All 6988 Albums From 2013
12-31Abatoar · Now or Never
Aihisna · 罪咎少女の終天聖絶
A Little Magic · 逢魔ヶ刻
Asriel · Abyss
Carved Cross · Futile Reflections of a Failed Existence
Crow'sClaw · Sepia Recollections
Dark Night · Tales After Midnight
Finsterort · 100th. Anniversary of the Fallen Angel
Forever Storm · Tragedy
Heavy Justice · Apocalyze
Impetus Maleficum · Mortis Asylum
Infinite Tales · Generation of the Last
Lost Regrets · Obsession
Neoyka · Volumen 1
Piranah · Crashing Down
Rambo Hates Rainbows · Doom Chronicles
Regnum Caelorum et Gehenna · Dimersity 02 : Votum Servo Orbis Terrarum
Satan's Children · Giant Gutter in Outer Space
Suffering in Solitude · A Place Apart
Superstition · Excruciating Methodology
Truep · We Are C-ming
Until My Funerals Began · False Horizon
Visual Cliff · Between Two Kingdoms
Аэдра · Правда рокового дня
Гетьман · Матiр...
12-305150 · シンフォニック東方VII
Aella · Ночные ведьмы
And All Shall Bow · From Requiem to Rebirth
Celestis · Aurorae
Depicting Abysm · Immersion
Enoch · Sumerian Chants
Gandreid · Nordens skalder
Gmork · Death Spells Erotica
Grown Below · The Other Sight
Iron Attack! · Thundercrack
None Valueless Art · ...Until Nature Abolishes Us
Satanize · Black Rotten Witchcraft
Werewolf Division · Nobody Lives Forever
12-29Altar · Toda naturaleza se desvanece en el útero
Embludgeonment · Infinite Regress
Ilti Milta · Sectors
The Meatfückers · Porn Again
Чорні Крила · Her Greatness Calls to Us
12-28Crushing Axes · Evoking the Power of Chaos
Flesh of Humanity · God in Yourself
Gunbridge · Rebellion for the Last Highland
Ketelens' Brukke · Ancient Shadow Throne
Malefic Sorcery · Nocturnal Prophecies
My Hidden Sin · The Tale
Old Throne · O Novo Mundo Pagão
Sleipnir · Oaths Sworn in Blood & Mead
Umbah · A Snarly Tangled Quandary
Рдяный Вран Зари · Моя Сибирь
12-27Deflowering Brain · Mundus Bellum
Embalmed · Brutal Delivery of Vengeance
Faceblaster · Z
Geggar Otak · Avaricious Creature
Gromritual · Univerzum: Of Exordium and Annihilation
Il da Morte · Il da Morte
Lurid Reign · The Endless Below...
Necrotroopers · Rat Warlord
Screams of Angels · Into the Warzone
Shadow Host · Apocalyptic Symphony
Suckceed · This Side Up
Wampyric Bloodlust · Winter Anthems
Yar · My Darling Horse
12-26Elbow Deep · Trail of Maggots
Vorax · Metalización
12-25Chaoscraft · Procreation Through Disaster
Devourer in the Mist · Watcher from the Shadows
Four Sweaty Dudes in a Room · A Very Sweaty Christmas
Modorra · Solar Anus
Morgue Orgy · The Last Man on Earth
Nemoris · Esoteric Visions of the Old Ritual
Reaction · Kill the Parasite
Swan Messiah · City of Dreadful Thirst
Thomas Bressel · Covers From Hell
Vomit Monster · Deadman's Trigger
Warwar · Warwar
Сукина Дочь · Кожаный рот
نار جهنم · وما خفي كان أعظم
12-24The Asound · The Asound
Buckethead · Pike 41 - Wishes
Dimentria · Doomed
Divinity Destroyed · Nova
Egoistic · Sacramental Devotion
Fjaell · Wyrd bið ful aræd
Forest Troll · Forgotten Tales
Necrotherion · Novus Ordo Seclorum
Scarification · Nocturnal Past
Sick to the Back Teeth · Fantastic Death
Slain · Before the Inferno
Solamors · Depravity's Demise
Staffa · Втори прочит
Teratogeny · Teratogeny
Umbra Morta · Ars Rebelliae
Ürdüng · Karpathian Bloodthirst
12-23Asmodey · Dark Spiritual Liberation
Back to R'lyeh · The Awakening / Last Fight of the Primordial
Cardiac · Deformation
Chainsaw Penis · Chainsaw Penis III: Dark Side of the Room
Diary of Secrets · Diary of Secrets
Ghoulchapel · Nightmarish Illusions
Hesperia · Spiritvs Italicvs - Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis Pars III
Last Fear · Incidents
Re-Fuse · The Marred Recovery Process
Stars Will Burn Your Flesh · Heldraan's Domain
Verilun · Home for the Dead
War Device · Whisper of Souls
12-22Ancient Oak · Huldufólk
Blackmoon · The Last Blasphemy
DM X Project · Genesis
Dominus Ira · Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris
Elegy of Madness · Brave Dreams
Nevaloth · The Antagonist
Terapi Urine · Kehiduvan yang Vhana Ini
Winter Eternal · Winter Eternal
Zero Void · Progression Towards Zero
Zrymgöll · Mighty Tavern
12-211879 · En tiempos de guerra
Adavänt · A Light Cut Through the Void
Arathgoth · Brutal Winter
Arillus · Nacht
Askon · The End Is Near
Axis of Blood · Triumph of the Will
Barehanded · Dam of Thoughts
Barque of Dante · Lasting Forever
Cirrhus · Cirrhus
Crucifliction · Heresy Is Met with Fire
Deathscythe · In All of Us
Desecration · Scorched Earth
Drillsaw · Beg for Soma
Eier · Iluzjonista
Eternal Silence · Raw Poetry
Evertale · Of Dragons and Elves
Full Contact · Tactics of Intimidation
Hypnoside · Tattooed Angels
Malört · The Feast
Mascara · Mascara
Metal Genocide · Speed and Genocide
Nott · The Grave Age
Palmanana · Green
Panychida · Grief for an Idol
Reenforced · Time Shift
Son of the Northstar · Megín
Voice of Winter · Devil Eats My Parts
Изморозь · Ктулху
12-20Basilisk · End of Catastrophe
The Beast Remade · Worship the Beast
Brouillard · Brouillard
Cruenta Venganza · Maybe the Legend Is Better
Darkside · Inferno
Demona · Speaking with the Devil
Entsetzlich · Eternal Funeral Cries
Gentrification · Deviance
Graven Image · Deus Bastardus
Impact · Trepanación
Kapakmens · Anti-pozitīvs
Legions of War · Forced to the Ground
Majesty · Banners High
Ministério da Discórdia · Ministério da Discórdia
Paul Ozz · Land of Secrets
Ravenfrost · Agonies of the Past
Sjukdom · Når alt mørkner
Sklepmaster · Accursed Through Eternity
Svordom · Sacrifice of the Light
Thaurorod · Anteinferno
Unhuman Disease · Glorification of Satanas
Vakslen · Crucifucked
Virulent Gestation · Bukkake Bondage Bonanza
Zeno Morf · Kingdom of Ice
12-19D.A.M · Tales of the Mad King
Imperador Belial · Morbid Rites
Mikhail · Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis
Oblivion · Xenopath
Red Ankh · Shadow
Rohit · Judge
Sugar for Lucy · Black Horizon's Gift
Venus Meadow · As Far as Hearts Can Feel
Дом Мясника · Геноцид
На память на запястье · Труднее всего поджечь ад
12-18Abstrakt · Obsidian
Backwater · Take Extreme Forms
Gûlgûta · Gûlgûta
Killersmile · Overpower
Miscreant · For the Living
Robanera · Meco Discordia
Symptoms of Sickness · Symptoms of Sickness
12-17After the Burial · Wolves Within
Armonight · Recover
A Young Man's Funeral · Thanatic Unlife
Cremator · Winter Solstice
Cult of Herodias · Cult of Herodias
Eissturm · The Purpose
Electric Lucifer · Forgotten Kings of Babylon
Embolism · Devillumination
Hagel Stone · Where Is Your God Now?
Kal-El · Pakal
Stercore · Fake World
Still Remains · Ceasing to Breathe
Valdur · At War With
12-16Alux · Illusory Dimension
Circle's Line · Circle's Line
Despairhate · Requiem for the Innocent
Dødsferd · The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race
Edenian · Rise of the Nephilim
Grue · Casualty of the Psychic Wars
Isospin · Deconstruction
Knight of the Round · Onward Dissension
Myrkvid · Pleasures of Hell
My Shameful · Penance
Sakrality · Bisikan Energi Mimpi
Saṃsāra · Tempus Imperfectum
SentinHell · The Advent of Shadows
Volkmag · Eendracht maakt macht
12-15Cunt Cuntly · Death Descends
Dimaension X · Mental Toss Flycoon
Ego Depths · Gjerhal ket Bardo
Folkvang · Never Say Never
Images of Violence · Revenants
Kauan · Pirut
Paimonia · Disease Named Humanity
Serpent Eater · Hyena
Skinwalker · Magic and Gore
Trocotombix · Psicopompos
Verhext · Dogma
Virus Bélico · La tierra del hombre libre
12-14Bosque · Nowhere
Clad in Darkness · Decathect
Eternian · Mundo gris
Forgotten Gods · Fall of the Dagger
Four-O-Five Code · Four-O-Five Code
LionSoul · Omega
Metalfonik · Yo soy eso
Renacer · Espíritu inmortal
Sunroad · Carved in Time
uRAn 0 · Winter Ceremony
12-13A5 · Líheň zmijí
Ahinco · El viaje interior
Alghazanth · The Three-Faced Pilgrim
Arx Atrata · Oblivion
At Winter's End · From Sorrow to Hope
Betrayer · Too Loud
Black Goat · Worship the Black Goat
Bookakee · Whorrific
Booze Control · Heavy Metal
Ciroza · Don't Try to Hide
Claudio Marciello · Rock directo
Conniption · Time Has Come
Crystal Viper · Possession
Cunfin · L'unica via
Deathless Legacy · Rise from the Grave
Diaroe · Das Eskalat
Dos Dias de Sangre · Último hombre
Final Depravity · Thrash Is Just the Beginning
Gestapolis · Amagerland
Giften · No Kind of Light
Goremonger · Horror Flicks
Goya · 777
Inner Violence · War Hymns
Kingdom Waves · Damned Beauty Overture
Knell · Torments from Hell
Lugosi Smile · Same as It Never Was
Nine Treasures · Nine Treasures
Phantom · Incendiary Serum
Placenta · Missgunst und Neid
Poligon · Время
Publikk Enema · Death Swag
Pulse of Scream · Crab People
R. Nikolaenko · Love Is You
Rompe Craneos · Path to Immortality
Shabti · Paracusia
Silent Force · Rising from Ashes
Spell Forest · Catastrophe Altar
Strike · We're Back
Thrash Kommand · Las tropas del mal
Tribunal · Zing
Verdict · The Meaning of Isolation
Vermin · Mind Control
The Wakedead Gathering · The Gate and the Key
Warfuck · Neantification
Whip · Digitus Impudicus
Woebegone Obscured · Marrow of Dreams
Øde Vinter · End ov the Solar Era
Гной · Система против нас
Искра Жизни · Уверенность в завтрашнем дне
Шумовая Экзекуция · Consumer Slavery
12-121917 · Inexorable
Culto Malévolo · Culto malevolo
Domine Nation · Titans' Rise
Drowned in Blood · Underworld
Flynotes · Shiva Telescopes
Irminsul · Fäder
No Reason to Live · Godless and Without Fear
Tripas · Inmaculada destripación
Tromort · Creación profana
Villainy · Villainy I
Winter Tales · Voyager
12-11Activator · Шаг в бесконечность
Buckethead · Pike 40 - Coat of Charms
Deathquintet · Godwork
Elevators to the Grateful Sky · Cloud Eye
In Lacrimaes et Dolor · Beyond the Grave
Knights of Round · A Falling Blossom Will Bloom Again
Mind:Soul · The Way It Should Be
Sacro · La Nueva Orden
Schattenvald · IV
Shellshock · 肆 ~shi~
Sound'n'Rage · Deal with Your Hate
Symphony Draconis · Supreme Art of Renunciation
Taarma · Nuclear Jihad
Throes · Use Your Confusion I-VII
Torn Between Worlds · Torn Between Worlds
12-10Claymore · Vengeance Is Near
Deliverance · Hear What I Say!
Disfiguring the Goddess · Black Earth Child
Disfiguring the Goddess · Deprive
Divlje Jagode · Biodinamička ljubav
Domina Noctis · Migration of Souls
Dylan Furr · Nostalgia
Everthrone · Evil Tongues
The Happiness Cage · Silence Brings Wisdom
Kaross · Two
Mata Borrão · Assim já dizia Augusto dos Anjos
Napalm Strike · Aiming Down the Sights
Nascent · Methods for Detection, Analysis, and Isolation
Near Neptune · Navigation
Noh Kyung Hwan · Elevation
Reklaw · Finis Autem Omnium
Slamophiliac · Aborted into Absolute Inexistence
Свентояр · Єдність
小雨 · 繁华落境
12-09Apocryphal Voice · Pain and Pleasure
Billy Boy in Poison · Watchers
Buzzherd · On Sinking Ships... Rats Drown
Dictator · Я буду здесь жить!
Dismal · Giostra di vapore
Fyrdsman · Omen in the Sky
Ithilien · From Ashes to the Frozen Land
Meridian · Metallurgy
No Dawn · Dark Aura
Sareptah · Laços Mortais
Visceral Hatred · Brutality Through Defilement
12-08Patan · Poder
Resurrect Tomorrow · A Dying Lie
Shores of Elysium · Entity in the Void
Sonic Mass · All Creatures Strange
Tren Loco · Vieja escuela
Бастион · Время борьбы
12-07Acheront · Acheront
An Excess of Pain · Rise of the Demon
The Aquarius · Melody of the Planet
The Aquarius · Мелодия планеты
Ascheregen · Zerfall
Ashes of Ruins · Piss on Their Nightmare
Aurvandil · Thrones
Biogenesis · The Mark Bleeds Through : First Blood
Black Anal Goat Vomit · Hell
Black Souls · If You Want to Live Be Ready to Die (Si quieres vivir, preparate a morir)
Eclipse · Eclipse - Dead End
Endless Battle · Brotherhood of Hate
Evilspell · Necrology
Gabriels · Prophecy
Hazarder · Against His-Story, Against Leviathan
Herode · Nailed
La Resistance · Kick the Bucket
Sarcasm · Thrash
Shadows Ground · Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons
Sheavy · Moons in Penumbra
Synlakross · Melodichrome
Ward · Ward
Wintergeist · Der schwere Weg
Wrath of the Tyrant · Apocalyptic Wrath
Магистр · Крибле крабле
Стахановцы · Помоги стране делом!!!
12-063D in Your Face · Midnight Devils
Aeternum Vale · Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Alex Masi · Danger Zone
Arms to Amen · The Prophecy
Bushfire · Heal Thy Self
Chronolyth · Sovereign
Deformatory · In the Wake of Pestilence
Derogatory · Above All Else
Dysangelic · The Dysangelic Principle
Ewigheim · Nachruf
Guerra Total · El armagedón continúa
Mastic Scum · C T R L
Mistfolk · Мудрецам нельзя!..
Mooncry · A Mirror's Diary
Mountain Throne · Stormcoven
Nature Morte · Metempsyhosis
North Black · Kjent
Purge of Venom · Ihmispaskaa
Realmbuilder · Blue Flame Cavalry
Salem · Forgotten Dreams
Shores of Ladon · Eindringling
Simón · The Inner Traveller
Slaughterday · Nightmare Vortex
Smothered · The Inevitable End
Soturnus · Of Everything That Hurts
Torben Enevoldsen · Above and Beyond
Torii · The Shadow of the Mountain
Tremor · Религия могил
U8 · Touch of Fire
Undertow · In Deepest Silence
Zombie Lake · Plague of the Undead
Рогатый КолоколЪ · Небыль
12-0571TonMan · 71TonMan
Barilium · Growth in Pain
Circle · Incarnation
Divine Sacred Order · Welcome to the Order
Drowned by Darkness · Craving for Redemption
Neptune · Prelude to Nothing
Oblivion Machine · Oblivion Machine
Ophiuchus · Welcome to the Machine
12-04Cold Crypt · Bearing the Light
Eerie · Low Moon
Eveth · El legado de los sueños
The Exit Wound · The Light Inside
La Hydra · Holons
Longinus · World
Matricide · When Random Turns to Fate
Pterodactyl King · Pyroclastic
Rose Rose · Fucking Crap Fucking Chaos
Tears of Tragedy · Continuation of the Dream
Virrasztók · A halál színei
Xenos · In the Craypot...
12-03A Hero for the World · Winter Is Coming (A Holiday Rock Opera)
Awesome Beast · Synodus Horrenda
Burzukh · Time and Space
Dúnmharú · Frozen Eden
Exalted Saviour · No Tolerance, No Compromise
Howling · Spiral to Victory
Insatia · Asylum Denied
Jordan Rudess · All That Is Now
Royal Hunt · A Life to Die For
Truth Corroded · The Saviours Slain
Путь Огня · Страж спящих бурь
12-02Alchemist · Evilcrusher
Architect of Seth · The Persistence of Scars
Artífice · Génesis
Awesome Beast · Galacticide
Barishi · Barishi
Black Velvet Band · Pieśni obłąkane
Brain Dead · Menace from the Sickness
Conquest of Steel · Of Fire & Steel
Corpus Diavolis · Entheogenesis
Crone · Crone
Cult of Fire · मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान
Dead Reptile Shrine · Praise Cemetary
Dormin · Psykhe Comatose Disorder
Dragonhammer · The X Experiment
Firebrand Super Rock · Born for the Gallows
The Howling Void · Nightfall
Idle Gear · Wreck/Creation
Iron Dogs · Free and Wild
Kultika · The Strange Innerdweller
Misanthrope · Noctívaga tempestad de inerme conocimiento
Mylidian · Seven Lords
Necromorphic Irruption · Slaughter on the Earth
Rain Shadow · Chuť krve
The Redhead Project · The Ringmistress
Winter Storm · Within the Frozen Design
Witchweed · The Tempo of Doom
Zord · Thorns & Wounds
12-01Afraid of Destiny · Tears of Solitude
Alforna · Awake
Atentado · Antagonist
Bastardhammer · 10 Counts of Fuck Off
Crypticus · The Barrens
Dim Aura · The Negation of Existence
Engendro · La actitud te hace diferente
Eternal Valley · An Endless Path to Morbid Fear
James Hess · When Sanity Falls
Pestiferum · Dechus du fléau
Pez Negro · Caminos embarrados
rEarth · For My Dreams I Fall
Serdaroth · Arcturus
Six Degrees of Separation · The Hike & Other Laments
Strangeways · Rotting Under the La La Bombs
Udûn · The Days Before
Violate · Burn the Memory
Vomit Breath · Meticulous Dismemberment
12-??3 Days of Silence · Sodium/Sulfur
Aisuragua · Mesmerized
Anus Mundi · Les heures pâles
Blessed in Sin · Eritis Sicut Dii
Bokrug · Nefandus Numine
Bunsch · Bunsch
Burning Butthairs · Dirty Sanchez
Category VI · Fireborn
Death of Wall · Damage of Mind System
Diktátor · Minden, amit csak megkívánsz
Dreamlore · The Machinery of Misery
DXS · The Wretched Host
Eidyllion · Savia
Enthroning Silence · Throned upon Ashes of Dusk
Espectrum · Awakening in Darkness
Eudoxo · Respirando mentiras
Fake Messiah · Sip of Madness
Forjado · El idioma del fuego
Graven · One Last Refuge
Green Death · The Deathening
Hell Poemer · Arcane Mysteries of Dead Ancestors
Iberian Wolves · Europa
Jason Stallworth · Apocalyptic Dreams
Kangker Otak · Halusinasi Kematian
K.T.C.M. · Mongolian Deathworm
KZ4! · Cadenas
Moonlight Circus · Madness in Mask
Nacionarquia · América Latrina
Narvik · Triebe nach der Endlichkeit
Nordvrede · State of the Art
Rapture · Perpetual Transgression
Ritual Suicide · Consecration Bound in Cruor
Rosebad · IX
Scream of Death · Madness of Mankind
Supressor · Devoción a la muerte
To Engineer an Exorcist · Evilusion
Underskin · Nightmare
Underwar · Ruang Batasi Diri
Vingança Suprema · Massacre Final
Vita Odiosa · Vita?
Vrångbild · The Pain in All
Zergeyth · Pajot kezäs kodoilas
Схоластика · На абордаж
11-30An Act of Treachery · Reflections of a Dying World
Aneurose · From Hell
Azazello · MegaDream
Bidroha · Suffer till Death
DeadSquad · Profanatik
Def/Light · Transcendevil
The Disease Concept · Your Destroyer
Dying Passion · Transient
Elliott's Keep · Nascentes Morimur
Endless Agony · Justice... Recognition
Ennui · The Last Way
Epitafium · Sueños y realidades
Fallen Joy · Inner Supremacy
Fingernails · Fingernails
Halsfang · Vere Papa Mortuus Est
Heiden · A kdybys už nebyla, vymyslím si tě
Lashmush · Electric 2
Majesty of Revival · Iron Gods
MistGuide · Era
Montany · Biogenetic
Musket Hawk · The Form of Disgust
Musth · Ebb & Flow
Rampart · Завера
Thrashquatch · Rager at the Lake
Throne of Evil · Muerte por creencias
Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair · Tales of Bonnie Scotland
11-29Alquimia · Alquimia
Amok · Somewhere in the West
Archangel · Salvation Lies Under Tyrannical Supremacy
Arvas · Into the Realm of the Occult
Benedictum · Obey
Black Messiah · Heimweh
Blood Mortized · The Demon, the Angel, the Disease
Bloodspot · By the Horns
Crystal Ball · Dawnbreaker
Dreaming Fairy · Open Your Eyes
The Drift · Dreams of Deluge
Eudaimony · Futile
Frank Needs Help · The Storm Is Still Raging
Haast's Eagled · Haast's Eagled
Hammerstorm · The Lonely Wanderer
Headbore · Strength in Numbers
I Exist · From Darkness
Karmak · Exilio humano
Lyfthrasyr · The Engineered Flesh
Mental Disaster · Let the Demon Speak
Netherbird · The Ferocious Tides of Fate
Orphan Playground Sniper · Chronicles of Booze, Bitches and Brutality (Special Edition)
Prophesia · Goddess of Light
Redgrin · Strength in Death
Sight of Emptiness · Instincts
Silent Voices · Reveal the Change
Sinfonía Céltica · Rise
Soulwound · Seeing Red
Spewgore · Faceplant
Styggelse · No Return
Switchblade · Heavy Weapons
Traumen · Verzicht auf Leben
Voidhanger · Working Class Misanthropy
Vyre · The Initial Frontier Pt. 1
Year of No Light · Tocsin
Ævangelist · Omen ex Simulacra
11-28Cosecha Lagrimas · Cosecha lágrimas
Deafened · Mute
Devlsy · A Parade of States
Exdemission · Desolation
Incandescence · Abstractionnisme
Jarnvidr · Passeur des temps
Kysmet · Kysmet
Mauvais · Aux sources de l'emblème noire
Mindpatrol · Downfall Theatre
Radogor · Viśuddha
Rannoch · Between Two Worlds
Tutan Come On · Tutan Come On
Upon Your Grave · Eponym
11-27Arkanot · Entre el cielo y la tierra
Buckethead · Pike 34 - Pikes
Carpatia Castle · Laudanum
Chronic Tomb · Dungeons of Dank
Et Verbi Sathanus · Satanae Pater Sanguinariv
Giganto · Fuego amigo
Hipérion · Hipérion Rise
Malkuth · Hathir Sakta
Marchen Station · World of Maquillage
Moat · The War Between Cities and Forests
11-26Artillery · Legions
Asphyxiate · Self Transform from Decayed Flesh
Black Spring Monolith · Gedankenreise
Colpolscopy · Ready for Gore
Decomposition of Entrails · Perverted Torments
Hemorrhaging Elysium · Degrading Mortality
Imitation · Rectificate
Mindly Rotten · Effacing the Origin
Mortal Decay · The Blueprint for Blood Spatter
Siculicidium · Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba
Sixpounder Teratoma · Love Grind for Dirty Dolls
11-25Allobrogia · Sapaudiae Nostra
Almah · Unfold
A Winter Lost · Die längste Nacht
Buckethead · Pike 39 - Twisterlend
Deicide · In the Minds of Evil
Ekove Efrits · Nowhere
Element · WTF Happened to Journalism
Elfsong · Északi tengeri kalandok
Eye of Solitude · Canto III
Feared · Vinter
Flash of Aggression · Seed of Hate
Genocídio · In Love with Hatred
Hecate Enthroned · Virulent Rapture
Hell:On · Hunt
Lunar Explosion · Lunar Explosion
Michael Angelo Batio · Intermezzo
Murder Rape · For Evil I Spill My Blood
Offensor · Dead Winter Sessions
Perpetual · Grind Your Mind
Pimeä Metsä · Legacy of the Heathen North
Pro-Pain · The Final Revolution
S7N · Fearless
Shadowgrave · Demise of the Forgotten
Skydancer · Land of the Grim
Sonic Altar · Under a Dying Sun
Stonehand · Evil Machine
Vengeance Within · Deifying the Human Intellect
11-24As the Storm · Alpha
Haunt · The Plague Divine
Shaltev · Songs of Man
Sylvus · Upon the Onyx Throne
11-23Algor · Hierofánia
Aria Infuriata · De Bronce
Evil · Legenda neskrotných živlov
Evil Rise · Sentence to the World
Harmony Disorder · Timequake
Heparin · In a Cage of Anxiety
Historias Nórdicas de la Abuela Vikinga · Silencio-olvido
Horcas · Por tu honor
Inhumanity · Nusa Darah
Laplandia · Театр снов
Loath · Total Peace
Natural Chaos · A Hateful Reflex
Outrage · Brutal Human Bastard
Pandorium · The Human Art of Depression
Scutum Crux · The Second Sun
Seasons in Black · The Swansong Diearies
Skator · In Blood
Under Threat · The Manifested Void
11-22Afterblood · Of Unsound Minds
A Million Dead Birds Laughing · Bloom
Andi Deris and The Bad Bankers · Million Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads
Blackleaf Gardens · Key to Infinity
Black Witch Burn · Corpsetremor
Blasphemium · Obscure Aurea Celestium
Buckethead · Pike 38 - It Smells like Frogs
Caught in the Between · The Asylum
Celeste · Animale(s)
Cryostasium · Reclaimed
Dead Ranch · Antler Royal
Down Among the Dead Men · Down Among the Dead Men
Ember Sea · Nova
Fallen Arise · Ethereal
The Gambiarras · The Gambiarras
Glittertind · Djevelsvart
Gwydion · Veteran
Hell · Curse and Chapter
Human Fortress · Raided Land
Hypnos · The Fall
Kameleontti · Henkiinjäämisharha
Malevolence · Antithetical
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock · Bridge the Gap
Monstraat · Monstraat
Mortifera · Bleüu de morte
Mothermound · The Burden of Tomorrow
Motor Mammoth · MMXIII
Operadyse · Pandemonium
Point of Existence · POE
Radical Discharge · Put the Glasses On!
Rhapsody of Fire · Dark Wings of Steel
Sinworm · Hermitic Disposition
Split Heaven · The Devil's Bandit
Spocaine · Spocaine
Subtract · Talk Minus Action Equals Nothing
Toolbox Terror · Bind, Torture, Kill
Tortharry · Follow
11-21Atrapa · Atrapa człowieka
Bloodrustes · Ночь скорби
Enoid · The New World Murder
Foken Rotten Noise · Wastedlands
Geryon · Geryon
Hate Handles · Die in Hands of Believers
Insania · Zapal dům poraž strom...
Lluvia · Premonición de guerra
Lycanthropy · Totenkränze
Nightfall · Under Winter's Spell
Tennessee Murder Club · Human Harvest
Tired of Waiting · Ways of Wrath
Viggenblot · Last Song of Sigrid
11-20Adhuk · Rituals of Personal Universe
Astaroth · Chaosatanas
Creamface · Cum on Clothes
Disgunder · Ripping to the Grind
Dragonlance · The Holy Lance of Dragon Age
Dresden/Leningrad · De tirannie
Essence of Datum · Event Horizon
Fleshpress · Tearing Skyholes
Fuckhammer · Fucked
Godless · Ingredere in Templum Satanae
Holdaar · Где не место рабу
Macchina · Macchina
Night · Night
Tad Morose · Revenant
Titanic · Double Time
М8Л8ТХ · Сага о чёрном марше
11-19Barry Kuzay · Neoclassical Glory
Black Skies · Circadian Meditations
Blazing Clash · Outclass the Command
Brudywr · Blasphemous Metal
Chastain · Surrender to No One
Code · Augur Nox
Cryogen · Continuum
Earupt · Belief/Relief
Ephel Duath · Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness
Heirdrain · War Against the Modern Society
Iron Woods · Iron Woods
Misericord · Requiem of the Newborn
Oker · Culpable
Reciprocal · New Order of the Ages
Riti Occulti · Secta
Sandrider · Godhead
Satan's Host · Virgin Sails
Satanic Assault Division · March to Victory
Scars of Armageddon · Never Sleep Again
Scourge · Hate Metal
Summoner · Atlantian
11-18Agony Face · CLX Stormy Quibblings
Anticlockwise · Carry the Fire
Beast · Infernal Hangover... Wrecked in Space
Bones · Sons of Sleaze
Booby Trap · Survival
Breed Machine · A l'aube du huitième jour
Cadaver Cum · Horrifying Repugnance
Exhale · When Worlds Collide
Fortvilelse · Memento Mori
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XIV
Massemord · Stay Fucking Necro
Snakebite Sermon · Revival
Supreme Carnage · Quartering the Doomed
Svartsorg · Agonie des Lichts
Откровения Дождя · Обманчивая добродетель
11-17Abortos de Satán · Con el fracaso tan asumido
A.V.D.L · Suite Gasmask Amelia
Darcroven · Dark Roads of the Voyager
Livet Som Insats · Livet som insats
Morphinist · Morphinist
Vortice · Host
WOM · Northern Sons
11-16Afflictive Emasculation · OSVII: Esse Deum
Amassado · Infância Armada
An Act of Grace · Immortality
Antipeewee · Human Grill Party
Brain Death · World Sickness Devastation
Chakal · Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!
DS Powerstorm · Thirteen
Funeral Tormently · Morning Will Never End...
Guarnerius · Guarnerius
Hazy Hamlet · Full Throttle
Hidden Intent · Walking Through Hell
Lucid Dream · The Eleventh Illusion
Our Final Breath · Written in Blood
Real Chaos · Incredulo mi guardo intorno
Sarg · Fuck the Life Out of You
Voxager · Beyond the Frontier
Vrademargk · The Black Chamber
Коррозия Металла · 666 Like
Чёрный Ангел · Свой крест
11-15Ariya · Myopia
Artists of War · Harbinger I: No Children in Heaven
Beltez · Tod: Part 1
Black Inside · The Weigher of Souls
Blackrat · Whiskey and Blasphemy
BlackShore · Terror
Blue Dawn · Cycle of Pain
Constant Threat · Path of the Conqueror
Dark Man Shadow · Victims of Negligence
Dead Against · Dead Against
Doghouse Gallows · That Which No Canvas Could Withstand
Eisregen · Todestage
Entorx · Broken Ways
Entrenched Ingurgitation · Genesis of Heterogeneous
Generation Kill · We're All Gonna Die
Gonoreas · The Mask of Shame
Goresoerd · Asülum
Gramary · Death Inbound
Grim Funeral · Abdication Under Funeral Dirge
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XIII
Hunter · Imperium
It Was Earth All Along · The Fall
Leaves' Eyes · Symphonies of the Night
Lick the Blade · The Sun and Time
Lint · Existence
Lion Twin · Nashville
Logging · Cascadia in Flames
Masters of Disguise · Back with a Vengeance
Now or Never · Now or Never
Obscure Sphinx · Void Mother
Obsidian Kingdom · Torn & Burnt - The Mantiis Remixes
The Privateer · Monolith
Ravensire · We March Forward
Signum Regis · Exodus
Six Months of Sun · And Water Flows
Soul in Cage · Slavery
Sovversivo · Falling Deep
Todesstoß · Unverweslich
Torture Squad · Esquadrão de Tortura
Voivotus · 7
Wasted Bullet · Elegy
Weld · Slag
Тролль Гнёт Ель · Хмельное сердце / Hopheart
Холод · Один на один
11-14BlackRider · The Gate to the Unknown
Black Wood · The Worst
Cunt Cuntly · Radiance
Döria · Golpea otra vez
Kingdom of Shad · Sound of Satanic Rituals
Lama Negra · Lama Negra
Rotten Corpse · Blood for Gold
Tombstoned · Tombstoned
Xeukatre · Lorem aut Viam Invenium aut Faciam
11-13Afterimage · Unveil the Unseen
Ally the Fiddle · The One
Arbre · II
Archillusion · Desolate Dreamscape
Conviction · In Blast We Trust
Crying Machine · Revolution
Daedalean Complex · The Rise of Icarus
Dark Avenger · Tales of Avalon: The Lament
Dragon Eyes · Dragon Eyes
Evil Machine · War in Heaven
Firelord · Among the Snakes
Innvein · Timeless
Necromantic · Ego Sum Papa
Occidens · [Post Nuclear]
Pellek · Christmas with Pellek
Sacrificium · Prey for Your Gods
Thaclthi · ...Erat Ante Oculos
11-12Ankor · Last Song for Venus
Arhideus · Awakening of Sins
Armory · Empyrean Realms
Buckethead · Pike 37 - Hollowed Out
Coven 13 · Destiny of the Gods
Crawling Chaos · Repellent Gastronomy
Cutterred Flesh · Dying in Pieces
Empyrean Sanctum · Empyrean Sanctum
Funeral Circle · Funeral Circle
Hammer Fight · Chug of War
Handful of Hate · To Perdition
Lizzard Wizzard · Lizzard Wizzard
Lumbar · The First and Last Days of Unwelcome
Mike Dimareli Artical · Illusion X
Nocturnal Graves · ...from the Bloodline of Cain
Ouija · Ave Voluptatis Carnis
Plague Rider · Plague Rider
Prevenge · Flying Fox
Rainwill · Zeroed by Progress
Status Abnormis · Call of the Void
Stonecast · Heroikos
Storm King · Everything That's Meaningful in Your Life Will Be Destroyed
Strix · Taetra Opera Carnis
Suspiria Profundis · Divine Knowledge
Turbo · Piąty żywioł
Vastum · Patricidal Lust
Vaura · The Missing
Wounded Giant · Lightning Medicine
11-11Aggressive Agricultor · Consanguinité
An Autumn for Crippled Children · Try Not to Destroy Everything You Love
Ancient Warlocks · Ancient Warlocks
Bane of Winterstorm · The Last Sons of Perylin
Beleth · Total Satanic Onslaught
Chronos Zero · A Prelude into Emptiness - The Tears Path: Chapter Alpha
Cornada · Last Man Standing
Corpsebitch · Love Is in the Air
Darkdeatheternus · The World Will Sleep
Darkmoon Warrior · Nuke 'Em All
Divino Disturbo · Op I
Dzvera · In the Name of the Black Metal
Elder · Bound from the Cold Winter Sun
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XII
Immense · Suffering Insane
Inner Shrine · Pulsar
Living Sacrifice · Ghost Thief
Lucian the Wolfbearer · Void
Malevolence · Reign of Suffering
Modern Weapons · OST
Nimphaion · Flame of Faith
Pestilence · Obsideo
Valkyrja · The Antagonist's Fire
Weekend Nachos · Still
Äänipää · Through a Pre-Memory
11-10Children of Dismay · A Coffin for Two
Downrage · Human Recession
Fjoelnir · Das Grab im Wald
Grieving Age · Merely the Fleshless We and the Awed Obsequy
My Inner Kingdom · One Last Look at Life
Visioned Frailty · I Rise from the Dark Spumes of the Sea
Yfel · The Depths of Hell
11-09Black Mountain Thunder · The Crow Flies Twice
Dimæon · Collapse of the Anthropocene
Disengaged · Hazardous
Ephyra · Journey
Gum · Agua Caliente
Harlott · Origin
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XI
Ichabod Crane · Consumer
Kaosophia · The Origins of Extinction
Katastrof · Screams of Silence
Lucid Dreams · Lucid Dreams
Methrox · Aesthetic Abomination
Mexicoma · Obsidian Monolith
Some of the Few · Some of the Few
Southern Whiskey Rebellion · Acquisition of Perception
Waves of Amphitrite · World Maker
Worwyk · Shadows Black
11-08Blackslash · Separate but Equal
Buckethead · Pike 32 - Rise of the Blue Lotus
Cronian · Erathems
Deliverance · Relentless Grace
Dozër · Noć za teške priče
Earth of Distrust · Victimology
Ekpyrosis · Weisse Nacht
Endocranial · Impact of Change
Endstille · Kapitulation 2013
Exivious · Liminal
Flesh for Shredder · Devoted
From Beneath Billows · Monolith
Frozen Ocean · Natt over meg
Fulci Nightmare · Kalt
Hatescript · Eyes of a Broken Mind
Hidden Timbre · Triangulation
Ihresgleichen · Kreuz an Kreuz
Infectology · Origin of Pathological Extermination
Iron Mask · Fifth Son of Winterdoom
Kloct · Frei
Mayfair · Schlage mein Herz, schlage...
Mechanix · New World Underground
Obliteration · Black Death Horizon
Samsara Blues Experiment · Waiting for the Flood
Satan's Wrath · Aeons of Satan's Reign
Shinray · Stage 01
Sottish · Battle Legion
Sykopath Condor · Sykopath Condor
Terrorblade · Of Malice and Evil
Underflesh · The Sailing
We Are Legend · Rise of the Legend
When Woods Make Graves · Mellifluous Throes
Біла Вежа · Біла вежа
Эгрегор Тьмы · Мелькорон
唐朝 · 芒刺
11-07Agonhymn · Blues Grind
Baise Ma Hache · Ab Origine Fidelis
Blaze Out · Headshot
Darkemist · Entrainment
Dead Trooper · Erector
Druids · The Sound of Meditation
Fiend · Onerous
Imšar · Abudžeńnie
Isacaarum · Whorecraft
Larva ov Cum · IRA
Lysithea · Here at the End of All Things
Nightkin · Nox Æterna
Sacredfice · Sacredfice
Scab · Broken Bone Symphony
Schädelberg · Retro ad Natura
11-06Chainerdog · For Us Who Are Already Dust
Detorn · Of Scars and Existence
E · II
Fusnota · You Are Empty
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.X
Noctivagant · The Sleep of Reason
Skógr · In Obscure Darkness
Visions of the Night · Guerrillas Within Their Midst
11-05Blitzkrieg · Back from Hell
Bonesaw · The Illicit Revue
Cathexis · Pillar of Waste
Crimson Orchid · Ascension
Czar · No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive
Eritherium · Loss
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation · Wallow
Forbidden Shape · The Sleepwalking Psychopath
The Force · Stormwarning
Freya · Paragon of the Crucible
Impending Doom · Death Will Reign
Krieghorn · Regnum Mortis - Antihuman Reich
Lake of Blood · Omnipotens Tyrannus
Melvins · Tres Cabrones
Near Grey · The Herschel Central Peak
Odin's Court · The Warmth of Mediocrity
Overthrøw · Wasted Existence
Pathology · Carbonized Corpses
Pursuit of Power · Sacra Metallum
Sedna · Tyran Sover
Statik Majik · The Wrath of Mind
Vangough · Between the Madness
11-04Animae Capronii · Escape from the Dark
Consecration · Univerzum zna
Dargoth · Doomed to Fight
Germ · Grief
Grimace · Gates of Mind
GuilThee · Eklektika
Hate Your Fate · Hardlesson
Lightless · Funeral Music
Nami · The Eternal Light of the Unconscious Mind
No Trust · Unfound
Rising · Abominor
Separator · Never Back Down
Sordid Flesh · Torturer
Vanja Gvozdanović · Gone Back
Wardrum · Messenger
Кенотаф · Деталь
11-03Abandoned Dreams · Isolation & Solitude
Behold the Desecration · Omnipresent Putrefaction
Conquistadores · À Beira da Loucura
Dagger of Betrayal · Paradox Hive
Elektrix · Morbidity
Internal Aeon · Smotherchaos
NightHunter · Hunting the Christian Scum
Relentless · Souls of Charon
11-02Alice in Thunderland · Truth in the Silence
Buckethead · Pike 35 - Thank You Ohlinger's
Buckethead · Pike 36 - The Pit
Bucovina · Sub stele
Facegrinder · Unstable Mentality and Theoretical Convulsion
Forge of Clouds · Ordinary Death
Lord Blasphemate · Ophisophia
Matthew Mills · Time Space Journey
Solus · Sesquipedalian
Stahlfront · Wiederkehr der Ahnen
Total Desastre · Infernal Metal Ataque
Tyrant · Blues, Booze and Nothin' to Lose!
Venemous · Ceremony
Vervrax · Bitch, Poverty, Hell
Wacht · Indigen
11-01Athkan · Walking Through Fear (2013 version)
Avatarium · Avatarium
Aversion to Mankind · Suicidology
Blackened Sorrows · Blackened Sorrows
Bolt Stein · Rebirth of Humanity
ButWeTryIt · A Twisted Sanctuary
Centralia · Grimoire
Chemic · Burning in the Fields of Glass
Convulse · Evil Prevails
Corners of Sanctuary · Axe to Grind
Cretura · When the Dead Goes to Dance
Delta · The End of Philosophy
Dissonance in Design · Sentient
Falkenbach · Asa
The Fallacy · The Sleeping Moon
Falling Darkness · Decay of Religion
Finnr's Cane · A Portrait Painted by the Sun
Gillman · Escalofrío XX aniversario
Gravecode Nebula · Sempiternal Void
Heidenwut · Tod und Verderben
Hell's Chopper · First Ride
The Helldozers · Hate Sweet Hate
Hephystus · Fragmenting Shadows
Hermitage · Blood of the True
Lions of Tsavo · Traverser
Manheim · Nihil
Memoira · Memories, Tragedies, Masquerades
Mort Douce · The Valley of Blood and Death
My Inner Burning · Dead and Gone
Nocturnal Lust · Desolation
Omasum · Claim the Evil for Eternity
Ordos · Ordos
Pyorrhoea · I Am the War
Raskasta Joulua · Raskasta joulua
The Revenants · Black Horizons
Seedna · Tindalos
Shtack · Shtack
Sleeping Romance · Enlighten
Stryper · No More Hell to Pay
Thorne · Ekpyrosis & Restitutio in Pristinum Status
Thrashback · Possessed by Thrash
Tragodia · Mythmaker
Tritonus · Prison of Light
Underage · End of Days
Unhuman · Unhuman
Vampire Squid · Sea's Control
Void Dweller · Night in Hell
Волколунь · Only Trees Remember Centuries
11-??Antcorpus · Na Terra do Metal
Aralez · Licking Wounds
Arvensvarthe · The Black Legacy
Ash · Kadap
Axolution · Evil Church
Basement · Deszcz i krew
Compulsion to Kill · Ruined Society
Cult a Satan · Ave 6 Chaos 6 Rex Sathanas 6
Dark Manthra · Vientos de guerra
Dark Spell · Na křídlech noci
Dead Sun · The Clockwise Charade
Die After Day · End of Fall
Disgrace and Terror · The Final Sentence
Embloodyment · Let It Bleed
The End of Light · El silencio de las ánimas
Endor · Hellbound
Goatfisted · Alchemy of Flesh
Hanged Ghost · The Attraction of Oblivion
Hellvete · I Was Doubt If Was Life?
Hetrem · Human at Sight
Hittar Cuesta · Dream Machine
Insurrection · Necromancer
Koltum · Praga
Krack · Vicious Circle
Last Will · Through the Mirror
Leper Messiah · Invocations for Gods... from the Real Abominations...
Madness Factory · Follow the Madness
Magna · En forma humana
Martyrium · Twisted Fate
Misery Crown · When North Meets South
Phantasy · En tierra de lobos
Scound · The End
Sick's Agony · Towards My Places
Skjaldar · Weltenbruch
Split the Abyss · With Savage Intent
Sunchariot · Swirling Sunwheel of Everlasting Life
TimeMage · Conquistadors
Total Badass · 2086 A.D.
Toxic Smile · 7
Zoltar Speaks · Save as I Save
Đông Đô · Máu thắm da vàng
10-316th Counted Murder · 6th Counted Murder
Banisher · Scarcity
Bearstorm · Americanus
Big Business · Battlefields Forever
BlackSnake · Lucifer's Bride
Blestema · Cantos funerarios
Blood Luxury · Eyes Cry Blood
Cara Neir · Portals to a Better, Dead World
Colossus of Destiny · In Lesser Brightness
Cruxiter · Cruxiter
Dark Land · In the Year of Our Lord
Dark Managarm · Back from Hell
Dawn of Tears · Act III: The Dying Eve
Days of Our Lives · Trapped Inside Past Memories
Dislabia · Gorified Prior to Incest
Embercrow · Blacklight Wanderers
Etox · Oriana
Fire Faithful · Organized Occult Love
Fortress · Fortress
Gautama · All Is Silence
Goat Thron · Ruthlessness
Godcursed · Corpse Within a Corpse
Godless Symptoms · Negeri Neraka
Gomorrah · Perception
In the Company of Serpents · Of the Flock
Keep on Rotting · Unforeseen Consequences
Keldian · Outbound
Krait · Esta vez
The Kristet Utseende · Pervogenesis
Krucipüsk · Boombay
Miasmic · Spectral Wrath
Nahemoth · Novum Testamentum: Evangelium Morti
Nekrofilth · Devil's Breath
Nemost · As the Ocean Burns
The No-Mads · Lost Control
Ol Sonuf · Glass Idols
Poemisia · La danza degli spiriti
Porky Vagina · Chlew machina
Qassam · حرب أكبر
Rise of Avernus · L'Appel du vide
Sadistic Hallucinations · Atrocious Retaliation
Screaming Forest · Assault
Sea Bastard · Scabrous
Settima Draconis · Legio
Shitfucker · Suck Cocks in Hell
Skeletal Horsemen · The Beginning
Sorrowseed · Nemesis Engine
Soul Remnants · Black and Blood
Swordwielder · Grim Visions of Battle
Thraw · Decoding the Past
Throes of Ire · Aberration of Fate
Throne of Belial · To the Death
Vermilion · Ylem
Warforest · Trépas et meurtrissures
Zemial · Nykta
Чёрные Озёра · Хандра
Эйдол · Капля чистой росы
10-30At Devil Dirt · Plan B: Sin revolución no hay evolución
Bride · Incorruptible
Cicada the Burrower · Despoina
Exhumación · Exhumación de Satan
Iron Curtain · Jaguar Spirit
Lorn · Subconscious Metamorphosis
Myrkvedr · Sons of Muspell
Sondor · Invoking the Ancient Blood of the Pagan Gods
Varga · Enter the Metal
Warmaster · The End of Humanity
When Idols Fall · Arms of Our Fathers
10-29Buckethead · Pike 33 - Pumpkin
Carving Colours · No Way but Forwards
Catuvolcus · Voyageurs de l'aube
Coldbound · I (Constellation of Dawn)
Event Horizon · The Emancipation of Dissonance
Forever in Terror · Forever in Terror
Glorior Belli · Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls
Heretic Soul · The Nihilistic Attitude
Impaled · The Dead Still Dead Remain
In the Burial · Born of Suffering
I Shalt Become · Louisiana Voodoo
Kill Devil Hill · Revolution Rise
Liva · Human Abstract
Mass Murder Phenomena · Drones
Mord'A'Stigmata · Ansia
Noala · Humo
Noctum · Final Sacrifice
Pyrexia · Feast of Iniquity
Quest for Serenity · Amidst the Tempest
Rebhellion · Tierra de nadie
Reklaw · Dimmuborgir
Rhesus · La casa de las serpientes
Shades of the Black Sky · Чёрная тишина
Skeletonwitch · Serpents Unleashed
Suture · Carnivorous Urge to Kill
Temple of Baal · Verses of Fire
Tribune · Tales
Veil of Deception · Deception Unveiled
WarnerBeast · Fatal Memories
Whipstriker · Troopers of Mayhem
Winds of Plague · Resistance
WirgHata · Cold Dismay
Багира · По крови зари
10-28Adagio Funebre · Of Grief and Insanity
Ara'Kus · Aeterno Elementum
Assignment · Inside of the Machine
Ayreon · The Theory of Everything
Betzefer · The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land
Bewized · Undead Legacy
Corrections House · Last City Zero
Cult of Erinyes · Blessed Extinction
Döxa · Delenda est Carthago
The Earls of Mars · The Earls of Mars
Hagbard · Rise of the Sea King
Hail of Bullets · III: The Rommel Chronicles
Idensity · Chronicles
J.C.Jess · Broken Bones
Krüger · Зов
Luke Fortini · The Grand Opus
Man Must Die · Peace Was Never an Option
Morok · Fiery Dances of Dying
Mountain Witch · Cold River
Panzer · Honor
(Rabbit) · II
Rain · Mexican Way
Rohit · Trick
Sadistic Butchering · Sculptor of Flesh
Sorronia · Words of Silence
Throne of Katarsis · The Three Transcendental Keys
Thy Emptiness · Crowned Under Cascade Rain
Trinirush · Faith Wars
Untimely Demise · Systematic Eradication
Warbringer · IV: Empires Collapse
Wyrm Sub Terra · Wyrm
10-27Apathetic · Song for Summer
Armageddon Awaits · Deplorable Demise
Avgrunden · Det stora oväsendet
Bereavement · Verses of Decay
Black Sachbak · No Pay No Gain
Dethklok · The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera
Dyslocker · Kingdom of Dys
Galloundight · 遙かな願いと心の剣
Moouseion · Finuala
Sparespine · 楽園の残響(上)
10-26Crushing Axes · Frozen Soul
Dark Tower · ...of Chaos and Ascension
Detritus · Erosion
Earthmouth · Earthmouth
Exalted Saviour · Tetrad
Ignis Noctem · Clamore inferos
Inferno · Relato de muerte
Invitado de Piedra · Todos caerán
Shine in Ash · No Way Out
Snatched Cord · Moments
Steingrab · Äon
Sturmprophet · In die Fluten
Supervoid · Filaments
Urtikaria Anal · Kamikaze Orgy
10-25Altair · Lost Eden
Antecantamentum · Zerstörung
Aresz · Skill
As Autumn Calls · Cold, Black & Everlasting
A Vulgar Picture · The World I Found
Bifröst · Tor in eine neue Welt
Black Hawk · A Mighty Metal Axe
Blackout · We Are Here
Bloody Donation · Vengeance of the Enslaved
Borrowed Time · Borrowed Time
Claymorean · Lament of Victory
Coronatus · Recreatio Carminis
Creature · Helioskron
Deadend in Venice · A View from Above
Die Krupps · The Machinists of Joy
The Gathering · Afterwords
Harm · Cadaver Christi
Hevisaurus · Vihreä vallankumous
Hiss from the Moat · Misanthropy
Inquisition · Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
Javelin · Fragments of the Inner Shadow
Kataklysm · Waiting for the End to Come
Kult of Taurus · Divination Labyrinths
Mad Hatter's Den · Welcome to the Den
Mad Max · Interceptor
Maintain · The Path
Malakyte · Human Resonance
Medeia · Iconoclastic
Necrophobic · Womb of Lilithu
Rajfajh · Cult of Cthulhu
Rozz · Tranches de vie
Sahg · Delusions of Grandeur
Sepultura · The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart
Svadilfare · Makt til uskyld
Terminate · Deathship Landing
Teurgia · Memento of Ancient Memories
Toxic Holocaust · Chemistry of Consciousness
Trinirush · Warrior
Vengeance · Piece of Cake
10-24Buckethead · Pike 31 - Pearson's Square
Cyneris · Impermanence
Krite · Prayers Cursed
Lilith · Alter Ego
Remnants of Tortured · Headless Sodomizer
10-23Another Destiny Project · Metodo paranoico-critico
Black Trip · Goin' Under
Deadfate · Dysfunctional
Grimuack · Exsurgat Satanas
Industrial Estate · Symphonies from the Dark Half of the Mind
Inner Silence · Alluring Islands
Nighttrain · 7 Sins
The 冠 · 帰ってきたヘビーメタル
10-22Biipiigwan · Something for Everyone; Nothing for Anyone
Bloodmoon · Voidbound
Death Toll Rising · Infection Legacy
Degradations · Degradations
Endemise · Far from the Light
Fuka · En guerra
Metal Church · Generation Nothing
Odd Logic · If We Were Live
The Parallax · Obliquity of the Ecliptic
Prospekt · The Colourless Sunrise
So Hideous · Last Poem/First Light
Thrall · Aokigahara Jukai
10-21Asgard · Eleonora: Odhalení jinotaje
Bog Morok · Industrialypse
Borow · The Pnakotic Manuscript
Brick Sun · Inside
Castaway · Choices & Patterns
Cold Cell · Generation Abomination
Cønstantine · Resign Due
Enterion · Valkyria
Epyon · Until the Stars Burn Cold
Facial Abuse · Slightly Uncomfortable
The Farmhouse Killings · Parasites
Ihsahn · Das Seelenbrechen
In Autumn · Reborn
Madness of Sorrow · Take the Children Away from the Priest
Metatron · Leyenda del infinito interno II
Morfium · Stíny
Olvido · Luto
Otoño · Something Metal This Way Comes
Psychocalypse · Crying Moon
Shadows of Steel · Crown of Steel
Shallow Rivers · Nihil Euphoria
Sic Zone · Bear the Consequences
Somnius · Darkness Falls...
Space God Ritual · Eldritch Tales
Strengthcode · Inside Power
Whisper · Przebudzenie
10-20Age of Torment · I, Against
Ancient Land · In the Name of the Cross...
Black Crystal · Taste My Soul
Dismorfia · Inhuman Abdicate
Olema · Riitti
Opposer · Remember the Past
Schmerz · Vertigo
Sharkfucker · Sharkfucker
Tectum · Path to Eternity
10-19Azul Limão · Regras do Jogo
Black Empire · 2000 AD
Dagara · La route du chaos
Dead End Future · Surgical Delusion
Dethonator · Return to Damnation
Inverted Mind · Nothing but Suffering
John Cutrone · Trails from the Darkness
Morkelvyz · VIRFYX
Obsidian Chamber · Der Uhrwerkmann
Odregru · Nomep Rati
Purplehaze Ensemble · PurpleHaze Ensemble
Sylvia · Sylvia
Trooper · Atmosferă
Zeitgeist · Shallow Play
10-187th Symphony · Written with Blood
Absolut Deafers · Zrození
African Corpse · Corpsewar
Al Joseph · Out in the Open
Anticed · Nada queda
Born an Abomination · Seasonal Depression
Dead End Finland · Season of Withering
Discreation · The Silence of the Gods
Drone Hunter · Drone Hunter
Dying Behind Bars · Surprise from Inside
Faithreat · Faithreat
First Judgement · Coming to Terms
Goetia · Le Vide
Guerrero · Esperando el momento
Irdorath · I Am Risen
Kambrium · Dark Reveries
La Flamme d'Agni · Volontés
Mercyless · Unholy Black Splendor
Monolithe · Monolithe IV
Motörhead · Aftershock
Open Hell · Revelation
Seremonia · Ihminen
Stud · Out of the Darkness
Symbel · Gyddigg - Possessed by the Fury of Wod
Terra Nullius · Overcome
10-17AmongRuins · Bring Out Your Dead
Dalla Nebbia · The Cusp of the Void
Dauntless · Imbalance
Drysmian · Everlasting
Grand Demise of Civilization · The Repent of the Sentient Being
Hetman · You
Warsaw · Dystopia
10-16Cornered by Zombies · Hurry up and Wait
Envoke · Unnatural Cancer of the Humanity
Guadaña · Demencia
Inquinamentum · Luminescence
Kult · Unleashed from Dismal Light
La Flamme d'Agni · Par delà monts et forêts
Neutrino · Вторжение с небес
Primitivity · Evolution
RÁN · Demonstorm
Vril · Keepers of the Sacred Flame
10-15Aytnachr · Hateful Black Being
The Body · Christs, Redeemers
Castevet · Obsian
Cleanteeth · Pushing Rope
Craven Idol · Towards Eschaton
Crimson Dawn · In Strange Aeons...
Cromlech · Ave Mortis
Cult of the Lost Cause · Cult of the Lost Cause
Doomriders · Grand Blood
Dragonfly · Atlas
Earth Plague · Cult of Damnation
Endemicy · Epitome of Decadence
Exhumer · Degraded by Sepsis
Frozen Sword · Defenders of Metal
Gigan · Multi-Dimensional Fractal-Sorcery and Super Science
Hypnotic · Taken of the Sea
Impülse · Let Freedom Rock!
Jeff Hughell · Chaos Labyrinth
Mad Agony · Chernobitch
Mastema · The Grand Holocaust of Flesh
Moloch · The Sabbath of Fire
Oozing Wound · Retrash
Oshiego · The Great Architect of Nothing
Pelican · Forever Becoming
Reckless Manslaughter · Blast into Oblivion
Red Fang · Whales and Leeches
Reklaw · Forest Eternal
Rivers of Nihil · The Conscious Seed of Light
Ruler · Rise to Power
Sarkom · Doomsday Elite
Serrabulho · Ass Troubles
Silence in the Grey · When the Trees Cried Silver
Silence the Messenger · Achilles
Six Minute Century · Wasting Time
Slave Hands · Slave Hands
Slegest · Løyndom
Svipdagr · Black Verses
Thunder Tribe · War Chant
Trivium · Vengeance Falls
Uzala · Tales of Blood & Fire
Zurzir · Triunfo da Vontade
Сны Бенджамина · Стужа близко
10-14Apathy Noir · Beneath the Ashen Sky
Blindead · Absence
Cunt Cuntly · Malevolent Ascendancy
Deficiency · The Prodigal Child
Degrade · Degrade
Electronomicon · Unleashing the Shadows
Extasy Crypt · Apollo 13
Hukkunud Hinged · Puhastustuli
Inbreeding Rednecks · Abnormal Life Portrayed
Kill Division · Destructive Force
Necroterror · Sicarios del infierno
Orlok · Black Funeral Holocaust
Pray for Teeth · From the Dry Edge of the Shore
Primitai · Rise Again
Rudra · Ṛta
Solekahn · Nightlights
Solipsismus · From the Dark Ages to the Era of Nowhere
Soul Annihilation · The Progenitory Symbols
Spreading Hate · Hatecomming
10-13Astovidatu · Dissolver of Souls
Estuarine · Estuarine
Exotopia · The Ascension
Iblis · Waswas
Iron Attack! · Fairy Tale
Ophiuchus · Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
R. Nikolaenko · Nightmarish
Scarificare · Postulado
System of Venus · System of Venus
Tarnkappe · Tussen hun en de zon
Січгарт · До зброї
Хаме-леон · Попробуй на вкус эту душу!
10-12A Document Says · Zeichen
Elysium · Under the Fading Rays of the Dying Sun
Frostbite · Falling Is Not a Defeat
Hatul · Widergeist
Kreyson · Návrat krále
Marbas · The Fiery Bloodline of Lucifer
Obscure Oracle · Roots of Existence
Pelvic Meatloaf · Stronger Than You
The Ragnarok Prophecy · The Path of Passage
Sainte Ombre · Cornélia
To Storm the Fortress · Nascency
TrollWar · Earthdawn Groves
Эшелон · Песни пьющих солнце
10-11Arcade Eyes · Arcade Eyes
Colemesis · Hellritage
Craving · At Dawn
Death Angel · The Dream Calls for Blood
Disparaged · And Babylon Fell
Domovoyd · Oh Sensibility
Epysode · Fantasmagoria
Eternum · Summoning the Wolven Spirit
Gehenna · Unravel
Ghost Voyage · Endless Oceans
Hamferð · Evst
Harpyie · Willkommen im Licht
Inhuman · Human in...
Kultasiipi · Matkalla
Lashmush · Electric
Libitum · Senderos nuevos
Mindtech · Elements of Warfare
Mordraretsch · Istorgias s-chüras e sgrischaivlas
Mork · Isebakke
Mourning Hours · Selfless Within
Nothing Remains · World of Error
Oranssi Pazuzu · Valonielu
Pulver · Let It Shine
Seppuka · Bez pravidel
Shatter Messiah · Hail the New Cross
Wolfheart · Winterborn
10-10Adaptor · Destroyer Characters
Ahilless · Казнь еретика
Anthropophobe · When Darkness Returns... / Déceptions et trahisons
Curse of the North · The Empress
Death by Starvation · Death by Starvation
Dethroned Emperor · Moral Nihility
Disfinite · Duality
Frostagrath · Extinguishing the Flame of Life
Human Devastation · Condenación
Icon of Evil · Syfilis Mentalis
Inferno · Nato Morto
Insider · Event Horizon
Killers · Imido
Koloss · Empower The Monster
Lintver · Snakebite
Mortality · Adversary of Society
Niemandsluft · Leidbilder
Out of Mind · Out of Mind
Potmos Hetoimos · Maribel
Schizoid · Liver
Swamp Devil · The Beast
White Walls · Escape Artist
10-09Accretion Disk · Accretion Disk
Ascension · Shaping Structures
Cosmic Church · Ylistys
Datura Curse · Take the Head of the King
Influence X · Existence
Malcuidant · Et les Cieux s'assombrirent​.​.​.
Mosh-Pit Justice · Mosh-Pit Justice
Speedböozer · Speedböozer
Uncoffined · Ritual Death and Funeral Rites
10-08Abyssous · ...Smouldering
Cult of Vampyrism · Aporia
David Benson · Evil Killer
Funeral Inception · In Praise of Devastation
Ghost Avenue · Ghost Avenue
Hammerforce · Доступ закрыт
Häshcut · Please Do It Yourself
Nycticorax · Treatise of Death
Sons of Providence · The Comedy Complete
Will of the Ancients · To Our Glorious Dead
Withem · The Point of You
10-07Aeon Aphelion · Visions of Burning Aeons
Asomvel · Knuckle Duster
Black Soul Horde · Tales of the Ancient Ones
Distaste · Black Age of Nihil
Enemy · Cruda realidad
Everlasting · March of Time
Gonga · Concrescence
Hamerex · IX
Herrschaft · Les 12 Vertiges
Idaaliur · Archangel of Bleak Times
Izegrim · Congress of the Insane
Jumalhämärä · Resitaali
Merciless Terror · Vile Extinction
Nacom · Crawling Human Souls
Norhod · The Blazing Lily
Promethium · Origins
Psycorepaths · Your Entropia Has Finally Arrived
Stond Renk's · Hate, Prophecies and War
10-06Covariance · The Dark War
Darkshine · Infección de mentes
Dying Source · Spheria
Neverforget · Smell of Pain
Purulent Necropsys · The Chainsaw Memories
Rising Crypts · "1013"
Senmuth · Сатурн. Внутри стихий
Sorizon · Somnus
Uncaved · Meaning of Death
The Unchaining · Ruins at Dusk
Virgolamia · Putridus
Империя · Час страха
10-05Aeons Confer · Symphonies of Saturnus
Breakdust · Baleful World
Buckethead · Pike 30 - Mannequin Cemetery
Cursed as Angels · And as the Orchestra Plays
Dubiosis · Seinsvergessenheit
Holy Cross · Place Your Bets
Ojciec Dyktator · 666 cm
Proxillian · But Sorrow Remains
Seidr · Ginnungagap
Silva Nigra · Bible bolestných nářků
Trendkill Cowboys Rebellion · Siapa Suruh Datang Jakarta
Umbilichaos · Hóspede do Tempo
Venomous · Greedy Bastard
Volker · Songs of the Spilman
Waking the Cadaver · Real-Life Death
10-04Arathgoth · Man with No Fate
The Art of Hate · Symphonic Annihilation
Astral Silence · Open Cold Dark Matter
Beaten to Death · Dødsfest!
Bloody Hammers · Spiritual Relics
Buckethead · Pike 28 - Feathers
Caligula's Horse · The Tide, the Thief, and River's End
Celophys · Phobos Elevator
Condemnatio Cristi · Soundtracks
Cranioectomy · Twisted Tales of Putridity
Cynicist · Cynicist
Dignity · Balance of Power
Eden's Curse · Symphony of Sin
Element of the Machine · The Last Empire
Gringo · The Cold Burn
Hellcats · Divja pot
Hyrax · Over the Edge
Kerala · Through the Desert
The Last Embrace · Essentia
Memorain · Seven Sacrifices
Ram-Page · The Depths of Rage
Running Wild · Resilient
Secrets of the Sky · To Sail Black Waters
Skirmish · Jet-Black Days
Stellar Master Elite · II: Destructive Interference Generator
Tarchon Fist · Heavy Metal Black Force
Tombstones · Red Skies and Dead Eyes
Umbra Mortis · 7th Dimension of Upheaval
Voyage of the Blastronaut · Elective Exile
Wan · Enjoy the Filth
Wintercult · The Last Winter
Колизей · Жить, чтобы жить
10-03Godflesh Deformed · Forlorn
Jason Saulnier · The One of You
The MacAllister Project · Profecías de un nuevo mundo
Роджер · Под знаменем страха
10-02Armagedon · Thanatology
Avec Tristesse · Use & Control
Demorian · Disco Diabolique
Exxecutor · Más allá del infierno
Ghold · Galactic Hiss
Hobos · Hobos
Hortor · Dios de dioses
Inciter · From Within
Nostalgic Darkness · Nostalgic Darkness
Parsifal · Here from the Past
10-01A Breach of Silence · Dead or Alive
Absinthropy · Smitciv-Victims
Ad Vacuum · Relativity of Time
Alex from Hell · The Revolt of One-Billion Brains!
Argus · Beyond the Martyrs
Bane of Bedlam · Monument of Horror
Beyond Visions · Your Face Is Familiar
Blackdeath · Φόβος (Phobos)
Bliss of Flesh · Beati Pauperes Spiritu
Blizzard at Sea · Certain Structures
Capa · This Is the Dead Land This Is Cactus Land
Concrete · Dawn of Revival
Conducting from the Grave · Conducting from the Grave
Crowhurst · Fuck You Beatles
Daniel Bautista · Symphony No. 2 in B minor, Op. 16
Deviant Syndrome · 66 Ways to Redemption
Dotzauer · Deep
Ebonillumini · Pacificum
Fleshdoll · Feeding the Pigs
Floating Worlds · Below the Sea of Light
Fungus · Psychonaut
Hank Williams III · A Fiendish Threat
Hank Williams III · Brothers of the 4x4
Insidead · Ελευσις
Kosmos · Le Vecteur transcendantal
Los Guardians del Pont · Sancta Sanctorum
Mephistopheles · Sounds of the End
Mindpath · From Where the Highest Mountain Came
Moments Till Fall · Heart of Helen
Mysidia · God of a New World
Mühr · Messiah
Nocturnal Freeze · Transylvania
Noire · Dark Reverence
No More Solace · Sovereign Ending
Nostalgique · Exploration I
Occultist · Death Sigils
Omfalos · Cotton Candy Rendezvous
O.N.E. · На грани
Pacho Brea · Recuerdos del ayer
Pit Fight Demolition · The Sharp Edge of Iron
Purtenance · Awaken from Slumber
Sangoma · Diviner
Sklerotikz · The Last Generation: Η γενεά του σιδήρου
Solium Fatalis · Solium Fatalis
Sphinx · Chronos
Tunguska Mammoth · Tunguska Mammoth
Victimas de Victimas · Mi asma mi alma
When the Deadbolt Breaks · Drifting Towards the Edge of the Earth
Wonderland Syndrome · Prelude I: The Great Infestation
Zloslut · Zloslutni horizont - Donosilac prokletstva, očaja i smrti
Сказ · Хроники лабиринта затмения
Сукина Дочь · По сучьему веленью
10-??Apoteom · Alienation
Backyotomy · Gateway to Pestilence
Blutnebel · Niedergang
Catharma · Catharsys
Chainsaw · War of Words
Childrain · A Fairy Tale for the Dissent
Cyrax · Reflections
Dark Crown · Reborn
Die like Gentlemen · Romantic Delusions of Hell
Difenacum · Generando basura
EvilRock · Western Dawn Rider
Excruciate 666 · Rites of Torturers
Exorddium · Sangue ou Glória
Funeral Thirst · Existance
Guide to Oblivion · Twothousandtwelve
Hellchamber · The Right to Remain
Human Shield · Basement Recordings
Insepulchral · Satanic Supremacy
Kalmankantaja · Elävältä haudattu
Lipshok · The Soul of a Broken Mind
Loinen · Noiseferatum
Lucera · Pure Ass
M-19 · Mission: Destroy
Mindgrinder · Prop Agenda
Moirae · Eternitarian
Naurrakar · Epilog lidstva
Nocturnal Kudeta · Insurrecto(s)
Pain Savior · Dead Weight on a Dying Planet
Ploy for Extinction · Primordial
Portall · King of the Mad
Profanatica · Thy Kingdom Cum
Proll Guns · And the Western Blood Runs
Sangkakala · Heavymetalithicum
Shadow Man · Tales of Life
Straightout · Nocturnal Born Vehemence
System Decay · Gun
Tümëur · Sédition
Wild Thunder · A media noche
Wolfshade · The Epitaph of a Pagan Paradise
Zadok · Keine Angst
09-30Blodsgard · Monument
Bong · Idle Days on the Yann
CodeRed · Dominions of Our Deceitful Beliefs
Deathcrush · Collective Brain Infektion
Desangre · Resurrección
Desecrated Burial · Desecrated Burial
Egokill · Destroying the Vibes
Esoterica · Aseity
Fates Warning · Darkness in a Different Light
Godcursed · Order or Order
Iron Man · South of the Earth
Memento Waltz · Division by Zero
Milkmaids · Heavy Sleeper
Mothertrucker · The Power of Independent Trucking
Oceanus · Sirens
Pletora · Pletora
Poenari · Wrath, War, Lucifer
Quintessenz · Back to the Kult of the Tyrants
Sawthis · Youniverse
Shadow of Acolyte · Nicene Creed
Sickrites · Irreverent Death Megaliths
Sinheresy · Paint the World
Slutvomit · Swarming Darkness
Soulfly · Savages
Starsoup · Bazaar of Wonders
Terrorway · Blackwaters
TOBC · What It's Like to Be Undead
Надимач · Nejebanježivesile
09-29Atlantean Kodex · The White Goddess
Ex Machina · Autonomous Automation
Foul Body Autopsy · Foul Body Autopsy
HaaH · Pan Kreas
Inferno · Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness
Murder Worship · Hate Celebration
Obscurus Codex · IV
09-28Desolation · V
Diabolical Imperium · The Sacred Lie
Indestructible · Vengeance and Death
Inside of Death · Spit on My Corpse
Pervertor · Into the Alcoholic Abyss
Raven's Gate · Defying Gravity
Rexus · Withdrawal of Thinking
Riot of Violence · Planet of the Rapes
Scarecrow NWA · Transgression
Silence After Funeral · Where the Serpents Grow
Sleazy View · Our Fearsome Acts
Traktor · Fast and Loud
09-27Anihilated · iDeviant
Aska · Fire Eater
Bloody Pride · Unleash Your Wrath
Broken Hope · Omen of Disease
Charlie's Frontier Fun Town · Moloko Vellocet
Daksinroy · Tournament of Destruction
Death Riders · New Captivity
Diabolical · Neogenesis
Godslave · In Hell
HateSphere · Murderlust
Hypocras · The Seed of Wrath
In Solitude · Sister
King Fear · Frostbite
Koroded · Dantalion
Master · The Witchhunt
Mental Killing Spree · Centrifuge of Man
MyGrain · Planetary Breathing
Mystic Prophecy · Killhammer
Nahual Negro · Códice 1
Painstaker · Terminal Ferocity
Pyramido · Saga
Riksha · Dream Drops Red
Siren's Legacy · The Kraken
Subsignal · Paraíso
Twilight of the Gods · Fire on the Mountain
Urna · Mors Principium Est
The Vision Bleak · Witching Hour
Vulture Industries · The Tower
Warrion · Awakening the Hydra
Winter Dawn · By Embers Embraced
Wisdom · Marching for Liberty
Wizard · Trail of Death
Заводь · Крізь коло і п'ять кутів
Сечь · Изначалия
09-26Arido · Desert in My Soul
Buckethead · Pike 29 - Splatters
Cleric · Gratum Inferno
Demented Sanity · Legacy
Heresiarch Seminary · Whirlwind of Wild Hunt
In Corpore Mortis · Neverwards
Krimh · Explore
Laengthengurthe · SHAT
Nostalgique · Veil
Optic · Iris In
Scytherium · The Midnight Cadenza
Vassline · Black Silence
Villains · Never Abandon the Slut Train
Violent Omen · L.U.N.A.C.Y.
09-25Aura · Вдохновение
E.S.T. · Чёрная гвардія
Kupid's Kurse · Decahedron
Local I · Where the Soul Can Rest
Second to Sun · Based on a True Story
Волновой Фронт · Северный ветер
09-24Akris · Akris
Akûma · For the Beloved Bones
Cerebral Engorgement · Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Clawhammer Abortion · Biological Cacophony
Dream Theater · Dream Theater
Eternium · Repelling a Solar Giant
For a Dozen Matters · The Hell That Follows
Godcider · Six Bullets for Christianity
Hexentomb · Ataraxian Eudaimon
Jesu · Everyday I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came
Oceanborn · Hidden from the World
Sasquatch · IV
White Fire · Tomes
09-23Angrenost · Planet Muscaria
Exlibris · Humagination
Fyrnask · Eldir Nótt
Helhorse · Oh Death
Hell's Domain · Hell's Domain
Jastreb · Mother Europe
Leash Eye · Hard Truckin' Rock
Mistwalker · The Silence of Soil
Mournful Gust · For All the Sins
Necromessiah · The Last Hope of Humanity...
Nuclear Aggressor · Condemned to Rot
PaalThal Anunnaki · Paa Tal
Shining · 8 ½ - Feberdrömmar i vaket tillstånd
Spiderhunt · Hell on Earth
Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit · Vertilger
Winternehst · Winternehst
Фронт · Металлизация XXV
09-22Evergreen Refuge · As the Fires Burn
Hammerfest · Chansons d'Amour
The Porridgeface · Human Shapes
Tor Marrock · Destroy the Soul
09-21Atropas · Azrael
Bloodrocuted · Doomed to Annihilation
Conjuro Nuclear · Luna llena y radiación
Crown of Asteria · North
Daigoro · The Other Moon
Dissention · Episodios de inmoralidad
Doomina · Beauty
Godless Angel · Year One
Kantation · Discovery
Lord Vampyr · Gothika Vampyrika Heretika
Percival Schuttenbach · Svantevit
Savage's Torment · Wake Up the Horror
Syphor · For What Remains
Until the Moment Comes · Inkwell
09-20Bodyfarm · The Coming Scourge
ColdSpell · Frozen Paradise
Corpset · No Rest
Daylight Misery · The Great Absence
Demonical · Darkness Unbound
Desolation · Desoriented
Devoted Iota Elusion · Reverence for Cruelty
Down Below · Zur Sonne - Zur Freiheit
Ethereal Sin · Millendium
Hämatom · KeinZeitMensch
Lars Eric Mattsson · Epicentre
Nailed to Obscurity · Opaque
Nathan Frost · Synecron
Nicole · Hävityksen huoneet
Onslaught · VI
Sarke · Aruagint
Satanic Dystopia · Double Denim Shotgun Massacre
Satanic Saucepans · Fritzlappers Hard Rock Album
Skrogg · Blooze
Stellar Descent · Cycles of Life
Stormlord · Hesperia
Strigaskór Nr. 42 · Armadillo
Symbiotic Systems · Unheard-of Tales
Totëmwolf · Totëmwolf
Urschrei · Dekadenz
Vicinity · Awakening
Wraithcult · Gestalt
09-19Beltane · Instructions for Lightkeepers
Buckethead · Pike 27 - Halls of Dimension
Grave Upheaval · Untitled
Kernunna · The Seim Anew
09-18Afterlife Symphony · Symphony of Silence
AWE.SOME · Ad Astra
Bodybag · Disobedience
Concerto Moon · Black Flame
Haborym · The Sun Has Fallen
Insulters · We Are the Plague
Kulturkampf · White Pillars
Mortferus · Creations and Other Retributions
Mörb · La Forêt endormie
NecroWerewolf · Rise of Helheim
Set · Upheaval of Unholy Darkness
Svederna · Äntra
Traucoholik · Kalku
Woodwall · WoodEmpire
Xenotaph · Rock Is the Force
Велес · Псы государевы
Симаргл · Шелест дерев
09-17Activator · Activator
Arms of War · Legions of Steel
Aschmicrosa · Black Cultures
A Storm of Light · Nations to Flames
Begerith · My Way to the Star...
Cave of Swimmers · Cave of Swimmers
The Choppers · Common Sense
Cryptic Rising · Isolation
Damnations Day · Invisible, the Dead
Excruciate · Depths of Impurity
Gwar · Battle Maximus
Head in a Jar · Downtown Meltdown
Neith · Then I
Ov Dust · Crushing the American Christ
Prometheus Rising · And All Returns to Ash
The Reckoning · Hell Kisses the Earth
Season of Mourning · Salvation
Shadowkiller · Slaves of Egypt
Steel Aggressor · Mourning Star... Total Eclipse
SubRosa · More Constant than the Gods
Ulcerate · Vermis
Uvikra · Fulfill Thee
WarCall · Blood, Guts and Dirt
Windhand · Soma
Wolvserpent · Perigaea Antahkarana
09-16Black Rage · Silent Scream
Carpe Noctem · In Terra Profugus
Chemical Assault · Mortal Payback
Cunt Cuntly · Astral Elimination
Hybris · Heavy Machinery
Last Kind of Life · Drown
Lustre · Wonder
Mael Mórdha · Damned When Dead
Mörkö · Itsensänimeävä
Natremia · ...Preludium...
Otargos · Apex Terror
Perverticon · Extinguishing the Flame of Life
Sagros · Anger Blinds the Mind
Servus Obscurus · Ritual
Take Offense · United States of Mind
Tool Silence · Loading...
Unjustly Labeled · Lost Within
Wolfsgrey · Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee
Wyrms · Morcar Satoric - Les VI chemins du crépuscule
Людота Коваль · Это наша земля!
09-15Carne · Ville Morgue
Doppelgänger · Whispers Behind the Heaven Trees
Fuck Off · Smile as You Kill
Madwork · Obsolete
ProgressiveXperience · Inspectra
Ragestorm · The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin
Santo Rostro · Santo Rostro
Timeless Necrotears · Dystopian Heaven
Time Symmetry · Tetraktys
Uroboros · Вечномрак
Venomed · Removal
09-14Beyond the Oblivion · Shades of Grey
Black Magic Darkness · Cosmic Empire
Black Wasteland · Where Light Can Not Intrude
Despise the Sun · Embers of the Almighty
Dionize · Your Personal Dystopia
Inmoonere · Un dia perfecte per morir
Iraka · Génesis
Nomadic Rituals · Holy Giants
Outlaws of Ravenhurst · Book II
Perdition · To Thrive upon the Thorns of Disbelief
Plan 4 · Horizonte rojo sangre
Purasangre · No te dejes dominar
Sangria · Agnosis
Thrashless · Trip of Death
09-13Althotas · Resurrectdead
Auttist · Eterno retorno
Barad Dûr · Vergeltung
Begotten · Bloodstained Gods
Black Spring Monolith · Oran One
Buckethead · Pike 26 - Worms for the Garden
Carcass · Surgical Steel
Deals Death · Point Zero Solution
Declension · Destroy Hope
Degradead · The Monster Within
Depopulation · Zoonoses
Desiderium · Sunless Meridian
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's PowerSquad · ...from the GlassVoid
For Ruin · Ater Angelus
Grave Miasma · Odori Sepulcrorum
Grindomatic · Flower Power
Halfdream · The Dark Melody
Hatred Superstar · Bastards International
Heathen Foray · Inner Force
Indricothere · XI
Marche Funèbre · Roots of Grief
Minotauro · Master of the Sea
Mordavia · Mortal
My Shadow · Decayed World
Navalm · Recovery of Sync
Obscured · The Plague Within
Patrons of the Rotting Gate · The Rose Coil
Poisonblack · Lyijy
Protector · Reanimated Homunculus
Repuked · Up from the Sewers
Shades of Deep Water · Waterways
Stainless Steel · Metal Machine
Taberah · Necromancer
Terror Cósmico · Muerte y transfiguración
Thou Shell of Death · Sepulchral Silence
Týr · Valkyrja
Volture · On the Edge
Winterus · Dark Womb
Yidhra · Hexed
09-12DarkWaters · Golden Age of Decadence
Emptiness of Life · Not Me
Mion's Hill · Black Death
Moat · The Crow and the Sorrow
Radogor · Жизнь
Saeculum Obscurum · Apotheosis
Tchort · Sataniccum Factory
09-11Anger Within · In Defense of the Planet
Caos Sera · Inicia
Celestial Oblivion · The Arrival of the Fallen God
Claim the Throne · Forged in Flame
Droneologist · Strenght and Power of Flesh
Fear Crowd · Nueva era
Godcomplex · Symptoms of a Serious Defect
Infamous Sinphony · Enemies of the State
Iron Heel · Book of Grief
Medieval Steel · Dark Castle
Myrrdin · Gods of Ancient Times
Nekrokrist SS · Der Todesking
NYMF · From the Dark
Raging Fury · Black Belt
Scythe · Subterranean Steel
Serpent Eater · Serpent Eater
Shalrath · The Ebon Fortress
Silver Orionis · Axia
Villainizer · Reign in Terror
Молот Кашкарова · Зупинись
六合 · 暁に産声、忘却の鼓動
09-10Darkcell · Nightmare Document Part 2
Dark Design · Prey for the Future
Death Ray Vision · We Ain't Leavin' till You're Bleedin'
Dissension · Of Time and Chronic Disease
Gravity · The Edge of Eternity
Hollow Haze · Countdown to Revenge
Karmatik · Humani-T
Ministry · From Beer to Eternity
Nekron · In Times of Our Infestation
Profezia · Oracolo suicida
Ripchain · Dying on the Vine
Timeless Necrotears · Thora's Ride Through the Halls of Eternity, Part 3
Transient · Transient
09-09Anarkhon · Welcome to the Gore Show
Criminal Vagina · In Pussy We Rot
Death Chant · Eternal Decay
Kablo · Dark Moonlight Forest
Katatonia · Dethroned & Uncrowned
Lalu · Atomic Ark
Lawless · Total Mayhem (On My Way to Hell)
Mushroom Cloud · In Mad Minute
Pursuing the End · Symmetry of Scorn
Saffar · Mandatory El Arshy
Saint Astray · Far from Innocence
Satyricon · Satyricon
Sisare · Nature's Despair
Sorg Uten Tårer · In Death's Sweet Dreams
Turbocharged · Area 666
Warcry · Inmortal
Witchburn · Bathed in Blood
Wretched Soul · Veronica
09-08Armageddon Holocaust · Dies Irae
Ebanath · For Those Who Still Believe... in Nothing
Four Sweaty Dudes in a Room · Bonded by Sweat
Gore Inhaler · Kara Fading Days
Los Buscadores del Movimiento Perpetuo · Rendiran culto a la muerte
Nord · Het lot
Ordo Obsidium · A Crooked Path to Desolation
Sigma · Políticamente enturrecto
Suddenlash · Soul's Revenge
09-07Among Rats · Intact World
Anatolik · Distonya
Aria Ignis · Inútil creación
Gratzug · Marter
Mal Etre · III
Seker · Transcendence
Soul Collectors · Soul Collectors
Нокс · Темы света и тени
09-06Altars · Paramnesia
Ashes of Ares · Ashes of Ares
Blake · Taste of Voodoo
Crimson Falls · Downpours of Disapproval
Dark Age · A Matter of Trust
Deadshot · Something Wrong... in Our Beliefs
Deinos Mastema · Suicide Art
Erodhes · Madre Tierra
Exiliado · Exiliado
Exit Strategy · The Atrocity Machine
Gorthaur's Wrath · War for Heaven
Hecate · Chroniques d'un autre temps
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.IX
House of Apparition · House of Apparition
Immergo · Sunken World
Insanity · No Limit
Kaihoro · Ancient Jams
Kimaera · The Harbinger of Doom
Lovijatar · Pimeän tuoja
Messenger · Starwolf - Pt. 1: The Messengers
Pentagram Chile · The Malefice
Perverse Imagery · Perverse Imagery
Rejekts · UNO-
The Ruins of Beverast · Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer
Scarred by Beauty · Cape Zero
Senderos del Mal · Oscuras creencias
Temple Nightside · Condemnation
Viikate · Kymijoen lautturit
09-05Ancestral Oath · Ancestral Oath
Balders Likferd · Confessionis Nobilium
Buckethead · Pike 25 - Pancake Heater
Carnage of Children · Extinction
Carnyx · The Great Winter
Citranomicon · Behold the Doomicorn
Frankie and Gator · Shit Magnetic
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.VIII
ReinXeed · A New World
Timeless Necrotears · Thora's Ride Through the Halls of Eternity, Part 2
Withering Night · Within the Shadows We Lurk
Рэйнхардт · Пина колада
09-04Buckethead · Pike 24 - Slug Cartilage
Dead Off · Не в своей крови
Eternal Torture · Lacerate the Global Hate
Eyjafjallajökull · Krig ta Netasogädim
The Fateful Hour · An Everlasting Silence
Galneryus · The IronHearted Flag, Vol. 2: Reformation Side
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.VII
Hirntod · I - Gefängnis
Lady Trooper · Lady Trooper - I
Sahon · 노예들의 선택
The Silent Wedding · Livin Experiments
09-03Arandu Arakuaa · Kó Yby Oré
Buckethead · Pike 21 - Spiral Trackway
Buckethead · Pike 22 - Sphere Facade
Crowhurst · Memory​-​Loss
Damnbuilding · Buttery Goodness
Enderrocks · Causa i efecte
Fade to Oblivion · Of Death and Vengeance
Ghouls Come Knockin' · Dead Beat Glory
KingShifter · 26 Tons
Leichenzug · Die flammende Rückkehr...
Moby Dick · Hard Rock Cafe
Oprichnik · Into the Northern Forest
Pathology · Lords of Rephaim
Reklaw · Hook, Cross, Anchor Vol. III: The Savior
Slowly Rotten · Human Misery
Vattnet · Sky Swallower
Warbastard · Principia Thrashmatica
Whorecore · Headless
Words of Blood · Ingyen Isten
09-02Betrayer of Light · Betrayer of Light
Dividium · The Scourge
Dysmorphic · A Notion of Causality
Eibon la Furies · The Immoral Compass
Haken · The Mountain
Kritter · Freak Show at Carnival Time
Life Against Death · Life Against Death
Lightless Moor · The Poem - Crying My Grief to a Feeble Dawn
Meridian · Manifest Destiny
Negativvm · Hvngerkvnst
Nephren-Ka · The Fall of Omnius
Olde · The Gates of Dawn
Sages Recital · Sage's Recital
Toranaga · Righteous Retribution
Triumph, Genus · Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících
09-01Anagram to Anna · God, Me & Monsters
Asylium · Global Decomposition
Ataraxie · L'être et la nausée
Avenger Kills · Главное - жизнь
Awacks · Resilience
Dea Marica · Curse of the Haunted
Driller · The Final Deal
Fulgorian · Libertad
Holder · Triumph over Domination
In Demoni · So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel
Infest · The Next Will Be Yours...
Komutator · Mental Sadism
Mepheth · War for New World
Mirror Morionis · Eternal Unforgiveness
Nutrition · Terminus Occultus
Ofghost · Audiocorpse
Omb · SwineSong
Onirophagus · Prehuman
Opera Fantasia · Начало истории
Ordo Coquatrix · III
Pegasso · Galopa en el viento
Pike Possum · Iron Sky
Positiv Hate · Délivre nous du mal
R. Nikolaenko · Дворовая опера
Sadael · Dreams
ScareCrown · No Time to Retreat
Sextiger · Kill the Bunny
Soldis · Age D
Taketh · Ignorance Is Strength
Tethra · Drown into the Sea of Life
Timeless Necrotears · Thora's Ride Through the Halls of Eternity, Part 1
Túrin Turambar · Brud. Smród. Ubóstwo.
Voidcraeft · Ascetic Elite
Валькiрыя · Там, дзе зорнае неба
09-??Abaddon · Ritual de potestades
Artex · Renacer
Asghath · Hopes Choked Under a Blackened Sky
Avulsed · Ritual Zombi
Condor · Condor
David Valdes · World in Obscure
Death Citadel · Bestial Antaumus
Derailed · Underground
Down for Life · Himne Perang Akhir Pekan
Erszebeth · Equilibrio
Escapist · Hidden Memories
Fetal Autopsy · Rituals of Murder
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium · Pornokrates: Deo Gratias
Goremonger · Pointless Species Extermination
Góel · Redención
Inferus Sedis · The Reign Ends
Meuchelmord · Im Einklang (...zwischen Gedeih und Verderb)
Mindcage · Our Own Devices
Mud & Blood · Hippophonic
Necrofagore · Macabre Finding
Prarod · Na ceste k zániku
Ripio · Marcado por la locura
Save Us · RenoWATIO
Sukkuba · Pornoslavie
Thy Endless Wrath · In the Veins of the Olden Gods
Uzzhuaïa · Santos & diablos
Zeus · Defensores
Zmora · Popioły tego świata
08-31Barbalans · Blood, Hate and War
The Combine · Witness
Godcursed · Skeleton Heart
Interface · Lessons Not Learned from All the Awful Things That Keep Happening
Kurmudgeon · The Kurbludgeoning
Masticated · Another Reflection
Matus · Espejismos
Nidra · Кома
Shadow of the Colossus · End Game
Skjaldborg · Todgeweiht
Timo Komulainen · Biographical
The Venting Machine · Ritual Burdens
Voiceless Location · Obedience
WRTX · A Message Left Behind
Yzordderrex · Sepulchral
08-3044Mag · Outlaw Psychosis
8 Foot Sativa · The Shadow Masters
Analogy · The Circle of Life
Argema · Pocity
Black Candle · Smoke and Monoliths
Blackwitch Pudding · Taste the Pudding
Church of Void · Dead Rising
Cremated Lives · Demolition Overdose
Deathna River · Легенды Чернограда
Dødsfall · Djevelens evangelie
Entrails Massacre · Decline of Our Century
Frosttide · Awakening
God-Shroud · Angels Descending
Gorguts · Colored Sands
Head Brain Blockade · Богородица
Horn · Konflikt
Iron Jaws · Guilty of Ignorance
Kayo Dot · Hubardo
Keen Eyed · Reflection
Montes Insania · Song from Behind a Gray Veil
Moonbow · The End of Time
Mulciber · Cries from Below
Nhor · Within the Darkness Between the Starlight
Nomad Son · The Darkening
Obelyskkh · Hymn to Pan
Potergeist · Swampires
Punish · Sublunar Chaos
Secrets of Sin · Future Memories
Sinner · Touch of Sin 2
Stonegriff · Prologus Magicus
Tarim · The Philosopher King
Tarja · Colours in the Dark
Tragedian · Decimation
Wheel · Icarus
Wolfpakk · Cry Wolf
08-29Bridesmaid · Breakfast at Riffany's
Delusion · The Temple Divine
Lux Aeterna · Echoes from Silence
Númenor · Colossal Darkness
Paragoria · Decomposition of Mind
08-28Absence of Light · Vyom Chakra
Anakeion · Ghooric Zone
Atonement · Atonement
Buzruh · Alone in the Dark
DejaGravy · Embalming
Diesto · For Water or Blood
Djinn and Miskatonic · Forever in the Realm
Entanglement · Entanglement
Giulio Rossi · Second Act
Jupiter · Classical Element
Perceverance · The Dark Mechanism
Septica · Klub usamljenih srdaca narednika pedera
Visual Cliff · Out of the Archives
天燐 · 刻の螺旋
08-27Artists of War · Lord and Slave
Blazon Stone · Return to Port Royal
Bleeding Crowns · A Kings Ransom Awaits
DevilDriver · Winter Kills
Herlathing · Alva und die Nachtgespenster
Infanticide · Misconception of Hope
Infernaeon · The Cancer Within
Legion · State of Decay
Mortyr · Rise of the Tyrant
Ritual · Impaled Flesh
Rocka Rollas · Metal Strikes Back
Shall Be the Conqueror · The Healing
Strict Vincent · All That Is, Occupies Now
Амезарак · Spring Non Veniet...
ВИА "М.М.М." · Бабушка Рэмбо
08-26Anti-Freeze · Yellow
Bombus · The Poet and the Parrot
Insurrection · Prototype
The More I See · The Disappearing Humans
North Black · Loneliness Consciousness
Svart · Det personliga helvetets spiral
Vin de Mia Trix · Once Hidden from Sight
Waverly Lies North · A Soul in the Void
08-25Abdicated · Virtus Diaboli
Absent Heat · Distant Thoughts... Walking in Uncertain
Abysmal Growls of Despair · Eternal Lament
Coldblood · Chronology of Satanic Events
Ellende · Ellende
Licrest · Devoid of Meaning
Locotus · Unreleased and Unrepentant
Moror · Бездна
08-24Arabian Death Mask · Human Consciousness Experiment
Atomic Fog · Rites
Deadly Association · Hellish Dellusions
Hawkeyes · Poison Slows You Down
Kill the Precedent · Dialogues with the Dead
Luzbel · Regreso al origen
Oaks of Bethel · The Spirit Molecule (Suite)
Project: Roenwolfe · Neverwhere Dreamscape
Unchained · Collision
Vivid Illusion · The Cyclical Nature
White Medal · Guthmers Hahl
08-23Annihilator · Feast
Arven · Black Is the Colour
A Traitor like Judas · Guerilla Heart
Corpuscide · Something Has Happened to My Brain
Crown of Twilight · Mist
Deviant-Tactics · The Horizon Went Black
Ewigkeit · Back to Beyond
Exterminatus · Veni Vidi Vici
Forlorn Winds · The Day the Wolf Swallowed the Sun
Malditos · Liberando venganza
Mercy · The Seven Signs
Niedergang · Delirium Aeternum
Northless · World Keeps Sinking
Nox Doloris · Possession
Oblivion's Garden · Seed
Pyromesh · Biologic
ReVamp · Wild Card
Seventh Son · Fates for Destination
Speedtrap · Powerdose
Thunder and Lightning · In Charge of the Scythe
Turisas · Turisas2013
Unshine · Dark Half Rising
Until Rain · Anthem to Creation
08-2219TilDawn · The Evil We've Created
The Leviathan · In Darkness It Crawls
The Ragnarok Prophecy · Valley of the Forgotten
Tony Tears · Vortice
08-21[Pepel] · Existence
Arioch · I
Blastronaut · Burning Mother
Detention · Coma
Geoda · Firebreak
Prosanctus Inferi · Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night
Synopsis · Другой мир
Светлояр · Зори над Русью
08-20Acerus · The Unreachable Salvation
A.M.S.G. · Anti-Cosmic Tyranny
Arklad · El oscuro camino hacia la luz
Carousel · Jeweler's Daughter
Contemplator · Contemplator
Deformity · Endless Atrocity
Desdominus · Devastating Millenary Lies
Domination · Doom in Nation
Enruined · The Truth of Our Times
Ephemeros · All Hail Corrosion
Front Beast · Demon Ways of Sorcery
Fumigation · Integrated Pest Management
Grim · Vespers
James Hess · The Revenant
Laxsid · Oriental Demolition
Monsterworks · Earth
Oathbreaker · Eros|Anteros
R'lyeh · In the Infernal Moment
Saprogenic · Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs
Twitching Tongues · In Love There Is No Law
На Север · Вещий зов
08-19Aequus Nox · Scala Paradisi
Bone Fragments · Blood Spatter Bone Scatter
Crossfaith · Apocalyze
Diamond Plate · Pulse
Foe · FOE
Husere Grav · You Are Transparent
Khashm · Serpents of Death
Moreno · Volumen II
Silent Grave · Chrysalis
08-18Alterizer · Hellish Damnatory
Chillum · Stoned Ape/Further Mutate
Divine Pain · Immortality
Esquizofrenia · Veneno en las venas
Fenrismaw · Helcult
Grabnebelfürsten · Pro-Depressiva
Hassmord · Hassmords Imperium
Herne · Face of the Hunter
Longa Morte · Longa Morte
Snowkid · Skyrunner
Soul Eater · In the Land of the Blind
Swords of Dis · Tides of Malediction
08-17Autumn's Kingdom · Autumn's Kingdom
Barbarie Medieval · La obscuridad prevalece
Hawthorn · Dark Tales
Imminent Psychosis · To Walk with the Dead
Into Infernus · VII
Ixion · Prisionero del infierno
Nación Disfuncional · Política, fútbol, religión, pendejadas y más​.​.​.
Nefarious Ascendency · Nefarious Ascendency
Nihil · Nights of Silence
The Pant · Out There
Templo Obscuro · Profanação!... Ódio e Sangue
Trainwreck Architect · Traits of the Sick
Trollband · Samsara
Unholy Monarch · The Great Manipulation
08-16Black Fast · Starving Out the Light
Buckethead · Pike 23 - Telescape
Cryptic Forest · Ystyr
End of Green · The Painstream
The Eternal · When the Circle of Light Begins to Fade
Fleshgod Apocalypse · Labyrinth
GraveSideService · Fog
Judd Madden · Glacial
Mason · Warhead
Merkstave · Merkstave
Perversion · Storm of Evil
Rankkuri · Pahuus MMXIII
The Suffering · Dead in the Heart of Winter
Vesication · Prepare Uranus
Vorna · Ajastaika
Watain · The Wild Hunt
08-15Asbel · The Dark, the Withered Vol 2
Despot · Satan in the Death Row
Endocarditis · Di Ujung Kepunahan
Gravenloch · To the Doom of All
Isvind · Daumyra
Lateless · Way Out...
Nachzehrer · The Path of the Impure
Order of the Death's Head · Hakenkreuz
Razörschrieck · Larvae Terrae Neglectae
Rectal Smegma · Become the Bitch
Science of Demise · Bloom
Spellbinding · Par​-​delà l'hymne des souffrances
The Unchaining · Wandering Through the Landscapes of Mind
08-14Amaze Knight · The Key
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · The Kingdom of Ordalys II - Legends -
Rodonitza · Дух свободной Руси
Smiling Madman · Smiling Madman
Svarttroll · Rooting the Reign
Миссионер · Книга жизни
08-13Alpha Hydrae · Venomous Devotion - The Hematic Lust
Ang · Urqunina
Bilskirnir · Wotan Redivivus
Black Succubi · Eye of the Beholder
DeathTron · Seeds of Tech
Eminence · The Stalker
Ice Dragon · Born a Heavy Morning
Merlin · Merlin
R. Nikolaenko · Angelic
Thraeol · Thraeol
!T.O.O.H.! · Democratic Solution
Traces of Death · Death to the World
Vale of Amonition · Those of Metal Afar
Vartras · Bass Metal
Vrawsche · Entrance
08-12Aihisna · 死想少女の荘厳たる黄昏
Arthurian Shield · Age ov Avalon
Born an Abomination · Sorrow Within These Walls...
Caladmor · Of Stones and Stars
Dyluvian · A Great Time from Here
Eternal Rest · Eternal Rest
Iron Attack! · Plastic Mind
Lorelei · Угрюмые волны студёного моря
Mythery · The Awakening of the Beast
Nigrante · Deana
Occision · Defying Temporal Limits of Existence
Oventor · As a Dark Dawn Arise...
Plöw · No Highness Below the Crown
UI-70 · Cross the Great Divide
08-11Boris Randall · The Architects of Fear
Brave the Vertigo · Oppenheimer Quoting Vishnu
Delicado Sonido del Trueno · El delicado sonido del trueno
08-10Agharti · Change
Axhom · Galaxy
Bedah Saraf · Kebiadaban Takkan Pernah Berakhir
Blasfemia · Dioses / Humanos y bestias
Brain Smasher · Miseria
Imperious Malevolence · Doomwitness
Sacro Goat · Odes ao Fim...
Senmuth · Seyaat
Weedpecker · Weedpecker
Ил · Ил
08-09Beelzefuzz · Beelzefuzz
Boal · Infinite Deprivation
Close the Hatch · To Collapse in Absentia: Red
Cry of Pain · Grim Memories & Bad Flashbacks
Cóndor · Nadia
Deos · Fortitude.Pain.Suffering
Desecrate the Gods · 9th Dimension
Galadh · Fear and a Failure to Act
Heimar · Atavism
Hyperion DB 369 · .:Aspects of the Sun:.
Mangled Atrocity · Grotesque Rituals of Mutilation
Mjölner · Abraxas (The Ignotum Dusk)
Rezinwolf · Corruption Kingdom
Sanguinary Execution · Infinity Space of Barbarity
Septical Mind · Mystical Factory
Severed Limbs · In Each Scenario You Die
Theosis · Behold the Glorious Night
Zombie Holocaust · Entitled to Enlightenment
08-08Cleaver · When There's No More Room in Hell
Cunt Cuntly · Subsequent Masquerade
Deprecator · You Broken Warriors
Harrow · Fragments of a Fallen Star
The Howling Wind · Vortex
In-Quest · Chapter IIX - The Odyssey of Eternity
Manuscriptum · Корпорация война
Metal Raign · Diary of the Night
Suffer Age · Between
Torment · Revelation
Totenheer · Wüetisheer
Vornth · Vornth
Wall of Sleep · Druid
08-07Antigod · The Masquerade
Arceye · At First Light
Emperor of Myself · Question Your Existence
Lightning · Raise the Sun
Omega · The Hell Patrol
Space Mirrors · The Other Gods
Takamiy · Raizin
人間椅子 · 萬燈籠
08-06Ancestors Blood · A Moment of Clarity
Autumns Eyes · Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets
Cholos on Acid · Grab Your Brain
Dead in the Dirt · The Blind Hole
Exhumed · Necrocracy
Four Sweaty Dudes in a Room · Sweat Sells... but Who's Buying?
My Silent Wake · Preservation Restoration Reconstruction
Newsted · Heavy Metal Music
Revocation · Revocation
Sinister Realm · World of Evil
Sutrero · SUTRO
Text Corpus · The Eye of Infinite Visions
Until Dawn · Horizon
Vampire Squid · Vampire Squid Goes 8​-​Bit
08-05Arcanegoat · De Profundis
Astur · Akusztik
Buckethead · Pike 19 - Teeter Slaughter
Buckethead · Pike 20 - Thaw
Drastisch · Let Your Life Pass You By
Eardelete · Devilogy
Ever-Frost · Departing of Time
Nahar · The Strange Inconvenience
Raspberry Bulbs · Deformed Worship
Raving Season · Amnio
Stortregn · Evocation of Light
Tümëur · Gangrène
08-04Abbotoir · MCMXV
Nicronomodez · Hawa Kesunyian
Shambless · Irke Ranefas
Tales the Spirits Tell · Of Purity and Pain
08-03Behead the Dead · A Dying Age
Burials · The Tide
The Evening · Forgotten Ghosts
Infinite Design · Fragments
Inhuman · Inhuman
Morbo · Locura
Sekhet · The Black Sun God
Tension Prophecy · World of Phobia
08-025150 · 東方合体ゲンソウオー肆式
Akrea · Stadt der toten Träume
Ammit · Universal Requiem
Catharist · Ancestral : Origin : Celestial
Debauchery · Kings of Carnage
Dragonsclaw · Judgement Day
Fallen Tyrant · No World to Win, a Life to Lose
Forkill · Breathing Hate
Il Giardino Onirico · Complesso K MMXIII
Immortal Gate · Slaves
Lingua Mortis Orchestra · LMO
Lucid Dreaming · The Chronicles Pt. I
Mania · Revel
Parasite Inc. · Time Tears Down
Velocidad 22 · Metalcoholización
08-01Aeons of Eclipse · The Parasite
Bruthal Ceremony · Atrocius Hope Culminant in the Abyss
Certera · Epifanía
Death Immortal · Raise the Stakes
Deuil · Acceptance / Rebuild
Dismorality · Waste of Victim
Embrio · Revolt Against the System
Gestalte · Ashes of the Soul
Ladybird · Spliff & Wesson
Ladybird · Tombstoned
Lycanthropy · Hannibal Ante Portas
Metalizer · The Thrashing Force
Odetosun · Gods Forgotten Orbit
Overcast · Years of the Reptile
Pentsign · Зов древних
Persona Grata · Reaching Places High Above
Pomsta · Sledgehammer
Rome · Rome
Signatura Rerum · In sfârșit...
Skuggan · Kejsaren av ett svart rike
Social Shit · Chaotic Grind Fucking Devastation
Soul Cages · Moon
Soul Terror · Vanitas Vanitatem
Svet Kant · Loneliness
Ulver · Messe I.X-VI.X
Witchkross · Stronger Than Holiness
Космический Тюлень · Цветочки
08-??Architect of Disease · Open the Hearts
Arius · El silencio del inocente
Armagedom · 10 Mil Anos de Terror
Ascendor · Becoming
Battle Cry · Tierra arrasada
Blood & Iron · Voices of Eternity
Christhunter · Christ's Scourge
Clamor of Existence · Fatal Redemption
C.O.M.A. · Nada ni nadie
Cuentos de los Hermanos Grind · El tesoro del placer
Dark Ages · Teumman Part Two
Dementhorn · Oculto siniestro
Dr. Heathen Scum · The Real Deal
Eridanus · HellTherapy
Hazeroth · Mene Mene Tequel Ufarsim
Heretic Cult Redeemer · Heretic Cult Redeemer
Highlight Kenosis · Shield of Faith
Impalers · Impalers
Infested Blood · Demonweb Pits
Ivory Twilight · Седем
Korium · Do komnát večnej zimy
Krowos · Enthroning Our End
Kvele · Necrohill
Maintower · Estamos en guerra
Malicia · Silencioso dolor que aniquila
Mourning Cloak · No Visible Light
Noctus · Infinito
Patazera · Metamoshtruosis
Penis Christ · Nocturnal Slaughter
Primal · Prophetae
Red Eyes · A Morte Está de Volta
Red Syndicate · Works of the Horrid
Reinaras · Phenix
Roadkill · Profanity & Innuendo
Sardonic Impious · Obscuridade Eterna
Soldier · Dogs of War
StarBlood · Shadow of the Ring
Tritton · Face of Madness
Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome · 狡猾なる混沌の仔と至極たる黎明に捧ぐ葬斂の劇詩
Warlord U.K. · We Die as One
Widerwertig · Sinepmaskok
07-31Autumnblaze · Every Sun Is Fragile
Dead Point · Was It the Only Way?
Fausttophel · Жажда забвения
Merknet · Nigra Diaconia
Nimor · Submission
Nox Interitus · Embrace of No Return
Omens Thorns · The Moonlight Guarding My Dreams
Vihmana · Un ocaso trascendente
07-303 Parts Demon · Eden, Post Exodus
Alas Negras · Facing the If
Alcoholic Rites · Fermented in Hell
Ashes of Chaos · Eye
Awrizis · Final Hybridation
Bleach Eater · Night Work
Chimaira · Crown of Phantoms
Death Mechanism · Twenty-First Century
Fortunate Fall · A Death Related Party
Hollow Leg · Abysmal
Husk · Seven Pyramids
Hæresiarchs of Dis · Thirty-Eighth Sermon of the Unborn
Lebensnacht · Syksyn kuoleminen
Mistwalker · Under the Fallen Sky
Mormânt de Snagov · Derisive Philosophy
Mortis Mutilati · Nameless Here for Evermore
Return to Innocence · The Ring of Moon
Skeletons · Revenant
Suicide Salvation · Down in Flames
Tothem · Beyond the Sea
Twins Crew · The Northern Crusade
Vardan · ...Dreaming ...Living My Funeral
Virginia Clemm · Sin misericordia
Wight · From the Dust of a Fallen Star / Ground into the Sand
Wolf Regime · The Awakening
07-29Agónica · A New Onset
All Pigs Must Die · Nothing Violates This Nature
Apologeos · Ópera prima
Buckethead · Pike 18
James LaBrie · Impermanent Resonance
Necroshine · Invocation of Blasphemy
Nephrectomy · Geriatric Coprophilia
Obsidian Tongue · A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
Sobberbloodd · Terror Galaxia
Xothogua · You Won't Reach Shore
07-28Alastor · From the Hellish Abyss
Illustrations · In Vain
Imortal Perséfone · Celebração no Inferno
Night Heir · A Maze of Evenings
Severed Fate · Procrastinate
07-27Anabanta · Desideratha
Anna Fiori · Magna Mater
Black Cilice · Summoning the Night
Brutal Slaughter · Humani Decrementi
Ravenouse · The Last Gate
Rezume · Fragment of Blessedness Spermicide
Sirgaus · Sofia's Forgotten Violin
Trollort · Blood Fest Starts
War Thrashed · Into the Nightmare of Violence
07-26Aggressor · Death Follows Me
Alabama Kush · Nuclear Beachparty Sessions
Animae Capronii · Save Me from the Darkest Nights
Beauty of Decay · Lullabies for the Aborted
Bridges Left Burning · Bystanders
Deadlock · The Arsonist
Diabolos Dust · Inferno
Disowned · Descent
Duskmachine · Duskmachine
Endsight · A Vicious Circle
Ereb Altor · Fire Meets Ice
Fueled by Fire · Trapped in Perdition
Gallows Pole · And Time Stood Still
Hums in the Dark · Resurrection
Illusion Suite · The Iron Cemetery
Lizard Queen · Lizard Queen
Maverick Hunter · Maverick Hunter
Mercenary · Through Our Darkest Days
Necrambulant · Infernal Infectious Necro-Ambulatory Pandemic
Neron Kaisar · Madness of the Tyrant
Nordland · The True Cult of the Earth
Not Fragile · Shout to the Master
Perverse Dependence · The Patterns of Depravity
Plague Angels · Reign in Terror
Purify · Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Schwarzer Engel · In brennenden Himmeln
Summum Silentium · Klartraum
Thrashtorno · Unearthed in the Disaster
Thrudvangar · Tiwaz
Tyrants Blood · Into the Kingdom of Graves
Unohdettu Tulevaisuus · Unohdettu tulevaisuus
Unpraise · A Subtle Taste for Tragedy
Vesterian · Anthems for the Coming War Age
Witherscape · The Inheritance
Wolfkrieg · Born in the Dark Ages
Wound · Inhale the Void
Zhora · Almaz
昏脱 · Kick Out
07-25Alrunes · Wolves Lament
Amplified Memory · The Ever Spinning Wheel
The Bridal Procession · Descent into Arcologies
Cunt Cuntly · Planetary Termination
Demonomancy · Throne of Demonic Proselytism
De Silence et d'Ombre · Vol. IV - Worship the Hideous
Funerale · L'inferno degli angeli appiccati
Godtoth · Satanic Holocaust
Lasting Vengeance · Eviscerated Earth
07-24Colosus · Blestem
Feastem · Avaritia Humanae
Human Slaughter · Human Slaughter
Liklukt · Bay of Kings
Sarcofagus · Back from the Valley of the Kings
Terdor · Levi II
Zothique · Alkaloid Superstar
Авард · У последней черты
07-23Anagnorisis · Beyond All Light
Armed for Apocalypse · The Road Will End
Dischordia · Project 19
Liquorworks · Muscle Explosion
Mad Architect · Journey to Madness
Mammoth Grinder · Underworlds
Morne · Shadows
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Cannibal Headhunters
Sit at My Right Hand · The Future
Untergang · Viva la muerte!
The Whisky Rebellion · Collapse the Masses
Wrvth · Revelation
07-22ChaosWolf · The Fall of the Idols
Eclipse Insomnia · Elements
Ecocide · Eye of Wicked Sight
Hostile Eyes · Disobedience
Insight After Doomsday · Aware
Mean Messiah · Hell
Monolith Cult · Run from the Light
Nekrypteia · Αέναον κλέος
Opus VII · Prima Opus Magnum
Parasitic Ejaculation · Rationing the Sacred Human Remains
Reklaw · Hook, Cross, Anchor Vol. I: The Coy Fish
Stormzone · Three Kings
07-21Black Pilgrims · Rise and Fall
Clair de Lune Morte · In Absence of Words
Concrete Icon · Perennial Anguish
Fangs of the Molossus · Fangs of the Molossus
Fleurs du Mal · And I Can Suffer Crying Blood
God-Shroud · Angels of Darkness and Light
Hicsos · Circle of Violence
Rambo Hates Rainbows · Friendship Grind
Schiz · Schiz
Whiskey Hellchild · Quarter Bag
07-20Aklash · Aklash
Cinderella's Leprosy · All Gone Off
Cryptid · Roads into Rivers
Feto in Fetus · Condemned to the Torture
Irony · Sheitan Kommando
Kohorta · Pure Demon
Metal Soul · Bajo la luz
Necromass · Calix. Utero. Babalon.
New Paradigm · Faultlines
Rise to Zero · Falling Sky's
So I Sin · Sichart
Thy Light · No Morrow Shall Dawn
Tierramystica · Heirs of the Sun
07-19Axxion · Wild Racer
Carpet Room · A Kind of Malice
Feigd · The Dark Passenger
Frostland Darkness · Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia
Hydria · Freakshow
La Dama Oscura · Caminando sobre el fuego
Lawless · Rock Savage
Of Forsaken Divinity · Precursor
Polaris · Dawn of the Last Day
Powerwolf · Preachers of the Night
Primal Attack · Humans
Rusting Sun · Far from All Light
Sierra · Pslip
Sign of the Jackal · Mark of the Beast
Weakened · Endless Eclipse
Zedher's Coffin · Vortex of Nothingness
The Zeronaut · Katastrophe
07-18Activator · Хранитель жизни
Bolesno Grinje · 13
Borracho · Oculus
David Rock Feinstein · Clash of Armor
Dreamfall · Sueños en la atalaya
Voorvader · Glory Through Blood
07-17Caro · Letchworth Village
Empanadilla de Pus · Puercorpse
Jucifer · За Волгой для нас земли нет
Malas · Path to Holocaust
MoonWay · My 7even
Rutarp · True Primitive
Sordid Clot · ПодвидЪ / Subspecies
Vrain · Vaptism of Mars
07-16Die Entweihung · The Cage
Litanie · In Nomine Humana, Tenebris
Phantom Glue · A War of Light Cones
Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals · Walk Through Exits Only
Sapremia · Autumn's Moon
Seven Witches · Rebirth
Stomach Earth · Stomach Earth
Trouble · The Distortion Field
WolfSword · Beyond the Thunderclouds
07-15Anima Mortuum · The Return
Animations · Private Ghetto
At Death's Behest · Prospect
Autopsya · Thrash Metal Army
Beyond · Fatal Power of Death
Blessing Omen · Lifelong Battle
Blood Rapture · Bound to Hate
Carpatica · La capătul vremii
Dead Man Standing · The Risen
Dizziness · On the Rocks
El Camino · Gold of the Great Deceiver
Esvertia · ¿Qué ves cuando cierras los ojos?
Evil Circle · Anxiety of the Truth
HellLight · No God Above, No Devil Below
Inner Missing · Perjury
Lunatic Medlar · Finely Tuned Machine
Majestic Downfall · Three
The Nihilistic Front · Procession to Annihilation
Novon · Kill Roi
Panzerchrist · 7th Offensive
Psychobolia · Delightful Carnage
Stormbringer · MMXIII
Witches Mark · Witching Metal Ritual
Yellow Eyes · Hammer of Night
07-14Apes with Hobbies · Glade
Arcite · The Escape Key
Madame Guillotine · Racines
07-13Black Despair · Broken System, Bring Chaos
Cold Sight · A/H1N1
Desecrated Sphere · Emancipate
Ecliptic Dawn · Elysian Hypnosis
Hibria · Silent Revenge
Imminent Reaper · Evil Claims
Inverted Pussyfix · Repugnant
Light to Dead · The Way
Luthor · The Devils Road
Negative Voice · Infinite Dissonance
Nose Blood Catharsis · Sometimes Dead Is Better
Revolted Masses · Us or Them
Saint Freness · Sotres
Xathrites · My Last Day Story
07-125 Stabbed 4 Corpses · Dance or Die
Absent/Minded · Earthtone
Abysseral Throne · Reflections Enthroned
Burning Flesh · New Chaos Order
Dys Inbunden · Pandemonium Unchained
Gods Will Be Done · Apex Predator
Hädanfärd · Smutsiga sinnen
Minerva · বিদায় সংবিধান
07-11Eingana · To Other Shores
Gexerott · Into Descensus Impious ad Gloriam
Grond · Howling from the Deep
The Obliterate Plague · The Wrath of Cthulhu
Samomor · Ad Te Noctem Increatam
Solitary Priapism · Terminal Exhibition
07-10The Armiger · The Armiger
Birushanah · ヒニミシゴロナヤココロノトモシビ
Bomg · Polynseeds
Condition Critical · Operational Hazard
Cries of Death · Slave
Fuck Your Depression · Total Conception of Human Madness
Hard Venom · Elemental
Jan · In the Shadow
Lamia Culta · Woman Scarred
Meaning of Life · A Crying into Desolation
Nightslug · Dismal Fucker
The Ox · Obsidian
Rust · Junkyard
Splattered Mermaids · Reforged in Gore
Swale · Kedr
Valefar · In Endless Misery
Violator · Scenarios of Brutality
07-09Apey and the Pea · Devil's Nectar
Beeravore · Intravenous Intoxication
The Burial · In the Taking of Flesh
Coffins · The Fleshland
Darkapathy · Darkapathy
Deamon · Condemned to Darkness
Erimha · Reign Through Immortality
Ferocity · The Sovereign
Gris · À l'âme enflammée, l'äme constellée...
I Killed Everyone · Necrospire
Istårn · Skyggeland
Lord Dying · Summon the Faithless
Lycus · Tempest
Melissa · Время не лечит
Militaris-tic · Curse of Weapons
Rock'n'Raw Bottled Band · Правда™
Sombres Forêts · La mort du soleil
Soul Embraced · Mythos
Structure of Inhumanity · Completion Integration
Witch Cross · Axe to Grind
07-08Angry Again · Life Is Like a Melody
Antti Martikainen · Creation of the World
Battlecross · War of Will
Born by Mistake · Elementum Octagon
Deafening Opera · Blueprint
Genocide Generator · I
Hirviö · Mustan kauhun kuninkaat
Mantra · Into the Light
Morn Guruth · Weltekel
Nzzilh · Chathkhr
Pine Barrens · Kingmaker
Qui Incenditur · Doctrine of the Six Regions
Sick Faith · Blinded Nation
Skoll · Grisera
Swamp Lung · Swamp Lung
Tempestora · The Battle Begins
Traumatomy · Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts
When Bitter Spring Sleeps · Coven of the Wolves
Wretch · Because You're Worthless
07-07Angel of Nature · The End of the Times
Aruna Azura · A Story of a World's Betrayal
Darkened Horizons · Crossing the Light
Demons Damn · Retaliation
Extreme Attack · the Name of Thrash Metal
Hålväg · Hålväg
Orthank · Years of Ashes and Memory
Vulnera · At the Gates of Torment
07-06Atrophy · Terrorland
Beasts of Torah · Necro Nihilist Inferno
Commotio Cordis · Commotio Cordis
Lusferus · Black Seeds ov Obscure Arts
Malicious Culebra · Mecanismo de defensa
Transhuman · The Fall of Man. (Re​)Creation. Uprising
07-05Ayin · Ordo ab Chao
Dead 3 Days · Falling of Skies
Dead Asylum · General Carnage
Decrepit Artery · Unfinishing Bleeding
Deliberate Chaos · Future Changes the Past
Dessiderium · Life Was a Blur
Devariem · Planet Earth: Ground Zero
Dying Spirit · Uncomfortable Silences
Excelsis · Vo Chrieger u Drache
Gianny · Crystal Memory
Goatess · Goatess
GrandExit · The Dead Justifies the Means
Kotiteollisuus · Maailmanloppu
Krakatoa · Microbellum
Lonewolf · The Fourth and Final Horseman
Offensor · Manifiesto herético
The Porridgeface · The Porridgeface
Rising Storm · Tempest
Ritual Abuse · Plague of Substance
Spheron · Ecstasy of God
Surgical Dissection · Origin & Intention
Zenith Grace · Zenith Grace
07-04Andromeda · Minimalista
Antichrist Hooligans · We Will Piss on Your Grave
Benighted in Sodom · Monstrously Beautiful Sorrow
Castero · Revolutions
Eternal Void · Aeterna Vacuo
Furious Flame · Satus
Hematic · Ace of Cups
Hester Prynne · Black Heart Market
Invoker · A New Age
Kolodrianatrum · Ангел
Mystical Vision · Alchemy of Chaos
Mystic Dream · For the Sake of Humanity
Silver Cypher · Adfectus Infernus
Spanking Hour · Divination
Unsanctified · Banished from Heaven
Verscythe · A Time Will Come
07-03Anarchadia · Let Us All Unite
ArthWork · ...and May the Gods Protect Us...
Atomicide · Spreading the Cult of Death
Colorless Forest · Those Who Come with the Rain
Hautakammio · Kukaan ei opasta teitä pimeässä
Khünnt · Dead Eyes
LuminaNocte · Kirves Fabula
Marna · Terra Morte
Reklaw · The House
07-02All American Organ Grinder · Desecrated
Black Magik · The Apocalypse
Buckethead · Pike 17 - The Spirit Winds
Curse of the Forgotten · Building the Palace
Heavenshine · Black Aurora
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.VI
Hivelords · Cavern Apothecary
Mortuary · Plague
Pyres · Year of Sleep
Sanktuary · Something Fierce
Toby Knapp · Static Warfare
07-01Acacia · Tills döden skiljer oss åt
Dejadeath · ¡¡¡Viva Dios​!​!​!
Dröne · White
Eclipse Insomnia · Sunspots
Elessär · Dark Desires
Infera Bruo · Desolate Unknown
Kronos · Dios del tiempo
Mutant Squad · Titanomakhia
Naer Mataron · Και ο λόγος σάρξ εγένετο
Nekron · Diadre
Obitus Vitae · Olfacit Mortis
Orgasmic Victim · Pain of the Ass Drilling
Sekhmet · Words of the Master (Proverbs of Hell)
Serocs · The Next
SpiritRow · The Signs
Station Dysthymia · Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going Out
Torture Garden · The Great Depression
Twister · Duplacsavar
Wargoatcult · Apolokia V
Госпожа Белладонна · Силуэт
Яр · Panavannie pahanstva
07-??Abominant · Onward to Annihilation
Admiral Browning · Give No Quarter
Alwaar · Триумф чёрной меланхолии
Anthro Halaust · Triumph of Satan!
Before Us All · Revelations.
Bestial Devastator · Out of the Depths
Bottom Feeder · Grinding Teeth
Camponero · The Way for Detachment
Dantalian · Dark Empress - Chant to Ereshkigal
Deathrite · Into Extinction
Demonic Rage · Venomous Wine from Putrid Bodies
Depravation · II:Maledictvm
Desolate Heaven · Воспеть конец времён
Doyle · Abominator
Engraved in Blood · Buried in a Forest of Bodies
Escart · Brainrecalibration
Fervent Hate · Roads of Insanity
Firn · Edge of Another World
Grievance · Retorno
Harvest · Forgotten Vampyres of the Melancholic Night
Hellébore · Anouof thwo
Impulse · Dream of the Faith
Krueger · Venezuela: Cuentos grotescos de amor y muerte
Legado · Muriendo en las Sombras
Lost Life · The Cur(s)e of Karma
Megahera · Condemned to Insanity
Mental Devastation · Red Skies
Necrohell · Possessed by Nocturnal Grimness
No One Gets Out Alive · Widowmaker
Oblyvion · Oblyvion
Pertapa · Keabadian dalam Kegelapan Nirwana
Physical Noise · Follow the Noise
Sacred Warrior · Waiting in Darkness
Sacrifice · Pamukti Kang Pamungkasan
Sound of Silence · El anochecer
Stranger Blaze · Let Destruction Begins
The Thin and the Fat Guy's · Wild Boar on My Way
Upcoming Devastation · Visceral Hate
Utumno · Si Vis Pacem Parabellvm
Ventriloquist · За занавесом цивилизации
Vomit God · Exuding Anal Pustule of Society
06-30Boa · Boa 2
Desolator · Unearthly Monument
Four Sweaty Dudes in a Room · Return of the Sweat
From the Torrent & the Fountain · Where the Gods Cry Their Sorrow
Last Sacrament · Enantiodromia
Meolestis · Equivocation
Milicia Oscura · Anti-Cristo
Nemessis · Environment
No Flame Candle · Dead Minds Dance
Shadow of the Destroyer · Shadow of the Destroyer
Skull Collector · Disfigured Insanity
Vagrond · Temporal
Wake · False
Waldschrat · Nostalgie.Resonanz
06-29Alabama Kush · Misawa Surveillance Dog Sessions
Hurakán · Eco
Insight · Shit, Lies and Fantasies
Inverted Serenity · Manifestation of Eternity in a World of Time
Killzone · Friendly Fire
Malvoisie · Weltschmerz
Mater Thallium · Mater Thallium
Somewhere in Nowhere · Back from Nowhere, into Eternity
Tecpatl · My Glorius Past
06-28Agathodaimon · In Darkness
Ancient Spheres · Tales of Suwoh
Ariabes · Fear the Siege
Black Pope · St. Rock
Black Wizard · Young Wisdom
Bulletsize · Numb
Cokegoat · Vessel
Cryostasium · Alternative Funeral
Côte d'Aver · Proboscis Strangulation
Dantesco · We Don't Fear Your God
Darkane · The Sinister Supremacy
Dharma 101 · Beautiful Kharma
Dissouled · Inject the Grind-Cure
The Eyes of Desolation · Songs for Desolated Hearts
Facebreaker · Dedicated to the Flesh
Huntress · Starbound Beast
Invasion · ...and So It Begins
Khaotic · Tenebrae
The Last Warning · Progression
Max Pie · Eight Pieces - One World
MortSubite · Black Nécora
Necrovile · Engorging the Devourmental Void
Nepenthis · Nocturne Moderne
Nequiter · Nequiter
Remains of Force · Raising Mind
Revmatix · Six
Scientist · Scientist
Sirenia · Perils of the Deep Blue
Stone Magnum · From Time... to Eternity
Switchblade Jesus · Switchblade Jesus
To Murder Drive · Anvil of War
Tungsten Axe · Swedish Iron
Warfect · Exoneration Denied
06-27Arath · Arath
Chalice of Doom · Into Hypnagogia
Last Wail · Memories
Pakistuf · Pakistuf
Skaldic Curse · Devourer
Tamer İşli Projects · Baharlar Yağmuru Düşler
Terminal Depression · Dysthorium
Третий Рим · О другой стороне
Хронос · Хеви-метал
06-26Congenital Malformation · Deformed Siamese Twin Abomination
Helgamite · Ghosts of the River Valley
Hevilan · The End of Time
Lugburz · Pure Misanthropy of Death
My Deception · Sinful Twilight
Månegarm · Legions of the North
Oaks of Bethel · Disembodied (Suite)
Perfect Symmetry · Tökéletes szándék
Rie a.k.a. Suzaku · Kingdom of the Sun
Thy Grave · Anhedonia
Trauma · Karma Obscura
Wizard Business · Battle Tiger
Wolfs Moon · Curse the Cult of Chaos
06-25Abdication · Broken World
Abnormal Thought Patterns · Manipulation Under Anesthesia
Barbariön · Ram the World
Caligula · Greastets Hits
Cannibalistic Infancy · Dominant Inhumanity
Carnivora · Eternal
Crusader · Onward into Battle
Cuff · Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth
Deeds of Flesh · Portals to Canaan
Dramaticide · Museic
Elderblood · Son of the Morning
Grimus · Omnicide
Havok · Unnatural Selection
Isaak · The Longer the Beard, the Harder the Sound
Isatha · Erdei regék
Lesbian · Forestelevision
Mouth of the Architect · Dawning
Mumakil · Flies Will Starve
Murder Made God · Irreverence
Necrotic Disgorgement · Documentaries of Dementia
Outlined in Blood · Tears of Blood
Prey on the Fallen · Prey on the Fallen
Queensrÿche · Queensrÿche
Ramming Speed · Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die
Shaded Enmity · Forsaken and Forgotten
Stone Titan · Scratch 'n Sniff
Take Over and Destroy · Endless Night
To the Pain · To the Pain
Вой · Вой
06-24Abdunor · Apocryphal
The Albion Codex · Summon the Ancients
Amon Amarth · Deceiver of the Gods
Autopsy · The Headless Ritual
Beyond Description · An Elegy for Depletion
Crowhurst · Everyone Is Guilty
Fading Bliss · From Illusion to Despair
Garth Arum · The Dawn of a New Creation
George Bellas · Astral Projection
Ghost of Mendea · Cult of the Dead
Hateful · Epilogue of Masquerade
Morganha · Rebellion
Nemrod · Nemrod
Orphaned Land · All Is One
Out of Yesteryear · Mass
Over Insanity · Postmortem
Palehorse · Harm Starts Here
Peacemaker · Cult .45
Perfecitizen · Through
Renaissense · …like My Pain Never Lived
Segregación Primordial · Visiones al límite del universo
Valensorow · Neptus
Vesperia · An Olden Tale
Warheim · Storm
Шелест Запахов · Экспедиция в преисподнюю
06-23Seasick · Back in Bag
Soundgeist · More than Just a Word
Teenage Suicide · Volume 2
Трызна · Няма будучыні - ёсць толькі горкі лёс
06-22Ataque Violento · Faces do Horror
Captain Overboard--Radio Earth! · Waiting Oblivion
Cult of Occult · Hic Est Domus Diaboli
Discröyd · Discröyd
Fra Hedensk Tid · 回帰への祈り
Godwatt · Senza redenzione
Kraton · The Nusantara Chronicles
Naberus · Reveries
Sun Devoured Earth · A Static Life
Thy Apokalypse · Fragment Second (Vision du chaos)
Visceral Slaughter · Cædem
Xicution · Posterity
Дивул · И аз воздам
06-21Art of Haven · Ten Years in Haven
Buckethead · Pike 16 - The Boiling Pond
Chinaski · Resiliencia
Christageddon · Metal Unblack
Collateral Damage · The Carnival
The Deathisodes · Inside the Universe of Horror
Earthshaker · The Earthshaker
Edenbridge · The Bonding
Eibon · II
Eternal Oath · Ghostlands
Eterno · Until Hell Freezes Over
Extol · Extol
Fatality · Psychonaut
Fir Bolg · Towards Ancestral Lands
Forteca · Kto dziś upomni się o pamięć?
Galaktik Cancer Squad · Ghost Light
Gravewürm · Infernal Minions
Graveyard of Souls · Shadows of Life
Hallucination · কৃত্রিম পৃথিবী
Hate Force One · Wave of Destruction
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.V
Horse Latitudes · Black Soil
Karburalcool · Karburalcool
Maggots · Demontorium
Marker Beacon · Dead Frequencies
Nerve · Fracture
Nosdrama · Gravity
Nox Eterna · The Ocean Is Mine
Oliva · Raise the Curtain
Skiltron · Into the Battleground
Super String Theory · An Invention for Times Like These
Viranesir · Fountain of Uncertainty
Yrsel · Abraxas
Zud · The Good, the Bad and the Damned
06-20Abhorration · Abhorration
Archangel · Paradigm
Displeased Disfigurement · Extermination Process
Eternus Flame · The Beginning
Festerguts · Heritage of Putrescent
Hanger · Legacy
Himonas · To the Battlements
Incineration · Disciples of the Garrotte
Lack of Truth · Under the Torn Flesh
Miserium · Return to Grace
Nemesis Irae · Eradikate Kampaign
Peste Noire · Peste Noire
Ruskin Arms · Fuerte guerrero
Vampire Squid · Vampire Squid
Wolfmare · The Sacred Mushroom and the Crows
06-19Albino Python · The Doomed and the Damned
Baal · Carnal Malefactor
DeadSystem · As I Fade
Hungers · Hungers
Pest · The Crowning Horror
Slugdge · Born of Slime
Valthus · Tapestried Destiny
Визант · Благовјесник
06-18Angels of Babylon · Thundergod
Autolatry · Native
Blasphomet · Death upon the Scales
Dark Moor · Ars Musica
Despondent Soul · Conspiracy of Torture
Eden Farewell · Visions
Graveyard · Arboretum
Infinita Symphonia · Infinita Symphonia
Mortuary · Horrific
Mortuary · Nightmare
Nagaarum · Belaja tajga
Potential Threat · Civilization Under Threat
Senmuth · Nomen Est Omen
Squash Bowels · Grindcoholism
Valient Thorr · Our Own Masters
Valuatir · Exobnos
Vardan · Lifeless Shadow
06-17Azylya · Sweet Cerebral Destruction
Balina · Balina
Crypsis · The World Rots Faster
Doomkryer · Trapped in This Realm
Heart Attack · Stop Pretending
Kindred Idol · Second Coming
Naser Mestarihi · 1987
Orgiastic Rebirth · Corridors of Repugnant Suffering
Riffobia · Laws of Devastation
Sepsis · Fear of Freedom
September Murder · He Who Invokes Decadence
Wine from Tears · Glad to Be Dead
Worstenemy · Revelation
Worthless Life · Dark October
06-16Boris Randall · For the World Is Hollow... and I Have Touched the Sky
Four Sweaty Dudes in a Room · Feel the Sweat
Mysterious Eclipse · Hell of Pain
Pitch Black Process · Hand of God?
Rotten State · Sick World
Syrophenikan · Illusionist
Throne · Perdition
06-15a.Lostfield · Human Algorithm
Ancesthor · Beneath the Mask
Aspirtafio · Podría desangrarme.​.​.
Black Oath · Ov Qliphoth and Darkness
Decaptor · Seeds of Violence
Der_Warrior · ehrenfeld³
Genocide · The Vaults of Grief
Heavens Fire · Judgement Day
Infant Death · War
Jex Thoth · Blood Moon Rise
Mass Grave · Fade of Life
Post Mortem · Exterminio (Reedición)
Velm · Földek
Нечисть · Прозрение
Ռահվիրա · Հակահարված
06-14Amberian Dawn · Re-Evolution
Anorimoi · Αποβλάκωcιc
Aratic · To the Early Grave
Banewreaker · Banewreaker
Black Skies Burn · To Punish and Enslave
Blood Patrol · From Beyond and Below
Bloodwork · Zero
Chaos Beyond · The Drawing Board
Crowlord · Naked Chicks, Goats & Wolves
Death Dealer · War Master
Djevel · Besatt av maane og natt
Final Underground · Scrolls of the Dead
Fractured Spine · Songs of Slumber
Kalmah · Seventh Swamphony
La Skala de Richter · Diabolus Notet
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall · Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall
Masterplan · Novum Initium
Mean Streak · Trial by Fire
Men an Tol · Dead Trees
Misantropus · LP (2012)
Nox Ultima · From Delirium to Catharsis
Oryx · Oryx
Science of Sleep · Exhaust
Straight from Hell · Straight from Hell
True · Symptoms
Vukari · Matriarch
Xanax · Návrat k mírům
06-13About: Blank · Birth.Hell.Death
Animator · Blacklisted
Cunt Cuntly · Moist Muff: The Moistening
Enthrallment Eternal · Soul Harvest
Funeral Art · El reflejo de tu ausencia
Gormosh · Días de ira
Hyaena Rabid · Homo... Homini... Hyaena!
Poetica · Somnus Tormentum
Reign of Lies · The New Empire
Sacrament ov Impurity · Anguishing in Obscurity
Tormentstorm · Into the Ominous Door
Zealotry · The Charnel Expanse
06-12Bacteremia · Cerebral Wrong Settings
Cauchemar · Tenebrario
Construct · World Decay
Deschain · Grit Part I: Vigilance
Emperial Massacre · The Divine Descent
Frostreich · Geistfahrt
Nahrayan · The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning (Instrumental)
Sleep White Winter · Dreamscapes
Unconventional Disruption · Flood to Euthanasia
Аnneliese Мichel · Утро нового дня
06-112Black · Mind Infect
Atma Weapon · Dark Tower
The Black Dahlia Murder · Everblack
Civil War · The Killer Angels
Deafheaven · Sunbather
Frozen by Fire · The Quickening
Full of Hell · Rudiments of Mutilation
Integrity · Suicide Black Snake
Jorn · Traveller
Methad · Teaching of the Moon
Metraliator · Bestial Force
Nutriment · Recycle
Power Trip · Manifest Decimation
Right to the Void · Kingdom of Vanity
Vapuleador · Animales del caos
06-10Apotheus · When Hope and Despair Collide
Arrayan Path · IV: Stigmata
Black Rain · It Begins
Black Sabbath · 13
Broken Flesh · Warbound
Dezart · Last Trace of Human Being
Dog Tired · Titan
E.N.D. · Illustrating Evil
Grime · Deteriorate
Hellish War · Keep It Hellish
Idiot. Flesh. · The Grotesque Revelations
In Torment I Die · Universae Naturae Theatrum
Massive Power · Massive Power
No Man Eyes · Hollow Man
Orthrus · The Great Mortality
Primo Vespere · Daylight Fading
Quintessential · Where the Silence Seems to Howl
Rein · La cocaïne des seigneurs
Sherpa · Transfusound
Sinful Eternity · Path of Shadows
Tyrant of Death · Nuclear Nanosecond
Yidak · ཡི་དྭགས་
06-09Black Forest · Black Forest
Crystal Sword · Зло внутри
Gastonia · Hoy
Nightly Gale · Lust
Sweet Heart of a Berzerk · Welcome Back (from Hell)
06-08Au-delà des Ruines · Psychose des barbelés
Bombthreat · Back from Oblivion [The Untold Graveyard Stories]
Buckethead · Pike 15
Frigoris · Wind
Hatebrazen · Where the Fire Never Fades
Inextalis · Catatonic Universe
Legion of Thor · Wir wollen leben
Orgasmo de Porco · My Mind Is a Mess
The Prophet's Whisper · Touch of Death
Satanic Glue Sniffers · Fake Messiah
Shooting Guns · Spectral Laundromat
Svartsekt · Hail Damnation
Vvardenfell · Temple ov Miraak
06-07A2Z · Parasites of Paradise
Beyond Life · Blackened Sky
Chronobot · Chronobot
Dark Buddha Rising · Dakhmandal
Demenzia · Machinima
Dragonauta · Omega Pentagram
Faidas · Light to Dark
Frostbitten · Danse! For Macabre Shall Come
Haust · No
Headless · Growing Apart
Johansson & Speckmann · Sulphur Skies
Mutum · Premonitions of War
Necronomicon · Rise of the Elder Ones
Ovaryrot · Deform
Prosody · The Dawn of Brutality
Sandstone · Delta Viridian
Secretpath · Wanderer and the Choice
Seth · The Howling Spirit
Shadowflag · Shadow Flag
Silver Lake · Every Shape and Size
Summoning · Old Mornings Dawn
Thalion · Dawn of Chaos
Tile · You Had a Friend in Pennsylvania
WardHill · A Pledge to Lava
06-06After Rain · Hammered to the Ice
Anti Human · Black Death
Astrum · Battalions of Hell
Atomic Grave · Quarantined
Black Vulture · Medo
Children of Bodom · Halo of Blood
Darknation · WW II
Death SS · Resurrection
Disfigured Divinity · Zapotectron
Extirpation · Askazigo (Izena duenak izana du)
Full Frontal Assault · Conqueror
Grim Raper · Grim to Your Rim
It Creeps and It Crawls · It Creeps and It Crawls
Katechon · Man, God, Giant
Legions · Ending of a Sun Age
Lobotomized · Norwegian Trash
Locus Titanic Funus · Castus Lacrima
Mortiferian · Casus Morte
Owl · You Are the Moon, I Am the Night
The Providence · The Bloody Horror Picture Show
Senmuth · Dиск.ом.форт
Stöner Kebab · Simon
T.H.E.M. · The Forgotten Gospel from the Book of Lies
Tiil Sum · In Articulo Mortis
Tjolgtjar · Kjal Tjormejn
Welter in Thy Blood · Todestrieb
Wormlust · The Feral Wisdom
06-05Bleoag · Metal Is My Business
Escape · Rise
Hellrider · One Lucifer's Night
Montezuma's Revenge · Key to the Abyss
My Silent Wake · Silver Under Midnight
Obskura · Into a New Age
Outrage · Outraged
Systematic Messiah · Dimensions of Reality
Unsouled · Evolve
Whelm · A Gaze Blank and Pitiless as the Sun
哀旋士 · Heartstrings
06-04A Sound of Thunder · Time's Arrow
Cynthesis · ReEvolution
Days of Anger · Rise Above It All
Death Valley Driver · Graveyard Dead
Demon Lung · The Hundredth Name
Dogstone · Broken Peace
Dragging Entrails · Landfill of the Butchered
Eating Shit · Supersonic Black Metal
Gyze · Fascinating Violence
Harsk · Engineering Armageddon
High Risk · Nation Under God
Judicator · Sleepy Plessow
Kauze · The Rise to Power
Megadeth · Super Collider
Metal Mike · The Metalworker
Naam · Vow
Osyron · Harbinger
Ritualmurder · Ritual of Heavenly Murder
Threatpoint · Dead to Rise
Your Chance to Die · The American Dream
06-03Adeia · Hourglass
Ghost of Echoes · Ghost of Echoes
Hellisheaven · Abyss of War
Lammoth · Vast Land of Solitude
Quest of Aidance · Misanthropic Propaganda
Revelation's Hammer · Revelation's Hammer
The Roman Holiday · The Demonization
Saprophyte · The Aberrant Paradox
Sarg · Ku nicości
Space God Ritual · R'lyeh Beckons
Tank · Breath of the Pit
Unsafe · Evilution
When Nothing Remains · Thy Dark Serenity
White Wizzard · The Devils Cut
Woslom · Evolustruction
06-02Black Mountain Thunder · Black Mountain Thunder
Hatred Surge · Human Overdose
Incide · Hypocrisy of Man
Irae · Rites of Unholy Destruction
Psilocybe · Downward Aesthetic Movement
Torrid Husk · Mingo
06-01Abductum · The Unrevealed Truth
Acero Bélico · Thanatos
Black Jade · The Prophecy of the North
Bludgeoned · Bludgeoned
Cadela Maldita · The Universe in a Belly Button
Centauro · Devastación total
Claret Ash · Ground Dweller
Crocell · Come Forth Plague
Cunt Cuntly · A Cuntly Conundrum
Deadly Circus Fire · The King and the Bishop
Demogorgon · Where Is He...?
Disakrin · Disakrin.Black
Ecnephias · Necrogod
Eshtadur · Stay Away from Evil and Get Close to Me
Eternal Valley · When Darkness Fills All Dimensions
Et Mortuus Est in Luce · Загнивающий мир
Ezkathon · The Cvrsed Idols
Fungus · Sizigia
Harvester · The Blind Summit Recordings
Helliopolis · Ruins
Hërmës · La virgen de los olvidados
Infamous Glory · Bloodfeast
Inhumate · Expulsed
Kin Beneath Chorus · Futuristic Composed
Limb by Limb · The End of All Good Things
The Long Cold Dark · The Inner Workings of Infinity
Magma Rise · The Man in the Maze
Mirthless · A Dirge for Your Suicide
Moghan-Ra · What You Think
Neverdead · Eterna oscuridad
The New Dominion · Procreating the Undivine
Not Yet Fallen · Closing Lines
Nuclear Salvation · Ruins of Reality
Rise or Die · Adrenaline Rush
Sacrilege · Sacrosanct
Sada · All Hail the Beeflords
Slight Lie · Last Poem
Tatsuya Kase · Knife Edge
Tavú · Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii
Tengger Cavalry · The Expedition
Throat · Manhole
Trallery · Catalepsy
Tron · Osteophage Provocateur
Tuchulcha · Legions of Etruria
Vollmond · Rituals of Conquest
Wanzwa · Wanzwa III
Рдяный Вран Зари · Рдяный вран зари
06-??Adventum Diaboli · Luciferium
Aggressive Tyrants · Narcosurrealismus
Antikythera · Pleroma
Antrodemus · Blinded by the Light
Artists of War · In Shadow of the Sky Ladder
Black Cube · Last Exile
Christ Denied · Cancer Eradication
Circle of Ouroborus · The Final Egg
Clandestined · Mortal
Damned Creed · Choose a Side
Deathred · Senses Paramount Flowing into Darkness
Desulfhurising · Desulfhurising
Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind · Ein Wanderer
Disobey · Black Sonic Magick
Endless Recovery · Thrash Rider
Ethos · Desnudando la realidad
For Many Reasons · Make Your Own
Graveland · Thunderbolts of the Gods
Grinned · Grin and Bear It!
Infestis · Requiem for the Age of God
Interment · Still Not Dead
Jumet · Dead or Life
Ka-tet · Herbstwind
Khrabat · Einsamkeit
Killer of Gods · Replica to Hell
Kratherion · Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes
Lacination · Continuing
Legione · The Return of the Third Imperyum
Monsanto · The Master Key
The Oort Cloud · Hibernis
Pain of Soul · The Rustle of the Leaves
Preacher · Counterfeit Penitence
Rape on Mind · Downwards
Red Spider · Thumb Master
Santet · Tumbal 666
Satifer · Mass Grave of Humanity
Toxemia · Planetary Devastation
Toxic Shock · Daily Demons
Viernes 13 · Con las manos manchadas de sangre...
Vobiscum Inferni · For the Great of His Kingdom of Fire and Blood
Wargoatcult · Hatecatomb
Wrekmeister Harmonies · You've Always Meant So Much to Me
Wędrujący Wiatr · Tam, gdzie miesiąc opłakuje świt
05-31Age of Woe · Inhumanform
Angel Flesh · Throne of Judgement
Arida Vortex · Аве, рок!
Buckethead · Pike 14 - The Mark of Davis
Careless Institute · The Line Between
Carrier Flux · Objection
Centinela · Regresiones
Clandestine Blaze · Harmony of Struggle
Cold Colours · Cold Colours
DeathFuckingCunt · Ungodly Violation
Episcopal Holocaust · Northern Tyranny
Fjoergyn · Monument Ende
Hand of God · The Hand of God
Heretic · Angelcunts and Devilcocks
It Is Written · It Is Written
Jesus Chrüsler Supercar · Among the Ruins and Desolate Lands
Kamikaze Pilots · Throatslitter
KB · Eterno caminante
Lapis Lazuli · Lost
Nerve Abscess · Apartheid Gnaws the Subliminal Intnegrity
Nightblade · Closer to the Threshold
Occitania · Mártires y falsos ídolos
Overtures · Entering the Maze
Scelus · Big Fat Greedy Bastards
Seven Nails · Factory of Dreams
Synergy of Souls · ...from Darkness to Darkness
Ten Tonne Dozer · Uit de buik - Duivel te koop
Tristania · Darkest White
Waco Jesus · Mayhem Doctrine
05-30Asofy · Percezione
False Flag Attack · Grind the Human Scum
Magnus Rising · Whatever It Takes
Märchenbilder · Flickering Truth
Salem · Al sentir tu aliento
Ultratumba · Sopa envenenada
Witches of God · The Blood of Others
Zênite · Following the Funeral
05-295150 · 四季楽典 最終章
Art of Gradation · Concentration
Atavus · Atavus
Deep · Vol. 1
Demoniacal · Dwelling in Funeral Mist
Fejd · Nagelfar
Hate · La sangre del tiempo
Light Bringer · Scenes of Infinity
Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage · I (First Volume of Evil)
Tubul · Muži
Vedonist · A Clockwork Chaos
Wintarnaht · Tôdhên Uoþal
Winterblood · Herbstsehnsucht
Zirakzigil · Battle of the Peak
Культура Курения · Некрофилия
閃靈 · 武徳 / Bú-Tik
05-28Aborym · Dirty
Alice in Chains · The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Antigama · Meteor
ASG · Blood Drive
Astarot · As Leaves Fall
Beast Within the Sound · Eternal Conflict
Bleeding Temple · Immure
Dragging the Casket · From Hell
GiantGiant · Brobdingnagian
Horror · Everyone Trying to Kill You
Humiliation · Turbulence from the Deep
Imprecation · Satanae Tenebris Infinita
Kylesa · Ultraviolet
Lantern · Below
Narbeleth · Diabolus Incarnatus
Sacred Oath · Fallen
Serpent Crown · Serpent Crown
Svartsyn · Black Testament
Vicolo Inferno · Hourglass
05-27Age of Taurus · Desperate Souls of Tortured Times
Blood Ceremony · The Eldritch Dark
Boisson Divine · Enradigats
Burzum · Sôl austan, Mâni vestan
Cerebrum · Cosmic Enigma
Christopher Lee · Charlemagne: The Omens of Death
Cryostorm · Version
Cryptophilia · Confection of Morbidity
Dagoba · Post Mortem Nihil Est
Eclipse Insomnia · The Infinite and the Eternal
Evile · Skull
Exence · Tabula Rasa
Extermination Dismemberment · Serial Urbicide
Haapoja · Haapoja
Himiltungl · Svart ravin
Infandous · Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos
The Pete Flesh Deathtrip · Mortui Vivos Docent
Pogavranjen · Raspored užasa
PowerWorld · Cybersteria
Prohod · Hotarul imbrelor
Skeletal Spectre · Voodoo Dawn
Someday I Could Kill · Where the Wolves Rest
Suicidal Causticity · The Spiritual Decline
Voodoo Mule · Voodoo Zoo
05-26Albinö Rhino · Return of the Goddess
Another Destiny Project · The Meaning of Life
Blóðtrú · Sunwolf
Bumilingus · Fifty Shades of Poo
Crow'sClaw · The Flames of the Inferno
In Apostasia · Symbol of Disgrace
Iron Attack! · Heaven's Sword
Raaz · Sever the Stars
Toscrew · Choices Were Made
Tzitzimitl · Bajo el alba
Warwulf · The Archetype of Destruction
05-25Aherusia · As I Cross the Seas of My Soul
Antiquus Scriptum · Ars Longa, Vita Brevis...
Bel O Kan · Thousands of Conquerors
Black Monday · Чёрный понедельник
Blood Red Throne · Blood Red Throne
Chronik · Gewalten
Cubo de Mierda · El último aliento del planeta
Hell Rebels · Back from Attack
In Silent · Potępienie
Instorm · Madness Inside
Reptilian Death · The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence
Sea of Despair · Covered with Ice: Музыка и время
Senmuth · Mistremendum
Septicem · Pleasures of War
Suburban Disorder · Apocalyptic Nightmare
Tailgunners · The Gloomy Night
Windzor · Against the Unknown Tempest
05-24Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite · Galahad Suite
Anvil · Hope in Hell
Artlantica · Across the Seven Seas
Betonengel · Hart wie Beton
Blow Job · Ambiguity
Burial Vault · Incendium
Circle of Silence · The Rise of Resistance
Darkfall · Road to Redemption
Dark Tranquillity · Construct
Eldkraft · Shaman
El Reno Renardo · Babuinos del metal
Giuntini Project · IV
Gloryful · The Warrior's Code
Hate Meditation · Scars
Immetic · Radix
Ivanhoe · Systematrix
Lacrimas Profundere · Antiadore
Patronymicon · All Daggers Towards the Sky
Perfect Smile · Érase una vez... un cuento al réves
The Quill · Tiger Blood
Slidhr · Deluge
Spirit · Hommes ou diables
Suidakra · Eternal Defiance
U.D.O. · Steelhammer
Zafakon · War as a Drug
Еталон · Никога на колене
05-23Coilcry · Strength Beyond Fear
Kaak · Pro-Love
Lost Hours · I
Чернышёв/Булгаков · Океан фантазий
05-22Cardiant · Verge
D'erlanger · #Sixx
Galneryus · The IronHearted Flag, Vol. 1: Regeneration Side
Liblikas · Wooden Spaceship
Malformation of Reality · Denn nun weint der Himmel
Matron · Morning Glory
Our Existence Is Punishment · The Second Stage of Grief
Scarlet Moon · Tam gdzie sięga słowo
Ubergehen · Visceral
05-21A Pale Horse Named Death · Lay My Soul to Waste
A Perfect Murder · Demonize
Battlesoul · Tir na nOg
Bitter Peace · Opus II
Church of Misery · Thy Kingdom Scum
Ghosts at Sea · Hymns of Our Demise
The Last Alliance · Lost in Legend
Liveride · Старый месяц
Nihilosaur · Death Is a Border That Evil Cannot Cross
Solar Impulse · Solar Impulse
05-20Agggressor · Release of Aggression
Ater Era · Beneath Inanimate Grime
Bomb Scare Crew · Worldwide Shadow
Christicide · Upheaval of the Soul
Contrition · Reflections
Decaying · The Last Days of War
Disfigured Dead · Relentless
Full Moon Ritual · Nightcall Comes from the Forest
Hogslayer · Hogslayer
I Am Vengeance · Infect the Earth
Iliac Thorns · It
Just Before Dawn · Precis innan gryningen
Kalmankantaja · Kuolonsäkeet
Leprous · Coal
Lunarsea · Hundred Light Years
MindFuel · Time for a Change
Ossarium · Onward
Projeto Trator · Na Fronteira com o Ordinário Planeta Pêssego Azul
Revengeance · With Scarlet Offerings
Rote Mare · The Invocation
Rote Mare · The Kingdom
Деспот · Деспот
Сивый Яр · Как прежде плыли зори / The Dawns Were Drifting as Before
05-19Aschmicrosa · My Eternal Divinity
Aschmicrosa · Satan's World
Cold Insight · Further Nowhere
Gomory · My Throne
Medda · Oceanus
Sidartha Brothel · Lost Mankind
Surgeon · Chemical Reign
Vanja Gvozdanović · 17022012
Магия · Маяк
05-18Blueberry · Симфония стихий
Göblïn Wärhëäd · Thermonuclear Thrash
Heralds of the Sword · Chronicles of Tyrinthia: Sword Sworn
HorseFace · Army of Swine
Indulgence · Goelag
Jason Aaron Wood · Reflections
Kaideka · A Blissful Image of a Dystopian Vision
Norselaw · Serpent in the Circling Sea
Ocean of Ghosts · Ascending
Staring into Fire · Staring into Fire
Stoned Cobra · High and Mighty
Traitors Return to Earth · Betting on a Full Collapse
Vivisepulture · More Than Death
05-17Acherontas · Amenti - Ψαλμοί αίματος και αστρικά οράματα
Battle Beast · Battle Beast
Bella Bestia · Violando la ley
Beneath the Storm · Temples of Doom
Bloodattack · Alphakiller
Burning Rain · Epic Obsession
Caym · From Red to Black
Darkestrah · Манас
Evangelist · Doominicanes
Forgotten Sunrise · Cretinism
Forostar · Tales of Old
Hebosagil · Lähtö
Herbstschatten · Liv og død
Inciter · Apocalyptic Apostasy of the Polterchrist
Lucky Funeral · Find Your Soul in Beautiful Lunatics
Masteroid · MMXIII
Mind Whispers · Cosmic Obedience
Paria · Surrealist Satanist
Payload · Odyssey Dawn
The Poodles · Tour de Force
Ravenmoon Sanctuary · Winter Desolation of Death
Ritual Steel · Immortal
Saffire · From Ashes to Fire
Strivor · La esencia del destino
Terra Caput Mundi · Lost in the Warp
Thorax · Proč věštírny mlčí
Timo Tolkki's Avalon · The Land of New Hope
Пророчество Вёльвы · Имя
05-167 H.Target · Psy Slam Damage
Astarium · Atenvx
Critical Solution · Evil Never Dies
Dismanibus · The Old Lie
Forgotten Winter · Origem da Inexistência
The Generals · Blood for Blood
Körgull the Exterminator · Metal Fist Destroyer
Libria · Immortal Daughter of Aesthetics
Preteen Deathfuk · I Am Not Here...
StaliNO · Seven Voices
The True Endless · Legacy of Hate
Àrsaidh · Roots
05-15Aldious · District Zero
Arkazum · Imperium
Cultura Tres · Rezando al miedo
Death Courier · Perimortem
Dogmatic · Hellplace
Enshine · Origin
Hybrid · Angst
Lebensnacht · Luonnon voima
Mindless Hope · Verbatim
Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage · Aggrahmmageddoh'n
Room · Phoenix
Scibex · Path to Omors
Timeless Oceans · Memoria
Transport League · Boogie from Hell
The Void · Unraveling
Warhead · Death Row
When Woods Make Graves · Whispers from the Black Lake
05-14Armifera · Eradication
Deathening · Chained in Blood
Eternal Grave · Antología de la perversión
Extinction Protocol · Aeonic Obliteration
Hateful Agony · Through the Memories of a Painful Past
Holier Than Thou? · You Can't Have Slaughter Without Laughter
Illusory · The Ivory Tower
Intöxicated · Röck 'n Roll Hellpatröl
Kings Destroy · A Time of Hunting
Magg · Birth / Revival
Minotaurus · The Call
Pamela Moore · Resurrect Me
Scylla · Nascency
Tesik · Bitter Nature
Vigilance · Queen of the Midnight Fire
Warrior Soul · The Lost Child Returns to Hell
The Weir · Yesterday's Graves
Written in Torment · Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
05-13Anti Tank Nun · Fire Follow Me
Aranrut · Time's Out...
Buckethead · Pike 13
Darkness Dynamite · Under the Painted Sky
Dark Reflexions · When Lambs Become Lions
Deventter · Empty Set
Devilgroth · Krematorium
Dismal Faith · Morph
Entrails · Raging Death
Eresis · Shedding Madness
Feed Her to the Sharks · Savage Seas
Inferna · Sathanas Regimen Spiritualis
J. D. Overdrive · Fortune Favors the Brave
Kaweskar · Contra el tiempo
Mortal Form · The Reckoning
Nadja · Flipper
Nazghor · Life Impaled
Ogdru Jahad · I
Old Man Savage · Old Man Savage
Symphonaire Infernus · The Path of Murk
Thou Art Lord · The Regal Pulse of Lucifer
Zolle · Zolle
Гуахо · Возвращение
05-12Angeroots · A Fistful of Anger
Execrable Divinity · Inanimate Ideological Incipience
The Fërtility Cült · Heavenly Bodies
Highmass · Lanrete
Smuteční slavnost · Jsme z části oheň a z části sen
Solus · The Falling
05-11Blood Seeker · Born from Hell
Daemon · Daemon - Paradox
Immoralis · The Great Collapse
Indricothere · II
Irem · Obscvritas Aeterna
Middle Existence · 10 Minute Life
Opposing Motion · Laws of Motion
Peter Crowley's Fantasy Dream · A Dragon Legend
Solenoid · ß
Solothus · Summoned from the Void
Solvo Animus · The Ways of Men
Soul's Chains · Disharmony
Three Eyes Left · La danse macabre
Voltax · Hiding into Flames
Пламень · Солнцу
05-10Alcoholatry · Listen While Drunk or Stoned
An8ther · An8ther
Antipope · 3 Eyes of Time
Arckanum · Fenris kindir
Artizan · Ancestral Energy
Bad Blood · Silence = Death
Chaostar · Anomima
Confronto · Imortal
Crypt of Insomnia · Gradient Diffused Light
Death Mentality · Nation of Defilement
Destroyer · Slashing Metal
Driving Force · This One Goes to Eleven
Ejecutor · Tiempo profano... tiempo divino
Faithxtractor · The Great Shadow Infiltrator
Immolation · Kingdom of Conspiracy
Killfloor Mechanic · Estimated Time of Death
Leave Scars · The Arrival
Magister Templi · Lucifer Leviathan Logos
Mastema · The Murderer's Tale
Meat Cutting Floor · Rectal Quest
The Monolith Deathcult · Tetragrammaton
Mortengard · Songs from the Depths
Music Distroyer · Blaaxicte
Mysteria Mortis · Воды Тунд
Paganizer · World Lobotomy
Pellek · Ocean of Opportunity
The Resistance · Scars
Ruindom · In the Eye of Death
Scarred · Gaia - Medea
Sikario · Noocracy
SoulHealer · Chasing the Dream
Thaw · Thaw
Theoria · Mantra
Träumen von Aurora · Rekonvaleszenz
Vindictiv · Cage of Infinity
05-09Acranius · When Mutation Becomes Homicidal
As I Suffer Silently · Echoing Voices
Cunt Cuntly · [10]
Cursed 13 · Triumf
E.B.D.B. · A Bullet Up Your Nostril
Emerada · Время тьмы
Immortal Sin · Tiefenrausch
Khamûl · Dalahäst
Minions · Soulmirror
05-08Asmund · К чертогам славы
Black Art · The Way
Black Desert · The Beginning
Chud · Ominous
Headfire · Tanec v ohni
Lacerated and Carbonized · The Core of Disruption
Mhnunrrn · Orh Oxtcasavxixtibi
Old Witch · Come Mourning Come
Vehement · Collapse
05-07Achernar · Lunar
Acolyte · Alta
Archaic Winter · Esoteric Doors
Demencia · Religion of Sin
Earthling · Dark Path
Edain · Of Those Who Worship Fire
Extrema · The Seed of Foolishness
Factory of Dreams · Some Kind of Poetic Destruction
Griefrain · Aura
Haunting Skies · Premonition
Hemoragy · The Thirst World War
Hypertension · Primeval Tyrants Prevails
Malconstruct · Malconstruct
Sadgiqacea · False Prism
Year of No Light · Vampyr
05-06Antichristian Kommando · Black Goat Rituals
Control Human Delete · The Prime Mover
Dendera · The Killing Floor
Drengskapur · Der Urgewalten Werk
Nostalgic Reflections · Melancholic Spirits
Shade Empire · Omega Arcane
Shallow Ground · The End of Everything
Театр Теней · Культ
05-05Animae Capronii · Still Walking the Path
Chemical · New Dimension
Exsanguinate · Disintegration Through Ritualistic Torture
Fragarak · Crypts of Dissimulation
Jagal · Among the Massacre
Krig · Decay's Beholder
Restless · Andalusia
Severe Mutilation · Spawn of Hatred
Spaceking · In the Court of the Spaceking
Spliff Witchard · A Matter of Personal Perference
Vultra · Vultra
Witchcraft · 7
Центр Тяжести · Игра
05-044th Circle · Lifetimes
Arathgoth · Interplanetary Travel
Atra · The Best Is Yet to Come
Claymords · Scum of the Earth
Hums in the Dark · World of Syncope
Leprosy · Llueve sangre
Man in Pain · Marcados por el metal
Mindfeeder · Endless Storm
Morbid Justice · The Answer
Necroriser · Violent
Orpheus Omega · Resillusion
Runes of the Evening · Runes of the Evening
Screwrot · Gastrointestinal Souvenirs
Shadows of the Fallen · Degradation of Soul's Fullness
Slaughterra · Slaughterra
This Cold Life · Fallacy
Thundra · Angstens Salt
Worthless Life · Woods of Sorrow
05-03A Sickness unto Death · Despair
Barbaria · Watery Grave
Cerekloth · In the Midst of Life We Are in Death
Dimmi Argus · Bad Dream
Drown My Day · Confessions
Ego Fall · Duguilang
Gorse · Twisting Nature
Grenouer · Blood on the Face
Moribund Oblivion · Manevi
Noa Rock · Emlékgyilkos
The Paradox Complex · Reaudible
Procession · To Reap Heavens Apart
Putamen Insula · Souriez
Rytmihäiriö · Todellisuuden mestari
Samsas Traum · Niemand, niemand anderem als dir
Slaughtered Remains · Disemboweled for the Fuck of It
Trendkiller · Angel
Witchgrinder · The Demon Calling
05-02Dichotomize · Eternal Terror
Goethia · First Shot
Nostril Caverns · Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth
Phantom Crew · Scars and Stripes Forever
Rawsoil · Hands of a Dying Man
05-01Agnes Vein · Soulship
Black Leather Monster · Black Leather Monster
Black Mesa Preservation Society · 13​:​37
Boss Keloid · The Calming Influence of Teeth
Burning Fallus · Results Not Promises
Coat · Swamp
Deathstar · Beyond All Fears
Dispain · Maxilla Prolabitur
Farscape · Primitive Blitzkrieg
Gravil · Thoughts of a Rising Sun
Gregzeye · The End Days
Hela · Broken Cross
Impure Essence · In the Form of a Black Goat
MergingMoon · Kamikakushi~神隠し
Mind Asylum · Eodharius
Mörb · Tenebris Lux
Rezident Ex · Alpha
Rezin · 7 Deadly Sins
Ruin Lust · Ruin Lust
Sacrarium · Miasmind
Slagmarken · Der Wächter
Slatsher · Human Light Leakage
Ssslothhh · Phenomenon
Straight to Pain · Horizon Calls
Trials · In the Shadow of Swords
Unending Hatred · Journeys of a Mind in Pain
Utopium · Vicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality
Vhäldemar · Shadows of Combat
05-??Akagrish · Akagrish
Antaboga · Mayang Mistik
Attack Force · Forte Até a Morte
Backdawn · Through Extermination
Blacksmith Legacy · Let the Game Begin
Blood of Messiah · Virulent Mutualism
Celesta · Separate Opposites
Circle · Six Day Run
Criokar · Agulhas Infectadas
Crowhurst · Death Van
Dante Must Die · War Is Beginning
Dark Ages · Rabble, Whores, Usurers
Dead Rooster · Midnight Special
EverFlame · Fuel for My Cobra
Exaloud · Time to Live
FallenHall · Ínsula invicta
Folkodia · The Fall of the Magog
Glok · Glok
Grievious · Pusara Hati
GS Truds · Only Tia Gertrudes Is Real
Gutslit · Skewered in the Sewer
Gyötrelem · Mikor a csillagok végleg kihülnek...
Hot Hell Room · Kali Yuga Bonfire
Ill Trusted · Conflict
Imperium Infernalis · Choking on the Stench of Mankind
John Woodson's Leg · Exit Inside
Jupiter Society · From Endangered to Extinct
Kause 4 Konflikt · No Better Friend - No Worse Enemy
Leyenda Prohibida · Disparados al infierno
Mad Ripper · Old Demon
The Mausoleums · The Tollbooths
Mighty Thor · El metal no morirá
Morna · A Tale of Woe
Necrobeast · Realms of Eternal Torment
Primogenorum · Through Depersonalisation into Adamantrix
Psychopathic Terror · 4: You Shall Not Destroy
Rajam · 350
Sanitarius · Eternal
ScreamKing · Evilibrium
Seek & Destroy · Kuigrobn's Finest Madness Selection #1
Shovel on the Corpse · Crucifiction of Evil
Spring & Youth · Between the Irony
Suicide Emotions · Lust of Blood in Pain
Torture Victim · Of Darkness and Power
Tragedy of Caesar · Road Satan
Venus Star · Nigredo Expulsion
Voice of M.I.N.D. · Metal Is Not Dead
Warhead · Exterminio
The Wizar'd · Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge
Zorbo · Rapture est Tribulatione
Просто Горыныч · Сила
04-30Abbey ov Thelema · Liber DCLXVI
Agrimonia · Rites of Separation
Al-Kamar · 枯れた献花台​
Altar of Plagues · Teethed Glory & Injury
Antropophagus · Kaelte
Arsis · Unwelcome
Autarcie · Groupuscule
Banco de Semen · Tabú
Conquest · The War We Rage
Crisix · Rise...Then Rest
Deaflock · Courage to Expose All
Deus Ex · Corrosive Genesis
Deuteronomium · The Amen
Freedoms Reign · Freedoms Reign
Hagl · In the Heart
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.IV
Heulend Horn · Fragments from the 13th Century
Hyacinth · Изгой
Illuminati · The Core
Last Seen Wearing · The Devil's Sweat
Melvins · Everybody Loves Sausages
Monarque · Lys noir
Moonreich · Terribilis Est Locus Iste
The Moth · They Fall
NightShade · An Endless Vision
The Ocean · Pelagial
Pushmen · The Sun Will Rise Soon on the False and the Fair
Serpent Throne · Brother Lucifer
Soul of Steel · Journey to Infinity
Starkill · Fires of Life
Suns of the Morning Star · Suns of the Morning Star
04-29Aihisna · 黒紅少女の優雅な哀史
Asriel · 黄昏の月と漆黒の太陽
Cathedral · The Last Spire
Distorted Entity · Past Is Prologue
Eclipseed · La Blessure ~捧ぐ華脣~
Howl · Bloodlines
Illness · PsychoPath
Lychgate · Lychgate
Mesmerize · Paintropy
Satan · Life Sentence
Satanic a la Mode ·
Shellshock · Cause of Fucking Mental Death
Snyper · Manifestations
Toner Low · Toner Low III
Ultra-Violence · Privilege to Overcome
Ungrace · Feed the Demons
The YTriple Corporation · Medusa Megalopolis
04-28Andrew W. Bordoni · Songs of Future Past
ClaMor · Мой крик
Human Mastication · Driven to Kill
Inbreed Aborted Divinity · Inbreed Aborted Divinity
Malefice · Five
Mesebedt · Fake It
Анклав Снов · Дорога в неизбежность
04-27Bad Luck Rides on Wheels · Serpentine
Branded by Pain · Among the Mad
Drysocket · Year of Disease
Epidemic Scorn · Strings of Fate
Gears · The Valley of Unrest
Inferior · Unsoiled
Lyset · In the Light of the Rising Moon
Maladecia · Ames en peno
Maleficus Angelus · Fall of Man
Misconceived · Maze Trapped Lunacy
Necrotic Effect · Black Box
Post · Volume 1
RoadkillSoda · Oven Sun
Shades of Remembrance · Veil
Terrible Sickness · First Rape, Still Sexy
Wrust · Intellectual Metamorphosis
Сокира Перуна · Братство сумління
04-26Antonello Giliberto · The Mansion of Lost Souls
Atrocity · Okkult
Crowhurst · In the Speedboat Under the Sea
Damage Case · Oldschool Maniac
Dead Shape Figure · Opus Victoria
Deep Purple · Now What?!
Dreamtale · World Changed Forever
Facing the Swarm Thought · Bridges
Falling Angels · Death upon the Sun
F.K.Ü. · 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers
Gallow God · The Veneration of Serpents
Gengis Khan · Gengis Khan Was a Rocker
Harasai · Psychotic Kingdom
Havok · Statues of Sisyphus
Iron Kingdom · Gates of Eternity
Malignant Tumour · Overdose & Overdrive
M-pire of Evil · Crucified
The Old Wind · Feast on Your Gone
Orchid · The Mouths of Madness
Redrum · Victims of Our Circumstances
Rusted · Rock Patrol
Sacrilegious Impalement · III - Lux Infera
Set the Tone · A Wisely Chosen Decay
Sodom · Epitome of Torture
Svalbard · The Fall
Taipan · Metal Machine
Tears of Martyr · Tales
Trail of Tears · Oscillation
The Veil · An Electrical Sun
Vicious Rumors · Electric Punishment
Victims of Creation · Symmetry of Our Plagued Existence
Zombie Inc. · Homo Gusticus
Чорний Німб · Влада темряви
04-25Antediluvian · λόγος
Atmosphere · Những ngày đợi nắng
Cadaver Mutilator · Murder Death Kill
Circle of Tyrants · Systematic Slavery
Ether · Human Error
Presage · Planet Hatred
(Psychoparalysis) · Human Disposition
Putrification · Intolerance
Self Inflicted · Neck ör Nothing
Virtual Void · Ride to Hell on Fucking Whores
The Walking Dead Orchestra · Architects of Destruction
04-24Abyssion · Satanic Taste of Neurotic Virtuosi
Asphagor · ANTI
Decapitated Body Found · Snuff Tortured Souls
Forakte Origine · Hypermnésie
Golden Wolf · Metalized Lycanthropy
Herxsebet · Anno Reunion Nigris: In Misanthropy Regis "I"
Kamara · Painajaismaa
Kaneq · Spectral Walls of Captivity
Morphinist · Nebulae
Wasted Shells · The Collector
Yemet · Y el malo eres tú
АМиD · Магия времени
Стожар · Ни шагу назад / No Retreat
04-23Belligerency · Martyr to Some, Betrayer to All
Chariot ov Wolves · Shadows upon the Eternal Void
Dargonomel · Varkulama
Deterior · Torchbearer
Empyrios · Zion
Grace the Damned · World Undone
Kaledon · Altor: The King's Blacksmith
Majestic Dimension · Bringers of Evolution
Nocturne · Ave Noctem
Odin's Court · Frost and Fire
Queensrÿche · Frequency Unknown
Surachai · Embraced
Throne of Baal · Bloodbath for Christians
Vials of Wrath · Seeking Refuge
04-22Abstract Spirit · Theomorphic Defectiveness
Asgard · Outworld
Battle Ram · Long Live the Ram
Blood of Kings · Starvation
Crown · Psychurgy
Crying Steel · Time Stands Steel
Dark Tharr · Dark Tharr
Endovein · Supreme Insatiable Need
Final Mercy · Hometown
Gates of Hell · Critical Obsession
Godsized · Time
Head Cleaner · Of Worms and Men
Hord · The Book of Eliot
Inner Nocturne · Gates to Immortality
Les Satires de Pan · Sous la brise hivernale
Lo! · Monstrorum Historia
Lux Serpent of Eden · Gold, Evil & the Darkness Winter
MeatPlow · Death in 3's
Metallophilia · Félútról
Mosquito Control · Destroyed Beyond Redemption
Nocturnal Abyss · From the Depths of Mörkvod
Oceanwake · Kingdom
One Inch Giant · The Great White Beyond
Svart Crown · Profane
Throne of Malediction · Out of Darkness, Comes Light
Thunder Axe · Grinding the Steel
Vulcain · V8
Woe · Withdrawal
04-21Black Harmonia · Deathraod
Callous Humanity · World Chaos
Despair · In Memoriam
Eternal Legacy · Seeking No Peace
Keldark · When the Thumb Points Down
Prophets of Saturn · Prophets of Saturn
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment · Barn of the Butchered
Vérzivatar · Carmina Nocte Mages
04-20Acido · Al ataque
Aesir · Wotanism
Alzheimer · Nonostante
Arx · Ordo ab Pax
Colossus · Wake
Cryptica · Pitborn
Damcyan · Threads of Time
Dead Rising · Catastrophic Consequences
Deathmocracy · Deathmocracy
Decaarta · Voice of the Dead
Decay Crawler · Black Dream
Era Decay · Glancing Through the Bloodlines
Evocation · 天靈靈 地靈靈
Fonthill · Moirai
Fury of Fear · Lost Innocence
Groteskh · Unconsciousness
Moonkult · Profane Nightmare of Seers
Nordheim · Refill
Notas Fantasmas · Satanic Coven
Nuclear Reign · Won't Survive
Pestreiter · Todesweihe
Profane Prayer · Tales of Vagrancy and Blasphemy
Titanium · Titanium
Viking Galaxy · First Contact
Voice of Revenge · Disintegration
Виев Град · Война
04-19A Cosmic Trail · II: Mistral
Aethernaeum · Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald
A God or an Other · Towers of Silence
Amorphis · Circle
Beastwars · Blood Becomes Fire
Breizh Occult · Anaon
B.S.T. · Die Illusion
Cult of the Fox · Angelsbane
Cyanide Scream · Battle On
Deathember · Going Postal
Diary of Destruction · Dark Road to Recovery
Divided Multitude · Feed on Your Misery
Gama Bomb · The Terror Tapes
Guilty of Reason · Shades of Sanity
Hacride · Back to Where You've Never Been
Heaven Shall Burn · Veto
Iapethos · The Entry of the Demons
Kemakil · Kemakil
Mastercastle · On Fire
Matthew Mills · Flamenco Fusion Fire
Metal · Proving Our Mettle
Miezul Nopții · IV
My Funeral · Thrash Destruction
Negator · Gates to the Pantheon
Sacred Gate · Tides of War
Territorio · La última escena
Violent Eve · Exile
Within Temptation · The Q-Music Sessions
Without Words · Fate
Zompok · Dimestore Aberrations
04-18Across Tundras · Electric Relics
Alkonost · Сказки странствий
Avernum Whispers · Beyond the River of Laments
Benares · Miniatures; or, Nine Odes to the Void
Echo's Answer · What Was Now Happening Could Not Last
Gravespell · Gaia Terminus
Last Mistake · On the Road to Nowhere
Noumena · Death Walks with Me
Pussy Regurgitation · Glasgow Smile Blowjob
Roots of Pain · Countdown to Armageddon
Split Lip Grin · The Hallowed Place
Throne Below · Defy Deceit Destroy
Toke de Keda · Actitud, kaaos & metalpunk
Vulcano · The Man the Key the Beast
Zerstörenfried · Scheiße vor die Säue
04-17Ahard · Planeta magorů
Apócrypha · Desdistorsionado
Big Red Beaver · The Hunted
Chrome Masters · Fight for the Right
Draken · In Sheep's Clothing
En Carne Muerta · Festín de gusanos
Hair of the Beast · Ramblin Whiskey Blues
Pale Horseman · Pale Horseman
Rajas · Mother of the Earth
Skewed Skies · A Seaman's Journey
Spiritus Infernus · Luciferian Metal
Vallendusk · Black Clouds Gathering
Wolverine Blues · Convict
X-odus · Your Doom Proceeding
Хильд · Волки
04-16Ade · Spartacus
Aosoth · IV Arrow in Heart
Die Schwarze Sonne · Das letzte Licht
Distances · Ages
Eternal Rest · Prophetic
Eyeconoclast · Drones of the Awakening
The Gravity Guild · The Great Divide
Impious Baptism · Wrath of the Apex Predator
Magister Dixit · Maze of Thousand Ways
Reign of the Architect · Rise
Sadhaka · Terma
Scorned Deity · Adventum
VII · Deadly Sins
04-15Altar of Dagon · Rantings of Mad Men
Azgaal · A Matter of Death
Cardinal Wyrm · Another Holy Trinity
Csejthe · Réminiscence
Eclectic Spawn · Fractalis
Falgar · La dama del alba
Legend · The Dark Place
Lilin · Aeon of Scorn
Litvintroll · Czornaja panna
Long Since Dark · Sanctum
Memory Garden · Doomain
Monolithic · Consuming the Scales of the Onyx Serpent
Monstrum · Czas
Nautiluz · Leaving All Behind
Peisithanatos · Poisoned Dreams and Obscure Memories of Sorrow
Procent · Я с тобой
Progenie Terrestre Pura · U.M.A.
Rampancy · The Contradiction Between Love and Hatred
Rancor · Dark Future
Sacred Mother Tongue · Out of the Darkness
Spiritual Beggars · Earth Blues
Starbreeze · N7
Todtgelichter · Apnoe
Total Negation · Zur späten Stunde | Zeiträume
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats · Mind Control
Verminous · The Unholy Communion
Vexatus · Atom Pompeii
Wulkanaz · Paúrpura Fræovíbôkôs
Xstrophy · My Tortured Past
04-14And End... · Between Light and Lies
Путь Солнца · Волк
04-13Composer, Meet Corpse · Prozium
Demonic Slaughter · Downfall
Draug · Corruption Within the Catacombs
ForceOut · Delusion
Gargoyle · 奇獣
Hyde Abbey · OOPARTS
In Extremis · Screaming Poetry
Jasad · Rebirth of Jatisunda
Luctus · Stotis
Lux Divina · Possessed by Telluric Feelings
Neige Éternelle · Neige éternelle
Quest for Serenity · Moonlight Worship
Sense vs Sanity · Out of the Void
Stonecutters · Creatio ex Nihil
Виварий · Виварий
04-12Accu§er · Diabolic
Ágona · Homo Grotescus
Anciients · Heart of Oak
Buckethead · Pike 12 - Propellar
Burden of Life · The Vanity Syndrome
Ctulu · Seelenspiegelsplitter
Downthrust · Here Lies the Truth
Echotime · Genuine
Fuzzgod · Fuzzgod
G.O.R.E · Stand Up Sexy Ladies, the Boogie Band Is Here!
Korpus · Ebenbild
Massemord · A Life-Giving Power of Devastation
Pogrom · Dominor Pactum
Revel in Flesh · Manifested Darkness
Rūsa · No vāka līdz vākam
Spliff Witchard · Sometimes Hunting Frodo
Suicide · Near Death Experience
This Misery Garden · Cornerstone
Thorngoth · Schwarz-Karg-Kalt
04-11Exocosm · Spiral of Decay
Frozen Night · In the Depths of My Demise
Greedy Invalid · The End
Grimmoon · An Introduction to a Universal Holocaust
Morbosidad · Muerte de Cristo en Gólgota
Narcotic Death · Dies Irae
Passion Mark · Peace & Mist
Surpuissance · Affamé de metal
Talbot · Scaled
04-10Ages in Oblivion · Years of Abuse
Alehammer · Barmageddon
Antithesis · Subjugator of Machine
Artaius · The Fifth Season
Cryptik Howling · Synthetic Ascension Design
De Ros · Sociedade das Aventuras Fantásticas
Destrose · Destrose
Invertia · Invertia
Tallene · Apologia a Ostentação do Nada
Thrash Avenger · Total War
Trvth · Black Horse Plague
04-09Buckethead · Pike 11 - Forgotten Library
Criminal Element · Modus Operandi
Dawn of Ashes · Anathema
Death by Axotomy · Points of Illumination
Defueld · Rorschach
Devil to Pay · Fate Is Your Muse
Ghost · Infestissumam
Grave Disgrace · Triumphant & Militant Church
Halmos · Exist
Myt · Black Abyss
Non Essence Genesis · Genesis of the Fall
Nordjn · Theories of Miasma
Northsong · The Final Journey
Pasadena Napalm Division · Pasadena Napalm Division
Razörschrieck · Descensus
Scumfusion · Lost Constellations
Sedulity · The Valley of Dying Stars
Trinakrius · Seven Songs of the Seven Sins
Vhol · Vhöl
04-08Birth A.D. · I Blame You
Burial · Beneath the Light
Catarrhal · Fleshgrave
Dark Ring · Reborn from the Inferno
Face Down · The Long Lost Future
Grimfaith · Preacher Creature
Lighting Rust · Screaming for Mercy
Neverstar · I'll Be Waiting
Ossian · A tűz jegyében
Volbeat · Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
Zombiefication · At the Caves of Eternal
Лютень · Мечты
04-07Aura Hiemis · fiVe
Cendra · Sang, suor i alcohol
Echo of Emptiness · Silence
Heboïdophrenie · Origin of Madness
Mistress · Heavy Mental
Scent of Remains · Under a Blackened Sky
Sunrise Black · Omnia pro Patria
Swanwing · Wasting or Waiting
Zageron · Zageron
04-06Algetic · Sewer Dynasty
Black Faith · Jubilate Diabolo
Blood and Thunder · A Reality in Ruins
Heart Attack · Focus
Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.III
Intestinal Disgorge · The Shadows That Stride from World to World
Manokin · Harbingers of Apocalypse
Margenta · Династия посвящённых - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
The Meads of Asphodel · Sonderkommando
Morgue's Last Choice · Hemofiilia
Nekkar · Nekkar
Nekromer · Pray for Enemies
Nephalokia · Journey
Razorhail · No Forgiveness
Unborn · Awaken to Reality
04-05A Million Miles · What's Left Behind
Ashes of a Lifetime · Green
Burialkult · A Call from Beyond the Grave
Carcharodon · Roachstomper
Chain Reaction · Revolving Floor
Corpspazm · 2012 Cassette
The Dead Tree Seeds · Seeds of Thrash
Deathchain · Ritual Death Metal
Dehumanizer · The Incomplete Man
Desolator · Total Attack
Encorion · Our Pagan Hearts Reborn
The Fifth Alliance · Unrevealed Secrets of Ruin
Germ Bomb · Sound of Horns
Hedda · The Storm
HI-GH · Night Dances
Imperium of Iblis · DCLVXI - Veni Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
Larceny · My Fall
Midnight Messiah · The Root of All Evil
Mortuas · Mémoire véreux
Numic · Self Inflicted Numbness
Purgatory · Deathkvlt - Grand Ancient Arts
Sortokausi · Pelkotila
Souldier · The Soul of a Soldier
Splendidula · Splendidula
The Storyteller · Dark Legacy
Stryge · MMXII
Terminal Prospect · Redefine Existence
Tervingi · Gotensaga
Thy Symphony · A New Beginning
Tyranny of Hours · Tyranny of Hours
WellFear · Illusions Unveiled
Zebulon Kosted · The Corrupt Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko
04-04Abdicate · Fragmented Atrocities
Ashen Earth · Ashen Earth
Born an Abomination · Eve of Mourning
Dark Armageddon · Flammenmeer
Eat the Turnbuckle · Step in the Fucking Ring
Sacrificial Massacre · Dry Spells & Serpent Gods
Senmuth · με oν
Vulcanor · Maldita pudrición
04-03Arfsynd · Hesychia
Assaultery · Life Denied
Azure Emote · The Gravity of Impermanence
Dark Saga · The Secret Corner
Ingenium · Ingenium
Monte Penumbra · Heirloom of Sullen Fall
Mortalium · A Gap Between Birth and Death
Sworn to Remember · Farewell
Wasted Land · Wasted Land
X.Y.Z.→A · Seventh Heaven
04-02Atrum Extemplo · L'ira dell'arcano manto
Black Pyramid · Adversarial
Black Therapy · Symptoms of a Common Sickness
Dying Messiah · Heinous Spectacle of Mutilation
Egzekwie · Czarna noc duszy
Imperious Satan · Ceremonial/Tribute to Satanic Hordes
Killswitch Engage · Disarm the Descent
The Mongoloids · Mongo-Life
Morgengrau · Extrinsic Pathway
Neldöreth · The Saints of Blasphemy - I: Baptized in Blasphemy
Ozirisz · Calm and Silence
Pan-d-ra · Elpis
Path to Ixtab · Black Sky
Permanent Midnight · Under the Blood Moon
Vengeful · Karma MMXIII
Warbeast · Destroy
Zatreon · Shemhamphorae
04-01Atranium · За моята Родина...!
Castleway · Tales from the Old Times
Cavandish · Они
D.A.M.N. · The Mean Hour
Darkened Winter · Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout the Nine Worlds
Dead Awaken · Where Hope Turns Dripping Red
Dejan Toracki · Deep Blue Cathedral
Drow · Cuando fallan las palabras
Eddy Metal · Welcome to Hell 2 (Part1)
Eddy Metal · Welcome to Hell 2 (Part2)
Escadaia · Риверделл
Infernotion · Reborn into Death
Inhuman · Course of Human Destruction
Jose Beausejour · Monetized Pagan Gods III
Krieg · Humans Need War
KSK · Drakonia Sektoria
Lionel Pryor · Azhdahak
Redneck Rampage · Shotgun Inc.
Ruinthrone · Urban Ubris
Shots from Deneb · Shots from Deneb
Skull Incision · The Truth Tastes So Foul, Most Spit It Back Up
04-??Ave Satan · Vatikán
Battle Dagorath · Cursed Storm of Ages
Bhagavat · Annunciazione
Blockedlife · Godmachine
BloodyObsession · News from the Morgue
Crystal Dream · Diary of Fallen Angel
Deadly Weapon · Disillusional Blurs
Desert Storm · Horizontal Life
Eneera · Personal Perception
Fosch · Ghèra öna ölta...
Gartraada · A Night of Winter Solstice
Granada · Apocalyptic Metal
Gutter Tactic · Gutter Tactic
Hada de Beng · ...en la busca de Khristal...
Heidt · The Timemachine
Higurd · Gedankensturm
Lucifuego · El renacer del mal
Malefactor · Anvil of Crom
Marco Di Stasio · Welcome to Hell 2 (Part1)
Monolith · Voyager
MoonChariot · Dentro de la eternidad
Oniricous · Ritos diabólicos
Panzerjager · Panzerjager
Plaga · Magia gwiezdnej entropii
Revolucion · Mañana es tarde
Seize the Day · The Fading Chapters of Humanity
Shadow of the Torturer · Dronestown
Shock · Once Denied
Shredding Sanity · Modern Inertia
Simulacro · Fall of the Last Idol
Sorts · Product of Decadence
Stan Smith · The Grand Scheme of Things
Svetovid · Nature's Fury
This Addiction · This Addiction
Torturer · Torturer
Unsacred Seed · Unsacred Seed
03-31All We Hate · Blood Against Blood
Atavysm · Atavysm
Echtra · Sky Burial
Effugium · The Old and New Treasures
Ex Curia · Reasoned Insanity
Exile · Hatenight
Hladomrak · Hladomrak
Ramage Inc. · Feel the Waves
Rattenkönig · Verses of Decadence
Sirhk · Cuniculum Intra
Total Despair · While the Flesh Decays
03-30Agony of the Bleeding Flesh · Everlasting Piracy
Akheron · Pesadillas
Alice Against the Wonderland · Apocalypse
Arhythmy · Disaster Manual
Bastarth · Смрад сплетения кровей
Black Hand Throne · III
Brennkelt · Isarno Brennos
Chosen · Resolution
Grey Host · Dawn for Vultures
Halter · Omnipresence of Rat Race
La Cuenta · Litanie divorate
Lapsus Dei · Sadness Reflections
Morrigan · Diananns Whisper
Mørk Verden · El reino de los muertos
Ocultan · Shadows from Beyond
Pensées Nocturnes · Nom d'une pipe!
Permafrost · Devil Worship
Pride Shall Fall · The Breach of Atlas
Regarde les Hommes Tomber · Regarde les hommes tomber
Spasmodic · Mondo Illustrated
Stane · Human Error
Tapper · Vereklanni kolmas tulemine
Way to End · Various Shades of Black
Šmiercieslaŭ · Cjomny pryliŭ razburennja / Ciemrazoŭ
03-29A Hero for the World · A Hero for the World
Avantasia · The Mystery of Time (A Rock Epic)
Bhorelorde · Induction to the Further Perseverance
Chaos · Violent Redemption
Drzý čert · Codex Gigas
Essence · Last Night of Solace
Gloryhammer · Tales from the Kingdom of Fife
Junkyard Lipstick · Hellbent
Mardraum · Introitum Inferni
Milking the Goatmachine · Stallzeit
Misa Negra · Hasta verte caer
Mytile Vey Lorth · Moloch
Necrosis · XX
Nuclear Omnicide · The Presence of Evil
Ordoxe · Nihil
Persefone · Spiritual Migration
Repression Attack · Алтарь разрушения
Shadows Past · Perfect Chapter
Unbreath · My Faith Against Me
Večan · Frost, Reminiscence
Walking Corpse Syndrome · Alive in Desolation
Watch Us Fade · Past, Present, Hell
Waxwyng · Leap of Faith
Whiskey Tax · Whiskey Tax
Witchbanger · Witchbanger
Андем · Зимние слёзы
03-28Blacknack · ReBeast
Diabolicon · The Source of the Black Light
D.N.R. · Do Not Resuscitate
Monsterworks · Album of Man
Mother Susurrus · Maahaavaa
Trophallaxy · Resilience
Veldes · To Drown in Bleeding Hope
03-27From the Vastland · Kamarikan
Glass Skeleton Death March · The Death March Begins
Hammerforce · Access Denied
Irkallian Oracle · Grave Ekstasis
Overlord · Blackout
Rosaceae · Transcending into the Cold
Shadowcraft · Principles of Chaos
Slecht · Transient
03-26Astral Emersion · Monuments of Burning Skies
Borislav Mitic · Electric Goddess
Carved · Dies Irae
Dark Sermon · In Tongues
Deville · Hydra
DGM · Momentum
Fister · Gemini
Heaving Sun · Giants
Hierophant · Great Mother: Holy Monster
Humanity Defiled · Circling the Drain
Kruna · Last Century
Machetazo · Ruin
My Ransomed Soul · Falsehoods
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus · Synkkä tuuli
Odd Dimension · The Last Embrace to Humanity
Orchid's Curse · Words
Psychotic Pulse · Psychotic Pulse
Ravenblood · Beyond the Ghost's Pride
Suicidal Tendencies · 13
Temple of Nothing · Psalms of Solitary Self​-​Indulgence
Vromikos Tafos · Vromikos Tafos
When Woods Make Graves · Consuming Darkness
Wormed · Exodromos
Zombie Death Stench · The Coming Bloodbath
03-25Alley · Amphibious
Black Hill · Retro Monte Negro
Bleed from Within · Uprising
Consecration · Cimet
Fell Voices · Regnum Saturni
Frostbitten · We Feared the Wrath of Lord Lucifer
The Glorious Death · The Glorious Death
Highlord · The Warning After
I Klatus · Kether
Illusoria · Illusory World
Immer · Separation
Kingdom · Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy
Krzak Experience · Krzak Experience
Moss · Horrible Night
Nonexistence · Antarctica
October Tide · Tunnel of No Light
Oppressive Light · Life Hates Me...
Penance · Dawn of a New (sav)Age
R.A.Z. · the Depths of Darkness
Shinin' Shade · Sat-Urn
Tormented · Death Awaits
Valfeanor · The Eerie Constellation
03-24Greyhound · Unrest in the Northwest
Leucosis · Leucosis
Monachus · Below
Perpetual Warfare · The Age of War
Sorgnatt · Stillness
Systemhouse33 · Depths of Despair
03-23Dæthlust · The Deliverer
Entropia · Crimson Empire
Evgen Jr · Rebellion
Hammered · The Beginning
High Priest of Saturn · High Priest of Saturn
Hybrid Inside · Brain Born Beast
Misth · Rise of a New Day
Pessimist · Death from Above
Skullcrusher · Serial Killer
Sotury · Temné údolí
Steelclad · Heavy Metal
Stormbat · Stormbat
Tortuga · Tortuga
Vöedtæmhtëhactått · Gremmtåg Nøyhar Trøddle
Калевала · Луна и грош
03-22The Amenta · Flesh Is Heir
Benea Reach · Possession
Booze Lords · Legion of the Tankard
Defiant · Маскарад
Devil · Gather the Sinners
Eleanor · Breathe Life into the Essence
F41.0 · Near Life Experiences
Felis Catus · Transition
Finntroll · Blodsvept
Forged in Black · Forged in Black
Hypocrisy · End of Disclosure
ID: Exorcist · Paths to Exile
In-Graved · In-Graved
Jihad · Origin of the Rebels Angels
Jégzivatar · Az elme játéka
Limb for a Limb · Aberration Complete
Lunae Lasciva · Sin destino
Lunatic Spirit · Lunatic Spirit
Nachtgeschrei · Aus schwärzester Nacht
Obszön Geschöpf · Highway of Horrors
Pretty Maids · Motherland
The Prophet · Across the Sphere
Serenity · War of Ages
Six Reasons to Kill · We Are Ghosts
Slaughtbbath · Hail to Fire
StoneLake · Monolith
Strynn ·