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04-22(((...))) · (((...)))
07-20(0) · (0)
03-091000Dead · 1000Dead
02-061000 Kadaveres · Patología asesina
04-09The 11th Commandment · Food for Worms
03-2513th Temple · Southern Woods & Invernal Tombs
08-1414 Sacred Words · Not Alone
09-17350teric · Odyssean
10-064 Kings · Vicious, Weird and Wild
02-245Rand · Sacred / Scared
09-265 Star Grave · The Red Room
09-2271TonMan · Earthwreck
07-087 Grados Richter · Time of Collapse
09-119th Circle Symphony · Anthems of a Fallen Nation
10-13:Twingiant: · Blood Feud
03-24[In Mute] · Gea
09-18Aasfresser · ...Where the Sun Never Dares
01-20Aathma · Avesta
09-01Abaddon · Super Human Majesty Resurrects
05-30Abandoned by Light · Melancholia
08-04Abandon Light · Madness' Fortress
08-25Abated Mass of Flesh · Eternal Harvest
04-12Abated Mass of Flesh · Lacerated
04-01Abatuar · Perversiones de muerte putrefacta
06-03Abbotoir · LXI
04-06Abduction · To Further Dreams of Failure
08-14Aberración · Sentencia
04-20Aberrance · Hymns from the Nether
06-??Abhor · Iconoclast Hedonistic
10-27Abhordium · Omega Prayer
07-28Abhorrent Decimation · The Pardoner
01-09Abhorrent Forest · The End of Life
09-18Abhorrent Forest · Ethereal
09-03Abhorrent Funeral · Ugly Tales
07-18Abisma · O Silêncio
07-24Abismika · Antipatia
04-02Abode for the Dead · Abode for the Dead
09-10Abominablood · The Rotten Smell of the Entities that Murmur
06-23Abominate · Crónicas de la atrocidad
04-28Abomnium · A Hollow Path
06-19Abonation · The Mortal World and Gallery End of Era
04-28Aborted Fetus · The Art of Violent Torture
01-15Aborym · Shifting.Negative
06-09Abrams · Morning
01-31Abrasive · Book of Sin
03-31Abscission · Vacuity
04-??The Absent Mind · Extra-Long Play
08-28Absinthiana · Structural
01-30Absinthropy · Vigilante's Doctrine
07-28Absolva · Defiance
08-12Absolver · Oscillate Thy Tongue (and Howl at the Sun)
09-30Abstract Symphony · Out of the Ashes into the Light
08-29Absyde · Atrocities in the Name of...
05-26Abuse · Nothing Is Safe
05-16Abysal · Theogony
02-24Abysmal Growls of Despair · Crypt of Demons
08-10Abysmal Growls of Despair · Disgust for Mankind
10-03Abysmal Growls of Despair · Irkalla Kur
08-10Abysmer · Insanity
09-19Abyss · Recrowned
01-28Abyss · Černé nebe
05-01Abyssphere · На пути к забвению
06-03Abÿfs · Conception to the Buried
07-01Accelerator · Anthropophagy Outbreak
08-04Accept · The Rise of Chaos
07-24Accidental Death Benefit · Венец творения природы
02-09Accidentally Murdered · Bloodville
05-02Acedia Mundi · Speculum Humanae Salvationis
09-22Acephalix · Decreation
03-31Acero Negro · La última jugada
05-31Acherontas · Amarta अमर्त (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II)
08-25Acheronthia Styx · The Abstract
01-22Acid Dream · Physical Removal
03-23Acid Force · Atrocity for the Lust
10-06Acid Mammoth · Acid Mammoth
03-23Acid Trial · Psychotic Episode
10-13A Collection of Cyclops Skulls · A Collection of Cyclops Skulls
01-27Acranius · Reign of Terror
03-20Acrimonious · Eleven Dragons
04-22Acritarch · Derelict Scrap Shunt
06-16Acrophobia · Acrophobia
05-24Act Happy · Melancholic Episodes
09-29Act of Defiance · Old Scars, New Wounds
07-26Adagio · Life
04-27Adamantia · U.N.O: Una nueva odisea
03-24Adamantine · Heroes & Villains
04-15Adam Belial · In the Shroud of Sin
06-01Adamon · The End of Time
01-03Ad Cinerem · Shadows of Doubt
06-30Adlet · Adlet
08-30Adoperta Tenebris · Perdition: The Path of Agonies
06-02Adrenaline Mob · We the People
05-30Adrian Raso · Frozen in Time
06-06Adrift for Days · A Sleepless Grey
02-26Advent · Transhumanic Hell
06-30Adventum Diaboli · I Walk in Solitude
08-01Advisory · Miners with Dead Canaries
07-22Advorsa · Advorsa
04-05Aedroth · L'armée des ombres
01-22Aegir · Ringhorn
06-02Aegror · Dead Man's Diary
10-20Aegrus · Thy Numinous Darkness
01-21Aella · Четвёртая высота
01-01Aeolith · Remnants of a Future Past
09-03Aeon Bridge · The Hero and Other Tales
06-30Aeon of Disease · Veil of Oblivion
02-18Aeonus · 47303652367904000000
05-23Aequus Nox · What 'fore the Dawn Withers
10-19Aeternal · The Conscious Machine
02-10Aeternam · Ruins of Empires
06-16Aetheric · Serpents Beneath the Shrine
03-17Aevum · Dischronia
10-18Affliktor · Affliktor
06-01A Fitting Revenge · Tempus Fugit
06-09A Flourishing Scourge · A Flourishing Scourge
04-21Afraid of Destiny · Agony
10-06African Corpse · Conclusion 17
07-28Afterbirth · The Time Traveler's Dilemma
04-??AfterDreams · Nightmare
05-23After Dusk · The Character of Physical Law
06-19After Eternity · The Leap of Pain
08-11After the Storm · Into a New Era
06-11After This Day · Parasite
06-05Agaroth · Architect of Death
01-26Agathocles · Death to Capitalist Noise Core
03-21Agent Patogen · Epiphany for the Ability to Dazzle
05-05Age of Disclosure · To the Universe
02-22Ages of Night · Сингулярность для души (Singularity for the Soul)
09-??Aggravated · Mutilados
05-22Aggresion · Revoada de Bruxas
05-01Agnideva · Kaliseva
09-15Agonal Breathing · Pure Agony
06-20Agonia Blackvomit · Cosmosatanic Wisdom
01-13Agonie · Culte funèbre
02-17Agony by Default · Genocide for Survival
10-15Agregator · Semmiből, a semmin át
04-21Agresiva · Decibel Ritual
09-02Agresor · El gran dragón
09-10Agrexor · Fuerza
05-26A Hero for the World · West to East, Pt. I: Frontier Vigilante (Power Edition)
02-18Aherusia · Prometheus: Seven Principles on How to Be Invincible
09-15A Hill to Die Upon · Via Artis Via Mortis
08-18Aiauasca · Rise of the Molecule
01-28Ailment · The Lachrymal Sleep
09-29Air Raid · Across the Line
01-24Air Raid · Something Awful
10-09Aisuragua · El arte de Orfeo
09-08Ajana · Everywhere and Nowhere
05-12Ajattara · Lupaus
03-27Akashah · Taran
07-10Akatharsia · No Generation Without Corruption
06-23Akatharta · Spiritus Immundus
09-19Akelarre · Datura Stramonium
04-15Akerbeltz · Satànic
08-25Akercocke · Renaissance in Extremis
01-27Akoma · Revangels
05-12Akroma · Apocalypse (Requiem)
03-31Akromusto · Misanthrope
03-31Aktor · Persecuting the Children of Allah
02-17Alan Blaisdell · Gravity
01-20Al Atkins · Reloaded
05-05Alchimia · Musa
06-20Alcoholica · Sub Zero
10-13Alcoholika la Christo · Delithium
03-24Aldaria · Land of Light
09-01Alder Glade · Spine of the World
05-10Aldious · Unlimited Diffusion
07-31Ale Brukman's Zaedyus Project · Stories from the End of the World
03-??Alekto · The Unpleasant Reality
05-26Alestorm · No Grave but the Sea
03-25Algeia · Coming Storm...
05-26Alice in Hell · The Fall
03-02Alignak · Triptych Vision 2
03-02Al Joseph · All of Creation
07-01Alkanza · O Céu da Boca do Inferno
01-19Alkymenia · Strong and Unfailing as a Thunder
04-14All Hell · The Grave Alchemist
03-02Allie's Mass · Allie's Mass
04-20All Is at an End · Brutal Nature
04-??All Kings Fall · Drink to the Lost
03-17Allochiria · Throes
08-11All Out War · Give Us Extinction
10-27All Pigs Must Die · Hostage Animal
02-21All Sorrows Beheld · All Sorrows Beheld
04-28All That Remains · Madness
03-27All the Cold · The Untold Swamp Fable (Act I)
08-18All the Cold · The Untold Swamp Fable (Act II)
09-15Alltheniko · Italian History VI
03-01Alluring · Alluring
01-06Alluvial · The Deep Longing for Annihilation
05-??Almetal · Legado de acero
05-27Almost Honest · Thunder Mouth
05-16AlNamrood · Enkar
03-10Alocer 88 · Hyperborean Memories
08-25Alpha Tiger · Alpha Tiger
04-12Alphoenix · Final Crusades
03-17Alphæus · Apoptosis
03-27Alstadt · Rest These Woods in Solitude
06-30Altair · Descending: A Devilish Comedy
10-13Altarage · Endinghent
04-15Altar of Betelgeuze · Among the Ruins
06-01Altar of Flesh · The God Standard
04-13Altar of Profanation · Through the Netherverse
10-22Altered Beast · Hybrid
01-09Althea · Memories Have No Name
01-13Altú Págánach · Under the Ground
03-17Alunah · Solennial
03-??Alvath · Arde la Tierra
08-04Alwaid · The Machine and the Beast
05-23AM · Ø
06-28Amaguq · Occult Rituals of Anthropophagous Worship
03-26Amaranhig · Bagong Katay
08-25Amata · Revolution
04-16Amayeta · Oración
01-13Ambivalence · Hyena's Breath
10-20Amenra · Mass VI
05-08Amentia · Scourge
06-23American · Violate and Control
08-11Amethyst · Oráculo del tiempo
04-07Amken · Theater of the Absurd
01-23Amniac · Matriarch
01-07Amokkshan · Articulate
05-27Among Gods · The Feeding of Cruelty
06-30Among the Torrent · The Grievous End of a Curse
05-20A Monumental Black Statue · Brute
10-20Amplified Memory · Vas Hermeticum
01-29Anaboth · Ścierwo o bruk
04-21Anakim · Monuments to Departed Worlds
06-23Anal Cockroach · Blooddrunk
09-15Anal Cockroach · Hellspawn
01-27Analepsy · Atrocities from Beyond
07-26Anal Fister · Passion Fisti
05-31Anamnesi · La proiezione del fuoco
06-??Anasarca · Survival Mode
06-09Anathema · The Optimist
04-17Anatomy of the Void · Ugrade or Die
07-06Ancalagon · Gateway Specter
03-03Ancara · Garden of Chains
01-20Ancestral · Master of Fate
03-22Ancestral Dawn · Souldance
02-25Ancestry · Transitions
04-21Ancient Ascendant · Raise the Torch
05-26Ancient Dome · The Void Unending
05-12Ancient Spell · Eternal Punishment
06-08Andadarius · Between the Shadows
02-21And All Shall Bow · Beyond the Lens
01-07Ande · Het gebeente
10-20Andras · Reminiszenzen...
09-29Android Empire · Monument
06-09And There Will Be Blood · Obitus
05-05Andy James · Exodus
07-05Angelcide · Black Metal Terrorism
03-28Angelgoat · Primitive Goat Worship
03-17Angel Martyr · Black Book: Chapter One
10-27Angel Nation · Aeon
01-27Angel Negro · MMVII-MMXVI
04-13Angelust · Burnin' with Lust
03-01Angelwarrior Ace · Noble Precious Metal
03-01Angelwarrior Ace · Vengeance of Steel
06-23Angelwings · The Edge of Innocence
09-09Anger Crow · Ver más allá
07-28Angrenost · Nox et Hiems
01-21Angry Again · Divide and Conquer
10-29Anima Damnata · Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast
05-??Animals Killing People · Eat Your Murder
04-21Animations · Without the Sun
02-08Animæ Silentes · Suffocated
08-??Ankhy · Prologue
05-12Ankor · Beyond the Silence of These Years
05-21Ankou · Ankou
06-19Ankt · Ankt
08-20Annadefka · Tears of Steel
03-24Announce the Apocalypse · Ruins
05-29Annysia · The Dark Knight
09-04Anodyne Mynd · Event Horizon
03-17Anomalie · Visions
10-21Ansa/Cinis · Oznob
06-16Anselm · Technopolis
09-22Antarktis · Ildlaante
08-24Antes del Origen · Tanatofobia
06-21Anthem · Engraved
05-10Anthemdown · Farewell Letter
09-30An Theos · Spre cer
02-03Antheus · Silent Agony
06-15Anthriel · Transcendence
01-25Anthropophagy · Luciform
06-09Antichrist · Sinful Birth
10-13Antimensch · Sei Gott
08-31Antioch · Antioch III: Wings and Warlocks
01-28Antiquus Scriptum · Imaginarium
09-01Antiquus Scriptum · O Vale de Guadalquivir
05-19Anti Tank Nun · Permanent Erection
09-29Antiversum · Cosmos Comedenti
04-28Antonio Giorgio · Golden Metal (The Quest for the Inner Glory​)
05-12Antropofagus · M.O.R.T.E. - Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration
02-24Antropomorphia · Sermon ov Wrath
04-28Anubi's Servants · Duat
09-01Anubis Gate · Covered in Black
08-08Anuuruk · Unspeakable Uncreation
05-18Anxious · Gestando ira
06-28Aokigahara · Rebirth in Chaos
03-09Aornos · From the Deep (My Tribute to the Masters of Dark Side)
01-12Aortix · Tellurian Termination
07-27A Pale December · The Shrine of Primal Fire
06-02Apallic · Of Fate and Sanity
10-20Apathy · The Path Way
06-10Apathy Syndrome · Cynic to Psycho
06-14Apey and the Pea · Hex
01-07Aphangak · En el valle de lágrimas negras
04-26Aphasia · Ever-lasting Blue
10-09Aphonic Threnody · Of Loss and Grief
05-22Apneica · Vulnerabile risalita
05-10Apocalypse Orchestra · The End Is Nigh
03-21Apochryphal Revelation · Reverence for the Kings of Hell
01-15Apoclibbon Doshol · Nowhere Near Stars
09-19Apodemus · Orbital Elements
10-21Apokalyptik Warrior · Payload (Reloaded)
03-15Apologeth · type: HUMAN - status: INCOMPATIBLE
06-26Apologgia · Calles devastadas
05-19Apologist · Grimoire
09-20Apophis · Under a Godless Moon
03-24Apoptosis Gutrectomy · Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence
02-??Aporya · Dead Men Do Not Suffer
06-12Aposento · Bleed to Death
07-15Apostasy · Ghosts
03-13Apostate Viaticum · Before the Gates of Gomorrah
10-27Apotelesma · Timewrought Kings
07-07Apothesary · Accept Loss Forever
09-21Appalachian Winter · The Lake and the Mountain: A Memoir
05-05Appalling · Secrets of the Adept
02-17Apple Sin · Apple Sin
02-20Aquarius · Hatred of Depths
02-20Arabian Death Mask · Grim Realities
03-30Arago · The Flying Dutchman
05-05Arakara · Shadow of Violence
09-22Arallu · Six
02-09Arayana · Acts of Agony
06-16Arbor Inversa · Anticipatterns
02-21Arcane Dust · La Loba
01-06Arcane Existence · The Dark Curse
06-05The Arcane Hate · Decadencia
07-21Arcanum · Very Old School Noise
05-01Archaic Desolation · Resurgere
09-08Arch Enemy · Will to Power
09-??Archeodecadent · Shadows upon Shadows
06-23The Architect of Nightmares · Consummating Divinity
06-08Archityrants · The Code of the Illumination Theory
02-23Archivist · Construct
09-01The Archon Prophecy · VII
09-22Archspire · Relentless Mutation
06-01Arcite · As the Fire Takes Hold
09-29Arckanum · Den förstfödde
04-09Arc of Ascent · Realms of the Metaphysical
10-03Arctic Sorrow · Eternal Freezing Earth
01-05Arda · Северный крест
05-13Ar da Desgraça · Praeludium Tenebras
09-06Ardenne Heavy · No Nuts No Glory
04-05Ardent Spirits · Mountain Howl
06-09Ardi Beltza · Ardi Beltza
03-05Ardor · Bienvenidos a la tumba
02-24Arduini/Balich · Dawn of Ages
02-01Arena · Thiago Bianchi's Arena
04-27Arenia · El Atardecer de los Sueños
10-23Argos · Rompiendo el silencio
06-01Argos · Tierra de Traicion
09-08Argus · From Fields of Fire
04-17Argus Megere · VEII
06-08Aria Inferno · A Divine Journey
09-29Arkaik · Nemethia
02-10Arkana Code · Brutal Conflict
03-??Arkariot · General
06-16Arkeon · From the Abyss
01-02Arkeronn · Like a Miracle
07-01Arkhane · Sounds of Chaos
04-20Arkheron Thodol · Thaw
01-09Arkhitekt · Oxidation
10-12Arktogäa · Æra Yersinia Pestis Spiritvs
03-12Arktos · Bringer of Light
01-01Armadura · AJAYU
08-04Armath Sargon · War Till the End
07-04Armor Force · 法卡比恩守望者 / Watchman of Facabion
07-09Army of Dagon · Night of the Mystics
09-15Arreat Summit · The Impure Liturgy
09-01Arritmia · Oscuridad y luz
09-29Arroganz · Primitiv
10-23Arsenal · El precio de la libertad
02-22The Arsenicum Potestas · Praesaepultus
02-11The Arson Project · Disgust
07-26Arson Under the Sea · Touching the Surface
06-08Artery · Dreamland
04-23Arthagord · Tierra de batalla
07-21Arthanus · King of Azuris
04-07Arthemis · Blood - Fury - Domination
08-22Arthois · Manifestación repentina de una verdad
04-21Artificial Brain · Infrared Horizon
02-28Artisian · Wolves in the Mist
08-09Arturius · Arturius
03-24Arvas · Black Path
09-29Asagraum · Potestas Magicum Diaboli
08-29Asatru · Asatru
10-12Asbel · For the Witches Fall a Sorrowful Ode
05-12Ascendant · A Thousand Echoes
03-17Ascended Dead · Abhorrent Manifestation
07-31Aschmicrosa · Heaven or Hell
02-08Aschmicrosa · There Will Be No Miracle
01-18A Sea of Silent Skulls · Inherently Primal
05-13A Sea of Silent Skulls · Murder Dominion
07-24A Sea of Silent Skulls · Reclamation of the Mind
09-16A Sea of Silent Skulls · The Teleborian Sessions
02-24Aseethe · Hopes of Failure
08-04Aseidad · Voice of Snake
03-01Asfixia · Tormenta
09-21Asgard · Una maquina infernale
06-20Ashcloud · Kingdom of the Damned
10-05Ashen Epitaph · The Formed Filth Enigma
01-20Ashenspire · Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary
06-09Ashes Emblaze · Downfall and Rise of the Lepidopteran
05-28Ashes of Mankind · A Scene in Hell
06-01Ashlands · Woods of Silence
02-14Askariz · Renacer
06-04Askvald · Nebelpfade
06-06As Long as I Can · Overcoming the Existence
03-18Asmoday · Zum Frieden mahnend
04-01Asmodeus · Oko Horovo
02-11Asmund · На острие
02-22Asofy · Nessun luogo
06-01Asphodeles · Rivages oubliés
09-04Assacrentis · Colossal Destruction
04-??As Sahar · Oriental Blasphemy
04-30Assault · The Fallen Reich
04-12Assaulter · Meat Grinder
02-10Assayer · Return to the Throne
03-17Assimilation · The Laws of Power
08-10Asspera · La concha de Dio$
04-02Ast · Integrale
06-17Astarium · Drum-Ghoul
03-31Astral Doors · Black Eyed Children
09-18Astral Mass · Astral Mass
10-22Astral Space · Phase 04
06-30Astrarot · We Can't Win
10-10Astringency · Sanguinarium
03-27Astru · Exitus Ostendit​, ​Quo Mundi Gloria Tendit
09-24Astru · La pionnier aveugle
07-27Astru · Viljestyrke
03-30Astrum · March of the Tyrant
03-17Asylum · Psalms of Paralysis
01-13Ataatmath · Forces of Evil Is Coming
10-13Atala · Labyrinth of Ashmedai
05-26A Taste of Fear · God's Design
09-19Atavistia · One Within the Sun
06-12Atazoth · Paths ov the Dead
10-06Ater Era · Clades
02-12Athame · Hódító
03-11Athlantis · Chapter IV
10-08Athlantis · Metalmorphosis
07-25Atis · Kutimuy
03-10Atlas Pain · What the Oak Left
09-01Atmosfear · Atmosfear
03-06Atomic Genocide · El ocaso de Uras
04-06Atomic Roar · Never Human Again
07-11Atomic Trip · Strike #1
09-02Atorc · Seven Tales of Swords & Ale
05-04A Total Wall · Delivery
03-01Atra Bilis · Hate Antipathy and Deathcvlt
06-09Atragon · I, Necromancer
10-08Atramentum · Aischrolatry
06-01Atra Mors · Cloaked in Shadow
09-04A Tree of Signs · Initiation of Light
03-03Atreides · Neopangea
04-04Atrexial · Souverain
08-11Atriarch · Dead as Truth
09-09Atrium Noctis · Aeterni
07-01Atropos Wrath · Where Gods Lay Down to Die
09-08Atrox · Monocle
06-21Atta · Ultima Sagitta
06-06Attack of Rage · Dogma
03-24Attalla · Glacial Rule
07-27At the Graves · Wrecked
08-18Attic · Sanctimonious
01-18Att Livitunn · Kinto
01-27Au Champ des Morts · Dans la joie
05-19Au-Dessus · End of Chapter
05-18Aufschwung · Под крылом чёрного заката
10-08Aura of Pestilence · Plutonium Man
06-03Auré · La muerte se olvidó de ti
02-24Austral · Patagonia
01-28Author · Lopun alku
03-??The Autist · The Coldest Sun
05-14Autumn, Leaves, Scars · Notre pain de tous les jours
03-03Autumn of Aeons · The Daughters of Man
05-15Avalanch · El ángel caído
05-05Avandra · Tymora
05-26Avatarium · Hurricanes and Halos
04-07Avelion · Illusion of Transparency
01-27Avenford · New Beginning
08-10Avenger · Mír v harému smrti
07-16Aversus · Resurgente
09-28Avund · Förfall
02-17Awaiting Dawn · Leave No Trace
08-27Awaiting Eternity · Soul Fire
07-07Awaken Solace · Mythandriel
04-05Axes Connection · A Glimpse of Illumination
08-25AxeZ · AxeZ
02-24Axxis · Retrolution
05-14Ayahuasca Dark Trip · Upaya
10-28Aye-aye · In Peace
04-28Ayreon · The Source
04-07Azarath · In Extremis
08-29Azathoth Circle · Across the Wounds
05-??Azaxul · The Saints Impaled
05-27Azgaal · Le sixième œil
06-18Azgaal · Naïwyn's Book of Shadows II
07-18Azote · Oscuro horizonte
09-07Azoth · Purification of Trinity
02-01Baby Werewolf Hunter · New Life
09-01Bacab · Lúgubre / Evocación funeral en la profundidad del bosque oscuro
05-11Bacteremia · Furiously Reduced
08-25Bad Butler · Not Bad at All
09-25Bagual · Nulla
06-09Balance of Terror · World Laboratory
10-07Baldrs Draumar · Fan Fryslâns Ferline
01-15Balfor · Black Serpent Rising
03-18Baltico · Perkūnas
01-10Baltimor · Eepos
10-26Bandemonic · Against All Odds
02-17Bane of Bedlam · Congenital
08-??Banu Maimun · El renacer
04-28Barathrum · Fanatiko
03-01Barbaric Penetration · Graveyard Hunt for Carnal Pleasure
07-20Barbarie · Hacia un nuevo horizonte
03-03Bare Infinity · The Butterfly Raiser
06-08Barque of Dante · Alchemist
10-27Barrowlands · Tyndir
06-24Basalt · O coração escuro da terra
04-07Basement Torture Killings · There's Something About Beryl
09-06Baskerville · Opus Aeternum
02-24Bathsheba · Servus
08-05Battalions · Moonburn
03-01Battle Axe Massacre · The Phantom
02-17Battle Beast · Bringer of Pain
09-15Battle Dagorath · II - Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness
05-07Battle Hag · Tongue of the Earth
08-21Battle Raider · Battle Raider
01-20Bašmu · Black Sorcery from Within Arcane Caverns
07-09Bašmu · VVitchblood
03-17B.C:A.D. · Seven Scrolls
03-01Bear Mace · Butchering the Colossus
08-19Beast Conjurator · Summoned to the Abyss
04-17Beastcraft · The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship
05-19Beastmaker · Inside the Skull
04-21Beaten Victoriouses · Drown The Enlightened
08-18Becomes Astral · Paleblood Sky
01-19Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree · Medicine
01-07Begerith · A​.​D​.​A​.​M.
08-05Behated Reign · Encounters of the Worst Kind
01-27Beheaded · Beast Incarnate
02-19Behind the Shadows · Demons
03-10Behind the Sun · Post Solis
04-11Behold the Grave · The Path of the Blind
02-18Bell · Tidecaller
10-11Bellfast · Triquedraco
10-17Belltower · Hereafter
10-20Bell Witch · Mirror Reaper
05-19Below · Upon a Pale Horse
04-07Below Defect · Eagle Eyed Generation
05-26Below the Sun · Alien World
09-15Belphegor · Totenritual
06-23Beltez · Exiled, Punished...Rejected
10-13Belus · Apophenia
07-26Bendler · Bendler
08-18Beneath · Ephemeris
03-04Beneath My Sins · Valkyries of Modern Times
05-19Beneath the Divine · The Wicked Resurrection
02-17Beneath the Dying Sky · BTDS
06-29Beneath the Sod · Circling the Drain
02-17Benighted · Necrobreed
01-01Benthic City · Arlington Crt
09-04Benthik Zone · Via Cosmicam ad Europam ab Inferis Gelid
02-25Beorn's Hall · Mountain Hymns
03-31Bereft · Lands
06-26Bereft of Light · Hoinar
09-15Bergera · Отражение
03-10Bergtroll · Songs of Terrible Trolls
02-06Berkowitz · All Hell Broke Loose
01-02Bersereast · Bersereast
10-07Beryllium · Cruel Mechanism
08-??Berzerkers · Machine Gun
09-01Besatt · Anticross
06-16Bestia Arcana · Holókauston
07-21Bestial Hordes · Infernal Goathrashing Aggression
09-??Bestial Invasion · Contra Omnes
07-21Bestial Sight · When You Need Metal​.​.​.​Go to Hell
03-10Bestial Therapy · Crowned In Dark
01-20Bestial Whore · Pentagram Perversion
09-27Bethor · Anarchia Diaboli
09-11Between the Lies · Compulsive Depressive
10-17Bewitchment · Towards Desolation
03-31Beyond Description · The Robotized World
04-01Beyond Fallen · As the Spires Fall
07-07Beyond Grace · Seekers
02-21Beyond Our Ruins · A Dreadful Oath
01-17Beyond the Dark Forest · Ealde
09-30Beyond the Flesh · ...and Then There Was Nothing
04-01Beyond the Grave · Degradation
03-17Beyond the Labyrinth · The Art of Resillience
10-27Beyond Visions · Catch 22
01-15Bezeha · The Era of the Northern City
06-22Bezmir · Void
07-27BFT666420 · BFT9
05-05Bhargest · Ritual of Death
09-09Biesy · Noc lekkich obyczajów
08-08Big Boss · Sbírka černých růží / Collection of Black Roses
07-30Bigot · Interrupted Pregnancy
05-26Biogenesis · A Decadence Divine
09-15Biolence · Violent Non Conformity
06-22Birkenwald · MDD
03-31Birth of Depravity · From Obscure Domains
06-23Bison B.C. · You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient
09-15Bitachi · Götterdämmerung. Das einzelne Kapitel
06-08Bitter Atonement · Darker Times Ahead
05-12Bittered · Foreign Agenda
03-24Bitterfeldt · Götzen.Dämmerung
03-02Black Angels · Life Is Sport
01-13Black Anvil · As Was
02-17Black Chamber · Wormhole
10-01Black Chaos · Black Chaos
03-10Black Cilice · Banished from Time
08-??The Black Cold · Et Svlphvr Natvs Mortem
10-06The Black Dahlia Murder · Nightbringers
03-19Black Dio · Black Dio
02-02Blackdwarf · The Rotten Seed
05-06The Blackend · Enemy in My Head
07-01Blackend Horizon · Point Nemo
02-24Blackened Symphony · Blackened Symphony
10-17Blackening · Mental Disorder
06-13Blackest · Dawning of the Black
08-04Black Eve · The Last Dragon
07-07Blackevil · The Ceremonial Fire
01-21Black Faith · Nightscapes
09-15Blackfinger · When Colors Fade Away
05-05Black Hand Throne · Sheol VI
05-19Black Hawk · The End of the World
10-01Black Hole · Evil In The Dark
01-20Black Invocation · Chaos - Triumph - A New Beginning
02-24Black Kalmar Skull · Morphic Fields
09-18Black Kirin · 金陵祭
09-29Black Leather · The New Liberty
03-13Black Magik · Declaration of Hate
05-23Black March · Praeludium Exterminii
06-30Black Messiah · Walls of Vanaheim
09-07Black Mountain Thunder · Bleeding Black
06-23Blackout · The Horse
07-16Black Path · Final Act: Martyr
05-05Black Phantom · Better Beware!
03-26Black Phantom · Black Phantom
05-06Black Reaper · Blood Moon Rising
05-28Black Sadhu · Yr
09-22The Black Sea · Неминучість
05-09Black Side · Atlantis
05-24Black Sin · Solitude éternelle
02-17Black Sites · In Monochrome
03-06Black Skies Dawn · Black Skies Dawn
01-06Black Spirit Crown · Red Sky
06-13Black Sun · The Puppeteer
10-05Black Sunrise Prophets · Ephemeris
06-16Black Track · Cosmic
04-06Black Tundra · Black Tundra
09-16Black Vomit 666 · Los cantos de Maldoror
02-11Black Vul Destruktor · The Inner Vul
09-01The Black Wizards · What the Fuzz!
03-31Blaine Rohmer · Promise of Autumn
01-04Blasphemer · Blasphemer
05-20Blaster Artillery · Hails from Hell
06-06Blatta · Apokalyptikum
10-18Blattaria · Blattaria
02-24Blaxem · Who Cares
03-03Blaze Bayley · Endure and Survive (Infinite Entanglement Part II)
06-09Blaze of Sorrow · Astri
09-29Blazing · Rise of the Evil Spirits
07-28Blazing Rust · Armed to Exist
09-05Blazon Stone · Down in the Dark
04-05Bleak · Magna Mortalitas
10-13Bled to Submission · Only a Light Remains
01-27Bleed · Chaos Impact
02-07Bleed · Ritual Decapitation
05-01Bleed Again · Momentum
03-31Bleed for Me · Reborn
10-27Bleeding · Elementum
05-19The Bleeding · Rites of Absolution
06-22Blencathra · These Bones Became the Roots of the Forest......
03-17Blessed by Rhenus · The End of Silence
07-11Blessmon · Imperial Hordes
05-20Blindado · Argentina despierta
07-07Bliss of Flesh · Empyrean
01-07Blizzard · Hateful Hymns of an Endless Winter
06-26Blodiga Skald · Ruhn
06-25Blodmåne · Dod morka skogen
05-01Blodshämnd · Premature Obituary
09-29Blood · Inferno
02-24Bloodbound · War of Dragons
07-14Bloodclot! · Up in Arms
04-14Bloodcut · The Old Cemetery Stories
06-01Blood Division · Death Shards of Obsidian Hate
04-14Blood Feast · The Future State of Wicked
10-16Bloodhunter · The End of Faith
07-22BloodKlot · Diabolic Manifestations
04-18Bloodline Severed · Process of Progression
08-24Bloodlust · At the Devil's Left Hand
08-01Bloodnut · St. Ranga
07-21Blood Oath · Kingdom of Dead Souls
08-11Blood of Seklusion · Servants of Chaos
07-27Blood of the Prophets · The Stars of the Sky Hid from Me
03-30Bloodphemy · Bloodline
04-??Bloodrain · Conarium
04-04Bloodrain · Last Night in Hell
04-03Blood Raven · Jotunn
10-20Bloodred Hourglass · Heal
10-07Blood River · The Quiet of the Seas
04-01Bloodrocuted · For the Dead Travel Fast
01-27Bloodshed Walhalla · Thor
03-10Bloodstained Coffin · Death4Life
10-13Bloodstrike · Execution of Violence
04-30Blood Stronghold · The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny
07-22Bloodwork · Feed on the Dead
10-01Bloody Alchemy · Kingdom of Hatred
03-07The Bloody Earth · Inevitable
01-??Bloody Engine · The Culture of Fear
04-??Bloody Heathen · Carnal Ruin
07-21Bloody Redemption · Infected Minds
10-16Blot & Bod · Ligæder
02-01Bludy Gyres · Echoes from a Distant Scream
08-03Blue Dawn · Edge of Chaos
08-25Blues Funeral · Awakening
01-17Blunt Shovel · Get in the Ground
05-18Blut · Inside My Mind Pt. II
10-28Blut aus Nord · Deus Salutis Meæ
06-04Blyh · Transparent to the World
02-22Blütfürz · Furz Blut
04-??Boatman's Toll · The Fat Is in the Fire
09-04Bob Blockhead Quartet · Bob Blockhead Quartet
03-17Bob Macabre · Heavy Metal Aggression
06-24Bog · Unshriven
03-23Bolido · Heavy Bombers
05-19Bombscare · T-Minus
05-27Bonecracker · Против
08-04Bonehunter · Sexual Panic Human Machine
06-06Bonepipe · Bonepipe
09-10Bongskrap · 100% Pure Fuckholing
07-09Bongskrap · Ashbeger
06-20Bongskrap · Asketrey
01-01Book of Wyrms · Sci​-​fi​/​Fantasy
01-27Borealis · World of Silence MMXVII
07-14Boris · Dear
05-14Boris Randall · All That Is Black
01-27Boris the Blade · Warpath
02-24Born Again · Strike with Power
01-25Bosc Fosc · Ramificación del alma
05-04Bostok · Dichotomy
07-04Bothrash · Bothrash
04-28Bottom · Psychofilia
10-15Bound by Darkness · The Black Abyss
08-29Bound by the Grave · Abuse of the Flesh
03-11Bound for Glory · Ironborn
06-06Bowelfuck · Fragments
01-28Brahmastra · S.S Tibet
05-12Braincasket · Ratchet of Perdition
01-??Brain Death · Condemned to Extinction
05-??Brain Disorder · The Massive Killing
06-02Brainthrash · Brain Rangers
06-08The Brainwash · Compulsion
07-10The Brainwash · Conceal
06-08The Brainwash · Cybertek
06-08The Brainwash · Dissolution
06-08The Brainwash · Loiter
06-08The Brainwash · Rattlesnake
06-08The Brainwash · Storm
07-07The Brainwash · Triators
07-??Brand · Death Chime III
05-01Bravura · Battle of the Suns
06-03Breakhead · Neurasthenia
07-07Breaking December · Awakening
07-01Breakout · Burning Lights
07-12Break the Earth · Numbered Days
06-06Breathing Hell · Gospel of Annihilation
02-15Breed of Bacchus · Oculus
03-29Breed of Darkness · Call of Siren
08-25Brendon Small · Galaktikon II: Become the Storm
06-05Bretus · ...from the Twilight Zone
07-22Brightly Painted Corpses · Altars Within Forgotten Temples
05-02Brightly Painted Corpses · Auditory Hallucinations
02-21Brightly Painted Corpses · Serenades of a Dying Swan
08-16BrightStorm · Through the Gates
06-16Brimstone in Fire · Outside
02-06Bringing the Void · Death to Society
02-24Briqueville · II
06-03Britof · Britof
06-23Broken Hope · Mutilated and Assimilated
02-03The Brood · The Truth Behind
04-01Brothers of Metal · Prophecy of Ragnarök
04-20Brume · Rooster
04-02Brutal Factor · O Caos Se Declara
02-01Brutal Sphere · Judgement for Elites
01-13Brutal Unrest · Trinitas
04-07Brutart · Wear My Skin
03-03Brute · Henchmen
08-24Bryan Platt · The Old Blood
09-10Bròn · Where the Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores
06-05Bròn · White City, Black Circle
04-01B.S.T. · Unter Deck
01-11Buckethead · Pike 244 - Out Orbit
01-15Buckethead · Pike 245 - Space Viking
01-20Buckethead · Pike 246 - Nettle
01-30Buckethead · Pike 247 - Rivers in the Seas
02-01Buckethead · Pike 248 - Adrift in Sleepwakefulness
02-09Buckethead · Pike 249 - The Moss Lands
02-12Buckethead · Pike 250 - 250
02-17Buckethead · Pike 251 - Waterfall Cove
02-23Buckethead · Pike 252 - Bozo in the Labyrinth
02-28Buckethead · Pike 253 - Coop Erstown
03-03Buckethead · Pike 254 - Woven Twigs
03-09Buckethead · Pike 255 - Abominable Snow Scalp
03-17Buckethead · Pike 256 - Meteor Firefly Net
03-25Buckethead · Pike 257 - Blank Slate
03-31Buckethead · Pike 258 - Echo
04-02Buckethead · Pike 259 - Undersea Dead City
04-07Buckethead · Pike 260 - Ferry to the Island of Lost Minds
04-13Buckethead · Pike 261 - Portal to the Red Waterfall
04-15Buckethead · Pike 262 - Nib Y Nool
04-24Buckethead · Pike 263 - Glacier
05-05Buckethead · Pike 264 - Poseidon
06-06Buckethead · Pike 265 - Ride Operator Q Bozo
07-08Buckethead · Pike 266 - Far
07-15Buckethead · Pike 267 - Thoracic Spine Collapser
07-20Buckethead · Pike 268 - Sonar Rainbow
08-11Buckethead · Pike 269 - Decaying Parchment
08-13Buckethead · Pike 270 - A3
08-25Buckethead · Pike 271 - The Squaring of the Circle
08-28Buckethead · Pike 272 - Coniunctio
04-14Buckshot Facelift · Ulcer Island
06-02Buena Vista Suicide Club · Ash Diamond
02-??Buffalo Grillz · Martin Burger King
04-23Bufihimat · I
10-16Building Chaos · Bourbon Times
02-22Buitre Humano · Regeneración
01-04Bullcreek · Osschaert
06-04Bulletback · The Quest for New Horizons
04-24Bullet-Proof · Forsaken One
04-13Bull Terrier · Red Dirt & Zero Gravity
07-11Bulmasatarra · Now Feel the Stench
10-01Bunker 66 · Chained Down in Dirt
03-16Burial Mound · Relics of a New Age
04-07Burial Oath · Beyond the Vale of Shadowlands
09-20Buried · No Grave Will Retain
09-29Buried Realm · The Ichor Carcinoma
01-22Burnclear · Lost for Life
06-03Burning · Chains, Leather and Hell
10-20Burning Darkness · The Angel of Light
01-07Burning Ground · Last Day of Light
01-31Burning Loss · Quiet Grave
05-05Burning Shadows · Truth in Legend
10-20Burning Torment · In the Eyes of the Impotent God
05-26Burning Witches · Burning Witches
04-20Burn the Ailment · Pyriscence
05-27Burn Your Highness · No Life​/​Only Light
07-25Bury Me Breathing · Surgical Instruments
09-20Butchery · Rites of Unholy Might
04-09BVDK · Architecture of Future Tribes
02-??Byyrth · Saviors of Armageddon
07-28Byzantine · The Cicada Tree
06-10Bøg · Jim
07-07Bütcher · Bestial Fükkin' Warmachine
05-??Cabals Brut · Exanimis
04-07Cab Ride Home · Crash the Gate
04-28Cadaver Disposal · Transformatio Mundi
10-13Cadaveric Incubator · Sermons of the Devouring Dead
01-13Cadaveris · The Ceremony of Worshiping
06-23Cadothus · Hope Within Despair
09-13Cain · Into Abyss
09-15Caligula's Horse · In Contact
03-27Calliophis · Cor Serpentis
05-05Call of Charon · Long Forgotten Memories
02-22Calyx · Codex Tormentorvm
02-07Calígula · Viaje dentro de la fría niebla
06-20Cambrian · Mobular
04-11Cancroid · Stopped Existence
03-10Cancrum Oris · La casa del terror
09-18Canker · Earthquake
09-08Cannabis Corpse · Left Hand Pass
10-25Can of Worms · Nuclear Thrasher
05-26Canvas Black · Destructive Herd Mentality
08-19Canyon of the Skull · The Desert Winter
05-08Caput Mortuum · Cold Winds on the Bare Mountain
06-16Carach Angren · Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten
03-01Carboncoke · Forgotten Mankind
03-18Carcosa · Carcosa
09-04Cardinals Folly · Deranged Pagan Sons
05-26Carnac · Times Undone
01-07Carnage · Purification Through Annihilation
10-20Carnage Calligraphy · Failure of the Moth
02-10Carnal Decay · You Owe You Pay
02-15Carnal Diafragma · Grind Restaurant Pana Septika
04-15Carnal Garden · Where They Are Silent
02-16Carne · Modern Rituals
02-18Carnivorate · Predatory Contagion
03-07Carnivorous Forest · Frozen Rivers
06-17Carniza · Travas en el camino
10-29Caronte · YONI
02-20Carpatus · Malus Ascendant
04-21Carpe Diem · Victoriano
03-25Carrion Vael · Resurrection of the Doomed
02-03Cartilage · Dialect of the Dead
07-27Carura · Sunyata
02-21Carved Cross · Carved Cross
08-04Carved in Bone · Higher Consciousness
03-09Carving Colours · The Desolate Process
10-07Casket · Unearthed
02-03Caskets Open · Follow Nothing
06-22Castigo · Derramando sangre impura
09-26Castle Well · Full Overdrive
10-27Catacombed · Kur Soundscape
09-23Catacombed · Microchaetus Rappi
04-03Catacombes · "Le Démoniaque"
03-01Cataleptic · Forward
02-23Catastrophic Evolution · Road to Dismemberment
06-30Category VI · War Is Hell
04-21Cathedral of Light · Slaughter the Heretics
03-24Caught in the Between · Individual Horse Patterns
03-14Cauldron · Regnum-Phobos
07-01Causticgod · Sullen Sanctuary
02-03Cave Blind · Black Magic
08-21Caved · Lost to Time
10-24Cavemaster · In Memoriam
04-29Cavemaster · Sob o Abismo do Infinito
06-16Cavernlight · As We Cup Our Hands and Drink from the Stream of Our Ache
02-27Cavernlord · Cavernlord
10-27Caïnan Dawn · F.O.H.A.T.
09-25Ceased · Resurrection of the Flesh
08-18Ceaseless Torment · Forces of Evil
06-01Ceifador · Hellmetal
03-24Celacanto · Cementerio de gigantes
09-04Celephaïs · Monad
09-29Celeste · Infidèle(s)
07-23Celesterre · The Wild
09-06Celesti Alliance · Time to Rise
03-10Cellador · Off the Grid
04-21Cemetery Urn · Cemetery Urn
02-10Cemetery Winds · Unholy Ascensions
07-27Cenotafio · La fatídica excrecencia de la subtierra
06-08Cenotaph · Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions
06-04Center of Disease · Morbidius Malformations
08-04Centuries of Decay · Centuries of Decay
03-19Ceolskog · The Southern Cross and the Northern Star
10-01Cepheide · Saudade
07-11Cer · Void Emissions
10-??Cerberus Attack · From East with Hate
02-02Cerebral Edema · Torture and Dismemberment
05-05Cerebral Extinction · Necro Parasite Anomaly
09-22Cerebral Incubation · Bifurcation of Primordial Slamateurs
10-21Certain Death · Dominación ancestral
09-15Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean · Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress
10-28Chainsaw · Filthy Blasphemy
10-25Chainsaw · The Last Crusade
09-07Changeling · Changeling
10-27Channel Zero · Exit Humanity
01-08Chant of the Goddess · Chant of the Goddess
06-10Chaos · All Against All
09-04Chaosbringer · Turn into Ruins
04-15Chaos Cascade · Grotesque Inflictions of Infernal Agony
03-25Chaos Synopsis · Gods of Chaos
06-16Chaplin's Dream · Genesis
10-??The Chapter · Angels & Demons
03-11Charlie's Frontier Fun Town · In Dust We Trust
09-22Charlie Parra del Riego · Con fe
06-23Charnabon · Serpent's Blood
06-02Charnel Winds · Verschränkung
09-28The Chasm · A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain - Phase I
09-30Cheap Moonshine · Cheap Moonshine
06-16Chemicide · The Act of Retaliation
04-??Cherokee · Blood Soaked Tomahawk
06-14Chevauchée · Phrenolepsia
03-03Chicosis · Origen
06-13Children of Wrath · No Flesh Spared
09-01China Girl · China Girl
03-27Choirs of Veritas · I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
06-08Choked by Own Vomits · Shit World
03-24Chontaraz · Rondamauh
02-11Choroba · Integral
06-24Chotzä · Bärner Bläck Metal Terror
02-02Chris Straub · Event Horizon
05-27Christ Dismembered · Christ Dismembered
01-27Chrome Molly · Hoodoo Voodoo
05-12Chronik · Der letzte Abschied
03-31Chronosphere · Red n' Roll
01-17Chronus · Chronus
10-12Chrysilia · Et in Arcadia Ego
09-15Church of Void · Church of Void
10-10Cicada the Burrower · The Great Nothing
01-20Cipher · Deviance
10-13Circle · Hand of Fate
01-03Circle · Mist and Ruin
06-23Circle · Terminal
08-17Circle of Dawn · Northern Savonian Black Metal
03-14Circle of Ouroborus · Ruumistähdet
10-14Circo de Fantoches · Do Justo ao Novo Ideal
10-02Circus Nebula · Circus Nebula
09-29Cities of Mars · Temporal Rifts
08-18Citron · Obratník Raka
03-16Ciudad Infierno · Ciudad de infierno
10-13Claim the Throne · On Desolate Plains
06-??Clamus · [de]construct
02-12Clandestine Blaze · City of Slaughter
05-10Clawhammer · Diabolical
07-12Claymorean · Sounds from a Dying World
05-03Cleaved · Cleaved
07-13Cleaver · Odes to the Reaper
04-28Cline's Mind · Where the Sleepless Go
08-25Clitorodectomía · Teen Fucking
03-03Cloak of Altering · I Reached for the Light That Drowned in Your Mouth
03-11Cloud Catcher · Trails of Kozmic Dust
07-12Cloven Altar · Enter the Night
04-21Cloven Hoof · Who Mourns for the Morning Star?
10-17Clown Carcass · Crawl from the Grave
07-04Clownhammer · Clownhammer
04-27Clutch of Mammon · Call One Name
02-17Cnoc an Tursa · The Forty Five
02-12Cobra · Sin dominio del tiempo
06-02Cocyte · The Human Disease
09-28Code of the Hammer · Rusted and Dead
10-22Code Red · Fang of the Sun
06-19Codex Obscura · Miira
01-14Coffin Burner · .​.​.​What Creeps!
02-08Coffin Hoarder · Eternal Sleep
05-??Cold Abyss · My stone in the black ocean
07-21Cold Blooded · Throneburner
03-03Cold Fell · Irwell
03-28Coldfells · Coldfells
05-28Cold Insight · Further Nowhere
09-22ColdSpell · A New World Arise
02-01The Cold View · Wounds
10-11Colossal Abyss · Colossal Abyss
03-22Colotyphus · Остання подорож зневіреної душі (Spiritual Journey of a Forlorn Soul)
09-22Colpocleisis · Fallopian Fallout
04-21Coltsblood · Ascending into Shimmering Darkness
10-13Columbarium · Carpathian Blood
04-07Comaniac · Instruction for Destruction
08-25The Combine · Void and Vessel
10-24Command Warhammer · Unleash the Power
02-25The Committee · Memorandum Occultus
10-27Communic · Where Echoes Gather
08-21Communion · At the Announcement
08-22Communion · The Communion
10-??Communion of Souls · Power of the Empire
10-27Complete Failure · Crossburner
01-18Concatenation · Mindeater
10-25Concerto Moon · Tears of Messiah
07-21Conclusion of an Age · Captains and Kings
05-27Concordea · Over Wide Spaces
07-07Concrete Age · The Totem of the Great Snake (Pt​.​I)
03-10Condemned · His Divine Shadow
01-13Condenados · The Tree of Death
03-09Condor · Unstoppable Power
10-21Conflagration · Pollyanna
09-20Conflict · Take Cover!
03-10Congenital Anomalies · Misconception
07-??The Conglomerate · The Conglomerate
10-17The Conquering · Ravenous
01-06Constant Threat · The Dismal Order
07-14Construct · Observations
08-31Consumed by Vultures · In Eterno
04-14Contaminant · ReGeneration
06-09Contaminated · Final Man
04-27Contemplations · Under an Ascending Sun
05-26Contorsion · United Zombie Nations
07-01Contra · Deny Everything
07-28Contrarian · To Perceive Is to Suffer
09-01Contrive · Slow Dissolve
09-01Coprostasis · From Danube to Nile We Do It Coprostyle
10-04Corexit · Sundown Metropolis
08-11Cormorant · Diaspora
01-??Corporal Jigsore · Unleashing the Pestilence
05-23Corpse Light · Mother of God
06-30Corpselium · Grimoire & Maleficium
08-15Corpselium · Oracle of Fire
04-29Corpsia · Genocides in the Name of God
04-28Corpus Christii · Delusion
04-06Corpus Diavolis · Atra Lumen
03-11Corrodal · Liquidators
04-14Corroded · Defcon Zero
08-27Corrosion · Era de decadencia
08-29Corrosion · Punto de quiebre
10-05Corruption · Spleen
08-23Corrupt Moral Altar · Eunoia
07-05Corte de Grasa · Corte de Grasa
06-30Cortez · The Depths Below
01-30Cortisol · Manitourist
04-24Corvus Java · Chapter One: Forbidden Gate
03-13Corvus Noctis · Tenebrarum
08-11Cosmic Eve · Trance Sylvania
10-08Cosmic Isolation · Return of the Cold Blooded Race
07-28Cosmoblack · Embracing Utopia
04-02Cosmonaut Fuzz · Cosmonaut Fuzz
05-24Cosmosonic · Cosmosonic
01-14Cosmosquad · The Morbid Tango
09-01Coughdust · Worldwrench
02-08Cover of Night · The Depths
10-06Crackhouse · Be No One . Be Nothing
09-22Cradle of Filth · Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay
08-25Crafteon · Cosmic Reawakening
02-10Cranial · Dark Towers, Bright Lights
10-15Cranial Carnage · Abhorrence
05-02Cranial Discharge · Intravaginal Defecation
02-10Cranial Engorgement · Horrific Existence
07-24Crashdeath · Conspiracy Theories
04-01Crater · Mother Unnatural
04-14Craven Idol · The Shackles of Mammon
05-05Craving Angel · Redemption
04-07The Crawling · Anatomy of Loss
04-25Creamface · Scared, Wet... and Ready
02-24Creature of Exile · Age of Annihilation
09-25Creature of Nothingness · Dogma
03-03Creeping Fear · Onward to Apocalypse
04-25Cremator · The Coming of War
07-17Crepuscule · [I]
08-25Crimfall · Amain
03-31Crimson Dawn · Chronicles of an Undead Hunter
07-28CrimSun · The Sun Will Rise in Me
09-15Cripper · Follow Me: Kill!
01-??Criptor · Cancerígeno cerebral
06-15Crisandemia · Hacia todos
03-15Critical Disaster · Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura
04-28Critical Solution · Barbara the Witch
04-07Croatoan · Blind Nation
03-21Crohm · Humanity
04-07Cromonic · Time
04-28The Cromptons · Tetrachrom
07-16Cromìa Oscura · My Heart in a Very Dark Place
02-27The Cross · The Cross
01-13Crossbones · WWIII
04-15Crossout · Love and Death
09-27Crow7 · Wake Up
09-06Crowley · Nocturne
09-20Crown of Asteria · Haruspex
09-20Crown of Asteria · Rauðskinna
01-28Crown of Rage · Ascending from Deadly Abyss
01-18Crown the Fallen · The Passing of Greed
06-16Croword · The Great Beyond
06-23Crowskull · Crowskull
02-03Crucible Steel · Crucible Steel
07-25Crud · Crud
09-??Crudelix · Cuna mártir
04-11Cruel · Entelecheia
06-16Cruel Device · De-Evolved Inheritance
01-30Crurifragium · Beasts of the Temple of Satan
05-??The Crushing · A Collection of Short Stories for Boys
01-31Crushing Axes · Back to North
10-04Crushing Axes · Trail of Blood
04-28Crusty Old Toad · Turn People into Food
03-03Cruthu · The Angle of Eternity
04-21Cryonic Temple · Into the Glorious Battle
03-01Cryptic Brood · Brain Eater
10-27Cryptic Fog · Staring Through the Veil
01-23Cryptic Prophecy · Risen from the Ashes
08-31Cryptic Rising · Emergence
06-30Cryptic Wanderings · You Shall Be There...
03-10Crypt Jaintor · Slay the Priest
06-02Crypts of Despair · The Stench of the Earth
02-24Crystal Fairy · Crystal Fairy
02-17Crystal Viper · Queen of the Witches
09-??Crytical · Alcanzar la eternidad
04-26Cuarzo · Cuarzo
04-13Cubo de Mierda · Ruido para el apocalipsis
03-10Cult of Divine Mercy · Hempgnosis
05-17Cult of Erinyes · Tiberivs
01-31Cult of Sorrow · Ascension
09-19Culto Primitivo · Culto Primitivo
01-19Cunt Cuntly · Pace Yourself, for This Is Tricky Business
02-03Cunt Torch · This Is Rape Culture
07-21The Curf · Death and Love
02-02Curse · Maledicam Deos
07-22Curse's Insight · Curse's Insight
10-08The Cursed · The Cursed
05-24Cursed Angel · Más fuertes
01-27Curse of Denial · The 13th Sign
04-28Cursus · Cursus
03-01Cuscuta · Ruin
05-19Custard · A Realm of Tales
02-21Custom Black · Smoke Shall Rise
03-24Cut Up · Wherever They May Rot
02-18CXVIII · Monks of Eris
09-05Cyanide Grenade · Quintessence of Death
04-03Cyaxares · House of the Cosmic Waters
05-04Cybernetic Witch Cult · Troglodithic Trip
03-14Cyber Strike · End of Days
04-01Cycle of Infinity · Cycle of Infinity
08-25Cyclops · The Worship
02-15Cyheuraeth · Narn i Chîn Húrin
10-20CyHra · Letters to Myself
07-21Cytotoxin · Gammageddon
05-08Czarnobog · Eastern Barbarian Cult
03-13Céu em Chamas · Infernal
06-28Cønstantine · Esthesia
02-25Daedric Tales · The Divine Menace
07-29Daemogog · Ancient Extradigestional Rites
01-01Daemoniac · Spawn of the Fallen
05-31Daemonian · Endless Corridor
03-24Daemonokrat · The Scourge of Chaos
10-20Daemusinem · Thy Ungodly Defiance
03-11Daga · Voices Within
08-25Dagoba · Black Nova
09-13Dagorath · Glare of the Morning Star
06-28Damage Case · Drunken Devil
07-??Damage OverDose · Indigenocide
02-28Damage Rite · The Dehumanizing Factor
03-29Damas · Ici commence le silence
10-06Damnation Defaced · Invader from Beyond
03-10Damnation Plan · Reality Illusion
03-24Damnations Day · A World Awakens
08-04Damnatus · Un niente
03-17Damned Icon · Invictus
09-30Damned Ritual · Roots of Evil
06-27Damnesty · The Grand Delusion
05-26Danzig · Black Laden Crown
01-01D Aphelium · Sprungen ur lust
03-20Darchitect · Mechanical Healing
06-18Darcroven · Apoptosis
10-10Dare to War · Inner Cry
03-30Dargar · The Shores of Space
06-09Dargonomel · Astazebian
03-11Dark Ages · A Closer Look
07-19Dark Angels · Venomous Embrace
08-01Dark Avenger · The Beloved Bones: Hell
01-29Darkblazers · Mutant Anthems
07-17Dark Elder · Way
02-01Darkened Spawn · The Fortress Dawn
01-30Darkened Spawn · The Rise of the Occult
02-01Darkened Winter · Dark Age Warfare
05-17Darkenhöld · Memoria Sylvarum
09-30Darken My Grief · Blightingales
02-17Darkest Hour · Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora
04-14Darkest Sorrow Bears Mortality · DSBM
09-08Darkfall · At the End of Times
06-22Darkflight · The Hereafter
01-31Dark Haven · Dark Haven
02-24The Darkhorse · The Carcass of the Sun Will Sleep
03-30Dark Matter · Wood Lane
06-02Dark Matter Secret · Perfect World Creation
06-01Dark Metamorphosis · Night Work
09-06Darkness Enshroud · Antitrinity
02-18Dark Plague · Sadism
03-10The Dark Prison Massacre · Deformity of Human Consciousness
03-09Dark Reverie · Bring Forth the Light
01-23Dark Rites · Dark Rites
06-14Dark Sanctuary · Metal
07-26Darkside Ritual · Earthly Vulgarity
05-16Dark Sky Choir · Dark Sky Choir
06-06Darkstorm · The Oath of Fire
10-03Darksworn · Rogue
09-20Dark Tone Company · Light to the Flies
04-17DarkVurdalak · The Cold Atrocity from the Deep
01-??Dark Woods · The Return of Cold Ice
08-04Dark†Samurai · 青木ヶ原 (Instrumental version)
06-09Datura · The Harrowing
10-28Dauþuz · Die Grubenmähre
01-29David Hannah · Secreta Vetitum
05-20Dawhn · Dawhn
09-29Dawnguard · Vanguard
03-17Dawn of a Dark Age · The Six Elements, Vol.5 Spirit / Mystères
06-09Dawn of Ashes · Daemonolatry Gnosis
08-11Dawn of Disease · Ascension Gate
07-01Dawn of Oblivion · Lest We Forget
10-02Dawn Ray'd · The Unlawful Assembly
08-07Daxma · The Head Which Becomes the Skull
03-31Daxx & Roxane · Ticket to Rock
04-12Daybreak · Philosophia I
09-22Daydream XI · The Circus of the Tattered and Torn
09-04Day of Doom · Descent of Humanity
03-03The Day of the Beast · The Ultimate Cremation Pyre
05-26Days of Grace · Logos
08-25Dayum · Dark Souls
02-13DDENT · آكتئاب
07-07Dead · A Dirty Mind Is a Joy Forever
03-20Dead · Nihilism
06-02Dead Asylum · Death Always Wins
08-18Dead Carnage · Flesh, Blood, Orgy
06-04Dead Centre · Fractured Memories of Grotesque Butchery
07-01Deadflesh · Sic Semper Tyrannis
10-20Deadfreight of Soul · Tortured Puppets
07-01Dead Gorilla · Origins
04-??Deadhand System · Artifex
06-16Dead Head · Swine Plague
09-15Dead Horse · The Beast That Comes
09-22Dead Is Dead · Constraints of Time
03-24Dead Kosmonaut · Expect Nothing
01-28Deadlife · Where Life Ends
01-27Dead Limbs · Spiritus/Sulphur
07-07Dead Man Risen · Vampyre
02-25Deadneck · Levitation
02-24Dead of Night · In Search of Ancient Magic
06-27Dead Point · Ultraviolence of Grotesque
08-19Deadpool · Webs We Weave
04-14Dead Ranch · Brumation
07-21Deadrider · Reaper
05-05Dead Season · Prophecies
09-28Deadsmoke · Mountain Legacy
02-12Dead Trails · Dead Trails
02-10Dead Witches · Ouija
08-27Dead Woman's Ditch · Seo Mere Saetan
04-30Deaf & Dumb · Faceless Future...
01-20Deafened · Snowfall to an Urn
06-20Deafened · Synthcult Today
07-09Death's Eminence · The Execution Mandate
04-14Deathawaits · Solve Coagula
04-28Death Ceremony · Desakralisasi
03-31Death Control · Awaiting Us All
06-02Death Dimensions · Ancient
06-09Death Fortress · Triumph of the Undying
02-22Death Gaze · Presumed Silence
01-28Deathinition · Online
06-09Death Kult · Under the Sign of Death
01-27Deathless Legacy · Dance with Devils
01-10Death Mex · Violation of the Neck
03-08Death Nazar · Slendy Dog: 36 Minutes Forward to Mental
04-15Death Nöize · Fullmoon Fury Ritual
06-02Death of Kings · Kneel Before None
10-20Death Rattle · Volition
04-29Death Rides a Horse · More God than Man
04-01Deathroll · Z.K.K.
03-09Deathrone · N.P.B
03-03Deathrow · A Monument of Sorrow
08-21Deathstench · Blood Moon Divination
09-22Deathtiny · Come to Life
05-??Death Toll 80k · Step Down
03-23Deathvoid · Sects of the Unholy Ritual
03-10Deathwhite · For a Black Tomorrow
08-15Death Yell · Descent into Hell
01-30Decadence · Undergrounder
07-07Decapitated · Anticult
10-07Decaptacon · Decaptacon
10-06Decatur · Badder than Brooklyn
05-11Decayed Mutilation · World of Carrion
03-17Decaying Days · The Fire of a Thousand Suns
05-09Decaying Flesh · Bloodshed Fatalities
04-17Decayos · The Hallowed Vertex
10-15Deceit · Deceit
04-15Decemberance · Conceiving Hell
04-23Decima Morta · Daughter of the Stars
07-02Decima Morta · Parcae
10-08Declared Dead · A Date with the Coroner
01-08Declared Dead · Revel in the Macabre
07-21Decrepit Birth · Axis Mundi
01-25Decrepit Cadaver · Vórtice a lo macabro
02-04Decrepit Throne · Traitor's Grave
07-18Deep Agony · The Piano Tracks
04-07Deep Purple · Infinite
02-24Deer Hollow · Deer Hollow
09-??Deezl · Ignite
07-07Defamatory · Premature Burial
02-17Defated · Dystopia
06-18Defiant · Время не лечит
03-24Deficiency · The Dawn of Consciousness
01-11Defilade · Lost Alone
04-08Defleshed and Gutted · The Prophecy in the Entrails
04-16Deflesher · Ossuary
02-24Deflore · Spectrum I - Epicentre
02-??Degesch · Degesch
01-13Degotten · Hexentrost
06-02Degradations · Graves
04-20Degrave · Full Tilt
06-27Dehumanize · That Which Is Sown
02-08Dehumanized Deity · Cemetery Souls
10-01Dehydrated · Resurrection
06-18Deicidal Twilight · The Return of the Wheel of Sun
05-27Deity · Deity
02-10Deivos · Endemic Divine
06-28Deja Vu · Bullets Reloaded
09-27De la Nostalgie · A Wonderful Place
01-27Delaware · El sueño del chamán
06-28Delirium Soul · Delirio
05-12Deliverance Lost · Visions
02-02De Magia Veterum · Naked Swords into the Wombs of the Enemy
02-28Demellian · Forgotten Ashes
04-06Demellian · Nightmare Its That You
08-01Demencia · Straight for the Jugular
04-10Demencia Mundial Bastarda · Actos humanos
04-10Dementors · Torment of the Black Synod
06-16Demised · A Warm Place to Stay
07-09Demoghilas · Vengeance on All!
10-12Demogorgon · The Burning Light of Lucifer's Truth
04-??Demondragon · From Bengkulu Witching Black
08-11Demon Eye · Prophecies and Lies
04-07Demon Head · Thunder on the Fields
09-15Demoniac · Intemperance
07-03Demoniac Infected · From an Obscurity
01-13Demonic Death Judge · Seaweed
07-15Demoniciduth · Enemy of Satan
03-15Demonic Resurrection · Dashavatar
03-16Demon Seduction · Dissolution
07-30Demonshire · Chapter I: Rising
04-04Demonsmoke · Morphine Moonshine
09-23Demoria · I Offered Silence
08-01Deny the Urge · As Darkness Falls
09-15Deos · In Nomine Romae
06-15Dephosphorus · Impossible Orbits
06-13Depressor · Depressor
05-04Derais · Of Angel's Seed and Devil's Harvest
08-25Der Weg einer Freiheit · Finisterre
10-07Descending Void · Descending Void
06-05Descend into Despair · Synaptic Veil
07-01Descenery · Stillborn Monolith
03-01Descent into Maelstrom · Descent into Maelstrom
03-03Desecrate the Faith · Unholy Infestation
03-24Desecrator · To the Gallows
08-01Desecrator of Evil · 666 Thrones
08-12Desecresy · The Mortal Horizon
06-26Desekryptor · Chasm of Rot
01-27Deserted Fear · Dead Shores Rising
04-20Deserter · Coils of the Lesser Serpent
07-17Desert Kingdom · Desert Kingdom
09-23Desert Smoker · Void of Smoke
05-13Desire for Sorrow · Visions
10-12Desmodus Rotundus · Bring the Sword
04-11Desmoterion · D.T.N.
10-02Desolate Heaven · Пепел
08-01Desolate Isolation · An Ode to Suicide
07-07Desolate Plains · Practicing the Inner Arts
04-14Desolation · Decapitated
07-25Desolation Angels · King
04-18Despair · Ancient Source
07-13Desperandum Gothica · I
03-07Desperate Spinsters · Gorgon in a White Dress
03-05Dessiderium · Rain Gates
07-14Destroyer of Light · Chamber of Horrors
01-05Destroyer of Man · Descent
08-09Destroy My Brains · Destroy My Brains
05-06Destroyself · Nedej se
07-18Destruction · Thrash Anthems II
06-09Destructor · Decibel Casualties
06-23Desultory · Through Aching Aeons
01-04Determination · Gelap Menuju Cahaya
01-17Det Gamle Besatt · Inter Mundos
03-??Dethcadence · Hellacreative
01-27Dethrashion · Assault Bombardment
05-11Deus Ex Machina · A New World to Come
08-10Deus Inversus · Black Heaven
04-30Deus Otiosus · Opposer
10-09Deuthyrion · Mondsucht
10-27Devangelic · Phlegethon
09-29Devar · Mausoleum
03-17Devastator · The Throne Belongs to Us
01-13Devation · Giants
03-13De Vermiis Mysteriis · De Vermiis Mysteriis
05-16Device · Good Things Never Last
05-15Devil · Legion
04-21Devil · To the Gallows
03-20Devil's Witches · Velvet Magic
05-19Devil Creations · Hell's Exit
08-11Devil Electric · Devil Electric
01-31Devilish Art · Temple of Desintegration
09-22Devilish Impressions · The I
04-20Devilry · Treuelied
09-25Devirginated · Murder!
01-13Devoured Flesh · Welcome to Camp Blood
05-25Devourer · Across the Empty Plains
09-10Devouring Humanity · Eradication of Living Human Shit
03-??Dezod · Teoría del caos
05-05Dezperadoz · Call of the Wild
01-16Dharma Storm · Not an Abyss Prey
01-27Diablerie · The Catalyst Vol. 1: Control
09-22Diablo Blvd · Zero Hour
02-15Diablop · Panzer
01-23Diabolica Hymnis · Crux Satanas
09-11Diabolical Demon Director · Bound in Lucifer's Chains
03-31Diabolical Messiah · Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred
04-24Diabolical Minds · …A Trail of Blood and Hope
09-??Diabolic Force · Praise of Satan
03-17Diago Hustrei · Lebka krále Šalamouna
04-08Diamond Falcon · Falcons Revenge
03-15Diamonds Are Forever · Melanism
08-25Die Apokalyptischen Reiter · Der rote Reiter
07-12Diechotomy · Diechotomy
06-13Die Human Race · Fire of Darkness War Baphomet
08-18Die Like a Mayfly · Leaves
09-14Die Schwarze Sonne · Heiliges Nichtsein
08-04Difuntor · Dismal Halo of Lamentation
06-15Dig Me No Grave · Immemorial Curse
08-15Diktatur · La voie du sang
05-17Dimorfia · Utopia
02-25Dinfier · De neînvins
10-03Dionisyan · Delirium and Madness (Concerto Grosso Opera №2 in G Minor)
05-10Diphenylchloroarsine · Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation
10-16Diretone · Random Spins, Fortune Turns
09-08Dirges · Letanías al abismo
05-30Dirt Forge · Soothsayer
07-18Dirty Grave · Evil Desire
09-01Dirtyprotest · Hellstorm
05-08Disagree · Capitalism Corruption
06-25Disagree · Chaos and Disorder
09-02Disagree · Darkest Horizon
03-29Disagree · The Face of War
03-31Disagree · Governement is not the Solution to Our Problem, Government is the Problem
04-21Disappear · Death, Then Rot
04-21Disbelief · The Symbol of Death
05-19Discarnatus · Death and Depravity
10-15DiscoPowerBoxxx · Deadlicious
09-29Discreation · End of Days
05-31Discröyd · The Mob Law
05-30Disenthral · Anguish Begins
02-14Disgorgement of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration · Long Live the New Flesh!
04-11Disgrace Worm · Disgrace Worm
04-20Disharmony · The Abyss Noir
03-03Disharmony · Goddamn the Sun
07-01Dishearten · Portal of Anatolia
09-30Disillusion Effect · Achluophobic
05-10Diskriminator · Homunculus
04-20Disobey · A Darker Place
04-21Disorder · Fuego negro
06-09Displeased Disfigurement · Origin of Abhorrence
10-13Disrupting · Event Horizon
07-??Disruption · Entombed in Reveries
10-11Dissector · Loss
01-07Dissident · Hate Blood Rage You Fucking Scum
06-16Dissociative Healing · Dissociative Healing
05-05Dissolution · The Opposite of Progression
04-??Dissonant Winds · Forestial Transcendence
04-14Distartica · In Flames We Rise
05-01Distillator · Summoning the Malicious
05-22The Ditch and the Delta · Hives in Decline
03-28Divide and Dissolve · Basic
05-19Divine Element · Thaurachs of Borsu
06-24Divine Humanity · Calculated Chaos
07-29Divinity Compromised · Terminal
07-30Division Zero · Old Blood Noise
02-20Dizattack · Тенденции саморазрушения
02-23Diĝir Gidim · I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My Awakening
07-19Djevelsang · Aapenbaring & undergang
04-30Djinn of Thujone · Praise to the Black
03-31Doctor Cyclops · Local Dogs
02-26Doctor Livingstone · Triumphus Haeretici
03-17Dodecahedron · Kwintessens
03-27Doedsvangr · Satan ov Suns
07-15Dogma Inc. · Blacksun Flowers
09-30Dogzilla · Astral Worship
03-11Dolina Cieni · Horyzont zdarzeń
09-30Dolmaar · The Rise of Ancestral Worship
09-03Domesticated · Dysphoria
03-17Domination · Reunion
04-04Dominia · Stabat Mater
01-14Domos · Onset of a Gelid Eon
05-04Donarhall · Asgardsvegr
01-22Donarhall · Misanthrope
08-22Donarhall · Nihilist
01-07Doom's Day · The Whore
06-16Doomcave · Woebegone
09-24Doom Duo · En våldsam väntan på ett ensamt slut
10-16Doomforge · Death Never Comes Alone
06-18Doomkryer · False Endings
06-02Doom Machine · Let There Be Doom/ Vol. 4​.​5
03-13Doomocracy · Visions & Creatures of Imagination
04-05Doomsayer · This Forlorn Odyssey
03-??Doomsday Cult · Destruction Algorithm
03-31The Doomsday Kingdom · The Doomsday Kingdom
08-31Doomsday Sun · Red Light Fever
10-20Doomster Reich · Drug Magick
01-16Dopelord · Children of the Haze
09-13Dorko · Darkness of Lucifer
06-12Dos Brujos · Brotherhood Sessions
07-10Dos Brujos · The Cosmic Ocean
03-25Dos Brujos · The New Moon Sessions Volume I
03-30Dos Brujos · The New Moon Sessions Volume II
10-19Dos Brujos · The Witches of Thessaly
09-12Doukha · Salt, Sulfur, Mercury
02-??Downcast Collision · Rise Up
03-10Downfall · Punishment for the Infidels
07-01Down the Scope · Frailty
04-14Doxophobia · Halebites
03-10Doxophobia · The Most Substantial Solution to Sound Is the Sustaining of Silence
06-02Doyle · As We Die
10-30Dracena · Cursed to the Night
01-30Dragomir Draganov · Bleeding Earth
07-07Dragonfly · Génesis
05-19DragonForce · Reaching into Infinity
10-27Dragonhammer · Obscurity
08-15Dragon Steel · A Far Away Land
07-15Dragon Sunday · Tales to Terrorize
04-12Dragunov · Korolev
09-29Drakkar · Diabolical Empathy
09-28Drastic Solution · Thrash Till Death
01-13Draugsól · Volaða land
01-03Draugûl · Winterspell
02-16Drawing Last Breath · Final Sacrifice
09-09Dr. Colossus · The Dank
04-16D.R.E.A.D. · Test of Time
02-10Dreadful Demons · Revenge
06-23Dreadlink · Zeitgeist
04-16Dreadrealm · The Essence of Winter
03-03Dread Sovereign · For Doom the Bell Tolls
09-19The Dream and the Nightmare · Lords of Nebula
09-11Dreamborn · Seven Deadly Sins
10-13Dreamcatcher · Blood on the Snow
05-26Dream Evil · Six
02-20Dreaming Dead · Funeral Twilight
10-06Dreamshift · Seconds
01-07Dreamskiller · Reborn
07-07Dreams of Agony · A Forgotten Tale
03-08Dreamstoria · Dreams Never End
05-19Dream Tröll · The Knight of Rebellion
07-21Dream Void · Sanctimonious
01-13Drearyym · Precursions
05-07Drex Wiln · Metalhead II
01-13The Drip · The Haunting Fear of Inevitability
07-15Dripping Sin · Gaze into the Abyss
04-28Driven Below · Trephination
10-27Dr. Living Dead! · Cosmic Conqueror
04-28Droid · Terrestrial Mutations
07-20Dropthehammer · Abortus Dei
09-18Drouth · Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors
09-29Drowning Hope · Deep Water
03-01Drowning Hope · Eternal Chaos
09-20Drowning the Light · Varcolaci Rising
09-22Druadan Forest · The Lost Dimension
03-03Drude · Drude
05-05Drug Honkey · Cloak of Skies
03-02Druid · Cill Dara
04-28Duel · Witchbanger
08-05Duke Nukem · Duke Nukem
02-28Dullboozer · Embrace the Darkness
01-02Dumal · The Lesser God
06-18Dunkelwinter · Winterkunst
01-14DunSun · Centuries of Attrition
02-24DunSun · Conquering Spectral Dominion for the Glory of Heathen Darkness
04-28DunSun · VII
03-17Dusius · Memory of a Man
06-16Duskmourn · Of Shadow and Flame
04-07Dust in Mind · Oblivion
07-28Dvne · Asheran
06-25Dwimor · Tales from Nowhere
08-10Dyadhem · From Essential Bitterness
10-27The Dyatlov Discovery · Desecration
04-20Dying · No Mercy for Us
04-05Dying Eden · Omen
06-23Dying Fetus · Wrong One to Fuck With
02-20Dying Suffocation · In the Darkness of the Lost Forest
06-21Dylauded · Dylauded
06-29Dynasty · Step by Step
04-14Dynfari · The Four Doors of the Mind
09-15Dyscarnate · With All Their Might
06-09Dysfigure · Scoundrel
05-22Dysfunction · The New Plague
06-30Dysmorfectomy · Hypothermal Dissection
02-26Dysthymia to Misanthropy · A Grey Dawn Rises
04-21Dystopia · Chaos Philosophorum
06-14Dzö-nga · The Sachem's Tales
03-31Débler · Somnia
06-30Dépérir · Dépérir
10-13Dödsrit · Dödsrit
09-29Döxa · Lust for Wonder
02-07Dødknell · Hatred. Absolute.
05-19Dødsengel · Interequinox
02-19Dødsritual · Under sort sol
08-18Eagleheart · Reverse
05-05Earth Crawler · From Below
04-15Eartheater · Eartheater
05-12Earth Electric · Vol.1: Solar
07-07Earthgrave · The Verge of Human Abyss
07-07Earthling · Spinning in the Void
03-??Earth Rot · Renascentia
03-10Earth Witch · Out of the Shallow
07-28Eastern High · Garden of Heathens
06-23Eaten · Eaten
03-01Ebola ·
04-30Ebrietor · Sound of Violence
07-13Ecdysis · Revenant's Omen
05-05Echotime · Side
09-02Eclipse Eternal · Nostalgia
04-25Eclipse Insomnia · The Omnifarious Macrocosm, Expedition One: Solar Wings and Lunar Eyes
05-09Eclipse Insomnia · Spiritual Warfare
06-30Eclipse Insomnia · Vaporwave Days, Chapter 1: The iMac Cometh
07-07Ecnephias · The Sad Wonder of the Sun
03-13Ectomyectomy · Fear the Dildozer
06-16Edemer · eXperience of Various condItIons
08-25Eden's Curse · Eden's Curse - Revisited
02-17Edenbridge · The Great Momentum
03-31Eden weint im Grab · Na(c)htodreise
02-07Edifice · Agony, Universal
03-30Editor · Old School
01-26Effrontery · Seven Years of Agony
01-30Egocentrash · Fragmente der Kontingenz
06-20Egypt · Cracks and Lines
08-25Ehnahre · The Marrow
07-05Eidolon · Journey 1: Multiversal Elegies
06-22Ein · Entropie
01-15Eisklingengewitter · Erwachen
05-05Eisregen · Fleischfilm
06-02Ejecutor · Muerte... el orgasmo de la vida
01-23Ekpyrosis · Asphyxiating Devotion
03-31Ela · Senindir Hayat
06-15Elagabalus · Antiquarian Black MIDI
05-02Elbereth · Karma
08-25Elbow Deep · Sexually Offensive
07-02El Camino · Cursed Congregation
10-??El Cuervo de Poe · Ciudad sin memoria
06-02Elder · Reflections of a Floating World
10-06Elder Druid · Carmina Satanae
06-27ElderSkald · I : Born of Shadows
09-15Electric Hellride · Praedam
09-07Electric Messiah · Electrifyed
09-07Electrozombies · System of Terror
06-01Elegiac · Black Clouds of War
01-01Elegiac · Rise from the Ashes
03-08Elegis · Superhuman Syndrome
06-16Elegy of Madness · New Era
04-28Elephant Bell · Gates of Dawn
04-06Elffor · Dra Sad
05-28Elgibbor · Resist Him
08-01Eligos · Deum de Infernum
07-03Elio Rigonat · Egregor II
09-21Ella · Peace.Love.Rindu
09-30Elliott's Keep · Lacrimae Mundi
08-18Eluveitie · Evocation II - Pantheon
09-25Elysium · The Measurement of Life
08-04Ember Sea · How to Tame a Heart
04-15Emblem · Emblem
02-14Embrace of Silence · Where Darkness Swallows the Sun
01-10Embrio · Karmadoom
10-27Embryo · A Step Beyond Divinity
09-12Emerald · Angels of Oblivion
03-24Emerald · Reckoning Day
03-18Emerald Edge · Surreal
09-29Emortualis · Biological
03-11Emperor Guillotine · Emperor Guillotine
03-24Emperor of Myself · Stagnation
04-28Emphasis · Black​.​Mother​.​Earth
01-20Emptiness · Not for Music
09-27Empyreal · Obscurity
08-11Empyrean Throne · Chaosborne
07-20Emulsified Flesh · Aversion of Life
05-26Emyn Muil · Elenion Ancalima
04-19End All · Signs of Life
03-01Ende · Emën Etan
05-24Endeavour · Bring Upon the Rising Day
03-31Endezzma · The Arcane Abyss
07-10Endless Affliction · Total Obliteration
10-10Endless Chaos · Paths to Contentment
01-06Endless Floods · II
02-11Endless Forest · Over the Rivers and Through the Woods
05-23Endless Main · II
09-01Endless Reign · Perished Memories
05-23EndName · Triatom
06-13Endocranial · In Presence of Total Absence
08-18End of Green · Void Estate
02-25Endogenic · Hunter
10-20Endseeker · Flesh Hammer Prophecy
02-03Enemy Mind · No Safe Place
01-20Enemy Remains · No Faith in Humanity
01-14Enepsigos · Plague of Plagues
07-14Enfold Darkness · Adversary Omnipotent
06-03Engendro · In the Throne of Chaos
03-22Engulfed · Engulfed in Obscurity
06-30Enirva · On a Crimson Sky
04-22Enisum · Seasons of Desolation
06-09Enragement · Burned, Barren, Bloodstained
09-15Ensiferum · Two Paths
10-13Enslaved · E
05-12Ensnared · Dysangelium
03-17Entartung · Baptised into the Faith of Lust
07-10Entering · Shade of Mind
06-09Enter the Soil · That Amber Lit Morning
03-10Entheos · Le Zahir
02-09Entirety · Eternal Fire
06-30Entity · Phobia of the Formless
06-16Entrails · World Inferno
07-17Entrench · Through the Walls of Flesh
02-24Entropia Invictus · Human Pantocrator (Opus Humani)
06-??Entwerter · IV: Suffer the Shadows
09-29Enzo and the Glory Ensemble · In the Name of the Son
04-08Eon · Purgatory Inherited
06-16Eoront · Another Realm
01-05Ephemernia · ....and in the Morning There Were None
02-17Epic Mind · Through the Labyrinth
04-14Epi-Demic · Malformed Conscience
03-01Epilog · Whispers in the Darkness
06-16Epiphany · Epiphany Presents: The Noah Darke Series Vol. 1 (Disc 1)
07-16Epiphany · Epiphany Presents: The Noah Darke Series Vol. 1 (Disc 2)
09-22Epitaph · Claws
03-10Epping Forest · lebaBVoid
07-20Epsilon · Instinto de supervivencia
07-04Epäihminen · VII
06-18Equilibrium Falls · Frames and Horizons
03-31Era of Discord · Terra Imperium
08-03Erased Memory · Erased Memory
07-06Ereb Altor · Ulfven
09-30Erebos · Faded into the Shadows
06-01Erebos · The Light in My Darkness
03-19Erebos · Nan iChir Gelair Mordor
01-01Ereshkigal · Nocturnal Abominations
01-26Erik Larson · A Dedication
01-26Erik Larson · Haura
07-17Ermengrond · Wijdse grond
04-06Eroc · Filhos do Caos
07-01Eroica · La oscuridad del hombre Pt.1
09-29Erupdead · Abyss of the Unseen
05-02Eruption · Cloaks of Oblivion
02-25Escarnnia · Humanity Isolated
06-30Escarnnia · Humanity Isolated
01-27Eschaton · Ultimum Exitium
09-14Esgaroth · Dead Trees
09-01Esgaroth · Glamdring
09-07Esgaroth · The River Running
08-04Eshtadur · Mother Gray
01-01Eskapism · Tales of Elder Forest
07-21Esoctrilihum · Mystic Echo from a Funeral Dimension
08-04Espermorragia · The Human Misery in Decline
02-25Esquizofrenia · Terror al miedo
06-20Essence of Datum · Nevermore
06-26Estigia Synti · Arima ad Inferi
03-28Estigma · Estigmaniaco
08-08Eternal Black · Bleed the Days
03-17Eternal Fear · Killing Time
09-11Eternal Forest · Death After Life Through Fulfillment of the Ego
03-14Eternal Hate · From Hallowed Land
02-27Eternal Insomnia · The Endless River
03-24Eternal Rest · A Death in the Darkness
10-19Eternal Silence · Mastermind Tyranny
04-28Eternal Thirst · The Hellish Fight Goes On
08-12Eternian · Malleus Maleficarum
04-17Eternich · Laudator Temporis Acti
07-07Ether · There Is Nothing Left for Me Here
01-05Ethereal Terrorblast · Die eiserne Wehr
10-18Ethereal Tragedy · Screaming for Freedom
01-13Ethmebb · La quête du Saint Grind
01-04Eugenic Order · Facing Truth
07-06Europica · Part One
08-25Eurydice · I
01-22Ev'Sane · Autopsy of My Soul
07-14Eva Can't · Gravatum
06-26Evadne · A Mother Named Death
01-27Ever Circling Wolves · Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom
01-13Evereal · Evereal
05-12Ever Soul · Ever Soul
10-27Evertale · The Great Brotherwar
02-24Eveth · Entelequia
03-13Evig Hat · Guds død
09-26Evig Hat · Utbyrd
06-09The Evil · The Evil
05-01Evil · 邪悪を讃えよ (Rites of Evil)
03-09Evil Attack · Demoneyzed
01-31The Evil Dead · Earth Inferno
08-??Evil Extasy · (We Are) The Pleasure Crew
10-27Evil Eye · The Beginning of the End
09-29Evil Invaders · Feed Me Violence
07-08Evil Machines · Evil Machines
02-28Evil Never Dies · Ekpyrosis
07-02Evil of Slaughterhouse · Evil of Slaughterhouse
05-02Evil Sense · Fight for Freedom
04-01Evilterror · High Voltage Allowed
10-07Evisc · Traditional Occult Metal
03-10Evocation · The Shadow Archetype
04-??Evocatus · Mortem in Deos
04-24Evoke Thy Lords · Lifestories
03-27Evyltyde · Rising
10-01Ewigkeit · Battle Furies 2.017
07-14Ewigkeit · Cosmic Man
09-07Exact Division · Be Fair If You Can
10-20Exarsis · New War Order
05-03Excalibur · Humo negro
07-07Excalion · Dream Alive
06-30Excised · Rotting Away
05-12Excommunion · Thronosis
08-30Excöriator · Horned Is the Hunger
05-30Ex Dementia · Crack the Coffin
02-24Ex Deo · The Immortal Wars
05-10Execrable Divinity · Irreverence of Thee Ominous Deity
07-14Execration · Return to the Void
03-01Executive Disorder · The New Colossus
02-20Exessus · Time in Coma
10-13Exhumed · Death Revenge
06-26Exibis · The Outer Space
09-26Exicheira · Homeworld
02-03Exist Among · Exist Among
08-09The Exit Wound · A Pure Heart
01-31Exocrine · Ascension
01-06Exophage · Cosmic Key
08-11Exoskelett · Collected Bones
09-15Expain · Pinching Nerves
05-16Expander · Endless Computer
02-20Expendiency · Sadistic Murder
05-19Ex People · Bird
10-13Exsedum Morcerin · Dwelling in the Unconsciousness
04-26Exstinctio · Cero
04-30Extinction · The Monarch Slaves
04-08Extirpator · Fire in the Hole
01-24Extravaganth · Snuff
03-02Extravasion · Origins of Magma
07-19Extremist · A Voidal Existence
04-03Extremity · Extremely Fucking Dead
03-17Exzoust · Obey Your Pharaoh
03-13Eyelids · Endless Oblivion
02-??Eyes of the Living · War on Dead
10-14Eyestral · Beyond
06-23Ezerath · Overture: The Heir Apparent
05-19F41.0 · Bürde
03-02Fable · The Red Road West
09-29Fabulae Dramatis · Solar Time's Fables
04-21Face Down · Soylent Green
04-21Face Down Hero · False Evidence Appearing Real
09-15Faceless Burial · Grotesque Miscreation
07-28Faceless Entity · In Via ad Nusquam
07-08Faceless God · Behold the Throne of Christian Tyranny
04-15Facing the Swarm Thought · Körperbrand
03-01Fading Azalea · Maze of Melancholy
06-24Fairie’s Death Waltz · In the Mourning
02-24Fairytale · Battlestar Rising
02-28Faith of Gestalgt · Transylvania
08-02Falaise · My Endless Immensity
09-01Falgar · Las hijas del crepúsculo
03-11Fallen Man · We Are at War
03-31Falls of Rauros · Vigilance Perennial
06-02False Flag Attack · Ad Absurdum
06-01Falsoprofeta · Mal camino
10-18The Fandey Witchcult · Hexodiem
03-17Fange · Pourrissoir
04-19FantasyQuest · DragonRide
10-08Farrore · The Emperor to the Dark Epoch
07-08Farshid Arabi · مرگ خاموش
04-21Farsot · Fail·Lure
08-22Farther Than Death · Farther Than Death
08-17Fasiq · Tergusur Di Tanah Sendiri
08-13Fatal Clichè · Commonplays
06-06Fatality · Reborn
03-31The Fatal Pursuit · Sinful
09-15Fateful Finality · Mankind
06-21Fate Gear · OZ -Rebellion-
07-22Fatelancer · Black Metal Against Communism
04-07Fates Creation · Technocracy
03-27Fate Unburied · Logos
06-23Father Befouled · Desolate Gods
02-24Fatherland · Fatherland
06-19The Father of Serpents · Age of Damnation
04-02Father Sky Mother Earth · Across the River of Time
06-06Fatuous Rump · Propagation of the Foul
04-30Façade · Loathe
09-01FB1964 · Störtebeker
06-03Fear Crowd · Evolución
04-14FearOfHatred · Hyperion
01-12Feasting on Darkness · The Black Cloud
03-27Feast of Flesh · Carnaval Cannibal
01-28Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · My Home
08-20Fegefeuer Anilmathiel · Nanathë e Ceaneth
03-17Fell Ruin · To the Concrete Drifts
06-16Fellwarden · Oathbearer
03-10Fen · Winter
04-21Ferah · Yalme
01-30Feral Viscera · God Is Meat
07-14Feral Viscera · New World Odor
01-20Feral Viscera · Nuclear Death Cult
07-23Feral Viscera · The Winter Sessions: The Corpse Tree Mythology
04-21Ferndal · Ferndal
10-24Ferromanic · Silent Journey
06-02The Ferrymen · The Ferrymen
06-09Fetal Disgorge · Mass Female Degradation
04-28Fetocide · Reckoning Dystopia
07-07Fetotomy · Tomb of the Hideous
01-27The Fevered · I Have Seen Death
05-26Figure of Six · Welcome to the Freak Show
01-??Filthdigger · Damned By The Living Dead
07-15Filth Pig · Mental Dead Ends
04-23Filthy Rich Preacher · Vol​​.​​ 2
04-28Fin · Arrows of a Dying Age
02-??Final Curse · Unbinding
02-03Final Drive · Dig Deeper
05-31Final Reign · Evil Rising
01-11The Final Sleep · I
03-26Final Snow · An Abyss of Bleak Stars
03-20Final Snow · Despair Shall Consume Us All
01-04Final Snow · The Violet Dawn
05-25Final Void · Sounds of Absence
05-22Final Words of Sorrow · A Perspective of Existence
03-01Fin Bulgaria · Do it yourself
10-06Fireball Ministry · Remember the Story
10-13Firebreather · Firebreather
09-01FireForce · Annihilate the Evil
08-24Firenzen · The Early Days
04-28Firespawn · The Reprobate
07-07Firestorm · Raging Inferno
08-05Fire Strike · Slaves of Fate
08-??Firestrikes · Zrození
01-20Firewind · Immortals
04-06First Martyr · End of Fucking Faith
07-01Fishslaughter · Fishslaughter I
09-22Five the Hierophant · Over Phlegethon
08-31Fjelltrone · Urdabrunnen
02-24Fjoergyn · Lvcifer es
04-25Flagrum · Agonía de las almas
09-17Flames at Sunrise · Born in Embers
02-27Flaming Wrekage · From Flesh to Dust
08-16Flammenaar · Gottes Sohn
06-20Flammivomitum · Dragon King from the Land of the Serpents
10-??Flatblak · A Dragon's Tale
03-31Fleshdoll · Hearts of Darkness
09-15Fleshkiller · Awaken
02-14Flesh of the Stars · Anhilla
05-15Fleshpress · Hulluuden muuri
10-27Fleurety · The White Death
01-20The Flight of Sleipnir · Skadi
02-04Flowers to the Welshman at Dusk · Good Metal Songs
10-10Flying Fortress · Bitchwind
06-02Fogalord · Masters of War
08-25Foglet · Dežela večne žalosti
02-09FolCore · Haeresis
05-05Folie a Deux · Misanthropic Slaughter Cult
09-17Folk Metal Jacket · Eulogy for the Gentle Fools
07-07Follow the Awakened · Cognitive Reconstruction
06-30Fondlecorpse · Dark Contagion
02-02Fool's Paradise · Monopoly Society
05-13Foolsbane · Conflict
09-08Force Majeure · The Rise of Starlit Fires
01-11Force of Rage · Guardian of the Wall
08-28Forceps · Mastering Extinction
05-28Forces United · Egorov
01-02Forcing to Suffer · Dubious Future
08-18Foredoomed · Ordeal
04-21Foreseen · Grave Danger
08-24Forestionist · Forestionist
06-20Forest King · Lore Born
06-02Forest Moonlight · Mid-Winter Mournings
06-23Forest Whispers · Zamieć
03-11Forgotten Scream · Changes
10-27Forgotten Tomb · We Owe You Nothing
05-13Former Lovechild · First Flight
07-21Formicarius · Black Mass Ritual
03-17Forming the Void · Relic
03-14Formis · Chaozium
08-??Formorket · Formorket
08-25Fornhem · Ett fjärran kall
08-24Forodwaith · The One
10-13Forsaken · Pentateuch
06-02Forsaken Rite · The Northern Saga
02-17Forsakken · Descending Souls
03-08Fortunate Fall · The Orange Scare
05-09Forvitret · Ei soge om sorg
06-09Foscor · Les irreals visions
02-09Foucalt · Lost People
09-12Foul Spirits · A Job, a House, a Family
07-26The Four Horsemen Will Save Us · Memento Mori
10-13Fozzy · Judas
04-14Fractal Universe · Engram of Decline
10-30Fragarak · A Spectral Oblivion
04-25Fragile Vastness · Perception
01-28Fragments of Existence · Fragments of Existence
03-22Frailty · Ways of the Dead
02-23Fraise · Circle-O-Zero
09-18Frakasm · Century of Decline
07-14Frankenbok · Vicious, Lawless
07-??The Franks Daredevils · Mary Cecelia Rogers
03-06FreaKings · Toxic End
01-03FreeWill · Let's Grind
05-05Freiheit · Безумие. Ненависть. Смерть.
03-09Frieza · Frieza
06-02From Eden to Exile · Modern Disdain
09-01From North · From North
03-10Front Beast · Third Scourge from Darkness
07-14Frontier of Existence · Chronicles of Grief - I
03-21Front Riders · Steel Trail
08-11Frostbourne · Abyss
08-28Frostbourne · Zorn
01-13Frostreich · Join the Wind
05-18Frostvang · Avog
02-17Frowning · Extinct
02-08Frozen Empire · Deviant
01-18Frozen Spirit · Knights of the Night
04-??Full Assault · War Blooded
07-20Full Metal Thrashers · Rise and Fight
08-16Fumata · La perfección de la muerte
09-28Funeral Altar · Funeral Altar
10-27Funeral Baptism · The Venom of God
02-03Funeral Chant · Funeral Chant
01-06Funeral Demon · Obliterate Mankind
05-15Funeral Hymn · The Releasing of Anger
04-12Funeralium · Of Throes and Blight
10-10Funeral Sky · Tristitia et Supplicium
04-13Funeral Tears · Beyond the Horizon
08-16Funereal Moon · Heavy as Hell
07-09Funeris · Dismal Shapes
04-07Fuoco Fatuo · Backwater
09-13Furfur · Thamuz
04-22Furious · Dead Mark
05-08Furit · The Order Remains the Same
03-05The Furor · Cavalries of the Occult
06-09FuryBorn · Dawn of Leviathan
07-31Fuse of Order · The Touch of Death
03-10Fäulnis · Antikult
03-10Förgjord · Uhripuu
09-11Füel · Sólo para adictos
08-23Fÿre · III Ghosts
01-20Gaia Metal · El jardín de los despojos
04-28Gaiden · Once upon a Joke
07-21Galderia · Return of the Cosmic Men
08-25Galil · Imponiendo soberanía
10-25Galleiria · A Vow to the Wolf
09-27Galneryus · Ultimate Sacrifice
04-08Gangari · Kyn
01-07Gangari · Norðrvegr
08-04Ganja Mutt · Breathe Smoke
02-03Gape · Exploit the Moist
06-24Garant · Dobyvatelé Part II.
07-28Garoted · Abyssal Blood Sacrifices
04-30Gas Chambers · Marches of a Triumphan War​.​.​.
06-24Gaslarm · Environmental Disaster
05-??Gaslarm · Life's a Bitch
04-21Gaslarm · Mind Pollution
07-11Gaslarm · This Planet's Burning
07-29Gastrorrexis · ...Until the Abysmal Torture Ends
05-25Gates of Chaos · Из бездны тьмы
06-20Gate to Infinity · The Storm
05-22Gathering Darkness · The Heat of a Dying Sun
10-13Gauntlet · Gauntlet
02-22Geist of Trinity · Geist of Trinity
01-14Gelding Moon · Martian Butchery
06-10Gendam · Mampvs
04-29The Generations Army · Still Screaming
02-14Genesis Not Planet · Mors Praematura
06-08Genghis Khan · Deadly Sins
03-10Genocide Generator · III
04-07Genocídio · Under Heaven None
02-11Gentaro Satomura · Pain of Creation
01-??Gestos Grosseiros · World's Hypocrisy
09-13Gevlerkt · De grote sterfte
02-03Ghost Avenue · Impact
04-21Ghost Bath · Starmourner
03-15Ghost Cries · Deorum Festum
03-05Ghostmourn · Eternal
03-20Ghost of Echoes · Fusion
07-06Ghosts of Black River · Struggle On
02-24Ghosts of Neskowin · Heritage
05-05ghUSa · Öswedeme
02-18Ghölem · Matter Without Form, Body Without Soul
09-15Gigan · Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence
04-28Gigatron · The Aluminium Paper Album
03-22Gillman · Levántate... y pelea! - 40° aniversario edición especial
03-24Ginko Balboa · Walking on Eggshells
03-23Gjeldrune · Правду за порог
02-24Gjendød · Nedstigning
01-27Glare of the Sun · Soil
01-10Glass Mind · Dodecaedro
03-10Gleb Poro · MMXVII
10-27Glittertind · Himmelfall
06-02Gloom · Solaris
09-28Gloominess · This Is God
07-06Glorification · Against all Adversity - A Hymn of Demonic Victory
03-14Gloriosa Bandeira NS · Ario-Philosophy of the World
02-13Gloson · Grimen
01-13Glug · All Fear the Bone Crusher
04-18Gnosis Occultus · Return to the Ancient Cult
10-??Goatcult · Sacrifice for Evil
03-17Goath · Luciferian Goath Ritual
01-??Goatmoon · Stella Polaris
10-15Goatpenis · Anesthetic Vapor
08-30Goats of Doom · Alla kirkkaimman tähden
01-17Goatvermin · Détruire
02-24Goat Vomit Noise · Hermetic Sulphureous Heretic
05-03Goat Whisperer · Hell's Override/Euphorian Suicide
06-23Goatwhore · Vengeful Ascension
07-30Goblin Hovel · La citta dei tre volti
10-07Godchilla · Hypnopolis
05-05God Dethroned · The World Ablaze
08-11Godes Yrre · Inside the Whale
09-29Godhead Machinery · Ouroboros
07-14Godless Crusade · World in Flames
07-17Godless Symptoms · The Deaf and The Wasted
06-09Gods Forsaken · In a Pitch Black Grave
06-30God-Shroud · Far Beyond the Black
08-11Gods of Fire · Terrifying Tales for Terrible Children
09-08Gods of Silence · Neverland
01-01Golden Jubilee · Experiencing Lives
04-??GoldenPyre · In Eminent Disgrace
08-??Goldenseed · The Astral Hologram
04-20Goliard · Iconoclastic Hymns
02-13The Good Kind of Mushroom · Matsutaken
03-03Gorephilia · Severed Monolith
06-29Gorepot · A Friend with Weed Is a Friend Indeed
07-??Gorsed Noctis · Orgy on Meridians
03-01Gorthaur · Om Cmapцeв (​.​.​.​from the Old Ones)
10-23Goryl · Potions of Cold Love
01-14Gothic · Demons
01-01Gourmand · The Inquisitionist
03-03Goya · Harvester of Bongloads
01-30Grace · No Heaven No Hell
07-07Graffias · Midnight Phantoms
06-23Granada · Sincronizado
04-30Granatus · Mea Potestas Victoriae
03-31Grand Delusion · Supreme Machine
05-05Grand Lord High Master · Grand Lord High Master
02-20Grapeshot · All About to End
06-20Grate · You Should Be
03-29Grauzeit · Symbiose
04-30Grav · Projektioner af död
04-30Grav · Tomb of Agony
08-11Gravdal · Kadaverin
01-13Grave Digger · Healed by Metal
09-27Grave Forsaken · It Has Begun
03-03Gravehuffer · Your Fault
08-01Gravesite · Neverending Trail of Skulls
06-29Graveslave · Sick/Nasty
06-02Gravetemple · Impassable Fears
04-04Gravewürm · The Shadowlands
04-15Graveyard of Souls · Pequeños fragmentos de tiempo congelado
05-05Gravil · No More Forgiveness
10-06Gravity · Noir
09-08The Great Discord · The Rabbit Hole
09-01The Great Hollow · Remnants of Being
04-29The Great Machine · Love
01-27The Great Old Ones · EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
10-30Great Vast Forest · From the Dark Times to the Black Metal Legions
04-21Green Yeti · Desert Show
03-18Grey Gallows · Underlord
03-31Grey Widow · II
02-21Greywoods · Hellgazer
08-30Griddam Arghamath · Abysmal Hexagram
07-15Gridiron · Exodus
09-08Grift · Arvet
02-25Grima · Tales of the Enchanted Woods
08-21Grime Bath · Congregation of the Sick
10-30Grimgotts · Lions of the Sea
03-01Grimlet · Theia: Aesthetics of a Lie
02-17Grim Ravine · The Light Is from Below
05-08Grim Sköll · At the Gates of Glory
02-13Grimwald · Lux Perit in Tenebris
05-31Grimwind · IV
03-31Grinning Death's Head · Blood War
03-20Grog · Ablutionary Rituals
08-11Gross Reality · Escaping Gravity
08-25Grotesque · Feedback Loop
09-15Ground · I
01-07Grozeth Nebulae · O N I R O N A U T A
10-09Grrrmba · Grrrmba
02-10Gruesome Fate · Cacophonous Canticles
06-??Gruesome Malady · Scumbustion
06-26Grupa Krovi · ZONA
03-17Guadaña · Karma
09-01Guantanamo Party Program · III
02-17Guerra Total · Nihilistic Malthusian Manifesto (The Ouroboros Cosmic Indifferentism)
04-04Guilles · Harvest of Grey Days
10-07Guillotine · Guillotine
08-26Gulah · Caballeros del rock
10-27GumoManiacs · By Endurance We Conquer - Demons & Damnation
05-01Gurt · Skullossus
01-20Gurthang · Shattered Echoes
06-02Gutgrinder · A Prophecy of Sacrilege
10-09Gutrectomy · Slampocalypse
09-01Gutslit · Amputheatre
04-20Gutsnagged · Dual Vortex Gornado
08-21Gutted Souls · The Illusion of Freedom
10-20Gwar · The Blood of Gods
03-29Gyze · Northern Hell Song
02-17Gökböri · Erlik
02-19Gûlgûta · II
08-11H1Z1 · Unbounded
01-20Habitual Sins · Personal Demons
08-28Hacavitz · Nex Nihil
07-18The Hackish · The Consuming
10-04Hacksaw · Necrostalgia
03-22Hadal · Painful Shadow
02-03Hadal Maw · Olm
02-16Hader · Null
10-13Hades Archer · Temple of the Impure
06-05Hades Rising · Hades Rising
09-16Haegen · Immortal Lands
03-20Haemophagus · Stream of Shadows
10-06Haemorrhage · We Are the Gore
03-01Haeresian · Haeresian
08-18Hagetisse · Werg Devoot
01-20Haggatha · V
09-04Hail Caligula · Bacchanalia Sanguis
07-04Hailshot · Baptized in Sulphur: The Second Death
08-31Half Blood · Half Blood
10-20Hallatar · No Stars upon the Bridge
01-20Hamarsheimt · Auf in die Schlacht
08-04Hamka · Multiversal
03-24Hammerdrone · Dark Harvest
03-03Hammered Overkill · Devil's Music
07-18Hammer of Dawn · Too Little Too Late
08-01Hammer zur Wehr · Wortepanzer
05-22Hampa · Viracocha invierte las cruces
10-13Hamvides · Manipulando mentes
02-18Hanal Pixan · U k'aayo'ob K'ujo'ob
02-17Hands of Cernunnos · Myling
04-14Hands of Deliverance · Entity
06-02Hands That Lift the Oceans · Impetus
10-27Hanging Garden · I Am Become
04-04Hant · Arisen
01-07Happy Farm · Just Pig It
07-10Hard Venom · Vampire Rising
02-24Hark · Machinations
04-27Harkem · Departure's Course
03-02Harkla · Necrosis
03-10Harlej · Hodný holky zlý kluky chtěj
04-07Harlott · Extinction
08-18Harmdaud · Blinda dödens barn
03-14Harppia · 3.6.9. HAARP
04-28Harpyie · Anima
02-07Harvest Gulgaltha · Altars of Devotion
05-19Harvestman · Music for Megaliths
08-11Hassmord · Weltvrieden
05-05Hate · Tremendum
10-20The Hate Colony · Ascending
07-30HateDotCom · Timecracks
03-12Hatefulmurder · Red Eyes
03-10Hate Inclination · Disease Swept the Cosmos
06-11Hate Manifesto · To Those Who Glorified Death
09-15Hate Moon · The Imprisoning War
04-10Hatenemy · Reign in Terror
02-17Hate Unbound · Plague
03-23Hatrix · The Miserable Past
05-12Hats Barn · N.A.H.A.S.H
08-05Haunt · Haunt
08-25The Haunted · Strength in Numbers
07-31Haunting Depths · Death's Sacred Fire
04-07Haunting Skies · Into the Ether
05-01Hautaaminen · Alle itkekäät surusta majesteetti
03-10Havok · Conformicide
04-29Havukruunu · Kelle surut soi
03-17Haze of Summer · Znoi
09-22Hazzerd · Misleading Evil
07-28Headcrusher · Death Comes with Silence
05-15Headless Berserkers · The War Between the Species
03-24Heart Attack · The Resilience
10-06Heathen Hammer · White Spirit Black Mask
03-18Heaven's Scum · Beyond Human Footsteps
07-??Heaven and Hell · Resilience
01-04Heavenless · Whocantbenamed
07-07Heavens Fire · Playing with Fire
05-12Heavy Justice · And So We Fall...
03-10Hedninger · Beginning
09-01Hedras Ramos · The Impressionist
01-01Heiinghund · Vargmaane
10-20Heir · Au peuple de l'abîme
04-30Heiðnir · Thunder and Lightning, the Ancient Prediction
10-21Hela · Death May Die
04-20Heldune · Echoes of the Fallen
04-14Helengard · Firebird
04-27Helgast · It Came from Beyond the Observable
03-18Helgrindur · Von Einst
01-20Helheim · landawarijaR
03-24Helioss · Antumbra
05-05Helker · Firesoul
08-11Hell · Hell
05-17Hell's Edge · Bound by Curses
02-09Hell's Fire · Rest in Riffs
08-30Hellblood · Black Speed Metal Hell
06-17Hellbreaker · Thy Serpents Coven
05-??Hellcannon · Return to the Wasteland
03-11Hellcowboys · Hellcowboys
01-13Hellcraft · Apotheosis of War
05-29Helldamm · Pythium
05-20Hell Done · The Dark Fairytale
05-25Hellevaert · Hellevaert
06-10Hell Files · Hell Files
08-18Hell Fire · Free Again
03-03Hellflight · Mosh Pit Kerosene
02-27Hellfound · Іntruders
08-21Hellhaim · Slaves of Apocalypse
02-10Hellias · Eight Cardinal Sins
09-15Hell in the Club · See You on the Dark Side
09-15Hellion · Hordes of Witchery
09-01Hell Is Other People · Embrace
08-03Hell Kaiser · Crushing Heads
07-??Hell Kross · Trumpocalypse
01-13Hellmask · Raped God
01-27Hellmouth · Oblivion
02-17Hellpath · Through the Paths of Hell
10-11Hellrad · Counting Sins
02-24Hellrazors · Skull Metal
05-19Hellreign · Eclipse of Evil
06-08Hellrider · The Church
10-21Hellriders · Continuously Cursed
04-14Hellripper · Coagulating Darkness
03-31Hells Crows · Hell's Crows
04-??Hellside · Troca Desigual
09-23Hellvetica · Against the Odds
04-14Hellwell · Behind the Demon's Eyes
07-04Helmer · Helmer
01-23Helpless · Annihilation
02-08Helvenbeaste · Helvenbeaste
07-28Helvetestromb · Demonic Excrements Cursed with Life
02-28Helzebeth · Consummatum Est
02-20Henry Kane · Den förstörda människans rike
07-02Henry Metal · The Maestro Abides
08-29Henry Metal · Metal O'Clock
04-24Henry Metal · So It Hath Begun
06-01Henry Metal · Wizard vs Demon
03-??Hereafter · Insignia
07-01Herejia · Renascentia In Tenebris
07-07Heresiarch · Death Ordinance
10-27Heretic · A Game You Cannot Win
03-10Heretic · To the False
03-24Heretoir · The Circle
02-13Hereza · I Become Death
06-10Heritage · Ominous Ritus
01-18Hermit Cult · Witchcraft
05-31Hermóðr · Hädanfärd
01-13Hero · Miracles
05-05Hero's Last Rite · Wasted Prayer
05-10Herrwulf · Heathen Spring
09-20Herrwulf · Passage
02-10Hesperia · Caesar [Roma vol.I]
04-27Hesperion · Живим...
07-01Heterochrome · Melancholia
10-02Heterogeneous Andead · Deus Ex MacHina
02-24Hetroertzen · Uprising of the Fallen
09-01Hevisaurus · Mikä minusta tulee isona?
03-31Hexa Mera · Enlightenment
04-21Hexaurus · Saurus
07-28Hexenklad · Spirit of the Stone
04-11Hexer · Cosmic Doom Ritual
05-24Hexhammer · Hexhammer
04-08Hexis · Tando Ashanti
09-15Hexx · Wrath of the Reaper
05-12Hibagọn · Polyposmic
02-17Hidden Enemy · Проклятый путь
10-18Hidden Memories · Empirical Fragments
04-28Hideous Divinity · Adveniens
10-27Hideous Rebirth · La Fosa Comun
01-13Highborne · The Dusk of Solitude
10-13Highborne · Visions of Retribution
05-15Highland · Loyal to the Nightsky
09-15Highrider · Roll for Initiative
02-22Himiltungl · Öden
08-01Hinder · Doodendraad
05-26Hin Håle · Damnation
08-01Hit the Nails · In Nails We Trust
02-14Hladomrak · Arctic Hysteria
08-15Hog · There Is a War
09-01Hok-key · Kalasy pad siarpom
01-11Holdaar · Твоя война
03-17Hollow World · Exanimate
04-??Holocausto Canibal · Catalépsia Necrótica: Gonorreia Visceral Reanimada
02-01Holycide · Annihilate... Then Ask!
03-10Holy Martyr · Darkness Shall Prevail
05-06Holy Money · The Language Machine
08-29Holy Shit B.S.E. · Sex Vices Of The Third World
02-20Horcrux · Concealed & Earthbound
04-??Horde Casket · Xenopocalypse
01-10Hordes of the Apocalypse · The Cropsy Tapes and Other Slasher Legends!
01-21Hordes of the Apocalypse · The Humpty Dumpty Slasher Tales Pt 2
01-17Horde Victorieuse · Horde Victorieuse
01-27Horn · Turm am Hang
07-21The Horn · Volume Eighteen
10-18The Horn · Volume Nineteen
01-25The Horn · Volume Seventeen
06-23Horns · Totendienst VI - Antiphonae Omnes Mortum et Animas Infernalis
03-05Horrible Creatures · Pitfall
06-01Horrid · Beyond the Dark Border
09-29Horrified · Allure of the Fallen
01-15Horror of Horrors · Rust Flesh Dust
06-23Horror on Black Hills · Crowned by Mortician Lights
10-20Horrorscope · Altered Worlds Practice
03-28Horsemen · Thrust with Full Force
09-01Horseskull · Chemical Winter Blues
08-29Hounskull · Galactilord
01-27Hour of Penance · Cast the First Stone
09-11Hourswill · Harm Full Embrace
03-22Huldrekall · What Else Will Fade?
02-24Human · Contemplating Soliloquy
08-01Human Abasement · Annihilation of the Human Plague
01-27Human Ashtray · Exile
07-14Human Blackout · A la mort
07-01Human Decline · Human Decline
07-07Human Drain · Into the Deep Madness Abyss
06-30Human Excoriation · Celestial Devourment
01-20Humaniac · Grand Feast of Prudence
06-27Humanity Zero · Withered in Isolation
08-15Human Nihility · Biomass Adaptation
08-10Humanotone · Humanotone
02-26The Human Tragedy · Within Here Lies Pain
02-09Humbaba · A Timeless Mass
08-11Humiliation · No Escape
03-24Humulus · Reverently Heading into Nowhere
03-08Hungry Head Hunters · Wreck Creation
07-01The Hunters/th · Thrash Attack
09-30Hurakan · Multiversal Entities of Abhorrent Hatred
01-27Hurt 'Em · Condolence
02-26Huszar · Los nuevos absolutos: acto segundo
07-31Huszar · Providencia
03-28Hyban Draco · Storms of Desolation
03-17Hyborian · Hyborian, Vol. 1
06-09Hybreed Chaos · Entombed in Dark Matter
03-04Hybrid Harmony · Mislaid Myths
10-06Hybrid Nightmares · Almagest
01-27Hybrid Sheep · Hail to the Beast
02-17Hymn · Perish
06-12Hyperborean Skies · Empyrean Fracture
02-01Hyperomm · From Nothing to Eternity
03-24Hypnos · The Whitecrow
10-28Hyrgal · Serpentine
09-13Hägen · De cara al miedo
08-16Hërpes · El club de los monstruos
05-12Hörnhammer · Visions of Storm
01-07Hürlement · La mort sera belle
08-20Hāg · In Traumschwebe erstarrt
04-14IAmFire · From Ashes
02-07I Am the Liquor · 7 Days of Smoke
03-14Iapetus · The Long Road Home
05-08Iberian Wolves · Hasta el último aliento
04-28Ibéria · Much Higher Than a Hope
06-24Icarus Lives · Vantablack
10-21Ice Age · Breaking the Ice
06-12Iceaxe · El Diente
06-16Iced Earth · Incorruptible
04-28Ice Giant · Ice Giant
09-??Ice War · Ice War
02-03IC Rex · Tulen jumalat
07-07Ideas · Egység / Oneness
09-03Idlegod · Idlegod
07-19Idolist · Idolist
05-19Idre · Unforgiving Landscapes
07-07IER · LDL
02-03If I Could Kill Myself · Ballad of the Broken
08-31I, Forlorn · My Kingdom Eclipsed
06-11If You See Kaye · Black Flow Unbound
02-16Ignea · The Sign of Faith
01-09Ignis Gehenna · Baleful Scarlet Star
08-06Ignis Noctem · Thy Lord of Chaos
09-14Ignition · Psycho
06-02Ignition · Решаешь только ты
04-07Ignominious · The Throne and the Altar
08-11IIIVI Ghost · Prelude to the End
06-02Ikillya · War for an Idea
09-22Iku-Turso · The Great Tower
09-04Iliastrum · Тот, кто не сломался (He Who Does Not Break)
10-20Ilium · Sirens of the Styx: Re-Styxed
03-16Illimitable Dolor · Illimitable Dolor
05-26Illustrations · Acts of God
03-25Il Pàsaro · Revived
02-18Imandra · Гусфрабер
03-26Imber Luminis · Nausea
08-08Immatura Morte · Principium et Finis
05-06Immolated Moth · Pain
02-24Immolation · Atonement
04-30Immortal Abyss · Immortal Abyss
01-23Immortal Shadow · Horror Circus
08-04Immortal Sÿnn · Machine Men
01-18Impaled upon the Mountains · Declaration of War
09-01Impalers · The Celestial Dictator
07-07Impalers · Cellar Dweller
04-30Impending Annihilation · Delirium Tremens
09-28Imperceptum · Aeons of Saturnine Desolation
02-01Imperceptum · The Eternal Path to Nothingness
01-09Imperium Infernalis · Imago Dei
07-??Imperius Profanus · Império Profano
06-15Imperivm · Rome Burns
08-??Impery · II - La mirada muerta de la serpiente
06-16Impetuous Ritual · Blight upon Martyred Sentience
07-22Impiedoso · Reign in Darkness
09-22Implore · Subjugate
09-25Impunity · La miseria de las masas
04-05In Absenthia · Thou Shalt Not Forgive Fate
08-25Inanimate Existence · Underneath a Melting Sky
08-11Incantation · Profane Nexus
08-29Incarnal · Mortuary Cult
06-18Incarnator · Argumentum ad Ignorantiam
09-22Incertain · Rats in Palaces
08-05Incinerated · Lobotomise
03-21Incineration · Dawn of Dismemberment
07-15Incineration · Spreading the Fire of Chaos
04-30Incinerator · Stench of Distress
05-19Incited Abomination · Explicit Fantasies - Conjured Abnormalities
05-15Incontinence · Prey for Us
03-24Incordia · The Talon-Elder
09-25Incursed · Amalur
04-28Indemnity · Bloody Minded Bullet Headed
06-22INDenial · INDenial
08-22Indignity · Realm of Dissociation
04-15Indiscipline · Sanguinea
01-23Infamovs · Under the Seals of Death
08-18Infamy · Harum Scarum
03-25Infantry · Make War Not Love
03-31Infected · Judgment Day
01-27Infected Authoritah · Deliverance
09-15Infected Chaos · Killing Creator
08-24Infected Noise · Anxiety
05-24Infected Transistor · Sit on It and Rotate
04-02Infector Cell · Cultura Suicida
10-02Infekted · Emergence
01-20Infernal Angels · Ars Goetia
03-10Infernal Antarctica · From the Depths of the Earth
10-13Infernal Katharsis · Les limbes oniriques
08-16Infernal Katharsis · Purgation des passions
06-??Infernal Malice · Salve Satanas
07-03Infernal Symphony · The Poisoned Chalice
03-07Infernal Symphony · Unholy Persecution
01-12Inferno · Genética humana
04-04Inferno · Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)
09-15Inferno Requiem · 女媧 (Nüwa)
04-14Infernäl Mäjesty · No God
09-09Infest · Addicted to Flesh
02-09Infestation · Social Cannibalism
02-20Infested · Virus
05-05Infinitas · Civitas Interitus
07-15Infinity · The Beginning of the End
06-16Infinity · Hybris
01-27Infinityum · Lord of the Infinite
09-26Infitar · Rotation of the Sun
04-21Ingurgitating Oblivion · Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light
01-04Inheritance · Better Being Alone
09-01Inherithrone · Revelación svprema del nuevo eón
03-12Inheritor of Eternity · Revelations
02-26Inhumane Spells · Bloody Feast
06-??Injected Hate · Injected Hate
10-08Inmundus · Kingdom
04-21Innate · Apt to Change
09-22Inner Axis · We Live by the Steel
05-30Inner Core · Soultaker
09-22Innerforce · From Within
09-07Innermoon · Cloud Walkers
05-17Inner Side · The Corners of Time
10-20Inner Suffering · Forlorn
07-06Inner Suffering · Monolith
01-30Inner Suffering · To Grieve Eternally
09-26Inner Suffering · Tragedy
07-20Inner Suffering · Withering
01-01In Nomine Belialis · La Messe Noir
03-??In Nomine Satanis · Ajoelhado no Altar da Ignorância
05-26In Reverence · The Selected Breed
05-12Insane · Evil
02-16Insanehead · Scream of Anger
05-07Insania · Na počátku byl spam
02-11Insanity Cult · Of Despair and Self-Destruction
06-23Insatia · Phoenix Aflame
04-14Insatiable Ouroboros · No One Ever Wins
04-14Inshock · Long Leash
03-10Inside the Flames · Your Life Worth Nothing
03-31In.Si.Dia · Denso inganno
02-14Insidious One · Хочу, чтобы все умерли
03-01Insidious Reign · Fictitious Obsession
09-20In Silent · Martwy dopływ wisły
08-31In Somnia · For the Harvest
02-??Inspell · Murder Tales: I Confess
08-10Instinto Ancestral · La maldición del poder
01-01Insulters · Metal Still Means Danger
05-21Insult Kill · Vultures & Hyenas
09-29Insurgency · Militant Death Cult
10-06Insurrection · Extraction
01-11Insömniax · Misanthropunk
05-05Integral · Resilience
08-09Integritlie · Integritlie
07-14Integrity · Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume
05-27In Tenebriz · As the Spring Uncover Pain
05-15Interminable Corruptions · Xenodimensional Conflux
07-27Internal Frost · Lullabies of a Tortured Soul
06-02Intestinal Disgorge · Sonic Shrapnel
03-10In the Company of Serpents · Ain-Soph Aur
10-14In the Name of God · We Are the War
02-20In Thousand Lakes · Age of Decay
10-18Into Chaos · A Door of Ash and Alder
08-18Into Dark · Tone​.​Death​.​Memories
06-16In Tormentata Quiete · Finestatico
06-30Intoxicated Blood · Compulsive Violence
05-25Intoxicum · ...of Reign and Demise
05-05Intrauterine Demise · Into Nothingness
09-22In Twilight's Embrace · Vanitas
09-29In Vain · IV
02-17Invasion · Destroyer of Mankind
01-31In Vein · Resurrect
04-16Inverted Matter · Detach
01-28Inverted Mind · Broken Mirror
10-06Inverted Serenity · As Spectres Wither
08-22Invisible Enemy · Diversity
01-20Invisible Mirror · On the Edge of Tomorrow
02-20Invoke · Somnium Paradox
02-19Invunche · A imagen y semejanza
05-18Irae · Crimes Against Humanity
01-13Ira Nativa · Tras las puertas del Hades
06-23Irdorath · Denial of Creation
03-24Ire Wolves · Heirs
08-??Irgalom · Autumn Psalms
10-06Iris Divine · The Static and the Noise
05-28Irmin · Into My Order
04-30Iron Attack! · 80​'s グラフィティ
05-07Iron Attack! · Keep Your Faith
10-15Iron Attack! · Mystique Concerto
08-16Iron Attack! · 士魂 ~占守島の戦い~
08-11Iron Attack! · 本当は怖い東方世界
03-04Iron Buddha · Rat
05-20Ironflame · Lightning Strikes the Crown
08-25Ironklad · Recreational Self Destruction
10-20Iron Monkey · 9-13
08-24Iron Noose · Power Obtained // Power Abused
02-03Iron Reagan · Crossover Ministry
03-18Iron Wizard · Eschatonaut
10-28Irradiation · Annihilate
03-19Irvikuvotus · Musta siemen
09-15Is · Into My Own
09-17Isa · Небо в солёных колодцах
03-29Isaac Palón · 2501
07-14Isenblåst · Screams in Cold Silence
03-25Isenordal · Shores of Mourning
10-27Isfet · Shards from a Formless Past
02-14Ishyara · Sensory Deprivation
10-01Isle of Avalon · Of Tulgey Wood and the Table Rounde
07-28Israthoum · Channeling Death and Devil
02-20Isrike · Hailaz Balwa
05-15Isthar · La higuera
02-17Ithilien · Shaping the Soul
10-15Itnuveth · Tales and Legends of Wolves
09-22Itzamná · Brutal Thrash Metal
05-12Ius Talionis · Saligia
10-02Ivan · Strewn Across Stars
10-12Ivan Giannini · One
10-30Ixion · Return
04-07J'ai si froid... · Si ça continue il va pleuvoir
06-??Jackal · God of War
01-10Jack Face · Golden Cage
01-16Jackknife Seizure · Starfisher
08-25Jack Starr's Burning Starr · Stand Your Ground
07-01Jacobs Dream · Sea of Destiny
10-20Jacobs Moor · Self
09-22Jaeha Kim · Into Ashes
03-10Jagged Vision · Death Is This World
09-29Jag Panzer · The Deviant Chord
06-02Jakem · Civilización del mal
02-15Janvier · Janvier
08-26Jan Åkesson's Shadow Rain · Ascension
02-12Jarakillers · Still Macabre
08-18Jason Stallworth · Heavy Metal Workout II
10-20J. D. Overdrive · Wendigo
01-15Jegulja · Darkest Light
02-20Jenner · To Live Is to Suffer
07-21Jeopardy · You're Doing It Wrong
10-01Jerry Vayne · Blackmoon Asylum
04-07Jesters of Destiny · The Sorrows That Refuse to Drown
04-22Jimi Mitchell · Reflections
02-24Joey Concepcion · Alignment
05-12John Frum · A Stirring in the Noos
08-31John Steel · Everything or Nothing
04-01John Woodson's Leg · Even Further
04-28Jonne · Kallohonka
05-26Jordablod · Upon My Cremation Pyre
06-02Jorn · Life on Death Road
01-??Josh Middleton Project · Hollowed-Out Planetoid
04-21Jotnar · Connected/Condemned
09-09Joyless Euphoria · Joyless Euphoria
09-15Juan Saurín · Human
07-22Judd Madden · Cosmic Black Wizard Demon Horse Lord
07-??Judy Powder · Destructive Ride
05-05Julian X's Gunvolt · Infernal Galaxy
07-10Jute Gyte · Oviri
05-12Jvdecca · Fernweh
05-21Jörmungandr · Cernunnos
03-21The K2 Project · Recollection
01-11Kaasibal · The Void Nightmare
02-18Kaasschaaf · Obesitatas
10-06Kabexnuv · Dzyan
09-15Kadaverdisciplin · Death Supremacy
06-26Kafirun · Eschaton
09-17Kailess · KORA I
05-15Kaledon · Carnagus - Emperor of the Darkness
08-25Kal-El · Astrodoomeda
03-20Kalmankantaja · Demonwoods
09-22Kalmankantaja · Routamaa
03-31Kalopsia · Angelplague
10-10Kalt Vindur · Delusions
09-10Kamikaze Zombie · Night of the Nuberus
10-27Kanashimi · Inori
04-??Kaosophia · Serpenti Vortex
09-23Kapital · Semesta Rawa
09-04Karanlık · After Thousand Years of Terrifying Silence
10-??Kardashev · The Almanac
02-03Kardinal Sin · Kardinal Sin
10-06Kardinal Sin · Victorious
05-18Karkaos · Children of the Void
04-29Karne · Symposium of Torments
09-01Karpathian Relict · Beyond the Over
10-19Kartikeya · Samudra
02-10Kassad · Faces Turn Away
04-05Katharos XIII · Negativity
04-01Kattlik · Av jord kommen
09-22Kauan · Kaiho
03-31Kaunis Kuolematon · Vapaus
10-13Kaustik · In Bastards We Trust
03-08Kaz Horie · A Queen of the Secrets
03-19Keeper · Forever Free
10-27Keepers · Rising Again
04-10Keepers of Death · Истваан V: Вторая волна
05-07Keine Hoffnung · Disconnection Syndrome
03-01Keiser · The Succubus
10-27Keldian · Darkness and Light
03-31Kelelawar Malam · Jalan Gelap
04-05Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith · Overture of Destruction
01-31Kemerov · FMKD
05-25Kemwer · Kemwer
01-10Kenar Vandermay · Transcend
10-20The Kennedy Veil · Imperium
04-28Kenoma · The Tides Will Prevail
03-20Ketamine · 25​​.​​807²
08-26Key · A Lingering Vision
02-10KforKill · The World Is Broken
03-??Khapra · Shatterproof
05-26Khashm · Asmodeus Rising
08-19Khazaddum · Plagues upon Arda
02-16Khephra · I 9 volti del demonio
08-11Khmer · Larga sombra
04-10Khragkh · Ersatz
05-27Killbrain · The Chronicles of Satan
01-??Killed on Juarez · Gemini
03-01Killharmonic · Hymn of the Apocalypse
03-31Killing Age · Devil's Child
02-17Killing Suzy · Everybody Dies, Darling!
09-26Killing the Catalyst · When Chaos Reigns
08-25Kill Procedure · Brink of Destruction
07-20Kill the Hunters · Kill the Hunters
04-28Kill the Krait · Kill the Krait
03-14Kilta · Harmaa satama
05-12Kin Beneath Chorus · Invia
07-03King Bong · Sand ≈ Return
10-13The King Is Blind · We Are the Parasite, We Are the Cancer
04-25King James V · Life Is Predictable in Retrospect
08-05King Leviathan · Paean Heretica
03-17King of Asgard · Taudr
05-29King of Twilight · Reaching Dreams
09-22King Parrot · Ugly Produce
02-11Kings Will Fall · Thrash Force.One
02-24King Woman · Created in the Image of Suffering
04-26King Zog · King Zog
05-25Kira · Ancient Lies
06-06Klabautamann · Smaragd
07-24Klamath · Confounding Chaos
03-31Klamath · Remnants of Tranquility
04-11Klavium · No...Metal....No...Life
07-21Klingenberg Syndrome · Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
09-08Kloct · Healing
05-18Klynt · Faustbreaker
10-21K.M. · Познав конечность бытия
02-10Knight Area · Heaven and Beyond
07-02Kobold · Death Parade
05-12Kobra and the Lotus · Prevail I
03-21Koheigen · Session 0
02-23The Kollectors · JoyRide
04-25Kolp · Cured but Not Healed
07-17Koltdown · Rising
05-26Koma · Doomonic
01-05Komatryp · Calloused
09-15Korpus · Respekt
10-17Kortofertos · The Scorched Book
07-28Kosmopyria · Sinister
02-03Kozh Dall Division · Kozh Dall Division
10-27Krallice · Loüm
01-27Kreator · Gods of Violence
03-15Kreyskull · The Bird of Bad Weather
08-11Krieg · A Small Death: Sessions 2003
08-??Kriegsherr · Under Command of the Black Goat
09-12Krig · Alchemist's Culture
09-08Krigblåst · Dawn of the Apocalypse
04-26Krimh · Gedankenkarussell
06-18Krionik · Bestial Force
07-29Krite · Источник инфекции
01-27Krokus · Big Rocks
04-29Krolok · Flying Above Ancient Ruins
04-26Krossbreed · Peaceful Majority
02-17Krowos · Verbum Luciferi
10-25Kryphos · Jesus Devouring One of His Apostle
09-25Krystalyan · Rise from the Ashes
02-20Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man & Bass Guitar Playthrough
05-04Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 2 Guitar Playthrough 2017
10-05Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 8 Guitar Playthrough
05-27Krzysztof Słowikowski · Mega Man 9 Guitar Playthrough
10-06Krönös · Siete
09-15Krüel Kömmando · Synagoga Satanae
03-31Kuldefølels · Kuldefølels
04-02Kulturkampf · Conqueror Genesis
09-29Kvasir's Blood · W​.​O​.​T​.​A​.​N.
05-26Kyle Morrison · Pianometal
05-05Kynesis · Pandora
10-17Kyoji Yamamoto · Voice of the Wind
08-07Kyomdarak · 夢の続き
04-07Kyryem · Under the Sign of Leo, Part I
03-24Kâhld · No Fertile Ground for Seeds
03-??Kêres · Book of Desire
04-08Kömmand · Nekrö Kömmandö Attack!
01-05Køldun · The Winter Grayness
08-31Kørper · Inanitas
08-10Kły · Taran-Gai
04-14L'Ira del Baccano · Paradox Hourglass
04-21Labÿrinth · Architecture of a God
04-14Lacerta · Lacerta
09-15Lachesis · Passato futuro eternità
09-16LaColpa · Mea Maxima Culpa
04-13La Corriveau · Black Sorrow
04-23La Cuenta · La confessione di Antonius Block
03-12Lafaln · Antu's Rise
10-06La fin de la société telle que nous la connaissons · La fin de la société
05-05Laid to Waste · Mental Decay
03-10Lamazuus · Reino de Desolação
02-09Lamaštu · Death to All
06-13Lambton Worm · Без cожаления
08-01Lamento Funebre · Pasajes siniestros
10-20Lamúria Abissal · Eterno Outono da Alma
01-13Lancer · Mastery
03-17Lantern · II: Morphosis
03-31Laochra · Home and Heart
04-15Lapsus Mentis · Traición a la verdad
08-03Lascar · Saudade
03-??Lashblood · UnBeing
05-22La Skala de Richter · Facta Non Verba
02-23Last 9 Days · In Decline
01-31Last Command · Last Command
06-30Last Days of Beethoven · Blind Conductor
02-24Last Days of Eden · Traxel Mör
01-09Laster · Ons vrije fatum
04-12Last Kind of Life · No Fun Intended
03-31Last Moon's Dawn · Absence
05-07Last Performance · Allegiance to Fall
08-10Last Rites · Nemesis
03-21Late to Scream · Between Droughts and Fires
03-27Lava Invocator · Mörk
09-01Lavidius · Helisma
01-23Lawrence's Creation · Divinity
01-28Leathermask · Lithic
08-09Le Chant Noir · Ars Arcanvm Vodvm
01-20Lechy · Lechy
08-25Ledge · Cold Hard Concrete
06-12Legacy of Emptiness · Over the Past
10-25Legacy of Kain · I.N.V.E.R.S.O
03-30Legalize Crime · Beat the Law
01-02Legbah · Legbah
06-20Legend Wars · Guerreros de metal
08-05Legion · Gran mal
08-06Legionem · Ipse Venena Bibas
05-26Legionnaire · Dawn of Genesis
07-28Legion of Decadence · Yesterday's Over
09-16Le Grand Veau · Serenades décousues pour illuminatis déconcertés
09-07Leichenzug · Schwarz
05-22Leider · Alloys
08-25Leng Tch'e · Razorgrind
10-06Lento · Fourth
09-01Lepergod · Siniestro éxtasis
08-25Leprous · Malina
05-01Lesados · Jaula
09-11Leshy · Beyond the Void
09-21Letalmetal · Invencible
01-23Leteo · From the Depths
08-24Lethal Affection · Choose a Side
09-01Lethal Night · Visions in the Night
01-31Lethal Storm · Manipulated Mind
08-31Leucosis · Liminal
06-19Leśne Licho · Żółte kwiaty
06-05L.I.A.M. · Life Is a Masquerade
09-15Liar's Tongue · Threat of Intellect
04-21Libellula · Arenas eternas
09-11Liblikas · Unholy Moly
04-14Lich King · The Omniclasm
06-21Licho · Podnoszenie czarów
07-??Lied des Waldes · Withering Shades of Pale
04-30Liesvect · Liesvect 3 -verdict-
07-07Lifeless · The Occult Mastery
04-28Life of Agony · A Place Where There's No More Pain
04-07Light? · The Best World's Funeral
02-10Light? · Pink & Grey
04-08Light Being · Soulless
04-07The Lightbringer · Heptanity
03-03Light of the Morning Star · Nocta
03-08Like Fire · Into Northern Hellfire
04-13Lilith · Grown from Scorn
04-14Lilja · Kuusilmä
08-29Lilyum · Altar of Fear
05-25Limbo · Harbinger of Tempest
07-07Limbonic Art · Spectre Abysm
06-10Limbsplitter · Chloroform Cocktail
01-??Lions Den · Lions Den
06-23LionSoul · Welcome Storm
08-27Lithopedion · Antagonist
06-02LIV · LIV
09-06Liver Killer · Words of Wisdom
06-23Liver of a Duck · Perfect Gift
06-17Liverum · Discover Your Land
07-14Livid · Beneath This Shroud, the Earth Erodes
04-??Living Heart · Carry on for All
04-28Liv Sin · Follow Me
01-07Lizzard Wizzard · Total War Power Bastard
10-15Ljuska · Vessel of the Void
05-10L.L.O.G. · Mass Law Hate
08-10Lloth · Athanati
06-15Lluvia · Enigma
01-05Lockhart · Duck and Cover
08-15Lockhart · Saturn's Return
03-10Lock Up · Demonization
05-11Locus Titanic Funus · Lacrimal
02-27Locust Leaves · A Subtler Kind of Light
08-25Locust Year · The World Became Flesh
06-??Lodo · Lodo
06-09Logic of Denial · Aftermath
09-29Loincloth · Psalm of the Morbid Whore
03-11Lonely Star · My Personal Heaven
09-22Lonewolf · Raised on Metal
04-14Longhouse · II: Vanishing
04-28Looking for an Answer · Dios carne
04-??Lord Blasphemate · Lucifer Prometheus
04-20Lord Scum · Lord Scum
09-08Lord Shades · The Uprising of Namwell
02-28Lords of the High Ones · Cassette
01-13Lord Vigo · Blackborne Souls
01-30L.O.R.E. · Litany of Ruinous Entities
01-17Lorn · Arrayed Claws
05-19Lo-Ruhamah · Anointing
08-14Los21ed · Incarnations Pt. 2
06-23Los Cojones · Seguimos luchando
06-02Los Guardians del Pont · Camí d'Hiperbòria
05-19Loss · Horizonless
10-20Lostair · Ad Jubilaeum
05-26Lost Dreams · Exhale
09-30Lost in Desolation · Mourning II
03-03Lost in Grey · The Grey Realms
05-22Lost Shade · Hegau
05-27Los Yithians · Pnakotus
08-25Lotus · Lotus
04-14Lotus Ash · The Evening Redness
07-04Lotus of Darkness · The Naga Disguised as a Human
08-04The Lotus Throne · Occvlt
01-18Loud'n'Proud · The Stand
05-20Loudness of Silence · Ciernie
03-11Lousy Riders · Orphans
10-25Lovebites · Awakening from Abyss
07-28Loviatar · Loviatar
02-10Lowcaster · The Vapor Sea
04-28Lower Than Zero · X
08-25Low Flying Hawks · Genkaku
02-24L.S.D.A.P. · Alltags Demenz
03-22LSDoom · As Mum Watches Horrified
10-27LSDoom · Bullet Hoses
08-30LSDoom · The Burden
10-16LSDoom · Butcher
05-24LSDoom · Coma Deluxe
06-07LSDoom · Dread: Cycle
06-14LSDoom · Envy
08-12LSDoom · Final Destination
04-25LSDoom · Follow
10-06LSDoom · Hail
04-25LSDoom · Hide
09-25LSDoom · I Am
08-03LSDoom · Infestatio
05-14LSDoom · In Ruin
01-09LSDoom · Irukandji Syndrome
04-07LSDoom · Kavern Kroaker
07-17LSDoom · Long Live
03-07LSDoom · Man's Fault
01-30LSDoom · Mermezmerize
09-03LSDoom · Moonstone
08-19LSDoom · Mumma's Meat Sauce
01-23LSDoom · Na​*​ive
06-20LSDoom · On Par
09-06LSDoom · Play It Cool
03-15LSDoom · Satitanic
03-30LSDoom · The Scarecrow
06-08LSDoom · Set Sail
09-16LSDoom · Slither
05-07LSDoom · Soar Sauce
02-21LSDoom · TAWA
10-06LSDoom · Theremonies
04-28LSDoom · They Call Me Tracy
07-15LSDoom · To Death
07-29LSDoom · Unwanted Visitor
06-28LSDoom · Worth of the World
07-06LSDoom · You're Here for the Weekend
05-20LSDoom · You Can't Beat the System
09-15Lucid Dreaming · The Chronicles Pt. II
02-20Lucifer's Chalice · The Pact
01-14Lucifer's Dungeon · The Dark Army Raises
08-12Lucifer's Dungeon · Music of Lost Spirits
02-24Lucifera · Preludio del mal
03-30The Lucifer Principle · Play Dead
04-03Lumberjacks · The Chronicles of Krapfur
01-17Luna Azure · Eternal Luminescent Shadows
02-11Lunacy · Siguatera
03-10Lunar Shadow · Far from Light
04-17Lunatic Hooker · Embracing the Filth
04-13Lunatic Power · In the Beginning
05-07Lunatii · Elimino
05-19Lungrot · Blood of the Baker
08-04Lungrot · Psychedelic River
03-03Lungrot · The Serpent of Coyote Hill
08-11The Lurking Fear · Out of the Voiceless Grave
01-26The Lust · The Black Dahlia Poem
08-26Luthero · Genocida de almas
02-28Lux Perpetua · The Curse of the Iron King
09-30Luz Negra · Inside the Hive
03-11Lvx Hæresis · Descensŭs Spīrĭtŭs
08-21Lycanthropy · A.V.R.E.I.L.
05-09Lyceum · Vengeance
05-07Lying Figures · The Abstract Escape
09-27Lyzzärd · Savage
04-01Lápide · Morte ao Mundo
09-??Légende · Inquisidor
08-11Lör · In Forgotten Sleep
07-05Lösung Krieg · Our Reich Shall Be Victorious
05-31Lęk · Shadows of Black Souls
03-03Maat · Monuments Will Enslave
07-26Mad:alarM · Wake Up Call
04-21MadBrain · Retribution
06-30Made in Hell · Age of Wars
02-27Mad-Era · Mad-Era
06-30Mad God · Tales of a Sightless City
03-01Madness of Sorrow · N.W.O. The beginning
02-14Madre Bruja · Días grises
06-27Madrost · The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh
07-??Maelstrom · Maelstrom
03-18Mage · Green
09-01Magenta Harvest · ...and Then Came the Dust
04-25Maggot Bath · Flaccid Discharge
04-21Maggot Colony · Vile Reincarnation
08-??Maggots · Death Metal Masacre
06-16Magister · The Art of Changes
07-05Magistina Saga · Reingrimonation
07-17Maglor · Asunder
05-12Magnacult · Infinitum
09-27Magnetic Storm · Hate Will Save the World
04-19Magnus Wakander · Sed de Morte, Pt. 1
10-11Magnus Wakander · Severed Hope
06-30Magoth · Anti Terrestrial Black Metal
03-13Mahakala · The Second Fall
09-22Maharaja · Kali Yuga
03-10Maigra · Encrypted
06-09Maim · Ornaments of Severity
03-03Majesty · Rebels
08-20Majorem Gloriam · Braços Abertos
09-04Major Kong · Brace for Impact
07-28Make Them Suffer · Worlds Apart
09-30Malacath · No Sense in Self Worth (The Dissolution of Wish and Dream)
02-15Malaflame · Cá del Diaol
06-09Malamorte · Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of God
09-16Malauriu · Semper ad Mortem Cogitantes
10-02Malchus · Ur
05-31Maledia · Human Trash Deluxe
09-??Malefactor · Sixth Legion
05-26Malet Grace · Malsanity
05-19Malevolence · Self Supremacy
06-30Malevolents · Dead to Rights
02-11Malevolus Storm · Malevolus Storm
02-08Malignance · Architects of Oblivion
03-13Maligno · Camino al infierno
03-10Malignus Morttvss · The Digital Aureole of the Angels Are Disappearing - Remix
01-05Malignus Morttvss · Ejaculation Putrefaction
01-26Malignus Morttvss · !​!​!​!The Leader of Doom!​!​!​!
03-11Malkavian · Annihilating the Shades
04-21Mallevs Maleficarvm · Homo Homini Lupus
01-01Malnourished · Malnourished
06-30Malphas · Morning Star Resplendent
05-16Malsumis · Spirit Decay
10-??Malum · Night of the Luciferian Light
10-15Mammot · Odyssey Adrift
04-28Mammoth Mammoth · Mount the Mountain
07-14Mammoth Salmon · Magnetic Fields of Radiant Light
06-01Mammüth · Outlander
05-??Mandibula · Frostnacht
04-14Mandragora Malevola · Awakening the Impvre
10-30Mandrágora · Waves of Steel
02-22Manetheren · The End
07-07Mangler · Dimensions of Terror
01-09Mangog · Mangog Awakens
06-05Mang Ont · Võhk
09-08Manhunter · Stay Dead
09-22Manic Depression · 11 приступов депрессии
09-22Manifesting Obscenity · Doppelganger
09-22Manigance · Machine Nation
09-04Manilla Road · To Kill a King
01-17The Mantle · The Mantle
02-20Manxome Foe · Osmium
09-30Maquahuitl · Teocalli of the Sacred War
02-20Marche Funèbre · Into the Arms of Darkness
02-03March the Desert · Tidal Mind
06-24Marcio Dentro · The Dawn of a Zombie Society
09-27Marco Di Stasio · Another Way
08-01Marco Di Stasio · Begin
01-06Marco Di Stasio · Different Colors Vol​.​4
10-08Marco Di Stasio · Dimensions
03-27Marco Di Stasio · Lost in the Dreams
08-12Marco Di Stasio · Lost Planet
01-22Marco Di Stasio · Metal Sonata Vol​.​3
03-19Marco Di Stasio · Obsessions
06-11Marco Di Stasio · Obsessions Vol​.​3
10-20Marco Di Stasio · Space Travel
10-14Marco Di Stasio · Spirit
03-03Marco Di Stasio · Under the Sky Vol​.​2
02-01Marco Di Stasio · Winter Memories Vol​.​2
07-??Marrano · Nuclear Death
02-03Mars · Precession of the Equinoxes
02-11Mars · Reign of Suns
04-15Marthyrium · Beyond the Thresholds
08-04Marty Friedman · Wall of Sound
04-21Martyr Defiled · Young Gods
04-24Martyrdoom · Grievous Psychosis
08-02Martyre · The Last Solace
09-02Mary Cries Red · Visceral Anathema
04-28Masachist · The Sect (Death REALigion)
09-15Mascharat · Mascharat
02-09Mashit · Deceso
09-23Mask of Satan · Silent Servants - Chants of Lovecraftian Horror
07-08Mason · Impervious
10-13Masqued · The Light in the Dark
06-23Masquerade · Soul Deception
06-01Massemord · Play Your Song...One Last Time
07-07Massive Assault · Mortar
03-09Massive Bleeding · Whore
03-06Massive Fire · Atomic Fusion
02-22Mastectomy · Hell on Earth
03-31Mastema · Golden World
03-07Master Boot Record · C​:​\​COPY *​.​* A: /V
09-20Master Boot Record · INTERRUPT REQUEST
05-19Mastercastle · Wine of Heaven
07-30Masterplan · PumpKings
10-20Masters of Disguise · Alpha / Omega
06-29Mastikatione Mortuorum · Maledictum ex Mortuis
03-31Mastodon · Emperor of Sand
10-20Matan S.A. · Parte III: El orfanato
09-25Matanza · Sangriento
06-15Mater Monstifera · Vězení bizarních bohů
07-??Matrekis · Kill Your Captor
01-05Matt Danger · Age of the Monolith
02-12Maudite Decadence · 1316
09-08Mausoleum Gate · Into a Dark Divinity
06-22Mavradoxa · Lethean Lament
02-??The Maximones · Váyanse o mueran
07-29Maximum Carnage · Blackened Sun
04-17Maysaloon · The Forgotten Dawn
01-09Maze of Sothoth · Soul Demise
10-30Mazzone · Brutus
05-10M.C.C. · M.C.C
05-26Meadows · Il risveglio
01-27Mean Messiah · Hell
06-02Mean Streak · Blind Faith
02-17Meatshank · Ruins of Depravity
02-11Mechanization · Mortem in Aeternum
01-01Mechina · As Embers Turn to Dust
03-12Medda · Conquest
08-31Medebor · Dark Eternal
01-??Mediadhor · Campos Mortais
07-16Mediis Tenebris · Là où les Hommes se perdent
01-28Medium · Rompiendo cadenas
10-13Mefisto · Mefisto
08-??Megadroid · Activate!
04-14Megaira · Power, Lies and Death
10-06Megasonic · Without Warning
04-10Megassault · Fatal Infection
08-21Mekigah · Autexousious
01-07Melancholia · À l'ombre des pendus
02-17Melancholic Seasons · Melancholia
04-15Melancholie · Memories So Bleak, Murmuring Winds
06-06Melancholy · Beastlake
10-17Mellow · Human Antipathy
06-17Mellow · IV
03-24Meltdown · Answers
02-14Meltdown · Винил
07-07Melvins · A Walk with Love & Death
10-16Membrance · Abyss
01-25Mementoria · Mementoria 1.5
02-07Memorial · Volucris
03-24Memoriam · For the Fallen
10-26Mendel · Universal Omega
05-??Mentors · The Illuminaughty
08-25Mephistofeles · ( ( ( I ' M H E R O I N ) ) )
05-12Merchant · Beneath
01-13Mercury Rust · Mercury Rust
01-13Merge Conflict · XXI
04-22Meridius · Sealed in Blood
07-06Merihim · Merihim
06-09Merrimack · Omegaphilia
03-13Merrin · Keres - Original Soundtrack
09-15Mesmur · S
04-28Mesosphera · Mythopoiesis
06-09Mesrine · Source of Hatred
02-01Messier · Firmes hasta el final
09-13The Metal Alliance · Forged by Steel
08-31MetalBlack · Reflection of Dream
06-04MetalBlack · Taste of Infinity
05-06MetalBlack · Touch of Eternity
05-11MetalBlack · Дисбаланс
05-02MetalBlack · Прыгнуть в небо
05-22Metalian · Midnight Rider
10-27Metalite · Heroes in Time
04-07Metall · Metal Heads
06-??Metalmorfosis · Juego perverso
03-02Metalmorphose · Ação & Reação
06-26Metalthor · Conjuros de fuego
01-14Metalurgia · Elementos
01-25Metamorf · The Winds of Sorrow
03-07Metanium · Human Race
03-10Metanoia · Shades of Melancholy
06-18Meteora · Our Paradise
07-11Meterse · Power Collector
06-23Methadone · Absentia
02-17Methane · The Devil's Own
10-01Methodical Perversion · No Offense
10-13Methwitch · Piss
04-28Methylhate · L'inconveniente di essere nati
03-13Metralla · El ataúd
10-28Metropolis Child · Through the Hosts
04-13Mevil Nekrotica · Asylum Fear
05-11Miasthenia · Antípodas
10-23Midnartiis · With Reverence and Will​.​.​.
10-20Midnight · Sweet Death and Ecstasy
04-28Midnight Messiah · Led into Temptation
04-21Midnight Rider · Manifestation
09-??Midnight Scream · Dark Blood
04-07Midnight Sorrow · Pick a Tale
09-15Midnite Hellion · Condemned to Hell
07-01Might Execution · Sceptic and Controversial
02-08Milestone One · Blind Alley
08-06Militia · Old Sküll
03-31Milking the Goatmachine · Milking in Blasphemy
10-25Millennium · Awakening
03-10Million · Waiting for the Sunrise
08-27Milopkl · Extreme League
10-26Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay · Thousand Years of Emptiness
03-14Mind Dominion · Edges of Dominion
09-15Mind Factory · Lacrima
03-24Mindfar · The Dark Tower
09-22Mind Ineffability · Prophecies of the End
07-14Mindkult · Lucifer's Dream
05-12Mindlag Project · Clinamen
04-28MindMaze · Resolve
06-18Mind of Fury · Do or Die
03-24Mindsnare · Unholy Rush
06-19Mind Storm · Dead or Alive
08-29Minerva · Los ecos del viento
03-21Minetaur · Gravel Pit
01-30Minneriket · From the Veins of a Nearly Dead Boy
10-13Minotauro · Apocalyptic Sense
07-17Minus Inferno · Blizzard of Souls
09-22Mirror · Mirror
06-15Mirrored in Secrecy · Solitution
08-08Mirror Morionis · Our Bereavement Season
05-10Mirrors of Obsidian · From One Form
10-27Misanthrope · XΩ (Alpha X Omega: Le magistère de l'abnégation)
07-07Misanthrope Monarch · Regress to the Saturnine Chapter
10-29Misanthropic Art · Oblivion Territory
01-29Misanthropic Existence · Death Shall Be Served
05-25Misanthropic Imperium · Cawan Amarah
03-31Misanthropic Kommando · Aryan Misanthropic Wolf
07-29Misanthropic Rituals · Human Dirt
07-11Misbehave · Ад на земле
03-24Miserium · Ascension
09-29Mistralth · My Grief
04-08Mistwalker · Alexander Bay
01-13Misty Gates · Гарт/Hard
08-22Mitosis · Escenario mental
07-09Mjölnir · Magnet Vektor
10-13Mjød · Пепел времён
07-07M.O.D. · Busted, Broke & American
08-03Mogh · Gach Pazh
07-28Molasses Barge · Covered in Molasses
07-??Molasses Barge · Molasses Barge
05-27Moldy Castle · The Farce is Played
02-11Molphar · Ice Kingdom
04-07Moment of Winter · Voice of the Forest
09-08Monarch · Go Forth... Slaughter
09-22Monarch · Never Forever
05-20Monarch Woods · The Ichorite's Plague
09-19Monedula · Monedula
03-01The Moniac Sound-Maker · Professional Self​-​Destruction
05-29Monist · Realm of Burned Men
04-06Monobrow · The Nacarat
08-07Monolith · Nexus (Orchestral Suite)
05-05The Monolith Deathcult · Versus
09-29Monolord · Rust
10-20Monster · Blood-Soaked Restart
02-21Monsterworks · Alternātum
10-07Monstraat · Scythe & Sceptre
05-20Montañas · Cargados de furia los cuerpos resisten
09-02Monte Luna · Monte Luna
02-28Montezuma's Revenge · Them
10-23Montibus · Montibus
03-30Mood · Marks on the Black Moon
06-15Moonaadem · Moonaadem
04-21Moonbow · War Bear
06-05Moonfog · Blood Splatter Stories
01-01Moongates Guardian · Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded!
03-24Moonloop · Devocean
10-02Moonscape · Entity
07-22Moral Hazard · Moral Hazard
05-19Morass of Molasses · These Paths We Tread
03-31Morast · Ancestral Void
09-09Morbid Art · The Cult of Flesh
08-25Morbid Evils · Deceases
04-24Morbid Flesh · Rites of the Mangled
10-12Morbid Holocaust · Atmospheric Armageddon
05-23Morbid Perversion · Rites of Lust and Blasphemy
03-26Morcegos · Ritualised
02-17Mord'A'Stigmata · Hope
08-25Mordatorium · Obsessed with Death
02-24Mordbrand · Wilt
07-??Mordenial · The Plague
01-06Mordskog · XIII
02-22Mordum · And What Is the Truth?
05-05Morfin · Consumed by Evil
07-??Morfina · De gritos y sordos
03-18Morgengrau · Staub zu Staub
05-31Morgon · Evoking Eternity
01-14Moribund Mantras · Into Nothingness
06-18Moribundo · Raíz amarga
09-29Mork · Eremittens dal
07-01Morke · Morke
10-20Mormel · Nulpunt
09-16Mormieben · L'armada en chasse
03-31Morpheus' Dreams · What Dreams May Come?
06-19Morpheus Tales · II
04-09Morphinist · Follow the Grain
09-28Morphinist · Lust
09-15Morphosys · The Saw Is Family
02-10Mors Principium Est · Embers of a Dying World
09-15Mortal Ashes · An Abhorrence
02-01Mortal Hatred · Abandoned Forsaken
02-17Morta Skuld · Wounds Deeper than Time
02-02Mort aux Gueux · Beuverie, musique du diable et misère crasse
07-01Morthur · Between the Existence and the End
03-28Mortido · II: Misanthropic Manifesto
02-25Mortifer · -untitled-
01-01Mortifica · Atrocious Autopsy
04-21Mortiis · The Great Corrupter
03-15Mortiis · The Unraveling Mind
07-30Mortt · Transendensi
10-13Mortum · Eheieh Chaos
09-13Mortuus Neurons · Nice to Eat and Gut
04-21Mortör · Burn Up the Dead
01-27Morver · Staying in the Abyss
03-18Moshead · Game of Knowledge
04-20MoSKowa · The Man of the Three Island
10-10Mosrot · Chaos Circle
03-17Mothership · High Strangeness
03-03MotherSloth · Moon Omen
09-06Motherwood · Motherwood
07-26Motorband · V
04-28Motto Perpetuo · Circus of Life
07-15Moulded Flesh · Mind over Mayhem
07-13Mouldered · Chronology of a Rotten Mind
08-03Mountain Bastard · Cult
07-24Mountaineer · As Righteous, As Flawed: Volume I
03-24Mountain God · Bread Solstice
05-13Mountains Crave · As We Were When We Were Not
09-20Mountainwolf · Absinthe Moon
04-28Mount Atlas · Titan
04-28Mount Depression · IV: Dying Under the Master's Vision
09-28Mourning Souls · Ambient
10-02Mourning Souls · Ambient 2
10-03Mourning Souls · Ambient 3
10-03Mourning Souls · Ambient 4
09-08Mourning Souls · Apenas Noise
10-??Mouthing the Offal · Transgender Defunct
10-13Mouth of Sauron · Hearken the Echo of Music
06-18Moymondo · Iracundo
07-30MRTVI · Negative Atonal Dissonance
03-23M.S. · Carne de tun
04-20Mucupurulent · Drenched in Blood
05-02Mudbath · Brine Pool
09-08Muert · Ye Canariae Abezan
05-07Mugo · Race of Disorder
10-25Muireterium · Ode to the Nature
01-26Multinominous · Behold the Kingdom
06-23Municipal Waste · Slime and Punishment
05-05Murderline · Evil Has No Shape
01-27The Murder of My Sweet · Echoes of the Aftermath
01-14Murkocet · Digging Mercy's Grave
03-17Mursa · Ectopic
03-10Musta Myytti · Portti Kyöpelinvuorelle
01-27Mustan Kuun Lapset · Saatto
02-10Mutiny Within · Origins
05-05Mutual Aid · Slaves of Capital
10-22My Deathbed · Abandon
05-??My Last Suicide · Mission F.U.B.A.R
10-02Mynskh · Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection
09-15Myopia · Transmyopic Interconnection
09-05Myotis Treble · Revolution of Darkness
10-06My Purest Heart for You · Isolation and the Ward of Internal Abuse
10-20Myraak · Myraak
06-23My Regime · Deranged Patterns
06-01Myrkgand · Myrkgand
09-15Myrkur · Mareridt
03-20My Silent Wake · Invitation to Imperfection
10-12Mystagos · Ho Anthropos Tes Anomias
04-29Mystère Nordique · Isolitude
08-07Mythology · Vengeance upon Olympos
04-28Mythra · Still Burning
09-12My Useless Life · My Useless Life
01-28Mörb · Eclipse II
06-21Møntsën · The Lie
01-24Mørke Riket · Svarte sjelers land
02-11Mørkt Tre · To the Graves of Smoldering Time
09-17Nacarbide · Lots of Eyes
10-13Nachtblut · Apostasie
06-15Nachteule · Vaste Inconnu
04-??Nachtgeblüt · Dying Echoes of a Past Forlorn
03-03Nachtgeschrei · Tiefenrausch
03-31Nachtvorst · Verlies
02-17Na Cruithne · Gairm an Fhiantais
07-07Nadja · Stripped
05-31Naer Mataron · Lucitherion "Temple of the Radiant Sun"
05-03Nagaarum · Homo Maleficus
09-29Nailblack · Envied
02-03Nailed to Obscurity · King Delusion
06-04Najand · Lantern of Blood
05-08The Name · Momentos
02-25Nan Elmoth · Void Serpent
03-07Naos · Unity in Diversity - Awakening
07-07Narbeleth · Indomitvs
03-24Narchost · Throne of Chaos
10-13Narcotic Wasteland · Delirium Tremens
05-16Nargaroth · Era of Threnody
05-06Nargathrond · Freigeist
05-26Narthraal · Screaming from the Grave
01-15Nasty Surgeons · Exhumation Requiem
01-17Natanas · Gathered Dispersal Halted
06-18Natanas · Men Whistle in the Trees
04-09Natanas · Withered
03-28Nathorg · Torch Holder ov Death
09-22National Suicide · Massacre Elite
02-26Nation in Despair · Utopia
07-17Natrium · Vertigo of Abjection
02-12Natt Sang · Fimbulwinter
06-14Nattsmyg · När solen slocknar
06-13Nattsmyg · Sinmara
09-30Nattverd · Vi vet gud er nn løgner
10-26Natvre's · Early Cvlts
04-14Naudiz · Wulfasa Kunja
04-17Naugrim · Naugrim
09-05Naurrakar · Apogeum
09-29Nautilus · The Wrath of the Sea
10-13Nazghor · Infernal Aphorism
08-14Nebelwerfer · The Maw of Darkness
03-09Nebulah · Rising Eternity
03-08Nebulas · Those Who Belong to the Mist
02-??Nebulosa XY · Entre el miedo y la verdad (Parte 1 - Prólogo)
02-19Nebulosa XY · Entre el miedo y la verdad, parte II
03-19Nebulosa XY · Entre el miedo y la verdad, Pt. 3: Epílogo
06-05Necandi Homines · Da'at
03-31Necroblood · Collapse of the Human Race
04-20Necrocosmos · Necrocosmos
01-02Necrofili · The End of Everything
05-25Necrohell · Deathwings
06-16Necroheresy · Asylum
03-31Necrolatry · Suck My Balls
03-10Necrology · Odyssey
08-18Necrolytic Goat Converter · Isolated Evolution
08-18The Necromancers · Servants of the Salem Girl
05-12Necromancy Slave · Obscurum Prevails
03-04Necromante · The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces
08-02Necrometer · Sick Machine I
08-02Necrometer · Sick Machine II
08-04Necrometer · Sick Machine III
08-04Necrometer · Straitjacket Supervillain
05-08Necronomisurf · Vampira Surf Horror
09-16Necrophile · Awakening Those Oppressed
06-08Necrophor · Reborn
06-15Necropia · Laid to Waste
01-03Necroshine · Dechristianrites
07-17Necrosis · Mythogenesis
06-09Necrot · Blood Offerings
08-14Necrotic Entity · SS Aufseherinnen
02-16Necrotic Entity · Temple of the Vampyric Goddess
02-27Necrotombs · 37th Parallel
04-11Necrotomy · Inhuman Mankind
10-27Necrotted · Worldwide Warfare
07-04Necrovaginal Prolapsing · And the Maggots Will Devour Their Corpses
05-03Necrovaginal Prolapsing · Eternal Suffering
09-29Necrovorous · Plains of Decay
04-14Necrowretch · Satanic Slavery
09-22Necrytis · Countersighns
01-17Need · Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom
03-21Negativa · 02
10-07Negative 22 Celsius · Angry Little Trees
02-17Negentropy · Eternal Persecution
03-14Neige et Noirceur · Verglapolis
03-20Neker · Louder
09-29Nekhrah · Cosmic Apostasy
10-13Nekroholocaust · Hymns of Ruthless Pestilence
04-26Nekrokult · Desecration of Blood
07-??Nekromantie · Holocausto de guerra
06-02Nekron · Psychosis
09-15Neltharia · Inmortales del norte
09-01Nemecic · The Deathcantation
05-20Nemesis · Atrocity Unleashed
06-09Nemesis · Resurrección
08-25Nemesis Alpha · Nemesis Alpha
02-17Nemesis Sopor · MMXL
02-05Nemus · Wald - Mensch
10-27Ne Obliviscaris · Urn
02-26Neocaesar · 11:11
01-13Neoplasma · Watch the Fire
01-01Neperia · Drawing New Worlds
05-06Nephilim's Howl · Through the Marrow of Human Suffering
10-13Nephren-Ka · La grande guerre de l'épice
07-28Neptuniam · Poetry of Creation
09-08Neraeon · N.H.S.H
09-12Nergal · Νύκτα γεμάτη θάματα - νύκτα σπαρμένη μάγια
08-25Nervecell · Past, Present...Torture
04-07Nervochaos · Nyctophilia
06-15Nesher · Sistema Babilônia
03-30Neshorn · Even in Dark Days
10-06Nesseria · Cette érosion de nous-mêmes
05-12Netherdusk · Dünyadan Kalanlar
07-31Nethermancy · Magick Halls of Ascension
09-20Nethersphere · Arrival
01-05Nethirium · Unleashed
03-09Netra · Ingrats
05-17Neuronal Eradication · Orderly Progression
10-20Neuronspoiler · Second Sight
06-23Neurotech · The Catalyst
05-05Nevergreen · Monarchia
05-19Neverland in Ashes · Conversations
06-23Neverlight · Nova Red
08-28Neverya · Neverya
05-01Nevrome · Black Sun
08-25Nex · The World Collapses
04-12Nexdeus · Long Since Forgotten
07-07Next to None · Phases
07-28Nexul · Paradigm of Chaos
03-01NIB · The Bianca Trouble Landing
09-22Nibiru · Qaal Babalon
03-08Nibs · Toward the Glow
05-23Nick Banger · Nick Banger
06-12Nicolas Waldo · Equilibrium
04-21Nicrotek · The Astral Gate
06-10Nicrotek · Dark Nature
07-16Nicrotek · Frozen
04-13Nicrotek · Lost Legends
06-15Nicrotek · The Seven Seas
07-07Nicumo · Storms Arise
02-10Nidingr · The High Heat Licks Against Heaven
02-07Nidstang · Retribution Will Come
03-27Niels Vejlyt · Concerto
09-01Night · Raft of the World
06-??Nightborn · Skyless
04-14Nightbringer · Terra Damnata
07-05Nightcap · Against the War's Masters
07-06Nightcap · Anarchybrain Never Die!
06-30Nightcap · Esistential Introspective
07-05Nightcap · Inside This Fucking World
06-30Nightcap · Locked in Myself
06-30Nightcap · The Madman's Eye
07-05Nightcap · Master Unit
06-30Nightcap · Mectaveriums Proditores
06-30Nightcap · Psychomemories from the Sun
06-30Nightcap · This Is Not My World
07-10Nightcap · Unsane
04-21Night Demon · Darkness Remains
05-19The Night Flight Orchestra · Amber Galactic
05-27Nightpröwler · Unholy Rawness
03-31Nightrage · The Venomous
08-05Night Sight · The Beginning
01-01The Nightstalker · A Journey in Hell
09-15Nightstryke · Power Shall Prevail
10-20Night Viper · Exterminator
09-22Nihil · Human Decay
04-15Nihilation · A Misanthrope's Guide to the Planet
10-13Nihil Eyes · Black Path
08-01Nihil Invocation · Chthonian Twilight Ritual
07-03Nihilist · Dogmat
08-22Nihilisticon · Paysages Nihilisme
08-09Nihility · Imprisoned Eternal
01-07Nihilosaur · Hymn & Ruin
01-21Niht · Vanum
01-10Nine Treasures · Wisdom Eyes
09-01Nino Helfrich · Hourglass
07-03Niohoggr · The Reckoning of Thy Elders
09-22Nishaiar · Universum
06-16Nistikko · Väsy
04-07Nithean · End Game
03-03Noceur · Apocrypha Condemno
01-13Nocny Kochanek · Zdrajcy metalu
01-30No Concession · De Homine
05-26Nocte Obducta · Totholz (Ein Raunen aus dem Klammwald)
03-??Noctivagant · The Black Mirror
01-01Noctu · Illuminandi - Esoterica illuminazione ermetica
03-10Nocturnal Depression · Deathcade
08-25Nocturnal Hollow · The Nuances of Death
09-29Nocturnal Rites · Phoenix
07-31Nocturnal Triumph · Into Light's Graven Womb
04-15Nocturne Draconis · Myrkviðr
09-15Nocturnes Mist · Diabolical Baptism
09-27Nocuous · Saligia
04-05Nofuck · Walls of Flesh
09-13Noirad · Penny Dreadfuls
02-11Noirgale · IV
09-08Noirgale · Noirgale V
04-13Noituma · Ruoto
05-08Nokturnal Mortum · Істина
03-02Noldor · Condemned to Eternity
07-28No Limited Spiral · Into the Marinesnow
02-17Nomadic Rituals · Marking the Day
07-07No Man's Throne · Kingdom of Hysteria
04-11None · None
01-19Non Omnis Moriar · Origins
08-24No One Gets Out Alive · Hidden Bloodiness
08-05Noplies · Silent Land
10-01No Point in Living · The Autumn
07-11No Point in Living · Depression
09-01No Point in Living · Past Memories
07-11No Point in Living · The Summer
03-25Nordland · European Paganism
01-30Norothin · Frozen Wolf
03-01Norrsköld · Withering Virtue - The Second Chapter
05-25Norse · The Divine Light of a New Sun
02-17Norseth · Face of the Shade
05-26Norska · Too Many Winters
07-19Norsufraal · Bestialis Passionum
03-12Norsufraal · Cyclope
03-18Northern Curse · Northern Curse
10-27Northern Discipline · Third Decimation
07-28Northern Plague · Scorn the Idle
03-19Northrend · For Eternal Rule of Death
02-??Norunda · Irruption
04-20Nosis · Nosis
08-07Nostoc · Ævum
04-30Nostrum · Infernal Tomb
01-03Nosturaack · Ilsomr
07-14Nothing Lies Above · Liber Teth
09-22Nott · Disfacimento
07-18Noturnall · 9
04-28Noumena · Myrrys
07-01Novae Militiae · Gash'khalah
04-14Novembers Doom · Hamartia
06-22Novgorod · Zaporozhian Mockery
03-27Novon · The Warrior's Fate
03-23No Way · Challenge
02-??Nowhere · The Lifted Veil
02-18Nox Ater · Cult to Darkness
09-25Nox Desperatio · Anima Veritas Vita Morte
03-15Noxia · The Age of Wisdom
02-26Nox Vorago · Al Chem
04-07No Zodiac · Altars of Impurity
07-28NRIII · Burden
01-18Nuclear Blaze · The Time of Sodom and Gomorrah
02-10Nuclear Warfare · Devastation Upon the Battlefield
08-04Nuclear Warfare · Empowered by Hate
01-28Nu Deja-Vu · The Beast Inside Your Souls
06-11Nuit Noire · Sa majesté la nuit
01-09Nullentropy · After the Tears Have Dried
04-13Ny · Kiron
06-06Nyctophilia · Dwelling in the Fullmoon Light
01-27Nyktophobia · Fallen Empire
08-11NYN · Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt
08-28Nyss · Princesse Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)
01-20Náyades · White Winter Tales
05-30Nébirus · Eons
09-05Númenor · Chronicles from the Realms Beyond
05-19Oak · The Flower Fades
08-04Oak · Pourriture
05-19Oak · Sacrifice
09-18Oaks of Bethel · Abraxas: Fifth Stone
08-28Oaks of Bethel · Abraxas: Fourth Stone
01-15Oaks of Bethel · Abraxas : Third Stone
08-18Oaks of Bethel · Excommunicate
02-28Oaks of Bethel · The Golden Egg and the Circular Mirror
02-15Oaks of Bethel · In the Gloaming
01-05Oaks of Bethel · Total Eclipse
02-25Oath of Sin · Lust for War
10-27Obastra · Mosaic
01-12Obedient Chaos · New Era of Chaos
04-21Obelyskkh · The Providence
10-01Obereg · Po stopách předků
03-17Obituary · Obituary
02-16Obitus · Slaves of the Vast Machine
08-24Obliteratus · As Above, So Below
05-12Obnoxious Youth · Disturbing the Graves
04-04Obscura Amentia · The Art of the Human Decadence
01-13Obscure Evil · Void Fumes
07-14Obscurity · Streitmacht
04-07The Obsessed · Sacred
01-01Obsidian · String Theory
05-01Obsidium · Lesson of Hatred
03-12Obsolence · Inner Voice
02-23Obssesion · Armageddon
09-26Occasvs · Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria
07-19Occultus · Cosmos 2002
06-09Occvlta · Night Without End
03-10Oceanwake · Earthen
05-22Ocelot · Pekelnej stroj
04-14Ockultist · Present Day Neglect
05-07OctaThorn · For Those Dead
09-29Oculus · The Apostate of Light
01-17Odd Logic · Effigy
07-14Odium · As the World Turns Black
01-06Odium Enthronement · We Are Legion Part II
07-09Odour of Death · In Search of Eternal Darkness
04-07O.D.R.A · V
10-13Odradek Room · A Man of Silt
04-30Odraedir · Legends of the Dark Times
06-23Odroerir · Das Erbe unserer Ahnen
06-27Ofermod · Sol Nox
04-14Of Fire · Death Do Us All
04-14Of the Sun · Before a Human Path
02-15Ogarya · Ubiquity
06-29Oghre · Gana
04-13Ogrux · Extremicidio
03-22Ogun · Sabiduría perdida del infierno
03-31OHHMS · The Fool
07-24Ohol Yeg · Ölü Orman
01-14Okkvlt · Anti Theosis de Profvndis (Exvrvs Rationalitas)
01-13Oknos · Old World
08-11Olde · Temple
06-27Olde Worlde Nudists · Ghost Pimp 2000
08-18Old Iron · Lupus Metallorum
03-21Old Leshy · Back to Combat
09-07Old Mother Hell · Old Mother Hell
08-25Old Night · Pale Cold Irrelevance
04-04Old Scythia · Срывая оковы...
05-19Old Season · Beyond the Black
01-??Old Throne · O Começo do Nada
02-13Olio Tähtien Takana · Morphogenesis
03-20Olio Tähtien Takana · Neocosmos
10-01Omega · Eve
02-10Omega Blast · Omega Blast
05-10Omens of Plague · The Merciless Beyond
06-28The Ominous · Once Bitten
01-27The Ominous Circle · Appalling Ascension
07-01Ominous Shrine · Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως
06-07Omnioid · Hex Dimensional Paralysis
06-09Omnislash · Slash 'Em All!
10-06Omotai · A Ruined Oak
03-03Once Awake · Ever So Cold
01-20Once Human · Evolution
06-09OneGodLess · Mourner
07-14One Master · Lycanthropic Burrowing
03-23One More Page · Illusion of Duality
07-21One Slack Mind · Both Sides Against the Middle
05-01Oniku · Way to Live
05-13Onirik Illusion · The 13th Hour...
01-04The Onyx Sun · From Reality to Desolation
09-22Openwide · All Hope Is Gone
03-27Operose · Footprints in the Hourglass
10-13Operus · Cenotaph
02-24Ophicvs · Machine Gun Reaper
08-02Ophiocordyceps · Psycho Degenerative Dysfunction Induced by Parasites Inoculation
10-20Ophis · The Dismal Circle
04-10Ophiuchi · Bifurcaria Bifurcata
05-21Opium Heathen · Opium Heathen
02-09Opposer · Darkest Path
09-21Opposing Motion · Inertia
02-23Opposite Extremities · Chapter
04-23Oppressus · Humanidad in vitro
02-04Opprobre · Le Naufrage
05-10Opus Diaboli · Black Light of Destruction
01-20Oraclesword · Oraclesword
08-30Orationem · Trve Holy Black Metal
10-06Orb · Naturality
05-19Orbeth · Lost
10-12Orbital Dawn · The Voyager
04-??Orbital Express · Light Years from Home
07-28Orbseven · Cosmos Out of Chaos
06-??Orchid Sword · 大躍進
07-04Ordem Satânica · Monte da Lua
07-07Orden Ogan · Gunmen
07-28Order · Lex Amentiae
03-17Order of Darkness · Vrej
10-14Order of Unukalhai · Order of Unukalhai
07-05Order ov Riven Cathedrals · The Discontinuity's Interlude
02-01Order to Ruin · Lunar Asylum
01-27Ordos · House of the Dead
02-07Ordoxe · Towards Eternity
04-??Orest · Neverovatne istinolikosti
09-22Orestea · Elements
04-26Organ Trail · A Gross Misuse of Anatomy
07-??Orgullo Nativo · Entre el Campo de Batalla
06-30Origin · Unparalleled Universe
05-??Orion · Сквозь сумерки веков
03-24Orm · Orm
03-31Ormyst · Arcane Dreams
01-21Orphan Execution · Condemned by Legacies
10-22Orphans of Piety · Seven
04-07Örth · Nocturno Inferno
01-13Orthodox · Supreme
04-20O.S.A. · Холодный огонь
05-01Osario · Reevolución cultural
08-05Os Capial · Emboscada Caipira de Plasma
10-01Osculum Infame · Eras Abissais
04-21Ossian · Az igazi szabadság
08-28Ossuary · A Morbid Lust for Death
02-17The Ossuary · Post Mortem Blues
01-12Ostots · Ezer ezaren araztasuna
10-13Osyron · Kingsbane
07-08Othalan · Po krańce gór
05-01Other View · When Daylight Is Gone
04-01Otherworld · Upon the Wreckage
09-22Ötzi · Sonic Dawn
06-16The Outborn · Seven
05-31The Outer RIM · Uatism
04-28Outrage · And the Bedlam Broke Loose
10-11Outrage · Raging Out
06-06The Outsider · Orchestral Renditions from the Unknown