All 7100 Albums From 2014
04-19(((...))) · Thy Pledge
??-??('M') Inc. · Taste the Hate
03-23+3 Broadsword · Thee Monstrous Compendium
11-??0 Zone · End of Days
10-101000 Bombs · Peace Is Dead
03-0711 Paranoias · Spectralbeastiaries
11-1011 Paranoias · Stealing Fire from Heaven
??-??12.7 · Ouvre les yeux
09-291349 · Massive Cauldron of Chaos
05-1713 Left to Die · King for Disposal
03-2213th Moon · Abhorrence of Light
09-26220 Volt · Walking in Starlight
11-2823 · Coming Home
10-242 Wolves · Shelter
08-013,14... · Хроники смертника
02-24350teric · Sign
??-??3oT7 · The Dust & Diesel Effect
06-043 Times Driven · The Beast Inside
??-??403 Forbiddena · ごきげん!? アキラ オリジナルサウンドトラック
03-214th Dimension · Dispelling the Veil of Illusions
12-295150 · シンフォニック東方Ⅷ
??-??5150 · シンフォニック東方ガールズサイドⅡ (Symphonic Girl's Side II)
05-015ML · Injection
05-297 H.Target · 0.00 Apocalypse
12-1688 · War Eagle
10-089.7 Richter · Ground Zero
12-02:Twingiant: · Devil Down
06-17[Pepel] · Иллюзия спокойствия
01-03[Pepel] · Красным по чёрному
01-17Aastraal · Tuba Mirum Spargens Sonum per Sepulcra Regionum, Coget Omnes ante Thronum
01-25Abacination · The Illusion of Freedom
??-??Abaddon · The Wayfarer
06-23Abaddon Incarnate · Pessimist
??-??Abaddon RD · La trágica y eterna mutación
09-30Ab Aeterno · Our Own Closure
08-15Abandon Hope · Settle the Score
06-10Abated Mass of Flesh · The Omen King
08-19Abate Macabro · Açougueiro Brutal Black Metal
10-07Abazagorath · The Satanic Verses
08-23Abbess · Abbess
10-01Abbot · Between Our Past and Future Lives
09-18Abbotoir · Reveal
04-19AbbrahMyth · Risen in Maderrenk
09-??Abceassed · Love Is Suicide
??-??Abeydon · No me detendré
11-27Abgott · Masters of Illusions
05-01Abhorrent Castigation · Throne of Existential Abandonment
07-18Abigor · Leytmotif Luzifer (The 7 Temptations of Man)
07-04Abinchova · Wegweiser
11-02Abitabyss · Rural métal
05-??Abnormal Sickness · Lepiej idź nazbierać patyków
07-28Abolition A.D. · After Death Before Chaos
07-04Abomnium · Solace for the Condemned
04-25Aborted · The Necrotic Manifesto
02-18Aborted Fetus · Private Judgment Day
07-10Abortion · Konvert
02-12Above This Burning Sky · Somnium Bellum
05-02Abramis Brama · Enkel biljett
07-26Abreacción · Abreacción
10-07A Breach of Silence · The Darkest Road
04-14Abrin · The World of Evil
10-28Absent Heat · Absent Heat
11-03Absentia Lunae · Vorwärts - Impavida avanzata
02-15Absolution Denied · Once We Were Humans
02-03Absolutus Amorphos · Mental Autopsy
05-05Absolva · Anthems to the Dead
08-06Abstract · Lightheory
02-10Abstraction · End of Hope
08-02Abstract Survival · Tyrannical
11-30Abstruktor · Judgement of Terror
07-24Abstruse · Inner Space-Outer Void
07-24Abstruse · Outer Space-Inner Void
10-13Absurdity · Undestructible
09-15Abusiveness · Bramy Nawii
10-24Abysmal Dawn · Obsolescence
08-05Abysmal Growls of Despair · Abyss
07-11Abysmal Growls of Despair · Dark Days
09-05Abysmal Growls of Despair · Lovecraftian Drone
04-29Abysmal Torment · Cultivate the Apostate
04-12Abyssal · Ad Noctum
02-19Abyssgale · Hegemon
09-05Abyss of Sheowl · Animals
01-05Abyss of Sheowl · Seven Deadly Sins
05-16Ab·est · Asylum
02-25Acarus Sarcopt · Tarnation
01-24Acatonia · Белый корабль
08-15Accept · Blind Rage
??-??Accidentally Murdered · Accidentally Murdered
08-09Accretion Disk · Equinox
??-??Accubitorium · Corredor da Morte
11-??Accursed · The Rain
08-14Acefalia · Estupro da Essência Humana
10-30Aceptic Goitre · The Graduation Frenzy
02-24Acheron · Kult des Hasses
03-20Achral Necrosis · Sanguinis Sigillum
06-01Achsar · Septentrionalis
11-14Acid Age · Drone Shark Ethics
10-06Acid Drinkers · 25 Cents for a Riff
02-15Acidez · Beer Drinkers Survivors
11-01Acidity · Into the Lies
02-08Acorea · Acorea
08-19Acrania · Totalitarian Dystopia
12-11Acranius · Dishonor
10-01Acrosome · Non-Pourable Lines
06-28Acrucé Mortem · Enslaved in Servitude
02-24Act · World's a Stage
??-??Act of Metal · Act of Metal
02-25Acéldama · Essence of Impurity
05-23Adamantra · Act II: Silent Narratives
03-07Adamus Exul · Arsenic Idols
09-01A Day in Venice · A Day in Venice
??-??Ad Baculum · Morbid End of Cannibalistic Cosmos
06-06Addiction · Stench of Decay
01-17Ad Extirpenda · Cathartic
10-13Adfail · Is It a Game?
02-22Ad-hoC · Nonkonform
09-23A Diadem of Dead Stars · The Mist Bearer
11-03Adimiron · Timelapse
05-26Ad Inferna · Opus 7: Elevation
02-11Ad Infinitum · Woven Within
04-15Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell · Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em
11-07Ador Dorath · The Very Essence of Fire
02-01Adorned in Ash · The Dead Walk Among Us
02-18Adrenaline Mob · Men of Honor
02-??Adrenicide · Hate Crisis
??-??Adrian English · Total Chaos
07-24Adrian Phoenix · New World
07-06Adrian Weiss · Easy Game
10-09Advent · Touched
01-08Adventum Diaboli · Rise of the Pagans
12-23Adversary · Ruination
02-24ADX · Ultimatum
11-11Aedoom · Inner Silence
12-09Aegeon · Nocturnal Glorification
05-20Aeglos · I
08-08Aegnor · T.H.G.W.A.S. II
06-01Aegrotum · Pilgrim to Total Negation
01-20Aenaon · Extance
01-15Aeonless · Underearth Horizons
03-03Aeon of Horus · Existence
06-13Aeon Patronist · Through the Paths of Delusion
10-24Aeonsgate · Pentalpha
09-19Aeons of Ashes · Shutdown
09-02Aeon Zen · Ephemera
10-10Aeos · Dead End Paradise
06-27Aeranea · As the Sun Died
10-18Aesir · Runatal
10-08Aesta · From Darkness to Light
09-07Aeterna · Eschaton
01-14Aetranok · Grande Invokation
10-06Aeturnus Dominion · One Kill Slaughterhouse
11-08Aeurtum · The Depths of Which These Roots Do Bind
04-22Aevium · Sentimental
10-21Aevum · Impressions
09-??A Failing Devotion · The Fallen
10-11Afsked · Aura
05-20Afterburner · Dawn of Enthrallment
04-22After Rain · The Sound of War
05-??Aftersundown · Mind Lost
03-31Afterwalker · Afterwalker
10-19Afterwalker · Afterwalker
02-25Agael · Trost
??-??Against · Soy libertad
05-13Agalloch · The Serpent & the Sphere
10-??Agata · Deja Vu
03-17Ageless Oblivion · Penthos
??-??Agent Patogen · Between the Cynicism and Rebellion
07-11Age of Agony · Death Metal Artillery
07-18Age of Artemis · The Waking Hour
08-18Age of Rage · Generation of Dead
05-15Aggravator · Populace Destructor
03-19Aggressive Mutilator · Terror, Incest and Death
03-14Aggressive Squad · Thrash or Die
10-01Aghast · All the Rage
??-??A Ghastly Menace · New Gods / New Monsters
03-27Aghor · Necrolivonica
10-??Agitator · Mental Violence
07-01Agnosy · Traits of the Past
01-09Agnusdey · Evil in the Earth
02-22Agony Spawn · Demonstration of Evisceration
12-09Agonía Catártica · Drama
07-01Agorar · Enfrentando al destino
09-08Agresiva · The Crime of Our Time
06-05Agressor · Demise of Life
03-31Ahamkara · The Embers of the Stars
10-03Ah Ciliz · Absurd Aspirations
09-28Ah Ciliz · Umbra
04-22A Hill to Die Upon · Holy Despair
03-21Ahola · Tug of War
03-20Ah-Puch · Ancestral Full Moon
05-20A Human Costume · Exhume, Behold, Defenestrate
04-27Aihisna · 月白少女の花めく黒葉菫
04-12Ailing · Infernal Interment
11-??Ain Sof Aur · Ophis Christos
02-10Airare Nuf · Airare Nuf
02-28Airborn · Dark Future Rising
11-21Air Raid · Point of Impact
09-??Aisle · Circles
06-17Aittala · Effigy
01-01Ajatus · Ajatus
05-28AK-11 · Once upon a Time in Europa
02-28Akasha · Fuckticia
03-22Akashah · Eagna an Marbh
10-25Akasica · Vivir en la mentira
08-08Akem Manah · Demons of the Sabbat
11-11Akentra · Alive
01-??Akhenaten · Gods of Nibiru
09-07Aki Kato · After Me
12-05Aki Kato · Light of the Past
12-05Akilkarsa · Lytrosis
03-24Akroma · La Cène
02-08Akrotheism · Behold the Son of Plagues
08-26Aksiterror · Aksiterror
11-11Akyrviron · Dreamscape Requiem
12-07Alabama Kush · Flexible Corner Sessions
08-30Alabama Kush · Never Train Sessions
08-??Alarido · Alarido
02-28Alaskan · Despair, Erosion, Loss
09-12Albez Duz · The Coming of Mictlan
03-28Albinö Rhino · Albinö Rhino
03-05Albion · Campanula
01-17Alcest · Shelter
03-03Alchemist · Damnation
09-01Alchemists of Darkness · The Negative Frame
??-??Alcoholocausto · Alcoholic Thrash Metal War
06-18Aldious · Dazed and Delight
08-28Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto · Solo Caos
02-15Aleph Null · Nocturnal
08-01Alestorm · Sunset on the Golden Age
01-28Alexander Oden · Abaddon Rising
12-03Alexander Oden · The Culmination
03-03Alexander Palitsin · Dystopic
11-19Alexandra Zerner · 9 Stories
09-06Alfa Eridano Akhernar · Aztec War Metal
03-11Alfar · Across the Northern Storms
01-01Algarothsyum · The Obsidian Towers
03-09Algea · Algea III
03-09Algea · Algea IV
03-09Algea · Algea V
09-02Algebra · Feed the Ego
10-08Algoma · Reclaimed by the Forest
08-01Al Goregrind · Asses
09-26Alice in Hell · Creation of the World
12-01A Life Less Alive · Human Kind Dies
10-13Alignak · Calling to the Void
03-22Alignak · Devoured Youth and Eternal Senescence
08-28Alitor · Eternal Depression
12-06Alkehol · R.U.M.
10-18Alkira · Juggernaut
11-22Alkoholizer · Free Beer​...​Surf's Up​!​!​!
02-27Alldead · End Gates
04-08All Dead Saints · Time to Die
06-24Allegaeon · Elements of the Infinite
10-17Allen - Lande · The Great Divide
05-13All Hell · The Devil's Work
09-28The AllMax · A Perfect Life
01-04Allochiria · Omonoia
04-10Allowance · Unbreakable
11-21All Seeing Eyes · Trinity Road
12-05Alltheniko · Fast and Glorious
??-??Almafría · Trascender
??-??Almagor · Juzgados
12-12Almas Inmortales · Almas Inmortales
01-06AlNamrood · حين يظهر الغسق
10-06Alogia · Elegia Balcanica
09-30Alphayn · Heimkehr
06-24Alraune · The Process of Self-Immolation
07-18Alsatia · Fields of Elysium
01-01Altar of Betelgeuze · Darkness Sustains the Silence
05-05Altar of Profanation · Eyes Shrouded by Death
08-06Altars of Grief · This Shameful Burden
03-18Alterbeast · Immortal
09-06Altered Existence · Eye-conic
09-12Alternative 4 · The Obscurants
03-11Althea · Eleven
10-03Alunah · Awakening the Forest
04-04Alvenrad · Habitat
03-22Alwaid · Lacus Somniorum
07-01Always at War · The F Bomb
??-??Alíria · Alíria
05-03Amargore · The Bloodshot Arrival
06-27Amberian Dawn · Magic Forest
07-29Amber of the Land · Just Mere Moments in Time​.​.​.
04-07Ambient Death · Dismembering the Image of God
05-24Ambush · Firestorm
09-29Amederia · Unheard Prayer
09-03Amen Corner · Christ Worldwide Corporation
08-20American · Coping with Loss
11-24American Heritage · Prolapse
10-??Amertume · Fables et délabre
04-11Amnesia · Inception
06-12Amniac · Infinite
02-10Amocualli · Nu Kontavi Ña Tzi
02-22Amoeba · Counterweight
05-27Among Gods · Monument
07-15Amongst the Thorns · The Rebirthing
10-30Among the Rotting Trees · The Cold, Misty Morning
02-14Amoral · Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows
01-14Amputated · Dissect, Molest, Ingest
03-28Amthrÿa · Authentic Way
09-22Amulet · The First
09-02Anaaliklaani · Koti, kateus, isänmaa
10-24Anaal Nathrakh · Desideratum
07-10Anabioz · There the Sun Falls
01-07Anachronos · Anachronos
09-06Anal Kudasai · Cyberanus Fecalust Musicum
05-??Anastasya · Diary from Darkness
06-09Anathema · Distant Satellites
09-29Ancestral Legacy · Terminal
07-15Ancient Altar · Ancient Altar
03-24Ancient Ascendant · Echoes and Cinder
04-25Ancient Bards · A New Dawn Ending
10-27Ancient Dome · Cosmic Gateway to Infinity
06-??Ancient Emblem · Throne with No God
07-05Ancient Empire · When Empires Fall
06-06Ancient Funeral Cult · Деяния святых апостолов
09-14Ancient Funeral Cult · Иконы гнилья
06-16Ancient Funeral Cult · Отвращение
11-21Ancient Oak · Fight the Beast
05-13The Ancient Void · Forever Autumn Dusk Eternal
??-??Ancient Wrath · Hymns to the Ancients
02-28Ancillotti · The Chain Goes On
10-13Andaz Uzzal · Ass Anegaru (Apocalypse)
04-18Andromeda · Shock
11-05Andy Martongelli · Spiral Motion
07-10Anfel · One Last Touch
02-03Anfel · Silhouettes of Consciousness
12-09Angel 7 · Last Revolution
??-??Angel de Metal · Alas de acero
??-??Angeles y Demonios · The Years of Metal
07-21Angel Nation · Tears of Lust
??-??Angel Nocturno · Los caminos del Mayab
12-25Angel of Nature · Golden Age
??-??Angelust · Gods of Debauchery
02-03Angercure · Through Soreful Harmony Demanded
08-13Angew · Panthalass
09-16Angoixa · Camins sense destí
10-24Angrepp · Libido
02-01Angry · Future Chaos
11-12Anguish · Mountain
12-??Anguish Force · Sea Eternally Infested
05-30Anholt · Karma Evangelica
10-25Ania · Schutt und Asche
02-04Anient · Consigned to Flames
10-??Animae Capronii · By His Side
05-12Animae Capronii · Jesus Is My Hope When I Am Hopeless
08-11Animanick · Clue of Memory
12-20Animo Aeger · Storchenwahrheit,-wirklichkeit
11-03Animus Mortis · Testimonia
09-01Aniroe · Alef Mem Shin (remastered)
04-11Ankou Awaits · Oberour ar Maro
03-15Ankun · Santiago en llamas
10-28Annihilated · XIII Steps to Ruination
03-29Annimal Machine · This Place Where the Dead Speak with the Living
05-21Annog Vnrama · Seven Names ov Chaos
07-23Anno Zero · The Next Level
01-15Annúlond · Galo de Barcelos
01-27Anomalie · Between the Light
??-??Anomalistic · Dissecting the Living
01-08Anomaly in Effigy · Holy Mother, Sacred Whore
07-01Antaboga · Mayang Mistik II (Semayam Sihir)
03-08Antartandes · Rising Okkult Spiritus
09-12Antecantamentum · Antecantamentum
06-27Anthelion · 黑羽 (Obsidian Plume)
10-22Anthem · Absolute World
01-25Anthem · Phosphorus
12-02Anthology · The Prophecy
04-04Anti Aeon · Pentachaos
05-02AntiCorpse · The Great Fall of Humanity
06-01Antidiocese · Blasphemy Mandate
03-13Anti-Freeze · Aftermath
04-25Anti-Mortem · New Southern
11-05Antiquus Scriptum · Recovering the Throne (Tribute Album)
04-08Antiverse · Cosmic Horror
12-28Antonio Giorgio · Tales from Heaven & Hell
09-12Antropomorphia · Rites ov Perversion
10-31Antropox · Antropox
02-14Antti Martikainen · Eternal Saga
08-12Antti Martikainen · The Last Chronicle
04-15Anubis Gate · Horizons
02-03Anxius · Szolgasors
04-22Any Face · Perpetual Motion of Deceit
12-01Aokigahara · The Wisdom of Solitude
??-??Aonikenk · Sentir metalero
07-25AOV · Act of Violence
12-01Apes with Hobbies · Queue Here for Robotic Dancing
04-21Ape X and the Neanderthal Death Squad · Grooves from the Grave: Mutants, Slashers, Zombies and Enraged Lovecraftian Deities
09-05Apey and the Pea · Hellish
10-31Aphonic Threnody · When Death Comes
??-??Aphrenety · The Underworld Path
09-01Aphyxion · Earth Entangled
11-24Apnea · Ethereal Solitude
08-23Apocryphal · Ritual Entombment
11-06Apokryphus · Apokryphus I
03-10Apologies · Dark Fire
08-24Apophis Theory · Apophis Theory
04-04Aporias · Desolation
05-01Aposento · Aposento
10-31Apostle of Solitude · Of Woe and Wounds
01-21Apostolum · Winds of Disillusion
07-25Appalachian Leprosy · Skuggar í fjöllunum
11-09Appalachian Winter · The Epochs That Built the Mountains
02-14Appearance of Nothing · A New Beginning
04-08The Approach and the Execution · Kings Among Runaways
11-11A Pregnant Light · My Game Doesn't Have a Name
09-09Aquelarre · Requiescat in Pace
??-??Aquiles Priester | Gustavo Carmo · Our Lives, 13 Years Later...
12-07Ara · Devourer of Worlds
12-18Arabian Death Mask · Acts to Continue in Breathless Sleep
11-14Arabian Death Mask · Winter's Frosts
11-22Arachnigod · Forest of Stars
03-10Arakain · Adrenalinum
12-??AraPacis · A Disturbing Awakening
03-05Ararat · Cabalgata hacia la luz
01-08Aras · Pest
09-06Arath · Ungedul
03-05Arathgoth · Between Demons and Witches
11-11Arathgoth · Book of the Night​-​Legends
06-03Arathgoth · Dark like Space
03-31Arbor · Echoes over Oceans
04-29Arbor Mortis · Embla
11-24Arcade Messiah · Arcade Messiah
10-11Arcana Coelestia · Nomas
02-21Arcana Opera · Arcana Opera
10-06Arcandia · Arcandia
04-08Arcane Dimension · Tribal Dance Series, Vol 3: Dance of the Dark Faerie
05-??Arcania · Dreams Are Dead
01-25Arcanox · Eternal Darkness
09-20Archaic Disease · Compulsive Lies, Repulsive Truth
05-??Archaize · Liberation
06-09Archangel · Calm in Chaos
06-09Arch Enemy · War Eternal
03-08Architects of Doom · Architects of Doom
09-27Architekt · Eons of Domination
05-13Archontes · Когда-нибудь и никогда
04-25Archspire · The Lucid Collective
??-??Arcthuris · Lavender Waters
06-??Arctic Horror · Blackened Corpses Sickened Minds
04-21Arcánima · Al anochecer
06-06Arda · Там, где земля становится морем
07-09Arditi · Imposing Elitism
11-12Area51 · Judge the Joker
06-02A Red Nightmare · A Red Nightmare
11-08Argema · Pomaláče 4
02-15Argentinum Astrum · Malleus Maleficarum
05-09Arida Vortex · Hail to Rock
01-01Aries Vehemens · Decade of Necrosodomy
08-22Arion · Last of Us
03-29Arising Fear · Beyond Betrayal
01-??Aristarh · Коллекция судеб
10-10Arizmenda · Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus
11-07Arkadia · Unrelenting
05-23Arkan · Sofia
01-20Arkanus ad Noctum · Calvariae Mortis
06-14Arkarion · Lessons in Futility
10-15Arkgabriel · Donde mueren los sueños
08-06Arkhaeon · Deathprayer Evangelium
03-31Arkhaikus · First Step to Death
12-06Arkhanon · Entre el bien y el mal
01-??Arkona · Chaos.Ice.Fire
12-08Armada · Rebellion My Religion
03-11Armageddon Rev 16:16 · Sundown on Humanity
09-12Armagenda · Des Chronisten Abgesang
02-23Armatus · Krški kult
03-03Armazilla · Terlingua
03-05Armnatt · Darkness Times
06-16Arms of the Abyss · The Great Dying
12-??Arpeghy · Claroscuro
09-02Arrant · Reflection of the Day and Night
10-01Arrestor Hook Down · The Last Request
09-06Arrival of Autumn · Shadows
11-14Arroganz · Tod & Teufel
06-01Arsafes · Ratocracy
12-13Arsenite · Apophis
??-??Arsenius · Svpia BPHMT
11-12Ars Magna · Dehumanize the Nation
03-21Ars Moriendi · La singulière noirceur d'un astre
07-05Arsonist · The Ultimate Banishment
12-11Árstíðir lífsins · Aldafǫðr ok munka dróttinn
11-??Arteus · Bajo el poder
03-01Art Far Away · Verisimilitude & the Second Estate
01-01Arthois · Ideas difíciles
08-21ArthWork · Beyond the Cortical Layers
02-02ArthWork · Deus lo Volt
02-18Artificial Brain · Labyrinth Constellation
12-29Artificum Nex · Epitaph for Life
08-??Artisian · Artisian
10-03Artisian · VII
03-02Artists Are Idiots · Kill It with Fire
03-25Artists of War · Harbinger II: Acolyte's Revenge
08-13Art of Burning Water · Living Is for Giving, Dying Is for Getting
11-15Art of Haven · Songs from the Ancient Forests
10-26Arx · The Speed of Dark
10-10Aryman · Plugawe dziedzictwo
02-07A Sad Bada · White Rivers and Coldest Chains
03-27Asa-Noir · Fall of the Idols
10-27As Blood Runs Black · Ground Zero
04-22Ascendancy · The Amazing Ascendancy Versus Count Illuminatus
??-??Ascendancy · Pinnacle of Creation
12-24Ascension · The Dead of the World
05-08Aschmicrosa · A Divine Wrath
07-31Aschmicrosa · The Archangel Descendents
01-04Aschmicrosa · Sharing Satan's Burden
09-05Aschmicrosa · Their Silent Cries
05-19Asense · Cellarius
02-21A Sense of Gravity · Travail
05-??Asfáltika · Rompiendo el silencio
12-07Asghath · 11
05-25Asgrauw · Schijngestalten
??-??Asgård · Экзорцист
05-05Asgëir · Blood
08-07Ash · Arrival of Darkness
01-07Ash · Nightmare
02-12Ashen Horde · Sanguinum Vindicta
09-22Ashes · Hrēow
12-01Ashes of Abaddon · Chronicles of Suffering Vol. I: Vengeful Divinations
??-??Ashes of Moon · The Darkness Where the Past Lay Sleeping
10-24Ashes of Sorrow · We Shall Destroy Everything
??-??Ashra · 3
03-24Ashura · Mindhood
04-02Asilo · Comunión
04-05As It Comes · Passport for Nothing
04-02Askaris · Neuronal Corruption
11-14Askrinn · Hjørleifsljóð
10-01As Light Dies · The Love Album - Volume I
12-12Asmodeus · Past na Davida Kleinera
08-10Asmodey · Illusive Demonic Emanations
07-05Asmoduros · Anfallen
09-09A Sound of Thunder · The Lesser Key of Solomon
12-01Aspectra · Ephemera
??-??Asper · Asper
09-05Aspherium · The Fall of Therenia
12-10Asregen · Saturnus' nacht
01-15Assfixia · Sin oportunidad
12-01Assot · Territori hostil
09-21Asspera · Cada vez más pelotudos!!!
02-19Ass to Mouth · Degenerate
08-19Asterium · Imperivm
11-18Asthenia · Still Lifes
04-15Astra · Broken Balance
01-01Astral DNA · Supergod
01-21Astral Domine · Arcanum Gloriae
08-28Astral Doors · Notes from the Shadows
11-14Astralion · Astralion
10-24Astral Odyssey · Astral Odyssey
03-21Astral Root · Voices from the Void
08-28Astral Space · Dimensions
08-06Astrolatry · Consciousness Is the Most Black Metal
01-24Astrophobos · Remnants of Forgotten Horrors
12-13Astru · In the Mirror
09-15Asymmetry · A Gift from Heaven
??-??Asymmetry · Redacted
10-22Atala · Atala
05-21Ataque Epilético · Esgoto Sonoro
11-04Ataxia · Calignious
10-14At Dusk · Anhedonia
05-05A Tempered Heart · Loneliness and Mournful Lights
05-??Aten · Horns of Evil
05-05Athar Aghanon · Burden of Attainment
11-11Athena · Altüst
02-01Athiria · Capital Punishment
09-29Atkins / May Project · Empire of Destruction
01-??Atlantica · Memorias de una luz entre las sombras
??-??Atlas & Axis · Confrontation
06-10The Atlas Moth · The Old Believer
11-01The Atmosfear · Brutal World - Countdown to the Apocalypse
05-05At Odds with God · Land of Odds
03-17Atom · Horizons
12-09Atomic Aggressor · Sights of Suffering
06-26Atomic Head · March of the Urban Zombies
09-14Atomic Moonshine · A Non-Preppers Survival Guide for Surviving Disasters Caused by Man
04-22At Radogost's Gates · Reflection of a Lunar Eclipse in the Stained Mirror of Time
04-17Atranium · Svqt ot ogledala
10-27Atriarch · An Unending Pathway
08-16Atropina · Mallevs Maleficarvm
04-05Atrous Leviathan · Brazen Bull
09-06Atroxentis · Verus Dominus
10-13Atrum Tempestas · Néant
07-12Attalla · Attalla
10-28At the Gates · At War with Reality
06-16At the Grave · At the Grave
08-30At the Seams · In Shadows of Giants
09-23Attic · Seasons
11-24Aube · Brume amniotique
01-14Audrey Fall · Mitau
08-12Auerkallio · A Thousand Songs of Woe
??-??Aufbruch · Das Ende
??-??Aug · Be Careful What You Wish For...
10-05Aura Azul · Tetrad: The Four Blood Moons
05-02Aura of Pestilence · Maximal Death Rate
09-29Aureole · Alunar
02-??Au Revoir · Mystikult
02-04Auric · Auric
02-12Auriga · Reflection of the Magestic
11-??Auringon Hauta · Ukon Juhla
06-24Auroch · Taman Shud
02-28Aurora Borealis · Worldshapers
06-06Aurost · Canticum Spectrum
07-11Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra · Fuck the European Union
04-25Austin Deathtrip · How I Spanked Your Mother
04-01Austrian Death Machine · Triple Brutal
??-??Autarkeon · Éternel conflit
12-05Autere · Amal'l
06-28Autocatalytica · Autocatalytica
04-21Autopsy · Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
08-25Autumn's Dawn · Gone
10-17Autumnal · The End of the Third Day
05-23The Autumn League · Concept of Irony
01-06Autumn, Leaves, Scars · Lacra
10-??Autumn of Aeons · Aeon of Awakening
04-09Autumn Tenebre · Dark Fairy Tales
11-26Auðn · Auðn
06-14Avangard · The Element of Soul
02-14Avantscene · Чёрно-белые люди
01-02Avant Soliloque · Zephyr
05-16Avatar · Hail the Apocalypse
12-15Avataria · Enneagramm
06-04Avavago · Avavago
03-03Avenford · Mortal Price
12-01Avenger · The Slaughter Never Stops
07-18Avenguard · Eternal Battle
01-08Avenguard · Honor and Glory
03-15Avenida XxX · Avenida XxX
03-08Avenir · Chrysalis
10-01Aversion to Mankind · Between Scylla and Charybdis
02-24Aversus · Mil escenarios quemándose
03-01A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm · La came crude
01-09Averze · Nikdy nevěř davu
01-21Avichi · Catharsis Absolute
03-25Avitas · Northern Ghosts
03-??Avoral · War Is Not Over
03-31Awakening Sun · Imbalance
04-20Awzan · Fobia
04-11Axe Battler · Axe Battler
06-24Axegressor · Last
01-17Axel Rudi Pell · Into the Storm
11-28Axenstar · Where Dreams Are Forgotten
08-23Axe Ripper · Hell Is Real
05-05Axial Lead · Of Infamous Credentials
02-28Axxis · Kingdom of the Night II
09-08AxX of Hate · Risen
04-25Aye-aye · Men Are Ugly
06-03A Young Man's Funeral · Redemption
02-25Aypheros · Ascendet Novissima Tua
03-06Aysenlur · Equilibrium – The Art of Existence
07-08Azarok · Origo
09-19Azelisassath · Evil Manifestations Against Mankind
09-01Azelisassath · In Total Contempt of All Life
09-22Azgaal · Vier
08-16Azif · Heredando la realidad
02-28Azoria · Seasons Change
09-27Azotador · Insertando la sustancia
10-??Azrael · Código infinito
02-05Azrael Rising · Anti-Gravity
06-08Azreal · Premonition
08-28Aztaroth · Alptraumsong
02-21Azziard · Vésanie
03-??Aäzylium · Confinement
07-14Baalberith · Apparition of Skulls
08-12Back Door to Asylum · Cerberus Millenia
02-15Bad Victim · Epicentrum
05-08Bagual · I: Viento sur
09-29Bahal · Shahat
12-18Baise Ma Hache · Le grand suicide
??-??Bajonet · Sirota
09-25The Balance · Balancing Out
03-06Balanitis · Kranke Kunst
10-24Balas de Plata · Ciudad sin almas
06-28Baldur · Blood & Thunder
??-??Balrog · No nos detendrán
03-17Baltimor · Baltimor
??-??Bandanos · Nobody Brings My Coffin Until I Die
11-10Bandemonic · Fires of Redemption
??-??Banu Maimun · Lalla Mimouna
11-05Barabbas · Messe pour un chien
01-23Barbarian · Faith Extinguisher
02-06Barbarian Swords · Hunting Rats
05-17Barbarie · Batallas de liberación
08-31Barbarous · Massacre in A-Minor
11-01Barbelith · Mirror Unveiled
04-18Barbie on Deathtrip · Will You Kill Me?
01-31Barbiturate · Deep
05-13B.A.R.F. · Brûle consume torture
06-17Barghest · The Virtuous Purge
11-25Baring Teeth · Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins
03-26Barizon · Towards the Rising Sun
??-??Barloventos · Contra viento y marea
??-??Baron Samedi · Мелодии​ (​Melodies)
01-29Barren Canyon · Close the Circle
03-11Barrowlands · Thane
11-07Basalte · Vestige
01-27Basement Torture Killings · A Night of Brutal Torture
02-24Bast · Spectres
07-18Bastard Feast · Osculum Infame
01-25Bastardizer · Enforcers of Evil
08-26Bastard Sapling · Instinct Is Forever
11-??Bastard Son · Devils Mask
12-06Bastayer · Rise of the Lords of Deadly Souls
03-12Bastilla · ...Poprvé z Bastilly
01-05Bastión · Libertad del ser
05-17Bat Castle · The Second Coming of Supper
05-17Bath Salt Zombies · Chaos & Confusion
06-19Bath Salt Zombies · Graveyards, Ghouls & Gore
02-22Bath Salt Zombies · Human Hunting Hell
10-31Bath Salt Zombies · I Don't Give a Fuck!
12-23Batsheva · Batsheva
11-07Battalion · Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War
02-24Battery · Armed with Rage
02-21Battleaxe · Heavy Metal Sanctuary
05-06Battleroar · Blood of Legends
07-01Baumbart · To the Shores of Nórthór
??-??Bay Leaf · Pictures from the Realm of the Dead
09-23Beak · Let Time Begin
11-29The Bear Hunters · Eternal Hibernation
06-15Beastplague · Beastplague
??-??Beauty's Gone · Return to the Unconsciousness
05-??Beauty of Blood · Menuju KeagunganMu
03-28Beer Blast · Drunk to the Bone
09-07Beerkrieg · Panzeta Division
01-31Before the Black Gates · An Ancient Evil Rises
02-03Behemoth · The Satanist
09-26Belfry · Rest in Pieces
01-23Belgarath · Wanderer
06-21Belkant · Inframetal
07-21Belliciste · Sceadugenga
05-17Belligerent Intent · Eternity of Hell & Torment
??-??Belos · Symphonies from the Underworld
04-14Below · Across the Dark River
08-08Belphegor · Conjuring the Dead
12-19Beltane · Best Ov (As Selected by the Chosen Ones)
09-19Beltane · Procession of the Equinoxes
??-??Benbrudd · Pest
03-07Beneath · Antidote
04-29Beneath · The Barren Throne
06-02Beneath the Storm · Evil Reflection
03-18Benevolent · The Covenant
02-14Benighted · Carnivore Sublime
10-27Benighted Soul · Kenotic
04-04Ben Kuzay · A Celebration of Life
12-08Bereavement · Ingenious Encounter
11-18Bereft · Lost Ages
04-13Bergrizen · Scherbengericht
01-26Berith's Legion · Truth Lies in Every Man
03-06Beroth · Burning Sermons
??-??Bersaeker's · Nacido para vivir así
01-10Berserkers · Berserkers
09-06Berserkyd · Frenetic
08-??Besatt · Nine Sins
??-??Bestiality · Sadistic Soul
02-18Bestial Nihilism · Kill Rape Hate
05-01Beta Vulgaris · Heavy Beet
10-10Bethlehem · Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
09-22Betoken · Beyond Redemption
09-??Beton · Konský kokot
04-24Betrayal · Stick to the Promise
07-27Betrayal of Allies · Life's Time
10-10Betrayed · Consuming Darkness
03-01Betrayer F.T.M. · Full Blast
10-24Beyond Creation · Earthborn Evolution
??-??Beyond Death · Testimonio
10-04Beyond Eternal · Faith in Death
12-03Beyond Light · Paintings in the Hall
03-??Beyond Orcus · The Art of Rebellion
05-19Beyond Perception · Anthem for the Wasted
12-08Beyond the Dream · (The Wolves) At the End
11-08Beyond the Gallows · Pestilence
05-01Beyond the Structure · Nauseating Truth
10-??Beyond Your Ritual · Beyond Your Ritual
10-31Bhayanak Maut · Man
12-01Bhleg · Draumr ást
04-26Bia · Naked Power
06-07Bicoloured Men · Hybrid
10-25Binary Creed · Restitution
01-07Birch Crown · Birch Crown
12-09Birch Crown · Time Is like Sand in the Wind
10-14Birch Hill Dam · Reservoir
02-10Bird Eater · Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set
12-10Birnam Wood · Birnam Wood
10-25Bishop Lake · The Meritocracy of Hell
??-??Bison · Leatherface
05-05Bitachi · Katamonas
07-??The Bitch in the Van · Bingedrinking to Conquer
02-10Bizantia · Море
02-18Bjarm · Imminence
03-20Blaast · Disorder
05-27Black Anvil · Hail Death
09-30Black Autumn · Losing the Sun
06-03Black Bart · Nous trinquerons avec la mort
09-20Black Bleeding · A Bright Future
12-20Black Blizzard · Black Blizzard 20 Years
??-??Black Blizzard · Magic Ressurection
??-??Black Blizzard · One Step Up
04-10Black Blood Stigmata · Deviant Deities and Perverse Prophets
11-01Black Capricorn · Cult of Black Friars
09-30Black Crown Initiate · The Wreckage of Stars
05-20Black Cult · Neo-Satanism
09-12Black Demon Rites · Motmänniskan
03-??Black Devil · De mentes
03-17Black Drop Effect · Injecting Pain
12-31Blacked Out World · Red White and Black
04-07Blackend Horizon · Hivernale​.​.​. und der Rest ist nur Schatten
11-17Black Eve · Black Eve
11-28Black Fate · Between Visions & Lies
06-14Blackfemia · En nuestros sueños
01-31Blackfinger · Blackfinger
12-19Black Flame · My Own Decay
08-18Black Folly · État d'âme
04-04Black Hand Throne · IV
02-13Black Harvest · Abject
12-31Black Heaven · Blast the Mankind
03-12Blackhole · Hope
06-30Blackhorned Saga · Setan
01-11Black Infinity · The Illuminati of Love and Death I & II
04-21Black Jade · Warden of Tol Sirion
03-01Black Jesus · Everything Black Everything Dead
04-20Black Khox · A.K.A.B.
04-08Black Label Society · Catacombs of the Black Vatican
??-??Black Light Bringer · Thorns in Our Flesh
06-03Black Lung · Black Lung
04-22Black Magik · The Conjuring of Three
08-19Black Mesa · Nurture
12-12Black Misanthropy · Misantropia Negra
04-29Black Monolith · Passenger
10-08Blackmoon Spells · Blood Stained Rituals
09-15Black Moth · Condemned to Hope
10-??Black Mountain Thunder · The Destroyer
04-14Blacknack · Servants
12-12Blackning · Order of Chaos
06-21Black October · The Symphony of the Ultimate Collapse
12-??Blackout · Armageddon
10-01Black Out · Black Out 33
06-06The Black Passage · The Nothing Is Now
05-26Black Propaganda · Psychological Subjection
04-25The Black Rook · The Black Rook
02-28Black Salvation · In Deep Circles
10-31Blacksheep · The Future Started Yesterday
??-??Black Side · Take Me Away
07-11Blacksmoker · Origins
06-30Black Sodomy · Nocturnal
01-25Black Spring Monolith · Digging the Void
10-27Black Spring Monolith · The Love the Death the Earth
01-29Black Spring Monolith · Machinethoughts
05-27Black Spring Monolith · Solid Mountain II - Supermassive Black
10-31Black Spring Monolith · Spätsommernächte
01-18Black Spring Monolith · The Taste of Mankind
04-19Black Tar Prophet · Deafen
06-10Black Terror · Black Terror
10-04Blackthorn Suffering · Терновые страдания
??-??Black Tora · Black Tora
01-17Blackwater · Blackwater
08-12BlackWater · BlackWater
03-25Black Whispers · Negative Ways of Life
01-11Blackwülf · Mind Traveler
09-28Blade Storm · Aggressive Planet
12-17Blamage · Bez pravidel
04-11Bland Vargar · Perpetual Return
??-??Blasfemia · Obscure War Metal
03-29Blaskhyrt · Ideological Carnage
02-??Blasphemous Overlord · Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy
??-??Blasphemous Overlord · Rising of the Morbid Gods
05-13Blatant Disarray · The Harbinger
07-19Bleak Flesh · Transcendence
??-??Bled Dry · Bled Dry
08-25Bleeding Corpse · Condemned to Suffer
11-07Bleeding Display · Deviance
12-12Bleeding Eyes · Gammy
04-30Bleeding Utopia · Darkest Potency
07-23Blessed Sacrament · Profanity
07-15Bless the Child · Walls
06-01Blestema · Evocaciones
10-27Blindeath · Into the Slaughter
11-14Blind Petition · Law & Order
02-23Blindside Symphony · The Castle of a Thousand Mirrors
05-01Blind Witch · Burn Witch Burn
11-10Blodhemn · H7
04-03Blodstaur · The Screed of Vermins
11-28Blodwen · Winter Falls
11-17Bloodbath · Grand Morbid Funeral
12-12Bloodbeast · Out for Blood
02-21BloodBomb · Treat Her Gently
09-02BloodBomb · Vulgar Display of Goregrind
11-21Bloodbound · Stormborn
01-20Bloodevil · Infection
03-01Blood Farmers · Headless Eyes
??-??Bloodfiend · Dead Blood Madness
02-21Blood for Our Brothers · .​.​.​and God Had Horns
10-28Blood Freak · Squalor
04-23Bloodhunter · Bloodhunter
03-01Bloodkiller · Escape from the Infernal Asylum
03-17Blood Label · Skeletons
08-01Bloodlands · Nihilistic Dimension
02-??Bloodless Child · Dead Awake
06-??Bloodlung · Roach
08-29Blood of Kingu · Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon
06-06Blood of Serpents · Black Dawn
05-01Bloodpheasant · Traum
05-26Blood Red Fog · On Death's Wings
03-14Bloodride · Bloodmachine
03-07Blood Runs Deep · Into the Void
06-28Bloodshed · The Hunger and the Agony
04-??Bloodshedd · 6 9 6
10-26Bloodshot Dawn · Demons
10-14Bloodsplash · Pristine Lust
12-05Bloodstained · Headless Kingdom
11-17Bloodstained Ground · A Poem of Misery
09-23Blood Storm · The Stellar Exorcism
10-31Blood Stronghold · From Sepulchral Remains...
04-14Bloodthirst · Chalice of Contempt
07-08Blood Thirsty · Sanguine River Absolution
02-21Blood Thirsty Demons · Reborn
09-16Bloodtruth · Obedience
09-19Bloodwhore · First Blood
??-??Bloodwork · Just Let Me Rot
01-17Bloodwork · World Without End
05-30Bloody Hammers · Under Satan's Sun
07-15Bloody Harvest · Abstinence Syndrome
12-10Bloody Obstetric Technology · Chainsawgasm
06-02Bloody Pussy Guts · Flesh in Blood
11-19Bloody Rage · Hell Is Life
09-11Bloody Terror · Diaboli Celeritate
10-02Bloody Vengeance · Destruição Nuclear
06-15Bloody Vengeance · Falling into the Occult
09-30Blud Baf · Blud Dungeon Crawler 4​.​1
05-19Bludded Head · Bludded Death
10-07Bludded Head · Reign in Bludd
05-07Bludgeoned · No Future for Mankind
??-??Blue Bucks · Fak jo
??-??Blue Screen öf Death · BSOD
10-10Blut aus Nord · Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry
08-07Boargazm · The Baconing
04-01The Body · I Shall Die Here
04-21Body Harvest · Futile Creation
06-20Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord · Gates of Valhalla
04-16Bokluk · Taphonomy
12-20Bokrug · Opus 4
07-01Bolesno Grinje · Chronicles from the Tomb
06-06Bolido · We Are Rock
06-13The Bombing of Dresden · Scavenger's Daughter
07-15Bombnation · Night Invasion
05-23Bombs of Hades · Atomic Temples
02-23Bonecracker · Пороки
11-??Bonesaw of the Brains · Global Collapse
07-??Bonestorm · Hidden Horizon
07-22Boneyard · Fear of a Zombie Planet
01-25Bong · Stoner Rock
01-31Bong Breaker · Mountain
07-07Bongripper · Miserable
12-15Bong Threat · Bong Threat
12-31Boreal Tundra · Boreal Tundra
06-18Boris · Noise
??-??Boris · The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra
06-21Boris Randall · Voodoo River Prts. 1&2
05-09Boris the Blade · The Human Hive
06-06Born Again · Satori
??-??Born from Deception · Hungry Are the Dead
11-28Born from Pain · Dance with the Devil
06-25Born Liminal · [N]Ascent
11-14Born of Fire · Dead Winter Sun
07-28Bottlekopf · Absolutely Nothing
05-10Bottom · Hug Myself​ ..​.​All the Time
08-29Bound for Glory · Death and Defiance
01-25Brain Damage · Born to Lose...Live to Win
02-07Brain Dead · Indoctrinator
04-04Brainstorm · Firesoul
07-21Brainteasers · 15.01.1773
11-19The Brainwash Machine · A Moment of Clarity
10-31Brand New Punch · Invulnerable
09-15Brandon Mohlis · Brand New Earth: A Space Opera
05-08Brazen Angel · Confederate Soldier
10-14Break of Aggression · Debts Paid
03-25Breakthrough · Against All
05-09Breath of Chaos · Blackness
03-07Breaux · Black Wolf
11-06Breitenhold · Secret Worlds
09-??Brenda Marín · Grabaciones inéditas 1985-1989
04-16Brewed & Canned · Execute the Innocent
11-21Brezno · Kri
02-01Brian Maillard · Reincarnation
03-14Brightly Painted Corpses · Dreams of Three-Eyed Serpents
11-07Briqueville · Briqueville
06-??Britannia · Desde la oscuridad
03-24Brocelian · Lifelines
12-23Brokdar · In Fetters Glacial
01-01Broken Anatomy · The Lazarus Regret
03-10Brood of Hatred · Skinless Agony
05-11Brudywr · Dusk
12-02Brudywr · Melancholia
09-29Bruma · Redescubriendo el invierno...
09-10Brunet Bull · Hard Drunk Strip
??-??Brunhild · Light the Flame
02-22Brunt · Brunt
01-06Brutal Avengers · Chapter II: Mission to Exterminate Xenomorph Activity
03-04Brutal Cross · At War
11-15Brutal Cross · The Perfect Storm
09-01Brutal Freack · Freak Soldiers
03-21Brutally Deceased · Black Infernal Vortex
08-29Brutal Morticí­nio · Obsessores Espíritos das Florestas Austrais
12-01Brutal Murder · Cinemurder
02-28Brutal Rebirth · ...from Despotism to Chaos
??-??Brutal War · Hell Is Real
08-??Brute · Pillory
08-18Bryan Eckermann · Ghosts of Earth
08-01Bränd Jord · Ledan & eländet
01-12Brünndl · Brünndl
05-29B.T.R. · Защо?
04-12B.T.R. · Каждому свое
10-30Buaiteoir · Tionscnamh
09-20Buccal Defecation · Testament of Brutality
12-31Buckethead · Pike 100 - The Mighty Microscope
12-31Buckethead · Pike 101 - In the Hollow Hills
01-18Buckethead · Pike 42 - Backwards Chimney
01-21Buckethead · Pike 43
01-09Buckethead · Pike 44 - You Can't Triple Stamp a Double Stamp
01-17Buckethead · Pike 45 - The Coats of Claude
03-01Buckethead · Pike 46 - Rainy Days
03-01Buckethead · Pike 47 - Roller Coaster Track Repair
02-07Buckethead · Pike 48 - Hide in the Pickling Jar
02-07Buckethead · Pike 49 - Monument Valley
02-25Buckethead · Pike 50 - Pitch Dark
04-21Buckethead · Pike 51 - Claymation Courtyard
03-13Buckethead · Pike 52 - Factory
03-23Buckethead · Pike 53 - City of Ferris Wheels
03-27Buckethead · Pike 54 - The Frankensteins Monsters Blinds
05-23Buckethead · Pike 55 - The Miskatonic Scale
04-17Buckethead · Pike 56 - Cycle
04-28Buckethead · Pike 57 - Night Gallery
04-30Buckethead · Pike 58 - Outpost
06-13Buckethead · Pike 59 - Ydrapoej
05-13Buckethead · Pike 60 - Footsteps
05-20Buckethead · Pike 61 - Citacis
05-28Buckethead · Pike 62 - Outlined for Citacis
05-28Buckethead · Pike 63 - Grand Gallery
07-21Buckethead · Pike 64 - Aquarium
06-25Buckethead · Pike 65 - Hold Me Forever (In Memory of My Mom Nancy York Carroll)
08-14Buckethead · Pike 66 - Leave the Light On
07-12Buckethead · Pike 67 - Abandoned Slaughterhouse
07-18Buckethead · Pike 68 - Assignment 033​-​03
09-04Buckethead · Pike 69
07-29Buckethead · Pike 70 - Snow Slug
08-05Buckethead · Pike 71 - Celery
08-13Buckethead · Pike 72 - Closed Attractions
08-22Buckethead · Pike 73 - Final Bend of the Labyrinth
08-22Buckethead · Pike 74 - Infinity Hill
08-29Buckethead · Pike 75 - Twilight Constrictor
09-23Buckethead · Pike 76
09-04Buckethead · Pike 77 - Bumbyride Dreamlands
09-23Buckethead · Pike 78
09-14Buckethead · Pike 79 - Geppetos Trunk
09-17Buckethead · Pike 80 - Cutout Animatronic
09-27Buckethead · Pike 81 - Carnival of Cartilage
09-27Buckethead · Pike 82 - Calamity Cabin
10-03Buckethead · Pike 83 - Dreamless Slumber
10-07Buckethead · Pike 84 - Whirlpool
10-11Buckethead · Pike 85 - Walk in Loset
10-18Buckethead · Pike 86 - Our Selves
10-20Buckethead · Pike 87 - Interstellar Slunk
10-25Buckethead · Pike 88 - Red Pepper Restaurant
10-29Buckethead · Pike 89 - The Time Travelers Dream
10-31Buckethead · Pike 90 - Listen for the Whisper
12-09Buckethead · Pike 91
11-15Buckethead · Pike 92 - The Splatterhorn
11-20Buckethead · Pike 93 - Coaster Coat
11-27Buckethead · Pike 94 - Magic Lantern
11-28Buckethead · Pike 95 - Northern Lights
12-05Buckethead · Pike 96 - Yarn
12-12Buckethead · Pike 97 - Passageways
12-19Buckethead · Pike 98 - Pilot
12-25Buckethead · Pike 99 - Polar Trench
02-01Bucket of Death · Bucket of Death
09-20Buicide · Evaluation Machines
09-03Bullet · Storm of Blades
10-01Bulletbelt · Rise of the Banshee
04-15Bulletsize · The Apokalypse
05-01Bull Terrier · Be like Water
08-16Bungus · Bungus
09-16Bunker 66 · Screaming Rock Believers
10-02Burden · Withovt
07-18Burden of Grief · Unchained
04-14The Burden Remains · Fragments
02-10Burial Hordes · Incendium
12-23Buried Out Back · Songs in the Key of Murder
10-10Burning Black · Remission of Sin
06-30Burning Dominion · In the Wake of the Rising Sun
11-15Burning Effigy · Salem
09-22Burning Nitrum · Molotov
??-??Burn the Boats · From Under the Waves
10-07Burn the Empire · Dethrone
01-29Burnt Skull · Sewer Birth
??-??Burn Your World · Living Decay
09-30Bursa Lamb · Lambdroid's Vengeance
06-12Burstin' Out · Outburst of Blasphemy
05-28Burtul · Bottom Astral
06-02Burzum · The Ways of Yore
11-??Butamacho · El pelapecho
02-28...But a Thought · ...But a Thought
01-18Buzruh · And They Shall Desire to Die
12-24BuzzzLiner · Луи, Луи!
05-26By Definition · The Concerns of Mortal Man
06-27Byzanthian Neckbeard · From the Clutches of Oblivion
07-03Bädr Vogu · Agglomeration XXIV
12-12Bösedeath · Impaled from the Left
12-12Bức Tường · Đất Việt
10-07Cabals Brut · Christ Prostitute
07-26Cachorro da Duença · Degradação Humana
05-27Cacotopia · Inhuman Agitation
12-??Cactus Hag · Cactus Hag
06-20Cadalso · Holocausto
11-18Cadaveria · Silence
01-15The Cadavor Dog · Tear Your Peace to Pieces
01-01Caddis · Rehatched
09-27Caedere · The Lost Conveyance
12-29Caedes Cruenta · Ερείπια ψυχών
05-10Cage of Torment · Exceed
07-24Cainian Legion · Of Pagan Tales and Anti-Christianity
11-12Caladmor · The Ragnarök Sessions
01-24Caliban · Ghost Empire
09-19Calibre Zero · Con las botas puestas
04-??Callous Humanity · War for All
09-15Calm Hatchery · Fading Reliefs
04-02Calufrax · The Stolen Earth
08-??Calvario · En la ciudad de los llantos hirientes
09-10Calypso · Marvelous
02-15Camazotz · Creators of Evil
01-08Camp Chaos · The World is Bleeding
04-25Camulos · Leichenlieder
05-06Cancer of the Larynx · Burial Dreams
02-24Cancerous Womb · Born of a Cancerous Womb
09-15Candlegoat · Tenebrosa
07-25Cangrena · En carne viva
??-??CanKrena · Tales of CanKrena
06-20Cannabis Corpse · From Wisdom to Baked
09-12Cannibal Corpse · A Skeletal Domain
01-17Cannibal Feast · Chemical Disincorporation
07-08Cantabile Wind · Deliverance
06-06Capilla Ardiente · Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness
10-31Captain Overboard--Radio Earth! · IV
08-31Captainpopaptain · Captainpopaptain
07-05Carcinomic · Human Discordia
12-05Cardiac Arrest · And Death Shall Set You Free
01-13Cardinal · Посторонним вход запрещён
08-19Cardinals Folly · Our Cult Continues!
08-05Cardinal Wyrm · Black Hole Gods
09-01Car Door Dick Smash · Car Door Dick Smash
10-22Carlos Molina · Abismos del tiempo
12-01Carnage Carnival · Carnage Carnival
??-??Carnage Krew · Front Kick to the Face
11-14Carnal Agony · Preludes & Nocturnes
10-15Carnality · Dystopia
03-12Carnal Redemption · Utter Depression
11-01Carnal Strength · Ontogeny
03-07Carnifex · Die Without Hope
04-25Carnivored · No Truth Found
??-??Caronte · Church of Shamanic Goetia
05-05Carpe Diem · Ya no creo en ti
07-01Carrion Kind · The Collapse of All to Come
11-01Carro Bomba · Pragas Urbanas
11-01The Casket · Rise the Undead
03-06The Casket Crew · Coercion
11-21Caskets Open · To Serve the Collapse
09-20Cassandra Syndrome · The Shadow Requiem
05-16Castle · Under Siege
06-01Castration Party · Music for Cowards
03-01Castrofate · Castrofate
04-11Catacombe · Quidam
02-22Catacombs · Anguish
06-14Catalytic · The Voice of Reason
??-??Catapult the Dead · All Is Sorrow
05-??Catatomic · Catatomic
03-28Catharsis · Rhyming Life and Death
11-01Catharsis · Индиго
??-??Catrina "La Gran Señora" · Yo soy la santa muerte y me llaman Catrina
04-01Cauldron Black Ram · Stalagmire
07-22Cavador · Soldado argentino solo conocido por Dios
10-31Cavalera Conspiracy · Pandemonium
04-25Caïnan Dawn · Thavmial
02-21Ceaseless Torment · The End They Bring
10-21Cea Serin · The Vibrant Sound of Bliss and Decay
11-19Ceifador · Heavy Metal 666
07-04Celacanto · Celacanto
03-01Celestial Crown · Ascending...
04-01Celestial Decay · QuantumX
09-22Celestial Immunity · Beyond Oblivion
08-14Cellar Vessel · Vein Beneath the Soil
11-08Cellerus · No Turning Back
04-19Celtefog · Deliverance
03-29Celtibeerian · Keltorevolution
11-??Celtic Legacy · The Lie of the Land
03-04Cementerio · Luna hiena
06-13Cemeterium · As Death Consumes the Earth
06-24Cemetery Lust · Orgies of Abomination
06-13Cemitério · Cemitério
05-17Cendres de Haine · Nihil Mirari
02-01Cenizas del Edén · Adamantium
11-21Centinex · Redeeming Filth
05-31Central Disposal · Central Disposal
07-18Cephalic Impurity · Eulogium for Incessancy
09-04Cephalic Mugre · Sars Infected Dog
10-10Cerber · Peace Death
02-??Cerberum · Way to Eternity
12-27Cerberus · Cerberus
04-04Cerberus · Otura Ka
05-31Cerebral Effusion · Idolatry of the Unethical
10-07Cerebral Extinction · Inhuman Theory of Chaos
06-20Cerebral Paralysis · Cycles of Evisceration
07-08Ceremonial Castings · Cthulhu
05-02Cerevisia · Trails of a Walker
06-21Certera · Certera
11-03CETI · Brutus Syndrome
10-06Chainfist · Scarred
05-30Chain Re-Action · A Game Between Good and Evil
12-24Chainsaw · Hill of Crosses
11-01Chainsaw Surgery · Necrocannibalistic Perversions
04-01Challenger Deep · Irreversible
??-??Chamán · Iris oratoria
04-04Channel Zero · Kill All Kings
07-01Chaos Christ · Ashes of Babylon
07-02Chaos Moon · Resurrection Extract
05-24Chaostrophe · The Curse
09-12Chaotorynth · Eidola Hunter
04-30Chapeau · Vor dem Mythus
08-07Charger X · Time to Play
08-20Chariot · Demons & Angels
??-??Charity Unit · 8 Steps to Singularity
09-26Charnia · Dageraad
07-07Chasma · Omega Theorian
??-??Chemical Assault · Chemicalizer
11-16Chernomor · Тризна
05-14Chieftain · Chieftain
??-??Children of Aries · The Sands of Time
05-02Children of Technology · Future Decay
11-24Chisme Animal · Mundos paralelos
12-13Cholernik · Sequestering the Free
05-25Chomalets · Omerta
10-??Chopper · Hechos consumados
02-20Chordewa · Recast Gear for the Mindcraft Course
06-06Choriachi · S​.​U​.​F​.​F​.​E​.​R. (Set Us Free from Evil Rewards)
11-??Chotzä · Plump u Primitiv
05-26Christian Muenzner · Beyond the Wall of Sleep
04-18Christ Killer · Nailed It!
07-17Chris Violence · American Ripper
11-13Chris White · Genetic Design
12-10Chromatic Point · Слики од старата куќа
01-17Chrome Division · Infernal Rock Eternal
05-24Chronomancy · Here & Now
06-16Chronosphere · Embracing Oblivion
12-14Chronovore · Truth Is the Daughter of Time
02-24Chrysalis · Focus on the Center
02-22Chupacabra · Hungry for Blood
11-28Churchburn · The Awaiting Coffins
01-01Church of Disgust · Unworldly Summoning
07-09CHVD · CHVD
10-23Cicada the Burrower · The Oasis
05-05Ciconia · The Moon Sessions
12-30Cień · Ecce Homo
01-02Cimmerian · Hollowing
11-04Cinis · Subterranean Antiquity
07-24Cipotok · The Final Level of Satisfaction of Lust
03-28Circle · Leviatan
12-21Circle of Beings · Circle of Beings
03-28Circle of Chaos · Crossing the Line
07-30Circle of Ghosts · Seasonal Catastrophies
10-01Circle of Indifference · Shadows of Light
03-??Circle of Ouroborus · Kuuhun kahlittu
02-15Circle of Witches · Rock the Evil
03-15Citizen Vicious · Loud Mean Fast Dirty
05-26Citranomicon · The Murder Sessions
05-26Citranomicon · The Rise and Fall of Lyman Sinister
07-30Clandestined · Angel Despair
10-06Claw · Claw
05-01Claws · From Ashes Rise
11-03Cleansing the Damned · The Journey
??-??Clear Sky Nailstorm · Clear Sky Nailstorm
06-10Clitgore · The Final Cuntdown
04-29Cloak of Altering · Plague Beasts
04-??The Clockwork · Reborn
09-21Clonus · Revolution
??-??Closed Circle · Illusion Effect
08-03Close the Hatch · To Collapse in Absentia: Green
09-05Close to Abyss · The Path
05-26Clouds · Doliu
05-01Clouds Taste Satanic · To Sleep Beyond the Earth
06-06Cloven Hoof · Resist or Serve
01-11Cntmpt · CNTMPT
11-22Cobra · Tiranía
02-22Cobra · To Hell
05-05Codedecoded · Vorace
02-18Coffin Dust · This Cemetery, My Kingdom
10-11Coffin Feeder · Coffin Feeder I
??-??Coffin Syrup · The Unique Magic of Rigor Mortis
05-14Coffin Witch · Heirs to Heresy
03-18Coffinworm · IV.I.VIII
04-10Cognitive · Cognitive
05-14Coil Commemorate Enslave · L'infinita vanità del tutto
07-10Coils of the Serpent · Withered Kingdom
02-04Coldblooded · Unblessed
10-07Cold Blue Mountain · Old Blood
03-01Coldbound · II (I døden finnes all makt)
10-03Cold Crypt · Utter Contempt for Life
04-25Cold Grey Dawn · Occulture
??-??Cold Internal Corrosion · Cinzaspectral
02-14Coldun · Collapsing Polarities
07-20The Cold View · Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste
04-28Coldwar · Pantheist
07-05Collapse · Alla deriva
07-01Collapsian · At the Left Hand of the Sun
01-20Collibus · The False Awakening
02-28Colossus · Lobotocracy
10-31Colossvs · Unholy
03-24Coltsblood · Into the Unfathomable Abyss
08-05Columns · Please Explode
01-14Coma Void · Coma Void
10-31Combat · Mission of Mayhem
??-??Come Back from the Dead · The Coffin Earth's Entrails
02-28The Committee · Power Through Unity
??-??Compendium Diablerie · Compendium Diablerie
??-??Complex Range · Timewarp
11-??Compulsive Slaughter · Compulsive Repulsive
02-28Conan · Blood Eagle
10-01Concealing the Sun · Refuse to Sink
12-05Concrete Age · The Temple of the Sacred Spirit
02-26Concrete Sun · Eight
05-10Condemned to Rot · Awakening
08-22Condemn the Infected · Deny Existence
12-12Conflict · Transform into a Human
07-19Congenital Anomalies · Human Embryonic Mutilation
04-01Conjuro Nuclear · Conjuro Nuclear
03-07Conorach · Through the Ages
03-10Conquering Dystopia · Conquering Dystopia
12-15Consecration · Ephemerality
03-18Constant Threat · Realms of Desolation
09-02Constant Threat · Reign of Chaos
??-??Contaminated · Your Ashes Are Nothing
09-12Contamination · Nightmare Asylum
08-23Contemplating Murder · Contemplating Murder
01-17Contemplations · Existence
01-01Contempt · Skinwalker
??-??Contorsion · Planet Parasite
12-12Contradiction · The Origin of Violence
05-15ControlState · The Delta Pack
10-25Controversial · Inhuman
10-07Convent Guilt · Guns for Hire
10-24Convictors · Envoys of Extinction
07-31Coprocephalic · The Oath of Relinquishment
03-07Coprolith · Death March
02-21Copromonster · Nazi Rainbow
03-21Copromonster · Nazi Rainbow Pt. 2
08-15Coral · Arrecho
02-10Corazón Profeta · Renacimiento
05-10Cordura · Astral Projection
11-01Corecom · Crawling Under the Heavy Foot of Addiction
10-24Corelyn · We Are Fenix
04-03Core of Desolation · The Return of Deaths Glorious Design
04-08Cormorant · Earth Diver
12-05Coronatus · Cantus Lucidus
09-26Corova · Rise of the Taurus
11-03Corpse · Underground
01-25Corpsebitch · Power Steve the String Beast and the Gates of Midi
10-08Corpsebitch · Tales from the Curry​-​Trough, and Other Tales​.​.​.
07-25Corpse Cook · Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here
06-24Corpsefucking Art · Quel cimitero accanto alla villa
02-04Corpsessed · Abysmal Thresholds
10-09Corr Mhóna · Dair
07-01Corrosion of Conformity · IX
06-09Corruption · Devil's Share
07-18Corrupt Moral Altar · Mechanical Tides
08-23Cosm · Primengender
11-17Cosmic Plunge · Wanderers on the Face of the Earth
??-??Cosmivore · These Castle Walls
??-??Cotard · Nunca más
01-02Cottonmouth · Delta 9
05-27Coughdust · A Means to an End
04-09Countess · Ancient Lies and Battle Cries
06-13Crackhammer · Psycho Revolution
??-??Cranian · Birth
??-??Craniumblast · Singularity
06-28Crater · Desiccated Animations
02-28Craving Angel · Dark Horse
10-18Crawl · Old Wood & Broken Dreams
01-24Crazyfackers · Achtung! Crazy!
05-29Crazy Rain · Life Illusion
08-29Creation's End · Metaphysical
11-26Creature from... · Creature from...
04-11Creatures of Habit · Hyperion
03-21Cremaster · Słynna praczka i chór wujów
02-21Crematory · Antiserum
08-12Crepuscle · Draconian Winter
12-09Crepuscolo · Revolution Evilution
04-15Crescent · Pyramid Slaves
12-05Cretin · Stranger
04-04Crib45 · Marching Through the Borderlines
11-18The Crimson Brigade · Blood Battalion
09-??Crimson Death · Social Born Killer
07-08Crimson Hill · Denied
08-29Crimson Shadows · Kings Among Men
06-27The Crimson Trip · The Crimson Trip
11-21Cripper · Hyëna
02-18Cripple Bastards · Nero in metastasi
07-??Criptal · Contra toda tempestad
06-01Cristal y Acero · El amor es para siempre
06-??Critical Defacement · Crime of the Century
05-10Critical State · Lord of the Crows
08-16Cromagnon · Cromagnon
08-17Cronic · Dimensi Berganti
??-??Crossbone · Through Death and Hate
12-06Crossed Fire · Life's a Gamble
06-20Cross Vault · Spectres of Revocable Loss
06-16Crosswind · Vicious Dominion
05-11Crow'sClaw · Caramel Crunch
08-03Crow'sClaw · Loudness War
12-30Crow'sClaw · Shelling and Torpedoing
05-26Crowbar · Symmetry in Black
11-12Crowhurst · Girl 27
02-14Crowhurst · S N U F F
04-04Crowmatic · 13th Room
08-11Crown of Asteria · Sol
10-31Crown of Earth · Crown of Earth
05-16Crown of Glory · King for a Day
07-18Crown of Scorn · Agenda 21
06-01Crown of Twilight · Cold Late Winter
10-??Croxous · Lahar Panas
12-05Cruachan · Blood for the Blood God
09-10Crucified Barbara · In the Red
10-07Crucifixion BR · Destroying the Fucking Disciples of Christ
08-18Crucifyre · Black Magic Fire
05-23Cruda Sorte · Innozenz
12-05Cruizzen · Free Ride
05-23Cruor Cultum · Crown of Beasts
11-02Crushing Axes · Undead Warrior
12-23Crusted · Mély álom
04-20Crux · Elapse with the Relapse
11-28Crux Ex · Born in Witchcraft Spells
??-??Cruxvae · Through Hell Until the End
05-30Cry My Name · Elements
12-30Cryostasium · Cryostasium
11-11Cryostasium · Stalwart
06-24Crypter · Suffer the Hands of Filth
08-02Cryptic · Paramecium Caudatum
11-17Cryptic Rising · Cryptic Rising
09-09Crypt of Insomnia · Depersonalization
12-11Crypt of Insomnia · The Great Attractor
03-10Crypt of Silence · Beyond Shades
05-??Crystal Crow · Once upon a Midnight Dreary
07-25Crystal Eyes · Killer
03-28Crystal Tears · Hellmade
06-10Cthulhu Rites · Pośród misteriów koszmaru
10-??Cuchilla Grande · Cuchilla Grande
06-01Cuckoo's Nest · Everything Is Not as It Was Yesterday
??-??Cu Dubh · The Call of Valhalla
??-??Cu Dubh · Thunder of the Gods
11-18Cuff · Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere
01-17Culted · Oblique to All Paths
09-17Cult of Violence · Debris
10-01Cunt Cuntly · Planetary Termination II
03-27Cunt Cuntly · Quantities
04-25Curimus · Artificial Revolution
??-??Cursed Cemetery · Chambers of Exile
04-10Curse of Disobedience · The Beginning of the Curse
08-01The Curse of Millhaven · Vestibule of Hell
01-08Curse upon a Prayer · From the Lands of Demise
10-06Cuscuta · A Receding Wild
07-15Cuscuta · The Wildness Within
12-01Cvinger · The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls
07-18Cwn Annwn · Metamorphosis
03-21Cyaxares · Whores of Babylon
03-05The Cycle · Metalogics
11-07Cycle Beating · The Age of Depression
11-21Cyhyraeth · Servant to the Fire
02-14Cynic · Kindly Bent to Free Us
??-??Cynonyte · Dead Dream Gallery
02-12Cyntia · Limit Break
02-07Cyrus Saint Leviticus · Keeper of the Loch
11-12D · Kingdom
08-27Daarchlea · Suns
06-18Daedeloth · Thy Will Be Done
05-30Daemonheim · Tidian
11-13Daemonium · Имя мне Легион
11-28Daemon Poetica · Inertia
??-??Daevidius · Valley of Death
06-30The Dagger · The Dagger
??-??Dagger Faith · Amoralisme
07-16Dagor Dagorath · Dissident
01-05Dahakara · Evil of All Decades
05-28Daida Laida · Reborn
02-01Dajjal · Human Dark Side
12-11D.A.M · The Awakening
12-21Damage My God · Psychotic Truth
06-06Damaq · Nafs...
11-06The Damn Dirty Apes · Ape Diablo
10-31Danger · Danger
05-20Daniel Bautista · Download or Die
01-10Daniele Liverani · Fantasia
04-03Daniel Wax Off · Puttin' Oot da Thrash
??-??Dan Johansen · Cuintha Pt.II
06-12Dan Johansen · Power Suite
10-24Dantalion · Where Fear Is Born
02-19Dantes · D3
07-17Darchaic · Bastardistan
12-12Dargolf Metzgore · The Path to Madness
12-15Dargonomel · In Abyssum Diaboli
05-24Darkaeon · Nihilism
??-??Darkale · Beyond Gone
10-18Darkall Slaves · Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering
??-??The Dark and Bleak · Delineate
09-05Dark Angels · Embodiment of Grief
04-18Dark Century · Murder Motel
09-08Darkcharge · The Fall of Mankind
04-11Dark Days Ahead · North Star Blues
05-20Dark Delirium · Annihilation
12-06Dark Desire · Unveil the Beauty
12-??Dark Desires · The Lost Old Wisdom
12-??Dark Dimension · Cataclismo
09-12DarkEcho · DarkEcho
??-??DarkEmpire · The Art of Persuasion
06-08Darkened Winter · Blood Oath
01-03Darkened Winter · Tumulus
09-15Darkenhöld · Castellum
06-08Darker Half · Never Surrender
09-21Darker Mysteria · Arcana luna funeral
??-??Dark Essence · The Abyss Gazes Back
??-??Darkest Agony · Anti-Natural Evolution
06-13Darkest Era · Severance
07-12Darkest Horizon · The Grand Continuum
08-04Darkest Hour · Darkest Hour
08-26Darkest Path · Apostasy of Man
04-02Darkfall · Destruction Through the Advancement of Technology
02-07Darkflight · Closure
10-31Dark Flood · Inverno
02-28Dark Forest · The Awakening
09-01Dark Fortress · Venereal Dawn
05-??Dark Fury · Synningthwait
08-26Dark Hound · Dark Hound
11-03Darkinfrost · Dark Heaven
??-??Darklands · Bring Out the Dead
??-??Dark Legacy · Ad Extremum Epilogue
05-09Dark Lunacy · The Day of Victory
11-??Dark Measure · Army of Bones
08-25Dark Metamorphosis · All Dark Things
06-18Dark Mirror ov Tragedy · The Lunatic Chapters of Heavenly Creatures
05-09Darkness by Oath · Seeds of Desolation
12-13Darkness over Depth · 如此沉寂 (So Silent)
??-??Dark Night · Zombie
10-01Dark Ocean Society · Odyssey
06-14Dark Plague · Perverse Devotion
04-13Dark Ring · Kissing the Ring of Angel
02-16Darkrite · Тёмный обряд
12-23Darkside NYC · Optimism Is Self-Deception Vols. 1 & 2
09-06Darkspace · Dark Space III I
09-12Dark Therapy · Raised to Kill
02-15Dark Woods · By Mourning, I Will Be Gone...
??-??Dark Woods · Cold Ice
11-15Dark Zodiak · See You in Hell
02-12Darmage · La caída de los ídolos
06-08Dartropia · Sons of Gaïa
02-22Datura · Spreading the Absorption
01-12Dauden i Mørke · Cold Miasmic Domain
10-28Dawnbringer · Night of the Hammer
08-??Dawnmaster · Blood for Blood
06-??Dawn of a Dark Age · The Six Elements, Vol.1 Earth
03-07Dawn of Destiny · F.E.A.R.
03-22Dawn of Eternity · Guilty
04-26DawnRazor · Misanthropic Euphoria
05-23Dawnrider · The Third Crusade
??-??Day's End · Ein letzter Hauch
01-06Day40 · Only the Stones Remain
09-27Daydream XI · The Grand Disguise
06-09Day of Doom · The Gates of Hell
05-08Day Old Man · Visual Aids
11-15Days of Crisis · Systemic Disaster
02-01Days of Loss · Our Frail Existence
??-??D Creation · Moderate Album
12-05Dead Alone · Nemesis
05-31Deadalus · Remnant of Oblivion
10-10Dead Carnations · Harmony Hell Decade
12-10Dead City Walker · Dead City Walker
05-05Dead Congregation · Promulgation of the Fall
04-01Dead Conspiracy · Abomination Underground
02-09Dead Crown · The Warrior's Way
12-17Dead Eyed Spider · Black Deal
07-05Deadgaard · Sanctity of Death
06-19Dead Hills · Ouroboric
09-10DeadKillers · Vzestup zla
08-05Deadlife · No Help Is Coming
02-28Deadline · Ocean of Dunes
03-??Deadliness · Guerreiros do Metal
03-08Deadly Carnage · Manthe
12-22Deadly Mosh · United by Pain
11-??DeadlySins · Anticlockwise
10-11Dead Point · Humanity Is Cancer
08-29Deadream · Saved
09-12Dead Samaritan · The Devil Tunes
05-13Dead Things and War · Bone Island
12-04Dead Tongue · Doorways to Digestion
09-26Deaf Dealer · Journey into Fear
02-03Deafening Silence · Scapegoat of Ignorance
10-13Dean Wallace · Metal Family
05-23Dear Sinner · Faith
12-22Death & Legacy · Burning Death
08-23Death's Cold Wind · Subyugador - In Goat We Trust
02-14Death and the Lament · Between Still Dimensions
02-28Deathawaits · The Abominable
07-30Deathbed · Running Out of Life
05-29Deathblow · Betrayers
01-24Deathblow · Prognosis Negative
12-26Deathcaller · State of Resistance
03-08Death Chant · Embodiment of Chaos
08-08Death Dealer · An Unachieved Act of God
06-05Death Denied · Transfuse the Booze
05-02Death Dependant · Sacrifice for the Cross
04-25Death Destruction · II
08-26Deathead · Blessed in Blasphemy
11-15Death Fortress · Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable
07-30Death Horn · Black Forest
08-19Death Hound · Death Hound
12-27Death Incarnate · Hordes of Eternal Devastation
12-22Deathlord · Thronelord
03-21Death Morgue · Satani Victus Mortuus
06-26Deathna River · Безумие
09-29Death of Authority · World at War
01-22Deathomorphine · Ancient
08-11Death Penalty · Death Penalty
04-25Death Penalty · Electric God
04-15Deathroll · Brainwashing
10-23Deathronation · Hallow the Dead
05-16Deathrow · The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening
02-??Deathshine · Blaendverk
11-07Deathtiny · In Creeps Clothing
09-13DeathTrap · You Pollute My World
11-14The Deathtrip · Deep Drone Master
08-25Death Vomit · Forging a Legacy
07-01Death Vomit · Gutted by Horrors
12-08Death Wolf · III: Östergötland
08-17Debilitator · Reborn in a Mosh
??-??Debon · Debon
??-??The Deboning Method · The Early Years - Reboned
11-09Decaarta · Exile the Wicked
10-01Decadawn · Solitary Confinement
09-26Decapitated · Blood Mantra
04-11Decapitated Christ · Arcane Impurity Ceremonies
11-04Decaying · One to Conquer
04-10Decaying Purity · Malignant Resurrection of the Fallen Souls
10-30Decay of Reality · Reality of Decay
09-16Decayos · Inner Moonlight
11-01Decease · Age of the Covenant
??-??Deceased · Musika Para Los Bastardos!
05-31Decent Invasion · Nightjar
09-06Decibel · Enigma
09-05Decibel · Malice
09-30Decibel · Plague
09-08Decimated Humans · To Provoke Genocide
12-09Decimation · Reign of Ungodly Creation
01-01Decivilize · Decivilize
01-01Decomposed · Devouring
09-28Decon · The Infinite Distance
12-02Deconversion · Incertitude of Existence
06-03Deep in Hate · Chronicles of Oblivion
04-25Deep Machine · Rise of the Machine
06-06Deep-pression · Slave of Events
10-03Deep Sea Thunder Beast · So Goes the Madness
11-10Defaced · Dark Planets
02-17Def Con One · II
03-31Defeat · The Winds Have Changed
01-25Defeat the Earth · Beyond Creation
07-18Defilementory · The Dismal Ascension
09-25Deflagrator · Raising Weapons for the Beast
02-20Deflorace · Suffering
09-01Defunctus Astrum · Cosmic Uncreation
12-19DEgITx · Between Death and Stars
09-03Degola · Tormenta
08-01DeGrace · Fight Against
07-30Dehumanization · Meat Exposition
07-31Dehumanized Deity · Forever in Blood
11-17Dehumanizzer · Some Kind of Chaos
09-29Deimos · Beyond
03-22DejaGravy · Purgatory Dawn
07-07Dejanira · Behind the Scenes
04-21Dekonstruktor · Eating the Universe
04-04Delain · The Human Contradiction
01-14De la Tierra · De la Tierra
02-07Delayhead · Vol. 80%
??-??Delirium · Tiempo, límites y espacio
05-01Delirium Projekt · From Natural Waves
07-01Delirium Soul · Quinto jinete
04-11Delirium Tremens · Read My Fist
??-??Deliver the Galaxy · Project Earth
12-22Deller · Niello
??-??Del Oeste · Mi verdad en tus manos
12-31Delusional Parasitosis · Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot
10-01Delusionist · Delusionist
02-05Demencial Force · Sangre x Sangre
02-22Demencia Mortalis · The End Is Nigh
??-??Demencia Mundial Bastarda · Santuario de la demencia
01-01Demented · The Smell of Decay
01-31Demise · Matanza, C.A.
01-01Demogorgon · World Damnation
??-??Demoledor · Demonios de mente
11-08Demolicion · Sucia humanidad
11-22Demolition · Bombenhagel
01-24Demon Eye · Leave the Light
08-01Demonic Obedience · Morbid Supremacy of Evil
07-13Demonic Resurrection · The Demon King
11-08Demonification · Hell Will Be Yours
02-09Demonihil · DemonihiL
04-03Demon Prayers · Evoke the Pain
11-19Demorian · From Marduk to Gaia
05-26Denial · Burden of Lies
10-07Denis Maloletnev · Перерождение
07-16Denis Shvarts · Through the Universe
05-27Den Saakaldte · Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete
08-13Denying Nazarene · Possessed by the Light and Deception
08-30Deodium · Grēks. Važas. Brīve.
02-10Dephosphorus · Ravenous Solemnity
10-13Depraved · Dive into Psycho Terror
08-20Depraved Heretic · Absolution
06-03Depravity Savage · Merancang Neraka
05-24Deprephobia · Empty
04-17Depressor · Solitude
03-14Deprive · As We Perish
10-10De Profundis · This Winter in My Heart
09-04Depths of Chaos · Filth and Fear
10-17Depths of Hatred · Hellborn
03-??Deracun · El último en pie
07-23Derdian · Human Reset
02-16Derelict Dream · Ridgewood Lake
10-20Derkaizer · Life of Human
05-23Der Rache liebt · HARR!
11-27Der Rache liebt · Rogue Blokes & Seasoned Substances
03-01Desangre · Desde el infierno
01-24Descend · Wither
??-??Descending Chaos · Haunted Souls
01-28Descend into Despair · The Bearer of All Storms
08-15Descend upon the Sane · Make Peace with What Gods You Will
12-20Descerebration · Scrolls of Hate
01-24Desdinova · Defying Gravity
03-04Desecrater · Wretched
06-23Desecrate the Faith · Disfigured Arrangement
06-26Desecration · Cemetery Sickness
11-15Desecravity · Orphic Signs
04-15Desecresy · Chasmic Transcendence
??-??Desekratewhore · Mind's Deception
10-24Deserted Fear · Kingdom of Worms
05-10Desert Lord · To the Unknown
11-07Desert Near the End · Hunt for the Sun
08-16Desert Suns · Desert Suns
12-26Desesperanza · Desesperanza
01-17Deshody · Collapsing Colors
05-27De Silence et d'Ombre · V
04-21Desire for Sorrow · At Dawn of Abysmal Ruination
12-02Desmodus Rotundus · Desmodus Rotundus in a Dark Cave
12-06Desmodus Rotundus · Dwell Among Scorpions
12-02Desmodus Rotundus · When the Sun Burns Out
05-01Desolate Dreams · The Tree That Never Saw the Sun
11-07Desolate Pathway · Valley of the King
01-31Desolate Rage · Evolution's Mistake
07-??Desosser · The Eyes of Tyranny
??-??Despairation · New World Obscurity
??-??Destiny · Time
05-12Destitution · Beware the Fury of the Patient Man
03-03Destrage · Are You Kidding Me? No.
11-??Destroyer Attack · Ejecución en nombre de su dios
09-21Destroying Divinity · Hollow Dominion
??-??Destroyself · The Good the Bad and the Rock and Roll
??-??Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland · Tour de Anal
07-10Desvirginizagore · Desvircuartizando genitales anodiarreicos
08-17Detention · Marginal
08-26Deterior · Human Dust
??-??Detest · Abominations
06-06Det Gamle Besatt · Caerimonia Diabolus
08-15Dethroned Christ · Only Death Shall Remain the World
09-10Detonacja · Detonacja
12-16Detonator · Excelsior
07-19Detonator e as Musas do Metal · Metal Folclore: The Zoeira Never Ends...
10-25Detoxen · Victims
03-??Detractor · Detractor
04-24Deus Otiosus · Rise
07-??Deus X Machina · X
02-25Deva · Murther
02-??Devadata · Disrespect
06-24Devangelic · Resurrection Denied
12-??Devastation · Tanah Sekarat
07-26Device · Device
10-??Devil's Emissary · Evangelic Decimation
02-14The Devil's Swamp · Vol.1
12-18Devil Creations · Insanely Epic Album Title
03-18Devilcrusher · Not a Hero
01-13Devilgroth · Altar
01-05Devilgroth · Forgotten
??-??Devil Lee Rot · Doom Devilution
02-20Devilmaycare · War of the Worlds
11-03Devilment · The Great and Secret Show
10-01Deviltears · The Keys
04-23Devil You Know · The Beauty of Destruction
10-28Devin Townsend Project ·
02-19Devius · The Absents Presence
08-23Devolving Messiah · Forsaken
09-13Devonera · The Burning Gates
08-08Devormity · Revolusi dan Agresi
04-15Devouring Swarm · Condemned to Suffer
12-14Devour the Blessed · Gottes Wort aus eurem Maul
11-26Devour the Blessed · Infantile Exsanguination
06-??Devour the Fetus · Cook'n'Roll
09-03Dezember · Crisis
??-??Deznuke · Alimentando el fuego
11-24Dezrise · Миром правит зло
07-??D.F.C. · Sequência Animalesca de Bicudas e Giratórias
04-27Dhampyr · 2​,​5​-​Dimethoxy​-​4​-​Ethylphenethylamine
02-11Dhampyr · Withdrawals & Candy Heavens
04-14Dhemonic · Ashes of Dark Remains
??-??Dhuma de Rapé · Canto a lo humano
09-01Dhwesha · Sthoopa
06-06Diablery · Architect
05-09Diablo Blvd · Follow the Deadlights
08-??Diabolical Principles · Manifesto of Death
06-13Diabolus in Extremis · Verdugo
09-??Diabolus Sanctus · Flagellation of Christ
04-11Diabulus in Musica · Argia
??-??Diago Hustrei · Dobro a požehnání
05-01Dialectic Soul · We Are Born from the Pain
12-19Diamond · Fuck Your Opinion
02-24Diamond Falcon · Heavy Metal Combat
05-10Diamond Lane · Terrorizer
08-15Diathra · Fascinating Impulses
11-04Dickless Tracy · Paroxysm of Disgust
08-19Dictated · The Deceived
05-30Die Apokalyptischen Reiter · Tief.Tiefer
07-15Die Entweihung · Despair Division: A Tribute to Joy Division
05-12Die Gesellschaft der Grauen Herren · Imagines Itineris
??-??Die No More · Elected Evil
07-22Dies Mortem · Infectados por el humanismo
11-12Dig for Mary · Lord of the Wicked
10-10Diggeth · Kings of the Underworld
06-18Digging Up · Disseminated Inapparent Infection
03-31Dig Me No Grave · Cosmic Cult
10-16Dim · Dim
11-04Dim7 · The Regal Chapters
05-??Dimaension X · Fire & Ice & the Pantomime Horse
09-15Dimaension X · The G.W.E.N. Towers
06-28Dimaension X · Improvisario
06-28Dimaension X · Industrialisimo
01-12Dimaension X · Trance Ill Vain Ian Hungary
07-11Dimeless · White Lion
11-18Dimension · Revolution
10-17Dimenzion: Psychosphere · Collapse
12-09Dimesland · Psychogenic Atrophy
04-01Dimholt · Liberation Funeral
??-??Dimorph · Godmode
05-13Diocletian · Gesundrian
12-24Dionis · Родовое проклятие
01-07Dionisyan · The Mystery of Faith
11-13Dire Omen · Wresting the Revelation of Futility
03-14Dirge · Hyperion
10-13Dirt · Край
06-20Dirty Rockers · From Hell
??-??Dirty Woman · City of Sins
07-10Disact · Statecrusher
10-10Disangelium · From the Fifth Sun
11-27Disarm · Mars Burns Red
09-12Disaster · Blasphemy Attack
09-22Disasterhate · Mirroring the Abyss
09-27Disastrous · Aftermath of the Apocalypse
09-23Disciple · Attack
03-07Discipline X · Wasted in Hollywood
09-01Disclaimer · Legado sangriento
06-03Disclosed Silence · Perpetual Sadness
11-07Disconnect · Subsistence
10-11Discors · Rei(g)ncarnation
06-16Discretion · Dark Ancient Forces
07-14Diseased Reason · Recombinant
06-??Disemboweled · Cadavers
10-13Disentomb · Misery
03-20Disfigurement of Flesh · Herbarium with Grotesque Necrotic Malformations
11-04Disfigurement of Flesh · Psychotonic Abnormal Dismemberment
??-??Disflesh · Fuck Em All
06-28Disforia · The Age of Ether
09-03Disgracer · Cursed Since Birth
??-??Disguster · Differentiated Punishment
01-15Disharmony · Shades of Insanity
11-26Diskelion · Remember Sorrow
04-04Dismemberment · Embrace the Dark
10-31Disorder · En el río del olvido
??-??Disorder · Pure Hatred
01-25Dispepsia · Thrashtorno digestivo
03-18Display · En la eternidad
09-20Disposable · At the Foot of the World
09-??Dissident by Birth · Dissident by Birth
04-01Dissolution · Natural Selection
04-19Dissolve · The World Died Yesterday
??-??Dissonance · The Intricacies of Nothingness
11-10Distance · I
01-17Distant Past · Utopian Void
09-14Distilling Pain · The Silent Collapse
05-03Distiphyxia · Overshadowed
12-03Distorted Force · Taken by Force
07-09Distorted Harmony · Chain Reaction
08-04District Unknown · Anatomy of a 24 Hour Lifetime
05-??Disturbance Project · Grita mientras puedas
03-24Disumana Res · Disumana Res
??-??Disztraktor · Totális disztraktor
05-13Ditch Witch · Sold Our Souls...
08-??Dithyramvos · Fervid Eternal Affinity
10-06Divahar · Divarise
05-10Divided We Fall · Dreamcrusher
02-01Divine · The War
10-31Divine:Zero · The Cold Asylum
11-21Divine Ascension · Liberator
05-29Divine Chaos · A New Dawn in the Age of War
11-03Divine Disorder · Garden of Dystopia
05-20Divine Side · Entity
11-19Divine Wind · Front Crash ~最前線の激突~
??-??Dizaidor · Мессия
07-12Dizastor · After You Die We Mosh
09-16Djevelkult · I djevelens tegn
08-17Djiwo · Cakra Bhirawa
03-??DMH · Somos guerreros... de la vieja guardia
??-??DNA · Sernato
??-??Dockalfar · Vampiric Supremacy
03-21The Doctor · The Doctor Is In
02-14Doctor Cyclops · Oscuropasso
03-06Doctor Livingstone · Contemptus Saeculi
11-11Doctor Smith · Into the Unknown
11-28Doctor Smoke · The Witching Hour
10-08Dog-Mag · Down the Rabbit Hole
01-20Dolmenn · I
01-05Domains · Sinister Ceremonies
11-14Dominanz · Noxious
??-??Dominator et Sanctum · Omega
09-15Dominhate · Towards the Light
09-09Dominia · Theophania
05-13Dominium · War Ritual
06-09Dominus Morti · Secretum Secretorum
02-25Doom's Day · The Devil's Eyes
05-05Doom:VS · Earthless
12-31Doom Architect · Loca Tacentia
10-31Doombringer · The Grand Sabbath
10-02Doom Division · Train Rolls On
05-13Doomeastvan · 'Tis We
04-21Doomed · Our Ruin Silhouettes
08-31DoomLord · Black Testament
05-02Doom Machine · Doomnation
09-29Doomocracy · The End Is Written
03-05Doomsday Prophet · Our Predetermined Fate
08-09Doomslaughter · Chants of Obliteration
06-??Doomster Reich · The League for Mental Distillation
04-01Doom Tiger · Mass Market Media for the Masses
11-12Doom Tiger · Pelagia
01-26Door into Emptiness · Radio Ja
07-06Door into Emptiness · Znaki rabizny płyni lipenia
04-24Dopelord · Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult
12-26Dor Feafaroth · Истребление духовной проказы
05-02Dornenreich · Freiheit
12-??Dorsal Atlântica · Imperium
11-07Downfall of Gaia · Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
02-04Down from the Wound · Violence and the Macabre
06-29Down Royale · Sway
12-24Down to Hell · V zajatí temnoty
01-01The Down Troddence · How Are You? We Are Fine, Thank You
??-??Doxa · Aniquilación
09-30DPOS!!! · Brutal Grindings of Gore for Make Benefit Glorious Music of Underground
11-01Draconis · The Awakenning of the Deads
07-07Draconis Infernum · The Sacrilegious Eradication
04-01Dragg · Dragg
05-30Dragon's Kiss · Barbarians of the Wasteland
07-18Dragoner · Acordes de libertad
08-18DragonForce · Maximum Overload
11-26Dragon Nation · Dragon Nation
10-03Drakkar · Once upon a Time... in Hell!
??-??Drakonia · Entre la guerra y la traición
11-15Drakum · Torches Will Rise Again
02-01Drakwald · Resist Fatality
05-17Dramaticide · In the Burning Darkness
05-14Drastic Solution · Thrashers
03-28Draugûl · Tales of Loot and Plunder
02-11Drawers · Drawers
12-05Dreadful Minds · Love|Hate|Lies
10-13Dreadnox · The Hero Inside
03-21Dread Sovereign · All Hell's Martyrs
??-??Dreamferno · Equilibrium
10-15Dreamgrave · Presentiment
10-27Dream Projector · Frames and the View
04-14Dreamskiller · Not in This Lifetime
04-??Drekavac · Incipit Demonas Pandorum
10-10Drenaï · Deathwalker
06-13Drescher · Erntezeit
01-20Drex Wiln · Metalhead
07-10Dr. Gore · Viscera
08-26Driftglass · All That Remains
02-01Drift of Genes · Perverted Memories
01-20Dripback · Failed Futures
??-??Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde · Entre cordura y demencia
11-01Dr. K & the Gore Cession · Šiqqǔṣ mišômēm (Abomination of Desolation)
04-25Drone · Drone
12-22Drops of Heart · Новая надежда
05-25DropZone · Erosion
07-14Drowned · Idola Specus
04-08Drowner · Upon the Vaporous Dark
12-01Drowning in the Platte · Wetlands
01-15Druglord · Enter Venus
04-06Druidess · Decay
03-29Druknroll · Точка кипения
03-19Drunk Diver · C₂H₅OH
01-29Dual-Coma · The Diary
03-01Dub Buk · Цвях
11-??Dueling at Dawn · Blades of War
03-10Dulcamara · El antagonista
07-08Dun · Nature morte
08-30Dungortheb · Extracting Souls
03-31Dunkelheit · Mors Aeterna
02-08Dunkell Reiter · Unholy Grave
01-20DunkelNacht · Revelatio
11-21The Duskfall · Where the Tree Stands Dead
09-02Duskmortym · One Night over the Baltic...
12-08Duskmourn · Legends
05-30Dust Bolt · Awake the Riot
10-01Dusty Chopper · Hell of a Ride
11-21Dwail · The Human Concern - Judgment & Fall
05-10Dwel · Far Dark Helm
??-??Dying Behind Bars · How I Met Your Murderer
02-28Dying for Fun · Bullets in My Head
08-15Dying Out Flame · Shiva Rudrastakam
01-??Dying Star · Walking Across the World
01-07Dying Sun · Transcendence
07-04Dying Vision · Univerself
01-20Dynahead · Chordata II
??-??Dynasty of Darkness · Empire of Pain
03-28Dynazty · Renatus
08-16Dysangelium · Holykaust
12-24Dysangelium · Thánatos Áskēsis
11-20Dysnomia · Dysnomia
08-21Dysphorian Breed · The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis
11-01Dysphorian Breed · ...the Rain of Ash...
03-08Dysplaned Soul · Modern Technology
12-27Dystersol · Welcome the Dark Sun
12-22Dystertid · Auf Faehrten alter Tage
10-27Dysthanasia · Cult of the Wizard
03-04Dystopia · Way to Unfold
05-02Dystopian · End of Days
02-04Däng · Tartarus: The Darkest Realm
05-09Décembre Noir · A Discouraged Believer
04-17Désillusion · Metal Influences
11-16Döraid · Midnight
05-13Dødsverk · Dødsverk
05-05Dúnmharú · The Light
12-24E · Verikyyneleet
01-13Ea · A etilla
11-01Ealdath · Ancient Oath
06-12Ear Danger · Warrior Soul
06-15Earendel · Earendel
10-11Early Man · Thank God You've Got the Answers for Us All
09-01Earth · Primitive and Deadly
11-25Earth and Pillars · Earth I
??-??Earthen · The Fate That Binds Us All
07-31Earthenwomb · Blue Velvet: Volume Two
01-30Earthmass · Earthmass
03-19Earthmass · Ormr
12-27Earthmouth · Vol. II: Voice of the Mountain
08-29Earth Rot · Follow the Black Smoke
09-12Earth Ship · Withered
??-??Earth to Ashes · Cursed Invoked
03-21Ease of Disgust · Black Flame
07-28Eastern Front · Descent into Genocide
11-21Eastfrisian Terror · EastfrisiApokalypse
07-01Eastwood · Language of Stars
10-20Easy Rider · From the Darkness
02-17Eating Infinity · Eating Infinity
??-??Eat My Fuck · Bahnsperre am Ku'damm
02-20Eats Aids · Eats Aids
??-??Eat the Turnbuckle · Card Subject to Carnage
09-02Ebauche Noire · Pochoir de cendre
??-??Echalon · Hurrungane
01-24Echelon · Vivito! Creato! Moritor!
07-17Echoes of the Moon · Esoteric
??-??Echonald · Még lélegzem
??-??Echo Temple · The Fall
06-13Eclipse Insomnia · The Celestial Saga, Part One: A Voyage Through Five Mystical Worlds
07-28Eclipse Insomnia · I Have Fallen Breathless upon Speaking the Ancient Tongues
07-28Ecliptyka · Times Are Changed
07-20Ecollapse · Blood Season
12-14Ectomy · Время и вечность
01-11Eddy Metal · The Odyssey Part 1
12-10Eden Demise · Triumph over Adversity
05-12Edenfall · Under Sultry Moons and Velvet Skies
??-??Edenial · Innerpretations
08-29Eden weint im Grab · Geysterstunde II - Ein jenseitiges Kuriositätenkabinett
07-10Edgecrusher · Dread Dead and Damned
04-25Edgedown · Statues Fall
11-02Edgeflame · Load Another Bullet
10-19Edge of Ever · Global Ignition
08-21Edge of Haze · Illumine
04-04Edge of Thorns · Insomnia
04-18Edguy · Space Police - Defenders of the Crown
05-31E.D.I.E.H. · Cosmogaia
12-05Eerie · Into Everlasting Death
06-09Effluo · Исповедь умалишённого
04-09Effort Effect · Отражение снов
04-11E-Force · The Curse...
??-??Efrata · Something Powerful Inside
02-19E.F.R.O. · Drugs & Age Regression Hypnosis
07-11Egality · Euphoric Disdain
06-30Egart · Divide by Zero
04-16Ego Depths · Oligoria Blodd
05-14Egonía · Magia
09-09Eikþyrnir · Under the Old Oak Tree
03-09Einarr · Tales from the Frozen Realm
10-27Einherjer · Av oss, for oss
03-??Einsicht · Forensic the Mind Sprawler
11-24Einstein-Rosen · Le pont noir
08-26Eintritt · Tempel der Meere
06-30Eira · Lacrimosa
07-01Eissturm · Winter
??-??Eizo Sakamoto · Heavenly Days
06-11Ek Erilar · Ego Te Absolvo
05-17El Ahorcado · El Ahorcado
11-09El Destazador · The Horn of Doom
02-17Eldritch · Tasting the Tears
06-01Electric Citizen · Sateen
10-03Electric Earth · Leaving for Freedom
09-29Electric Wizard · Time to Die
10-24Electro Baby · Flies Are Happy About Coyote Shit
05-06Electrocution · Metaphysincarnation
01-25Elementa · Luminous Essence
05-30Element of Eclipse · Divine Masque Revelation
03-01Elephant · Move with the Rhythm of the Rolling Eons
09-23Elephant Tree · Theia
01-07Elgibbor · The Path of Suffering
03-04El Kaso Urkijo · Pozoblanco cadaveres
02-01El Lado Oscuro · Light... at Last
04-01Elmesias · Redro Wen
04-27El Páramo · El Páramo
11-25Eltharia · Innocent
08-01Eluveitie · Origins
05-09Elvenking · The Pagan Manifesto
09-06Elvenstorm · Blood Leads to Glory
01-24Elysion · Someplace Better
06-11Emanation · The Emanation of Begotten Chaos from God
10-25Embalmed · Chaos Reborn: The Apoftheugma of Hate
09-02Emblazoned · Eucharistiae Sacramentum
05-19Embrace of Disharmony · Humananke
11-07Embrace of Thorns · Darkness Impenetrable
10-05Embrace Your Punishment · Honor Before Glory
02-18Embryonic Devourment · Reptilian Agenda
10-23Emerald · Metal Redemption
09-26Emergency Gate · Infected
09-15Emeth · Aethyr
04-20Eminent Terror · The Illusion of Choice
10-28Emit · Spectre Music of an Antiquary
11-25Emma-O · Mechanical
04-11Empatic · Ruined Landscape
03-14Emperor of Myself · All Ends in Tears
08-19Empire Auriga · Ascending the Solarthrone
05-25Empire of the Moon · Πανσέληνος
08-08Empiresfall · Riot
05-27Emptiness · Nothing but the Whole
03-19Emptiness of Life · Emptiness of Life
09-01Emptiness of Life · Life in Spiral
03-03Emptiness Soul · Life = Pain
04-16Empty · Etica Profana Negativa
07-18Empyrium · The Turn of the Tides
05-23Emëra · Leap in the Dark
11-21Enbilulugugal · The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh
08-19Enceladus · Journey to Enlightenment
09-30Enchant · The Great Divide
10-21Encoffination · III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)
07-06Encroaching Darkness · Encroaching Darkness
11-03Endamaged · At the Gates
04-28Endast · Thrive
06-20Ending Quest · The Summoning
04-07Endless · Prophetic Seals of Apocalypse
07-07Endless Affliction · Chain of Balance
??-??Endless Demise · Past the Point of Punishment
08-25EndName · Demetra
11-08Endor · El eterno coraje
09-19End Silence · The Waters
06-30Enemy of Reality · Rejected Gods
04-30Enfarce · Superhero Diaries - Part I
01-10Enferia · Unsound Dimensions
07-28English Dogs · The Thing with Two Heads
07-??English Dogs · We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will!
10-31Engraved Disillusion · The Eternal Rest
01-27Engulfed in Blackness · Ceremonial Equinox
05-23Enigmatic Path · Enigmatic Path
10-01Enisum · Samoht Nara
??-??Enjoy Sarma · Social Disorder
10-01Enki · The Gardens of Babylon
06-28En Masse · Ultimum Tyrannum
08-24Ennoea · Proarkhe
06-10Enodia · The Calling of the Eleven Angels
02-03Enojado · The Chain Is Loose
??-??Enoonmai · The Witches Hammer
??-??Enragement · Omnimalevolence of Man
12-06Ensomhet 777 · Scighera
03-08Entartung · Peccata Mortalia
??-??Enter Tragedy · Sounds of the Fallen
??-??Enthorium · When Darkness Falls
02-14Enthrallment · The Voice of Human Perversity
04-15Enthroned · Sovereigns
04-11Enthroned Darkness · Frozen Emotions at Dusk
??-??Enticer · Origin of Sorrow
08-04Entombed A.D. · Back to the Front
03-14Entrails Out! · Am Puls der Zeit
05-23Entrapment · Lamentations of the Flesh
11-21Entrench · Violent Procreation
05-01Entropia · Pànik sagnant
12-16Entropia · Transform
09-03Entropia Utopia · The Flourishing of Thesis and Antithesis
03-31Enumbria · Enumbria
07-??Envenomed · Evil Unseen
06-18Eosphorus · Winds of Apep
05-02Epica · The Quantum Enigma
07-25Epicardiectomy · Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency
08-15Epicenter · Grab the Reins
08-30Epiphany from the Abyss · The Emptiness of All Things
??-??Epistemy · Death in Agony
04-08EpisTheme · Descending Patterns
04-30Epitaph · Black Hole Effect
10-28Epitaph · Crawling Out of the Crypt
02-15Epitimia · (Un)Reality
03-05Epitome · TheoROTical
12-31Epäihminen · Epäihminen II
10-02Eqaluniqe · Conquest
05-31Equaleft · Adapt & Survive
01-07Equestria Metallers · Feel the Harmony
05-28Equestrian Lord · Revenge of the Herd
06-06Equilibrium · Erdentempel
08-15Equinox · The Cry of Gaïa
12-??Era of Hate · Fragments of Reality
11-03Erazer · L'océan des âmes
04-02Erebus Enthroned · Temple Under Hell
01-01Ered Lithui · In Zicht
02-05Ered Wethrin · Tides of War
11-12Eregion · Lord of War
??-??Eremite · All Things Merge into One
02-26Ereshkigal · Arrogancia y elitismo
12-01Ereshkigal · Winter
08-??Ergum · Dokhma
01-15Eridan · The Path to Enlightenment
??-??Erih · II
04-??Erl · The Rise and Reign of Lucifer
10-10Erotic Devil Worship · Mondo Goat (An Album the Grown Ups Won't Like)
02-13Errar · Pre-esencias
11-22Erroma · Erroma
10-24Escapetor · Fear
??-??Escorias · Mundo escorias
04-21Eskhaton · Worship Death
06-21Esperoza · Esperoza
03-??Espiritismo · Ceremonia de invocación
10-24Esse Delirium · Tempus Dissolutionis Personalitatis
05-09Esseker · Coalescene
04-11Essenza · Blind Gods and Revolutions
12-01Estate · Fantasia
09-15Estigia · Born Guilty
10-24EstWind · Out of Control
06-24Etched in Stone · The Failure of Modern Man
06-??Eterna · Spiritus Dei
11-18Eternal Chaos · Formless Death Spirit
10-21Eternal Khan · A Poisoned Psalm
06-01Eternal Oblivion · Human Fields
??-??The Eternal Pain · Nordlande
01-28Eternal Rising · Break Me Free
11-21Eternal Sex and War · Negative Monoliths
11-18Eternal Sky · Лабиринт грёз
11-21Eternal Thirst · Beyond the Shadows of Hell
03-16Eternal Valley · Forgotten Times of Euphoria
06-07Eternal Valley · Screams of Eternal Emptiness
07-29Eternal Void · Catharsis
10-02Eternal Voyager · The Battle of Eternity
04-22Eternal Winter · Within the Castle Shadowgate
??-??Eternity · Killumination
05-27Eterno Impeler · La sombra de la destrucción
04-??Eternum · The Devouring Descent
02-02Eternus · Labyrinth of Reason
12-20Eternus Flame · The Course of Nerea
01-16Eterul · Shrine of Impassivity
03-04Ethan Brosh · Live the Dream
11-15Ethereal · Pendular
10-31Ethereal Blood · Cold Crypt Sonatas Vol. I
02-18Ethereal Logic · Opus Machina
01-20Ethereal Riffian · Aeonian
05-08Ethereal Terrorblast · Virus: Feind
03-24Etherna · Forgotten Beholder
01-20Ethersens · Your Wandering Ghost
12-14Ethir Anduin · I magen av svart kaos
08-30Etil · Deca neka čekaju
11-17Et Moriemur · Ex Nihilo in Nihilum
01-12Et Mortuus Est in Luce · Бог ночи
07-31Et Mortuus Est in Luce · Холод
08-20Etnocidio · Dogma pagano
09-25Eugenic Order · The Battered Soul
05-02Eukaryst · Dreams in the Witch House
04-11Eva Can't · Hinthial
11-15Evaded · Death and Taxes
04-15Evenoire · Herons
??-??Everfall · From Beneath the Shade
05-01Evergreen Refuge · Embers
09-26Evergrey · Hymns for the Broken
02-06Everlasting Dawn · Seduction - Passion - Death
01-11Ever Since · Bring Out the Gimp
03-26Everyone Dies Alone · Piece
11-25Everything Must Die · Fuck Your God
08-29Evig Hat · Apocalyptic Plague
08-17Evig Hat · Draugr
10-22Evig Hat · Evig hat
12-03Evig Hat · Ikonoklassist
09-11Evig Hat · Misantropiens paradoks
06-??Evil Conqueror · Nuclear Blasphemy
07-01Evil Conspiracy · Prime Evil
03-26Evilence · Essence of Life
02-25Evil Eruption · True Evil Never Dies
10-24Evil Force · Ancient Spores
??-??Evilheart · Quinquaginta
06-16Evilization · The Beginning of the End
10-04Evillive · Tidal
04-22Evil Masquerade · The Digital Crucifix
01-18Evil Oath · Anno. 1666
10-26Evil Remains · Legacy of the Devil
??-??Evil Scarecrow · Galactic Hunt
10-13Evil Spirit · Cauldron Messiah
08-12Evil United · Honored by Fire
09-26Ewiger Wald · Von alten Zeiten...
03-17Ewig Frost · Dirty Tales
11-21Ewigheim · 24/7
02-23Exael · A World Without Existence
10-05Exage · Part of Me
08-22Excelsis · Chrieger Lieder
08-01Excessum · To Hell We Fall
10-27Excimer · Thrash from Fire
12-31Excoriation · Excoriation
01-25Excrecor · Hypnotic Affliction
05-16Excruciation · [g]host
09-29Execration · Morbid Dimensions
09-??Execute · Katharsis
03-22Executer · Helliday
05-20Exekution · Depravity
12-12Exes for Eyes · Tongues Like Figure Eights
08-05Exhausted Prayer · Ruined
??-??Exhortum · Re-evolución
09-09Exhumation · Opus Death
06-17Exiled · Shutter
??-??Exilio · Imágenes de un recuerdo
09-09Exilion · Red Stained Snow
04-25Existance · Steel Alive
08-06Existential Depression · Existential Depression
03-23Existentium · Decadent Desecration
03-15Exit · Face the Enemy
12-01Exlibris · Aftereal
01-18Ex Libris · Medea
12-13Ex Machina · Recreancy
04-13Ex Machina · Technocracy
02-04Exmortus · Slave to the Sword
01-28Exodia · Hellbringer
10-10Exodus · Blood in Blood Out
04-25Exorcism · I Am God
11-01Exorcist · Utterances of Going Forth by Day
01-01Exorcizer · Mechanism of Decay
07-??Exordial · Holocaust of Souls
07-05Exordium Mors · The Apotheosis of Death
10-06Exoto · Beyond the Depths of Hate
06-24Expain · Just the Tip
02-18The Experiment No.Q · The Experiment No.Q
02-23Experimentum · Misanthropic Slaughter Force
06-28Exploding the Cranial · Colonization Machine Killers of Morals
09-12Explorer · Shout in the Fog
08-08Explosicum · Raging Living
03-19Expose Your Hate · Indoctrination of Hate
05-20Exquisite Ending · The Pain of Passing, I Embrace
11-09Exrated · $O$
06-06Exsanguinator · Downloading ... ver 6.66
??-??Exsecror Vecordia · Pesadilla
03-25Extinct · Pain Palace
11-21Extinctionist · Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions
11-17Extinger · Mercy Killing
05-29Extirpating the Infected · Reborn in Putrefaction
10-??Extreme Smoke 57 · Life of No Dreams • Rehearsal & Live 2014
12-01Extremist · Unholy Torment
07-15Exult · Edge
04-09Exxperior · Killing Entertainment
05-27Eyehategod · Eyehategod
11-01Eyelessight · Mantra per sopravvivere inutilmente
10-25Eye of Minerva · Through the Archway of Perdition
04-29Eye of the Enemy · The Vengeance Paradox
??-??Eyes of Beholder · Time Is Now
11-15Eyes of the Dead · The Sum of All Your Fears
04-02Fabio La Manna · Res Parallela
05-29F.A.C.E. · A New Light
02-28Face Down Hero · Product of Injustice
03-10Faceofanother · The Crows Will Accompany Us to the End of Time
??-??Fading Circles · MűEmlék
01-08Fadom · Pantophobia
07-07Faethon · Archetypes of Purification
02-20Failed Virgin · Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood
07-25Fairy Mirror · Cosmicnations
01-11F.A.I.T.H. · Монолог
12-08Faithful Darkness · Archgod
03-11The Faith Hills Have Eyes · The Faith Hills Have Eyes
09-02Faithsedge · The Answer of Insanity
01-30Fake Idyll · Genome of Terror
04-13Falcon · Mensajero de medianoche
06-06Falconer · Black Moon Rising
04-21Falgar · Lejanía
08-01Fall a Prey · Torture Box
01-30Fallen Fate · Into the Black
10-??Fallen Saints · Evolution Has Failed
08-23Fallen Shall Rise · Disorder of Creation
06-16Fallen Symphony · Revelations
07-12Fallen Voices · Fallen Voices
09-09Falling Cloud · Life as It Is​.​.​.
01-20Fall of Darkness · Perfect Asymetry
11-01Falls of Rauros · Believe in No Coming Shore
07-22Fallujah · The Flesh Prevails
04-25False Coda · Closer to the Edge
10-18False Flag · Suffer in Silence
12-26False Flag Attack · Everything Is Shit
11-06False in Truth · Back to War
03-21False Prophecy · The Awakening
06-29Falsoprofeta · Live Your Death...
12-01FamishGod · Devourers of Light
??-??Fanasia · The Death Sin and Black Symphony
03-01Fanatic Attack · Waiting to Rot
10-27Fangtooth · We Dive into the Dark
02-13Fantoft · The Chronicles of Hate
04-09Far from Reality · Reminiscence
??-??Farland · Thousand Ways to Die
03-25Faršas · Bėdų turgus
12-12Fasiq · Fasiq
??-??Fast Eddie Clarke · Make My Day - Back to Blues
03-18Fatal Castration · Perishan Grinder
10-18Fatality · Bloody Hate
03-07Fatal Mutiny · Existence in Extinction
04-??Fatal Smile · White Trash Heroes
07-11Fathomless · A Constant State of Loss
07-15Fat Monsters · Thrash We Trust
??-??Fazzio · The Last Heroes
07-24Fear Forest · 惊林
02-07Fear of Domination · Distorted Delusions
10-20The Fear of the Sun · What's the Emergency?
05-12Fecal God · Thee Flesh We Mutilate
04-??Fecalizer · Zombie Mankind Extermination
07-01Fedallah · Fedallah
12-14Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Divina Commedia
11-24Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · The Forgotten Realmlands
09-04Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · The Infinite Dreamlands
05-20Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · The Mourning Woodlands
06-08Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · One Symphony to Rule Them All - A Tribute to Summoning - Volume I
08-30Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · One Symphony to Rule Them All - A Tribute to Summoning - Volume II
11-14Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · One Symphony to Rule Them All - A Tribute to Summoning - Volume III
08-18Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Rammstein - Das Orchester
04-04Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Trostlosigkeit
09-12Feline Melinda · Dance of Fire and Rain
03-??Femur · Sketching the Holy Blood
11-22Fen · Carrion Skies
03-05Fenris · Across the Darkened Skies
10-23Feral · For Those Who Live in Darkness
04-07Ferium · Reflections
06-06Ferosity · Blasphemous Verses
02-01Feskarn · Östra Aros
12-27Festival of Mutilation · Indiscipline
11-29Fetal Autopsy · Collection of Dead Flesh
02-10Fetterdoppelmord · FD2
04-04Fetus Ripper · Chainsaw Hysterectomy
08-02Fibroma · Fibroma
10-31Fides Inversa · Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans
??-??Fiebre · Mi otra cara
03-22Fightcast · Siamesian
05-01Fight the Demiurge · The War at the Edge of Existence
07-??Filii Eliae · Qui Nobis Maledictum Velit
10-31Fimbulvet · Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht
09-19Fimbulvinter · Ginnungagap
07-11Fin · Refutable Arts of the Noble Reserve
05-02Final Cut · Massive Resurrection
11-07Final Drive · Lifeswork
10-11Final Faith · Chaos Injected
10-15Final Six · Religious Psychosis
04-??Fin Bulgaria · Beton
12-11Finsterort · Warcourse Against Mankind
06-20FireForce · Deathbringer
09-27FireHaze · Silenced
12-14Fire Hunter · No Fear No Lies
03-14Fire Stream · Пустыня в огне
12-24FireSword · Enslaved to the Void
10-31FireWölfe · We Rule the Night
11-21First Aid · Nursed
08-21First Dawn · Final Epoch
01-21First Reign · Harvest of Shame
??-??Firstryke · Welcome to the Revolution
05-16Firtan · Niedergang
10-27Firun · Reflections
??-??Fishkiller · Tale of Beards
01-24Fisthammer · Infallible
08-19Fistula · Vermin Prolificus
06-25Five Days Dead · Where the Corpses Are Kept
11-27Flageladör · Assalto da Motosserra
08-09Flagellant · Back to the Old House
04-14Flametal · Flametal
03-28Flaming Row · Mirage - A Portrayal of Figures
??-??Flaming Skull · Ambitious War
10-28Flaming Tusk · Inquisitor
08-29Flashback of Anger · T.S.R.
11-01The Flaying · Unhope
03-01Flesh · Flesh
07-14Fleshblade · Visions from Darkness
09-09Fleshbomb · Reincarnated in Abomination
10-31Fleshcraft · Human Error
07-??Flesh Disgorged · A Pulchritudinous Macabre
11-25Flesh Engine · Purging Existence
05-14Flesh Incineration · Nescient Atrophy
05-27Fleshtorn · Synopsis
10-25The Flesh Trading Company · Zombificated
11-24The Flight of Sleipnir · V.
10-31Flittering · Disappearance
06-15Flittering · Flittering
07-29Flood · Oak
04-25Floor · Oblation
02-14Flotsam and Jetsam · No Place for Disgrace 2014
01-28Fluisteraars · Dromers
08-16Flummox · Phlummoxygen
10-11Fléau Noir · Au bout du monde
03-31.F.O.A.D. · The Bringer of Death
06-10Fog · Fog
11-28Fog Cult · Fog Cult
02-24Folge dem Wind · To Summon Twilight
10-01Folhas de Outono · O tempo que me foi dado​.​.​.
05-15Folkearth · Balder's Lament
11-03Folkstone · Oltre... l'abisso
09-01Force of Element · Конец жизни на Земле
01-21ForChristSake · Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror
07-18Forensick · The Prophecy
11-11Foreseen · Helsinki Savagery
11-12Forest Moonlight · (no title)
10-28Forest of Desolation · Endlos
12-21Forest Whispers · Magiczny las
12-15Forest Whitaker · Blobfish
??-??Forever Autumn · Patience of ðm Fire-Keeper
01-14Forever Dawn · The Long Journey Home
10-10Forever It Shall Be · Destroyer
03-03Forgery · With These Fists
05-??Forgiveness Before Death · Metamorfosis Jiwa
03-05Forgot · In the Image of Man
11-03Forgotten Land · Omnia Fert Aetas
06-01Forhell · Throne of Chaos
10-25For Infidel · Manifest Genocide
07-??Forjando Bielas · Tiempos de pensar
09-15Formis · Mental Survival
07-28Fornicus · Storming Heaven
11-18Forsaken Memoriam · Forsaken Memoriam
11-16Forsaken Peddlers · Songs of Fate and Freedom
11-10Forsaken World · Fragments
09-05Forsake the Fallen · Broken World
11-10Forsik · Mundo sem Luz
07-01Fortaleza · Quinta sinfonía
03-01Forteca · Rotmistrz
02-14For Today · Fight the Silence
12-02Fortress · Unto the Nothing
12-15Fortress Under Siege · Phoenix Rising
03-14Fort Royal · Игра в сюрреализм
04-10Fortunate Fall · Camera Obscura
09-14Forzee · Зеркала
11-25Foscor · Those Horrors Wither
12-09Foul Spirits · Volatile Versatile
07-05Foul Stench · Blood Orgy
11-??Four Star Revival · Knights of the Revival
07-18Fozzy · Do You Wanna Start a War
01-20Fractal Entropy · Evolution
06-18Fractalline · Polymath Theory
01-11Fractal Reality · A Plague for Eternity
08-01Fractured Spine · Memoirs of a Shattered Mind
08-07Fragile Edge · Void Inside
09-16Fragmenta · Odimorsus
05-03Fragore · The Reckoning
01-25Fraise · Siamese Conspiracy
06-09F.R.A.M. · Keep Calm and Blow Your Bagpipe (Волынка и рок-н-ролл)
01-09Framework · A World Distorted
10-07The Francesco Artusato Project · Our Dying Sun
06-24Fran Soler · The Change
11-05Frantic Machine · Peace of Mind
09-12FreaKings · Gladiator
09-16Freak Kitchen · Cooking with Pagans
05-31Fred Brum · Transcendence
02-21Freedom Call · Beyond
10-17Free Key Bit Chess · Havoc
10-28Frenzied Madness · Tartarus
02-24Frequency · The Flow
04-18Fried Pope · Habemus Papam
03-31Friend of Misery · Agents pathogènes
05-14Fright Night · Life Eternal
04-04Frijgard · Bellum Aeternum Est
10-17From Earth · Dark Waves
03-25From Hell · Ascent from Hell
12-12Fromhell · 巫峽王朝 Dynasty
02-17From the Embrace · The Sun Betrays Us to the Night
10-06From the Vastland · Temple of Daevas
05-23Frontal · Death Eaters
03-07Frosset Skog · Образы осени
03-14Frost · ...from the Dark
08-04Frost · Maître des illusions
02-18Frostbitten · A Spiritual Awakening
08-28Frostbitten · In the Shadows of Salvation
11-25Frostbitten Kingdom · The Winter War Symphony
01-01Frostblaze · Doom of Winter
06-11Frost Commander · Invincible
09-16Frostfang · Frostfang
03-25Frostlagte Måne · Summoning Blizzard
01-23Frost Legion · Death of Mankind
11-17Frostreich · Stella Polaris
08-02Frost Tears · 九章
10-11Frosty Eve · 心像领域 (Domain of Imago)
11-13Frown · The Greatest Gift to Give
01-05Frown · Introspection of Memoirs
12-08Frowning · Funeral Impressions
??-??Frozen Alive · Last Winter on Earth
01-24Frozen Caress · Introjection
03-15Frozen Dawn · Those of the Cursed Light
07-26Frozen Frost · From Here to Eternity
07-04Frozen Horizon · Remoteness
03-01Frozen Mist · Paganwinds
12-22Frozen Night · I: Tales of the Crescent Moon
03-03Frozen Ocean · The Dyson Swarm
06-20Frozen Ocean · Weighing Form
08-19Frozen Sun · Frozen Sun
10-10Frustration · Humanity Through the Madness
10-??Fuad Monster · Metal Planet Part 19: The Journey to Glory
08-28Fuck You and Die · Elements of Instability
09-18Fudjin Hao · Chaos Undivided
??-??Fuego Negro · Fuego negro
07-07Fuel to Fire · Nothing Left to Burn
??-??Fuerza Letal · Grito de guerra
01-20Fukpig · This World Is Weakening
09-??Full Moon Ritual · Emperor of the Age of Disorder
08-31Fully Consumed · Incendium
02-09Funeraal · Conte satanique
06-16Funeral Art · Semper Altus
10-??Funeral Fog · Isolated from Light
02-22Funeral Moth · Dense Fog
05-08Funeral Rape · Sperm Overdose
10-01Funeral Tears · The World We Lost
06-16Funeral Throne · Threshold
08-12Funerary · Starless Aeon
04-05Funereal Moon · Bringer of Evil
03-13Funereal Presence · The Archer Takes Aim
09-08Funereus · ......Return of the Old Goat
04-23Funeris · Waning Light
04-16Funest · Desecrating Obscurity
01-15Fungoid Stream · Prehuman Shapes
02-17Fuoco Fatuo · The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains
10-16Furia · Nocel
??-??Furia Inc. · Murder Nature
10-25Furious Anger · Bloodsword
10-12Furious Flame · Unleashed Silence
02-??Furious Zoo · Back to Blues Rock
03-01The Furor · Impending Revelation
05-24Furtherial · Destroying Atropolis
08-09Fury · The Lightning Dream
09-05Furyens · Barback Attack
07-30Fyrfos · Hohle Welt unter die Schwarze Sonne
10-15Fyrnreich · Am Grunde Yggdrasils
02-28Fäulnis · Snuff || Hiroshima
07-22Fórn · The Departure of Consciousness
08-27Fördärv · Between the Eternities
11-03Gaia · Reality Field
07-16Gaki · A Wretched Portrait
02-19Gaki · Mutated Cadaver Harvest
01-27Gaki · Unwanted Flesh
04-21Galathea · Аллерген
11-21Gallileous · Voodoom Protonauts
08-12Gallows Throne · Scourge of Bedlam
09-24Galneryus · Vetelgyus
06-22Game Over · Burst into the Quiet
03-28Gamma Ray · Empire of the Undead
03-23Gang · Inject the Venom
11-01Gangrened · We Are Nothing
01-17Gar · Bottomfeeder
04-28Garagedays · Passion of Dirt
02-01Garbage Can · 24 Minutes of Your Life You Will Never Get Back
12-25Gardarika · Khemosynthesis
12-12Garden of Grief · Endstation
01-10Garden of Hesperides · The Frozen Garden of the Hesperides
08-27Gargoyle · 解識 ~Geshiki~
05-08Garoted · Visions of Death and Destruction
08-29Gatekrashör · Gatekrashör
01-30Gates of Aaru · In Retribution of Life and Decay
02-01Gates of Mourning · Ritualistic Bloodletting of the Soul
05-20Gateway of the Sun · Trespassing the Bridge Towards a Higher Threshold
10-07Gaul · Ancient Sanctuary
07-23Gauntlet · Birthplace of Emperor
12-15The Gay Parade · History in Black
??-??Geheimnis · Dunkelheit
06-06Geheimnis · Ilha de Tormentos
12-20Gemanon · Gemanon
10-28Generation of Vipers · Coffin Wisdom
12-13Generichrist · House of Illrepute
11-28Genesis Mortis · Sacrificial Blood
06-15Genius Ultor · Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce
03-29Genocidio · Hostil
06-22Genotype · Design Intent
05-03GerbeЯ · 228
08-18Ghast · Dread Doom Ruin
05-30Gheestenland · IJzeren luchten
02-04Ghost Bath · Funeral
04-30Ghost Booster · Freaks
11-07Ghost Brigade · IV - One with the Storm
06-25Ghost Warfare · Outer Rim Part I: Beyond the Veil
07-25Ghoulchapel · Idols of Doom
02-25Giant of the Mountain · Moon Worship
10-28Giant Squid · Minoans
01-15Gift of Madness · Walk and Thee Shall Reach
03-04Gigatron · Atopeosis 666
03-27Giggerotah · Call of Zamiel
09-06Gilgamesh · The Awakening
02-15Gilgamesh's Odyssey · Dispuesto a seguir
12-18Ginevra · Æthereal
11-01Gjallarhorn · Із серця наповнюю чашу свою
05-30Gjeldrune · Схоронили мы свой край
11-10Glacier Frost · Depths of Her Soul
05-05Gladenfold · From Dusk to Eternity
??-??Gladiador · In... Requiescat in Pace
10-30Gladiator · 13
05-31Gladius · Age of Barbarism
05-08Gloomy Sunday · Introduction to the Apocalypse
10-05Glorifying Dying · Witch Holocaust
08-26Glorious Death · Resurrection
04-25Gloryful · Ocean Blade
06-27Glutton for Punishment · Lying in Torment
05-26Gluttony · Beyond the Veil of Flesh
06-08Gnarcave · Dawn
10-25Goatdusias · Horrendous Displays of Blasphemous Acts
07-03Goathanger · The Hook
09-07Goatmoon · Voitto tai Valhalla
08-06Goatpenis · Flesh Consumed in the Battlefield
01-02Goat Thrower · Verses from the Black Sacramentary
08-22Goatwar · Their Nobles With Shackles of Iron
01-13Goatwar · Untitled
07-08Goatwhore · Constricting Rage of the Merciless
10-14Goblin Hovel · The Roots That Broke the Stone
05-23God's Army · God's Army AD
09-19Godchilla · Cosmatos
08-??God Defamer · Relics
10-07Godflesh · A World Lit Only by Fire
08-27GodHater · Blasphemia
02-18Godhunter · City of Dust
??-??Godless · Ζωή χαριcάμενη
11-11Godmaker · Godmaker
09-09God-Shroud · Like Nothing and Everything Else
10-06Gods of Hellfire · Chronicles of Death
06-02Godvlad · Bipolar
05-13Godzick · Resurrection
04-05Goetic Equivalent · Goetic Equivalent
10-10Gohrgone · A Divinis
??-??Golgota · War Has Begun
11-30Gonzalo Ponce · Fraxinus
06-30Gorcrow · Gorcrow
07-30Gore Insane · Insane Covers
05-01Gorepot · All You Can Smoke
09-??Goresluts · Divisi Panji Merah
01-14Goretrade · Doomsday Device
??-??GoreМыка · Боян
10-22Gorganera · Proximi Divinitatis
07-31Gorgasm · Destined to Violate
11-??Gorgatron · Inner Supremacy
05-09Gorilla Troops · Gorilla Troops
??-??Gorjeo Seglar · En pie de guerra
09-26Gormathon · Following the Beast
05-22Gory Blister · The Fifth Fury
09-21Goryl · The Father of Evil Witches
08-19Goryl · The Father of Witches
02-15Gotland · Gloria et Morte
09-??Gotteron · Reveal the Hidden
07-03Gozo · Pussy Fuckers
04-15Graaqmors · Busdir Creperum Astral
04-29Grace Disgraced · The Primal Cause: Womanumental
02-23Graftage · Secret Garden
12-12Grafvitnir · Semen Serpentis
04-11Grailknights · Calling the Choir
01-29Grand Magus · Triumph and Power
07-17Granted Earth · The Transit
09-??Grapeshot · The Scene
06-13The Grasshopper Lies Heavy · All Sadness, Grinning into Flow
11-03Gratzug · Offenbarung
08-18Gravastar · Genetic Genesis
05-23Graveborn · Samsara
01-20Graveborne · Through the Window of the Night
07-11Grave Digger · Return of the Reaper
04-01Gravehill · Death Curse
05-15Gravekeeper · Gravekeeper
07-10Graveland · Ogień przebudzenia
05-21Graven Dusk · Graven Dusk
09-22Graves of Nosgoth · Dr. Fausten (Und der höllische Anleihe)
12-??Gravestone · Ancient Spirits
04-01Gravewürm · Abyss Sorcery
12-20Graveyard · Depressive Soul
09-03Graveyard After Graveyard · Bagged and Dragged to a Fullmoon Burial
02-20Graveyard Ghoul · The Living Cemetery
11-01Graveyhard · Cave Core
03-28The Graviators · Motherload
10-04Gravislatro · Selectiva ignorancia
01-29The Great He-Goat · Last Rites for a Generation
??-??The Great Machine · The Great Machine
04-16The Great Old Ones · Tekeli-li
06-02The Great Sabatini · Dog Years
02-26Green · The Weight of the Chord
02-03Green Asylum · Zero
03-08Green Novice · Padebeši
09-29Greensleeves · Inertial Frames
11-10Grey Aura · Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort
12-05Greymon · Brány propastí
04-29Grey Skies Fallen · The Many Sides of Truth
01-14Grey Widow · I
03-26Grey Wolf · Grey Wolf
02-21Greyzone · Release the Madness
02-19Gridlink · Longhena
04-15Griefloss · Ruiner
02-22Grief of Destruction · Shattering Atmosphere
05-02Griefrain · Spring Illusion
12-15Grima Morstua · Finis Coronat Opus
03-26Grimegod · Wrong Roads
01-20Grimlair · The Observatory Part.II
03-18Grim Legion · Unholy Resurrection
10-12Grimmness · GÕñw​□​]​ñw§​[​ñwê3ôwÞ‚ñw¯‰ñw
05-14Grimmness · Iconoclasm
03-21Grimner · Blodshymner
08-23Grim Ordeal · A Tragedy Unfolds
02-??Grind Chachacha · Hutan Gundul
11-20Grindsuffering · Mvrtadevs
07-14Grind Zero · Mass Distraction
10-01Grisâtre · Paroxystique
09-08G.R.I.T.H. · Utopia
10-10Grizzly · Rapturous Decay
05-06Gross Reality · Overthrow
03-10Grrizli Madams · Bloated Pigs
09-23Grst · Plague Seed
06-17GröBär · Grob
09-19Guadaña · Deryaz
02-22Guardian · Almost Home
05-02Guecha · Muerte violenta de ángeles
10-31Guerra Total · Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats
01-03Guilles · The Bridge
06-13Guilty as Charged · Leap of Faith
05-23Guiltys Law · Rise Again
10-01Guineapig · Bacteria
01-28Gulag · Black Flag
10-12Gulag · Death and Its Roses
02-22Gum · But Woman Monkey
05-30GumoManiacs · Out of Disorder
03-21Gun Barrel · Damage Dancer
10-22Gunbridge · Privilege of Ten Thousands
09-08Gunfire · Age of Supremacy
08-13Gunship 666 · Kamikaze Fuck You
11-21Gurd · Fake
06-09Gurt · Horrendosaurus
??-??Gusano's Hellmachine · Cambios
03-17Gus G. · I Am the Fire
??-??Gustavo Diaz · Mystic Eye
??-??Guthorm · Acknowledge Beauty
09-20Guthravir · Guthravir
03-29Gutted Alive · Culmination of Mutilation
01-29H5N1 · A Time of No Tomorrows
08-24Hadal Maw · Senium
05-12Haddah · Through the Gates of Evangelia
01-27Hadea · Fabric of Intention
??-??Hades · El guardián del silencio
09-??Hades · Времето
07-28Hadez · Morituri Te Salutant
11-17Haelm · Haelm
05-04Haemophagus · Atrocious
07-??Haemorrhage of Distress · The Revenge of Plague's Souls for the Dead Nations
10-04Haeredium · Aurora
03-15Haeres · Trom
??-??Hagalanth · Through the Void
02-22Hailshot · Vol. 1
01-20Hail Spirit Noir · Oi Magoi
07-05Halberd · Remnants of Crumbling Empires
08-19Halcyon Way · Conquer
06-13Halfdream · Kaleidoscope
??-??Hammer · Realize
01-27Hammercult · Steelcrusher
02-14Hammerdrone · Clone of Europa
08-27HammerFall · (r)Evolution
09-10Hammerhead · Rion
09-09Hammeron · Wired for Sound
05-30Handfast · The Dreaming Dead
11-13Hands of Orlac · Figli del crepuscolo
01-31Hangatyr · Elemente
10-14Hang the Bastard · Sex in the Seventh Circle
01-22Hannes Grossmann · The Radial Covenant
11-11Hanzel und Gretyl · Black Forest Metal
06-06The Happiness Cage · Lurking Beyond Consciousness
09-01Haqq-Ed-Dumm · Codex Gigas
04-21Harakiri for the Sky · Aokigahara
01-??Haram · Disgrace Satanic Brain
05-27Harassor · Into Unknown Depths
10-??Hardfaced · Dying Lake
08-08Hardkada · Vomitando vísceras
03-14Hark · Crystalline
12-02Harmony · Theatre of Redemption
??-??Harmony Fault · Savage Horror Dementia
06-??Harvest the Murdered · Requiem for a Millennium
04-27Harvs · Curiosities
03-06Hashe · El espíritu del árbol muerto
10-29Haspyd · Буревій
04-04Hass · The Cult of Ego
01-01Hass · Inferior
02-09Hast · Hast
01-18Hasteblood · Fragments
08-01The Hate Colony · Navigate
07-08Hate Division · Order of the Enslaved
05-16HateDotCom · Dissociative
06-01Hate Embrace · Sertão Saga
01-10Hateflame · Snow, Cold, Isolation... Death
12-15Hateful Agony · Almas Queimadas
08-04Hatefulmurder · No Peace
12-01Hate in Hands · Through the Veins
04-11Hate Legions · Exitus Letalis (Tota Vita Nihil Aliud Quam ad Mortem Iter Est)
07-??Hate Machine · The Suffer of the Forgotten Ones
03-28Hate Storm Annihilation · Storm of Flames
02-21Hatriot · Dawn of the New Centurion
04-15Hats Barn · A Necessary Dehumanization
08-25The Haunted · Exit Wounds
09-??Hautakammio · Pimeyden valtakunta
12-22Havenless · The Crimson Lines
03-11Havenside · Living Our Darkest Days
02-01HAW · Soundtrack of Our Friendship
02-21Hawkmoth · Calamitas
06-09Hay Perro · Desert of Nowhere
05-01Hazardeur · Rational Gaze
09-01HDK · Serenades of the Netherworld
09-??Headless Wizard · Headless Wizard
06-20Hear Me Loud · The System
05-01Heart Impaled · Rise of Eradication
06-12Heat Shock · Mindless and Merciless
04-19Heaven's Scum · It All Ends in Pain
??-??Heaven Holocaust · Kings of Genocide
04-11Heavy Duty · Built to Resist Vol.1
11-21Hecate · The Order of the Black Light
01-05Hectic · Exist to Burn
05-30Hedon · Summon the Demons
10-25Hedor · Dethroned Herarchy
04-07Heedless Descent · Malady - An Undergoing and an Overcoming
05-23Hegemone · Luminosity
09-05Hegeroth · Three Emperors' Triangle
??-??Heia · Ritos Noturnos
06-16Heidra · Awaiting Dawn
??-??Heiliger Krieg · Bekenntnis
09-04Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XIX
08-??Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XV
08-??Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XVI
09-??Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XVII
09-??Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XVIII
09-05Heirdrain · Dirge and Requiem Part.XX
08-23Heirs of the Void · Four Horsemen of Doom
11-03HeKz · Caerus
02-20Heldentod · Virradat
09-22Helevorn · Compassion Forlorn
02-04Helgardh · The Black Flame Descent
11-??Helguard · Знамение Рагнарока
08-22Heliosaga · Towers in the Distance
03-22Hell's Guardian · Follow Your Fate
09-??Hellacaust · What Is Not
01-31Hellangels · Ea Initium
12-27Hell Before · Lies of War
02-07HellBent · Southern Brutality
07-26Hellborn Death Engines · Welcome to the Hellmouth
04-04Hellbreaker · The Rise of the Unholy Viper
11-01Hellcannon · Terminal
04-22HellCircles · Prelude to Decline
11-14Hell City · Victorious
11-03Hellgeist · Hellgeist
11-30Hellhound · For Whom You Pray
10-24Hell Inc. · Paradigm
11-03Hell in the Club · Devil on My Shoulder
10-13Helllander · Survivor
??-??Hellmotz · South Born
07-14Hellraiser · Revenge of the Phoenix
03-06Hellraizer · Disclosure of Cosmogony : Dawn to the Ruination
01-26Hell Skuad · Tortured
05-26Hell Spirit · Dawn Under Curse
12-28Hellucinate · Destroy
??-??Hellvete · Just for a Moment
06-10Hellyeah · Blood for Blood
02-18Helmsplitter · Enraptured by Suffering
04-25Helstar · This Wicked Nest
08-26Helsótt · Woven
03-15Helvetespine · Forheksede visjoner
09-02Hemina · Nebulae
04-22Herder · Gods
11-??Heresic Synopsis · Je suis d'ailleurs
04-01Heretical · Dæmonarchrist - Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs
02-20Heretical Warlust · Criminal Black Metal Terrorists Crush Judeochristian Lambs to Death in Violence
12-02Hericide · Stone the Oppressors
09-01Herman Arvokas · From Here to There
12-15Hermóðr · Krigstid
01-03Hermóðr · Vinter
04-12Hero's Last Rite · The Mirror's Face
10-10Heroes of Vallentor · Warriors Path, Part 1
??-??Heroic · Hordes
12-31Herxsebet · Apophatic Terrains of Southern Opposition and Sorcery
07-07Hesperian · Chain of Balance
10-27Hess · Hagalaz
01-30Hessaja · Hessaja
09-01Hessian · Bachelor of Black Arts
06-27Heterodox · Elixir of Lethe
12-15Hetroertzen · Ain Soph Aur
01-02Hex · Deadly Sin
12-08Hex A.D. · Even the Savage Will See Fair Play
09-05Hexadar · Buried Under Giants
11-04Hexa Mera · Human Entropy
10-26HexenHammer's Flame · Ad Fines Nivis Aeternae
01-11Hexis · Abalam
12-24Hibria · Defying the Rules: 10th Anniversary
01-01Hidden · [Anti]Utopia
05-29The Hidden · Fearful Symmetry
??-??Hidden Pride · Born on a Landmine
10-31Hideous Divinity · Cobra Verde
09-17Hielo Negro · El gran camino
??-??Hierarchical Punishment · The Humanity Walks This Way
11-28Hierophant · Peste
11-15HI-GH · Till Death and After
??-??Higher · Higher
??-??High Purity · Z euforie vězení
04-25High Spirits · You Are Here
07-01High Voltage · A Morning Dying
03-14Hiidenhauta · Noitia on minun sukuni
02-06Hijos de Overon · Prisionero de agujas
05-31Hilastherion · Signs of the End
08-04Hillbilly Blitzkrieg · Baptized in Vomit
08-05Hillbilly Blitzkrieg · Hillbilly Blitzkrieg Unreleased
02-24Hirax · Immortal Legacy
02-01Hirsute · Still Waiting
07-05Hirviö · Hypnos
04-25Hitten · First Strike with the Devil
06-06Hiverna · II. Macabre
09-09Hod · Book of the Worm
05-19Hofmann Grinder · Survive in the Terror
11-10Hohl · Apocalyptic Hymns
04-28Hok-key · Znak biady
05-10Holdaar · Времена, уходящие в небо
07-24The Hole · A Monument to the End of the World
05-30Hollow · Mordrake
??-??Hollow · Spirit Soldier
01-21HollowHecatomb · HollowHecatomb
11-17Hollowmind · The Cardinal Factor
12-24Hollowshell · Imperfect Design
04-11Hollow Truth · The Power to Endure
12-31Holy Blood · День отмщения
10-13Holy Dragons · Dragon Inferno
04-25Holy Moses · Redefined Mayhem
04-07Holy Mountain · Ancient Astronauts
05-13Holy Shire · Midgard
11-14Hombre Malo · Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath
??-??Hombre Viejo · En la quietud del tiempo
10-17Home Reared Meat · Euthanasie Goreng
??-??Homewrecker · Circle of Death
07-09Hone Your Sense · Absolute Senses
06-01Honor · Biały front - White Deluxe
06-12Hopesend · Bloody, Twilight... and Other Visions
??-??Hordagaard · Goddefaen
02-24Horizon Ablaze · Dødsverk
??-??Horizons Edge · Horizons Edge
04-26The Horn · Spell 140 / Astral Voyage of the Nightbark
12-01Horncrowned · Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)
09-01Horned Almighty · World of Tombs
08-16Horn of the Rhino · Summoning Deliverance
05-13Hornss · No Blood No Sympathy
02-??Hornwood Fell · Hornwood Fell
10-14Horrendous · Ecdysis
05-01Horrid · Sacrilegious Fornication
10-??Horrified · Descent into Putridity
03-05Horror · Kill Me, I'm Them
12-27Horror on Black Hills · An Empty Throne
05-??Horrorscope · Delicioushell
09-30Horsehunter · Caged in Flesh
09-15Horseskull · Horseskull
03-24Hortus Animae · Secular Music
12-28Hortus Nullus · Anima Putridus
04-18Horus · Contradictions
04-16Hotel Wrecking City Traders · Ikiryo
05-20Hoth · Oathbreaker
12-13Hotrod Mayhem · We Are at War
03-28The Hourglass · Through Darkness and Light
05-13Hour of Penance · Regicide
10-16Hourswill · Inevitable
11-09The House of Capricorn · Morning Star Rise
04-20House of Lightning · Lightworker
07-09Hovf · Skogstronen
09-??Howling in the Fog · Falling into the Void of This Unknown Fate
07-05Howling in the Fog · Unbridgeable
02-15Howls of Ebb · Vigils of the 3rd Eye
01-18Hoyt · Down There
02-??Hrash · A conciencia
06-22Hrizg · Individualism
07-25Hroptatyr · Hroptatyr
04-14Huey · Ace
06-24Huge CCM · Gloomy Dense Matter
12-01Hujjaï · Hujjaï
10-11Huldra · Black Tides
08-27Human · Disgusting Greatness of People
04-05Humanart · Lightbringer
02-15Human Butchery · Psychopath Abduction
12-??Human Chunks · Anatomical Artistic Deviancy
04-05Human Collapse · Darkness to Fall
03-31Human Cull · Stillborn Nation
01-04Human Debris · Wrought from Anguish
06-12Human Degrade · Forced Depression
06-13Humaniac · Abandon the Eternity
02-11Human Infection · Curvatures in Time
??-??Humanity Zero · Execution Ground
07-14Humanizzed · No Pain - No Glory
04-30The Human Monsters · Daddy's Butcher Shop
06-13Human Prey · Human Prey
10-06Human Putrefaction · Anti-Human Nekro Kvlt
06-06Human Serpent · The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism
06-27Humavoid · Faster Forward
10-14Humiliation · Battalion
06-09Humm · No Empathy Before Doomsday
09-12Hums in the Dark · Resurrection (2014)
06-21Humut Tabal · The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm
12-06Hunbatz · Tyrannus
??-??Hunde des Krieges · Frontschweine
09-??The Hundredth Man · In Medias Res
02-03Hungarica · A láng örökkön ég
??-??Hungry Vultures · Hungry Vultures
09-??Hurakán · Tlalocan
06-24Hush · Unexist
09-23Hyborian Steel · Barbaric Mysticism
06-30Hybrid Circle · A Matter of Faith
11-14Hybrid Sheep · Free from the Clutches of Gods
05-22Hyde Mind · Splitting Human Sentence
03-09Hyde XXI · Pseudoinvolución
??-??Hyelish · Enferma humanidad
12-??Hymen of Darkness · Quam Anima Carnis in Sanguine Est
01-01Hymns · Hymns
09-01Hyperborea · Война во мне
05-20Hyperborean · Mythos of the Great Pestilence
??-??Hyperborean · Rising from the Dark Past
05-16Hyperborean Frost · Warriors of Eternally Cold Land
07-10Hyperial · Blood and Dust
05-13Hyperion · Black Lore
09-15Hypertension · Distant Thunders Call
10-24Hypnochron · Herbs for the Alter
01-27Hypnologica‎ · Sonar
04-28Hägen · Contra la corriente
06-24Hærken · …of Warriors & Kings
05-14Hëllvox · The Killing Hand
03-15Hössferatu · Hossferatu
05-20Höwler · Back to Madness
11-19H₂O · Still Foggy.....But
12-16Iamdisease · Praznina
09-09Iamend · Syndicate of One
09-20IamGod · Hotel Doom
02-03Iatrogenia · Negligence ...
05-09Ibridoma · Goodbye Nation
05-23Ibyss · Obsidian
12-??Iced Blade · Love in Space
01-06Iced Earth · Plagues of Babylon
09-14Ice Dragon · Loaf of Head
08-29Ice Dragon · Seeds from a Dying Garden
10-31Ichabod · Merrimack
07-25Ichabod Krane · Day of Reckoning
09-05Ichor · Depths
05-23Ichorid · Process of a Rotting World
07-05Iconic Vivisect · Monument of Depravity
06-08Icon of Destruction · Blind World
01-13I.C.S. · National Blasphemy
05-21Id · Philosofia
01-13Idaaliur · My Frost, Your Solace
04-15I Declare War · We Are Violent People by Nature
09-16Ides of Gemini · Old World | New Wave
??-??Idiocracy Project · Battle of the Dinosaurs
03-??Idol · The Fallen
??-??Idolheist · Ruinous Scum Grave
11-18Idol of Fear · All Sights Affixed, Ablaze
05-05Idre · Idre
06-01Ierru · Contos de foghile
05-06Ifing · Against This Weald
11-20Ignightor · Opus of the Obliterated
06-29Ignis Fatuus · Pluję na twój grób
06-16Ignis Haereticum · Luciferian Gnosis
10-31Ignis Noctem · The Maze of the Beast
??-??Ignotum · Larvas Mortal God
10-03Igzordium · IV
07-12I Hate Humanity · I Hate Humanity
05-06IJsrijk · Eensaemen Leydenswegh
06-02Ikarian · A Shrine of Fire
04-29Ikillya · Vae Victis
06-??Ildverden · Де хмари плачуть...
06-27Illdisposed · With the Lost Souls on Our Side
04-05Illfigure · Bile of Life
05-23Ill Omen · Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence
01-21Illusions Play · The Fading Light
06-24Ilmasai · The Wolf Spits Acheron
05-11Imaginara · The Legend of Gingelur
10-01Imago Mortis · Carnicon
05-12Imber Luminis · Imber Aeternus
??-??Imbolc · Il tempio del dolore
03-19I Miss My Death · In Memories
10-27I Miti Eterni · Historia Cumae
03-09Immoral Hazard · Convulsion
10-17Immorior · Herbstmär
04-11Impaled · Atroz culto a la erradicación cristiana
04-14Impaled Nazarene · Vigorous and Liberating Death
01-20Impenetrable Darkness · Loyalty in Blackness
08-01Imperial · Chaos
11-15Imperial Ceremony · Living in the Abysmal Darkness
??-??Imperial Darkness · Occult Spiritual Crypt
??-??Imperial Dusk · Northern Hordes
04-??Imperial Savagery · Imperial Savagery
??-??Imperio Nocturno · El ocaso de los tiempos
05-18Imperious Symphonic & Noisy · Labyrinthus ad Tertio Oculi
08-07Imperium of Man · Lexicanum
04-15Impetuous Ritual · Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence
10-28Impromtus ad Mortem · Renacer
12-??Imprudent Killer · Imprudent Killer
11-07Impurity · The Lamb's Fury MMXIV
06-24Inanimate Existence · A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement
01-24Inayah · The Eye Opener
02-??Inborned Lycanthropy · Brutality
10-21I.N.C. · Black Hearse Serenade
06-10Incantation · Dirges of Elysium
12-28Incarnal · Hexenhammer
05-15Incarnated · Try Before Die
12-05Incarnum · Mortificação
11-28In Chasms Deep · Symphony of Horror
10-11Incinerated Flesh · Murder on Acid
09-27Incinerating Prophecies · Depravity Incarnate
11-07Incinery · Dead, Bound and Buried
09-02Incite · Up in Hell
12-16Incognitum · Odissey
04-18Inconcessus Lux Lucis · Disintegration: Psalms of Veneration for the Nefarious Elite
09-17Incontinence · Infecting Paranoid Minds
??-??Incrypt · The Victim Is You
12-22Incursed · Elderslied
12-12Incurvatus · The Serpent Path
??-??Indestructible After Death · The First Trials of War
11-11Indeterminable · Nameless and Dead
01-17Indian · From All Purity
05-18In Divinia · Unthawed
03-11Inexihibit · Inexihibit
11-??Infamous · Of Solitude and Silence MMXIV
01-31Infamous · Rovine e disperazione
11-11Infamous Sinphony · Gospels of Blood
04-26Infamus · Aborrenciendo nuestra especie
12-19Infant Death · Total Hell
07-29Infección Crónica · El sótano
04-28Infecting the Swarm · Pathogenesis
07-01Infection · Acrotomophile Mutilator
06-02Infection Code · La dittatura del rumore
01-01Infekted · Spei Micant
08-19Infektor · El cuarto mundo
01-28Inferi · The Path of Apotheosis
03-25Inferia · Fistament
10-21Inferion · This Will Decay
11-28Infernal · Journey Through the Soul
05-23Infernal Angels · Pestilentia
??-??Infernale · Face to Face
04-14Infernal Execrator · Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent
03-31Infernal Maniak · Warlike Supremacy
??-??Infernal Void · Anger Grow
08-10Infernal War 666 · Venomous Eternally / Satanic Truth
04-01Infest · Cold Blood War
10-16Infested · Beyond Darkness
09-08Infested Entrails · Defiling a Piece of the Deceased
03-05Infestum · Monuments of Exalted
04-25Infestus · The Reflecting Void
09-09Infinite Regression · The Fold
06-23The Infinite Within · Bestial Void Inevitability
??-??Infinitum Obscure · Ascension Through the Luminous Black
06-10Infinity's Call · Unconditional
09-05In Flames · Siren Charms
03-08Inflikted · Inflikted
10-10Infornal FuckЪ · Манёвры северной алкодивизии
01-04Infuzia · Endless War
07-29Ingress · Kingdom of the I
02-07Ingrimm · Henkt ihn!
09-16Ingurgitating Oblivion · Continuum of Absence
07-19Ingvar · Смерть - неизбежный предел всего живущего в мире
04-07Inhailed · Demon Within
06-01Inheritor · Mestizo
06-15Inhumano · Torturas de almas oscuras
03-04Injury · Dominhate
??-??In Morpheus' Arms · Invisible Scope
??-??Inmortales · Maldito poder
01-07Inmortus · Instrumental Energy of Symphonic Cover
01-17In My Shiver · Delicate Poison
05-07InnerHate · Anthropoexodus
10-01Inner Maze · Under the Black Ice
10-13Inner Missing · Defeat
01-06Inner Sight · A Vision of Ekstasy
09-18Inner Suffering · All That I've Got
04-25Inner Suffering · No Hope for Tomorrow
04-07Inner Suffering · Sickness
01-18Innsmouth · Consumed by Elder Sign
10-10Innsmouth · The Shadow over Innsmouth
03-29Inquisicion · Codex Gigas
11-29Inquisidor · Antología 1.3
02-15Inquisidor · Lágrimas nocturnas
12-01Inquisitor · Clinamen | Episteme
??-??Inquisição · Next Door Hill
09-26Insane Therapy · The Decline of the Human Race
10-??Insaniter · Half Faces
09-??In Sanity · Gates of Insanity
10-18Insanity Alert · Insanity Alert
06-03Insanium · Solitary Confinement
05-30Insight After Doomsday · The Way to Nihilism
11-14In Somnia · Withered-Frozen-Perished
05-07Insomnio Mutante · Mundo desconocido
04-29Insomnium · Shadows of the Dying Sun
09-11In Soulitary · Confinement
05-23Instinct of Survival · Call of the Blue Distance
12-??Instinkt zu Töten · Endless War
??-??Instinto Salvaje · Instinto salvaje
05-30In Synergy · Unleash the Energy
11-29Intenebras · Occultum Regnum et Umbras
04-06Intense Hammer Rage · DeathChunkGoreGrind
12-30Interceptor · Wise Is the Beast...but the Hunter Doesn't Know
07-??Internal Amputation · Abortus Iminens
09-30Internal Bleeding · Imperium
03-21Internal Rot · Mental Hygiene
12-01Interspersing Bone and Blood · Immix Rejectamenta
12-05Intervoid · Weaponized
05-20Intestinal Disgorge · Let Them In
11-02In the Mist · Quand les couleurs s'estompent
01-04In the Name of God · Imaginary Paradise
02-08Into Dagorlad · United by Hatred
06-07Into Decay · Desolation
11-16Into Infernus · The End of Eden
09-06In Torment · Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations
11-17In Tormentata Quiete · Cromagia
11-11Into Sickness · Reasons to Grind Vol. II
08-26Into the Cave · Sex and Lust
02-22Into the Wild · Restless
02-28Introspectia · Falling Leaf
07-??Introspection · Human Emancipation
??-??Inuendo · Fragments of Soul
03-13In Vacuo · In Vacuo
01-26Invade · Reflection
03-21Invader · Szép új világ
03-07Invader · Tales of a Madman
09-01Invading Chapel · Gloom over This Hope
11-25In Vain · The Little Things That Matter
07-??Invert Cross · The Fatality of God
04-08Invertia · Another Scheme of the Wicked
09-05Invidia · Deep into the Moonlight
07-??Invidiosus · Malignant Universe
04-21Invivo · Cárcavas
09-18Invocation · Averno
??-??Invocation Spells · Unholy Blasphemies
10-31Involution · Evolution of Thoughts
08-15In White · Heredity
03-01In Your I · Tales of Dark and Death
04-17ION · Ion
07-08Ion Vein · Ion Vein
07-04Ipsilon · Las crónicas de Enki
03-07Ira · Ghost Tones
12-12Ira Tenax · Portrait of the Fallen
11-22Ire Clad · God of War
04-22Ire Wolves · The Ascetic
05-23Iridium · Proyecto 12
12-05Iris Divine · Karma Sown
09-15IRN · Sewer Disease
04-27Iron Attack! · Artemis
12-29Iron Attack! · Dim.STARLIGHT
08-16Iron Attack! · Icicle Fall
05-11Iron Attack! · Scarlet Furor
12-29Iron Attack! · その純舶に 赤き血を捧げ ~Raise a Flag~
10-12Iron Attack! · センチメンタル シンフォニア
??-??Ironbird · Pentagrammi & Tursaansydän
??-??Iron Blade · Iron Blade
07-19Iron Command · Play It Loud
08-12Ironhead · 1000 Nights
05-01Iron Hearse · Deal with It
10-15Ironic Reversal · Clonus
05-05Iron Knights · Iron Knights
09-16Iron Reagan · The Tyranny of Will
02-28Iron Savior · Rise of the Hero
12-07IronSerpent · Blood Architect
06-13Iron Void · Iron Void
04-11Iron Walrus · Insidious Black Sea
05-26Irreverence · Shreds of Humanity
09-13Irreversible · Surface
08-22Isa · Песни мёртвых
08-15Ishmael · Second Perception
??-??Isidris · Fire, Stone & Blood
01-14Iskald · Nedom og Nord
03-15Iskalde Morket · The Reincarnation
10-30Isolated · Absolute Obscurity
11-28Isole · The Calm Hunter
??-??Istengoat · Atlas Shrugged
01-13It · Order of the Ominous
10-23Iter Pactum · Bringer of Evil
03-11Iter Pactum · Ritual
10-05Ithaqua · Death Drain
10-08Itnuveth · The Way of the Berserker
03-09Itsi · Engur
10-19Iubaris · Code
06-01IV Dimension · El final de los tiempos...el principio
02-23Ivil's Pandemonium Carnival · Unholy Man
12-??Ivory Twilight · Бъдеще
12-26I.V.R. · Soul Confession
??-??Iwia · Uhah
04-28I Will Kill You · Extrema Putrefactio
07-23Ixtab · Invoking the Serpent's Aeon
01-09IXXI · Skulls n Dust
??-??Izcariot · En el entorno del señor Lucifer
??-??Jabladav · Fin
03-22Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead · Exaanum
03-01Jackdevil · Unholy Sacrifice
07-23Jack the Joker · In the Rabbit Hole
10-09Jacob Lizotte · Empowering the Weak
06-15Jacob Lizotte · Means to an End
04-24Jacobs Moor · All That Starts
11-28Jadallys · The Elemental Tale
??-??Jagar Tharn · Arriving on Stros M'kai
12-??Jagar Tharn · The Mines Mournhold
??-??Jagar Tharn · Spell Dragon Reborn
02-25Jagged Vision · Harvest Earth
08-??Jaguar · Metal X
01-01Jaldaboath · The Further Adventures...
07-13James Hess · Architect of Nightmares
07-29Jane Dark · Doors to Silence
03-??Janvs · Nigredo
05-16Japanische Kampfhörspiele · Welt ohne Werbung
11-16Jarnvidr · Landzplågor
05-17Jason · Un nuevo comienzo
12-31Jason Aaron Wood · Labyrinth of Dreams
09-06Jason Saulnier · Remember Your Name
??-??Je · Je
05-19Jeremy · The Dawn of the Universe
05-13Jeremy Krull · (de)Tested
??-??Jerry Vayne · Bodies in the Bayou
01-13Jesus Christ · We Will Fight
06-10Jesust · Stealin Thunder
02-24Jig-Ai · Rising Sun Carnage
??-??Jigsaw · Untrusted Government Effect
03-12Jimi Mitchell's Dark Fantasy · Majestic Nightmares, Pt. 1
02-17Jim Matheos · Halo Effect
??-??Jinx · Jedem das Seine
11-11Job for a Cowboy · Sun Eater
07-02John Gallow · Violet Dreams
08-19Johnny Touch · Inner City Wolves
09-05John Steel · Freedom
05-17Joint Depression · Lowdown
03-28Joni Teppo · Fall into Darkness
09-06Jonne · Jonne
??-??Jordan Rudess · Explorations
??-??Jorge Curiel · Tótem
11-??Jormundgand · Visions of the Past, Which Has Not Yet Come to Be...
05-18Jose Beausejour · Ishtar's Descent to the Netherworld II
01-05Jose Beausejour · Monetized Pagan Gods IV
08-07Jose Beausejour · Ut Visio Electro
11-15Jose Rubio's Nova Era · Fight
12-05Jucifer · District of Dystopia
07-11Judas Priest · Redeemer of Souls
06-05Judd Madden · Everything in Waves
03-01Judgement Haste · Birth of the Wrath
10-31Juggernaut · Trama!
09-13Junior Crime Fighters · Hidden in Plain Sight
03-07Juodvarnis · Šauksmai iš praeities
06-29Jupiter's Wake · The Outcome of Violence
10-27Just Before Dawn · The Aftermath
??-??JusticeHell · Antes de vivir
07-20Just Stay Fucking Dead · Just Stay Fucking Dead
09-01Jute Gyte · Ressentiment
02-03Jute Gyte · Vast Chains
11-27Jörmungand · Von Wind und Schatten
11-12Kade Storm · Beyond Blood & Ashes
08-01Kaine · The Waystone
06-05Kakoranger · Kakoranger Corps
??-??Kaldt Helvete · Call from the Forest
11-18Kaledon · Antillius: The King of the Light
06-27Kalidia · Lies' Device
03-29Kali Ma · The Devil Knows You're Dead!
10-15Kall · Kall
09-29Kalmankantaja · Ahdistus
08-22Kalmankantaja · Ikuinen taival
11-29Kalmankantaja · Musta lampi
11-29Kalmankantaja · Viimeinen Virsi
03-20Kaluman · Kaluman
03-18Kamaedzitca · xQzTN 3087
09-24Kamijo · Heart
01-27Kampfar · Djevelmakt
04-09Kaon · Thrones of Rust
02-07Kaoskult · Secret Serpent
??-??Kaos Reign · Embrace the Fire
01-13Kappa Crucis · Rocks
06-29Karg · Malstrom
03-08Karkaos · Empire
09-11Karma Rassa · Music into the Void
08-18Karma to Burn · Arch Stanton
11-21Karne · Faith in Flesh
05-05Karnivore · In the Halls of the Wicked
??-??Karrion · Three Sheets to the Wind
05-09Karst · Lime Veins Bleed Rust
02-10Kat · Acoustic - 8 filmów
09-08Kat & Roman Kostrzewski · Buk - Akustycznie
01-11Kataplexis · Downpour
12-11Kathaarsys · Describing the Paradox Vol​.​I
07-28Katse · Perusta
10-27Kattah · Lapis Lazuli
03-05Katumus · At the Ruins of This World
11-04Kauan · Muistumia
04-25Kaunis Kuolematon · Kylmä kaunis maailma
??-??Kaustos · Peleando
03-27Kauterion · Back from Megalopolis
10-15Kayo Dot · Coffins on Io
11-09Kay Pacha · Culto en los bosques
02-17Kayser · Read Your Enemy
??-??Kazar · Nofy ratsy
10-??Kedjawen · Beyond Your Fears
06-20Keepers of Death · Legions of Chaos (Remastered)
11-30Keepleer 18 · Vammifiaa
07-18Keitzer · The Last Defence
03-26Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith · Blind Faith
06-??Kembang Mayang · Hening Kahuripan
11-02Kenaz · Volonté de fer ancestrale
01-21The Kennedy Veil · Trinity of Falsehood
11-04Kenn Nardi · Dancing with the Past
05-23Kenziner · The Last Horizon
10-29Kerangkenk · Onslaught of Psychopath
11-04Kermania · Kehre heim...
??-??Keter · Guerra Contra Tudo e Contra Todos
12-05Kevel · Hz of the Unheard
04-28Kevlar Skin · Transmigrator
??-??KeyDragon · Destiny Chaos
03-??K.F.R · Anti
12-14K.F.R · Death March
07-07Khael · Efímero
??-??Khalos Daimon · Buen espíritu
04-12Khaos Labyrinth · Renessans XIII
11-01Khaos Order · - Hate - Blasphemy - Destruction -
09-22Khaospath · Synagoga Obscura
01-24Khaoz · I, Creator of Damnation
02-24Khepri · Ascension
09-29Khold · Til endes
03-25Khünnt · Khünnt
11-25Kill · Involution
10-18Killer Bee · Mata Setara Mata
05-09Killer Be Killed · Killer Be Killed
??-??Killer Hurts · Killer Hurts
02-23Killer Refrigerator · When Fridges Rule This World
??-??Killers · Guerrero por el metal
01-07Killers Lodge · Unnecessary I
05-27Killgasm · A Stab in the Heart of Christ
12-13Kill His Death!!! · Мрачный город
03-03Killimanjaro · Hook
04-25Killing Field · World Is Denied
??-??Killing for Christ · The Hordes
??-??Killing Season · Open Season
04-23Killing the Catalyst · The Next Chapter
05-30Killitorous · Party, Grind
02-14Kill of Rights · Sign of the Crimes
01-06Kill or Cure · Kill or Cure
04-04Kill Ritual · The Eyes of Medusa
05-09Kill the Whore · First Stage of Decomposition
05-20Killwhitneydead · Suffer My Wrath
04-08Kilmara · Love Songs and Other Nightmares
08-07Kilta · Elonkehä
04-07King Bong · PINNG, or The Underwater Adventures of a Young Cthulhu
02-03Kingdragon · Hide the Sun
10-24Kingfisher Sky · Arms of Morpheus
10-07King Goro · Konquerors of Outworld
05-28King Hiss · Sadlands
01-14The King Must Die · Sleep Can't Hide the Fear
07-22King of Asgard · Karg
12-06King Pariah · Civil Unrest
03-07Kirk · Masquerade
09-30Kissin' Dynamite · Megalomania
10-03Kistvaen · Desolate Ways
09-08Kitties of Death · Blue Flame
07-04Kitties of Death · Come in My Friend, the Ritual Is About to Begin
07-??Kladovest · Winterwards
10-??KLNZR · Mind of a Killer
10-29Kloct · The Human Mind Path
09-30Kneel Before None · Carnal Disfigurement
08-14Knell · Zero Hour
10-14Knight Area · Hyperdrive
07-01Kobra and the Lotus · High Priestess
08-09Kognitiv Tod · A Will to Suffer
06-03Kognitiv Tod · Dysphoric Whispers
05-04Kognitiv Tod · Mysteries
07-17Kolac · Zauvek crni
11-14Kolony · Sledge
09-19Kong · Stern
07-22Konqueror · Embrace the Abyss
??-??Korog · Maybe Airlines
02-10Korpse · Korpse
05-27Korpsik · Apophenian Rites
10-06Korrigans · ​Ferocior ad Rebellandum
03-05Korruption · Yama - 山
12-14Korsair · Mechopolis
01-27Korseld · Jordevandring
10-24Korzus · Legion
08-27Kostnitsa · Dissolved in the Abyss
07-15Kotiomkin · Maciste nell'inferno dei morti viventi (Peplum Holocaust)
12-05Kouzin Bedlam · Longing for the Incomplete
02-07Kowai · Dissonance
10-11Kraamola · На зламі епох
??-??Kradmar · Genocide 2014
07-12Krampüs · Graveyard Blowjob
06-06Krang · Bad Moon
10-15Krattera · Back to the Old Death
03-13Kraworath · Instinct to Kill
05-16Kremated · Three Minute Warning
08-??Krematoria · Slave
10-03Kreyskull · Tower Witch
09-02Krieg · Transient
02-05Kriegsmaschine · Enemy of Man
12-15Krigblåst · Power Till Demise
02-01Krigere Wolf · Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf
07-30Krigsgrav · The Carrion Fields
12-10Krimh · Krimhera
06-16Krite · Left by Worms
07-10Krokmitën · Omicron-Omega
11-10Krokodil · Nachash
09-22Kronlarvo · Ombroj
04-21Kronwerk · Поезд смерти
05-21Kruberablinka · Blanko
05-15Krueger · Return to Death
10-13Kruger · Adam and Steve
11-28Kruor · Nightmares
12-27Krusher · MetaLOA
06-16Kröwnn · Magmafröst
09-01Kthulhu · Swear the Oath
11-30Kuldrin · The Sorcerer
11-17Kult ofenzivy · Nauky různic
12-28Kult Perunov · Urlik Bjesova i Jada
08-01Kultą · Asthenic Syndrome
10-31Kunstzone · Eschaton Discipline
02-28Kuolemanlaakso · Tulijoutsen
02-28Kurgaall · Voluntas Luciferi
12-22Kurmudgeon · The Kurmudgeon'ist
05-01Kurusetra · Embrace the Eastern Ground
12-09Kustodian · Methlehem Steel
06-01Kuu · Deus Est Mortuus
05-25Kvalvaag · Noema
??-??Kvasta · Kvasta
08-28Kveldsmoerke · Stillhet og tanker renser alt
07-15Kvlthammer · Kvlthammer
01-22Kyhary · Inocência, Escolhas... Fim
06-10Kylfingar · Halhatatlanok
04-29Kynesis · Kali Yuga
03-11Kyng · Burn the Serum
09-26Kyoji Yamamoto · Philosophy
10-30Kyomdarak · 昨日観た未来 ~The Future Which We Looked at Yesterday~
03-21Kypck · Имена на стене
02-03Kythera · Chosen
??-??Kêres · Eternal Wake
09-15L'Ira del Baccano · Terra 42
08-01Labyrinthine · Ancient Obscurity
10-27LacerHate · Mass Distraction
??-??LaCoker · Sacro
03-01Lacraria · Cruel destino
09-13Lacrima · A Story from Limbo
04-01Lacuna Coil · Broken Crown Halo
08-12La Flamme d'Agni · Le coeur de la noirceur
11-03Lagash · XX
09-16Lago · Tyranny
07-??La Gran Condesa · Metamorfosis
09-10Laika · Somnia
06-24Lair · Black Moldy Brew
08-05Lam · Mortichnium
12-27Lamida Vaginal · Orgía de sangre
05-05Lammashta · The Pandemonium Begins Here
09-08Land of Tears · The Ancient Ages of Mankind
01-16Landskap · I
11-18Landskap · II
05-02Lantlôs · Melting Sun
09-??Lapida · Kintaessencia
04-01Lapida · Kuarta kruz de hierro
??-??Lapida · Malebolge
06-05Lapidated · The Stench of Carnage
07-30Lark Puden · Stories of a Mind Gone Astray
04-10Larry Zavala · Pan y circo
04-25Lars Müller-Bohn · Fearmongerer
12-07Lars Müller-Bohn · Out of Hands
02-12Lars Müller-Bohn · Trøstesløs skygge
01-14Larvae · Grave Descent
01-28Lascaille's Shroud · Interval 02: Parallel Infinities - The Abscinded Universe
??-??Lascowiec · A Warcry Rises Above the Frozen Lands
??-??Lascowiec · Isolation
??-??Lascowiec · Survival
09-23Lascowiec · Winds of Victory
??-??Laserguys · Damn You Laserguys
04-04Last Bastion · The Road to Redemption
10-01Last Dive · Firstborn
11-01Laster · De verste verte is hier
10-31Last Frontier · Theta Healing (Through the Poison)
07-12Last Kill Day · Last Kill Day
07-28Last Prototype · The Green Effect
07-02The Last Surrealist · Post Life Music
05-06Lateless · Illusion of Consciousness
07-20Lathspell · Impious Incantations
10-27Latitude Egress · To Take Up the Cross
11-14Laugh at the Fakes · Dethrone the Crown
12-26Lauma Kuun · Yo
11-27Laurent Fleury · ZERT
08-31Lauxnos · My Dead Ocean
12-02Lavagoat · Ageless Nonsense
10-06Lavatory · Morbid Terror
12-18Lawbringer · flesh - blood - stone
11-21Lawless · R.I.S.E
01-03Lawrence's Creation · Grand Symphonies of the Void
01-27Lay Down Rotten · Deathspell Catharsis
03-28Layment · Of Gods & Goats
12-??Lazarath · Fall of Lazarath
07-15Lazer/Wülf · The Beast of Left and Right
11-24Lazer Wolf · The Crack in the Sky
04-16Lazer Wolf · Sacrifice of the Star Child
??-??Leaderless Revolution · The Sunset of Our Awful World
04-20Leather Chalice · Sweet Perfume of Coffin Air
11-05Lebensgefahr · Konfys
11-05Lebensgefahr · Vinter
11-11Lebensnacht · Uudelleensyntynyt ikuiseen pimeyteen
11-18Lector · Bubonic Dawn
12-06Leeds Point · The Hooded Ones
12-??Left Behind · Infected Hope
11-01Left Hand Creation · From the Blood of the Fallen Empires
11-22Legacia · Alma antigua
12-06Legacy · Legacy
06-14Legacy ID · Genesis
10-31Legacy of Brutality · Giants
03-??Legacy of Cynthia · Renaissance
07-09Legado de una Tragedia · Legado de una tragedia II
05-22Legalize Murder · The Murder Diaries
??-??LegendSword · Resurrección
10-31Legio Inferi · Tragédias do Infinito Nascer
05-??Legion · Tempest
??-??Legion of Bokor · Legion of Bokor
01-03Legion of the Damned · Ravenous Plague
??-??Legion Sacra · Semper Eadem
11-24LegionSky · Víspera bélica
06-27Lehmann · Lehmanized
??-??Le Jardin des Mémoires · Malinconia nouveau
08-05Lelahell · Al Insane​.​.​. The (Re​)​Birth of Abderrahmane
02-24Lenore S. Fingers · Inner Tales
11-24Le Pont Noir · Einstein​-​Rosen
03-31Lepra · Tongue of Devil Prayers
09-11Lesados · Imortal
11-05Les Alabres · Ballade de merci, je crie a toutes gens...
01-06Les Mémoires Fall · Endless Darkness of Sorrow
04-03Lest We Fail · This Dying Age
11-03Letallis · Resonate
10-12Letargo · Nocturnal Genesis
11-14Le Temps du Loup · Jauría
02-25Lethal Dosage · Consume
02-21Lethal Outcome · Generation of Apocalypse
09-11Lethal Vice · Thrash Converters
04-30Lethian Dreams · Red Silence Lodge
12-20Leticia Soma · Conspiración/Visión/Entendimiento
02-12Letter 7 · Trust
02-23Levania · Renascentis
02-09Levels of Abandonment · Levels of Abandonment
04-28Leviatan · Leviatan
02-13Leviathan · Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then
12-27LH05 · When Hope Loses Us
11-14Liar Symphony · Before the End
04-07Licho · Pogrzeb w karczmie
03-01Licrest · Misery
01-??Lictor · Thamar
11-10Licurgo · Flames
02-04Lie in Ruins · Towards Divine Death
01-08LieVeil · Instigator
05-08Life Inside the Maсhine · Величие и забвение
05-01Lifephobia · Lifephobia
06-06Light · The Cult of Light
04-04Light? · For My Songless Demons
11-05Light Bringer · Monument
03-20Lightfold · Time to Believe
05-??Lightless · Depraved Dimensions
02-20Lightsbane · Controverting Irrelevance
??-??Light to Dead · Crush the Idols
01-28Like a Gossamer · Kliatva viernasci
03-31Likvann · Furet og værbitt
09-25Lilyum · Glorification of Death
04-14Limb · Limb
11-28Limbo · Run Away
09-12Limbo · Район 666
02-02Limbo-X · Outburst
11-25Line Anger · Reflection of Consciousness
01-01Lions of the South · Chronicles of Aggression
08-02Liquid Society · From Dreams to Reality
09-26Liquid Steel · Fire in the Sky
12-23Little V · Side Quest
06-03Little V · Wants to Battle
10-02Litzbomb · Of the Fallen
??-??Liver of a Duck · Liver of a Duck
07-14Livin Garden · Bring It On
04-24Living Monstrosity · In an Otherwise Fertile Forest
11-08Living Twice · Скорбь серых дней
01-07Lizardia · Lizardia
01-20Loathing · We Are the Hunt
04-08Locust Fork · Bring Forth...
12-??Loimann · Drowning Merged Tantras
02-14Loinen · Loinen
10-24Lonewolf · Cult of Steel
07-19Longa Morte · Лимб
11-08Longobardeath · Old Time Balabiott
??-??Loonatikk · Over the Moon
10-07Lo-Pan · Colossus
12-04Lord Amun · Hymni Tuis Devota Satanist Part I
05-23Lord Centipede · Centipede Up Your Ass!
07-04Lord Dead · Under the Sign of the Noose
03-03Lord Divine · Imágenes
10-31Lordi · Scare Force One
05-??Lord Kraven · La caída de Kildarum
10-13Lord Krehn · E(​volve)
04-29Lord Mantis · Death Mask
04-27Lord Montague · Lord Montague
03-31Lord Necropsy · Carving the World a Graveyard
12-21Lord of Doubts · Into the Occult
10-31Lord of Pagathorn · Nekros Philia
09-29Lord of Tigers · Lord of Tigers
12-07Lord Piggy · 60 Tracks of Noise
10-07Lords of Aesir · Dream for Eternity
05-09Lords of Black · Lords of Black
02-28Lord Symphony · The Lord's Wisdom
09-27Lord Time · A Destiny of Death
09-22Lord Volture · Will to Power
06-01Lord Witch · Elixir del tiempo
??-??Lorenzo Partida · Celebración de los cuatro
??-??Lorenzo Partida · Maldiciones de Leo
04-28LoreWeaver · Italic
06-22Los · And When You Gaze Long into an Abyss, the Abyss Also Gazes into You
02-09Los · Arise // Beneath
01-18Los · Untitled
11-09Los Buscadores del Movimiento Perpetuo · Mil días de viaje
04-24Los Kuro · Volumen I
08-31Lost Another · Agenda Kehancuran
09-06Lostbone · Not Your Kind
04-19Lost Brethren · Subatomic Worlds
12-15Lost Graveyard · Funeral Holocaust
11-22Lost in Desolation · Mourning I
02-09Lost Insen · Here After
05-16Lost Reflection · Scarecrowd
04-04Lost Society · Terror Hungry
08-22Lost Ubikyst in Apeiron · Abstruse Imbeciles Nailed on Slavery
02-28Lothlöryen · Some Ways Back Some More
10-04Lotus Ash · The Word of God
04-28Loudblast · Burial Ground
06-04Loudness · The Sun Will Rise Again〜撃魂霊刀
??-??Lou Guerriero · Cynosure
08-18Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons · At Your Service
04-26Lower 13 · Reach an End
11-25Lowered A.D. · New Depths
02-20The L-Train · Moonrise
10-15Lucian the Wolfbearer · At the Gates of Twilight
02-20Lucian the Wolfbearer · Haunted
05-20Lucifer · Desensitized to Oppression
07-24Lucifer's Fall · Lucifer's Fall
09-04Luciferian Insectus · Zal van Beherit
09-10Lucifer Was · DiesGrows
07-28Lucifugum · Sublimessiah
04-22Ludicrous · Altar Boy Discocult
12-30Lugburz Sleed · ...Derail
07-30Lujaneeza · Toxic Fairy Tale
07-14Luke Offield · Vengeance
11-06Lumine Electi · Luminellium
12-??Lumírovo Picasso · Lumírovo Picasso
06-02Luna · Ashes to Ashes
09-01Lunarsapian · Fade into Oblivion
??-??Lunarsapian · Summoning the Aether
09-02Lunatii · ...and All This...
07-13Lungrot · Araneae
03-21Lungrot · Bog of Eternal Stench
11-07Lungrot · Fangorn (The Burning Question)
12-12Lungrot · Madhouse
06-06Lungrot · Relegated to Obscurity
09-28Lungrot · Temple of the Druid
07-18Lungrot · Vermillion
07-25Lunocode · C'è vita intelligente sulla Terra?
01-14Lupara: The Widowmaker · Vendetta
11-01Lupus Noctem · Medieval Ages
03-24Lurid Reign · Omniscient in the Realm of Despair
01-24Lurk · Kaldera
07-05Lurking · Lurking
10-14The Lurking Corpses · Workin' for the Devil
02-24Lurking Evil · The Almighty Hordes of the Undead
11-02Lustfer · Wargasm for the Contempthrone
??-??Lust for Death · Dust
??-??Luthier · Luthier
05-12Luthor · Circles End
12-28Luto Eterno · Gritos desesperados
??-??Lux in Tenebris · Lux in Tenebris
03-13Lux Occulta · Kołysanki
07-14Luz Negra · 2909
01-21Lvcifyre · Svn Eater
01-25Lycanthrope · Death Gothic Doom
03-24Lykaon · Dirt Is Cleaner Than You
09-27Lyria ·