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2009 Pazz & Jop
I've been doing statistical autopsies of the Village Voice's Pazz & Jop music poll for several years. Meanwhile, for the last three years in my day-job I've been working on a new database system that is particularly good at data-correction, exploration and analysis. Every so often, separate strands of your life weave themselves together.
So this year, with the work project (called Needle) finally entering private beta testing just in time for the P&J polling season, I moved from autopsy to preventative care. The Voice shipped me the ballot data, and I used Needle to do the actual data-correction and tabulation of the poll for publication.
Here, then, is the roll-call of resulting data:
Village Voice: The published results
And, for context, previous years' analyses:
2007: All·Idols (Pazz & Jop and Idolator, combined)
2006: Results, Voter Centricity, Voter Similarity, Album Similarity (Pazz & Jop and Idolator, combined)
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