04-03Draconic · From the Wrong Side of the Aperture
09-25Dragged into Sunlight · Hatred for Mankind
05-08Dragomir Draganov · Alter Ego
03-10Dragonfly · Alma Irae
05-27Dragon Guardian · Dragonvarius
09-13Dragonia · Blood, Will and Soul
??-??Dragon Ring · Hell for the Life
01-06Dragonwyck · Born into Madness
??-??Dragón de Hierro · Lejos, después del fin
??-??Drained · Solutions
01-08Drain Life · Prospect of Despair
??-??Drakher · Rejector
03-03Draugluin · Hidden Kingdom
11-??Draumar · Hibernation
05-19Dread · Buried in Narcissism
??-??Dreadful Thoughts · Demise of the Blind
05-01Dreadnaught · Dreadnaught
01-20Dreaming Dead · Within One
11-13Dreaming Void · ...Celestial Light Stood Eternal
12-12Dreaming Void · Eight Tymes, Burn!
09-25Dreamland · Exit 49
05-??Dreamlore · Black Plague Possessed
12-04Dreamlost · Psychomedia
08-13DreamScar · DreamScar
06-23Dream Theater · Black Clouds & Silver Linings
??-??Dredd · La cripta del horror
03-??Drengskapur · Von Nebel umschlungen
03-??Dr. Hammer Inc. · Death from Above
??-??Drift of Genes · Ultra Social Album
??-??Drive · Hot Wheel on Fire!
??-??Drive-By Bukkake · Midnight Manslaughter (Special Edition)
??-??Drive-In Massacre · Upon Forgetful Seas
10-19Drivhell · A Journey as a Life
03-27Drone · Juggernaut
10-31Drop of Madness · The Ashes of the Resurrection
??-??The Dr. Orphyus Project · An Introvert
04-22Drowning in Phemaldehyde · Blistering Corpse Abortion
12-10Drowning the Light · An Alignment of Dead Stars
08-05Drowning the Light · A Pact with Madness
01-30Drowning the Light · The Blood of the Ancients
08-21Dr. Sin · Original Sin
07-14Drudkh · Microcosmos
09-03Dråpsnatt · I denna skog
??-??Dröne · Ashwood
??-??Dröne · Godvoice
10-??Drünkards · No Trace of Sanity
05-??Dubiosis · Totgelebt
10-10Dukatalon · Saved by Fear
11-30Dulcamara · Asylum
10-30Duodildo Vibrator · Light My Fire
03-03Dusk · Örök halálban
??-??Duskburn · Soldering the Seven Streams
01-10Dusks Embrace · Paradigm Shift
12-11The Dust Connection · Trails
??-??Dwellers of the Twilight · Sycophant
??-??Dyfectus Amadeous · Wanita Penabur Dosa
??-??Dying · Born from Impurity
??-??Dying Blaze · Attera Obscurum
01-01Dying Clarity · Conqueror
09-15Dying Fetus · Descend into Depravity
06-05Dying Humanity · Fragments of an Incomplete Puzzle
06-09The Dying One · Saturnine
??-??Dying Passion · Absorb
??-??Dying Race · Burried Horrors
06-21Dying Rose · The Bleeding Flowers
??-??Dying Spirit · The Progress of the Regress
02-06Dynazty · Bring the Thunder
08-25Dysperium · Dysperium
07-07Dysrhythmia · Psychic Maps
01-12Dystera · Journey into the Shades
10-??Dysthymya · Margathnep
05-21Dzelzs Vilks · Dzelzs Vilka teātris
??-??Dämnweevïl · It's Always Darkest Before It Goes Pitch Black
12-07Dämonenblut · Das Tor zur Hölle
04-20Dååth · The Concealers
??-??Dödsfälla · Death Future
03-02Dødfødt · Inhumed Rapture
11-18Dødkvlt · I
??-??Dødsengel · Visionary
05-05Dødsferd · Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow
03-01Dünedain · Buscando el norte
12-??Dünedain · Buscando el norte II: La tierra de los sueños
03-13Ea · Ea II
07-21Eagle Twin · The Unkindness of Crows
03-??Ealdulf · Hrimcealde Sæ
??-??Eardrum · My New Heart
??-??Earth · Fear of Tomorrow
??-??Earthen · The Ashes of Transition
11-11Earthshaker · The Course of Life
??-??Ebanath · Amoral Glamour
09-29Ebenezer · Gleaming and Glittering with Gold and Wondrous Surprises for Young and Old
09-22Echoes of Eternity · As Shadows Burn
??-??Echoes of Fear · Forgotten Past
01-06Echoes of Silence · Beyond the Crimson Gates
04-14Echoes of Silence · Spiritus Mortis
06-30Echoes of Yul · Echoes of Yul
09-15Echoterra · The Law of One
10-31Eclipse · Grind, Suffer, Dreams
09-28Eclipse Hunter · One
??-??Ecuador Cadáver · Dark Path of Blood and Fire
??-??Ecö-Shöck · Get Shöcked
06-23Edain · Through Thought and Time
09-10Edema · Default
12-14Edenslave · On the Road
11-06Eden weint im Grab · Der Herbst des Einsamen (Eine Dekomposition der Lyrik Georg Trakls)
10-13Edgend · A New Identity
12-09Edge of Forever · Another Paradise
05-05Edge of Serenity · The Chaos Theory
11-11Edge of Spirit · Edge of Spirit
11-30E.D.I.E.H. · A Window Ajar, Eye of God Watching Afar
07-??E.D.I.E.H. · Vortex of Majesty
10-21Effigy of Gods · Wrath
08-15Efinheimer · Of Death
01-??Egemony · Baptism of the Unborn
10-31Eggnogg · The Three
??-??Ego · Architect of Illusions
11-11Ego · In Retrospective
06-20Ego Depths · Equilibrium Sickness
03-09Egoist · Ultra Selfish Revolution
??-??Egoizm · Ego-Is-My
??-??Egomass · Estreme conseguenze
03-16Einfall · The Art to Enslave
05-15Eisenvater · IV
09-18Eisheilig · Imperium
08-26Eizo Japan · Eizo Japan 1
12-02Eizo Japan · Eizo Japan 2
??-??Ekinoxio Universal · Hijos del sexto sol
03-14Ekron Cult · Queen of the Luxury
06-03Ela · Aklını Delilere Ver
09-16Elbereth · Arimak pizturik dirau
11-30Elctrikchair · Xenophobia
05-06Eldenhor · Отблески тревожных дней
??-??Elderdawn · Empty Words
??-??Electric Magma · Mudshovel
08-10Electric Mary · Down to the Bone
09-??Electronomicon · Chapter 1 "In the Beginning"
02-09El Ego · Winds of Glory
02-13Elegy of Madness · The Bridge of Sighs
??-??Elemento.6 · My Watery Grave
??-??Element of the Machine · Our Last Hope
02-16Elements · Northern Echoes
06-15Elenium · Eccentric Soul's Anatomy
01-01Elephant · The Defining Choice
03-25Elgibbor · War
08-??Elhaz · Goetic Experience
06-24Elias Viljanen · Fire-Hearted
11-25Elis · Catharsis
09-??El Kaso Urkijo · La bañera fue su nicho
10-29Ellipsis · The Grace Decapitated
04-01Ellsbeth · Well Dressed Killing Machine
04-11Eluveitie · Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion
12-18Elysion · Silent Scream
09-15Elysium · Nine Ways to Leave
??-??Emarebil Nocturna · Emarebil Nocturna
05-18Embedded · Beyond the Flesh
??-??Emberstorm · Memories of Time
10-20Embrace Damnation · Glory of a New Darkness
05-18Embrace of Thorns · Atonement Ritual
04-15Embrace Selegy · Awaken the Ring
11-10Embryonic Depravity · Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest
12-12Emerald Mind · Tales of Soveena
??-??Emergency Bloodshed · Tales of Ordinary Violence
01-23Emergency Gate · Rewake
08-21Emerging from the Cocoon · Sanguinivore
12-03Emerna · Silent like Lie
06-??Emmos · Vol. 1: Emmos Kratos
06-??Emmos · Vol. 2: The Meaning of Death
09-??Empire Satanicum · Hatred of Black God
05-22Empires of Eden · Songs of War and Vengeance
03-16Emprica · No More Show Business
06-06Empty · The House of Funerary Hymns
03-10Empty Book · Serotonin Absence
04-07Empty Grace · Subterranean Soul's March
09-25Empyre · Alpha Versus Omega
03-01Empyrean Plague · Ancestral Embers Shall Burn
09-14Empyreon · Beyond Perception
06-16Empyria · The Long Road Home
07-10Emulsified Flesh · Pathological Induced Gore
06-27Encircling Sea · I
02-??E.N.D. · Depravity
??-??End · III
??-??Enddarm · Iss Kack
09-28En Declin · Domino / Consequence
07-05Endemic Fear · The Reason for Living and Dying
02-28Endemise · Unearth the Throne
06-01End It All · Sabertooth
08-17Endless Bummer · Fritzl
08-19Endless Funeral · Dehumanization
??-??Endless Journey · Endless Journey / Melancholy
??-??Endless Pride · Endless Pride
09-??Endless Solitude · Fiumi di dolore
??-??EndName · Dreams of a Cyclops
04-17Endstille · Verführer
03-13Endyium · Eye of the Storm
??-??Enemy Division · Sentenced to Lie
??-??Enemy Logic · Bones as Armour
11-24Enfold Darkness · Our Cursed Rapture
10-07Engaged in Mutilating · Population: Zero
10-??Engine Driven Cultivators · Helly Gator
03-29The Engines of Armageddon · The Engines of Armageddon
??-??Enhärjarna · The Resurrection
08-03Enochian Theory · Evolution: Creatio ex Nihilio
03-04Enodre · Obscurity
07-??Enoid · Ataraxiis
04-03Enraged by Beauty · Vae Victis
09-09Ensiferum · From Afar
02-20Ensoph · Rex Mundi X-Ile
??-??Ente · Después de las cenizas
01-28Entwine · Painstained
02-??Enuma Elish · A Shine of Darkness
??-??Envenom Ascension · Descension of Man
10-??Envy · Moira's Lake
04-10Eon · Unscared
01-26Ephel Duath · Through My Dog's Eyes
10-16Epica · Design Your Universe
10-13Epicland · A Madman and His Angel
??-??Epitaph · Epitaph
02-14Epitaphium · Beyond Reality
06-01Epitimia · К теням, которых нет...
06-04Epitome · SupeROTic Experience
??-??Epoch · Epoch
??-??Epsilon · Poder
06-??Equal Vector · Aspectations
11-11The Equinox ov the Gods · Fragments of Lust & Decay
10-23Era Decay · Silent Stories
05-15Eradicator · The Atomic Blast
07-28Erasmus · Memento Mori I: Outrecuidance
11-20Erben der Schöpfung · Narben der Zeit
??-??Erebo · Evil Sensation
??-??Erebus · First of the Last Dawns
??-??Erebus · With Furious Intent
11-13Ereshkigal · When the Demons Spit Fire
??-??Erg Noor · Sea Journey
10-03Eruption · Lifeless Paradise
??-??Esbbat · El retorno del imperio satánico
08-??Escape Mortality · Lords to Our Dreams
01-20Escutcheon · Battle Order
02-27Esgharioth · Asylum of the Wretched
09-30Esgrotum · CKN
05-09Essenza · Devil's Breath
01-25Estertor · Inner Sights
04-??Eternal · The Berserks' Legions Defiance
01-14The Eternal · Kartika
06-21Eternal · Seeds of Evolution
??-??Eternal Blasphemy · Twilight of Forbidden Light
11-??Eternal Cry · The Garden of Dead Flowers
08-21Eternal Elysium · Within the Triad
11-20Eternal Fear · Embraced in Darkness
06-27Eternal Grave · Arquitectura del horror
??-??Eternal Hades · The Devil
12-08Eternal Legacy · Lifeless Alive
??-??Eternal Now · Filipinas 1800
??-??Eternal Plague · The Lust of a Wretch
05-22Eternal Tears of Sorrow · Children of the Dark Waters
04-20Eternal War · Eure Welt wird enden
03-24Ethan Brosh · Out of Oblivion
??-??Ethereal Faun · The Nightlitany
03-01Ethereal Sin · ...the Abyss Will Also Gaze into Thee
05-04Etheric Void · From Cruel Orbits Streams Death Telemetry
??-??Etixakkh · Templis Sinistra Mors
??-??Eucrasia · Engendrado por el odio
??-??Eulogium · The Transcendence of Hope
??-??Evangelist · Fucking Death Metal
08-??Ever Circling Wolves · The Silence from Your Room
02-16Everlost · Эклектика
??-??Evighet av Aske · Vade Mecum
03-23Evil · Hammerstorm
??-??Evil Country Jack · Jack's Country
09-21Evile · Infected Nations
11-25Eviliver · Liars
03-10Evil One · Evil Never Dies
05-01Evil Scarecrow · Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six
09-21Evil Unleashed · Curse of Life
02-18Evil Wrath · Chaotical Invasion
05-??Evince · Abandon Belief
01-17Evisceration · Lobotomy
??-??Evixxion · Strategic Cancellations
??-??Evolet · Клеть
05-15Evolution · When Serenity Ends
04-25Exaltation · Tales of Total Sickness
02-25Exanimus · Taste of Tragedy
02-13Excoriate · On Pestilent Winds...
10-27Excruciation · [t]horns
12-23Excuse for Pain · Agliophobia
10-31Ex Dementia · The Red Mass
06-19Ex Deo · Romulus
??-??Execrais · Holy Bastards
02-14Execrate · Sweating Blood
07-25Execution · Internal Bleeding
??-??Exegesis · Espíritu artificial
04-15Exence · Hystrionic
07-11Exiled from Light · Descending Further into Nothingness
06-23Exiled on Earth · The Orwell Legacy
03-27Existence · Godforsaken Nights
03-06Existence Failed · Doomed to Failure
??-??Existentialism · An Inception into Frailty
??-??Exit · III
05-11Exivious · Exivious
??-??EXM93 · Mortualia Nocturnum
08-25Expulsion · Wasteworld
12-15Expyre · Deadfall of Autumn
09-10Exquisite Pus · Dead [Forgotten]
09-??Exsecror Vecordia · Entre los sueños del tiempo
10-??Extasy · ...When She Sleeps
09-??Extended Rage · Extended Rage
05-22Extrema · Pound for Pound
??-??Extreme Vaginal · Anthem for Every Kill Moments
??-??Extrovert · Back in the UK
12-02Eyecult · Morituri Te Salutamus
11-23Eyeless · The Diary
??-??Eye of I · Marrow
??-??Eye of Judgement · Belligerent
05-??The Eyes · Insignis
02-02The Eyes of a Traitor · A Clear Perception
10-18Eyes of Fenrir · Victorious Holy War
02-14Eyes of Noctum · Inceptum
06-30Eyes of the Dead · The Weak and the Wounded
07-05Faagrim · Blutfrost
03-13Face Down Hero · Of Storytellers and Gunfellas
06-??Faceless and Descending · Endless Reign of Suffering
04-??Facelock · Facelock
??-??Face of Agony · Hunting Season Opened
??-??Facing Death · In Articulo Mortis
09-08Factory of Dreams · A Strange Utopia
07-31The Fading · In Sin We'll Find Salvation
06-24Fading Circles · Soulburn
04-30Fairyland · Score to a New Beginning
??-??F.A.I.T.H. · Очевидец
05-13Faithreat · Back to the Pit
??-??Falcon · Amo de los cielos
06-01Falgar · Paths Which You Seek
06-20The Fallacy · Falling Roses
11-14Fallen Decade · Under No God
05-27Fallen Up · So Blind Your Eyes… …and Listen
12-14The Fallen Within · Intoxicated
??-??Fall from Reality · Withdrawal
06-10Fall of Olympus · Fall of Olympus
12-10Fallout · Bone as Dust Shall Be
??-??Falsos Profetas · La profecía de los 20 años
03-13Far Beyond Innocence · Torture Circus
??-??Fatal Irony · Descent into Madness
11-06Fatality · Beers from the Grave
??-??Fatal Recoil · Stigmatizing the Backslider
12-05Fateless Tears · The Chaise
06-20Fate of Pyre · Nägelmale
??-??Fatigados · No más imperios
08-20Fatima Hill · The Snow Tower
09-09Faust · From Glory to Infinity
05-22Faust Again · The Trial
??-??Feargrinder · Respect Through Fear
05-13Fear of Domination · Call of Schizophrenia
12-05Fearvisions · Screaming for Change
??-??Feeble Minded · Pernicious Intergrowth
??-??Feedback · A Moment of Transition
??-??Feel the Pain · Life Is Pain and Pain Is Our Life
03-25Fejd · Storm
11-??Fekaliza Thor · Masakrácia sakrálnych exkrementov
01-23Fekaliza Thor · Umenie srania
03-09Fekete Sereg · Ősi dal, ősi szó
08-??Fel · The Wanderer
09-??Fell Voices · Fell Voices
08-25Felony · Helltown Hotel
01-16Fen · The Malediction Fields
??-??Ferec · Helikopter
02-28Fermento · Recipe for Cremation
12-14Ferocity · Cocoon of Denial
10-20Ferosity · Primordial Cruelty
11-09Festered · Flesh Perversion
09-30Festival of Mutilation · Gods of Infernal Desolation
08-07Fetal Butchery · From Torture to Mutilation
09-18The Fetals · Conceived to Destroy
??-??Fetus Grinder · Terror in the Women's Clinic
01-01Fetuxion · Eat or Be Eaten
09-15The Few Against Many · Sot
02-09Fferyllt · Dance of Druids
11-??Fides Inversa · Hanc Aciem Sola Retundit Virtus (The Algolagnia Divine)
02-14Fields of Elysium · Unraveling Arcane Dynamics
02-26Fiend · The Blooming Tremble
10-27Fight Amp · Manners and Praise
02-21The Final Burden · Retribution
??-??Final Drive · Under the Overpass of America
10-20Final Gravity · Final Gravity
??-??Final Reign · Vortex of Sin
04-02Finnentum · Reveries
02-27Finsterforst · ...zum Tode hin
??-??Firezone · Centuries of Torment
??-??First Aid · First-Aid
12-01FirstBorn · Evilution
10-31Firth of Damnation · Mark of Ascendancy
06-16Fischel's Beast · Commencement
??-??Fistfuck · Rock'n'Roll Nightmare
09-10Fjoergyn · Jahreszeiten
11-??Fjörd · Vor Tru
06-??F.K.Ü. · Where Moshers Dwell
12-??Flageladör · Obcecado por Sangue
07-??Flame of War · Transcendence
04-09Flashback of Anger · Splinters of Life
02-16Flatlands · Black Sluice
10-21Flaygoth · Саги Варяжского моря
03-01Fledgling Death · Return of the Butterlamb
12-11Fleischwald · Global Intoxication
04-08Fleshcut · Gruesome and Vile
03-30Fleshgod Apocalypse · Oracles
??-??Flesh Made Sin · The Aftermath of Amen
09-28Fleshworks · The Deadventure
06-30Fliegend · At the Dark Gate from the Hidden Whiteness
??-??The Flight of Sleipnir · Algiz + Berkanan
??-??Flood · Native
??-??Floodline · Beneath the Waves
07-30Florestas Negras · Necro Paganismo Austral
03-27Fluisterwoud · Laat alle hoop varen
12-09Fluoryne · Dämmerung
??-??Flyingsnakes · Bludgeoning Frequency
12-19The Foetal Mind · Suprême cheminement
11-25F.O.G. · Judgement & Redemption
10-10Fog of War · Fog of War
??-??Folge dem Wind · Thus Echoes the Earth
10-09Folkearth · Rulers of the Sea
04-??Folkodia · In a Time of Legends
11-01Folkstorm · De stemmen van het woud
12-11Folkvang · Atmospheric Black
??-??Following the Shade · The Butterfly Effect
??-??Folterkammer · You Must Die
03-12Fondlecorpse · Creaturegore
01-??Food · Food
09-08Fool's Game · Reality Divine
02-01Foolsbane · The Curse of the Third Man: Alpha
??-??Forbidden Forest · A Painful Awakening
11-27Forcentury · Vanguard
08-??Forest Stream · The Crown of Winter
05-19Forever in Terror · The End
??-??Forever Storm · Soul Revolution
11-09Forgery · Harbouring Hate
??-??Forgotten Forests · Spirits of the Ash
07-08Forgotten Land · In Regno Langobardorum
03-03Forgotten Suns · Innergy
04-07Forgotten Winter · Dialéctica Transcendental
11-??Forlax · Anachronique
??-??Formaldehyde · God's Will
02-16Fornicatus · Omnium Animalis Terminus
12-14Fornost Arnor · Escaping the Abyss
10-30For Ruin · Last Light
04-01Forsaken · After the Fall
10-19For Selena and Sin · Primrose Path
03-10Fortaleza · Una luz entre las sombras
02-24For the Suffering · For the Suffering
06-09For Today · Portraits
09-05Foscor · Groans to the Guilty
07-07Four Days to Burn · Southern Corruption
06-05Fractal Gates · Altered State of Consciousness
??-??Fragment · At the End
05-15Fragment. · Fragment.
08-28Fragment of Symmetry · Beyond the Dreams
08-01Fragmentory · Capital Punishment
10-16Fragments of Unbecoming · The Everhaunting Past: Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection
??-??Fragore · The Dark Side of Ambition
??-??Framferd · Landgang
12-21Frankenshred · Cauldron of Evil
??-??Frantgressor · Vice till Death
09-01Freakhate · It Comes from the Grave
10-21Freak Kitchen · Land of the Freaks
04-20Freakshow · Freakshow
11-30Freedom Hawk · Freedom Hawk
01-26The Freezing Fog · The Freezing Fog
??-??Freude · You Are the Front
??-??Friar Rush · Still Alive
??-??Frigus et Obscurum · Vol. 1
??-??From Exile · Monolith
11-25From the Sunset, Forest and Grief · ...Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
03-14Frostbitten Kingdom · Obscure Visions of Chaotic Annihilation
??-??Frostmourne · The Seven Gates
12-04Frosty Eve · 极夜 (Polar Night)
11-??Frozen · The Unborn
??-??Frozen Abyss · Notes of Loneliness
03-07Frozen by Fire · Let the Madness Begin
05-26Frozen Infinity · Fragments of I
01-22Frozen Mind · Стены веков
04-11Frozen Mist · Espershades
04-04Frozen Tears · Slaves
??-??Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 1: The Journey of Metal Engine Creation
02-??Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 2: Surfing to the Dangerous Metal Head
??-??Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 3: Run for Freedom!
??-??The Fuck Machine · Fuck the World, Hail Satan
??-??Fuego Eterno · Hasta vos
10-06Fuelblooded · Off the Face of the Earth
05-23Fughu · Absence
??-??Fukpig · Spewings from a Selfish Nation
??-??Full Give · Keep It Brutal
04-17Funebrarum · The Sleep of Morbid Dreams
??-??Funebria · In Dominus Blasfemical Est... Ad Noctum Sathania
06-18Funeral Fornication · Solitude and Suicide
08-14Funeral Goat · Mass ov Perversion
02-23Funeral Mist · Maranatha
09-24Funeration · Dead
12-03Funereal Moon · Perpetual Image of Doom
09-02Funéraille · Dis Pater
10-12Furia · Grudzień za grudniem
07-13Fury UK · VR
08-28Fused · The Obliquity of the Ecliptic
02-07Futility · Futility
09-01Future Is Tomorrow · Fit to Die (Part 1)
10-13Futures End · Memoirs of a Broken Man
07-09Fuurlen Kourpuultii · Crimz
08-04Fuurlen Kourpuultii · Holy Batman, Batman!
??-??Fuzz Fuzz Machine · The Most
05-29Fäulnis · Gehirn zwischen Wahn und Sinn
??-??Galactic Industry · Key to Space Love
09-26Galeon · Нет надежды, нeт веры...
11-05Gama Bomb · Tales from the Grave in Space
??-??Gangrena Febrosa · Graves torturas homicídio
01-20Garden of Autumn · Hymns of Morning and Liberty
09-11Garden of Grief · Of Shattered Dreams and Nostalgic Melancholy
??-??Garden of Sadness · Travesty of a Human Being
09-03Gargoyle · 黒密典
07-28Garroter · Corporal Punishment
04-??Gate of Sorrow · Enter Through the Gate
09-04Gates of Hell · Night of Unholy Terror
06-??Gates of Holocaust · Gates of Holocaust
09-14The Gates of Slumber · Hymns of Blood and Thunder
05-04The Gathering · The West Pole
??-??The Gatling Fire Power · Queen of Bullets
01-??Gauntlet · What Doesn't Kill Us...
05-15Gaveldown · Chosen the Pawn
11-06The Generals · Stand Up Straight
03-12General Surgery · Corpus in Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism
03-01Gene-Split · Shottagroho
06-03Genocide Winter · Monastica Holocaust
08-01Gentaro Satomura · Light and Shadow
01-23George Bellas · Step into the Future
10-31Gergovia · Comme le Christ sur la croix
??-??Get into Gear · Exuberant
05-15Geïst · Galeere
03-29Ghornumn · Sinister Anger
08-03Ghost Brigade · Isolation Songs
03-22Ghoulish Pain · Ghoulish Pain
??-??Giant of the Mountain · Yeti
11-21Giants of Stone · Heathen Woods
02-03Giant Squid · The Ichthyologist
05-08Giboraltar · Lichtgeburt
08-03Gilla Bruja · The Armour of Self Contempt
06-??Gipfelstürmer · Am Ende steht der Sieg
??-??Girth · Deconstruction
08-01Gitaron · Mental Visions
??-??Giulio Rossi · Victims of the Past
??-??Gjallarhorn · Пробудження
??-??Glass Wolfe · Xotica
05-27Glittertind · Landkjenning
??-??Gloom · Mater Tenebrarum
06-08Glorifying Dying · Dark Fantasy
05-25Glorior Belli · Meet Us at the Southern Sign
??-??Glut! · Trastorno depresivo perpetuo
05-10Gnaw Their Tongues · All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity
05-16Gnaw Their Tongues · To Rend Each Other like Wild Beasts, till Earth Shall Reek with Midnight Massacre
??-??Gnieu · У вiхурах усьведамленьня быцьця / In the Vortexes of Existence Awareness
05-25Gnostic · Engineering the Rule
12-08Goat Bleeder · Blasphemous Rituals
06-29Goat Evil · U ime zla
12-08Goatmill · Apocryphal
10-??Goat River · Goat River
06-??Goat Thron · Skrajne upodlenie!
06-23Goatwhore · Carving Out the Eyes of God
01-27Goblin Cock · Come with Me If You Want to Live!
01-28Gobra · From Dawn to Storm
??-??God's Desire · The Brown Album
11-03Godcursed · Sunrise ad Subnoctem
02-21God Damn · Old Days
04-24God Dethroned · Passiondale (Passchendaele)
02-16God Forbid · Earthsblood
12-23Godhate · Equal in the Eyes of Death
??-??Gods of Fire · Hanukkah Gone Metal
10-23Gods Will Be Done · The Book of Blood
07-21Godzilla on Demand · Sea Burial
??-??Golden Axe · Golden Axe
04-14Gollum · The Core
10-30Gonoba · Chains of Ignorance
??-??Gore · Sublimes rituales del mundo bizarro
??-??Gore and Carnage · Ruidos para descuartizar, mutilar, decapitar y convivir en familia
08-17Goreaphobia · Mortal Repulsion
??-??Goremonger · Fucking Hate Cunts
09-05Gorepoflesh · Gore Fucking Corpses
??-??Gorepot · Happy Hour
??-??Gorepriest · Thanatologica
03-03Gore Sanctum · Flesh and Organ Consumption
07-25Goresluts · Cumshot Kamikaze
06-12Gorethroat · Flood of Blood
10-??Gorezone · Brutalities of Modern Domination
03-18Gorged Afterbirth · Gorged Afterbirth
10-21Gorgoroth · Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
04-13Gorlock · Dwell in Darkness
06-01Gorod · Process of a New Decline
??-??Gorse · Bovine Soul
02-??Gortal · Blastphemous Sindecade
04-06Gory Blister · Graveyard of Angels
01-01Gothmog · A Step in the Dark
03-17Gout · Cadaverous Laceration
04-06Gram · May I Never Hear Your Voices Again
07-11Grand Demise of Civilization · Black Goat Apocalypse
??-??Grandmother Is Dead · Trust Christ Today
04-03Granit · Granit
05-01Grantig · Medizin
01-09Grave Digger · Ballads of a Hangman
05-22Grave Forsaken · This Day Forth
07-21Gravehill · Rites of the Pentagram
04-09Graveland · Spears of Heaven
06-27Gravenloch · Gravenloch
03-19Grave Robbers · Into the Killing Fields
07-01GraveSideService · Popes Pears
05-26Graves of Valor · Salarian Gate
06-26Graveworm · Diabolical Figures
04-??Gravewürm · Funeral Empire
09-01Graveyard · One with the Dead
12-31Gravfält · Welcome to the Burial Ground
12-05The Graviators · The Graviators
08-10Gravsorg · Visions of Depression
01-02The Great Collapse · The Great Collapse
11-06Great Master · Underworld
11-28The Great Sabatini · Sad Parade of Yesterdays
05-18Greed Killing · Disorder
09-12Green & Wood · Green & Wood
03-13The Green Evening Requiem · Bastards of Atlas
??-??Green Miles · Old Home Brew
07-21Greensleeves · The Elephant Truth
??-??Grendelsmere · Revenant
??-??Grial · 1212
07-07Grief of War · Worship
07-16Grieving Age · In Aloof Lantern, Thy Bequeathed a Wailer Quietus...
09-11Griftegård · Solemn • Sacred • Severe
12-30Grifteskymfning · Djävulens boning
02-??Grigori · Principivm et Finis
10-23Grim Destroyer · Might and Majesty
01-03Grimlair · Au commencement de l'ombre
??-??Grimlord · Dolce Vita Sath-anas
12-10Grimskull · Grimskull
11-16Grim Sköll · The Woods Shall Cry Forever
05-04Grindomatic · Welcome to Grind-o-Land
12-25Grinning Death's Head · No Afterlife
11-18Grotte · Existence Is Futile
09-??The Growl Family · Putrifixion
07-06The Growling Stones · Don't Speak Just Listen
02-21Groza · Kör Kılavuz
06-??Gruel · Gruel
01-29Gruesome Fate · A New Beginning
??-??Guerrero Inmortal · Insomnio
??-??Guerreros del Metal · Angel of Death
07-25Guild of Destruction · We Are Vermin
02-27GuilThee · Lustration
08-28Guilt Machine · On This Perfect Day
??-??Guilty as Sin · Led to the Slaughter
04-04Guiltys Law · Total Insanity
03-20Gulch · Uphill Both Ways
03-02Gunja · Become the Predator
01-16Gurd · Your Drug of Choice
??-??Gurgabs · Fates of a Decaing
05-22Guru of Darkness · Mater Meretrix
??-??Gut Bucket · Gay Zombies
06-09The Gut of Madness · ของขลัง
08-16Gwar · Lust in Space
01-11Gwyllion · The Edge of All I Know
04-23Gwynbleidd · Nostalgia
06-24Gyibaaw · Ancestral War Hymns
09-11Gyöngyvér · Álmokból álomba...
01-??Habsyll · MMVIII
08-14Hackneyed · Burn After Reaping
04-20Hacride · Lazarus
??-??Hada de Beng · El canto de las hadas...
01-31Hadez · Doomsday: The Death Rides
08-08Haelm · Lord of Infestations
12-??Haemophagus · Slaves to the Necromancer
??-??Hahn Kult · Across Ashen Faces and Leaden Glazes
??-??Hail · Crimson Madrigal
??-??Hailstorm · Greyness
02-01Hairy Hole · Confessions of a Hermaphrodite Nun
10-26Halford · Winter Songs
11-16Halgadom · Wille : Tatkraft : Potential
03-18Hallow · Hallow Soundtrack
06-??Hallowed Butchery · Funeral Rites for the Living
??-??Hallows Die · World of Ruin
04-06Hamlet · La puta y el diablo
??-??Hammered · Gut Rot
02-20HammerFall · No Sacrifice, No Victory
??-??Hammerforce · Dice
??-??Hammerhed · Killtrippin
03-21Hammer Horde · Under the Mighty Oath
04-21Hammerkill · Let's Get Hammered!!!
??-??Hammer of Hate · Krew i żelazo
??-??Hamsoken · Foul Harvest
03-07Hamunaptra · La ciudad de los muertos
11-06Handful of Hate · You Will Bleed
07-21Hands · Creator
02-24Hands · The Sounds of Earth
09-26Hangar · Infallible
01-27Hanged in the Crypt · Horror Vacui
09-16Hanging Garden · How Will You Live Your Life Today?
11-11Hanging Garden · TEOTWAWKI
07-23Happy Days · Happiness Stops Here...
06-14Haqq-Ed-Dumm · Si mañana naciera otra vez...
08-04Harbinger · Doom on You
12-??Hard Rain · Černá duše...
??-??Harjatugon · Supreme Barbaric Kill
??-??Harmahis · Sa Nagba Imuru
02-10Harpoon · Double Gnarly / Triple Suicide
02-11Har Shatan · His Legacy
??-??Harvester · The Magnificent Humiliaton
02-23Harvester of Souls · Visions of an Apocalyptic Wasteland
04-14Harvestman · In a Dark Tongue
04-01Hat · The Demise of Mankind
03-31Hate FX · The Holy Frail
01-??HateHordes · Plagues and Death
02-02Hate Legions · The Age of Decadence
08-14Hate Seven · Icon
03-25HateSphere · To the Nines
01-20Hatestorm · Filth Purity
01-20Hatestroke · The Schematic Diagram of Hate Distribution
??-??Hate Supremacy · Only Pure Hate
05-01Hathor · The Darkness Call
10-31Hatred · Burning Paradise
02-11Hatred for All · Dead Purity
??-??Hatred Surge · Deconstruct
09-26Hauk · The Path of Ice
07-11The Haunting · No One's Innocent
09-21Haven Denied · Symbiosys
??-??Havenside · Lost and Departed
07-20Havoc Theory · The Art of War
07-13Havohej · Kembatinan Premaster
02-02Havok · Being and Nothingness
06-02Havok · Burn
09-01Hawk · Let the Metal Live
04-??Hazy Hamlet · Forging Metal
01-21H.C. Minds · The Beginning of the End
02-23HDK · System Overload
01-01Headbangers Nightmare · Are We Evil?
02-02Head Krusher · Deskontroll
10-??Heap of Ruins · Tales of Twilight
04-11Heaps of Dead · Deceased Dismembered and Left to Decay
06-15Hearse · Single Ticket to Paradise
??-??Heart Attack · Polaris
03-31Heart of Cygnus · Over Mountain, Under Hill
11-18Heart of Cygnus · Tales from Outer Space!
04-24Heathen Foray · The Passage
04-28Heaven & Hell · The Devil You Know
12-18Heavenly · Carpe Diem
03-??Heaven Rise · Towerhawk
??-??Heavy Metal Kids · Warhammer Songs Vol. 2
??-??Hebron · Resurrection
??-??Hedras Ramos · The Holy Gift of Shred
05-15Heel · Chaos and Greed
03-03Heiden · Obsidian
08-21Heidenblut · The Hadnur-Daimos Complex
04-22Heinrichreich · Druid
??-??Heirdrain · Mal de vivre
05-??Heirdrain · Vouloir, savoir, pouvoir
02-??Heirdrain · World Decay
07-04Helcaraxë · Broadsword
01-30Helel · A Sigil Burnt Deep into the Flesh
07-??Hell · Hell
??-??Hell's Crack · Rusted
03-19Hell's Thrash Horsemen · ...Till Violence
01-14Helland · Årstider
10-26Hellbastard · The Need to Kill
11-10Hellebaard · Fier
02-02Hellewacht · Euvele Daeden
02-06Hellfire · Warnings
??-??Hellfueled · Emission of Sins
??-??Hellgreen · Dysplasia
05-30Hellias · A.D. Darkness
01-06Hellmouth · Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing
??-??Hellocaustor · Bestial Thrash Attack
12-23Helloween · Unarmed
12-24Hellrider · Hellrider
03-25Hellsaw · Cold
??-??Hellshock · They Wait for You Still
05-01Hell Spyke · Battles in Eternal Hell
10-05Hell Spyke · Eternal Kult of War
11-26Hell Spyke · The Return to the Dark Cemetery
11-24Hellveto · Kry
07-07Hellveto · Od południa na północ...
08-??Hellwitch · Omnipotent Convocation
04-??Helvetets Port · Exodus to Hell
06-27Hephystus · Hephystus
??-??Heresy · Knights of God
03-28Heretic · Gods over Humans, Slaves Under Satan
??-??Heritage · Herencia (On the Road)
02-27Herman Frank · Loyal to None
06-09The Hero · Immortal
02-??Herodes Antipas · Legion Profana
05-26Hester Prynne · The Goswell Divorce
??-??Hetman · Deja Vu
09-01Hetzer · Fall of the Holy Cult
10-17Hevisaurus · Jurahevin kuninkaat
11-13Hexennacht · In Limine
??-??Hidalgo · Yupaychay
02-??Hidden Revenge · ...and Hell Stood at Attention
07-24Hiems · Worship or Die
10-07Highlight Kenosis · Glowing
12-05Highlord · The Death of the Artists
07-14Hightower · Tower to the People
??-??Hindrance · Rebirth
08-08Hinsides · Etemenanki's Followers
??-??Hippie Hunter · Hippie in Box
11-16Hirax · El rostro de la muerte
04-14Hiroshima Will Burn · To the Weight of All Things
??-??Hishatana · El despertar del sur
05-??Hiss of Atrocities · Ritual of the Lost
??-??Hiverland · The Return
08-28Hjallarhorn · Iron Clad Soldiers
09-16Hjarnidaudi · PsykoStareVoid
12-??HMR · Просто и грубо
03-17Hod · Serpent
11-07Hok-key · Ad Libitum
??-??Holiness · Beneath the Surface
??-??Holloway · Illusions
12-26Holocaust · Ground Zero
09-25Holy Cross · Under the Flag
04-20Holy Dragons · Железный рассудок
06-26HolyHell · HolyHell
??-??Hombre Malo · The Ecstasy of Devastation
??-??Homestell · Desecrated Empyrean
??-??Homicidio · Impuros
02-21Hookerfight · ...and Then There Were Three
02-26Hopeless Nation · Built from Scratch
08-29Horde of Anachron · Aeons of Damnation
05-05Horde of Hel · Blodskam
10-02Horfixion · The Art of Agony
??-??Horncrowned · Casus Belli Antichristianus
??-??Horns of Anguish · Barriers
10-15Horns of Moses · The Last Plague
04-01Horricane · The End's Façade
04-10Horrific · Your Worst Nightmare
03-20Horror God · Cold Shine
08-19Horros · Horros
11-06Horseburner · Dirt City
12-08Hortor · Ancient Satanic Rituals Are Crushed in Dust
07-27Hospital of Death · Surge Kill Steal
??-??Hospital the Musical · REDorphan
06-06Hostile Hate · Across of Hate
02-19Hourglass · Oblivious to the Obvious
??-??House of Broken Promises · Using the Useless
03-02House of Heavy · House of Heavy
01-01The Howling Void · Megaliths of the Abyss
08-31Hrom · Blesk
05-10Hugin Munin · Viking Brothers
12-11Huldrefolk · Morbide Elite
05-26Hull · Sole Lord
02-23Huma · Semilla del mal
05-07Human · Cadaver Academy
07-25Human Error · Memories of the Afterlife
??-??Human Fate · Part 1
??-??Humanity Is Overrated · Charnel of the Innocent
05-??Human Rejection · Decrepit to Insanity
04-04Humator · Memories from the Abyss
07-??Hummingbird of Death · Show Us the Meaning of Haste
01-15Hundred Proof · Baptized in Whiskey
??-??Hungarica · Balladák
??-??Hungarica · Nincs más föld, nincs más ég
08-15Hunger · Nightmare
04-14Hunter · Hellwood
06-04Hunting Season · Fear the Return
06-01Huron · Cheyne Stoking
09-30Hvitskaldr · Kraft
06-16Hyades · The Roots of Trash
05-19Hyadningar · The Weak Creation
04-06Hyborian Steel · An Age Undreamt of...
??-??Hybrid Circle · Alien Nation
04-29Hybris · Hybris
??-??Hybris · Hybris
12-21Hydra · Long Way to Lord and Other Stories
05-28Hymengaard · Unsilent Storms in the South Abyss
11-13Hypnotheticall · Dead World
10-23Hypocrisy · A Taste of Extreme Divinity
??-??Hyra · Seek for Salvation
10-25Hysteria · When Believers Preach Their Hangman’s Dogma
02-20Hysterica · Metalwar
07-04Hyubris · Forja
04-11Hürlement · De sang et d'acier
??-??Iced Warm · Requielle
11-24Ichabod · 2012
??-??Ichabod Crane · Wearing the Horns
06-19Ichor · The Siege
06-01I.C.O.N. · New Born Lie
08-15Icon · Pain Trust Lies Disharmony
08-24Iconic Destruction · The Decaying Fields
05-02Icon in Me · Human Museum
02-02Iconocaust · Judas Complex
01-10IC Rex · Vedenjakaja
??-??Icycore · Evol
??-??Idiom ૐ · A Silent End
11-16Igneous Human · Pyroclastic Storms
??-??Ignis Fatuus · Fiends
03-18Ignis Uranium · Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency
09-14Ignitor · The Spider Queen
08-04Ignivomous · Death Transmutation
03-09Ignominious Incarceration · Of Winter Born
03-08Igut · Eternities
07-??Igzordium · Igzordium
05-06II · 666
11-09II · Misantropi, smerte og satanisme
06-26Ilium · Ageless Decay
05-05Illapa · Lascivo culto solar
08-28Illdisposed · To Those Who Walk Behind Us
02-12Illness · Necroterror
??-??Illumion · Hunting for Significance
08-07Illusion Suite · Final Hour
??-??Il Male · Il Male
??-??Ilsa · The Maggots Are Hungry
??-??Ilungara · From the Ashes to the Dust
09-15Imago Mortis · Ars Obscura
06-30Imari Tones · Welcome to the School
12-??Immense Decay · KillZone
??-??Immortadell · Legion of Grezz Metal
09-25Immortal · All Shall Fall
??-??Immortal Empire · Immortal Empire
04-06Immortal Remains · Everlasting Night
10-??Immured · An Unending Hell
??-??Impaled Baphomet · I Smashed Your Head
12-01Impaler · Cryptozoology (Creatures of God?)
09-21Impaler · Nightmare Attack
??-??Impellitteri · Wicked Maiden
03-31Impending Doom · The Serpent Servant
06-23Imperial Battlesnake · Sentinels of the Hardland
12-30Imperial Circus Dead Decadence · 惨劇の血に赫く染まった愛と絶望の黒い死とが紡ぐ最期の物語
??-??Imperial Dusk · Long Live the King of Winter & Thunder Lord
07-20Imperial Vengeance · At the Going Down of the Sun
03-??Imperious Rex · Speed Demon
11-10Imperium · Imperium
11-??Impetuous Ritual · Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence
05-??Impiety · Terroreign - Apocalyptic Armageddon Command
11-20Impious · Death Domination
04-04Implosion Circle · Man of Contradiction
05-29Imprudence · Эпоха нянавісці
04-??Inane · Horsepower
??-??In Articulo Mortis · The Day After the Darkest Day
07-20Inbreeding Sick · Sodomized and Gutted
??-??Incarceri 9 · In Prison till the End
05-13Incarnator · Under the Death Influence
??-??In Cauda Venenum · In Cauda Venenum
??-??Inchoate · IV: The Revenant
10-20Incite · The Slaughter
??-??Incoming Cerebral Overdrive · Controverso
11-28In Conspectu Mortis · Gebet und Verderben
??-??Incredulus · Aos Ímpios
08-20Incursus · Eternal Funeral Trance
07-14In Defence · Into the Sewer
10-30Indian Fall · Seasons in Equilibrium
09-11Indisperse · The Reckoning
??-??Inducing Terror · Cystic Disposition
08-??Indukti · Idmen
??-??Indyus · Ashes of Dystopia
??-??Inercia · Alma de rock
03-17Inevitable End · The Severed Inception
02-??Infección Crónica · Detrás de la luz
??-??Infected · Who Is Not?
02-21Infected Disarray · Disseminating Obscenity
??-??Infection · Necrokindergarden
09-09Infectous Arteries · Synoptic Oddity
01-01Inferi · The End of an Era
??-??Inferi · The End of a Weak Nature
??-??Infernal · The Deepest Emptiness
09-28Infernal Angels · Midwinter Blood
??-??Infernal Course · The Devil's Sentence of Destruction
05-25Infernal Poetry · Nervous System Failure
07-10Infernal Revulsion · Dead but Breathing
07-??Infernal Stronghold · Godless Noise
??-??Infernal Throne · Eternos dominios del trono infernal
08-15Infernal Wrath · Inside of Me
09-25Inferno · Black Devotion
07-07Infest · Moshroom
09-27Infest · Onward to Destroy
04-30Infested · 1000 Doors
06-24Infested Blood · Interplanar Decimation
??-??Infexion · The Reality Beyond the Pain
09-09Infidel · Ejaculating Chaos
08-28Infidia · Reflections
02-27Infinite Defilement · Disgorging Humanity
11-15Infinite Design · The Architect
10-??Infinite Horizon · Dominion
09-01Infinite Tales · Only the Beginning
10-??Infinitum Obscure · Sub Atris Caelis
10-06Infinity Overture · Kingdom of Utopia
12-19Ing · It's a Sick Thing
06-22Ingested · Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering
04-07In Grief · Deserted Soul
11-25Inhale · Heaven & Hell
12-12In High Dungeon · Descending to Hades
12-??Inhumane Deathcult · On Behalf of Satan
04-15Inhumate · The 5th Season
05-23Inire · Born the Wicked, the Fallen, the Damned
??-??Inkognitta · A Resposta dos Mais Fracos
10-??In Memoriam · Comeback to Life
04-21In Memorium · Lost to Antiquity
08-17Inmolado · Después del destino
06-29Inmoria · Invisible Wounds
07-09In Morpheus' Arms · Distrust the Mantra
08-??InnerHate · Digital Embryonic Selection
??-??Inner Quest · Endless Illusion
??-??Innersig · Have a Nice Death
05-??Inntrance · The Basis of Trancetherapy
04-22Inoperable · Engineered to Expire
12-12In-Quest · Made Out of Negative Matter
01-08Inquinok · Immortal Dawn
??-??inRed · Caught in the Aftermath
??-??Insane Court · Oil Sucking Animal
??-??Insanity Arise · Sinerside
10-10Insanity Reigns Supreme · Occultus Insanus Damnatus
??-??In Search For · Faith
07-31Insidious Decrepancy · Extirpating Omniscient Certitude
12-??In Signum · Beast of Prey
11-06In Slumber · Arcane Divine Subspecies
10-18Insomnia · Insomnia
09-07Insomnium · Across the Dark
04-04Inspire · Alive
09-24In Staid Grace · Revelations
11-03Instant Suppression · Domain.Nation
02-06InstinctHate · Gift
03-??Instinct of Survival · North of Nowhere
??-??Insuiciety · The Cure for the Truth
??-??Interior of Death · Mass Agony
??-??Interior Wrath · Волчья кровь противостояния
07-14Interitus · In My Hands
01-23Interitus Dei · In Motion...
01-03Internal Corrosion · No Reason to Live...No Reason to Die
04-11Interria · Les corps impatients
??-??Intestinal Infection · Westside Infection
07-26Into Oblivion · Into Oblivion
10-12In Tormentata Quiete · Teatroelementale
10-02Intoxxxicated · Beware of Metal
??-??Introspección · Transcending
??-??In Utero Cannibalism · Frenzied
??-??Invadeath · Aphophis
11-02In Vain · Of Gods and Men
??-??Invasion · The Master Alchemist
09-30Invasive Command · Ride... Invade... Kill... Conquer...
09-09In Vein · Bloodbath Democracy
09-01In.verno · Realscapes
04-20Invictus · Persecution
??-??Invivo · Introvisión
??-??Ioannis Anastassakis · Orbital Attempt
03-17Ion Disruption · Troops of Eternal War
10-23Ira · Visions of a Landscape
01-20Irbis · Иди за мной
03-27Irminsul · Irminsul
08-04Iron Age · The Sleeping Eye
10-11Iron Attack! · Crying Destiny
08-15Iron Attack! · Far East Judgment
12-30Iron Attack! · Miss Understanding
03-08Iron Attack! · Savage Flames
05-05Iron Attack! · Sparking!
01-09Iron Fire · To the Grave
05-09Ironhead · Roadwhore
03-18Ironica · Vivere
04-25Iron Man · I Have Returned
12-16Iron Mask · Shadow of the Red Baron
01-28Ironwood · :Fire:Water:Ash:
02-06Irrbloss · Bloodline
05-14Irreverencia · Rastros en el tiempo
09-09Irreversible · Light
??-??Irrlichter · Irrlichter
??-??Isengrim · Kaaos ja käärme
03-24I Shalt Become · The Pendle Witch Trials
05-05Isis · Wavering Radiant
10-17Iskra · Bureval
04-20Islamofobi · Mord
08-??Ism of Karawan · Ex Oriente Lux
02-25Isole · Silent Ruins
??-??The Isosceles Project · Oblivion's Candle
??-??Istnienie · Existentia
04-15Isäntä Meidän · Vereen piirretty viiva
09-15It Dies Today · Lividity
04-??Item · Outlife
08-25Itself · Make My Suffer Short
03-16IXXI · Elect Darkness
??-??Jabladav · Ambience
??-??Jabladav · Atta Vinter
05-22Jackal · IV
??-??Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead · Grimoire
06-03Jackhammer · Hard to Be Alive
09-15Jack Ketch · In Articulo Mortis
07-22Jack Rose · Heart Infection 02
06-05Jack Starr's Burning Starr · Defiance
11-10Jacobs Dream · Beneath the Shadows
01-13Jaded Vision · It's About Time
01-??Jamie Saft · Black Shabbis
12-??Janesession · III: Nothin' but Trouble
01-09Jarhead · Image of Insanity
??-??Jason · NuevaMente
08-22Javelin · Dark Broken Land
09-29Javelina · Beasts Among Sheep
??-??Jerry Vayne · Damnations Embrace
07-23Jesu · Infinity
01-01Jettison Greymatter · Swimming in Eyes
11-08Jezabel · Más allá del tiempo
09-25Jimmy Strain · Future
07-21The Jimmy Whip Project · The Jimmy Whip Project
07-06Job for a Cowboy · Ruination
04-17Joe Stump · Virtuostic Vendetta
07-19Joe Thrasher · Metal Forces
09-05Johann Wolfgang Pozoj · Escape of Pozoj
??-??John Perinbam · Knightfall
05-15Johnston · Welcome to the Weaseldome
??-??The Jokke · While Flame Burns
??-??Jonas Tamas · Sharp Guitars from a Flat Planet
05-12Jordan Rudess · Notes on a Dream
06-05Jorn · Spirit Black
12-01Joy Machine · Be Rock and Not to Roll...
10-??J.T.R. Sickert · You Deserve Panic
11-24Judgment Hammer · Arbiter of Fate
10-27Juggernaught · Act of Goat
??-??Juggernaut · ...Where Mountains Walk
??-??Julgamento · Flagelo Fatalista
??-??Julien Martinoia · A World I Created
05-19Jungle Rot · What Horrors Await
11-??Jupiter Society · Terraform
05-??Jute Gyte · Subcon
??-??K3 · Garden of Death
10-??Kachana · Of Gods & Men
03-21Kadavar · Kadavar
10-30Kadavrik · Wine Will Turn to Blood Again
08-04Kaemon · The Ballad of Mary Surratt
12-??Kaer Morhen · Aen Ithilinnespeath
??-??Kagan · Monuments of Heathen Sorrow
06-01Kahtmayan · Virtual Existence
??-??Kailash · Past Changing Fast
08-15K.A.IN · Из тьмы веков
06-10Kaira · Huntress
02-19Kaira · Дитя огня
??-??Kaiser · Aufstieg der Dämonen
??-??Kalapács · Apokalipszis
01-??Kalisia · Cybion
01-12Kamala · Fractal
11-25Kameleontti · Tärkein vähemmistö
??-??Kamilla · Beneath the Roots
06-06Kanashimi · Romantik Suicide
??-??Kaoscentrica · South Hordes Arise
05-??Kaosweaver · La Théorie
12-??Kapital · Metalmorphosis
08-??Kappa Crucis · Jewel Box
03-23Kara · Pysähtyneisyyden aika
02-20Karbo · Crossing Borders
04-14Karl Sanders · Saurian Exorcisms
??-??Karnak Seti · Scars of Your Decay
04-24Karpathia · Urheimat - volanie havranov
??-??Katarze · Katarze
11-02Katatonia · Night Is the New Day
03-15Kathaarsys · Anonymous Ballad
07-01Katie King · Ex novo
04-22Katsu Ohta · Eternal and External
11-18Kauan · Aava tuulen maa
??-??Kaustik · Hard Drugs
07-07Kayros · Pozo negro
??-??Kdaverium · Tu sangre
04-08Keelhaul · Triumphant Return to Obscurity
09-09Keeper of Dreams · Taste Smashed to Pieces
??-??Kei Fujimoto · The Shred Viking
??-??Keletiel · Buried in Light
01-27Keltensturm · Dominons of Eternal Solitude
??-??Kenobass Project · Kenobass Project
02-??Kernel · Servant of God
08-13Kesera · Footsteps to Oblivion
??-??Ketea · Alpha
09-15Ketzer · Satan's Boundaries Unchained
04-22Kevin Bell · Floodgates
04-21Kevin Delaney · The Awakening
??-??Kevin Zugschwert · Over the Limit
05-27Kevlar Skin · Outburst
10-??Khaelys · Darkest Hours
05-26Khanate · Clean Hands Go Foul
??-??Khashm · Dark Path to His Throne
03-08Khnuth · За порогом видений
??-??Khnuth · Иллюзия свободы
10-01Khrophus · Presages
09-30Kiana · Abstract Entity
??-??Kickin Chickins · Poultry with a Side of Metal
03-25Kiko Loureiro · Fullblast
??-??Kiko Loureiro · Fullblast Playback Version
05-08Kilju · Old Skool
08-31Kill · No Catharsis
??-??Killbot · Welcome to the Cemetery
11-27Killchain · They
??-??Killed by Butterfly · Sanity/Insanity
??-??Killflex · Time vs. Life
12-??Killing Fields · Extermination by Human
??-??Killing in Apathy · Last Man Standing
04-30Killing Touch · One of a Kind
09-09Kill Slice Corpse · Gouge the Larger Intestine Then to Bring Eat
??-??Kill Switch · The Disaster Image
06-30Killswitch Engage · Killswitch Engage
03-05Kill Syndicate · Bleed Your God
??-??Kilpatient M.D. · Psycho - Ology
10-07Kilpi · Pirun merta
10-23Kilyakai · Devastate Insisted Existence
04-07King Bong · How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bong
07-17Kingdom Gone · Herbstblut
10-31Kingdom of Hate · The Search
03-30Kingdom of Shad · Black Demoniacal Art
06-06King Giant · Southern Darkness
09-20King Hell! · Rhythm & Bruise
09-25Kings of Modesty · Hell or Highwater
05-19Kings of the Killing Field · Predatory Instinct
08-??King Stench · Visions of Death
02-20Kin of Ettins · Tears for Lost Ages
02-13Kirkkopalovaroitus · Pure Unholy Free Existence
06-29Klabautamann · Merkur
09-??Kladovest · Escape in Melancholy
??-??Klan · Bone by Bone, Soul by Soul
12-02Klandestyn · Wounds Bleeding Black
09-19The KMX Band · Sacred Cheese
08-03Kna'an · First Impressions
09-26Knight Area · Realm of Shadows
05-15KOB · Close to Dawn
??-??Kobra and the Lotus · Out of the Pit
09-01K.O.C · At War
03-25Kodiak · Kodiak
??-??Kogai · Shinobi
??-??The Kolony · Mischiefs and Shenanigans
10-??Koltum · Funeral of Flesh
03-23Kong · What It Seems Is What You Get
05-15Kongh · Shadows of the Shapeless
02-23Konkhra · Nothing Is Sacred
05-05Kooznetz · Kooznetz
07-16Korgonthurus · Marras
05-??Korium · The Pendulum of Sorrow
02-28Korotory · Age of Rebellion
09-26Korpblod · Uråldrig samklang
06-26Korpiklaani · Karkelo
??-??Korpus Inc. · Testigos del miedo
07-??Korr · New Reign of Darkness
05-31Kosmokrater · Black Metal Supremacy
02-08Kosmokrater · Pure Nekro
02-18Kotiteollisuus · Ukonhauta
05-26Kouichi Ogawa · Kingdom Saga
09-28Kowloon Walled City · Gambling on the Richter Scale
??-??Kraanium · The Art of Female Sodomy
12-05Kraken · Humana deshumanización
10-26Kraków · Monolith
11-10Krallice · Dimensional Bleedthrough
02-10Kratornas · The Corroding Age of Wounds
01-13Kreator · Hordes of Chaos
04-??Kremator · Sacred Land
02-23Kreon · Impact Winter
05-??Krig · Target: Human Mission: Destroy
??-??Kripa · Life & Death
12-27Krisis · Death Row
01-13The Kris Norris Projekt · Icons of the Illogical
08-31Kroda · Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf
06-??Krom · Chaotic Evil
06-06Krovuel · Сатанинска литургия
08-??Krow · Before the Ashes
11-01Krucipüsk · Amen
??-??Krusader · Angus
08-28Krypteria · My Fatal Kiss
02-02Krüger · Девятый мессия
07-21Kuarentena · Magma
11-02Kuazar · Wrath of God
04-01Kudai · Shah Mat
12-23Kultasiipi · Metsola
05-25Kult ofenzivy · Radikální ateismus - Tvůrcům Nadčlověka
06-02Kult ov Azazel · Destroying the Sacred
??-??Kultur · Dying Tradition
02-25Kurikinton Fox · Classics
12-25Kusoof · Abstract Human Design
09-??Kusoof · Ancient Rebellion
10-11Kuturlat · Where the Crows Reign...
06-13Kvasta · Kvasta
07-??Kvasta · Second Dimension ov Reality
03-17Kylesa · Static Tensions
??-??Kälter · Spiritual Angel
08-07Können · Sangre y acero
04-01Körgull the Exterminator · Dogs of War
02-??L'Acéphale · Stahlhartes Gehäuse
02-23L'Esprit du Clan · Chapitre IV: L'enfer c'est le notre
??-??La Banda de Osiris · Despertar
??-??Labeled · Labeled
11-??La Bestia Negra · Perdido en el bosque
??-??Labolas Knights · Lost Between Thorns
??-??Laboratorio Cristalitos · Narcoturismo
06-21Lachaise · Silent Cries for Help
05-12Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens · The Truth Is Out There
??-??Lack of Light · Shades of Reality
05-09Lacrimae · White Pest
12-19La Cruzada · Capitulo II: Abnegación
04-17Lacuna Coil · Shallow Life
02-09La Dama Oscura · Elogio de tu locura
09-01Laengthengurthe · Rumpelforeskin
04-??Laetitia in Holocaust · The Tortoise Boat
??-??Lago Gris · Aflicciones
10-19Lahannya · Defiance
06-04La Hermandad · Reflejos de realidad II
??-??La Hoguera · La hoguera
??-??Lamasy · Fanambaràna
02-24Lamb of God · Wrath
07-??Lament · Renaissance
??-??Lamia Culta · Patre Satane
12-18Lammoth · Machine
08-01Land of Hate · Neutralized Existence
02-06Landscape of Souls · Hidden Face
??-??Lapida · Enemigos LapidaDos
05-22Lars Eric Mattsson · No Surrender + Live
??-??La Sombre Inquisition · Auto da fe
??-??Last Battle · Through Thorns Up to the Stars (Сквозь тернии к звёздам)
??-??Last Deception · A Nation Burning Fast
??-??The Last Embrace · Aerial
03-??Last Empire · Heir to the Throne
03-23Last Mistake · Living Again
09-04Last One Dying · The Hour of Lead
08-??Last Rites · Future World
??-??Last Rosary · Price of Living
03-26Last Tyrant · The End of the Holy Legacy
10-03The Last Warning · Elegance of Bloodiness
01-16Last Warning · Throughout Time
??-??Lathspell · Reborn in Retaliation
10-03Latitudes · Agonist
08-17Laudanum · The Coronation
08-22Laudanum · Drei Nägel und zwei Balken
05-12Lay Down Rotten · Gospel of the Wretched
04-24Layment · Traces
??-??Lazaa · Eeria
12-25Lead Farmer · Born to Grind
05-09Leash Eye · V.E.N.I
08-26Leaves' Eyes · Njord
12-31Lebensabend · Time Chooses Us
03-27Led Astray · In Ways Unforeseen
??-??Leeches of Lore · Leeches of Lore
03-??Leere · The Mystical Gate to Oblivion
??-??Le Fou · Sueños encerrados
06-06Legacia · Libre albedrío
07-24Legacy · Live-Death-Resurrection
09-09Legacy · Metallic Assault
??-??Legal Hate · Forlorn
10-21Legend · The Lost World
03-06Legenda Aurea · Ellipsis
04-03Legendaria · Deus Vult
02-13Legio Mortis · Theatre of Morbid Visions
04-27The Legion · A Bliss to Suffer
04-08Legion · Black Underground
03-13Legion · Xenophoby
??-??Legion of Thor · Feuer & Flamme
??-??Legions of Astaroth · Rites of Somatic Death
01-27Legions of Fire · The Mark of Power
10-09Legions of Hoar Frost · Bringers of the Black Flame
??-??Legions of Raum · Burial Content
02-20Legions of War · Towards Death
07-??Leichenbrand · Klang
11-??Leichenbrand · Scheinwelt
06-23Leichengott · Cyrograf
??-??Leishmaniasis · Whore Smashing Hammer
06-21Lemures · A Black Ceremony in Honor to Sathanas
??-??Leo Biollo · From the Depths of Hell to the Gates of Heaven
??-??Leonävicario · Roar of the Star
04-24Leper · End Progress
05-05Leprous · Tall Poppy Syndrome
11-10Leraje · Congeries in Viam Lemniskate
03-??Les Ékorchés · IV démons
??-??Letalmetal · El legado
01-20Lethal Aggression · Ad Nauseum
??-??Lethe · Mnemosyne
06-08Lethian Dreams · Bleak Silver Streams
11-14Let Them Burn · Let Them Burn
07-18LeVeL XIII · Demons
11-04Leverage · Circus Colossus
06-08Leviatan · Hell in Heaven
06-??Lexee · Universo
04-??Leyenda · Horizontes
??-??Liberated Stain · The Moment of Truth
02-27Licht erlischt... · The Narrow Path
07-18Lick the Blade · Graveyard of Empires
??-??Licurgo · Strongest
10-28Lie in Ruins · Swallowed by the Void
05-??Lie Tears · No Really or False?
11-01Life's Decay · Dysrieuses
03-16Life Illusion · Into the Darkness of My Soul
05-08Light Bringer · Tales of Almanac
09-21Lightless · The End of Coexistence
??-??Lightmaster · Lightmaster
09-07Lightseekers · Flying Free
??-??Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Mankind in Amnesia II
01-31Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Seismik Electrik Magick
??-??Like Fool · S.M.R.T. XXXIII
??-??Lilith's Mortuary · From All Centuries
07-24Lilyum · Ultimatum
??-??Lindisfarne · Nameless
??-??Lingam · Empire of Wonders
03-25Lion's Share · Dark Hours
??-??Lionheart · Lionheart
12-19Lions of Tsavo · Swarm of All the Unholy
04-22The Liquescent Horror · A Funeral for Things Undying
10-12Liquid Graveyard · On Evil Days
??-??Liquid Optimism · The Last Stand
??-??Liquorworks · Sinus
08-24Liturgy · Renihilation
04-15Litvintroll · Rock'n'Troll
??-??LiveEvil · Unique Constellation
10-15Lividity · To Desecrate and Defile
??-??Livin Garden · Where I Can Breathe
??-??Living Corpse · Metaphysical Collapse
12-16Liv Moon · Double Moon
08-05Livor Mortis · All Hail the Angel of Death
10-16Livsnekad · Den sociala vanförheten
??-??Lluvia Fúnebre · La opción final
??-??Loadead · Taste the Power
02-09Loadstar · Calls from the Outer Space
06-02Loch Vostok · Reveal No Secrets
??-??Loculo · Escape from Melody
11-13Lonewolf · The Dark Crusade
03-04Longing for Dawn · Between Elation and Despair
08-??Lord · Set in Stone
06-22Lordamor · Lordamor
09-17Lord Azmo · Cracked Scenes of Reality
??-??Lord Fuck · Exquisite Gutteral
04-28Lord Mantis · Spawning the Nephilim
02-21Lord of the Grave · Raunacht
08-22Lords of Discipline · Lords of Discipline
02-13Lords of the Trident · Death or Sandwich
04-03Lord Vampyr · Carpathian Tragedies
03-??Lord Witch · Dragon Flight
??-??Lorus · Byzantine
04-04Los Hijos del Diablo · The Ruins of the Ancient Sky
??-??Los Natas · Nuevo orden de la libertad
05-29Los Pirates · Heavy Piracy
11-13Los Sin Nombre · Blind Leading Blind
04-18Lost Emotions · The Scarecrow's Return
09-11Lost Legacy · The Aftermath
12-01Lost Soul · Immerse in Infinity
??-??Lost Vital Spark · Leviathan
12-09Lost World Order · Marauders
12-??Lothringen · Crossbows and Aborted Loves
05-27Loudness · The Everlasting -魂宗久遠-
??-??The Loving Tongue · Shadows of Innocence
06-24Lower Than Zero · Life Capitulation
03-06Luay Rifai · Vital
05-15The Lucifer Principle · Welcome to Bloodshed
02-16Luctus · Jaučiant pabaigą arti
03-??Luctus' Hydra · Screams and Laments from the Deepest of the Soul
05-30Lugubria · De oscuridad... de soledad
??-??Luigi Rinaldi · Undisciplined Robotic Ensemble
??-??Luke Fortini · Space Travel
04-18Lumina Polaris · Vastaisku
02-10Luna Mortis · The Absence
??-??LunarVein · Road to Second Circle
02-27Lunatica · New Shores
05-24Lustre · Night Spirit
07-??Lustre · Vaticannibalistic
09-14Lux Divina · From the Tomb to Nature's Blood
09-??Lux Ferre · Atrae Materiae Monumentum
10-??Lux in Tenebræ · Misere Nobis
03-??Luxúria de Lillith · Sucumbidos pela Carne
04-??Lvpvs Infestvs · Post Fata Resvrgo
11-16Lycan · Dark Days
??-??Lyckwyd · River of Souls
??-??Lying · Memorias del ayer
12-06Lying Truth · Chain of Evil
??-??Lykeion · Entre sombras
12-01Lyriel · Paranoid Circus
07-24Macbeth · Gotteskrieger
12-22Mach II · Mach II
03-??Machina · Majestic Machination
07-07Machines of Grace · Machines of Grace
06-19M.A.D. · For Crown and Ring
06-03Madam Rey · Bloody Roses
05-18Madder Mortem · Eight Ways
05-02Madhouse · Thanks for Nothing
08-29Mad Mav · Black Sheep II
01-20Mad Mav · Vagary of the Gods
12-01Madness Factory · The Madness Factory
01-13Maegashira · The Stark Arctic
09-15Maestro Alex Gregory · Bach on Steroids!
07-04Magellan Dream · Salvation
10-05Maggots · Church of Blasphemy
??-??Magilum · Kırmızı Kar
10-14Magistarium · Faith in Salvation
12-15Magistral · Insanity of Truth
05-05Mag Mell · Revival
06-21Magna Mater · Renacer
08-??Magna Mortalis · Onward
11-21Magna Veritas · Diagrama
09-09Magnum Carnage · More Unreal Than a Box of Precious Metal and Radioactive Ore
03-12Magnum Itiner Interius · Ad Honorem Defuncto
??-??Mahatma · Mahatma
04-03Maim · From the Womb to the Tomb
07-12Maithungh · Lust in the Kingdom of God
04-03Majestic Downfall · Temple of Guilt
??-??Majestic Empire · Scream of Heaven
07-17Mala Suerte · The Shadow Tradition
??-??Malebolgia · Requiem for the Inexorable
01-15Maledia · She and Her Darkness
??-??Malediction · Reductio ad Absurdum
08-??Maleficarum · Inferno
02-27Malefice · Dawn of Reprisal
10-13Maleficio · Go to Hell
08-31Malfeitor · Incubus
??-??Malicious Deity · Burn This Earth
??-??Malkuth · Sefirah Gevurah
07-21Malo de Dentro · Evil Within
12-15Mammoth Grinder · Extinction of Humanity
??-??Mammoth Mammoth · Mammoth Mammoth
06-06Managainstcatfish · On the Wings of a Spider
01-01Managarm · Poems of the Shadows Disappointment
11-28Mandatory · Carbon Black
12-??Mandibula · Nemesis Arises
04-29Mandoria · Inspirations and Dreams
11-15Mandragora · Satan
11-21Mandragora Scream · Volturna
05-01Mandragore · Defeated Race
??-??The Mandrake · Black Prophecy
05-22Mangrove · Endless Skies
09-21Maniac · From Suffering...
??-??Maniak · Black Thrashing Genocide
01-10Manic Movement · Dark Glitter
02-25Manimal · The Darkest Room
04-08Manipulated Slaves · Back from the Damnation
08-04Man Must Die · No Tolerance for Imperfection
04-09Man of Kin · Lock and Load
11-04Mantak · Diabolical Psycholust
02-27Mantic Ritual · Executioner
08-07The Mantors · Matando Emo
??-??Manuel Seoane · Livin' Now
03-04Manufacturer's Pride · Sound of God's Absence
08-21Man-Witch · Orkchops in Battle Sauce
09-06The Many · Many More
??-??Marble Carrion · Last Inevitability
10-13Marduk · Wormwood
02-11Marenne · The Past Prelude
06-06Margenta · Династия посвящённых - Дети Савонаролы
06-10Margenta · Нейтрализатор мрачности
??-??Mario G.M. · Subatomic Energy
10-05Marionette · Enemies
10-05Mark of Cain · Programmed Decimation
??-??Marks of Sin · Homegrown Hatred
04-17Maroon · Order
??-??Mars Creation · Ocean of the Old God
05-20Marty Friedman · Tokyo Jukebox
04-10Masachist · Death March Fury
01-??Maskbreaker · Frontline Tales
10-15Massacration · Good Blood Headbangers
08-08Massemord · Cold and Abyssal Void of the Universe
11-20Mass Infection · The Age of Recreation
05-01Massive Assault · Dystopian Prophecies
??-??Mastaba · Signum Diabolicum
12-03Master's Hammer · Mantras
04-17Mastercastle · The Phoenix
10-09Master Charger · Live at Unit 5
09-09Master Charger · Southbound n' Supercharged
03-25Masterstroke · As Days Grow Darker
11-13Mastic Scum · Dust
03-24Mastodon · Crack the Skye
07-16Matadero · Somos Matadero
12-??Matar · Tyhjät lupaukset
??-??Maten al Rey · Enigmaticorazón
12-21MaterDea · Below the Mists, Above the Brambles
??-??Mathras · Mathras
11-??Matter of Essence · Смерти нет / Death Is Not Present
12-14Matthew Mills · The Neoclassical Journey
05-14Maudlin of the Well · Part the Second
??-??Maugrim · Paths of the Damned
??-??Maxxxwell Carlisle · Ramming Speed
03-14M.D.K. · Cuntanasia
06-21MDP · Emptiness
05-21Meaning Beside · The Reaping
??-??Mean Streak · Metal Slave
03-21Mecalimb · Mechanical Recipe
??-??Mechanism · Inspired Horrific
12-03Medianoche · Pesadillas
??-??Medo · Fantasmasis
09-14Megadeth · Endgame
09-09Megalomania 999 · Rebirth
11-11Megaromania · Prophetic Faction -the Universe-
??-??Megasus · Megasus
05-09Megatherio · Megatherio
??-??Megiddo · Mortuus
11-18Mehida · The Eminent Storm
??-??Mein Ganzes Heer · Zwiestunde
03-??Melcor · Fuego immortal
09-15Meliah Rage · Masquerade
02-01Melkor · Blackstar Eclipse
01-??Melkor · Ferne
??-??Melqart · Libre
??-??Melted Space · There's a Place...
09-29Melvins · Chicken Switch
04-03Mely · Portrait of a Porcelain Doll
02-23Memorial · In the Absence of All Things Sacred
01-??Memories Lab · Stronger than Hate
02-??Memories of Pain · .rewind
07-06Memory Driven · Relative Obscurity
02-02Mena Brinno · Wicked Polly
04-??Mendeku Itxua · Indarrak batuz
??-??Mendiang · Return of Death
05-01Men Eater · Vendaval
04-20Menegroth · Gazourmah
08-18Men Enter Tavern · Kampflieder
02-14Menerra · Revelation
02-??Mental Demise · Final Step to Future Madness
??-??Mentally Corrupted · Homo Corruptus
05-31Mentally Defiled · The Thrash Brigade
07-28Mentors · Ducefixion
??-??Mephiztophel · For My Your Blood for Satan Your Soul
08-11Merauder · God Is I
??-??Merendine · Rude Rebel Brotherhood
??-??Merfild · Creation of Religion
??-??Merfild · Deep Fear
??-??Merfild · Entropia
??-??Merlin · Tibet
08-24Merrimack · Grey Rigorism
11-09Merrow · The Arrival
12-31Mesetiah · The Purpose of Our Existence
04-20Messaline · In Cauda Venenum
??-??Messick · Plastic Grandpa
06-??Messor · Endless Battlefield
??-??Metakognition · The Eerie Void Inside
??-??Metal Child · Purple World
??-??Metalfonik · Metalfonik
09-25Metalforce · Metalforce
??-??Metalian · Wasteland
09-25Metalium · Grounded - Chapter Eight
09-29Metal Knights · World of Forever
09-15Metallherz · Destripahuesos
??-??Metal Orizon · Metal Örizon
03-13Metalucifer · Heavy Metal Bulldozer
03-13Metalucifer · Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Teutonic Attack)
11-??Metal-X · Sound of Glory
??-??Metamorphosis · Dark
10-??The Metaphor · Metaphor
12-30Metatonic · The Amaranthine Cord
09-15Methadrone · Better Living (Through Chemistry)
02-25Methedras · Katarsis
06-23Method · Spiritual Reinforcement
09-15Methodica · Searching for Reflections
02-??Meti Bhuvah · II
09-??Metookie · Metookie
??-??Metookie · Sexy Handed Singularity
05-06Metraliator · Satanic Machine
12-08Metrix · Annihilation Theory
12-??Mezadura · Premières lignes
09-08Michael Angelo Batio · Hands Without Shadows 2: Voices
??-??Michel Garrido · Bahual
??-??Mictlayotl · Plegaria a los dioses
??-??Midgaard · Начало времён
06-??Midnight Idöls · Sworn to the Night
08-10Midnight Scream · War Never Changes
12-22Midryasi · Corridors
11-19Miezul Nopții · Amalgam
??-??Mike Albert Project · Afterlife
??-??Miksha · The Vulture Conspiracy
10-30Milking the Goatmachine · Back from the Goats... A GoatEborg Fairy Tale
10-16Minas Morgul · Eisengott
11-23Mind Asylum · L'Asile de l'esprit
04-09MindFuel · In Your Mind...
07-03Mind Key · Pulse for a Graveheart
03-??Mindlag Project · Mindlag Project
02-25Mind Odyssey · Time to Change It
04-04Mindwork · Into the Swirl
04-20Mine[thorn] · Junk Hive Noir
03-06Minotaur · God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not
07-25Minotaurus · The Lonely Dwarf
05-26Minsk · With Echoes in the Movement of Stone
03-03Minstrelix · Reflections
03-23The Mirage · rEvolución
01-23Mirdyn · My Enigma
12-22Misanthrofeel · Easterica: Revision
06-18Misanthrofeel · Sampleria
??-??Misanthropic Art · Necrohumanity... World Self Finalizing
??-??Misanthropy Legion · Eidolon
10-30Mischief Night · Gwynplaine
08-28Mischosen · Set Afloat
11-16Miseration · The Mirroring Shadow
??-??Misery Chastain · Awaiting The End
04-24Misery Speaks · Disciples of Doom
11-06Missing Tide · Follow the Dreamer
02-22Mistaken Element · Mind over Matter
??-??Misticia · Sickness of the Earth
??-??The Mistral · When the Evening Crowns the Day
08-29Mistur · Attende
??-??Mivedantal · In Claws of Ignorance
11-13Mob Rules · Radical Peace
12-01Mockery · Perfume
??-??Modern Funeral Art · Doom with a View
??-??Mogh · Allaho Asghar
??-??Moker · Total Domination
??-??Molar · Pisando fuerte
09-27Moloch Letalis · Apoteoza śmierci
12-12Molok · א
09-09Moloken · Our Astral Circle
06-08Molotov Solution · The Harbinger
03-31Monarque · Ad Nauseam
04-03Monastery Dead · Victims of Senseless Massacre
??-??Monday with a Bullet · Think No Evil, Breathe No Evil, Feel No Evil
09-21Mondrian Oak · Through Early Seed
10-??Mongo Ninja · ...and the Wrist Is History
??-??Monkeyman · Make Love to Satan
10-31Monolith · Four
04-27Monsterworks · Singularity
??-??Monument of Bones · Cemetery Dirges
09-15Moon4出 · Inexhaustible Enthusiasm
01-??Moonfog · Ordinary Misanthropic & Repulsive Anthems
12-23Moonlight Sonata · In a Gloom of Centuries
07-17Moonlord · Beyond Dark and Eternal Light...
09-01Moore · Guillotines and Angel Wings
02-??Mor · Храм крви и празнине
11-06Morbider · When Darkness Returns
04-26Morbid Macabre · Hell and Damnation
04-24Morbid Mind · Deadly Incorporated
??-??Morbidness · Rotting in Purgatory
06-??Morbid Pest · In Tenebris
09-??Morbid Violence · Winds of Madness
04-??Morbifer · Moroi
12-31Morcegos · Black Side Revolution
07-17Mor Dagor · Mk. IV
10-31Mordatorium · Mordatorium
??-??Mordaz · Odio - Sonido extridente
04-10Mordenom · Agnvs Dei
01-30Mordium · Mordium
01-??More Than Human · Born to Die
05-29Morgana · Two Faces
??-??Morgenstern · Geister
??-??Moria · PSY
05-12Morigan · Cynical™
09-??Morkal · Feritas Pagana
07-??Morne · Untold Wait
11-16The Morningside · Moving Crosscurrent of Time
08-??Moroghor · ...and Space as Chaos
09-??Moroghor · Darkness...
04-20Morphosis · Rise of the Bastard Deities
03-??Morphosys · The Chopping Block
09-15Morrah · Sense of Brutality
10-05Morrigu · The Niobium Sky
11-??Mors Aeterna · Sanctification
09-29Mortal Agony · Dobermann
01-19Mortal Form · Taste the Blood
09-02Mortalitas · В недобрый час
11-22Mortal Plague · The Ballad of Misanthropy
09-09Mortals · Encyclopedia of Myths
??-??Mortiferous Scorn · Schizophrenic Revelations
05-09Mortification · The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine
01-19Mortiis Daemonium · Libertà
01-15Mortis Cruentus · Agony as Doom
03-27Mortis Dei · Last Failure
04-03Mortuus Infradaemoni · Imis Avernis
08-13Mortuus Lunae · In spirituale contatto
08-29Morvity · Nemesis omnisciente
05-29Mosfet · Sickness of Memory
08-??Mostomalta · Arde la tierra en llamas
04-28Mother of Mercy · III
09-03Mother Thule · Dark Side of the Sun
07-08Mothertrucker · Dark Transmi55ions
07-15Motorband · Heart of the Machine
??-??Motoroil · En viaje carretero 666_hp
12-03Motto Perpetuo · Perpetual Time
09-??Motus Tenebrae · The Synthetic Bliss
09-21Mountain Grave · Darkness, Bloodshed, Chaos, Satan
??-??Mountain of Judgement · Mountain of Judgement
01-20Mournful Congregation · The June Frost
??-??Mourning · Mourning the New Dawn
04-25Mourning Dawn · For the Fallen...
07-24Mourning Forest · Au cœur de l'ombre
11-21Mourning Soul · Alma en luto
??-??Mozak · We're Back
10-31Mr. Death · Detached from Life
03-31Mucous Scrotum · Hall of the Slain
07-25Muculords · Metallosaurus 3X
06-01Mudlark · Mudlark - A.D.H.D
05-??Mudweiser · Holy Shit
??-??Muggnagar · Vendereiser
??-??Mugo · Go to the Next Floor
??-??Mugsy Croftshire · Mugsy Croftshire
03-31Mumakil · Behold the Failure
08-25Municipal Waste · Massive Aggressive
11-16Murder Intentions · A Prelude to Total Decay
05-27Murdershock · Reasoning Insanity
09-07Murder Therapy · Symmetry of Delirium
12-??Museros · Mother's Land / 어머니의 땅
09-30Mustasch · Mustasch
??-??Mutant Zombie Foetus · Spread the Infection
07-31The Muzzler · Common Sense
10-16MWS · None of Them Will Cross
03-23My Dying Bride · For Lies I Sire
10-23My Eyes Inside · Anatomy of Ties
??-??My Immortal Beloved · Verônica
11-13My Inner Burning · My Inner Burning
??-??My Insanity · Clean
06-26My Lament · Broken Leaf
01-01Myopia · Biomechatronic Intervention
07-20My Own Grave · Necrology
05-29Myrkr · Black Illumination
05-14Mysterian · The Thorn That Draws Blood
10-16Mystery Blue · Hell & Fury
??-??Mystical Fullmoon · Scoring a Liminal Phase - Ten Strategies for Postmodern Mysticism
03-23MysticalGate · Out of Control
05-22Mystic Prophecy · Fireangel
??-??Mystic Twilight · The Path Seldom Mortal Goes
11-06Mythlond · Horizons
??-??Mythus · Mighty Conquests
01-10My Universe · Infinite Spaces
09-09My Victim · 13
03-03Mäax · Dawnbringer
05-01Märtyrer · Zurück in den Auenwäldern
10-15Mäso · Súkromný život bohov
11-19Månegarm · Nattväsen
05-12Mördark · 2012...No Way to Anyway
05-20Mörgothrium · Doctrinae de Inferni
??-??Mörkhimmel · Sheep in the Labyrinth
10-20Naam · Naam
02-??Naberius · Rebirth of the Blackened Cult
01-30Nachtblut · Antik
03-20Nachtgeschrei · Am Rande der Welt
04-??Nachtsucht · Auch nichts kann leben...
11-26Nachtvorst · Stills
06-02Nadja · Belles Bêtes
08-13Nadja · Under the Jaguar Sun
04-28Nadja · When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV
??-??Nafak · Guib-Bo-Rim
06-26Nagmah · Diva Mortis
12-11Nagsnail · Éphémères
10-30Nahar · La fascination du pire
05-25Nahemah · A New Constellation
12-31Nahemoth · To Heed the Call
??-??Nailbrick · Chariots of Death
??-??Nailed God · Glorification of the Unborn
04-03Nailed Shut · Indecent Disposal
??-??The Nails · Стремление к жизни
11-20Najand · Hymn of Depression
05-10Najand · Khazan II
01-14Najand · Life Ruins
08-12Najand · The Shadow of My Sorrow
10-09Naked Frenzy · Psalms of Thrash
02-24Nanda Devi · Fifth Season
01-23Napalm Death · Time Waits for No Slave
01-??Narath · Nebelrichter
??-??Narcoleptic · Dissection of My Body
09-12Nargaroth · Jahreszeiten
07-24Narnia · Course of a Generation
12-??Narthex · Эфемерное счастье
02-20Narval · Narval
09-26Narzergorth · Black from the Middle Ages
09-17Nashgul · El día después al fin de la humanidad
??-??Nasoferus · Эпiдэмiя барацьбы
07-31Nastrandir · Prayer to Earth
10-??Nasty Fire · Injection
01-16Nasty Tendency · Wild and Nasty
08-??Natasyos Horde · Gloria in Excelsis Satanas
09-30Nathan Watson · Experiments in Sound & Noise Vol.1
04-22National Napalm Syndicate · Devolution of Species
02-??National Suicide · The Old Family Is Still Alive
10-23Natron · Rot Among Us
01-13Nattensorg · The West Weald
??-??Nattesorg · Power of God
03-04Natural Born Stonehead · La doctrina del odio
10-27Natu Sabverata · Existing to Ensure Your Destruction
09-25Naumachia · Black Sun Rising
12-01Navjarmaahr · Воронов радовать
07-20Nazarene Decomposing · Demonic Inquisition
07-27Nazxul · Iconoclast
05-25Neaera · Omnicide - Creation Unleashed
04-10Neasit · Przedświt w ramionach bezkresnej nocy
09-12Nebel · Suicidal Symphonies
06-26Nebelkrähe · Entfremdet
12-04Nebelstille · In alle Ewigkeit...
12-03Nebelwerfer · The Spirit of Violation
??-??Nebukadnezar · Dawn Pervades the Twilight
07-04Nebukadnezza · There Is No Revolution
??-??Nebulae31 · The Epitaph
09-25Nebuleyes · The Universal Being
11-13Necramyth · Slaughter of the Seoul
04-20Necrocest · Prenatal Massacre
05-??Necrodeath · Phylogenesis
12-??Necrofuneral · Church in Flames
03-25Necrogoat · For the Glory of the Infernal Goat
06-19Necrohell · Under the Sign of a Pagan Winter
??-??Necrolatreia · Through Pain and Rage
??-??Necromid · The Sleep of the Reason
05-29Necrophobic · Death to All
05-27Necropolis · The Vow of Vengeance
03-09Necropsy · Deathprayer
??-??Necrorgasm · Sol
07-17Necrosis · City of Ruin
11-11Necrosis · Reborn
03-21Necrotesticvs · NecrotesticvS - Part III
04-23Necrovile · The Pungency of Carnage
12-20Need · Siamese God
02-09Nefandus · Death Holy Death
07-01Nefasto · Exterminador
02-09Nefertum · Revered Lames
02-25Negative Face · The Garden of Wishes
06-23Negativity · Life Is a Dead End
10-10Negativity · Peace at Last
12-16Negativity · The World Is Dying
03-06Neige et Noirceur · Crépuscule hivernal sans fin sur les terres de la guerre
??-??Neila · Danza de nieblas
10-31Nekcrium · Black Metal Hordes
03-23Nekkrosis · Technotic Subversion
??-??NekroDrako · The Summer Here Is Always Hell
04-17Nekro Morphosis · Chaosatanica
??-??Nekropsy · Redemption Execution
??-??Nekrosun · Crematorial Frost
09-15Nemesis: Children of the Fey · Ravaged by Fire and Axe
06-12Nemesis Inferi · Another Kind of Evil
12-31The Neologist · The 26 Letters of Your Universe
05-21Neophron · Icons' Weeping
10-15Nephesh · Inter Armas Silent Leges
12-12Nephilim · Herbstzeitlos
??-??Nervous Impulse · Enough for Dementia
11-??Nesseria · Nesseria
05-??Neter · Nec Spe Nec Metu
02-27Netharious · Deicidal Delirium
02-19Netheriel · Regnum Inferni
01-??Neuntöter · Neuntöter
04-10Neurasthenia · Your Omen
10-??Neurinome · Mon nom est Légion
??-??Neuropathia · Neuropathia
12-30Neurosplit Prophet · Encrypted Future Contingency
06-01Neurothing · Murder Book
06-24Never · Back to the Front
??-??Neverborn · Decimator
11-17NeverChrist · Corrosive Rivers of Blood
03-31Nevercold · Forsaken Memories
09-05Neverending War · Muted
12-14Nevergreen · Új birodalom / New Empire
05-??Neviah Nevi · Tales of Terror
01-23The New Black · The New Black
??-??New Blood · Mundo autista
03-23The New Dominion · ...and Kindling Deadly Slumber
06-19Nexus · The Paradise Complex
06-??Ngũ Cung · 365000
12-01Nhor · Nhor
11-16Nhorizon · Skydancers
04-03Nicole · Tuomittujen joukkoon
04-??Nicte · Las puertas de la noche
09-12Nidhøgg · Siegeszug der Götter
02-13Nidrike · Blodsarv
09-11Niemandsluft · Unter
10-??NightCreepers · Svingeheim
10-02Nightfane · Refuge of Vampire
02-02Nightlight · Funeral of Love
09-11Nightmare · Insurrection
??-??NightMyHeaven · Nightology
06-25Nightrage · Wearing a Martyr's Crown
??-??Nightshades · The Aztec Gods Return
10-??Nightside Glance · Edge of Time
??-??Night Stalker · Hungry for Metal
09-??Nightstalker · Superfreak
04-06Nightvision · As the Lights Go Down
12-30Nigrante · Scriptures
??-??Nihasa · Brahamanda Xul Grimoire
??-??Nihilist · Blood Portraits
08-??The Nihilistic Front · Total Disgust for Mankind
10-13Nihill · Grond
??-??Nihlotep · Surrogate Panoptic Quantal Regality
??-??Niktkolwiek · Berevezje
11-03Nile · Those Whom the Gods Detest
03-31Ninesin · The Death, We Will Face
??-??Ninezero · Sanity
06-??Ninth Kingdom · Where No Kings Shall Roam
09-02N.I. Project · Deca Metal
12-01Nirnaeth · Splendour of the Abyss
11-03Nitroxyde · Crossfade
??-??Nivaira · Desert Child
05-20Njiqahdda · Alkas Nortii Maane Solbaartu - Aski
02-20Njiqahdda · Taegnuub - Ishnji Angma
11-??Njiqahdda · Yrg Alms
12-01Nocra · Enlightened by Death
04-20Noctem · Divinity
??-??Nocticula · Тлен
11-??Noctifer · 454 - Anno Bastardi Domini
??-??Nocturn · Vacío
06-15Nocturnal · Violent Revenge
??-??Nocturnal Alliance · The 3rd Phase of Destruction
03-21Nocturnal Divinity · Somehow in Sorrow
11-03Nocturnal Fear · Metal of Honor
??-??Nocturnal Heresy · Kings of Babylon
??-??Nocturnal Reveries · Southern Threats - Endovellicus
11-20Nocturnes Mist · As Flames Burn
03-18Nocturnia · Días de ceniza
01-01Nocturnum · Darker Than Darkness
??-??NoDevilLivedOn · No Devil Lived On
08-26No Flame Candle · Chronicles of the Damned
08-21Nohuman Gore · Endiablados
06-27Noisecult · My War My Enemy
??-??Nokthe · Misantropia dentro
12-26Nokturnal Mortum · Голос сталі
??-??Nolentia · ...One Loud Noise and It's Gone...
03-23No Made Sense · The Epillanic Choragi
06-06The No-Mads · The Age of Demise
08-29Nomans Land · Farnord
08-22NonGrata · Empty World
08-27Non Immemor Mei · Antibiothic
10-07Non Mortis · Silente imagen de horror
10-??Nord · Als een ziel
02-13Nord · Vaarwel
04-24Nordavind · Bekning
08-27Nordawn · Веды Рода
05-??Nordisk Velde · ...Wanderung ins letzte Licht
12-29Norditual · Exodo
11-01No Remorse No Retreat · Warbringer
??-??North Black · Depression Dead Mind
06-06Northern Lights · Return to Logan's End
08-21Nost · Из бездны праха
11-13Nostradameus · Illusion's Parade
10-31Nostra Morte · Un cuento antes de morir
03-31Notas Fantasmas · Sacrifice to Lucifer
??-??Nothing · The Torture of the Nameless
08-04Not-Liable · Not Liable
12-20Noumeno · Trapped
03-14Nova Art · Follow Yourself
09-??Nova Orbis · Imago
04-20Nova Prospect · Usurper
07-07Novembers Doom · Into Night's Requiem Infernal
07-08Novichok · Novichok
03-25Novistador · #3: Nemidemic
10-08Novon · Worlds of Metal
??-??Nox Ater · Aversabilis Rex Satanas
08-31Nox Aurea · Via Gnosis
??-??Nox Eterna · Mind Abduction
01-31Nox Hibernus · Shut the Fuck Up, Jesus
08-04Noxious Death · Noxious Death
11-26Nuclearhammer · Obliteration Ritual
??-??Nucleon · Noční můra
09-01Nux Vomica · Asleep in the Ashes
07-13Nyctophobia · Arid
??-??Nymphalis · Поднебесье
07-06Nâd · Unholy Tales
10-01Nôdôsa · The Door
01-27Oak · Oak
07-07Oaks of Bethel · Across the Astral Macrocosm
02-20Oaks of Bethel · The Folk and the Ground
05-20Oaks of Bethel · From Midnight Sun to Burning Wheel
06-22Oaks of Bethel · Starfire, Chasms and Enslavement
02-28Obduction · Fingerprint
??-??Obdurated · The Answers Within
??-??Obehag · Bekännelser från ett svartnat sinne
09-22Obiat · Eye Tree Pi
01-26Obispo Fornicado · El tiene el poder
06-30Obituary · Darkest Day
05-29Obitus · The March of the Drones
10-29Oblique Rain · October Dawn
05-06Obliterate · Something Wrong
11-23Obliteration · Nekropsalms
??-??Oblivion · Epochalypse
11-04Oblomov · Communitas (Deconstructing the Order)
12-18Obnoxious · Concrete
12-06Obnoxious · Lab #01
02-17Obscura · Cosmogenesis
03-06Obscurity · Várar
07-??Obsecration · The Art of Butchery
??-??Obsidian Shell · Elysia
11-29Obsidian Throne · The Unquiet Grave
11-06Obsidieth · In Loss of All
08-??Obsydian Tears · Baldhu
??-??Obszön Geschöpf · Erection Body Mutilated (Back from the Dead)
02-01Obtenebris · Dust of Time
12-21Occisor · Pornovisión
07-??Ocean Chief · Den förste
04-07Ocean of Ghosts · Loss and Numbness
??-??Ocean Project · La expedición
??-??Oceans of Night · The Shadowheart Mirror
03-18OctaThorn · Fiends
08-??Oculus Infernum · The Hand of Satan
??-??Odd Logic · Legends of Monta: Part II
09-28Ode to Decay · Goodbye Mrs Earth
02-28Odinfist · Thrash and Pillage
08-01Odio Vestri · Мрак печали
03-23Odium · At the Bottom
09-11Odium · Universal Genocide
??-??Odium Throne · Медленная смерть
07-30O.D.R.A · o.d.r.a
??-??Odyssey · Objects in Space
11-??Odyssey · Resurrection
07-??...of Celestial · The Strange Infinity
??-??Offtopic · A fuego
06-06Of Raven & Ruins · Bound to Prophecy
08-01Of the Sun · AM Radio
06-22Ogre · Total Laceration 総合的鬼刻み
01-16Og Tegnet · From the Ashes of Ruin
10-31Og Tegnet · Ripping the Wings from the Backs of Angels
10-??O.H. · Justice
11-13OHL · Krieg der Kulturen
03-??Ojciec Dyktator · Heresy Is Fun
01-20Okosu · Okosu
??-??Ol' Scratch · The Sunless Citadel
??-??Olde Crone · Olde Crone
04-??Old Legend · Castle of Perdition
05-19Old Man's Child · Slaves of the World
02-13Old One · Old One
09-??Old Season · Archaic Creation
09-08Om · God Is Good
09-17O, Majestic Winter · An Autumn Moon
03-12O, Majestic Winter · Defiling the Serpent's Temple
??-??Omega Ryde · Into the Light
03-??The Omen · The Omen
11-11Omen Faculty · All That Matters
02-15Omen Faculty · Unlucky 7
??-??Ominous Yum Cimil · Ancient Demon's Cult
07-11Omission · Thrash Metal Is Violence
??-??Om Mani · Apology
05-??Omnispawn · Darkness Within
12-01One Last Word · Thrones
06-??One Master · The Quiet Eye of Eternity
??-??One Shot for All · Wreaths of Creation
??-??One Sign of Metal · Ground Zero
12-18One Slack Mind · The Earliest I've Ever Been Late
09-29One Without · Thoughts of a Secluded Mind
05-15Onheil · Razor
02-28On Horns Impaled · Total World Domination
??-??Onirica · Cosasonora
05-01Onirik · After Centuries of Silence
07-23Onirion · Dilamánia
11-25Opium Warlords · Live at Colonia Dignidad
??-??Opposite Sides · Soul Mechanics
05-22Optimystical · Distant Encounters
??-??Oracle of Fire · Oracle of Fire
04-10Ora Nombro · Between Man and Machine
04-22Oranssi Pazuzu · Muukalainen puhuu
06-30O.R.B. · Molecules
01-01Orbeth · A Journey Far Beyond the Great Valley of the Storm
05-05Orbeth · Sonic Power
01-23Orchard · Orchard II
07-27Orcrist · We Come in War
03-03Orcustus · Orcustus
09-25The Order · Rockwolf
10-08Order of Chaos · Eyehate Swansongs
06-05The Order of Chaos · The Order of Chaos
09-??The Ordher · Kill the Betrayers
09-22Ordinul Negru · Poems of a Rooted Blade
10-05Ordo Templi Orientis · Dysphory (Part One)
??-??Orfos · Noctarium
??-??Orifice · ...Better than Sex!!!
03-09Orizen · The Path into Revelation
10-13Orn · Sanguine
06-??Oros · In the Name of Ping Pong
06-30Orphan Project · Spooning Out the Sea
11-01Orphans of Doom · The Last Kingdom
06-13Orpheus · Orpheus
05-??Orthodox · Sentencia
09-09Orwell · Endeavors
04-27OSI · Blood
??-??Osmium · Relentless, Primal Being
07-15Ossadogva · Born from a Tomb
01-01Ossein · Führer
02-01Ossein · Opal Sativa
09-07Ossian · Egyszer az életben
03-11O.S.S.Y · Muurit kaatuu
??-??Ossyris · Se acerca el final
??-??OSV · Second Thoughts
01-15Otargos · Fuck God-Disease Process
05-09Others · Under the Sunset
03-10Our Days Are Numbered · Our Days Are Numbered
??-??Our Lady of Bloodshed · VII
02-??Our Malignant Beloved · The Anti-Science
02-13Our Survival Depends on Us · Painful Stories Told with a Passion for Life
??-??Outcry · Undigestable
08-28Outloud · We'll Rock You to Hell and Back Again!
02-21Out of Darkness · Out of Darkness
11-06Outrage · Contaminated
11-25Outrage · Outrage
??-??Ovaryrot · Harvesting Ovum
11-13Ovaryrot · Licentious Hysterectomy
??-??Overdawn · The Prose of Existence
??-??Overdriver · Overdriver
11-06Overdrunk · Agony After Death
09-??OverFaith · ORA (Our Regretless Awakening)
02-14Overkrass · 8 millones de dioses
02-09Overload · Zsarnok / Under the Heel
10-??Ovskum · Atto III
08-29Oxymor · Passé décomposé
??-??Pachamama · Vorágine
03-10Pack of Wolves · Betrayer
03-03Pagan Blood · The Last Empire
04-17Paganizer · Scandinavian Warmachine
??-??Paineater · Creator Preserver Destroyer
??-??Painful · Pain Is the Law
03-16Painful Defloration · Esthetic Research Laboratory
12-??Palace of Worms · The Forgotten
10-16Pandemia · Feet of Anger
02-18Pandora 101 · Hourglass
06-21Panopticon · Collapse
??-??The Pant · Louder!
04-21Panteon · Septum
07-30Pantheon · Paganuclear
07-28Pantheon I · Worlds I Create
03-23Pantommind · Lunasense
??-??Panzram Division · Pure Fucking Hate
09-25Paradise Lost · Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
10-16Paradox · Riot Squad
11-01Parallaxis · Psychotronic Poetry
??-??Paranoia · Sobre las ruinas de la falsedad
08-05Parapsychotic · Novus Ordo ParapsychaoticA
05-22Parity Boot · Into Nothing
02-23Paroxysmal Descent · Paradigm of Decay
??-??Past All Hope · Sex, Booze & Metal
??-??Pataca · The Brick Machine
04-07Path · De-Evolution
11-13Path of Golconda · Return
05-26Pathology · Age of Onset
05-25Pathosray · Sunless Skies
07-31Patria · Hymns of Victory and Death
??-??Patryk deRosa · Riproaria
04-01Paulzeder · Sister Death
04-11Pay No Respect · Fear Profits Man Nothing
10-27Pelican · What We All Come to Need
04-03Pensées Nocturnes · Vacuum
09-01Pentacrostic · The Meaning of Life
??-??Penuria 44 · Esclavos de la libertad
01-01Peorth · Escape to Prison
10-31Perception Is the World · Vague Muted Doom
??-??Percival Schuttenbach · Reakcja pogańska
??-??Perfect Symmetry · Szabad akarat
??-??Perialnыe Kondilomы · Polymorphism of Structural Heterochromatine
01-20Pero Defformero · Undergrand
07-27Perpetual Fire · Invisible
10-05Perpetuum · Gradual Decay of Conscience
07-22Persefone · 真剣 / Shin-ken
12-15Perseo Miranda · Praise My Day
02-28Persepolis · A Collection of Red
01-14Persistence in Mourning · The Undead Shall Rise
09-??Persistense · In Blood and Heart
02-24Persona Non Grata · Shade in the Light
06-04Perverse · Fairies of Death
09-29Perverse Dependence · Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido
??-??Perversor · Esencia del mal
04-01Perversus Stigmata · Interstellar Hatred Void
04-24Pest · Tenebris Obortis
03-27Peste Noire · Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor
09-01Pestiferum · Solstice d'hiver
03-16Pestilence · Resurrection Macabre
07-10Pestilential Shadows · In Memoriam, Ill Omen
??-??Pete Prodoehl · Navasio
03-01Pez Negro · Pez Negro
??-??PFH · Cronologica
01-10Phallax · The Chandlers Passion
??-??Phased · A Sort of Spasmic Phlegm Induced by Leaden Fumes of Pleasure
??-??Phavian · Kiena
10-01Picture · Old Dogs New Tricks
03-28Pictures Inside Me · Обречённый жить
??-??Pigsteerer · Trotters of Doom
05-16Pigsty · Planet of the Pigs
08-15Pill Eater · Großstadterotik
??-??Pilsowishs · Between Two Lives
??-??Piranah · Piranah
08-29Pisstolero · Pissturbed
11-06Pitbull Terrorist · C.I.A.
04-03Pitch Black · Hate Division
12-??P.K.I.K.T. · Mėsmalės sukites greitai
11-30Placenta · Fixed Action Pattern
12-??Plague Angel · Deadborn Solutions
05-02Plague Avenue · Plague Avenue
09-08Plague of Shadows · Dismemberance
??-??Plague of Sinai · Sarcoma of the Earth
??-??Plague upon the Living · Robeman Dreams
10-31Planet Gemini · Cauldron of Fuzz: Six
01-01Platinum Brunette · Platinum Brunette
04-??Plector · Dark & Spiteful
12-15Pledge Defiance · Painometer
10-26The Plight · Winds of Osiris
??-??Poder Oculto · Legionarios
10-??Poema Arcanvs · Timeline Symmetry
04-??Poems of Shadows · Obscure Forest, Destructive Illusion
??-??Poetic Grave · Articulo Mortiis
04-??Pogost · Слуги пепла
??-??Point of Existence · 01
04-??Pombagira · Black Axis Abraxas
05-20The Poodles · Clash of the Elements
10-20Portal · Swarth
01-31Portall · Code Black
04-14Portrait of Beyond · Humanthinkingmachines
12-03Posithrone · Necropoles
12-06Positiva · Prodigal Songs
04-15Posthum · .Posthum
09-??Post Mortem · Message from the Dead
03-04Postmortem Twitch · Deeds of Abhorrence
10-31Postmorten · Cesarean Without Anesthesia
07-13Post Scriptum · Коктейль
11-02Potential Threat · A New Threat Level
09-12Potmos Hetoimos · The Greater Gospel
??-??Poultry Death · Extra Crispy
03-??Powerdrive · Freedom of Speech
11-??Power from Hell · Spellbondage
05-15Power Fuel · The Pure Gazoline
06-??Power Pellut · Power Pellut
??-??PowerSteel · Ready to Attack
04-27Powerwolf · Bible of the Beast
08-??Praeter Morte · Purifying the Oppressor
05-??Prayers of Sanity · Religion Blindness
01-01Predador · Gritos de libertad
06-16Predator · Predator
??-??Predator's Rose · Phoenix Rising
??-??Predator T · March of Death
07-??Predatory Violence · Meet the Cure
07-20Prejudice · Megalomanic Infest
09-25Premonition · The Plague of Ignorance
12-11Premunition · Creepers
??-??Presidio · Presidio
07-??Presto? · Comportamento Macabro
??-??Prestorika · The Most Confidential Knowledge
12-18PreTrash · Psychopath
05-27Prey · Knights of the Revolution
10-20Priestess · Prior to the Fire
??-??Prih Lop · Puppet of the Faith
05-22Primal Fear · 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
06-??Primeval Mass · As Solemn Maelstrom...
??-??Priorato · Camino al priorato
01-27Procer Veneficus · Convoy (Pt. 2)
06-??Process of Guilt · Erosion
08-03Proclamation · Execration of Cruel Bestiality
02-??Prodigal Earth · Zenith II Zero
??-??Profanacion · Strangulation
??-??Profanator · Deathplagued
04-??Profane · Hérétique Ârya
03-04Profane Omen · Inherit the Void
06-04Profane Ritual · Church Burning
04-29Profetus · Coronation of the Black Sun
11-11Proffanos · Guerra ao Cristianismo
04-22Profond Barathre · Snaar
09-09Progeria · Swarm of Infection
??-??Project-43 · Man and Machine
12-??Project Arcadia · From the Desert of Desire
10-30Project Entropy · Theory of Devolution
07-06The Project Hate MCMXCIX · The Lustrate Process
??-??Project Massacre · Backfire
01-??Prometheus · Lágrimas y barro
??-??Prophecy · Dark Age Utopia
02-20The Prophecy · Into the Light
07-06Prophexy · Alconauta
05-10Prorok · Satanistička krv
??-??Prosopagnosia · Prosopagnosia
05-22The Prowlers · Re-Evolution
??-??Proyekto X · Sueños de metal
??-??Prymary · The Enemy Inside
??-??Psicosis · Anesthetize Plastic Memories
??-??Psilocybe · Psilosophy
03-16Psoriasis · Lethal Treatment
08-??Psychopath · Compulsive Submission
02-??Psychostatus · Chains of Life
09-??Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Pentagram of Butchered Fetuses
??-??Psyderia · Asylum
06-15Psygnosis · Phrases
??-??P.T.E. Order · Ars Una Species Mille Spiritum Belli
??-??P.T.E. Order · Encarnado por Revelação (Satanização e Glorificação)
??-??P.T.E. Order · Opus Omega Ars Mortum
03-??Pulling Teeth · Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions
01-28Pulling Teeth · Thrash Cats Crisis
??-??Pulverised · Dead, Rotten, Devoured
09-25Pump · Sonic Extasy
??-??Punish · Raptus
??-??Punished · Fierce
12-28Pure Evil · Chapter III: Dedication
10-??Pure Hate · Hate Is Coming
10-11Purgatory · Part 1 (The Earth)
??-??Puritan · O Firme Fundamento do Desespero Incessante
05-??Puritan Slain · Origin: Unknown?
??-??Purity · A Path to the Sun
03-01PussyVibes · Pussy Gore Galore
??-??Pustulus · Necronomicon
06-25Pus Vomit · Degrade the Worthless
08-04Putrefy · One Nation Under Gore
05-22Putrid Pile · House of Dementia
03-21Pyopoesy · ...Alea Iacta Est...
??-??Pyphomgertum · Gorific Carnal Confessions (Revisited 1995)
05-18Pyramido · Sand
10-12Pythia · Beneath the Veiled Embrace
02-27Pÿlon · Doom
04-10Qantice · The Cosmocinesy
??-??Q-Box · Audible Brain Surgery
03-31Queensrÿche · American Soldier
??-??Quelonio · Vicio y virtud
08-??Querubes · Lost Century
08-??Questions · Rise Up
03-28Quintessence · Le Fléau de ton existence
02-25Ra · Punainen virta
04-24Ra's Dawn · At the Gates of Dawn
01-15RacheEngel · Nordwind
03-11Ragen Gagen · Freaks of Nature
03-??Raggradarh · Raggradarh
02-06Ragnaröek · Rache
05-06Ragor · За гранью света
07-11Rainwill · Canvas
08-05Rainwound · The Ivory Chapel
04-05Rajam · Burning Antarctica
06-19Ram · Lightbringer
03-14Ramayana · Vzdálený svět
??-??Ramp · Visions
10-20Rampart · Voice of the Wilderness
10-12Ram-Zet · Neutralized
??-??Ramón · Libre albedrío
??-??Rancour · Там
??-??Random Allus