All 7586 Albums From 2016
03-200N0 · Reconstruction and Synthesis
08-2610.000 km² gegen die Zeit · Orbit Dualkraut
04-??1000 Odios · Te detesto
10-2811 Paranoias · Reliquary for a Dreamed of World
01-3012 Gauge Outrage · Deadly Sins
07-1516 · Lifespan of a Moth
06-1616 Stitches · Tribulation
07-101917 · Implacable utopía
??-??2nd Sight · Samsara
04-1630,000 Monkies · I Ate Myself to Grow Twice as Big
06-0630,000 Monkies · Watch the Dr​(​(​o)​)​ne
07-083405 · מספר שניימ
01-01350teric · Undertones
05-203D in Your Face · Lost in the Volume
04-093rd Machine · Quantified Self
10-1440 Watt Sun · Wider than the Sky
10-284th Circle · Elements
10-044th Legacy · Tribulations of Time
10-3154R · Ghettoblaster
02-225 Стихий · Колыбель времён
07-??666 Shades of Shit · Bitchagram
07-297th Abyss · Unvoiced
11-1488 · Failed Brainwasher
03-189 Musas · Pvlso
04-29:Nihus: · Monólogo do Sofrimento
09-09[Für] · Leitmotiv
07-??[Maua] · Unconscience
07-02[Pepel] · Остатки проклятой души
12-24Abaddon · Blackstar Rising
02-01Abandoned by Light · The Angel Experiment
09-10Abandoned by Light · Broken Mirrors to the Stars
05-18A Baptism by Fire · Darkness Welcomed
06-27Abbas Taeter · Obscura Nox Animae
01-22Abbath · Abbath
06-29Abducted · I See the World
08-08Abduction · From Uranus to Your Anus
10-28Abduction · Une ombre régit les ombres
09-09Abductum · Behold the Man
12-??Aberratio · Aberratio
02-??Ab Eterno · Fucking Bastards
04-22Abhomine · Larvae Offal Swine
05-30Abhorrent Dogs · Story I: Soldier
08-22Abigail · The Final Damnation
01-29Abiotix · Misantropo, Niilista ë Icnoclasta
01-14Abisma · Mundo Inóspito
08-13Abisma · Réquiem
04-16Abismika · Infortúnio
07-16Abismika · Sollicitudo
04-06A B I S M O · All Beyond Perception
04-25Abisso · WRNSS
08-26Ablaze My Sorrow · Black
11-30Abnormal Inhumane · Consuming the Infinity
04-29Abnormality · Mechanisms of Omniscience
05-??Abominant · Napalm Reign
04-22Aborted · Retrogore
02-19Abortos de Satán · Pura mugre
10-25Abort to Be Born · Misanformic
05-27Above Aurora · Onwards Desolation
03-29Abrasion · Leave Your Mark
04-29Abrogation · Urstant
03-04Abscendent · Decaying Human Condition
02-20Absenta · Eel
04-29Absentia · Black & White
06-06Absinthius · IX
06-06Abske Fides · O Sol Fulmina a Terra
02-25Absolut Deafers · Himaláje v nás
09-21Absolute · Nowhere
02-09Absolute · Waiting for the Time
12-30Absolute Darkness · Future Imperfect
09-02The Absolution Sequence · Tsuris
12-03Absorbing the Pain · Sint
05-25Abysmal Growls of Despair · L'Outre​-​blanc
05-25Abysmal Growls of Despair · Never Again
09-13Abysmal Growls of Despair · Worst Putrid Tongue
03-18Abyssian · Nibiruan Chronicles
02-25Abyssic · A Winter's Tale
12-28Abyss of Insanity · Fuck Humanity
10-16Abyss of Life · Keep It Real
04-??Abyss of Perdition · Mayhemic Dominions
06-06The Abyss Order · The Path ov Humanity
09-05Acatonia · Зеркала
07-16Accabbadora · De sanguni tintu
12-21Acclivitas · Between Two Eternities
03-11Accu§er · The Forlorn Divide
07-25Acero Nacional · El sonido del metal
01-15Acerus · The Clock of Mortality
06-13Acheronte · Ancient Furies
08-01Acicula · Where Eden Once Lied
06-24Acid Age · Like a Runaway Combine Harvester in a Field of Crippled Rabbits
01-28Acid Cøma · Prayers to Mirrors
09-23Acid Drinkers · Peep Show
03-10Acidez · Welcome to the 3D Era
10-15Acid Goat · II
05-06A Constant Storm · Storm Alive
05-23Acoustic Anomaly · Dominvs. Tinea
04-20Acromatica · Misdirection Impact
06-03Acromonia · From Hell's Heights into Heaven's Abyss
12-15Acrosome · Narrator and Remains
10-28Across the Burning Sky · The End Is Near
11-16Acrostic · Sincretismo-posguerra
01-18Active Core · Numen
02-26Act of Creation · Thion
03-31Act of God · Deception of Freedom
09-02Act of Sin · Casting the Second Stone
07-12Acts of Vengeance · Slaves to Sin
06-01Acyl · Aftermath
10-13Adagio Funebre · Atrocity of Hadamar
03-15Ad Baculum · Opening the Abyss
09-09Adder's Fork · A Farewell to Expectations
07-15Ade · Carthago Delenda Est
09-02Adeia · Serenity
08-01Adhaia · Desolación
07-15A Diadem of Dead Stars · Kingdoms Bathed in Golden Light
07-14Ad Inceptum · Portantes Letum
06-26A Distorted Utopia · Sleepless Walks
10-14Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell · Keep It Greasy!
07-07Ad Nebula Nigra · Ad Nebula Nigra
06-24Adrastea · The Ruins of Reminiscence
12-05A Dream of Poe · A Waltz for Apophenia
12-08Adrian Weiss · Criminal Record
07-11Adsecula · Talking Heads
05-31Advermix · Pandeathmic
10-16Adversor · Rise to Survive
06-30Adversum · In the Sign of Satan
03-04Ad Vitam · Stratosfear
06-10ADX · Non Serviam
12-08Adyton · The Catharsis
07-??Aedh · Au-delà des cendres
06-21Aegeon · Devouring the Sun
11-25Aenaon · Hypnosophy
09-17Aeonless · Aeonless
09-16Aephanemer · Memento Mori
08-30Aesthetic · The Secrets Are Written in the Sky
02-26Aesthetics of Creation · A Foreseen Demise
10-22Aeternal Seprium · Doominance
10-21Aeternitas · House of Usher
05-19Aeternus Prophet · Виключення недомінантного матеріалу (Exclusion of Non-Nominated Material)
12-23Aethyr · Uncanny Valley
01-04Aeuphoria · Æternal Velum
10-19Afar · Selfless
12-15Affront · Angry Voices
12-06Affronto · ES
06-10After All · Waves of Annihilation
10-10Afterburner · Tomb of Kings
06-01After Evolution · Threnodies
10-01After Life · Requiem from the Abyss
09-09Afterlife Symphony · Moment Between Lives
10-29Aftermath · Seven - Eight - Six
05-20Aftershok · Detonate
02-19After the Burial · Dig Deep
04-22Afterzero · Order for the Heretics
02-22Against · Emerger
04-??Agalariept · Jugando a ser Dios
09-15Agathocles · Commence to Mince
10-09Agatus · The Eternalist
11-07Agenda · Genetic Arts
04-30Age of Agony · For the Forgotten
10-15Age of Nefarious · The Damage of Nefarious Thinking
10-14Age of Woe · An Ill Wind Blowing
01-29Aggelos · Silentium
04-22Agggressor · Bury Your Idols
08-??Aggravator · Sterile Existence
11-10Aggression · Fragmented Spirit Devils
02-??Aggression Overload · Luciferian Entheogen Magick
09-15Aggressive Agricultor · 2016
09-24Aggressor · Skull Crusher
03-01Aglarond · The Last Season
02-26Agnosia · Forest
06-02Agnostica · Art Generation of Symphonic Estetica
01-15Agonal · Death Defeated
09-30The Agonist · Five
02-12Agonize · Chaos Reborn
03-04Agonizer · Visions of the Blind
12-08Agónica · Collapse
08-20Ahard · Freestyle
08-13Ahein Cied · Andit
08-01Ahein Cied · Sekrat
02-21A.H.P. · Against Human Plague
01-01Ahpdegma · Seolfkwyllen
02-18Aiam · Ángel
12-29Aihisna · エリザベス・パリス
07-15Airforce · Judgement Day
12-06Aittala · American Nightmare
07-31Ajatus · Blood 666
02-06Ak//47 · Verba Volant, Scripta Manent
06-16Aka Funeral · Stormy Tide
03-30Akani · Through My Darkest Infernal
11-11Akasava · Nothing at Dawn
09-21Akela · Farkas mesék
11-02Akelarre · Decade of Desecration
07-25Aki Kato · Master of Dreams
10-14Akral Necrosis · Underlight
06-24Akribi · Anima
09-30Akris · Your Mantis
01-01Akromusto · Flaggskip
05-30Akromusto · Songs of Bronze
03-21Akroterion · Commander of Wild Spirits
12-15Aksaya · Kepler
01-29Aksumite · Rubber Room
07-29Aktaion · The Parade of Nature
11-16Akyrviron · Harmony's Bastion
07-23Al'Tyr · Let the Lords of Chaos Reign
03-19Alabama Kush · Pretour Rehearsal Jams
04-27Alan Blaisdell · The Epic
11-29Alareikaz · Masskultur
08-18Alareikaz · Strävan
12-18Alareikaz · Vårda ditt ursprung
06-03Alarion · Waves of Destruction
03-11Alastor · Waldmark
12-24Alatyr · Zemou zabudnutia
08-12Albertaising · Fantasia
10-28Albez Duz · Wings of Tzinacan
12-09Albinö Rhino · Upholder
05-24Albmara · Dunkelmahrs Buch
09-30Alcest · Kodama
07-07Alchemist · Fear Business
01-??Alcoholic Force · Leather Evil Leather
05-28Alcohol Related Death · Hammermurder
05-01Alcor · 焦土之上 (On the Scorched Earth)
06-21Aldemonio · La muerte te da la bienvenida
02-20Alder · Sun Worshipper
04-04Alene Misantropi · Absence of Light
01-15Aleph · Thanatos
05-03Alessa's Cry · Escape to the Dark
03-06Alexander Oden · Denihilism
11-21Algol · Mind Fr@mes
08-11Al Goregrind · Crushing the Feeble
09-26Algos · Amongst Monoliths
12-07Alhambra · The Earnest Trilogy
08-04Alibi for a Murder · Pieces
02-19Alice in Hell · El descenso (Furia, miedo, hostilidad)
03-27Alien Garden · Antarctica (Part II)
08-25A Life Less Alive · Strangulation
05-24Alignak · Triptych Vision 1
04-15Alkerdeel · Lede
11-18Alkira · Klotho
10-05Alkonost · Песни белой лилии
02-05Allagash · Allagash
09-??All Belong to Us · Before the Darkness Comes
02-18All Dead Saints · Падение
05-24Alldrig · Introspective Existentialism
09-23Allegaeon · Proponent for Sentience
10-09Aller Sterne Untergang · Gezeitendämmerung
04-13Alleyway · Let's Get Destroyed
04-29Allfather · Bless the Earth with Fire
04-08All Hail the Yeti · Screams from a Black Wilderness
08-01Alligator · The Correct Reaction
10-28Alligator Rodeo · Alligator Rodeo
04-04Allobrogia · Sonnocingos
06-10Alma Cadaver · Alma cadaver
??-??Alma Eterna · Pueblos de metal
??-??Almafría · Nuevo rumbo
09-22Almah · E.V.O
03-18Almanac · Tsar
01-26Alma Siniestra · Violencia extrema
09-??Almas Militares · Ojo de Moscú
05-25Alocer 88 · For Our Blood
03-03Alpha Ascension · Hydra Omnaris
07-??Alquimia · Alquimia
08-24Also Known As · You've Just Been Assaulted!
02-26Altarage · Nihl
??-??Altar of Dagon · Nacht der Untoten
01-??Altar of Profanation · Seal of the Sorcerer's Book
01-??Altar of Profanation · The Three Whores of Blasphemy
08-26Altars of Annihilation · Illuminate, eliminate
08-23Altered Dead · Altered Dead
11-25Altered Shade · The Path of Souls
12-??Alto Voltaje · Contracorriente
09-10Alttar · Renovatti
??-??Altú Págánach · Tolkien Legacy
02-04Alvoratha · Alvoratha
10-22AM:PM · Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker
10-??Amalantra · The Return
11-30Amalgama · A las puertas de Willoughby
09-20Amalgama · La violencia reinará
12-14Amantia · March of the Cartel
05-31Amaterasu · Pemberi Cahaya
03-14Amatoria · Aequilibrium
03-26AMC · The Death Album
03-26AMC · Devil's Advocate
03-26AMC · Music to Kill Yourself By
10-21Amendfoil · Empyrean & Ophidian
12-04Ammyt · Between Art and Madness
08-27Amocualli · Xiuhcoatl
10-11AmokSky · AmokSky
03-25Amon Amarth · Jomsviking
08-24Among Disaster · Ecclesiastical Damnation
06-27Among Gods · Ghost Empire
05-20AmongRuins · No Light
07-25Amongst the Dead Things · Hold Out Your Bleeding Heart to the Almighty Satan
02-19Among the Prey · Only for the Blinded Eyes
06-01Among the Serpents · The Grand Betrayal
02-05Amoral · In Sequence
07-09Amordazados · Nuestro odio
09-05Amortem · Danger High Voltage!
10-31Amos · Jade
01-22Amoth · Revenge
04-??Amplitusion · Death by Hotsauce
11-08Amputate · Tortura Macabra
07-29A.M.S.G. · Hostis Universi Generis
10-28Anaal Nathrakh · The Whole of the Law
07-27An Abstract Illusion · Illuminate the Path
10-07Anabyss · Dehabilitation
10-21Anagnorisis · Peripeteia
08-??Anakrosis · Ez dut nahi zuen bakea
07-01Anal Blasphemy · Western Decadence
06-24Anal Destructor · Anal Destructor
04-08Anal Exorcism · In Prayer to Lamashtu
07-28Anal Kudasai · Otaku Perverse Chronicles (Chapter 3 - Interstellar Oblivion)
01-07Anal Kudasai · Otaku Perverse Chronicles (Chapter I)
04-30Anal Kudasai · Otaku Perverse Chronicles (Chapter II - Eternity Parallax)
12-27Anal Kudasai · Otaku Perverse Chronicles (Chapter IV - Guromantic Kuudere)
10-13Anam'Kara · Maze
11-01Anaplasmataceae · Poisonous Treason
11-11Anarchia · Soudný den
04-23Anarchus · Age of Consent
08-26An Autumn for Crippled Children · Eternal
01-09Ancestors Blood · Hyperborea
??-??Ancestral Malediction · The Death Around Us
12-31Ancestral Shadows · The Sorrows of Centuries Past
07-15Ancesttral · Web of Lies
09-16Ancient · Back to the Land of the Dead
12-19Ancient Albatross · Rising Toward Reflection
11-11Ancient Death · Cult to the Death
06-20Ancient Death · Oda a la obscuridad
05-31Ancient Empire · Other World
06-24Ancient Myth · Aberration: “Pt”
06-01Ancient Voice · The Philosophy of​.​.​.
03-19Ancient Warlocks · Ancient Warlocks II
10-14Anciients · Voice of the Void
09-16Ancillotti · Strike Back
03-25Ancst · Moloch
12-13Andesgard · Canciones de guerra y odio
04-18And Harmony Dies · Totenamt
11-09Andragon · Del interior
11-25Andragonia · Oxygen
02-26Andraus · Andraus
04-29Andre Tonelli · Lights and Shadows
12-??Andromeda · Cósmico momento
01-01And the Kingdom Fell · Phantasms
12-20Anemia · Wither
12-07Anesthesia of Beer · The Lightning Broke My Bottle
07-??Aneurose · Juggernaut
11-01Anfel · Blind Me (piano version)
07-28Anfel · In Memory About... (piano version)
04-29Angarthal · Uranus and Gaia
12-27Angel 7 · Hail to the King
01-29Angelcide · Hunting Astral Prey
11-??Angelcrypt · We Are the Dead
03-12Angel Grave · The Archivists' Tragedy
06-17The Angelis · Anticristo
11-12Angel Rubin · La resurrección
01-22Angel Sword · Rebels Beyond the Pale
04-29Angelwarrior Ace · Magic
03-11Anger as Art · Ad Mortem Festinamus
12-02Angerhead · Fueled by Rage
01-25Angerseed · The Proclamation
03-15Angertea · Snakes in Blossom
09-29Angor · Angor
04-04Angra Ahriman · Infernal Intoxication
??-??Angry Nation · The Fail Decade
11-??Angus McDeth · Storm Maker
07-07Anicon · Exegeses
06-28A Night in the Abyss · Necropolis
10-31Anima · Sound of Indifference
01-09Anima Tempo · Caged in Memories
12-12Animo Aeger · KotzeAdel
03-11Ankhar · Deshumanizazioa
05-19Anmod · Inner Upheavals
08-04Anna Pest · Forlorn
07-02Anno Domini · The Cold Expanse
09-27Annúlond · The Spellbound Giant
05-10Anomaly in Effigy · Come Forth Fire Through the Hole in Time
12-24Anorganic · #
04-??Anorgasm · Mass Murder for Intercourse
09-02Anosia · Angel's Harvest
05-18Ansa/Cinis · Opacis
12-09Answer with Metal · Return to the Gates
11-18Antaeus · Condemnation
09-30Antalgia · Twisted Dreams of Dark Commander
08-01Antenor · Círculo del infierno
08-06Anthaños · Vivencias
11-10Anthem · Praeposterum
04-14Anthems of Hate · Automata
10-01An Theos · Seminția dacă
12-16Anthology · Angel's Revenge
02-26Anthrax · For All Kings
08-09Anthy · Jester of the Fools
12-15Anthësis · Verdandi
12-16Anticlockwise · Raise Your Head
06-30Anti-Freeze · Trash Assault
11-06Antilife · Life Is Pain
09-01Antimateria · Valo aikojen takaa
07-18Antimelodix · Хаос РФ
12-20Antti Martikainen · Adventuria, Vol. 1
01-23Antti Martikainen · Set Sail for the Golden Age
06-11Antti Martikainen · Synthesia
04-29Anu · Nighthymns
02-26Anvil · Anvil Is Anvil
05-13AnVision · New World
07-20Anzio Bridgehead · Lost Tracks
02-11Anüs · The Constipation Conspiracy
04-09Aodon · Sharphood
??-??Aornos · Mors Sola
06-26Apathy · Return
01-26Apathy Noir · Across Dark Waters
01-01Ape Cave · Pillars of Evolution
03-05Aphotic · Within Darkness
01-20Aphylon · Tales of Enlightening Shadows‬
12-02Aphyxion · Aftermath
07-20A Place for Murder · Swallowed by the Oceans
06-25Apocalypse · The Beginning of the Eternity
12-25Apognosis · Phase 6
12-29Apolion's Genocide · Xotanistrom's Uprising
??-??Apologist · Antagonist
10-11Apomorph · Amidst the Crisis
09-20Apophatic · Coadunation
08-21Apostles of Perversion · Revenge Beyond the Grave
??-??Apoteom · Paper God
??-??April in Flames · Scream for an Epitaph
09-25Apsent · Harvest
05-21Apu Rumi · Puka Yaku
09-06Aqaba · Samsara
05-06Aquelarre · Tempo
09-09Arabian Death Mask · Permeation Formation
09-30Aracner · Nación Tierra
10-15Aradia · Aradia
02-29Arakain · Arakadabra
04-08Arakara · Burial Ground
04-29AraPacis · System Deceive
12-02Arathgoth · Guardians of the Fall
03-18Arathgoth · Return to the Old Castle
11-05Aratron · Darkness Is Coming
07-??Arbre · III
11-25Arcade Messiah · III
10-01Arcaico · Tu cabeza es mi bandera
03-11Arcana 13 · Danza Macabra
06-06Arcane Dimension · Best of Dance Intrumentals
??-??Arcane Tales · New Hope Bringer
12-25Arcano Arconte · Mórbida e Agonizante Jornada
02-??Archer · Who's Gonna Save You Now?
03-12Archimime · Archimime
03-??Archives · Winter
08-??Arch of Hell · Freakshow
05-13Archɇtype · Mission
12-18Arcsign · Forlorn Dreams
??-??Arcthuris · Lest We Forget
12-11Arctic Reign · The Birth of a Carnival
03-25Arctic Void · Entangled
05-31Arendia · Wild Woods
??-??Argento · Tortura masiva
10-29Arges · Diabolical Transfiguration
06-11Argiduna · Résistance païenne
05-15Argyle · Inverting the Ashé
07-29Arhythmy · Crypt and Shore
06-01Ariadna Project · Novus Mundus
11-22Arida Vortex · Wild Beast Show
10-07Arioch · We Await the Coming of Night
05-13Arise in Chaos · Terminal Cognition
07-01Arizmenda · Beneath This Reality of Flesh
12-18Arizmenda · Despairs Depths Descended
05-28Arkadia · Aspirations & Reality
03-??Arkaik Excruciation · Cursed Blood of Doom
11-10Arkan · Kelem
07-11Arkanos · Tierra de héroes X (2006-2016)
10-08Arkhaeon · Beyond
12-10Arkhanon · La tierra de los inmortales
11-04Arkona · Lunaris
03-18Arkos · Black Moon Ritual
06-11Arktotus · Psychosis
12-02Arma · Rock n' Roll Murderers
06-06Arma Christi · Egocentric Oblivion
10-14Armageddon · Crossing the Rubicon (Revisited)
07-02Armageddon · Parallels and Introspection physical
04-23Armageddon Bound · Chaos Incarnation
12-01Armaroth · Zenith
04-20Armath Sargon · Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn & Winter
12-23Armed Chaos · The Opposition's Crushed
07-29Armored Dawn · Power of Warrior
08-19Armory · World Peace... Cosmic War
01-29Armus · The Fall of Nihil
07-??Arnheim · Apognosis
05-??Arpad · La casa del terror
03-17Arphalon · Inferno
02-05Arrayan Path · Chronicles of Light
11-??Arria Paetus · Arria Paetus
12-02Arriver · Emeritus
03-24Arsirius · Lvdi Incipiant
10-15Ars Moriendi · Sepelitur Alleluia
09-26Ars Veneficium · The Reign of the Infernal King
??-??Artam · Wahrheit durch Krieg
09-10Arthemore · Zmowa milczenia
08-26ArthWork · A Celebration of Mental Art
04-17Artifact of Skulls · III: Luciferian Blasphemy
08-19Artifact of Skulls · IV: Brutalization of the Christ
03-25The Artifice · The Artifice
03-25Artillery · Penalty by Perception
05-15Art of Burning Water · Between Life and Nowhere
06-17Art of Deception · Shattered Delusions
11-28Art of Haven · Wanderer of Time
10-23Art of Simplicity · When Fables Have a Bitter Taste
09-??ArtWar · Covered in Blood
10-28Art X · The Redemption of Cain
12-09Arvalastra · Lunaural
08-28Arvejord · Sotsäng
09-12Arx Atrata · Spiritus in Terra
05-25Aryman · Czarne rytuały otchłani
09-02Asatta · Spiraling into Oblivion
06-30Ascent · Don't Stop When You Walk Through the Hell
06-04Ascheregen · Oratio
08-03Aschmicrosa · Aschmicrosa
03-09Aschmicrosa · Living in Eternity
03-03Aschmicrosa · This Place is Death
08-12A Sea of Silent Skulls · A Mortal Wound
09-21A Sea of Silent Skulls · A Shadow Cast upon the World
08-09A Sea of Silent Skulls · Death Won't Take Me Tonight
08-19A Sea of Silent Skulls · From Birth to Slaughter
10-30A Sea of Silent Skulls · The Pattern of the Universe
08-19Asenblut · Berserker
11-18A Sense of Gravity · Atrament
??-??Asfalto · Contador de historias
03-11Asgrauw · Krater
08-22Asguard · Hidden God
05-14Ash · Boneyard
07-18Ashaena · Calea
12-02Ash Borer · The Irrepassable Gate
06-03Ashbringer · Yūgen
05-01Ashcloud · Children of the Chainsaw
01-??Ashen · The End Is Nigh
10-15Ashen Divinity · Digital Sisyphus
07-03Ashes in the Sky · Relentless
05-30Ashes of Abaddon · Chronicles of Suffering Volume II - Covenant Clandestine
10-31Ashes of a Lifetime · Lorem Ipsum
08-30Ash Slater · Aeolian Winds
03-18As I Rise · As I Rise
10-20Askara · Horizon of Hope
04-17Askvald · Geistesreisen durch Dämmertage
09-25As Night Falls · Embrace the Journey
03-11A Soul Called Perdition · Into the Formless Dawn
12-10A Sound of Thunder · Who Do You Think We Are?
06-??Asphalt Graves · The New Primitive
09-30Asphyx · Incoming Death
05-20Assassin · Combat Cathedral
04-29Assassin's Blade · Agents of Mystification
03-??The Assault · Abyss
07-22Assignment · Closing the Circle
10-31Asspera · Incogibles
04-20Ast · Fraktale
01-??Astarot · Consume Your Guts
01-16Astarot · Forest of Dead Stars / Frosty Valley
12-23Asthenic Syn · Thy Flesh Consumed
06-15Astheria · Astheria
12-21Astraeus · Virtuous
01-10Astrakhan · Reward in Purpose
06-20Astral Cult · The Sacred Flame
09-10Astral Experience · Emovere
05-06Astralion · Outlaw
04-15Astral Path · An Oath to the Void
07-29Astral Path · Ashes Dancer
11-28Astral Winter · Forest of Silence
06-10Astronoid · Air
09-26The Astroplex · The Chronicles of Azhul'Tar
11-02Astru · Aenigma
05-23Astru · Az egy álmai
08-18Astru · De Vive Voix
10-17Astru · Sosztakovics
03-15Ast Voldur · Molecular Poltergeist Possession
06-14Astwind · Spell of the Melancholic Landscapes
06-05As We Fucked · Rimjob
03-11Asyllex · War Order
??-??Atacke Nuclear · Extermínio
05-20Atala · Shaman's Path of the Serpent
04-03Ataque Epilético · Superstitions
12-15Ataraxia · Ataraxia
03-19Ataria · Bad Idea
11-19Atarka · Get Drunk, Get Happy!
03-20A Taste of Freedom · Carved in Our Dreams
03-26Ataxia.F · 20.16
04-17Atel · Seeking Morbid Silence
07-08Athame · With Cunning Fire and Adversarial Resolve
04-18Athamé · High Priestess
11-26Athanatos · Obsolescent Existence
02-10Athene Noctua · I. Cugetarea mitică
08-07Athene Noctua · II. Mitologia sorții
09-16Athorn · Necropolis
09-18Athos · Noht Lerapot
06-17A Thousand Years Slavery · Decade
04-15Athrox · Are You Alive?
03-25Atlantis Chronicles · Barton's Odyssey
01-15Atoll · The Gathering Swarm
12-02Atomey · Temporal
04-04Atomgott · Apatheia
09-05Atomic · Grand Prix
10-12Atomization · Weapons of Mass Destruction
07-29A Tortured Soul · On This Evil Night
03-04Atrament · Eternal Downfall
07-31Atramentum · Phallosophy
09-17Atra Mors · Cold, Solitude and Misanthropy
11-17Atra Mors · Nekrogoat Ritual
02-04Atretic Intestine · Trail of Entrails
08-12Atriell · Tale of the Dragon Claw
??-??Atrito Urbano · Praga Disfarçada
03-04Atrocious Abnormality · Formed in Disgust
11-20Atrocity · The Disease of Humanity
12-17Atropina · Porões das Luxúrias
11-18Attacker · Sins of the World
03-18Attashe · First, Last and All the Time
07-01Attempt of Deception · Bitter Delusion
08-??AtteroTerra · Pray for Apocalypse
03-22At the Graves · Cold and True
06-06Attica Rage · Warheads LTD
08-12Attick Demons · Let's Raise Hell
09-29Attractha · No Fear to Face What's Buried Inside You
11-01Aube Grise · Mauvais augure
11-17Augmented · End of Days
01-15Augrimmer · Moth and the Moon
04-??August Redmoon · Drums of War
09-19AUM · Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum
08-01Aura Ignis · Prisioneros del dolor
12-01Aural Butchery · Todos libres
03-18Aural Hex · Essentia
11-29Aureole · Aurora Borealis
??-??Aurica · Survivor in This Land
01-19Auriga · VII - Dimensions of Asymmetry
10-21Auroch · Mute Books
11-11Austen · Eschatological Delight
12-09Australes Tenebris · Reflections of a Decadent Life
05-21Australis · Spaces of Hope
??-??Autarkeon · La grande menace
06-01Auticed · Arise
12-09Autocatalytica · Vicissitudes
04-28Autokrator · The Obedience to Authority
08-17Autopsy Night · Осквернение мёртвых
??-??Autumn of Aeons · Demigod
01-01Autumn of Aeons · Dimensions
10-20Autumn Woods · Doomed by Loneliness
01-29Avantasia · Ghostlights
11-17Avant Guardian · Metamorphosis
05-13Avatar · Feathers & Flesh
07-23Avataria · New World Order
10-16Avenger Kills · Metal Child
07-29Avenger of Blood · On Slaying Grounds
07-14Avenge the Throne · The Burning Chariots in the Skies
01-25Avengeus · New Beginning
06-23Avenguard · Guard the Gates
12-22Averblack · Torn Between Two Hells
03-03Avernal · La quimera de la perfección
07-15Aversion to Mankind · Ways to Non-Existence
11-26Avertia · Avertia
06-06Ave Satan · Matka Teresa
11-25Ave Tenebrae · Tandis que les parjures se meurent
02-29Avgrunden · Opus (2)
03-04Avitas · Pioneers
11-01Avulsed · Deathgeneration
12-17Avulsion Rupture · Wræclást
08-26Awaiting Downfall · Distant Call
10-16Awkan · Awkan
07-12A World of Illness · Archetypes of Parasitic Rule
11-23Awqa · Of Thoughts
02-09Awren · Dreams
12-04Axattack · Axattack
12-16Axe Crazy · Ride on the Night
01-15Axel Rudi Pell · Game of Sins
02-26Axevyper · Into the Serpent's Den
06-24Axhom · Archalien
01-12AXPI · SkullRoads: Tales from a Darkside
09-20Axsem · Capítulos de siniestro tragedia
10-15Axxion · Back in Time
09-03Ayahuasca · Huayra
06-14Azaxul · The Fleshly Tomb
09-22Azel's Mountain · Góra milczenia
03-12Azkal · Azkal
07-03Azmaroth · Death Crowned King
10-10Azooma · The Act of Eye
01-??Aztek Lord · Aztek Lord
09-16A|symmetry · Fragility
09-20Ação Libertária · Cidadão de Bem
05-31Baalsebub · The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition
11-23Baby Frog · Politik Bullshit
04-20Backdawn · I Shall Burn Your Empire
12-02Backwoods Payback · Fire Not Reason
08-17Bad Acid · Revelations of the Third Eye
04-08Bad Blood · Inner Core
??-??Baga · Verme
10-31Bahrrecht · L'aube glacée
04-02Baise Ma Hache · Bréviaire du chaos
05-13Bajo Sombras · Genéticamente corruptos
??-??Bajo Zero · Hijos de nadie
09-28Balance Interruption · Door 218
02-15Balders Likferd · Adsertor Noctis Obductae
08-02Balero · The Impossible Crusade
11-04Banana Mayor · Primary Colours Part I: The Red
09-03Banisher · Oniric Delusions
??-??Banned from Hell · Fall of Humanity
01-25Baphomet's Blood · In Satan We Trust
07-22Baptism · V: The Devil's Fire
03-??Barabbas AK · Give Us Barabbas
03-16Baradj · Divlar
04-15Barbarian · Cult of the Empty Grave
11-11Barbarian Swords · Worms
01-16Barbarous Pomerania · Ashes of Retra and Arkona
06-01Barbarous Pomerania · Knights of the Most Serene
09-16Barishi · Blood from the Lion's Mouth
01-29Bark · Voice of Dog
11-16Barking Spider · Warrior by Night
09-01Barloventos · La senda etérica
??-??Barney · Paris brûle-t-il?
09-16BaRok-Projekto · Sovaĝa Animo
05-03Barren Heir · Tired Turns
09-30Barrow Wight · Kings in Saurons Service
06-26Barthafah · Nusantara Nasionalisme!
11-07Basalt · O Coração Negro da Terra
04-30Basalto · Basalto
08-10Bastard's Breed · Welcome to the Breed
08-01Bastard Lord · Cosmic Tomb
03-13Bastard Nation · Declaration Day
06-12Bastard of Majesty Sin · Bastard of Majesty Sin
06-??Bastardos · Visiones de un mundo en decadencia
02-19Bastard Thieves · Bastard Thieves
02-05Bastian · Rock of Daedalus
02-19Basttard · An Old Man's Tale
12-??Bastärd · Bastärd
06-10Bat · Wings of Chains
11-04Batalion d'Amour · Fenix
02-22Bathyum · Rituals of the Damned
01-21Battalions · Nothing to Lose
11-25Battery · Martial Law
12-17Battle Cry · Cicatrices
09-30Battle Dagorath · I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos
04-01Battlesword · Banners of Destruction
01-21BattleX · Imminent Downfall
06-24Be'lakor · Vessels
03-25Beastmaker · Lusus Naturae
05-28Beast Mode · Blood Moon
04-22Beastwars · The Death of All Things
05-29The Beast Within · Temperance
12-23Beating Dead Meat · With Full Force
05-18Beatray · A Ship's Call
10-07Bee Bong · Bee Bong
04-22Beef Conspiracy · A Jigsaw of a Flock of Geese
05-21Beelzebub · Dark Landscapes of My Imagination
??-??Beelzebub · Nattlig vampyriske måltid
08-19Beelzefuzz · The Righteous Bloom
04-08Beethoven R. · A fuego en la piel
10-21Begging for Incest · Finsternis
01-21Begotten Silence · Faces of Suffering
03-04Begrime Exemious · The Enslavement Conquest
06-26Behelmod · Wallowing in Omega's Aftermath
05-27Behexen · The Poisonous Path
01-17Behind the Shadows · Raising Hell
04-12Beholder · Reflections
11-08Behold the Arctopus · Cognitive Emancipation
09-22Behold the Defiant · The End Is Live
09-01Beithíoch · Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten
06-17Beldam · Still the Wretched Linger
09-09Belenos · Kornôg
10-??Belial's Bride · Uprooted
03-22Bellathrix · Orion
04-29Bellgrave · Panzerherz
10-26Belligerent Intent · The Crucifire
06-06Bemdesar · Satanás bendice esta rebelión!!!
04-01The Bendal Interlude · Reign of the Unblinking Eye
06-11Beneath the Machine · Infection
07-04Beneath the Storm · Lucid Nightmare
04-27Bengawan Flame · Bengawan Flame
12-10Bernallium Project · Chapter I
03-01Bernatchez · Under the Wheel of Humanity
06-27Berserkers · Lock & Load
10-16Berserkyd · Striking Again
12-??Beschwörung · Satanischer Schwarz Metal
03-04Beseech · My Darkness, Darkness
03-15Bestial Deform · Leones
04-06Bestial Evil · Infectious Cross
12-15Bestiality Business · Rise of the Beast
05-21Bestialized · Termestella Cvltvs
11-??Bestial Malevolencia · Derramaré tu sangre
11-14Bestial Raids · Master Satan's Witchery
12-02Bethlehem · Bethlehem
03-30Bethor · Collapsing Generation of Luciferian Infant Legions
06-17Betrayal · Infinite Circles
05-29Betrayer God · Violent Subconscious
12-22Betray the Emissary · The Fragility of Circumstance
04-??Betsy Charge · Art Live
04-??Betsy Charge · Locked Within
04-??Betsy Charge · Musical Muze
07-29Bewitched · Nemesis and the Revelation of Doom
08-18Bewitcher · Bewitcher
10-07Beyond Chronicles · Human Nation
10-14Beyond Fiction · Dehumanized
04-01Beyond God · A Moment of Black
01-18Beyond of Desolation · En busca de un horizonte
02-12Beyond the Black · Lost in Forever
06-??Beyond the Existence · Silent Mourning
04-01Beyond the Grave · Devil's Venom
01-05Beyond the Grave · Predicitions of Disgrace
01-29Bhavachakra · Bhavachakra
02-05Bifröst · Mana Ewah
07-08Big Business · Command Your Weather
08-27Big Durty · Big Durty
12-30Big End Bolt · Killstruments & Deathods
07-07Big Fucking Gun · Fury
09-11Billabong of Blood · Billabong of Blood
05-24Binary Code · Moonsblood
11-04Binary Creed · A Battle Won
01-26Bind Torture Kill · Condamné
11-07Biopsy · Osario Terror
08-17Birch Crown · Machines
09-06Bite · Counter Attack
06-25Blaakyum · Line of Fear
08-26Black Absence · Voyager: Record
05-13Black Absinthe · Early Signs of Denial
08-03Black Abyss · Funeral Christ
03-25Black Black Black · Altered States of Death & Grace
10-29Black Bone Exorcism · Crack the Bone, Break the Heart
11-11Black Candle · Lost Light of the North
05-19Black Clothes · The Abused
02-26Black Cobra · Imperium Simulacra
07-22Black Crown Initiate · Selves We Cannot Forgive
07-08Black Cult · Cathedral of the Black Cult
02-19Black Daffodils · Into the Sun
04-04Black Decades · Hideous Life
01-29Black Desert Sun · Black Desert Sun
??-??Black Devotion · Usurper of Satan's Victorious Kingdom
11-11Blackdome · The Chaos Suite
06-14The Blacken · Life Love Death
12-13Blackend Horizon · Nerhegeb
11-10Blackened · Truth Behind Destruction
07-20Blackened Snake · Únik do reality
06-24Black Fucking Cancer · Black Fucking Cancer
09-09Black Funeral · Ankou and the Death Fire
07-09Blackgate · Ronin
08-??Black Goat · The Ultimate Revelation
08-13Black Harmonia · Resurrection
07-12Black Hate · Through the Darkness
12-30Black Hazes · Caos y orden
11-18Black Hole Generator · A Requiem for Terra
06-15BlackHorns · Rise of the Infernal Sorcery
01-05Blackhour · Sins Remain
04-17Black Inhale · A Doctrine of Vultures
04-11Black Jade ·
03-10Black Kalmar Skull · This Life
06-15Black Kirin · 箫韶
04-20Black Kult · Return to War
09-10Black Light · Name of the One
04-29Black Lung · See the Enemy
??-??Black Mad Lice · Divine Touch
02-19Black Magic Fools · Soul Collector
04-22Black Magik · Wings of Armageddon
06-23Black Mantra · Black Mantra
05-16Black Mass Pervertor · Phanerosis
03-25Black Mood · Squalid Garden
03-04Black Moor · Brave to the Grave
09-09Black Motel Six · Everything in Its Place
06-14Black Mountain Thunder · Odin Amongst Us
11-20Black Mutiny · Everhaus
06-01Blackning · Alienation
03-04Black Priest of Satan · Element of Destruction
12-25Black Prism · Black Prism
03-25Black Rain · Released
04-15Black Rainbows · Stellar Prophecy
07-03Black Ramstein · Cryonics
12-02Black Randam · Lord of Darkness
04-23Blackrat · Hail to Hades
??-??Black Redemption · Sinister World Elegy
11-05Black Rock · Return Through Ages
07-24Blackseason · 7 Harmonies of Suicide
05-13Blackseason · Aesthetics of a Wedding
03-18Black Shape of Nexus · Carrier
09-08Black Skull Ritual · Heart Full of Hate: The Practiceroomz Tapes
12-16Blacksmoker · Rupture
02-11Black Spring Monolith · Lightforger
01-01Black Storm · Odyssey
02-09Black Sunrise Prophets · Khaargh Shuur-Zoth
04-09Black Sunrise Prophets · The Same World
09-29The Black Swamp · I Am
10-14Black Table · Obelisk
12-02Black Therapy · In the Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile
11-17Blackthorne · This Sacrifice
02-??Black Thorn Halo · Deadline
04-10Black Titan · The Bag Is in the River
09-06Black Tomb · Black Tomb
12-28Black Tormentor · My Journey to Northland
07-??Black Triad · Genesis
09-12Black Tribe · Martial Industrial Metal
01-29Black Tusk · Pillars of Ash
01-16Black Vice · Rituals of the Anti​-​Cosmic Doctrine
03-18Black Vulture · Rise of the Witch Queen
06-17Black Wasteland · Incantations of Decay
11-13Black Willows · Samsara
10-20Black Witch · Solve et Coagula
05-31Black with Stars · Black with Stars
01-29Black Wizard · New Waste
02-12Blackwood · As the World Rots Away
10-21Black Yet Full of Stars · Black Yet Full of Stars
12-04Blaine Rohmer · Curse of the Rising Star
07-23BlankWar · BlankWar
10-14Blasphemer · Ritual Theophagy
12-24Blasphemium · Crowned by the Serpent
??-??Blasphemous Overlord · Sign of The Goat
04-02Blasphemous Overlord · Tyrant of Genocide
02-14Blasphemous Sexfago · The Sadomator at the Gates of Fornication
05-26Blasted to Static · Blasted to Static
12-16Blast Perversion · Portals of Perversion
12-19Blast Wave · Renacer
11-17Blatta · Ultra Macabre
03-18Blaze Bayley · Infinite Entanglement
04-08Blaze Out · Backlash
09-15Blazing Corpse · The Universe Shouts My Name
10-31Blazon Stone · War of the Roses
06-??Bleedchain · Martyrs Throne
12-30Bleeder · Ensayos con la raza humana
01-29Bleeding Spawn · Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination
01-15Bleedskrieg · www​.​letargy​.​coma
01-01Bleed the Victim · Flawless Execution
04-15Blerthrung · Blindvei
12-12The Blessed · Remember
03-18Blessed by Perversion · Between Roots and Darkness
01-27Bless the Knights · Bless the Knights
06-01Blestema · Los elogios noctambulares
10-21Blindead · Ascension
10-16Blind Haven · The Agonizing Process of Passing Time
12-20Blind Justice · In the Name of Justice
12-21Blindman · To the Light
08-09Blind Saviour · The Master Plan
04-15Blizaro · Cornucopia della morte
02-12Blizzard · Outburst of Fury
12-12Blizzard at Sea · Ruminations
05-27Blizzen · Genesis Reversed
06-03Blliigghhtted · Into the Cunt of the Witch
02-??Blockedlife · Biometrycal Decay
05-27Blodstrupmoen · Blodstrupmoen
05-27Blood Ages · Godless Sandborn
08-07Bloodbeat · Murderous Art
03-25Blood Ceremony · Lord of Misrule
09-03Blood Diamond · Saviours
12-12Blood Division · Traitors to the Gallows
12-07Bloodfield · Sinners or Liars
02-26Bloodgeon · Bloodgeon
??-??Bloodgoat · Blood for the Bloodgoat
01-15Bloodiest · Bloodiest
08-18Blood Incantation · Starspawn
03-11Blood Legion · Human Beings Extermination Campaign
12-21Blood Moon · Through the Scarlet Veil
09-10Bloodnut · Blues from the Red Sons
05-09Blood of Life · Reign over Horror
12-06Bloodpheasant · Grieve
05-01Bloodrain · Bloodrain V: Adora Satanae
11-??Blood Rainbow · Upheaval
04-08Bloodred · Nemesis
07-15Blood Red Throne · Union of Flesh and Machine
11-25Bloodride · Planet Alcatraz
08-??Bloodshed · Rising
11-04Bloodspot · To the Marrow
??-??Bloodstained Resurrection · Praeludium ad Praecipitium
01-09Bloodstone · F.T.W
03-02Blood Tears · Three Wishes
02-28Blood Thirsty Demons · Voices from the Dark
08-06Bloodthrone · Rust in Hell
12-16Blood Tyrant · Aristocracy of Twilight
07-03Bloodwork Salvation · Terror of Reality
09-04Bloody Anatomies · Parasick
04-28Bloody Blasphemy · Total Death Celebration
02-01Bloody Cross · Dark Revelation of the Demons
08-06Bloody Exitation · Road to Nowhere
06-21Bloody Gulch · Lost Inside a Dream
08-05Bloody Hammers · Lovely Sort of Death
??-??Bloody Obsession · Steel Messengers of War
06-06Bloody Rage · The Death of Civilization
11-27Bloody Times · The Fire of Immortality
03-04Blue Aside · The White Staff Burned by the Blue Sun
07-30Blues Funeral · The Search
11-01The Blue Sunshine Family Band · The Blue Sunshine Family Band
03-11Blunt · Blunt
08-19Blunt · State of Desolation
11-19Blutaar · Wider den Zeitgeist
06-16Blåk Monastery · E​.​W​.​I​.​L. A​.​T​.​O​.​M.
??-??Boanerges · Secreto original
09-13Boarstusk · Boarstusk
07-02Bodily Dismemberment · Cabin of Horrors
03-18The Body · No One Deserves Happiness
02-26Body Core · Human Ferox
06-10Bogland · Earthsaver
12-11Bog Morok · Digital Occultism
04-08Bog of the Infidel · Asleep in the Arms of Suicide
01-15Bogotah · Um Brinde ao Fim do Mundo
03-21Boisson Divine · Volentat
09-??Bokrug · Tenebrous Divinities
09-21Bolesno Grinje · GRD
06-03Bombarder · Okot iz pakla
??-??Bombed Up · Accuracy by Volume
01-29Bombs of Hades · Death Mask Replica
02-26Bombus · Repeat Until Death
05-13Bone Fragments · Phantom Wound
09-16Bong Rips for Jesus · The Last Session of the Dopified Apostles
10-17Booby Trap · Overloaded
12-??Boogieman's Curda · Freedom of Repression: Prophetic Tunes for a Present in Turmoil, Pt. 1
03-25Book of Sand · Occult Anarchist Propaganda
04-15Booze Control · The Lizard Rider
06-05Boris Randall · Where Horses Hang
01-22Borknagar · Winter Thrice
10-31Born Again · Unprecedented Atrocities
10-27Born an Abomination · Fires in the Night Hour​.​.​.
03-20Born from Deception · The Horror
12-01Bornholm · Primaeval Pantheons
12-02Borracho · Atacama
07-25Bosco · Bosco
10-31Boslide · Satansbraten
02-01Bosque · Beyond
04-01Bossk · Audio Noir
04-08Boss Keloid · Herb Your Enthusiasm
04-20Boudain · Way of the Hoof
02-04Boudica · Contra Imperium
06-10Bourbon Train · Live at the Triangle
12-11Brache · Brache
02-10Bradi Cerebri Ectomia · Threads of Desperation
08-18Brahmastra · Alpha & Omega
04-18Braindamage · The Downfall
09-25Brain Damaged · Nación infecta
11-26Brain Dead · Disaster Ahead
07-02Brain Drill · Boundless Obscenity
08-10Brainslug · Seer
01-15Brainstorm · Scary Creatures
05-16Brainteasers · Quotes of Great People
02-14Brainwashed · Reasons to Go Insane
02-??Brandon Buckley · 2015
02-27Brave · Kill the Bastard
06-28Breaking the Halo · Atlas
12-16Breeding Filth · Perverse Devolution
04-13Brethren · Crusade: I
05-03Brett Miller · Oath of Dagon
03-23Bridear · Baryte
09-01Bridesmaid · International House of Mancakes
03-??Bright Color Vision · The Tide Within
05-13Bright Curse · Before the Shore
07-16Brightly Painted Corpses · Adapting to the Cold
09-17Brightly Painted Corpses · Her Scarlet Dress Ablaze
01-16Brightly Painted Corpses · The Soundtrack to Rejection
01-??Britannia · De los caminos
07-12Broken & Burnt · It Comes to Life
12-??Broken Death · Brutal Killer
02-26Broken Down · The Other Shore
02-??Broken Life · When Negative Feelings Drown This Life
12-04Broken Ohms · Lifeguard
02-29The Broken Soul · Грани нашего Я
08-03Broken Spirit · Vivid Dreaming
09-12Brothers Raising Hell · A Shot of Sin
05-18Brouillard · Brouillard
10-30Brudywr · I Am the Voice
09-16Brujeria · Pocho Aztlan
04-24Brunhild · Shadows Over
11-25Brutai · Born
03-26Brutal Brain Damage · Bang Bang Theory
02-15Brutal Homicide · BH
01-22Brutality · Sea of Ignorance
08-18Brutally Deceased · Satanic Corpse
09-01Brutal Noise · The Worst Is Yet to Come
05-09Brutal Squirt · Obliteration
01-08Brutus · Murwgebeukt
07-01Bryan Eckermann · The Haunting at Helmbrook
06-03Brymir · Slayer of Gods
11-01Bròn · Ànrach
03-01Brünndl · Brünndl
02-20B.T.R. · Родина
01-07Buckethead · Pike 220 - Mirror Realms
01-12Buckethead · Pike 221 - Cove Cloud
01-16Buckethead · Pike 222 - Out of the Attic
01-19Buckethead · Pike 223 - Dragging the Fence
01-24Buckethead · Pike 224 - Buildor
01-27Buckethead · Pike 225 - Florrmat
02-18Buckethead · Pike 226 - Happy Birthday MJ 23
02-21Buckethead · Pike 227 - Arcade of the Deserted
02-24Buckethead · Pike 228 - The Creaking Stairs
02-28Buckethead · Pike 229 - Cabs
03-15Buckethead · Pike 230 - Rooftop
03-15Buckethead · Pike 231 - Drift
03-27Buckethead · Pike 232 - Lightboard
03-27Buckethead · Pike 233 - 22222222
03-31Buckethead · Pike 234 - Coupon
10-27Buckethead · Pike 235 - Oneiric Pool
11-04Buckethead · Pike 236 - Castle on Slunk Hill
11-17Buckethead · Pike 237 - The Five Blocks
11-21Buckethead · Pike 238 - Attic Garden
11-25Buckethead · Pike 239 - The Mermaid Stairwell
12-02Buckethead · Pike 240 - Chart
12-09Buckethead · Pike 241 - Sparks in the Dark
12-12Buckethead · Pike 242 - Hamdens Hollow
12-23Buckethead · Pike 243 - Santa's Toy Workshop
06-21Buer · Protoalbum (Nigrum Ignis)
08-03Bukavac · A Fire in the Void
05-26Bulletsize · Pansar
??-??Bull-Riff Stampede · Enraging the Beast
12-20Buraku · Thresholds
04-29Burden of Life · In Cycles
12-05Burgûli · Ombres
03-02Burial · Unholy Sedition
08-27Burial Choir · Iconoclast
11-04Burial in the Sky · Persistence of Thought
04-29Buried in Black · Dicio
06-28Burkhartsvinter · Burkhartsmal
??-??Burn Damage · Age of Vultures
09-30Burn Down Eden · Ruins of Oblivion
03-25Burning · Nightmares
02-12The Burning Dogma · No Shores of Hope
05-03Burning Grave · Benih Kehancuran
04-09Burning Hatred · Carnage
12-30Burning Island · 妖魔鬼島大作戰 (Ghost Island at War)
05-13Burning Moon · Birth Agony of a Mountain
11-25Burning Point · The Blaze
03-30Burnkill · Guerra e Destruição
12-31Burnmark · Dying Glory
10-05Burn the Chapel · Doomsayer
07-25Burnt to Ashes · Smoke Trails
04-24Burn Your Highness · Pisslife​/​Happiness
11-??Burshtyn · Прах відчайдухів
03-17Bus · The Unknown Secretary
03-05Bushwhacker · The False Dilemma
12-31Busola · Spiritual Row
??-??Butchery of Terror · Apestas a prostituta muerta
11-09ButterButtButler · This Is the Less in Manliness
11-??Buzzherd · Siege Machine
08-??By Brute Force · We Declare War
10-31BØDE · O Altar das Almas
07-16Bädr Vogu · Wroth
12-15Bärglar · AnarKism
06-14Bärglar · Black Sad
02-13Bärglar · End of Life​.​.​.
03-13Bärglar · Grim tha Darkness
10-28Böhse Onkelz · Memento
11-25Bölzer · Hero
06-01Cabaret Aberrante · Sadismo Post Porno
04-04Cabeza de Caballo · Dölmenn
08-03Cable a Tierra · Cable a Tierra
03-23Cabra Negra · I.N.T.I
04-29Cadaveric Poison · Cadaveric Poison
12-01Cadaverous Incarnate · Fetal and Majestic Rotten Incarnation
01-10Cadothus · Tales from Beyond
05-31Caecus · The Funeral Garden
09-22Cage of Creation · Into Nowhere
03-25Caliban · Gravity
12-11Calibre Infinite · Crowned with Guilt
03-21Caligula · Grimoire of Black Pact and Luciferian Invocation
02-08Camel of Doom · Terrestrial
04-12Camphora Monobromata · Suffering Amongst the Hostile Walls
05-??Cancer Spreading · Ghastly Visions
08-26Cancer Whore · Catastrophic Rise
06-01Candelabrum · Necrotelepathy
03-18Cannibal Accident · Ritual Paprika
02-22Cannibal Girls · Record01
07-29Cannon · Next Level
02-19Canterra · First Escape
03-18Cantique Lépreux · Cendres célestes
11-19Caporal · Caporal
04-20Capsized · Overwhelming the Circles
10-31Captain Catfish's Electric Kool-Aid Test · Tales from the Other Side of the Bar
10-04Caput Mortuum · His Sombre Wrath
03-??Cara Dura · In Memoriam
10-14Cara Neir · Perpetual Despair Is the Human Condition
06-06Carbono · Siphonophorae
05-29Carcereduro · Ad Honorem
05-06Cardiac · Sangrar hasta lograrlo
06-03Cardinals Folly · Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom
10-14Cardinal Wyrm · Cast Away Souls
03-19Car Door Dick Smash · Fully Torqued
03-11Caretaker · Well
01-??Carion Stentor · Rompe cadenas
03-13Carnal Condemnation · Soul Burning Hatred
05-11Carnal Dread · Maleficium
07-25Carnal Tomb · Rotten Remains
08-??Carneross · Religion es muerte
08-05Carnifex · Slow Death
??-??Carnifliate · Slaughterlust
05-09Carnifloor · Process of Disorderly Conduct
09-23Carnophage · Monument
10-??Carnopraxis · Obsessive Human Depravity
10-25Carolina Chupacabra · Dying to Live
11-16Carpatia Castle · Černé století
01-20Carrion Sun · Carrion Sun
10-28Carved · Kyrie Eleison
06-09Cascade · Love Can't Wait
10-10Casket Huffer · Gospels of Scum
03-04Casket Robbery · Evolution of Evil
04-03Cast Iron · Eternal Freedom
07-15Castle · Welcome to the Graveyard
01-04Catacombed · Ancient Ghoul
11-26Catharist · The Occultist
06-03Cauchemar · Chapelle ardente
01-08Cauldron · In Ruin
06-05Cauldron Burial · Orgia Nocturna
06-24Caveat · Consummation
03-24Cave Blind · Evil Sorcery
01-11Caveman · Hämbyrgür
05-17Caveman Cult · Savage War Is Destiny
02-10Caverna · Abismo
07-15Caïna · Christ Clad in White Phosphorus
06-24C.B Murdoc · Here Be Dragons
11-04Ceaseless Blight · Lost Illusion
04-26Cefem · Historias oscuras
12-13Cegvera · Fractals
11-06Celebrate Hate · High Gain, Low Budget
06-17Celestia · Celestia
09-21Celestial Crown · Rebirth
09-07Celestial Flames · Power of the Star
08-02Celestial Shadows · An Endless Void
02-01Celestial Shadows · The Ogre at the Door
08-27Cell · The Frozen Moon of Erebath
09-09Cell 9 · The Devil's Feast
05-14Cell Block Earth · Spastic Rants
07-21Cells · Blank Display
??-??Cell Section · Hologram
02-03Celtefog · Sounds of the Olden Days
01-??Celtibeerian · From Soil to Soul
01-25Celéne · Natale Tenebris
08-24Cemetery Piss · Order of the Vulture
01-15Cendra · Metal Punk
05-03Cendres de Haine · Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis Tome1
11-01Cenizas del Edén · Sententia
02-06Cenosphere · Genocide Crusade
07-08Centinex · Doomsday Rituals
03-04Centipede · Sarnath
12-24Centrate · Ritual
09-26Cercenated · In Circles of Total Dominance
04-20Cercenatory · Swallowed by the Apocalypse
04-30Cerebral Desecration · Incarnation
01-??Cerebral Edema · Corpse Eaters
09-15Cerebral Fix · Disaster of Reality
03-19Cerebrum · Wrzaskun
12-01Cernunnos · Leaves of Blood
09-24Certain Death · The Burnt War
10-07CETI · Snakes of Eden
10-30Chagall · Locust Spitter
05-14Chainerdog · Daemoniacal
03-19Chaingun · Mesmerised
10-31Chainsaw Penis · Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
04-26Chalice of Suffering · For You I Die
09-23Chamber of Malice · Crime City Slam
05-27Chamber of Torture · Cadaverous Omen
02-20Chambre Froide · Rouges chapelles
01-02Chanka · Tahuampa Raymi
03-23Chaosbaphomet · Promethean Black Flame
08-??Chaos Catharsis · Renaissance psychotique
11-17Chaos Injected · Chaos Injected
11-??Chaos in Paradise · Transversal
04-16Chaosium · Let the Whole World Bleed
08-08Chapeau · Heartless Ones
12-23Chapter Eleven · Conquer the Paradise
09-17Chariots of the Gods · Ages Unsung
07-01Charley Browne · Resurrection
02-19Charm Designer · Everlasting
09-23Charred Walls of the Damned · Creatures Watching over the Dead
08-15Charting the Depths of Despair · Charting the Depths of Despair
09-16Cheerleader Concubine · Tentacle Induced Intestinal Displacement
09-18Chemical Exposure · Sick Mutant Society
11-19Chemical Nurslings · How Will You Breathe?
03-20Chernomor · Sarmatia
06-30Children of Seraph · Warriors of Light
12-30Chimera · Transmutation
04-22Chinaski · Mandrágora
07-01Chine · Immanent
10-27Chiral · Gazing Light Eternity
08-21Choroba · Infiziert
09-30Chorosphere · Chorosphere
02-02Chris Appleton · Restless
10-08Chris Straub · Skeletons of Society
11-18Christ Agony · Legacy
06-30Christ Killer · Schindler's List II: Schindler's Pissed (And Taking Names)
08-20ChristoSadist · ChristoSadist
01-05Christus Mortuus Est · Неизлечимый мир нереальности
05-13Chris Violence · The Raven
10-12Chromatic Point · Изгрев
06-01Chrome Ghost · Choir of the Low Spirits
11-12Chronaexus · Outreach from a Withered Hand
12-??Chronicode · Shapeshifter
04-29Chronolyth · Atrophy
11-25Chronos · Pallid Reflection
01-22Chronos Zero · Hollowlands - The Tears Path: Chapter One
01-29Chthe'ilist · Le dernier crépuscule
05-27Chuan-Tzu · Delight in Disorder
01-04Chugga Ritual · Liege​-​Leech
10-24Church of Disgust · Veneration of Filth
03-04Church of Misery · And Then There Were None...
03-01Cianuro · Crimen legal
06-01Cicatrix · Suffocated Faith
12-27Cichy Duch · Światło w chmurze
03-01Ciconia · Winterize
12-22Cinical · Resurgir
07-25Circadian Ritual · Circadian Ritual
10-31Circle of Beings · Sacred Ground
03-31Circle of Indifference · Welcome to War
08-??Circle of Ouroborus · Kotiinpaluu
08-07Circle Spectre Haunting · Sin
04-22Circle Unbroken · Vincere
03-18Circus Maximus · Havoc
02-12Cirith Gorgor · Visions of Exalted Lucifer
04-14Cirrha Niva · Out of the Freakshow
11-15Citron · Rebelie rebelů
??-??City · On the Edge of Forever
11-04Civil War · The Last Full Measure
10-??Clamor in Tenebris · Spiritus Liberum
03-01Clan · Godine ćutanja
08-31Clandestined · Greed of Breed
10-10Clangforge · Nonetheless
03-05Claudio Cordero · Quasar
09-15Claustrofobia · Download Hatred
11-13Clavicula Nox · 333
08-20Clawhammer · In Space
04-05Clawhammer Abortion · Slaughter Campaign
05-13Clayborg · Reborn
04-29Clear Sky Nailstorm · The Inner Abyss
??-??Climatic Terra · Prototype
03-18Cliteater · From Enslavement to Clitoration
05-02Clitorodectomía · In the Morgue Noise
06-02Clitorodectomía · Porn
08-01Clitorodectomía · Porno casero
05-23Clitorodectomía · Porno casero 2 "The Ass Party"
02-23Clitorodectomía · Porno Slam
11-10Cloud · Indeterminate
11-01Clouds · Departe
01-01Cloudscape · Voice of Reason
09-27Clouds Taste Satanic · Dawn of the Satanic Age
03-25Cobalt · Slow Forever
??-??Cobi's Death · CodeX
12-04Cobi's Death · Inheritance
??-??Cobi's Death · Reincarnated
03-23C.O.B.R.A. · Conspiracy of Blackness and Relative Aftermath
02-29Cobra · Riffyard
02-13Cocaine Cowboys · Mental Disease
09-16Code Red Organisation · Deceiver
??-??Codex Gigas · Letanías del exorcismo
11-05Codex Obscura · Holy Teachings of Self Defeat
11-07Coexistence · Everlasting Scars
12-21Coffeinne · Circle of Time
06-??Coffin Birth · The Bowels of Chaos
05-06Coffin Dust · Everything Is Dead
01-15Coffin Hoarder · Massive Exhumation
11-09Coffin Hoarder · Your Love Even with My Life Decay
05-13Coffin Lust · Manifestation of Inner Darkness
10-28Cognitive · Deformity
08-24Cognizant · Cognizant
12-02Cojones · Resonate
11-25Cokegoat · Drugs and Animals
11-23Coldaura · Coma, Sleeping God
04-??Coldblood · Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil
12-01Coldborn · Lingering Voidwards
07-15ColdWorld · Autumn
02-29Colemesis · Vivisección 2016
05-12Colliding Parallels · A Matter of Perspective
02-19Collision · Satanic Surgery
09-09Colosso · Obnoxious
06-15Colt.45 · Extinction
10-06Columbarium · Evoking the Sylphs
09-09Combativo · Rara Avis
04-29Combustion · Warhead
12-12Comingforever · Sunburst
04-21The Commander-in-Chief · I Am
01-25Communal Grave · Solace in Violencia
09-20Communion · Unearthed
08-05The Company Corvette · Never Enough
01-29Conan · Revengeance
11-13Conceived by Hate · Death & Beyond
??-??Conclave · Hollow Spirit
06-10Conclave · Sins of the Elders
06-03Concrete Age · Under the Concrete Sun
03-18Condition Critical · Extermination Plan
05-20Condition Red · Illusion of Truth
11-15Conflict Theory · Monologue
08-14Confusion in the Mist · Confusion in the Mist
04-11Conjure · Condénate al cuero y metal
05-16The Conjuring · Tortured Spirits
12-12Conjuring Fate · Valley of Shadows
11-22Conjuro Nuclear · Magia negra
03-31Conjuro Nuclear · ﴾ ♄ ﴿
08-18Conjuror · Fight or Yield
04-29Conniption · Relentless Tides
02-12Conquer · Hells First Born
07-14Constantinople · Dieu, la Rue, la République
01-15Constant Threat · Between Death and Dreams
02-12Constraint · Enlightened by Darkness
08-20Construction of Light · Construction of Light
01-01Construct of Lethe · Corpsegod
08-21Contemplator · Sonance
05-29Continuum · Speculative Thoughts
07-25Contracara · ENDM
01-01Control · The Teeth & the Wounds
04-27Convixion · Days of Rage, Nights of Wrath
03-17Convulse · Cycle of Revenge
11-26Convulsing · Errata
09-04Cool Head Klan · Benzin és vér
03-08Coprophagy · Ten Skidmarks for You to Sniff
10-??Coral · Thrash & Roll
03-27Corniger Calvariam · Edad Media
11-18Corona Skies · Fragments of Reality
06-23Corporal Raid · Manipulating the Host
09-02Corporal Shred · Dressed in Blood
03-11Corprophemia · Abhorrogenesis
04-14Corpse Knife · Obsession with Disemboweled Human Pieces
05-22Corps-sans-Organes · Deleuze Edition
04-23Corpus Christi · Letanías
05-24Corrosive · Resilience
10-12Corroxxxion · Virus letales
05-14Corroídos Pelo Ódio · Existência Falha
03-25Cortege · Touching the Void
08-12Cortexiphan · Iniquitous
11-05Cosas Enfermas · Desterrados
11-16Cosm · Grit
09-19Cosmic Vortex · Dunia dalam Durhaka
11-??Cotard · Ojibwa
06-03Cough · Still They Pray
07-18Counter Clockwork · Counter Clockwork
03-18Counter-World Experience · Pulsar
06-30Countess · Fires of Destiny
06-24Countless Skies · New Dawn
05-28Covariance · Love (​(​(​Oblivion
07-04Cover of Night · Walkabout
12-24Cowardice · Without Condolence
12-09Cracked Vessel · No Path
09-30Crack Jaw · Branded
07-08Cradle of Filth · Dusk... and Her Embrace - The Original Sin
11-03Cranks · Feel the Power
04-23Craters · Earthmover
09-14Crator · The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy
11-25Craving · By the Storm
04-22The Crawling Chaos · Гильотины поют о любви
07-01Creinium · Hallucinosis
04-15Crematory · Monument
09-01Cremosity · Witness of Human Brutality
09-05Creptum · Of Lies, Curses and Blood
12-02Crest of Darkness · Welcome the Dead
04-08Cretura · Fall of the Seventh Golden Star
03-26Crimena · Chapter One: Divine Betrayal
01-22Crimes of Passion · No Place for Heaven
03-11Criminal · Fear Itself
05-??Criminally Insane · De sangre y conquista
04-20Crimson Eye · Crimson Eye
06-03Crimson Fire · Fireborn
12-06Crimson Moon · Oneironaut
02-26Crimson Moonlight · Divine Darkness
06-27Crimson Slaughter · Cycle of Decay
??-??Crisis · Máquinas de guerra
03-18Crisix · From Blue to Black
04-??Criterios · Antropofagia
11-06Critical Damage · Darkness Hypernova
08-29Critical Disaster · Brutality of Human Cannibalism
07-??Cromathia · Another Day of Torment
11-??Cromlech · Mental
12-19Cromo · Hereafter
12-07Cromo · Sembrando desiertos
10-02Cronica · Na tej ziemi
09-??Cropsy Maniac · Further than Fear
02-12Crossing Rubicon · No Less than Everything
12-05Crosta · I
05-08Crow'sClaw · Seven Wonders of the Lotus Land
08-13Crow'sClaw · Soundtrack of the Fairy Tale
12-29Crow'sClaw · 追憶のサクラメント
10-28Crowbar · The Serpent Only Lies
10-??Crowheart · The Frailty of Men
11-08Crowhurst · Black Funeral Atmospheres
10-13Crowhurst · Creeping Drip of Failure
01-04Crowhurst · Human Capture
08-30Crowhurst · II
11-30Crowhurst · The Intoxicating Blood of Flowers
01-16Crowhurst · Isolator
08-25Crowmorph · Aversion
03-12Crown of Asteria · Karhun Vakat
06-05Crown of Twilight · Coreward
02-23Crown of Twilight · Downward
09-06Crowtein · King ov the Rats
11-??Croxous · Panas Besi Api
05-23Crucial Conflict · Back to Battlefield
01-08Cruciferion · Gaian Vengeance
10-24Crucificator · Sunrise in the Suicide Front
10-28Crucified Mortals · Psalms of the Dead Choir
12-25Crucifuck · Antidiós
05-22Crucifyce · Freedom Is Gone
01-01Cruda Sorte · Nekrolog
??-??Crudas Vivencias · Más allá de los silencios
08-14Cruel Truth · Кам'яні береги
01-29Cruenta Venganza · The Man, the Myth, the Legend
06-28Cruentis · Cold Stone
09-27Crusado Orchestra · Sjunde
10-28Cruscifire · Hellspawn
01-22Crusher · Redemption
10-31Crushing Axes · Sons of Fire
03-07Crux of Aux · Mona
05-17Cruz · Culto abismal
04-18Cruz de Acero · Cruz de acero
09-30Cryfemal · D6s6nti6rro
07-14Cry Havoc · Incursion
10-16Cryostasium · Project:00
12-28The Crypt · .V.V.V.V.V.
06-11Cryptic Abyss · Feed 'Em to the Sea
??-??Cryptic Affection · Passionate
07-13Cryptic Enigma · Death Vision
11-28Cryptic Realms · Enraptured by Horror
08-02Cryptic Scream · Death & Damnation
02-29Crypt of Insomnia · ...a Dead Dreadnought, Who Still Sees Dreams
12-19Crypt of Silence · Awareness Ephemera
07-13Crystal Arrow · Flight of Crystal Arrow
09-02Crystal Ball · Déjà-Voodoo
08-05Crystal Dream · Reaching the Dream
11-30Crystal Lake · True North
09-09CrystalMoors · The Mountain Will Forgive Us
12-16Cry Venom · Vanquish the Demon
??-??Crânio · Violência
10-22Créatures · Le noir village
11-18Ctulu · Ctulu
09-01Cuerno · Rec Comtal
02-26Cuernos de Chivo · La pandemia
10-31Cultes des Ghoules · Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love
03-16Cult of Blood · Erdgeist
04-09Cult of Horror · Babalon Working
09-13Cult of the Horns · Chapter I - Domination
02-26Cult of the Lost Cause · Contritions
02-10Cultus · Gezeteld in zegeruïnen
09-01Cumbeast · Straight Outta Sewer
04-01Cunnilingus · The Return of the Blasphemic Depravation
08-19C.U.N.T. · Tits, Twats and Toetags
05-17Cunt Cuntly · Echo
08-01Cura Cochino · La disección
05-21Cursed Anguish · A Terminal Affliction
05-07Cursed by the Fallen · Memories
??-??The Cursed Strain · Condemned to Decay
03-18Curse the Son · Isolator
09-??Curt Shaw · Adversity
05-13Curt Victor Bryant · Slain!
09-12Cuspir na Sua Cova · O Ataque dos Mortos Vivos
04-29Cut · Stories of Success
05-23Cvinger · Embodied in Incense
09-27Cwealm · Odes to No Hereafter
05-24Cx9 · Programmagore
08-01Cyberdelya · Твой тихий крик
05-28Cybernetic Witch Cult · Spaceous Cretaceous
12-24Cyclic Enigma · Afterfall
03-14Cyclocosmia · Deadwood
12-14Cyntia · Urban Night
01-22Cypecore · Identity
05-06Cyphonism · Obsidian Nothingness
12-27CyReign · Eternity Ends Now
02-26Cystic Dysentery · Homicidal Suicide
04-01Cyψis · Empty Vessel
10-12Cóndor · Sangreal
10-26D · Wonderland Savior
02-28D.A · Black Soul
05-01Daevil · Black Out I
07-01Dagger Moon · Citadel
09-01Daggra · Nil
02-03Dahakara · Monologue
07-16Daimonos · Intense Madness
03-10Dakesis · The New Dawn
04-19Dakessian · The Poisoned Chalice
08-08Dakhma · Suna Kulto
08-06Dakota Westbrook · When the Snow Falls
05-15Dalriada · Forrás
09-01Damiano's Elysium · The Land Beyond Dreams
09-16Damnation · The Prophet Revenge
06-21Damokles · Zwischen Hoch- und Edelmut
04-15Danger Zone · Closer to Heaven
09-??Daniel Bautista · The Pink Album
08-25Daniele Liverani · An Innocent Challenge
08-19Daniel Lioneye · Vol. III
??-??Daniel Telis Project · Five
12-20Dantalion · .​.​.​and All Will Be Ashes
03-18Dante · When We Were Beautiful
12-02Dario Mollo's Crossbones · Rock the Cradle
02-??Dark and Poetry · Al despertar
09-09Dark Apostle · Apocalyptic Cabal
08-23Dark Armageddon · Frozen Throne
01-17Darkat Yuuyamihn · Arte da Vida
01-03Darkat Yuuyamihn · Life Would Be So Beautiful...
03-01Darkat Yuuyamihn · The Sound of the Mountains
08-29Darkat Yuuyamihn · There Is but One Way Out of My Misery
05-07Darkcreed · ...Is Dead and Always Has Been Dead.
04-25Darkend · The Canticle of Shadows
03-31Darkened Winter · Upon the Ravens Call
04-27Darkestrah · Turan
10-21Darkest Sins · The Broken
12-??Darkest Æmber · Every Sun Fades
08-26Dark Forest · Beyond the Veil
06-06Dark Forest · Inspired by Shadows
06-03Dark Funeral · Where Shadows Forever Reign
02-??Dark Fury · This Story Happened Before
01-23Dark Fusion · Cyber Nation
05-05Dark Haunters · To Persevere Is Diabolical
06-01Dark Hunt · Our Souls Are Tired
10-15Dark Interment · В бесконечности мрака
09-24Darklaid · Modus
??-??Dark Light · Journey to Myself
11-11Dark Lunacy · The Rain After the Snow
07-??Dark Matter · Encipher
07-14Dark Matter Transfer · Into Oblivion
10-14Dark Millennium · Midnight in the Void
10-07Darkness · The Gasoline Solution
10-27Darkness over Depth · 朝暮
12-10Dark Night · Day of the Dead
04-27Dark Nightmare · Tortured Souls
04-15Dark Oath · When Fire Engulfs the Earth
05-08Dark Phantom · Nation of Dogs
04-15Dark Portrait · Α Harrowing Atrocity
12-24Dark Priest · Occultus 666
09-10DarkRazor · Conceiving the Darkness
03-18DarkRise · Fear, Hate & Corruption
01-10Dark Ritual · Dark Ritual
10-15Darkrypt · Delirious Excursion
05-20Dark Side · The Moment When Everything Ends
10-28Darksun · Chronicles of Aravan
03-04Darksun · Crónicas de Aravan
06-03Dark Suns · Everchild
10-14Darkthrone · Arctic Thunder
10-??Dark Tower · Eight Spears
11-04Dark Tranquillity · Atoma
09-23Darkwell · Moloch
01-13Dark Woods · Verblassen
03-27Darkyo · Kingdom of Blind
04-30Darlament Norvadian · When the Wolves Are Hungry
09-09Darmage · El gran titán
06-25Datavenia · Welcome to Underground
06-16Daughters of Sophia · (3.0°) Sitra de-Smola
10-31Dauþuz · In finstrer Teufe
??-??David Brewster · Slack
07-04David Hannah · Instrumetal
10-01David Hannah · Instrumetal II
09-09Dawnfall · Arak nas
01-31Dawnless · Beyond the Shade
01-01Dawn of a Dark Age · The Six Elements, Vol.4 Air
05-20Dawn of Ashes · Theophany
11-18Dawn of Dementia · Immolation of Avernis
08-26Dawn of Demise · The Suffering
06-24Dawn of Disease · Worship the Grave
??-??Dawn of Extinction · Rebirth of Hate
10-08Dawn of Flames · Dawn of Flames
12-19Dawn of Memories · Unwritten Endings
12-15Dawn of Retaliation · Apex
12-03Dawn of the Unleashed · Unleashed
06-06Dawn on Sedna · Our Sky Has Changed
05-11Dawnpatrol · The Dawn of Steel
12-03Dawnwalker · In Rooms
01-14Day Old Man · Prolapsed Brainus
04-22Days of Anger · III
03-18Deacidified · Deceitful Wisdom
11-15Dead Conspiracy · Dead Conspiracy
05-27Dead Cowboy's Sluts · Obedience
12-09Dead Cry · Altar Nista
02-13Dead Elephant · Heavy, Huge and Rotten
11-08Dead End · A Step Towards Suicide
09-16Dead End · Reborn from the Ancient Grave
11-04Dead End Finland · Slaves to the Greed
03-19Dead Eyed Sleeper · Gomorrh.
04-01Dead Eyes Always Dreaming · Defilement of a Wretched Earth
02-??Dead Fetus Collection · Sadistic Necro Chamber
07-22The Dead Goats · All of Them Witches
05-03Dead Hills · Gateways
04-20Dead Inception · Barbaric Excisions
05-??Dead Is He · Amidst the Chaos
02-03Dead Label · Throne of Bones
06-21Deadlife · Porphyria
07-08Deadlock · Hybris
01-09Deadly Nights · Descend into Madness
10-07Dead Man's Chest · Violent Days
11-15Dead Mountain Mouth · Phtos
04-22Dead of Night · The Dead Shall Rise Again
02-09Deadringer · Realidad de mortalidad
10-??Dead Rites · Bereavement
03-25Deadsmoke · Deadsmoke
05-17Deadspace · In Ecstatic Sorrow
10-30DeadSquad · Tyranation
01-09Dead Territory · Mind of Damnation
03-01Dead Vertical · Angkasa Misteri
09-10Deadyet? · This Cities Child
02-23Deafest · Glen and Precipice
10-03Death & Legacy · Silence
05-27Death Angel · The Evil Divide
11-06DeathBlow · Inhumanitarian
11-16Deathcrush · Evoke the Ancient Curse
09-26Deathcult · Beasts of Faith
10-28Death Fetishist · Clandestine Sacrament
03-31Death Fortress · Deathless March of the Unyielding
12-03Deathgrip · Hanging by a Thread
06-15Death I Am · Death I Am
11-01Deathkin · Kohti kotiani kaaosta
03-18Deathkings · All That Is Beautiful
02-26Deathless Legacy · The Gathering
02-24Death Level · A Tribute to Madness
05-26The Death of Her Money · 2004 - 2016
10-10Deathonation · Dragged into the Beyond
04-05Death or Glory · Consequences of Thelema
12-25Death or Glory · Death Without Glory
04-20Deathpass · Gospel of the Serpent
03-12Death Perception · Death Perception
12-17Death Perception · Ensuing the Insanity
12-08Deathrace · Leaders of Perversion
11-25Death Requisite · Revisitation
09-14Death Rising · Death Rising
12-30Death Rising · We Are the Rotten
11-08Deathspell Omega · The Synarchy of Molten Bones
05-27Deathstorm · Blood Beneath the Crypts
11-18Deaths Wrath · Dominion Through Obscurity
02-12Deathtale · Whole World Burns
??-??Deathvalves · Dark Stories from the Past
05-20Death Watch · Some Blindness Used to Protect Me from This Truth
07-??Deathweiser · Prophecy
07-04Death Whistle · Death Whistle
05-13Death Will Tremble · Mona
07-??Deathwinter · Manifestations of Death
??-??Deathwish · Opresión
10-21Debackliner · Debackliner
10-27Debustrol · Válka
11-30Decapitate Hatred · Birth of Abomination
07-31Decayed · The Burning of Heaven
05-07Decaying Frost · Pilgrimage Through Crimson Snow
12-20Deceitome · Death Is Called Ethos
10-19Deceive the Dead · Deceive the Dead
06-17Deceptionist · Initializing Irreversible Process
08-10Decibel · Depths
05-27Decibel · Maelstrom
08-20Decibel · Reborn
02-26Decimate · Destroy... or Be Destroyed
04-16Decimated Humans · Dismantling the Decomposed Entities
02-09Decimateon · Those Who Should Come
12-17Decipher · Intuition
04-17Declared Dead · Denounced and Defiled
10-03Decomposed · Wither
12-08Decomposition of Entrails · Pestilential Synthesis
03-18Decrepit Soul · The Coming of War!!
09-26Dedth · In Stalin We Trust
10-22Deduction of a Miscalculation · Approved by God
06-06Deduction of a Miscalculation · Brutal Insanity
02-01Deep Agony · The Tunes of Dissolution
09-22Deep Sun · Race Against Time
10-21Dee Snider · We Are the Ones
05-13De Facto · Nihil
??-??DeFalla · Monstro
07-22Defeated Sanity · Disposal of the Dead / Dharmata
03-18Defecto · Excluded
04-22Defenestrator · Defenestrator
11-25Defiant · Time Isn't Healing
06-03Defiatory · Extinct
07-08Defiled · Towards Inevitable Ruin
02-05Deformatory · Malediction
06-25Deforme · God-Like Strength
06-18Defuntos · A Eterna Dança da Morte
03-03DEgITx · Forest Spirits
01-29Degradead · Degradead
10-17Degrees of Truth · The Reins of Life
10-28Dehumanized · Beyond the Mind
05-27Dehuman Reign · Ascending from Below
??-??Deidad · Ejecución de la teofanía
01-29Deiquisitor · Deiquisitor
05-09Deisidaemonia · Khthonian Hymns
04-22Deitus · Acta Non Verba
12-08Dejadeath · Satan Is Losing Momentum
04-15Deja Vu · Ejected
07-21Dejected Mass · Dirge
08-26Delain · Moonbathers
11-18De la Tierra · II
06-25DelDesierto · El llamado
06-10Deldrac · One Day More, One Day Less
11-10Delirio Occulto · Human Larva
10-02Delirium · Recolector de almas
12-31Delirium Extremus · Psicomarginal
11-30Delirium X Tremens · Troi
09-11Delusional · Close Your Eyes Open Your Mind
03-04Delvays · You See, Our Death
09-??Delyria · Sulphurous Extinction
??-??Dementaria · Criminales
06-17Dementia · Dreaming in Monochrome
03-27Demifrag · Demifrag
08-10Demimonde · Cygnus Oddyssey
03-04Demise of the Crown · Demise of the Crown
04-05The Demiurge Mythos · Empyrium
10-28Demon · Cemetery Junction
06-17Demon Bitch · Hellfriends
07-22Demonbreed · Where Gods Come to Die
08-11Demoniac · Malleus Christianitatis
11-27Demonic Kingdom · The Demon Tapes
05-18Demonic Obedience · Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen
12-12Demonium · Sapiens Dominabitur Astris
11-19Demon Jester · Welcome to the Show
05-21Demonomantic · Grail of Deformed Evilness
12-14Demonseed · Human Disposal Syndicate
05-02Demons from the Dungeon Dimension · As the Crow Flies
03-25Demonstealer · This Burden Is Mine
12-02Demontage · Fire of Iniquity
06-24Denner / Shermann · Masters of Evil
08-05Denominate · Those Who Beheld the End
07-22Denouncement Pyre · Black Sun Unbound
05-07Dependentium · Itsetuhon alkeet
04-02Depicting Abysm · Passage
02-12Deplorable Immaculacy · Deplorable Immaculacy
08-09Depremacy · Scars of Treachery
07-27Deprive · Temple of the Lost Wisdom
10-28Deranged · Struck by a Murderous Siege
06-03Derdian · Revolution Era
10-21Derealized · Isolation Poetry
??-??Derelyction · Surrounded by Death
10-29Dereš · Na panské
07-25Derogatory · Graveyard Lovers
07-01Der Rote Milan · Aus der Asche
04-08Desaster · The Oath of an Iron Ritual
02-23Descendant · Imperio Mundi
11-03Descension of God · Descension of God
11-15The Descent · The Coven of Rats
??-??Descraneador · Religión o imperio
??-??Desdæmona · Starcrossed
07-26Desecrated · The Materialization of Nothingness
10-07Desert Near the End · Theater of War
06-27Deshody · 89th
04-24Desinfernality · Logos Perene
03-27Desolatae · For Thy Decease
02-05Desolated · The End
11-03Desolate Dreams · Inevitability
08-04Desolated Souls · As the Time Go By
10-01Desolate Fields · Past Apocalyptic Dates
10-17Desolate Pathway · Of Gods and Heroes
01-??Despeñaperros · Herejía
07-22Despised Icon · Beast
07-22Despite · Synergi
09-24Despite the Lies · To Judge the Betrayal
08-02Despojo · En el vacío
10-21Destiny · Climate Change
10-21Destrage · A Means to No End
12-27Destroyed Society · βíος
03-18Destroyers of All · Bleak Fragments
08-19Destroying the Devoid · Paramnesia
05-13Destruction · Under Attack
02-26Destructor · Back in Bondage
02-26Deströyer 666 · Wildfire
02-16Deterioration · Suck Brick
12-22Detestare · Lamentations of Warfare
02-08Dethmor · Monuments to Extinction
??-??Dethonator · Dethonator
01-22Dethrone · Incinerate All
10-17Detoxed · Modern Slavery
11-01Deus Ignotus · Hexapterygon
09-30Devahall · Piercing Through an Empire
11-18Devast · Apocalyptic Human Extinction
12-25Devastación · El símbolo de Cristo se invierte en nuestra frente
11-30Devastation Inc. · No Way for Salvation
03-11Deviant Process · Paroxysm
10-31Deviator · Might ov Ancient
11-12Devil's Poison · Under the Demon's Whip
04-21Devil Creations · God's Language
05-13DevilDriver · Trust No One
04-13Devil Gone Public · Smokehound
02-16Devilgroth · Morena
03-20Devilish Art · Devilish Art
11-18Devilment · II - The Mephisto Waltzes
06-17Devils Drunks · Devils Drunks
09-02The Devils Music · The Devils Music
06-11Devils of Belgrade · Devils of Belgrade
06-27The Devils Rejects · Through Hard Times
12-15Deviltears · What Dreams May Come
08-12Devil to Pay · A Bend Through Space and Time
04-22Devilz by Definition · The Devilution
09-09Devin Townsend Project · Transcendence
05-13Devoider · The Inaccessible Pole of Void
04-29Devolver · Devolver
05-20Devotion · Devotion
??-??Devotion · Necrophiliac Cults
03-04Devoured Fate · Reality's Nightmare Illusions
07-01Devouring · Suffering and Deformity
08-29Devouring God · 2015
01-04Devouring Humanity · Devouring Humanity
01-31Devour the Blessed · Back to Primitive
??-??Dewdrop · Valley of Hate
11-05Dew of Nothing · Doubleweird
04-29Dexter Ward · Rendezvous with Destiny
01-01Dezaztre Natural · Auto-exterminio
11-14Dezrise · Выживай или умри
08-26DGM · The Passage
09-30Dhark · Darkness Amplified
05-??Dhemag · The Exorcism
??-??Dhuma de Rapé · Canto a lo mundano
04-21Di'Aul · Garden of Exile
??-??Diabolicon · Infernal Prophecy
06-06Diabolos · Cannibal Darkness
02-19Diabolus Amator · Despotic Conjuring of the Soulless
11-11Diaboł Boruta · Widziadła
11-18Diabulus in Musica · Dirge for the Archons
09-06Diabállein · The Wretche Essence
??-??Diago Hustrei · Megahell
02-01Diagor · Ненависть к живому
04-22Diamond Head · Diamond Head
11-21Diapsiquir · 180°
11-25Diatonic · I Am the One
04-16Dicephalus · Pathological Atrocities in Clandestine Hospitals
01-??Dick Destroyer · Brutality of Sexual Madness
06-09Dictatorshit · Masacre al sur
08-26Die like Gentlemen · The Quickening Light
??-??Dieouth · The Faith
04-15Die Schwarze Sonne · Der Untergang des Menschen
01-01DieselOkkult · I
01-08Dig for Mary · God Is a Liar
02-13Dignatários do Inferno · Impastor
10-14Dignitas · Thanatropism
11-03D I I U M · Distresses & Emotions
05-20Diken · Yenilmeyenler
12-12Diktátor · Büszke emberek, védett állatok
12-16Dilapidation · Transcending the Void
04-10Dimaension X · Brain Tree Split
06-12Dimaension X · Dark Spaces
12-24Dimax · 2016
10-11Dimension · Killing Guide
11-28Dimension F3H · This Mechanical World
04-26DIN · DIN
08-10Din · Rain Follows the Plow
??-??Dios Genocida · Arte Violento
08-??Diphteria · The Human Exuberance
08-19Dire · Volume I
12-25Dire Fate · .​.​.​Where Undead Once Were
05-10Dirty Deal · Stone Heart
07-03Dirty Judas · Every Bullet Is Another Nail
07-01Disarm Goliath · Wisdom and War
11-??Disarmony · Lanpu
10-28Disaster · The World Is Your Disaster
02-29Discarnatus · Awakened Through Pain
04-29Discharge · End of Days
11-25Dischordia · Thanatopsis
10-14Disciple · Long Live the Rebels
05-12Disclarity · What Will Be Left
09-05Disconnect · The Sum of Our Parts
12-24Discreated · Language of Death
10-07Disfigurement of Flesh · Deity of Hideous Fertility
04-13Dis Gob · Dis Gob
06-06Disharmonic Fields · Devil's Weapon Shot
10-31Disharmonic Orchestra · Fear of Angst
02-03Disintegrator · Extreme Mutations
04-15Dismorial · Begotten Cul-de-sac
09-30Disnomia · Carroña andante
12-10Disorder · Corrupted Influence
04-19Disorderly Conduct · Tales from the Void
12-25Dispario · Шансов больше нет
02-16Dispersion · Syntropy
04-17Dispossessed · Insurgency
01-29Disquiet · The Condemnation
07-15Disrotted · Divination
07-01Disrupted · A Presence So Obscure
10-26Disruptum · Disruptum
05-??Dissection · Predátor
06-06Dissector · Planetary Cancer
08-31Dissevered · Agonized Wails of Disseverment
01-14Dissfigured · Thousand Yard Stare
01-15Dissona · Paleopneumatic
02-06Dissonant Winds · Upon the Pessimist Throne
01-08Distances · Rip Offs
04-08Distant Past · Rise of the Fallen
11-19Distant Sun · Into the Nebula
09-06Distinct Way · Distinct Way
??-??Distorted Mankind · Built to Destroy
12-21Distressful Project · Fucked-Up Songs
11-24Distressful Project · Neverending Pain
01-15Ditchwater · Into the Storm
03-01Dividing Line · Eventus
04-01Dividium · In Terrifying Colour
10-05Divine Incorporated · Salvation
07-03Divine Intervention · Traveler
04-20Division Hagal · Operation Niedergang
09-20Division Vansinne · Dimension Darkness
11-12Dixie Heaven · Riding the Thunder
06-18Dizchu · Past Tense
09-25Diësis · Seven Plagues
11-11Djevel · Norske ritualer
05-??Djævles Skrig · Wears Her Flesh
07-18DMR · Death Metal Rednecks
02-17DNA · Démon času
03-29Dodenkrocht · Flesh Tones
??-??Dogestapo · Trips to the Zone
09-25Dogmatic Absolution · Research of the Archetype
07-30Dogs & Day Drinkers · Dogs of War
07-22Dogstone · Hopelessness
04-30Dog Tired · It Came from the Sun
11-19Dolcetti · Arriver
11-30Dom Dracul · Cold Grave
11-30Dom Dracul · Devil Dedication
03-31Dominance · XX: The Rising Vengeance
??-??Dominate · Cálicem Serpente
06-19Domination · Beneath the Silence
06-04Dominator et Sanctum · An Act of Treason
06-01Dominators · Aegri Somnia
01-26Dominatos · Ray of Light
12-02Dominium · Abismo
06-01Dominus Ira · Gallery of Infernal Grotesque
11-11Domkraft · The End of Electricity
08-02Donggripper · Immeasurably Bummed
08-07Donnerhain · Hinab in die schwarze Hölle
03-02Doom · Still Can't the Dead
02-11Doom Architect · Sententia Prima
03-19Doomcult · End All Life
01-30Doomdozer · Nucleation Reversed
09-26Doomed · Anna
09-30Doomentor · Dominus Omnes
06-25DoomLord · La rebelión de Lucifer
08-03Doom of Lilith · SOL I
06-08Doomsday Revival · Doomsday Revival
08-28Doom Tiger · Phoscoria
08-22Door into Emptiness · Wave
07-30DopeHammer · Artificial Enresination
01-10DopeHammer · Scatalogical Erotic Perversionment
02-29Dopehaze · Here Comes the Dopehaze
12-13Dormant Dissident · Knightmares
09-06Dormanth · Winter Comes
06-19Dormant Ordeal · We Had It Coming
03-07Dose · Engineered Devotion
11-30Downcast Twilight · Under the Wings of the Aquila
11-11Downfall of Gaia · Atrophy
06-20Downspeed · Beast
09-11The Downspiral to Hell · Unusual Methods to Dismember the Spiritual Halo
03-11Doxophobia · Saints of Great Aggression
11-??Drace XII · Supreme Legacy
08-26Draconith · Infinity Caress
02-03Dragged · We Summon
05-25Dragging Entrails · Penetrating Her Syphilic Cadaver
12-02Draghoria · Portal to Extinction
09-07Dragon Eyes · Forsaken Gods
02-24Dragonlance · Shadow of the Elder Titans
04-24Dragonsbane · Conquering the Beast
05-26Dragón Blanco · The Hamelin Duality
02-24Drain of Impurity · The Seventh Planet of the Infected Cygnus System
01-31Drakkar · Once Upon A Time... Hellive!
05-06Drakonhail · Nuit en édifice
05-07Drakwald · Riven Earth
07-01Dramatica · Fall of Tyranny
11-27Drauggard · WyrdWeorc
03-11Draugnim · Vulturine
06-01Draugur · By the Rays of His Golden Light
12-17Draupnir · Taruja
08-01Draut · Draut
11-12Drawn from Ichor · A Chalice of Absolute Nothing
11-12Drawn from Ichor · Deconstruction Seer
06-01Drawn from Ichor · Forgotten Architecture
12-30Draxxis · Draxxis
03-08Dr. Dune · Planetary Waves
08-13Dreaded · Nexus Animus
02-29Dreaded Silence · The Last Vestige of Hope
11-11Dreadeth · Jarnvidr
08-15Dreadful · Struggle Within
??-??Dreadmoon · Dreadmoon
07-22Dreadnaught · Caught the Vultures Sleeping
05-02Dreadpin · Reclaiming Harmony
02-01Dreadwing · Immaculate Resurrection
03-04Dream Death · Dissemination
10-01Dreamfall in Vain · Resurrection
02-21Dream of Fire · Waking Tyrants
01-15Dream of Illusion · Evolution
05-14Dream of Scipio · The Face of Fear
12-09Dreamshade · Vibrant
12-09Dreamtale · Seventhian ...Memories of Time
01-29Dream Theater · The Astonishing
04-30Dreker · The Alcoholic Delirium
09-30Drescher · Steinfeld
08-08Driven Under · Face to Face
07-25Drive Your Life · Sound Attack
02-16Droids Attack · Sci​-​Fi or Die
11-15Drone Hunter · Welcome to the Hole
09-16The Dr. Orphyus Project · The Roustabout
06-03The Drowning · Senescent Signs
09-24Drowning Hope · I Fall into Darkness
04-01Drowning in the Platte · Erosion
09-01Druadan Forest · The Loremasters Time
06-03Druids · Cycles of Mobeum
09-23Drukner · Drukner
03-17Druknroll · In the Game / В игре
04-15Drunkard · Inhale the Inferno
??-??Drunk Diver · Seven Ways to Make Satan Laugh
09-04DRUX · Herkeleth
05-16Druídas · Ecos del norte
07-07Dr.X · Reborn
10-22Dryad · The Whispering Winds of the Hill
05-28DSM · DSM
02-11Duel · Fears of the Dead
04-03Dun · Hors du gouffre
10-10Dungeon Master · Lustrata: Purified by Sacrifice
07-22Dunsmuir · Dunsmuir
06-25DunSun · Epidemiology of Archaic Contamination
10-01DunSun · Exalted Breaths of Ritualistic Ceremonies
10-24DunSun · ...​of Soot & Battle Blood
12-01Dur Dabla · Eñvor an avel
12-01Durothar · Auf See
02-07Dusk Chapel · Ascension
11-16Dusks Embrace · Reawakening
07-??Dust · Beyond Flesh
07-08Dust Bolt · Mass Confusion
04-30Dusteroid · To Fathom Hell
01-08Dvalin · Aus dem Schatten
??-??Dwel · Lodestone
09-09The Dyatlov Discovery · The Human Condition
09-30Dying Hope · Dead Inside
09-21Dying Messiah · Bashed into a Bloody Mess
12-19Dying Passion · Black Threads
01-01Dying Serenade · Condemn
12-13Dying Spirit · Bad Reputation
10-??Dying Wish · Tükörország
11-05Dymna Lotva · Зямля пад чорнымі крыламі: Дрыгва
04-15Dynazty · Titanic Mass
11-01Dysanchely · Reborn
08-30Dysasther · The Abyss of Insanity
03-05Dyscordia · Words in Ruin
05-14Dysemblem · Strength of Giants
12-20Dysfori · Resan utan slut
05-03Dysmorfectomy · Rapist of Flesh
01-01Dysnomia · Proselyte
09-23Dysrhythmia · The Veil of Control
05-09Dystonia · World Wide War
05-04Dystopolis · V.EN.O.M.
05-??Dystrust · Shutting Out Fair Daylight
05-09Dzö-nga · Five Treasures of Snow
02-??Däng · Mönstrum ex Machina
05-07Därath · Retrospectiva
08-12Décembre Noir · Forsaken Earth
12-05Défaillance · Delivrance
10-14Départe · Failure, Subside
04-29 · Tuho
01-02Döria · Mom3ntum
05-14Dødkvlt · IV: You Sought the Truth Only to Find Death
11-07Døppelgänger · Døppelgänger
10-16Dünedain · Pandemonium
10-30Earth and Pillars · Pillars I
04-30Earthborn Deformity · Viral Terrestrial
02-12Earthmouth · Harvest of the Autumn Sun
11-04Earth Prison · Earth Prison
06-24Earth Ship · Hollowed
09-30Eastern Front · Empire
08-22Eat Their Own · Legacy of Dust
06-29Eave · Purge
11-13E.B.D.B. · Choking on the Body of Christ
10-31Ebola · Blindness
08-31Ecchymosis · Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay
02-05Ecferus · Pangaea
12-22Echelon · The Brimstone Aggrandizement
05-23(EchO) · Head First into Shadows
06-04Echoes of the Moon · Elusion
??-??Echonald · Színvilág
07-12Eclipse · Divine
05-13Eclipse · Prithibir Prohor
05-05Eclipse Insomnia · The Celestial Saga, Part Two: Realms Begotten in the Mind
10-14Eclipse Insomnia · How the Frost Was Melted
04-20Eclipse Insomnia · There Will Come a Time When These Are the Days of Old
01-15Ecliptica · Ecliptified
06-??Ecliptic Vision · Dissimilar Dimensions
04-19Ectoplasma · Spitting Coffins
03-13Eczema · Proyecto 3k9 Darwin Reloaded
12-09Eddy Malm Band · Northern Lights
01-28Eddy Metal · Lost in Space
01-12Eddy Metal · Walk to Hell Vol.1
01-15Eddy Metal · Walk to Hell Vol.2
01-23Eddy Metal · Walk to Hell Vol.3
03-31Eddy Metal · Walk to Hell Vol​.​4
04-01Eddy Metal · Walk to Hell Vol​.​5
04-20Edemer · Travellers
10-14Eden's Curse · Cardinal
03-14Edgeflame · Liberate Then Separate
06-01Edge of Attack · Fiend of Possession
08-05Edge of Humanity · Existential Massacre
08-12Edge of Sins · My Escape
03-09Edhellen · Aletheia I. Los pasos perdidos
12-24Edicius' Dream · Burning Horizon
07-29Eerie · Eerie
01-22EF · Mukhosh
01-05Effluent · Creek
02-26Efpix · Evil Sides
10-22Egeria · Nitra
??-??Eggs of Gomorrh · Rot Prophet
12-29Egon Swharz · In the Mouth of Madness
01-22Ehnahre · Douve
09-21Eigengrau · Verse
09-30Eilera · Face Your Demons
11-25Einherjer · Dragons of the North XX
02-11Eissturm · The Oak
11-25Eiswerk · Kameraden des Todes
07-29Ekhymosis · Paz con cadenas
05-25El-Ahrairah · El-Ahrairah
10-01Elarcos · Tecnocracia
07-??Elathan · Atreup ed al dadinrete
12-12Elbrus · Elbrus
02-04Eldamar · The Force of the Ancient Land
05-27Elderblood · Messiah
10-12Eldiarn · Безудержное счастье
09-01Eldjudnir · Eldjudnir
08-10Eleanor · Celestial Nocturne
05-06Eleanora · Allure
08-02Eleazar de Wörms · Grito en la niebla
05-06Electric Citizen · Higher Time
12-10Electric Pussy · Electric Pussy
05-25Electric Taurus · Riders
01-29Elegi · Rötter
06-22Elegiac · Edge of Reason
01-01Elegiac · Spiritual Turmoil
12-04Elegos · Laments for the Fallen
08-25Elementaria · Strašák
09-23Elephant · To Return to the Frontier
04-22Elephant Tree · Elephant Tree
05-12El Escuadrón de la Muerte · Hombres rata
03-11Elevators to the Grateful Sky · Cape Yawn
01-20Eleventh Hour · Memory of a Lifetime Journey
12-03The Eleventh Key · Death Principle
02-29Elffor · Malkhedant
03-04Elfsgedroch · Op de beenderen van onze voorvaderen
04-15Elgibbor · Revenger of Blood
10-19Elgibbor · The Roots of Blood
09-15Elias · Conexiones del pasado
03-25Elio Rigonat · EgregoЯ I
10-14Elixir · Where the Secret Lies
10-31Elizabethan Walpurga · Walpurgisnacht
06-12El Jefazo · El Jefazo
11-14Ellende · Todbringer
04-23Elmsfire · Hour of the Wolf
06-25Elm Street · Knock 'Em Out... with a Metal Fist
??-??El Quinto Poder · Catarsis
04-05El Reno Renardo · Meriendacena con Satán
03-25Elusive Sight · Beyond Light
04-11Elvaron · Ghost of a Blood Tie
12-05El Vasco · Condenados
05-21Elysian Gates · Crossroads
03-??Emaciation · Earth Odyssey
09-01Emanation · Temple Sleep Crystallization
04-01Embalmer · Emanations from the Crypt
01-29Embedded · Bloodgeoning
06-30Embloodyment · The One Before the Last
07-15The Embodied · Ravengod
09-09Embrace the Maddness · Nightmare Paradox
05-13Embreach · The World That We Have Lost
11-13Embryectomy · Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants
07-??Emetica · Escatolorgy
04-23Emortuus · Blood, Bone and Flesh
06-17Emperor of Myself · In Search of Light
04-15Emphasis · Revival
03-01Emphirius · Bloody Response
02-26Empty Grave · Who Will Save Us Now?
12-27Empty Life · The Cold Universe
09-09Enbilulugugal · Los Black Noise Mariachi's
11-18Enbound · The Blackened Heart
07-31Encephalo Swarm · Encephalo Swarm
08-12Enchiridion · The Realm of Blackened Perdition
10-29Enclave · New Age Disorder
04-20Encroaching Darkness · Experimetal
10-28Endemise · Anathema
03-25Endless · The Truth, the Chaos, the Insanity
07-29Endless Affliction · Towards Death
12-??Endless Battle · Roots of All Evil
10-??Endless Curse · Slave Breeding Industry
10-21Endless Exile · Bloodmoon
02-07Endless Floods · Endless Floods
09-01Endless Horizon · Cycle funèbre
04-11Endless River · Sundered Time
06-20Endless Sacrifice · Dominio total
08-26Endlife · Lost in Blinding Lights
03-18Endlos · Im Fallen verlaufen
01-01Endmember · Pathetic
10-07End My Sorrow · Of Ghostly Echoes
02-19End of Aeon · Through Infant Eyes
07-26End the Sun · Rhythm of Defeat
12-01Eneferens · In the Hours Beneath
08-08Eneferens · The Inward Cold
02-12Enemy Crucifixion · Core of Humanity
10-23Enemy of Reality · Arakhne
06-28Energema · The Lion's Forces
09-??Eneysth · El dominio del caos
09-??Enforcer · Evil Power Attack
01-27Enforces · The Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia
09-26Engorgerectomy · 725
06-21Engrupid Pipol · Essenchial Engrupid Element
12-10Engulfing Rage · The Other
06-02Enhailer · Grisaille (Gra​-​sigh)
07-29Enigma · Irreversible
03-24The Enigma Code · Vices
07-25Enime · Demon Inside
09-15Enki · Red Oak
05-05Enoid · Exilé aux confins des tourments
06-06Enoid · Organ Trails 2004
02-19Enord Khan · Crept
08-02Enord Khan · Demonic Ambassador
05-23Enord Khan · Gargantua
05-20Enthean · Priests of Annihilation
02-26Entombed A.D. · Dead Dawn
11-25Entrapment · Through Realms Unseen
02-15Entropia · Ufonaut
06-17Envinya · The Harvester
03-10Ephemera · Послесмертие
04-09Ephemeral · Through the Dark
09-30Epica · The Holographic Principle
05-15Epidemia · Leprocomio
06-10Epigrafi · Sublime and Vain
07-??Epilirium · Epilirium
04-02Epistle · The Old Bridge
10-19Epitaph · Sinner Waketh
07-11Epochal · Awakening
10-11Epäihminen · Epäihminen VI
08-12Equilibrium · Armageddon
11-11Era Decay · Inritum
09-23Eraserhead · Remnants of Decadence
12-16Erasy · The Valley of Dying Stars
02-26Ereb Altor · Blot · Ilt · Taut
01-01Ereshkigal · Memories
05-25Eriador · Meditations
05-25Eridan · Време разделно
06-21Erik Norlander · Surreal
05-01Eris · Alea Discordia
07-11Eritherium · If You Feel Its Presence
06-03Erotic Devil Worship · Dandy Rock & Roll - Göat Is Dead (The Unnecessary Third Album of Erotic Devil Worship)
12-26Errance · Dimension
05-22Errance · Faits Divers : Le Pendu
12-16Errant Shadow · Errant Shadow
10-21Errorgeist · Pull My Strings
10-14Escarnium · Interitus
11-17Esequiem · Perpetual Devouring Dissolution
11-04Esperoza · Aum Corrupted
02-??Esterthor · Caballo mecánico
08-??Estigma · Entre el viento y la furia
07-25Estigma · Revenge
04-29Estoner · Lennud saatana dimensioonis
06-15Eta Nearrum · Behind the Apocalypse
08-19Etched in Stone · Sulfur
07-??Eteddian · Destiny
06-26Eteritus · Following the Ancient Path
04-30Eternal Alchemist · Demon Summoning
02-27Eternal Breath · The Joker
09-27Eternal Champion · The Armor of Ire
06-19Eternal Delyria · Letting Go of Humanity
06-15Eternal Elysium · Resonance of Shadows
12-18Eternal Genocide · Cemetery of Life
12-02Eternal Idol · The Unrevealed Secret
05-13Eternal Khan · Lost in the Night of Ages
01-29Eternal of Sweden · Heaven's Gate
08-05Eternal Putrefaction · Onslaught
10-28Eternal Samhain · Storyteller of the Sunset and the Dawn
12-04Eternal Secret · Cósmico
04-01Eternal Wisdom · In Infinitum
04-14Eterna Rovina · Metamorfosi
12-04Eternich · Towards the Darkfields
03-29Eternich · Veldborjar - At the Rising Dawn
??-??Eternity · Las manos de la vida
03-25Eternity's End · The Fire Within
11-??Ethir Anduin · The Silence of the Ancient Forests
??-??Etilica · Thrasherización
12-??Etnom · Refuse Salvation
07-08Etrusgrave · Aita's Sentence
11-01Eufobia · Eufobia
09-30Eufori · Humörsvängningar
06-05Eugenic Order · The Endless Human Error
05-19Euphoria · Operation: Genesis
02-25Euphoric · Nada vale nada
07-15Evan · Blue Lightning
06-22Evelyn · Psychedelic Journey
03-20Evenfall · Taking the Sealed Passage
10-01Evenmore · Last Ride
09-09Evergreen Refuge · Anima
??-??Evergreen Refuge · Fungal
09-09Evergrey · The Storm Within
11-11Everlasting Breath · Si fece notte
07-26Everlost · V
10-28Evig Hat · Death of Words
03-19Evig Natt · Evig natt
07-25Evigsøvn · Erstarrt
12-12Evil · Emergence
06-05Evilbringer · Worship Evil Gods
05-26Evildead · Demonize
01-22Evil Drive · The Land of the Dead
??-??Evil Emperor · Curse of the Obscene
12-24Evil Force · Banging on the Pentagram
12-25Evilforces · Pest Plagues & Storms
12-22Evil Killer · Witchcraft
05-19Evil Masquerade · The Outcast Hall of Fame
01-19Evil Nerfal · Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.
11-28The Evil One · Unreleased Last Recordings
08-15Evil Possession · Horror
12-28Evil Queen · 7
05-17Evil Reborn · Throne of Insanity
01-29Evilterror · Iron Dogs
03-19Evilthorn · Restart to the Evil Walking
05-24Evnar · E​.​V​.​N​.​A​.​R
11-27Evocati · Evocati
03-10Evolucija · Igra počinje
12-10Evolution Zero · Evolution Zero
07-01Ewig Frost · No Dice
10-21Ewigheim · Schlaflieder‬
06-20Exaltatio Diaboli · Credo
06-24Exalt the Throne · Long Live the King
06-18Exanimatvm · Dispersae et Tormentvm
04-14Ex Animo · Neverday
??-??Excalibur · Excalibur
04-15Excruciation · [c​]​rust
09-21Excruciator · Fighting for Evil
04-??Excöriator · The Moaning of Life
06-03Execrate · The Collective Disease of Humanity
12-01Exegesis · Insurrection
01-15Exekuter · The Obscene Ones
11-11Exenemy · The Choir of the Martyrs
12-20Exhortation · Ashland Messiah
12-18Exhänimed · Twisted Mind
03-01Exile · Reanimation
10-15Exiled · Spiral of Madness
08-08The Exiled Martyr · Stagnant Waters Breed Life
07-25Exiled on Earth · Forces of Denial
09-05Exile of Heaven · The Illusion of Randomity
05-27Exiler · The New Order
08-02Exiliado · En la vida y en la muerte
06-08Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum · Prajecyrujučy sinhuliarnaje wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha j Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła skroź šaścihrannuju pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība na hipierpawierchniu zadyjakaĺnaha kaŭčęha zasnawaĺnikaŭ...
10-15Existance · Breaking the Rock
07-28Existe · Esprit sensible, monde fragile
03-21Existence · When Tomorrow Comes
12-09Existence Failed · Putrefaction of This Modern Time
11-25Exit · Into Darkness
07-03Ex Machina · Eighteen Years Dying
01-08Exmortus · Ride Forth
04-03Exored · Июльский полдень
09-01Expectativa Zero · Re-evolución
05-28Expedition Delta · Expedition Delta 2
04-10The Experiment No.Q · Right After the Experiment No.Q
02-29Expurgatory · Acephalia
09-11Extensive Blaze · Rotten Remnants
04-01Exterminance · The Loss
12-03Exterminio · Narcorporations
06-01The Extinct Dreams · Фрагменты вечности
07-29Extinction · ...and Infinity Remains
04-05Extinkt · Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere
12-28Extravaganza · Priepuoliai
01-29Exumer · The Raging Tides
05-10Eye of Anubis · A Selfless Act for a Worthless Cause
09-01Eye of Solitude · Cenotaph
04-08Eyes Front North · From Shape to Name
07-31Eyes of the Night · Eyes of The Night
10-18Eyexist · The Digital Holocaust
10-01Fabio La Manna · EBE
06-22Fable · To Glory Unknown
09-26Fabricantes · La selva incrustada
11-19Fabulous Desaster · Hang 'Em High
02-14Faced the Victim · По следам хаоса...
04-16Face of Hate · (In) Sanity
11-11Face of Oblivion · Cataclysmic Desolation
04-14Faces of Cain · Along Corpse Roads
09-30Faces of the Bog · Ego Death
11-04Face to Face · After the Storm
04-16Factor Hate · Scary Tales
02-26Fadihat · Family Mortuary Cannibalism
07-??Faethom · Fury of the Scorned Witch
03-18Fahrenheit 212 · Vaka Teatea
10-27Faithessence · The Circle
06-24Faithsedge · Restoration
07-06Falgar · En la vanguardia
01-26Fall · The Insatiable Weakness
05-26The Fallen · Drowned in an Unknown Meaning of Life and Death
05-10Fallen Apollo · Dethroned
10-09Fallen Idol · Seasons of Grief
09-30Fallen Legion · Infinite Archives
03-28Fallen Man · Feed Em a Bullet
09-15Fallen Mankind · Bleak Ocean
03-05The Fallen Prophets · Slaughtered at the Altar
01-??The Fallen Symmetry · Renacer en la tormenta
10-12Fall from Perfection · Metamorph
03-25The Fall of Time · Universe Reloaded
04-29Fallujah · Dreamless
10-31False Coda · Secrets and Sins
10-26False Reality · End of Eternity
10-01Falç · Dansa de sang
09-03F.A.M. · Human Cargo
12-01Famishgod · Roots of Darkness
08-04Fanatic · Doomed
09-02Fange · Purge
09-01Far Beyond · A Frozen Flame of Ice
04-29Farseer · Fall Before the Dawn
05-27Farson · Erode
07-22Farzad Golpayegani · Seven
10-28Fatal Arrival · A Loner's Tale
01-30Fatal Error · If Anybody Falls...
07-07Fatalism Unbound · Dellamorte
09-23Fatalist · The Bitter End
09-12Fatal Method · A Wolf Amongst Sheep
05-15Fatal Scream · From Silence to Chaos
12-09Fate of Misery · Fate of Misery
07-01Fates Warning · Theories of Flight
09-25Father Sky Mother Earth · Father Sky Mother Earth
12-??Faust · Paklenih 25
03-31Fausttophel · ...Sancta Simplicitas...
08-26Fazzio · Midnight Heartbeat
10-30Fazzio · Unaltered Through the Passage of Time
??-??Feanor · We Are Heavy Metal
10-??F.E.A.R. · Dominion Lost
06-03Feared · Reborn
05-06Fear of Domination · Atlas
03-11Fear Theories · The Predator
??-??Feary Tales · Acustica - Live in Studio
02-04Feasting on Darkness · Wreckoning Day of Life
09-01Fecal Body Incorporated · The Art of Carnal Decay
01-20Fecalizer · Gore Galore
01-31Feel a Curse · Shadows in Mind
11-01Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Aancë
01-10Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Beyond
02-01Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Ceaneth
06-18Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Nanë e Assiriand
03-06Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Nanë e Unnoë Narmethë
07-29Feign · Atlas
05-27Fejd · Trolldom
01-01Fekete Sereg · Hollók földjén
10-13Felix Axemo · Den lycklige
04-02Fenrir · Loki's Slaughter
09-01Fenris · .​.​.​en doodenakkers tot den horizon
09-26Feral · Chimera
08-02Feral Viscera · Immoral Ever After
11-25Ferey · Passion Behind the Insanity
04-21Ferium · Behind the Black Eyes
03-01Ferriterium · L'Heure du grand passage
03-25Fetal Autopsy · Backwoods Bloodshed
06-12Fethuruz · Divine Landscape of Perseverance
11-25Fetid Zombie · Epicedia
06-10Fetor · Abandoned Hope
04-??Fiave · Dall'alto di una roccia
06-06Fibra de Acero · En tiempos de guerra
06-21Fidelis · The Winds of 1000 Years
01-28Fields · Pushing Roses
??-??Fiel Mortandad · Angel Luciferi
08-23Fiendlord · Neuromancy
08-??Filthdigger · Damned by the Living Dead
??-??Filth of Trash · Mentes en sombras
09-21Filth Pig · Youthful Nihilism (Or a Cold Realization of the Anthropomorphic Illusion)
07-13Filthy Rich Preacher · Vol. I
07-22Fimbultyr · Niddikter
09-03Fimbulvinter · Till Valhall
01-20Final Chapter · Legions of the Sun
10-28Final Crusade · Forged with Metal
12-03Final Snow · In These Moments of Heart's Weight
09-29Final Snow · Somber Lights
09-27Final Solution · Through the Looking Glass
02-22Fin Bulgaria · Cookbook
11-20Fin Bulgaria · Lica
04-06Fingernails · Merciless Attack
01-13Finsterort · Import Terror
09-16Fire Down Below · Viper Vixen Goddess Saint
10-15Fire Fist · Walk of Fame
11-18Fireland · Fireland III - Believe or Die
02-19Fireleaf · Behind the Mask
07-28Firmam3nt · Firmament
09-20FirstBourne · Riot
05-20First Fragment · Dasein
01-05First to Resist · Untruth
07-15Fistula · Longing for Infection
12-02Fistula · The Shape of Doom to Cumm​)​)​)
05-13Five Minutes Hate · Explanation to Failure
05-17Fjällfolk · Tagen med blixt
07-01Flagellum Dei · Diabolis Enim et Alii Deamones
07-30Flag of Hate · White Light
11-10Flames of Apocalypse · Apocalyptical Annihilation
05-06Flatulated · Bowel Hymnary
02-24Flavros · Det svarta riket
10-10Flayst · Burning Eden
03-26Flegethon · The 4th Step to Self​-​Destruction
06-24Flesh Cauldron · Lightning Leather
02-05Fleshgod Apocalypse · King
02-19Fleshgore · Denial of the Scriptures
??-??Flesh Grinder · Nomina Anatomica
04-01Fleshless Beggar · To Summon Enormity
12-16Fleshmeadow · Umbra
01-19Flesh of the Stars · Hosanna
08-25Fleshreaper · Casketastrophe
01-28Floating Goat · The Spawn of Poseidon
10-14Flooded Church of Asmodeus · Piss Soaked Church of the Wrong: A Total Holocaust of Those Who Turn the Other Cheek
11-04Floored · Dying to Live
09-08Flor di Tormento · Santuario
05-20Flotsam and Jetsam · Flotsam and Jetsam
02-22Flummox · Selcouth
03-11Flying Spirit · Sueños a encontrar
11-25F.O.A.D · Birth of Extinction
12-02Foetal Juice · Masters of Absurdity
01-25The Fog · Perpetual Blackness
09-01Follow the Way · Torrential Downpour
03-02Folteraar · Vertellingen van een donkere eeuw
08-28Food Metal · Food Metal
05-21Footprints in the Custard · The Descent of Decency
07-24Foras · The Black Prophecy
06-15Foray Between Ocean · Depression Neverending
09-26Force · In the Name of the Saint
02-23Forced · The Vanishing Dark
06-21Forced Asphyxiation · Terrifying Hydroponic Carnage
07-10Forcefield · The Battle of Faith
08-10Forcefield · Emissaries of Light
05-23Forces United · Power Subunit
12-28Foreboder · Old Wounds
??-??Forense · Pútrida extracción visceral
04-22The Foreshadowing · Seven Heads Ten Horns
11-26Foresight · Press Any Key to Continue...
02-26Forest of Trys · Architect
04-01Forest Shouts Back · Inhumanity
10-17Forests Under Construction · Humans Being
??-??Forever Autumn · Waiting for Öktober MMXVI
08-26Forever Decision · A Kiss Goodbye and the Made Up Mind
08-01Forever Wasted · Forever Wasted
07-20Forggoten Rite · The Rites of Seven Hells
09-17Forgotten Light · Window at the Corner
??-??Forgotten North · As Dusend Düwels
08-01Forgotten Spell · Epiphaneia Phosphorus (Angel, God or Insanity)
01-29Forgotten Tears · In Spite of Everything
06-15For I Am King · Daemons
06-14Forlatt · Aldri
12-28Forlatt · Fantom
10-04Forlet Sires · Journey Towards Ruin
05-??Formaline · Corpscience
06-30Formidamen · Burning of Wizard
05-10Formless · Eon
??-??Formless Devotion · Sparks of Separation
06-10Fornication · Spitting Curses
10-31Fornicus · Hymns of Dominion
03-10Fornix · Sintomas de autodestrucción
07-12Fort · Маскарад снов
12-23Fortaleza · Crónicas de la Villa Rica
06-24Forteresse · Thèmes pour la rébellion
01-02Fort Royal · Без имени
12-13Forza Diablo · The Collapse of the Temple of God
09-26The Foundation · The Great Unknown
05-??Fox 45 · Ashes of Man
09-07Fractal Cypher · The Human Paradox
06-15Fractal Entropy · Transcendens
09-05Fractal Veil · Fractal Veil
04-15Fractured Insanity · Man Made Hell
02-27Fragile Edge · Hidden
07-13Fragilehollow · Entity
03-31Fragment. · Nothing Will Ever Be the Same
05-13Fragore · Asylum
10-16Francesco Fareri · Universal Collision
08-26The Franks Daredevils · Dead Inside
04-11The Franks Daredevils · Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis Domine
10-??Frantic on March · My Story
11-22Fraser Edwards · I Am God
10-30Free as Birds · Perfect Dark
11-11Freedom Call · Master of Light
03-07Freefall · Cul-de-Sac
05-07Freitod · Der unsichtbare Begleiter
09-30Freya · Grim
08-25Frigoris · Nur ein Moment...
11-15From Ashes to Redemption · Unleash the Warrior
09-??From Autumn · Absence
08-05From Blue to Gray · Abstention of Interference
11-26Fromhell · March on Gravitation
01-18From Sky to Abyss · Last Impulse of the Dying Sun
11-24From the Shores · Of Apathy
09-26From the Vastland · Chamrosh
06-24Front · Iron Overkill
02-05Frostbite · Etching Obscurity
04-21Frostmoon Eclipse · The Greatest Loss
03-19Frostvang · Det mörka hjärta
11-??Frozen Alive · Antarctic Tragedy
05-13Frozen Forest · Ancient Ritual
09-03Frozen Gate · Behind the Dark Ice
04-23Frozen Hell · Path to Redemption
07-08Frozen Infinity · Phoenix
04-02Frozen Mist · The Tenalach Prophecy
11-30Frozen Night · II: The Ethereal Forest
11-25Frozen Realm · Solstice
08-19Frozen Skin · In This Dying World
09-23Frozen Spirit · The Light Shines No More
06-18Frozen Sword · Frozen Sword
01-22FT-17 · Marcellin s'en va​-​t'​en guerre
02-01Fuath · I
05-30Fudjin Hao · Оттенки
12-16Fueled by Fear · Two by Eight
12-28Fulgurum · Człowiekskrywazło
01-31Full Ammunition · The Madness Has Arrived
03-13Full Frontal Face Fuckers · Magna Cum Loade
11-25Full Scale Riot · Empower
10-16Funebrearum · Devil's Weed
05-23Funeral Candle · Eternal Realm of Souls
09-09Funeral Chic · Hatred Swarm
09-20Funerale · La lapide insanguinata
01-06Funeral Fornication · The Lamentation
05-06Funeralis · Lvminis Serpens Caeremonia
02-07Funeral Moth · Transience
08-13Funeral Mourning · Inertia of Dissonance (A Sermon in Finality)
??-??Funeral Rites · Alive 2015
10-01Funeral Sutra · Form and Emptiness
02-06Funeral Tormently · Weltschmerz
03-18Funeral Whore · Phantasm
03-25Funereal Moon · Songs of the Dead
08-??Funeris · Ghostly, Gloomy Notes
01-22Funeris · Nocturnes for Grim Orchestra
04-??Funus · Adrift Alone
11-14Furia · Księżyc milczy luty
11-25Furiam · Furiam
05-30Furious Zoo · Sex Stories and Adult Fairy Tales - Furioso VIII
03-17Furor · Architect the Invisible
02-??Furor Volturno · Regionalismo Coercitivo
07-23Fury · Lost in Space
10-11Fury n Grace · A Dream-Letter to the Witches of Western Europe
06-12Fushiryuu · A Journey Through Seasons
03-05Future Corpse · Another World to Consume
05-14Fyrnask · Fórn
09-09The Fërtility Cült · A Forest of Kings
04-18Fólkvangr · Þrúðvangr
02-07Gabriels · Fist of the Seven Stars Act 1 - Fist of Steel
09-27Gabriel the Poet of Doom · Nepenthe
03-11Gadget · The Great Destroyer
06-26Gaia · A Cure for Time
06-24Gaia's Revenge · Under a Green Sky
04-02Gainstand · Self-Destroyer
09-12Gaki · Infected Face Meat of the Undead
??-??Galgenseil · Euphorie, wenn das Galgenseil sich spannt
07-20Gallileous · Stereotrip
05-13Gallows Pole · Doors of Perception
04-01Game Over · Crimes Against Reality
05-07Gammoth · Obliterate
07-28Gangari · Yggdrasill
07-19Gangrena · VII
11-20Gangrenous · Necrotic Tumor of Mankind
07-09Gaoth · Dying Season's Glory
01-29Garganjua · A Voyage in Solitude
08-31Gargoyle · 誑 ~Taburakashi~
10-03Gargoyles · Gargoyles
07-10Gargromog · Gløden av den brennende månen
06-04Garhelenth · The Mysterious Kingdom
03-10Garlic · Naposletku
04-30Garra · Senderos de furia
03-01G.A.S · Demoralisasi Penguasa Bangsa
05-20Gasoline Guns · Rust'n'Dust
10-07Gatecreeper · Sonoran Depravation
07-01Gateway · Scriptures of Grief
11-11Gateway to Selfdestruction · Death, My Salvation
??-??Gavel · The Patron Saint of Vengeance
09-23Gavilanes · Gavilanes
03-25Gebrechlichkeit · Aphorismen der Angst
11-12Gefrierbrand · Weltenbrand
02-12Gehennah · Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die
01-02Geist of Trinity · Chains
03-31Generaciones Metalicas · Tributo Hermética
07-01Genocida · Piteous
03-08Genocide · Resurrection
04-03Genocidium · Anti-human Nuclear Hatred
02-??Genuflexión · Animal religioso
08-26George Tsalikis · The Sacrifice
12-14Gergad · Pasukan Pemusnah Massal
03-30Gergovia · Si vis pacem para bellum
02-25Gerhana Total · Mankind
04-29Germ · Escape
12-21Germinativum · Instrument of Human Butchering
12-01Gerogot · Cruelty Vomit of Hatred
08-09Gersuva · Holy Rain
04-08Geryon · The Wound and the Bow
08-03Gespenst · Forfald
06-03Gevurah · Hallelujah!
02-27Gevurahel · C.B.M. III
05-20Ggu:ll · Dwaling
09-07Ghathanothoa · The Mammoth​-​Goat Is Coming in Your Town
06-14Ghazi · Meaning in Loss
10-27Gherzen · 1917
05-06Ghold · Pyr
04-01Ghosthill · I.C.E
08-05Ghostmourn · Solitude
12-02Ghost of Mary · Oblivaeon
05-30Ghost Warfare · Dusk Reloaded
07-29Ghoul · Dungeon Bastards
11-10Ghoulchapel · Echoes of Horror
06-10Ghoulgotha · To Starve the Cross
10-15Gianluca Ferro · A Hole in the Ocean
02-26Giant Deathsnake · The First One
01-25Giant Fantasy Container · Extreme Abyss
05-20Giants of Genesis · Weight of the World
??-??Giggerotah · Ultra-Violence
08-14Gigim Xul · In the Essence of Millennia
08-05Gilded Lily · Mongrel's Light
08-??Gilotina · Večný boj
09-09Giordano Boncompagni · New Shred Generation
03-27Girlzeroth · Kingdom Warrior
10-31Gitaron · You Own the World
11-15Gizëh · Gizëh
12-30Glacier Frost · A New Dawn over Once Dark Lands
03-21Glamdring · As the World Decays
11-17Glass Shrine · Lapidary
01-28Gleb Poro · 羊 (MMXV)
12-21Gloominess · An Gothic Act
03-08Gloominess · Theater of 27 part 18 - Den onde
05-13Gloominess · Theater of 27 part 19 - The Net
09-07Gloominess · Theater of 27 Pt 20 - The Dark Side of a Motel
06-06Gloomy Grim · The Age of Aquarius
03-18Gloria Morti · Kuebiko
12-05Glorifying Dying · The Mark of the Beast Lookout
05-06Glorior Belli · Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)
08-26Gloryful · End of the Night
11-09GnarlScar · Rise of the Demagogue
12-09Gnaw Their Tongues · Hymns for the Broken, Swollen and Silent
02-01Gnida · A.I.D.S.
06-??Goatblood · Defiance & Intolerance
12-24Goatblood · Veneration of Armageddon
04-15Goatess · Purgatory Under New Management
04-11Goatpenis · Apocalypse War
02-29Goatpsalm · Downstream
03-23Goatslave · Procession of Doom
02-26Goatsodomizer · The Curse Rings True
03-??Goat Thron · Plugastwo
03-26Goat Tunnel · The Glass Void
12-01Goat Wizard · The Book of Goat Wizard
12-10Goat Worship · Blood and Steel
09-02Goblin Cock · Necronomidonkeykongimicon
08-28Goblin Hovel · Revered Revenant of Irreverence
08-27G.O.D. · 180 DBA: Dawn of a New World
10-??God · Sufletul neamului
07-08Godawfulnoise · The Epitome of Suffering
??-??Goddamn · More Human Than Us
10-13God Eat God · Abandonment
05-04God Enslavement · Consuming the Divine
04-04Godless Angel · The Conjuring of Four
04-04God Mode · Hybrid Lying Machine
04-01Gods Below Us · Time, the Devourer
03-11God-Shroud · The Death of Salvation
11-04Godskill · I: The Forthcoming
03-18Godslave · Welcome to the Green Zone
02-20God Syndrome · Controverse
02-29Godwatt · L'ultimo sole
10-18Gohrgone · Finis Ixion
06-17Gojira · Magma
01-28Golden Core · Norwegian Stoner Machine
12-01Golden Rusk · What Will Become of Us?
12-15Golgota · Return to the Old Path
10-??Golmont · Exterminate: Dismaterializing
??-??Golpe Devastador · Instinto Assassino
01-15Gomorrah · The Haruspex
02-12Gone in April · Threads of Existence
06-06The Good Kind of Mushroom · Bapharet Vessel
03-23Goremonger · Whorticulture
12-03Goresluts · Mahwus
12-01Goresoerd · Antikeha
04-29Gorevent · Dull Punishment
08-31Gorged Bile · Origin of Contempt
05-21Gorgon · Titanomachy
04-25Gorgosaur · Lurking Among Corpses
10-06Gorifice · Hellfarm
03-06Gorilla Pulp · Peyote Queen
??-??Gorjeo Seglar · Himnos profanos (v. 2016)
05-07Gorlapse · Reanimated
01-30Gorphanage · May Cause Birth Defects
03-06Gorrenje · Decay
06-??Gorrenje · Rabenblut
02-15Gort · Pestiferous Worms Miasma
12-01Gortaigh · Dirty Southern Winter
01-29Gothic Castle · Blurred Sun
??-??The Goths · The Death
??-??Gotttod · Anastaesia Dolorosa Psychica
08-06Government Pest · Government Pest
09-30Gozo · Anal Cannibalism
06-24Grace Disgraced · Lasting Afterdeaths
04-08Gracepoint · Echoes
12-16Grafvitnir · Obeisance to a Witch Moon
11-04Graham Bonnet Band · The Book
04-26Grand Celestial Nightmare · The Void of Death
01-22Grand Head · Grand Head
05-13Grand Magus · Sword Songs
09-30Grand Massive · III
12-02Gratzug · V: Meyster
10-15Grau · Transzendenz
03-09Grausig · Di Belakang Garis Musuh
11-12Gravatus · LI_E
04-18Gravebomb · Rot in Putrid Filth
01-01Graveborn · Seeds of Life
08-22Gravebreaker · Sacrifice
07-01Grave Desecrator · Dust to Lust
07-07Graveir · Iconostasis
12-09Graveland · 1050 Years of Pagan Cult
01-29Gravelhead · Gravelhead II
08-29Grave Lines · Welcome to Nothing
04-01Graves at Sea · The Curse That Is
09-12Gravewürm · Into the Dungeon
04-29Graveyard · ...for Thine Is the Darkness
09-??Graveyard Ghoul · Slaughtered - Defiled - Dismembered
10-06Graveyard of Souls · Todos los caminos llevan a ninguna parte
10-04Gravislatro · Absurda hipocresía
05-05Gravity Rain · Artifacts of Balance
02-21The Great Cold · The Great Cold
06-10The Great Electric Quest · Chapter I
10-31Greater Gods · Hymns of the Demonic Empire
06-15Great Master · Lion & Queen
09-27The Great Masterstone · City of Ghosts
02-25The Great Wound · Voices of Regret
01-15Greenvoid · GreenVoiD
02-19Green Yeti · The Yeti Has Landed
??-??Gregory Salmela Project · Fundamental Principles
09-??Grendel · Bloodsoil
12-01GreyAblaze · GreyAblaze
12-31Grey Lethal · You Burn the World Red
03-22Greytomb · A Perpetual Descent
06-18Grey Wolf · Glorious Death
10-19Grief of War · Act of Treason
06-27Griefrain · WolfCult
10-24Grievance · Pilar, Pedra e Faca
01-04Griffon · Har HaKarmel
05-30Grim Comet · God Is Dead, Let's Eat Him
08-06Grimirg · Night Be My Grave
05-06Grimlair · 7<O>7
11-22Grimmdrasil · Animus
03-21Grimmdrasil · The Cold Haunting Loneliness of Crushing Certainty
03-25Grimner · Frost mot eld
05-13Grimus · Anthems of Gehenna
04-01Grin · Grin
11-23Grinder · Anal Storm
08-15Grobych · Fall in Closure
10-04Grogus · Intuitive Readers and Metaphysical Artisans
12-26Grok · An Aeon of Ascension
12-16Grok · A Spineless Descent
07-01Grond · Worship the Kraken
06-15Grotesque Ceremonium · Demonic Inquisition
09-13Grotesque Deity · At the Blackest Way to Death
05-04Grounding · Reefer Sadness
02-20Grudge! · No Acceptance
07-21Grøde · Kjød til Jord
??-??The Guardian · Lost World
10-01Gudger · Gudger II
02-18Gudsforladt · Guilt.
01-29Guerra Total · מלחמה כוללת
05-09Guerrilla · The Human Epidemic
10-01Guevnna · Heart of Evil
10-29Guillen · Into the Void
11-23Guilles · ¿Quién puede matar a un niño?
03-26GunsBlaze · Deus ex Machina
10-??Gunsen · The Adventure of the Devil's Note
04-06Guns of Barisal · Guns of Barisal
??-??Gustavo Zavala S.U.R. · S.U.R
03-30Guthravir · A Dark Wind Is Blowing
12-17Guthravir · In the Ways of Mayhem and Slaughter
01-23Guts for Glory · Fairy Tales
12-20Gutted · Martyr Creation
12-20Gutted Christ · The Sower ov Discord
05-26Gutter Instinct · Age of the Fanatics
03-17Gutter Sirens · Phantom Pains
04-16Gutter Tactic · Blood Desire
07-08Guttural Corpora Cavernosa · You Should Have Died When I Killed You
04-23Gwaremm Korriged · Dirak ar Stang
06-08GxSxD · The Adversary
01-22Gygax · Critical Hits
12-02Gymir · Weder Sein noch Schein
09-22Gyötrelem · Kárhozat
08-20Gólgota · Fantasies of Sickness Through the Human Mind
05-27Haast's Eagled · II: For Mankind
11-01Habamal · A tu infierno
04-14Hadak Ura · Ten Arrows from the Sky
02-20Hadens · Hadens
02-17Hadriel · Liberosis
07-30Haethenfolc · Unto Thee Do I Bare This Blackened Heathen Heart
01-??Hag · Mysterium Aurorae
11-24Hagalaz · Northern Gods Descending
02-08Hagazussa · Wintertraum
05-01Hagbard · Vortex to an Iron Age
10-28Hail Spirit Noir · Mayhem in Blue
09-23Hailstone · Epitome
04-14Haissem · Maze of Perverted Fantasies
04-29Haken · Affinity
??-??Halley 86 · Utopía
12-16Halén · Nackskott
10-07Hamerex · Traitor
04-09Hammer · Smoke and Beer
11-04HammerFall · Built to Last
03-25Hammer Fight · Profound and Profane
09-15Hammerhands · Largo Forte
11-11Hammer King · King Is Rising
04-03Hammer of Daemons · Hellfire (Beyond the Iron Curtain)
07-22Hammers of Misfortune · Dead Revolution
06-23Hand Grenades · Alpha Commando
08-19Hands of Cernunnos · Hands of Cernunnos
02-09Hands of Despair · Bereft
08-05Hands of Thieves · Feasting on Dark Intentions
07-22Handsome Prick · Enlarged to Show Texture
07-15Hangar · Stronger than Ever
12-??Hangar 55 · First Aid
06-01Hangover · The Hangfest
??-??Haniwa · Helleven
09-02Hannes Grossmann · The Crypts of Sleep
09-16Hansen & Friends · XXX - Three Decades in Metal
08-25Happy Days · Save Yourself
07-22Harakiri for the Sky · III: Trauma
02-19Hardholz · Herzinfarkt
09-??Hard Time · Rock 'n' Roll
07-16Harhoog · Three Trails in Crimson Across the Tigris Stars
??-??Harlequin · Masochistic Salvation
01-15Harley Flanagan · Cro-Mags
06-18Harm · The Evil
05-07Harm · October Fire
10-16Harmasar · Din pământ
12-30Harmony Breaks · Park of Lakes and Birds
03-03Harmony Dies · Indecent Paths of a Ramifying Darkness
01-30Harm Wulf · Endzeitnächte
06-27Harrower · Remembrance
07-01Harvester · Harmonic Ruptures
10-08Hastur · The Black River
03-18Hate · Prevalecer
10-08Hate Beast · Sky Burial
03-16Hate Beyond · Verge of Death
03-11Hate Control · The Die Is Cast
07-01Hateful · Descendants of the Earth
04-30Hateful · Hatred Heritage
06-22Hater · Nightmare Continues...with Your Haterizer
??-??Hatespirit · Blood & Poetry
09-23Hateworld · Mass Deception
??-??Haunt · Sacrificial Empyrean Rites
08-31Haunted · Haunted
05-30Haunter · Thrinodίa
01-26Haunting Eden · The Ruins
04-01Hauser · (des​)​razão
09-23Havoc · Back for the Kill
04-01Haxen · Haxen
12-23Haxxan · Loch Ness Rising
09-28The Hazytones · The Hazytones
12-02Hazzard's Cure · Smoke Iron Plunder
05-06Headbore · The Grey
05-27Headless · Melt the Ice Away
11-18Headless Kross · Projections I
04-30Head of the Demon · Sathanas Trismegistos
05-30Headrot · Human Buffet
02-26Headspace · All That You Fear Is Gone
08-06Heart Compass · Thoughts and Fantasies
08-01Heart Impaled · Angel Destruction: Symphonies of a Fallen Angel
04-01Heathen · Heathen
07-01Heathen · Heathen
04-29Heave Blood and Die · Heave Blood and Die
06-03Heaven's Cry · Outcast
08-13Heaven Abhorred · Outlaw's Path
05-29Heaven Grey · Manuscriptum
10-30Heaven or Hell · Attitude
12-12Heavens Decay · The Great Void of Mystery
09-16Heaven Shall Burn · Wanderer
??-??Heaven Steel · Dreams for a New World
??-??Heaven Steel · Nuclear Desaster
10-17Heaventorn · Heaventorn
02-22Heavenwood · The Tarot of the Bohemians
11-01Heavydeath · In Circles We Die
10-31Heavy Duty · Endgame
03-18Hebosagil · Lohtu
02-17Hectic Shock · Summoning Hell
04-25Hedonist · The Collapse
12-10Heid · Alba
??-??Heiliger Krieg · Treue um Treue
10-14Heimdalls Wacht · Geisterseher
06-20Heimleiden · Mysterium Melancholie
10-31Heiðnir · Црна Гора
05-20Heksen · Post​-​Mortem Psychanalyse
08-30Helcaraxë · The Last Battle
03-05Helgamite · Hypnagogia
05-13Helhorse · Helhorse
02-15Helion Prime · Helion Prime
07-09Helix Nebula · The Last Lights of a Dying Universe
10-??Hell's Punch · Burn It Down
09-03Hell's Wrath · Vespertime
04-01HellBent · The American Demise
09-23Hellbound · Stories
08-19Hellbringer · Awakened from the Abyss
01-29Hell Came Home · Body Bags
01-29Hell Camino · Orange Lily
06-03Hellcrawler · Sandstorm Chronicles
01-16Hellcrust · Kalamaut
10-17Hell Desecrator · The Evil Spirits Return from the Death
11-11The Helldozers · Carnival
04-27Hell Dump · Pretty Horror Show
06-17Helleborus · The Carnal Sabbath
02-29Hellectricity · Odious, Vile, Nasty and Wicked
02-19Helledéofol · Black Acid
02-13Heller Schein · Sonic Clash Warning
07-01Hellevate · Weapons Against Their Will
03-25Hell Fire · Metal Masses
??-??Hellfire · The Seven Gates in Hell
07-27Hellfire Deathcult · Culto a la muerte
10-??Hellfrost · Pagan Son
05-20Hellhound · Nothing Left
05-01Hellhunter · Now... You Are His
07-25Hell Icon · The Dark Part 1
01-22Hell in the Club · Shadow of the Monster
10-20Hellish · Grimoire
08-18Hellish Grave · Worship Macabre
02-29Hellish Oblivion · Pyrodigma
05-??Hellnomorf · Depressions
06-06Hell Patrol · From Ruins into Ashes
07-15Hellschwadron · Storming Obliteration
06-03Hellseek · Human, Enemy of All
04-01Hellshaker · The Contract
06-06Hellsodomy · Chaostorm
03-12Hellspawn · There Has Never Been a Son of Me
10-25Hellucinate · Savage Fucking Madness
02-29Hellucination · Black Metal Imperium
07-07Hellvete · Drowning the Past
09-22Hellwaffe · Peace Offering
06-03Hellyeah · Unden!able
10-28Helmet · Dead to the World
09-30Helroth · I, Pagan
08-26Helstar · Vampiro
02-19Hemelbestormer · Aether
03-??Hemifonía · Extravagante
11-11Hemina · Venus
05-01Hemispherectomy · Black Magic
08-19Hemisphery · Synthesis
04-15Hemotoxin · Biological Enslavement
08-??Henosis · Unleash the Ophidian Essence from the Reverse of Creation
08-31Herbstrens · See the World Through Sunken Eyes
07-??Hercules · Metal Pounding
04-??Herder · Fergean
06-16Here and Now · Flipside Story
08-20Herege · Terra Morta
10-08Herejía · Despierta
10-31Herem · III
07-01Heresy Denied · Innerception
03-28Heresy of Dreams · Ante la bestia
03-15Heretic · The Errorism
05-20Heretic · Underdogs of the Underworld
07-02Heretical Warlust · The True Antisystem B.M.
09-01Hereticum · Gloria Corrupta, Hermetika, Heretika, Occulta
03-26Heretique · De Non Existentia Dei
01-04Herman Arvokas · Night Before the Attack
11-18Herman Frank · The Devil Rides Out
02-29Hermóðr · The Darkness of December
12-21Hermóðr · The Howling Mountains
07-17Heroes of War · Saints And Sinners
08-01Heroic · Barbár
??-??Herrero · Impostor
12-05Herxsebet · Ad Bellum
10-??Heryn Dae · Heryn Dae
09-07Hesychast · Ageless
12-12Hetman · Nie
12-02Hevidence · Nobody's Fault
09-11Hex A.D. · The Last Nail in the Coffin Lid
??-??Hexafiend · Hexafiend
11-02Hexecutor · Poison, Lust and Damnation
04-30Hexenizer · Witches Mentors Cult
01-18Hexenjäger · Black Titan
10-31Hexensabbat · Pestilence Crawls over Bloodstained Land
07-07Hexgrafv · Altare
06-09HexHorn · Waking of Death
03-20Hexxus · Tunguska
08-19Hidden Dagger · Zilver in de ogen
09-09Hidden Dream · Through the Silence of Reason
12-24Hidden in the Basement · Behind the Shadow
10-06Hidden Timbre · Odyssey
08-08Hidden Time · Imposed Mentality
09-10Hidekel · XII puertas
11-04Hierophant · Mass Grave
01-07Highborne · Descent
06-10High Fighter · Scars & Crosses
06-24Highlord · Hic Sunt Leones
02-26High Priest of Saturn · Son of Earth and Sky
05-18High Purity · Mínus 13 lumenů
09-16High Spirits · Motivator
??-??High Treason · Everything's Gonna Change
10-10Higurd · Egozentrik
11-02Hijo del Herrero · El inicio
09-20Hikan · A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit
02-17Hilotz · Giza ankerkeria
10-01Himura · Exterminio
04-21Hiperion · Humanoids
06-26Hipotesa · Makar
05-16Hipoxia · Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit - Monvmentvm ab Khaos I -
04-01Hiranya · Breathe In
12-26Historias Nórdicas de la Abuela Vikinga · Transición
03-01Hitten · State of Shock
10-11Hitwood · When Youngness... Flies Away...
03-25H I V E · Emergence
08-15Hivernation · Hivernation
01-01Hivernation · Suite patriotique no​.​1 et no​.​2
08-03Hizaki Grace Project · Rosario
07-22Hjel · Kalte Asche
03-??HMR · Ад уже здесь
12-11HMS Keelhaul · Anchord
11-04Hoath · Codex III: Crown of the Mind
10-14Hobbs Angel of Death · Heaven Bled
06-10Hobo · Roots of the South
06-03Hog · Arahant
03-17Hoia Baciu · 'nrădăcinat
02-26Hokedun · Succumbing to Decay
04-20Holdaar · Army of Winter
09-23The Holeum · Negative Abyss
07-19Holloway · The Feeble Hearts of Man
08-??Hollow Is Thy Heart · Hollow Is Thy Heart
03-04Hollow Leg · Crown
04-14Hollow Mirror · Corrupt Constitution
09-23Hollow Senses · Encirclement
06-28Hollowstone · Walking Between Worlds
??-??Holocaust · Obscurum Satanic Rite
10-31Holocaust Lord · Violence Beyond Death
11-04Holocausto · Seres inertes
01-13Holyarrow · Oath of Allegiance
03-??Holy Cost · The Last Orgy
04-15Holy Dragons · Civilizator
09-16Holy Filth · Enter the Realm of Eternal Dark Riffery
02-12Holy Grail · Times of Pride and Peril
03-18Holy Grove · Holy Grove
09-30Holy Serpent · Temples
04-25Homicidal Raptus · Erotomaniac Hallucinosis
06-06Homicide · The Sosh Guar
02-23Homicide Hagridden · Effect Lucifero
05-28Homizide · Homizide
07-01Homophobic Fecalpheliac · Sadistic Thoughts of a Serial Killer
09-??Honor · Impuls '89
03-04Hope for the Dying · Legacy
02-26Hopelezz · Sent to Destroy
01-??Hopes of Freedom · Burning Skyfall
01-10Hordak · Padre
06-06Horda Profana · Fornicators of Jesus Christ
04-22Horde of Draugar · In Death, We Are Legend
07-11Hordes of the Apocalypse · The Bioslajmical Monster Frenzies Strikes Back!
09-29Hordes of the Apocalypse · Moltum in Sanctum: Dass Trallish Prego!
08-07Hordes of the Apocalypse · Momentum VII - In Vitae Pretenturius
07-31Hordes of the Apocalypse · Punky Funky Kentucky
03-19Hordes of the Apocalypse · Une nuit dans le cimetière
04-20Horehound · Horehound
10-26Horizon of the Mute · Trobar Clus
06-01Horla · The Malaise
01-01The Horn · The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Volume Fifteen
02-23The Horn · Volume Sixteen
03-04Hornado · Wild Temple
08-27Hornss · Telepath
09-12Horrendum Vermis · Portals to Horrific Pandemonium
05-03Horrible Earth · Typical Human Behavior
03-25Horrified · Of Despair
09-15Horroraiser · Infestation
04-24Horror Chamber · Eternal Torment
12-25Horror Necros · Misanthrope
12-23Horror Paradise · Portal of Cannibalistic Dimensions
07-08Horseburner · Dead Seeds, Barren Soil
03-25Horse Latitudes · Primal Gnosis
09-23Hosoi Bros · Abuse Your Allusion III
05-05Hostage of Fate · II
11-30Hostage of Fate · III - To Bring you Back
02-??Hostile · New World Disorder
01-27Hostile Flesh · Harlot
07-25Hostiliter · A New Dawn for Lost Mankind
08-10Hostis · Hostis
01-11Hostium · The Bloodwine of Satan
03-18Hotel Wrecking City Traders · Phantamonium
02-20Hot Hell Room · Architect of Chaos
03-21The Hounds of Hasselvander · Ancient Rocks
04-30Hour of Anguish · Solace of Sorrow
12-01House of Lightning · House of Lightning
10-28Howling in the Fog · Evolve
08-02Howling Star · Revolution from the North
01-29The Howling Void · The Triumph of Ruin
04-15Howls of Ebb · Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows
12-20Hristova Shtenad · Black Zen
10-??Hristova Shtenad · Од тука стигнавме, до тука почнавме
09-23Hryre · From Mortality to Infinity
04-01Hteththemeth · Best Worst Case Scenario
04-15Huaychivo · The Five Agreements
05-07Hugin Munin · All Hail Odin
11-03Huldre · Tusmørke
01-21Human · Cerebral Inwardness
09-01Human · Sad Modern World
08-26Human Compost · From the Grave They Crawl
11-18Human Debris · Life Off Formation
07-31Human Enslavement · The Apocalypse of Hate
03-18Human Fortress · Thieves of the Night
01-11Humanitas Error Est · Human Pathomorphism
06-11Humanity Delete · Fuck Forever Off
10-15Human Remains · Depths of Hades
04-03Humanus Hostia · Destined to Die
05-20Human Vivisection · The Perpetual Gap
05-06Human Zoo · My Own God
09-30Humiliation · Honourable Discharge
09-04Hungarica · Haza és hűség - Ojczyzna i wierność
08-21Hungers · Ascesis
06-01Hung on Horns · Slaves
03-21Hunok · Megrendíthetetlenség
11-04Hunter · Niewolność
03-??Hurd · Нарлаг диваажин
06-21Hush · Fury
10-18Huszar · Los nuevos absolutos de todos los días quemados
01-18Hvøsch · Thornsmoat
??-??Hyaena · Metamorphosis Revisited
04-20Hybrid Viscery · Redneck Abomination
11-11Hyde · The Seeds of Doom
04-26Hyde Abbey · The Devil Spokesman
03-24Hydra · Darkchild
12-30Hydra · Solar Empire
09-01Hymir · Godking
12-31Hymn Above Traumatic Emotion · Ombra
09-07Hyperborea · Новый рассвет
02-04Hyperion · Seraphical Euphony
05-13Hypersonic · Existentia
02-05Hyper Talbot · Las herencias
02-19Hypnologica‎ · Neutrino
02-02Hypochondriac · Disobedient
08-10Hyponic · 前行者
05-05The Hypothesis · Origin
03-28Hysteria · Flesh, Humiliation and Irreligious Deviance
03-25Hämatom · Wir sind Gott
10-07Häshcut · Где здесь стонердум?
05-06Hån · Facilis Descensus Averni
07-27Höllenlärm · Glutton
05-30Hörnhammer · Fog & Uproar
05-16Høbo · Bitter Pleasures
05-01I'm Nothing · I Wanted to See Angels
02-23I4896 · 0-1-0-1
02-06I4896 · IVFT
08-06I Am Man, I Am Monster · Transmutation
09-01I Am the Crown · On Death and Dying
12-18Ianoda · Disillusionment
04-18Iarnvidjur · Poéte maudit
05-06Ibridoma · December
03-07Icarus Dream · Renace
05-28Ice Howl · Crack the Earth
09-29Icestorm · Terres de foc
09-15IceThurs · Unlocked Door (Незапертая дверь)
10-14Ichabod Krane · Beyond Eternity
10-07Iconoclast · Process of Decadence
09-23Icy Steel · Through the Ashes
11-21I Deal Suicide · I Deal Suicide
10-21I Declare War · Songs for the Sick
04-29Ides · Sun of the Serpents Tongues
02-20Ides of Winter · Minus Twenty°
06-21Idhafels · Ancient Lores, Forgotten...
03-25Idolatry · Visions from the Throne of Eyes
04-15Ignis Mare · Into This World
10-31Ignis Noctem · Resonat In Aeternum Silentium.
12-18Igric · Tajomstvá severných hôr
04-08Ihsahn · Arktis.
03-02Ikaray · Ikaray
06-29I Kill Whores · A Collection of Crime Scene Photos
09-01Ilemauzar · The Ascension
05-27Illdisposed · Grey Sky over Black Town
07-22Illegal Ones · Под мусорским крылом
03-31Ill Omen · Æ.Thy.Rift
07-??The Ill over Death · The Undead, Vol. 1
??-??Illuminati · Illuminati
03-03Illunis · Illunis
02-08Illusions Dead · Celestial Decadence
11-11Illusory · Polysyllabic
10-07Illyrian · Round 2: Fight!
08-08Ilusen's Fallacy · The Ilusen's Fallacy
12-03Imago Imperii · Legendaria
03-20Imandra · Земля
05-27Imandra · Орбита
05-18Immatura Morte · Magnus Nigrum Ignis
03-21Immensity · The Isolation Splendour
06-13Imminent Psychosis · Burying the Masters
09-02Imminent Sonic Destruction · Triumphia
09-02Immortalis · Heldentod
02-06Immunize · Psychotic Behaviors
11-21Impade · Compendium de Terra
01-23Impaler · Eternal Hatred
05-31Impaler of Pest · Warlords of Death
10-31Impenitence · Monuments of Contempt
06-16Imperator Infernum · Dominvs·Infervs·Vobiscvm
01-29Imperceptum · Collapse of Existence
01-12Imperfect Souls · Necro Bestial
12-??Imperial · I : Principle Incommodum
08-05Imperial Crypt · Fate of the All-Father
01-30Imperial Destruction · Ruinous
06-24Imperious · Tales of Woe - The Journey of Odysseus - Part II: From Hades to Ithaca
05-07Imperium · Titanomachy
08-26Imperium Dekadenz · Dis Manibvs
10-30Impheral · Umbral
10-10Implosion Brain · Qualities of a Simple Mind
08-23Imposition · Dark Mysticism
10-??Imprecator · Imprecator
05-03Impunity · Raíz ennegrecida
04-08The Impure · Without a Word
03-??Inaction · Punto de partida
04-15Inactive Messiah · Dark Masterpiece
09-16Inanimate Existence · Calling from a Dream
01-15Inanimate Prognosis · Father Horror
??-??In Articulo Mortis · Testament
03-22Inbreeding Sick · Sickness and Plagues
10-18Incandescence · Les ténèbres murmurent mon nom
12-08Incarcehated · Tales from the Streets
10-28Incarceration · Catharsis
04-01Inception · The True Face Behind the Smile
02-15In Chaos · From Chaos Rises Order
01-30Incinerate · Amazon Violence
03-04Incinerate · Испепеляющий
01-19Incinerate Creation · Adaption of Human Suffering
09-22Incinerated · Avenged
04-22Incite · Oppression
03-30Inciter · Inciter
01-15Inclemency · Inclemency
06-16Incremate · Prospect of Death
04-28Incubation · Human Anomaly
02-20Inculcator · Void Abecedary
09-09In Darkest Dreams · The Vanishing
09-23In Death... · The Devil Speaks
??-??In Demise · ...Behold, a Pale Sky
12-13Indian Nightmare · Taking Back the Land
02-04Indica · Stone Future Hymns
09-26Indivia · Horta
09-01Individual · What the Hell
01-31In Dreams of Reality · ...and All My Nightmares Come Alive
06-16Indricothere · III
07-07Industry of Nightmares · Project Atopia
??-??Indwelled · Leshens
12-23Inerzia · Siete cruces
01-05Inevitable Plague · Exaltation of Spirit
01-30Inexihibit · Passenger
11-11Infame · Extrañas criaturas
09-23Infant Death · Violent Rites
10-21Infatuation of Death · Code of Impiety
06-20Infected Flesh · Glorify Bestial Quartering
09-09Infecting the Swarm · Abyss
01-30Infection Attack · The Disaster Outcome
08-12Infectology · Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment
05-06Inferior · The Red Beast
12-14Infernal · Approaching the Dark
06-19Infernal Corpse · U'r Not a God
11-13Infernal Course · Impaled Society
01-??Infernal Curse · Apocalipsis
07-19Infernal Doom · Nobody Said It Was Easy
05-06Infernale · Echoes of Silence
01-22Infernal Tenebra · As Nations Fall
??-??Inferni · Ésto es el infierno
06-04Infested Prophecy · Rebirth of Damnation
12-25Infesticide · Death's Formulas Fatal
01-02Infex · Killing for Jesus
11-11Infidel · III
12-12Infinifixion · Souls of Reverence
07-29Infinite Density · Recollapse of the Universe
03-27Infinite Design · Phases
01-02Infinite Flux · Infinite Flux
06-24Infinite Spectrum · Haunter of the Dark
10-31Infinitus Mortus · Transmutationis
11-11In Flames · Battles
03-25Infrared · No Peace
06-30In Fury · In Fury
??-??Ingott · Charon
06-19Inhalator · Álmok temetője
04-01In Hell · Ad Astra per Aspera
04-08Inherit Disease · Ephemeral
05-05Inhibitions · Flames of Desolation
12-08Inhottavuus · Initiationis Quod Pactum Apud Luxfero
03-04Inhumane Spells · II
11-27In Human Form · Opening of the Eye by the Death of the I
07-01Inhuman Rage · Made by His Image... Killing to His Name
11-18Inire · Cauchemar
11-18Initiated · World on Fire
08-08Injected Sufferage · Denial in the Grave Torment
02-07Injury Deepen · Anthropophagous Realm
11-15In Moonshadow · A Shroud of Frost & in Solitude
05-20In Mourning · Afterglow
10-08Inmundus · To Live Is to Serve
10-27In My Embrace · Black Waters Deep
04-15Inner Blast · Prophecy
02-01Inner Call · Inner Call
04-29Inner Demons Rise · In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and Violence
03-11Innerfire · Sacricide
10-28Inner Sanctum · Metric Genesis
11-28Inner Suffering · Dying Passion
04-16Innerte · El nervio muerto de la libertad
03-18InnerWish · Innerwish
06-26Innovation Threat · Gehinnom
08-20Innovation Wraith · Protorenaissance
09-10Inoxidable · Cai Cai Vilu
12-16Inquiring Blood · Morbid Creation
10-??Inquisicion · Preacher and Lust
08-26Inquisition · Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
02-15In Red Moon · In My Hands
11-08Insanation · Forced Insanity
07-01Insane Vesper · Layil
02-??Insaniah · Howling the Legions
03-11Insaniter · Eyes of Lies
04-02In Sanity · Ocean of Black
09-23Insanity Alert · Moshburger
08-17Insect Death · Perpetuating Idiocy
12-21In Shadows and Dust · Messe Noire
06-15Inside War · Autophagic Butchering
04-29Insidius · Shadows of Humanity
01-01Insision · Terminal Reckoning
09-23Insomnium · Winter's Gate
01-12Insoulence · Death of All Fools
05-20Instant · Decimation
12-31Instructor · Instructor
04-08Insulter · Crypts of Satan
11-05Insurgence Inc. · The Awakening
10-21Insurrection · Decadence
04-27Insömniax · Amphetademons
07-08Inter Arma · Paradise Gallows
07-13Interceptör · Rock 'n' Roll Hellriders
04-19Interdiction · Let It All Die
03-18Interiorem · Internal Bleeding
07-05Interiorem · Projections of Inner Desires
04-01Interment · Scent of the Buried
01-08Internal Calibration Balance · Tales of the Stars and the Inhabitants
09-29Internal Cold · Perception of Death
03-31Internal Devour · Doomed to Disembowelment
11-06Internal Light Extinguished · In Time We All Decay
08-20Internal Quiet · When the Rain Comes Down
06-24Internal Suffering · Cyclonic Void of Power
06-??Intestinal Extirpation · Swallowing Humans for a New Amorphous Breed
02-20Intestinal Pandemic · Today Is the First Day of the End of Your Life
09-16In the Woods... · Pure
09-09Inthyflesh · The Flaming Death
05-27Intig · Dystymi
02-25Into Chaos · The Living Walk Among the Dead
04-08Into Coffin · Into a Pyramid of Doom
12-16Into Infernus · Grimoire
07-01Intonate · The Swerve
09-??Into the Nethermost · Chronicles from the Black Bile
10-31Intricated · The Vortex of Fatal Depravity
02-24Introvert · Intimidasi Perisai Dosa
02-11Invader · Begins to Wrath
03-04Inverloch · Distance | Collapsed
10-21Inverted Cross Cult · Inverted Cross Cult
12-09Invertia · The Biddings of Tyrants
08-06InVitro · InVitro
07-??Invocation Spells · The Flame of Hate
12-21Invouta · Invouta
03-23Iodguara · Second Skin
10-06Ira · Crónicas de guerra - Colección XX aniversario
10-01Iraconji · Global Genocide
07-30Ireshrine · Lycanthropia
07-28Irim · Invertical Infinite
02-22Irkallian Oracle · Apollyon
05-08Iron Attack! · Bullet Blitz ~天孫降臨~
12-29Iron Attack! · Perpetual Nightmare
08-13Iron Attack! · Twilight Under World
04-24Iron Attack! · スペースギャラクシー
12-29Iron Attack! · 凱 ~Power and Glory~
10-09Iron Attack! · 宇宙とファンタジー (Uchu to Fantasy)
08-13Iron Attack! · 皇父の名の下に ~Takasago Army 2~
01-20Iron Attack! · 鉄撃三國志~Sangoku Attack!~
10-21Ironbite · Blood & Thunder
10-14Iron Curtain · Guilty as Charged
09-16Iron Fire · Among the Dead
02-??Iron Iris · Beast of Burden
09-20Iron Mask · Diabolica
05-20Iron Savior · Titancraft
10-31Iron SeaWolf · Hoist the Black Flag
05-??Iron Spell · Electric Conjuring
07-22Iron Witch · A Harrowed Dawn
11-27Ironwood · Well and Tree
09-07Iron Woods · Gods and Men
10-31Isa · Эхо
02-06Isaak · Sermonize
06-??Iscariota · Upadłe królestwo
06-26Isgärde · Jag enslig skall gå
10-07I Shall Devour · The Misanthropist
06-05Iskandr · Heilig land
03-08Iskhathron · Mephistopheles
02-16Isolated Antagonist · Affirmation of Entropy
05-01Isolert · No Hope, No Light...Only Death
04-15Iter Pactum · Demonic Rites
09-12Itnuveth · Enchantments
11-11Ivan · Aeons Collapse
12-07Ivan Ivanković · World in Fear
07-28Ivan Spelljack Jitz · Seum - The Official Video Game Soundtrack
03-11Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik · Skuggsjá - A Piece for Mind & Mirror
04-13I Vecchi Atonal · Under the Unbearable
02-05Ivory · A Moment, a Place and a Reason
12-03IV V I IV · Hening..Kelam
03-25Izegrim · The Ferryman's End
11-23Jack the Joker · Mors Volta
03-29Jagannatha · Jagannatha
09-15Jagged Mouth · Louring
01-05Jan · Vaporized Town
07-??Japanische Kampfhörspiele · The Golden Anthropocene
02-17Jarakillers · Macabres Tales of Dark River
03-05Jarnvidr · Förqwäwd
12-21Jason Aaron Wood · Escape
??-??Jason Stallworth · Heavy Metal Workout
11-01Jassa · Lights in the Howling Wilderness
01-07Jawbone · Blow Me Blind
01-30Jawcen · Tiempo congelado
09-05Jechane · War in Your Head
01-08Jeff Hughell · Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations
05-27The Jelly Jam · Profit
03-18Jesus Chrüsler Supercar · 35 Supersonic
11-26Jimmy Oldfield · Bloodshed
08-??Jimmy Strain · Jimmy Strain
09-14Joel Grind · Equinox
05-??Johann Sebastian Orpheus' Kerubiel · ...and Then Love Conquered Death
09-16Johansson & Speckmann · Edge of the Abyss
01-20Jord · A Grave with a View
03-20Jord · Les sombres fables partie 2
09-19Jord · Profanation
06-03Jorn · Heavy Rock Radio
??-??Josh Johnson · Inquisition, Pt. I
08-??Josh Johnson · Inquisition, Pt. II
09-20Joshua's Creed · Joshua's Creed
06-22Joy · Astral Agonies
03-20JRS · Magnitude
??-??Judas Letal · Confusa humanidad
06-??Juggernaught · Full Grown Woman
05-08Julia Maesa · Julia Maesa
09-30Julian Lehmann · Mother Nature
10-31Junior Bruce · Endless Descent
09-23Junkyard Lipstick · Repulsive Judgement
02-21Juodvarnis · Mirusio žmogaus kelionė
09-02Jurassic Leaf · Groovosaur
05-13Justinsane · Justinsane
05-03Just One Fix · Let Them Hate ... as Long as They Fear
06-06Jute Gyte · Perdurance
05-06Kaapora · Inòspito
01-13Kadath · A.M.M.D
10-20Kadaverkult · Kadaverkult
08-16Kadotettu · Ihmisyyden viimeiset askeleet
12-30Kaerulean · Metempsychosis
05-20Kafziel · Awakening the Machine
11-12Ka Gaia An · Neamul Dacilor
05-23Kaideka · Back to the Blind
11-25Kain · Oscuridad
12-25Kald Kriger · A Season of Pagan Sorrow
01-05Kaldt Helvete · Sur les ruines d'autrefois
06-25Kaliyuga · Once upon a Time
04-30Kalmankantaja · Tyhjyys
02-23Kalmankantaja · Waldeinsamkeit
01-05Kaluman · The Anthem of Blasphemy
04-24Kamara · Kahden maailman välissä
07-29Kambrium · The Elders' Realm
11-21Kamikaze Pilots · The Soured Tit of Human Failure
07-02Kandar · Groovy
??-??Kangal · We Are the Shadows
04-29Kannabinõid · Troon
01-29Kaos Reign · Screaming for Salvation
09-19Karat · Elegi
08-13Karburalcool · Kaos
07-01Karcavul · Intersaone
11-14Karg · Weltenasche
09-23Kariwa · 10.000 años
05-23Karma · Когда не в цене человечность
11-30Karmacipher · Necroracle
09-13Karma Rassa · Talks to Innerself
10-17Karmic Ashes · Geardagum
04-19Karmik Revenge · Self​-​Conception
06-30Karnak Seti · The Distance That Made Us Cold
02-19Karybdis · Samsara
??-??Karyttah · New Age - The Age of Karyttah
08-06Kashgar · Kashgar
11-05Kastrated · Surge of Festering Spasticity
03-09Katacombes · Sixty Five Feet Under
05-27Katalepsy · Gravenous Hour
??-??Katassamalass · Extreme Brutality
05-20Katatonia · The Fall of Hearts
12-02Katharos · Exuvian Heraldry
06-17Kausalgia · Dreamquest
09-15Kause & Effect · Perceptions
04-29Kawir · Πάτερ Ήλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα
06-24Kayo Dot · Plastic House on Base of Sky
06-15Kayotik · Enslaved to Chaos
11-30Kayros · Hombre de piedra
09-23Kayser · IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity
11-18Kazupathory · The Forests: A Cleansing
02-28Kchuttnbruntza · Kill All Kings
10-07Keef Mountain · Keef Mountain
10-02Keeper of the Gloom · The Misanthrope
02-14Keepers of Death · Истваан V: Первая волна
10-28Keitzer · Ascension
08-??Kelevra · Lividity
??-??Ken Snyder · Dysfunctional Order
??-??Kenta Igarashi · Revival from Destruction
01-15Keophsia · Loneliness
01-31Kerala · Occult States
12-12Kerker · Ban All Lights
06-18Kern · Hrnu to k tobě
04-16Ketch · The Anthems of Dread
01-29Ketzer · Starless
05-03K.F.R · Ø
01-31Khanъ · Знамение
12-30Khaos-Dei · Opus II: Catechism
04-08Khaos Labyrinth · Kaos Kvlt | Path to Nihil
05-16Khaos of Death · The Origin
05-20Khaos Order · Diabolical Obscurantism
11-28Khaospath · ...for the Devil Speaks the Truth
10-21Khemmis · Hunted
09-10Khepra · Cosmology Divine
02-26Khiazma · The Entrance of the Black Circles
04-20The Khind · Trilogy: I​.​Doom II​.​Delusion III​.​Delirium
11-18Khonsu · The Xun Protectorate
11-12Khraken · Podredumbre
09-25Khyæghürr · Khyæghürr
06-17Khünnt · Failures
07-31Kidius Shredius Maximus · Salvation
07-05Kill · Great Death
07-02Kill[ur]self · Architects
04-11Killer Khan · Global Killer
05-24Killer of Gods · Mental Retardation Force
??-??Killer Refrigerator · Refrigeration Plague
02-27Killers Lodge · Alma Cachonda
11-30Killin' Kind · Dying Earth
02-20Killing for Company · House of Hades
06-11Killing Rapunzel · Taking Control
10-05Kill Me · The Answer Is in the Blood
06-22Killmosphere · Let's Fuckin' Die!
11-02Killsorrow · Little Something for You to Choke
03-11Killswitch Engage · Incarnate
04-20Kill Tech · Codex
12-19Kill the Stigmatic · Possessing the Catatonics
05-04Kill the Whore · Chronic Anthropophagy Thanatophilia Fetistic Morgue
04-15Kinfolk · Slave to the Grind
08-26King · Reclaim the Darkness
08-21King Bong · Autobohng
12-31King Bong · Rivolta Dada
10-30Kingdom · Sepulchral Psalms from the Abyss of Torment
07-16Kingdom of Shad · Burn
03-25King Goat · Conduit
02-05King Goblin · Cryptozoology
10-31King Hiss · Mastosaurus
01-29The King Is Blind · Our Father
04-15The King Must Die · Murder All Doubt
09-19King of Bones · Don't Mess with the King
05-??Kinnefret · The Coming of Age
11-10Kin of Ettins · Doom upon the Slain
01-??Kinto Karma · Verberatus
06-30Kissif... · F.D.P.
07-08Kissin' Dynamite · Generation Goodbye
05-04Kittengrinda · The Death of Grind
01-01Kitties of Death · Valley of the Dead
12-20Kladovest · Ignitiate
11-15Klamath · Amongst the Beasts of the Earth
12-15Klamath · Echoes from the Valley - A Prologue
11-05Klamath · Songs from the Trees
10-10Klan · V tvojej hlave
10-29Klepsydra · Skyward Ties
01-20Kliodna · The Dark Side...
11-06Klär · Medication Nation
10-09The KMX Band · Italicize
10-28Knabulu · Voices of the North
01-26Knightmare · Wolves of Retribution
12-14Knights of Round · The Meaning of Life
09-15KOB · Sinister Salvation
05-25KoenigsGrab · KoenigsGrab
05-29Kognitiv Tod · Eternal Return
11-21Kold · Følelseskold
09-17Kold Creature · A Weakened State
05-30Koldkrypt · Fullmoon
01-11Koldscov · Ascension to Vanaheimr
10-20Komando de Ebrios · Ni falsos ni caretas
09-23Komatsu · Recipe for Murder One
06-13Kommando · Distroyer / Iron Goat Triumph
05-24Koprotopsy · Eternal Extinction
05-27Korgonthurus · Vuohen siunaus
02-10Korijenje Vječnosti · Poglavlje prvo
03-18Korpse · Unethical
10-28Korrosiah · The Specter
11-11Kortofertos · The Frozen Book
04-16Kortofertos · The Petrified Book
03-01Kosmodemonic · The Inebriating Darkness
11-15Kosmos · Le Voyage
02-29Kotiomkin · Squartami tutta (Black Emanuelle Goes to Hell)
10-14Kotiteollisuus · Vieraan vallan aurinko
??-??Kraake · Fram
01-28Krack · Discomposure
09-28Kraggsygh · Into Night's Blasphemy Eternal
06-30Krajiny Hmly · Na konci ciest
09-10Kraken · Kraken VI: Sobre esta tierra
12-21Krallice · Prelapsarian
11-15Krampus · Counter//Current
11-26Kraner · Concebidos en la maldad y la locura
02-26Krater · Urere
12-08Kratornas · Devoured by Damnation
05-13Kratos · Arlechino
09-24Kraüsen · Desterrados
10-??Krematist · Bangkai Bumi
05-28Krematorium · Aus Stahl und Eisen
11-25Krepitus · Eyes of the Soulless
12-21Kres · 40 nocy grudnia
07-09Kriegsrecht · Fleischwunde
04-16Krigere Wolf · Infinite Cosmic Evocation
04-01Krigsgrav · Waves of Degradation
10-10Krimson Karma · Into the Satanic Cosmic Pavilion
10-05Krionik · Total Disgust
02-05Kris Di Natale and Dragon's Fury · Alice vs. Thor
11-09Kris Di Natale and Dragon's Fury · The Race of Evil
09-02Kroh · Altars
10-25Krokmitën · HETA
06-03Krossfire · Shades of Darkness
09-23Kryptos · Burn Up the Night
10-28Krypts · Remnants of Expansion
07-19Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 3 Guitar Playthrough 2016
02-02Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 4 Guitar Playthrough (Revised)
03-02Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 5 Guitar Playthrough
06-04Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 6 Guitar Playthrough
09-14Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 7 Guitar Playthrough
02-04Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man Guitar Playthrough (Revised)
02-12Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man X2 Guitar Playthrough (Revised)
02-12Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man X3 Guitar Playthrough (Revised)
12-24Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man X4 Guitar Playthrough
01-23Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man X Guitar Playthrough 2016
05-03Krápula · Extinción
10-14Krüger · Дикий
02-01Kshatriya · Vsque ad Sidera Vsque ad Inferos
05-15K.T.C.M. · Cleansing the Blood of the Heretic
09-??Kujang Rampak · Kujang Rampak
12-16Kultheit · Amusement of the Gods
10-31Kunstzone · The Art of Making Earth Uninhabitable
02-19Kuoleman Galleria · Kärsimys kunniaan
08-26Kuolemanlaakso · M. Laakso - Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes
09-28Kurgaall · Fidem in Lucifer
10-17Kurmudgeon · Kurmudgeon'ator
02-14Kuundlaan · Alaskan Book of the Dead
06-01Kvalvaag · Malum
08-??Kvesta · Ibex Arrival
06-24Kvlthammer · Oath
12-22Kvlto · Kvlto
10-07Kyng · Breathe in the Water
04-26Kyomdarak · Mugen
05-02Kyomdarak · Tasogare no Mirai
11-20Kyomdarak · 夢の焦土
09-16Kypck · Зеро
02-23Kyryem · Ars Oscura
10-01Kyteler · The Curse
06-24Kyterion · Inferno I
11-04Kyy · Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death
09-30KZOHH · Trilogy: Burn Out the Remains
04-15L'Esprit du Clan · Chapitre VI
10-25L'Homme Absurde · Monsters
09-11L'Incendio · L'incendio
08-04Labium Minora · Coryphaeus Spreader Hatred
11-22Lacerated and Carbonized · Narcohell
05-06Laceration Mantra · Infested
05-19Lachrymalice · Lachrymalice
04-01L.A.C.K. · The Fragile (Soundtrack for the Tormented)
07-30LaCoker · Cover the Planet
??-??Laconist · Anticosmic Trance
08-12Lacrimas Profundere · Hope Is Here
05-27Lacuna Coil · Delirium
03-30Laden · We Searched for New Worlds
07-05LadyAxe · Ásatrú
10-04La Flamme d'Agni · Les elfes de la nuit
10-02La Flamme d'Agni · Les secrets de la montagne
01-15La Flamme d'Agni · Merlin
02-02Lagerstein · All for Rum & Rum for All
??-??Lago Gris · Lamento de un ángel
12-31Laid to Rest · Nuclear Thrash
09-13Lair · Icons of the Impure
11-20Lalochezia Vortex · Lalochezia Vortex
??-??Lalssu · The Death of a Star
02-13Lamentations · Echoes in the Wind
11-20Laments of Silence · System Failure
11-04Lancer of Redemption · Non Serviam
??-??Land of Minds · Another Dimension
05-01Landskap · III
07-01Lanfear · The Code Inherited
11-18Langenu · Need, kes näevad imesid
06-28Lanthanein · Lágrimas
05-10Lapida · Ancient Evil Reborn
03-30Lararium · Lararium
11-27La Rebelión de las Gárgolas · La rebelión de las gárgolas
11-25Larvarum · After Never
06-10Lascaille's Shroud · The Roads Leading North
01-04Lascar · Absence
03-10Lasher Zombie · Belizean Carnage Collection
07-14Lashmush · Mater Infinitum
??-??Lastima · A Vez da Outra Face...
02-19Last in Line · Heavy Crown
07-04The Last King · The Last King
08-03The Last Reign · Expulsion from Paradise
03-10Last Rites · Renatus
07-01Last Rites · Unholy Puppets
11-25The Last Surrealist · So Ready to Close My Eyes
06-09Last Word · Halls of Madness
04-30Lathspell · Torn Cold Void
01-22Latitudes · Old Sunlight
04-17La Torture des Ténèbres · Acadian Nights
05-16La Torture des Ténèbres · Choirs of Emptiness
12-31La Torture des Ténèbres · Civilization Is the Tomb of Our Noble Gods
05-23Latrodectus · Societal Demise
12-20Lavizan Jangal · KVLT
01-22Lawless Haightred · Hanging Headless Angels
01-09Lawrence's Creation · Timeless Universe
10-29LazerWulf · American Dream
08-18Leagues Below · Leagues Below
04-04LebensKrieg · Âmes damnées
02-20Lebensnacht · Raging Storm of Apocalypse
07-02Le Bomje · Sbljøv
09-23Lectern · Precept of Delator
03-30Le Culte du Crâne · Le Culte du Crâne
10-01Led by Serpents · Karmic Execution
06-10Leecher · Sightless
09-23Leeds Point · Fahnestock Rock
??-??Left Behind · Seeing Hell
11-30Legacies Unchain · Satan Is Strong and Always Near
10-15Legacy of Cynthia · Danse Macabre
11-07Legado de una Tragedia · Legado de una tragedia III
10-??Legal Hate · Avoider
02-06Legati · Path to Synchrony
08-31Legba · Legba
01-22Legenda Aurea · Aeon
07-02Legendry · Mists of Time
10-28Legend Scroll · The Fallen Will Arise
06-13Legion · Black Rose
09-09Legion · Last Man Standing
09-30Legion · War Beast
08-08The Legion of Hetheria · Awakening
01-23Legions of Raum · Fruition
10-14Lelantos · Akrasia
05-22Lemuria · Lemuria
04-01Leo Jiménez · La factoría del contraste
02-03Leprosy Bitch · Embryonic Coagula
12-25Leprous Vortex Sun · По направлению к Солнцу, плавящему изнутри кости
09-15Les Ailes de la Mort · Les ailes de la mort
08-26Lesbian · Hallucinogenesis
03-26Le Scimmie · Colostrum
12-20Letaumetaleux · Au crépuscule du temps des hommes
07-01Leteo · Nothing but the Night
03-30Leteo · Phantasm
??-??Lethaeos · Pillar of Hope
07-22Lethal Shöck · Evil Aggressor
01-29Lethal Steel · Legion of the Night
02-10Lethargic Euphoria · Standstill
06-07Leukorrhea · Evolution Through Rape