All 6187 Albums From 2011
12-31Black Jade · ...und alle Pfade sind versunken tief im Schatten
Bloodmoon · There Is No Sun...
Burned in Blizzard · Whiteout
Cunfin · Rabgia rumantscha
Dysfunction · New Blood Faith
Inner Missing · Escapism
Kay Pacha · Wanka Black Metal
Meathook · Hymns of the Divine Drunks
Nekromorphine · Senseless Ecstasy
Obscure Lupine Quietus · Bathing in the Blood of the Moon
Serpent of the Black Forest · Starlight over Winterscape
Sweet Heart of a Berzerk · Reborn in Pain
Trágico Ballet · Santos del pecado
世の漆黒 · 天球儀上の君と黄昏の摩天楼
六弦アリス · 迷イノ森、夢十夜。 -人トシテ-
六弦アリス · 迷イノ森、夢十夜。 -凛トシテ-
少女病 · Vision -誓約の閉回路 桎梏の乙女-
神風小町 · Oriental Rhapsody
12-305150 · Symphonic Touhou V
Dragonsclaw · Prophecy
Fuil na Seanchoille · Hunger
Hollowstone · Rite of Existence
Iron Attack! · Deamon's Seal ~魔界の封印~
Silvertonguedevil · Pornographic Scripture
Unlucky Morpheus · Faith and Warfare
Wolfgangs · Fake
12-29Against Nature · Ground Down
Crow'sClaw · Blackened Fangs and Bloody Claws
Dead Vertical · Perang Neraka Bumi
Lasher Zombie · Back from Death
Throbbing Pain · Hang, Draw and Quarter
Дом Ветров · Китобой
12-28Elvenstorm · Of Rage and War
Extinción · O martelo da morte
Kaksonen · Atlas
Kalibas · Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Barely Exaggerated
Orbeth · Mechatronical
Rostorchester · Verschrobenheit
Saber Tiger · Paragraph IV
This Is Past · Μισανθρωπία
12-27Arbrynth · Arbrynth
Cthäat Aquadingen · I
Dark Light · Cheat Yourself
Dejadeath · The Ageless Pantomime
Micawber · Viral
Mortal Threat · Psychotic Paralysis
Prassein Aloga · Midas Touch
Scandelion · The Garden of Lies
12-26Burning Church Forest · Book 4
Dying Rose · Exsistentia
12-25Acrybia · Jesus Bloody Jesus
Cocaine Cowboys · Antichrist(mas)
Divine Codex · The Dark Descent
Exarsis · Under Destruction
Karakondjo · Багряный блицкриг
Koloss · Dødsstjernen
Kulto Maldito · Diaboliko
W. Angel's Conquest · IV
Чорні Крила · In Expectation of Punishment
12-24Whizper · Human Plague
Эпидемия · Всадник из льда
12-23Abörted Hitler Cöck · Erections at an Animal Autopsy
Blasted · Blast the Studio Burn the Stage
Celtibeerian · Tirikantam
Dimaension X · To Black Dresses and Exploding Robots
Focus Indulgens · Hic Sunt Leones
Ginger Brain Man · Terreurs Nocturnes
Human Thrash Machine · Our Darkest Nightmares
Loup Noir · L'âme de la steppe
Midnight Scream · Covers
Now Exploding in Saigon · Vigil
Power from Hell · Lust and Violence
Staar · Staar
To My Last Breath · The Deadly Horde
12-22Boreas · Boreas
Deathproof · Abuse
Munruthel · The Dark Saga
Nabaath · Central-a-Triangle
Nightfire · Penumbra
Perseo Miranda · Firmament
Shallow Intentions · My Beginning
Slug Lord · Slug Lord
Stasis · Bloodhoney
Swordbearer · Honor
Waffenbrüder · This Time the World
Экскалибур · Экскалибур
黑色祈祷 · Black Invocation
12-21Alternative 4 · The Brink
Anxiety · Angstnation
Aquilus · Griseus
Evil Palace · Born in Darkness
Final Darkness · Final Darkness
Holdaar · Дети сумерек богов
Putrilus · Begin the Mutilation
Reason · The Darkest Star
River of Despair · Dark Reflection
Voice of Midnight · Bifrost
陰陽座 · 鬼子母神
12-20As Sahar · Bugis
Combat · Age of Discord
Crownless · Dark Evolution
Dogbane · Residual Alcatraz
Embrace of Thorns · Praying for Absolution
Epicland · Bound for Greatness
Saatana Hatiim · The Gates of Misery
Sin and Death · Engrenage
Tears · Unravelling Travesties
Vestal Claret · Bloodbath
Vore · Gravehammer
12-19Amarna Sky · Under Sekhmet's Breath
AraPacis · Netherworld
Beltane · Anode to Leviathan
Forefather · Last of the Line
Hormigón Armado · Carpe Diem
In Trails · Triumph in Suffering
Kataplexy · Mind Deterioration
Mare Infinitum · Sea of Infinity
Mystagog · ...of Old
Screwrot · Splattering Cunts
Xes Dreams · NC - 17
Свора Заката · На пороге перемен
12-18Bolesno Grinje · Grinje​!​Grinje​!​Grinje!
Cunt Cuntly · Cuntopolis
Non Serviam · Non Serviam
Sinful · The XIII-th Apostle
12-17Abjured · Life...You Know?!
Estroop · Árbol sin frutos
Fat Monsters · История человеческих ошибок (The History of Human Errors)
Fetus Grinder · Rather Unpleasant
Gales of Avalon · Black Island
Gone in April · We Are But Human
Impulsive Aggression · A Lesson in Brutality
Nona · Kroky pravdy
Repulsão Explícita · Pobre
Taka Minamino · Blood Rain
Unchained · Code of Persistence
Zero Down · Looking to Start a Riot
12-16Aschenglas · Schauderreich
Awakening Sun · Sold Out
Ember · Artilecta
Hatursvart · Hatursvart
Hellhound · Let Metal Rule the World
Imminent Descent · Imminent Descent
Iron Mask · Black as Death
Korpblod · Vardens Färd
Mandibula · Into the Chaos
Mythika · 1811-2011
Nar Mattaru · Enûma Elish
Persona Non Grata · Quantum Leap
Scartown · Там, где время молчит
12-15Appalachian Winter · Appalachian Winter
Arvest · Космос зелёных равнин
Bersimbah Darah · Land of Terror
Cancer Spreading · The Age of Desolation
Guerra Total · Más allá de la tumba
The Hounds of Hasselvander · The Ninth Hour
Maestrick · Unpuzzle!
Oblivion Machine · Zero-Gravity
Ulverheim · När dimman lättar
12-14Before Nightfall · Smiling at Your Sorrow
Cataleptic · Strength Within
Drakonian Age · The Old Legends of the Battles
FDS · Nagranie z muzyką naiwną
Formless Terror · Sovereign Chaos Authority
Giwmür · Varuji nebe!!!
Iron Kingdom · Curse of the Voodoo Queen
Lightning · Justice Strike
Massemord · The Cold Light of Suicide
Nvrvd · A Memory of Angst
Perfect Harmony · Duality
To/Die/For · Samsara
War Master · Pyramid of the Necropolis
Worth Dying For · Tears and Ashes
石渡太輔 · BlazBlue in L.A. Vocal Edition
12-13Cemeterial · Сады беспроглядного мрака
Cimmerian · Infinite Perdition
Screaming Souls · Earth Crisis
Several Union · Awake from the Game
Small Heap Misery · Injected Overdose
Spider's Last Moment · The Arsonist of Human Integrity
We All Have Day Jobs · Adapted
Wold · Freermasonry
12-12Armageddon · Necromantic Celebration
Black Acid Devil · Mountains of Madness
Einsam Gestorben · Einsam gestorben
Flagellum Dei · Order of the Obscure
Forlorn Tales · Servants of a Fading Dawn
Kaideka · False Idols and Pyrite Thrones
Krautnaut · Krautnaut
Lowshake · Hopeless Desires
Misery · Messe interdite
Penuria · Vulnerant omnes, última necat
Rusting Sun · Behind the Shadows
Shadow Host · Bringer of Revenge
Shaltev · Winter Nights
Xicon · Monument
12-11Compulsive Slasher · Execution Date Rape
Exxperior · Call for Sanity
Primal · Deathzone
Violent Omen · Lunatic's Revenge
12-10Absentia · Our Bleeding Sun
Blackthorn · Codex Archaos
Deschain · Sea of Trees Forest of Gallows
FreaKings · No Way Out!
Heredes · Saltus Habet Anima Mea
Human Jail · The Soul Allegory
Koza Noztra · Tragedia della follia in un supermercato dell'hinterland
Mortum · The Rites of Depopulation
Revilement · Pillars of Balance
Sacrifice to Survive · Sacrifice to Survive
Sale Freux · La Mélancolie des pennes
Selbsttötung · Daseinsschmerz
Surface · Where the Gods Divide
Vermiform · Everlasting Horror
Warthane · Black Divine
12-09Altar · Mantra
Black Rainbows · Supermothafuzzalicious!!
Death Construction · Mundus Somniorum
Eisregen · Rostrot
Eradication · Stigmatic Assessment
Hevidence · There's Only Ten Left
Ira Deum · Demoratoria Irae - Back in Dark Ages
Morpheus Rising · Let the Sleeper Awake
Necrophobic Revulsion · Brigades of Subjugation
Prey for Nothing · Against All Good and Evil
Rêverie · Wandel
Satvrnia Tellvs · Elysivm
Synarchy · Tear Up the World
Tjolgtjar · First Church of Tjolgtjar Volume I (Rites of the First Church)
Turdus Merula · Mentem Recipere
Vendetta · Feed the Extermination
Villainizer · I Bomb New York
Xiom · Glorious Sin
12-08Deathgate Arkanum · Seelen
Disfigurement · Privilege of the Sickest Pleasure
Eyes of Soul · Cyberian Tales
Trooper · Voodoo
Wotam · Raza herida
12-07Black Skies · On the Wings of Time
Dragon Guardian · 聖魔剣ヴァルキュリアス
Hordes of Decay · The Kings Will Be Ready
The Last Twilight · La octava copa de ira
While Sun Ends · The Emptiness Beyond
Widescreen Mode · Fallen from the Sky
12-06Abnormal Inhumane · Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide
A.c.o.D · First Earth Poison
Bestia Arcana · To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu
Bone 5 · From the Ashes
Cormorant · Dwellings
Czar · Vertical Mass Grave
Dead Space · Unconscious Dream
Dream Epic · Twilight of December
Gorthaur · Seasons
Hellvetica · Your Last Breath
Indecent Excision · Deification of the Grotesque
Minded of Heart · Trust in Your Path
Patrick Hemer · More Than Meets the Eye
Sandrider · Sandrider
Seven Nines and Tens · Habitat 67
Thanatotic Desire · Deathwish
Valle de la Muerte · Más allá del bien y el mal
Wanzwa · Wanzwa
12-05100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl · Kill Your Kids and Die
Amplifire · Achtung Panzer
Avalanch · Malefic Time Apocalypse
Bëehler · Messages to the Dead
Ecnephias · Inferno
Gorgoroth · Under the Sign of Hell 2011
Hungarica · Robotok: rabszolgák
Iadalbaoth · Eyaculando tu puta religión
Katharos XIII · Dead Emotions
Lihporcen · Illuminate
Stangala · Boued tousek hag traoù mat all
12-04Antiquus · In the Land of the Blind
Betoken · Days of the Apocalypse
Criptofonia · Revivanlos a todos
Double Dragon · Sons of Asena
Frostland · Peccatum Mortiferum
Malleus · Under the Evil's Shadows
Stone Angels · Within the Witch
Thomas Bressel · Virtual Tragedies
12-03Disgust · Infinite Obliteration
Femau · Dengekeun Ku Sia
Silent Kingdom · Path to Oblivion
Vibratör · Heavy Rock Tank
12-02AtteroTerra · Humanicide Directive
Dark Suns · Orange
Death and Glory · Blut und Asche
December Flower · When All Life Ends...
Intra Spelaeum · Intra Spelaeum
Kamikaze · Dueño de los cielos
Karnak Seti · In Harmonic Entropy
Kill the Klown · The Show Could Be Your Execution
Kirchenbrand · Abgang
Little V · Metal Effect
Martyrion · Refugium: Exile
Panchrysia · Massa Damnata
Sintech · Schlampenfeuer
Skady · Mysterium
Slaughter Denial · Treachery
12-01A((wake)) · A((wake))
Claustrofobia · Peste
Dramah · Sombras
Dreams After Death · Embraced by the Light
Drowning the Light · Oceans of Eternity
Elimination · The Blood of Titans
Enthrall · Throes of Fire
Epitafio · III Operis Tertium
EVO · Puta pasta
Gates of Mourning · Nightfall Blooms and Golden Horns
Grímsvötn · Northland Depression
Harmony Fault · Rotting Flesh Good Meal
Heydenschrei · 9 Monate
Huata · Atavist of Mann
The Insane · The Dark Plague Director's Cut
Jordan Miles · Beyond the Unknown
Leichenbrand · Ebola
Maerormid · Abissi
Malduguns · Pēddzinis
Meltingaze · Stare Men's Lyric
O.D.R.A · O.D.R.A II
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Dragon Sword V -Legend of the Dragon Sword-
Pseudorobustus · Pseudorobustus
Ride for Revenge · Under the Eye
Souls Migrator · Voices Inside of Me
Strike Master · Majestic Strike
Terrateya · Whispers Torn from a Raven's Dream
Thine Eyes Bleed · The Embers Rise
Towersound · The Island of the Demon
The Unhallowed · Philosophy of a Cornered One
Velvet Robe · La Seance Haunted
Viral Encephalitis · Usine abandonnée
Zinvmm · Zinumm
12-??Altered Symmetry · Prologue
Amalgama · Estigia
Asmund · Воля
Atlantic · The Great Names of Past
Axxicorn · War of the Giants
Ayahuaira · Wanka bélica
Black Hole of Calcutta · Black Hole of Calcutta - S/T #2
Blutige Nacht · Scorn
Book of Sand · The Face of the Waters
Brain Ass · Primordial Uncouth
Buried at Birth · Force / Quit
Cabracan · Veneración antigua
Caed Dhu · Tedd Deireádh
Cryptic Throne · The Wolves Gather
Dark Helm · Persepolis
Death Convulsion · House of Deformed
Desert Near the End · A Crimson Dawn
Dominion · Horror Videt Turmas
Endless Distrust · Collateral Damage
Engorging · Accursed Disaster
Enuma Elish · An Endless Tomorrow
Erhabenheit · Apo ton Kataklysmo ston Kosmo
Esylium · Anti Hero
Eärendil · At the Gates of Solstice
Fastkill · Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer
Grand Maris · Recluse
Gravewürm · Netherfiend
Grimind · Through the Eyes of Janus
Hellixxir · Corrupted Harmony
Krang · Sounds of Death
Laughing Dog · Down with the Down
Mordaz · Detrimento
México Cabrón · Encabronados
Nordglanz · Weltenwende
Nordverg · Багровый рассвет
Obscura Religio · Rache sitzt tief
Overblood · Excision
Perfect Smile · Mañana puede ser peor
Pergamen · Per Somnum
Plutonia · Dark Black Cold
Possession Ritual · Incense of Opened Gates
Post Mortem · Exterminio
Profanus Nathrakh · The Second Coming
Pulverised · Abortus Instantus
Rantai 86 · Eksekusi Provokasi
Reborn · Renewed for Revenge
Sariel · Bring Back the Flesh
Sinnerstesy · At the Gates of Chaos
Snow Whitte · Snow White
Sorrowful Angels · Omens
SoulSteal · Answers to Everything
Stonehand · Black Babylon
Terdor · Levi
Tragedy Kereta Jenazah · Exterminate Hatred
Ultimate Disposal · Helpless Screams of an Imprisioned Mind
Vanagloria · Involución
Woods of Infinity · Förlåt
Zaklon · Шэпт чорнага лісьця
11-30Al-Azazhil · Pope Phaligh Bhunian Weighh
Antipope · House of Harlot
Dying Gorgeous Lies · Insanitarium
Fred Brum · Atonement
Hostile · Eve of Destruction
House of Low Culture · Poisoned Soil
Jarojupe · Disco de Vinil
Legion666 · The Final Days
Mistress of the Dead · Henriette's Message from the Other Shore
Mordant · Black Evil Master
Nightwish · Imaginaerum
Putrified J · The Last Harvest
Sammath Naur · Anhedonia
Serpentia · The Day in the Year of Candles
Solipsismus · A Sorrowfull Madness of Existence
Undergång · The Mother of Armageddon
The Unguided · Hell Frost
War Kabinett · Made in Mexico
11-29Abgabba · Time Is the Perfect Gift
Deterior · Men like Gods
Eutanos · Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum
Geinazaug · The Wretched Dominion
Lorenguard · Eve of Corruption: The Days of Astasia - Part One
Misantropus · LP-EP (2003)
Pulsar Colony · Snowball Earth
Royal Hunt · Show Me How to Live
Soziedad Alkoholika · Cadenas de odio
Vengeful · Vengeful
11-28Adimiron · K2
Archetype · Asylum
Enid · Munsalvaesche
The Fallen Divine · The Binding Cycle
The Jelly Jam · Shall We Descend
The Man-Eating Tree · Harvest
The Ritual · Beyond the Fragile Horizon
Scarleth · Break the Silence
Stéphan Forté · The Shadows Compendium
Venom · Fallen Angels
Vicious Bastard · Post Abortion Lust
11-27Alexander Oden · The Wretched Dominion
Babylon · A Scream in the Southern Night
Baskerville · The Sign of Six
Etox · Deepwater Rising
Nitewalk · Darker Shades of Gray
Sybil Smith · Epilogue
11-26Altars of Rebellion · The Dominant Material Origin
Archaic Decapitator · Impalement Ceremonies
Avigal · Unbroken
Carceri · The Good Must Suffer the Wicked
Cardamon · Sun as Never
Derision · Ancient
Eklyps · folki​.​gigs​@​goblin​.​ek
Endless Cycle · Into the Opaque...
Loud'n'Proud · Black'n'White
Malstrom · Avarice & Decadence
Obskene Sonare · Der letzte weiße Hirsch
Over Dead in Over · Resolution Formula
Saatanan Marionetit · Satanick Destruction of Death
Science of Disorder · Heart, Blood and Tears...
Section 5150 · Bide Your Time
Ziel Bevrijd · Ziel Bevrijd
11-25Adavänt · Tale Untold
Andromeda · Manifest Tyranny
Baldrs Draumar · Forfedres fortellinger
Burzum · From the Depths of Darkness
Cage · Supremacy of Steel
Crom · Of Love and Death
Daemoni · Stillborn Redeemer
Diretone · Diretone
Evolvent · Delusion
Force · Mass Acceleration
Grá · Grá
Illuminata · A World So Cold
Innerload · React
Kambrium · Shadowpath
Killerfix · Bridge of Disorder
Magnetron · A Measured Timeframe
Man Made Origin · False Consciousness
Mental Defect · Longplayer
Moloken · Rural
Mortician · Mortician
Mystic Prophecy · Ravenlord
Nucleus Torn · Golden Age
Resister · Resister
Seagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void · Seagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void
Sexocide · Metempsycosis
Souldrainer · Heaven's Gate
Supreme Lord · Father Kaos
Terrortory · The Seed Left Behind
Theocracy · As the World Bleeds
Voidhanger · Wrathprayers
Waste of Life · Submersed in Past Sorrows
11-24Accursed Christ · Through the Fringe of Life
Black Cilice · A Corpse, a Temple
Cunt Cuntly · From the Depths of the Wizards Sleeve
Eagleheart · Dreamtherapy
Eshaton · Čekajući Eshaton
Hands of Despair · Hereafter
Hate Embraced · The Art of Devastation
Il Pàsaro · Claim the Power
Ite Missa Est · Ante Bellum
Karkajou · Let There Be Blight
MAB · Illusion
Morbid Agony · Безысходность
Orthodox · Seed Infected by Sin
SinSilencio · Sin tiempo
Vira · Vira
Третий Рим · Движение вперёд
11-23Black West · Lonely Crowd
Fear of Domination · Create.Control.Exterminate.
Fire Faithful · Please Accept This Invocation
From the Vastland · Darkness vs. Light, the Perpetual Battle
Grave Siesta · Grave Siesta
Lapageria Rosea · En un mar de abstracción
ShadowIcon · Empire in Ruins
Wasteland Skills · Beyond the Barrier
天燐 · 命の花
11-22Carcharoth Λ.V. · Transcendvm Monolitvs Xvl
Chasma · Declarations of the Grand Artificer
Fallujah · The Harvest Wombs
Forteresse · Crépuscule d'octobre
Funerus · Reduced to Sludge
Infernal Legion · The Spear of Longinus
Kurgaall · Summi Verbi Lucifer
Neige et Noirceur · Hymnes de la montagne noire
Saving Grace · The King Is Coming
Trust X · На краю вечности
Vektor · Outer Isolation
11-21Apokefale · Revelation: Procreating Abhorrent Depths
Black Propaganda · Black Propaganda
Casus Inflamed · Order Against the Sun
From the Depth · Back to Life
In Loving Memory · Negation of Life
Klabautamann · The Old Chamber
Krux · III - He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars
Senzafine · Apex
Soul Secret · Closer to Daylight
Stormzone · Zero to Rage
Valgud · Passion of the Crimson Symphony
Woburn House · Sleep Summer Storm
11-20Anatomy of the Void · Moment of Truth
Gaina · Fingertips
Invection · Facet of Aberration
Lugubria · Bajo el manto del irredento
Order of Orias · Inverse
Paper Trail · Raw War
Skullpture · Skullpture... The Sinister Art
11-19Dissentient · Black Hole Machine
Endoras · The Dark Legacy
Feast of Corpses · Sudden Death
Inner Odyssey · Have a Seat
Lint · Ships in the Sky
Necrohell · Carpathian Nights
Nuit Noire · The Gigantic Hideout
Pandemia · Destino letal
Tungsteno · Inminente aniquilación
Unity · Reborn
Оратория · Время понять
11-18Ad-hoC · Ad-hoC
Apocalypse Warhead · Opening the Silos
Brought by Pain · The Dreamer's Will
Cirith Gorgor · Der Untergang... / Победа!!!
Coronatus · Terra Incognita
Cruz de Malta · Cruz de Malta
Dead · Hardnaked but... Dead!
Dragonland · Under the Grey Banner
Icon of Phobos · Icon of Phobos
Illnath · Third Act in the Theatre of Madness
Impalement · In Torture We Trust
Iron Savior · The Landing
Mastercastle · Dangerous Diamonds
Milking the Goatmachine · Clockwork Udder
Nocturnal Hollow · Decay of Darkness
Oz · Burning Leather
Raven Tide · Echoes of Wonder
Skeletal Damage · Fire and Forget
Svikt · I elendighetens selskap
Syderal Overdrive · The Trick of Life
Taipan · Snakes
Timesailor · Once upon a Time
Vantage Point · Tomb of the Eagles
11-17Horror · Ignorance Is Death
Nemesea · The Quiet Resistance
Steeltrooper · Eternal Warrior
11-16The Anabasis · Back from Being Gone
Battlecreek · Wake the Plague
EarSplit · EarSplit
Jarnvidr · Blodsåkrar
Leash Eye · V.I.D.I
11-15Ancient Bards · Soulless Child
Apothesary · A Harsh Reality
Atkins / May Project · Serpents Kiss
Bloody Panda · Summon: Invocation
Cosmonauts Day · Paths of the Restless
Dead Nedry · Deadly Game
Encoffination · O' Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres
Hegemoon · Szaty kłamstw
Mortifier · Anatomies Undone
Negativvm · Tronie
Of Forsaken Divinity · Ascensions
Omitir · Cotard
On Top · Top Heavy
Patricia Tapia KHY · Irrompible
Revenge · Metal Is: Addiction and Obsession
Ritual Necromancy · Oath of the Abyss
Rocka Rollas · The War of Steel Has Begun
Suspect · Suspect
Throne of Decay · The Blessing of Disease
Ungoliant · No More the World of Man
Uvikra · Bi
Vile · Metamorphosis
Whispering Tales · Echoes of Perversion
Whispersorrow · Κατάρα
11-14Anonymus · État brute
Breed of Bacchus · Liberalia
Cross of Iron · In the Steelstorms
Demisery · Hive of Mutation
Drop D · Prologue
Histeria · Ni una más
Inepsys · Time for Redemption
Johann Wolfgang Pozoj · Escape of Pozoj
Jute Gyte · Impermanence
Marionette · Nerve
Oceans of Night · Domain
Ptahil · For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory
Save Us · Llora mi alma
11-13Alustrium · An Absence of Clarity
Crescent Lament · Behind the Lethal Deceit
Dimensionless · ØD
Unearthly · Flagellum Dei
Антарес · Белый шум
11-12Brulvahnatu · Menstrual Extraction Ceremony
Elmditioned · Unstoppable
Erzfeint · Kein Ende im Licht
Eternal Twilight · Eternal Twilight
Fortress · Modern Days Society
From the Torrent & the Fountain · Circle of Shadows
Nagaarum · Nanoverzum
Nuestros Derechos · Adrift
Overlord · Tiempos Antares
11-11Agonal · Threneo
Aguirre · Fatalitas
Akromusto · Sina Meri
Alpine Fault · Iraena's Ashes
Amass the Grave · A Massacred World
Ambcrave · Mind on Sale
Antediluvian · Through the Cervix of Hawaah
Archaios · The Distant
As Empires Decay · The Palpability of Human Suffering
Be Fading Fast · Global Attack
Bell Witch · Bell Witch
Black Anal Goat Vomit · Misc. Recordings
Blut aus Nord · 777 - The Desanctification
Bombard · Switch Off the Bitch
B.S.U.R. · Der Schein trügt
Cara Neir · Stagnant Perceptions
Chant of Blasphemy · Godless Extermination
Chorpuss · Witch of the Moor
Clawn · The Great Excuse to Domination
Crepúsculo dos Ídolos · Thoth
Deathcamp Project · Painthings
Deathkings · Destroyer
Decline · Cold Declaration of Visceral Disgust
Delirium · Frankenblut
Dethbound · Karma of the Beast
Dystopia Nå! · Syklus
(EchO) · Devoid of Illusions
Eclipse Hunter · Unlimited Edition
Esoteric · Paragon of Dissonance
Fallen into Shadow · Attictrax
Flynotes · Our Zoo
Frequency · Rotten Empire
G-Clad · Hebe Street
Gross Misconduct · The Disconnect
Haemoth · In Nomine Odium
Horytnica · Głos patriotów
In Your Face · Dragon's Gate
Jack Starr's Burning Starr · Land of the Dead
Jumalation · The Church of Isaac
Kaos Aeon · Tyranny: The Hysteria Manifesto
Khaoz · Salvation Through Bloodshed
Kroh · Kroh
Kyrenee · Insorcism
Lance King · A Moment in Chiros
Lapis Lazuli · A Justified Loss
Lichium · Frozen Tamori
Lord Volture · Never Cry Wolf
Master Charger · Unity in Black
Necrosadist · Abstract Satan
Nefeariuz · Soul to Darkness
Nocte Obducta · Verderbnis - Der Schnitter kratzt an jeder Tür
Norylsk · Political Pollution
Nuclear Vomit · Koryto
Nuclear Wasteland · The Brink of Extinction
Oriz · II
Parricide · Just Five
Reborn in Fire · Reborn in Fire
Reido · -11
Rellik · Soap Opera City
Screamer · Adrenaline Distractions
Serrated · The Essence of Destruction
Silent Circus · Into the Silence
Silver Cypher · Existential Realisms
Slow · II - Deeper in the Space, Higher in the Ocean
Strygon · Whitechapel
Tales of Deliria · Beyond the Line
Tattermask · After the Storm
Ted Kirkpatrick · Ancient Christmas
Thrown to the Sun · Of Oceans and Raindrops
Thy Catafalque · Rengeteg
Torment of Abyss · Cernnunos "Origin of Evil - Ancient God of the Horns"
Transcend · The Mind
Trash Amigos · Hijos de la Chingada
Trial · The Primordial Temple
Wasara · Hehku
Weedsnake · Weedsnake
Widow · Life's Blood
11-10AlmostRage · Almost There..
Arthar · Encarved
Palace · Dreamevilizer
Waltari · Covers All! - 25th Anniversary Album
11-09Demon Seed · Worldthrasher
Herem · II
Nadir · The Underground Heroes
Pestnebel · Necro
Se, josta ei puhuta · Musta, kylmä, syvä ja samea
Wolfnacht · Project Ordensburg
11-08Condemned · Realms of the Ungodly
Decrepit Cadaver · The Beginning of Depravity
Deep Nostalgia of Mortality · Unsettling Uncertainty
Ghoul · Transmission Zero
Gillman · Tributo a los desconocidos
Gnaw Their Tongues · Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus
Hexfire · The Fire of Redemption
Leviathan · True Traitor, True Whore
Martyr · Circle of 8
Midnight · Satanic Royalty
Syphilic · A Composition of Murder
Temple of Oblivion · Morituri Te Salutant
11-07Army Rising · Impending Chaos
Artrosis · Imago
Beyond · Thrash in Black
Blutvial · Curses Thorns Blood
Gorse · Old Certainties
Hevisaurus · Räyhällistä Joulua
Jelonek · Revenge
Mega Beardo · Belmont
Sceau de l'Ange · Phénomènes
Seljačka Buna · Buna je počela!
ShitKill · ShitKill
Silent Opera · Immortal Beauty
Slaughterbox · The Ubiquity of Subjugation
Speedwolf · Ride with Death
Żywiołak · Globalna wiocha
11-05Astray · Infierno
Carnival Sun · Sun of a Bitch
Churches Burn · Extraordinary Suns
CrystalMoors · Circle of the Five Serpents
Delirium · Errante
Dragony · Legends
Festerfuck · An Audio Recollection of Detestable Erectional Misadventure
Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 9: The Neighbourhood of Metal Planet
Grafvolluth · Long Live Death!
Grey November · The Fall of the House of Usher
Infected Brain · Deconstructive Surgery
Infernal Creation · The Serpent Seed Doctrine
Karma Violens · Dormancy
MΛKE · Trephine
Nephthys · Ghost Asylum
Neutral · Brána osudů
Proglas · Horizonty Svetovlády
Pussylovers · We've Got You Right
Vaporizer · Bring Back the Metal
11-04Amazing Grave · Amazing Grave
Amongst the Deceit · Tribulations of Man
Arrayan Path · Ira Imperium
Autumn · Cold Comfort
Barbarian · Barbarian
Blasphemist · Shadowtorned World
Blood Dries First · Turbulent Mindscapes
Bloodspot · Embrace the End
Boargazm · The Aporkalypse
Clockwork Spirit · Clockwork Spirit
Cruadalach · Lead - Not Follow
Diononesiste · Mota
Dying Humanity · Living on the Razor's Edge
Embalmed · Exalt the Imperial Beast
Eternal Flight · Diminished Reality, Elegies and Mysteries
Mourning Caress · Deep Wounds, Bright Scars
Night in Gales · Five Scars
Nuclear Sushi · Never Shut Up
Profanation · Contorted Bodies in Pain
Sanguis Imperem · In Glory We March Towards Our Doom
Scorpions · Comeblack
Törr · Tempus Fugit
Unscarred Bleeding · Who Is Sick?
Vanderbuyst · In Dutch
Феникс · Воины света
11-03Eclipse · Triumph of the Pain
Enthring · The Grim Tales of the Elder
Helmsplitter · Storms of Genocide
Ill Omen · Divinity Through Un-creation
Outlaws of Ravenhurst · Book I
TimeMage · Rebirth
11-02Dakesis · Trial by Fire
Dirtpill · Oil Tank Blues
Disgrace · Vol. 2
Krypthall · Plenilunium Foret
Mindghost · The Plastic Generation
Mokoma · Varjopuoli
11-01Agnosy · Past the Point of No Return
Blowback · Chapter #2
Bottom · Maszkarada
Cripple Bastards · Frammenti di vita
Footprints in the Custard · Every Hole Is a Goal
Frozen Time · Lifelines
Heiden · Dolores
Hunter's Ground · No God but the Wild
Illogicist · The Unconsciousness of Living
Krisiun · The Great Execution
Lilyum · Nothing Is Mine
Mal de Pampa · Mal de Pampa
MaterDea · Satyricon
Megadeth · Th1rt3en
Metsatöll · Ulg
Midnight Chaser · Rough and Tough
Mournful Congregation · The Book of Kings
Muldjord · The Ignorant Crown
Nomenmortis · Forget Arcadia
NRIII · Solus Patior
Pagan Flame · Symbole de vie et de lumière
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Dragon Sword IV -Power of the Dark Dragon-
Purge · Sordid Preludes to Purgatory
Saluth o/o/o/ · Ultymatywne spopielenie
Sitvartes · Scelestus Sabbatum
Spell Forest · Inclusus Opacity
Trillium · Alloy
Undead · Death Intelligence Service
Wizardrone · The Fifth Wheel of Confusion
11-??Amenazha · Criaturas de la oscuridad
Angel's Sorrow · Whisper of the Evil
Animae Capronii · Libera Nos Domine
AufHeben · 華 -HANA-
Avatar · Szívünkbezárva
Avataria · The Matrix Falls
Bertoncelli · Leyendas de amor y sangre
Beyond the Gates · The Inhumanity of Human Mind
Dead Reptile Shrine · The Sun of Circles and Wood
Dreadface · Drive-By Shooting
Dystopolis · Sons of a Silent Age
Engvaal · En utvilsom makt
Explorer · Sober Deserve to Die!!
Frosset Skog · В песнях февральских ветров
Haboryn · At the Edge of Extinction
Heirdrain · Sound of Poison
Hugin Munin · Ten Thousand Spears for Ten Thousand Gods
Human Carnage · Unleash the Carnage
Infidel · King of Cynical Control
Lugubrum · Face Lion Face Oignon
Nostalgie · Dead Memory
Panopticon · Social Disservices
Reborn Damnation · Reborn
Reverorum ib Malacht · Urkaos
Rompe Craneos · Sons of War
Saturnian Mist · Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan
Senescence · In Vain
Shadow Man · Walking on a Dark Path
Tengger Cavalry · Cavalry Folk
TIR · Heavy Metal
Unholy Sermon · The Benighted
Vicious Grave · Unleash the Bowels
Wargoatcult · La horda del chivo
Wintercorpse · Bloodless Heart
Wolf & Winter · When the Cold Earth Rests in Silence
Wormsblood · Black & White Art for Man & Beast
Wrath of Typhon · Speak from the Fire
Wschód · Oddalenie
Чёрный Ангел · Хозяин судьбы
10-313 Mile Scream · A Glimpse of Hope
Adustum · Searing Fires and Lucid Visions
A Life Less Alive · The Things Death Brings
Autumns Eyes · Please Deceive Me
Blackcircle · Requiem in Silence
Blasphemophagher · The III Command of the Absolute Chaos
Brutal Death Fuck · Cunts of Disease
Corretja · American Ragnarok
Damaste · Five Degrees and a Prophecy
David Brewster · The Raven
Disquiet · Scars of Undying Grief
Doomeastvan · Htaed fo Yek eht ni Sgnos
Doomeastvan · Songs in the Key of Death
Eden Myrrh · Insurrection
Fading Waves · The Sense of Space
GraveSideService · Masters in Lunacy
Hostile · Eve of Destruction
Lifeless · Lifeless
Lonesummer · There Are Few Tomorrows for Feeding Our Worries
Lord Vicar · Signs of Osiris
Nefarious Ascendency · The Majestic March of Blasphemy
Noturna · A Dream Within a Dream
Phavian · Meridian I
Revelation · Осознание
Riot V · Immortal Soul
The Rotted · Ad Nauseam
Scelus · Drain the Well​.​.​.
Scorned Deity · The Monarchy Memoirs
Tears of Mankind · Memoria
Thrall · Vermin to the Earth
Vallenfyre · A Fragile King
Witchclan · Misanthropist
10-30Asriel · Oratorium
Ceremonial Castings · March of the Deathcult
Crucifuck · Übermensch
Cu Dubh · Walkin' the Cinders
Necro Polaris · Nightmarish Behavior Chain
Robot Monster Army · Monsterpiece
Sound Factory Carolina · Mechanical Messiah
10-29Absurd Universe · Habeas Corpus
Blakk Market · Self-Improvement: Suicide
Descendant · Descendant
Earth Burnt Black · Harrowing Catharsis
Helder Oliveira · For Eternity
Hexadar · Hexadar
Memfis · Vertigo
Noosphera · Metamorphosis
Northwail · Cold Season
Salvación · Way More Unstoppable
Suckerpunched · Suckerpunched
10-28Ankor · My Own Angel
Battlerage · True Metal Victory
Continuo Renacer · The Great Escape
Descending · New Death Celebrity
Ebonylake · In Swathes of Brooding Light
The Embodied · The Embodied
Farsot · Insects
Fatum Elisum · Homo Nihilis
Gurd · Never Fail
Hate Squad · Katharsis
Ideas · Őrizd a szíved / Hide Your Heart
Isole · Born from Shadows
Ivory Tower · IV
Lantlôs · Agape
Mummifier · Advanced Mummification Procedure
Outrage · Go to Hell
Paganizer · Into the Catacombs
Raiser · Power of the Mind
Requiem Eternam · Stories of Another Age
Sandstone · Cultural Dissonance
Under That Spell · Black Sun Zenith
Vaulting · Nucleus
Wampus Cat · Wampus Cat
XIV Dark Centuries · Gizit dar Faida
Zanthropya Ex · Notlösung Kopfschuss
10-27Ancient Hatred · Oath of Death
Aspherium · The Veil of Serenity
A Young Man's Funeral · To Never Return
El Vasco · Perros de la noche, volumen 1
Et Moriemur · Cupio Dissolvi
Locus Requiescat · A Dark Journey
Morgh · Absorbed, Enticed, Deceived
Чорна Рада · У світі тіней
10-262 Wolves · Gentlemen, Please
Aathma · Decline... Towers of Silence
Amoral · Beneath
Black Sun Aeon · Blacklight Deliverance
Cønstantine · Divine Design
Despair · Depersonalization
Fleshpress · Acid Mouth Strangulation
Ghoul Patrol · Ghoul Patrol
Golden Resurrection · Man with a Mission
Oranssi Pazuzu · Kosmonument
Project X · D Generation
Slartibartfass · Schwarz verhüllt
10-25Absinthropy · Absinthropy
Awake · Forever More
Bahimiron · Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror
Blackhour · Age of War
Black Tooth · Drink Drive Go to Hell
Black Tusk · Set the Dial
Carnifex · Until I Feel Nothing
Descension Rate · Creatures of Discordia
Elder · Dead Roots Stirring
Ever Dream · The Darkest Time
Haken · Visions
Harpoon · Deception Among Birds
Horrid · The Final Massacre
Insomnium · One for Sorrow
Knight Area · Nine Paths
Mausoleum · Back from the Funeral
Molotov Solution · Insurrection
Mordatorium · The Dark Crusade
Necrodeath · Idiosyncrasy
Postmortem Gore Orgy · Postmortem Gore Orgy
Red Rose · Live the Life You've Imagined
Root · Heritage of Satan
Second Relation · Abiona
Skald · Vitterland
Sulaco · Build & Burn
Superchief · Corporate Dynamite
Throneum · Death Throne Entities
Vangough · Kingdom of Ruin
Varulv · Hellish Presence
Wolvhammer · The Obsidian Plains
Надимач · Po kratkom postupku
10-24Dark Eternity · Selenia
Delirium X Tremens · Belo Dunum, Echoes from the Past
Drawers · All Is One
Dreamcatcher · SoulDesign
The Drowning · Fall Jerusalem Fall
Hammers of Misfortune · 17th Street
Lost Opera · Alchemy of Quintessence
Perfect Beauty · Generator
Septic Mind · Истинный зов
Sercati · Tales of the Fallen
Svart Vold · Spiritual Stronghold
Throne of Katarsis · Ved graven
Yayeth Corpse · Reign over the Upperworld
10-23Aeon Arcanum · Monuments
Children of Megaton · They Once Were Gods
Cholera · Prophecies of Annihilation
Crazer · Насквозь
Danyang Kuburan · God of Darkness
Dexter Ward · Neon Lights
Followbane · Ceremonia
Neveroad · Moontear at the Oceandream
Piarevaracien · Spoviedž kryvi
Riff Action Family · RockKill
Syren · Heavy Metal
When All Light Dies · Transitions
10-22The Antiprism · Age of Wonders
Beeravore · Alcoholics Unanimous
Fearbringer · Tempus Fugit
Ferrotale · Recycle the Dead
Grocki · Chaos Theory
Nobelium · Empty Spaces of Discord
Piarevaracien · If No Sun
Secret of Darkness · (In)Humanity
10-219MM · Dem Teufel ein Gebet
Akash · Fuera de control
Astral Doors · Jerusalem
Caravan of Souls · The Way of Destiny
Cold Fate · Figures in Black
Connoisseur · Stoned Back to Life
Euthanasia · IV
Exxplorer · Vengeance Rides an Angry Horse
Fimbulvet · Frostbrand - Nach Flammen Sehnsucht
The Flaw · All You Have
Graveworm · Fragments of Death
H.A.L · Cursed
Hateskor · Paint My Fear
Hedon Cries · The End of the Path Is Nigh
Herratik · Compromise Gone
Inbred · The Tomb
Intense · The Shape of Rage
Madhouse · Enter the Madhouse
Mindbend · Timeline
Okular · Probiotic
Red Horizons · Angelic
Satan Jokers · Addictions
Sink · The Holy Testament
Systematic Storm · D-Reaper
Treitum · 1936
Tyrant Wrath · Torture Deathcult
Visthia · In Aeternum Deleti
Voodoma · Rebirth
Weverin · The Skeletons of Fallen Angels
Wilt · Your Will Has Been Broken
10-20Blowtorch Sodomy · Blowtorch Sodomy
Cult of Unholy Shadows · In the Shadow of Undying Pain
Döria · Despertar
The Inner Abyss · The Inner Abyss
Steel Horse · In the Storm
10-19Atsushi Yokozeki · Jet Resurrection
Demonic Death Judge · The Descent
Divine Wind · Final Mission
Force Majeure · Saints of Sulphur
Megiddon · Covered by Blood, Burning Inside
Raate · Menetyksen tie
Shub Niggurath · A Deadly Call from the Stars
Su Ta Gar · Ametsak pilatzen
10-18Acherontas · Vamachara
Alarum · Natural Causes
Banished from Inferno · Minotaur
Eating Shit · Bon appétit
Electro Quarterstaff · Aykroyd
Eva Can't · Inabisso
Evilfeast · Wintermoon Enchantment
Green & Wood · Devil's Plan
Hanged Ghost · Knowledge of the Occult
Hazzard's Cure · Hazzard's Cure
Neptunian Horizon · Descent
Nost · Немое расстояние
Ronny Munroe · Lords of the Edge
Swallowed by Apathy · Dysgenesis
Thirst of Revenge · Annihilation of Races
10-17Abbey ov Thelema · A Fragment ov the Great Work
ADX · Immortel
Echoterra · Land of the Midnight Sun
Electric Mary · Electric Mary III
Enneade · Teardrops in Morning Dew
Iced Earth · Dystopia
Kolony · Warning
Longobardeath · Ball de Nadal!!!
Menchen · In the Light
Of the Past · Of the Past
Амальтея · Книга мёртвых имён
10-16Inferno · Septem Sermones
Iron Attack! · Bullet Wind
Legacy of Vydar · A Hundred Miles
10-15Ancestor · I Am the Truth
Blaze of Perdition · The Hierophant
Depth Melody · Dreamsgate
Endymæria · Endymæria
Fallen Crowned · Versus Terminus
Monarchy · The Rise & the Fall at Lantis
Nokturnal Holocaust · Torture
Saligia · Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
10-14After the Last Sky · There Is No Light at the End of the Tunnel
Avernal · Réquiem para los rebeldes / Necrología parte 1
Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord · Blood of the Prophets
Carnality · Carnality
Crowhurst · Z
Deliria · Deliria
End Is Near · Beyond the Theater
Gjallarhorn · Фолькванг
Gods Tower · Steel Says Last
Guerra Santa · La sombra de un bufón
Mythological Cold Towers · Immemorial
NunFuckRitual · In Bondage to the Serpent
Rainshadow · Waters Imperium
Sea of Desperation · The Shards - Witness Theatre (Part II)
Summonus · Zeichen der Hexe
Sólstafir · Svartir sandar
Toxocara · AtmosFear
Tsjuder · Legion Helvete
10-13Circle of Ghosts · Miserable Life Retrospective
Daedalion · Grande dame misère
Dark Echo · Dwelling in Darkness
Evershine · Renewal
Fenrir · Sombras y máscaras
The House of Capricorn · In the Devil's Days
The Reverend of Despair · Spirit Writing
Riul Doamnei · Fatima
Surachai · To No Avail
10-12Aldious · Determination
Chisme Animal · Extinción
Lechuga · Lechuga
Rain · XXX
Return · Unholy Thrash Metal
Tortura · Race Against Hangover
V · The Year of Relinquishment
10-11Ancesthor · The Human Nature
Black Cobra · Invernal
Chamber · Chamber Noir
Charred Walls of the Damned · Cold Winds on Timeless Days
Circle of Ghosts · The Haunting Nostalgia
Cyco Miko · The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour (Part One)
Divine Ascension · As the Truth Appears
Eclipse Insomnia · icouldn'tfindthespacebar!
Evohé · Annwvyn
Fragmenta · Sedition
Fuck the Facts · Die Miserable
Hemina · Synthetic
Hull · Beyond the Lightless Sky
I Declare War · I Declare War
Malignant Christ · Forever in Chaos
Metalion · Rebirth of Thunder
Steel Mammoth · Nuclear Rebirth
Voyager · The Meaning of I
Waster · Thunder Pit
10-10Circle of Ghosts · Dried Blood and Tear Residue
Dark Forest · Dawn of Infinity
Delayhead · Vol. 40%
Enthroned Darkness · Invoking the Void of Darkness
Frankenbok · The End of All You Know
Jabladav · AYR
Mad Mav · Rise of the Mad
Moby Dick · A holnapok ravatalán
Mortuum · Immortal Instinct
Mäax · Unholy Rock & Roll
Nine Covens · ...on the Coming of Darkness
Ordo Obsidium · Orbis Tertius
Öxxö Xööx · Rëvëürt
Raventale · Bringer of Heartsore
Rest in Fear · Insert Yourself
The Rise of Ophiuchus · Pantheon - Legacy of the Ancient
Seide · Here Is No Truth
Theodore Ziras · Monster 5
Truffle · 1st Attempt
Vex · Vex
WellFear · Legacy of the Fallen
Échancrure · Paysage. Octobre.
10-09Bloodfiend · Under the Evil Command
Memoria · Death Calls the Islands
Revengeance · These Broken Wings
Winterhymn · Songs for the Slain
10-08Exuviated · Morpheus Orphan
Haircuts That Kill · Hurricane
Nevertrust · Veto
Sacred Groove · Needful Things
Vintage Flesh · Hour of the Night Gaunts
Yuck · This One Is Good
10-07Aethra · Time and Eternity
Anonymous Souls · One Foot to Chaos
Argema · Čím to je?
As You Drown · Rat King
Bulk · Guardian
Das Zwielicht · Wenn die Seele Trauer trägt
David Galas · The Ghosts of California
Dyinise · Decompositions
Evil Death · Mil almas
Gonoreas · Apocalypse
Griffar · Monastery
Immortal Souls · IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death
Inmoria · A Farewell to Nothing - The Diary Part 1
Isao · Gravity Core
Isaw · The Identity
Negativity · Ambient Vol.2
Neoplasma · Tumor of Hate
Patronymicon · Prime Omega
Pestilentia · Rotten
Psy'n'Coma · Unstablecore
RoadkillSoda · A Fucked Up Trip Gone Bad
Skeletonwitch · Forever Abomination
Taste of Tears · Once Human
Threat Signal · Threat Signal
10-06Butamacho · Reunión de brujos
Defined · Diligence
Rottenness · Die Wege der Lust
10-05Amoth · Crossing Over
Arida Vortex · Invisible Tension
Eulen · Mother Tree
Galneryus · Phoenix Rising
Mistress · Brains and Bruises
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Dragon Sword III -Deria's Ring-
Regain the Legacy · Collapse of Ideals
Terran · По краю
Ария · Феникс
10-04Absu · Abzu
Acid Empire · Acid Empire
Capricia · Fooled by the Hush
Danava · Hemisphere of Shadows
Disease Illusion · Backworld
Fire Walk with Us · Carriers
Morningless · Distance
Psychotic Eyes · I Only Smile Behind the Mask
Rue · Thorns
Svin Killer · Drowning into the Green Mass
Sylvania · Lazos de sangre
Tyrant of Death · Alice's Heroin Wonderland
10-03Alcoholator · Coma
Bestial Raids · Prime Evil Damnation
Buccaneer · In Hell
Dead by Dawn · Life Is a Death Sentence
Dream of Unreality · The Burden
Dysphoric · Intens melankoli
Sacred Heart · Propaganda
Screaming Shadows · Night Keeper
10-02Castrofate · Systematic Suicide
Chinaski · La gran mentira
Christ Agony · Nocturn
Divine Blackness · Toward the Dark Inferno
Fenfire · Rubikon
Malpertuus · Endeavour
Nemesis: Children of the Fey · Against All Odds
Otivm · The Grand Deceit
10-01Black Pestilence · Tradition Is Obsolete
Cemetery Garden · Personal Integrity
The Conquering · Far Beyond
Days of Atonement · It Starts Today
Drakonia · Resiste
Eclipse Insomnia · This Life Will Be The Death of Me
El Ego · We've Been Dead Before
Enterro · The Bell of Leprous
Gelap · Through Her Silent Eyes
Haertefall · Suendenbock
Harmanic · Chronicles of Devastation
Husere Grav · Myths
I'll Eat Your Face · Hot Brains Terror
Kataplexie · One More Drink for My Collapse
Lord Time · Black Hole at the End of the Tunnel
Miasmic · Amongst the Ancient Ones
Morgue · Dethroned
Mortuorum · Solar Labyrinth
Mourtoria · Sangre Aztlán
Next Waste Dimension · Signal to Noise
Noxbleed · Progress in Dementia
Post-War Perdition · Post-War Perdition
Profundis Tenebrarum · Apocalypchrist
Project Masquerade · Nothing but Everything Will Remain
Smargroth · Empyreal Cycle
Suicide of Demons · A New Beginning
Tortured · A Lesson in Holocaust
Unsharpen Dawn · Six Billion Fates
Zebulon Kosted · Swords of the Hordes - Die Nibelungen Part Three
Øscillatör · Experiment XIII
10-??Abysmalia · Amid Adversities
Airs · Gloomlights
Aversio Humanitatis · Abandonment Ritual
Black Empire · Kickin' Asses in Hell
Bodysnatch · Insights of a Rotten Theatre
Clitpeeler · Rancid Cunt Juices
Crisandemia · Reconstrucción
Crowskin · Black Lava
Cráneo · Un plástico más
Dead Mariners · Night of the Fallen Morbid
Death Arrangement · The Ultimate Act of Retaliation
Disconsolate · Behind the Doors of Perception
Drowned · Belligerent - Part Two: Death and Greed Are United
Echidna · Dawn of the Sociopath
Folkstorm · Valavond
From Death's Wings · From Death's Wings
Gorephagous · Pestiferous Decay
Inverno Eterno · Inverno Eterno
Jinx · Behold
Khashm · Portals of Inferno
Lahannya · Dystopia
Les Chants de Nihil · Propagande érogène
The Loathsome Couple · The Loathsome Couple
Looking Glass · Looking Glass III
Masque of Innocence · Overcoming Anger
Mekonium · After the Last Day
Mogon · Tod und Verderben
Negative Reaction · Frequencies from Montauk
Nocturnal Excision · Genèse morte
Obsessör · Blitzkrieg Battalion
Raw Decimating Brutality · Obra ó Diabo!!!
Samsara Blues Experiment · Revelation & Mystery
Sanctuar · 30 de vieti
Screaming Forest · Holy Satan
Shattered Skull · The Infinite Massacre
Silent Screams · When It Rains
Smohalla · Résilience
Summoned Hell · Prison of Madness
Thabu · Reborn
Torqverem · Vber Crvciatvs
Torso Ripper · Autopsy Appitizer
Virulys · Endless World
Xicution · Zombie War
Znich · Мроя
09-30Antichrist · Forbidden World
Atrophy · 14 Reasons to Hate the World We Live In
Brainstorm · On the Spur of the Moment
Emrevoid · Emrevoid
Eraserhead · Aware
Framferd · Å risse runer
Ghee-Yeh · Metal Blast
Gromth · The Immortal
Hämatom · Wenn man vom Teufel spricht
Massive Charge · Charge This World
Mendozza · Mendozza
Mhorgl · Heresiarch
Not Above Evil · The Transcendental Signified
Placenta · Replace Your Face
Purify · Hellophile
Ragnaröek · Eiskalt
ReaniManiacs · Undead Thrash Revenge!
R.U.S.T. · Legends
Slingblade · The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black
Subsignal · Touchstones
Thulcandra · Under a Frozen Sun
Whispering Woods · Fairy Woods
Холод · Начало
09-29Azordon · ESCAPE!
Ebola · Hell's Death Metal
Inordem · La miseria de Dios
Sepulchrum · The Gardens of Necropolis
09-28Der Stürmer · Transcendental Racial Idealism
Disease of the Nation · The Rudum
Fleshred · Bloodtorn
Hevisaurus · Räyh!
Profane Omen · Destroy!
The Tridens · Смерти вопреки
Within Y · Silence Conquers
09-27Abhor · Ab Luna Lucenti, ab Noctua Protecti
Acedi · Når mening forsvinder
Astral Winter · Winter Enthroned
Beneath Oblivion · From Man to Dust
Brutal Truth · End Time
Cataclysm · Death Becomes Us
Deivos · Demiurge of the Void
The Fucking Wrath · Valley of the Serpent's Soul
Glorior Belli · The Great Southern Darkness
Johnny Newman · More than Ever
Landmine Marathon · Gallows
Lord of War · Celestial Pestilence
Mastodon · The Hunter
Nagaarum · Űrkert
Njiqahdda · Disciples of Flame (Agni Yoga)
Rose Funeral · Gates of Punishment
Rwake · Rest
Sebastian Bach · Kicking & Screaming
Single Bullet Theory · IV
Sonic Prophecy · A Divine Act of War
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition · Sheep'n'Guns
Suffokate · Return to Despair
Невидь · Агарта
09-26Alexander Agafonov's Galeon · Into the Past...
All Tomorrows · Opilion
The Atlas Moth · An Ache for the Distance
Crisix · The Menace
Domain of Dreams · Domain of Dreams
Evile · Five Serpent's Teeth
The Eyes · Hold Your Axes, Rip Their Guns
Grown Below · The Long Now
Kill Chambers · The Reckoning
Kyng · Trampled Sun
Lapida · Tercer reino
Livarkahil · Signs of Decay
Mortuary · Mortuary
Myrath · Tales of the Sands
Nevercold · Demenphobia
Nightrage · Insidious
Pain of Salvation · Road Salt Two
Redemption · This Mortal Coil
R.O.J.O. · Sobran cerdos en este mundo
TDW · First Re-Draft
Warbringer · Worlds Torn Asunder
09-25Chris Brooks · The Axis of All Things
Eldritch · Gaia's Legacy
Fireign · The Blade
Mr. Death · Descending Through Ashes
Ripsaw · Bulletgroove
Svarttjern · Towards the Ultimate
09-24Dead Knowledge · Anchor and Chain
Failed Perfection · Heavens Water
Forgotten · Laras Perlaya
The Prophet · Sunrise
Regul · Симфония белоснежного маэстро
09-23Alkahest · Milk & Morphine
Amebix · Sonic Mass
Aosoth · Variations of Violence
Apocrypha · In the Shadow of Reality
Arven · Music of Light
Ater Era · In Autumn's Solitary Decline
Basanos · Cracking the Sledge
Beaten to Death · Xes and Strokes
Bloodmoon · Dødsfallet til en hykleri
Cadaverous Condition · Burn Brightly Alone
Coerced Existence · The Rite
Crysalys · The Awakening of Gaia
Dusk · Book of Satan
Freund Hein · Bourbon Triggered Death Machine
Girlschool · Hit and Run: Revisited
The Hand of Glory · Break the Illusion
HateSphere · The Great Bludgeoning
Humiliation · Seek to Survive
Imperial Vengeance · Black Heart of Empire
Intestinal Disgorge · Dripping in Quiet Places
Loch Vostok · Dystopium
Luciferian · I Am Perverse
Machine Head · Unto the Locust
Meden Agan · Erevos Aenaon
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock · Temple of Rock
Mortal Sin · Psychology of Death
Rising · To Solemn Ash
Saracen · Marilyn
Scythia · ...of Exile
Silver Tears · Rebirth
Stagewar · Living on Trash
Van Canto · Break the Silence
Xenogenocide · Beyond the Dimensions
09-22Brachiosauride · Excavations
Godlesson · Fuck, Satan, Hell, Die, Yeah!
Luciation · Manifestation in Unholy Blackness
Plug-In · Hijack
Senmuth · Eastextures of Soundstones
09-21Absynth Aura · Unbreakable
Adrana · The Ancient Realms
Bloodlost · Trashell
Chryst · PhantasmaChronica
Crossover · Pythagorized
Empyrean Plague · Imprint Evidence Destiny
Evil Wings · Kaleidoscope
Hibernáculo · Família de Salitre / Voltando Costas a Sodoma
Mors Subita · Human Waste Compression
Niemalsland · Endstation
09-20Apes with Hobbies · 2012
Black Hole of Calcutta · Black Hole of Calcutta - S/T #1
Denied by Fate · Dark Skies
Entrench · Inevitable Decay
Frangar · Bulloni granate bastoni
Glass Coffin · Remnants of a Cold Dead World
Hybris · Otros mundos 2011
Lyken21 · Chaos Before the Crime
Necronaunce · A Final Gathering
Sacrificed · The Path of Reflections
Sincera · Cursed and Proud
Sodamned · The Loneliest Loneliness
The Summoned · If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures
Thousand Year War · Tyrants and Men
Unholy Grave · Raw Grind Massacre
Vomitron · No NES for the Wicked
Wrath and Ruin · Mouth of Oblivion
09-19Adramalech · Drawing the Nature
Flowers to the Welshman at Dusk · Listening to This Might Kill You
Fyrnask · Bluostar
Hordak · Under the Sign of the Wilderness
Monoscream · Redemption
Nightvision · Consequence of Sin
Palace · The Forgery
Stielas Storhett · Expulsè
Taake · Noregs vaapen
White Wizzard · Flying Tigers
Багира · Амнезия
09-18Atrum Inritus · Prognatus in Vorago
Havoc · First Rage
09-17Cicada · Cicada
Dying for Redemption · The Best Yet to Come
Everlost · Путь непокорных
Fateful Finality · King of Torture
Hellamor · Relief
Macabre Demise · Stench of Death
The Mound Builders · Strangers in a Strange Land
Ninesin · Ninesin
Ogressa · Warts and All
Ossastorium · Expergo
S.K.U.R.K. · Häxa
Xplorer · The Wolf-Rayet Mirror
09-1630,000 Monkies · Womb Eater Wife Beater
Almah · Motion
Arckanum · Helvítismyrkr
Atlas & Axis · March of the Night
Beithíoch · Dúchas
Blackshard · Mankind Disorder
BlackShore · Legion
Burden of Flesh · Burden of Flesh
Emptiness Soul · Без тебя
Evergaze Eternity · Uninvolved
Fury n Grace · Diabolism of Conversation
Generation Kill · Red, White and Blood
Grey Heaven Fall · ...Grey Heaven Fall
Grönholm · Silent Out Loud
Leviathan · Beyond the Gates of Imagination Pt. I
Manfected · Illimitable
Morne · La comté des glaces
Old Silver Key · Tales of Wanderings
Perturbacion · Devastación de la serenidad
Randomorder · The Forbidden Knowledge
Rêx Mündi · IHVH
Shevil · Shevil
Transnight · The Dark Half
Truth Corroded · Worship the Bled
Tunes of Despair · From Beyond the Vein
Zendas · Días de furia
Грома Глас · Пробуждение Европы
09-15Adrian Weiss · Big Time
Anoreksi · Rise of Infinity
Autarcie · Horizons funestes
Hassmord · Scherbenkotsplittergranate
The Killing · Maldito y caotico
Lipstick Liontigers · Aliens from Outer Space (They're Not of This Earth)
Nefesh · Shades and Lights
Oconnor · Un lugar que nunca muere Vol. 1
Oconnor · Un lugar que nunca muere Vol. 2
Sheol · I, the Cosmos
The Stone · Golet
Thyresis · Thyresis
Torvo · World of Glory and Hate
09-14Acephalix · Deathless Master
Black Anima · Dark Depressed and Lonely
The Cycle · Metal Thunder Driver
Deep Coma · Despair as You Stare
Ignominious · Death Walks Amongst Mortals
Kontagion · [R-!-Ǝ]
Loudness · Eve to Dawn
Marty Friedman · Tokyo Jukebox 2
Opeth · Heritage
The Proselyte · Sunshine
Serenity in Murder · The First Frisson of the World
Tri Mebius · Blind Materials
Wereworld · Wereworld
09-13Ankou Awaits · Lebor Gabala Erenn
Anthrax · Worship Music
Anubis Gate · Anubis Gate
Backwoods Payback · Momantha
Cardinals Folly · Such Power Is Dangerous!
The Company Corvette · End of the Summers
Dream Theater · A Dramatic Turn of Events
Evil United · Evil United
From the Vomit · Memoirs of Misery
Laconist · Aural Deathblow
Pathology · Awaken to the Suffering
Road to Nowhere · Affected Modesty
STEMM · Cross Roads
Wolves in the Throne Room · Celestial Lineage
09-12Big End Bolt · Mechanical Race Creation
Blodravn · Words of the High One
The Burden Remains · Downfall of Man
Comatose Vigil · Fuimus, non Sumus...
Cosmic Eclipse · Deneb Algedi
Crushing Axes · Ascension of Ules
Human Infection · Infest to Ingest
Morbus Mortifer · Open the Gates
Recueil Morbide · Only Hate Left
09-11Aggressive · Predators' Arrival
Auspicium · Infinite Lights of Greater Stars
Deathtopia · Human Anatomy Show
Gears of Doom · At the End of These Times
Helmut · XI IX XI
Mediocracy · Asoma
Nechbeyth · Blood. Axis. Domination
Nephwrack · Sectariana
Of Antiquity · Nocturnal Grind
Orthanc · L'Amorce du déclin
Presto Vivace · Loftiness Melodium
SA-Sanctuary · Abandon in Place
Theosophy · In the Kingdom of North
Transnational Dying Phallus · Anarquía, perros, putas y la sangre de Satanás
Tyrants · Ruchus
09-10Andraste · The Secret Valley
Flesh Engine · Walking the Aether
Grimforst · Jagdgesang
Gruweldood · GruwelDood
Jute Gyte · Faunscan
Lo! · Look and Behold
Lost in Pain · Lost in Pain
Nymeria · In the Veil of Night
Raster · Sobredosis
Side of Despondency · Cancellation
Stone Dözer · Long Live the King
Unsafe · Masterpiece of the Absurd
Wheels of Poseidon · Licence to Pillage
Партия · Восставшие из зада
09-09Arch / Matheos · Sympathetic Resonance
Blackened Sky · Secrets of Your Diary
Cipher System · Communicate the Storms
Cryogenic Implosion · Creation of the New World
D.Hate · Game with Ghosts
Einherjer · Norrøn
Entrails · The Tomb Awaits
Five Will Die · Worth & Soul
Gallows Pole · Waiting for the Mothership
Goregast · Desechos humanos
Hatchet Dawn · Rebirth
Haven Denied · Illusions (Between Truth and Lie)
Heir to the Throne · Premonitions
Holy Force · Holy Force
Lost Reflection · Florida
Messenger · See You in Hell
Morifade · Empire of Souls
Obake · Obake
Prehate · We Don't March Alone
Satanael · Satanael
Sinner · One Bullet Left
Torquemada · Diez pasos
Zonderhoof · Hakken!
Изморозь · Отморозь
グリム · seven
黒夜葬 · 眞紅ノ眷屬ハ圓環スル螺旋ヲ嘆ズル
09-08Giant of the Mountain · Mother Hydra
Metalheth · Pure Power
Satanic Butcher · Anti-Human Theory
09-07Concerto Moon · Savior Never Cry
Earthshaker · Pray for the Earth
Egonaut · Electric
Folkearth · Minstrels by the River
Issfenn · Issfenn
Moottörin Jyrinä · Metallimyrsky
SauruXet · Saurusplaneetta
Unhoped · Die Harder
Духи Предков · Terra Ursorum
09-06Alan Azar · The Cosmologist
The Atrocity Exhibit · Grind over Matter
Bosse-de-Nage · II
Exmortus · Beyond the Fall of Time
Hank Williams III · 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin
Hank Williams III · Attention Deficit Domination
Hank Williams III · Ghost to a Ghost / Gutter Town
Jack Starr · Swimming in Dirty Water
Saviours · Death's Procession
Sleep Serapis Sleep · Pariah's Vow
Дьяволиада · Низведанье: Глава 26
09-05Anathema · Falling Deeper
Anatomy of I · Substratum
Barbarous Pomerania · Bloody Mystery of War God
Black Flame · Septem
Defeatist · Tyranny of Decay
Derek Sherinian · Oceana
Dry Heave · The Grift
Dylath-Leen · Cabale
Presidio · La edad de los esclavos
Quantum Illusion · Between the Quantum and the Void
Shatterpoint · Memoirs of a Maker
Sigiriya · Return to Earth
Wiht · The Harrowing of the North
09-04Akyrviron · Journeys from a New Era
Wake · Leeches
Радикальный Голос · Непригоден
09-035 Stabbed 4 Corpses · Get Smashed
Bastard Priest · Ghouls of the Endless Night
Colorless Forest · Imprints of Dreams in Hyaline Ice
Corpse Grinder · Apocalyptic Terror
El Kaso Urkijo · Psicofonias desde el deposito
Heresies · Awaking the Madness
Morphing into Primal · Principios de autodestrucción
Níobeth · Silvery Moonbeams
Плач Тишины · Механизм сомнений
09-02Barra Libre · Nación de bastardos
Crash Kidz · Phoenix Rising
Cunt Cuntly · Cuntastrophy
Daedalean Complex · A Rose for the Dead
Deaf Symphony · Fear the Night
Endimion · Canción desde la voz primera
Fake Idyll · Therapist
Forgotten Horror · The Serpent Creation
Gorath · Apokálypsis (Unveiling the Age That Is Not to Come)
Grave Abandoned · Ashes to Ashes
Guido Campiglio · Rumble in the Jungle
Hateful Tomorrow · Fates and Tragedies
Kain · Omega
Malefice · Awaken the Tides
Mythago · Red Giant
Omfalos · Idiots Savants
Ontogeny · Discord and Disillusion
Origin'Hell · Thirst for Blasphemy
Orphaned to Hatred · Re-Destroy the Cowardice
Rote Mare · Serpents of the Church
Seven · Freedom Call
Tragic Cause · To Reign Supreme
09-01Aeveron · Impending Doom
An Autumn for Crippled Children · Everything
Condemnatio Cristi · Incest
DoomDogs · Unleash the Truth
Engorge · Their Name Liveth for Evermore
Evenstorm · The Return of the Storm
Exter-My-Nation · Ruidosa catarsis
Funeral Art · Susurros de una noche
Graveborne · Pure Negativity
Illegal Bodies · Mindflayers
Infamous · Of Solitude and Silence
K.O.C · Cagefight
Kuga · Najcrnje noći
Lacrima · Old Man's Hands
Lizard Eye · Flames of the Sun
Matthew Mills · Acoustic Visions
Memory Driven · Animus
Mockery · 13
Omit · Repose
Organized Chaos · Inner Conflict
Raw in Sect · Red Flows
Remorse · Crush Your Pride
R-Genium · Куда приводят мечты
Riksha · Night Begins
Schizogrinder · Countryside Carnage
Slaine · Funeral of a Tree
Slimer · Otak Sampah
Stillborn · Los asesinos del sur
Streams of Blood · The Descent to the Source of Disorder
Trendkill Method · Affective Arousal
Vulcano · Drowning in Blood
Wendess · Nuée noire
Whispersorrow · Whispers, Sorrow, Hate & Despair
The Wounded Kings · In the Chapel of the Black Hand
09-??Abaton · Hecate
Abortos de Satán · Miseria y papel de plata
Alrakis · Alpha Eri
Asbru · A Flame in Hvetramannaland
As They Burn · Aeon's War
Atentado · Paradox
Bahrrecht · Nuit de neige
Blasphomet · Blasphomet
Blestema · Silencio y oscuridad
Blutkult · Nekromantika
Bruto · Mundo Destruído
Clusterhead · Grow
Death After Death · Tômili!!!
Deep-pression · Atlantis' Emerge
Devastator · La musica fa schifo
Dragonfly · Non Requiem
The Dr. Orphyus Project · Death Jazz
Everwood · Without Saving
Fran Soler · No Eyes
Funeral Marmoori · Volume 1
Galaktik Cancer Squad · Eroberer
Hangar · Acoustic, but Plugged In!
Hecatomb · Mighty Chaos
Hijo de la Aurora · Solo ante ti arderán las naciones
Idensity · Serenity
Idraulic Hell · FAXIT
Infernal Hate · Abicen Abora
Macabrum · Monument of Eternal Grief...
Metal Tribute to Tolkien · Metal Tribute to Tolkien
Moonless · Calling All Demons
Natrium · Elegy for the Flesh
Nekrasov · The Ever-Present
Nihilate · Synthetic Order
Omega Massif · Karpatia
Orthrus · Tyrants of Deception
Pestis · Yersinia Pestis
Questions · Life Is a Fight
Rentgen · Svět zatracených
Repulsive Slaughter · Guesthouse of Screams
Scornforger · Neighbours Are Livin' Dead
Shadow of the Torturer · Marching into Chaos (re-recording)
Spancer · Greater than the Sun
Tokks Voitto · Oblivious to Assisting Mankind Addicted to Breed the Starving Hunter Writing His Reason on a Blood Sheet
Torturer · Infinity of Illusions
Trendkill Cowboys Rebellion · We Are Cowboys
Vermis Antecessor · The Subliminal Way of Flesh
Xianosys · Chronicles...
08-31Deuteronomium · Deathbed Poetry: Hope Against Hope
Disdained · Kill My Only Enemy
The Horde · Thy Blackened Reign
Influence of Anger · A Fallen World
Morbid Curse · Self Inflicted
Noscrape · Soundtrack to a Post-Atomic Landscape
Perversity · Ablaze
Sex Machineguns · SMG
Skirmish · Through the Abacinated Eyes
Slavia · Integrity and Victory
08-30Avagator · Naraktura
Epicland · Songs of Ancient Times
Filial Cannibalism · Guttural Congregation
Gurthang · Desolated in Darkness: Volume.0
Jamie Saft · Borscht Belt Studies
Midnight Priest · Midnight Priest
Nocturnal Fear · Excessive Cruelty
Shadowside · Inner Monster Out
Ultimatum · La orden es matar
The World We Knew · Death Dealer
Your Chance to Die · Suscitatio Somnus
08-29Black Autumn · Ghosts at Our Windows
Der Rache liebt · De Dvlcedine Hvmani Carnis
GodHater · Odium
In Cold Blood · A Flawless Escape
Inner Fire · New Chapter
L'Esprit du Clan · Chapitre V - Drama
Midnight Odyssey · Funerals from the Astral Sphere
Morbus Chron · Sleepers in the Rift
Neonfly · Outshine the Sun
Raging Rectum Renegades · Rectalbum
Recrucide · Blood Divine
Легион 33 · Реанимация последних снов
08-28Ataud · Solitario
Onkel Tom Angelripper · Nunc est Bibendum
Rùsùah · In the Void
Skeleton Gong · Eskimo Wizards & the Louisiana Swamp Priests
08-27Avgrunden · Den fördömda jorden
Back Pocket Prophet · 1:4
Electrik Dynamite · Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal
Epic · Zombie Hunters Inc
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Dragon Sword II -The Temple of Dreams-
Steingeist · Quelle
Taberah · The Light of Which I Dream
Unbeing · Unbeing
World Lost · Empowered
08-264XistenZ · I Demand Extinction
Alchemist · Alchemy of Rising
Anterior · Echoes of the Fallen
Attack of the Mad Axeman · Systematic Death Slaughter
Coma Divine · Dead End Circle
Dead End Kings · Dead End Kings
Dysphagic · The Age of Reckoning
Edguy · Age of the Joker
Face Down Hero · Divisions and Hierarchies
Humus · Art Noir Clandestin
Ilium · Genetic Memory
Karelia · Golden Decadence
Kilju · Black Empire Descending
Lechery · In Fire
Misanthrop · Unkaputtbar
PostHumanBigBang · PostHumanBigBang
Skull Fist · Head öf the Pack
Slytract · Existing Unreal
Tears of Tragedy · Elusive Moment
Wolfpakk · Wolfpakk
Zombie Inc. · A Dreadful Decease
Zygoatsis · S.K.U.D. (Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration)
Аркона · Slovo
08-25Hanging Garden · Goodbye Love... Hello Heartache...
Sanctuaire · L'Empreinte de Lucifer
The Undivine · Face the Chaos
Сымон-Музыка · Сымон-музыка
08-24Apostasy · Nuclear Messiah
Black Devil · Anomalía
Blast Perversion · Female Massacre
Crimes of Passion · To Die For
Detonated · Set to Annihilate
Devil · Time to Repent
Forks of Ivory · Forks of Ivory
08-23Black Tide · Post Mortem
Blood Red Throne · Brutalitarian Regime
Dominus Xul · To the Glory of the Ancient Ones
I.N.C. · Heaven Sent...Hellbound
Ishtar · Conquest
Oakhelm · Echtra
08-22Antichrist · Sacrament of Blood
Darkmoon · Wounds
High Spirits · Another Night
Leprous · Bilateral
Obrero · Mortui Vivos Docent
Ophiura · BeMind
Skyfall · Bestiarium Pool
Sonic Altar · No Sacrifice
Tjolgtjar · Witchcrafts
08-21Crucifuge · Vestri Animus est Mei
Daudehaud · Når naturen kaller
Gnosys · Unioum: The Parallel Universe
Pathogenic · Cyclopean Imagery
08-20Aegaeon · Dissension
Avarin · Requiem
Corrupted · Garten der Unbewusstheit
Friesenblut · Urgeist
Glutgnar · A Momentary Relapse of Inebriation
Infest · Everlasting Genocide
Psynonemous · Eradicating Archaic Design
Weirding · Each Birth Is a New Disaster
08-19$ilverdollar · Morte
All That Bleeds · Of Blood and Machine
Chalice of Doom · Immemorial Nightfall
Concrete Sun · Sky Is High
Criminal · Akelarre
Death Destruction · Death Destruction
Ghost Brigade · Until Fear No Longer Defines Us
Hackneyed · Carnival Cadavre
HB · The Battle of God
ICS Vortex · Storm Seeker
Minushuman · Bloodthrone
Mortuary · Bloodshed
Nightbringer · Hierophany of the Open Grave
Pipe · New Lessons from the Old School
Reclusa · The Anticonscience
Red Descending · Kingdoms
Vargton Projekt · ProgXpriMetal
08-18Belegost · Life Ephemeral
Blodsband · Gammelnordiska besvärjelser
Burning at the Stake · Nefarious Campaign
Fjeldgænger · I
Senmuth · Antiquatorial
08-17Atriarch · Forever the End
Buckethead · Pike 4 - Underground Chamber
Buckethead · Pike 5 - Look Up There
Caravan of Souls · La grande fiesta de los tillos
Diabolis Interium · Diabolis Interium
Entry of a Diary · Entry of a Diary
Eternal Sleep · Black Paradise
Grondh · Necilvēks
Harrow · Wanderer
Morbid Wizard · Lord of the Rats
Odyssey · An Abstract Existence
Twister of Truth · The Banality of Wickedness
08-16All Pigs Must Die · God Is War
Bellicist · The Eternal Recurrence
Cemetery Rapist · The Smut Circus
Chimaira · The Age of Hell
Face of Oblivion · The Embers of Man
Full of Hell · Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home
Moab · Ab Ovo
Mortillery · Murder Death Kill
Nausicaa · Terracide
Revocation · Chaos of Forms
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale · Drink My Milk
Walden · ...Isolation
Walden · Rapture and Remission
Yob · Atma
08-15Ancient Ascendant · The Grim Awakening
Armath Sargon · Cyberian Inner Death
Bekëth Nexëhmü · De dunkla herrarna
Black Rose · Rise Again
Blake · Shelter
Deformed Slut · Stench of Carnage
Discretion · You Must Die
Disease · The Stream of Disillusion
The Drakma · The Drakma
Dr. Living Dead! · Dr. Living Dead!
Therapsida · The Virus Inside You
Wolf's Gang · Apocalypse
08-145150 · 東方合体ゲンソウオー弐式
Primitive · Primitive
TOBC · Heart of Darkness
Wounder · The Deepest Wounds
08-13Alieson · Dolls ~楽曲提供集Vol.01~
Alieson · Over Dose
Contrast the Water · Perseverance
Desperado · III
Fairytale · Rise of the Twilight Lord
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence · 狂おしく咲いた凄惨な骸は奏で、愛おしく裂いた少女は聖餐の詞を謳う
Iron Attack! · Angel Mountain
Maleveller · Maleveller
Moulk · Delirium très Moulk
Phantom Limb · Mors Ontologica
UI-70 · 夢裡櫻花 ~ Perfeitas Flores de Cereja / Unplugged
Unlucky Morpheus · Heavy Metal Be-Bop
少女病 · 聖骸メロフォビア
08-12Ancient Malus · Grimoire of Abomination
Blood Label · Existence Expires
Conquest · The Harvest
Erebus Enthroned · Night's Black Angel
Grimwolf · Lycanthrope
Ligfaerd · Med død for øje
The Morning Star · Hedgehoglife
The Rain I Bleed · Narcissist
Risen to Reclaim · Explicit Imagination
Vader · Welcome to the Morbid Reich
08-11Achren · The Forgotten King
Antichristian War · Coffin of Satanic Necrophilia
Auerkallio · Absinthine I
Caliber X · Samovrah
Epysode · Obsessions
Los Buscadores del Movimiento Perpetuo · Una de zombies
Spine Extraction · Spine Extraction
08-10Dissolution · Dirt Skies
Epoch Crysis · Gal agnostiske drømmer
Grinkai · 'Bout F**king Time
Infernal Nekromantik · Necromantik Odes
Orochi · Soul of Prey
Tunnels of Typhon · Into the Very Depths of Human Depraviity
08-09David T. Chastain · Civilized Warfare
Diamond Plate · Generation Why?
Fleshgod Apocalypse · Agony
Inferni · Gloria y alabanza a Satanás
Needful Things · Tentacles of Influence
Sangre · The Great Tribulation
Splattered Entrails · Nauseate
Vale of Pnath · The Prodigal Empire
Willoos · Vanquished Memories of a Broken Past
08-08Ars Moriendi · Du tréfonds d'un être
Charnel Winds · Der Teufelsbund
Dangerous Breed · Reprogram Yourself
Die Hard Till Death · Die Hard Till Death
Eminenz · Nemesis Noctura
Jarabe de Plomo · Jarabe de Plomo
Kadotus · Vaienneet temppelit
Necrofuneral · Christian Holocaust
Sirannon · Semper Caliga
Sorcier des Glaces · The Puressence of Primitive Forests
Terzolivello · The Silent City
Torture Garden · Dead Romantic
Trivium · In Waves
Vanja Gvozdanović · So It Begins...
08-07Armed · Private Property No Trespassing
Custom Made Noise · Hypoxia
Goatmoon · Varjot
Ravenblack · Wicked Wine and Weeping Willows
08-06Ariman · Pacto de muerte
Diagnose · Fútil Rotina
Drained Lives · Drained Lives
Fading Circles · Cyber Whirlwind
Goreaphobia · Apocalyptic Necromancy
Gregor Docherty · Hyper Kinetics
Isvind · Intet lever
Ivory Gates · The Devil's Dance
Mount Cairn · Infernal Colostrum
Shredhead · Human Nature
Steel Savior · Apokalypse
Taunt · Oblivion
Torture · Rotten System
Tummo · Tummo
08-05Craft · Void
EndName · Anthropomachy
Hedensk Bjørn · Soulevé contre ce monde décadent
Lord Shades · The Rise of Meldral-Nok
Negativity · Strange Reveries
Nitrovolt · Rock'n'Roll Commando
Orm · Doom Messiah
Vyrion · Vyrion
08-04Bloodmoon · Descent
Chronaexus · A Tempest of Reticence
Falls of Rauros · The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood
Obsequiae · Suspended in the Brume of Eos
Project46 · Doa a Quem Doer
Sovereign Child · Warrior of Light
08-03E.D.I.E.H. · ...and Withstand
E.D.I.E.H. · To Withdraw...
Morbid Throne · Morbid Throne
Saber Tiger · Decisive
Salamander Funeral · The Travel in Suffering
Senmuth · Geheimatite
Velde · To Rest​.​.​. Unbeknownst to Them
人間椅子 · 此岸礼讃
08-02Battlecross · Pursuit of Honor
Brainoil · Death of This Dry Season
Caïna · Hands That Pluck
Denial Fiend · Horror Holocaust
Flourishing · The Sum of All Fossils
Ice Bound Majesty · How Can We Live in a Kingdom and Never See the Throne
I Decline · Time to Shine
Immersed · In the Ire of Creation
Karna · Круг Нави (Circle of Nav')
Mystons · 3
Sutekh Hexen · Luciform
08-01Altar of Pain · The Ritual Has Begun
Angur · Hôrt mîn sagen
Biosick · Clean the Ulcer
Bulletridden · Upbeat Noise for Downtrodden People
Cassandra Syndrome · Satire X
Crōn · Low and Drowning
Eccentric Pendulum · Winding the Optics
Ekho · Spitefull
Heimldaalr · Legion
Maverick Spirits · Seven Aspects
Nocturnal Lust · Obscure Reflections
Numbnuts · Smokey the Salmon and the Horny Mermaids of Detention
One Inch Giant · Malva
Satanic Saucepans · Fritzlappers Dance Album
Satinoxide · Still the Sun
Second to Sun · Gal agnostiske drømmer
Seven7 · Under Eye
Shadowgrove · Tales from a Forgotten Realm
Shadows Ground · Phantom of Dead Star
Son of Ruin · Skyscraper Demon
Symphonian · Incarnation of Reality
Thirteen Wars · Towards Devastation
Thy Serpent's Cult · Infernal Wings of Damnation
Trials · Witness to the Downfall
Virrasztók · Memento Mori!
До Скону · Чрево первобытной тьмы
08-??Akerbeltz · Akerbeltz Coven Rising
Alma Persona · The Beginning of Damnation
Arkham Witch · On Crom's Mountain
Aseethe · Reverent Burden
Axxelation · 波動 H.A.D.O
Bloated Pig · Ways to an Early Grave
Blodfest · Ild vist ulmer
Blood of Hatred · Soul of Disease
Brutish Creation · Total Life Destruction
Calvario · Sin lugar para los débiles
Caruos · Metempsychosis
Catarsis Incarne · Katharma
Chernolesie · Comming Home
Circle of Ouroborus · Eleven Fingers
Colapso · Destino infierno
Corpse Knife · Twisted and Mangled
Crucifix Nailer · New Order of Blasphemy
Deadly Carnage · Sentiero II - Ceneri
Delta Force II · Megamosh 2011
Dementor · Damned
Depths · Depths
Dominanz · As I Shine
Drakonhail · ...des ailes...
Drone Throne · Everybody Dies Alone
Dr. Sin · Animal
Ex Aenima · The Dream of Kyra
Exhortation · The Essence of Apocalypse
Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 7: My Innocence Live
The Gate · Earth Cathedral
Goat Bleeder · Realm of the Demons
Gravatus · Din timpuri criptice
Groteska · Minut tišine
Hellgoat · Death Conquers All
Heretical Warlust · The Call of the Anti-Semitic Troops
Intuneric Strigoii · Desolación
Krokmitën · Alpha-Beta
The Meatfückers · Gangbang from Hell
Nhor · Whisperers to This Archaic Growth
Pastor Brad · Back to the Shredder
Perseguidor · El castigo
Potra · Malice in the Dark
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Ed Gein
Regicide Decease · Anatomy of Sickness
Retribution · Sanitätslos
Rolling Through the Universe · Civilization
Satanic Impalement · Crypt of Sacrifice
Satanic Impalement · Evil Emperor
Scum Sentinel · Sentinel of Scum
SickTrust · SickTrust
Sons of Sounds · S.O.S.
Sound Factory Carolina · 春夏秋冬
Suicidal Despair · Défaitisme misanthropique
Uriel's Wings · Sleeper
Глас Пророка · Я вернусь... к тебе...
07-31Bloodstorm · The Coming Storm
Enth · Enth
Pombagira · Iconoclast Dream
07-30Glädjekällor · Värdelös
Mechanix · অপরাজেয়
Meremoth · Más allá del silencio
NeverDie · The Source of Black Water
Volaverunt · Hybryth
07-29Arctic Flame · Guardian at the Gate
Beyond Your Ritual · Neogenesis
Bloodwork · Ultima Ratio
Chained and Desperate · Divine Authority Abolishment
Cult of the Fox · A Vow of Vengeance
Deadringer · Last One Standing
Frozen Ocean · Likegyldig raseri
Funeral Fornication · Pandemic Transgression
Genokeit · Anti Human Terror Front
Outcry · Third Temple
Ov Hollowness · Drawn to Descend
Powerwolf · Blood of the Saints
Sonic Empire · For Something Remains
Svartsot · Maledictus Eris
Thunderblast · Invaders from Another World
Ursus · Fuerza metal
Возмездие · По костям религий
07-28Bitter End · Have a Nice Death!
Imperium · Winter's Dawn
Meliah Rage · Dead to the World
Mental Vortex · I Am Now...
Sirens · For What Remains
07-27Bokrag · Mental Sickness
Bursting · Cervical 7"
Exorbitance · In This Nightmare
Forsaken Music · Mirrors & Walls
Frozen Ocean · Aokigahara
Ghost of Wem · Ghost of Wem
Sukkuba · Samara Gore Adok
Tyrant of Death · Macrocosmic Lunacy
Антикира · Antikira
07-26All Shall Perish · This Is Where It Ends
As Hell Retreats · Volition
Futur Skullz · Futur Skullz
Istnienie · Witaj w takim świecie
Ordinance · Internal Monologues
The Quill · Full Circle
Shitestrom · Nihil:Aeternum
Waldgeist · Waldgeist
World Under Blood · Tactical
Сивый Яр · Двоеверство / Dualfaith
07-25A Place for Murder · ...and Blood Was Shed
Cyst · Despisers of This Mortal Coil
Disguster · Ferocious Hell Blizzard
Fanthrash · Duality of Things
Infinita Symphonia · A Mind's Chronicle
07-24Beastwood · Sex Devil
Dimaension X · E-Crisis-1
Forht · Wealdgrund
Invitation to Die · Septicemic Plague
07-23A Cloud Forest · These Mournful Days
Myopia · Silvers for the Never
No Made Sense · New Season​ /​ New Blues
Orgasm Grind Disruption · Detest
Warmachine · Left for Dead
07-22Cold Blank Stare · The Human Condition: Insights into Madness
Communic · The Bottom Deep
FireWölfe · FireWölfe
Grozeth Nebulae · Insanity
Numinous · Numinous
Outloud · Love Catastrophe
07-21Adder · Ashes of Life
Apocaliptic · The Prophecy
Azrath-11 · The Shrine ov All Hallucination
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Dragon Sword I -Secret of the Lost Book-
Skogfødt · A Dead Reckoning
07-20Blastanus · Collapse
Blutregen · Demons Unbound
Carnyx · Of Victory and Defeat
Erragal · The Forgotten Land
Hands of Orlac · Hands of Orlac
The Horn · The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Vol. 11
Insomnia Creep · Hallucination City
Opening Scenery · Mystic Alchemy
Schönberg · Splendid Rosa Birth ~華麗なるロサ、誕生~
Seven Daily Sins · Say Yes to Discomfort
Велимор · Наш мир
07-19Ave Maria · Chapter I
Avichi · The Devil's Fractal
Crown the Lost · Cold Pestilent Hope
Disma · Towards the Megalith
Generation of Vipers · Howl and Filth
Gorgy · Birth of Damnation
Hail!Hornet · Disperse the Curse
Nekrogoblikon · Stench
Poisonwood · Pseudo Utopia
Toxic Holocaust · Conjure and Command
Urnaa · Strigoi Matris Nostrae
Виконт · Не покоряйся судьбе!
07-18Circle of Defeat · Victims and Vengeance
Deadly Bizarre · Deadly Bizarre
Emerald Night · Зеркало троллей
Filharmonix · Hot & High
Jute Gyte · Wounded Snake
The Living Fields · Running Out of Daylight
Sacrilego · Darkness Secrets
Wolfcrusher · Virgin Tapestry
07-17Daemon Foetal Harvest · Where It Dwells
The Exit Wound · Lonely Path
Final Silence · We Are This for a Reason
Horsemen · Thrash Is Back
SoulHealer · The Kings of Bullet Alley
07-16Distress · The Void Between
Granator · Arsch
Malvoisie · Krankheit
Medo · Matéria Negra
Mil 900 · 7
Pain of Soul · The Cold Lament
R.U.S.T.X · Forged in the Fire of Metal
Septem Voices · Колдовство
The Sullen Route · Apocalyclinic
Welkin Dusk · Born into a Dying World
07-15Abandon All Hope · Prowler
Accu§er · Dependent Domination
Aphrenous · Ravaged by the Incessant Scourge of Deception
Arachnes · A New Day
Arkham Dream · Origins of Madness
Bet the Devil · Bet the Devil
Blasted Pancreas · Carcinoma
Bound for Glory · Feed the Machine
Cianide · Gods of Death
Consortium Project · Consortium Project V - Species
Crawler · Knight of the Word
Eldergaad · Children of Gaad
Excommunicated · Skeleton Key
Gabriels Hounds · Exist to Decay
Legion X · Beat by Nothing
Manilla Road · Playground of the Damned
Merzah · Saturn Dreaming of Mercury
Morton · Come Read the Words Forbidden
Pavillon Rouge · Solmeth Pervitine
Rising Dark · Apocalyptic
S91 · Volontà legata
Schrat · Schattenwahn
07-14Genetic Mutation · Toxic Force
Klaymore · Primed for Destruction
Systematic Messiah · Systematic Messiah
07-13Axegressor · Next
Black Nergal · Me he unificado en el ser
Constant Threat · Iron Reign
Eminent Shadow · In the Fog of the Night... We Burn His Kingdom
Plutonium · Devilmentertainment Non-Stop
Senmuth · Trm̃mis
Spawn from Deceit · At Least We Did Care
Аметист · Путь
07-12Baring Teeth · Atrophy
Burning Caskets · To Burn a False Prophet
Cannabis Corpse · Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Decapitated · Carnival Is Forever
Dischord · Casualties of War
Fiend · Before My Eyes...
Inner Sanctum · Principle Leader
Mare Cognitum · The Sea Which Has Become Known
Mummified · Embalming the Nazarene
Orne · The Tree of Life
Ringworm · Scars
Spellcaster · Under the Spell
The Truckers · Goliath
07-11Final Command · Greetings from Reality
Flaming Row · Elinoire
Fornost Arnor · The Death of a Rose
Predator · Born in Blood
Shadow Law · Defending The New World
Stellar Master Elite · I
Throne of Malediction · Ceremonial Blood
Todesstoß · Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins
Todesstoß · Todesstoß
Visitor · The Need to Believe
07-10Another Vendetta · Consecrate
Nekros Manteia · Procella Obscura Appropinquat
07-09Abendland · Tod von oben
Bushwhacker · Bushwhacker
Putamen Insula · Putamen Insula 2011
Satan's Propaganda · Rock for Satan
Sludgebucket · Clownsoulpowertrip
Wakeful · Blinded by the Horror
07-08A Deathwish · Wishing Your Death
AntiCorpse · Frenezy
Bädr Vogu · Exitium
Chupacabras · Inciviltà
Cognitive Dissonance · Into Madness
Dragon's Cry · Prophecies
Fall a Prey · Atheist
Human Zoo · Eyes of the Stranger
Nemesis Sopor · Wurzelloser Geist
Penetralia · Arise
Rune Skogen · Edelfäulnis
Vespers Descent · Fragments of the Forgotten
Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair · Contraception
07-07Devilry · Blessed and Stricken
Diabolus Ex Machina · Songs of Anger
Dynfari · Dynfari
Dánarbeð · Revelations
Engine Driven Cultivators · Back from the Drainpipe
Eviscera · Blood of the Ancients
Forseti · Poesie
Garden Wall · Assurdo
Grimoire · À la lumière des cendres
Isacaarum · Vaseline
Phobous · Ethereal Perception
Subsilence · Granite Planet
The Synics Awakening · No Pity for a Coward
Tenth Amendment · Self Evident
Zerg · Tarsonis
07-06Anthem · Heraldic Device
Baba de Sheeva · É Triste o Destino da Maioria dos Homens
DesDemon · Through the Gates
Porky Vagina · Bukkageddon
07-05Abdicate · Transcend Through Sacrifice
Decaying Purity · The Existence of Infinite Agony
Endast · Black Cloud
Exhumed · All Guts, No Glory
From Nowhere · Agony
Hands · Give Me Rest
Induxión Mental · Arruinados en veneno
Insinnerator · Stalagmite of Ice
Krigsgrav · Lux Capta Est
Nevertanezra · NTNR
Nycticorax · Anima Tenebrarum
Oathbreaker · Mælstrøm
Sinister Realm · The Crystal Eye
07-04Challenger Deep · Our Own Prisons
Danmaku · Turn Up the Gas
Demencia · Slaughter Never Ends
Eggnogg · Moments in Vacuum
Gride · Záškuby chaosu
Grim Monolith · Intempesta Nox
Ingested · The Surreption
Lost Inside · Hearts Will Grow Heavy
Regul · Покои вечной мерзлоты
Rùsùah · Born to Be Death
Slabdragger · Regress
Teitanfyre · Morbid Death's Sceptre
Unearth · Darkness in the Light
Your Highness · Cults 'n' Cunts
07-02Atra · In Reverence of Decay
Attitude Adjustment · No Way Back
Darkness · Guerrofobia
HCCE Orwell · Que la muerte retroceda
Legions of Crows · Stab Me
Lies Beneath · Death of the American Dream
07-01Ágadon · Los últimos días
Aittala · Haunt Your Flesh
Albra · Cidade Urbana
Ashen Reign · An Angels Burden
Bearstorm · Horribilis
Bitter Resolve · Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning
Black Capricorn · Black Capricorn
Bloodsoaked · The Death of Hope
Bloody Remains · Hammertime!
Braddock · Strikes Back
Cabrocordero · Namastie Qoh
Consfearacy · Consfearacy
Energía · Otro mundo
Katabasis · Katabasis
The Last Hangmen · Servants of Justice
Local I · Ecorces
Lock Up · Necropolis Transparent
Mafia · Southern Hell
Near Life · Dependence Road
Necropsya · Distorted
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Apocalyptica
Poenari · Rule of the Damned
Roadkill Carnivore · Barrage of Lurkers
Samsas Traum · Anleitung zum Totsein
Schattenreich · Von Gedeih und Verderb
StoneLake · Marching on Timeless Tales
Transe Metal Machine · Resistencia
Vai Ficar Preto · ...nema nas i neće nas biti...
Vigour · No Gods to Praise
Weena Morloch · Amok
07-??Abruptum · Potestates Apocalypsis
Adrenal · As Paradise Burns
Agora · Regresa al vértigo
The Ancient War · Riding on the Hills of Death
Beleth's Curse · Beleth's Curse
Belzebong · Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves
Beyond Fiction · Unseen Prophecy
Blizzard · Rock 'n' Roll Overkill
Cleansing the Damned · 333°
Death Toll 80k · Harsh Realities
Demonic Slaughter · Revelations of Death
Drogheda · Thug Anarchitect
Drought · Drought
Eternal Torture · Dissanity
Foolsbane · The King & the Thief
Fortress Under Siege · The Mortal Flesh of Love
Gipfelstürmer · Wir folgen...
Gore Insane · Penis Blasphemy
Hakken · Marcado a fuego
Hatred Progeny · The Day of the Fall
Hot Graves · Knights in White Phosphorus
Infernus Serpest · Born of the Fire and the Black Light
Juggernaut · Ground Zero Conflict
Krydome · Taking Measures
Kàvron's · KVS
Mother of the Hydra · Contradiction
Nagzul · Summon the Spirits
Night Hag · Gilded Age
The Nihilistic Front · Apocryphal Dirge
No Sense · Obey
Pagan Hammer · Norse Thunder
Sanity's Eclipse · Demise of Mankind
Soulforge · Fields of Decay
Target · Knot of Centipedes
Tomb · Witches Sabbath
Virtual Mind · Shattered Silence
ΨThatΨ · Rotten... Putrid
06-30Hate Meditation · The World of Obscurity
King's-Evil · Sacrosanct
Osobrom · Hypervetrosis
Splav · Сверхновая
XVI Eyes · Building Eden from Embers
The Ziggurat · Beyond the Threshold of Reality
06-29Azarath · Blasphemers' Maledictions
Extinct Gods · Wartribe
Malediction · IX Sorcerers
Skull Incision · Profits of Destruction
X-Pulssion · Dying Legacy
06-28Borracho · Splitting Sky
Catapult the Smoke · Born in Fire
Cornigr · Relics of Inner War
Drunk Dog · Drunk Dog N°1
Dysentery · Internal Devastation
Eumeria · Rebel Mind
Faces of Bayon · Heart of the Fire
The Francesco Artusato Project · Chaos and the Primordial
Humilitate · Total Harrok Eriya
Marquis · The Schizo Collection
Modus Delicti · Nobody
Satanior · Se busca a Dios vivo o muerto
SoulMotor · Wrong Place at the Right Time
Soul Release · Beyond the Light
The Spudmonsters · Stand Up for What You Believe
Strings 24 · Speak
Unhallowed · In Desperation We Rise
06-27Absenth · Darkness Inside
Ancient Ritual · Southern Winter
Annihilation · Against the Storm
Artless · Resurrection
Byfrost · Of Death
Cloak of Altering · The Night Comes Illuminated with Death
Execration · Odes of the Occult
Judd Madden · Drown
Judd Madden · Float
Sahon · 10 Years in the Battlefield
Sarah Jezebel Deva · The Corruption of Mercy
Secret Illusion · Illusion
06-26Cardinal Synne · Cardinal Synne
Kauan · Kuu..
Moses Bandwidth · Misa Hitam
My Dawn · Figure It Out
06-25Admiral Browning · Battle Stations
Blodspor · Laughing Through the Violence
Evil Warriors · Expressions of Endless Dreams
Fallen into Shadow · Medieval Screams
Mordhell · Suffer in Hell
Perception of Hades · Dark Ages
Sorrowfield · Heritage of Fire
Verdun · Sov du lilla samvete
06-24Blckwvs · 0140
Crimson Darkness · The Devourer of All
Crépuscule · Néant
Dimensions · Odyssey
Fortaleza · Islas Malvinas
Horde of Hel · Likdagg
Megachurch · Megachurch 2: Judgment Day
Methods of Massacre · Perverted to Perfection
Never My Queen · Unlearned
Queensrÿche · Dedicated to Chaos
Undead Creep · The Ever-Burning Torch
West Wall · On My Shield
06-23Draconian · A Rose for the Apocalypse
Eisenfeld · Scheißdreck
Frozen · 3
Horror · Backwards Knife
Intemperia · The Mothman Prophecies
The Konsortium · The Konsortium
ÜrgSiuG · Orb
06-22Brudywr · Withering
Mortal Plague · Omens
Stream of Passion · Darker Days
Tier Ensaam · Alkulähde
Шумовая Экзекуция · Pedicabo Ego Vos et Irrumabo
06-21Birch Hill Dam · Colossus
The Black Dahlia Murder · Ritual
Ice Dragon · The Sorrowful Sun
IV Luna · The Last Day of an Ordinary Life
Jungle Rot · Kill on Command
Norron · Sperate Bonum
Premonition 13 · 13
Servile Sect · Trvth
Sourvein · Black Fangs
Talk to Sheep · Inertia
Tony MacAlpine · Tony MacAlpine
Turbid North · Orogeny
Wulfshon · Prinnit Mittilagart
06-20All I Could Bleed · Burying the Past
Antropophobia · Scream in Emptiness
Asylium · An Architecture of Human Desolation
Aurvandil · Yearning
Bloodwrath · The Hate Effect
Bluthunde · Human
Corpus Christii · Luciferian Frequencies
Crown of Autumn · Splendours from the Dark
Dama · Eirwen
The Dead Lay Waiting · Almost Heaven
Devin Townsend Project · Deconstruction
Devin Townsend Project · Ghost
Draxsen · 100% Pain
Earthenwomb · That Rotting Ambition, That Extinguished Hope
Edenshade · Stendhal Got That Close
Electric Earth · Touching the Void
Elitist · Fear in a Handful of Dust
Fugatta · Mystic Kingdom
Hellvetic Frost · Towards a Distant World
Isolation · Closing a Circle
Lost Conception · Paroxysm of Despair
Lvcifyre · The Calling Depths
Malediction 666 · Innoculation
Mortuary · Violent Salvation
Necrobiotic · Alive and Rotting
NewBreed · NewBreed
Tornado · Amsterdamn, Hellsinki
06-19Beherit · At the Devil's Studio 1990
Beltane · Auld Toby
Engraved Disillusion · Embers of Existence
06-18Akelarre · Grimorium Necrosis Magni
Defilement · Revel in Madness
Diosdeira · Morte Rerum Imperator
Edhellen · Sombra y anhelo
Glass Mind · Haunting Regrets
Lacerate · 王者再临 (Return of the King)
Maledicere · Leave Only What Is Fit to Burn
Senmuth · Cryptomnesia of Hidden Art
Terrordome · We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch!
06-17Channel Zero · Feed 'Em with a Brick
Cyanide Scream · Unfinished Business
Desideria · End the Curse
Distances · The Second Attempt of Icarus
Epi-Demic · Madness
Eye of Solitude · The Ghost
Fallen Fate · The Virus Has Spread
Fullforce · One
Love.Might.Kill · Brace for Impact
Martiria · On the Way Back
The Order of Chaos · Burn These Dreams
Rhapsody of Fire · From Chaos to Eternity
Senses May Wither · Polaris Breach
Sepultura · Kairos
Sleestak · The Fall of Altrusia
Spiegelkeller · Zauber
Symphony X · Iconoclast
Twins Crew · Judgement Night
06-16I Exist · II: The Broken Passage
Obliti Devoravit · Obliti Devoravit
Sun Caged · The Lotus Effect
06-15Another Stream · Dominate the Overground
Blood Stain Child · εpsilon
Holöcrust · Bride of the Atom
In Flames · Sounds of a Playground Fading
Moloch · Possession
Nightosaur · Black Blood of the Earth
Prosthetics · Origen
Sacramento · Weight of Sin
Skraeckoedlan · Äppelträdet
Vaginal Kebab · El club de los prepucios sucios y los escrotos rotos
Versailles · Holy Grail
Winterblut · Leichenstandard
06-14Aenaon · Cendres et Sang
Burgerkill · Venomous
Ironweed · Your World of Tomorrow
Prehate · 2012
ReinXeed · 1912
Traumatic Voyage · Traumaturgie
Watch My Fall · Phoenix Rising
Орион · Мир сильней тебя
06-13Anima Inmortalis · More than Just Flesh and Blood
Astrum · Tales of Witchlore
Chaos Frame · Another Life
Djevel · Dødssanger
Downright Malice · The Final Disaster
E.A.K. · MuzEAK
Höllenlärm · Hellish Noise
In Dread Response · Embers in the Spiritless Void
Noctem · Oblivion
Palantir · Secrets of the Arcane
06-12Dyz.Wardance · Welcome to My World
Fidei Defensor · Cognoscenti
Folkstone · Sgangogatt
Melting Flesh · Songs for the Fisted
Necrovorous · Funeral for the Sane
Negativity · Ambient Vol.1
Strychnia · The Anatomy of Execution
06-11Apathy Arising · Mutatis Mutandis
Cryfemal · Malicioso sonido putrefacto
Eufobia · Cup of Mud
Farzad Golpayegani · Five
Fuseboxx · Animated
Genocya · Ever Descent
Kam Talium · The Enola Day
Orgy of Swines · Orgy of Swines
Synergism of Humanity · Incantated Self Destruction
Tony Rohrbough · The Work
uRAn 0 · Sacrament
Хранители · Силуэт
06-10Azordon · Unknown
Buried in Black · Black Death
Deathrite · Deathrite
Eilera · Darker Chapter... and Stars
Haeres · Héritiers du sang noir
Mass Insanity · The Hypochrist
Moloch · Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees
Nagaarum · Űrerdő
No.sar · Sin.n
Onicectomy · Drowning for Salvation
Vinterbris · Vinterbris
06-09LA★69 · Generation Rock Star
Pusher · Blindland
Swine Suicide · To Known Hell
Константин Селезнёв · Территория... [X]
06-08Children of Doom · Doom, Be Doomed, ör Fuck Off
Herder · Herder
Humanity Zero · Life in Paradies
Internal Harvest · Exit Signs
Local I · Lost Art of Stargazing
Silent Scream · Upstream
Unfallen · Paranoia Epidemic
06-07Clump · Chrism
Cold Colours · The Great Depression
Engineer · Crooked Voices
Ghastly of Gill · Damnation of Eternity
Gigan · Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes
Igzordium · Eremitic Vibrations
Karma to Burn · V
Looking for an Answer · Eterno Treblinka
Moria · Pain Shreds
Neuroma · Extremophile
Origin · Entity
Psychopathic Daze · Psychopathic Daze
Reign of Vengeance · Disemboweling Swine
ReVolt · Seasons of Oblivion
Rogue Stallion · We Are!
Thrashfire · Thrash Burned the Hell
Tombs · Path of Totality
Апельсиновая Креветка · Четыре метра
06-06Across Tundras · Tumbleweeds
Amghelis · A New Beginning
Barn Burner · Bangers II: Scum of the Earth
Boonhorse · Boonhorse
ChokingOnBile · Guttural Slam Insanity
DeadInside · Walking the Path of Recoil
Demonicon · Manifest Blasphemy
Divine Insanity · The Howling Man
Dragging the Casket · The Undead
Hellbeast · Man Is the Bride of Satan
Hellectrochains · Velucifero
Hermaphrodit · Planet of Sexual Originality
Majestic Downfall · The Blood Dance
Mephorash · Death Awakens
Morbid Angel · Illud Divinum Insanus
Mussum Software · Upload Acidental
Visceral Disgorge · Ingesting Putridity
Zowrus · The Perpetual Cast
06-05Battle Path · Storm & Stress
Crimson Sky · Rising
Death*Land · 新世紀創造伝
Pilgrimage · Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam
Smokin Hell Bastards · BoozeFellas
06-04Acaro · The Disease of Fear
Another Side of the Mirror · Welcome to Another Side
BlackScorn · Pagan Sacrifice
Cygnus · Liquid Mirrors
Hate Meditation · Vihattu
Helgedom · Den mörka skogen af ondo
In Demise · Adapting to Disorder
Machinage · It Makes Us Hate
Put Her in the Trunk · They're Coming to Get You
The Samhain · Memories
06-03Alestorm · Back Through Time
Andromeda · Sinfonía paranormal
Angeli di Pietra · Anthems of Conquest
Borgo Pass · Deadwater
Dethlehem · The Ghorusalem Codex, Vol. 2: Of Magick & Tyranny
Falconer · Armod
Fall of Death · Vanity Cure
Gmork · Tales of the Midnight Forest
Grief of Emerald · The Devils Deep
Hatred · The Bleeding Architecture
Lapis Lazuli · A Loss Made Forever
Malign Starfist · Starkiller
Pain · You Only Live Twice
Regardless of Me · Pleasures and Fear
Saxon · Call to Arms
Seven Dark Eyes · All Around Me
Seven Witches · Call upon the Wicked
Short Sharp Shock · Problems to the Answer
Skitarg · Den hårdaste jäveln
Thorondir · Aus jenen Tagen
Through Your Silence · The Zenith Distance
Vetrol · 20th Century Rock
06-02Aabsynthum · Inanimus
Abraxas · Damnation
Apocalypse Command · Damnation Scythes of Invincible Abomination
Bone Fragments · Too Gruesome to Be Real
Deranged · Cut Carve Rip Serve
Inside You · That Occurs Around Us
Mistheria · Keys of Eternity
Skeletal Spectre · Occult Spawned Premonitions
Харизма · Сила и вера
06-01Abnormity · Irreversible Disintegration
Alaskan · Adversity; Woe
Ascend-ency · Regression
Before the Rain · Frail
Cry My Name · Burning Impulse
Dysfunctional · John Stone Lives
Evangelist · In Partibus Infidelium
Folkvang · Six Stories Without Keys
The Furor · War upon Worship
Last Wail · The Tale of Endless Night
Marche Funèbre · To Drown
Nerocapra · Vox Inferi
Ouroboros · Glorification of a Myth
Potmos Hetoimos · Evelyn
Profundae Libidines · Evangelium Secundum Matthaeum
Proud of That · Revenge
Rabenwolf · Aus alten Zeiten
Surrealist · Unexpected Being
Sylvain Rouvière's Kaktus Project · Superstition
Torn Face · Wretched
Vihan Messu · Vihassa puhdistettu
06-??A Hill to Die Upon · Omens
Ancient Necropsy · Sanctuary Beyond the Infinite...
Animae Capronii · Please Forgive Me Oh Lord
Aryantichrisst · Judaeus Ex Machina
Asva · Presences of Absences
Atis · Kollanaj
Au Revoir · Engine of My Heart
Auticed · Cemetery of Necronymph
Beheading Machine · Narcobiological Upgrade
Bloodkrieg · Frostmourne
Compulsive Slaughter · Breed Out the Bastards
Count Shannäth · Journey to Happiness Through Tragedy
Cruel Force · Under the Sign of the Moon
Daniel Bautista · Cocktail Eleven
Deathville · No Chance with the Malicious
Draconis Infernum · Rites of Desecration & Demise
Fight/Delight · Just Read the Contract.
Heartless · Anaesthetization
Holy Mary's Blowjob · Sacrilegious and Disgusting
Intuneric Strigoii · Letanía oscura
Is Pain · 20:10
Isurus · Telos
Kaiserreich · Ravencrowned
Kaxur · ...and Left the Self
Lost Dreams · Blinded by Rage
Maleït · Maleïnt el món
Medieval · Detrás de las sombras
Menschenfresser · Menschenfresser
Mil Demonios · Resina
Nergal · Σαεταν έξι - έξι - έξι
Northern Discipline · Harvester of Hate
One More Victim · Dominion
Opacity · Kompanie der Verlorenen
Otherside · No Flame No Sense
Proctophobic · The Meat Forest
Puritan · Faixa de Gaza
Puritan Slain · A Matter of Life and Death
Revtend · Welcome to Hell
Scattered Remains · Led to the Slaughter
Scythe · Merciless Pain
Sephirah · The Glorious Nihilism
Shadow Man · The God Within
Shay Ofer · ...and the World Shall Burn
Simetría Imperfecta · Otra realidad
Skidding Insanity · Darkness
Sorg Uten Tårer · Autumn Wind
Supremacy · Inner Artifact Nature
Thunderstorm · Light from Darkness
Trifixion · A Utopia for the Damned
The Vomiting Dinosaurs · Eat the Homeless
ΨThatΨ · Necrophobia
閃靈 · 高砂軍
05-31Abiotx · Straight to Hell
Cholernik · A Hopeless Glimmer
Fleshless · Slaves of the God Machine
Gallhammer · The End
I Chaos · The Human Repellent
Loss · Despond
Serpent Venom · Carnal Altar
Unexpect · Fables of the Sleepless Empire
Wreck of the Hesperus · Light Rotting Out
X Opus · The Epiphany
Æðra · The Evening Red
Артания · Ночь оденет тебе свой венец
05-30Arch Enemy · Khaos Legions
Balance Interruption · Era II: Deserts of Ashes
Chiraw · Scarecrows & Lullabies
Desekratewhore · Shadows of the Past
Desolate Shrine · Tenebrous Towers
Element · Corrupt Desires
Forked · Devouring Hell
Huron · Mary Celeste
J. D. Overdrive · Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood
Korpstenche · Threatening Ceremonies
Lyr Drowning · Beyond the Borders
My Dying Bride · Evinta
Obnoxious Youth · The Eternal Void
Persistence in Mourning · Confessions of an American Cult
Psychopath · Avaritia
Sacrilegious Impalement · II - Exalted Spectres
Saudade · Saudade
Tank86 · Rise
UnbornGeneration · Culture of Violence
05-29Empty of Darkness · Burn Your Soul in Flames of Hell
Orestes · Equivocal Paragraph
05-28Beyond Ye Grave · Total Fucking Decadence
Deprivation · Amalgam
Else · Death Strike
Hellcrawler · Wastelands
Orthon · Transmigrate
Punished · Minutes of Pain
Unborn · Six Ways of Suffering
05-27Abrogation · Tief schwarz blutig rot
Am I Blood · Existence of Trauma
Amorphis · The Beginning of Times
Arvakh · Art. 1 - La haine par dessus tout
Death Wolf · Death Wolf
Degradead · A World Destroyer
Garagedays · Dark and Cold
Graves of Nosgoth · Ex Tenebris ad Lucem
Levas · Una vuelta más de rosca
Megahera · Metal Maniac Attack
Necrolust · Il piacere di tormentarvi
Shraphead · Blind & Seduced
Slaughtery · Path-(t)o-Logic
Stormwarrior · Heathen Warrior
Supreme Pain · Divine Incarnation
Týr · The Lay of Thrym
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats · Blood Lust
Victory · Don't Talk Science
Waldgeflüster · Femundsmarka - Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln
Wormreich · Edictvm DCLXVI
Велиар · В отражении истлевшего мира
電気式華憐音楽集団 · 獄淫の尖塔 オリジナルサウンドトラックCD
05-26Access Denied · Touch of Evil
Acropolis · Призраки снов
Cynicism · Portrait of Extinction
Marienbad · Werk 1: Nachtfall
Scar of the Sun · A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies
05-25Anarchuz · Přestaň mě srát
Ancestrum · Spells by the Northern Winds
Ashen Light · Проклятый и непрощённый
Black Shadow · Пробуждение чёрного дракона
Facing the Swarm Thought · Damnati
The Kennedy Veil · The Sentence of Their Conqueror
Malchus · Caput Mundi
Maleva · Hingemaa
Medeia · Abandon All
Natural Death · Apocalipsis...
Random Eyes · Light Up
The Republic of Desire · Tower
Sacrifice · Breed for War
Seidr · For Winter Fire
Tyranex · Extermination Has Begun
05-24Absolute · Absolute
Alodex · Embrace the Heartache
Book of Black Earth · The Cold Testament
Boris · Attention Please
Boris · Heavy Rocks II
Burnsred · Burnsred
Devolved · Oblivion
Funeral · To Mourn Is a Virtue
Haemorrhage · Hospital Carnage
Inevitable End · The Oculus
Ipsissimus · The Way of Descent
LoNero · J.F.L.
Meltgsnow · Black Penance
Niflheim · Personae
Overhate · Relentless Is Our Strength
Oyabun · Gods & Dogs
The Rods · Vengeance
Shadows in the Crypt · Beyond the Grave
Unbreakable Hatred · Total Chaos
Wizardrone · Wizardrone
Zero3iete · Los fuertes sobreviven
05-23Aboriorth · The Austere Perpetuity of Nothingness
Amethyst · Time of Slaughters
The Cleansing · Feeding the Inevitable
Consciousness Removal Project · The Last Season
The Crevices Below · Below the Crevices
The Dying Seed · Tsuba Through Your Throat
Fragment. · Home
Giants on Jupiter · Embrace the Unknown
Holy Martyr · Invincible
Implode · The Hour Has Come
In Solitude · The World. The Flesh. The Devil
I the Witch · Nagual
Malcuidant · Et les Cieux s'assombrirent...
Solaris · The Truth Can Only Be Learned by Marching Forward
Wolverine · Communication Lost
Wrapped in a Sheet · Vultures
Yansen · Sowelu
05-22Stuka Squadron · Tales of the Ost
Tremor · The Poe Sessions - and Random Pieces of Black Metal
Wotan's Vrede · Fading into the Fallen Crystalline Sky
05-21Aella · Аэлла
Agony Voices · The Sin
Alastor · Demon Attack
A New Dawn · Seven Faces of Truth
Benighted in Sodom · A Resplendent Starless Darkness
Blood of Martyrs · Ordo Caelestus Rebellus
Crimson Tree · Balls of Steel
Funeration · For the Rest of Your Death
HateBomb · Suffering Mechanics
Horns of Hattin · De Veritate
Pure Hatred · Burn Fucking Burn Die Fucking Die
Thorr-Axe · Wall of Spears
05-2066crusher · Blackest Day
Assault · Closer to Eternal Life
Bacab · Ancestral
Borealis · Fall from Grace
Buckethead · Pike 2 - Empty Space
Destination · Original Raw Metal
Die Vorboten · Aufschrei
Drakhian · High Zephyr Point
End of Level Boss · Eklectric
Epsilon · Truly Yours and in Love
Erebus · On the Edge of Perdition
Exhausted · OneManShow
Figure of Six · Brand New Life
Grabak · Sin
Gravehill · When All Roads Lead to Hell
HammerFall · Infected
Headshot · Synchronicity
Lolita Komplex · Le cabinet des marionettes
Lou Quinse · Rondeau de la forca
Mayan · Quarterpast
Pagan's Mind · Heavenly Ecstasy
Peste Noire · L'ordure à l'état pur
Rajasinga · Rajagnaruk
Senmuth · Proscyneme
Triad · Sex & Money
U.D.O. · Rev-Raptor
Vulvagun · Cold Moon over Babylon
Warbeast Remains · Stronghold
05-19Afasia · Confinement
Agouro · Infernal Pride
Moradin · Ancient Stone & Mystic Woods
Najand · Complicated Antitheses
Oil Carter · As Loud as You Can
Rye Wolves · Species Battle in the Branches
Verthebra · Humanoides
05-18Baal Zebuth · Necromysticism - Into the Chasm of Hell
Crow's Flight · The Calm Before
Descend · Through the Eyes of the Burdened
Goatpenis · Depleted Ammunition
Kratic · Blabla Bullshit
Ritual Suicide · Temple of Blood
Spirit Disease · Retaliation
Thrash or Die · Poser Holocaust
Unleash the Archers · Demons of the AstroWaste
Vesano · Gritos do Tempo
Vulturine · A Mais Escura Noite
05-17Across Tundras · Sage
Agartha · V
Anaal Nathrakh · Passion
Chaquen · Elemental
Dark Castle · Surrender to All Life Beyond Form
Eskhaton · Nihilgoety
Nami · Fragile Alignments
Petrychor · Effigies and Epitaphs
Putridity · Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria
Weekend Nachos · Worthless
Widrir · Sturm
05-16Autopsy · Macabre Eternal
Berkowitz · Five Thousand Years to Hate
Bong · Beyond Ancient Space
Endstille · Infektion 1813
Fetus in Fetu · Abnormal Disfigurement
Frijgard · Nebelwacht
Hangover · Is Time to Change
Hellbound · Didn't Hear No Bell
Infestus · E x | I s t
Johann Wolfgang Pozoj · Birth of Pozoj
Nader Sadek · In the Flesh
Necrophagia · Deathtrip 69
Oker · Burlando a la muerte
The Providence · Horror Music Made in Hell
The Soulless · Isolated
Symphony of Gunfire · Symphony of Gunfire
Treason · Lambs to the Slaughter
05-15Buckethead · Pike 1 - It's Alive
Dark Revenge · Cult of Assassins
Erevos · Descensus ad Inferos
Frosthammer · Nexus of Time
Ignition · Страха больше нет
Krossfire · Learning to Fly
Mastiphal · Parvzya
Novembers Doom · Aphotic
Reign of Revelation · The Affinity Complex
Undertaker of the Damned · Lords of the Extreme Mockery
Vespera · Desert of the Real
05-14Avulse · I Am the Liquor
Azarok · Azarok
Desosser · The Arrival
Ewiges Reich · Blutsturm
Krater · Nocebo
Nova Era · Sin libertad
ÖfÖ Am · The Beast Within
Omophagia · Guilt by Nescience
Spewgore · Faster Bitches Faster
Tyr Vasuul · Tyr Vasuul
Violentor · Violentor
Vortex of Clutter · Source of Sickness
Warclouds · A Disturbing Presence
05-13Absorbing the Pain · Songs of Hate with Love
Alchera · Era
Deathincarnation · Roar from Within
Deceased · Surreal Overdose
Demons of Guillotine · Время серпа
Destined · The Good and Evil Chain
Doomraiser · Mountains of Madness
Dämmerfarben · Im Abendrot
Elzevir · Rise from Knees
Ennui Breathes Malice · Obsessive Repulsive
Ensorcelor · Crucifuge
Exeloume · Fairytale of Perversion
The Flight of Sleipnir · Essence of Nine
Hell · Human Remains
Ivenberg · Wunden
Lugosi Smile · Lugosi Smile
Mad Mav · Last Note Standing
MergingMoon · Inauguration of the Black Sun
Niemandsluft · Herde in Elysium ; Despoth seit Stille
NightShade · Lost in Motion
Polishdèbin · Brown's'Beurk
Profeel · Utrip
Sectu · Inundate
Slasher · Pray for the Dead
Twisted Tower Dire · Make It Dark
Vultos Vociferos · Sob a Face Oculta...
Zero Illusions · Oblivion
05-12Ambehr · Amber Dreamland
Bloodstained Ground · The Human Parasite
Deviser · Seasons of Darkness
Moñigo · Coprometidos con la causa (Shit & Honor)
Slender Hopes · Slender Hopes
05-11Dr. Heathen Scum · Masterpiece
Dødsfall · Den svarte skogen
Evil Rise · In War and Hate
Frozen Ocean · Oneiric in Geocentricism
Insane Vesper · Abomination of Death
Merging Flare · Reverence
Shining · VII: Född förlorare
Stonebirds · Slow Fly
Total Death · Santa muerte
Xipe Totec · Eztlacuani
05-10Anvil · Juggernaut of Justice
A Storm of Light · As the Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade
Catalepsy · Bleed
Dead in the Water · In the End of Hope
Diamond Lane · World Without Heroes
Disease Process · Disease Process
The Gates of Slumber · The Wretch
Hate Eternal · Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
Hedras Ramos · Atoms and Space
Jesu · Ascension
Liturgy · Aesthethica
Monachus · Out of the Blue
Multiple Personality · Song Unsung
Nattsmyg · Fylgja
Ramesses · Possessed by the Rise of Magik
Sorgeldom · ...from Outer Intelligences
Sorgeldom · Vithatten
Syrophenikan · Walls
Talamyus · Raven's Call to Annihilation
With No Human Exist · Believe
05-09Absolute Power · Absolute Power
Antü Fucha · El llamado de los ancestros
Asylum of Apathy · Abomination
Beastwars · Beastwars
Heavy Lord · Balls to All
Lycosia · Midnight Rock Celebration
NeraNature · Foresting Wounds
Portrait · Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
Scarlet Echo Decoy · Brzmienia snów
Stampede · A Sudden Impulse
Sweet Savage · Regeneration
Territory · Killer Instinct
Wild · La nueva orden
05-08Astoroth · Earthly Welking
Breath of Purity · Trigger the Fate
Dark Eternity · Отражение
Kriegshetzer · Panzer vorwärts
Spyon · Sly Tactics
Switchtense · Switchtense
Thy Funeral · The End of Life
05-07Asgard · The Seal of Madness
Endless Main · Sea of Lies
Fragmendead · Choked by Misery
Habit of Force · Habit of Force
Naked Scarecrow · Pathetic Soul
Obnounce · Age of Darkness
Rain Delay · Slumber Recon
Trepidation · Now or Never
05-065grs · Let's Crush
Black Crucifixion · Hope of Retaliation
Castle · In Witch Order
Chrome Division · 3rd Round Knockout
Constant Threat · The Ominous Purge
Crocell · The Wretched Eidola
Draugr · De ferro italico
Eden weint im Grab · Geysterstunde I - Ein poetisches Spektakel zu Mitternacht
Entry Wound · Sickening Major
Hauser · Stu
Hellfire Nemesis · Unleashed Pestilent Wrath
Jute Gyte · Verstiegenheit
Merkaba · Bones of the Sacred Forest
Molest the Episcopate · Socialistica Nervosa
Motör Militia · Cloaked in Darkness
Planet of Zeus · Macho Libre
Requiem · Within Darkened Disorder
Revolting · In Grisly Rapture
Stormhunter · Crime and Punishment
Tenebra · Luz en la oscuridad
Umor · Pralayaah
Walk Through Fire · Furthest from Heaven
We All Fall · Paradise Paradox
05-05Diapsiquir · A.N.T.I.
Drawbridgeman · Drawbridgeman
Eddy Metal · Welcome to Hell
Epheles · Je suis autrefois
Gutalax · Shit Beast
Jute Gyte · Communicants
Mother Darkness · One Hundred Years of Emptiness
Mussorgski · Chaos and Paranormal Divinity
Praesepe · Vesperae
Steelpreacher · Hellraiser
Winter Depression · Cold
05-04Ahma · Crooked Issue
Decaying Incest · Tépd szét a csendet
Seeds of Baphomet · Torture Tour
05-03Aksumite · The Gleam of Wetted Lips
Ana Kefr · The Burial Tree (II)
Argus · Boldly Stride the Doomed
Odin's Court · Human Life in Motion
Satan's Host · By the Hands of the Devil
Wormrot · Dirge
05-02The Axis of Perdition · Tenements (of the Anointed Flesh)
Daedalus · Motherland
In Defence · Party Lines and Politics
Revoker · Revenge for the Ruthless
Solsikk · Solsikk
Submerged in Dirt · In the Grip of the Machine
Utopian.Hope.Dystopian.Nihilism · Pact with Solitude
Vesen · Goat Carcass Rising
Облачный Край · Ыгыатта
05-015150 · 四季楽典-第二章-
Alieson · Need a Reason?
Atland · Marboré
Benighten Empire · Odenic
Black Hate · Years of Solitude
Blood Covenant · Sign of Time
Ember · The Great Void
Fear Not Death · Alone, Once Again​.​.​.
Feast of Herod · Longinus
Lightning · Brave Heart Re-birth
Marco Di Stasio · Welcome to Hell
Morcegos · Before the Evening Is Through
Nebelbanner · Blick in die Ferne
Ritual · The Resurrection
Sarcoma · Nuclear Metal
Screams of Death · Screams of Death
Southell · Alcohol Fueled, Weed Inspired
Sparespine · 燃えるからだとひきかえに
Troglodyte · Welcome to Boggy Creek
Tyrant of Death · Generation Bliss
Unholy Fables · Stone
Unkreated · Godless Redemption
Zorra · La ronda de los perdedores
05-??Alienation Mental · Alienation Mental
Al-Kamar · Abstract Spread
Almond Pheuz · Dadjal 2012
Amartia · In a Quiet Place...
Andy James · Andy James
Arizmenda · Without Circumference nor Center
Art of Necromancy · Insania
Ayman · The Travel to Octavia
Baalberith · Buried Alive
Beyond the Labyrinth · Chapter III - Stories
Bitter Peace · Glorificus Vis
Blacksunrise · Oceanic
The Blame · Born
Brutal Freack · Libellus Dei
Brutal War · Revelation 666
Cethegus · Moribundus
Coldwar · Christus Deathshead
Concrete · Revelations of Perdition
Counterblast · Nothingness
Crimson Rivers · Sorrowful Hell
Dark Night · Night of Halloween
Dead Remains · Conscious Cremation
Deprisofisty · Winter Moon
Desmodus Rotundus · Become Fishers of Men
Draugen · Among the Lonely Shades
Elixir · Los sueños vivirán
Endless Pain · Chronicles of Death
Enormicon · Storm of Swords
Fleshcrawler · Abuse Your Fucking God
Harpoon · Tu mismo pensar
Havok · Blessing the Flames with Sacrosanct Blood
Himmelriket · Dead to Sin but Alive in Christ
H-Tray · Suspend the Hours
Immense Decay · From Ashes till Remains
Imperial Dusk · Satanic Emperor
Infornal FuckЪ · Клиника Валхалла
Kroda · Schwarzpfad
Locus Mortis · Inter Uterum et Loculum MMXI
Lost Inside · Mourning Wept Beside Me
Maligno · The Funeral Domine
Masterstroke · Silence
Morbo · Orphans
Morne · Asylum
Nereid · Bloodridden Love
Nighttrain · Between Darkness and Light
Nostalgia · A 512 Devil Music Vol.2
Sabbathica · Sabbathica
Sacred Ally · Reality Hammer
Saint Spirit · Vanitas Vanitatum
Sargatanas · Greatness of Rot
Skaltros · Upper Wolf Lake Ritual
Social Black Yelling · Mankind Under Condemnation
Thurisaz · The Cimmerian Years
Vorax · Guerra mental
Wildpath · Underneath
Епархия Зла · Сквозь нити сюрреализма
Лелек · Лелек
Стахановцы · Шахта слабаков не терпит
降临 · An Expedition of Haze and Thorns
04-30Amoricide · Storm of Violence
Arcturon · The Eight Thorns Conflict
Dark Messiah · Αρετη και δοξα αιωνια (Virtue and Glory Eternal)
Dead End Finland · Stain of Disgrace
Dhampyr · White Fire Laudanum
Disgusted · Half Decade in Torture
Euphoreon · Euphoreon
Hate in Flesh · Wandering Through Despair
Hellstorm · Ribut Neraka 666
Honey for Christ · The Cruelty of Great Expectations
Injury · Unleash the Violence
Moonrise · Under the Flight of Crows
The Old Ones · Manfred II: The Return
Saturnalia Temple · Aion of Drakon
Talanas · The Waspkeeper
Valborg · Barbarian
04-29Against Myself · Sky Ashes
Alpha Tiger · Man or Machine
Arroganz · Dark and Deathless
Artizan · Curse of the Artizan
Beyond the Vortex · One
Blackest Dawn · Soulgrinder
Blood Coven · Battle Cult Empire
Christian Muenzner · Timewarp
Circle of Silence · The Blackened Halo
Confessions of a Lifetime · Life at Gunpoint
Ctulu · Sarkomand
Dawn of Disease · Legends of Brutality
Death Valley Driver · Choke the River
Diablo Blvd · Builders of Empires
El Camino · The Satanik Magiik
Enbound · And She Says Gold
Gernotshagen · Weltenbrand
Insidead · Chaos Elecdead
Lake of Tears · Illwill
Last Kind of Life · Complex Ease
Lost in Thought · Opus Arise
Mentora · Escape The Empire
Miasmal · Miasmal
One Without · Sweet Relief
Open Hell · In Gloria Aeterna Tenebrae
Power Theory · Out of the Ashes, into the Fire...and Other Tales of Insanity
Samael · Lux Mundi
Schwarzer Engel · Träume einer Nacht
Sentimen Beltza · Bizitza osoan zehar sortu den etsipenaren ondorioak
Split Heaven · Street Law
Surtr · World of Doom
Trollfest · En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
Valtyr · Verinen Saagat
04-28Bound Alive · Esprit de Corps
Gandr · Talvitunnelmia
Gandr · Yöllisen ylistys
S.S.W.G. · The Existence Issue
Striver · Apocalypse Nightmare
Vrykolakas · Unleashing Vrykolakas upon the Mankind
Xaos Oblivion · Desolation...
04-27Corpset · Ruins
Extirpated · Decomposition & Decay
Isäntä Meidän · Toinen tuleminen
Miriam · Karu maa
Poisonblack · Drive
Softbox · Interesting
When the Empire Falls · Episode V
Wilted · Echoes in My Mind
Yuhkinen · Far Beyond the Seven Seas
04-26Ad Inferna · There Is No Cure
Broken Betty · The Sorry Eye
Dead Man's Chest · Hateline
Deafheaven · Roads to Judah
Dobytčí mor · Syndrom
Dream Master · Spread Your Wings
Exes for Eyes · The Amsler Grid
Feral · Dragged to the Altar
Hope for the Dying · Dissimulation
Inthyflesh · Claustrophobia
Krallice · Diotima
Malicious · Tell It like It Is (2011)
Meander · Sithonia
Nemesis · Forever in Metal
New Keepers of the Water Towers · The Calydonian Hunt
Our Days Are Numbered · No Need to Mark These Graves
Primordial · Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
Winterus · In Carbon Mysticism
04-25Abstract Spirit · Horror Vacui
Adamantivm · Atajo a la locura
Altar of Plagues · Mammal
Avven · Kastalija
Bewized · The Scorch of Rage
Dirt Deflector · Road to Nowhere
Memorial · Shatter the Art
Offense · That Frail Adiction to Life
Pulling Teeth · Funerary
Ribspreader · The Van Murders
Seeds in Barren Fields · Sounding the Siren Song in Vain
Skuldom · Kill This Fucking World
Torchbearer · Death Meditations
Ulver · Wars of the Roses
Vandal Killer · Inheritance
Vomitory · Opus Mortis VIII
Warnungstraum · Inter Peritura
Wolf · Legions of Bastards
Xerath · II
Yggdrasil · Irrbloss
Рельеф · Рельеф
04-24Gargoyle · 鬼書
Golgatha · Blutfest
Pestilence · Doctrine
Soulast Sample · Эхо
04-23Awaiting the Apocalypse · At War with the Dead
ChemicalCancer · Chemical Cancer
Cult of Erinyes · A Place to Call My Unknown
Damien Thorne · End of the Game
D.R.I.F.F. · Белая сталь
Edge of Eternity · Edge of Eternity
For Many Reasons · Time to Play
Ichabod Crane · Brimstone
Nitro · We Are Nitro
Psychotic Gardening · Humanitorium
Reckless Manslaughter · Storm of Vengeance
零壹 · 黑暗世界音乐 / Dark Age
04-22The Absent Light · The Absent Light
Aosoth · III - Violence & Variations
Flood This Earth · Soundtrack to a Murder
Forgotten Tomb · Under Saturn Retrograde
Human Cometh · HCll
Imperious · Varus
Innosense · Outcast
Krypteria · All Beauty Must Die
Leaves' Eyes · Meredead
Midnattsol · The Metamorphosis Melody
Morbus 666 · Mortuus Cultus
Morkstien · Epilogue of a Tragic Existence
Nephalokia · Sunshine
Never We See · Never We See
Quietus · Awakening
Rectal Smegma · Because We Care
Slaughter Slashing · Akasha?
Spearhead · Theomachia
Virgolamia · Lucifer Christus
While Heaven Wept · Fear of Infinity
Xeper · Matrix Divina Satanas
폐허 · 맞불놀이
04-21Celestial Machine · Stagmata
Dyer · Rage...Fury...Alcohol
Llihje · Untitled
Night Mistress · The Back of Beyond
Nocturn Deambulation · The Grand Opening
04-20Arenna · Beats of Olarizu
Athymhormie · Unending War
Blood Rooted · The Oak Shade
Crossfaith · The Dream the Space
Damngod · Humanity: The Legacy of Violence and Evil
Dreamtale · Epsilon
Dynazty · Knock You Down
Equine Inclination · Playhorse
JRS · Spank Your Inner Monkey
Legión · Evocación del Mal
Morphine Killer · Sickening
Nokturnal Frost · The Unholy Path to Hell
Norman K. Anderson · Lord of Winter
Omerta · Beginning of the End
Prison of Mirrors · Prison of Mirrors
Shadowcraft · Acedia
Steel Aggressor · From Ruins to Dust
United · Tear of Illusions
Wardrum · Spadework
04-19Aida · Звук
Angel of Damnation · Carnal Philosophy
Eld · Krieg: An Odyssey in Misery
Epod · Guttural Garbage
Faithsedge · Faithsedge
Kaustik · Kaustik
Oaks of Bethel · The Ghosts That We Are
Solar Fragment · In Our Hands
Those Left Behind · Horror Classics and Other Tributes to the Darkside
Through These Gates · Church of a Thousand Sorrows
Tremescum · Throw
Valkynaz · Grimwork
Vanhelgd · Church of Death
Winds of Plague · Against the World
04-18Abstrusa Unde · Introspection
Achyronthia · Echoes of Brutality
Akin · The Way Things End
Arkan · Salam
Blut aus Nord · 777 - Sect(s)
Carpathia · Tearful
Chapeau · Everlasting Pill
Cruachan · Blood on the Black Robe
Frozen Mist · Anomalies of the Forest
Loudblast · Frozen Moments Between Life and Death
Nameless Crime · Modus Operandi
Norther · Circle Regenerated
Panzerchrist · Regiment Ragnarok
Septicflesh · The Great Mass
Sypherion · Flames of the Immortal Heart
Totenwolf · Hateful North
The Worship of Silence · In the Early Hours
04-17350teric · Origin
The Blackest Incarnation · Apostate Zombie Rage
Religio Mortis · La caduta di Baal Hammon
Skogen · Svitjod
04-16Ancestral · Asifonías para cerdos
Bowel Abuse · Cannibalistic Thoughts
Cobra · Lethal Strike
The Combine · A Message from Our Benefactors
Forgotten Tears · Words to End
Mitigate · A New Day
Obereit · Minord
Treron · Černý ovce
Trollband · In the Shadow of a Mountain
Violet Moon · Path of Vengeance
04-15Abrasive · The Birth... Born in Sodom
Ad Astra · One Single Cause
Aura · Deliverance
Berserk Revolt · Perception Kills
Children of Megaton · The Big Lie
Comando Nuclear · Guerreiros da Noite
Confront Hate · Diabolical Disguise of Madness
Corpseye · Graves of Ashes
Daemonlord · Godless Prayers
Demonical · Death Infernal
Devastatiön · Leather Jack Maniac
Febus · Listening to the Night
Firebrand Super Rock · Firebrand Super Rock
Guardians of Time · A Beautiful Atrocity
Harm · Demonic Alliance
In Stadio Ultimo · The Final Days... End of All... Begin of Hell...
In Tenebriz · Fall in Every Season
Katalepsya · Sin retorno
Lars Eric Mattsson · Aurora Borealis
Legio Mortis · The Human Creation and the Devil's Contribution
Lethal Halo · Process of Progress
Ñu · Viejos himnos para nuevos guerreros
Obscure Sphinx · Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual
Pegazus · In Metal We Trust
Pofony · Crooked Stem
The Poodles · Performocracy
Powerstorm · Act I
Pÿlon · Armoury of God
Ravenscry · One Way Out
The Right Wing Conspiracy · Alternate World
Sarke · Oldarhian
Scar Symmetry · The Unseen Empire
Senmuth · Enigmatic Nubian Mask
Seraphim · The Light in the Distance
Subliritum · A Touch of Death
Tennessee Murder Club · Carving a Legacy
Tremors · Frozen Shores
Warcry · Alfa
Witch's Mark · 2 Know 2 Will 2 Dare 2 Rock
Yhdarl · Ave Maria
Ära Krâ · Ferne Tage
04-14Der Rache liebt · Cold Forest Eclipse
Ethernus · Memories from Eternity
Wisdom · Podre
Wretched Humanity · The Fall of Lucifer
Wretched Humanity · Wretched Humanity
04-13Arise in Stability · The Future That Amnesiac Draws
Battle Beast · Steel
Circle of Death · Violent Intercourse
Hebosagil · Ura
Neoandertals · Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child
Panther · Sexy Finger III
Pharaoh Overlord · Out of Darkness
Ram-Page · The Keeper of Time
Rebelhead · A Glorious Lack of Sophistication
Solerrain · Fighting the Illusions (English version)
04-12Beyond Creation · The Aura
Circle · Infektio
Conflicted · Never Be Tamed
Cypher Seer · Origins
Decayed AGL · Pitch-Black All Winter
Hyde Abbey · Hall of Shame
Indian · Guiltless
Losing God · Losing God
Odd Logic · Over the Underworld
Orgasmic Victim · Orgasmic Victim
Pentagram · Last Rites
Red Fang · Murder the Mountains
Step in Fluid · One Step Beyond
Threatenol · Certain Shadows
04-111000 Funerals · Butterfly Decadence
Believer · Transhuman
Diftery · Trepa-Nation
Dødkvlt · II
Funeral Art · Forgotten & Abandoned
Gorepot · Extreme Bongfest
Hexennacht · Kaïlenval
Mord'A'Stigmata · Antimatter
Prayer of the Dying · In Silence and Grief We Decay
Regresión · Santa decadencia
Sickening · Against the Wall of Pretence
Totem · Let's Play
Until My Funerals Began · Behind the Window
Vanir · Særimners kød
04-10Abysmal Darkening · No Light Behind...
Heirdrain · Injustice
Kat & Roman Kostrzewski · Biało-czarna
Pyramido · Salt
VRSA · Galaxia
04-09Analdicktion · Sluts
Ancient Creation · Moonlight Monument
Anti-Ben · An Orgy of Celestial Sounds & Ben Hatred
Automatic Self Destruct · Code Death Mission
Bloodlust · Ekbom Syndrome
Byleth · Scared to Death
Deprived of Light · Coloured Death
Dwail · Helter Skelter
Eier · Eier
Extinctionist · World Extinction
Fatal Desolation · Cold, Starless, Moonless
F.O.B. · Tomorrow's Fires
Hokum · The Creation of Pain
Hydria · Acústico - The Acoustic Sessions
Pequod · Forgotten
Sentencia · Relentless Awakening of the Restless Ones
Witch Mountain · South of Salem
04-08American Fix · Sick of This
Autaric · Death Propaganda
The Catalyst · Origins
El Daño Está Hecho · Guerra, hambre, muerte, sangre
Elm Street · Barbed Wire Metal
Gates of Dawn · Lucid Dreaming
Kartikeya · Mahayuga
Killgasm · Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance
Kromlek · Finis Terræ
Last Battle · War
Mass Defect · Covert Eradicators
Mysteria · Prefatory
Naty · Pride
Nemessis · En línea a la aniquilación
Penance · Last Rites
Rev 16:8 · Ashlands
The Spektrum · Regret of the Gods
Universe217 · Familiar Places
04-07Arvet · Aijna
Baekdoosan · Rush to the World
Black Oath · The Third Aeon
Heavenhill · Enchained
Midian · Screaming Demon
Rise and Shine · Empty Hand
They Yearn for What They Fear · The Infernal Plains
04-06Archspire · All Shall Align
Caldera · Mithra
Order of Týr · Flames of Destiny
Tarot · The Spell of Iron MMXI
Thromdarr · Electric Hellfire
04-05Blood Freak · Mindscraper
Brandhaard · Wolves Head
Brymir · Breathe Fire to the Sun
Cytotoxin · Plutonium Heaven
Destroy the Opposition · Darkened
Drive-By Bukkake · Oozing Doom
Endless Bummer · Death Failure
Glen Drover · Metalusion
Ikillya · Recon
04-04Attica Rage · Road Dog
Bloodmoon · Stars Reflecting Gray
Caligula's Horse · Moments from Ephemeral City
Christian Epidemic · Pusztítástan / Primordial Soul
Cruxifiction · The Coming
Denizen · Whispering Wild Stories
Forgotten Cairns · South of Hell
Garden of Grief · Denied Sanctuary X
Legion · Code of Honour
Metallic Ass · Thrash Metal 1983
Promile · ...a dááávej!
Seth.ECT · Godspeak
Skald · Amen
Sonne Adam · Transformation
Wisdom · Judas
Ysengrin · Tragedies - Liber Hermetis
04-03Concept Insomnia · Kaleidoscope
Nailgun · Paindustry
Арктида · Сквозь столетия
Огнеколо · Долаючи iмлу віків
04-02Dark Spirit · The Spirit Never Dies
Detonation · Reprisal
Leucosis · Pulling Down the Sky
Lycanthropy · Instinct for Vengeance
Razzia · Desde abajo
Sami Anttila · See Through the Lies
Until Dawn · Until Dawn
04-01Abhorrent · Heridas
Arcanum · Welcome to Sarcasm Circle
Black Angel · The Black Truth
Bloodlast · The Vault
Cynthesis · DeEvolution
Damn's Art · Искусство проклятых
DDM · Lucidity
Demonaz · March of the Norse
Detriktuss · Dehumanized with Rage
Ecocide · Ecocide
Forsaken Hill · Twist of Fate
Helheim · Heiðindómr ok mótgangr
Holocaustum · Crawling Through the Flames of Damnation
Illdisposed · There Is Light (But It's Not for Me)
IM Drunk · Regurgitating the Sacred Liquor
Kolorombeng · Parental Advisory
Malakai · Monday
Martelo Negro · Sortilégio dos Mortos
More of Myself to Kill · The Insane Introduction to Decadence
Nailgun Massacre · Backyard Butchery
Nothgard · Warhorns of Midgard
Pantheist · Pantheist
Raven Woods · Enfeebling the Throne
Sons of Seasons · Magnisphyricon
South Bronx Paradise · Skinny Tree Branch
State of East London · Repugnance
Sun Devoured Earth · The Sunshine Always Fades
Swarm of Eyes · Designing the Dystopia
Syn Ze Șase Tri · Între două lumi
Tunnels of Typhon · Exalting the Beast of Perversity
Vault of Pain · Devastation of Humanity
Vihan Messu · Syntymästä hitaaseen kuolemaan
Viscera/// · Caith Sith vs. Viscera///: Auge Plus Re-Cyclops
Warckon · The Madman's Lullaby
04-??Alek · Peščani sat
Anonymous Hate · Chaotic World
Anus Magulo · Chain Erection
Arcthuris · Mondsucht
Armagedon · Nunca digas nunca
Banishing · The Tree of Life
Battle Dagorath · Ancient Wraith
Booze Control · Don't Touch While Running
Bywar · Abduction
Caput Cruentus · Sepulcrum Spei
Chaos Beyond · Confessions of a Twisted Mind
ChoiceFatal · The Fall
Circle · Noiduttu
Cranial Osteotomy · Victim of Wicked Sickness
Criminal Vagina · In Gore We Blast
Deep in Hate · Origins of Inequality
Defect Noises · Pure Sickness
Desecrated Sphere · The Unmasking Reality
Dezember · Spiritual Leader
Dibbukim · Az a foygl un a goylem tantsn
Diminishing Breed · Diminishing Breed
Dirge · Elysian Magnetic Fields
DivineFire · Eye of the Storm
Enforce · Biblakill
Escapeinout · Born in a Sick World
Furious · Ruins
Grog · Scooping the Cranial Insides
Hell Icon · Odium Irae Involumentum Me, Te Conscientiae Stimulant Maleficiorum
Hellscourge · Hell's Wrath Battalion
Hielo Negro · Altas mareas
Hæresiarchs of Dis · In Obsecration of the Seven Darks
InAge · Depressor
Incise · From the Crypt They Rise
In Malice's Wake · The Thrashening
Kamera Obskur · Bildfänger
Kein Zurück · Aetas
Koudelníkův syn · Pekelný kočár
Kruor · Origins
Lockgnar · LockGnar
Lughum · Nemeth
Lupus Ex Vir · Der Wille zur Macht
Mantaur · Driftless
Men Eater · Gold
Meth Drinker · Meth Drinker
Mighty Thor · Rumbo al Valhala
Morphosys · A Face of Leather
Mortage · The War Is Not Over
Nimphaion · In Darkness
Njiqahdda · The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death
Nutr · Sex on a Bed of Nails
Screwrot · Redigested Regurgitation
Shadow Man · The House of Lost Souls
Shroud of Despondency · Objective: Isolation
Sodomizer · Jesus Is Not Here Today
Sombre Chemin · Hétérodoxie: Opus III (Involution)
Street Machine · Ber nebo nech bejt
Symbolic · Nevertime
Synkletos · Spiritual Alchemy
Systematic Storm · Gennai
Thallium · Toxic Metal
Thy Bleeding Skies · Autumn Souls
Urgent · Asylum
Venus Star · The Dark Victor
War Forest · War Forest
Wasted Bullet · Light Below Sunrise
Will Killmore · Will Killmore
The Wolves of Avalon · Carrion Crows over Camlan
Wừu · 888
Zippo · Maktub
Путь Солнца · Ветер
暴君 · 末日黎明 (Dawn of Doomsday)
03-315 Стихий · Пепел и снег
Aggression Tales · Random Acts of Physical Disgust
Benighted in Sodom · Reverse Baptism
Disfiguring the Goddess · Circle of Nine
Echtra · Paragate
Eldereon · Blood of the Dying
Elgibbor · The Imminent Invasion
Epoch Crysis · Rex
Nervecell · Psychogenocide
Ungod · Cloaked in Eternal Darkness
Vidian · Irrelevant Nonsense Machine Element
Wizard's Beard · Pure Filth
六弦アリス · 夢想演舞 妖之理 -Fairy Tale for Cherry Blossoms-
03-30Archons · Punish the Stars
Cult of Vampyrism · Fenomenologia
Frozen Dawn · The Old Prophecy of Winterland
Frozen Ocean · Vestigial Existence
Funeral Depression · Past Depression
Gol · Appaller
Grendel · Corrupt to the Core
Night of Suicide · Desire
Panacea · Panacea
Ռահվիրա · Ռահվիրա. մաս 1 - Կոչ արյաց
03-290N0 · Path
Beast in the Field · Lucifer, Bearer of Light
Becoming the Archetype · Celestial Completion
Benighted · Asylum Cave
Blackguard · Firefight
Bloodiest · Descent
Buzzov•en · Revelation: Sick Again
Embers · Shadows
Entrenched · Preemptive Strike
Gridlink · Orphan
Havok · Time Is Up
Kamlath · Stronger than Frost
Obscura · Omnivium
Versus · Misión ancestral
Within Temptation · The Unforgiving
Wizard Smoke · The Speed of Smoke
03-28Amon Amarth · Surtur Rising
Ancestry · Revelations
As Likely as Not · Stand Up and Nerve
Butcher's Block · Stain of Thought
Cavalera Conspiracy · Blunt Force Trauma
Drain of Impurity · Human Anatomy
Dumper · Rise of the Mammoth
Fangtooth · Fangtooth
Gorthaur's Wrath · Ritual IV
In Torment · Paradoxical Visions of Emptiness
Julian's Lullaby · Dreaming of Your Fears
LIK · The Second Wind
Liquid Graveyard · The Fifth Time I Died
My Inner Burning · Eleven Scars
Nihilistikrypt · Psykhosis
Senmuth · Farhakote
Somnolent · Renaissance Unraveling
Tales for the Unspoken · Alchemy
Tengwar · The Halfling Forth Shall Stand...
Vicious Rumors · Razorback Killers
Центр Тяжести · Звуки времени
03-27Insorcist · The Slaughter of Divine Creed
Lethal Dissonances · Harmonies Followed by Speed of Dysphonic
Mindpath · In a State of Full Consciousness
Porta Inferi · Another World
UI-70 ·
03-26Alpthraum · Eyes of a Monument
Crimson Wind · The Wings of Salvation
Crying Machine · Hundred Voltage
Elvenpath · Elvenpath
Forge of Clouds · Forge of Clouds
Funereal Moon · Evil Night of Heresy
I Now Walk into the Wild · Fundamentally Evil
Kladovest · Atmosphere
Lachrimatory · Transient
Riot of Violence · Waiting for Death
Sistered · New Sky
Syphilitic Vaginas · Alpha Antichrist
Tenderizor · Touch the Sword
TNB · Desde la ira
Wolfang · Angel o demonio
03-254th Dimension · The White Path to Rebirth
Ani Lo. Projekt · Miracle
Annihilationmancer · The Involution Philosophy
Artists of War · Artists of War
Attonitus · Opus II - Von Lug und Trug
Chaos Divine · The Human Connection
Debauchery · Germany's Next Death Metal
Devastating Enemy · The Fallen Prophet
Dreamhunter · Roll Back
Dying Signals · Intuitive Senses
FireForce · March On
Gevolt · AlefBase
Headquakes · Fallout Diaries
Imperia · Secret Passion
Kampfar · Mare
Laceration Mantra · Prolonging the Pain
Malison Rogue · Malison Rogue
Metalator · Enter the Metalator
Omision · In the Shadow of the Cross
Overdrive · The Angelmaker's Daughter
Palmer · Momentum
Piel de Serpiente · Inevitable
Razor Sharp Daggar · Human Test Subjects
Rest in Silence · Mourning After Tomorrow
Snuff Movies After Dinner · Immagine che non conosco
Stargazery · Eye on the Sky
Suidakra · Book of Dowth
Taletellers · Radicalizer
Tangent Plane · Project Elimi
Thunderbolt · Dung Idols
Valkynaz · N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!
Vermin · Paradise
Vintersorg · Jordpuls
We Are the Damned · Holy Beast
Witchhammer · Chapter 3: In Serenity and Awe
Wizard · ...of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes
03-24Art of Khaos · The Art of Khaos
Buffalo Witch · Buffalo Witch
Dead to a Dying World · Dead to a Dying World
Ildra · Eðelland
Valchenvinter · History of the Black Plague to Come
Wolfdusk · Hollow Inside the Visions
Young and in the Way · I Am Not What I Am
Крылья · Горизонт
03-23Bloodride · Crowned in Hell
Clandestined · Ruinatics
Crimfall · The Writ of Sword
Dia de los Muertos · Satánico dramático
Kill the Romance · For Rome and the Throne
Light Bearer · Lapsus
Midnightstorm · Downfall
Sacred Dominion · The Inside
Symfonia · In Paradisum
Villains · Road to Ruin
Weeping Silence · Theatre of Life
03-22CETI · Ghost of the Universe - Behind the Black Curtain
Dotma · Sleep Paralyses
Fulgurum · W cieniu śmierci
Immortal Dominion · Primortal
Les Ékorchés · Frères de sang
The Might Could · The Might Could
Odd Dimension · Symmetrical
Sacred Dawn · A Madness Within
Straight Line Stitch · The Fight of Our Lives
Ygg · Ygg
Гуахо · На пути в Икстлан
03-21Artillery · My Blood
Critical Fear · Conflicts
Dødsferd · Spitting with Hatred the Insignificance of Life
Felis Catus · Answers to Human Hypocrisy
The Haunted · Unseen
Korpius · Shades of Black
Lake of Blood · As Time and Tide Erodes Stone
Nomad · Transmigration of Consciousness
Ommatidia · In This Life, or the Next
Ossian · Az lesz a győztes
Sanctorum · Semper Fidelis
Unholy Cadaver · Unholy Cadaver
03-20Adrenicide · Power Shift
Arditi · Leading the Iron Resistance
As Autumn Calls · An Autumn Departure
Desecrator · Link's Retribution
Hyperborean · The Spirit of Warfare
The Mutilator · Torn Apart Between the Worlds
Neurotech · Antagonist
Nimbatus · Cyclus Three
Perception of Hades · Perception of Hades
The Red Angle · The Manifestation of the Black Light
Shambless · Menra Eneidalen
Sorghegard · Holocaust of the Holy
Strikelight · Taste My Attack
03-19Cultura Tres · El mal del bien
Deficiency · State of Disillusion
Funerary Bell · The Coven
Harpia Deiis · Collapse
Scrapmetal · Hellbound
Web · Deviance
Âmon Sethis · Part 1: The Prophecy
03-18Bloodbound · Unholy Cross
Catastrofear · Sick
Epidemic Scorn · Basement Art
The Ghost of a Campaigner · Anthropomorphic
Godslave · Into the Black
Kvasta · Season ov Bliss
Moontower · Spirits of the Antichrist
No Gravity · Worlds in Collision
Ravencult · Morbid Blood
Sorrowseed · The Extinction Prophecies
Tokyo Blade · Thousand Men Strong
Twilight · Awaiting the Sunrise
Velocidad Absurda · Reborn for the Extermination
03-17Art of Burning Water · Love You Dead
Miskatonic · The Path Left Hidden
Tukaaria · Raw to the Rapine
Urizen · 8-Bit Universe
03-16Boris · New Album
Liv Moon · Golden Moon
Thence · These Stones Cry from the Earth
Valknacht · Chants de guerre
Verses All · Embrace the Upgrade
03-15Anomalous · Ohmnivalent
As Blood Runs Black · Instinct
Break These Shackles · The Prometheus Ring
Charnier · Humanicide
Condenados · A Painful Journey into Nihil
Crucified Mortals · Crucified Mortals
Deathraiser · Violent Aggression
Forgotten Soul · FSII M.I.A. Live Lost n' Found Tracks
Gorgasm · Orgy of Murder
Kali Yuga · Slaves to the Subliminal
Mental Infestation · Real Dads
Near Death Condition · The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres
North · Czekając na sztorm
Onward to Olympas · The War Within Us
P.H.T.O · Affliction
Rotten Sound · Cursed
Salt the Wound · Kill the Crown
Sungod · Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others
Vallon · The Rebuilding
VYGR · Hypersleep
03-14Absurdity · D:\Evolution
Atto IV · Shattered Lines
Dona Eis Requiem · The Litanies of the Quietus
Faithless Priest · Visions of an Altar
Gallery · Anno Exitium
Hardline · Monumental
Heavenwood · Abyss Masterpiece
Ilmarinen · Taivaantakoja
Orthodox · Baal
Reveal! · Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth
The Sacred Truth · Reflections of Tragedy II - The Final Confession
Snowblind · Prisoners on Planet Earth
The Unvoiced · The Curse
Апосепсия · Апосепсия
03-13Aequiternus · Холод одиночества
The Force · Nations Under Attack
Integral Rigor · No More Room in Hell
Iron Attack! · Concerto of the Scarlet Elements
Tyrant Eyes · The Sound of Persistence
UI-70 · 悠夜永翔 ~ Endless Flight of Eternal Night
Widerwertig · Lobotomie
Wölfhead · Wölfhead
03-12Dreamslave · В поисках мечты
Folkearth · Sons of the North
Mountain Grave · Rage and Ruin
Sandbridge · Schyza
Sick to the Back Teeth · Three Ghosts
Succubus · Eclipse of Subterra
03-11Abinchova · Versteckte Pfade
Assaulter · Boundless!
At Devil Dirt · At Devil Dirt
Catch 22 · Monumetal
Dislocation · Sagul
Eden's Curse · Trinity
Fumes of Decay · Devouring the Excavated
Grayceon · All We Destroy
Inhabit · Pray for Nothing
Joyless · Without Support
Kairi · My Light, My Flesh
Legacy of Brutality · Path of Forgotten Souls
My Tide · This Cold Age
Necros Christos · Doom of the Occult
Rainroom · And the Other That Was a Machine...
Satanika · Satanikattack
Sylosis · Edge of the Earth
Tyrant of Death · Digital Injection
The Unborn Dead · Primitive Origins
Wishdoom · Helepolis
Witching Hour · Past Midnight...
03-10Ah Ciliz · Reawakening Ancient Sorrow
A Million Dead Birds Laughing · Force Fed Enlightenment
Armor Column · Maximum Collateral Damage
Ash Borer · Ash Borer
Decimator · Bloodstained
Granny Grinda · Hymns from the Colostomy Bag
Iris Divine · Convergence
Morcegos · Repertorio 2011
03-09Children of Bodom · Relentless Reckless Forever
Colosseum · Chapter 3: Parasomnia
D · Vampire Saga
Descendant · Pass the Ammunition
Dragon Guardian · Destiny of the Sacred Kingdom
Each of the Days · Sweet Carrion
Impaled Bitch · Emblematic P.2
Lashmush · Ultima Eternus: Ultimate Edition
Shades of Nowhere · Anthems for the End
Сила Удара · Сила удара
03-08Blaskhyrt · Void
Blaspherian · Infernal Warriors of Death
Czaar · Stari panj
Factory of Dreams · Melotronical
Hemoptysis · Misanthropic Slaughter
Kırmızı · İsyan
Maruta · Forward into Regression
Minsk Security · Reign of Iniquity
Northless · Clandestine Abuse
Thor · Soundtrack
Withering Soul · No Closure
Wooden Stake · Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades
03-07Blood Ceremony · Living with the Ancients
Burzum · Fallen
Concealment · Phenakism
Dead · For Lovers of the New Bizarre
Dorian Opera · Crusade 1212
Encorion · Facing History and Ourselves
Exhumation · Consider This
Overtures · Rebirth
Owl · Owl
Raspberry Bulbs · Nature Tries Again
Sabretung · Conquest
Scarred by Beauty · Sutra
Soul Apart · Worldpain Traveler
State:Chaos · Chaos || Pain || Despair
Urban Tales · Loneliness Still Is the Friend
03-06Abriosis · Tattered and Bound
Derelict Earth · And So Fell the Last Leaves...
Machete Justice · Reversion
03-05Black Hand Throne · II
Celest · Poligam
Cross My Blessed Hands · Eventus Belli
Deadend in Venice · See You on the Ground
Decrepid · Devoted to Death
Devastracktor · Warhorsepowers and a Megaton of Balls
Döraid · Death Line City
Emohrs · Laboratorio de perversiones
Lifer · Cursing Them Out
Live Elephant · Speak the Truth or Die Alone
Ramlord · Stench of Fallacy
Romeo Must Die · Hardships in Season
Semilla Animal · Metal salvaje
Senmuth · Hexeractime
Sevends · Confession
UFO Gestapo · Grandemissair
Womb of Decay · Descent into Obscure Nihilism
03-0440 Watt Sun · The Inside Room
Aschmicrosa · Attack with Ferocity
Constant Threat · Return of the Ancient Ones
Dekadent · Venera: Trial & Tribulation
The Earth Confession · Unearthly Refrains
Erowid · Void Beyond Sense
Folge dem Wind · Inhale the Sacred Poison
Giftdwarf · Giftdwarf
Highland Glory · Twist of Faith
Incarnate · Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed
Lord Impaler · Admire the Cosmos Black
RawkFist · Chryseus
Saille · Irreversible Decay
Servorum · Siege Demons
Symbolic · Scarvest
Terra Tenebrosa · The Tunnels
Varg · Wolfskult
03-03Alexander Palitsin · Incubus Incorporeal
Barghest · Barghest
Before the Torn · The Serpent Smile
Golem · One Bullet Left
Koma · La maldición divina
RedRightHand · They Sang and Chanted for Hours, Then the Locked in Hundreds Set Themselves Ablaze
Rudra · Brahmavidya: Immortal I
Sinlust · Snow Black
Umbrälia · Portrait Fate
Whitehorse · Progression
03-02An Handful of Dust · Nu Emotional Injection
Arkazum · Muzakra
Beyond the Dream · In the Heart of Nothing
Gauchos de Acero · Sigue la ruta
Kotiteollisuus · Kotiteollisuus
SuperSonic Brewer · Broken Bones
Witheria · Vanishing Order
03-01Abomnium · Rites like Chains
Adlivun · The Grey Can Turn to Black
Agincourt · Angels of Mons
American Heritage · Sedentary
Antares · Resurrection
Arakain · Homo Sapiens..?
Arnaud Krakowka · Antic Journey
Ascendancy · Out of Knowhere
Ayahuasca Dark Trip · The Unknown Trip at the Top of the Mountain
Calibre Zero · Muerde la vida
Cerebral Engorgement · Orgasmica
Cut the End · Dawn's Death to Dusk
Disfigured · Amputated Gorewhore
Dolmen · Anhelos ancestrales
Frostbitten · Redemption
Gestos Grosseiros · Satanchandising
Hecate · Programmed Earth
Images of Eden · Rebuilding the Ruins
J.C.Jess · Battlefront
King Misfit · Under Ancient Ground
Magnus · Magnus
Malevolentia · Ex Oblivion
Mamaleek · Kurdaitcha
Numb · Numb
Sargon · In Contempt
Srodek · Förfall
Steve Cone · In Your Face
SubRosa · No Help for the Mighty Ones
Trap Them · Darker Handcraft
Tűzmadár · Álmok
Weedeater · Jason... The Dragon
Кипелов · Жить вопреки
03-??Acid Rain · Shallow Paradise
Agonia Eterna · El bosque de la soledad
Agonyst · Centennial
Amethys · Gallery of Lives
Anorma · Hellucination
Asgaia · Trinegra
Atman · No recordáren a la mort
Beyond the Grave · The Terror Beyond
Cape of No Hope · Sailing Through Seas of Despair
Circle of Eyes · Circle of Eyes
Dark Whisper · From Now On
Demoniac Infected · Your Damned Side Towards Victory
Descending Darkness · Seelenruhe
Downhell · A Relative Coexistence
Drosophila · Blood Tears of Mother Nation
Ecliptyka · A Tale of Decadence
Genital Orgasm · Carcass Full of Worms
Hades Archer · For the Diabolical Ages
Hazeroth · Arsenal
Heathen Hammer · Clandestine Oath
HellXHere · HellXHere
Imber Luminis · Life as Burden
Irrlycht · Schatten des Gewitters
Khynn · Any Fear Calms Down
Lascowiec · Unbroken Spirit
Lobotomy · Death
Odd Heathenish · Gorrotopean loturik
Path of Devastation · Days like These
Power Quest · Blood Alliance
Ritual of Rebirth · Of Tides and Desert
Satyros · Riven
Scaphist · The Majestic Seal of Antiquity
Sinisterite · The Unclean Days
Steak Number Eight · All Is Chaos
Stereoxyde · Daemonii Sapiens
Strikken · Long Story Short
Sulthaur · Fex Imprecary
Symbolic · Portraits of Chaos
Terrarium · Isceljenje
Thyrgrim · Monument
Tyrant · Save the Devil
Validor · In Blood in Battle
Verge · Sex & Violence
Vikingo · Nuevo ser
Waffenträger Luzifers · Satanic Propaganda
W.A.K.O. · The Road of Awareness
Walpurgis Night · Under the Moonlight
Wende · Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft
Жар-Птица · Душу греет ярость
02-28D_Drive · Accelerator
Derb Forgaill · Teaching Pain
Editor · Dovidenia v pekle
Grondhaat · Humanity: The Flesh for Satan's Pigs
Helhorse · For Wolves and Vultures
II · La poussière de Dieu
Ixion · To the Void
Izegrim · Code of Consequences
Jag Panzer · The Scourge of the Light
Lahar · Umění strachu
The Last Alliance · Out of the Ashes
Leviathan · At Long Last, Progress Stopped to Follow
Monsterworks · The God Album
Pitch Black · The Devilty
Zuul Fx · The Torture Never Stops
02-27Frequency of Butterfly Wings · The Butterfly Effect
Grimlair · Self-Inflicted State
Mudface · Anti-
Psychopathic Terror · Revolt
Sound Scream · Reason of ....
Vistery · Procreation of the Wicked
02-26Dead Eyed Sleeper · Observing Oblivion
Hunters · Night Shadows
Makaria · Makaria
Oh Shit They're Going to Kill Us · Cryptozoological Attack
Stockholm Syndrom · Rot'n'Roll
Tersivel · For One Pagan Brotherhood
Valediction · The Primitive Architecture
Wicked Machine · Wicked Machine
Zifir · Protest Against Humanity
02-25Acrasia · Acrasia
A Dream of Poe · The Mirror of Deliverance
Assassin · Breaking the Silence
Before the Dawn · Deathstar Rising
Brocken Moon · Hoffnungslos
ColdSpell · Out from the Cold
Days of Anger · Deathpath
Deadlock · Bizarro World
Deathawaits · Out of Adversity
Dementia · Beyond the Pale
Desmodus Rotundus · Hands That Shed Innocent Blood
Despite · Clenched
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter · Moral & Wahnsinn
DoomSword · The Eternal Battle
Edén · Caminante del tiempo
Elffor · Unblessed Woods (Alternate Version)
Essence · Lost in Violence
Evergrey · Glorious Collision
Heretoir · Heretoir
Liza · Perdido en el tiempo
Lobotomy · Looking for a Death
Max Pie · Initial Process
Mercenary · Metamorphosis
Misere Nobis · Macbeth, or the Wilted Flower of Scotland
Nephrolith · Xullux
NKVD · Degeneration
Omen · Darkness Shall Prevail
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet · The Dark Epic...
Rootless · Dominate the Chaos
Sange:Main:Machine · Ready for the Show
Serenity · Death & Legacy
Shakra · Back on Track
Sum Rize · Flag of the Truth
Vitruvius · Vitruvius
Voice of Trepidation · The Godless One
Wolfchant · Call of the Black Winds
Woods of Desolation · Torn Beyond Reason
02-24Against Nature · Stone over Stone
Gonzalo Paz · Ya basta!
Kutschurft · Over smaak valt niet te fisten
Ofsoski · The Next Dance
02-23Dead Crown · Frozen Blood
Decrepitaph · Profane Doctrines Unburied
Salvaged · A Madman's Jury
Scarpoint · The Mask of Sanity
Syberia · Syberia
Turisas · Stand Up and Fight
Unto Acheron · Unto Acheron
Visions of Atlantis · Delta
Volcano · Mythology
02-22Darkest Hour · The Human Romance
Dark Procession · Eternal Autumn Solitude
Derek Spear · Shine
DevilDriver · Beast
Giften · Death and Insights
March to Victory · Frostburg 666
Necronoclast · Ashes
Witchcraft · Ash
02-21Dehydrated · Duality of Existence
Ent · The Loudland Embrace
Fractal · Set Me on Fire
Kaoteon · Veni Vidi Vomui
Moonsorrow · Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa
Nocra · The Haunting
Oliver Weers · Evil's Back
Paul Wardingham · Assimilate Regenerate
Reflection · Advertising Violence
Summon the Crows · One More for the Gallows
ThanatoSchizo · Origami
Totalselfhatred · Apocalypse in Your Heart
Toter Winter · Oncoming Storm
Чиста Криниця · Симфонія життя
02-20Eternal Lament · The Voice of Lament
Incinerating Prophecies · Slay the Damned Impostor
Male Misandria · E.DIN
Primigenium · Faith Through Anguish
S.C.A.T. · Apopatophobia
Waldwind · Lohe
02-19Among the Mortals · Of Ignorance and Dismissal
Cur · Cur
Dawn of Memories · In the Sign of Sin
Deschain · Upon the Oaken Throne
Gorematory · Zombie Slaughterfest
Occitania · Olvida el ayer...
Vinder · Vertigo
02-18Aaskereia · Dort, wo das alte Böse ruht
Benedictum · Dominion
Betzefer · Freedom to the Slave Makers
BTK · Farmhouse Horror
Collapse 7 · Doomsday Odyssey
Conspiracy · Hope over Board
Dark Priest · Warlock Rituals
Dar Sangre · Imperios por derrumbar
Destruction · Day of Reckoning
Finally Deceased · Finally Deceased
Goat of Mendes · Consort of the Dying God
Kalapács · Kalapács és az akusztika - Akusztikum Hungarikum
Kreation Kodex · Puzzles of Flesh
Orpheus Omega · Bleed the Way
Scheepers · Scheepers
Sect · Doomsday
Spell Hammer · Goat's Hill
Symakya · Majestic 12: Open Files
Tephra · Tempel
Twinspirits · Legacy
02-17Beneath the Remains · Obelisk
Lobotomy · Cold
Shokushu Goukan · Tissisnalajrak
Threshold Sicks · The Scorpion Ensemble
02-16Countess · On Wings of Defiance
Eldensky · From Forgotten Pagan Realms
Hatetrend · Violated
Inmortus · Voices from Pentagram
Monumenta Sepulcrorum · A Pact for the Suicide
Quintessence · Le Bourreau de Tiffauges
Revenant · Letters from Hell
RoutaSielu · Pimeys
Sabbat · Sabbatrinity
02-15Aamunkajo · Avaruuden tyhjyydessä
Anterga · Life Itself
Aurora Borealis · Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything
Burial Sun · Burial Sun
Caligula · Not Too Short to Be Great
DD Rand · Venom in Denim
Dee Brian C./Alex Vanderzeeuw · The Greater Evil
Deferum Sacrum · Septicaemia
Deicide · To Hell with God
Dothbogria · Trinken der Fleisch
Dysthymia · The Audient Void
Emmersed · Enthralled by the Black Forest
Errana · Lullabies for the Damned Souls
The Famine · The Architects of Guilt
Immortal Pride · proPAGANda
Inntrance · Impío
Iperyt · No State of Grace
Mindflow · With Bare Hands
MistGuide · Misery Thorns
Morbid Darkness · Seraphim
Nekrasov · In Solitude and Darkness, the Last Step Is Made
Neuraxis · Asylon
Orchid · Capricorn
Rabbits · Lower Forms
Rezistor · Beware the Silent
Sangre Argenta · Hermanos de sangre
Tyrant of Death · Dark Space
02-14Ava Inferi · Onyx
Cauldron · Burning Fortune
Lifelover · Sjukdom
Lobotomi · Eight Maps to Nowhere
Locracy · Blinded by the Glory Hole
Loud'n'Proud · Naked Plus 2
Nebuleyes · 12 Years of Stellar Pieces
The Project Hate MCMXCIX · Bleeding the New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis in Manibus Armis)
To Cast a Shadow · In Memory Of
Virus · The Agent That Shapes the Desert
Wild Steel · Transcending Glory: A Tribute to Crimson Glory
Without God · Lambs to the Slaughter
02-13Holy Cross · Vaterland
Mortal Kombat · Smrtonosna šorka
02-12Aberrance · The Obese Shall Feast
Belhor · I Am the Nails
Beyond Description · Proof of the Truth
Coprostasis · D.E.A.T.H.
Dalriada · Ígéret
Gangrena Gasosa · Se Deus é 10 Satanás é 666
Nitemare · Toronto Undead
Shroud of Despondency · Dark Meditations in Monastic Seclusion
Tevana3 · Mieron tiellä
Toscrew · Antiego
02-11Angizia · kokon. Ein schaurig-schönes Schachtelstück
Anthems of Gomorrah · A Deplorable Request
Azordon · A Majestic New Paradise Awakens
Benighted Soul · Start from Scratch
Dammerung · Dark Poetry
Dark Covenant · Eulogies for the Fallen
Darkest Era · The Last Caress of Light
Dornenreich · Flammentriebe
Dramatvm · The Prophecy of Mhisty: A Prelude of Chaos
Emerald Sun · Regeneration
Fatum Aeternum · This Dream Is Dead
Fen · Epoch
Gae Bolga · Violent MetalStorm
Hate Division · Strategy of Obsolescence
Head On · Washington & Battery
Heirdrain · Lonely Soul
Idol and the Whip · Heavy Sleeper
Korpus · Existenz
Nether Regions · Into the Breach
Postumo Lumbre · Trance Lapsus Calami Novicial
02-10Mist of Misery · Bleak Autumn 2011
Nasty Tendency · Hello Suckers!
Stonewall · Victims of Evil
Wotam · Por tu sangre
02-09Blue Dawn · Blue Dawn
Eizo Sakamoto · Golden Hits
GraveSideService · Resurrection Cemetery
Kypck · Ниже
Mass Murder Messiah · MIII
Red Ankh · Blue Two
Salvus · Önharckép
Sparzanza · Folie à Cinq
02-08Bulletwolf · As Fast as My Home Town
Collapse · Sustainability
Crowbar · Sever the Wicked Hand
Obscure Anachronism · Metanoia
02-07The Beast of the Apocalypse · Henosis
Caïnan Dawn · Nibiru
Cyril Lepizzera Group Arianrod · The Garden of Memories
De Magia Veterum · The Divine Antithesis
Earth · Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I
Hay Perro · Eastern Ideas of Death
Heathendom · The Symbolist
Illuminatus · Glasnost
Livercage · Stabbing You to Death at the Gate of Madness
Monumental Torment · Element of Chaos
N.K.V.D. · Власть
Pyrrhon · An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master
Realmbuilder · Fortifications of the Pale Architect
Sacrifício Sumério · 10 Anos de Guerra
Scharbock · Blickwinkel
Subversion · Lest We Forget
Tormenta · La Ligne âpre
Under a Dead Sky · Under a Dead Sky
Varganocte · Als die Nacht anbrach
Vreid · V
02-06Blodsband · Det eviga och den döde
The Blood Royale · The Blood Royale
Hidden · Dead Land Energy
Monkeypriest · The Psalm
SQY · Demon Incite
02-05Ars Sacra · Архитектор страданий
The Cut Throat Conspiracy · Vol. 1
Funeral Moonlight · Born into the Mysterious Darkness
R.D.S.K. · Apocalypse of Mind
02-04Bullet · Highway Pirates
Driving Force · Death Win Money Sin
Earth Flight · Blue Hour Confessions
Hawkmoth · Hawkmoth
Korpiklaani · Ukon Wacka
L'Impero delle Ombre · I compagni di Baal
Liquid Horizon · The Script of Life
November-7 · Season 3
Omnium Gatherum · New World Shadows
Presto Ballet · Invisible Places
Purgatory · Necromantaeon
Selling the Drama · Beyond Examination
Slaves to Fashion · Artistic Differences
Svartsorg · In jenem kalten Winter
02-03Aevum · The Creation of Power
Fetal Decay · You Have No Choice
Gothic Sky · Лабиринт скитаний
Rest in Gore · Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards
Severance · The Truth in Question
Silva Nigra · The New Age for the New God
02-02Ajattara · Murhat
Avenie · Sombre Embrace
Big Frank · Franco Grande
Dantesco · Seven Years of Battle
Dark Buddha Rising · Abyssolute Transfinite
Demorgan · Human Incapacity
Goat Thron · Wyrd
Leeches of Lore · Attack the Future
Misery · Evil Is Crowned
Mysterium Tremendum · Mysterium Tremendum
Natural Spirit · The Price of Freedom (Ціна свободи)
Oremus · Popioły
Road to Consciousness · Road to Consciousness
02-01Abysmal Dawn · Leveling the Plane of Existence
Barabbas · Barabbas
Blastrock · Detonator
Carniça · Temple's Fall... Time to Reborn
Cold of Tombstone · ...Inconvertibility
Degradation · Juggernaut
Demonlord · Only the Dead Are Safe
Dominus Ira · Ferocia Animi
Full Blown Chaos · Full Blown Chaos
Funeral Dust · The Gray Morbid Old Goat
Furyu · Ciò che l'anima non dice
Grunt · Scrotal Recall
In Twilight's Embrace · Slaves to Martyrdom
Lazarus A.D. · Black Rivers Flow
Noisear · Subvert the Dominant Paradigm
Realm of Carnivora · Verd
Sepulchral Void · Grave Beyond the Grave
Sequester · Shaping Life and Soul
Severe Metastasis · Tales of Cadaveric Dismemberments
Stryper · The Covering
Warsmoke · Dove infuria la battaglia
Windmills by the Ocean · Windmills by the Ocean II
02-??About: Blank · Qualia
Actum Inferni · The Embodiment of Death
Ahraghal · Fragments
Aneurysm · Archaic Life Form
Anger Without Reason · The Blood That Fills the Grail
Animae Capronii · Winter Psalms
Askaris · The Waiting Room
Atomic Roar · Atomic Freaks
Attero · Contraste
Black Rain · Lethal Dose of...
Blåkulla · Darkened by an Occult Wisdom
Brotherhood of Sleep · Dark as Light
Caput Cruentus · Pentreath
Death of Authority · Drowned in Blood
Denia · Rest in Doom
EH · Rock It
Elders of the Apocalypse · The Law of Iron
Equimanthorn · A Fifth Conjuration
Exawatt · Among Different Sights
Fredrik Pihl · Silhouettes
Godog · Tell Me a Story
Gravity · Syndrome
Head:Stoned · I Am All
Hellsquare · Falls of Perdition
Ibéria · Revolution
Innergate · Innergate
Kernaoth · The Call from Dark Horizons
La Dama Oscura · El rumor del miedo
Lupus Ex Vir · Lupus ex Vir
Midas · Hard & Highway Boys
Murkrat · Drudging the Mire
The Name · Identidem
Necratal · Envuelto en llamas
Nightforest · Winternight
Pandemic Genocide · Mighty Apocalypse
Pyöveli · Not a God, Just an Executioner
Sacrificial Blood · Unholy Fucking Hatred
Sarcophagus · Human Nature
Sententia Mortis · Mother Earthquake
The Sixpounder · Going to Hell? Permission Granted!
Superscream · Some Strange Heavy Sound
Suplecs · Mad Oak Redoux
Svetovid · Valhallan Dreams
Syphor · Stained Glass Blasphemy
Syr Daria · Circus of Life
Torment · Pain Is Transient, Failure Forever
Ulvegr · Где крови льдяной шторм (Where the Icecold Blood Storms)
Unholy Sermon · The Sacrificial Rite
Vendetta · Backstab
Volturyon · Coordinated Mutilation
Wings of Abaddon · Sound the Horns
Wintermoon · Dogma
Úden · Úden
С.О.М. · На крыльях солнца
Тиран · Reborn Chaos
01-31Bad Mamasan · Jeanine the Wolverine
Blasphemous Noise Torment · Ancient Insignias
Cathis Ord · The Far Shore
Die After Day · Ad Illuc Memoria
Earth Ship · Exit Eden
Evil Bebos · The Stranger
GuilThee · Homunculus Paradoxon
Heathen Hoof · Rock Crusader
Hypersonic · Fallen Melodies
Khaos Aeon · Exitus
Macabre · Grim Scary Tales
Manigance · Récidive
Pervert Asshole · Welcome to My Zombie Cat House
Reencarnacion · Se puede vivir sin Dios
Signum: Karg · Chöre aus dem Schlund der Zeit
Souls of Diotima · Maitri
TDW · Scrapbook
Valet Parn · Riddle Figure
01-30Dining in Tuscany · 1556
Plaag · Ugh!
Pulmonary Fibrosis · Interstitial Lung Diseases
01-29Demise of Sanity · Blood of the Dragonmen
HeavenFall · 7 Sins
Invictus · Destination : Unknown
The Last Knell · Æon Vmbra Genesis
Midnight Funeral · Rituals from the Abyss
Shades of Syn · Rust from Inside
Soma Process · Earth Hive
01-28Acute Mind · Acute Mind
Arafel · For Battles Once Fought
Artas · Riotology
Axenstar · Aftermath
Battlelore · Doombound
Deathening · Open Up and Swallow
Deviant Syndrome · Inflicted Deviations
Face the Fact · [In the Meantime...]
Falkenbach · Tiurida
Ghamorean · Terra Ruina
H.o.S. · The Beginning
Japanische Kampfhörspiele · Kaputte nackte Affen
Katana · Heads Will Roll
Katanga · Moonchild
Lords of the Trident · Chains on Fire
Lucera · Blackzuco
Mean Streak · Declaration of War
Onslaught · Sounds of Violence
Puteraeon · The Esoteric Order
Rhyme · Fi(r)st
Sandia Man · Sandia Man
Scarcross · Freidenker
Sectara · Interstellar Terror - Beneath the Eyes of Baines
Sideblast · Cocoon
Six Reasons to Kill · Architects of Perfection
Wight · Wight Weedy Wight
01-27Ciment · Soukromý odzemek
Undawn · Jumpers
Zenithrash · Restoration of the Samurai World
01-26Asriel · Angelrhythm
Dagorlath · Génesis
Dreamshade · What Silence Hides
Hat · Vortex of Death
Hibria · Blind Ride
Pergalė · Horizontalios maldos palaima
Ruines ov Abaddon · King ov the Bottomless Pit
01-25Blaze of Sorrow · Eterno tramonto
The Bronx Casket Co. · Antihero
Demise of Sanity · Falling into Madness
Diehard · When Illusions Gone
Flying Fortress · Cold Desires
Hypomanie · A City in Mono
Lacerated and Carbonized · Homicidal Rapture
Mother of Mercy · IV: Symptoms of Existence
Nadiwrath · Nihilistic Stench
Psycho · Pain Addict Pigs
Speed Kill Hate · Out for Blood
Ulcerate · The Destroyers of All
01-24Allfader · Black Blood Flux
Dark Design · Time Is an Illusion
Frostmoon Eclipse · The End Stands Silent
Horizon Ablaze · Spawn
Hyperboria · El lugar de las sombras
Impiety · Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny
Moonreich · Loi martiale
Steel Mammoth · Radiation Funeral
Stillnes · Prisión del miedo
Svartsyn · Wrath upon the Earth
Total Fucking Destruction · Hater
Ultraphallus · Sowberry Hagan
01-22Calciferum · The Beast Inside
Dauden i Mørke · Syn
Inner Axis · Into the Storm
Karst · Cleaning a Cave
Seven Sisters of Sleep · Seven Sisters of Sleep
01-21Appearance of Nothing · All Gods Are Gone
Blood Pollution · Cheap & Loud
Childrain · Life Show
Faceblaster · Volume I
Fister · Bronsonic
Gemini · Le Mépris 1962
Infinity Overture · The Infinite Overture Pt. 1
The New Black · II: Better in Black
Overdrive · Angelmaker
Perseverance · The Fading Light
Schizophrenic Voices · Derailment
Servile Sect · Realms of the Queen
Shadows' Grey · Bonjour Tristesse
Signo Rojo · Promo Album 2011
Sirenia · The Enigma of Life
Skanners · Factory of Steel
Vexillum · The Wandering Notes
Баланс Одного · Сердце воина
01-20Haeiresis · Transparent Vibrant Shadows
Kenaz · Résurgence nordique
Of Wrath and Ruin · Conquering Oblivion
Satanic Corpse · Ashen Light of Darkness
Sodoma · Sempiterno Agressor
01-19Act of God · Vzpomínky v zrcadlech
Brainwashed · Wrecked
Deep Desolation · Subliminal Visions
Skelteria · The Nightmare Begins
The Worshyp · Kingdom Earth
01-18Abacinate · Genesis
Arqum Iqbal · Controlled Chaos
Kapital · Reinkarnasi
Mitochondrion · Parasignosis
Motherboar · The Beast Becomes the Servant
Owen Hart · Earth Control
Thunderland · Red
Times of Grace · The Hymn of a Broken Man
Warchest · Aftershock
Каллисто · Дорога
01-17Buicide · Escaping from Yourself
Defiled · In Crisis
Fetus in Feto · La espiral del odio
Iskald · The Sun I Carried Alone
Mass Madness · Mass Madness
Negative Plane · Stained Glass Revelations
Repuked · Pervertopia
Silent Stream of Godless Elegy · Návaz
Tömmermenn · Morgengry
Zebulon Kosted · Unfortunately Destiny Unfolds
01-16Deadline · Crossing the Line
Profane Prayer · Eye of Sin
Tranqvillitas Maris · The Longing
Turbidity · Suffering of Human Decapitated
01-15Apneica · Apneica
Attack Vertical · This Glorious World
Blood for Master · Blood for Master
Breathless · Thrashumancy
Carlos Osnaya · Perspective of Life
Crown ov Horns · Infernvs Dominatvs
Feastem · World Delirium
Fog of Leprosy · Untitled Turd
Human Eve · Alpha Genesis: Fell into the World
Mesmerized · Antihuman Inferno
Red Mourning · Pregnant with Promises
Smokescreen · The Human Condition
Uncreation · Burning Blood
Yakamashii · Purbakala
Інкрустатор · Спектральний вихор (Spectral Whirlwind)
01-14Belphegor · Blood Magick Necromance
Cave Growl · Something Drunk
Divultion · The End of Humanity
Dream of Illusion · Decadence
Exhumation · City of Decay
Gianluca Ferro · Unheimlich
Go Die Scum · Go Die Scum
Le Scimmie · Dromomania
Mark I · Mark I
Mind Holocaust · Full Eye Horror Reflect
Saeculum Obscurum · Into the Depths of Oblivion
Silver Lake · Silver Lake
Still Life Remains · Bring the World a Cure
Stormwrath · Swords of Armageddon
Theatres des Vampires · Moonlight Waltz
The Very End · Mercy & Misery
01-13Neige Morte · Neige morte
Others · Hello Darkness
Tomhet · Astral Isolation
Violent Eve · Eleven Reasons to Kill
Феникс и Тарантул · "Байки" из склепа
01-12Alltheniko · Millennium Re-Burn
As I Suffer Silently · Memories from the Past
Black Shining Death · The Black Shining Death
Death Bed Confession · Death Bed Confession
Devastation Device · Nation of Extinction
MyGrain · MyGrain
Ordog · Remorse
Stratovarius · Elysium
01-11Beyond Dishonor · Travesty
ButWeTryIt · Dead Lights
Ceremonial Perfection · Alone in the End
Demise of Itylus · The Nightingale
Drunk Vision · Day After
Il Malpertugio · Sunset Screaming
Neanderthaler · I Trozzl
Njiqahdda · Divisionals Part 2
R.A.Z. · Point of No Return
Sarcasm · Something to Believe In
Shroud Eater · ThunderNoise
Skull Incision · Nouns & Unrelated Nouns
Stars Will Burn Your Flesh · Under the Free Sun - Legion of Morana
Under the Stone · Under the Stone
01-10Absent/Minded · Pulsar
Eclipse Insomnia · Awakening the Darkest Dawn with Light
Hell in the Club · Let the Games Begin
Joe Mizzi · Angels Fall
Moth · PlodTheSnakeCharmer
The Muted Pitch · The First 13
Scorch · Encephalic Decay
Stormheit · Chronicon Finlandiae
01-09Alda · :Tahoma:
Charakter · Sielu
Nutr · Unholy Inscriptions on a Tainted Wall
Utarm · The Church
Void · Void
01-08Bolero · Voyage from Vinland
David Ellefson · Beamz Metal Factory
Storm of Darkness · The Legion of Xue
Tyrant of Death · Parasite
01-07Cold Empty Universe · Lacrima Aeternum
Cyber Cross · Mega Trip
Door into Emptiness · Vada
Helrunar · Sól
Infuneral · Torn from the Abyss
Kolac · Bastard Son Is Dead
Legion of the Damned · Descent into Chaos
Medecophobic · Pandemic of Existence
Neid · Il cuore della bestia
O.68 · Elend
Quintessence Mystica · The 5th Harmonic of Death
The Ransack · Bloodline
Sevenfield · Apperception
Wormfood · Posthume
Визант · Сјене живих
01-06The Christpunchers · Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Christpunchers
Keitzer · Descend into Heresy
Of the Archaengel · The Extraphysicallia
Orthodox · Forever Not Yet
01-05Black Well · The Human Condition
Dark Paranoia · Emptied by Necessary Apathy
Flame · March into Firelands
Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere · Untitled
Yayla · Ruhizolasyon
01-04Exsanguis · Endzeit
Fetal Zombie · Fetal Zombie
God's Desire · Το κακό τρίτωσε
Maim · Deceased to Exist
01-03Beyond the Pain · Swallow the Real
Faraon · A oscuras
Kosmokrater · Wunderwaffen
Liveride · Сквозь Сибирь
Nataly Kruger · Promise of Darkness
Toxic Trace · Torment
Via Crucix · Return to the Past
01-02Desert · Star of Delusive Hopes
Headless Beast · Forced to Kill
Spider Kickers · Alcoholic
01-01Ad Vacuum · Horizon
Agony Face · CXVIII Monolithic Squeakings
Alghazanth · Vinum Intus
Ash Slater · Undefined
A Thousand Shields · Portrait
Carnal Disfigurement · Inhuman Devoured Content from Cranial Cavity
Crimson Bride · A Tale of Sorrow
Curse the Son · Klonopain
Damien · Beyond Apathy
Darkened Souls · Tales from the Dark Path
Dark Incognito · Back to Nothingness
Desert Icons · Breach
Draxsen · Vicious Felony
Dying Sun · 12212010
Ember · A Demon Lies Dormant
Evil Mayhem · The Return of the Evil Warriors
Ezophagothomia · Instinct of Inhuman Devourment
Faršas · Svečiuose pas Ervydą
Frozen Ocean · Snow Shall Hide
Hematovore · Razor Sharp Precision
Imminence · Arisen from Frost
Infekted · -Hexakosioihexekontahexa-
Jean Grey · Abysmal
Kelthuzzar · Triumf żelaznego ognia
Kimera · Serpent Venus
Kirkkopalovaroitus · Twilight of Religion
The Lust · Decomposition Deluxe
Mass Murder Frenzy · Unleashed
Mechina · Conqueror
Merrow · Awaken the Stone King
Miwa · My Wish Is Your Command
Morkt Hedensk · For an Obscure World I
Mortifer · Forever Devoted to Darkness
Number Our Days · Instinctual
Orbeth · Evoconibrium
Painful Existence · Dead Lies
Prosper or Perish · Defiant
Putrescent Secretancy · Reconfiguration of Reality
Satanic Saucepans · Far King Pistol Day
Skog · En suivant le cortège funèbre
Steel Maverick · It Takes Love!
Sun Devoured Earth · Good Memories Are the Hardest to Keep
Toxic Smile · I'm Your Saviour
Veintears · Redemption of the Soul
01-??Abraham · An Eye on the Universe
Ancient Wolves · Haunted Winter
Anfel · Pain of a Thousand Tears
Arge · Take the Trip
Avalot · Arrels
Bedeiah · Blood Metal
Beyond Helvete · Self-Therapy
Cold Distance · Salvation
Danger Zone · Line of Fire
Darkaliel · Floresta obscura
Deadman · Spirito di pietra
Der Misanthrope · Les enfants du néant...
Devastazed · Evil from Hell
Disiplin · Radikale Randgruppe
Dolorvotre · Dolorvotre
Epitome · e-ROTicon
The Eternal · Under a New Sun
Fastlane Flower · Deadline
Gangrena · The Zombie Chronicles
Geist · Afterlife
Hardfaced · Show Them What They Fear
Hellcreature · Gate to Hell
Inferno Caelestis · Tenebrae Caelum
Isten Háta Mögött · Ű
Leidenfrost · Suizid
Lightless · Humanity Erased
Losna · Distilling Spirits
Mescalin Massacre · Liquid, Soma, Death
Mindflow · 365
Morbid Flesh · Reborn in Death
Morttus Spiritus Noctis · Revenge of the Ancients Gods
Nibiiron · 3600
Nick Watt · Moon Blood
Omission · Merciless Jaws from Hell
Oskoreien · Oskoreien
Pantheon · Führersland
Panzer · Y... volveremos a caer
Pirates of Acheron · Bestial Torments
Résistance · A Tale of Decadence
Serpentary · Odi Ergo Sum
Shadow Man · Darkness Falls
Soulinpain · El origen del miedo
Soul of Steel · Destiny
Stone Soul Foundation · Electric Valley
Stortregn · Uncreation
Terror Incognita · Every Time You Cry, God Masturbates
Time Zero · Outcasts of Civilization
Tlacaelel · Armageddon Is Here
Vastum · Carnal Law
Wafat · Exhausted Soul
Wo Fat · Noche del Chupacabra
Время Гнева · В тысячный раз
??-??18 Wheels of Justice · Execution
3η Εποχή · Φονική μηχανή
Aaron · Golpea en mi pecho
Abhordium · When Depravity Incarnates
Abodean Skye · Transmission
Above the Altar · The Suffering
A Break in the Storm · Metanoia
The Absent Light · Heiress
Abstract Rapture · Earthcrush
A Buried Existence · The Dying Breed
Abxenta · Desafío
A Call to Arms · Peace Through Strength, Victory Through Devastation
A Crack in Time · A Crack in Time
Adam Johnston · Visions
Ad Baculum · Blackness Doctrine
Admortem · Last Chance
Adrian English · Innerplanetarium
Adrian Raso · Niña del Sol
A Dying Season · Of Pain and Blood
Aedera Obscura · Aedera Obscura
Aesir · La estirpe del sol vuelve a resurgir
Aesth · The Fall of Illusions
Aeternus Odium · Tropas de Lúcifer
Agamendon · Charleston City
Age of Agony · Machinery of Hatred
Aggelos · Mantos purpúreos
Agnosys · Alterations
Agonia Black Vomit · Satanic Black Vomit
Ahrdua · Meu Louvor
Akribi · Black Morning Sun
Aldebaran · Atlantida
Alevosia · Excitantemente excitante
Alfa Obscura · Plutonian Shores
Alhma Mater · Nova Era
Altars of Suffering · Hymns to the Dead
Alte Eris · Відчувай
Alvath · Alvath
Alyanza · Mind Control
Amantyde · Mädchen
Amaranthine Trampler · Morning Light, Empty Veins
Ambush · Balkanization
Amentia · Incurable Disease
American Witch · Burn the Crow
Anabanta · Hermanos de sangre "El ritual"
Analgesia · Beyond Illusion
Anatoth · Burn Your Wings
Ancient Plague · Litany of Scars
Andabata · Corpse Grinding Machine
Andrew Danso · Find
Andrew W. Bordoni · Tales of Six String Wisdom & Other Worthy Notiness