All 6603 Albums From 2012
12-31Aihisna · 虚空少女の夢幻神話
Ancestral Shadows · Preserving All Darkness in This World
Astral Rebirth · Surrendered to the Black Immensity
Gust in Grief · Spiritual Contradiction
Heartwork · Всемирный крах
Hope Has Failed Us · House of Cyrus
Lawrence's Creation · Drop Zone
Metatronik · Just a Dream
Teeth Gnashers · 100 Years of Torrance
Todgeweiht · Pestilenz
Verstorben · Begräbnis der Hoffnung
Vixenta · A Moment in Solace
Vyvorot · Светопреставление
12-305150 · シンフォニック東方Ⅵ
Cold Empty Universe ·
Coronach · Skon
Eclipse Prophecy · Days of Judgement
Hellcraft · Tyranny of Middle Ages
Iron Attack! · Burn in Hell
Rune Skogen · Wiederkehr des ewig Gleichen
Taste My Pain · Hiába élsz
UI-70 · Paradigm Shift / Paradise Lost
Unlucky Morpheus · Parallelism・β
12-29Ad Plenitatem Lunae · Tempus non est Iocundum
Fatum · Время уходит во тьму / Time Passes to the Dark
Fleshgore · Defiance to Evil
Inanna · Transfigured in a Thousand Delusions
Sorrow · R.I.P.
Zeitgeist · Der Asche Blut
12-28Bleeding Eyes · A Trip to the Closed Universe
Blood Torrent · Torrent of Hatred
Demiz · Eradication
Deseo Oculto · Deseo Oculto
Heidenwut · Kriegserklärung
Hovert · Больше ничего
Ossuary Anex · Awakening
Ostie · M.B.M.N.R.
Pagan Assault · Révolte contre la destinée
Rectified Spirit · Rectified Spirit
Veracrash · My Brother the Godhead
Vesztegzár · Beteg világ
12-27Black Moon · The Other Way of Rebellion
Bohema · Two Sides of the Coin
Crowhurst · The Lightbearer
Daleth · On Board with the Ark Ruffians
Guerra Total · Antichristian Zombie Hordes
Letum Aevum · Forbidden Chapters
Moon and Azure Shadow · Moon and Azure Shadow
XXX · Dementia Nrg1
12-26Archangel · The Way of Pain
Deception Theory · How to Stop an Exploding Man
Humulus · Humulus
Order of Tepes · Dusk Bring Thy Misery
PerfututuM · In Deos Confidimus
12-25Abi Gail · Made in Highland
A Life Less Alive · Murder Them
Blunt Force Trauma · Vengeance for Nothing
Cold Resistance · These Dreams Are Scaring Me
Dargoth · Pictures from the Past
Der Golem · Ciclos
Lanewin · Eclectic Tour
Morbid Crucifixion · Disembodied Remnants
Nazgulum · Aroused
Sadis · Песнь северным богам
Survival · Love God
Симфония Ужаса · Марш проклятых
12-24Emerald Night · Король эльфов
Epithalium · Gottesaustreibung / Christenausweidung
The Konstellation · Order of the Universe
Mystherium · Memoriał
Neyra · Madness in Progress
Pale Mist · Where the Darkness Is Praised
До Скону · Cold Streams of Death
12-23Aetherium Mors · Drenched in Victorious Blood
Epilog · Danger Zone
Malignent · Flesh Blood Bone Mind
Midnight Callings · Midnight Callings
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Score to a New Beginning
Psychodeath · Someone to Harm
Rainbows Are Free · Waves Ahead of the Ocean
Steamforged · Yggdrasil
12-22Anfor · Injusticia
The Crestfallen · The Apocalypse We Long For
Imperial Age · Turn the Sun Off!
Intractable · Inner Decay
Rotting Serpent · Solstice of Failed Prophecy
Seeds of Disease · Anal Disease
Wicked Deception · Incite the Riot
Zyanide · Tactics of Death
12-21Absenth · Erotica 69
The Addication · The Addication
Altarus · As Above, so Below
Animae Capronii · Heavenly Unblack Metal
Annathema · Decibel
Antica Arcana · Awaken
Astaroth · The End of Silence
AthanaTheos · Alpha Theistic
Atra Mustum · Хаос
Balrog · Miserable Frame
Black Doom · Cauldron of the Damned
Black Juju · Letters from My Brother Cain
Boize · I'll Still Love You
Can of Worms · World Collapse
Cemican · Estamos en el valle de los muertos Ticateh Ipan Miquixtlahuac
Cortege · Anachoreo
Cower · Mind over Matter
Crasia · Cerebral Disruption
Culminated · Cenizas
Cursed Scrolls · Dunkel Hexenkunst
Decaysia · From Chaos to Creation
Deformography · When Gods Decay
Der Rache liebt · Cold Forest Eclipse III: Als der Himmel fiel und wir nur noch Dunkelheit fanden in unseren Gräbern
Domestic Terror · U.S.AIDS
Door into Emptiness · Śviata
Empyre · Descent
Empyrean Sky · Extending the Tangent
Erased · Atomic Ruination
Essence · Combustus
Eternal Wisdom · Meditation of the Cleansing Fire
Faidon · 2012
Fanapth · Untitled (mmxii)
Flotsam and Jetsam · Ugly Noise
Forsaken Legion · Seeds of Black Dawn
Fáfnir · Hugin og Munin
Galdra · Galdra
Grafvitnir · NâHásh
Great Master · Serenissima
Grim Demise · Nameless Graves
Grim Mars · Defiled Earthen Architectures
Immersed in Darkness · Seas of Deception
Infernal · Essence
Infinity · Non de Hac Terra
Jassa · Dark Years of Dearth
K.I.T. · Reisen mit Verlust
Lutavierje · Песні налітых хмараў
Mammüth · Gone with the Wolves
Metatronik · Nightmare
Mischief Night · Somnamballistics
Morana · Too Bad for Heavens
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico · Lacrime degli dei
Mudshovel · Devil Sold His Soul to Me
Mystery Blue · Conquer the World
Nine Day Descent · Canto the First
Nostril Caverns · End of the World
Old Pagan · Battlecruiser Old Pagan
Olema · Loppu(piste)
Power 5 · Power 5
Ptahil · The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair
Radogor · Просветление
Requinox · Through the Eyes of the Dead
Ritual Killing · New Tribe
R. Nikolaenko · There Is Nothing, Yet...
Rotting Thought · Valley of Desolation
Satanica · Dead
Scent of Death · Of Martyrs's Agony and Hate
Scox · Psychedelic Philosophy
Sevidica · Seed
Shadow Venger · Age of the Golden Dragon
Talk to Sheep · Inertia / Turn to Dust
Tchort · Pentagram Errection
TenDead · Return of the Ancient
To Be Fed · Reprehensible Tales and Penny Dreadfuls
The Unconscious Mind · Where Philosophers Fall
Vallorch · Neverfade
Vermiform · Of Chaos and the Void
Vessel · Introspective
Vorongrai · Enter the Nightmare
Wandersword · В ожидании войны
Warhawk · Sic Semper Tyrannis
Whaler · Deep Six
Witche's Brew · Supersonicspeedfreak
Xanthochroid · Blessed He with Boils
Восточный Фронт · 2012
· Journey of Sadness
12-20Collision · We Are Dust in the Centre of Existence
Destroyer · Будущего нет
Eleos · The Shape of Imperfection
Eruption · Tenses Collide
Hamhleypa · Метель
Intoxxxicated · V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.
Lobotomy · Satanic Speed Metal Ritual
Marble Angel · Нелюдим
Mogrob · ...When War Begins...
Neit · Thule
Nemirie · Civilization
Orochi · 遠呂智
Valkynaz · Throat ov the World - Part III
12-19Anal Supersonic Sex · Anal Supersonic Sex
Belligerence · Heartfelt
Daida Laida · Dreamer's Train
Depths · Forever Is Never Here
Eclipse Insomnia · From Storms in the Clouds to Seeds in the Ground
Eclipse Insomnia · Rhapsodia Morbidius
K28 · Enigma
Melancholie · Verlangen
Phobic Pleasure · Castigat ridendo mores!
Re-Arise · Re-Arise
12-18Arctic Winter · Uch Alder...
Arise to Heaven · Awaken
Avenge the Throne · Reborn
The Black Moriah · Casket Prospects
The Carnival · Huonon veren oireet
Eidon · Crystalight
Grazed · Neandertal
Ice Dragon · Dead Friends and Angry Lovers
Infected Flesh · Concatenation of Severe Infections
I Warned You · Breathing the Scarlets
State of Integrity · Did We Choose to Suffer
12-17Bury the Truth · Reunite
Fauna · Avifauna
The Shining · Rise of the Degenerates
Traumalice · 7 Eyes of a Crow
Unburied · Murder 101
Versklaven · Versklaven
Zero3iete · Grita
Дрём · (1)
Тиранія · Безкровна муза
12-16Angellore · Errances
Derelict Earth · Below the Empty Skies
Effrontery · Mayfly
Halor · Wasteland
Heimleiden · In den Tiefen der Einsamkeit
Humiliation · Savior of Human Destruction
Megascavenger · Descent of Yuggoth
Non Human Era · La era sin el hombre
Phyrexia · Death on Red Wings
12-15Broozer · 12.04.12
Bulletbelt · Down in the Cold of the Grave
Dark Nova · Dark Nova
Desolate Shrine · The Sanctum of Human Darkness
Divided in Spheres · Disfigured
Gradius · Gradius
Graven Image · The Future Started Yesterday
Keado Mores · The Secret Path of Life
Kill with Hate · Voices of Obliteration
Lafrontera · Creepolis
Maveth · Coils of the Black Earth
Midgard · Satellite
Morgh · Impaling Sin
My Own Children's Drink · EvolutionsKot
The Phobos Ensemble · Lux Aeterna
Red Apollo · Marche Funèbre
Seethe · Through Conviction
Sentence · Everywhere
Signs · Path of the Damned
Wartime · Solar Messiah
Witch Hammer · Never Stop
Xenogramm · 37 Hours
Yatrogeny · Radical Pessimism
12-14Clock Paradox · Egotheism
Empyrion · Mindshifter
Graves in Autumn · Jenseits vom Licht
Iron Kobra · Dungeon Masters
O.D.R.A · Karl Denke Blües
Paradox · Tales of the Weird
Ringing Bell · And Dimmed Undelivered, and Receive Eternities
Searching for Reason · Inward
Sin Starlett · Throat Attack
Stormborn · Stormborn
Züül · To the Frontlines
12-13Defeatem · Death from a Nightmare
Hidden in the Basement · Ego
Rotting Serpent · Extreme Conditions
Terror Visit · Planet Hell
12-120 X í S T · Nil
Abortion Autopsy · The XXX Files
Alkehol · Do bezvědomí
Aragon · Torn by the Devil
Arbre · I
Armath Sargon · Under the Moon and the Sun
Artists of War · The Black
Augure Funèbre · Au travers des forêts profondes
Azathoth · Persephone's Dream
Beto Vazquez Infinity · Beyond Space Without Limits
Codex Inferis · The Deserter
Daemondroid · Lethal Failure
Deathstench · Massed in Black Shadow
Deathstench · N.O.X.
December XII · Follow Your Stranger
Dementra · Burn the Moon
Doomed · In My Own Abyss
Dragon Guardian · The Best of Dragon Guardian Saga
Enraged · It's Your Fear That Feeds Their Power
Finster · Existenz
Giza · Future Ruins
Hawasake · Beginning of the Revival
The Hedons · Tomb of Stars
Heresy · Worldwide Inquisition
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse · Solstice
Karma Rage · SoCiym
Karonte · Paraíso sin fe
Kulto Maldito · Jódete Jesús
Lex Talion · Funeral in the Forest
Low Twelve · Skin in the Game
Magnacult · Insua EnVenom
Make a Change... Kill Yourself · Fri
Motus Tenebrae · Double Black
Myproof · Metal for Silent Fury
Mysteria · Qed
Nahu · Eternal Recurrence of Carnage
Necnon Mortuss · Likvidace
Necropotence · Necropotence
Of Buried Hopes · The Stand
Primeval Mass · Blood Breathing Idols
The Project Hate MCMXCIX · The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda
Prometheus · Endless
Quest for Serenity · Beyond the Labyrinth
Stav · Meditate to Kill
Step Cousin · Experiments in Sound (Special Edition)
Taken by Talons · Taken by Talons
Y'ha-nthlei · Vol 1: The Night Opens on the Brink of the Abyss
Zenobia · Armageddon
Лютомысл · Превозмогая Вавилон (Overcoming Babel)
Сергей Маврин · Противостояние
12-11Barón Rojo · Tommy Barón
Bruma Obscura · Em Honra dos que Sofrem
Cholernik · Harrowing Spirit
Evasor · Human Ambitious
Fatal Impact · Esoteria
Holly Hunt · Year One
Imperium · Sacramentum
InnerSiege · Kingdom of Shadows
12-10Ancestors · III
Charlie Parra del Riego · Merry Heavy Metal Christmas
Dead Mountain Mouth · Crystalline
Deathomorphine · Doomsday
Death On/Off · Disharmonic Mass Destruction
Dredd · Visceris
Mind Holocaust · Condemned Souls
Mysterious Priestess · Agency of Fate
Stranglion Rot · Rotten Heart of Evil
Taranus · Taranus
Total Angels Violence · Death to Death
12-09Biomortek · Polaridad reactiva
Contorted · Clinically Dead
Nueva Actitud · Ahora o nunca
Phalloplasty · Necrophagic Funeral Ritual
Коrsика · Точка невозврата
12-08Carniça · Nations of Few
Chapel of Disease · Summoning Black Gods
Elffor · Heriotz sustraiak
Gorepot · Fermenting the Chiba Seeds
Hellstorm · Sacrifice Sacrifice
Hums in the Dark · A Taste of Napalm
Present Danger · Face the Truth
Sanity's Rage · You Are What You Swallow
Skinflint · Dipoko
Triddana · Ripe for Rebellion
Veirg · Kill the Abominable Life in Space
12-07Asylum Pyre · Fifty Years Later
Attic · The Invocation
Daath · Psychiatric Ward
Deathmarched · Spearhead of Iron
ETECC · Volition
Idaaliur · Rainbow of Solitudes
In Aevum Agere · The Shadow Tower
Infernal Tenebra · New Formed Revelations
Led Astray · Decades of Addiction
Myridian · Under the Fading Light
Negativity · Into the Labyrinth
Orphan Hate · Attitude & Consequences
Syntezis · The Burial of the Sun
Vanderbuyst · Flying Dutchmen
12-06Argus Megere · A treia cale
AstorVoltaires · BlackTombsForDeadSongs
Brudywr · A Full Stretch of Night
Crown of Malevolence · Throne of Apathy
Cssaba · Underground Lo-Fi Songs
Dispersed Ashes · The Nature of Things
Död · Psalmer från den utlovade ödemark
Gortal · Deamonolith
Misanthropic Oath · Telepathetic Misery from the Cosmic Beyond
Orion · Навстречу бурям
Pavementsaw · Glabella Astrala
Skygge · Knokkelkraft
Spineless Fuckers · Funny Games
Vassafor · Obsidian Codex
12-05BlackSkull · Death Deal
Desolator · Last Wish
Flooded Church of Asmodeus · Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum
Hatred · Burning Wrath
Lugnasad · Smell of a Grey Sore
Lycanthropy · Epitaphium
Metal Clone X · Metal Clone X
Mors Principium Est · ...and Death Said Live
Stormbreaker · Эдемский яд
Wừu · Hoang tưởng
Yngwie J. Malmsteen · Spellbound
12-04Ad Vacuum · Songs of Death
Arbogast · I
Humanity Delete · Never Ending Nightmares
Kowloon Walled City · Container Ships
No Zodiac · Population Control
Reeferhead · Graveyard Hotbox
Simple Lies · No Time to Waste
Sin of God · Limbus
Unconscious Disturbance · Mind's Corner
Vemod · Venter på stormene
Viggenblot · Legacies of Dust
12-03Air Raid · Night of the Axe
Arcanum Sanctum · Veritas Odium Parit
Camel of Doom · Psychodramas: Breaking the Knots of Twisted Synapse
Desire Before Death · Beyond the Threshold
Djin · The Era of Destruction
Forcentury · Revelant
Geminy · The Prophecy
Hungarica · Test és vér
Idols for Dinner · Tenant of a Declining World
Malnàtt · Principia Discordia
Mörbid Carnage · Merciless Conquest
No More Fear · Mad(e) in Italy
No Sign of Life · Embrace Your Demons
Pendact · Days of War
Rhyme · The Seed and the Sewage
Smoke the Sky · Leave This World Loud
Stoneload · Addict
Svartidauði · Flesh Cathedral
Teksuo · Threnos
Vanhelga · Höst
12-02Alexander Oden · Mental Anarchy
Demorian · Isle of Hate
Eclipse Insomnia · The Black Bouquet
Mandragora · 2012
Stigmatic Chorus · Fanatic
12-01Abaddon · Por venganza
Allegro from My Requiem · Chapter I
Arcanorum Astrum · Прозрение
Audiosupernova · Neo-Terran Front
Beresith · Lurker
Beyond Ye Grave · Ester Panim
Bob Katsionis · Rest in Keys
Burden Rage · The Spiral Black Hole
Cryostasium · Empowerment
Decades of Despair · Alive
Decayed · The Ancient Brethren
Defcon One · Able Archer 83
Dezaztre Natural · Dezaztre natural
Doperman · The Ledger Book
Elferya · The Straight and Narrow
Endless Horizon · Annihilation of Human Beliefs
Evernight · Rumbo al infinito
Glutgnar · Shit Faced in Space
Grief of Emerald · It All Turns to Ashes
Hopes of Freedom · Hopes of Freedom
Horytnica · Historie walk o wolność
Hyonblud · Chaos from World Orgasm
Knightmare · In Death's Shadow
ND · New Stage
The Reckoning · Defining Armageddon
Sabretung · Collision
Suicide Nation · Shoot to Kill
Tempano · Lluvia negra
Terra Deep · Starlight Lodge
Trigger · Apocalypse Tomorrow
Vaettir · Heathen WIll
Гранулом · Тихо!
Летаргия · Божественное безумие
12-??Abstract Essence · Love Enough
Act of Violence · Act of Violence
Ad Inferos · Descensus Revelador
Antestor · Omen
Apost · Mipoitra avy lavitra
Arsenic Addiction · Echoes of Mourning: Communion with the Damned
Ballerina · From Here to Eternity
Banished Force · Greed
Before I Die · Evil Behavior
Biorzict Infegoth · Un-Album: HellGate
Blodarv · Gâst
Blodsrit · Diktat Deliberi
Blood Expectoration · Disfigured Vision
Buzrael · Transition
Bvrtan · Meranaers, Nelongsoers, Nesvers
Cabut Nyawa · Tulah
Choke · Latino Revolution
Conquerror · After Agony
Dagorlath · Inmortal
The Dead · Deathsteps to Oblivion
Death of All Gods · Different Ways of Feeling Pain
Derelenismo Occulere · Derelenismo Occulere
Disloyal · Nineth Gate
Document 6 · Das vierte Reich
Dorsal Atlântica · 2012
Dr. K & the Gore Cession · Short Sighted
Emptiness Soul · Three Days
Enddarm · Informationseiszeitalter
Everlasting Brutality · Annihilation of Humanity
Ewaré · Mitos de creación
Exist M · Redefining
Funeral Anthem · অপ্রতিরোধ্য
The Gates of Armagedon · Murder Metal
Godcider · Азъ есьм истина
HackxWhore · Keepin' It Stiff
Itchincide · Commercial Brain Damage
Jaga-Jaga Massacre · Purulent Tits and Bacterial Dicks
Kchuttnbruntza · Fern von Europa
Kekal · Autonomy
King of Bones · We Are the Law
Lamento Funebre · Alaridos malditos
Metal Tribute to Tolkien · Beren's Song
The Moor · Year of the Hunger
Moro Smylodon · Betrayed Nature
Old Ritual · Old Ritual
Order to Ruin · Reborn in Grimness
Perseo Miranda · Theatre Metal
Prih Lop · Razon Detra
Selvmorrd · Vergangen und Vergessen
Serpientes de Acero · Tribute to the Gods
Unknown · Alterado
War Engine · Adrenaline Rush
Who Dies in Siberian Slush · We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago...
獄無聲 · 劇 / Drama
11-30Attica Rage · 88MPH
Brachiosauride · Twelve Miles to Madness
Czoug · Jedzie Czoug
Deafknife · Vi er døde
Defuntos · Vidas Vazias... Almas Perdidas...
...dieses · Epos av gammel norsk skog
Fragments of Unbecoming · The Art of Coming Apart: Chapter V
Gorath · The Chronicles of Khiliasmos
Horror God · Planet of Ruins
Injury Deepen · Entrails of Infected Corpse
Jarhead · Beautiful Delusion
Kr Grauwacke · Slag Heap
Menstrual Sewage · Rotting Fetus Sandwich
Mindwork · Eterea
Naked Incise · 赤裸雕刻
Opium Warlords · We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky
Ouijabeard · Die and Let Live
Praesepe · Hybrid Creation
Pragmatik · Ghost of Light
Pray for Mercy · Olhos sem Vida
Rotting Serpent · The Last Noel
Saturnus · Saturn in Ascension
Scorcher · Armageddon from the Sky
SYMD · Camera Obscura
Tacere · At World's End
Throne · Avoid the Light
The Wandering Midget · From the Meadows of Opium Dreams
Wömit Angel · Sodomatik Rites of I.N.R.I
Яровит · Край
11-29Ashes You Leave · The Cure for Happiness
Funeral Tormently · Tragic Autumn
Galderia · The Universality
Secret Sphere · Portrait of a Dying Heart
Terrorama · Genocide
Thamuzifer · Oscura sociedad sacrílega
11-28Acrimonious · Sunyata
Arctic Flame · Shake the Earth
Consumption · To Dwell in the Light of Misery
Grotesque Hysterectomy · Sororicide
Ignis Fatuus · Soulbreaker
Maskhera · Caracas
Munetaka Higuchi · Free World II
Sirhk · Deo in Azoth
Thelmo Rego · InstruMetal
11-27Apócrypha · A los motores del metal
Armia · Podróż na Wschód
Benighten Empire · An Age of Eclipticon
Canis Dirus · Anden om norr
Crani Sèptic · Crani sèptic
Dehumanized · Controlled Elite
Derthror · Wailing After Death
Endezzma · Erotik Nekrosis
Hanzel und Gretyl · Born to Be Heiled
Hëssler · Comes with the Territory
Mägo de Oz · Hechizos, pócimas y brujería
Prognathe · Prognathe
The Terrigen Mist · Laveyan
The Very End · Turn Off the World
주작 · 피어 오르다
11-26Aborted Fetus · Goresoaked Clinical Accidents
Agony Lords · A Tomb for the Haunted
Alastor · Out of Anger
Amenra · Mass V
A Monumental Black Statue · L'ultimo sogno
Brutore · To Worship the Endless Insanity
Cult of Fire · Triumvirát
Dead Beyond Buried · The Dark Era
Electric Hellride · Hate.Control.Manipulate
Estampida · Crowd Control: The Jaws of War
Eversin · Tears on the Face of God
Incantation · Vanquish in Vengeance
Iron Knights · New Sound of War
Lord Agheros · Demiurgo
My Indifference to Silence · Horizon of My Heaven
Papirus · Хаос
Phobic · The Holy Deceiver
Pig Irön · IV
Rhevan · One More Last Attempt
Ripe · The Eloquence of Silence
Trick or Treat · Rabbits' Hill Pt. 1
Trou Noir · Trou noir vortex
Tystnaden · Anima
Underneath · Gruesome Evolution Respawned
Weapons to Hunt · Blessed in Sin
11-25Alpthraum · Chronophage
Celtachor · Nine Waves from the Shore
Elderwind · Волшебство живой природы
Lunacy · Lunacy
Monastery Dead · Cold and Gloom
Old Chapel · Tales from the Churchyard
Psychomantum · Ein Requiem
Revenge · Vendetta
Rohit · Death Mask
Rohit · Mess
Rohit · Rohit
Saurom · Vida
11-24Ashen · All We Will See
Balyios · Homeward
Fate Angel · Orgogorgoniotrian
Germanitas · Uz Heimisk Waldatura
Icestorm · Contes de la vall de glaç
Reflector · 15
Silence Lies Fear · The Storm Looming Ahead
Yajaira · Vuelve a arder
11-239MM · Volle Kraft voraus
Adorned Brood · Kuningaz
Alltheniko · Back in 2066 (Three Head Mutant Chronicles)
Black Omen · Psytanalysis
Bloody Hammers · Bloody Hammers
Ciclón · Sol naciente
Cross Vein · Birth of Romance
Destruction · Spiritual Genocide
Devastating Enemy · Pictures & Delusions
Die Kunst der Finsternis · Das Geheimnis des Vampirs
Dirt · Rock'n'Roll Accident
Dr. Living Dead! · Radioactive Intervention
Eden weint im Grab · Nachtidyll - Ein akustisches Zwischenspiel
Farewell to Arms · Perceptions
Finsterforst · Rastlos
Flammensturm · Nur für den Augenblick
Funeral · Oratorium
Ilsa · Intoxicantations
Kuolemanlaakso · Uljas uusi maailma
Mammoth Mammoth · Volume III - Hell's Likely
Masquerage · Backstabber
Moray Firth · Day: 1
Noye · Away
Quadrivium · Methocha
Samsas Traum · Asen'ka - ein Märchen für Kinder und solche, die es werden wollen
Sapientia · Through the First Sphere of Saturnus
Saratan · Martya Xwar
Soldier · Gas Powered Jesus
Thrashock · Kingdoms of Hate
Unreal Overflows · False Welfare
Violentor · Rot
Моноліт · Тайный знак
11-22Clorange · Instinct
Mountain Kings · Mountain Kings
Nostoi · RailRoad(s)
Sabbatariam · The Valley of the Shadows
Siegewyrm · Legends of the Oathsworn
11-21Different State · The Frigid Condition
Dr Barmental · Отходняки
Ivory Gate · The Years That Passed
Mandragora Scream · Luciferland
MorningStarlett · MorningStarlett
Necroverdose · Off
Obscura Monotonia Animae · Crepusculum Aeternorum Cruciatuum
Pikes Edge · Nameless
Sombre Croisade · Litanie au mal
Torják · Bélus
Uncreation's Dawn · Holy Empire of Rats
Форсаж · Area II
11-20Adrenechrome · Hideous Appetites
Arakhne · Chronicles of a Dead Man
Blynd · Punishment Unfolds
Desecrate · At the Edge of Sanity
Devolved · Reprisal
Gälernå · The Abyss
Hallig · 13 Keys to Lunacy
Incite · All Out War
Meldrum · Lifer
Nidingr · Greatest of Deceivers
Night Worship · Night Worship Volume II: Asterism
North Diamond · По ту сторону бытия
Sungod · Crash Galactic
Teenage Deathexplosion · The Fire Temples
Time of the Fifth Sun · Что ты оставишь после себя...
Valefor · Hidden in the Arms of Death
Vänlade · Iron Age
Wulfheim · Alsvart
11-19Aeon · Aeons Black
Astro Baron · Apostaclypse
Blutmond · The Revolution Is Dead!
Carvakas · Stultifera Navis
Ciementificio · Marcia marcia
Dead Samaritan · The Only Good Samaritan...
Deep-pression · Vegtelen tenger
Destinity · Resolve in Crimson
Dreadlord · Execution of the Weak
Incassum · Rite of Passage
Light Among Shadows · Welcome... Back!
Maggot Brain · Stop and Breathe
Playgrounded · Athens
Red Horizons · Broken Beyond Repair
Skeletons · A Serious House
Spiderhunt · The Cognition of Malice
Thunderhell · Hell Trip
ØØPart · La Edad de Oro
Łukasz Radecki · II
11-18Arathgoth · The Season of Ashes
Epistle · Alone
How We Worked Corpsecleaners · Cleanax
I'm Fine · The Way of Madness
Templo Obscuro · Devastação Reino do Terror
Within Our Gates · Kingdom of Mind
11-17Apoplexy · Dissection till Perfection
Aschmicrosa · Possessed By God
Barra Xul · In Darkness We Wait
Degravation · Screaming Glory
Envenomed · Venomous Decay
Ex Machina · Machinist
Genital Putrefaction · Stworzony przez bogów
Ka Mmen · The Sands
SagoMetal · Phantom of Rock
Septicopyemia · Supreme Art of Genital Carnage
Transnight · The Big Rip
11-162 Wolves · Men of Honour
Alberto Palacios · We Are the Opera
Angantyr · Forvist
Angel 7 · Любовь никогда не умрёт
As the Sun · Event Horizon
Black on High · Gnomad
Bloodrustes · Ветер забвения
Cancrena · Hidden Depravity
Civilization One · Calling the Gods
Drünken Bastards · Motherfucker in the Sky
Duckling Fantasy · The Legacy of Raúl: Quesadilla Warrior
Heavy Metal Perse · Aikakirjat
Hell Militia · Jacob's Ladder
Markize · A Perfect Lie
Medebor · A Taste of Insanity
Monolithe · Monolithe III
Nox Vorago · Obsidian Stonemirrors
Nuisance of Majority · Brains, Monkeys and the New World Order
Obsidian Kingdom · Mantiis - An Agony in Fourteen Bites
Porta Nigra · Fin de Siècle
Postmortem · Bloodground Messiah
Saw Cross Lanes · Ewigreich
Sobberbloodd · The Ulcer
Speaking to Stones · Elements
Spiral Jacobs · Prolegomenon
Torment Tool · Under Friendly Attack
Twintera · Lines
VIP · Palaneet sillat
Wallachia · Shunya
Warcrab · Warcrab
The Zen · Somewhere on Earth
Zombified · Carnage Slaughter and Death
11-15Corax · Corax
Folkearth · Valhalla Ascendant
Galadriel · The 7th Queen Enthroned
General Lee · Raiders of the Evil Eye
Hell Icon · Credo Satanicum
In Other Climes · Empty Bottles & Wasted Nights
Kintral · Subversión
Nekro Khaos · The End of Time
Omega Reign · Arise
Vendaval · Arba'a
Yzordderrex · Plague of Cursed Vermin
Берег Неба · Вставай с колен
11-14Akoman · Ahriman and the Whore of Darkness
Auerkallio · Ouroboros
Fferyllt · Прорицание
Hammer Persuasion · Necropsy of the Human Mind
Hauk · Anthems for an Age Arriving
Nocturnal Amentia · Hec Regnum Meum Est
Wheelfall · Interzone
11-13Arisen from Nothing · In Nothing We Trust
Bell Witch · Longing
Cold Empty Universe · Anything Else
Dimera · La ley del poder
Disciple · O God, Save Us All
Malignant Christ · Ageless Reign
Melchizedek · No Rapture
Ommadon · III
Ommadon · IV
Regulus · Ενθαδε κειται
Rotting Serpent · Where Is My God Now?
Solisia · UniverSeasons
Soundgarden · King Animal
Trahald · Silence
Wo Fat · The Black Code
Александрия · Лёд и огонь
11-12Aeternus Prophet · Безжальність
Amily · To All in Graves
Babylon Fire · Dark Horizons
Beaten Victoriouses · T Error
Darkenhöld · Echoes from the Stone Keeper
Dead Empires · Waiting in Waves
Death Letters · Omniscient Universe
The Devil · The Devil
Ethelyn · No Glory to the God
Frostwork · Lore of Winter - Ealdspell
Killjoy · Licensed to Sin
Kolp · The Outside
Melencolia Estatica · Hël
Munruthel · CREEDamage
Nine Covens · ...on the Dawning of Light
Pain Is · God Particle
Seconds to Impact · Bring the Night On
Tomhet · Caliginous
Zuul Fx · Unleashed
11-11Acédia · L'Exil
Beyond Helvete · Good :: Times
Crowhurst · Studies in Pessimism - The Words of Arthur Schopenhauer
Dark Metamorphosis · A Grandiose Display of Self Destruction
Dustt · Refugio
Forger Emaciated · Hypercrisis
Kataphero · Life
Local I · Растворяясь в природе
Old Corpse Road · 'Tis Witching Hour... as Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom
Old Sea and Mother Serpent · Chthonic
Revengia · Lake of Fire
Sanctifier · Daemoncraft
11-10Baradj · Nardughan
Birth of Depravity · The Coming of the Ineffable
Brutal Brain Damage · Brain Soup
Coalition · Solis Impulsio
Connoisseur · Medicinal Violence
Fresquet · A la carga
Hades · Radiation
Lord of the Grave · Green Vapour
Mordheim · L'asphyxie des larves
Nagaarum · Lombotómia
Nargis · Was lange lag im Dunkeln...
Negative Core Project · Spread the Disease
Nigromantia · Inherited Burden
Seamount · IV: Earthmother
Silvercast · Chaos Engines
Triuwint · Nebelfall
Vingador · Dark Side
Vomitchapel · The House of the Lord Despoiled
Ювиги · От първо лице
11-09350teric · Continiuum
Absolute Priority · Hunter
After Oblivion · Stamina
Aracner · Neura
Arkham Witch · Legions of the Deep
Cerebral Incubation · Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication
Constant Threat · Necrophoria
Die Vorboten · Existenz
Grand Supreme Blood Court · Bow Down Before the Blood Court
Helreið · Fragmenta
Homicide · O Que o Cerca Está Morto
Midnight Bullet · Faraday Cage
Midnight Caine · Mirrors
Nightwish · Imaginaerum - The Score
Omotai · Terrestrial Grief
Pertness · Frozen Time
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · The Gate of the Forest
Rough Silk · The Good, the Bad & the Undead
Sexual Atrocities · Planet of the Rapes
Skeletal Remains · Beyond the Flesh
Soulitude · Requiem for a Dead Planet
Грома Глас · Под незримым светом чёрного солнца
11-08Animi Vultus · Innerside...
Eclectika · Lure of Ephemeral Beauty
Ravens Creed · The Power
Rotting Serpent · Advanced Systematik Operations for Xristian Terrorism
Sandmist · Galactic Repulsions
Vitriol · Into the Silence I Sink
Wild Bitch · Streets of Danger
11-07Bane · The Acausal Fire
Bloodbound · In the Name of Metal
Daemonicus · Deadwork
E.D.I.E.H. · In Case the Winds Blow...
Erupted · In the Grip of Chaos
Oerjgrinder · Charts Attack
Sorg Uten Tårer · Somnolent Melancholy
Trepanador · The Serpent God
11-06All That Remains · A War You Cannot Win
Avarice · As One
Beheaded · Never to Dawn
Cytotoxin · Radiophobia
Dragged into Sunlight · WidowMaker
The Fallen Symmetry · Code Black
Geoff Tate · Kings & Thieves
Holy Dragons · Zerstörer
Hunter · Królestwo
Kain · Revelaciones
Manticore · Behold the Ascension of the Execrated
Replacire · The Human Burden
Sixx · Bier We Go!!!
Splattered Entrails · Depths of Obscurity
Warnot · His Blood Is Yours
The Wrath Project · The Cure Is the Disease
Wulkanaz · HaglaNaudizEisaz
На Север · Корни льдов
11-05Absolva · Flames of Justice
Atkins / May Project · Valley of Shadows
Awaken · Awaken
Bloody Roots · Az ígéretek földjén
Chadenn · Pour redevenir poussière
Choronzon · /​/​/​Consummation​/​/​//Metanoia​///
Graveyard Ghoul · Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses
Gravity · Eutheria
Harloch · Damnatio ad Bestias
Hemifonía · Lo que nadie quiere escuchar
Incursed · Fimbulwinter
Infamia · Neophobia
Malleus · One Of Us
Norse · All Is Mist and Fog
Pagan · (To) The Black Star
Psilocybe Larvae · The Labyrinth of Penumbra
PxNxIxBxPx · Necro Fisting Mania
Reclusa · Vacancy
Rectal Hygienics · Even the Flies Won't Touch You
Rotting Serpent · In the Dead of Winter
Sanguis Blasphema · Regocijándose en la fe
Soul Apart · The Enlightened Hollow
11-04Crypt of Insomnia · Nuclear Jugulating
Owl · Owl
Rust · The Hate
Vintundra · Isländskasagor
11-03Aberrant Vascular · Aegisthus
Forsaken Age · Back from Extinction
Haunted, Wisconsin · Haunted, Wisconsin
Imperial · Transcendent Salvation
Judd Madden · Artesian
Liquid Rain · Bright Obscurity
Moonlight · Lucifer's Rising
Mystic Opus · Batallas de una tierra olvidada
Nightfear · Inception
Project Silence · 424
Skull Incision · The Harmonized Tones of a Gunshot
Suncrown · Follow Your Dream
Synastry · Our Memetic Imprints
11-02Alabaster · Nobody Wants It
Baptism · As the Darkness Enters
Black Abyss · Possessed
The Black Coffins · Dead Sky Sepulchre
Bode Preto · Inverted Blood
Danger Zone · Undying
Gloria Morti · Lateral Constraint
Holocaust Storm · ...das Experiment gemacht
Kilamaine · In for the Kill
Mythodea · Mythodea
Nonexist · From My Cold Dead Hands
Ravenholm · Totenreich
Reanima · Great Whore of Babylon
Red Eyes · Obey the Beast
Santuário · Fim dos Tempos
Standing Ovation · The Antikythera Mechanism
Stos · Jeźdźcy nocy
Valborg · Nekrodepression
Void Moon · On the Blackest of Nights
11-01Ariday · ¿Qué nos queda?
Arsenite · Ashes of the Declined
Blood Duster · Kvlt
Buccaneer · III
Carrion · Revelations
Demon of the Fall · We Lay in the Same Grave
Destroyed in Seconds · Becoming Wrath
Dreamworld · Мир грёз
Duam · Tierra maldita
Exitium · Land
Heimdalls Wacht · Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal
Hellstorm · Into the Mouth of the Dead Reign
Helminthophobia · Helminthophobia
Ivje · Descending Through Halls of Agony
Kali Yuga · Wrath of Durga
Lilla Veneda · Diagnosis
Mechanical Organic · This Global Hive Part One
Morbid Footnote · The Ugliest King
Moulk · Across the Moulky Way
Necroparthenophagy · Iadnah Ors
Ostura · Ashes of the Reborn
Primal · Obłęd
Proximity · Zero Point
Vaginal Bear Trap · Just the Tip
Weird Beast · Borderlands
Антикира · Солдат
11-??Abhorsick · Grindonesia
Abstruse · Earthbound
After the Storm · The Last of the Great Wars
Argos · No mires atrás
Art of Burning Water · This Disgrace
Avgrunden · ...Vid världens ände
Call ov Unearthly · Blast Them All Away
Deathtrip · Ruinous
Demented · Across the Nature's Stillness
Dyscarcia · Tenement of Clay
Dyster · Phase terminale
Farshid Arabi · به رنگ شب
Feather Crow · Arlekin Memories
Feskarn · Raise Your Swords
Hatematter · Doctrines
Hummingbird of Death · Skullvalanche
Katul · Sangre de guerrero
Kevlar Skin · Unforeseen Consequences
Krypthall · Insane Evil
Lidless Eye · Dominate
Lorenzo Partida · Sueño inmemorial
Lower Than Zero · Lumberjack Job for a Chainsaw Cowboy
Lujuria · Sexurrección
Maps of War · Maps of War
Matricidium · Rise the Army
Myrkvids Draumar · Forest's Revenge Breath
Profanal · Black Chaos
Profanatus · Sinfonía infernal
Putrevore · Macabre Kingdom
Putrid Blood · Absolute Profit
Quiron · Villain
Sauron · El último árbol sobre la tierra
Thrashhold · Fatal Reality
T-Mule · As It Is
Tormentia · W obronie...
Tormention · Hunger for Flesh
Warnungstraum · Eripe Ferrum
Éjfény · Motschar
Говерла · Між минулим і майбутнім
Школа Рока · Давай сыграем рок-н-ролл
10-31A Band of Orcs · Adding Heads to the Pile
Aevlord · The Nomad's Path
Alchemyst · Nekromanteion
Arabian Death Mask · Shoreside Shambler
Arise in Chaos · Bombshelter Sessions
Become Wrath · Crush Them
Black Queen · March of the Obsidian Triumvirate
Blckwvs · 0150
Chezed · Hedor inhumano
Cystic Dysentery · Culture of Death
Dark Wisdom · Blood of Heroes
Day of Wrath · Blood of the Apocalypse
Demonolator · Occult Incantations of Evil
Denia · Prince of the Dolls
Drop · Sadistic Independent of Bliss
Gallows Majesty · Lies. Deceit. Confess.
Goat Bong · Goat Worship & Sodomy
Gorlock · The Slaughter of Muscle
Haunt · Curse of the Northern Moon
Hell Crucificator · Evil Never Dies
Ignis Noctem · Into the Darkness
Infernal Alchemy · Infernal Alchemy
Manlord · Manlord
Nominon · The Cleansing
Paroxsihzem · Paroxsihzem
Plector · Punishment Day
Psyrup · Psyrup 0
Reign of Sirius · One Child's Game
Sanitarium · Sanitarium
Sea Bastard · Sea Bastard
Serpent Noir · Seeing Through the Shadow Consciousness (Open Up the Shells)
The Seventh Power · Power and Glory
Six-Point Lead · Light Lies
Somnia · Above Space and Time
T&N · Slave to the Empire
Thisclose · Thisclose
Venomous Walrus · Venomous Walrus
Verbum Verus · Melkiresha
Von · Satanic Blood
Амезарак · Angelus
10-30Atriarch · Ritual of Passing
Cloak of Altering · Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids
Cradle of Filth · The Manticore and Other Horrors
Deus Ex-Mächina · Standarized
Dim7 · Hollow Haven
Eagle Claw · Timing of the Void
Ennui · Mze Ukunisa
Forgotten Tomb · ...and Don't Deliver Us from Evil
Ichabod · Dreamscapes from Dead Space
Indian Handcrafts · Civil Disobedience for Losers
Judicator · King of Rome
Kill Ritual · The Serpentine Ritual
Nadja · Dagdrøm
Narath · Liebeshunger
Nekrokaos · Chaos IV
Neurosis · Honor Found in Decay
Newk · Nuclear Weapon
Panzerfaust · Vulvanera
Ragnarok · Malediction
Regulator · Morbid Perversions
Sinworm · Genocidal Tendencies
Venomous Maximus · Beg upon the Light
Whyzdom · Blind?
10-2915 Times Dead · Metasultra
Aut Mori · Первая слеза осени
Detralate · The Fifth Age
Forgotten Souls · Sirius 12
Fullforce · Next Level
Hellectricity · Salem Blood
The Prisoner · The Silence and Nothing
Rotting Serpent · Listen to the Donkey
Ruinside · The Hunt
Shining · Redefining Darkness
Tier Ensaam · Kuvajainen
WildeStarr · A Tell Tale Heart
10-28Asriel · Xanadu
Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni · Soul-Searching
Cardiac Necropsy · Shayateen
Desperado · IV
Divided · To Have Nothing
Hivesmasher · Gutter Choir
Krautnaut · Green Reflecting Solar Waves
Maleficent Vigor · Novus Ordo Seclorum
Rings of Saturn · Dingir
Sparrows · Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination
Worship · Terranean Wake
10-27Aura Saturnal · To His Kingdom
Butterfly Temple · Дыхание
Contra · Arma de asalto
Dimaension X · Drone2012
Eyefear · The Inception of Darkness
Galgamex · Cult ov Death
Golmont · Matrix of Atrocity
Nameless Curse · Abominable Society
Neokhrome · Perihelion
Rome Apart · Transmissions
Subterranean Disposition · Subterranean Disposition
Walpurgis Night · Midnight Wanderer
10-26Anfel · Fragments of Memories
Azure Agony · India
Confession by Silence · Face the End in the Mirror
Custard · Infested by Anger
Dark Confessions · Insanity
Decent Disaster · The Empire
Entrapment · The Obscurity Within​.​.​.
The Fevered · Blackout
Fifteen Dead · Genesis
Frankie and Gator · Burma
Furnaze · None More Black
Gates of Dawn · Sepia
Groan · The Divine Right of Kings
Hoth · Infinite Darkness
Interitus Dei · Occult
Kamelot · Silverthorn
King Bong · Space Shanties
Kitezh · Antitheist
Lento · Anxiety Despair Languish
Love.Might.Kill · 2 Big 2 Fail
Menace · Heavy Lethal
Ofermod · Thaumiel
Orden Ogan · To the End
Pelagic · Nocturnia
Prehistoric Pigs · Wormhole Generator
Rebellion · Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Retaliatory Measures · Withdrawal Syndromes
Rygel · Imminent
Sending Artax · Circus of Me
Skálmöld · Börn Loka
The Sorrow · Misery-Escape
Stormrider · The Path of Salvation
Tiamat · The Scarred People
Torment · The Damage Is Done
Trail of Murder · Shades of Art
Unhale · Human Race
Von Branden · Flammenreich
Voodoma · Bridges to Disturbia
Wolfhetan · Was der Tag nicht ahnt
10-25Black Achemoth · Under the Veil of Darkness
Black Daffodils · Broken Flower
Brute Forcz · Out for Blood
Gene-Split · Triumvirate
Grand Morne · Grand Morne
Ice Atrium · The Ages of Forbidden Race
Luvart · Necromantical Invocation
Ted Kirkpatrick · Edgar Allan Poe: Spoken Tales of a Tortured Genius
Thrustor · Abysmal Fear
Torii · Bereavement
Магистр · Бог обмана
10-24Anthem · Burning Oath
Enshrouding · Time to Kill the Beast
Escape · Neugeburt
Gemini · Sensa Cognissiun
Scream Means Feel · У черты...
Амезарак · Ритуал
Раскол · Время
10-23Abbas Taeter · Oblio
Abiotic · Symbiosis
Autumn, Leaves, Scars · Negative
Behold the Arctopus · Horrorscension
Craneoscuro · Esclavizados
The Curse of Her Flesh · Endings
Degraded · Generalized Oppression
Doomdozer · Internal Impact
God Seed · I Begin
Harakiri for the Sky · Harakiri for the Sky
Knelt Rote · Trespass
Naked Spy · Sogeki
Overthrow · Adjust to Darkness
The Secret · Agnus Dei
Sister Sin · Now and Forever
Somrak · The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned
Troglodyte · Don't Go in the Woods
10-22A Life Once Lost · Ecstatic Trance
Atsphear · Redshift
Azazel · Jesus Perversions
Bison · Lovelessness
Crawlspace · Carved into Flesh
De Magia Veterum · The Deification
Dynfari · Sem skugginn
Earthcry · Where the Road Leads
Imperium Infernale · Primitivo
Legion · Resurrection
Okkultokrati · Snakereigns
Pig Destroyer · Book Burner
Ron Wasserman · Power Rangers Redux
Streaks · Déu autista
The Sword · Apocryphon
Warfaze · সত্য
Wyqm · DeathSpectre
10-21Buffalo Witch · Buffalo Witch Vol. 2
Diabolus · Diabolus
Kayros · Tierras infertiles
Schattenbrandung · I - Apophänie
Svarti Loghin · Luft
10-20Acrania · An Uncertain Collision
Beer Bear · За незримой чертой (Beyond the Invisible Line)
Begotten · Awake
Boris Randall · At the Mountains of Madness
Cu Dubh · Dance of the Seven Deils
Defaced · On the Frontline
Difused · The Silence
Dimlight · Psychosynthesis
Dominus Sathanas · Maldad y lujuria
Dreams After Death · Fading Chains
Dysangelium · Maniachrist
Frade Negro · Black Souls in the Abyss
Gomor · Apocalyptic Rise
Heretic · New Era
Madness · Essence of the Death
Mental Home · Угра
Mourn in Silence · Until the Stars Won't Fall
Nocturnal Pestilence · Evangelium Aeternum
Rancid Flesh · Pathological Zombie Carnage
Tsubo · ...con cognizione di causa
10-19Acid Drinkers · La Part du Diable
Antropomorphia · Evangelivm Nekromantia
Bevar Sea · Bevar Sea
Butelka · Diabeł z powyłamywanymi rogami
Calvaria Fuck Fever · Cause of Chaos
The CNK · Révisionnisme
Cyanide Smile · Manifesto
Dark Sky · Initium
David Brewster · Terrestrial Planet
Doro · Raise Your Fist
Dreadful Prophecy · Absence of Light
Eleim · Hyde
Festering Saliva · Zeroline
Fire Hunter · Arising from Fire
Firestorm · Time of Pain
Insepulto · Morbid Spawn of Resurrection
Internal Harvest · Ethereal Struggle
Juan Ayestas · First Noises at Final Evening
Machinae Supremacy · Rise of a Digital Nation
Manowar · The Lord of Steel
Mob Rules · Cannibal Nation
Mokoma · 180 astetta
Morgue of Saints · Sleep​/​Death
Mylai Massacre · Toxic Society
Obscurity · Obscurity
Odium Totus · Nullam Congue Nihil
Orloff · Apparitions Among the Graveyard Skies
Paragon · Force of Destruction
Rage Nucléaire · Unrelenting Fucking Hatred
Repent · Vortex of Violence
Rotting Serpent · Raping the Grave
Rotting Serpent · Unblack Metal ist Krieg
Seduced · Slay the Fucking Jesus Christ
Skeletor · Skeletor
Speaking to the Deaf · This Equipment Must Be Hearted
Subhuman · Tributo di sangue
Thy Wicked · Hoffnung und Zuversicht
WarnerBeast · Pinnacle of Man
Wintersun · Time I
10-18Avi Dei · Return to the Fire
Deus.exe · Collapse
Element of Decadence · Penance of This Sacrilege
Fugax · Bury the Hatchet Wound
Mountain Goat · Mountain Goat
Thy Art Is Murder · Hate
Umbra Morta · A Sombra da Morte
Upon Shadows · 7 Chapters (Shadows of Despair and Other Entities)...
We Came Out Like Tigers · Agelessness and Lack
Чиста Криниця · Криницiада
10-17Blindman · Blazing Crisis
Bloodshed Walhalla · The Battle Will Never End
Boggart · Damnatio Perpetuus
Eclipse Insomnia · Nevertrust
Forgotten · 13 Martyrs
Helvette · Purging of the Worthless
Menstrual Cocktail · Prolapse Party
10-16Bandoso · Semesta Paradoks
Butyric Fermentation · Sea of Slut Rot
Czarnobog · Czarnobog
DeathCrawl · Accelerated Rate of Decay
Dethklok · Dethalbum III
Donkerland · Schimbarea pământului
Indesinence · Vessels of Light and Decay
Inner Sanctvm · Christi Testamenta
Juggernaught · Bring the Meat Back
Ævangelist · De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis
10-15Anaal Nathrakh · Vanitas
The Arrs · Soleil noir
Astral Sleep · Visions
Beyond the Gates · Zodiac
Cockney Rejects · East End Babylon
Diluve · What the Hell?!
Earth Ship · Iron Chest
El Dragon · Victoria
The HAARP Machine · Disclosure
The Hypodermic Eye · The Twitching Hour
Longobardeath · Calibro rovente
Mage · Black Sands
Medico Peste · א: Tremendum et Fascinatio
My Dying Bride · A Map of All Our Failures
Senmuth · Точка невозврата
Serenity Defiled · Where Chaos Reigns
Vivid Remorse · Down to the Wire
War Iron · The Fifth and Final Sun
The Weeping Willow · Impale
Witchcraft · Hegyek felettem
10-14Chamber of Horrors · Burning Screams Holocaust
Erratic Escape · Erratic Escape
Extasy Crypt · Death Tunnel
Ominous Debauch · Tenebrarum Daemonum Ars
Shoggoth · The Age of Terror
Tidal Dreams · Once upon a Tide
Validor · Dawn of the Avenger
10-13Aeternam · Moongod
Broken & Burnt · Let the Burning Begin
Decarabia · Darker Than Black
Declamatory · Human Remains
Dira Mortis · Euphoric Convulsions
Drottnar · Stratum
Framtid · I fiendeland
Fuck I'm Dead · Another Gory Mess
Hell Goat · The Tide
Knaat · Die Lichtung
Komunál · U zašlejch časů
Landwork · The Stand
Logical Riddle · Evolution
Lostair · Anguane
Nohesth De Groth · Groskherd, Echoes of Toggrits
Petrichorus · Beyond the Ancient Bluffs
Promethee · Nothing Happens, Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes.
Sentinelles · L'Envol
Sunset Tzunami · The Blackest Gift
These Worlds Collide · Shake the Foundations
Ubi Sunt · I
Under Destruction · Origin
Unremains · Into the Victory
Virgolamia · Penitenziagite!
Wicked Mystic · Beware and Whisper
10-12Antalgia · Perception of Reality
Bastard Chain · Church of the Damned
Brutal Unrest · Nemesis
Buenos Aires · Espíritu libre
Burn Your Highness · We Drank Heavily
Cropsy · The Outer Dark
Crowned · Vacuous Spectral Silence
Demontool · Prophétie MMXII
Glaciation · 1994
Gore and Carnage · Carnage Drinking Party
Horde of Draugar · Birth of a Draugr
IceHel · Revelations
Kremathorium · New Wave of Latinamerican Metal
Magica · Center of the Great Unknown
Metallcoma · Illusion of Truth
Nale · Ghost Road Blues
Omnicide · Risen to Ruin
Osseltion · Last Words
Pain Confessor · Incarcerated
Pastore · The End of Our Flames
Planks · Funeral Mouth
Psychogod · Alone
Red Moon Architect · Concealed Silence
Scerra · In Via
Silent Leges Inter Arma · Silent Leges Inter Arma
Solemn They Await · Sanctuary in the Depths
Soulspell · Hollow's Gathering
Trihexyn · Of Death and Desire
Valonkantajat · Tuomittu elämään
Zombie Cookbook · Outside the Grave
10-11The Advent Equation · Limitless Life Reflections
DreamLongDead · MadnessDeadGrave - Invocations Three to the Ones That Lurk at the Threshold
Give Zombies the Vote · Dominions
Hok-key · R.I.P.
Kawir · Ισόθεος
Knight of the Round · Gaia's Bane
Kremated · Total Warfare
Kälter · Ubuntu
Luay Rifai · Timeless Truths
Revelation · Inner Harbor
Сад Грёз · Время карает всех
10-10Angel of Nature · Angel of Nature
Arthar · An Old Feeling
Baht · In My Veins
Decap Attak · Wreck n' Roll
Doble Esfera · Mi universo
Erradica · Nacidos en el despertar de las nuevas eras
Fall of the Idols · Solemn Verses
Finitude · Dissensio Homines Part I
Galneryus · Angel of Salvation
Gaslight · Gaslight
Internal Damage · Age of Violence
Lamúria Abissal · O Último Descanso Finalmente lhe é Concedido
Mirrordead · Reborn
Pathogen · Forged in the Crucible of Death
Saber Tiger · Messiah Complex
Side of Despondency · The Main as Well That Is Not Very
Were-Jaguars · Were-Jaguars
10-09Ajana · Home in Decay
Arkaik · Metamorphignition
Daylight Dies · A Frail Becoming
Enslaved · RIITIIR
Germán Pascual · A New Beginning
Malignancy · Eugenics
Odin's Court · Appalachian Court
Onward to Olympas · Indicator
Seven Kingdoms · The Fire Is Mine
T.A.N.K · Spasms of Upheaval
Through the Thorns · Woodland Horizons
The Water Witch · The Heavens in Traction
Weapon · Embers and Revelations
Well of Souls · Sorrow My Name
10-08Alien Garden · Dangerous Games
Cauldron · Tomorrow's Lost
Cráneo Candente · Igual que ayer
Cyclope Vision · Hammersmith
God Damn · Back to the Grindstone
Homicide Hagridden · US
Killers · 10:10
Shores of Melancholy · The Withering
Soulphureus · Rest in Hell
Triaxis · Rage and Retribution
10-07Iron Attack! · Paper Moon
Wajardo · Con todo respeto...
10-068m/s · Running Out the Black July
Always Fallen · The Age of Rivalry
Continuum · From the Depths...
Create|Destroy · Organic Perception
Fear the Setting Sun · Of Slumber Woods Once Spoke
Fortaleza · Fortaleza oculta
Galmet · Dawn of the Rebellion
Gillman · Escalofrío II... La conclusión
Masnema · The Divided
Niburta · Scream from the East
Skull Branded Pirates · An Oath Sworn on Broken Bones
Skull Incision · Compendium
Stoic Dissention · Relinquished (A Crumbling Monument Witnessed by None)
Suicide Emotions · Last Cut...
Vassals · The Ascendant
10-05Aside from a Day · Chasing Shadows
Assayer · America the Beautiful
Befallen · Degeneration
Cardiac · El sudor de la gloria
Caçador de Almas · Vigário Maldito
Chains · Of Death
Code for Silence · Eyes World Shut
Demonic Death Judge · Skygods
Downfall of Gaia · Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes
Erotic Devil Worship · Primitive, Bizarre and Pretty Much Fucked Up! (An Album You Are Not Supposed to Understand)
The Fallen Within · The Day You Died Inside
Fogalord · A Legend to Believe In
Heralder · Echoes
Indomite · Theater of Time
The Kill · Make 'Em Suffer
Klone · The Dreamer's Hideaway
Lascowiec · Frostwinds of the Apocalypse
Maradorn · Dunkelheit und Licht
Nightstick · Rock + Roll Weymouth
Spoil Engine · The Art of Imperfection
Sylosis · Monolith
Varg · Guten Tag
Чёрный Обелиск · Мой мир. Том 1
10-04Dark Fusion · InFusion
Deathknell · Still to Decide
Loch Vostok · V: The Doctrine Decoded
Misanthrope Count Mercyful · Just Hate
Pulsar Colony · The Deep Sleep
Steel Storm · К концу времён...
10-03Aeglyss · An Ill-Formed Faith
Chronic Xorn · From Mercy
Corroded · State of Disgrace
Dimicandum · The Legacy of Gaia
Ghosthill · Flying Through Imagination
Hemlock · The Only Enemy
Obsession · Order of Chaos
Photophobia · The Seven States of Mourning
Sideburn · IV Monument
Sub-Zero · Megszólalok
X-Mantra · Pralaya 2012
10-02Athkan · Walking Through Fear
Blind by Midnight · Of Gods and Victims
Magicis Vulgaris Raptorem · Tales from the Fishmonger's Wife
Menace Ruine · Alight in Ashes
Sakrileg · Sakrileg
Undeon · 1
Валькирия · Святым огнём
10-01Abraham · The Serpent, the Prophet & the Whore
Anal Blasphemy · Perversions of Satan
Asspera · Viaje al centro de la verga
Bastard of the Skies · Tarnation
Beautality · Providence
Claim the Throne · Cabba Sings Claim the Throne
Crushing Axes · Black Book
Dark Seal · Pagan Thoughts vol.1
The Descent · Dimensional Matters
Dom · Dom II End
Dragomir Draganov · Beyond the Time
Eclectic Spawn · Panspermia
E.N.G.E.L. · Es nuestra gestión eterna luchar
Estoner · The Stump Will Rise
Fil di Ferro · It's Always Time
Gurthang · Infinite Void
Iamdisease · Iamdisease
Inverno · Inverno
Ivory Moon · Dark Time
Jarun · Wziemiozstąpienie
Jute Gyte · Senescence
King Parrot · Bite Your Head Off
Lua Negra Pagã · Winter 2012
Magnum Itiner Interius · Departure at the Betrayal of Life
Nailgun · New World Chaos
Nocturnal Lust · Outside
Nyx Aether · Entering into Rebirth
Presto Ballet · Relic of the Modern World
Pure Evil · As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown in Despair
Rapsöd · Pochodeň
Raventale · Transcendence
Sabbath Assembly · Ye Are Gods
Sauroctonos · Our Cold Days Are Still Here When the Lights Are Out
Savage Annihilation · Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries
Sedate Illusion · Illusory Sustenance
Sementhal Martyr Penetrated · In My Chaotic Supremacy
Snuff · Southland Grindcore Assault
S.R.L. · De Humana Maiestate
Symptomen · Men Against Men
Tchandala · Fear of Time
Trollech · Vnitřní tma
Tyranny Enthroned · Born of Hate
Vexed · Void MMXII
Vomitor · The Escalation
Vortex · Le Poids du vide
Westhia · Westhia
Wizardrone · The Last Coming
Wizardrone · The New Order of Chaos
10-??Adoria · Herbsthymnen
AfterDreams · WildFire
Anachronism · Senseless
Antipop · Counter Hegemony
Apathie · Trugbilder einer Erinnerung
Apeiron · Apeiron
Apollyon Mechanicus · Paralypomenon
Atoll Nerat · Путешествия в отдельные реальности / Journey to Separate Realities
Atrocia · Inward Chaos
Awaiting Fear · After Execution
Blaze of Sorrow · Echi
Breed of Scorn · Antitype
Bunker 66 · Infernö Interceptörs
Carphatya · Dimensiones del vacío
Crowned in Earth · A Vortex of Earthly Chimes
Daniel Bautista · Eurotrip
Dark Rage · Hate Is Our Nature
Demolition · Epochal Upheaval
Der Geist · The Pain We Don't Feel
Dislocator · Devouring the World
Dygitals · Avé...
Dyscarcia · Conception of an Immoral Deity
Grumo · Voglio vederti sprofondare
Hahn Kult · Jydsk mudder
Heavy Duty · Second Coming
Helland · Black Garbage
Helland · Digitalis
Hërmës · Debajo de la cuidad
Iverial · Poder lobo
Khargash · Pathway Through Illumination
Kraljevski Apartman · Igre bez pravila
Lagrima · Hannibal ad Portas
Manimal · Multiplicity
Mechanical Flames · The Cruelty of North
Mephorash · Chalice of Thagirion
Morbid Fog · Αρχεγονο σκοτος
Munkill · Suicide or Homicide
No Time for Redemption · Irony of Fate
On Pain of Death · Year Naught Doom
Partiac Arrest · Beat Wagon
Persian Risk · Once a King
Poema Arcanvs · Transient Chronicles
Rotting Empire · Sui Generis
Sagittarius · Loahpa Jienat
Sagrado · Mass Sufferings of a Human Being
Sand Aura · Elegy of the Orient
Scenery · Mental Confusion
Shuja · Eternal Emptiness of Doom's Hall
Sun Dried Intestines · Psychopaths and Murderers
Victorians - Aristocrats' Symphony · Revival
Vinterkrig · Ashes of Non-Existence
Wither · Necropolis
Xipe Totec · In Moyocoyani
Епизод · Моята молитва
09-30Anamnesi · Descending the Ruins of Aura
Animae Capronii · A Solemn Chanting Arise for You
Caliber · Let's Start This!
Element of Eclipse · Apotheosis
Graveland · Pamięć i przeznaczenie
NHSH · Rasende Kraft
Obsidian Shell · In Noxa Est
Taste · Retaliation of Discomfort Organisms
Toorn · Kronieken van het einde
Иксион · Век обречённых
09-29Baal Ze Ub · ...from the Cave of the Forgotten
Battalion · Set the Phantom Afire
The Black Thunder · The Thunder Is Black
Bloodsurge · Waves of Disaster
Dehydrated · Zone Beneath the Skin
Faithful Darkness · Black Mirrors Reflection
Forbidden Eye · Orthodox Path of Worship
Grumpf · Wild, Wet and Willing
Infinite Translation · Masked Reality
Ing · Ingquisition
Mount Fuji · Mount Fuji
Mundano · Conteo de los cráneos
Netra · Sørbyen
Purge of Venom · Veni Vidi Veneni
Sleepers Awake · Transcension
Sparzanza · Death Is Certain, Life Is Not
Weeping Silence · For the Unsung
Zebulon Kosted · Earth Liberation Front
09-28Aghone · À tous les soldats inconnus
An Autumn for Crippled Children · Only the Ocean Knows
Antagonist Zero · Doomed
Balflare · Downpour
Dalriada · Napisten hava
Dead Alone · Ad Infinitum
Deserted Fear · My Empire
Dordeduh · Dar de duh
Eldrimner · Inom förloppet av ett liv
Enchantya · Dark Rising
Erkryss · Diminished Ascension
Eïs · Wetterkreuz
Glowsun · Eternal Season
Hell's Fire · A.M.M.O. (A Motherfucking Mayhem Overdose)
Hellbringer · Dominion of Darkness
Hellscourge · Unmerciful Blasphemies
Isenscur · Mónaþfylen
Lich King · Born of the Bomb
Macbeth · Wiedergänger
Mamont · Passing Through the Mastery Door
Meathook · Facing Deformity
Mongol · The Altan Urug
Necrotorture · Gore Solution
Nihil Mortum · Aletheia
Obelyskkh · White Lightnin'
Orphalis · Human Individual Metamorphosis
Sinister · The Carnage Ending
Slaughter of the Souls · MMXII
Sudden Death · Resource
Sundowning · Seizures of the World
Therion · Les Fleurs du Mal
Timo Rautiainen & Neljäs Sektori · Kunnes elämä meidät erottaa
Tragic Cause · Dead Man Walking
Tray of Gift · The Tray of Gift
Unfathomable Ruination · Misshapen Congenital Entropy
Wake and Prevail · Fate of the Majesty
Whispersorrow · Black Era
09-27Caronte · Ascension
Eihwaz · Amadeus
Fecund Betrayal · Depths That Buried the Sea
Mad Mav · The Fiddler Queen
Serpent ov Old · Serpent ov Synth
Serpent ov Old · Withering Hope
Twilight Fauna · The Grotesque Travesty of Creation
Vagrond · Of Separation and Departure
Verstorben · Frei sind nur die Toten
09-26Amadeüs · Black Jack
Angband · Saved from the Truth
Ashes of Moon · Ashes of Moon
Ataraxy · Revelations of the Ethereal
Atropos · Reconquista
Crying Machine · The Time Has Come
Die Hard · Conjure the Legions
Dreamstoria · Dreamstoria
Evil Shepherd · Evil Through Darkness and Darkness Through Death
Faraday Cage · Tales of Human Nature
Infernal Blaze · Veiled Signals
Liv Moon · The End of the Beginning
Necroven · Worship of Humiliation
Versailles · Versailles
Vlad · Peruvian Bullets Attack!!!
09-25Abysme · Strange Rites
After Rain · Beyond the Underground
As I Lay Dying · Awakened
Black September · Into the Darkness Into the Void
Blunt Force Trauma · Let Them Eat Lead
Bullet · Full Pull
By the Patient · Premonitions
Dokken · Broken Bones
Execration · The Acceptance of Zero Existence
Fiends at Feast · Towards the Baphomet's Throne
Fight Amp · Birth Control
Geist · Der Ungeist
Heaven's Cry · Wheels of Impermanence
Hollow Haze · Poison in Black
Holocaust Necropsy · Devastation
Kerion · CloudRiders Part 1: Road to Skycity
Noisear · Turbulent Resurgence
Oak Pantheon · From a Whisper
Omnihility · Biogenesis
Pathology · The Time of Great Purification
Pletora · Путь воина
Redimoni · Standing Before the End of Time
S-Core · Into the Deepest...
Sik · Broken Sanity
Silencer · The Great Bear
Thrashless · Awaiting Rebirth
Thy Majestie · ShiHuangDi
Vision · Hope & Fear
Void Paradigm · Void Paradigm
09-24Abducted Child · The First World Invasion (re-recording)
Achokarlos · Kill the Light
Asedio · El orígen de todos los males
Decline of the I · Inhibition
Endrah · The Culling
Evocation · Illusions of Grandeur
Lachaise · In a State of Oblivion
Masterly · Sin identidad
Nocturnal Damnation · Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion
Steve Harris · British Lion
Sybreed · God Is an Automaton
To-Mera · Exile
Tygers of Pan Tang · Ambush
09-23Blue Aside · The Moles of a Dying Race
The Neologist · The Promise of Eternal Separation
The Reverend of Despair · At the Edge of the World
Wet Nightmare · Wet Nightmare
Wrenchneck · Wrenchneck
Yansen · Schamanensang
Троя · Гимн веры в любовь
09-22Almafuerte · Trillando la fina
Dark Quarterer · Dark Quarterer: XXV Anniversary
Dockalfar · Children of the Moon - Obscure Night Symphonies
Evergreen Refuge · Immersed
Flawless Victory · Drag Me to Hell
Hedlok · Behold the Deathsquad
Hell Theater · Reincarnation of Evil
Icy Steel · Krònothor
Impactor · Arise in Decay
Martiria · Roma S.P.Q.R.
Mirrorblaze · Triumph of the Villain
P.O.O.R. · Extinction of Trust
Quest for Serenity · Whispers of Despair
Revoltons · 386 High Street North: Come Back to Eternity
Revolution Within · Straight from Within
Szron · Death Camp Earth
Taedeat · [10:6-7]
Tantrum · Rebellion
Turbo Rexx · The Ancient Stories
Whiskey Ritual · Narconomicon
Веремій · Там, де сонце встає...
Свалка · Всем насрать на нас - нам насрать на всех!!
09-21Ashent · Inheritance
Avercage · Hyperpolis
Axehammer · Marching On
Behexen · Nightside Emanations
Blut aus Nord · 777 - Cosmosophy
Dahaca · The Pure Misanthropy
Deep Coma · Recording Abnormal Psychotic Episodes
Disphere · Sink to the Core
Elektrum · Труп системы
Erben des Zorns · Zweitens: Krieg
Feast for the Maggots · ...Waiting for Cadaver
Giften · Torn Flesh and Broken Bones
Helcaraxë · Red Dragon
Hipoxia · Hipoxia
Illdisposed · Sense the Darkness
Kotiteollisuus · Sotakoira II
La Division Mentale · Totem Simius
Loathsome · Born from Rot
Manetheren · Time
NettleCarrier · NettleCarrier
Nexus 6 · Akira in Moskow
Orion · Voyage to the Promised Land
Posthum · Lights Out
Protestant · Reclamation
Redline · Vice
Satan's Wrath · Galloping Blasphemy
Senmuth · Объятия камней
Sheratán · Mundo sin perdón
Speed Science · The Theory of a Genesis
Steel Engraved · On High Wings We Fly
Sturm und Drang · Graduation Day
Switchblade · Switchblade
Undercroft · Ruins of Gomorrah
Venturia · Dawn of a New Era
Vexillum · The Bivouac
Wilderun · Olden Tales & Deathly Trails
Witchcraft · Legend
09-20Aragonit · Astraleum
Buckethead · Pike 10 - The Silent Picture Book
Buckethead · Pike 8 - Racks
Buckethead · Pike 9 - March of the Slunks
Fabulae Dramatis · Om
GraveSideService · Popes Pears
Kaar · Kaarokalypsa
The Revenge Project · The Neverending
Skogen · Eld
Spacebag · Magnetic Struggle
09-19Altered Beast · Living for the Sin
Anthropophobe · Le royaume des morts
Beltane · Democide
Distant Decend · Driven by Rage
Emptiness Soul · No Future
Limit Zero · Gravestone Constellations
Orange Blossom Jam · Mystic Jar of Doom
Reabilitator · Global Degeneration
09-18Abstracter · Tomb of Feathers
Azordon · To Nothing and Beyond
Becoming the Archetype · I Am
Ctrl+Alt+Delete · Computer​-​Aided​-​Death
Devin Townsend Project · Epicloud
Eugenic Death · Crimes Against Humanity
Haarp · Husks
Horda · Horda
Ikkadian · Of Alpha and Omega
Legacy of Disorder · Last Man Standing
Rabbits · Bites Rites
Saatana Hatiim · Order of Honor to a New Supremacy of Hate
Sturmfront · Location:666
Urku · Atukñan
09-17Angertea · Nr. 4: Songs Exhaled
The Arcane Horror · The Arcane Horror
Armonight · Tales from the Heart
Bombs of Hades · The Serpent's Redemption
Crisalida · Solar
Dreadful Silence · Carnival of Dead Bodies
Hellveto · Damnaretis
The Howling Void · The Womb Beyond the World
I Legion · Beyond Darkness
Karma to Burn · Slight Reprise
Logic Mess · Element of the Grid
Loss of Charity · Outside the Shadows
Mortifilia · Fate
Sedna · Sublime End
T.O.S.T War · Command of War
Ufomammut · Oro: Opus Alter
Бездна Анального Угнетения · Хроники последних дней
09-16Adamon · Nightmare of My Dreams
Alice Through the Windshield Glass · Brutalis Australis
Balberith · Darkness.Death.Legion
Carrion Mother · Koronis
Hellevate · Hellevate
Виев Град · Окружение
Планида · Шаг до бездны
09-15Bisongrass · Bisongrass
Celophys · Triassic Desert
Chton · The Devil Builds
Clenched Fist · The Gift of Death
Eisen Dragon · Tears of a Warrior
Elderoth · Elderoth
Elma · Elma LP
Entropia · Black Drop in Clear Water
Eternal Void · Art of Our Demise
Hate Embrace · Domination . Occult . Art
Heptah · Master of Delusion
In Eternum · Anatomy of Melancholy
Iraqi Death Police · Allah Will Fuck You
Metalmorphose · Máquina dos Sentidos
Order of the Owl · In the Noon of the After Day
Primordius · Struggle for Existence
Razorwyre · Another Dimension
Show of Bedlam · Roont
Within Destruction · From the Depths
Веда · Тайных дорог позабыты следы
09-14ArchiTorture · Spare No One
Black Acid Souls · Deadly Sins
Brutal Exuberância · Território Perdido
Cobolt 60 · The Grim Defiance
Crowhurst · No Life to Live
Dienamic · Surfing the Apocalypse
Elvenking · Era
Existem · Years of Winter
Fiar · Illusion of Reality
Fishead · Green Hope
Forevers' Fallen Grace · Firebound Manifesto
The Gebruder Grim · Bamberg Apocalypse
Kraków · Diin
Kyler · Swagger
Minas Morgul · Ära
Muert · Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis
Myrah · My Deliverance
Novus Ordo · At the End of the New Times
Obscenity · Atrophied in Anguish
Rimortis · Peklo, co říká si svět
The Seathmaw Project · Fractal Memories
Seremonia · Seremonia
Vision Divine · Destination Set to Nowhere
09-13Dark Metamorphosis · Blood Burden
Demon · Unbroken
Deus Otiosus · Godless
Eliminator · No Friends No Trends
Line of Fate · Dark Age
R. Nikolaenko · Wake Up, Birds Are Singing...
09-12Bloody Terror · Shadow of Death
Fallen Up · Death of Conscience
The Gathering · Disclosure
Karnarium · Otapamo Pralaja
Ride at Dawn · Human Altars
Shield the Survivors · 7:53
Spectral Tombs · Veins as Poisoned Streams
Steelratt · Hantavirosis
09-11Altar of Oblivion · Grand Gesture of Defiance
Arctic Sorrow · The Desolate Ice Planet
Berkowitz · Sent to Dominate
Cryptopsy · Cryptopsy
The Guilt Parade · Silver Leech
Hell United · Aura Damage
Hooded Menace · Effigies of Evil
Khors · Мудрість століть (Wisdom of Centuries)
Ktulu · Makinal
Melankoli · Wind
Morgue Son · Impure Speculum Replete with Eeriness
Pottiin · Seize the Stories
Prototype · Catalyst
Serpentine Path · Serpentine Path
Spheric Universe Experience · The New Eve
Trails of Sorrow · Languish in Oblivion
Vengeance of Mine · Abnormal Condition of the Mind
Wanderlust · Monolithes entre ruines
Warder · Below the Surface
Wudeliguhi · Darkening Lands
Yellowtooth · Disgust
Эпоха · Молот ведьм
09-10Aeon Zen · Enigma
Alastor · Destiny
Dead Cowboy's Sluts · The Hand of Death
Décombres · Décombres
Ehnahre · Old Earth
Enemynside · Whatever Comes
Messenger · You Choose
Nagaarum · Oort II.
Scar for Life · 3 Minute Silence
Skulldron · Liber Unum
Supa Scoopa · Slices of Life
Unchained · Oncoming Chaos
Vanir · Onwards into Battle
Winterfylleth · The Threnody of Triumph
09-09Blood of the Black Owl · Light the Fires!
The Deathisodes · Destructive Patterns of Creation
Mortör · Shoot 'Em Up
Pro-Pain · Straight to the Dome
Satanic Butcher · Odium Humani Generis
Senmuth · Sacrumental
Tartharia · Horror Without Name
Thromos · Haures
Tjolgtjar · Psychedelic
Tjolgtjar · Under Command of Tjolgtjar
09-08Antim Grahan · I Wish You Death
Death Agony · Carcinogenic Memories
Liquified Guts · Sour Cream and Phibes
Serocs · Oneirology
The9thCell · Galga de Zebra Ilesa
Unholy Crucifix · Ordo Servorum Satanae
Velnias · RuneEater
z3r0c00l · The Console Wars
09-07Arkhamin Kirjasto · Torches Ablaze
Cannon · Burning Love
Dark Horizon · Dark Light Shades
Demon Vomit · Brutal Blasphemy
Gutfed · The Reign of Pure Madness and Contagious Perversion
Hevisaurus · Kadonneen louhikäärmeen arvoitus
Ice Dragon · greyblackfalconhawk
Inmost Ego · the End
Isolated · Demonical Conspiracy
Iugulatus · Satanic Pride
Metal Styx · Магический амулет
The Mystery · Apocalypse 666
Niktkolwiek · Bzaurie
Phalgeron · Cosmic Cataclysms
Revolting · Hymns of Ghastly Horror
R.O.D. · Death for All
Sakrificer · Relentless Torment
Tesa · IV
Tragic Death · Apocalyptic Metal
Ψυονξηε · De Praestigiis Daemonum
09-06Echoes of Silence · Suicidal Romance
El Straffo · Hecho en México
Emptiness of Life · Want to Feel
Satanic Impalement · Demons from Beyond
Soulstorm · Fall of the Rebel Angels
Sunstroke · Enemy of Civilization
Wood of Light · Feelikescaping
09-05Commando · Fuckaholics
Cyntia · Endless World
Hate Meditation · Acceptance & Surrender
Idisenfluch · Vergänglichkeit
Imperial Triumphant · Abominamentvm
Land of Fog · Heathen Tales
Lustration · Psymbolik
Orthank · Тишиною лесов наслаждаясь
Rectal Collapse · Penetrating in Your Abdominal Cavity
Scarm · Fragile
Vagrant God · Vagrant God
09-04Acheron's Chaos · Ashes of the Dead
Deafknife · Deafknife
Goat Bleeder · Evil Ressurected
Gorephagous · Among the Rotting
Legion of Doom · The Summoning of Shadows
Massive Fire · Massive Fire
Monobrow · Bennington Triangle Blues
Morbidness · Eternal Fires Burning
Orategod · With Love from Sinister
Red Everest · N'Everest in Peace
Remnants of Man · The Premonition
Sacred Guardian · Sacred Guardian
Sylencer · A Lethal Dose of Truth
Tales of Evening · Hajléktalan lélek
Urogenital Macrophage · Perversion and Sickness Destroy the Human Race
Авентайл · Слепой судья
09-03Ad Patres · Scorn Aesthetics
Alunah · White Hoarhound
Drunk Dog · La escuela del desorden
Exterminas · Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy
Frostbitten · Nocturnal Hypnosis
La Mansión · Vita Brevis
M.A.D: Goya · Sekta alkohol
Masachist · Scorned
Naxac · Paths of Life and Death
Neutron Hammer · Iron Storm Evocation
Nocturnal Amentia · Necromentia
Open Denile · Visions of the Next Dimension
Primitive Graven Image · Psychedelic Episodes - Observations on Death and Deathlessness
Slomatics · A Hocht
When Woods Make Graves · This Patch of Dirt Where Nothing Grows
09-02Burning Church Forest · Book 5
Department of Correction · L'École du goût
Regurgitate Life · The Human Complex
Soulecy · Nautical Twilight
Yolwolf · Thorns-Horns
09-01Agmen · Call of Blood
The Austrasian Goat · Paved Intentions
Blood Dancer · Blood Dancer
Broken Anatomy · The Obsession
Christopher Walken · I Have a Drink
The Cold View · Weeping Winter
Cult of Herodias · Antevorta
Dark Paranoia · Solstice to the Everlasting Sorrow
Dawn of Eternity · Shadows of Ruin
Dysfigure · Ashes to Existence
Excellent Cadaver · Faith Destroyed
Infinitus Mortus · The Conspiracy of Love
Invading Chapel · Soul's Peace Is Riding in Trance
JMO · Rise To Your Knees
Perpetrator · Retribution
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · The Tower of Infinity
Prison of Mirrors · Хрупкий призрачный свет
Psyaxis · Black Dawn Rising
Saccage · Death Crust Satanique
Sagittari · Albert Fish
Saint Ivo · Doomestication
Silent Knight · Chaos Nebula
Silent Poetry · Echoes from the World
Steamforged · Transmigration
Taifa · Despertando el silencio
Toundra · Toundra (III)
Triskèle · IV
Viter · Springtime
Voltron · Kaventsmann
Waheelas Fährte · Vom Aufbau und Fall der Utopie Waheela
Yakut · Fractal
Zeroasis · X-Factor
Фантом · Час расплаты
09-??Abstract Violence · Crossoverized
Aragons · Damai yang Hilang
As God Created · Creation's Crowning Glory
Ashen Epitaph · Sunshine Above the Grave
Battlefield · Before the Storm
Bloody Vengeance · From the Abyss
Buffalo · Los días lentos
Bäd Influence · Viru5
Ceremonia · Música de enfermos
Daymare · Эффект присутствия
Death Rattle · Man's Ruin
Deathterror · Airlines
Defiant · Era of Substitution
Democrysis · Sino hostil
Demonic Forest · Night on Frozen Land
Echoes of Silence · Stormbringer
Embellish · Blindead
Eschaton · Unshaken
ForestGrave · Storm Winds of Nowhere
Freitod · Regenjahre
Frodhos Death · Ritual Sanctuary
Further Dimension · They Live
Guttural Slug · Intercranial Purgatory
Head of the Demon · Head of the Demon
Hombre Viejo · Solitario ser
Legal Hate · Disguise
Leyenda · Ciudad del caos
Menteryo · Possessed to Murdering
Nasty Fire · The Overdose
Necrotroopers · Worship Ancient
Norphobia · Seelenglanz
Noxious · И хлынет кровь
O.H. · Изкривен стандарт
Overdeath · Destrozados
The Pestilence Choir · Gravity Hits
Samrt · Mizantrop mazohist
Selbstmord · No Forgiveness!
Surgically Impaled · Becoming the Horde
Sytris · Confessions of the Fall
Totale Vernichtung · Feuerbestattung
Twisted Tales · We Shall Be Heard
Yagas · Emisarios del mal
08-31AnVision · AstralPhase
At Devil Dirt · Chapter II "Vulgo gratissimus auctor"
Deiphago · Satan Alpha Omega
Grave Digger · Clash of the Gods
The Graviators · Evil Deeds
Mortuorial Eclipse · The Aethyrs' Call
My Darkest Side · Voices from Room Zero
Nekrospawn · Halo of Terror
Odium · Beautiful Violence
Phantom-X · The Opera of the Phantom
Somnus Aeternus · On the Shores of Oblivion
Svölk · Nights Under the Round Table
Threshold · March of Progress
Throne of Anguish · Shade of Night
Troldhaugen · Ramshackle
Vesen · This Time It's Personal
Winters · Berlin Occult Bureau
Winterstorm · Kings Will Fall
08-30Atra Hora · Via Combusta
Black Magician · Nature Is the Devil's Church
Impaled Offering · Eternity Awaits
Sutratma · Sutratma
Toyz · The Infinite Road
Xerbittert · Monotone Hymns
08-29Doomsower · 1974
Ex Deo · Caligvla
LvxCælis · Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII
Massdistraction · Follow the Rats
Umbilichaos · Entrails II
Umbilichaos · Entrails III
Zervm · Nex Cvltvs
08-28Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell · Don't Hear It... Fear It!
Anatomia · Decaying in Obscurity
Auroch · From Forgotten Worlds
Doom Syndicate · Midsummer's Fall
Dysrhythmia · Test of Submission
Eagle Twin · The Feather Tipped the Serpent's Scale
Epic Fuel · Panopticon
Genedefect · Nebulae Archaic
Gypsyhawk · Revelry & Resilience
Holy Knights · Between Daylight and Pain
Kamikabe · Aberration of Man
Klast · Tropean Winds
Konkeror · The Abysmal Horizons
Minority Sound · The Explorer
Murder Construct · Results
Nightstalker · Dead Rock Commandos
Radgorath · Dracan Dreor
Sound Storm · Immortalia
Wind Rose · Shadows over Lothadruin
08-27Aloop · Dead End - New Deal
Back Door to Asylum · Akathisia
Cyanic · Litanies of Lust Unholy
Instinct · The Black Wound
Katatonia · Dead End Kings
Lords of Bastard · Cuddles
The Order · 1986
Pegasus Void · Pegasus Void
Remnant · Instrumentals Unleashed
Stealing Axion · Moments
Suntorn · The Will to Power
08-26Artisian · Changing Seasons
Gust · Tracks Along the River
Kolorombeng · Dangerous Words
08-25Angels Fate · :||
Bedemon · Symphony of Shadows
Blacksoul Seraphim · Alms & Avarice
Haggatha · Haggatha IV
Horde of Nebulah · Satanic Hordes
Krallice · Years Past Matter
Nailed · The Spire of Sins
Northerion · Silent Screams
Parole · Grams of Hate
Scum Sentinel · Scumshot
Shame Yourself · Wonderfuck
08-24Benighted in Sodom · Disappear Here
Bloated Pig · Made for Hell
Bloodred Hourglass · Lifebound
DarkTribe · Mysticeti Victoria
Drowning Horse · Drowning Horse
Dämmerfarben · Herbstpfad
Emerald · Unleashed
Ensiferum · Unsung Heroes
Fortíð · Pagan Prophecies
Gaskin · Edge of Madness
Grave · Endless Procession of Souls
Hubris · Hubris
I Spit Ashes · Inhaling Blackness - Reflecting Light
Jan · Vampire Ampire
Kaine · Falling Through Freedom
Khonsu · Anomalia
Krampus · Survival of the Fittest
Over Your Threshold · Facticity
Psicofonía · A marchas forzadas
Psychiatric Regurgitation · Stabbed in the Eyes with a Crack Pipe
Restrayned · A Dark New Day
The Royal Arch Blaspheme · II
Saturnian · Dimensions
Scornage · ReaFEARance
Sterbhaus · Angels for Breakfast ...and God for Lunch
Stinking Lizaveta · 7th Direction
Tantara · Based on Evil
TBC · The Rise
Trollfest · Brumlebassen
Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni · Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
08-23Circle of Ouroborus · Abrahadabra
Communion of Thieves · To Serve Man
Crimson Valley · Crossing the Sky
Hatred · Stainless
Natural Hate · Delivery Service of Chaos
Rust · Damned Hellish Voids
Thorned · Thorned
Totenwolf · Night Path of Pest
Wolves and Jackals · The Rise of the Mourning Star
08-22Alhambra · Siegfried
Chainsaw Dissection · Macabre Massacre
Deviator · Fehu-Fohat-Fire
Downfall of Debris · Downfall of Debris
Enemy X · The Ends of the Earth
Inuksuk · Inuksuk
Krucipüsk · Rodinnej diktát
Loudness · 2・0・1・2
Murmurs · Fædd úr eldi
Shatter Silence · Glory Will Under the Sun
Sinistrary · Luz de luna
Sovereign · Warring Heaven
08-21Blackhammer · Damned World
Black Moor · Lethal Waters
Blitzkrieg · Energy of Anger
Draaka Rouge · Beneath Thorns & Fog
Infex · Circling the Drain
Lycanthia · Oligarchy
Mosegrodd · Avsky er mitt livsblod
Nihill · Verdonkermaan
Palm · My Darkest Friends
SS-18 · Tetraktis
Wasting Ice · Innerer Wahnsinn
Winterheart · My Journey to Suicide
Се7мь · Непреодолимое искушение
08-20Anthropophagical Warfare · At the Fields of Slaughter
Criptum · Monolite
Deep Desolation · Rites of Blasphemy
Dephosphorus · Night Sky Transform
Gape · Gape
Gutwrench · Mausoleum Dwell & Rot In
Lazarus Blackstar · Hymns for the Cursed
Malchus · Metanoia
Mystic Forest · In the End...
Narrow House · A Key to Panngrieb
Nox Aeterna · Nightblood
The Soundbyte · Trilogy
Standing on a Floor of Bodies · Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient
08-19'Big Jim' Shively · I'll Take the Stairs, Thanks
Chimpgrinder · Oliver
Cold Crypt · Darkest Symphonies
Eldjudnir · Angrboða
Lagerstein · Drink 'til We Die
Symuran · Syklus av Helheim
Vistery · Sinister Prophecy
08-18Agavè Maize · Thrones of Isolation
Baalberith · Desire to Kill
Binaash · Binaashkaari
COAG · Sociopath
Dying Inside · Dystopia
Mortificy · Burn and Suffer
Preludio Ancestral · Hacia lo inmortal
Super Timor · Double Impact
Wildeornes · (...)
08-17All Hail the Yeti · All Hail the Yeti
Artists of War · Visitor
Habitual Defilement · The Redemption of Past Supremacy
Islay · Islay
Joe Stump · Revenge of the Shredlord
Lady Beast · Lady Beast
Lidice · 1942
The Naked Show · Exposed
Necrodios · Anomie Dominie
Radogost · Dark Side of the Forest
Slavery · Dawn of Mankind
Vital Wound · Lifeless Existence
08-16The Ascension of Isaiah · Fleshcrown
Bakken · Death of a Hero
Blackstone · Devoid of Humanity
By Brute Force · Breakdown the Masses
Ygolonac · The Shining Trapezohedron
Апокалипсис · Исход возможен один
Коло Прави · Было. Есть. Будет.
08-15Castillos de Cristal · Yolkan, Tierra de nacimiento
Funereal Moon · Rape of Holiness
Gelding Moon · Lunar Sodom
The Gravity Guild · I
Infernia · Sombrio y perpetuo
Kalopsia · Amongst the Ruins
Kamikaze Pilots · Ashes
LWFDIHH · Архаика I
Plazenta Eater · I Hope You Get...
Гетьман · Вітер з гаєм розмовляє
Омут · Wail, Loathe, Escape
08-14Ánastros · Mortem Consilium
Ash Borer · Cold of Ages
Aura Azul · Beyond the Doors of Time
Draco Hypnalis · Balance of Moments
Duath · Mysticism
The Faceless · Autotheism
Fozzy · Sin and Bones
Haistan · Haistan
Hellhaven · Hellhaven
Imminent Attack · Deliver Us from Ourselves
Jastreb · Jastreb
Keyarzus · Changes: Our Reflections in the Sky
Khadaver · New World Disorder
Obeisance · 666 War!!!
Orchestrated Onslaught · River of Blood
Scientic · Empire of the Mind
Sophicide · Perdition of the Sublime
Texas Hippie Coalition · Peacemaker
To Dust · State of Nothing
Triphon · Distance
Xibalba · Hasta la muerte
08-13Dublin Death Patrol · Death Sentence
Kontinuum · Earth Blood Magic
Like Rats · Like Rats
Pleasure Slaves · The Last of the Giants
Regnum Caelorum et Gehenna · Dimersity 01:Meus Vitualamen Exertus Muto Vestri Universitas
Sirocco · Lambay
Vegas Rhythm Kings · The Screaming Dead
Witticism · Anthems for the World's Downfall
Zatokrev · The Bat, the Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere
08-12Dopethrone · III
Mistake · Empty Visions
Unohdettu Tulevaisuus · DIS231211
08-115150 · 東方合体ゲンソウオー参式
Benighted in Sodom · A Premonition of Miracles Undone
Electric Taurus · Veneralia
Hero's Fate · Human Tides: Black Light Inception
Imperial Black Ceremony · The Better Angels Are All Dead
Morgon · Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere
Psychonaut 4 · Have a Nice Trip
Sympuls-e · Разрушая преграды
Uncivilized · Destination
Unlucky Morpheus · Parallelism・α
少女病 · 創傷クロスライン
08-10Anxiety Disorder · Serotonin
Dødsfall · Inn i mørkets kongedømme
Houndz of Hate · Classic Death
Infinite Grievance · Funeral Mile
Kingdoms Fall · When Demons Rise
Purification · A Torch to Pierce the Night
Pÿlon · The Harrowing of Hell
Radar · Embertelen kor
Sabacthani · Melancholy Rage and Reflection
Sacrum · Criminal
Wanted Inc. · Demons We Created
08-09Armed · Armed in 2012
Buckethead · Pike 7 - The Shores of Molokai
End of Aeon · Ever
Fell Willow · Elsewhere
Frozen Ocean · A Perfect Solitude
Landsemk · Horizontes oscuros
Norselaw · Moon Hunters
08-08The Ash Eaters · Ruining You
Avatar · Aberraciones
Gloomy Suicide · Sol MMXII
Infernus · Nex um Monastica
In Tenebriz · Astral Solitude
Sluagh · Wandering Solitude
Úden · Ruinas
08-07Dies Ater · Hunger for Life
The Furious Horde · Reclaiming the Wasteland
Hellwell · Beyond the Boundaries of Sin
The Infernal Sea · Call of the Augur
Jose Rubio's Nova Era · Nova Era
K28 · In Namen des Krieges
Knights of the New Temple · Armour's
Memorain · Evolution
Necromancy · Ananta Aradhana
Sick to the Back Teeth · Numbers: The Legion of Death
Stolthet · Determinare
Swamp Wolf · The Brilliance of a Feral Mind
08-06Borkr · Amber
Bound by Entrails · The Stars Bode You Farewell
General · Where Are Your Gods Now?
Kobra and the Lotus · Kobra and the Lotus
Obliterate · Superboring
Sami Anttila · Moment of Clarity
Skull Incision · Ectoparasit
Xaos Oblivion · Nature's Ancient Wisdom
08-05Azarok · X
Balkhara · Crest
Tyrant of Death · Cyanide
08-04Asbel · For the Incurable Insane
Bludded Head · Bludded Head
Brudywr · December Moon
Doomsday · Apocalyptic Requiem
Dynamus · Quando Estou Fraco Então Sou Forte
Dystopia · Decay
Morger · 2012
Sagar · Un pasado infernal
Storm of Darkness · Before Life, After Death
Vacant Throne · Fall of the Feathered King
08-03Composer, Meet Corpse · Welcome to Hellywood
Ekpyrosis · Nowhere - Now Here
Eliminator · Krieg Thrash
Full Assault · Forgotten Blood Tales
Korpiklaani · Manala
Kung Foo Preacher · Kung Foo Preacher
Parasite · Invasion
Red Desert · Damned by Fate
Rowek · Grita
Sanguine Glacialis · Dancing with a Hanged Man
Steel Reign · Heavy Metal Glory​: ​The Legacy of Magnus
Subliminal Fear · One More Breath
Tempel · On the Steps of the Temple
With All the Rage · Yesterday...Now...Tomorrow...Ever
08-02Annisa Wulandari · Spiritual Journey
Baalshamin · Fuck the New World Order
Bite Wound · Bite Wound
Dorgmooth · Наследие
Kaapora · Distainer
Nathorg · Beyond the Gates of Nathorg
Planet Eater · Planet Eater
Xenosis · Haunted Skies
08-01Arktika · Symmetry
Astarium · Wyrm of Melancholy
Benthic City · Benthic City
Blood Red Fog · Harvest
Chapel · Satan's Rock 'n' Roll
Cicadan · Mother
Deformity · When Tomorrow Comes
Doubleface · Falls and Decline
Egality · Embryonic Aseity
The Fallacy · Love Division
Ferromanic · Precession
Fuurlen Kourpuultii · Bowelbowl
Galaktik Cancer Squad · Celestia
Genital Grinder · Damn Good
The Howl · Loose Ends
Il Male · Ritorno
Ironbird · Songs of Spite and Ire
Janus Experiment · Michelangelo 2012
Juno Bloodlust · The Lord of Obsession
Malicious Dream · Soil
Space Mirrors · In Darkness They Whisper
Suru · Catharsis
Terragon · 8 Seconds to the End
Trapped Within Burning Machinery · The Putrid Stench of Decaying Self
地獄カルテット · 天空の地獄絵巻
08-??Aigilas · Peccatum Mortiferum
Anomalia · Mea Culpa
Antidemon · Apocalypsenow
Ars Manifestia · Le lacrime dell'universo
Artica · Flesh Carver
Astaria · Closed Eyes
Autumn's End · The Siren's Lament
Biogenesis · The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth
Biorzict Infegoth · Un-Album: Eternal Torments
BloodKlot · BloodKlot
Ceremonia · Culto dionisíaco
Cimarrón LyS · Libre y salvaje
Darlament Norvadian · Silent from the Immortal Forest
Deadly Frost · Voices from Hell
Dea Marica · Ritual of the Banished
Eternal Darkness DCLXVI · Triumphant upon the Light
Factor System · We Are Factor System
From Beyond · Eternal Sleep
Godhate · The Throneaeon Years Part I: With Sardonic Wrath
Godhate · The Throneaeon Years Part II: Neither of Gods
Godhate · The Throneaeon Years Part III: Godhate
Grave Forsaken · Reap What You Sow
Hanathem · Rigor Mortis
Hell I Feel · Dialogue with Death
Hoggatah · Bad Bad Ugly
Ignis · Hell's Gate
Kapital · Symphony Kegelapan
Kraptor · Night of the Living Dead
Lucretia · Lucretia
The MacAllister Project · Por amor al arte
Montuln · Espíritu ancestral
Necrofucker · Necrobestiality Tales (Eternal Damnation)
Necrotroopers · Way of the Hell
Nordland · Nordland
Nosce Teipsum · At the Heart of Hell
Osario · Secular
Primitivo · World Out of Balance
Putrefaction · Blood Cult
Sacred 13 · Black Days Behind Us
Saint · Desperate Night
Sentimen Beltza · Zulo beltz eta sakon honetan
Sol Negro · Dawn of a New Sun
Sons of Otis · Seismic
Stellar Descent · Accretion
Symphonic of Black Sculptures · Demonic Occult Ceremonies
Tanvarpmenkv · Goatizm
Thunder Lord · Heavy Metal Rage
Tzitzimitl · Tierra de gigantes
War//Plague · On a Darker Dawn
Zerozonic · Aftersane
07-31Afgrund · The Age of Dumb
Cloudscape · New Era
Coexistence · Flow
Cunt Cuntly · Agoraphobia
Desalmado · Desalmado
Evoken · Atra Mors
Godisdead · II
Gozerk · Probably a Bad Idea
King of Asgard · North
Mystica Girls · Metal Rose Featuring Mon Laferte
Nuse · All American Beat Down
Samothrace · Reverence to Stone
Selvagens da Monareta · Licking Balls
Termination Force · Grind Thrashing Death
Vanisher · Unbound
Withering Night · Enlightenment in Darkness
Корабль Призрак · За гранью
07-30Dew-Scented · Icarus
Ishmael · Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here
Kill · Murder Rips Its Path
Nachtmystium · Silencing Machine
The Quiet Before the Tempest · I
Still Alive · Kyo
To Avoid Confusion · As We Dissolve
Wampyric Bloodlust · Reborn
07-29Apes with Hobbies · Synthopathic
Cellgraft · Cellgraft LP
07-28Aion · Nine Bells
Atten Ash · The Hourglass
Balmog · Testimony of the Abominable
Celestial Machine · Desolation
Death Before Dying · Sometimes Dead Is Better
Decrepit Artery · Pathophysickology
Erragal · Shamash
Fadihat · Addicted to Kill
Hideous Rebirth · Partially Devoured
Islands · Islands
Moravský výběr · Tajemství oceli
Røstrøkr · Danger to Society
Sanguinary Misanthropia · Loathe over Will
Silent Path · Mourner Portraits
Vow · Maleficarum
07-27Aeurtum · The Fall
A Million Dead Birds Laughing · Xen
Blind Stare · The Dividing Line
Cockroach · Judgement Day
Devilish Impressions · Simulacra
Dreadlink · Zero One
Dust Bolt · Violent Demolition
Mark of Cain · End of Man
Metaphysics · Beyond the Nightfall
Perdition Oracle · Litanies of the Serpent
Sky of Rage · Sky of Rage
Tankard · A Girl Called Cerveza
Tears of Wrath · ...and Only Dust Remains
Testament · Dark Roots of Earth
ゼ[Ze] · Suck It Up
07-26Heretic · A Time of Crisis
07-25[Pepel] · Deathlike Sleeps
Execrator · Tuo da Gloriam Satan
Gaktungar · Gisturgh
Hard to Kill · Amarah Jiwa
Misanthropic Art · Black Spring
Nost · Вместо слёз...
Roadkill · Land of the Dead
Tsavo · When the Lions Are Hungry
07-24Abrahma · Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives
Abyss of Decay · Abyss of Decay
Binah · Hallucinating in Resurrecture
Continuum · Rise and Fall
Dozic · Blasphemy
Excommunicant · Evolved to Eradicate
Priapism · Prey | Pay | Obey
Steeldriver · In Moral the Out - 幻惑の掟 -
Vanja Gvozdanović · Fading
Weapönizer · Weapönizer
Время Жатвы · Время жатвы
07-23Deathmøle · Advances
Depraved Plague · Systemic
Flagellated Seraph · Beyond Salvation
Kai Flood · Leinav
Om · Advaitic Songs
Rùsùah · Melawan Dunia
The Southern Society · Tales from a Southern Land
Svartalvheim · Cosmic Sorrows
Tenochtitlan · Сотворение мира
Wolfuneral · Reign of Decadence
Zonaria · Arrival of the Red Sun
07-22Fragile Existence · Departing the Damned
Gnida · S.Y.F.
The Levitation Hex · The Levitation Hex
Oniku · Bokujou
Pandrea · Lipan
Vultures of Cult · Fathoms
07-21Anal Fister · 123 FistFuck
Asaviga · Frei wie der Wind
Illuuminus · Wheels of Resurrection
Luctus' Hydra · Destroying Your Temple of Lies
Mortuary · Screaming Bloody Murder
Savage Streets · Filth/Rot/War
Sick to the Back Teeth · Leviticus: The Abominable Law
Sobibor · Misantropía
XIII · North of Nowhere
Потерянный Век · Не стоит жизни
07-20A Forest of Stars · A Shadowplay for Yesterdays
Antikythera · Antikythera
Black Majesty · Stargazer
The Dagger Rebellion · The Ash Procession
Daniele Liverani · Eleven Mysteries
Deranged Theory · Steel Clad & Super Bad
Fallen Fucking Angels · Italian Restaurant
Fiakra · Invasion
Ghosts of Glaciers · Ghosts of Glaciers
Grimforst · Friede herrscht, wo nichts mehr lebt
Hummune · Crafted in Darkness
Intorment Black · Scavenger
Maladie · ...Plague Within...
Rotten State · Kill It Yourself
Sceptor · Take Command!
Skull and Bones · Conspiracy, Aliens and Nazis
Trancemission · Naked Flames
Поликлиника · Профессор Мориарти
07-19Hatesworn · Transcend Moral Limitations to Evoke Pure Negativity Until All Is Dead
Mountain of Beard · Odysseus
Oyarsa · El gran divorcio
SomeVade · Suicide Society
07-18Carpathian Funeral · The End of God
Dark Ambition · Gallows of Empire
Demolisha · Eet Thrash
Disfigurement of Flesh · Psychotonic Abnormal Dismemberment
Gastrorrexis · The Dark World of Parasitic Infections
Haiduk · Spellbook
Sinphonicon · Nemesis Ablaze
Sixth Rage · Гнев богов
Skelteria · Skelteria
Skywings · Grace Grade
07-17Baroness · Yellow & Green
Beneath · Enslaved by Fear
Briar Rose · Dark Lord
Darkest Grove · Coming of 2012
Engorgement · Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations
God-Shroud · Last Days of Paradise
Gratzug · Mondtore
Hellyeah · Band of Brothers
Hordes of the Morning Star · Consummatum Est (Re-recording)
The Howling Wind · Of Babalon
Inanimate Existence · Liberation Through Hearing
Jute Gyte · Witzelsucht
Last Funeral · Incipient Grim
Scream at the Sun · Chant of the Misanthropic
Teach her Treason · Teach Her Treason
Tourniquet · Antiseptic Bloodbath
Verbo Nero · Le tre madri
Vision Eyes · Insignia
07-16Flapjack · Keep Your Heads Down
My Own Creation · The Encounter
Orbeth · Heaven
Orbeth · Seventh Galaxy
Orbeth · The Way
Orbeth · Winds
Pet the Preacher · The Banjo
Power Crue · Wreck the Eternal Tyranny
Reign of Thought · Beginning of the End
Selbsttötung · Trümmer
Waylander · Kindred Spirits
Ye Goat-Herd Gods · Becoming Flesh
قفص · Larghetto Laments
07-15Aksumite · Prideless Lions
Animae Capronii · Requiem for a Friend
The Aquarius · На пределе времён
Aschmicrosa · Poisoned Or Destroy
Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni · Funeral on Svalbard
Brave · The Last Battle
Gargoyle · 虹融合
Nordor · Erga Omnes
Norman Shores · Return to the Norman Shores
Silent Line · Born of a Dying Star
07-14Adramalech · They Who Bring Death (Part II)
Burning Bethlehem · The Unholy Path to Hell
Epitimia · Faces of Insanity
In the Casket · You Could Get Hit by a Truck
MetalTower · Constructed Misery
Reincarnation of Rotten Christ · The Church of RORCology
Riverge · Raid for Riverging
Vinterriket · Garðarshólmur
Yana Raymi · Guerreros del sol
Your Last Wish · Desolation
07-13Adrift for Days · Come Midnight...
Arbor · The Plutonian Shore
Azreal · Better Dead
Blüe Barrel · The Oversize Load
Born from Pain · The New Future
Constant Threat · Shadows of Retribution
Denial of God · Death and the Beyond
Gaelbah · The Man Who Never Was
Gnargoyles · Sperm of the Moment
Gorephilia · Embodiment of Death
Infernal Curse · Awakening of the Damned
Necrotted · Anchors Apart
Obscure Infinity · Putrefying Illusions
Posession · Spiritual Sirius
Sacerdos · Vibromancy
Sanity Obscure · Subterranean Constellation
Seges Findere · Dessemitize
Some Hate Will Last · The Art of Resistance
Thunderfuck · Thunderfuck
Titans Eve · Life Apocalypse
07-12DeLizza · The Awakening
Demential · Liberación
Sick to the Back Teeth · Exodus: The New Slavery
Silent Nova · Icarus' Fall
Vampyric Blood · Ordo Dracul
Вихрь · ...ветер стуже...
Волколак · Сгинуть... / Disappear
07-11Cojones · Bend to Transcend
Moi dix Mois · Reprise
Nower · Nower
Peripetia · Illumination
Seringai · Taring
Smell Putrefaction · Manos en sangre
Trigger · Neztrácím víru
07-10Damokis · Grinding Mother Whore
Defy · Dying Emotion
Gothic Knights · Reflections from the Other Side
Ice Dragon · Dream Dragon
The Impure · Empty Your Mind
León Obscuro · Años perdidos
Nevermet · Virtual Insanity
Orenda · Only Death Lives Here
Trauma · Perennial
Voight Kampff · More Human than Human
XTAB · Brutality in My Hand
07-09Cyclone SS · Awakening the Zyklon Titan
Desolated · Verse of Judas
Dethroner · Blind Souls
Inborn Suffering · Regression to Nothingness
Insidiae · Where Demons Dare
Raptores · Age of Fear
SAAC · The Quantum Consciousness
Schattenfang · Abgründe
Undersave · Now...Submit Your Flesh to the Master's Imagination
Vindicator · United We Fall
Wight · Through the Woods into Deep Water
07-08Alienation Cold · Nothing, Nobody, Never...
Atrozfear · My Own Power
Chainsaw Dissection · My Chainsaw Still Executes
Evergreen Refuge · Evergreen Refuge
Sorrow of Rain · Память
St. Madness · Canonizing Carnage
Synestesia · Nereus
07-07Absvrdist · Illusory
As Sahar · XXV Years Reigning the Eastern Majesta (Live by Fire, Blood & Death)
Battle Path · Empiric
Detsörgsekälf · A.B.B.A. (Apocalyptic Blasphemed Battle Anthems)
Galaxicon · Old Gods
Ghost Kommando · Paramount
Kalabanganz · Beer Sex & Black 'n Rollust
Killing Fields · Gigantirix Extinction
Linear Sphere · Manvantara
No Belief · Silent Doom
Parallax · Quasar
Rocha · É
Striker · Armed to the Teeth
Wound upon Wound · Wound upon Wound
07-06Besatt · Tempus Apocalypsis
Crowhurst · Aghoree
The Dead Goats · Path of the Goat
Entwerter · Subpsychotic Rage
Intheshit · This Failed Joke's Over.
Krakatoa · Aberrations
Maldad 13 · Muerte a la república
Naer Mataron · Ζήτω ο θάνατος
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Tale of Origins
Southwicked · Death's Crown
Sun Won't Rise · Hang in There Baby!
07-05Brew Army · The Outlaws
Folkheim · Mapu Ñi Tiam
Iron Dogs · Cold Bitch
Master · The New Elite
Method · The Constant
Ruins · Place of No Pity
Seize the Day · The End of Everything
Umbah · Astronomicon
Yun-Fat · Apocalypse via Copacabana
Zorndyke · On Mayor Altar's Edge
07-04Cannibal Accident · Omnivorous
Geist · A Story for a Broken Soul
Go-Zen · Hitoshizuku
Karnivore · The Triumphant Khaoz
Pestfeld · Grabesberg
Sacrificia Mortuorum · Railler l'hymen des siècles
Sun Devoured Earth · Sounds of Desolation
Suntixmati · Embrace the Darkness
07-03Black Rain · Black Rain II: Circle of Blood
Boxcutter Facelift · Bearly Music
Dark Omen · Secret Book of the Ancient
Dead in the Woods · The Sign of the Son of Man
Hell:On · Age of Oblivion
Horror · Artificially Alive
Icarus Witch · Rise
Infinite Insomnia · Tender Suicide
Mongrel's Cross · The Sins of Aquarius
Nagaarum · Oort
Shadows in the Crypt · Cryptic Communications
07-02Bonded by Blood · The Aftermath
Dark Psychosis · Lord to None
Deceptive Incarnation · The Last Revelation of a Dying Breed
Emptiness Soul · Tears of the Sun
Essence · The Defining Elements
Hateism · Implicit Sequence
Kadaverficker · Exploitation Nekronation
Latitudes · Individuation
Mortal Man · The Champion of Forever
Odium Throne · Время прощать
Relics of Humanity · Guided by the Soulless Call
Scars on Murmansk · Into Dead Lights
Six Magics · Falling Angels
Skarab · Skarab
The Stranded · Survivalism Boulevard
Unborn Suffer · Unborn Suffer
07-01Ajal · Jahannarakah
Angélida · La liga onírica
Die Human Race · The Black Order
Disolvo Animus · Aphesis
Gust · The Silent Note of the Coldest Night
Heksabort · Black Mambo
Jordan Miles · The Seventh Shade of Gray
Maggoth · System Error
Maniacal · Life Is a Dark Chain of Events
Mørk Visdom · Lucifer's Triumph Dominium
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Twilight Chronicle
PsyCodia · Ich denke...mehr Angst
Sarkástika · Inmensidad
Swamps · Seven Sides
Unknown Addiction · Leave Destruction in Your Wake
Willoos · Als loze willen dwalen
07-??Anhedony · Anhedonia
Asegún · Cuando los vivos envidien a los muertos
Bad Salad · Uncivilized
Beyond Fiction · Proximity Effect
Blast Open · They Destroy Our World
Carneross · Mass violencia
Chromatic Point · Zlaten presek
Cold Blue Mountain · Cold Blue Mountain
Coldness · Existence
Dantalion · Return to Deep Lethargy
Decade of Ruhani · Decade of Ruhani
Eldrig · Urlagarne
Feral Depravity · Dangers of the Human Libido
Haul · Rima Penghitam Cakrawala
Hellfire · The Seven Gates in Hell
Ichor · Reflected Identity
Innerbeauty · Deep Ocean
Innzmouth · Lovecraft's Dreams
Last Question · The Furnace
Losing Skin · I: Infinite Death
Luxuria · Bloodlust
Mass Murder Frenzy · Insurrection Divinity
Melody Maker · Introduction to the Unfamiliar
Montreal · Eterno retorno
Moontower · Voices of the Unholy Land
Moriturus · Gdy rozum śpi, budzą się demony
Myhrding · A Legacy of Shadows
NEM · El cordero
Nox Illunis · Metempsychosis
Open Zippers · Open Zippers
Perpetual Agony · In the Lake, of the Agony
Pyramid Theorem · Pyramid Theorem
Rutah · A Place of Outer Darkness
Satan's Satyrs · Wild Beyond Belief!
Satcconnia · Chaos
Sekarat · Made Flesh Creep
Slaughtered Priest · Confess Your Sins
Slavebreed · Dethrone the Architect
Uraeus · Ritual das Chamas Ocultas
Vice · Vice
Wretched · Kingdom of the Dark
Русская Зима · Однажды в студёную зимнюю пору...
06-30Black Vulture · Ele
Brutal Cross · Symphony of Destruction
Cowards · Shooting Blanks and Pills
Cull · Endling
Decline of Society · Decade
Father Befouled · Revulsion of Seraphic Grace
Lucifuge Rofocale · Demonic Transfixion
Lurid State · Dissenter
Myriad Lights · Mark of Vengeance
Soundstrike · Manifesto
Synodik · Sequences for a New Matrix
Terminal War · El imperio ataca
Thornafire · Eclipse Nox Coagula
Thunderfist · Screamin' Heavy Metal
06-29Budd Dwyer · Budd Dwyer
Carthaun · Brachland
Centimani · Aegaeon
Corrosive Carcass · Composition of Flesh
Degial · Death's Striking Wings
Der Weg einer Freiheit · Unstille
Drone · For Torch and Crown
Ereb Altor · Gastrike
Eroded · Engravings of a Gruesome Epitaph
Fateless · Dawn of Ignorance
The Forsaken · Beyond Redemption
In the Frost · In the Frost
Kataplexie · Cut.Up.Lexie.
Kråke · Conquering Death
Merendine · New World Disorder
Miseration · Tragedy Has Spoken
Misere Nobis · Fade Away Gradually, My Hope...
Nile · At the Gate of Sethu
Perditionist · Forever in Darkness
Placid Art · Rainbow Destruction Process
Power Theory · An Axe to Grind
Predatory Violence · Marked for Death
The Prophecy²³ · Green Machine Laser Beam
Selbstentleibung · Kategorie:Tot
Soul Sacrifice · Carpe Mortem
Sutter Cane · Sous la Pierre et l'Asphodèle
Titan · Burn
Vintersorg · Orkan
06-28Ampex · The Cross
Cretura · Monsters of Wonderland
Halo of Flys · Bloodier Shade of Red
Kriadiaz · Kriadiaz
Netherion · Sphere of Terror
Tetsuo · Syzygy of Skin
Usurpress · Trenches of the Netherworld
06-27Amber of the Land · The Amber in Embers
As Dramatic Homage · Crown
Born Under Sirius · Born Under Sirius
Chaosweaver · Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger
Concedo Nulli · Critique of Pure Treason
Eternal Essence · A Light in the Distance
Ghoul Necropsy · The Wrong Side of the Saw
Senmuth · Hagwalah
Strange Angels · Where Men Are Worth More Than Gold
Terrordrome · The Day of Sacrilege
Vanguard X Mortem · Vanguardismortem
06-26Bosse-de-Nage · III
Chaos Theory · Bio-Death
Chowder · Passion Rift
Embrace of Silence · Leaving the Place Forgotten by God
Gojira · L'Enfant sauvage
Guillen · Eclipse
Mare Cognitum · An Extraconscious Lucidity
Miloš Dodo Doležal · Gen Sumerian
Misery · Miséricordes
Necrovation · Necrovation
Offending · Age of Perversion
Rise Above Dead · Stellar Filth
Senmuth · AMN TF NKHT: Погребённая трагедия (III)
Sutekh Hexen · Behind the Throne
Tempestuous Fall · The Stars Would Not Awake You
Thyreos · I Don't Live to Fail
Ysengrin · To Endotaton
06-25Doom's Day · The Unholy
Edge of Haze · Mirage
Eye of Solitude · Sui Caedere
Grand Alchemist · Disgusting Hedonism
Grimpen Mire · A Plague upon Your Houses
Hangman's Chair · Hope///Dope///Rope
Huinca · Sic Semper Tyrannis
Hydro · Bright Phoenix
Nightblade · Servant to Your Lair
Paroxysmal Butchering · Supreme Revulsion
Secret Signs · For a Lifetime
Senmuth · AMN TF NKHT: Сакральная магия (II)
Sick to the Back Teeth · Genesis: The Death of a Dream
Souls of Diotima · What Remains of the Day
Vampire's Castle · Instalment of the Night
06-24Anaboth · Pomiędzy światami
The Cadavor Dog · The Cadavor Dog
Drawn and Quartered · Feeding Hell's Furnace
Inquinamentum · Lustrum
Kong · Merchants of Air
Senmuth · AMN TF NKHT: Храмовая певица Иусат Нейтикерт (I)
Tormentor · Jiwa Tersakiti
Unipolar Manic-Depressive Psychosis · Psychodelicus Decibeli
Valkynaz · Valkynaz
V-Ego · Отречение
06-23Alphakill · Unmitigated Disaster
Approaching Dawn · Evolution of Reality
Chainsaw · Under a Pale Sun Cadavers Rot
Downslot · God Is War
Drift of Genes · Excruciating Severe Laceration
Ente · Trastornado instrumento de sangre
Granator · Pommesautomat
New Blood · Subsistence
Order of the Gash · Configuration
Project Pain · I Have Sinned
R.O.L.F. · American Tape
Seventh · Tzolk'in
Sindulgence · Recollections
Sun Won't Rise · Ballads to Beckon the End...
Through the Bloodbath · Untitled
06-2223rd Grade of Evil · Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream
Blacklodge · MachinatioN
Chronosphere · Envirusment
Cripper · Antagonist
Elendira · Innocent Age
Frozen Land · Nostalgy
Herman Frank · Right in the Guts
Husere Grav · Husere Grav
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody · Ascending to Infinity
Merrimack · The Acausal Mass
Midgar · Sombras del mañana
Nekrosun · The Grace of Oxymoron
Perzonal War · Captive Breeding
Radiation Sickness · Reflections of a Psychotic Past
Sun Splitter · III
Synful Ira · Between Hope and Fear
Unholy Deathcunt · Dying in Fucking Agony
06-21Eradikator · Dystopia
Huldre · Intet menneskebarn
Killing Mind · Spirit After Life
Mörkhimmel · Zloskřivec
Negativity · Ambient Vol.3
Obskure Torture · Nythra Death King
Rüstung Gottes · Pentacult
06-20Adastra · Corroder of Minds
Azoic · Gateways
Badge · Stormrider
Deadwater · Reimagined
Dirty Thirty · Unconscious Violent Behavior
Elathan · Sotnemal led res
Imari Tones · Japan Metal Jesus
Kiko Loureiro · Sounds of Innocence
Rampart · War Behest
Spectral Lore · Sentinel
Strange Feelings · One More Last Day
When Woods Make Graves · Winter's Crystal Forest
Yzordderrex · Contemplation of Dissolution
06-19Ambassador Gun · Golden Eagle
Burning Point · The Ignitor
Corners of Sanctuary · Breakout
Def Con One · Warface
Destroyer of Light · Destroyer of Light
Dying Fetus · Reign Supreme
Haji's Kitchen · Twenty Twelve
Ian · Nuevo orden
Kreyskull · Year of the Octopus
Lykaion · Nothin' but Death
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder · Ghostmaker
06-18Ankhagram · Thoughts
Collision · A Healthy Dose of Death
Disconnect · Disengage to None
Embassy of Silence · Antler Velvet
Falling Leaves · Mournful Cry of a Dying Sun
Ihsahn · Eremita
Kohorta · Eyes Sewn Shut
The Night Flight Orchestra · Internal Affairs
Sardonis · II
Sed Lex · Umbras et Lumina
Senmuth · Nedjemmet
06-17Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni · My Void
Breathless · Everlasting Beyond Forever
Dawn of Demise · Rejoice in Vengeance
Deathmøle · Meade's Army
Guerilla Tree · Mental Leaps
Held in Scorn · Held in Scorn
Rituals in Pain · Gory Origins
Turbulent Pigonaut · A Pig Fail
06-1617586063 · The Ten Commandments
Blackspell · With Seasons to Wither
Black Vulture · Darkness Fills the Earth
Death Above · The Attack of the Soul Eaters
Display of Decay · Display of Decay
Dreadnought · Demon
Eulogy · Alpha Omega
Franck Ridel Project · Funerarium
Guns of Barisal · Westinghoused
Hanagorik · Alceu ao Nosso Jeito
Homewrecker · Worms and Dirt
Karybdis · From the Depths
The Lion's Daughter · Shame on Us All
Scorch · Chambers of Consciousness
Shramana · Dreaming as Punishment
Sirgaus · The Album of Memories
Sorrowful End · Sorrowful End
Xul · Malignance
06-15Athlantis · M.W.N.D.
Betrayer · Betrayer
Corrupt · Slavestate Serenades
Destination's Calling · End of Time
D.M.C. · Murderous Power
Epiphany from the Abyss · Generation of the Hopeless
Fetus Stench · Stillbirth
Frail Grounds · The Fields of Trauma
Grimskull · Monster Master
I.G.A.D.S.N.A.G.I.A.T. · I.G.A.D.S.N.A.G.I.A.T.
I Killed Everyone · Dead Peasants
Incapacitate · March to the Death
Mortal Infinity · District Destruction
Nucleator · Home Is Where War Is
Ophidian I · Solvet Saeclum
The Outside · The Outside
Purified in Blood · Flight of a Dying Sun
Resilience · Birth 2.0
Resurgency · False Enlightenment
Reversion · Obscene
Rough Diamond · Stories from the Old Days
Stone Tree · The Sky Is Far
Svartfell · Apocryphe Apocalypse
Thormesis · Von Leere und Tod
Timor et Tremor · Upon Bleak Grey Fields
Toxic Hate · Poisoned Nations Holocaust
uRAn 0 · Hydrargyros
Vinegar Hill · The Road to Grace
Whitechapel · Whitechapel
06-14Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni · Revelation 6:12-17
Black Burn · The Invocation
Deadly Mosh · Hellsound
Membaris · Entartet
Nightosaur · Spaceaxers
Satanic Bloodspraying · At the Mercy of Satan
06-13Arthemis · We Fight
Blood Feud · Hiding Behind the Light
Elysian Blaze · Blood Geometry
Pyuria · Incarnadine Revelry
Wrathprayer · The Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur's Essence Which Spawned Death and Life
06-12Arcane Sun · Fade
Black Tar Prophet · Note to Nod
Brume d'Automne · Brume d'automne
Chine · Betray Your Own Kind
Forté · Unholy War
Magnam · Inercia del caos
Muluc Pax · Suut Ki'in
Panopticon · Kentucky
Sanctus Bellum · The Shining Path
Sun Won't Rise · Songs in the Key of Genocide
Syringe · Former Life Departure
Tombthroat · Eden Apocalypse
Witch Mountain · Cauldron of the Wild
06-11Abske Fides · Abske Fides
Antero Sleeps · Titan
Bilocate · Summoning the Bygones
Dead Trip · Algolagnia - Death Sex in Milk and Blood
Dopelord · Magick Rites
Kunvuk · Consume Rapture
Lumus · Bacchus Curse
The Slaughters · Brothers in Blood
Solifuge · Through the Loathing of a Sick Mind
Sons of Tonatiuh · Parade of Sorrow
SoulLine · We Curse, We Trust
06-10Hordagaard · Choose Your Path
Impade · Hope Denied
O · Il vuoto perfetto
Velká Morava · Svět je krásně nasvícený pódium
Whoresnation · Whoresnation
06-09Arcticcircle · To Manifest
Cancroid · Peace/Death
Dead Instrument · Violent Death
Flesh Hunter and the Analassaulters · Devilish Metal Supremacy
Hope Before the Fall · Oh, the Horror!
Humanity Zero · 2012
Maglor · Call of the Forest
No One Gets Out Alive · Beyond the Edge of the Woods
Odd Crew · Beyond the Shell
06-08After All · Dawn of the Enforcer
Atomic Flower · Destiny's Call
Candlemass · Psalms for the Dead
Givethemrope · Givethemrope
Metalhead · Metalhead
Morgue's Last Choice · 7511
Rush · Clockwork Angels
Scelus · 有什麼看這裡
Trepalium · H.N.P.
Tsumania · Secret Chambers
06-07Backyard Mortuary · Lure of the Occult
Deriva · Eclepsys
Ebullition · The Suffered Testament
Holy Gore · Born from the Decease of Humanity
Sungod · Cuts from the Ether
06-06Abyssus · Abyssus
Autumn of Aeons · Ascend into Eden
Bustum · Demonolosophy
Conceived by Hate · Pestilence Reborn
Dead Culture Society · Life Dies Before Us
The Desolate · Gospel of the Wretched
Domini Nocti · Silentium Aeternus
Dødkvlt · III: Domĭni Ascensiōnem
Eddie Kim · Billboard Death Metal
Gnaw Their Tongues · Eschatological Scatology
Hades Archer · The Curse over Mankind
Hyperborean · Written on a Cold Stone - Covered by Darkness
Infernal Massacre · Followers of the Apocalypse
In the Silence · A Fair Dream Gone Mad
Lover of Sin · Horny Beast
Nattergal · Singular Disasters
Nocturnal Vomit · Cursed Relics
Prison of Mirrors · Shades of Night
Pure Hate Visions · Corporate Cannibalism
Sanity Burns · Sanity Burns
Sekht · Hellcore
Shoulder of Orion · Lunarborn
Sysmo · Odolaz blai
Tyrant of Mary · Tyrant of Mary
Valium · Facta non Verba
Whiskey Hellchild · The Impending Southern Doom
06-05Adfail · Unkindness...
Breathilizör · For the Ultimate Pain of Medusa's Love a.k.a. Evil Grotokhan VI
Cabeza de Caballo · Iron and Wood
Chaos Inception · The Abrogation
The Cory Smoot Experiment · When Worlds Collide
Crowhurst · Come Find Me
Dominus Morti · Enclaves of Magic and Chaos
Drag the Dead · Drag the Dead
Fear Factory · The Industrialist
Gore Cadaver · Humiliation at Birth
Marduk · Serpent Sermon
Melvins · Freak Puke
Moon Curse · Moon Curse
Phobia · Remnants of Filth
Sam Locke · Crossing the Barrier
The Slaughter Inc. · What Have I Done?
Urban War · Reborn
Urgewalt · Traumweber I
06-04Aria Inferno · The Absinthe Episodes
Be'lakor · Of Breath and Bone
Coram Lethe · Heterodox
Friend of Misery · Memento Finis
I Compagni di Baal · I compagni di Baal
Infernus · Именем Вельзевула
Natur · Head of Death
Nefastt · La malignité des astres
Oniromantic · The White Disease
Ravensfjord · Ravensfjord
Reverence of Apostasy · Reverence of Apostasy
Tank · War Nation
Witchrist · The Grand Tormentor
Буревестник · Harbingers of Storm
06-03D3athcharg3r · Forged in Steel
Ex Machina · Hadronize
Ex Machina · High Tech - Low Life
Karg · Apathie
Гран-КуражЪ · Сердца в Атлантиде
06-02Age of Evil · A.O.E
AngedOzen · Моя реальность
Burning Shadows · Gather, Darkness!
Eviscerate the Child · Children of Atrocity
The Illusion of Dawn · The Illusion of Dawn
Odinfist · Rest in Glory
Planet Rain · Antichthon
Post Profession · A Few Minutes Before...
Post Traumatic Syndrome · Absence of a Pain
Sacza · Epizod
Sighisoara · Lost in Transylvania
Sobek · Prima Nocta
Teenage Suicide · Volume 1
06-01Afflictis Lentae · Pieces
The Agonist · Prisoners
Bodyfarm · Malevolence
Cathar Eclipse · Deus ex Hominis
Circus Maximus · Nine
Crowhurst · In Event of Moon Disaster
Cult of Herodias · Dance of the Seven Veils
Deathmoor · Opus Morte III
Delain · We Are the Others
Demeanour · Innerself
Descender · Descending into Chaos
Desecresy · The Doom Skeptron
Devon · Unreal
Empires of Eden · Channelling the Infinite
Gates of Dis · Rise of the Heretic
Heaven Rain · Second Sun
Hiholl · Feel
Jorn · Bring Heavy Rock to the Land
Kostnitsa · Temple Pestis
Kreator · Phantom Antichrist
Lashblood · Philosophy of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing
Letheia · Grief
Marasmus · Mountains of Dead
Minor Utopia · Withering in the Concrete
Myraeth · In Glorious Death
Natan · Às
No.sar · Ultima Ratio
Nuclëar Fröst · Anti-Christ/Anti-Nazi
Olema · Felis Catus (versus Homo Sapiens)
The Ordeal · Descent from Hell
Order of the Black Guard · Black Is the Colour ... None Is the Number
Pissmark · Brachiale Wiener Härte
Puteraeon · Cult Cthulhu
Rudhira · Ein
Sonic Pulse · Lager than Life
Syrek · Machine Elves
Valence · Sleepwalker
Zushakon · Zushakon
Свентояр · Наша сила (Our Strength)
06-??13-Digits · The Rise of Souls
60 Grit · Dimensional Black Mass
Animus Meminisse Horret · Animus Meminisse Horret
Azagatel · Lux-Citanea
Barilari · Barilari 4
Beneath Contempt · Once More
Black Hate · Los tres mundos
Blacksmith · Time Out of Mind
Blindside Symphony · The Journey
Boiler · Der Mann umgekehrt proportional zur eisernen Maske
Borgne · Royaume des ombres
Carnal Lust · The Hate Complete
Croxous · 13th Agresy War Against Satan
Daycore · In Conflict
Disharmonic · Carmini Mortis
Distorted Cognitions · Incipient (2012 Edition)
Dramatical Misery · Nestafa Akhir Jaman
Drowned in Blood · Deathbringer
Electric Magma · Canadian Samurai II
Exaleips · The End Amenities and the Beginning of Deranged Suffering
Flatulated · They Came from the Crypt
Fängörn · Where the Tales Live On
Goats of Doom · Lost in Time and Void
Gorephagia · Configurating the Angles of Self Destruction
Granada · Historias
Haterial · Twisted Verses
Heroes of War · The Life and War
Humus · Tout ce qui est vieux
Kielwater · Flirting with Disaster
Lethal Fire · Master of Extermination Art
Makattopsy · Purified Zombie Cadaver
Malignant Wizard · Malignant Wizard
Metafora · Flores Alvarez
Nature Morte · Four
Necrotroopers · Necrotroopers
Sangria · Fleshback
Satanika · Infection
Solsticio · Lost Souls
Stillborn Slave · Your Time Is Out
Threat · Overcome
Timecode · Lapses
Tomorrow Brings New Blood · Tomorrow Brings New Blood
Undead Process · When the Horde Arrived
05-31Ashencult · Black Flame Gnosis
Die Entweihung · At the Bottom
Heimat · Heem
Ministry of Hate · All Your Godz Are Dead
Reverence · When Darkness Calls
Sanctus Nosferatu · Samca
Symphony of Symbols · Stupefying Beliefs
Ulvegr · Arctogaia
Void of Reveries · Solitary Awakening
05-30Among the Torrent · Aberrant
Awaken Solace · In Nightfall's Embrace
Charlie Shred · Charlie Shred
Dream Weaver · MythReal
Grimlair · Tragedy in Silence
Hellennium · Hellennium
Mandroïd of Krypton · Our Brilliant Embassies
Open Grave · Fear
Pellek · Bag of Tricks
ReinXeed · Welcome to the Theater
Silverback · May People Live Securely
Skinned · Isolating the Gene
Tanker · Life Is the Best Writer Ever!
Whales and Aurora · The Shipwreck
05-291389 · Windhorst
Catuvolcus · Gergovia
Cortez · Cortez
Dawnbringer · Into the Lair of the Sun God
Dictator · Stay Brutal, Baby
Dråp · Härskarorden
Dúnmharú · Curses Come Home
Entartung · Krypteia
Fallen Martyr · Shadows
For Today · Immortal
Hour of Thirteen · 333
Ides of Gemini · Constantinople
Sacred Blood · Alexandros
Sathanas · La Hora de Lucifer
Sexcrement · Sloppy Seconds
Sorcier des Glaces · Snowland MMXII
05-28Anti Tank Nun · Hang'em High
Arcana · As Bright as a Thousand Suns
Crucified Barbara · The Midnight Chase
Darger · Сезон поломанных душ
Edenian · Winter Shades
Flayed Disciple · Death Hammer
HateSower · HumUNperfection
Hexen · Being and Nothingness
Leithian · Sin límites
Mirrormaze · Walkabout
Moonloop · Deeply from the Earth
Scattering Ashes · Shadows
Ulver · Childhood's End
Undersmile · Narwhal
Vetter · Vetterkult
Witchsorrow · God Curse Us
Zombiekrig · Den vänstra stigens ljus
Лавина · Demolition Kingdom
暗月冥 · 暗月冥
05-275150 · シンフォニック東方Ⅰ
5150 · シンフォニック東方ガールズサイド
Answer with Metal · Answer with Metal
Awaker · Control Lost
Crow'sClaw · Lightning Discharge
Flamethrower · The Keeper of Remembrance
Iron Attack! · Star Dust
Sylvanum · This with Me Remains
Terra Australis · Invocation of the Infernal
05-26Apofolis · Geburt des Todes
Cryptic Age · Sounds of Infinity
Excess Pressure · Too Much Pressure
I Am I · Event Horizon
Naraka · The Messiah Experiment
Nzzilh · Sthts
Schwarzach · Operation Kismet
Tapinoma Say · Rise of the Winter
Thy Darkened Shade · Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs
Vapuleador · Aniquilación masiva
Неодиум · Жажда власти
05-255 Star Grave · Drugstore Hell
Ahab · The Giant
Disaffected · Rebirth
Driver · Countdown
Ectovoid · Fractured in the Timeless Abyss
Ewigheim · Bereue nichts
Grand Magus · The Hunt
The Iniquity Descent · The Human Apheresis
The Loving Tongue · Temple of Love
Make Them Suffer · Neverbloom
Mantris · Psychic Connection
Mercury Tide · Killing Saw
The Murder of My Sweet · Bye Bye Lullaby
Nachtblut · Dogma
Pictured · The Strand of Time
Raw · Rawzilla
Rosa de Saron · O Agora e o Eterno
Sabaton · Carolus Rex
Trocaria · The Dark Nears
Träumen von Aurora · Sehnsuchts Wogen
Tzun Tzu · Tzun Tzu
Unwritten Pages · Fringe Kitchen
Valgrind · Morning Will Come No More
05-24Abnormality · Contaminating the Hive Mind
Alex Jelinek · Four Years
Birth Through Gore · Reign of Depravity
Derkéta · In Death We Meet
Eisenwinter · Armee der arischen Untoten
Inmate · Free at Last
Into Darkness · Dysphoria
Oak · Silent Spring
Putrid Pile · Blood Fetish
Repression · Reloaded
Stoneburner · Sickness Will Pass
Suffer the Silence · Good Mourning
05-23Aggresion · Forja Infernal
Amon · Liar in Wait
Book of Reflections · Relentless Fighter
Essenz · Mundus Numen
Miasmic Theory · Sound of Desperation
Napoleon Skullfukk · He Came with Rats
Pathfinder · Fifth Element
Possessor · City Built with Skulls
Sinister Frost · Cryotorment
Todestriebe · ...Scream, Pray, Beg...
Velocidad Absurda · Inexorably Doomed to Cataclysm
Ødelegger · The Titan's Tomb
05-22Asaru · From the Chasms of Oblivion
Cardiac Arrest · Vortex of Violence
Diablo Swing Orchestra · Pandora's Piñata
Kraanium · Post Mortal Coital Fixation
Malice · New Breed of Godz
Murw · Kanker
Mutilation Rites · Empyrean
Order of Nine · Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror
Saint · The Revelation
Shooting Hemlock · Color Spackled Empty
Stalwart · Manifest of Refusal
Superchrist · Holy Shit
Synkronizity · Cultivation
Twilight Fauna · The Silence of a Blackening Abyss
Wizards of Kaos · Wizards of Kaos
05-21Bokorac · The Knight and the Giant King
Burzum · Umskiptar
Cemetery Dust · An Anatomy of War
Chemicals of Democracy · The American Scream
Everto Signum · Enneachotomy
Evil Masquerade · Pentagram
Firewind · Few Against Many
Hrafnblóð · Heathen Psalms
In-Sight · From the Depths
Lands of Past · Neverending Story
Polyptych · Panels Engraved
Serenade · Wandering Through Sorrow
Six Feet Under · Undead
Viðr · Hedensk skikk og tro
Vorpal Nomad · Hyperborea
Wanzwa · Wanzwa II
05-20Kamaedzitca · Безмолвные слова твои
Larry David · Grind Your Enthusiasm
Melektaus · Nexus for Continual Genesis
Svadilfare · Den som herjer
Súl ad Astral · Súl ad Astral
Viking Skull · Cursed by the Sword
05-19Alignak · Inanimate Arkanum
Altered Throne · Altered Throne
Assnyne · AssNynE
Crowhurst · Fuck You Bono
Emperial Massacre · Dawn of Suffering
Enclave · United Desperation
Hard Venom · Après la vie, les fleurs fleurissent à nouveau
Kingdom of Shad · Journey to Death
The KMX Band · Guilty of Rocking
MuckRaker · Big Black Bus
Rage Invest · Where the Sacred Ends
Roar · King of Hell
Serpents Rise · Serpents Rise 2
Spater · Desolate Endeavor
This Broken Machine · The Inhuman Use of Human Beings
Wotan's Vrede · Waldeinsamkeit
05-18Affector · Harmagedon
Árstíðir lífsins · Vápna lækjar eldr
Axxis · reDISCOver(ed)
Bahal · Nostos
Blodhemn · Holmengraa
Blood Mortized · The Key to a Black Heart
Carach Angren · Where the Corpses Sink Forever
Deadly Remains · Severing Humanity
Doctor Speed · Face to Face
Exedra · Apeiron
Hard Venom · To Sever Ties with All of Mankind
Headspace · I Am Anonymous
Katergon · Argonaut
Kvlt of Hiob · Thy Kingly Mask
Malice · Triumph and Glory
Merthery · Burn Alive
Midnight Eye · Sign
Nemesis · Genocidal Battlefield
Nightmare · The Burden of God
Princeps Daemonum · Maleficium: Rectum, Obsculum, Tormentum...
Resist the Thought · Sovereignty
Siksakubur · St. Kristo
Sonata Arctica · Stones Grow Her Name
Temple of the Maggot · Black Mass Apocalypse
Thoughts of Rejection · Thoughts of Rejection
Torian · Dawn
Vegan Black Metal Chef · Year 1: The Reign of Seitan Begins
Vitaliy Sytnik · Fragments of Memories
Vogelfrey · Zwölf Schritte zum Strick
Zerogod · Microcosmic Chaos
05-17Eternity · Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII
Forgotten Silence · La grande bouffe
Mendel · Subliminal Colors
Sekoria · Iter Stellarum
Visceral Throne · Omnipotent Asperity
05-16Absorbing the Pain · H3ads Up
Atretic Intestine · Encased
Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni · Kosmos//Khaos
Black Souls Death · Reino subterraneo
Crucial Moment · Alive in the Moment
Gods in Graves · Let the Swine Pray
Israthoum · Black Poison and Shared Wounds
Krautnaut · Those Who Take Care of the Goat
Neural FX · Abreaction
Sectu · Gerra
To the Marrow · For Your Blinded Minds
Zero+onE · Der Krieg
05-15Absinthium · One for the Road
Aldebaran · Embracing the Lightless Depths
All Too Human · Juggernaut
Andralls · Breakneck
Blind Spirits · Trapped into Reality
Drug Honkey · Ghost in the Fire
Epicardiectomy · Abhorrent Stench of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration
Furze · Psych Minus Space Control
Helltrain · Death Is Coming
Legion Street · Play to the Dead
Majesty of Revival · Through Reality
Marauder · Elegy of Blood
Metal Strings · Escape from the Death
Minenwerfer · Nihilistischen
Mysterial · В пасти безумия
Never to Arise · Hacked to Perfection
Nuklear Goat · Genocidal Storm
Scythe of Orion · Sun-Dial
Senmuth · The Primordial Deity
Shadows Fall · Fire from the Sky
Siber Sky · Time Bomb
Transmetal · Indestructible
05-14Birth Asphyxia · Human Obelisk
Distorted Harmony · Utopia
Erock · No More Heroes
Graveflower · Returning to the Primary Source
Lahmia · Into the Abyss
Lokurah · The Time to Do Better
Mastery · In the Key of Kill
Metal Mareny · Rompiendo la maldición
Mythic Force · Escape from Evil
Nachtvorst · Silence
Syn Ze Șase Tri · Sub semnul lupului
Treason · Hell Is a Place on Earth
White Skull · Under This Flag
Whourkr · 4247 Snare Drums
05-13Azordon · Peosic
Dark Blasphemer · Drowning in Depression
Stagnant Project · The Rorschach Test
Thirteen Bled Promises · Heliopause Fleets
05-12Bastardo · Powerplant
Black Elegy · Pathway
Blindness · Sca(r)red
Bloodmoon · Remnants of Dusk
Climactic · Set the Rapture Ablaze
Doctor Cyclops · Borgofondo
Katana · Storms of War
Khillem · Stress
Skymir · Haunted Saloon
Stonehead · Surreal Liberty
Tanelorn · Burden Divine
05-11The Antiproduct · Fear Machine
Blood Coven · Blood and Battle
Bloodtide · Cruor Proficiscor
Caliber.X · Suburbia
Crowhurst · Empty Rooms
Decomposed · Decomposed
Encéfalo · Slave of Pain
End of September · End of September
Ethereal Architect · Monolith
For All This Bloodshed · Black River City
Infernus · Xul Eterna
Kymera · Stillborn
Monarchy · Feeding the Beast
Okera · A Beautiful Dystopia
Scarlet Anger · Dark Reign
Sin7sinS · Carnival of No Tomorrow
Stillbirth · Endgame Is Near
05-10Anhedonist · Netherwards
Corpse ov Christ · To Goat Empire... the Lucifer Desire
Elbereth · Itzalitako izarren lurraldea
Krief de Soli · Munus Solitudinis
Moloch · Abstrakter Wald
Prellude · Tributo ao Spectrus
Replosion · The Resting Place of Illusion
Robot the Mimbre · Nuevo Orden
05-09Bio-Cancer · Ear Piercing Thrash
Bretus · In Onirica
Crowhurst · Nothingness
Dark Days Ahead · The Long Road South
Deathhammer · Onward to the Pits
Inmania · Forest of Despair
Khamûl · Hans gítar
Põhjast · Thou Strong, Stern Death
Relative Obscurity · Just Fight
Warpstone · Daemonic Warpfire
The Worshyp · Evil Abounds
05-08Allegaeon · Formshifter
Bible of the Devil · For the Love of Thugs & Fools
Crimson Fate · Tierra quemada
Dee Snider · Dee Does Broadway
Hung · Hung
My Ransomed Soul · The Chains That Bind Us
Obsidian Tongue · Volume I: Subradiant Architecture
Omia · Palpitation in the Brumal Wasteland
Saratoga · Nemesis
Sunlight Reality · Through the Rings of Darkness
West of Hell · Spiral Empire
05-07Apparition · For Vengeance... and for Love
Black Moth · The Killing Jar
Cadaveric Crematorium · One of Them
Cattle Decapitation · Monolith of Inhumanity
De Profundis · The Emptiness Within
Dhune · Silence of Sound
Dying Passion · Amplify
Fatal Smile · 21st Century Freaks
Gehtika · Unconventional Manicism
GuilThee · Szemantikai háromszögek
Highlight Kenosis · Change
Holy Mountain · Earth Measures
Incoming Cerebral Overdrive · Le Stelle : A Voyage Adrift
Inward · Divergence
Merrow · Retrospecial
Myron's Invention · Nine Stories
Ne Obliviscaris · Portal of I
Riti Occulti · Riti Occulti
Silent Descent · Mind Games
Soulcide · Forged in Chaos
Steel Assassin · WWII: Metal of Honor
Storm Corrosion · Storm Corrosion
Tragedy · Darker Days Ahead
Святогор · Doctor Veritas
05-06Among Gods · Among Gods
Braveride · Rise of the Dragonrider
Disaster · Pestilencia
First Dead Witness · Praise the Departed
Hell Skuad · Knife of Perfect Mutilation
Morbid Evil · Satan Rules
Painful Depression · Keeping the Pain Alive
Reflector · The Heritage
Total Devastation · Satama
05-051833 AD · My Dark Symphony
Cammo Shorts · Sonically Transmitted Disease
Cataplexy · Devangelight
Chingaso · Deathpaw
Crawl 2 Chaos · Wasteland America
Dala Sun · Gegenschein
Drain Life · Revelations of the Enslaved
Epoch Crysis · My Chaos Continues
Favna Abisal · Rerum Imaginaria
Fourever · Solitarium
Kalevala · There and Back Again
Kilt · From the Abyss
Necro · Gore Ceremony
Nine Treasures · 十丈铜嘴 / Arvan Ald Guulin Hunshoor
Pukelization · Inextricable Impregnation
Ruins of Tekoah · Eschatology
Space Vacation · Heart Attack
Tyrant's Kall · Dagon
Wake Arkane · The Black Season
05-04Aligeria · Deliræ
Blue Gillespie · Seven Rages of Man
Damnation's Hammer · Disciples of the Hex
Dawn of Destiny · Praying to the World
Doom Machine · Immortal
Eradicator · Madness Is My Name
Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 10: Moved into the World of Stressmetal
Lara Korona · Land Unter
Leeches of Lore · Frenzy, Ecstasy
Mercury Falling · Into the Void
Svlfvr · Seeding the Astral Mark
Watch Me Bleed · Kingdom
05-03Arcana Imperia · Новые миры
Coffin Texts · The Tomb of Infinite Ritual
Demona · Metal Through the Time
Eternal Scapegoat · 3
Septicmen · Isolation
The Sequence of Prime · Inter-
Tommy Vitaly · Hanging Rock
Verdunkeln · Weder Licht noch Schatten
The Weakening · Chains of Plato
05-02Alexis Birds of Prey · Rainforce
Angmar · Cénotaphe (Lost Tracks)
Depressive Winter · Nihilum Bellus
Old Man Gloom · No
Rising Sunset · Equinox
Wicca · .​.​.​de cenizas y recuerdos
05-01Adalwolf · Wolfsland
Algarothsyum · Wastelander's Epoch
Buckets of Faith · Fate Preset
Buffalo Theory MTL · Heavy Ride
Darkest Sins · Darkest Sins
Delirious · Delirious
Down End Rest · Black Bog Ritual
Dueño del Mar · Despertar
Electrozombies · Skull of Chaos
Esoteric Doctrine · Police State
Genocaust · The End of All Things
Jute Gyte · Isolation
Kamala · The Seven Deadly Chakras
Klamm · Wahnsee
Litrosis · I Am Death
Myrkvar · As en bloed
Mök · Mökamorphosis
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · Symphony of Fantasy
Process of Guilt · Fæmin
Return from the Grave · The Rebirth from the Last Breath
Shadowdance · Future Negative Fantasy
Snail · Terminus
Spellcraft · Yersinia Pestis
Systematic Storm · Darkness and Light
The Will of a Million · A Lull
05-??Adjust the Sun · Devouring Worlds
Afflictive Emasculation · Obscure Slam Vomition
Animae Capronii · Pray of an Innocent
Barbarism · Burning Rituals
Bauda · Euphoria...of Flesh, Men and the Great Escape
Benn Bilinski · Entity
Black Thorn Halo · Texas Fucking Metal
Catalepsy · Abomination of Desolation
The Communion · A Desired Level of Unease
Cyclophonia · Impact Is Imminent
Darksun · Memento Mori
Death Artery · Chapter of Human End
Decline of Humanity · Allegiance to Blastery
Decrepancy · Paralyzed Will
Engine of Chaos · PsychoPulse
Entropy · E3
Extermination Angel · Extermination Angel
Gauntlet · Stubburn
Gore Inhaler · Welcome to Zombieland
Hammerhed · The Fennoscandian Badass
Hate Meditation · Discipline
Hawk Eyes · Ideas
Hermaphrodit · Slave to Metamphetamine
Holofernes · Beyond the Event Horizon
Indefiance · Your Widow
Inverted Virtue · Of Darkness and Sodomy
Involved · Chaos Order Balance
Lintver · Madrigali del crepuscolo
LiveEvil · 3 Altering
Mandatory · Ripped from the Tomb
Merda Mundi · V:Agnus Satani
Morbid Execution · Vulgar Darkness
Nglayat · Api Peperangan
Northwinds · Winter
Prayers of Sanity · Confrontations
Raven Blayde · The Dark Hollow
Sale Freux · L'Exil
Sangre entre las Manos · Involución
Shever · Rituals
The Siege · The Siege - A Musical Epic
Torch · Daroh Dagir - Bloodlines
Transient Messiah · Shatter the Persona
Tsar Bomb · Neowarfare
Typhoon · A Matter of Time
Virtual · Sigma Six
Von Goat · Disappear
Waelcyrge · Nithstang
Wehrhammer · Der Befehl
Yargos · Magical Karma
Zarpa · Zarpasaurio
04-305150 · 神竜物語
Aihisna · 少女の理想世界
Asriel · 淡き夢見る宵闇ノ骸華
Carved Kinship · Time Factor
Dehuman · Black Throne of All Creation
Diseim · Holy Wrath
Eternal Deformity · The Beauty of Chaos
Ethernal · Arkioas
Frost · Trapped in the World
Griefrain · Follow the Dusk
Hanging Doll · The Sacred & Profane
Kalapács · Poklok és mennyek között
Malfeitor · Dum Morior Orior
Natron · Grindermeister
Neverborne · Self Destruct Syndrome
Oddland · The Treachery of Senses
Ogotay · Eve of the Last Day
Ram-Page · Blooming Rust
Sacrifer · Valhalla Is for Me
Sammath Naur · Beyond the Limits
Solemnity · Circle of Power
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight · Going Home
Wedding in Hades · Misbehaviour
Wende · The Third and the Noble
Wild Hunt · Before the Plane of Angles
04-29Brendon Small · Brendon Small's Galaktikon
CarVent · Откровение
Cloud Forest · Rebirth
Humiliation · From Strength to Strength
Kvasta · Second Dimension ov Reality
Point Blank Rage · Deadly Horizon
Roaring Rampage · Thänx for the Fish
Spine Buster · Radical Expression of Violence
04-28Arvorar · Fragments of Solitude
Ascheregen · Ascheregen
Castle · Blacklands
Frozen Mist · Mother Earth Pantheon
Master of Cruelty · Spit on the Holy Grail
Metalety · Radio Apocalypse
Mlekra · 0105
Necroripper · Necrometal
Obliterate · The Filth of Humanity
Oblivion · Musical Fart
Runover · Feel the Anger
Vagabond · Thunderbolt
Темноврат · Грань бесконечности
04-2769 Chambers · Torque
Ad Astra · Open Wide
Adramelch · Lights from Oblivion
Akral Necrosis · Pandemic Dominion
Aldaaron · Suprême silence
Alexander Paul Blake · Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter
Anguish Force · Atzwang
Anime Torment · Deathwish
Antagonism · Digging Past Sounds
At Vance · Facing Your Enemy
Before the Dawn · Rise of the Phoenix
Brunanburh · Memorial
Catheter · Southwest Doom Violence
Dark Princess · The World I've Lost
Dawn of Disease · Crypts of the Unrotten
Dead Salvation · Death Is an Artform
Diabolus in Extremis · Parar el tiempo
Enthrallment · People from the Lands of Vit
Epitome of Frail · Society
Eternal Helcaraxe · Against All Odds
Gandhi's Gunn · The Longer the Beard the Harder the Sound
The Great Old Ones · Al Azif
Horrizon · Time for Revenge
Huntress · Spell Eater
Kingdom of Salvation · Into the Black Horizon
Mirrored in Secrecy · Day of Renewal
Moonspell · Alpha Noir
Mortalicum · The Endtime Prophecy
Mory · Perang Berdarah
Mother Corona · Out of the Dust
Ruler · Evil Nightmares
Sacred Gate · When Eternity Ends
Saint Vitus · Lillie: F-65
Satarian · Безумие первого шага
Shakhtyor · Shakhtyor
Skelator · Agents of Power
Steelwolf · No One Gets Away
Systematic Eradication · Barfight Music
Viggenblot · Venal Tropisms
Widows · Death Valley Duchess
Winter's Verge · Beyond Vengeance
04-26Agruss · Morok
Albatrozz · Cáncer
Colobar · Behind the Veil of Oblivion
Desecrate Scripture · Under Grey Skies
Negative Standards · VI.VII.VIII.IX.X.XI
Pentagram · MMXII
Reino Ermitaño · Veneración del fuego
04-25Ahola · Stoneface
Assessor · Štvanice
Carnal Demise · Carnal Demise
Chronic Hate · Dawn of Fury
Discoshit · Teror Sriwijaya Mental Serigala
HMR · Контрольный выстрел
Hypnos · Heretic Commando – Rise of the New Antikrist
Keltic Jihad · Immaculate Perception
Maverick · Natural Born Steel
Megaromania · Artistical Glint
Psychema · The Entry Point
Status Minor · Ouroboros
Swarms · All the Worthless Fields of the Earth
Wardrum · Desolation
Zenith Reunion · Utopia
04-2416 · Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds
Abrin · Мир зла
Ain Sof Aur · Atra Serpens
Angelus Apatrida · The Call
Anwynn · Forbidden Songs
Astral Tears · Hypnotic
Bereft · Leichenhaus
Burial Mist · Subway to Light
Crystal Viper · Crimen Excepta
Disfiguring the Goddess · Sleeper
Everaftter · Elementa
Hideous Divinity · Obeisance Rising
Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death · Absolute Defilement
My Material Season · Bridal Aisles of Tragedy
Nido di Vespe · Il giorno che siamo tutti morti
No Return · Inner Madness
Odium · Burning the Bridges to Nowhere
Prong · Carved into Stone
Pseudogod · Deathwomb Catechesis
Struck by Lightning · True Predation
Sun Gods in Exile · Thanks for the Silver
Teramaze · Anhedonia
Tony Gabriele's Orbynot · Try to Stop Me
Torche · Harmonicraft
Vesperian Sorrow · Stormwinds of Ages
04-23Abysse · En(d)grave
Arjen Anthony Lucassen · Lost in the New Real
Cannibal Feast · Blood, Guts, Gore & More
Disarm Goliath · Born to Rule
Dr Doom · Everyone Is Guilty
Flexant · Dark Sides of Humanity
Forces at Work · Straight
Holy Moses · 30th Anniversary: In the Power of Now
Luca Alfieri · Dr. Krueger
Malicia · El fin de las religiones
Pulvis et Umbra · Reaching the End
Winter in Eden · Echoes of Betrayal
Winters Veil · The Storm Awakens
Wodensthrone · Curse
The Wretched End · Inroads
04-223,14... · Похороны лучшего друга
Bleeding Utopia · Demons to Some. Gods to Others
Impurity · Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis
Martire · Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse
Vorkreist · Sigil Whore Christ
04-2150 Stitches to Salvation · Panta Rhei
:Twingiant: · Mass Driver
Armaga · Mystic
Circle · Manner
Conflicted · Social Disorder
Cradle of Filth · Midnight in the Labyrinth
Griefhammer · Griefhammer
Lapageria Rosea · Al estado natural
Law of the Tongue · Law of the Tongue
Locus Neminis · Weltenwanderung
Raxas · Instinto
Siege of Cirrha · Made to Measure
Traitor · Thrash Command
Wyrm · Rune Rider
Žrec · Paměti
04-20Agarthus · Unearthed
Amattr · Black Dawn
Aschmicrosa · Sacrament
Asmodey · Отречение
Axe Ripper · Welcome to Detroit Destruction
Aztra · Raíces Latinoamérica
Benign · Redshift
Black Shape of Nexus · Negative Black
Blizzard · Fuck the Universe
Blue Herps · Nodul
Color of Aum · Color of Aum
Crowhurst · Fuck You Morrissey
Cyclopian · Cyclopian
Deadborn · Mayhem Maniac Machine
Deathvastation · ...and Left Will Be None
Derelict · Perpetuation
Dreaming Dead · Midnightmares
En Masse · En Masse
The Foreshadowing · Second World
Furious Zoo · Wock n' Woll - Furioso VI
The Grotesquery · The Facts and Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales
Hammercult · Anthems of the Damned
Kosmos · From Innocence to Perversity
Lakei · Konspirasjoner
Mekong Delta · Intersections
Modesty & Pride · Endless Road, Pt. 1
No End in Sight · Consequences
Orm · 42012
Paradise Lost · Tragic Idol
Prokion · Kongamato
Rev · Болно общество
Rotting Heaven · Apotheosis of the Apocalypse
Running Wild · Shadowmaker
Sektarism · Le son des stigmates
Stonehaven · Concerning Old-Strife and Man-Banes
Symbolic · Always Behind You
Tombstones · Year of the Burial
Unleashed · Odalheim
04-19Blood of Seklusion · Caustic Deathpath to Hell
Embalmed · Rebirth
Hailstone · The Greater Counterfeit
Klaymore · It's Alive
Sagacious Past · Tribulation
Scaphism · Festering Human Remains
The Slow Death · II
Thorybos · Monuments of Doom Revealed
Yayla · Fear Through Eternity
Грани Свободы · Навсегда
04-18Across the Rain · Reign of Solitude
Baygon Vert · Humans = Fruit
Desecrate · XIII, The Death
In Mortis Veritas · À l'ombre des sépulcres
In Mourning · The Weight of Oceans
Morian · Ashen Empire
Opvs Leviathan · I:O:I
Prometheus Rising · The Embrace of Night
Shturm · Karmaruna
Spirits Way · Brainless Puppets Are Enslaved
04-17Antropofagus · Architecture of Lust
Book of Sand · Mourning Star
Daitribe · Epochalypse A.D.
Drowner · Moth Temple
Eric Castiglia · The End of Our Days
Scarlet Moon · Delight and Suffering
Tomorrow Is Dead · This Is the End
Комета-С · Ночной полёт
04-16Acid Death · Eidolon
Alex from Hell · 2012
Ambehr · Бездна
Anathema · Weather Systems
Chaos Asylum · Into the Black
Cosmic Vortex · Konspirasi Busuk
Dezperadoz · Dead Man's Hand
Fateless Tears · Send - Receive (Special Edition)
Fehler · Dissona
Gory Blister · Earth-Sick
K-ØS · Planeta violento
Obsidian Sea · Between Two Deserts
Occultation · Three & Seven
Seecrees · Genesis
Uncolored Wishes · Fragrance
Valkiria · Here the Day Comes
04-15Black Pilgrims · Black Pilgrims
Butcher · Embraced by Madness
Deathroll · 荒涼
Dismantle · Enter the Forbidden
DragonForce · The Power Within
Sinride · Evenfall
Skullhog · The Evil Dead
SLOD · Line I: In Your Eyes
This Gift Is a Curse · I, Gvilt Bearer
04-14Antichrisis · Not Fade Away
Antologi · Arah Perjalanan
Buckethead · Pike 6 - Balloon Cement
Dagaz · From Ancient Wisdom
Deathaction · The Diaries
Domgård · Myrkviðr
Dråpsnatt · Skelepht
Elgibbor · The Dungeons of Hell
Eschar · Elements
FateScorn · This World
GodHateCode · Weltenschmerz
Grand Master · The Dream Alive
The Isosceles Project · Bridges
Rockaway Drive · We Live
Shoulder of Orion · Winterstar
Torn the Fuck Apart · ...the Dissection of Christ
04-13Against Nature · Fallen Rock
Andragonia · Memories
Antivenom · Sacred Funeral
Artists of War · Black Dragon
Black Mad Lice · It's Going Deeper
Cantilena · Violent Peace
Constant Threat · Dominion of Death
Cryptic Oath · Distortion Theory
Dead Head Down · Blutrodung
Deathtale · Apocalyptic Deadline
Down on Knees I'm Weak · Stolen from Us
Evilenko · Human (disg)Race
Far West Battlefront · Chapters
Headhunter D.C. · Unholy Mourning...
Heavynessiah · Colours of Night
Ibridoma · Night Club
Jointstereo · Refract the Fears
Legionary · Arcane Divisions
Lies! · Nineties
Lionel Pryor · Siam
Maldia · Maldia
Pan · Advent
Psymortem · Dysphoria.delusioN.dementiA
Sepulcral · Anthropophagy of Doom
Shot at Dawn · White Trash Metal Brigade
Signs Preyer · Signs Preyer
Sinistro · Sinistro
Ufomammut · Oro: Opus Primum
Venus Blue · Blue Venus
Wyruz · Fire at Will
04-12Engorge · Demonic Omnipotent Barbarism
Erih · Erih
Goatpsalm · Erset La Tari
Grrizli Madams · Sntntn
Ilex · Quercus
Krypton · O parte din noi
Metalmorfosis · ...Through Space...and Time
Nocturnal Delirium · The Last Flight of the Condor
Orbseven · Fall Below The Earth
Pseudopathological Vivisection · Atrocious and Grotesque
Soter · Eterno silencio
04-11Emulsified Flesh · The Art of Suicide
Ereshkigal · Black Metal Storm
Krenak · Decimation
Panther · Sexy Finger IV
Youthquake · Darkness and Light, Strife and Conflict
04-10Ancestors · In Dreams and Time
Dirge Within · There Will Be Blood
Dødsengel · Imperator
Gatling · Beforemath
Hellvetron · Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties
Ignitor · Year of the Metal Tiger
In Vain · In Death We Trust
Job for a Cowboy · Demonocracy
Joint Depression · Sisamassam
Meant to Suffer · A Step Towards Deception
Municipal Waste · The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space)
Mythic Force · The Prophet
Suspyre · Suspyre
True Witness · The Human Condition
Urr · The Endless Riddles of Sky and Earth
04-09Bong · Mana-Yood-Sushai
Jeff Loomis · Plains of Oblivion
Kathaarsys · Rara Vez
Necroberus · Éxodo
NoDrama · The Patient
Reverence · The Asthenic Ascension
Rise to Fall · Defying the Gods
Testemunha · Vinde e Vede
Thunderskull · Thunder Skull
04-08Cranium · Perintah Dunia Baru
Eslabón · Cría cuervos
Little V · Bored at Work
Nathan P. Holly · God Is Dead
Nebrus · From the Black Ashes
Omen · Nomen Est Omen / Szimfonik
Primal Order · Genocide Meteorite Dynamite Alright
Yhdarl · The Essence II
04-07Bright Color Vision · Carousel
ClayFeeders · The Seventh Sense
Contrast · Charybdis
Face the Hate · I See Red
Hedfirst · 44
Hel · Das Atmen der Erde
Hopelezz · Black Souls Arrive
Lost Dimension · Éclipse
Mesmerised · Until the End
Mindreaper · Human Edge ( the Abyss)
Party Vibez · Legends of Gnarlia
Vortech · Devoid of Life
04-06Accept · Stalingrad: Brothers in Death
Ad Inferna · Ultimum Omnium
Aortic Dilatation · Nekrosodomy
Authority Crisis · Seven Deadly Sins...
Bestial Holocaust · Into the Goat Vulva
Blackness · Взгляд за грань
Cunt Cuntly · Cuntagious Cuntaclysm
Exumer · Fire & Damnation
Fleshmould · Interitum
Four in a Cage · My Last Path
HeKz · Tabula Rasa
InDespair · Time to Wake Up
Legion Warcry · The Way to Escape
Lene Kosti · Penetrator
Neutrino · Осколки мира
Nosis · Sup...Come Over
Order of Týr · Tearing Reality Asunder
Relinquished · Onward Anguishes
Will 'o' Wisp · Kosmo
04-05Carcava · Desenterrando a los muertos
Cultus Funeris · Revertere ad Locum Tuum
Demorian · Excerpt from a Diary
Destructura · MecanicAmoral
Forgotten Hope · Third Eye Fragments
Harvesta · Harvesta
Lethal Energy · Descent into Madness
Winter Haven · Godslayer
04-04Begrime Exemious · Visions of the Scourge
Chamber of Torture · Behead Before Interment
Failure Ritual · Failure Ritual
Mirkhall · Like Wolves - Like Heathens
Phantazo · Le temps dètruit tout
Revengin · Cymatics
Shock Absorber · Shockwave
Sound of Ground · Sky Colored Green
Stepfather Fred · Raise Our Flag
Tal'set · La via del guerriero
The Undivine · Delusional Noise
Киста · Киста
04-03Adamantine · Chaos Genesis
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace · Nadir
Cainomen · Whispering Darkside
Caltrop · Ten Million Years and Eight Minutes
Coward · Reunion
Creative Waste · Slaves to Conformity
Diskord · Dystopics
Evelyn · The Key to Understanding Suicides
High on Fire · De Vermis Mysteriis
Komunal · Gemuruh Musik Pertiwi
My Darkest Time · Transient
Warfuck · The Weak and the Wicked
04-02Aven · The Last Thought of Judas
Board of Aves · Decade After
Evadne · The Shortest Way
Exodia · Slow Death
Faustcoven · Hellfire and Funeral Bells
Impiety · Ravage & Conquer
Low Gravity · Incarnadine
Savage · Sons of Malice
Sententia Mortis · Verbum Inferi
Solbrud · Solbrud
Thrashist Regime · Fearful Symmetry
Thunderkraft · Totentanz
Zombie Scars · Revenant
Грехъ · Молитвенник
04-01BurstHead · The Price of War
By Night · Sympathy for Tomorrow
Conan · Monnos
Conan's First Date · The Devil Is on the Loose
Crystal Mess · Unholy Neckbreaker
Dissection · Dvojí tvář
Emptiness · Error
Hellish Outcast · Your God Will Bleed
Husere Grav · Separation
Krampüs · Mental Holocaust
Kruton · Lament
Maria Chuana · Mendax Illusio
Onde Sphérique · Curriculum Vitae
Potergeist · Muddy Mermaids
Profetus · Open the Passages in Dusk
Regnum · Dem Entwirklichten
Sobredosis · Ángel negro
Surreal Thoughts · Augmentations
Witchden · Consulting the Bones
Свобода Воли · Мы поднимаем флаг
04-??Attomica · 4
Avgrunn · Conceived Genetically Perverse
Bastard Saints · The Shape of My Will
Black Bay · Feeding It...
Border of Insanity · Defy in Blood
Bujold · Black Robe
Ceibo · Ceibo
Confusion Gods · Nails
Dark Center Light · What a Wonderful Dangerous Place
Dharma · Dharmageddon
Distraught · The Human Negligence Is Repugnant
Elinkautinen · Vihan siemen
Endor · Not Dead but Dreaming
Escarnium · Excruciating Existence
Frozenwoods · Echoes of the Winterforest
Funera Edo · De bello heroica
God's Speed · ...and This Will Soon Pass
Grisâtre · Esthaetique
Gyötrelem · Dimenziók pusztulása
Holocausto Canibal · Gorefilia
Human like Monster · Jiwa Neraka
Human Paranoid · Shut the Fuck Up!
Hybris · Instinto
Hypomanie · Calm Down, You Weren't Set on Fire
Icethrone · See You in Valhall
Karnysera · À l'aube d'une fin
Khianat · Welcoming the Arrivals - Keadilan Semesta
Kommandant · The Draconian Archetype
Lethal Fear · Y2black?
Lotus Circle · Caves
Lughum · Galaico's Sign
Natassievila · Impermanence
Nord · Wintermelodie
Project K · Nos Ossos que Aqui Estamos... pelos Vossos Esperamos...
Simbiose · Economical Terrorism
Stodgy · Rain of Hate
Taak · Rist viletsuse teel
Tlön · Tlön III
Unhuman Disease · Dalla benedizione del diavolo
Wizardmask · Карнавал иллюзий
Возмездие · Хаос
03-31Arenia · Cuando el mundo despertó
Despise & Conquer · Invasion
Dimeless · Taste of the Upper Class
Dolentia · Sob a Égide das Sombras
Gomorrha · Welt in Flammen
Ignivomous · Contragenesis
Isospin · Lucid Conspiracy
Kill for Satan · The Final Conflict
Lux Incerta · A Decade of Dusk
MediaLuna · El ocaso de los ídolos
No Mercy · Deathernity
Ostots · Heriotzaren bidezidorrak
Rooms of Ruin · All Is Ended
Sorathian Dawn · Sorathian Dawn
מזמור · מזמור
03-30A Darkened Sea · Bloody Day at Sea
Cold Hand of Malice · Negligence
Crowhurst · There Is No Hope Here
Departed · Oblation of Heaven Suffering
Divine · Total Divine Judgement
Dream Chaser · II
Dust · Distortion Empire
Embrional · Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors
Enthymion · Arcana of Apocalypse
Forsaken World · As Time Reflects Our End
Getica · Cantare vremilor apuse
Goatfago · True Occult Astronomy Part II
Gravety · Into the Grave
Libertatis Amore · Der Traum der Vergangenheit
Lonewolf · Army of the Damned
Melted Space · From the Past
Ministry · Relapse
New Eden · Solving for X
Nominal Abuse · Behind the Vanishing Values
Overkill · The Electric Age
Rezet · Civic Nightmares
Stargate · Beyond Space and Time
Summoned Tide · The Bringer of the Tide
Teodasia · Upwards
Tulsadoom · Barbarian Steel
Tulus · Olm og bitter
Unisonic · Unisonic
Words of Farewell · Immersion
03-29Allos · Spiritual Battle
Banda de la Muerte · Pulso de una mente maldita
Bottomfeeder · Two Minutes Hate
Catharist · When Ancient Gods Return
Chariot · In the Blood
Dan Johansen · Life Systems
Imperium · Лабиринт иллюзий
Lucifugum · Od Omut Serpenti
Mercyless · Mundo enfermo
The Moon Mistress · Silent Voice Inside
Sarcophagy · The Summoning
Sucking Leech · Life Sucks like a Leech
Tortorum · Extinctionist
Wintersfear · Thought and Memory
Каменный Пояс · По северным тропам
03-28Almetal · Headbanger
Avulse · We Are All Code
Dol Ammad · Cosmic Gods: Episode I – Hyperspeed
Dvärg · Скала
Edén · Quattro
Nebelwerfer · The Aeon of Filth
Scythe · Beware the Scythe
Viikate · Petäjäveräjät
Vuohivasara · Perdition Reigns Supreme
Year Zero · Timefreeze
03-27A Descent in Graves · From Mourning to Solace
Arc of Ascent · The Higher Key
A Sound of Thunder · Out of the Darkness
Black Breath · Sentenced to Life
The Burial · Lights and Perfections
Chordotomy · The Precious Ideal
Dark Empire · From Refuge to Ruin
Divine Era · Dead End City
Evil Lucifera · Atrium Infernalis
Final Curse · Way of the Accursed
Goatpsalm · Sonic Desterilization of Light
God Forbid · Equilibrium
Mother of Worms · The Dirty Arts
OSI · Fire Make Thunder
Pale Divine · Painted Windows Black
Skarthia · Retaliate
Vulture · Oblivious to Ruin
Wretched · Son of Perdition
Yotangor · We Speak
03-26Arvandil · Arvandil
Bejelit · Emerge
Borknagar · Urd
Elysian · Wires of Creation
Embryonic Cells · The Dread Sentence
Evenoire · Vitriol
Faith Must Pain · Blood of Sabillition
Gaia Epicus · Dark Secrets
Hour of Penance · Sedition
Intestinal · The Rottening
Kill Devil Hill · Kill Devil Hill
Llvme · Yía de nuesu
Mad Max · Another Night of Passion
M-pire of Evil · Hell to the Holy
Naglfar · Téras
Selfhate · Ombres et lumières
Shear · Breaking the Stillness
Stigmhate · The Sun Collapse
Towards Darkness · Barren
Uneven · Instrument of Revenge
Wedingoth · The Other Side
03-25Anima Sacra · Rastros de luz
Black Shadow · ..Сквозь чёрное пламя Молоха...
Dreamcatcher · Emerging from the Shadows
The Great Sabatini · Matterhorn
Mekigah · The Necessary Evil
Ocean Architecture · Animus
Pike · To Cross the Great Divide
Resistance of Yield · Towards the Apocalypse
Shores of Elysium · The Arbiter's Clockwork
03-24Desolate Sun · Descending Stairways
Harpyie · Blindflug
Logam · The Murder Artist
Ruin of Remembrance · Second World
Undivided · No One's Safe
03-233 Inches of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
Akem Manah · Night of the Black Moon
Arcanum Inferi · Ars Hermetica
Aura Noir · Out to Die
Axel Rudi Pell · Circle of the Oath
Battue · The Subliminal Fears
Black Plastic Caskets · Black Plastic Caskets
Black Sheep Wall · No Matter Where It Ends
Bleeding Red · Evolution's Crown
Blessed Curse · Blessed Curse
Bloodbeast · Bloodlust
Bvrtan · Savvah Penderitaan
C.B Murdoc · The Green
Christ of Kather • Markus Maria Hoff · Das Oldschoolformat der Zukunft
Concealed Asylum · Our Constant Struggle
Crimson Cult · Tales of Doom
Darkness by Oath · Near Death Experience
Dilmun Gates · News of the New World
Eye Beyond Sight · The Sun and the Flood
Folkodia · Battles and Myths
Gorod · A Perfect Absolution
Gun Barrel · Brace for Impact
Heavy Metal Kids · Warhammer Songs Vol. 3
Igut · Point of No Return
Kemilon · Twisted Storm
Kissin' Dynamite · Money, Sex & Power
Mencea · Pyrophoric
Meshuggah · Koloss
Out of Decay · Arising of Lost Souls
Phobiatic · An Act of Atrocity
Phoenix Rising / Fire & Ashes · MMXII
Revel in Flesh · Deathevokation
Seita · Asymmetric Warfare
Select and Dismember · Annihilation Foretold
Seven Ends · To the Worms
Sleepy Hollow · Skull 13
Spectral · Gateway to Death
Strydegor · In the Shadow of Remembrance
Suburban Terrorist · Cut-Throat from the World of Obsession
Synasthasia · Style Collector
Veiled in Scarlet · Idealism
Vendetta · World Under Fire
Wildroads · Riding on a Flaming Road
Ørkenkjøtt · Ønskediktet
Мафия · Солнце
03-226th Awakening · Psycho Path
Alice in Thunderland · Hellfire
Forodwaith · Nirnaeth Arnediad
Tarantulo · Tarantulo
Ария · Live in Studio
03-21Ascension · Far Beyond the Stars
Asgaard · Stairs to Nowhere
Carina Alfie · Eight
Dark Metamorphosis · The Fall of Draclecarde
De Lirium's Order · Veniversum
Devour the Unborn · Consuming the Morgue Remains
Eden · L'ombre des pensées
Fall · W blasku umierającego słońca
Moss of Moonlight · Seed
Platinum Brunette · Irritable Vowel Syndrome
Ruiza · Abyss
Sadistik Forest · Death, Doom, Radiation
Slon · Slon
Wild One · After Rain
The 冠 · 死にぞこないのヘビーメタル (通常盤)
03-20As I Suffer Silently · As I Suffer Silently
Blaze Bayley · The King of Metal
Desultor · Masters of Hate
Enthroned · Obsidium
Fester · A Celebration of Death
Homicide · Mechanized Torments
Ice Dragon · Tome of the Future Ancients
Iron Curtain · Road to Hell
La Armada · La armada
Pagan Legacy · Völuspá
Rituals · Rituals
Svartsyn · The True Legend
Tribune · Elder Lore / The Dark Arts
Vergeltung · Exploration of Space
03-19Dinozauras · Ecce Cruor!
Enthral · Obtenebrate
L'Endeví · An Eternity
Lys · The Northern Dawn
Meta-Stasis · When the Mind Departs the Flesh
Perishing Humanity · The Monument of Human Lies and Hypocrisy
P.H.O.B.O.S. · Atonal Hypermnesia
Thehappymask · Ruines
Trappazat · From Dusk till Dawn
When Nothing Remains · As All Torn Asunder
03-18Assot · Bullen les calderes
Second Before · Orientasi Jiwa
Senmuth · Deep in the Ecumene
03-17Divulgence · Future Seed
Haemic · Fields of Sanguine
Ignition Code · NewTek Lie
Minstrelix · Tales of Historia
Roman Khrustalev · Riven
Silence · City (Days)
Silence · City (Nights)
Sledge Leather · Imagine Me Alive
03-16Altercation · Today We Fight
Apofolis · Mørkhet
Beyond Cure · 藐視 / Defiance
Breed of Burden · The World Is Sick
Crowhurst · GrimGrimGrim - Music Inspired by the Work of Yames Anderson
Decrepit Sun · Violent.Aggressive
Draxsen · Forbidden Passion
Eternal of Sweden · Chapter I
Fhoi Myore · Fhoi Myore
Folkstone · Il confine
Guadaña · El grito del silencio
Secrets of the Moon · Seven Bells
Skull Incision · Endoparasit
Steryle · Endless Winter
Voz · Shadows of Death
Warhead · The End Is Here
Whoretopsy · They Did Unspeakable Things
03-15Arcane Dimension · Avantgarden
Disgraced · Symmetry of Chaos
Farcry · Slaves of Chaos
Knightmare · Damned & Forsaken
Kyzyl Kum · Sable Rouge
Matanza · Encontrados muertos
Militia · Strength and Honor
Mysteriis · Hellsurrection
Panzerfaust · I, Phallus God
Quest for Serenity · Within the Labyrinth
Sofisticator · Camping the Vein
Trumpet the Harlot · Visceral
Vowels · Hooves, Leaves & the Death / As December Nightingales
Старшие Арканы · Корабль привидений
03-14Centurion · Serve No One
Deals Death · Elite
Eddie Kim · Before the Dead Fall
Equivalence · Moon-Lit Haven
In Vein · The Truth Remains Untold
Prainbork · A Wrench Short of a Baker's Dozen
03-13Adrenaline Mob · Omertá
Auspicium · For the World That Was and That Is to Come
Chinga! · Relentless Culinary Assault
Clayskin · Faces
Creeper · Welcome to Room #9
Doomed · The Ancient Path
Impending Doom · Baptized in Filth
Judd Madden · Doomgroove
Nahum · The Gates Are Open
Opus Inferii · Ancient Mysteries Unveiled
Preuve Spectrale · Le 13 septembre
Prison of Mirrors · Manning the Galleys
Soulfly · Enslaved
Spawn of Possession · Incurso
Stoned Jesus · Seven Thunders Roar
Tyrant of Death · Re Connect
Western Massacre · Freedom Through Violence
03-12Acidez · Don't Ask for Permission
Agresiva · Eternal Foe
Angel Witch · As Above, So Below
Artists Are Idiots · The Subduck Scum Shall Fall
Bloodline Severed · Letters to Decapolis
Burnt Church · Embracing the Void
Cannibal Corpse · Torture
Cool Head Klan · Ister-Gam
Enochian Theory · Life... and All It Entails
Fomento · To Persevere Is Diabolical
Formloff · Spyhorelandet
Galaktik Cancer Squad · Strange Spheres of Hyperborea
Germ · Wish
Kreon · Adamowe plemię
Living Corpse · And Everything Slips Away
Lord Mantis · Pervertor
Major Kong · Doom for the Black Sun
Murder Castle · Heretic's Fork
Sarcoma · This Cruel Reality
Senmuth · Болон Окте: Нисхождение
Sever the Masses · The Path Unknown
Sigh · In Somniphobia
Sin Deadly Sin · Fall from Heaven
Soul Factor · Resurgence of Chaos
Soulrest · Beyond the Borders of Sense
Terminator 2 · Part 1
03-11Disact · Grind Breed
Guttural Corpora Cavernosa · Munching on the Red Carpet
Leaders of Margor · Bind Torture Kill
Senmuth · The Final Eschatology
Shadow Man · Angels and Demons
03-10Angra Demana · Dissolve into Nothingness
Blinded by Faith · Chernobyl Survivor
Deadiron · Out of the Rust and Ruin
Depths of Hatred · Aversionist
Dog Snot · Snotgrind
Faal · The Clouds Are Burning
Iblis · Menthell
Jute Gyte · Volplane
Pandemonium · Misanthropy
Rigor Sardonicous · Ego Diligio Vos
Rise of the Willing · Dark Desert Tales
Tons · Musineè Doom Session Vol. 1
Wolf · Omnes Tenebras
Радикальный Голос · Не тревожьте богов...
Ренегат · Ренегат
03-09Divine Temptation · Killer Suites
Drowning in the Platte · The Flood
Epica · Requiem for the Indifferent
God Save the Hell · Between the Hands of Death
Hysterica · The Art of Metal
Jumping Jack · Trucks & Bones
Last Kingdom · Chronicles of the North
Lunatic Gods · Vlnobytie
Lustre · They Awoke to the Scent of Spring
Néant Radical · Stealing Mind and Breaking Soul
Psychonaut · Shock Em Dead!
塔罗圣徒 · 2012
03-08Atakke · Atakke
Dark Forest · Land of the Evening Star
Kill · Burning Blood
Rata Vuloira · Necrosadistic Ritual of Bongblazing Ashes
03-07Barren Earth · The Devil's Resolve
Dead End · Dream Demon Analyzer
Dimension Act · Manifestation of Progress
Gormenghast · Resist or Serve
Lullacry · Where Angels Fear
Rabies · Капля в бесконечность
Rose Rose · Skatethrash Heaven
Show-Ya · Genuine Diamond
摩天楼オペラ · Justice
03-06Claw · Negativity Through Solitude
Colosso · Peaceful Abrasiveness
DreamScar · What Will Become of Us
Eerie · Volumetric Addiction
Eric Pellegrini · Volume I
Goatfucker · Seven Spears in the Throat of God
Happy Days · Cause of Death: Life
Invader · Invader
Lords of Destruction · The Monster Is Out
Necrosadistic Goat Torture · Armageddon Shall Come
Scythe · Defying to Exist
The Sun the Moon the Stars · Mind Reader
03-05Demoncy · Enthroned Is the Night
Ea · Ea
Elfsong · A csodák könyve
Exhumation · Hymn to Your God
The Firstborn · Lions Among Men
Grave Disgrace · Grave Disgrace
Hail Spirit Noir · Pneuma
Hyperborean Frost · Воины извечно холодного края
Mania · Unchained Wrath
Morcegos · Grounded
Serpent Saints · All Things Metal
Swamp Gas · Operation Frantic
War Plague · Exterminacht
Санктум · Санктум
03-04Alogia · Priče o snovima
Anal Flesh · Eating Human Remains
Beast of Damnation · Grizzly Tales of Terror
Brokel · Anthems of Heresy
Crowhurst · Thriller
Epitaph of Life · Золотой осени скорбный романс
Heavenfall · Falling from Heaven
Helslakt · Corruption
Reverence Lost · Misanthropy
03-03Astarot · Raw Sensation of Nostalgia and Nihilistic
Bitter Piece · Vastyrion Rising
Damage over Time · Soldier Soul
Dark Matter · Terminal Endeavor
Eschaton · Isolated Intelligence
Kata Sarka · Existential Oblivion
Mother Leeds · Return of the Beast
Nocturne Moonrise · 幻想詩篇 / Into the Romaunt
Pvrenchymv · Magna Ars Infra
Senmuth · Ts'ahk
Silvara · The Path to Ruin
Tempus Fusion · To End It All
Total Annihilation · Extinction
UI-70 · When Insanity and Reality Unite pt.2: Scenes from a Memory
VonDream · Glimpse into Reality
Wandar · Landlose Ufer
03-02All Will Know · Contact.
Dark Nightmare · Beneath the Veils of Winter
Heidevolk · Batavi
Madrost · Maleficent
Massive Assault · Death Strike
Mulletcorpse · Disinfect
Oconnor · Un poco de respeto
RacheEngel · Sündenfall
Senmuth · M.OMEN.T
Southern Drinkstruction · Drunk till Death
They Yearn for What They Fear · Eat.Work.Sleep.Die
W.I.L.D. · Agony of Indecision
Изморозь · Зигомёд
03-01Absence of the Sacred · Come Hither O Herald of Death
Aeba · Nemesis, Decay of God's Grandeur
Akphaezya · Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Nerak
Altar of Sin · Tales of Carnage First Class
Amorphous · A Perfect Evil
Anthro Halaust · Правды осколок, кровоточит живым!!
Casketgarden · The Estrangement Process
Dalia Nera · The Hedonist
Dark Horizon · Diabolic Agreement
Dark Metamorphosis · The Black Masquerade
Deathvalves · Deathvalves
Desybes · L.I.S.
Elyose · Théogyne
Fenrir · Echoes of the Wolf
Fetal Injury · Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus
Grace Disgraced · Enthrallment Traced
Hammer Horde · Vinlander
Hats Barn · Voices of the Ultimate Possession
Hereafter · Endcient
Krautnaut · Planet Absinthe
Leatherhorn · Skull Worship
Leviatan · Rebirth
Lost Above Ether · Black Cosmic Forces
Moses Bandwidth · Nefrit Lazurit
Mysterious Noise · Electric Metal Wonderland
Natribu · Camino
Paradigm · Mind Is Key
Psycho Side · Psycho Side
Regina Venenosa · To Whom It May Concern​...​ Ruins
Rise Thy Ruin · Invoke/Provoke
Satanic Cockrockers · Rock 'n' Roll Genocide
Senmuth · Reliquarynce
Slaughter Brute · Systematic Transmutations
Soilid · Murder Diary
Wrathblade · Into the Netherworld's Realm
Изречия · Д'горі очі зведи
天幕落 · 卷贰 凤凰山
03-??9xDead · Cursed
Ankou Awaits · Crog Buidhe
Arkanos · Más allá de las Columnas de Hércules
Armath Sargon · 888
Arms of Ra · Unnamed
Autarcie · Époque révolue
Bezoar · Wyt Deth
Black Tamanous · Tacoma
Brute · Sophisticated Atrocity
Crawl of the Dark · Manusia Terkutuk
The Crossroads · Pariah
Deadly Spawn · Forced into Atrocities
Dehumanize · Full of Hate
Disastrous · Severe Suffering
Dux · Vintras
Enemy Reign · Between Hell and Oblivion
Errorbrain · 13th Years of Massacre
Fantasmal · Reino infernal
Fear Inside · The Glorious of My War
Fjorsvartnir · Legions of the North
Flame of War · Long Live Death!
F.O.D · Tentang Dunia
Godless Symptoms · Revolusi Demokrasi
House of Apparition · House of Apparition
Imperium · Tam, kde len vietor a hviezdy vedia cestu
Ixtaukayotl · Honor
Nekhbet · He despertado
Northern Forest · Brazilian Winter
Project Armageddon · Tides of Doom
Reactor · Empty Shell
Robert Rodrigo · Wrath
Septic Christ · Guilty as We Were Born
Shadowsphere · Inferno
Taakeferd · Når sirkelen brytes
Those Who Bring the Torture · Lullabies for the Deranged
Thrillhouse · Thrillhouse
Thy Summerdays Tragedy · A Path Through My Ashes
Twitching Tongues · Sleep Therapy
Unscared · Thrash Is Dead
Uzala · Uzala
Wavelength:Satan · Time-Blood Theory
The Way of Purity · Equate
02-29Advent of Bedlam · Flesh over God
Ahab's Ghost · After the Fall
Aion-6 · Perfect Grey
Amberian Dawn · Circus Black
Ark of Passage · Знаки
Attick Demons · Atlantis
Bastard Sapling · Dragged from Our Restless Trance
Boarders · R-Existence
Centuries of Torment · Centuries of Torment
Circle of Ouroborus · The Lost Entrance of the Just
Darkend · Grand Guignol - Book I
Dark Metamorphosis · In a Heartbeat
Diabulus in Musica · The Wanderer
Dreamscape · Everlight
Dynazty · Sultans of Sin
Fatal Force · Unholy Rites
Funerium · Cultus Deorum Aliorum
Havenside · Nemesis
Itsi · Last Days
Necromanther · Between Mankind and Extinction
Overload · Blood for Blood
Rahu · The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows
Realm of Carnivora · Grotesk
Rhetra · Ego Sum Mors Vestra
Sectorial · Erase and Reborn the Humanity
Svarta · Am Scheideweg
Uzumaki · Glossolalia
Venus Star · Setyphorus
Voin Grim · Wachsenden Winterfrost
Скипетр · Переверни этот мир
02-28Abominable Putridity · The Anomalies of Artificial Origin
Buried Sleeper · Colosseum
Christian Mistress · Possession
Corrosion of Conformity · Corrosion of Conformity
Frostseele · PrækΩsmium
Furia · Marzannie, królowej Polski
Infinitas · Journey to Infinity
Medius · Burns Going Down
Mgła · With Hearts Toward None
Mhnunrrn · Ma Ved
Monarch · Omens
Nordvrede · Legion Nordvrede
Novarmada · Colateral
Southern Cross · From Tragedy
Summoner · Phoenix
Synapses · Expiation
The Third Grade · The Third Grade
Vaura · Selenelion
Veil of Maya · Eclipse
Windhand · Windhand
02-27Asphyx · Deathhammer
Clairvoyants · The Shape of Things to Come
Corroosion · Dirt Awareness
Desaster · The Arts of Destruction
Dyscarnate · And So It Came to Pass
Funeral Whore · Step into Damnation
Gergovia · Morituri te salutant
Hamerex · Rites of Passage
Hybrid Circle · Before History
Krow · Traces of the Trade
Lord of Mushrooms · Perspectives
Missing Pride · The Last Days Shall Be Red
Mondrian Oak · Aeon
Napalm Death · Utilitarian
Obscura Amentia · Ritual
Oliver/Dawson Saxon · Motorbiker
Postmortem Gore Orgy · Depraved Necrophilism
Pythia · The Serpent's Curse
Reino de Hades · Leyendas del Aqueronte
Schleim · Asthmatic Attack
02-26Aberrated · Immolate
Obscurcis Romancia · Theatre of Deception
Peep Show · Brand New Breed
Thunderfist · Thunderfist
02-25Arriver · Tsushima
Asvendark · Odio post-apocalíptico
Crimson Death · Fleshdance
Defixiones · Harmonices Inferi
The Fallen Heroes · They Had No Choice!
Halloween · Terrortory
I Am Three People · Explore the Vertical
Konad · Café Beirute
Mortis Mutilati · Sombre neurasthénie
Netherward · BloodMeal
Ravensthorn · Horrors of the Black Mass
Relics of Martyrs · Scenes of Blood and Betrayal
Sinflower · Evil Cure
Swamp Squat · Big Log Flush
02-24Alkerdeel · Morinde
Arkania · La bestia dormida
Beneath the Massacre · Incongruous
Black Messiah · The Final Journey
Break.Down · Made of Scars
Crow7 · Symphony of Souls
Davidian · Our Fear Is Their Force
Drudkh · Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)
Frailty · Melpomene
Freedom Call · Land of the Crimson Dawn
Full Scale Conflict · The Warborn Chronicle
Förgjord · Sielunvihollinen
Hellsaw · Trist
Imminent Sonic Destruction · Recurring Themes
Knightfall · Heavy Metal Revival
Lanfear · This Harmonic Consonance
Lay Down Rotten · Mask of Malice
Legion · Nemesis
Lost World Order · Parasites
Lyriel · Leverage
Manipulated Slaves · Love & Death
Mordax · Violence, Fraud, Treachery
Nattfog · Mustan auringon riitti
NightCreepers · Alpha
Nightqueen · For Queen and Metal
Pharaoh · Bury the Light
Rage · 21
Rizon · Masquerade
Skylark · Twilights of Sand
Sterbeklang · Cosmoderne
Temple · Structures in Chaos
Terrorizer · Hordes of Zombies
Valtari · Fragments of a Nightmare
Vengeance · Crystal Eye
Zardens · Breeding the Dark
Zarpa · Las puertas del tiempo
02-23Andrey Smirnov · Adrenalinе
Druknroll · На лезвии ножа
Eastwood · North-Eastern Massive
Esdrelon · Dust in Our Eyes
Ex Machina · Neurodancer
Helioss · The Forthcoming Darkness
Wildernessking · The Writing of Gods in the Sand
02-22Audio Blossom · Inside of Me
Curimus · Realization
Decomposition of Humanity · Sadistic Fetal Extraction
Domination Black · Dimension: Death
Fadeout · To Protect Our Way of Living
Inner Disorder · First Expected and Other Dumb Answers
The Last Three Winters · The Last Three Winters
Masterpiece · Heirs of Freedom
Picture · Warhorse
Pighead · Rotten Body Reanimation
Stonedirt · Inherited Fever
Switch Opens · Joint Clash
Xandria · Neverworld's End
02-21Buckethead · Electric Sea
Coffin Hammer · Purge of the Patriarchs
Common Dead · Diatribe
Fist Fight in the Parking Lot · Fist Fight in the Parking Lot
Homicide Black · Homicide Black
Malevolent Force · Theatre of Madness
Martyrd · The Mortal Coil
Morgirion · Infinite Retribution upon Paradise
Pallbearer · Sorrow and Extinction
Rosa Infra · Смена декораций
Sombre Holiday · Four Shadows
Sutekh Hexen · Larvae
Throne of Heresy · The Stench of Deceit
Джокер · Joker 3
02-20Ainur · Gemini
Allerjen · Equilibrium
Jack Rose · Second Destiny
Nachtruf · Geistwerdung
Obzidian · Damned Eternal
Outcast · Awaken the Reason
Revenge · Scum.Collapse.Eradication
Soul Thieves · Darkside Angel
U-235 · Time... Judicium of the Last Church
Veratrum · Sentieri dimenticati
Winterblut · Der 6. Danach, Opus I: Leidenswege
Winterblut · Der 6. Danach, Opus II: Geistermusik & Opus III: Orgelmusik
02-19Addaura · Burning for the Ancient
Fall of Mankind · Frolic Among Remnants
Harjatugon · The Pursuit of Nothingness
冥尊 · 悪魔の晩餐 (The Glory in Ten Years)
02-18Almost Dead · Mindfucked
Freedom Slaves · Freedom Slaves
In Darkness Born · Welcome the Wicked
Inmortis · Human Extinction
Kryptos · The Coils of Apollyon
Meigha · Segredos e Lendas
Montezuma · The Creation
Morbid Tales · Planet Death
None of the Living Remain · Grim to the Brim
Saigon Kiss · Death​.​.​. and Hell Followed
Seven Seals · ...of Contradictions
Spreading Dread · ...Sanatorium...
V.O.I.D · Nihil (-)
02-17Ahnengrab · Omen
Darkness of Hell · Under the Flag of Hate
Eclipse Insomnia · A Natural Part of Being Unnatural
Eclipse Insomnia · What Once Was Insanity Now Is Tranquility
Hell City · Demons to Rest
Lapida · Hate Leads Violence
Neoandertals · Australopithecus
Oakenshield · Legacy
Punish My Heaven · The Reckoning
Sangre Eterna · Asphyxia
Semargl · Satanic Pop Metal
The Senseless · The Floating World
Svartby · Elemental Tales
This Bleeding Soul · Avalanche
Tormentor · Violent World
Vardlokkur · Articulo Mortis
Wargrinder · The Seal of Genocide
02-16A Cloud Forest · October's Overture
At the Graves · Solar
Deadlands · Evilution
Deathamphetamine · The Lost Album
Fuck Off and Die! · Sociopathic Regression
Wintercult · Neverending Selfhatred
02-15Dead Summer Society · Visions from a Thousand Lives
Derelyction · Destination: Extinction
Eldelvar · Once upon a Beer
Foreordination · Dark Nebula
Ketzer · Endzeit Metropolis
Kritter · Genesis
Lamera · Mechanically Separated
Obduracy · Sunday's Autopsy
Penetration · Return to Sodom
Profezia · The Truth of Ages
Prometheus · 1001
Sunpocrisy · Samaroid Dioramas
Tracedawn · Lizard Dusk
Winterburst · The Mind Cave
Yaşru · Öd Tengri Yasar
02-14Blinded in Bliss · Constancy
Earth · Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
Forensick · Forensick
Gloomy Suicide ·